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Everyone engaging in sexual activity is at least eighteen years old.



Jeri Jensen was an avid Literotica reader. The attractive thirty-year-old blonde had discovered the website the previous January when she was laid up with a broken leg and couldn’t work.

Once she found Literotica, however, Jeri all but stopped watching porn because she’d been getting bored with it. Reading about peoples’ sexual adventures, Jeri thought, was so much better than Internet porn, primarily because it was such a major turn-on to imagine herself in the stories.

They made her cum harder than porn.

But with her leg in a cast, sex was was difficult and not fulfilling because Jeri needed the fucking to be rough in order for her to get off. Romantic lovemaking did nothing for her. She needed a cock pounding her tight pussy or her asshole to get off.

But with the bum leg, however, the only position Jeri felt comfortable with was missionary, and, much to her chagrin, the guy had to be gentle.

Jeri always had her assortment of toys to entertain herself, but there was no human contact, which she also craved.

While her leg healed, Jeri decided to write her own stories to pass the time. There was certainly no shortage of inspiration or sexual imagination.

Penny was a natural one to start with.

Have You Driven a Ford Lately?

Ten years earlier, Jeri Jensen had graduated from a two-year college with a degree in business administration.

Somehow, between the stream of male and female sex partners, she’d maintained a 3.5 grade-point-average.

After graduation, Jeri put hundreds of miles on her old Honda Civic applying with Company A and with Company B and with Company C and driving to fruitless interviews. Jeri quickly got frustrated.

A few of her lady friends had told her she was beautiful and should look into modeling. But Jeri, who stood 5’1″ and weighed about 100 pounds, felt she was far too small to be a model. She briefly considered adult films, where her size and youthful appearance would allow her to portray underaged girls, which she learned were always in demand. The sex certainly wasn’t an issue, but Jeri dismissed becoming a porn star when she considered the problems it would cause if someone in her family found out, as well as employment problems after she left porn.

More times than she could count, Jeri Jensen was told by interviewers that their company was looking for someone with more experience. She was hit on a few times, too. The clear implication was that if she wanted the job, she’d have to suck and fuck her way into it. Jeri didn’t have any problem with sucking and fucking; she loved sex with both men and women. But she was adamant that she was not going to prostitute herself.

So, she’d gotten a job at Superburger until a good job came along. Superburger was depressing, the hours sucked, and the pay was shit, forcing her to live at home with her mom, Abigail, until she got a better-paying job. On the upside, Jeri’s rent was affordable, her mom worked weekday evenings, and she gave her privacy.

Jeri’s diligence finally paid off a little over a year later. A prominent car dealership called Lofton Ford contacted her about coming in for a second interview with their dealership’s personnel officer, a man named Dale Kahler.

Jeri’s heart soared.

Ooh, this looks very good! A place like that doesn’t call you for a second interview unless they’re interested.

Jeri appeared at the dealership at the designated time and was shown to a sparsely decorated office with a second door, which was closed. A moment later, a tall, well-dressed, athletic man Jeri guessed to be in his early fifties entered. He cheerfully introduced himself as Dale Kahler.

Kahler sat behind a desk and told Jeri that Lofton Ford was looking for a dedicated, energetic, and motivated salesperson, and he exhorted them as the top dealership in southern Ohio.

Jeri gave the impression of caring. In reality, she didn’t.

Cut the cheerleading, pal! I’m in this for the money.

Kahler told Jeri that if she was hired, she’d have to take a paid training course. Upon completing it, she would start in their used car sales department and learn from veteran salespeople. Kahler said she’d be there at least a year, then she’d undergo an evaluation, which could lead for a position in the new car sales department.

But Jeri refused to take Kahler’s bait when he began patronizing her and tried to scare her off by telling her car sales was a brutal business.

“Miss Jensen, in our business, you can do everything right and still be wrong,” Kahler explained in a cold, emotionless tone. “You can have a deal all but closed, and then lose it because the customer gets cold feet or a bad vibe. I see it happen every day. I’ve also seen this business take good people such as yourself and ruin them – physically and emotionally. Nervous breakdowns, ulcers, heart attacks. And, if I may be bold, Miss Jensen, you’re what I would call a very beautiful woman. You’re going to have it worse than a man, because you’re going to get hit on by men of all ages. Some guys can be absolute sharks.”

Jeri believed it. She also felt Dale Kahler might he hitting on her. She instinctively glanced at his left hand. There was an even impression around his ring finger.

Oh, great! One of those.

And when he stood and walked toward her and sat on the desk in front of her with his legs slightly spread, Jeri was certain she was being hit on.

“Understand, Miss Jensen… Um, may I call you Jeri?” Kahler asked.

Jeri was eye level with his crotch, and with a glance, she could tell he had a big one.

“Of course,” she look him in the eye and replied calmly. “If I may call you Dale?”

“Certainly,” Dale replied and continued, but his tone was much warmer. “Jeri, please understand that I’m only telling you this because I genuinely care.”

Jeri stood to her full height, which was increased slightly by her high heels, and looked Dale Kahler square in the eye. She was furious, but she kept her tone calm and even. However, if looks could kill, she’d probably get the needle.

Jeri told him she’d been hit on by men of all ages since she was in her teens.

“I can handle the sharks, Dale. And if I’m not mistaken, that’s an impression of a wedding ring there,” she hissed. “Now, how would Mrs. Kahler react if she knew you were coming onto me, hmmm?”

But rather than shirk away nervously or become angry or indignant, Dale Kahler only smiled.

Jeri had been preparing to tell him his behavior also probably constituted sexual harassment, but his reaction confused her.

“Paula?” he said loudly without breaking eye contact with Jeri. “You can come in now.”

Jeri’s brow furrowed.

What the fuck is going on here?

The closed door opened, and a beautiful older blonde woman entered the office and walked to Jeri.

“Miss Jensen?” she said, extending her hand. “Hello, I’m Paula Kahler. I’m Dale’s wife and secretary. And you, young lady, passed the test, I’m happy to say.”

Jeri stood. “Pleased to meet you,” she replied in a tentative tone while accepting the woman’s hand.

“Test?” she asked, looking back and forth at them.

“Yes, Miss Jen… Jeri,” replied Mrs. Kahler. She handed her husband his wedding ring and he slid it back on his finger without a word.

“You see, Jeri, Dale here wasn’t sure you had what it took for this position,” she explained kindly. “I was though. You’re tough and you’re perceptive, and you can think on your feet quickly. Those are qualities we’re looking for in an associate. We can teach you about selling cars, but there are things we can’t teach which you have. But Dale’s right about it being a tough business.”

Jeri looked at Dale. He was emotionless.

“So, Dale and I made our usual bet when we grant a candidate a second interview,” Paula Kahler continued. “I won this time. My prize is… well, that’s got to remain private.”

The gleam in her eye spoke volumes.

“I see,” said Jeri cooly. She honestly couldn’t decide if she should be pissed off or flattered. But if she got the job, who cared? So she held her tongue.

“Congratulations, Jeri,” said Dale Kahler with a smile as he extended his hand. “Welcome to Lofton Ford.”

Jeri felt like screaming in joy, but instead, she calmly shook hands with them and simply thanked them for the opportunity. After her employment paperwork was completed, Jeri found herself hornier than usual. On her way home, she picked up a bottle of Arbor Mist wine, which was her favorite. She raced to her apartment, called her latest girlfriend, Charlene, and told her the good news. Charlene was overjoyed for her friend. Jeri said she was in the mood and told Charlene to get her ass over pronto because it was party time. Charlene showed up ten minutes later. Jeri, who had changed into tight shorts and a tight cutoff tee, practically jumped in the taller woman’s arms and kissed her. They celebrated by getting tipsy and making love until midnight.

The Unofficial Dealership Incentive Package

After completing the training program, Jeri Jensen began learning about the car sales business from Paul Smith, the used car manager.

Paul was nearly forty. He was handsome, very friendly, very genuine, and he could sell ice to an eskimo. He was demanding, but he expected the best out of his people.

Jeri liked him. But as much as it pained her, she stuck to her rule against dating and fucking co-workers.

Jeri watched and learned. She ultimately became the used car department’s top salesperson. Just as importantly, she was finally able to move to her own place: a small apartment about three miles from the dealership.

A year later, following her evaluation and Paul Smith’s glowing recommendation, Jeri Jensen was promoted to the new car sales department. Print ads and the dealership’s website announced the new addition to the staff, with an invitation that if you were looking for a new Ford car or truck, come on down and see Jeri Jensen.

Jeri later learned that Paul Smith had said that she was a natural.

Jeri soon became the new car sales staff’s rising star. Although she was a shrewd, but fair, negotiator, Jeri was not above using her feminine charms on men to sell cars and trucks.

It even occasionally worked on women.

But it was all a show. Jeri had absolutely no intention of seeing them off the clock no matter how handsome or charming or persistent they were. What could management say if someone complained? “You’re fired?” That was unlikely. Jeri was making the dealership money hand over fist, and her model looks were a great promotional tool. Sex sells, and Jeri knew it. She only wished her breasts were bigger so she could stop wearing padded bras. She began wearing them soon after she started and she hated them. Jeri realized that small tits appealed to certain men, but a little bigger than 32B wouldn’t be so bad. She’d looked into breast enhancement surgery a few times, but she was undecided on whether it was really worth the pain and the expense.

Later one Saturday, a man in his mid-forties entered the showroom. He was dressed in dark blue slacks, a simple white dress shirt, and boots. His light brown hair was flecked with gray and it framed a slightly craggy face with a square jaw. Green eyes peered from under a heavy brow.

He reminded Jeri of the Marlboro Man in old magazine ads she’d seen at her grandfather’s house when she was a kid.

She greeted him warmly and welcomed him to Lofton Ford.

“Jack Williams,” said the man. “Pleasure to meet you.”

Jeri thought the man was familiar, but couldn’t place him. She asked him if there was a particular car or truck he was interested in.

“I need three Super Duties, Miss Jensen,” he replied.

Three?” asked Jeri, thinking she’d misunderstood.

“Yes, Miss Jensen,” Williams replied flatly. “Three.”

Jack Williams explained that he owned a landscaping and snow removal business, and he also owned a couple of other smaller businesses and needed the trucks for them.

Then Jeri realized why this man seemed familiar. She’d seen Jack Williams’ red, white and black trucks many times, and she’d seen his commercials on television. Jeri thought he had the personality of a wet paper bag.

“Of course,” said Jeri, who was practically salivating over the commission. “Let’s take a look at them, and then we can go over the options.”

“Miss Jensen, as long as the price is right, I don’t need to hear about options,” Williams stated emphatically. “I want them all as they are.”

“Oh?” said Jeri, shocked. “Well, in that case we can discuss financing te…”

“I don’t need financing either,” he raised his hand to stop Jeri. “I just need those three Super Duties, and I’ll be paying cash for all of them. Now, how much?”

Jeri about fainted. She eyed him suspiciously.

This guy can’t be serious!

“I’m very serious, Miss Jensen,” Jack Williams quietly insisted, as if he’d read her mind. “I’ll be back in a second.”

He turned and left. A few minutes later, he returned with a big briefcase. Jeri eyed it.

Holy shit, is that what I think it is?

“Where’s your office, Miss Jensen?” he asked. “I don’t like doing this in the open.”

“This way please,” replied Jeri, gesturing to a room at the back of the showroom. She was clearly rattled.

Deep breath, girl! Deep breath…

Jeri’s heart was pounding as she led Jack Williams into her office. Once inside, he closed the door and placed the briefcase on her desk. He flipped open the catches and lifted the lid. Inside was wrapped stacks of crisp new one-hundred dollar bills.

Her jaw dropped and her eyes bugged out. It was more money than Jeri had ever seen in one place.

Jack Williams didn’t brag. It wasn’t his style. He simply closed the lid and snapped the catches shut and sat down quietly.

“Now, Miss Jensen?” he asked.

Jeri quickly looked up the MSRP’s and the stickers on her terminal and did a mental calculation. She quoted him $80,000.

“$70,000,” Jack Williams countered.

“$75,000,” Jeri countered.

After a half-hour later, they were still stuck on $75,000 and trying to push each other to give a little. Jeri was getting more than a little pissed off at how inflexible Jack was being, and he was making noises about going to a nearby Chevy dealer.

Oh, fuck I need this deal! Come on, girl, are you really gonna lose this guy over a measly five fucking grand?

Jeri glanced at his left hand. There wasn’t a ring or an impression of a ring on his ring finger.

It was risky, but then she thought about the commission.

I may be a slut, but I’m no whore. But I need this fucking deal, dammit! Gonna have to bait him first though…

“Mr. Williams?” Jeri asked. “Average it out. You’ll see the $75,000 I quoted you is well under sticker. It’s very fair; it’s a win-win. I see your trucks out all the time. Five grand is a drop in the bucket for you.”

Jack arched an eyebrow.

Good. I got his respect now.

Jeri let it sink in for a moment, then she took a deep breath and spoke:

“I’d think Mrs. Williams would agree.”

That caught Jack Williams offguard. He looked sad for a moment. And for a moment, Jeri thought she’d gone too far.

“Uh… There is no Mrs. Williams,” Jack said bitterly. “Not anymore that is.”

And for the first time since Jeri Jensen met Jack Williams, he showed some emotion.

“I’m so sorry I brought it up,” she told him sympathetically. “I shouldn’t have.”

He nodded.

Jeri’s sorrow wasn’t completely disingenuous. She hated to open an old wound like she had, but she had her own needs.

“Been divorced for nearly two years now,” Jack said quietly. But the emotion in his voice was palpable.

He acted like he wanted to say more, but remained silent.

“I’m so sorry” repeated Jeri sadly as she nodded. “Listen, I’m sure there’s a wonderful woman out there waiting for you.”

Jeri was being genuine.

Jack Williams snorted in contempt.

“Miss Jensen,” he said. “My offer is firm. $70,000.”

It looks like he hasn’t been laid in a while.

Jeri went in for the kill.

“Okay… $72,250. Final offer. That cuts our difference in half,” she said.

Jack Williams shook his head.

“Miss Jens…” he began.

“Jeri, please,” said Jeri.

“Alright… Jeri,” Jack replied. “It’s still…”

He stopped in mid sentence when Jeri rose. She walked to the door and locked it and closed the blinds. Jack Williams turned around and with a confused look on his face.

Although Jeri felt guilty about invoking his ex-wife, she also felt her power over this man growing, and she was getting off on it. She smiled.

“Jack?” she asked. “Did I mention that that offer comes with an incentive?”

Before Jack could say another word, Jeri Jensen walked in front of him, sat on the desk and leaned back halfway. She pulled back the front of her slightly figure-hugging knee-length skirt to reveal her tiny white lace panties. Her pussy, visible through the sheer material, was less than a foot from Jack Williams’ face.

His eyes bugged out.

“Listen. Both of us know exactly what you’ve been thinking,” she said quietly. “You’ve been thinking, ‘Oh, she’s so beautiful and I’d love to fuck her brains out’. Well, Jack…”

She pulled her panties aside and smiled again.

Jack Williams gulped and reached out and felt her wet pussy. A thick, calloused finger brushed her swollen clit, causing Jeri to moan.

“Oh, fuck me!” he said absentmindedly.

“It might happen, Jack,” Jeri said matter-of-factly. She straightened her panties and hopped off the desk and smoothed down her skirt.

“I do it all,” she said quietly. “And I’m bi, for the record. Of course, this isn’t an official part of the dealer incentive package, but both of us know MSRP’s and stickers are pure BS. What matters is that you get what you want and I get what I want. Just agree to the seventy-two-two-fifty and…”

Jeri rubbed her breasts through her top.

Jack Williams’ breathing became faster.

“Is this on the level, Jeri?” he asked shakily.


“Yes, Jack,” Jeri replied. “So, do we have a deal?”

She looked down at the crotch of Jack Williams’ slacks. It was bulging of course.

“Your friend is saying yes, Jack,” she teased. “And I hardly ever say no where sex is concerned. Oh, and Jack? I don’t think I need to say that we need to keep quiet about this.”

She stuck out her hand.

“Deal?” she asked.

“D-Deal, Miss Jen… um, J-Jeri,” he stuttered as he stood and shook her hand.

Inwardly, Jeri gloated.

She gave him a kiss on the cheek and ground herself against his raging hard-on.

“Thank you for your business, Mr. Williams,” she said. “I think I’d better take care of your friend.”

Jeri knelt down in front of a surprised Jack and unzipped his fly.

Jack Williams’ jaw dropped, but he offered zero resistance.

Fishing his cock out of his underwear, Jeri began blowing him hard. He was big, but nothing Jeri couldn’t handle. Jack braced himself against the desk and tried like hell to keep from moaning and groaning out loud.

“Oh, holy shit! Oh, damn girl!” was all he could say as he grunted and groaned.

In a few minutes, Jack Williams came harder than he had in years, shooting an enormous load down the throat of one of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen. He hoped no one heard his muffled groan.

Jeri swallowed his cum and then cleaned off his cock with her tongue. She licked her lips, then stood and reached over for her half-empty bottle of diet soda. She opened it and took a swig. Meanwhile, a still stunned Jack zipped up and tried to get his breathing back to normal. He was sweating profusely.

He exhaled and smiled.

“I’ll be damned, Jeri,” he said chuckling and shaking his head in genuine admiration. “I will be damned.”

“That’s just the appetizer, Jack,” she said with a huge smile. “Meet me at the Sudsy Budsy car wash down the street. We close at nine. I’ll be there as soon as I can, so don’t get impatient and leave. I’m driving a baby blue Ford. We’ll go to your place, and then I’ll be all yours.”

Jack Williams smiled and nodded, clumsily reopened his briefcase, and placed stack after stack of bills on Jeri’s desk. Jeri noticed that there was still more money in the briefcase. Then Jack reached into his pocket and pulled out a big wad of cash and laid down more bills to bring the total up to $72,250.

She counted the money, and then put it all in a desk drawer, then began printing sales agreements and receipts. When the last of them and warranty agreements were signed and put into a folder, Jeri asked Jack where he wanted them delivered. He gave her the address. Jeri jotted it down and made a phone call and scheduled the delivery of the three Super Duties the following Monday afternoon.

Afterward, Jeri escorted Jack to his truck, an older model F-350. Jeri thanked him again, shook his hand, and quietly said she was looking forward to seeing him later that night.

“Oh, I’m looking forward to it, too, Jeri,” he said with a smile and a nod. “Thank you.”

When he was off the lot, she closed her eyes and exhaled sharply.

Oh, God, I feel like I just hooked! But damn… it’s fun!

With the faint taste of Jack Williams still in her mouth, Jeri returned to her office and began to take the money out of the drawer. Then she realized with a groan that she had nothing to carry it all in. Looking out of the office, she looked for something. Then she saw one of the maintenance boys outside putting a new liner in a trash can. She walked out and asked for one of them. The pimple-faced teen gave her one. He stared at her as she ran back into the showroom and sighed.

Jeri re-entered the office and quickly dumped the money in the green trash bag, closed it, and carried it across the showroom to the plush office of Tom Baker, the dealership’s diminutive Oklahoma-born manager.

Tom looked up at Jeri angrily when she dropped it on his desk.

“What the hell’s this, Jeri?” he asked sharply.

“The biggest sale of my career,” she replied with a smirk.

“Holy sheeeeit, Jeri!” yelled Tom when he opened it. He stared up at her jaw agape.

“Just closed big deal with Jack Williams,” Jeri boasted proudly. “You know? The guy on TV? He just bought those three Super Duties we just got in. That’s seventy-two-two-fifty there.”

“My Gawd!” Tom grinned in amazement as he began counting it. “Oh, hun, I’m so proud of you! Damn proud!”

He was almost in tears.

Jeri wanted to tell Tom Baker she really didn’t give a shit about him being proud of her, and to have her commission by the time she left. In cash, of course. But instead, she simply thanked him.

“My Gawd, girl, how’d you do it?” he asked.

Jeri felt her cheeks turn red.

“Um… Does it matter, Tom?” she finally asked.

“Not to me,” replied Tom as he closed the trash bag and picked it up. “Gotta get this in the safe. ‘Scuse me, Jeri.”

He scurried to the back of the building. Just before closing, he came up to Jeri and handed her a plain white envelope. She opened it to find a thick stack of cash.

Her pussy started getting wet again.

“I’m proud of you, little lady,” Tom Baker gushed. “Damn proud!”

Jeri didn’t care if Tom Baker was happy, proud of her, or whatever. Jeri didn’t like him. He was nearly as short as she was, he talked like a hick, he wasn’t handsome, and he wore too much fucking Aqua Velva. Jeri cringed at the thought that she ‘d possibly have to fuck the little hayseed one day.

She nodded her thanks and looked at the clock. 8:19.

Thank God it’s almost closing time. I hope no one’s out looking to buy a car this late. Any more excitement and I’m going to start leaving puddles!

Luckily, the remainder of the workday was uneventful and Jeri left a little after nine. She raced to her apartment and took a quick shower and made sure her pussy and ass were fresh and squeaky clean. She dressed in her typical off-duty attire: super-tight jeans, a tank top, no bra, and sandals. Jeri dumped a few necessities in her purse, then tore out of the complex’s parking lot for the Sudsy Budsy. It was about fifteen minutes til when she arrived. She saw Jack Williams’ F-350. He stepped out. Jeri pulled alongside him.

“Hope you weren’t waiting long, Jack,” she said.

“Nah, Jeri,” he replied with a smile. He peered into her car.

“Good Lord, Jeri, you look amazing,” he leered.

“Thank you, Jack,” she said. “So let’s go, huh?”

“Yeah,” Jack replied. “My place isn’t far.”

He got back into his truck and the huge engine roared to life. Jeri followed him to his home, a modest place off a long gravel drive off road on the eastern outskirts of the city.

As it turned out, Jack Williams was okay. He was a lot warmer than Jeri felt he was capable of. Of course, he had a nice-sized cock, but he had stamina. Most importantly, he didn’t try to make love to her.

In fact, Jack Williams pounded Jeri Jensen’s pussy and ass like a man possessed.

Jeri loved it and thought she could get to like him.

Jeri left at about 7:00 the following morning, while Jack was still fast asleep. She left a note next to him telling him he was a great fuck and said she hoped a good woman came along for him.

Remember, Jack. Our secret! If you ever get horny, gimme a call. XXX OOO, Jeri.

During the drive home, Jeri cautioned herself. She’d taken a hell of a risk. It had paid off, of course, but she certainly couldn’t fuck every guy that came in looking to buy a car. She decided that only select men deserved the unofficial dealership incentive package: guys who were interested in cars $40,000 and up, unmarried, aged twenty-five to fifty, good attitudes, good to great looks, average to athletic body style, guys who didn’t talk a lot…

You have to be careful, girl!

But as hypersexual a creature as she was, Jeri Jensen had long-since vowed to never fuck, much less date, co-workers. Fucking a customer was pushing it. But co-workers? No way! Too complicated. She’d learned about the pitfalls of workplace dating during her early days at Superburger.

A cashier, a girl named Nancy, was seeing Brad, who was a shift manager. One day, Nancy overslept after a hard night of partying and showed up for work an hour late and hungover. Brad was forced to reprimand Nancy. Jeri had overheard much of the incident.

Nancy tried to sweet talk her way out of trouble by saying he could fuck her. Brad became infuriated.

Earlier, Nancy had told Jeri she was always having to reject Brad’s advances. She explained she was a virgin and just wasn’t ready.

While eavesdropping, Jeri thought Brad would send Nancy away with a slap on the wrist for the opportunity to deflower the slightly chubby, but attractive brunette. Instead, much to Jeri’s surprise, Brad stuck to his guns and said he had to write her up, and that he couldn’t afford to show favoritism. Brad pleaded with Nancy to sign the reprimand. Nancy refused and screamed that she was being betrayed. Brad shot back that she should’ve been more responsible.

Nancy immediately quit and said she never wanted to see Brad again.

So, although she’d worked with many handsome single men and a few beautiful single women, Jeri vowed she’d never be put in such a position and never saw any of them outside work.

With one exception, that is.

The One Exception

Tanya Bowling was Tom Baker’s new assistant. She’d been hired about nine months after Jeri Jensen was promoted to new car sales.

And from the moment Jeri first saw Tanya, she was entranced.

Tanya was in her early thirties. She was tall with very dark brown hair and gray eyes. She had firm DD-cup tits, a slender waist, long legs, and an ass to die for.

But Jeri didn’t know what Tanya’s orientation was. She’d made a few subtle passes at her during the week to find out. Jeri expressed admiration for Tanya’s beauty, and she’d touched her arm and shoulders lightly in a gesture of friendliness a few times.

But all she got was a friendly smile and an “Oh, thank you, Jeri” or an “Oh, you look lovely, too, Jeri” in response.

Jeri was exasperated. She’d all but given up on Tanya when she got a text message from her. It made Jeri gasp.

“Jeri… Got your cell number out of Tom… You think I didn’t get it you silly delicious girl? Meet me at the Regal Club after work. Luvs-n-kisses. Tanya.”

Jeri’s pussy began tingling and she felt dampness. Then she came to the sudden realization that she hadn’t actually seen Tom around for quite a while.

Jeri’s eyes suddenly opened wide in shock.

Ohmigod! She didn’t?!

Jeri became so turned on by the thought of making love to Tanya that she went into the bathroom and fingered herself to a shuddering orgasm. She had to muffle herself.

The Regal Club was a notorious, and notoriously high-priced, lesbian bar downtown. It had a fenced-in parking lot in back so that women who did not want the world to know they were lesbian could enter in privacy. Jeri had never been there, but she’d heard plenty about it. Bars just weren’t her cup of tea.

Jeri arrived and entered through the front entrance because she didn’t give a damn who knew about her orientation. At first glance, Jeri kind of liked the place, but she still didn’t plan on staying long. She wasn’t there to drink or do anything else. Although she saw some lovely ladies, Jeri was interested in Tanya and Tanya only. Jeri heard Tanya call to her in the slightly dim lighting. The brunette greeted Jeri with a French kiss.

None of the other patrons made a comment.

They left a few minutes later and Jeri followed Tanya to her home and stayed the night.

Tanya was as incredible as Jeri thought she’d be.

Jeri and Tanya met seven or eight times over the next month-and-a-half or so. Then Tanya abruptly quit. Jeri was deeply saddened.

Tough Break, Kid

At dusk last January, Jeri Jensen had stepped out of the new car showroom to greet a customer and slipped on an untreated patch of ice. She fell down the two steps which led to and from the new car showroom and landed hard on her left leg on the pavement. She heard and felt a crack, followed by intense pain. She lay on the cold pavement in tears clutching her injured leg in agony.

Jeri was taken by ambulance to the hospital where she was examined by a pleasant middle-aged Indian named Dr. Agarwal. X-rays revealed a slight fracture of the left tibia, and Dr. Agarwal diagnosed a mildly sprained ACL. He told Jeri that surgery wouldn’t be necessary, and that with rest and proper treatment, the leg would heal fairly quickly and she should be as good as new. Jeri’s leg was put in a cast, and she was given a prescription for the pain. She was told to keep her leg elevated whenever possible. However, since Jeri’s job required her to be able to get in and out of cars and drive models with manual gearboxes, work was out of the question for a while. Since she’d injured her left leg, working the clutches was nearly impossible.

Jeri was thankful that the dealership’s insurance would cover much of what hers wouldn’t, and that she would be able to pay her bills while recuperating. To her relief, her out-of-pocket expense was fairly minimal.


Losing her virginity to Rob Young, her first love, had been relatively painless.

But even though Jeri didn’t orgasm, she told Rob that she appreciated his gentleness. She learned to give a blowjob by watching pornos and got pretty good at it. But the problem was that she hardly ever orgasmed when Rob fucked her. When Jeri admitted she wasn’t satisfied sexually, Rob tearfully dumped her.

Jeri herself cried afterward and wondered if something was wrong with her.

The second guy she ever had sex with was named Karl Finley.

Karl was several years older. He lived a block over from Jeri. He was often described as looking a lot like the actor Jeff Goldblum, but only taller and scrawnier. Jeri didn’t know Karl very well, but she’d seen him around town and they’d talked on occasion.

Karl was quiet, but friendly, and Jeri liked him.

A cashier who had seen them talking told Jeri that with Karl, appearances were deceiving. She said she’d been with him one time, and that was more enough. She also told Jeri that he’d once been questioned by the police for sexual assault But the detective investigating the case determined that the girl had been with him willingly, and she was only pissed off at Karl for how rough he was.

A few days after the breakup with Rob, Jeri saw Karl at a convenience store while they were gassing up their cars. Karl leered at the tiny blonde, who was wearing tight jeans and a tanktop – with no bra and, from what Karl could tell, no panties either.

Jeri said hello and struck up a conversation with Karl. She asked him how he was doing. Karl sadly replied that his girlfriend, Toni, had left him the week before. He didn’t say why, and Jeri didn’t press him, but Karl appeared to be distraught.

Out of genuine pity, Jeri walked close to him, stood on her tiptoes, and whispered to Karl that she needed to get laid in the worst way.

“I need it. Bad!” she smiled. “And it looks like you do, too.”

Karl’s mood brightened instantly. He grinned and smacked Jeri’s ass hard. She yelped and rubbed the spot, but the stinging was oddly pleasing to her. She felt herself getting wet.

She smiled.

After they paid for their gas, Jeri followed Karl to his tiny apartment. But once she got his slacks and underwear off and saw his eight-inch cock, Jeri began to regret her decision.

She told Karl that she couldn’t do it.

“Ohmigod! You’re too big!” she insisted with fear in her eyes. “Holy shit, Karl! That thing will kill me!”

But after Karl pleaded with her, a trembling Jeri eventually gave in.

“Okay. Just be gentle please,” she begged, wondering if Karl’s huge cock was the reason Toni left him.

In fact, as Jeri discovered several weeks later, it was not. It was because Toni was bisexual, and Karl felt left out because Toni and her girlfriends would never let him join them.

His whining had led Toni to dump him.

Jeri did her best to suck Karl’s huge cock, but she struggled with it. Karl got frustrated and brusquely pushed Jeri down on her back and ate her out while he fingered her pussy with his big fingers. Jeri gasped and orgasmed quickly and hard. Then Karl slowly began sliding his big cock in her practically virginal pussy, causing Jeri to gasp and whimper loudly as it stretched her vaginal walls.

“Oh, shit!” she cried. “Oh, shit!”

Karl remained silent. As he pushed deeper, Jeri whimpered loudly and tears flowed. It felt like her insides were being ripped apart.

“Augh!” exclaimed Karl. “Oh, fuck you’re so tight, Jeri!”

Jeri gritted her teeth and clutched the bedsheets. All she’d known was Rob’s fairly normal-sized cock inside her. Eventually, Karl got nearly all of it in before she felt the bulbous head touching her cervix.

But after the gentle entry and a few slow pumps, Karl became a monster. He began pounding away at Jeri. Ignoring her screams of pain and pleadings to stop, Karl brutalized her pussy. Jeri feared that she was being raped.

But then a funny thing happened: Jeri began enjoying it. The pain was replaced by mere discomfort, then the mere discomfort was replaced by a sensation she’d never felt.

And Jeri Jensen loved it.

“Fuuuuuuuck meeeeeeee!” she yelled. “Oh, fuck!”

“Oh, yeah! Oh, baby, I knew you’d come around,” grinned Karl evilly. “I knew you were a fucking cock-teasing little slut all the time. Wearing those jeans and walking around with no bra teasing guys? You get off on that, huh, Jeri? You little fucking slut!”

“Yes, I ammmmm!” Jeri cried in ecstasy. “Oh, Karl, I’m a little fucking slut!”

The pounding and Karl cursing her out had Jeri more sexually excited than she’d ever been. Then the biggest orgasm she’d ever experienced hit her.

“Ohhhh… myyyy… Goooooooood!” she screamed in a high-pitched voice as she came. She convulsed for about fifteen seconds as a huge wave of pleasure rocked her entire body.

“Oh, fuck!” she laughed as the orgasm subsided. Tear streaks had made her makeup run and her pussy felt weird. But she was sexually satisfied for the first time ever.

Ohmigod! This guy probably raped me and I fucking liked it? Damn!

When Karl came, he forced Jeri to swallow it all.

Jeri came two more times that evening. Those orgasms were just as powerful as the first one. Jeri left early the next morning sore, but sexually satisfied for the first time in her life.

A couple of weeks later, Karl took Jeri’s anal virginity. Karl had begged her several times, but she always said no.

“My pussy is one thing, but up my ass? Dammit, Karl, it’ll hurt!” Jeri protested.

Karl was disappointed.

But Jeri couldn’t get the thought of her virgin ass being plowed by Karl’s huge cock. On the advice of a few women she’d talked to online who said they loved having a cock in their asses, Jeri bought two buttplugs – a small one and a large one – and a bottle of lube at a Hustler store. Jeri slowly acclimated herself to having them in her ass. She found that she loved the sensation of fullness after the discomfort subsided. She also noticed that it made her extremely wet. The first time she diddled her clit with a buttplug in, she had a very intense orgasm. She wore them whenever she could.

When Jeri finally said yes, a whole new world of sexual satisfaction opened for her. It took time and patience, but he got it all in. Jeri loved having her back entrance stretched by Karl’s cock. She cried as he pounded her ass, but the orgasm was as intense as any Jeri had experienced.

And yet another world opened the following week.

Karl’s cousin, Dave, who was around Jeri’s age, had enlisted in the Army. He was staying with Karl a couple of days before he reported for basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Karl had noticed Dave practically drooling over his girlfriend. He horrified Jeri by openly suggesting a threesome.

“Listen, Dave, you probably won’t get a lot of pussy during basic,” Karl told him. “So how about a going-away party you’ll never forget?”

But before Jeri could say a word, Karl and Dave had their cocks out and they forced Jeri to her knees and ordered her to blow them. They roughly stripped all of her clothes off and took turns fucking her pussy. Jeri found she was getting off by it and even egged the cousins on.

Then, while she was riding Karl cowgirl, she felt something slimy on her butt crack and fingers in her ass. Then Dave slid his cock in her ass. Jeri was in slut heaven. She came hard. The cousins switched positions and she came hard again.

Dave emailed Jeri a couple of times during basic and said he couldn’t wait to meat her again.

Jeri snickered at the intentional misspelling.

But the sex was the only thing keeping Karl and Jeri together. They tried to be a couple, but they couldn’t make it work. They argued about the most minute things and they had little in common. Jeri was a little disappointed, but not terribly saddened. Soon afterward, Karl moved out of state. Jeri heard through the rumor mill that he’d moved to somewhere in California.


Jeri unexpectedly met Toni Martin at the convenience store shortly before the breakup with Karl. She had only seen one photo of Toni, and she thought she was beautiful. She had dark red hair and green eyes. The women were built alike and were about the same height.

Jeri sheepishly told Toni that she had been seeing Karl and apologized. Toni waved off Jeri’s concerns. She said she wasn’t angry at all.

“You can have the big baby as far as I’m concerned,” she said.

The two women bought diet sodas from the fountain and paid for them. They walked outside and sat at a table.

“Jeri, the real reason we broke up is because I had to sneak around to see women because Karl got so fucking possessive and because he’s a whiner,” Toni said quietly.

Jeri, who had never so much as kissed another girl, was stunned.

“I miss the sex with Karl,” she admitted. “That’s it. Otherwise…?”

She rolled her eyes and made a sound of disgust.

“You’re…?” Jeri hesitated.

“Yeah, Jeri. I’m bi,” replied Toni. “And, you know? I’ve been wanting to do this since I saw you.”

“What?” asked Jeri in confusion.

“This,” replied Toni.

Toni leaned over the table and kissed Jeri on the lips. Much to her own shock, Jeri was not offended. In fact, she liked it. But she just sat there stunned.

“You never been with a girl before?” Toni asked.

Jeri shook her head.

“Again,” she said a few seconds later. “With tongues.”

Toni was only too happy to oblige.

The sight of the two beautiful women kissing passionately attracted attention from other patrons. Jeri and Toni loved it.

“Wanna do m…?” asked Toni.

“Hell yeah!” interrupted Jeri.

The ladies raced to Toni’s place and devoured each other. Jeri had her first taste of pussy and loved it.

By the next morning, Jeri considered herself proudly bisexual. And she felt she’d found an answer to a nagging feeling she’d had since she was a teenager.

Her parents were not thrilled when she told them though.

A couple of years later, Jeri was watching porn on her computer and rubbing her clit. She came upon a video featuring an alleged teenaged blonde who called herself Taylor Dream riding a huge cock reverse cowgirl. When she saw face of the cock’s owner, she immediately recognized him.

Jeri’s Imagination Runs Wild

A few days after she broke her leg, Jeri Jensen only felt a dull ache. Sitting on her sofa and flipping through channels, she became bored out of her mind. She stopped on the CI Network when she saw a woman who reminded her of Penny.

As she thought about her, Jeri choked up.

Those days are over. Gotta move forward.

Jeri sighed and grabbed her crutches. She gently pulled herself up off the sofa and slowly made her way to her apartment’s kitchen for a diet soda. Then she saw an erotic novel she’d finished reading it a couple of weeks earlier sitting on a table. Then Jeri suddenly wondered if there weren’t some free erotic stories available on the web. Trying to carry the soda while walking with the crutches, she made her way back to the sofa and put the can of soda on a coaster while trying to maintain her balance. Jeri gently lowered herself down, propped her leg back on top of a thick pillow, and reached over and picked up her laptop off the coffee table. Putting it on her lap, Jeri flipped up the Macbook’s lid and the screen came to life. She launched Firefox and entered the phrase “free erotic stories” into the Google search engine. Within a couple of seconds, links to Literotica pages popped up. Her interest was piqued immediately.

She read a few stories and was impressed with the quality and sheer hotness of some of the amateur writings. In particular, she liked a story called “He Stole My Virginity, Then He Stole My Heart”.

The story was about a wealthy, uptight nineteen-year-old girl named Lesley who lost every virginity she had to a robber.

The robber had broken into her family’s home thinking the house was empty. After going from room to room putting valuables in his duffle bag, he entered Lesley’s bedroom and saw her sleeping above the covers completely nude. The robber became excited and decided that the opportunity was just too good to pass up. Lesley woke up when the robber grabbed her and forced her to blow him. She struggled and tried to fend off the masked intruder, but he was far too strong. She screamed when his cock viciously tore through her hymen.

Then Lesley began liking the brutality being inflicted on her and goaded the robber on. Then the robber rammed his dripping hard cock in Lesley’s ass. She screamed, but the screams of agony soon became screams of ecstasy.

Lesley, to Jeri’s shock, left with the robber and married him a week later. Lesley said being dominated like she was had excited her. Her family disowned her, and she went from a nice home in a wealthy neighborhood to a cheap three-room apartment in a bad part of town.

Lesley insisted she was happy when her father showed up at her door and said all was forgiven and tried to convince his daughter to return home where she was loved.

Lesley told him to fuck off.

When the robber, whose name was Joe Scott, lost his legitimate job, he got a bunch of his buddies together and convinced them to shell out $300 each for the pleasure of fucking his beautiful wife.

They gangbanged Lesley mercilessly.

She loved it.

Lesley eventually became a prostitute. She counted a few prominent civic leaders among her clients. Lesley dumped Joe Scott and became independent, and then opened an escort agency.

Hornier than hell, Jeri broke out her big dildo. After getting the dildo slick with her saliva and her now copiously flowing pussy juices, she slid it in. Jeri gasped at the feeling being invaded by the thick dildo and groaned loudly. After a few gentle strokes to get warmed up, Jeri began to violently pump it in and out of her pussy.

As Jeri fucked herself, she imagined that her apartment was being broken into while she slept. The robber sees her. Totally nude and uncovered. Long blonde hair cascading over her pretty face and down to her delicate shoulders. Her small breasts heaved with breaths of deep slumber. Her completely shaved pussy totally exposed. The robber becomes excited and can’t control himself and decides to rape her. But the robber is unaware that Jeri is a cock-craving slut and she practically rapes him. Swallowing his Karl-sized cock and blowing it to full erection, she forces him to brutalize her pussy and then her asshole before he finally shoots a gallon of cum down her throat. Jeri didn’t spill a drop.

She came so hard so many times that she couldn’t tell where one orgasm ended and another one began. As the last one subsided, a very sweaty Jeri chuckled about the plight of her imaginary robber.

Poor bastard.


Besides making her horny, the Literotica stories also reawakened Jeri’s interest in writing, which she hadn’t done in a very long time. As a high schooler, Jeri thought she might actually become a writer. Her English teacher told her she had an aptitude for it. While beginning to write her debut story, Jeri snickered at how prim-and-proper Mrs. Paulus would react if she were to read the kind of stories Jeri had in mind to write.

Jeri remembered those English lessons as she picked up her Macbook and launched Word.

She began typing out a first draft about her passionate relationship with a beautiful girl whom she called “Penny Robbins.” It was a pseudonym, of course, except for the name Penny, which was Jeanette Lynn Davis’ nickname. Penny had gotten it when was a small child because of her reddish-brown red hair. It had natural highlights that, depending on the lighting, appeared coppery.

Like a penny.

She legally changed her name to Penny Lynn Davis soon after she turned eighteen.

When they first saw each other, Penny Davis was an introverted nineteen year-old who worked as a barista at the Starbucks in the Deerfield Mall. Jeri stopped in occasionally for a latte during her lunch break from the dealership or on her days off.

On occasion, Jeri had caught Penny sneaking peeks at her.

Sometimes, when Jeri suddenly turned around as if a sixth sense told her she was being watched, Penny would get unnerved or gasp, and then pretend to be busy with something else or quickly walk to the back of the store.

Jeri thought it was charming. Penny’s shyness made Jeri desire her all the more. But Jeri wasn’t certain if Penny was lesbian or bi or simply curious, and Jeri didn’t want to scare the girl by blatantly coming on to her.

Then again, Jeri thought, Penny could’ve been simply admiring her body and nothing more. But as soon as she thought it, she dismissed the ludicrous notion. If anything, Penny was the one with the body to admire. She was about 5’8″, and she was very curvy with a C-cup chest.

One day, after she caught Penny peeking again, Jeri decided to find out once and for all if Penny was as attracted to her as she was to Penny.

Later that night, just before the Starbucks closed, Jeri returned to the mall and parked near the store employees’ door. While waiting in her car, Jeri tried to imagine what Penny looked like under her uniform, and how silky soft her sexy body would feel in her hands. Jeri had to resist the urge to lift up her miniskirt and pull her barely-there panties aside and satisfy her pent-up need to release the tension.

Jeri didn’t have to wait long for Penny. About ten minutes later, she walked out alone. Jeri exited her car and called out to her. Penny gasped and her face became red hot when she recognized who it was in the poorly lit area that had addressed her. Penny apologized profusely for staring at her so much and said she really needed the job and begged Jeri to not tell her boss.

Jeri immediately felt like a fool and turned red-faced. In her excitement, she hadn’t considered the possibility of Penny misconstruing her presence.

“Sorry, Penny. I wasn’t thinking. Believe me, I’m not mad at you at all,” Jeri reassured her.

Penny sighed in relief and nervously asked, “Then why are you here?”

Jeri told Penny she simply wanted to know if she if was attracted to her.

Penny looked down and nodded slightly.

“Hey, Penny, it’s okay. Really,” Jeri reassured her. She lifted the younger woman’s chin up. “I didn’t mean to frighten you, girl.”

Penny smiled in relief.

“Oh, you didn’t frighten me, uh…? What’s your name?” Penny asked.

“Jeri. Jeri Jensen,” replied Jeri.

“Pretty name,” Penny said. Then she blushed. “Ohmigod, that was a come-on wasn’t it? Oh, jeez, I’m sorry. I’m really bad at th…”

Jeri put a finger to Penny’s lips.

“Thank you, Penny,” Jeri said quietly. “What’s wrong? You’ve been with other women, right?”

Penny nodded.

“One,” she said. She looked around nervously as if she feared someone was eavesdropping, and saw two of the mall’s maintenance guys smoking nearby and looking at the them.

Penny gasped and hid her face.

“Listen, can we talk somewhere else, Jeri?” Penny asked quietly.

“Sure, Penny,” replied Jeri. “Wanna go to the park?”

Penny nodded.

They hurried to their cars. Penny and followed Jeri the mile to the deserted city park. The clear night sky afforded them a stunning view of the heavens.

They sat on a bench and talked. Then they began hugging and kissing.

Penny Opens Up To Jeri

Jeri broke the kiss after about a minute.

“That was nice, Penny,” she said. “So…?”

“Huh?” Penny asked.

“What’s going on in that pretty head, huh?” Jeri prodded as she smoothed back a strand of Penny’s hair.

Penny sighed. She couldn’t believe she was about to spill her innermost thoughts to a woman she barely knew. But Jeri Jensen seemed so genuine and caring. She felt such an attraction to Jeri. Not just on a sexual level, but on a human level.

“I guess I’m… It’s hard to explain,” she explained. “I’ve had this… thing for women for a long time, but…”

She hesitated.

“Go on, Penny,” Jeri said, holding her hand and lightly squeezing it. “Let it out. Believe me, you’ll feel better talking to someone who understands.”

Penny sniffed back tears and nodded

“Okay,” she said, taking a deep breath and exhaling.

“I had these feelings, and I never knew why I had them,” she continued.

Penny told Jeri that she’d lost her virginity to her first boyfriend, a guy named James. He broke up with her a couple of weeks later because she seemed disinterested in sex. A few weeks later, she had her first-ever sexual contact with a woman: a twenty-seven-year-old woman named Deirdre, who lived across the street with her husband, Bobby, who was a police officer.

The night before, Deirdre had offered to take Penny to a nearby store to help her update her wardrobe for job interviews, and told Penny to come over the following afternoon. When Penny arrived at Deirdre’s home, she knocked. Deirdre yelled for Penny to come in; the door was unlocked.

Penny walked to the bathroom and saw Deirdre dressed in a tiny bra and panties. Penny was stunned. She’d always thought Deirdre was beautiful, but she looked more stunning with nearly nothing on. Penny said she couldn’t help but stare.

Jeri snickered involuntarily. Penny gave her a playful annoyed look. Jeri apologized and nudged Penny to continue.

But rather than getting angry or uncomfortable or going into her bedroom and putting on her clothes, Deirdre hugged her and kissed her, and Penny didn’t resist.

“Jeri, I had no idea Deirdre was bi!” Penny insisted. “But all those feelings I told you I had? Well, I told her. We made love, and I loved it. I mean, I really didn’t know what I was doing, but I loved it. It just felt… I dunno… natural.”

Jeri smiled.

“Sounds like a nice moment, girl,” she told Penny. “You guys still together?”

Penny shook her head. “The police department had to fire three officers, and Bobby was one of them. He got hired on by the Cleveland PD,” she said.

Then Penny looked sad.

“My parents. They, uh… They asked me why I was spending so much time with Deirdre, and uh… Dad made a comment that maybe I was a lesbian. He sounded like he was joking, but it pissed me off. Jeri, I love my parents, but they’re really religious and…”

Penny began crying. Jeri squeezed her hand to comfort her.

“Um… I told them that I was bi,” she said. “Ohmigod, they freaked! Anyway, we’re… Well, we’re talking some now, but it’s not easy getting them to understand that they did nothing wrong.”

Jeri could relate.

“Jeri, it’s just so… confusing,” Penny said, throwing up her hands in exasperation. “I like guys and girls, but I don’t know what I like better. I think… maybe…”

Penny shrugged her shoulders.

“Aww, babe,” said Jeri sympathetically. Penny rested her head on Jeri’s shoulder and cried. She held Penny close.

“Listen, Penny. Every bisexual woman goes through it. Hell, I did. Still do at times,” Jeri confessed.

“You do?” asked Penny skeptically.

“Mmm-hmm,” Jeri replied. “I love women, but I really want a man who loves me and accepts me for who and what I am and isn’t threatened by it. I’ve had such shitty luck with men. My ptoblem is that I’m too addicted to cock to be a complete lez, you know?”

Penny snickered and playfully punched Jeri’s arm. The two women burst out in laughter.

Jeri shivered.

“God, it’s getting cold. Let’s go to my place, Pen,” she suggested.

Penny nodded.

The two women made love for hours. Jeri, being more experienced, showed Penny how to make love to a woman. Penny was a quick learner. When they awoke the following morning, they made love again. Each woman thought they’d found true love. Jeri and Penny became inseparable, and Penny moved in soon afterward.

They exchanged simple gold friendship rings and wore them proudly.

One night, Penny said she wanted to introduce Jeri to her parents. They invited them over to their apartment. Dinner with Gerald and Mary Davis was friendly, but reserved. Jeri actually liked them despite their differences, and she hoped to show them how deeply in love her and their daughter were and to try to help heal the rift. Jeri wanted to think she’d helped.

As they lay in bed after they left, Jeri told Penny that when she’d told her parents that she was bisexual, her late father, Bob, ranted angrily about it being wrong and cursed her out. She cursed him back.

“Just a nasty, nasty scene,” Jeri said sadly.

In contrast, Jeri said her mother, Abigail, only sat by quietly. Jeri said she confronted her about it later, and that her mother insisted that she was not making any judgments and was only respecting everyone’s feelings and beliefs.

Jeri said that she thought she was avoiding the issue and making excuses.

Although they loved each other, mother and daughter had only spoken a handful of times since her father died six months earlier. Although Bob Jensen told Jeri he loved her unconditionally before he passed away, Jeri said she thought he never fully accepted her bisexuality.

Jeri choked up. Penny leaned over and kissed Jeri on the cheek and tried to comfort her.

The Failed Relationships With Men

Jeri had been in two serious relationships with men. She didn’t consider Karl a serious beau, nor did she consider Robert Edwards one either.

Soon after Penny moved out, Jeri began dating Robert. But about three weeks later, he said was moving to Atlanta. But not only did Robert not ask Jeri to come with him, he didn’t tell her until after they’d had sex.

Jeri reacted angrily. Robert accused her of being presumptuous and bluntly told her he thought Jeri’s deficiencies were, and why a long-term relationship would not work.

Jeri cried. She really didn’t mind being a glorified booty call, but she hated being deceived.

Jeri immediately swore off men, but after a couple of days, she realized her vow had little substance.

Losing Penny

Penny Davis had changed a lot in the time she and Jeri Jensen were a couple.

Penny’s shyness was slowly replaced with increased self-confidence. Her quiet demeanor was slowly replaced by measured outspokenness.

Penny Davis had grown up a lot.

In the latter part of their relationship, Jeri barely recognized the girl she’d first fallen in love with.

Penny’s new attitude ultimately led to her being promoted to assistant manager of her Starbucks. Both ladies occasionally saw men and they once even doubled up on one of Penny’s male friends who had just gotten out of a bad relationship. But neither saw any other women.

However, they began to grow distant. Arguments over minor issues became more frequent and more heated. They would make up and apologize, then they’d have another argument.

Then one night, they had a major blowup. Things were never the same afterward.

Penny said she was too tired to make love because she’d had a rough shift at Starbucks and only wanted to sleep.

Jeri coldly said she thought Penny was more interested in her career than her; Penny yelled back that Jeri was arrogant and possessive, and bluntly said that if Jeri thought she’d made her, she was dead wrong.

The words stung Jeri, who denied it. The fight ended with Penny angrily packing her suitcase and storming out. She stayed the next few nights with her parents.

Both women cried themselves to sleep. It was the first night in a long time that they hadn’t slept in the same bed.

Jeri clutched a T-shirt that lightly smelled of Penny’s favorite perfume. She awoke the next morning and reached over for Penny as usual, but felt nothing. She broke down.

The next day, the women met to talk. They tearfully apologized to each other and professed their love and promised to change. However, it was a brief reunion. They both realized that the old spark was just not there anymore.

Penny Davis was promoted to manager of the new Starbucks being built near their apartment complex. After a couple of months, Penny saved enough to move to a new apartment.

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