casual sex

The young man has a casual grace to his motion as he walks through the food court, an idle affability that tells Mei he doesn’t realize just how hot he looks. He probably just threw on whatever clothes he could find, headed out to the mall, and didn’t give a second glance to his appearance…but the effect of relaxed, easy charm is one other guys would spend hours trying to duplicate. He radiates charisma in a way that has Mei following him with her eyes all the way from the Baja Grill down to his table.

“Did you see what I saw?” Rebekah says. Mei looks across the table at her. Her friend’s eyes are practically popping out of their sockets, and a deep flush suffuses her cheeks. She’s twirling a strand of her auburn hair absently around her finger as though she’s already had ninety percent of the hot daydream Mei is still half-way through.

“I saw.” One advantage of her Chinese heritage, Mei’s blush doesn’t stand out quite so much against her skin. Still, she feels like she’s practically wearing a neon sign that said, ‘I’d Like To Fuck That’. “And he’s sitting by himself, too. Makes me wish…”

Rebekah gives her a secretive little look. “Go on.”

Mei looks down at the table. “You know.”

“Oh, I know,” Rebekah says. “But I want to hear it from you.”

Mei squirms just a little in her chair. “Maybe you should go talk to him,” she says. She doesn’t really want that, but part of the fun now is drawing it out, letting Rebekah tease her a little.

“Oh, but you’re so much better at getting the boys than I am.” Nobody listening to the two of them right now would believe that. Rebekah is openly flirting with Mei, now, her large breasts thrusting out just a little, her eyes half-lidded in a seductive stare, while Mei can barely even meet her gaze.

“I…” She almost says it, there. But they’re in a public place, and even though their voices are drowned out in the babble of conversation, she still feels watched. It’s harder, admitting it out in the open like this, in the middle of the day with soccer moms and college students walking around.

“Better hurry,” Rebekah says, her eyes still on the boy as he eats his burrito. “Some other girl might get to him first, at this rate. Or he’ll walk away, and you’ll never get your chance.”

Mei’s stomach lurches at the thought. She leans forward, close enough that she can say it quietly. She wishes Rebekah wouldn’t make her say it, but she knows that her friend is just trying to help. It’s a game, but it’s also therapy. She might not be able to admit it to the young man yet, not without help, but she can admit it to her best friend. “It makes me wish I was a slut.”

Rebekah sighs happily, and leans across the table as well. She puts her lips to her friend’s ear and whispers, “Pussymind time.”


Rebekah knocked on the bedroom door. “Mei, are you awake?”

She heard the sound of bedclothes rustling, and after a moment, a sleepy voice said, “Yes. What is it?”

“We need to talk. Can I come in?”

“Sure.” Rebekah opened the door as Mei switched on the light by her bed. “Is something wrong?” she asked, her body still under the covers.

Rebekah sat down on the edge of the bed, adjusting her robe slightly to cover her thighs. “I just wanted to apologize. I know that Mark and I were kind of loud a little bit ago, and I feel really, really bad about it.”

“Loud?” Mei said, her voice a little too light. “Honestly, I hadn’t even noticed. I was asleep.”

“You mean it? You didn’t hear us at all?”

“Nope,” Mei said, “I was out like a light until you knocked.”

“Then in that case,” Rebekah said, “we really need to do something about your sleepwalking problem.” Mei didn’t say a word. She just sort of froze in place like a deer in the headlights. “I saw you.”

It took Mei a little bit to find her voice. “OK,” she said sheepishly, “I walked in on you. But really, you should have at least dragged him into the bedroom, Rebekah! I totally didn’t mean to intrude, but–”

“But you stood there for forty-five minutes while we fucked like rabbits in there.” Rebekah could still feel the warm, squishy sensations between her thighs. “If it’s any consolation, I was planning to drag him into the bedroom, but when he got his fingers into my panties, well…I just melted. He’s got this little callus on his thumb where he holds the tennis racket, and when it rubbed against my clit, ohhhh…”

Mei drew up the covers a little tighter. “Could we not talk about this?”

Rebekah tried to look indignant, but couldn’t suppress a grin. “Oh, so you’re embarrassed to talk about him finger-fucking me, but you can stand in the dark and watch us do it?”

“I…” Mei let out a defeated sigh. “Did Mark see?”

“No. He was at the wrong angle, and besides, for a lot of the time he couldn’t see anything except my pussy.” Her expression softened, became one of concern. “Is that what this is about? Was it because it was Mark? I mean, I saw you looking at him the other day, but every girl looks at Mark like that, and a lot of the guys. I swear, Mei, if I’d have thought for a second you had a serious interest in him, I’d never have–”

“It’s not that,” Mei said. “If it hadn’t been you, it would have been some other girl. I could never work up the nerve to say anything to him, Rebekah. I’m too shy.”

“Well, now that I know, the next time he comes over I’ll make sure to invite you to join us. I can’t see him saying no to a threesome.”

Mei ducked her head under the covers. “I can’t see me saying yes!” she said, her voice ever so slightly muffled by the sheets. “It’s not easy for me like it is for you, Rebekah! I…” Her voice tightened for a moment with a combination of nervousness and desire. “I want to, to do…the things you do.”

“Fuck, you mean?”

There was a brief pause. “God, yes! But I just…I can’t bring myself to admit it.”

“You’re admitting it to me now, that’s a start.”

“I’m hiding under the covers while I say it. I don’t think I’ll get many dates that way.”

Rebekah sighed and yanked the covers off. “Come on,” she said to the suddenly very exposed, very naked Chinese girl. “I think I know a way to help you with your little shyness problem.”

Mei started to cover up, but a glare from Rebekah stopped her. “OK,” she said, standing up. She looked back at the bed at the same time Rebekah did, and her eyes widened. With a yelp, she snatched the vibrator off the bed and hid it under the pillow.


The second Mei hears the words, her eyes flutter for a moment and her expression becomes hazy. Then she blinks once, twice, and looks over at the boy in the food court. “Wow,” she says. “Just…wow.”

Rebekah stands up. “What are you waiting for?” she asks.

“Not a thing.” Mei walks over to the young man’s table, arriving just as he finishes eating. She sits down in the empty seat across from him. “Hi,” she says. “I’m Mei.” She leans in, just a little. She doesn’t have much in the way of breasts, certainly not compared to Rebekah, but when she’s like this, she feels like flaunting what she does have. “My friend over there, the one standing up right now, is Rebekah.” She glances at his hands. No ring. Good. “We’ve got a van out in the parking lot right now, and we were wondering if you’d like to come out there and hang out with us for a while.” She reaches under the table and puts a hand on his knee.

The expression on his face is magic. She doesn’t even need to look to know he has a hard-on. Even for a guy this smoking hot, getting propositioned by two college girls probably doesn’t happen every day. He just nods and stands up, holding his drink in front of his crotch to avoid any awkward stares.

Mei puts her arm around his waist and walks with him out into the parking lot, Rebekah constantly staying about twenty feet ahead of them. Rebekah always stays a bit ahead of Mei and the boy. She claims it’s to avoid drawing attention to them, but Mei suspects that she really just likes showing off the way her ass shimmies as she walks. Mei doesn’t mind. It is a very nice ass. Certainly the boy seems to like it. “What’s your name?” she asks as they head down the rows of cars.

“George,” he responds after a moment. He’s probably distracted by Mei’s hand in his pocket. His cock isn’t quite as impressive as the rest of his physique, but it’s certainly long enough to satisfy, and Mei plans to make sure it gets quite a workout.

“Nice to meet you, George,” she says as they get to the van. Rebekah slides open the door, revealing a mattress where the seats had once been. It’s a good trade. The mattress gets more use than the seats ever did. She damn near pulls George into the van as Rebekah gets in, then slides the door shut behind her.

Once inside, Mei pulls off George’s clothes while Rebekah undresses her, but George is too distracted by the feel of her hands on his body to do anything about Rebekah’s clothes. Which just means that after undressing George, Mei has to undress Rebekah, too, but that’s anything but a chore. It is time-consuming, though. As every body part is revealed, it just looks so tempting that Mei has to touch it…or lick it…or nibble it. She almost feels sorry for George, but the sensation of his hands between her legs tells her that he’s finding ways to occupy his time.

Then she and George get to know each other better for a moment while Rebekah goes into the glove compartment for some condoms. She’s just running her fingers over his cock, getting used to the gorgeous, sexy way he inhales sharply when she strokes a fingernail along the shaft, when Rebekah slides in on the other side of him. Mei circles her fingers around his cock near the base and begins to nibble lightly at his nipples as Rebekah unrolls the condom onto him.

Then Rebekah straddles his crotch and guides his cock into her cunt in a smooth, easy motion, rocking up and down on his body as he moans and gasps in time with her rhythm. Mei sits up next to George’s head, and asks, “Ever lick pussy before, George?”

George has a hard time focusing on the question. Mei has to repeat it twice before he manages to get out, “T…twice…”

“Three times,” Mei says, turning around so that she faces Rebekah and straddling George’s head. She feels George’s tongue begin to lick at her in long, lapping strokes that send little bolts of lightning from her clit straight to her brain. He isn’t the best she’s ever had, but at times like this, just the excitement of the situation does most of the work, and Mei feels her orgasm start to build. She reaches out and tweaks Rebekah’s nipples, watching those pillowy breasts bounce in time to the movement of her body.

She’s been playing with Rebekah long enough by now to know when the other girl cums, listening for that long, panting exhalation that signals orgasm. It doesn’t take long, which is good, because George shoots his load into the condom after only about five minutes of sustained fucking. That’s the only problem with threesomes. Just the excitement of the situation does most of the work.

But as she and Rebekah embrace, Mei knows that they have a way to pass the time until George is hard again.


“Just watch the crystal,” Rebekah said, giving it another tap that sent it spinning again. “Picture yourself inside it, picture the glittering lights surrounding you, all around you as you listen to the sound of my voice and relax even deeper.”

Mei took a long, deep breath, and felt her muscles loosen as she sat on the couch facing her friend. She hadn’t even known Rebekah knew hypnosis, but the other girl had just giggled when she’d mentioned that.

“It makes a great ice-breaker at parties,” Rebekah had said, “and there are quite a few guys who get verrrrry interested when they hear about it.”

Now Mei was sitting, relaxed and comfortable as she watched the crystal spin. It almost felt like she didn’t have to really listen to Rebekah talking, like the words just sort of went into her head without needing to think about them. Her actual brain, the part of her that did all the thinking, was just looking at the crystal and paying total attention to the pretty way that it spun and flashed and glittered before her eyes, and she could listen and speak without needing to worry about what was being said.

Mei leaned back against the couch, feeling the soft, comfortable cushions supporting her head and neck, and found herself wondering exactly why it was that she was so shy about sex. Part of her recognized that she was being prompted to think about it, but her conscious mind just let the questions slip away, into her unconscious mind. Her unconscious mind could answer them. “It’s naughty,” she said absently. “Sex is naughty and I mustn’t.” She recognized the tones of her parents in her speech, not memories of things they actually said, but the beliefs they held and conveyed to her.

“I have to fight those urges, keep them held in tight and never give in to them.” Mei hated herself for thinking that, she’d been away from home long enough to know that repressing her sex drive wasn’t doing anything healthy for her at all, psychologically or spiritually. But as much as her conscious mind knew that, her unconscious mind was the one that had a hold of her tongue when she went up to a boy she liked, or even a girl.

She liked girls? “Yes, I think I’m bisexual. But that’s even more naughty. I’m a bad girl for wanting that, I’m a bad girl for watching you. I’m a…” Even through the hypnosis, it was hard to say. But Mei couldn’t stop herself now. “I’m a bad girl for wanting you. But I couldn’t stop myself. I…”

She couldn’t stop herself. Mei thought about that for a moment. Or rather, Mei was directed to think about that for a moment, but she couldn’t really tell the difference right now. Why couldn’t she stop herself, she wondered? “Because I was so horny. My pussy was so wet, it was so hot watching you and Mark, that I just had to keep looking.” Her pussy just took over her brain, she thought. “Yes, my pussy just took over my brain.”

Her pussy was wet right now, wasn’t it? “Yes. My pussy is wet right now.” She focused on that sensation, the building arousal in her cunt. She imagined it seeping up, smoothing out her mind and making her so hot that she’d have to give in to those urges, have to do what her pussy told her to. It wouldn’t be her fault that she was being so wanton, so needy, so slutty. She wasn’t in control of her mind. Her pussy was in control of her mind, so she could do all the things she’d been wanting, deep down, for so long.

Her friend would watch her, help her, keep her safe. She wouldn’t need to worry about bad things happening when her pussy took over her mind. Her friend would say to her, ‘pussymind time’, and that would be Mei’s cue to understand that her pussy was going to do all the thinking for a while. So she could have the sex she so desperately, secrely wanted and she wouldn’t have to feel so bad, so naughty. Mei sighed deeply, feeling a surge of joy run through her body. She couldn’t wait for Rebekah to wake her up now. She wanted to try it, right there on the couch.

“…and wake.” Mei blinked a few times. “Well, that was productive. You’re a very good subject, Mei. Most people don’t go that deep that fast.”

“I think…” Mei thought back to the warm, dreamy trance she’d just experienced. “I think it helped that I really wanted what you were telling me. It was like…like you were just giving me an excuse to do what I wanted to do anyway.” She scratched her head. “Does that make any sense?”

“Only one way to find out,” Rebekah said, leaning back. “Pussymind time.”

Mei lunged forward, pushing Rebekah onto her back. “Oh, FUCK, have I wanted to do this for months,” she growled, pressing her face into Rebekah’s tits. The robe didn’t provide much of an obstacle, and it felt like only seconds before she felt her pussy pressed tightly up against Rebekah’s thigh, and felt the other girl’s warmth against her own body. “I have…” she said, unable to get the words all out at once in between bouts of furious tit-worship, “wanted to fuck you…” she felt the pleasure building as she ground her hips against Rebekah’s, “for months…”

Rebekah was grinding back now, and it felt so good. “Oh, God,” Mei moaned as she felt the warmth of the other girl’s body against her own, “Every time you brought a boy home…” Mei wanted to kiss her, and so before she could even finish the sentence, she brought her mouth up to Rebekah’s. “I wished it was me…” Just a moment ago, she’d never have had the nerve to kiss another girl, but the blazing heat in her pussy was more important than her inhibitions, more important than her fears, more important than anything. “With him…” Her body told her what it wanted her to do, and she had to do it until she was sated. She gave Rebekah a long, slow, wet kiss, even as her hands moved over breasts slick with saliva. “Or with you…”

There were so many things she wanted to do to Rebekah, so many places she wanted to kiss and touch and lick and rub and grind. “Or with both of you….” She rubbed her own small breasts against Rebekah’s larger ones, feeling their nipples flick against each other, the contact practically making Mei swoon. “Oh fuck, oh fuck…” It was getting harder to talk. The feel of their bodies, pressed together so tightly they almost felt merged, was too intense to describe with words. Mei had a new language she was trying out tonight, a language of touch and taste and feel, and it was saying things words never could.

Rebekah’s tongue was in her mouth now, and she could feel Rebekah moaning all through her lips and right down her throat. She wanted to try to explain just a little more about how good her friend was making her feel, how wonderful it was and how grateful Mei was to be opened up and freed like this, but right now, it just felt so good to grind, and right now, it just felt so hot to keep rubbing, and right now, Mei just wanted to keep kissing her, and right now, she was…was…

Mei let out a squeal as she felt her first lesbian orgasm hit. All it made her do was want to change positions. She had to keep fucking. Her body was telling her it wasn’t sated yet.


Mei lies back on the mattress, her legs still a bit too unsteady to begin the long process of getting dressed. Rebekah lies beside her. George had walked off a few minutes ago, apologizing for having to leave. “I think he enjoyed himself,” Rebekah says.

“He was certainly walking funny,” Mei replies. She looks over into her friend’s eyes. “Thank you,” she says. “I know I’d never have been able to do that on my own. It’s just good to know I have someone like you, someone who isn’t going to let me get hurt. Someone I can trust.”

“Pussymind time,” Rebekah says, and watches Mei’s eyes glaze over again. She sighs happily as Mei kisses her way down Rebekah’s body, slowly moving down towards Rebekah’s still-horny pussy. She certainly isn’t going to let her best friend get hurt, she thinks as Mei laps at her clit. Then again, this isn’t hurting anyone.


This story follows directly on from Abi’s First One Night Stand.


The door buzzer went in Abi’s flat at 8pm on a Saturday night. It was Jayne, as planned, with a bottle of wine and a Chinese takeaway. The previous night, Jayne had dragged Abi out for a drink to help her get over ending her engagement. For the first time in her life, Abi had sex with a complete stranger. No ties, just sex. She had almost wanted to hate it, she had always maintained that One Night Stands were not for her. It had been fantastic though, she felt liberated, a kind of sexual freedom she had never before felt.

“Spill the beans then!” Jayne ordered her after pouring them both a generous glass of wine.

“He was great,” Abi responded, starting to feel herself blush. “A really nice bloke.”

“But was he a good fuck?” Jayne asked in her customary direct manor.

“Yes!” Abi replied after giving Jayne a playful slap. “I really let myself go. I didn’t think I’d be able to, but I ended up doing things I’ve never done with men I’ve loved.”

“The joys of casual sex!” Jayne smiled. “You never need to worry about what he thinks of you. You can just try anything you want.”

The girls gave each other full accounts of what they’d done the previous night. Jayne was shocked that Abi tried Anal sex. She had always appeared to be so prudish and dismissed things like that when Jayne had asked her before. Perhaps this split had made her see she’s been missing out on all the fun.

“So when are we going out again?” Jayne asked her.

“Look, I’m not going to make this a regular thing.” Abi said, “How about payday? It’s only 2 weeks away.”

“Cool.” Jayne replied, knowing full well that she would try her hardest to make it a regular thing. She was enjoying having a pulling partner with all of their other friends now settled down.

Abi spent more of the next 2 weeks thinking about sex than she had ever done before. She was now starting to masturbate every couple of days, using toys and even looking at porn. She had questioned whether she should be doing this at first but it felt good, and she wasn’t harming anyone she told herself.

Jayne called her on the afternoon of their planned Saturday night out.

“Meet me at Picadilly Circus tube station at 3.” Jayne told her. “There’s somewhere I want to take you.”

Abi knew not to question her when she was like that. Jayne had always been the dominant one in their friendship, she liked it that way to be honest. She preferred to go with the flow.

Abi met Jayne at the station as agreed.

“Where are you taking me?” Abi asked inquisitively.

“Wait and see!” Jayne said with a smile. “It’s only 2 minutes walk away.

They walked through a couple of narrow Soho Side streets before coming to a small black fronted shop.

Jane walked straight in while Abi hesitated. A sex shop. She should have guessed! She would have been appalled a few weeks ago but the new carefree Abi just smiled. She did check to make sure no-one was watching her then went in.

Jayne smiled at her as she came in. She scanned around the shop taking in the wide array of toys, DVDs, dressing up outfits etc.

“Thought you could do with treating yourself to some new kit!” Jayne grinned.

Abi just smiled and started to browse around. She stopped and checked a few of the Dildo’s they stocked.

“Surely this is for a Horse or something!” She exclaimed, looking at a huge rubber cock that must have been somewhere near 15″ long.

“Some people love this kind of thing!” Jayne replied. “Don’t worry, they’ve got stuff to cater for all tastes here. We’ll just get you something to help you explore this new you!”

Abi just smiled and continued looking around. The shop wasn’t as seedy looking on the inside as she had expected, there were even a couple looking through porn DVDs together.

Half an hour and £100 later, the girls emerged back into the sunlight with a new dildo, a couple of porn DVD and an extremely revealing thong and bra set.

“I can’t believe all these things you keep talking me into!” Abi said.

“I like the new liberated you!” Jayne said. “You’re so much more laid back now you’ve offloaded that dickhead.”

Abi smiled but didn’t comment. She knew it was true too.

At 8pm the taxi beeped it’s horn. Abi had tired her knew toy and one of her DVDs out before getting ready. If she had been horny before, she was even more so now. She was wearing the new underwear she had bought, it was black and see through, the most risqué she had ever tried.

Abi felt totally different this time. The last time Jayne and her went out she had felt low and unsure of herself. This time she wore a tight black dress that showed off her pert size 10 figure. She felt sexy and knew that she looked good.

The girls had a few drinks in the usual bars before settling into their favorite. They knew it was only a matter of time before they were chatted up.

Jayne was hammering the drinks back even more than usual. Double Vodka after double vodka was downed. Abi had a fair few but was limiting herself to stay a bit in control.

Eventually 2 men that looked in their late 20s approached them. The girls made it clear they were welcome and they continued drinking. The lads now started to buy shots with each round of drinks, hoping this would speed up their efforts to get the girls into bed.

Jayne was now completely out of it by this time. She was virtually hanging around one of the lads neck. She hadn’t even bothered to find out what his name is at this point. Abi was flirting with the other man who she now knew was called Scott.

“Your mate looks pretty keen on Jack!” He said.

“Yes.” Abi sighed. “Although to be fair, the state she’s in I think she would go with anyone.”

“They’ll get on well then!” Scott continued. “He’s got the same standards! Are you a little more picky then?”

“Yes I am!” Abi exclaimed with mock offence. “I’m no easy shag you know.”

Scott smiled and moved in to kiss Abi. She happily responded, passionately kissing him and running his hands over his bum. She wasn’t as shocked that she had responded this time, she knew the score now, exactly what to expect and how it would end.

“Come back to my place.” Abi soon found herself saying.

Scott hastily agreed her open invitation. The only problem was that Jayne was in a pretty bad state. Jack was propping her up while she kissed him and fondled his cock. Abi didn’t want to leave her but was desperate to get Scott into bed.

Abi pulled Jayne away from Jack for a moment.

“Are you sure you’re going to be able to cope with this tonight?” She asked.

“Course I am.” Jayne slurred.

“Why don’t you bring him back to mine?” Abi suggested. “You can have the spare room. At least you’ll be safer there.”

“Ok.” Jayne eventually agreed.

Abi has a feeling that she would pass out pretty quick and leave Jack disappointed. She just couldn’t leave her friend though so this would be the only way.

In the taxi on the way back Jayne started to complain she was going to be sick. She did make it back to Abi’s flat but once inside was soon throwing up. Jack stayed with her and eventually put her to bed when she had finished. He looked gutted as his fun night had just gone up in smoke.

“I’m going to get a taxi.” He announced.

“Why don’t you just crash on the sofa?” Abi asked him. “I know it’s not what you had in mind but it saves you the taxi home.”

Jack nodded and settled himself for a sex free night, finally leaving Abi and Scott to get it on.

They were soon kissing again, this time tearing each other’s clothes off. Scott was soon just wearing boxer shorts with Abi down to her new underwear. Scott took a moment to enjoy how she looked.

“You like?” She asked. “I only bought these today, it made me feel horny knowing that some lucky man was going to see me in these tonight.”

Scott just ran his hands over her, saying nothing as he enjoyed the feel of Abi’s body. His cock was now straining to get out. Abi ran her hands over it feeling his bulge. She put her hand inside and started to rub his erection.

Abi swiftly slid down his boxers revealing a 7″ cock, not overly thick but a good length. She confidently pushed him back onto the bed and started to tease the tip of his cock with her tongue. She was feeling far more confident and daring this time, even keeping eye contact with Scott as she sucked his cock.

She worked on his length for a good 5 minutes before Scott started to breath more quickly. Abi knew he was about to come and quickly decided she was going to make him come in her mouth. Scott breathlessly tried to warn her he was about to come but she just sped up her rhythm. With a loud groan he let go, releasing his warm jets of spunk into her mouth. Abi never usually liked this and rarely did it but she was enjoying playing the wanton slut much that she swallowed every drop.

Scott laid back with a satisfied look on his face while Abi peeled off her thong and bra.

“I wonder if Jack heard us?” Scott asked. “I think I made a bit of noise there.”

I hope he’s listening in.” Abi said while starting to rub her now soaking pussy.

“You really are a naughty little minx aren’t you?” He said, never taking his eyes off her. “Why don’t you invite him in?” He carried on, in am almost joking manor.

Abi just continued to play with herself. She closed her eyes and tried imagine taking on the 2 men at once. Her old doubts resurfaced, starting to make her think about what she was doing. She hadn’t ever had a one night stand until 2 weeks ago, now here she was thinking about having a threesome. What sort of slut had she become.

“I can’t.” She said. “I don’t even usually do this kind of thing.”

“No-one has to know.” Scott said. “Not even Jayne. She won’t remember a thing in the morning.”

Abi thought again. She had watched a DVD that afternoon where a girl had serviced 3 men at the same time. She had been so turned on by this, watching this woman take these men in every hole. But the reality was scary. She closed her eyes and continued to play with herself, she eventually started to come. It was this moment she made up her mind

“Go and get him.” Abi then blurted out. She had quickly decided that it was either now or never. She would probably never have a chance like this again, and like Scott had said, no-one need know.

Scott jumped up and opened the bedroom door, waving Jack over. Jack poked his head round the door while Abi instinctively covered herself up.

“Abi says you’re welcome to join us mate.” Scott said, scarcely able to believe she had agreed.

“Are you sure?” Jack asked her.

“Get in and do it now.” She told him. “Before I change my mind. I can’t believe I’m agreeing to this.”

Jack hurriedly undressed while Abi threw off the duvet to show off her naked body. Jack wasn’t quite as big as Scott but he wasn’t small. Scott positioned himself between her legs and began to lick her moist slit. He enjoying her taste and the moans of pleasure she was now making. Jack brought his cock level with Abi’s face, allowing her to take his length in her mouth.

“I need to fuck you.” Jack told her after his blowjob. Scott moved aside while Jack rolled a condom on. Abi smiled at him, rubbing her clit while she waited for him to penetrate her. She gasped as Jack entered her, plunging his length in up to the hilt. There was no finesse in his style, just hard, raw fucking.

Abi loved it. She tried to keep her noise down but just couldn’t as Jack pounded away at her. By this time Scott was erect again and presented her with his cock. She could feel her orgasm building as she worked on these 2 men, screaming as she came, thinking of the porn star she had seen in the film that afternoon. She now knew how it felt to have these men eating out of the palm of her hand.

Jack eventually stopped and withdrew, the beer had left him struggling to come. Scott soon helped Abi onto all fours and entered her. He didn’t wear a condom but she honestly didn’t care by this time. He also fucked her as hard as she could. He also had to stop before he came again, exhausted from his efforts.

“I want you 2 to fuck my arse.” Abi now asked them. “I don’t think I can take you both at the same time but you can take turns. I want you to have all of me.”

She was so turned on now, the whole thing was becoming a blur. She felt a tongue sliding between the cheeks of her bum, licking around her him and penetrating her tight hole. She couldn’t have told you which man was doing what to her by this stage, it felt like they were both working on her arse with fingers and tongues. The pleasure was unbearable.

She finally felt a cock entering her arse slowly, the initial pain gave way to an immense pleasure as he fully entered her. Scott then positioned himself in front of her so he could suck him again. This was the first moment Abi knew who was inside her.

“Lick my arsehole.” Scott now told her.

He pulled his legs back and Abi duly complied. The men were now taking control as Abi grew weak with pleasure. She lapped at Scott’s ring, the first time she had ever done this to a man. She was so overwhelmed by the fucking by now she would have done anything.

Jack eventually pulled out and Scott replaced him in Abi’s arse. Abi then repeated the rimming with Jack while wanking him hard.

“You have to come for me.” She told him. “I want to see you come.”

“Put a finger in my arse.” Jack told her.

Abi did this and within a minute, Jack released a huge load. Some landed on Abi’s face and neck, most ended up over Jack himself. A couple of minutes later, Scott pulled his cock out of her arse and sprayed his load over her cheeks. His spunk dripped into her crack and into her now well used hole. She again thought about the film, this was something she had loved watching in the DVD and now here she was living it out.

Abi hurriedly ushered Jack out of her room, he went back to sleep on the sofa while Scott and Abi slept in her bed.

In the morning Abi started to feel a bit of guilt at her behavior, she decided to get the 2 lads a taxi before Jayne resurfaced. Her secret would now be safe.

When Jayne did wake up, she couldn’t remember anything after getting to the last bar. She vaguely remembered chatting to a couple of men but that was it. Abi told her convincingly that they came back alone as Jayne was so wasted, neither of them had done anything in the end.

This was going to remain Abi’s little secret for the time being.

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