Chapter 01: Parking Lot Blowjobs

Friday, February 17, 2012

See “Blowjobs For Keith” for Carol’s stats.

Carol and I live a few blocks (walking distance) from a small nightclub that I’ll call “Shamrock’s”. This is good as we don’t need to drive because we like to have drinks when we’re out for the evening. We have a friend that is a drummer (Bryan) in a local band. He told us that he would be playing there on the 17th of February. We decided that we would go just to have a ‘night-out’. We did not plan on sex , but just to have a good time at the club.

We got there around 10pm as the band was about to start their first set. We found a couple of seats at the bar and ordered a couple of beers and two shots of whiskey. Now to set the ‘stage’, Bryan’s girlfriend (Sharon) loves to dance and when the band plays, she finds it hard to get off the dance floor. After a few songs Sharon comes over to where we are sitting and takes Carol by the hand and drags her on to the dance floor. Carol and Sharon are dancing up a storm for a few songs when two younger guys in their late 20s(?) come up to them and start dancing with them. Both girls have the men keep their distance as they dance.

After the set, Carol comes back and sits down to finish her beer and orders another. The guy who Carol was dancing with comes up to us and introduces himself. His name is Chuck and stands about 6 foot, short dark hair and a stocky build. He is mostly talking to Carol about where he’s from. You know, the typical small talk. Soon Carol gets up to go to the restroom leaving Chuck and myself. He asks if she’s my wife and I told him no, she’s my girlfriend. He continues on about how hot she is and what a great dancer she is. Then I just came out and said, “She seems to be attracted to you. If you play your cards right you just might get lucky with her tonight.” He got a huge grin on his face and ordered Carol and I some shots of whiskey and went to his table to join his friend.

When Carol came back she asked where Chuck was and I pointed at the table he was at. I told her what I said to him and she reached over and gave me a great kiss and told me how much she loves me. By this time the band was getting ready for another set. Two songs go by and Chuck comes up to Carol and asks for another round on the dance floor. She asked me if it was OK and I told yes. He then orders me another shot and a beer and they went dancing. They were getting pretty close on the dance floor. I could see that he would ‘accidently’ brush is hands across her large breasts. One song was slow so they got close as he had his hands on her ass. She would pay back the compliment by putting her hands on his hips and ass.

As I was watching them, he was telling her something in her ear. I see her shake her head as if to say yes. Just then Chuck waves to his friend to come over. The dance floor was crowded with people. I could see Carol and her new ‘friends’ dancing. Paul (Chuck’s friend) was behind her and Chuck was in front. They both had their hands all over her, touching her breasts. She was making out with Chuck as Paul was grinding against her ass. I had such a hard-on. Sharon came over to me and asked if I saw what was going on. “Yes, isn’t that exciting?” Sharon looked at me with a little confusion on her face, kissed me on the cheek and said “Whatever floats your boat.” And went back out to dance.

The band is now done with their second set and Carol comes back over to me. She gives me a hug and tells me how horny she is. I asked her what she wanted to do about that and she tells me that she wants to fuck me right here, right now. Knowing that we can’t do that in a crowded bar, I suggested that she takes one of her ‘new’ friends outside. She gets another shot, drinks some beer, gives me a great tongue kiss and says to me, “I’ll be back in a little while.” I grab her hand and asked where she was going. She says “I’m going to ask Chuck if he wants his cock sucked!” I told her to make sure she has her phone with her so he could take pictures of the ‘event’. Next thing I see is them heading for the door.

Paul comes to me to invite me over the his table. He asks me question about why I would allow my woman to have sex with other men. I told him that I love to watch her having sex with other guys. I let him know that this is a fetish I have and that it took me a while to convince her to do so. He then said to me “You’re not watching now. What’s up with that?” I then let him know that if she was going to have sex with someone and I’m not there, she has to have pictures takes of the whole sex act no matter what she was doing. Then I said to Paul, “Let’s go see what they’re doing.”

As we headed outside, Paul lead me to where they were parked. It was a large pickup with an extended cab. The parking lot was brightly lit so as we approached the pickup we saw Carol’s head coming up from Chuck’s lap. We got to the pickup and knocked on the driver’s side window. Chuck rolled down the window just as Carol was stroking the last drops of cum from his cock. I asked Chuck how she was and he said it was one of the best blowjobs he ever had. She thanked him for the compliment and sucked the rest of the cum that was on his cock head.

Paul was beside himself and asked her if she would suck him off too. She looked at me and I told her that it was OK if she wanted to. She ordered Chuck to zip up and told Paul to sit in the driver’s seat and pull his pants down. He did so. I said to Chuck, “Let’s watch this.” Chuck sat behind Carol and I sat behind Paul. Carol handed me the phone to take pictures. I told Paul to recline the seat so I could get a good view. Carol wasted no time as she started with licking the underside of Paul’s cock. I started snapping pictures. Chuck reached over and started playing with her tits. She lifted her head and told me to take out my cock so she could stroke me while suck Paul. I did as she asked.

Paul was moaning and breathing heavily indicating that he was about to blow his load. Carol was sucking and stroking Paul, his hips bucking as he fucked her mouth. Soon he said he was about to cum. He let out a “Aaaggg” as he started to cum in my woman’s mouth. She gripped my cock tight as he let loose. I heard her moan loudly. She took his cock out of her mouth trying to swallow the load that was in there. In the meantime another spurt hit her on her left cheek. She went back down to get the rest of his cum and finish him off. She continued until his cock went soft.

Still having Paul’s cum on her face, I got a picture of that. She instructed Paul to get the cum from her face with his finger and feed it to her. He got the glob of sperm and she lick and sucked it off of his finger. By this time Chuck was ready for another round but this time he wanted to fuck her. Carol told them not tonight that she wanted to go home and take care of me. She got Chuck’s phone number and invited them to fuck her tomorrow night. They agreed.

Chuck and Paul went back into the club and Carol and I walked home. When we got to the end of the parking lot she told me kiss her. I did and I could taste the cum of two strangers who just fucked me woman’s face. We got home, jumped in bed and fucked like it was our first time together. I truly do love my lady and what she does for me.


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