I want to dance with you… in Rio de Janeiro during Carnival. I think I want you on a float in the middle of the parade with me. We can dance with the other 15 or 18 de Jenerians on the float. Huge, loud, sweaty, hot crowds around us.

Lots of music. Loud and fast beats. You can dance in my arms; swing your head back and forth looking up. Hips moving in time with each other. Everyone’s sweaty and hot. The movement of the float sways with all of us dancers.

Oh, and did I mention, we’re all topless? This is Carnival after all. Your pretty breasts glistening and moving in the sun. My chest wet with perspiration. You’re in my arms dancing; our chests are touching. Fingers glide up your sides. You’ve got tight white shorts on.

My hands find your ass and pull you close to me. You tease me with an almost kiss; your mouth coming close enough for me to smell the fruit on your breath; then you pull your face back – laughing at me.

Your hands find my ass. I’m in some khaki shorts. You pull me closer to you. You feel an almost hard cock through my shorts. You place my leg against your crotch and grind. Your hips moving up and down to the music. You love showing off your breasts and do that every time you sway your head back and roll.

But after every time you sway back, you come back to me. Your tits touch my chest and belly as you dance into my embrace. I almost kiss you again, but you pull back. Your leg slides up high on my hip and back down.

Fingers are touching your back, your shoulders, your hair, your neck, your ass. They aren’t all mine. You have no idea whose – nor do you care. My fingers trace down your neck, across your collar bone, and across your beautiful breasts. Despite the heat, a pretty nipple tightens up under my touch.

The music slows down. I pull you more into my arms. Hugging you tightly and slowly swaying with you now. Your crotch still pressed against my leg. I feel the heat from your cunt through your shorts. My fingers slide down your chest and between us touching your belly – teasing you with the thought of going further down.

But of course, do not – way too many people around. But I’m not above caressing your nipples while you’re in my arms. Touching your neck. My face comes closer to kiss your lips, and you turn away. All I get is your neck on my lips.

And I love your neck. The sweat running down. Your skin in my mouth and lips. My tongue traces a line to your shoulders. I think someone is kissing the other side of your neck, and some fingers trace down your back – none are mine.

My fingers continue to trace down your chest and belly. The dancing, the music, the heat, the two sets of lips on your neck all combine to make you a little… wet. With little concern for the people around, the next time my fingers tease you with going lower on your belly, you grab my hand.

And you push my hand down your shorts. Tight shorts. And so hot and sweaty down there. Your body is close to mine – practically hiding what my hand is doing to you. I bypassed your thong quickly, and touch your cunt lips.

Your hips start rocking back and forth. Now, instead of just a leg to grind on, you’re pushing your hips onto my fingers; urging them to explore more of the inside of your sweaty cunt lips. The music and atmosphere is intoxicating.

I love the look on your face; the shape of your mouth as your pussy finally gets rubbed; the glint in your eyes; the sound escaping your mouth as you’re finally touched – is exquisite.

The music speeds up, but we don’t care. You’re still in my arms dancing too slow. Still moving against my fingers. Breasts moving across my chest. My other hand moves through your hair. Other hands touch your ass, your back. Fingers and lips brush along your neck, shoulders, and even the sides of your breasts; men and womens’ hands and lips – you don’t care.

I love the shutter of your body and feeling of your pussy responding to my touch. You push my hand further down. There’s a definite chance that others around us know you’re being fingered on this float. But you don’t care. You want fingers inside you. A gasp escapes your throat as lips kiss your neck, and my fingers delve inside your cunt.

So wet. So hot. So tight. So… mine. Your hips start to move faster now. I explore deeper inside you. I curl my fingers back a little, touching the spongy part on the front of the inside of your pussy. You start pushing against me harder now.

Your breath is speeding up. You’re incredibly wet. You’re definitely a star on this stage here. Our fellow dancers are kind of hiding you from the crowd as you fuck yourself with my fingers harder – not that you care.

Your orgasm continues to build. Your hips thrusting harder onto my fingers. My fingers are so wet with you cunt juices and sweat. They so enjoy the way your cunt responds to my touch – the way MY cunt responds to my touch.

And you cum BabyGirl. I feel the juices practically burst out of you cunt hole. You drench my fingers. A moan escapes your throat. I pull your hair hard, and thrust up into you as hard as my fingers can from this standing position going down your shorts. I know how sensitive you are after you cum, but don’t care.

After you’ve had enough you practically rip my hand out of your shorts. Your legs and inner thighs are dipping with your cum. And so are my fingers. I lick you off my fingers Love how your face looks. Love the shape your shorts are in now.

And then my BabyGirl gets a dangerous glint in her eye. Still not kissing me, you move in close, breasts against my chest, unbutton my shorts with one hand, and slide your fingers along my shaft under my underwear. I’ve been hard for what feels like forever.

You stand close to me, and start stroking me up and down. You know how I love the harder stroke down my shaft and softer when you pull up. Your other hand touches my chest. And you look me right in the eye.

Some strangers’ hands and fingers trace my back as you’re jerking me off. It doesn’t take long to get me close. I’ve been excited and hot and hard for quite a while. You whisper in my ear, “tell me when you’re getting ready to cum.” I love the hint of mischief in your voice.

A few minutes later, my breathing gets harder. My hips are moving back and forth against your hand as you jerk me. I can’t take much more. I lean over and tell you, “I’m going to cum.”

You drop to your knees. You pull the tip of my dick over my underwear. And in a swift motion you start jerking me off through the cloth. You look me in the eyes. Then you take 1-1/2 inch of my cock in your mouth – the entire head. Almost immediately, you feel the load building along my shaft. A few movements up and down my cock head with your mouth; a few jerks on my shaft, and I pop.

You take as much cum as you can in your mouth. Some leaks out the sides – probably on purpose. You pull back your head some, and watch a little squirt out after the initial load. It drips down my leg and shorts. It drips down your chin. You’re such a good girl – You never stop looking me in the eye.

You stand up, push your body against me, and rebutton my shorts – with one hand. With the other, you grab the back of my neck and pull my lips down for a kiss. Gods you’re sexy… and evil….

Victor’s doorbell rang. He opened to a short bronzed beauty, well rounded in all the right places. She wore a short skirt, sleeveless white blouse and stylish high heels. She handed Victor an envelope and said “This is my letter of introduction.” Victor opened the letter and read:

To: Victor, Senior Pageant Trainer

From: Ms. Smith, Chairwoman, Total Woman Pageants Board of Directors

Subject: Bianca, Contestant for Miss Brazil

The bearer of this communique is Bianca. She is a candidate for this year’s Miss Brazil. She has won several regional contests and is gifted with intelligence and beauty. She speaks adequate English. Total Woman Pageants has been retained by her benefactor to perfect her in every way in order to outclass the competition in the upcoming pageant.

You are at liberty to use any and all means and methods necessary to instill in her the arts and skills demanded both onstage and backstage to win a world class beauty pageant. Please afford her the FULL range of your specialized tutoring. However, if at any time, you find this candidate to be reluctant or recalcitrant, feel free to return her to us without any regret or further obligation. She and her benefactor have been briefed on these terms and conditions and both have agreed in writing.

This Board, her benefactor and especially the pageant judges will truly appreciate your upmost attention to refining her abilities. As always, we thank you for favoring us with your valuable time and labors.

Victor folded the letter and looked over his latest charge. She was standing with eyes down, waiting his instructions or dismissal. He stepped out, waved the limousine driver on his way and carried her valises into the studio reception. Returning to the entrance, he ushered the woman inside, closed and locked the door and resigned himself to another long grueling week of work.

He took his usual seat in the director’s chair in the main room. He motioned the woman to mount a low practice stage in front of him.

“Miss Brazil, what is your name?”

“My name is Bianca.” She carefully sounded out each word in English.

“And why are you here today?”

“I want the judges to pick me as the winner.”

“Good reason.”

“What is your talent.”

“I am a photographer. I have an extensive portfolio of our natural Brazilian beauty: Amazonia flora and fauna, sandy white beaches and Andean green mountains, plus our hardworking people.”

“Wonderful. We’ll review those later. How did you get started in the competitions?”

“I was a student at the University. Money was tight. I danced in the Carnival parades. I was noticed and hired to dance in men’s clubs; the pay was much better, especially the private dances. That’s where I met a wealthy businessman. He hired a few of us to dance at one of his executive retreats. We danced and otherwise entertained the executives all weekend. After that, one of the elder Board members put me in an apartment and paid my tuition. I eventually graduated from the University and the old gentleman went on to become my sponsor for beauty contests. I won some small ones but the bigger pageants are different. He wants me to learn how to handle the big contests.”

“That’s my specialty: training you to handle the big ones. Let’s start with the basics. Show me how you danced and stripped at the clubs. There’s the music center. Pick whatever you like.”

Bianca shuffled through some disks and picked samba, her Carnival favorite. It filled the air with an even Latin beat. She mounted the low stage, standing a few feet from Victor.

Bianca was a classic young Brazilian. Her long, thick very dark hair hung straight to her low back. Her face was golden, somewhat round, with almond contoured eyes, irises very dark. Although she wore mascara, it was a light veneer, her eye lids naturally smoky. Her body was short with full chest and hips. The sleeveless cotton shirt was furrowed with the strain of closure. Her pleated skirt stopped midthigh, well above the knees. Her feet were elevated in colorful, beaded high heels. She began to sway to the music.

Bianca brushed her hair around her head, leaving it ruffled from being swished about. Her hands descended to brush her body. She spun her back to Victor, her elbows out level, dipping, unseen hands working her blouse buttons. She held the panels wide, and then dropped the shirt down her arms. There were no bra straps. She peeked over her shoulder through gaps in her mane and smiled, her hips still swaying. The topless woman cross stepped and twirled around to face front, keeping pace with the music tempo.

Victor got his first view of her breasts. The areolae were dark, large and round, atop firm high mounted breasts. The effect was tarnished by the triangles of pale skin on her otherwise beach tanned orbs. Victor made a mental note to get that flaw corrected. Bianca was not making eye contact, uncomfortable with him from wariness or anxiety, another trait he would soon fix.

Bianca swayed her hips as she loosed the skirt’s waist. The garment dropped and she danced away from the pool of fabric around her heels. She wore a thong, a very small thong. Victor held up his hand signaling her to stop. He motioned her off the stage to stand in front of him. Grasping the waistband, he lowered her panties finding another triangle of pale skin. He fingered the side skin covering her pink gash, inspecting it for softness and resiliency.

“I want you in the tanning booth every day until you have an all-over tan. We are finished for now. Take your luggage to the guest suite. Dress for dinner, formal attire. I will see you in the dining room at eight. We will discuss your schedule for the week.”

He patted her bare butt. “You’re dismissed. Be on time for dinner.”

At dinner, Bianca wore a gossamer seafoam-green floor length, backless gown. It draped from her neck strap over her breasts to her waist with the two narrow top triangles leaving lots of skin showing in the cleavage and on the sides. Victor noted that her choice of evening gown was appropriate to a beauty contestant and did not need upgrading.

After dinner, Victor went through her schedule. They would move through the week from basics to advanced and finally expert techniques. Victor told Bianca that each day would begin with exercise and tanning, followed by midmorning brunch. He would teach her specific arts and skills at midday and hold practice interviews in the late afternoon when her energies were drained; it would help her learn to think under pressure. There would be nightly stage practice. Bianca agreed and Victor dismissed her to her room.

Victor went to his own room, lay on his bed and rested. He would soon give Bianca the first test of her commitment to his intensive training and hopefully eliminate her discomfort at being around him. At 1 AM, he rose, crossed the hall fingering his growing erection and unlocked the door to her suite. He smeared his stiff cock with a gob of lubricant as he walked to the bed and climbed in. Bianca was sleeping on her back, wearing a light sleep slip. He lifted the hem, pushed her knees aside to spread her thighs, saddled up and drove his stiff meat into her unready core. No talk, no request, just taking command. Bianca was aroused from her slumber when he touched her knees and saddled up but she really woke up when he plunged in. She pushed on his shoulders and shook her head. Even her benefactor had never been this audacious.

“Wait, I’m not ready. Can we kiss or something?”

Victor pumped without regard to her disinclination, enjoying the ride but wanting to get the task completed. He lifted his hips and drove deeply and steadily, finally erupted in her womb. After his heat dissipated, he withdrew and dismounted.

Standing beside the bed, Victor said “This demonstrates that I am in charge and you will follow my instructions in everything unquestioned. It’s for your own good and I am here to help you. Understood? Tomorrow, you will tell me whether you will embrace my training methods or would rather leave now. Get some sleep. We start early and the days will be long.”

He returned to his room and slept peacefully the remainder of the night. Bianca lay awake, stunned. How would she respond to this forceful man?

In the morning, after entering the gym where Victor was waiting, Bianca acknowledged Victor’s control and agreed to be a compliant student.

“I was surprised but I understand that the judges will be powerful, impatient men, used to taking command and being automatically obeyed. I will learn how to always be ready to make them happy with my performance. Thank you for showing me what I must do.”

Victor knew that the first night test was hard on the candidates but it was also hard on him. After decades of public pageant coaching and judging, he tired of the mediocre efforts of giddy contestants. His worldly professional training methods were more real and effective to the challenge. But his age was catching up with him. A week was not a long time and he needed the women’s eager cooperation. He believed a woman who readily accepts an unexpected, uninvited and unfamiliar fuck is a woman who will readily accept uninhibited tutoring. Bianca had passed the first test.

Bianca pecked his cheek to show her acceptance and gratitude. Victor reluctantly let her stand. She had been sitting on his lap sideways with her arms circling his neck as one of his hands kneaded her ass cheek and the other fondled her boob through the soft weave skimpy maillot.

Victor watched Bianca exercise in her spandex suit. Her nubs and cameltoe were bulging under the stretchy material. After the exercise routine, Victor helped Bianca strip down for her all over tanning. Victor used a few extra squeezes and caresses to get her settled into the tanning booth, then went to see about brunch. An hour later, Bianca was eating her food seated topless in her thong and heels. Victor noted that the pale triangles on her tits were beginning to blend with the tan.

After brunch, they retired to the lounge room and sat side by side on the sofa. Victor introduced her in daylight to his penis. They examined it together and he pointed out its more and less sensitive spots and areas. Bianca repeated the inventory and replayed the lesson until she had a thorough understanding. Victor used his fingers to probe her cunt and indicated to her the different sensitivities of her assorted genital areas.

Later, in the afternoon, Tricia stood topless on the practice stage and answered Victor’s questions about current events and social issues. Victor coached her English for positive phrases in response to the more esoteric and controversial topics. After dinner, Bianca modeled various Carnival costumes and evening gowns. She changed dresses and costumes on stage so Victor could critique the subtle minutiae of being risqué and still staying just inside the pageant rules.

That second night, Victor did not bother Bianca in her room. She had passed her first night test and he would use his limited energies for her daytime coaching.

The week proceeded apace with each new day developing in intensity and intricacy. Bianca liked the exercises and the tanning. Victor was satisfied with her acquisition of the onstage arts and skills. During the last few days of the training week, they moved to the necessary backstage training. The judges coveted private evaluations of the candidates in the weeks before the main staged event.

Victor was seated in the director chair with his cock in Bianca’s mouth. She had danced in and out of her costumes, showing Victor her supple body’s moves and graces. Victor opened his fly and pointed. Bianca didn’t hesitate to show how eager she would be to please her judge. Victor did not hesitate to show how eager to be pleased a judge would be, rumbling out his howl over her bobbing head and rambling out his cum over her tongue. She repeated this exercise during the week as often as Victor indicated, getting in plenty of practice.

As planned, Bianca and Victor were seated in the lounge sofa. Bianca had loaded her portfolio of pictures to show Victor. She used a remote to control the display. Exotic Amazonian birds and flowers flashed on the screen. There were panoramas of beaches, mountains, city monuments, all original photos by Bianca. Victor was impressed by her talent behind the camera. Then there were portraits of people: native jungle villagers, industrial workers and street scenes. The presentation mode changed to video: Carnival parades with samba music and costumed dancers, beach noises and beauties sunbathing, then the action paused.

“These parts of the videos were filmed by others but I was one of the artists. Let me help you experience the reality of the scenes.”

Bianca opened Victor’s fly and extracted his cock. Her hand found a few of the sensitive spots and she stimulated them as she resumed the videos. The action moved to the Rio night clubs with neon stage lights splashing on Carnival costumed dancers. One of the dancers was Bianca, who started with an elaborate Carnival costume that slowly disintegrated as she stripped it off piece by little piece, teasing the camera with subtle flashes of furtive places.

The visual and tactile stimulus hardened Victor in her hand. He reached an arm over Bianca’s shoulder and palmed her bare breast. Bianca found some lotion and lubricated her hand and Victor’s cock. The video continued with cameras following the dancers offstage into the audience. Each of the dancers selected an audience guest, brought them to ecstasy in different ways and then moved to another.

Onscreen, Bianca used tactile manipulation of successive penises in the audience to satisfy their owner’s needs. What Victor saw on-screen was what Victor felt in real-time as Bianca matched her actions on-screen with her actions here and now.

“Do you like the way my hand feels? I think that gentleman in the club was a bit shy. I did the very same thing to him but I had to keep asking him how and what he liked me to do with his cock. He wanted me to use my mouth but he didn’t let me know that for a long time.”

“Bianca, just keep doing what you’re doing. There will be more opportunities for variations later. Show me now how much you’ve learned about my cock.”

Bianca swallowed the gentleman onscreen and gave a facial look of surprise at the power of his pulse. She licked him off and went to the next, and the next, and the next. Victor outlasted some of the audience but not all. Bianca drew out his essence as he groaned and loosed his cum as she dropped down and took him inside her quickly enfolding lips. He squeezed hard on her tit, gripping it as he vibrated up to then down from his high. The nightclub video ended and the montage re-looped to Amazonian flora and fauna.

“Bianca, I think we have found your unique onstage and backstage advantages. We will practice your other roles and methods tonight after I have had a chance to recoup my energy.”

That night and all the next day and the next night, Bianca perfected her advanced roles, methods and techniques on Victor. Bedroom, pool, hot tub, stage, everywhere became a training venue for Bianca’s erudition in competition winning performances. Victor coached and critiqued her until he was satisfied that she would be able to garner the approval of any judge, backstage or onstage, during the crowning event. Victor had trained Bianca to handle the big ones.

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