The cool air hit Evan’s face as he drove with the window down in the hot, sticky humid night. At the most unfortunate time, his car’s air conditioning was not working. He was embarrassed. It was his third date with Jordan. They had met at a yoga class and since they were the only men in the class, they became friends.

Over the last three months, Evan had ogled Jordan’s hard body twice a week. He always made sure to take a mat behind him so that he could indulge in looking at his friend’s sculpted body and ass.

It didn’t take long before the flirtation between the two of them resulted in Evan asking Jordan out. Their first date had been at the movies and ended in a good night kiss. For their second date, they went to a carnival that was in town. They rode on roller coasters and played all the typical carnival games where Jordan had won Evan a small teddybear. The last ride of the night was through the haunted house and they ended up making out and Jordan rubbed Evan’s crotch until the ride ended. When Evan dropped him off that night, Jordan had only given him a quick kiss goodnight leaving him frustrated as hell.

Tonight, Evan was determined to get some. They had just gone to dinner and were on their way to the drive-in. Jordan was talking about his upcoming trip to Europe but Evan’s mind was scheming different ways for him to get action during the movie. Jordan knew he had teased Evan and it was wrong of him, but he felt that it was slightly more okay since he was torturing himself too. That night, he had jerked off a massive load just thinking about Evan’s big dick.

They pulled into a spot in the surprisingly empty parking lot. The weather wasn’t great and most people preferred to be indoors since the weather was so disgusting outside. Jordan told Evan he didn’t mind and still wanted to go see a movie together.

Evan rolled down the windows and leaned his seat back.

“Fuck, it’s HOT,” Jordan cracked open a beer he had brought along in a small cooler bag. He handed it to Evan and opened another one for himself.

“It’ll cool down soon.. it’s getting late and I think it’s starting to get a little better,” Evan pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one as he drank his beer. It was almost 12, when the movie was scheduled to start, and a cool breeze started to pass through the car.

When the movie started, Evan pulled out a joint.

“Interested?” He didn’t know how Jordan would react but he was hoping he would take the bait. Whenever Evan smoked pot, he definitely felt his libido increase and he couldn’t keep his mind off sex, more than usual. He hoped that Jordan would smoke and the same effect would take him over and then Evan could make his move.

From yoga class and changing in the locker room together, Evan gathered that Jordan was fairly well endowed. The glimpses he caught indicated a large outline against his briefs. Many nights, Evan jerked off to the thought of Jordan and he always gave him a thick, large cock in his fantasies.

Jordan grinned at Evan as he took the joint from him and lit it up. They passed it back and forth between them until they finished it. Both of them were extremely stoned and started to giggle at everything the other person said.

Evan noticed Jordan’s bulge through his shorts and thought he saw it give a twitch. He kept his eyes on his crotch, not even realizing that it was painstakingly obvious he was not watching the movie but instead staring at his date’s lap.

Jordan was watching Evan out of the corner of his eye this whole time and decided to take advantage of the situation. He started running his hands over his crotch and rubbing the length of his semi-hard dick. He could feel that Evan’s eyes were still glued to his lap so Jordan decided to continue to tease him.

Jordan began to grow harder as he groped at himself. He knew that his boner was starting to form a tent in his shorts so he started to undo the button and zipper. As soon as Jordan undid his pants, his stiff, pre-cum covered member popped out into the open air.

Evan’s mouth dropped as he stared at Jordan’s thick, veiny dick that he had just whipped out of his shorts at the drive-in. He quickly looked up and saw that Jordan’s eyes were glued to the screen. Evan wondered if he knew what he was doing at all. His own pants were strained against his member that was begging to be let out and stroked. Looking at Jordan’s cut cock now that wasn’t even fully hard, Evan sized it to be 8 inches with large balls hanging down below.

“Are you going to keep staring at my dick or are you going to suck it?” Jordan startled Evan whose eyes immediately snapped upwards to make eye contact.

“Get in the backseat.”

The two guys clamoured into the backseat and in the process, Jordan had kicked off his shorts and shoes.

Evan threw his body against Jordan’s and began to kiss him. The two men made out for a few minutes and then Jordan pushed Evan off him.

“I told you to suck my dick.” Jordan looked down at his 9 inch hardon.

Evan didn’t need any more encouragement beyond that as he pushed Jordan into a sitting position and he laid down on the seats on his stomach so that his face was right in front of Jordan’s cock.

Jordan took Evan by surprise as he grabbed the back of his head and pushed his waiting mouth onto his wet cock. At the same time, he lifted his hips off the seat and stuffed his engorged penis right down Evan’s throat. Right away, Jordan started to pump his hips as he started to face fuck Evan roughly.

Evan was loving every minute of what was happening as he began to deep throat Jordan’s massive meat. Jordan continued to hump Evan’s face and his balls began to smack against his chin. Jordan’s balls were sore from not having a release. He had decided that he wasn’t going to jerk off and he was going to save an especially large load for tonight’s date with Evan.

Evan continued to work his mouth magic as he gave Jordan the best blowjob of his life. He was bobbing his head up and down to the meet the rhythm of Jordan’s hips and he sucked his throbbing cock with wild abandon. Jordan had never had a deep throat experience before and he was so horny and hard that he was afraid he was going to blow his load too soon. He pushed Evan’s head off his dick and reached over to grab a hold of the bulge in his pants.

Within seconds, Jordan yanked off Evan’s shorts and started to jerk him off.

“I’m going to finish what I started the other night,” Jordan winked as he picked up the pace on Evan’s boner. Evan had a fat and cut 8 inch cock that was drooling pre-cum out of the mushroom head. Jordan massaged his dick head, using his thumb to move around Evan’s cock juices. He resumed jerking Evan’s dick, twisting his hand and applying pressure to various parts of his sensitive cock.

“Shit, you have huge balls. Are they full of cum?” Jordan asked Evan who was moaning with pleasure. Jordan’s hand turned into a fast blur on Evan’s incredibly hard cock.

“Suck me!” Evan grabbed the back of Jordan’s head and pushed it into his lap. Jordan opened his mouth and began to suck on Evan’s pulsating member.

“I’m going to shoot! Fuck!” Evan started to pump his hips into Jordan’s face and it was his turn to slap his chin with his large balls. Within a few seconds, his cock erupted and he coated Jordan’s mouth with five creamy ropes of cum.

Jordan pulled his mouth off Evan’s cock and spat the cum out and into his hands. He smiled at Evan who was panting, trying to catch his breath. Jordan reached down and used Evan’s cum in his hand to lather up his rock hard dick that was pointing straight up in the air.

Jordan shifted into the middle seat and pulled Evan onto his lap so that they were facing each other. Evan used the seats to hold himself up as he started to rub his asshole against Jordan’s cock head that was slick with both of their juice.

“Fuck me, Jordan,” Evan looked right at him as he reached down to guide Jordan’s cock into his tight hole.

Jordan pushed his pole into Evan and both of them gasped a little bit at the first moment where they both finally got what they wanted. Both of their dicks were harder than they could imagine and pre-cum was leaking uncontrollably out of their cocks.

Jordan began to push his cock in and out of Evan and they began moaning and grunting as the pace picked up.

“Spread your legs more.. I want to drive this in deeper, fuck!” Jordan was bucking his hips and the sound of his balls slapping against Evan’s ass filled the car. Soon, he was ramming his cock in and out of Evan’s tight hole that was wet with Jordan’s pre-cum.

“I’ve never been fucked so hard… fuck me until I cum,” Evan grabbed his cock that was bouncing around, slapping his stomach with every pump of Jordan’s hips. Jordan was drilling Evan’s hole and with each hard ram, Evan got harder and harder. His balls began to twitch in anticipation of a release as he began to jerk himself off furiously.

Evan yanked on his cock with both hands, matching the fury at which Jordan was fucking his ass. Jordan reached up and started to rub and massage Evan’s balls, which put him at the edge of climax.

“Fuck me faster.. I’m going to fucking cum!” Evan moaned as Jordan somehow increased the speed of his thrusts as he could before withdrawing it all the way and then shoving his cock back in as hard and deep as he could, hitting Evan’s g-spot in his ass.

Evan’s hands were a blur as his balls tensed up and pre-cum was leaking out like a faucet. Two spurts of pre-cum were followed by nine waves of cum that erupted from his angry, purple mushroom head. Evan positioned his cock so that each of his spurts were aimed directly at Jordan’s open mouth. Evan’s thick and creamy streams of his man seed landed all over Jordan’s lips as he tried to catch as much cum as he could.

“Fuck, that was good,” Evan was panting as he let his body fall forward onto Jordan who had slowed down his thrusts. They kissed for a minute before Jordan resumed his ass drilling exercise on Evan’s ass.

“I need to cum. Don’t move. I’m going to empty my load into you,” Jordan shoved his cock into Evan repeatedly.

“Cum in my ass. Come on. Give me your big load from your big cock!” Evan gyrated his hips into Jordan’s lap. Soon, Jordan was ramming Evan’s ass again at a speed and pace that sent Evan into a state of ecstasy.

“I’m going to shoot!” Jordan began to grunt and moan as his balls began to twitch non-stop. He stuffed his rock hard prick into Evan as deep as he could and let his load erupt. Stream after stream of his jizz shot into Evan as Jordan continued to fuck him. Cum began to drip out of Evan’s ass as Jordan continued to both cum and pump his dick harder and faster.

After another minute of furious pumping, Jordan gave Evan no notice as he unloaded another six ropes of cum in his ass.

“FUCK!” Evan screamed out as he took another load from Jordan.

The two guys slowed down their pace until they were panting to catch their breath. Evan and Jordan kissed and started to straighten themselves out. They climbed back into the front seat just as the previews were ending and the movie was about to begin.

I’m a handyman, residential or commercial I can fix it. This week I am working in an office building in Marion, Indiana. The place is still open for business; I work around their clients and employees. I am rewiring the building for electronic and security upgrades. There are more women working this lawyer’s office than men, some nice looking young legal aids running around here.

I am forty years old and not that bad looking, at least that is what I am told. They are flirting with me; I am not that outgoing with people, I like to get my work done and be left alone. But hell, I won’t pass a chance at someone that much younger than me. I travel around taking work and affection where I can. I have a list of references a mile long. Right now, I am subcontracted with a security company to wire several buildings inside the city limits. I had to hire a couple of local men to help. We were three weeks into this building; six floors over two hundred offices. I worked late most nights, because I had nothing else to do. I don’t drink or party anymore, not since the last time cost me a major job. Missing three days of work on a million dollar contract hurt, that set my business back a couple of years. This new contract would bring me back onto my schedule.

It was Friday afternoon, after working five twelve hour days here on the jobsite then one or two hours every night on paperwork. I was ready for the weekend, tonight was a dinner then maybe a movie alone as usual. One of the secretaries had been making special trips to see if I needed anything, like coffee, water. She was going out of her way to attend my needs, that afternoon I decided to see just what she would do. It wasn’t the first time a woman had shown interest while I was working in her office.

“Jack, would you like a cup of coffee?” She asks.

“Alyna, I would love a cup. You know, black, no sugar or cream.” I said.

“I’ll be right back.” Alyna said.

Alyna born in the Ukraine, her folks immigrated here when she was a child. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and beautifully tall, with the heels she wore. She was about six foot four inches, and maybe one hundred, twenty pounds. She had my attention. When she returned, I said, “Thank you, Alyna.” I paused, “Say, what are you doing tonight? I was thinking of quitting a little early and going out for supper. Would you like to join me for dinner and a movie of your choice?”

“I…. Yes, I would. I need to run home first, I have pets to care for.” She said.

“That’s fine. I need to go home and clean up first.” I said.

“Where do you live?” She asks.

“I’m in a campground outside town.” I said.

“Do you have clothes with you?” She asks.

“Yes, I always carry extra clothing with me.” I said.

“I usually take a bus to work and back home. If you want, you can take me home and use my shower and bathroom to clean up.” She said.

I smiled, “That would save me sometime, sure I can do that.”

“Fine, I get off at five, meet me at my desk; you can take me home tonight.” She said.

I had a hard time focusing on my work the rest of the day. Five o’clock just didn’t want to arrive, but at four-thirty I ordered a cleanup and put the tools away. At five till five I was standing a ways from her desk waiting. I had two bottles of cold water, one for her and one for me. The clock struck five; she stood and walked towards me. I held my arm out for her, she took it and we walked to the elevator. She held my arm all the way down-and-out to the truck. I opened her door and helped her in and attached her seat belt for her. I climbed in the truck; Alyna guided me to her house.

The place was across town, a new large modern house. “How did she afford this on her pay?” I wondered.

“You can park in the driveway.” She said and waited till I opened her door for her. I followed her into the house. Two cats meet us at the door, I was carrying my duffel back, it was my emergency kit. I often run into problems where afterwards I needed to clean up. I had two sets of clothes, one for work, one for dress. There was a shave kit, soap and shampoo plus socks and underwear and a pair of dress boots.

She led me through the house, “You can use the guest bath,” She said, “its right there.” She guided me into the bedroom and pointed at a door. “There” She said.

“What about your husband?” I ask.

“What are you asking that for, you know I am not married or you wouldn’t be here.” She said, “Besides he run off two years ago with a young redhead.”

“Sorry to hear that.” I said.

“So was I, she was my favorite niece, my youngest brother’s daughter. The little bitch.” She said.

“I’m sorry.” I said.

“Get ready; while you are in here I will change into something more fitting.” She said. She left the room, I went into the bathroom. I shaved then showered. I dried off and dressed. Out in the bedroom, I sat on the bed and put my socks and boots on. I stuff my things back in the bag. I dropped it by the bedroom door. I walked out into the livingroom. Alyna was standing there in a black pleaded cotton skirt the come to just above her knees, a white thin cotton blouse with a black vest over it. The blouse was open down to where the vest closed over her breast showing a lot of cleavage. Her thick full blonde hair was draped down over her shoulder about six inches below her breast. She wore heels that had to be seven inches high. I stood there staring at the beauty before me.

“Put your eyes and tongue back into your head, I know I am a sight, but please.” She said.

“Sorry, the look is so much different than your office look.” I said.

“I know men just can’t handle it.” She said.

“I wouldn’t know why, I have never seen a better view anywhere.” I said.

She blushed, “Thank you, are we ready?”

“Where do you want to eat?” I ask.

She studied me, I was dress in black slacks and a blue shirt, not formal but not jeans and a t. “You look nice too.” She said, “I was thinking about going to Ft. Wayne. There is a little diner on the south side that serves a good home cooked style menu; it’s classy and not overstuffed.”

“I’ll drive, you guide me.” I said.

“Let’s take my car; your truck will be out of style for the night.” She said handing me the keys. I looked at the key. It was an old Ford key. She took me out into the garage, there was a 1974 Ford Maverick Grabber sitting there. I marveled, “Shit, sorry, forgive me, but this is a 1974 Maverick Grabber with a 302 Boss under the hood. This is your car, your only car?” I ask.

“Yes, I haven’t found the other one I want yet.” She said.

I looked at her, “Don’t tell me, you want the custom build Drag-n-fly that matches this.” I said.

“You know of the Drag-n-fly, not many know about that rare car.” She said.

“I know of one in existence, the man wants an arm, a leg from my two kids.” I said.

“Yeah, I know him too.” She said.

“I had some great memories in a Maverick. I am honored to drive this tonight, if you don’t mind me driving it hard” I said.

“Drive her like she’s supposed to be driven, it is fully-insured.” She said.

I held the door for her; she put on her own seat belt. I slid in behind the wheel. She reached over and pushed the remote for the garage door, it started up. I started the engine, the roar was beautiful. I put it in gear; the four speed shifter on the floor brought back memories. I backed out of the garage and waited till the door went down, my truck was locked. I backed out onto the street and stopped, “May I?” I ask.

“She smiled, “Of course, how could you drive it without smoking the tires once.”

I revved the engine, dumped the clutch. The car didn’t move forward but the rear tires were spinning. I slammed it into second gear and the tires never stopped, but we started moving forward. I was smiling, not only was I taking this woman on a date but now I was driving her muscle car. I had it smoking the tires in front of her house; I just hope I was spending the night in her bed.

I looked over, she was smiling at me. “What, I haven’t done this in twenty years; we are not taking the interstate tonight.” I said. I headed out of town on a state route. The traffic was heavy; I made a turn I found a county road running north. I opened it up. I hit one-thirty before I backed it down to within the speed limits. She was white. “Are you Ok?” I ask.

“Are you crazy? That was wild; I never run it that fast.” She said.

“My Maverick topped at one thirty. I don’t know what this car would top at. I would like to find out, but I don’ know the roads around here, trying this speed on the interstate is stupid.

We reached the diner, and had our meal. As we were finishing, “Do you know what movie you would like to see?” I ask.

“I thought maybe we could go back to my place and watch some stuff I have. If you take the interstate home and try to reach top speed. The trip here got me wet and horny, the return trip should take me over the edge.” She said.

We left the diner, I thought hard on how to get the state boys off of the highway before I started south. I couldn’t think of anything that would work without causing a massive problem. Hell, I would chance it, she would be worth it. If I got arrested so be it, maybe she would bail me out. I turned onto the ramp to the interstate. I slid into traffic as we leave the city the traffic thins out a lot. I am already pushing eighty; I pushed the pedal to the floor. It’s less than twenty miles to our exit. I hold the pedal down; cars are flying backwards as we go by them. Alyna is smiling and has one hand between her legs with her skirt pulled up to her waist. She is getting off on this, her legs look good but I have little time to study them. Mere minutes go by when I see the sign telling of the exit we need. I have hit one hundred and fifty-five miles an hour, not bad for this machine. I let off the pedal and the car starts is slow down. Two miles later I stop at the turn at the end of the off-ramp. I look over at Alyna, she is leaning into the door her head back, eyes closed, her fingers are busy as she comes. Her breathing is labored and she is stiff. I make the turn and head for her place. She comes out of it, “You look damn hot like that. Alyna, I hope you saved some for me.” I said.

“There is plenty for you. I just hope you can handle it all night.” She said.

“Woman, don’t you worry about me, I can handle you and your sister.” I said.

I pulled up to a stop light; this Camaro pulls up on my side. I look over, the Camaro is beefed, the driver signals he wants to run. I look at Alyna, she smiles and reaches to the dash and pushes a panel above the stereo. The panel drops down revealing a gauge, a switch and a light. She flips the switch, the light says, “Armed” on it. That is when I first really notice the red button on the steering wheel. “Shit, NOS” I said. I turn to the other driver and give him the bird. The light turns green; I dump the clutch and the Maverick shot forward. We are almost a full car length in front of the Camaro when I hit fourth gear. The Camaro ease up beside me, I give the red button a five-count push. The Maverick shoots out in front leaving the Camaro behind. I don’t watch the loser as I slid the Maverick into a right hand ninety degree turn at sixty miles an hour. I hear sirens and leave the area, minutes later I am backing into the garage. I never saw a red light flashing behind me. Damn, another good night behind the wheel of a Maverick.

“Push the seat back” She said. I leaned down and pushed the full bench seat back. She leans over and grabs my belt; she undoes the belt and pulls the zipper down. I raise my ass and lower my pants. “No one has ever driven this car like that. I have never cum so hard in my life. I need to taste your shifter.” She cried.

I sat back as she lowered her head around my cock. She sucked my cock hard, licking and tonguing the head. I laid my left hand on her blonde head; my right hand snaked between her legs. She was so wet, her juices spreading along both thighs; I pushed two fingers into her cunt. She spreads her legs to give me room. I finger-fucked her pussy while she swallowed the head of my cock, pulling free, sucking one ball into her mouth then the second one, she swirled her tongue around my balls and she popped them out one at a time. I about popped right there. I lain my head back, she said, “Come in my mouth this time.”

“I can do that.” I said. She engulfed my cock and sucked hard on it. I said, “Shit.” My fingers driving in and out of her cunt, she squeezed my balls, her lips locked just below the head, her tongue swirling over the soft sensitive flesh. I blew my load into her mouth; she swallowed like it was nothing. I enjoyed the head and fingering her.

“Woman, time to get away from this teenage sex and find a carpeted floor with some room, so we can fuck like adults.” I said.

“Yes, I need cock in pussy.” She said with a Russian accent. She laughed.

“Funny” I said as I stood beside the car pulling my pants up. I helped her slid under the steering wheel and out beside me. I had a good idea; I pushed her down over the trunk from the side of the car. I flipped her skirt up and knelt behind her. I buried my face in her twat, she screamed as my tongue slid inside her. She pounded her fist on the car, “Fuck, eat me you prick, shove that tongue deeper.” She screamed.

I put my right arm around her leg and fingered her clit. My tongue pushing in and out of her hole, my left hand rose up and I pushed two fingers into her asshole. “Fuck, yes, please god fucking yes” She shouted. She cum in my mouth, her hot juices squirted out into my mouth, it about choked me. I had not been expecting her to ejaculate her cum. I recovered quickly and lapped her juices up, it is the sweetest nectar on the planet, I’m not going to waste it. She had come so many times since we left the diner. Her knees buckled, I scooped her beautiful little ass up and carried her into the house.

“Take me into bedroom, to all my toys.” She said.

I carried her into her bedroom; I put her down on the bed. Before she could move I had her vest and blouse off and was pulling her skirt off. She laid there in her garterbelt, stockings and heels. I moved and found the bindings on the headboard. I cuffed her right wrist and crawled across her and cuffed her left wrist. She cried, “No, you’re supposed to be here.”

I smile at her and cuffed her left ankle then her right ankle. She was cussing now, “Fuck, you prick, this is my place, I am the Dom here.”

“Not this time, my sweet,” I said, “, now to find the rest of your stuff.” I looked around the room, the hope chest at the foot of the bed, “Here I bet,” I opened it to find many toys. I dug through it till I found a ball-gag. I moved to her, I kissed her. She tried to bite me. “My love, it is your turn to lie back and let me care for you.” I said. She couldn’t respond because when she opened her mouth I pushed the ball gag in. I kissed her lips, her cheeks, down her neck. I worked my way slowly down her naked tanned body, trailing kisses to her tits that firm nice breast, I licked each one of them round and around them, sucking and nipping the nipples. Alyna is moaning and crying, happy and mad, as I covered every inches of her breast inside and outside. I move down her abdomen licking and kissing till I reach her bellybutton. She is fighting the bindings, pulling her hips away but she can only go so far. I move between her legs, I return to her bellybutton, the piercing is beautiful I scrape my teeth across it, she moans. I lick lower and lower into her blonde trimmed bush. I lick each side of the bush along the upper thigh. She is wiggling like mad, I am driving her crazy, I can see it in her eyes. I reach around and pull something from my hip pocket, her eyes grow huge in surprise, I have a large dildo I found in her box of toys. I lay it against her pussy; I work the tip of it up and down her pussy lips. She is about to come again, slowly I work the tip into her cunt. She screams a muffled, “FUCK”

I ease the fifteen inch dildo into her pussy. It fills her up, she is gasping around the gag, her arms are pulling against the restrains, her mind is so fucked she is gone. I pull the dildo out and push it back in, I start fucking her with it. She is flopping on the bed now, the orgasms have taken her, she has come and come. She has reached a place that she has never known.

I pull the dildo out and lay it aside, I moved around the bed, uncuffing her. I crawl up and pull her head to my shoulder, I hold her as she comes down from her heights. She lays still now curled up against me, she is breathing normal. I just hold my woman, as she sleeps. I drift off holding her.

Morning comes, I awake, she is still curled up against me asleep. I pull loose and go into the bathroom to clean up. I return she is stirring. I kneel on the bed and kiss her, “Time to rise, clean up and put on something light and airy. Not covering too much, I want my woman open to me. I will be down fixing some breakfast.” I said and left the room.

As I was fixing breakfast, Alyna come into the room wearing a see-through cover, white stockings and white wedge sandals. Her hair freshly washed and almost dry, the smile on her face reflected a million pearls.

“That was great, that ride and what you did to me afterwards. I have never been bound like that, I was always the dominator, but being dominated sent me places I never knew.” She said.

I smiled at her. “I can’t stay” I said.

“What, can’t stay today?” She asks.

“No, once this job’s done, I will move on.” I said.

“No, you must stay, I will give you anything you want, me, the house, my bank account, whatever you want, even other women, but you can’t leave me.” She cried.

“I don’t want anything but maybe you, but I can’t stay it’s not in my blood anymore. If I settled down my life will go wrong.” I said.

“Then take me with you, I will quit my job, I have enough for us to live on.” She said.

“Damn it, Alyna. I love you but it won’t work, it will destroy us. I have tried this before, though they were nothing like you. I can’t have a woman in my life, like that. I will hurt you just as I am now.” I said.

“I can’t live without you; I am ruined to others after last night. I belong to you now; no one will fill me like that again. I will follow you where ever you go.” She said.

“Damn it, Alyna. I have two months on this job, we can try it here. I will store my trailer and move in with you. I want you to continue working. Nothing is to change, except me in your bed. If I can keep jobs here or within an hour’s drive, I will stay till we go south.

She attacked me kissing and hugging, I stood there laughing because I wanted this just as bad as she did. I would try to make it work. I took her and threw her over my shoulder. She had come so much last night. I wanted some more fun. I carried her up to the bedroom; I chained her face down on the bed with the same shackles I had used last night. I stuffed several large pillows under her torso lifting her body into the air. I dug through the box till I found a butt plug and a ring gag. I put the ring gag into her mouth and fastened it behind her head. I pushed the butt plug into her ass and turned it on. She was cumming already; I lowered my head and licked her cunt tasting her pussy. I found a ten inch vibrator and pushed it into her twat and set it to high. I moved around to her head. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Slowly I pushed my stiff meat into her mouth through the ring gag. She moaned she now had all three holes full with something. I forced my cock down her throat. She choked but I kept pushing.

“My beautiful Russian slut, you are going to take this down your throat till I feel your nose against my skin. You belong to me now; I am your master in this bedroom.” I said. I shoved my cock deep into her throat. She didn’t cry and just opened her throat and let it slid in; I started fucking her mouth, holding her head with both hands so she couldn’t move. I pushed all ten inches down her throat, her nose pushed into my hair and skin at the base of my cock. I held there till she choked trying to breathe. I pulled out and removed the ring gag.

I had posted a version of this story about 10-12 years ago on a different website, but I think they have gone the way of the Dodo. Anyway, I couldn’t find that website anymore and I seem to have lost my copy, so I am re-writing this for Literotica. This is a true story with no real embellishments. Hopefully, I can remember everything, but probably not.

Back in the mid-eighties when I was in college in Florida, I had a girlfriend who was very sexually accommodating. She was full-figured, but sexy, with big tits and a great ass, and dark auburn hair. Her name was Kate. Today she would be called a BBW, but she wasn’t fat at all, just very robust. She was a few years older than me, but was very adventurous. I had an old two-door Ford Fairlane with a bench seat and sunroof, and she had a VW Beetle.

When we first met we were camping at a medieval reenactment function. She was dressed in a middle-ages barmaid/wench outfit that really pushed her tits up and out, exposing everything down to just before the top of the aereolas around her nipples. She had huge tits, so there was a lot to see. I am a tit man, so I was instantly attracted to her and struck up a conversation over the weekend. We did not get a chance to do anything but talk that weekend, but managed to strike up a friendship. When I went back to college on Sunday evening I told my best friend, Mike, about her.

A few weeks later she came up to visit me and Mike. We hung around for a while and Kate and Mike really struck up a close bond. The next thing I know, they are an item. I am pretty sure that they had sex that first weekend they met. While I was very sexually adventurous even back then, I am still somewhat conservative when it comes to putting the moves on a woman, preferring for her to initiate the relationship, not wanting to push myself on her. Mike had no reservations whatsoever and could charm a woman naked in no time.

I thought I was out of the deal for good, relegated to a simple friendship-only relationship. But, that summer, I hurt my back and had to stay for summer semesters. I needed someone to help me since I couldn’t completely take care of myself. Kate had moved to town to be closer to Mike, so she volunteered to help me out (cook meals, do laundry, such as that), until I could get back on my feet. Mike went back home over the summer and was coming back in the fall, so she and I got to spend that summer together. I was flat on my back or in a wheelchair for over three months, until my surgery, and Kate took care of me the whole time. About halfway through that summer we started getting closer. I think she had visited Mike or spoken with him and was getting disenchanted with him. Something was happening there and their relationship was folding.

I have always been very sexual and jerk off a lot. Kate exuded sexuality, and would generally dress to highlight her assets (read that “ass” and “tits”), so I stayed turned on a lot. I lived in a single dorm room on campus, with no air conditioning, so I was usually in a pair of loose short shorts (it was the eighties, after all…) and a t-shirt. Kate would wear something similar, and went without a bra many times. The other guys living in the dorm loved for her to come by each day since they were getting an eyeful and the dorm room was usually open when she was visiting. This would leave me stimulated all day by the eye candy, with my hard-on showing the whole time she was there, and I would jack off almost every night. By the end of summer, we were conducting mutual masturbation sessions, watching each other masturbate. I would get hot watching her moving around with those great swinging tits and hard nipples, then I would start jacking off. She would get hot watching me jack off, then she would start jilling off while facing me until we both got off. This lasted a few weeks.

One evening I was lying in bed watching TV when she came over and laid down next to me. Having her wrapped around me was really turning me on and I eventually started playing with her big tits. Soon, we both stripped naked. She was trying to stay “faithful” to Mike, but was still turned on by me and felt sorry for me being in pain all of the time. She said she wouldn’t fuck me, but we could still fool around. She scooted down in the bad and started giving me a blowjob. Now, I was somewhat experienced, and had seen my fair share of porn, but had never had someone go down on me so enthusiastically or expertly. She took about 4-5 inches of my seven inch cock, but stopped short of deep-throating me. She didn’t use her hands, only her mouth. After a while she knelt up and wrapped her tits around my cock and I tit-fucked her until I came. She used her fingers to scoop up the cum from between her tits and swallowed it all. This was definitely a first! I think I fell in love (or at least lust) that night…

Later, Kate called this a “mercy fuck”, even though we didn’t really fuck, but I didn’t care what she called it, I was happy to get it and wanted more. In addition, remember, these rooms weren’t air conditioned, so the windows were always open and folks outside could hear everything. Having this full-figured, sexy woman with big tits, who also dressed for exposure and loved sex…I was in hot pursuit. I pressed my case the rest of the summer and got a few more blowjobs and titfucks, but could never completely close the deal. When fall came around, Mike came back and I was cut off. I still jacked off regularly, but no more sessions with Kate.

That fall I had my surgery and got back on my feet, re-established my active lifestyle and got back into the medieval reenactment. Mike was doing this with me, too, so I still got to be around Kate on those camping weekends. She was fairly vocal during sex and I could hear her and Mike in the next tent, but not see anything. During the days and evenings she would be moving around in that wench outfit with her tits spilling over, keeping lots of guys horny.

Toward the end of fall, Kate and Mike broke up. Since I was “monkey in the middle” I somehow seemed to inherit Kate as my new girlfriend. That was OK by me, since I was looking forward to having a great sexual relationship with her. The rest of this story won’t be in chronological order, since it was too long ago, but will be presented as a series of vignette’s, just great things I remember happening.

Sex & nudity at home: Kate had her own place off-campus, so I spent a lot of time there. She developed the practice of deep-throating all seven inches of me. She never used her hands, believing that doing so would be cheating. She wanted me to cum in her mouth by oral alone, so she worked hard to get me off. Generally, oral alone wouldn’t do it, but sometimes it did. Kate never let me cum down her throat, she wanted to taste my cum, so she would always pull back enough to let me cum in her mouth. She always swallowed.

One time early in our new relationship as I was fucking her she asked if I wanted to fuck her ass. I jumped on that in a heartbeat. She knew I loved anal because she had seen my limited porn collection (this was in the old days, when books and mags were all we had). She lifted her legs, I pulled my ciock out of her pussy and started working it into her ass. It took a little work and a lot of spit, but I got in and we started fucking away. I blew my load in her ass and we became addicted to anal that day. Kate said that she couldn’t do anal with Mike because his cock was too fat, but mine was a perfect fit.

After that, anal play became a common thing. Usually, Kate would stick a finger in my ass during a blowjob, increasing my chances of cumming in her mouth. Sometimes, this was simply part of sex, sometimes, she was really wanting that cum and we would be done when I shot my load. I would suck her off, playing with her ass and tits, until she came and we would be done. A few times when we were clean we would even rim each other. I remember once when she was sucking on me, then she had me get on my knees. She got behind me and was sticking her tongue up my ass while jerking me off. That felt unbelievable! When I started cumming she scooted her face under my cock real quick and took my whole load in her mouth, swallowing it all. Lots of times she would kiss me with my cum in her mouth or still on her lips. This didn’t bother me, just made things sexier.

She had a bed with slats on the frame and no box springs under the mattress. Once when I was pounding her ass in doggy position the bed slats came off the frame and the bed came crashing down. Her rental house was an old wooden house with no air conditioning, so the windows stayed open. It was daylight and there were no real curtains on the windows. We wanted air flow and light so everything stayed open. She was telling me to keep fucking her ass and I was answering her back. We were making a hell of a racket, then the bed crashed, making even more noise. We kept fucking until I came in her ass. She came at the same time. I’m sure the whole block could hear us, and anyone wanting to could have looked into the windows and seen us.

When I got done cumming in her ass, I walked out of her room naked, with my cummy cock still hard and walked into the shared bathroom in the hallway. Kate stayed on the broken bed, naked and fully exposed, with cum leaking out of her ass. Kate’s good-looking redhead roommate was staying in the next bedroom. She was still home and her door was open. They shared the bathroom in the hallway, so she saw me come out. I went into the bathroom to wash my cock, leaving the door open. She came out of her room and watched me wash my cock in the sink. She told me that she had been jilling off while I was butt-fucking Kate, turned on by hearing us through the windows and walls. She told me that she wanted my cock in her ass someday, too, but she was nervous about putting a move on me with Kate in the picture. Unfortunately, she and Kate moved apart and I never did get her or her ass. Too bad, she was hot.

On numerous occasions I would visit Kate and we would stay naked in the house the whole time. We would come out in the mornings and would walk around naked making and eating breakfast with her roommate seeing us in all of our glory. The curtains were never closed in Kates house and anyone outside would be able to see us walking around naked inside. After a while, Kate’s roommate started dressing down some too, showing off her great “assets”, though she never got fully nude. Again, neighbors must have loved these ladies, since there was so much good stuff to see.

Highway dildoing: On another occasion, Kate and I were driving south on the Turnpike in my Fairlane. Evening had come and we had been on the road for a while. It was still warm weather, so the windows were open, as usual. I was bored, so I had Kate strip out of her clothes and lean back against the passenger door, spreading her legs toward me. I stayed in the right lane and slowed down so everyone would have to pass me on the left. Kate started rubbing her cunt and tits while cars and trucks started passing on the left. I was only doing about 5 mph slower than the flow of traffic, so it took a while for cars to pass. Many passengers in those cars looked over at Kate and watched her play with herself while she was naked.

I took out my cock and played with it while she kept touching herself. I turned on the dome light so I could see her and I told her to use our 8″ cock vibrator on herself while I drove. Kate started using it on her clit. When she got turned on even more, she finally started thrusting in her cunt, taking all 8 inches. By this time it was fully dark outside and I could not see the people in the passing vehicles, but I knew they were there because lots of them would slow down when passing me, staying with me for a while until too much traffic built up behind them and they felt pressured to move ahead. Kate was leaning back against the passenger door, slouched down on the seat. She had one leg on the dash and one on the back of the seat behind my head. She was fully exposed to me and to passing traffic, jamming the 8″ cock vibrator in and out of her cunt with increasing speed. Finally, she came, making a lot of yelling noises and thrashing around in the seat with that vibrator jammed all the way up her cunt. She looked drop-dead gorgeous like that, with the windows open, the dome light on and her hair blowing in the wind.

After Kate came, she pulled out the vibrator and rested for a few minutes. She leaned over to me and started sucking my cock, still naked, and still lit by the dome light. She was laying sideways on the seat, so someone would have to look down into my car to see what was going on. However, the Fairlane was a low car, so every truck, van and minivan could see into it (this was before SUV’s became common). She sucked on me for a while, then I suggested that she use the vibrator on herself and cum again (I absolutely love to watch a woman cum). She leaned against the door again, and repeated her earlier performance. This was staying hot. Neither one of us was losing our ardor for this sexual occurrence.

Kate came again, again with that cock vibrator jammed in to the hilt, on full display for all passing traffic to see. When she calmed down she got on her hands and knees and came over and started giving me a blowjob as we drove down the road. Her ass was sticking up in the air, her big tits were hanging down, and she was thrusting her head up and down my cock, wanting me to cum in her mouth. The dome light was still on, and I was using my free hand to play with her hanging tits or elevated ass, dipping my fingers into her sopping wet cunt. I was turned on, but it takes me a while to cum from straight oral sex, with no hands. She needed one hand to keep herself up and able to bob her head for all to see, but she eventually used the other to play with my balls and asshole, finally getting me to cum in her mouth.

After I came she lifted her head up, kissed me on the lips, the settled back in all of her naked glory and swallowed my cum for the car beside us to see. This made her hot enough to start using the vibrator again, but I was done. With the size of the load I shot into her mouth, I had nothing left to give for another round anytime soon. Kate settled back and jilled herself off again with the vibrator, then spent the rest of the trip naked, only slipping on her braless shirt and pantiless shorts when we arrived in south Florida. We closed the windows when she started getting cold, but they were not tinted, so she stayed visible to all. The only time she was dressed was when we stopped for gas on the turnpike and she was in that outfit, tits swaying and nipples poking thru for all to admire.

Campus head and cumwalk: On a separate occasion, Kate met me on campus between classes. She wanted some cum and I wanted to give it to her. We didn’t really have anywhere we could go, so I pulled her behind some vending machines in a big thru-way of one of the busiest buildings on campus. Hundreds of students were walking by and many were stopping for snacks and drinks. I pulled Kate behind the machines, had her drop her top so I could play with her tits, and we started feeling each other up. Soon, I dropped my shorts and she got on her knees to suck me off. She tried hard, deep-throating me and bobbing her head for a while. I only had a 15-minute break, so I finally had to use my hand to jack myself into her mouth. She played with my balls and ass, keeping suction on the head of my cock while I jacked off. Shortly, I started cumming. I pulled out of her mouth a little bit, and got some cum on her face and tits, but most landed in her mouth. When we finished, I told her to leave the cum on her face and tits, simply to put her t-shirt on over the cum on her tits, leave the cum on her face, and walk back home that way.

There was still a lot of people moving thru this breezeway and getting stuff from the vending machines when Kate and I walked out from behind the machines. Her t-shirt had gone transparent where the cum got her tits wet, giving a very interesting show of braless tits. But, even more striking was the cum around her mouth and on her cheeks and chin. She walked out of there acting like nothing was wrong and simply strolled away, leaving a wake of astonished young guys and gals staring at her. Kate wasn’t a student, so she had to walk all the way off campus to get back to her car and drive home. Kate said that she drove home like this and was playing with her cunt all the way home in the car, finally cumming in her car on the street outside her house when she got home. She was so turned on by this experience that we had great sex that night. Of course, I lasted for a while because I came earlier that day, so Kate got her rocks off a lot that night.

Road head: Another time Kate and I were driving down to south central Florida to visit my parents (my Dad liked Kate because of her great tit displays, but Mom wasn’t too happy with her). On the way down there was a long stretch of straight road through forest with only two stops and one slow-down. I typically had Kate naked before we even got to this stretch, keeping her open for display much of the time. One this particular trip she was one her knees giving me road head when I drove up to one of those stops. Her ass was up in the air and my fingers were in her cunt for anyone on the right side of the road to see. As I was at this light an older couple drove up on my left to wait for the turn signal. Kate’s head was bobbing up and down on my cock and they looked over and saw her doing it. I told Kate that we had some viewers and she looked up, then sat up and played with her monster hooters until the light changed and those folks drove on. This was incredibly funny to us and we laughed about it for the rest of the trip.

Road anal: On another of these trips and I had borrowed my Dad’s truck and we were driving back to return it. As usual, Kate was naked. I had her sitting next to me so I could play with her tits while she played with my cock and balls. About half-way down this forested stretch of straight road mentioned above, I decided to pull over so we could fuck. I pulled into this little dirt access road, but immediately got stuck. We had been on this dirt road before, having fucked just off the road behind a few trees in the past. Unfortunately, it had apparently rained a few days earlier, leaving a big mudhole right between two trees, just at the treeline in full sight of the road. We were stuck in full view of traffic and not going anywhere.

Not one to give up, I told Kate that I was going to fuck her anyway. I open both doors, stripped naked, and told her to bend over on the seat because I was going to fuck her in the ass with everyone watching. She was laid over facing the passenger door and oncoming traffic, with her ass sticking up for me to plow. I told her to sit up and be proud of her tits and ass, that I wanted folks to see that she was enjoying this ass-fuck. She propped herself up on her hands so her tits would sway and kept her face up. I was naked behind her. I got the vibrating cock and started working on her pussy from the back, and tongueing her ass at the same time until she came. By then she was good and wet. I knelt behind her with my ass on display and feet sticking out the door and slipped my cock into her ass. By this time her ass was loose, so I plowed right in with no resistance or hesitation.

Kate was making lots of noise and passing cars were seeing her swaying tits and my upper body and I pumped her ass. Cars coming from my side could see my feet and ass and upper body while if fucked her hard and long. I love anal and can usually come quick, but I wanted this to last, so I kept slowing down to increase time and exposure. After a short time I had Kate slip that vibrating cock into her cunt so she could experience some DP while I fucked her and she could bring herself off again. We fucked like this for about 20 minutes, during which over a dozen cars passed from her side. After I came in her ass, I pulled out, she got out of the truck naked and squatted beside the truck to drain my cum out of her gaping hole. She was still naked and completely visible. We had nothing to clean up with so we simply slid our shorts and t-shirts back on as we were.

We were still stuck. I tried to work us out of the mudhole, but couldn’t do it. Finally, I told Kate that she would need to flag down some help. The shirt that she was wearing was a semi-transparent t-shirt. She didn’t have a bra on (I hate bras and wish women would stop wearing full bras, but would wear only half-cup bras to their tits and nipples would be properly displayed and accessible…), so her magnificent tits were VERY visible in the sunlight. I sent Kate to the edge of the road and told her to keep shaking her covered tits at cars, holding her thumb out, that some man would eventually stop and we could get the help we needed. It only took about four cars passing before one stopped. Inside was a father with two older teenage sons. They were all smiles when they stopped.

I explained to them that we had pulled off and gotten stuck and that I only needed him to help pull me out. I had a tow rope, so I only needed the extra pull from his car. He agreed to help. As a reward, I told Kate to take her top off and stay topless beside the cars while we hooked up the vehicles and he pulled me out. Kate and his boys started out by standing together beside the vehicles, in full view of the road, but I eventually had them jump into the back of the truck for extra weight while we got unstuck. While he pulled I reversed out, with Kate and the boys in the back, them staring at her big tits shaking around. Shortly, we got pulled out, we thanked the man and his sons, they thanked us for the view of Kate’s tits, and we got in and moved on down the road. Kate stayed topless as we drove. Once we got to a big town about another 20 miles down the road, we pulled into a car wash place and hosed down the truck to get rid of the mud. I had Kate strip there and cleaned her up too, since she had my cum leaking out of her ass. We got back into the truck and drove until we got to my folks’ house. By then it was dark, but Kate got dressed before we went in.

Beach trip: One summer I was away from school working at home for the summer while Kate stayed in town and continued working her job. I tried to get up there every other weekend or so to maintain the relationship and get some great sex. One time I came up for a long weekend. She didn’t know I was coming up (this was the days before cellphones), so when I arrived she was not home. I waited on the front porch of her house for her to come home from work, and ended up waiting until about midnight before she arrived. By then, I was mad because of all the hours I had waited for her, not knowing where she was or if she was even coming home. She explained that she and a girlfriend had gone to a local nightclub and had performed in a talent night amateur topless contest. She had come in second place and she showed me the cash she had won. On top of this, she was in good spirits from the drink and the fun of it and was turned on.

In short order I found myself no longer angry, but turned on that she had stripped topless in public for a contest. I really wished I had known about it so that I could have seen it for myself. Instead of going inside, we started making our on her front porch. There was no porch light, but the streetlight outside her front walkway was shining and we could be seen by anyone who cared to look. I got her stripped naked and played with her tits and cunt, then got naked myself. She sucked on me while I was sitting in the chair, I then returned the favor until she came. We then fucked doggy style with her leaning against the front post nearest the street while I plowed her from behind. Again, we weren’t the quietest fuckers, so we were making grunting noises and pleasure noises for anyone to hear. This was late at night, but I was still fucking her on the front porch in full view, with her great tits swaying as she held onto that porch post in full view of the streetlight. After we came, we collected our clothes and went inside to go to bed.

The next morning was Saturday and Kate was off, so we decided to go to Crescent Beach near Daytona. My car was a gas hog and I was concerned about not having enough money to get back home, so we took her VW Beetle. Kate wasn’t naked, but was wearing short shorts (the old runner’s athletic style) with no underwear and a thin t-shirt with no bra. I was in shorts and t-shirt, again, no underwear. We didn’t have swimsuits, so planned on swimming in these. When we got to the beach we parked and headed for the water. Being summer, it was fairly crowded, lots of young folks, but not many kids. I stripped off my shirt and swam in my shorts, but Kate didn’t have anything to take off without getting arrested, so she swam in her pantiless runner’s shorts and her braless t-shirt. As soon as she got wet, everything basically went transparent. She was in a see-through outfit on the beach or in the water all morning. Her tits were huge, so it was a magnificent show. Technically, she was covered, so no one could complain about decency standards. Her shorts were showing her pubic hair clearly. My shorts were white, so they became transparent as well and showed off my cock and balls.

We played with each other in the water and while laying on the beach, but did not get naked or fuck there. After a few hours we tired of being there, so decided to leave. We walked up the pathway and dune bridge to the shower near the parking lot, both of us still very visible in semi-wet clothes. Our shorts and shirts were sandy and salty, so we decided to shower at the edge of the parking lot. We showered in our clothes, getting them soaking wet and see-through again, then walked to her car displaying ourselves to everyone around us. Guys had their eyes riveted on Kate’s tits, pussy and ass, and ladies were staring at my cock and balls. When we got to Kate’s car, though, we had a dilemma: what to do about our wet clothes? She had cloth seats and we did not bring a change of clothes. I suggested we strip and ride home naked, so we both stripped outside the car, then jumped in the car and drove off.

This was mid-afternoon and we still had several towns and a fairly busy road to drive for about 1.5 to 2 hours before we would get home. We threw the wet clothes into the back seat to dry, then drove with the windows open. My cock wasn’t that visible to folks outside unless they could look down into her car, such as vehicles passing us or pedestrians walking by when we stopped at lights. But Kate was naked as a jaybird and her tits were completely visible to EVERYONE outside. All passing vehicles and pedestrians could tell that she was at least topless, and others could see that she was completely naked, like me. This was keeping both of us turned on to an incredible degree, so my cock was rock hard and her nipples were also.

After a short while I start slowly jacking myself off while she drove, just for the stimulation, not really wanting to cum, yet. As we drove along I was playing with my cock and she was playing with her tits and cunt with one hand, steering with the other. Occasionally, we would switch roles and I would play with her while she drove, and she would jack me. About halfway home on a two-lane highway, I started getting more serious about wanting to cum. I leaned the seat back and put my feet on the dash to outsiders to see, and got down to really jacking off. Kate was playing with my balls and ass while I jacked. Then she suddenly pulls off the side of the road, like it was an emergency, just pulled off onto the shoulder, with traffic continuing to go by us.

Kate waited for a break in the traffic, then opened her door and stepped out onto the road naked. Oncoming traffic from both directions could clearly see that she was naked. Kate closed her door and walked around to the passenger side. She opened my door, then told me to swing my legs out because she wanted to suck my cock and wanted my cum. I swung out and sat on the edge of my seat while she squatted there outside the car and swallowed my cock down her throat. She had parked the car in such a way that it was somewhat angled off the road and all oncoming cars behind us could see that she was naked and sucking my cock. While she deep-throated me and worked her mouth and throat for my cum, she had one her hands buried in her cunt and the other playing with her tits. She was getting herself off while giving me head on the side of this busy highway. This only lasted for a few minutes before she started cumming with my cock in her mouth. Her orgasm set me off and I started shooting a load into her mouth. After she swallowed my cum, she walked back around the car in full nudity, got behind the wheel and we drove off. We stayed naked all the way home, not even getting dressed when we got there, just getting out of the car naked on the street in front of her house and walking in the front door naked.

Bike ride, churchyard sex: Another time that summer Kate drove down to visit me one weekend while I was staying with my folks and working a summer job. I had picked up a motorcycle that summer, so we went for a ride that evening (Friday). After dark on our way back to my folks, I pulled off and asked her to ride naked. She stripped on the side of the road and climbed back on, putting her big tits on the back of my neck and around my ears. This was a fairly small bike (only a Honda 400), so I couldn’t play with her as much as I would have liked while riding, but it was sexy as hell. We later pulled off on a side road and fucked with her leaning over the bike rubbing her nipples on the seat with me plowing her ass from behind. She didn’t want cum leaking out of her ass when we finished, so she asked me to cum in her mouth. She wouldn’t suck my cock once it had been up her ass, but I aimed it at her mouth and shot my load in her mouth for her to swallow. Then we dressed and finished the trip home.

The next day (Saturday) we borrowed my Dad’s truck (my car was in the shop) and went for a ride in the afternoon. We were playing around in the truck, me playing with her braless tits, her playing with my cock and balls. I knew of this country church, so I took her there. When we got there we parked in the wide grassy area next to the church, probably overflow parking. I didn’t see anyone around and the caretaker’s house was on the other side. It was still mid-afternoon on a Saturday, so we were in full sight of the road and the church. We stripped naked in the truck, left the windows open and I leaned her back against her door as we fucked in a modified missionary position. Kate’s head and hair were hanging out of her window and we were both making noise, not to mention the truck rocking from our fucking. I came in her cunt, then she squatted outside to drain out my cum, then we re-dressed and left. As far as I know, we were not discovered, but it wasn’t for lack of trying…

Canoe trip: Earlier that summer I planned a canoe trip for friends over the Memorial Day weekend. It ended up being only two couples, us and some friends who were in a relationship with each other, John and Sue. This was to be a 3-day camping trip down a shallow placid river in south central Florida. Now, I had the hots for this other girl, because she was a real nice looker with great legs and nice tits. She was also a friend. I always made a point of complementing her on her legs and overall appearance. She was also a bit of a nerd, with nerdy glasses and hairdo, but I worked to break her out of that stereotype. Her boyfriend was a more casual friend and was somewhat domineering, but they seemed to love each other. I know that John was a bit of what we would today call a “player”, and I also knew he was into porn because I had seen his stash, so I started working on him to have Sue wear only a string bikini or see-through stuff while on this trip. I had already seen her tits in an accidental flash, so both of us wanted more. I already had worked it out with Kate that she would be on display all weekend.

We started the trip with loading the two canoes with beer, food and camping gear. Sue was in a string bikini with a mesh top. Kate was in athletic shorts and only a mesh top – no bra or bikini top, so her tits were completely visible. Of course, Kate and I had not brought any underwear at all. We had met at the canoe place, loaded our gear into their bus, and been bussed up to the dropoff point with all of the other customers. This turned out to be a very crowded weekend with full canoe rental capacity out on the river. Sue looked somewhat normal for this occasion, but Kate’s big tits attracted every eye at the business and on the bus. Guy stared at her as long as they could without getting in trouble with their girls. We rode up, then unloaded and got onto the river. We let most folks leave ahead of us because I wanted to have some freedom of activity and I already knew some hidden camping spots that others would not know about.

All that afternoon Kate rode that canoe in that mesh top. I usually had her turned around to face me so I could look at her tits, and John would be in the canoe behind use watching her, too. Sue was a little put out at first, but gradually warmed to the spirit of the trip, knowing how me and John both liked eye candy. About mid-afternoon, after the heat of the day, Sue slipped her mesh top off and just rode with her little sting bikini on. She turned around to face John as he paddled, but I could tell that she had slipped the top a little to show him more tit. Meanwhile, there were other canoes that we would pass, or would pass us, so lots of people got to see the ladies. Of course, I stayed fairly hard that day, letting my cock slip out the leg of my shorts for Kate and Sue to look at.

That evening we set up camp on a spot of the river that resembled a wooded pasture going down to the river. This was a big section of private property with no trespassing signs, but I knew the ranch didn’t patrol it closely, and understood the necessity of campers to find a spot. We stayed about 75 feet from the water with no others near us, but lots of campers on the other side of the river within 200 feet of us, up and down the river. We set up camp, got a fire started and cooked some dinner. Our tent flaps faced the river. We continued wearing the same outfits as earlier. After dinner I suggested to Kate that we needed a bath since we had sweated all day. She agreed, so we stripped off our clothes and walked down to the river naked. I had brought a bar of ivory soap (it floats) and we knelt in the shallow river and washed each other down. Apparently, John and Sue decided to stay at the campsite and watch us, choosing to bathe later. Our bathing spot was in full view of most of the other campers and it was still daylight, just edging toward sundown.

The water was only about 12 inches deep where we were bathing, so we stayed completely visible, not being able to hid in the water. We were also totally turned on. I soaped up Kate and cleaned her up good, playing with her tits, cleaning her pussy and ass well. She spent time soaping up my cock and balls and ass, keeping me hard. We washed each other well, then rinsed off with river water. Kate knelt down on her hands and knees and started sucking my cock while I held her head. Then I turned her around and fucker her doggy in the river with folk in the other campsites watching us. She wanted my cum in her mouth, so when I was ready I had her turn around and she swallowed my cum. We rinsed off again and returned nude to our campsite.

We stayed nude a while longer, using mosquito spray to keep the bugs at bay. We sat around the fire with John and Sue. John was till wearing shorts and t-shirt, but Sue had stripped off her bikini top and was wearing the mesh top and bikini bottoms, so her tits were visible. I guess John had talked her into it when we were fucking in the river. Sue was obviously turned on because her nipples were hard. Kate and I appreciated the view and started getting horny again looking at Sue. John and Sue went down to bathe near dark, so we didn’t get to see if they got naked in the water or fucked there. Kate and I stayed at the fire and necked, still naked and visible to other folks camping nearby. John and Sue came back with wet clothes (still on), but went straight to their tent, telling us good night. Kate and I stayed up a little longer, letting it get completely dark and letting the fire die down.

Shortly after John and Sue went to their tent we started hearing the unmistakable sounds of heavy petting leading to sex. Kate and I stayed outside by the fire and did some heavy petting of our own while listening to John and Sue work their way toward sex. We could hear voices, but not what they said. The sex sounds were building and they were obviously fucking, but we couldn’t hear anything in particular. After we heard them cum, we decided to move into our tent to have our own sex session in a more comfortable environment with fewer bugs. We crawled in and turned on our battery lamp to see and to display us thru the walls of the tent, keeping the light on the far side of us to silhouette us for John and Sue’s viewing pleasure (and other campers).

Kate and I got into a 69 with her on top and ate each other until she came. Since doggy provides a better display, I then moved Kate onto her hands and knees, then got the vibrating cock and started working it into her cunt from the rear, while licking and sucking on her asshole. Both of us were speaking in normal voice, not whispers, so John and Sue could both see and hear what we were doing. After Kate came again, I moved behind her and pulled the vibrating cock out of her cunt and replaced it with my own cock. I put the vibrating cock at her asshole, then slowly pushed both in at the same time. Kate was loving this and was telling me to speed up, slow down, how good that cock felt in her ass, everything. I had pushed the vibrator into her ass the whole 8″, leaving only the battery cap out, and started pounding her cunt with my cock. Both of us were making lots of noise.

This vibrating cock was only 1 inch longer than my own cock, but was somewhat thicker, close to 2 inches thick at the base, so Kate was really feeling it at this point. When I was close to cumming in her cunt I really started pounding her. My pelvis was slamming into the vibrator in her ass and was driving it deeper, then it would slide out a little when I pulled back, so it was moving in and out of her ass in small movements. Kate was really yelling by this time and I was yelling back about how sexy it was with my cock in her cunt and that vibrating dildo jammed in her ass. When I came I jammed my cock as deep into her cunt as possible, also jamming that dildo as deep into her ass as it would go. I was yelling that I was cumming and Kate was yelling that she was, too. When we finished I turned the vibrating cock off, then pulled it out of her ass. Kate turned around and used her mouth to clean my cock of our juices and we set the dildo aside for cleaning in the river the next morning.

The next morning we got up and out. John and Sue didn’t say anything, but they definitely heard us. Kate was dressed in a different mesh top, again braless. Sue had come out wearing her bikini again, but went back to the tent and put on the mesh top without the bikini top. While we broke camp Kate carried the dildo down to the river to wash it, in full sight of John and Sue and all the other campers. We loaded the canoes and headed downriver for the day.

After the sun started warming us up, I stayed in just my shorts, but Kate stripped naked and laid back on the gear in the canoe to soak up some rays. John and Sue spent that day getting an eyeful of a nude Kate laying there with all of the other canoers looking at her as we paddled. She was staying turned on and would occasionally tweak her nipples to keep them hard and play with her pussy to keep herself wet. As usual, my cock stayed outside my shorts down my leg. We were using a lot of sunscreen to avoid burning the tender spots. As we passed houses on the river, other folks got to see Kate in her nude glory and Sue’s nice tits under her mesh top. That day we stayed nude or partially nude. Folks don’t mind nude girls, but don’t like nude guys, so John and I had to keep our shorts on to avoid problems. However, the dozens of canoes and hundreds of people who saw us never objected to Kate and Sue displaying their wares.

NB: This story is narrated by a fictional character. The events are entirely fake. Attempting this in real life would likely result in prison or death by revenge-killing. Having said that, if you’re looking for a character of vivid erotic imagination…pure “id”… you’ll enjoy this one. All comments and feedback are appreciated.


SCENE: A room with painted concrete-block walls on the ground floor of an isolated grain elevator in the Oklahoma panhandle. A middle-aged farmer wearing unbuttoned jeans and a dirty tank-top reclines in an office chair, talking into a rotary telephone. On the opposite side of the room a beautiful young woman pants loudly as she jogs on a Stairmaster machine while being filmed by a video camera. A stainless steel ring-gag on a rubber neck strap keeps her mouth wide open. Her wrists are bound tightly together near her tailbone. She is almost naked, wearing only high-heeled pumps, over-the-ear headphones and a pair of brass chimes that dangle from wooden clothespins clamped to her nipples. The chimes ring haphazardly as she struggles to balance in her tall shoes while high-stepping atop the machine. Numerous rubber-bands have been stretched around her breasts, encircling the base of each one in its own elastic tourniquet. As a result, they bulge forward from her slender ribcage like a pair of water-balloons. Completing her outfit, two leather straps have been stretched in a circuitous route from her wrists to her breasts. They travel first down under her crotch from behind, then upward over her mons pubis before separating to run around either side of her waist and cross diagonally at her back on their way over the top of each shoulder to terminate in knots that pull sharply upwards on each breast’s rubber tourniquet. Her pear-shaped ass rocks from side to side, deeply bisected by the leather straps descending from her bound wrists. The straps are so tight that they crease her crotch and shoulder flesh, exerting a constant upward tension that lifts her breasts skyward. Over the sound of her gape-mouthed breathing and the techno-dance music leaking out from under her headphones, a steady buzz can be heard — emanating from a vibrator that is snugged against her clit beneath the leather straps.

Her cheeks are flushed pink with a cocktail of embarrassment, arousal and exertion. Two floorstanding floodlights positioned to either side of the video camera’s tripod blast her nubile body with incandescent light. Beads of sweat streak her skin. The muscles in her long legs flex rhythmically as she pumps up and down atop the machine. The wide field of view of the video camera captures every detail of this arrangement, though its steady gaze is focused on the bells that jangle from her gyrating tits.

The farmer watches her intently from behind a desk. A wide smile spreads across his face as he describes his day to a friend on the other end of the phone line:

FARMER: “Hey man, you’re not gonna believe this, but I just won the damn lottery…

“Na-uh. Not really. Not that lottery — a whole different kind. No… no… Shut up for a second and listen, n’kay? You’re gonna love this:

“So, you remember that tow-truck license I bought last year? Well, this morning it paid off in spades, man. I got a call from the dispatcher sayin’ that some lady broke down way the hell out on state route 95… right in the middle of nowhere. Dispatcher says I’m the closest tow truck. I figure it’s worth a few bucks, so I head out there in the flatbed. And it turns out it’s this goddamn swimsuit model on her way down to Texas for a photo shoot.

“Yeah, I know, right? Well anyway, she’s hotter than hell, man. I mean, this girl has a body on her that ought’a be illegal. You feel guilty just lookin’ at her. The whole way back home I had a boner from eyeballin’ her sittin’ next to me in the cab of the truck.

“So, anyway we get back here and I put her little foreign car up on stands to take a look, right? Meanwhile she’s tip-toeing around the place in this outfit that’s just driving me crazy. Skirt so short she can’t even sit down.

“And at first I didn’t think nothing would come of it, ya’ know? I figured I’d just get that little shitbox running again and send her on her way. But it turns out not only is the transmission totally fragged, but after I ordered the parts for it her credit card got declined… Yeah, three times. And then she tells me she ain’t got no cash on her, and her cellphone is dead from calling everywhere panic-like when her car quit.

“Well, so then I had to break the news to her that it’s gonna be another three days before the parts arrive to fix the tranny.

“Huh? Yeah, um, hang on. I got her driver’s license right here… uh-huh… D.O.B makes her…let’s see… twenty three… just this month. Name is Ashley. Yeah. Well, so anyway I told her: ‘I ain’t about to work for free, lil’ lady. It’s gonna take me at least twelve hours to fix your damn car, and that’s not including parts.’ So, I said to her: ‘How you gonna pay me?’ And she ain’t got no clue, right? No clue at all. So that’s when I start asking her what she’s doin’ way out here, what she does for a career and the like. Well, she blurts out that she’s a model right? She does swimsuit catalogues and whatnot…

“Yeah… No, no, for real. She’s hotter than shit, man. No joke. What…? Whatever man, pipe-down. I ain’t even got to the good parts yet.

“So the real kicker is; while she was sittin’ there hesitatin’ about how she’s gonna pay me, she opens up her little suitcase trying to find her cellphone charger, right? But she’s so nervous about her credit card declining and everything that she fumbles it and all her stuff falls out onto the floor. And that’s when I see what this little minx is up to, you know? She ain’t so innocent. Not like she’d been acting up to that point. I tell her to stand back against the wall and I start pickin’ through all this shit in her bag. And she’s got nothin’ but slut-clothes in there, man: tiny little bikinis, thong underwear, these little things that she says are shorts but they look like underwear. Other stuff I ain’t never seen a girl wear in public ‘afore. And underneath all them bitsy whore-clothes is a bag of Mexican dirt-weed and this little vibrator thing… you know? Like, for her to get herself off with. Yeah, a vibrator…

“So, that’s when I told her, I said: ‘Look, you’re obviously some kinda porn star or a prostitute or something.’ And she starts bawlin’ and sayin’ no, no, no. Claims all them clothes are just for this photo shoot she was heading to, and how she’s only been modeling for a few months, and she’s a good person and all that. So then I say well what about the dope, you know? I ought’a call the Sheriff, right? And the vibrator? I said, ‘Why are you so depraved you need to carry this thing around everywhere?’ And she’s crying her eyes out. Saying nobody was ever supposed to find it, and how embarrassed she is and all that… sayin’ her boyfriend dumped her last year or some such shit and how she’s a student at a community college I never heard of, just doin’ the modeling thing to make rent.

“So, while she’s doin’ all that carrying on, I start thinkin’ — Hey, I got that video ‘quipment lying around, and I’m always telling myself I should’a been a camera man, you know? Hell, I still wanna work in the film industry, given the chance, right? Damn-sight better than kickin’ around on eighteen thousand acres of dirt, fixin’ tractors and waiting for the crops to come in.

“Yeah… yeah. So, anyway, I told’er: ‘It’s gonna take me twelve hours to fix your rinky-dink car… at least. So you’d best be prepared to work for me in return, doing your sexy modeling, or whatever you want to call it, in front of my video camera, right?’ And at first I told her it oughta be two-for-one. You know, two hours she works for me for every one hour I work on her car, seein’ as she’s so young and only been modeling a few months compared to me who’s been fixing e’ry-damn-thing since ‘afore she was born.

“But she got real skittish about the whole deal, and in the end I said: ‘Fine, I’ll offer you one-for-one time-wise, but it’s gotta be legit.’ I showed her the lights ‘n camera and I printed out one of those model-release forms off the internet. Plus I wrote up a contract saying her time, you know, in order for it to actually count it’s gotta be good footage — real porn quality. No half-assed shit. If I gotta edit it out, I told her, it don’t count. I said: ‘If your car takes me twelve hours, and that’s just a guess, then I want twelve hours of quality porn at the end of this deal, even if it takes us all three days to shoot it.’

“And then, heh, then she’s says in this wee lil’ voice, all nervous-like: ‘But, but… I don’t do porn.’ [snort]

“Well, I just laughed and pointed at all her slut-clothes on the floor. I said: ‘Yeah, you do porn alright. Only difference this time is you won’t be such a tease about it.’

“You should’a seen the look on her face, man. Flustered as a peacock in Spring. Especially once she started readin’ the contract I wrote, about all the shit she was agreeing to? Started shakin’ like she was in a bucket of ice-water, man. I mean, I put everything in there, just to cover my ass legally, right? I put anal in there, and cum-swallowing, and bondage. She had to ask me what some of it even meant, like BDSM.

“Oh, I know, man. Her face was priceless. It’s like she knew she was making a bad deal, but she couldn’t see no other way out of it, you know? So she signed ‘em. Both papers.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Fucking incredible, right? I was standing there thinking: ‘Hot damn this is gonna be a good couple a days.’

“But I tell you what, man. I didn’t even know half of it yet. Not ’til her clothes started coming off. Then I swear I almost came in my pants.

“What? Yeah, we already started man! I’m just taking a breather, you know, so I figured I’d call you while I got her working-out on the exercise machine.

“Huh? Yup, I already blew a load in her… big one. Right in her pussy. It’s probably still dripping out of her right now. Oh, and you gotta listen to this man… what I got her doing now. It’s great:

“She’s dressed up in her slut-heels, right? Must be five inches high. And she’s on the Stairclimber thing with her hands tied behind her. I dug up these leather straps somewhere and I tied ‘em so they’re pullin’ down on her wrists and looped right through her crotch holding that vibrator-thing up against her clit, real tight. Then they go around to her back and over her shoulders so they’re pulling her tits up practically to the ceiling. And I hung these little bells off her nips. They keep ringin’ every move she makes.

“What? Yeah, she’s right here in front of me. Can’t you hear them bells chiming? Oh… No, no, she can’t hear us ’cause, after I roped her up, I saw she had some of them big-ol’ teeny-bopper headphones in her bag so I put those on her ears and started blasting that top-forty crap she has on her iPod.

“Yeah. She’s probably wondering who I’m talking to. But anyway, she can’t hardly concentrate on that right now ’cause I got these rubber bands around her tits and they’re swollen up so tight they look like they’re gonna pop.

“Yeah. Oh yeah, she’s enjoying it alright. Uh-huh. She looks a little scared but she’s having an orgasm every three minutes or so.

“Hah! Yeah, I know. Little slut. And she makes the cutest noises when she cums too, ‘specially now that her mouth can’t close. I’ll hold the phone up next time so you can listen to her.

“No problem. You shoulda’ heard her when I fucked her, though. Best little whore I ever stuck my dick in, I tell you. She squealed like a pig. And oh my God was she ever tight, man. What a pussy! So wet, but teeny tiny tight at the same time, you know? And she keeps it totally hairless man. There ain’t no hair on this chick below the eyebrows. Nowhere. Her damn pussy was just like a pink slippery knot around my dick man… So tight it took me a while just to even get all the way into her! But she came like a fountain, man. Fucking pussy juice all over the place. Crazy.

“Huh? Can you come over?! Screw you man… this is my play time! I ain’t sharing. No way.

“Say what? Oh, I dunno. Maybe later, like on the last day or something, man. Ask me then.

“Uh-huh… How’d we start? Well, first I got her naked and put her in the shower. Filmed her while she soaped herself all up. Then, I climbed in and told her to soap me all up too. Yeah… both of us in the shower. After we got out, I made her get herself off for the camera, you know, while she was sittin’ on my lap. And I said the footage don’t count until she has an orgasm, right? I said I better feel it too, to be sure. I told her: ‘Rub your little clitty for the camera, and the clock will start once you cum.’ And sure enough, she did it. I had my fingers up inside her while she was rubbin’ herself and I could feel her, you know, pulsatin’ when she came. Plus her face turned bright pink and her whole body did a lil’ shiver. Sittin’ right on my lap.

“I’m serious, man. This chick is off-the-scale horny. So then I said: ‘Now your time is starting, so get down on your knees and start working on my cock and balls with your mouth. Clean me all up.’

“And you know what, man? She ain’t got no gag reflex…

“I said no gag reflex. That means she don’t gag, moron. I can put my whole dick in her throat, all the way down, and she won’t gag. She just takes it. She kinda drools all over the place and she can’t hardly keep her eyes open, you know, but she can do it. Balls-deep, man.

“I told her: ‘Just keep looking at the camera, girly. Make it look good.’ So she starts doin’ it all enthusiastic-like, like my dick was the last one in the world. She was goin’ down hard… right down to my balls. Really trying, you know? It was like having my dick in a goddamn washing machine.

“Eventually I had to stop her. It felt so good… but I couldn’t take no more ’cause I needed to bang her little porn-body so bad.

“I took her to my bed and got her laid out on her back. Then I set up the lights and the camera so they shone right down on her. I had her squeeze her tits together to show the camera how much cleavage she got — she’s got real nice tits too, man. Then I pulled her to the edge of the bed so I could stand right in front of her pussy.

“So, I’m standing there between her legs and I got my hard-on hangin’ out over her belly. And I’m looking down at it, kinda seeing how far up into her it’s gonna reach, you know? And she starts eyeing it too. And she gets all nervous again, like she was shy or something. Even though she was jus’ suckin’ the life outta me a moment before. She tries to cover her privates with one hand and her tits too, and she starts whining about how she ain’t been with nobody since her ex-boyfriend, and for me to take it real slow an’ all that shit…

“Well, I just told her to grab her ankles and pull her legs back as far as she can. Wide apart too, spread-eagled style. Her eyes jus’ about popped out of their sockets when she heard that. But she did it. She grabbed both ankles and spread her legs so fuckin’ wide…

“Oh man, what a sight that was! I’m telling you, you ain’t never seen a pussy as clean and purdy as this one. All bright and juicy under those lights, man. And right under it was her butthole, like a lil’ pink knot. So inviting. I stuck the tip of my finger in there and she puckered up and let out this cry. Then she started whining again about taking it easy.

“And to be honest I didn’t want to rush it. She looked so frickin’ pretty. But once I started trying to ease my dick into her pussy, I actually believed her. I mean, she was so damn tight! I can’t wait to watch her reaction again, on the tape. She started squealing: ‘Oh my God, oh my God,’… all high-pitched like. Her cunt was slippery as a peeled peach on the inside, but just so… so… tiny, man. It musta’ took me about ten minutes to get my dick all the way into her. And by then her clit had swole up to the size of Bing cherry, man. Heheh-heh. For real. You coulda’ touched it with a feather and she’da’ cum for ya’.

“So, by the time I finally got my cock all the way into her, well… then I just kinda lost my mind. I started fucking her like a bull, man. Seriously. Like a bull. And you know what? She ate it up… squealin’ and cummin’ on my dick like it was the finger of God!

“Don’t laugh, man. Just wait ’till you see the tape. Her little body was lit up like a torch! And I had the camera angled to see right down in there… everything from her face down to my dick. It’s all on tape, man.

“But the thing I really hope I got on camera is her little pink insides gettin’ practically dragged inside-out every time I pulled my dick back… on account a’ her being so tight. It’s probably too wide ‘a shot to see that, though.

“Anway, I was givin’ it to her, hard as I know how. Full-length, balls-deep insertions, you know? Bangin’ my weight down onto that ripe cherry a’ hers. A couple minutes of that and she went to pieces, man: pussy clenched up like a handshake and let out such a wetness that my balls smackin’ her ass sounded like pigs in slop. So good, man. And while she’s losing her mind under me, I realized I been so into it I’ve been drooling on her. Blew my fucking mind.

“Now, you can imagine it didn’t take me long before I was about to pop, right? So I stopped for a sec and we traded places. I lay down and told her to climb on top of me and ride me like a rodeo girl. Sure enough, she straddled my dick and starts slapping her butt down on me, just as eager as can be. I start thinkin’ wow, she’s enjoying this for real, you know… not just faking it for the camera no more. And I told her, I said: ‘rub your clit while you look at me.’ And she does it, right? And so she starts cumming again. Pussy juice all over. Then she leans forward so her titties are hanging in my face. She starts rubbing ‘em all over my head, covering my eyes with ‘em so I can’t even see.

“And that’s what did it, man. All that nice soft girl-skin, you know? I had my hands on her ass, pulling her down tight. And them nice titties in my face. All I could feel was girlie-goodness everywhere. So all at once I came buckets. No condom. Just shot a fuckin’ month’s worth of semen into her.

“Yeah, I know. Best lay of my life, and she’s here for another three days, man! At least! I mean, I figure she might even start to like me if we keep this up. [Snort!]

“Huh? What… time? Oh, you mean her time. I don’t know. I’ll edit the video later tonight, but… I figure it’ll probably work out to about 45 minutes so far. Then this shit I got her doing now on the stairclimber is probably worth another two or three minutes.

“Yup… Oh, I know. She’s got a loooong way to go. I don’t think she realizes that just yet. She’s looking at me right now… I bet she’s wondering what we’re gonna do next.

“Huh? Um… well, let’s see. Before I untie her little outfit I’m thinkin’ I’m gonna see what it’s like to put my dick through that ring-gag. Fuck her in the throat some while she’s still got that vibrator tucked up against her clit. I want her to have one a’ her cute little orgasms so I can feel that sound she makes through my dick. I figure I got one more quickie in me, so I’ll let it go in her mouth. That way I’ll last longer in her pussy afterward. I wanna do her doggie-style next, for sure.

“Come to think of it, maybe I’ll slide that little vibrator into her butthole for a change. You know, while I’m doing her from behind? I mean, eventually I’m gonna try my dick in her ass anyway, right? So lettin’ her get loosed-up on that vibrator first would be the friendly thing.

“Yeah…Actually though, you know… the more I’m thinking about it… I am sorta worried about the anal sex part, for her sake. Her butthole is so tiny, you know? And I bet she ain’t never taken a dick in there before. Do you think she might get injured or something? Is that possible?

After a couple of drinks the pump was primed and she wanted to stop off and have a couple more. They stopped at a little place close to home that always had a big crowd and great dance music. He found a place at the bar and ordered a couple of drinks while she headed straight to the dance floor. He loved to watch her move and to watch the crowd watch HER. Always a free spirit, he admired her self confidence and felt a pang of guilt that he couldn’t keep up well enough to dance with her.

As usual it wasn’t long before she had the attention of half of the guys in the place. They all wanted her. It was always the same, she’d start dancing, the guys would start watching and their girls would start to dance with her to get the attention of their guys.

He always got turned on when she was the object of the other guys attention. She was hot and sexy and looked great for a girl in her twenty’s let along being forty. After a couple tunes, she returned to the bar and had a drink. This went on for an hour or two. Dance a few, back to the bar, have a drink, then a cig and back to the dance floor.

Eventually she began to tire of the routine and was ready to head for home. This was his favorite part of the evening. A moment of wonder. Wondering if she was getting as turned on as he was. After about 10 minutes in the car it was obvious she was. She was dancing in her seat but a lot sexier than on the dance floor. He reached down and opened his fly. Pulling his thick cock out of his pants he waited to see if she would notice. Yup, she noticed. Her hand playfully moved past the center console and gently engulfed his swollen cock. She stroked it slowly and continued to move her hips to the music. They were taking the back roads home. Both to avoid traffic and to make the ride take longer. After a few minutes she unbuckled her seatbelt and opened her pants.

“Give me a taste.” He said.

“Ok.” She replied with a smile. Her hand disappeared into her pants and returned a moment later with the sample he requested.

“Mmmm. I like that.” He said with a wink. “Do you want a taste?”

“Mmmm, hmmm.” She said. She bent over the center console and took his cock into her eager mouth. Her lips gently caressed the tip of his cock. She was careful not to do too much at once. Drawing out the suspense and anticipation, she flicked the head with her tongue and then proceeded to lick it like a lollipop. It wasn’t long before her planned advances fell by the wayside as she became more and more turned on. She could feel her own heat building between her legs.

“That’s all for now.” She said as her head came up from his lap. She wanted to make him think that any way. She was so turned on that there was no way she was stopping there.

He smiled and said, “OK” knowing full well she just getting warmed up.

She reached for the radio and turned the volume up as Crazy Bitch began to play. He knew this would get her revved up. It always did. Songs about fucking seemed to have that effect on her when she had a few drinks. As Buck Cherry cranked through the song, she began to remove her clothes. The car turned into a rolling strip club without the pole, lights and Botox.

Crazy Bitch gave way to So Hott by Kid Rock. The momentum carried her right through the lull between songs and she continued her erotic strip tease in the passenger seat. He did a remarkable job of navigating and controlling the vehicle while in the seat next to him the woman he considered the sexiest on earth was shedding her clothes and caressing herself in the process. He had a raging hard-on and longed to be touched. He dropped a hand from the wheel to his lap and began to stroke his aching shaft. She turned slightly in her seat and reciprocated by spreading her legs and stroking the lips of her moist pussy as he stole glimpses while driving.

The car turned onto a side street in their neighborhood. It was well past midnight and there was no one else on the roads in their subdivision. She could no longer keep herself from his cock.

Totally nude, she bent over the center console yet again and drew his cock into her mouth with one quick attack. Her ass in the air, legs spread wide and head buried in his lap gave him the opportunity to reach over and caress her bottom. Slowly as she sucked his cock his fingers found their way to her wet pussy lips. She began to move her hips as if to fuck his fingers. She wrapped a hand around his rock hard cock and milked the pre-cum onto her tongue.

“I want you to take me home and fuck me.” She whispered as she stroked his cock. “Get us home NOW.”

He took the next right and made a bee line to their house. As the garage door closed behind the car she opened the door and got out. Standing nude in the harsh white light of the garage he knew he couldn’t wait until they got to the bed. She sensed that and stopped in front of the car.

“Fuck me here” She said as she placed one leg up on the front bumper and leaned across the freshly waxed hood.

He came up behind her and stripped off his clothes. His fingers dipped inside her wetness and felt her shudder. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her lips and then slid slowly in. She was so turned on for so long it was as if her body opened wider than ever before just for him.

Their bodies collided as he slid deep inside her. Her pussy seemed to suck him deeper. After mere moments she shuddered as the waves of orgasm slammed into her. He didn’t last a moment longer himself. She felt his cock twitch as his load emptied inside her.

Her name was Michelle. She was in my writing class at the community college and her short blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and pension for tiny skirts caught my attention. So I asked her out – just a movie and maybe some dessert: nothing serious. Of course, she said yes.

She was a little girl — under five-three – and couldn’t have weighed more than 110 lbs. But at 19 her tits were an astonishing double-D. It was after the movie, when we were seated at the restaurant, that I asked if her breasts were ever a problem for her petite size and she responded with a slow, shy grin.

“Yea, I’m probably one of the few girls my age that wants breast reduction surgery. They tend to strain my back — a lot,” she added. “Why? Do they look way big?”

She unabashedly shoved her chest out as she spoke, straining the buttons on her low cut pink top and giving me a open view of lovely cleavage.

I shook my head, laughing. “Not for me!”

She looked back down at her dessert, that coy grin returning to her face.

“Well that’s good to know,” she said, scooping a spoonful of ice cream into her pretty mouth and slowly running her tongue around her soft, red lips. “Cuz I can’t afford the surgery yet — at least not before we get home.”

My eyebrows shot up at this, but I just smiled and sipped my coffee. It was then that I felt a small foot creeping up my pants leg. She must have slipped it out of her high heels. I glanced quizzically over at her.

“Can I help you?”

She flashed a grin. “I hope so.” Then, “Let’s get out of here!”

I needed no further invitation, and a couple minutes later we were back in my car speeding through town to her apartment. She fixed her make-up in the over-head mirror by the dome light for the first few minutes, but eventually shut her compact with a snap and flicked off the light, plunging the car into darkness lit only by the lights on the dashboard.

“Fuck…” I heard her mutter. “I can’t wait!”

Before I could ask her what this meant, I felt a soft pressure on my jeans that slowly began to run up and down my lap. My cock was suddenly straining, and I she squeezed it firmly with a low giggle.

“Big boy,” she murmured appreciatively while her other hand began undoing my belt. A minute later, and my cock was freed, pulsating in her warm, soft grip. She gently slid her right hand deeper into my pants to massage my balls while her left began stroking the length of my shaft. I moaned softly, concentrating on keeping the car on the road.

Taking this as a cue, she lowered her blonde head down to my lap and I felt a wet tongue swirl around my head, teasing my urethra with a few quick licks before suddenly engulfing the first three inches of my throbbing cock into the warm depths of her mouth. I gasped and swerved for a second as my cock jerked in the warmth of her lips. She didn’t move, just lay there for several seconds as the rest of my length slowly pushed its way down her throat, growing bigger with each inch. I swallowed with some difficulty and she mimicked the action, putting pressure on my dick as she did so. I felt light-headed and was forced to muster all of my will-power to not explode right there. Slowly she pulled her head halfway up my cock, swirling her tongue around and around the tip as she did so before abruptly dropping it back down, this time engulfing my entire seven inches. She swallowed down again, sending tremors of pleasure through my body. Her right hand was still fondling my nuts and her head began bobbing with a more regular motion. The soft moans emitting from deep in her throat began to vibrate on shaft like an electric massage.

I gripped the wheel tighter as her movements became faster and more forceful, my cock slipping through her lips, against her tongue, slamming into the back of her throat before then sliding down it only to come back up again and repeat the action. I saw the lights of her apartments ahead and I slowed quickly, pulling up to the curb. My foot jammed on the brake, and I threw the car into park before grabbing her head with both hands. Using her momentum, I began to shove her down harder and harder on my cock, thrusting deep into her throat with my hips. My actions were greeted with an animalistic moan from Michelle punctuated her gags as I rammed her face without mercy. I felt pressure begin building in my balls as I quickened the pace, until I could bear it no longer. With a half-moan, half-yell, I thrust one final time, burying her head in my lap, my cock pumping its load in the depths of her throat. I heard her gasping for air, but could not stop as my cock jerked painfully hard, shooting wad after wad into her belly. Finally I collapsed and she came up gasping for air, but still vigorously licking my still hard shaft, slurping up the cum that had dripped down the side. Her movements were almost frantic like those of a starving animal, and she was making desperate little groans and she lapped at my balls.

“I need more,” she finally said, her fevered gaze of unbridled lust meeting my own. “I need more of you inside me!”

I needed no further motivation to pull her over the middle console and onto my lap. I felt her hands struggling push her thong aside beneath her short skirt and my cock was greeted by the heat of her cunt, dripping with anticipation. I slid the seat back to give her more room while maintaining my upright position. Then I ripped the buttons off her blouse, pushing it open to get at her enormous breasts. I buried my face in them, feeling the intense heat as she lowered herself down on my cock, a shudder passing through her entire body as she slowly sank over its length. She paused for a moment, allowing her pussy to adjust to my girth before beginning to slowly slide up and down my hardness.

Her fucking was much like her cock-sucking: she would slowly raise herself until just the head of my cock remained inside before letting herself drop to the sound of her pert ass cheeks slapping my thighs. My grip on her tits grew harder and I bit down on her nipples, eliciting a hiss of pleasure. She lowered her head down to avoid hitting the roof of the car, nestling it at the base of my neck where she began to feverishly suck and bite on my throat sending thrills of pleasure up and down my spine. My hands moved to her small ass cheeks, exposed in her thong, and began kneading them, squeezing them and pulling them apart to gently finger her asshole. Her fucking became quicker and more feverish, abandoning her slow ride of earlier for a more frantic bucking as my middle finger began working its way into her asshole. I could feel my cock through the thin skin, stretching her cunt from within. The sensation was amazing.

Finally with an, “Oh my god!” she could handle my teasing no longer and pulled herself completely off my cock, pushing my hand aside.

“I need you in there,” she breathed raggedly, and grasped my cock to position it between her ass cheeks. Her first attempt was unsuccessful and I heard her muttering to herself and she hurriedly shoved two fingers back in her pussy before returning them to her ass to lubricate my entrance. Satisfied, she grabbed my cock again, this time lowering herself slowly while holding me in place. It was painful for a moment, but then I felt her ass open and engulf my head. I slowly began to slide inside. She was whimpering now and I felt little spastic jerks running through her body as she inched me into her rectum. When I was halfway in, she began to slow fuck again, rising and falling, using her momentum and weight to shove me deeper and deeper. At last I was completely inside.

“That’s a first,” she whispered, with a quiet laugh. “How is it?”

“So tight,” I gasped. “So fucking tight!”

“Yea? You like it?” she moaned, slowly resuming her fucking. “You like being balls deep in my ass?”

“Fuck!” was my only reply, and my hands gripped her hips, increasing my thrusting.

Her moans got louder and more punctuated as my thrusts got quicker, as if every movement was shoving the noise from her body.

“Oh — oh — oh — fuck — me –” she panted.

Her nails dug into my shirt, gripping it like handles as she began pumping me faster and faster. Her ass was so tight it was like fucking a closed fist and her enormous tits were swinging in my face. I leaned forward, catching one of her pink erect nipples before opening my mouth to engulf as much of her soft flesh as I could. All I could hear was her moans and the slap, slap of her ass coming down on my legs. Our fucking got more fierce and I felt the car rocking. The familiar tightness in my balls returned and I knew I wouldn’t last.

“I’m about to blow,” I breathed.

This elicited another animalistic growl of pure lust from her throat. “Do it!” she commanded. “Fill me up with your cum! Blow your load in my tiny asshole, please, baby!” Her thrusts intensified, and I felt her ass tighten around my cock, desperate to milk it dry. “Pump my belly full of you! I want every last drop of you, baby!”

Finally, unable to hold it back any longer, I exploded, my cock jerking spasmodically as it exploded in the warmth of her asshole which continued to spasm, squeezing the base of the dick and draining thick ropes of cum into her bowels. I felt her teeth sink into my neck as her moans grew to shrieks of animalistic ecstasy. And then suddenly she came and my stomach was drenched with warm explosions of pussy juice, running down to my navel and cock and mixing with the cum seeping out of her asshole.

She hurriedly pulled herself off of me and leaned back against the steering wheel, flicking on the overhead light as she did. Her legs spread apart, she dipped her fingers into her gaping asshole, scooping out the dripping cum and shoveling it into to her mouth to the moans of, “Yum… mmmm….”

The noise of her slurping and swallowing my gizz was keeping my swollen cock at attention. When she had licked every last drop out of her ass, she climbed back into her seat and bent back over my lap to suck up the remaining cocktail of pussy juice and gizz that covered my cock, stomach, and ball sack. At last she looked up, licking her fingers and smacking her lips with a happy look on her face. She smiled into my eyes and wrapped her small fingers around my cock.

“I wanna do that again!”

I sat waiting for you in a courtesy chair in the middle of the shopping center. You said you would text me when you arrived and tell me where to meet you.

I checked my phone regularly for a message. I also used the camera to check that I looked ok. I wanted to look good for you. My make up was nice, not too thick or over the top for a afternoon meeting in a shopping center. I wore blue skinny jeans and a black scoop neck top. I chose the outfit after careful consideration because as we sit for coffee it would give you a good view of my tits. The tight jeans would show you my ass if I walked in front of you.

I got a text. I opened it excited. “I’m here! Where are you?”

I looked up to see where I was. I saw you walking towards me. You were just like your picture, handsome to my eyes showing a strength and confidence in the way you walked. Suddenly shy, I put my head down as if I was reading the text for the first time. I didn’t know what to do or say.

Suddenly I heard your voice in my ear. I have no idea what you said but I jumped. I stood up and looked at you, flustered and shaky.

“I saw a cafe as I walked in, do you want to go there and have a coffee?”

“Sure.” I said grateful for a distraction and time to calm down.

We walked to the cafe. I was unsure of what to say. I’m certain I babbled some incoherent things. But you were polite, gentlemanly and didn’t say anything about it.

At the cafe you asked me what i wanted to drink. You ordered our coffees, paid and told me to pick a seat.

The cafe was pretty crowded but there was a table for two. Not as private as I’d liked but it would do.

You came and sat with me but almost immediately pulled your phone out. You apologized saying you had to send a couple of messages. At first I was a bit annoyed but it gave me a chance to relax a bit while we waited for our drinks.

I checked my clothes again, making sure I looked ok. When you looked up at me I giggled nervously. I hated that my nerves showed. But I couldn’t help it. I found myself very attracted to the older man sitting across from me. The thought of the promised sexual encounter added to my nervousness.

Our coffees came and we started chatting about mundane stuff, I have no idea what we were talked about, but the conversation awkwardly flowed. I wondered what it would be like being with you. Would you be too rough or not rough enough? Did you like what you were seeing? Would I satisfy you?

You put your hand next to mine and your little finger started to caress mine. I noticed your hands were surprising soft. “So I’ve been thinking about those pictures you’ve been sending me,” you said. I blushed and giggled.

I pulled my hand away. “Don’t talk about them!” I looked around to see if anyone had heard. I didn’t think anyone had.

“Why be like that? You sent them and I like them. Be proud of them.” You pulled your phone out again. “Here I’ll show you them.”

“Oh God! Don’t do that!”

“Alright,” you laughed at me.

We talked some more as we finish our drinks.

When we were done you said, “So i was thinking we could go the disabled toilets around the corner and I could get my blow job.” My jaw dropped at your directness.

Horrified I said, “Won’t there be cameras? What if someone sees us go in together?”

“So what? No one will care anyway.”

“What about your car? Where did you park it?” I felt more comfortable in a car. I’d done it many times before and felt safer.

“It’s in the back corner of the car park up a few levels.”

“Is it dark there? What kind of car do you have?”

“I have a 4WD. Large back seat.” You grinned, “It’s fairly dark back there. Wanna see?”

I nervously said ok. I followed you to your car. You opened the door. “After you.” I shuffled down the seat. You followed me in and closed the door.

I don’t remember how but your lips were on mine. Your mouth covered mine forcing your tongue into me. I leaned in towards you, willing to give myself to you, letting you explore me.

You moved your hands to my tits roughly kneading them in your hands. I felt my nipples grew hard and I moaned.

“Hmm you’re such a slut,” you said. I moaned again my clit tingling already with excitement. The way you touched me and spoke to me excited and scared me at the same time. I wanted you to own me, to make me please you and submit my whole body to you.

You pulled your cock out of your pants, already quite hard and said, “Suck it bitch.”

Without hesitation I got on my hands and knees on the back seat and looked at your cock. It wasn’t too long, but it was much thicker in the shaft then I had anticipated from the photos.

I put you into my mouth and felt your hardness with my tongue. I closed my lips around you and started to move my head up and down, my tongue never stopping and feeling every inch of you.

“That’s it whore, keep sucking,” you say and I do.

Your hand goes to my ass which was raised high. You ran your hands over my cheeks and straight between my legs. You started rubbing my pussy through my jeans. My clit throbbed as you rubbed, I could feel the roughness of your touch through my underwear and jeans making my pussy feel wet and hot. I sucked your cock harder, faster, hungrily, wanting to please.

“Oh you fucking whore!” You smack my ass. The sting made me jump but I wanted more. I put your cock deeper and deeper into my mouth.

Your hand came to my hair forcing my head down until my nose pressed against your belly. I gagged but didn’t pull up. I wanted to gag on you, have you fill my mouth. You gabbed a fistful of my hair and started to pump your hips, fucking my cock hungry mouth.

You kept fucking my mouth and spanking my ass, “You fucking dirty bitch whore, take my cock.” Your smacks were hard and firm, hard enough to hurt, but still make me feel good. I felt so slutty and wanted to feel even more depraved.

More and more you go until I can’t stand it anymore and come up for air. The car was hot and I knew I was sweating. I rushed to my bag apologizing for interrupting you and pull out a hair elastic. I quickly pulled my hair up and went back to your waiting cock.

I took you in my mouth again enjoying the way you fill me up. This time you let me go at my own pace. I licked and sucked you desperate now to taste you.

You started to cum and I didn’t stop. I felt you explode into my mouth tasting your salty cum. I swallowed you into me, wanting it all. When you finished I made sure to lick up all I could.

I sat up and saw you pointing at a spot on your pants, “You missed a bit.” I bend back over and licked it up. “Good girl,” you said. “Good slut.”

I wiped the sweat from my face. My mascara had started to run. “Oh I must look like a mess!”

“Yes,” you said, “But I like it.” You smiled at me again and started to pull your pants up and put your cock away. I pulled out a mirror and start to clean myself up.

“Well you can tell you’ve done that before!”

I blush embarrassed. I love being a dirty cum loving slut, but it also embarrasses me that I love it so much.

I was unsure of what would happen next. Should I just leave? Would we cuddle a bit?

“I’ve got some shopping to do. Do you want to come with me?” I did, not wanting to leave you yet. I felt comfortable with you, I wanted to be near you, follow you, be yours for as long as I could before we had to go back to our lives. But I didn’t want to be there if you didn’t want me to be.

“It’s up to you,” I said.

“Let’s go then.”

I followed you as you did what you needed to do. My sexual excitement actually grew while I did these mundane things with you.

For the first time I found that I felt sexually excited just following a man around. For some reason just being there, like an accessory for you to acknowledge or look at when you wanted to, excited me. Being 16 years younger made me feel even more like your plaything. I loved it!

When it was time to go I sighed inside. I didn’t want the way i was feeling to end.

You kissed my cheek as we said goodbye. I walked back to my car, already hoping that you enjoyed it, that i had pleased you and that I’d see you again soon.

All characters in the story are 18 years of age or older.


She held his wrist and whispered “No. I can’t. Don’t please.”

“Don’t what?” he snickered.

“You know. You can’t touch me there.”

“Move your hand,” he coaxed.

“I can’t,” she whined.

“Move your hand,” he persisted.

Remaining resolute, she said nothing, but held onto his wrist.

“Move your hand,” he growled impatiently. “Let me at least touch you. Just for a minute.”

“Not down there!” she hissed.

“Your tits then,” he bargained.

“Noooo! You’re being a pain. Is that all guys think about?”

“You drive me crazy,” he snorted. “You’re a tease. You know how much you turn me on. You make me want you and then push me away as if you don’t give a damn about me or what I’m feeling.”

He moved his hand up and cupped her breast. For a moment she let him feel her through her clothes. His fingers tried unsuccessfully to find her nipple smothered beneath her blouse and brassiere. After a moment she covered his hand with hers and said “We have to go. You have to get me home before my father calls out the National Guard. I’m already late.”

“Don’t blame it on your Dad. I’ve played tennis with him. He isn’t so bad. You just make him sound like that so you have an excuse.”

“An excuse for what? Please, I do have to get home. That’s not an excuse.”

“On one condition. You have to show me your boobs,” he wheedled.

“Jason!” she protested. “Don’t be gross! I’m not like that.”

“And I can’t stop thinking about you. I just want to share something special between us. You’re beautiful. You’re built. What could it hurt? Every guy in the school has scoped out your tits and tried to imagine what they’re really like. I just want to see them once. Just once, for me, without being all covered up. It’s not going to hurt you to just to let me look at them for once.”

“And then you’ll stop all of this?” she asked skeptically.

“Yes. Just for a minute, take off your top.”

She knew it wasn’t a good idea. Her fingers were shaking as she fumbled with the buttons on her blouse. There were only six but it seemed to take forever. When the last one popped open, he impatiently tugged the garment from her waistband exposing her plain white cotton bra. He reached behind her clumsily hunting for the hooks. She relented somewhat and first leaned forward to make it easier and then impatiently reached back to unfasten the little wire hooks herself.

A brief battle of wills followed and then ended when she let him slip her blouse and bra off her shoulders onto the floor.

Her nipples hardened instantly under his gaze and she trembled when he lowered his head to nuzzle against her. Self consciously, she draped her arms across his shoulders and drew a sharp breath as his warm wet mouth found her nipple. It was the first time and it felt good.

“You’ve got great tits,” he murmured as he moved from one to the other. His teeth grazed each distended bud and she whined as he nipped a little too hard. For a moment she was distracted and didn’t realise he had popped the button on her jeans until she felt the zipper slide down. His hand was already inside before she got a grip on his wrist.

“No Jason!” she squeaked while he used his strength to push lower.

“I just want to feel you,” he insisted.

His hand was between her stone-washed jeans and her thin nylon panties, on the flat plane of her belly, just inches from her private place. To thwart his further progress, her thighs were clamped tightly together and she had drawn her knees up defensively.

Jason worked his other hand in behind and squeezed the beautifully sculpted cheeks of her ass. She was pushing back against his shoulders and protesting when he suddenly dropped his head to her chest and bit her nipple making her squeal in protest. She squirmed to the side and he took advantage, gripping the back of her jeans, tugging hard, pulling pants and panties down, exposing the full curve of her shapely behind. She flattened her legs against the seat to keep her jeans from going lower and he wriggled around in front of her. Wedging his knee between hers, he separated her legs enough to get his hand onto the damp nylon gusset of her panties where they narrowed between her legs.

“Noooo Jason!” she whined as she felt his broad hand close on her mound.

A mat of curly hair crinkled the smooth nylon of her panties and a few tendrils poked impudently from the leg holes. He could feel that the puffy lips beneath were wet from exertion and the beginnings of arousal. His long middle finger traced the nylon along the seam of her sex and the wet fabric quickly molded to the contours of her fleshy portal. He pressed the fabric deeper into the moistening trench, nudging the lips ajar and embossing her flower in the soaked pink nylon.

Pinned beneath him, with her pants wrucked down below her hips and her bottom almost bare against the seat, she felt overpowered, helpless. Her cheeks burned with embarrassment with his hand in firm possession of her private place. The sweet, musky scent of her, heavy in the air between them, added to her shame. She groaned with humiliation when Jason whispered “I can smell how much you want this.”

She lay there not knowing what to do and hating herself for doing nothing. The more he touched her, the more her body ignored reason. Her mind screamed “don’t respond” yet her hips rolled each time his finger grazed her clit. With his mouth sucking noisily on her nipple tremours of pleasure rippled through her breasts and belly. She was powerless when his hips wriggled down between her legs pushing them out as wide as her bunched up jeans would allow them to go. She felt his fingers walk up her belly looking for the waistband of her panties and she bucked and once more pleaded “Noooo!”

“Just let me touch you, see you. Let it be special for us.”

“Please Jason. This is going too far. I’ve never…”

“Just let me see how beautiful you are…”

“I have to get home!” she insisted. My father will kill me if I’m late again!”

“Just let me see you then. Stop wasting time. It’ll only take a minute and then I’ll take you home.”

Groaning her reluctance, she looked for some reassurance that he’d be satisfied with a look. A nagging ball of doubted weighed heavily in her stomach but she had to get home before her father.

“Do you promise?” she ventured hopefully.

“Yes,” he smiled. His hands were already on her hips coaxing her jeans and panties down her legs.

He had to kneel up to let her kick out of them and she noticed then that his fly was undone. Her long legs flashed in the dim light of the car, the pale skin contrasting with the forest of dark hair that nestled between her legs. She saw him looking and quickly covered herself with her hands in a useless and belated gesture of modesty. Naked now, except for socks and runners, she felt a wave of vulnerability course through her core that she’d never felt before.

A car passed on the road behind them and she hunkered down on the seat in a panic, her discarded clothes just frustratingly out of reach. Jason gathered them up and tossed them onto the floor in the front seat before she could get them. She had her legs pulled up and her arms crossed in front of her chest shielding herself from his sight. He tried to get her to relax but she was insisting that it was over and that she had to get dressed.

“I’ll get your clothes then,” he offered with a frustrated sigh and went around to the passenger door and picked them up. Instead of passing them to her outstretched hand he carried them away from the car and into the trees. Alarm rang in her voice as she pleaded with him to bring them back but he just laughed and disappeared into the woods with them.

Moments later he was back. In spite of her pleas, he refused to help, insisting that she get out and retrieve them herself. The dome light flooded the back seat as soon as the door opened. She got out quickly and headed into the trees where Jason had been.

There was no sign of her clothes. Another car passed on the road and with a frightened whimper she scampered back behind some bushes and hid until it had gone by.

She tried anger then and demanded that Jason stop being an ass and give her her clothes. For a moment she thought he’d relented and she followed him deeper into the trees thinking he was taking her to them. When he sat on a boulder and lowered his pants her heart sank. She couldn’t look away as he pulled on his cock and slowly worked it with his hand.

“Just touch it,” he said. “Hold it for a minute.”

Her refusal brought a cynical laugh and he asked “Don’t you have to get home soon?”

He showed her how to hold it and slide the skin back and forth rolling her wrist as she did. It felt hot in her hand and the tip soon was wet with a clear sticky liquid. He asked her to play with his balls with her free hand and she did, hoping he would be satisfied with that and take her home.

“Kiss it,” he demanded, tugging her down onto her knees. “Kiss it and run your tongue over it,”

She was crying now and he called her a cock teaser. Her threatened to leave her there naked to find her own way home. Tentatively she leaned in and touched her tongue to the side of the shaft.

He held her by the hair and wiped his cock over her face spreading his precum on her cheeks and lips.

“Put it in your mouth,” he ordered and threatened again to leave her there if she didn’t.

The taste was mildly unpleasant but she managed to cope with it. She used her tongue when he told her to and, when he insisted, she looked up at him while he pushed in and out of her mouth. Too late it registered that he was recording her on his I-phone.

“Better a cock sucker than a cock teaser” he quipped as she struggled to please him. “What would your father say if he saw you now? What would he call you? Would he think you’re a Slut? Or a whore?” he teased.

Her tears rolled steadily down her cheeks and she sniffled and gagged around his cock. She thought he was close at one point and was trying to decide when to pull away when he stopped abruptly and pulled her to her feet. He led her to a tree and had her wrap her arms around it. The bark was rough on her tender skin but she dared not obey him. Her panic knew no bounds when he clicked handcuffs on her wrists. She could feel him hard and pressing against her as his hand toyed first with her breasts and then teasingly moved down across her belly to play in the fringes of her pubic hair.

“You’re wet,” he taunted. “Sucking my cock has you all excited.” He pinched her nipple hard when she didn’t answer and he decided then he wanted hear her talk dirty.

“When I touch you now, tell me what I’m holding.”

His hands cupped her breasts and he said “Well?”

“My breasts,” she offered.

“Tits!” He snapped. I’m holding your tits.”

“My tits,” she whispered compliantly.

His hands roamed over her bottom, squeezing and pawing the smooth cheeks.

“My bo…” she started and then blurted “My ass,” knowing what he expected.

Both of his hands smoothed over her hips and down onto her thighs before cupping her sex, almost lifting her off her feet. “What’s this?” he snickered .

Summoning her resolve she whispered “pussy. It’s my pussy.”

“Cunt,” he chuckled. “Nice girls have a pussy. Cocksuckers like you have a cunt,”

She sobbed in shame and he tugged hard on her pubic hair. “Say it!”

“Cunt. It’s my cunt,” she whimpered.

“It’s my wet, horny cunt,” he corrected, and she repeated word for word.

He leaned into her and nipped hard on her earlobe. “I’m going to fuck you now,” he whispered.

“Please. I…I’ve never…”

He laughed as if surprised by that. “You’re a virgin?’

“Yes. I’ve never had sex,” she whined trying to glean some hope from his surprise.

“Oh. That’s a problem. But you would have sex with me if you weren’t a virgin?”

“Yes.” she responded. I just can’t because I am.”

Jason carefully parted her cunt lips with first one finger and then two. She winced when a third squeezed into the narrow space ahead of her hymen. She tensed as her rotated his wrist adding to her discomfort. His other hand played across her belly and found her clit nestled in the wet furrow. He flickerd it hard and she yelped, but the tiny pink bead emerged from its hood,

His finger teased all around it until her hips began to sway.

“Does that feel nice baby?” he crooned. “You like that?

She was afraid not to answer and afraid to move too much. He held the hood of her clitoris between thumb a forfinger milking it and sending waves of sensation through her belly.

“Did you like sucking my cock?”

Again she whispered “yes” lying because it was expected.

The acute awareness of her nakedness and the unrelenting manipulation of her clitoris sent tremors of pleasure through her loins. She could feel her body reacting and knew she would soon cum. Each time her hips pulsed the fingers inside her tightened uncomfortably.

Jason was aware of her reluctant reactions and whispered in her ear “Where does it feel good Baby?”

She groaned wallowing in her shame but he persisted ” Tell me. Where does it feel good? Use your dirty words and tell me.”

An exquisite pleasure began to grip her belly. “My cunt,” she squealed. “My cunt!”

Her gasp of pleasure was followed immediately with a squeal of discomfort as he pushed his fingers deeper tearing through her hymen.

The shock of deflowering blended with the white hot pleasure of orgasm and left her grinding his hand between her pelvis and the tree. Her mind shut down momentarily in a confusion of pleasure and horror. She scarcely realised Jason’s hand was gone before his cock took its place.

“Jason nooo!” she wailed.

“It’s okay. You said you’d fuck me if you weren’t a virgin,” he laughed.

He pounded into her taking advantage of the wetness he’d caused, not at all bothered by her tears. Her breasts were pressed against the rough bark and her nipples rubbed against the tree.

Across the little lake she could hear the town clock striking midnight. Her dad would be home from his shift in half an hour. Getting it over with was all she could think of except for one more things.

“Please don’t cum in me Jason. I’m not on the pill.”

Jason’s breathing in her ear was noisy and short. His hands held her hips and his pubic hair tickled her bum as he pushed into her.

“You’re a sweet piece of ass,” he growled.

“Your cunt feels so nice…and your tits…

you look so good in the dirty pictures I took …

and you came like the little whore you are now…

no more cherry, no more excuses…

Your dad was so sure you’d never fuck for me.

Cindy and her youngest son Johnny looked into each other’s eyes in the back seat as the group had parked for the night. Jeff and Adam, her two older boys, were asleep in the front.

Cindy reached over to Johnny’s crotch and felt his hard cock through his shorts. Johnny smiled back and started whispering.

“I want you to have my baby mom…I really want to have a kid. You could pretend its dad’s. When I’m 36 it’ll be 18…how mad will that be mum…”

Cindy thought about how much she loved her son. She knew she wanted to have his baby but now? Maybe this was the right time.

Cindy smiled back and nodded. Johnny jumped up in excitement. Cindy opened the car door and led Johnny out. Together they both walked to a grassy area near a river and lay down together in the grass. The sounds of the river gushing and the leaves flowing were music to their ears.

Cindy furiously shoved her tongue into her son’s mouth and rubbed his shorts vigorously. She climbed on top of him and could already feel how hard he was beneath her.

“I want this so bad mum I’m gonna explode!”

Johnny watched as his mother pulled up her dress and yanked his shorts down to his knees and seized his cock. She quickly licked the tip and then positioned herself over his cock. Cindy screamed out as she felt his already soaked dick thrust up into her. Johnny groaned and moved his hands towards her breasts and squeezed as he continued thrusting. Cindy matched him by plunging down onto his dick as far as she could so that he could feel his dick go higher than he ever felt.

“Oh FUCK mum don’t stop doing that! I’m gonna fucken cum harder than I ever have!”

“Don’t cum yet build it up Johnny more cum will come out!”

Johnny braced himself as he slowed down while Cindy leaned down and licked his lips. He kissed her cheek and then her forehead while he was still shoving into her.

Johnny then flipped his mother over onto the grass and positioned himself over her. He then pounded right into her.

“Sorry mum but I can feel it, this is gonna be the biggest cum ever and I need to do it now!”

Cindy looked into her son’s eyes and nodded and then looked up into the moon. This was it. 9 months from now she’d be having her youngest son’s baby as long as she didn’t take her pill. No turning back.

Johnny continued shoving his dick as far as he could and watched her scream out. Thrust after thrust Johnny could feel his balls tighten. Cindy closed her eyes and lifted her hips up and wrapped her legs around his waist so he could go even deeper.

Johnny could feel his orgasm starting and started screaming out and Cindy started screaming too. He then unleashed balls and balls of cum right into his mother and could feel his entire body going numb. He kept cumming again and again until he finally stopped. He couldn’t move anymore but he didn’t want to take it out so he stayed put, high up into his mother, hoping the last drops of cum would come out. Cindy could feel his cum all inside of her; he was right that was a lot.

Johnny then felt his dick softening so he kissed his mother one last time before getting out and flopping on the grass next to her. Cindy still felt herself vibrating and tried to calm herself down.

She opened her eyes and saw her 18 year old son right next to her. As long as she didn’t take the morning after pill after this she would most likely be pregnant with his baby. She saw what beautiful features his son had and thought about what the baby would look like. What if she was going to have a boy? Would she have feelings for him too? Would that be too weird? Cindy thought about having a threesome with Johnny and their son 18 years from now and chuckled to herself.

Cindy wondered what her other two sons might say about this latest event. What if she had three babies with all 3 of them? Anyway she’d have to wait another year before thinking about that.

“Johnny…I was just thinking about Adam and Jeff. Don’t tell them about…what just happened. I want us to have the best foursome ever. We can tell them afterwards.”

Johnny reached out and rubbed his mother’s belly and smiled, thinking about the life the two of them may have just created. The two of them then kissed again and made their way back to the car and fell asleep without Jeff or Adam knowing what happened.

Cindy awoke to one of her sons poking her on the shoulder.

“Mum wake up, mum, we’re here. We’re at the camping grounds,” Johnny said.

Cindy jumped up in excitement. It looked like it was about midday and they were in one of the most beautiful places she had ever seen. Jeff pulled over near a fire pit and parked.

“Okay boys, this is going to be one hell of a camping trip. I’m going to make sure all of you get what you deserve…”

The boys all looked around at each other smiling. Cindy reached over to Johnny and made out with him on the lips. She looked in the rear view mirror and saw Jeff staring and smiling. She broke the kiss off and moved onto the front seat and made out with Jeff, reaching for his hard-on as well through his jeans and giving it a rub. She then pulled away and leaned over to Adam and placed her mouth over his noticeable hard-on through his pants and bit it. Adam yelped out.

Cindy then got out of the car with the boys and helped them unpack all their belongings and set up camp. Jeff set up the tent, Adam started the fire and Johnny was scouring the area for other people; he couldn’t find any. They were all alone.

As the day went on they all went exploring around the woods, fishing and started swimming. Cindy nearly went wet at the sight of the 3 of her sons taking their shirts off and stripping down to their underwear.

“Do you like what you see mom?” Jeff cunningly asked.

“Oh my God yes I’m freaking horny now…”

Jeff went over to his mother and pushed her down on to the sand and pulled out his boner. Cindy quickly opened her mouth as he shoved it hard to her throat. Adam and Johnny looked at each other and took their dicks out and started to jerk off. Cindy started making motions on her son’s dick with her mouth and got up and knelt and placed her hands on his ass. Jeff looked up towards the sky and started panting as he could feel his mother licking his balls and massaging his dick with her tongue.

Cindy then took pulled her mouth off Jeff’s dick and went over to Adam and prepared herself as Adam thrusted his cock in and around her mouth. Jeff started cranking his cock furiously with his hand and then moved over to Cindy and stood behind her. Johnny smiled as he saw his older brothers both close to cumming. Cindy started blowing Adam as fast as she could and Adam started screaming to himself while Jeff was wanking furiously over his mother’s head.

Johnny watched in shock as Jeff’s cum started to spew out all over his mother’s head and get engrossed into her hair and saw Adam vibrating as his cum rushed into his mother’s mouth. Cindy swallowed all of it whole and then felt up on her head and smeared Jeff’s cum onto her fingers. After Adam pulled out she then licked Jeff’s cum.

“Johnny boy still hasn’t cum yet, come on Johnny, time to get some action,” Jeff insisted.

Johnny walked over to his mother as Jeff and Adam moved out of the way. He pushed his mother onto the sand and positioned his lower body on top of her head. Johnny then shoved into her mouth and started fucking it.

Jeff and Adam both stood closer and watched as their younger brother started to demolish Cindy’s mouth as he went faster and faster. Cindy could only see Johnny’s crotch and nothing else. She could feel his dick pushing to the top of her mouth and down her throat as well. She could feel his balls rubbing against her chin so she moved her hand and started to caress it.

Johnny started groaning and he could feel himself closer to cumming. Cindy squeezed his balls and then fingered his ass. That was enough to push Johnny over the line.


Cindy could feel her youngest son’s dick popping in her mouth; his veins were wriggling against her tongue. She then felt his juice shooting quickly down her throat as she tried to swallow it without gagging. Cindy started licking her son’s dick as it started to cool down and settle.

Jeff and Adam had both put their clothes back on and waited as Johnny and Cindy got fully dressed. “Boys, that was just the first taste, just wait till we get into that tent tonight. The three of you are going to be FUCKING ME in every part of my body. I’m going to get every last bit of cum out of all three of you, and you guys are going to do the same to me.”

Johnny, Jeff and Adam all looked at each other and smiled deviously. This was going to be the best night of their lives.

“Have you been drinking?” Richard asked, smelling the wine on Molly’s breath.

“Well, maybe a little,” she lied. Then, noticing Richard staring over her shoulder to where the empty wine bottle was laying on its side on the end table, she admitted “well, maybe a lot.”

Richard grabbed the keys from Molly’s hand and offered to drive. She was able to convince him to take her car. As they get on the New Jersey turnpike towards Atlantic City she tells Richard about her dream, sparing no details. He is obviously very turned as Molly has to remind him more than once to keep his eyes on the road. After about half an hour Molly has to pee. Just as they are about to get off the turnpike to find a place they come to a service plaza. It looks like the place is deserted, but the lights are on so they pull in.

The restroom reminded Molly of the ones at the campground her family used to go to on vacation. One year they took her cousin Susie along, who was a couple years older than Molly. Susie had taught her a rhyme which she had all but forgotten about until now. Still being a bit buzzed, she recited it out loud as she cleaned up, the cinderblock walls returning a flat echo:

“Always wipe front to back, Never back to front. Love and kisses, Your Cunt.”

Molly was nine years old at the time and didn’t know what the C-word meant, so after they got back she asked her mother, who slapped Molly silly and made her stay in her tent the rest of the trip.

When Molly approached her car, Richard was in the passenger seat. They had not been on the road for long, so she didn’t think that he would want her to drive yet. As she got closer, she noticed that he had taken his shirt off. Richard’s chest was muscular and hairy, but not overly so. She reached for the door handle and saw Richard’s shirt on the driver’s seat, which was positioned exactly as she had described it in her dream (moved to the rear, reclined halfway back). Molly’s knees became weak and she had to grab onto the side of the car to keep herself from toppling over.

“I’ve been thinking about what you told me,” Richard said in a low voice. “Do you still want to have your pussy licked?”

Molly glanced around the parking lot, they were still alone. Luckily, Richard had parked on the backside of the building, far from any lighting. He must have planned this all along. Speechless, she nodded and got into the car. Richard leaned over and gave her a kiss, while untucking and slipping a hand under her blouse in one motion. She didn’t have time to put a bra on this morning, but that turned out to be fortuitous. Richard stuck his tongue in Molly’s mouth as he caressed her left breast. He could see her eyes widen as he rubbed his thumb across her nipple, which was already hard.

Molly’s breaths were shallow and ragged. The fear of death in her dream was replaced by the fear of being seen or arrested, which was almost as arousing. Sensing her readiness, Richard placed his hand between Molly’s legs, lifting her skirt and feeling his way down to her wetness.

Molly slid down in her seat and whispered “I’m ready” into Richard’s ear. Molly placed her left leg onto the dashboard and directed Richard into the same position as in her dream. It was eerie how everything was placed just right, as if she had done this before. Richard was indeed able to barely reach Molly’s clit with the tip of his tongue, and gave it his best. If Molly had not already climaxed in her dream she definitely would have came by now, but since they weren’t actually driving she wanted to make things more comfortable for both of them.

Molly angled herself towards Richard and moved her left leg from the dashboard to the top of the steering wheel, then swung her other leg over the console and rested her foot on the passenger seat (after lifting Richard’s chin out of the way with her finger, of course). Richard got back to work by licking the seam where Molly’s leg met her crotch, and made his way across her mound with gentle strokes. This was certainly arousing, and she was happy that Richard was taking his time instead of rushing things along, but she needed to feel his tongue inside her.

Molly was ready to grab Richard’s head and bury it in her snatch when he parted her lips and began licking her clit. She gasped audibly and threw her head back. Richard definitely knew what he was doing, she could just lay back and enjoy herself instead of having to coach him through it. As Molly’s favorite song blared from the radio, Richard’s tongue played her groove like a phonograph. Her mind went blank as she lost herself in the moment; her thoughts replaced by hissing and pops.

Richard took a few minutes to tongue her opening and sucked Molly’s petals between his lips before returning to her clit for the grand finale. Molly felt her pulse quicken and before she knew it she came, sounding the horn twice with her knee as her body jerked. Then, giggling uncontrollably, she laid on the horn as her climax subsided. Richard grabbed Molly and told her to be quiet. They peeked back over the seats and waited a few minutes before continuing. Someone came to the window of the gas station, but never left the building.

Without speaking, Molly motioned for Richard to get out of the car and she moved over to the passenger side. She thought briefly about grabbing a condom from her purse but didn’t want to spoil the mood. Besides, she had just finished her period. Molly slid the passenger seat back, reclined it almost all the way, and wrapped her arms around the headrest.

Richard took the hint and knelt behind her. As he entered her he reached underneath Molly to rub her clit. Since she already had her fun, she took his hand and placed it on her waist, so Richard could have his way with her. Richard grabbed both of her hips and began jackhammering. Molly’s tits slapped the seatback and her lower chest in rhythm with his thrusts. After several minutes, Richard suddenly stopped and unloaded into Molly with a grunt.

Molly grabbed Richard’s shirt and held it between her legs as she exited the car. “Sorry, honey,” she apologized, tossing it to Richard so he could wipe off as well. As she went back to the restroom to clean up the clerk was staring at her, but she didn’t care. On the way out she picked up a souvenir “Garden State” t-shirt for Richard, and gave him a big smile as she paid. As she gets back in the car Molly sees a wet spot on the passenger seat but fuck it, she’ll get it cleaned later. She can’t be the first person to get cum on leather seats.

When they get off the turnpike Molly asks Richard which casino has the 24-hour sushi bar. He is obviously confused, as this was part of Molly’s dream. They reach the hotel and split a burger and fries from room service before crashing. As she plummeted into sleep, Molly made a mental note to pick up more cherries.

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