Getting into my new pastime was purely by chance: my indirect reference to the pros and cons of getting into any kind of acting was taken by a female co-worker as a chance to get one of her darkest secrets off her chest, but then we’d had quite a lot to drink at the time, at a colleague’s leaving party. To sum up, she confided that she had a fantasy of going for the “casting couch” scam on purpose, turning up for an interview and being made to strip, suck and fuck a guy she had never met before, all in the hope of getting an acting job, but knowing full well there was no job to be had. As I said, we were really drunk…

But I’m getting ahead of myself. My name is Frank. I’m 38 and I work in HR for a retail chain. Most of my time is spent on the road, interviewing staff for short-term positions. But don’t think there is anything sinister to my interviewing technique! Going to the same offices from time-to-time gives me the chance to organize other meetings, on my own time. The advantage is that nobody thinks it strange that I should have an extra female interviewee outside normal hours.

Anyway, that chance conversation started my over-fertile imagination whirring. A couple of weeks later, I had everything set up. My schedule would be taking me to Boston. I had been going there for years and knew the office manager well in the shared facilities building that we used so that the interviews would not take place at the stores. I called ahead and told Joe I would need a second office, on the floor below, for an administrative assistant who would be with me on this trip. When I arrived, the second office was ready — a meeting table with six chairs, a small sofa and side table at one end of the room.

Six interviews would take me all morning and most of the afternoon, leaving enough time for one longer “interview” at the end of the day and still time to get to the airport for the last flight home.

The offices were located above a small but busy mall. At the entrance to the supermarket I had spotted a notice board on a previous trip. It stood out not because of the small ads, but because of the improvised notices jammed into the frame all around the case. Apparently, notices were supposed to be presented to the store manager who would put them behind the glass. In fact, the better presented, more businesslike notices were in the case but all around were many less formal proposals. That was where I intended to place my ad.

Printed on pink card, to stand out from the rest, and with large visible “XXX” in opposite corners, the ad said simply “Casting session for wild amateur ladies, suite 902, 5.30 p.m., only for the bearer of this card”. I left it there just before the noon interview, ready for the lunchtime rush.

It was very difficult to concentrate during the afternoon interviews. Fortunately my years of experience got me through on time. By 4.30 I had finished and strolled down to the mall to see if I’d got a bite. My heart leapt when I saw the card had disappeared! I quickly went back to the official office and packed up. It was 5.10 when I got to Suite 902, plenty of time to set up camera and clipboard for the next interview.

At 5.25 there was a knock on the door. When I opened it I found looking down at a cute brunette. I’m not tall, only 5’8″, so my visitor can’t have been more than 5’2″ at most. “Thank you for coming. Won’t you come in?” I said, holding the door open.

The girl seemed about 25 years old, with nicely done makeup to emphasize her big brown eyes, a pair of tight jeans and a baggy sweater that made it completely impossible to evaluate her figure. I started off in interview mode, asking for personal details for her file: name (Mona), age (24), height (5 1″), vital statistics (34C-24-34), and filling them in on my clipboard. Then I reached over and turned on the video camera, which I had sat on a beanbag on the meeting table. I figured that would make it easier to move if necessary later on.

I explained what would happen next. My job was to provide the production team with a steady supply of new talent for a number of different productions that were on the drawing board. To do that, I had to send a questionnaire, a casting video and a written recommendation. Now we would start on the casting video.

“Get up so I can take a look at you”, I requested. “Spin around for me.” She obliged, hands on hips. Even with that sweater I could see that the C-cups were there, jiggling a little as she took those tiny steps.

“Have you any experience in modeling or adult movies”, I asked.

“None, unless you count a boyfriend’s birthday present a few years back”, came the reply. “I’m too short for the modeling agencies to be interested.”

“That’s their loss. You’re very pretty. … Could you take your sweater off for me?”

She had no hesitation in grabbing the hem and pulling it up and off in a single movement. Her ample tits bounced into view, large on her slim frame, encased in a petty pink lace-trimmed bra. Throwing the sweater onto the sofa, her hands returned to her hips, defiant and ready for more.

“What a beautiful pair of breasts”, I complimented her. “Squeeze them together for me. Show me your cleavage.” Her hands came to her breasts, squeezing, pushing them together into a valley where any man would be delighted to lay his eyes, tongue or cock. “Look at me.” She looked up, into my eyes, and very slowly and deliberately rubbed her lovely tits together. I noticed her eyes close slightly at the sensation and her nipples began to harden.

“And now your jeans please”, I prompted. Again she didn’t hesitate. Unzipping the jeans revealed a matching pair of lacy pink boy shorts. She turned around and made a nice show of peeling off her jeans, aware of how great her fit little ass looked in her lingerie. Once again she returned to the hands on hips pose, feet at shoulders’ width apart. I could see the tight material of her shorts cupping her mound but not even the slightest shadow of pubic hair visible through the lace.

“You’re simply stunning”, I complimented.

“Thank you”, she replied. I could see she was pleased with the compliment, glowing with sexuality. Her nipples still stood out hard against the fabric of her bra and her smile was radiant.

“Turn round. Let me see your ass again.” She turned, hands still on hips, feet at the same width but curving her back so her ass stuck out at me. She really was a perfect package. “Take your bra off please.”

“As easy as that?” she queried, looking back over her shoulder.

“Don’t expect any niceties in this business, my dear,” I replied. “Time is money, as you know.”

She simply shrugged and reached back to unfasten her bra, taking it off and throwing it on the sofa in front of her.

“Lift your hair up a little”. She obliged by lifting both hands, pushing her shoulder-length hair up on top of her head to uncover her neck and emphasizing her elegant figure. I got a glimpse of the sides of her full breasts but the most enticing part was her marvelous ass, barely covered by her pink lace panties.

“Turn back around please.” Covering her breasts with her hands, Mona turned to face me again. “You can keep your hands there if you like,” I agreed. “But squeeze your tits while they are.”

Mona did as she was told; I discovered she was good at that! Her eyes narrowed as she squeezed those beautiful mounds of flesh and for the first time I noticed her breathing change. It didn’t take long before she slipped her hands down a little, uncovering the top of her nipples. As the hard tips of her nipples sprung into view she rubbed them with her thumbs before trapping each of them between thumb and the side of her forefingers. A little moan issued from those lovely lips and she closed her eyes.

I could have watched that for hours, but that was not my plan.

“What sort of adult work had you thought of doing, Mona? Have you seen much porn?”

“I browse round a bit, I must admit,” she replied. “Always liked the wild party scenes, you know where a few girls get drunk and take on some guys in a private room.”

I improvised a response to that revelation: “Strangely enough, that’s what happened to one of the last girls who tried out with me. The producer didn’t give her a script, just took her out to a club with another girl. After a couple of drinks they were told they would be starring in “In the VIP”. In the private room were five guys.”

Her eyes widened in surprise at that detail.

“First of all the girls had to undress each other, kissing and touching, but it wasn’t long before the guys joined in. Can you imagine that? Five guys?”

Mona licked her lips subconsciously and nodded her head. There was no mistaking her excitement.

“You realize that the girls had spent an hour together but never met the guys until they walked into the private room? They weren’t even presented to four of the guys, only to the supposed ‘Birthday boy’. Can you imagine that? Getting fucked by someone you’ve never met?”

I waited for her response. It wasn’t long in coming: “Hmmm. I have thought about that, often in fact. I’m just not sure if I would rather be blindfolded or not. Blindfolded and fucked, with people watching…” Subconsciously, she took her left hand off her breast and stroked her flat belly, heading downwards to scratch an itch.

I tried not to look too surprised. After all, I was supposed to be used to sexually liberated women. “I’m sure that can be arranged,” I agreed with her. “But first, for your audition video, as I’m sure you know, you have to fuck me!”

“Geez, I’m so horny right now I could fuck anyone,” she agreed, coming over and kneeling at my feet. Her hands went to my belt, quickly unfastening it and my trousers, pulling them down to reveal the tent in my shorts. I was so surprised I almost forgot to pick up the camera. Pointing it down at her I called, “Mona”. She looked up, straight into the lens, and smiled a beautiful smile, complementing her dark eyes, small pointy nose and flushed cheeks.

She didn’t need prompting to take my shorts off too, admiring my erection as it cleared the elastic of the waistband. She nuzzled it from the side, rubbing her cheek along its length, and placed a line of kisses from base to tip. The kiss on the tip turned into a suck as she lingered for a moment before moving back down again. Mona repeated this whole movement again while licking, this time looking up at me and the camera. Backing away just enough for my erection to reach horizontal, she opened her mouth wide and rested the end of my dick on her outstretched tongue. Slowly she moved forward, looking straight into the camera as she slid my hard cock into her mouth.

I groaned my appreciation at her oral skills as she started a steady rhythm of deep strokes, not quite swallowing the whole of my length, followed by moving back to suck only the tip. It wasn’t long before I began to feel a churning in my balls and forced myself to turn her away. “Come here, stand up,” I told her.

As she rose, I ran my free hand from her shoulder, between her firm breasts, crossing her stomach and onwards, down inside the front of her panties. I found a completely hairless mound, leading to soaking pussy lips. Stroking her once or twice to make sure of finding my target, I plunged two fingers into her pussy, curving them upwards inside her.

I’m not sure if you would call her reaction the that sudden invasion a groan of pleasure or a cry of surprise, but it was quickly followed by “Oh my god! Yes! Fuck my pussy with your fingers!” Keeping my hand in the same cupped shape, I started to move my whole arm up and down, spearing her pussy with my fingers and slapping my palm against her mound. She gripped my shoulder for support as her legs threatened to give way under her. As her pussy got wetter I added a third finger, to renewed cries of pleasure. “Make me cum, please make me cum,” she moaned.

“Not yet Mona, my dear,” I replied. Taking my hand from her panties I told her “Sit on the sofa!” which she did, knees apart. I filmed her from head to toe: her flushed face, full breasts with their hard nipples, down to her wet and almost transparent panties, covering a clearly wet pussy with sticky traces on her thighs and ass.

“Better take off those wet panties,” I suggested. Lifting her ass off the sofa, she lowered the panties around her ass and hips then, lifting her feet up vertically, peeled the panties up her legs, showing off her wet pussy lips and lovely ass. I moved closer with the camera, kneeling before her.

“Show me your wet pussy,” I whispered. As she lowered her legs she put one foot each side of me as I sat there with the camera but covered her mound with her hands. “Rub your pussy Mona,” I insisted. Her right hand was half-hidden under her left, stroking her mound and pussy lips gently. I could see her fingertips working their way slowly between the glistening folds of her pussy lips, opening herself gradually to my gaze.

“Open it, use both hands,” I instructed. She moved her left hand down and slowly pulled one outer lip to one side. The other hand continued to stroke her pussy, now running her fingers between her open labia. “That’s good,” I encouraged. “Play with your pussy. That’s what we need to see.”

Running a finger down, she picked up some of the juices that were seeping out of her pussy and rubbed them up to her clit and down again. I could see she was enjoying showing off for me. After a few strokes, she added another finger, now concentrating more on her swollen clit. Her breathing was getting more and more labored with her excitement and her juices were flowing freely.

I raised the camera from her pussy, across her stomach, lingering at the sight of her hard nipples, until I reached her face, her eyes closed, her cheeks flushed, her sensuous mouth a perfect “O” as she groaned at the sensations she was causing herself. “Mona,” I said again to get her attention.

She opened her eyes and saw I was filming her face. “I’m almost coming,” she said in a sultry tone. “May I come now, please?”

“Let me help you,” I replied and shuffled towards her, never taking the camera from her face. She understood immediately. When my erection made contact, she reached out and guided it to her dripping opening.

Moving a little closer still, I pushed just a little in and out, just to tease a little, getting a disappointed moan and a momentary look of annoyance at my teasing. In response to that look, I leant forward and filled her pussy, all the way, in a single stroke.

That was enough. Mona was coming, hard and loudly, her pussy pulsating around my cock, her face twisted in ecstasy, eyes and mouth wide open. After a few seconds I started to move inside her, drawing out her orgasm but still under control; she was going to have some more work to do.

As she came down to earth once more, I picked up the pace a little. Her pussy was wonderfully tight and I could have easily come inside, but I wanted to enjoy her mouth again. This was meant to be a porn try-out after all…

By the time I was close to coming, Mona was starting to warm up again. Even so I pulled out and stood up. “Come here, suck me again!” I ordered.

She had no hesitation in sitting forward on the sofa and taking my sticky cock in her mouth. “Hands on your knees please, I just want your mouth now.”

I took her “Hmmm…” as agreement as she leant forward, giving me a better angle to fuck her face. I didn’t waste that opportunity, stroking steadily in and out steadily, not too fast, keeping myself on the edge of orgasm and enjoying the view of her in that pose.

“I’m going to come in your mouth,” I told her, improvising again. “My director friend likes that. He’ll want to see your mouth full of come. What you do after is up to you.”

Another affirmative “Hmmm” was enough to push me over the edge. I came hard, deep in her mouth, two spurts before pulling out and pointing a little higher. The third spurt and all the rest was deposited over her nose, cheeks and chin while she looked into the camera with a mouth full of my come.

Pulling away, I got into directing mode again: “Show me your mouth full of come Mona! What are you going to do with that?”

She pushed the white liquid up with her tongue so I could see it, with as much of a smile as was possible in the circumstances and then, closing her mouth, swallowed it down in one gulp. The little shiver she gave as it went down was clearly of enjoyment.

The rest of the interview was quite brief and businesslike. We exchanged phone numbers — mine from a new number I had bought specifically for that purpose. While we dressed I made some vague commitments to call her after the director had seen the tape. And so we went our separate ways.

If I had been a talent scout, she would have been a star! As it is, it looks like I have the beginnings of a porn collection…

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