car trouble

Joanna, or Jo as she was normally called, was driving with his boy friend Dave in the country side. Jo had met Dave in college 8 months ago and they had instantly felt in love with each other. Dave was such a good company, very clever and told funny stories, which made her always laugh. Some of her friends had considered Dave as a nerd and wondered why Jo had fallen in to him. She had to admit he was not a real hunk, but didn’t consider him as a nerd either. He was 6 feet tall and skinny, but had some muscles. They weren’t exactly a matching pair since Jo was only 5 feet 2 inches but nicely curved. Her thin waist highlighted her nice C-cup breasts and her round ass. She had blond straight hair. Dave’s was brown and a little curly.

The reason for their drive was sort of a honey moon. After the semester they had decided to get engaged and to celebrate that by having a 2 weeks trip by just two of them. They had decided not to plan it too much. They would just take Dave’s car and drive around. Stay in hotels and motels, make love and look around. They wanted to avoid highways. To explore country side interested them. Actually it had made them a little sad. They had sawn several deserted small towns. Obviously they had been lively when traffic still went through them. Outside of new highways the towns had experienced a slow death.

It was a very hot day and they had just passed one dead small town. Jo was still thrilled of the sex they had had in the morning. Dave had woken her with sweet kisses around her body. Dave’s hair had tickled her thighs and she had opened her legs. Dave had pushed his mouth against her panty covered pussy and teased her sex. Soon her panties were stripped and she had felt his lips tendering her moistening pussy. His tongue had penetrated into her hole and caressed her clit. The licking had driven her almost crazy and she had squirmed of extreme pleasure on the motel bed. Dave had stopped just before she had cummed and replaced his mouth with his hard penis. He had gently pushed himself in and started to fuck Jo with slow rhythm. He knew Jo didn’t like it rough. In no time Jo had experienced her first orgasm. Her second orgasm or more like explosion had made also Dave to come. They had panted for a while, hugged each other and once again confessed their deep love.

Since the air condition of Dave’s car had seen its best moments, Jo had worn a light outfit. She had small blue shorts and striped top with spaghetti straps. She was leaning against Dave and felt his hand stroking her thigh. “Haven’t you had enough,” she teased and placed her palm on his crotch.

“Never,” Dave replied with a smile on his face. He still couldn’t believe his luck. He had hit a girl beyond his dreams. If it was up to him, Jo would be her wife soon.

After couple of hours drive the road led to mountains. Maybe it would be cooler there, Jo thought. She did not want to blame the car, because Dave was someway sensitive about it. The uphill did not bring any release. Instead the road became worse, sharp rocks pointed out of the surface eroded by heavy rains. “Should we turn back?” she asked.

“No. My old trustful will manage,” Dave replied laughing.

But it didn’t. Suddenly the right side of the car dropped. They heard a shrieking sound under the car and then it died. Dave got out of the car, went to other side and swore. Both the front and back tires were in deep water grooves and the car was lying on its ‘stomach’ on the road surface. Jo came to look too. “I’d hoped it was only a broken tire. There is no way we can get it up from there. We have to call for help.

Dave took his cell phone and swore again “Shit, no field. Baby, try yours”. Jo went back to car and took her cell phone from her handbag.

“Mine is not working either. What can we do now?” she said worried.

“I guess we have to wait here or leave the car and try to find help from somewhere.”

“But this neighborhood is deserted,” Jo replied. “And I don’t want to leave my things here unguarded”

“You are afraid of thieves in a deserted area,” Dave laughed

“Don’t make a fool of me,” Jo said, but had to admit Dave had a point. “My shoes are not meant for hiking. Maybe it is better for me to wait here. Promise to get back in 2 hours.”

“I don’t like to leave you alone.”

“Now you are afraid of something in a deserted area,” Jo paid back.

“Ok, baby. I will be back in two hours. Do we have any water left? Might be a good idea to take some with me.” He took a bottle and slowly disappeared to the direction they had come from. He walked about 40 minutes without seeing any marks of life before noticing an approaching cloud of dirt. ‘Finally a car!’ he thought. When it was near he waived to the driver to stop. The car pulled over and the driver opened the window. He was an older man, almost sixty, Dave estimated.

“What is the matter, son?” he asked.

“Our car got stuck and my girlfriend is waiting me there,” Dave answered and pointed the mountain with his hand.

“On the hill? Why the hell have you driven there? There is nothing.”

“We just wanted to see the place.” Then Dave explained in detail what had happened and what he had agreed with Jo.

“City idiots. Oh well, I guess we have to get you out of there. I can’t tow you with this car. We have to pick another one from my place. Hop in, boy. By the way, I’m Sam,” he introduced himself.

“Dave,” Dave replied and climbed to his car.

They turned around and drove ten minutes, then turned from the ‘main’ road and drove another 5 five minutes before finally reaching the old man’s house. They stopped by a building which Dave guessed to be stables, or at least it had been. A man in his 30′s came out and was soon accompanied by a woman about the same age. The man was very muscular and probably 6 ft 3 inches tall. However, he didn’t look so big compared to the woman, who was also near 6 feet tall and very big in nature. Not only fat, but also with big frame. They were both wearing dirty work clothes.

“Hi, Pa. What’s up?” the man said.

“I found this youngster, Dave, by the road. Dave and her girlfriend have a car trouble. Dave, this my son Ed and her little sister Marleen.”

‘Little sister’ sounded odd to a woman this size. Dave cheered politely, “Nice to meet you Ed and Marleen. I was lucky to meet your father.”

“Yes. He is kind to everyone,” Marleen giggled.

“I’d better take the truck now and go get the young lady from trouble,” the old man stated.

“I will come with you,” Dave said.

“No need for that. I can find her. And I have only one seat for a passenger. You have walked long time in the heat. Please have a rest here. Ed and Marleen will keep you company.”

Dave didn’t want to argue, though the number of seats wouldn’t be a problem. Anyway someone must steer his car during the tow. He was really exhausted from the walk and thought Jo could manage without him.

After Sam had left Ed brought a can of beer to Dave. “Is this ok or do you want something else to drink?”

“That’s perfect, thank you”

“So, Dave what do you do for living?”

“I’m studying third year in the college. Eventually I will be a journalist.”

“Oh, a college student. You know, my sister is attracted to educated men, especially young ones like you. The problem is that you cannot find any in this neighborhood.”

“Too bad, but I’m sure Marleen, you will find a one,” Dave comforted.

Ed continued, “Marleen. What do you think of Dave? Is he a type of guy you would like?” Marleen nodded.

“How about you, Dave? Do you find my sister attractive?”

“Yes. She is very beautiful,” Dave lied.

“Would you like to be his boyfriend?” For Dave this conversation was going to uncomfortable direction.

“I’m sorry, but I’m already engaged with my girlfriend.”

“But not married yet. I think, if you tried Marleen, you would broke up with your girlfriend.”

“Maybe, but I don’t wish to do so.”

“Why not? It takes almost an hour before your girlfriend is here and we won’t tell her.”

“I don’t want to. Can’t we skip this subject?” Dave was annoyed.

“You are making my sister sad and I don’t like that kind of people. You should be nice to her,” he said and then punched Dave to his stomach. The beer can slipped from Dave’s hand and he doubled and dropped on his knees. Then he got a kick to his ribs, then powerful slap on his face. Ed was very strong and Dave couldn’t help to get beaten.

“Please, stop,” he started to beg.

“Will you play nice with Marleen now?” Ed asked. Dave nodded.

“Marleen. Here is your dream boy.” Marleen came closer and took a strong grip of Dave’s curly hair and lifted him on to his feet. She placed her lips against Dave’s and kissed him passionately. Dave did not dare to resist.

“Let’s see can you satisfy a girl like me. We will go now to have some fun.” She escorted Dave into the house and to her bedroom. She instantly took off her T-shirt and bra. She had huge breasts. Dave just stared at them.

“Do you like my tits? I bet your girl friend don’t have this big.”

“Yes, they are beautiful,” he stammered and at the same his face was pulled between them.

“Yes. Lick them and fondle them with your hands,” Marleen ordered and Dave tried his best to satisfy her demands. Then Marleen sat on the bed and lied down. “Take of my boots, skirt and panties.” Dave first tugged off her boots. Then he started to pull her skirt down, which revealed her wide hips covered with big panties. He removed those as well. Marleen opened her legs wide.

“Is this the most beautiful pussy you have ever seen? she giggled.

Dave was hypnotized. The pussy was covered with thick dark hair. He could smell the strange odor of it. He woke up to reality when Marleen slapped his face. “I asked you something.”

“Yes. You have very beautiful pussy.”

“I want to feel your college boy tongue licking it.”

Dave bent his head between her legs and started licking. The situation revolted him and his licking was accompanied with occasional gags. However, the fear of more beating kept him going. He was too afraid to stop.

“Oh, yes,” Marleen moaned and pressed his head tighter between her legs. “I’m ready to be fucked. Come on, boy”. Dave wasn’t ready. He took of his jeans and underwear and with a shame revealed his soft cock.

“Poor baby,” Marleen said. “Too much pressure, I guess. Come here, Marleen takes care of it”. It felt degrading for Dave, but he just couldn’t be turned on of such a cow. Marleen took his cock into her hands and caressed it. Then she put it in her mouth and sucked it. Dave couldn’t resist any more and his cock sprang upwards.

“Do your job now. If I don’t see enough passion, I will call Ed”. This last ‘encouraging’ made Dave to try everything to please this big country girl. He climbed between her huge legs and guided his cock against the hairy pussy. Lying on Marleen was like being on a water bed. Her fatty stomach and breast felt like jelly under him. He rammed his dick in as hard he could. Dave was not going to make this pleasurable to Marleen and wanted this to be over soon. His attempts had an opposite effect.

“My college boy seems to be horny,” Marleen laughed “Go ahead, keep that on,” she continued. Dave kept on his harsh fucking. ‘I don’t want this to remind sex with Joanne in any way,’ he cursed in his mind. Marleen was moaning under him and Dave couldn’t help to get excited himself.

“Yes, yes, yeees,” she cried and then grabbed Dave’s ass cheeks in her big palms and pulled him so deep that Dave felt like her pussy would swallow him totally. Dave felt Marleen’s pussy spasms and that made him to shoot his load too. ‘I can’t enjoy of this,” he hated himself. He rolled off her and remained lying on her back beside this woman. Tears appeared to his eyes.

Sam found Joanna waiting by Dave’s car. She looked impatient. It was almost two hours ago when Dave had left. To see a small truck approaching was a relief. What worried her, she couldn’t see Dave. The truck stopped and an older man came out of it

“Hi. My Name is Sam and you must be Joanna.”

“Yes I am. How do you know my name?”

“I picked your boyfriend earlier from the road and took him to my place. I brought a better car for towing. Dave was quite exhausted from walking and he stayed there with my folks. He gave me good instructions how to find you.”

“Okay, that’s nice. I have waited so long and I wasn’t sure what to do anymore,” Jo replied even though she was a little annoyed that Dave hadn’t care to come along.

Sam looked under Dave’s car and stated, “Yes. It is like your Dave told. I can tow it up, but you cannot drive with that without a repair. At least the muffler is totally damaged. Wait a second, I’ll bring a towline and we pull this up.” He connected the line to the back bumper and pulled Dave’s car up from the groove. Then they managed to turn the car around to the right direction. Sam tied the line to the front bumper now and said, “Hop in. You need to steer that. We have some tools in our place. I’d hope we can fix your car so that you can manage to the nearest repair.” The one hour drive begun.

Meanwhile Marleen was lying on her bed Dave by her side. Time to time she pressed Dave’s head between her tits and enjoyed the feeling of this college boy. She made him kiss her. She pushed his tongue to Dave’s mouth and if Dave was not responding she twisted his nipple or tugged his hair. She also teased Dave’s penis. She took it to her palm and stroked it gently. It made Dave hard, albeit he tried not to react to her touches. The stroking and massage of his balls made him almost cum, but in the last moment Marleen stopped. She repeated this several times and finally it made Dave say, “Please.”

Marleen laughed, “Want to cum? You want my pussy? I’m not so easy. I’m an honorable country girl and you should tell me nice things. I’m only giving myself to a man who loves me.”

Dave needed a release. ‘How can I say things like that. I love Joanna. On the other hand, if I’ll refuse, I’ll be get beaten by Ed… or actually Marleen is already too strong for me,’ he weighted his options. So, he started, “Marleen, honey, can I make love to you?”

“You are just asking to fuck me,” Marleen said anger in her voice.

“Please Marleen, you are so beautiful and I want you so much.”

Marleen giggled again, “Ok. But are you just saying or do you really love me?”

“Yes,” Dave lied.

Then Marleen pushed Dave on his back and straddled on Dave’s cock. The weight of Marleen was pressing Dave’s thighs. “Now you will get the best fuck of your life. After this you can only wonder why you have been satisfied with some prim college girl pussy” and then she started to ride. Couple of times she noticed Dave was close. She slapped his face and said, “Don’t you dare to cum before I get my satisfaction.” Dave’s cock was throbbing, but he managed to keep his stamina. Marleen’s big body was rocking on him with quickening pace. She started to groan and finally they came together with force. Marleen rested a minute on Dave’s chest. Then she rose from the bed. “Come on. We’ll go back to the stables. We will have a performance there.” That made Dave worried.

It had been very difficult to Sam to stay calm when he had met Jo. The girl was a doll. His first thought had been to rip her clothes and bang her on the hood of the college boy’s car. However, he had decided to wait till to his house. On the way Ed had called to his LA radio and they had made a perfect plan. That and the thoughts of her perfect round ass had made him to take out his cock and wank it during the drive. I need to clean this car, he laughed in his mind. His sperm was glowing on the floor. ‘At least I will last longer when I get to the real action’, he thought.

Sam and Jo arrived to the yard. They got out of their cars. To be towed was unfamiliar to Jo and it had made the trip heavy for her. Especially Sam’s unstable drive in one part of the trip had been extra difficult for her. She looked around and could see a man waving his hand. “I’m Ed, miss. Sam’s son.”

“Nice to meet you Ed. Where’s Dave?”

“He is waiting for you in the stables with my little sis. Come in.” He opened the door and guided Jo in. It was quite dim and she saw a light glowing behind a corner. After walking further she saw something which totally shocked her. Dave was standing naked in front of a large woman. Her hand was stroking Dave’s erected penis.

Jo froze and stammered. “What’s…going on here. Let him go.”

“He doesn’t want to. Actually he has something to say to you,” Marleen told and stopped stroking for a moment.

Jo could swear Dave had tears in his eyes. With lame voice Dave started, “Joanna darling. I’m in love with Marleen now. I want to break up with you” and then he took the engagement ring from his finger and threw it into dirt in front of Jo.

“No! You are forcing him to say something like that. He loves me!” Jo shouted.

“I can prove I can give him more pleasure you ever could.” Marleen put her hand on Dave’s penis again. Also her other hand was making moves. To Jo’s horror she could see a handle of a dildo pointing out from Dave’s ass. Marleen was pumping the dildo in Dave’s ass. Simultaneously she wanked her cock.

Jo had enough. She was about to turn around and run away. This was immediately cut by Sam, who took a strong grip of her waist. “The show is not finished yet. It would be rude to leave too early.”

“No, no I don’t want to see this. Let me go!” she screamed and struggled but couldn’t really do a thing against this much bigger man. She was forced to watch this pervert act.

Marleen kept on working with Dave’s ass and cock. Dave started to moan, but due to pain in his ass and the two orgasms he had had already, he didn’t cum fast. Sam whispered to Jo’s ear, “I bet this makes you horny as well.” He put his other hand between Jo’s legs and massaged her pussy through her shorts.

“Let me go, you bastard!” Jo screamed.

“Be quiet now, girl. You are disturbing the performance. And I think you like it. I can feel your pussy moistening.” To Jo’s humiliation the moistening part was true. Sam removed his hand and this time pushed it inside of her shorts and panties. Despite Jo’s struggles he managed to push his forefinger through her pussy lips. “I can feel you are in heat.”

Simultaneously Dave’s moans were getting loader. They could hear “Please” from his lips. His orgasm was so powerful he almost fainted. Even though Jo was standing 10 feets away, Dave’s sperm almost flew on her shoes. Marleen patted Dave on his head. “You see, prissy. He could have never got that from you. You are no use… or maybe you can still pleasure men age of my father.”

“We will see,” Sam replied and grabbed Jo’s hair and started to drag her out of stables into the house. Jo was crying in pain when they entered Sam’s bedroom. Sam slapped her face couple of times and shouted, “Behave yourself now!”. He let her go. Jo was standing paralyzed. He stroked her breast with his fingers. “Show me your tits.”

“No. Please let us go.” She was slapped again. This time harder and that made her see stars.

“Your boyfriend, sorry I mean your ex-boyfriend and my daughter’s fiance don’t want to leave. Tits, or do you want more?” he said and raised his hand as a warning.

She couldn’t take more beating. She grabbed to her hem and pulled the top off. After short hesitation she unclasped her bra and gave it to Sam’s waiting hand. Her breasts were standing proudly for Sam to see. Sam grinned. He threw the bra away and said, “This will be the last time you are wearing it, ok?” Jo didn’t reply. Then she felt Sam’s big hands on her breasts. He molested them hard. “Nice pair of tits. I like them. Now show your horny, wet pussy.” Jo tried to bend to take off her shorts, but Sam kept on playing with her tits. She had to push the shorts and panties down with her finger tips and squirm to make them drop. Sam pushed her on the bed on her back. “Now open those lovely legs. Wider. Wider. That hole is made for fucking, isn’t it?” He didn’t expect any answer. Instead he dropped her pants and underwear and positioned himself between Jo’s legs.

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