car chace

Chapter 8A”That is a lie dad.”

“I know, but Stephano enjoyed it.”

“I am sure he did, up to the point where I hit him.”

“I have been meaning to talk to you about that. You are never to lay your hands on him again. It is not proper conduct for young woman to hit anyone, especially her spouse. More importantly, it is not proper conduct for a man to lay a hand on any woman. To do so shows a serious lack of concern for the woman’s welfare, and their relationship. If I ever see either of you hit each other, you will no longer be welcome in my company. Is that understood?”

Patricia looked into her father’s eyes and understood he was not overstating his case. She said, “Yes, papa.”

Stephano replied, “Yes, dad, but could you convince her to take these things off my hands now?”

“No, that is for you two to work out. Jemma, it is time for your punishment; come with me.”

Jemma went to kiss Patricia good night. She said, “I love the way he punishes me.”

“Don’t kill him; I still need him there for my wedding day.”

“Are you kidding me, he is stronger than I am.”

Patricia laughed and turned to look at Stephano. She said, “Now, where were we?”

“We were in the middle of an argument over these mittens.”

“I thought it was a discussion about those mittens.”

“Argument or discussion, I want them off.”

“I want you to keep them on. Let’s go to my bedroom and test them out.”

Stephano shook his head, when she said ‘her bedroom.’ She had never invited him into ‘her bedroom.’ It was a restricted area. She made it painfully and perfectly clear, when they first walked into the villa.

He walked in as she closed and locked the door behind them. She ordered him to bend down, as she pulled his polo shirt over his head, and off his body. He was totally out of his depth now. If she touched his chest it was always under his shirt. He decided to keep his mouth shut and let her go as far as she wanted. He was not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

She pushed him down on the bed, untied his shoes, removed them, and his socks. He knew he was dreaming, when she reached for his belt, unbuttoned the button, and unzipped his slacks. When she reached for his waistband, he raised his hips, so she could remove his pants.

He prayed; “Please God, don’t let me wake up. I will do anything you ask, but don’t let me wake up now.”

His eyes focused on Patricia, and she was doing something she had never done before. She was unbuttoning her blouse. No, she was removing her blouse, and there was a nude colored bra beneath it.

“Oh God, don’t let me come yet. Just a little more time, please don’t let me come yet.”

She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. He looked at the triangle between her thighs, and his mouth watered. He heard an angel say, “Do you remember these?”

He looked up towards the waistband of the panties, and saw the insignia, “Jockey for Women.”

“Yes, I remember.”

He watched as her thumbs moved up to her breasts. She unhooked the front closure of her bra and let it fall open.

That was all he could take. Jets of sperm exploded from his prick. He tried not to scream, but he failed. More sperm left his body than he thought was possible, from one orgasm. When he finally was sated, his body relaxed, and he slipped into a dream-like state. It was the most fabulous dream he had ever had.

He woke up to someone tickling his chest hair. He was only partially conscious and he had no idea what was happening around him, until his eyes focused on Patricia.

“I guess you needed that?”

“I needed what Patricia?”

She pointed towards his groin area. He picked up his head, and saw the flooded area on his shorts. He lay down his head and said, “Oh my God, it was you, it was not a dream.”

“Why do you think I have your hands covered? I know how hard this has been for you. I have been trying to figure a way to give you some pleasure, without abandoning my principles. This is what I came up with. I want to make you happy, and I believe I did.”

“Would you stand up, please, I want to look at your breasts, again.”

She stood up and watched as his smile grew wider and wider. She kneeled on the bed, and brought her breast to his mouth, which stunned him.

She had not prepared to go this far, but her body overruled her brain. He did not believe it, when she put her nipple into his mouth to be suckled by him.

The sensation did things to her she could not fathom. She did not understand how her nipple was connected directly to her clitoris, which in turn was connected to her hormone mechanisms, which started producing fluids that flooded her vagina. She never felt anything like it, not even as she masturbated standing by the tree on her way to the airport.

He was only using his tongue and teeth, but when he changed breasts, it was as if he shifted her body into a higher gear. Her hips started to slide against his thigh in overdrive. Her mind kept telling her to stop, and she tried desperately to obey.

Stephano felt her turn rigid, and try to withdraw from him. He knew she was having a moral battle. He was not going to let her mind control her heart, not now. He was going to let her heart feel what a woman her age was allowed to feel. He pulled her hips back towards his leg. She would not be denied, again; not because of something her mother said to her while she was growing up, nor by some religious scripture. She would reach the heights she had allowed him to reach moments ago, and he would help her go far higher. He was not going to allow her to walk away ‘unfulfilled.’

He trapped her center, between his legs. He forced her to move her hips back and forth, keeping in constant contact with his thigh. He continued nursing on her nipples and nipping at their tips.

Patricia shook her head, saying, “No, no, this isn’t right.”

His reply was firmer. “Yes, you will, you have waited too long. Your body needs this release. Don’t think; let your body feel what’s happening to it.”

She reacted by passionately to his words, moved up to his face, and kissed him.

“I love you, Stephano; I would only do this with you.”

“I will not take advantage of you. I swear by all that is holy, you will go to your bridal bed a virgin.”

Her moral war was lost because of his words. Her brain acquiesced and her heart took charge. Her hips picked up the motion against his thigh, and Nitro was added to her fuel mixture. Her body rocketed towards completion.

Stephano played with her breasts, nursing from one, then the other quickly. He used his glove-covered hands to squeeze each orb in its turn. Patricia stretched every sinew of her body; in her first, mind-altering attempt to climb the mountain to fulfillment.

Stephano watched in awe as she clawed her way to the top. The only way this could have been better for him, would have been to be inside her. He would wait for that to happen on their wedding night. His gloved hands moved along her flanks, as she moved her panty covered cunt against his leg so fast, heat was building up between them. If it were not for her super lubrication, they would surely have a ‘rug’ burn, in the morning. He pinched her nipples, with his teeth, and watched her eyes roll in her head. She opened her mouth to accept his tongue in a deep, passionate kiss. She was blinded by a rainbow of colors that flashed through her mind, and she screamed in ecstasy, as a giant orgasm overtook her.

Jemma looked at William, “Was that you?”

“No, it wasn’t me; I thought it was you.”

“Nope, it wasn’t me. We must have mice in the attic.” They both laughed, and wondered who would be blushing more at breakfast.”

Patricia lay on top of Stephano’s chest. Her eyes open, looking at herself in the mirror on the wall. She wondered what the person looking back at her would say about what she had done this evening. She was getting angry, with herself, for losing control of the situation.

“Patty, don’t do it. Don’t overthink this situation like you do everything else. I can feel it in your body. You should feel marvelous now. You should feel happy, desired, and loved. You had the courage to demonstrate how intensely you love me. Do you remember what you said? “I would only do this with you, Stephano.” Do you know how special that makes me feel? Do you know how honored I am to have you here with me, at this moment. Of all the men on this planet you could have at the flick of your little finger, you chose me. I feel like the prize turkey in “A Christmas Carol.” The one Mister Scrooge sent the young boy to buy on Christmas Day. There was only one, and you chose me. I will never ever let you down. Trust me; trust yourself; trust love, Patty. Put your mind at ease. I am not going anywhere. I will do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. I love you that much and more.

She was still looking into the mirror, but she was crying now. The same way he could scramble her brains and confuse her, he could unscramble her them, and put them back together again. She propped her body up on her elbows and said, “If I take your gloves off, do you promise to behave?”

“No, Patty; I cannot lie to you. I cannot guarantee it; not with a body like yours around.”

“If you had said yes, I would not have taken them off. I would not have believed you; not for one second.”

She sat beside him, unraveling the yards of duct tape around each of the gloves. When she had taken the last strip of tape off the first gloves, she said to him, “If that glove comes off your hand before I finished taking the tape off the second one, you are banished from my room. Got it?”

“Yes ma’am, I understand. But to clarify the situation, once last piece of tape comes off the second glove, all bets are off?”

“Within the limits of what is exposed at this moment, and not one millimeter further.”


Patricia began removing the tape from the second glove. As she got close to finishing her task she started moving slower and slower and slower.

Stephano asked, “Would you like some help?”

“No, thank you, I am enjoying this very much.”

He smiled. “I bet you are.”

Patricia said, “I’m getting tired, I think I will go to sleep now. I will finish it in the morning.”

Stephano replied, “That is fine with me, what side of the bed do you take?”

“You are not sleeping in here.”

“You could not get me out of here with a squadron of tanks.”

“Stephano, go to your room.”

“Patricia, I am in my room. Anywhere you are from this day forward is my room. You changed all the rules tonight; I didn’t. I had no say in the matter. This was your game, even though I must say it is the loveliest game I have ever played. Now take the rest of the tape off the glove and let’s play.”

“Remember your promise, Stephano. I will die of shame, otherwise.”

“Patricia Garrett–Parent, on my honor, you will go to your bridal bed a virgin. You can hang the bloody sheets from the window of our hotel, and send pictures to all your friends in Massachusetts. I want you for a lifetime, Patricia, not just for one night.”

She pulled the last strip of tape off the second glove, closed her eyes, and waited to be attacked. It did not happen. She opened one eye to see him sitting there looking at her. She asked him what was wrong.

“You haven’t taken the gloves off.”

She removed them one at a time, as she looked into his eyes.

He took her, and folded her into his arms like a precious object he didn’t want to drop. He sat her on his lap, facing him, with her legs wrapped around his back. Biting and kissing her left ear lobe was the beginning of a trip that took him an hour to reach the right ear lobe. His lips and tongue touched and tortured every centimeter of her face, neck, and mouth. His hands; those Omni-Present, fast moving, terrifying items she feared, never left her back. They stayed above her panty line, and never tried to touch any area of forbidden flesh. He did not pull her body away from his chest to touch her breasts. He held her close and loved her, without putting any fear into her mind.

“Would you like to go to sleep now?”

“Only in your arms, Stephano, please.”

“I am not leaving this room tonight, or any other night, you are going to be in it.”

“I have to change my panties. They are soaked through, for some reason.”

“Can I watch while you do that?”

“Yes, as long as you are on the other side of the door.”

“In that case, I have to change my shorts. They are sticking to my skin. I will be back in one second. If you change your mind, and lock the door, I will break it down.”

“I am marrying a caveman.”

Patricia bent down to get a fresh pair of panties and Stephano smacked her bottom and ran out of their room.


Jemma asked, “Was that you, again?”

William laughed, “Nope, I thought it was you.”

“It must be those damn mice. I think we are going to need an exterminator.”

“William, why is Patricia allowed to have more fun than I am?”

“I do not believe my daughter had sex tonight.”

“You mean she has that much fun playing ‘Slap and Tickle?’”

“When you have never played ‘Spin the Bottle’, ‘Slap and Tickle’ is a lot of fun.”

“I have not played ‘Slap and Tickle’ in a long time.”

“Jemma, you have a very short memory. ‘ Slap and Tickle’ is our prelude to making love. They are the games we play before we have penetrating intercourse.”

“I have never played ‘Slap and Tickle’ and stopped before having penetrating intercourse. It seemed to defeat the purpose. Can we try it, today, and see what happens?”

“You know I will do anything you ask. Just give me a moment to prepare.”

William picked up his pillow, went to the closet, and took down a sheet and a blanket. He put them in their bathroom, and returned to bed, carrying extra towels and wet facecloths

Jemma asked, “What is all this for?”

He smiled and said “They are for later.”

He lay down in the bed next to his wife, and began the experiment of ‘Slap and Tickle’ sans sex. He knew his Jemma was not going to enjoy the endgame, and he had the biggest smile on his face, she had ever seen.

She looked up at him and asked, “What do you know that I don’t know?”

“Two things my love: you don’t know how much I love you, and you have no idea how beautiful you truly are.”

As if she needed any more reason to get wet between her thighs, she was now flooded, because of his words. She thought she was sexually mature when she met him, but he told her, and taught her things about her body and how it responded to a man’s touch she never knew existed. She felt like a novice every time he opened her and loved her.

Tonight would be different; for the first time, there would be no penetration. There would be touching, playing, kissing, licking, and orgasms, but no penetration by fingers, toys, or other pleasure bringing instruments. Only tongues were allowed inside their bodies. They stripped the bed of pillows and blankets, leaving nothing to interfere with their movement. Jemma knelt before William and held him in a lovers embrace for long period of time, pleasuring herself with the feel of his body close to hers. Her long arms allowed her to reach everywhere, from the bottom of his buttocks totally round his body and nearly have her fingertips touch. She was a marvel of the human form.

William was not idle during this time. His hands rubbed her flanks, and the sides of her breasts. As soon as their kiss broke, he went for ears, bit the lobes, and pulled on her little earrings. He licked around the crown of her ears and delved inside. He kissed her gorgeous hair, down the trapezius muscle and across to her shoulder. He continued over the cap of her shoulder, which led down to her long fingers. He would have to let her go of her to reach her fingertips. Instead, he brought her fingers to his mouth, and suckled each one of them in its turn. He licked her palm and then each knuckle as he proceeded up the back of her hand to her elbow and bicep to her underarm.

Jemma giggled in the delight. She went for his throat and then up to his chin, which had a full day’s growth of stubbly hair on it. She rubbed her soft skin against it, and reveled in the feel of her husbands’ strong features. She felt like she had known him all her life, because of what he had taught her, not only about her body, but about life, and learning. It had only been eleven months since they met, and seven since they were married. She wanted to go back to work at United Air Lines, after her ninety day leave of absence. William would not hear of it. She argued with him for ten minutes, until he took her to bed and fucked her for the rest of the day and night. She never brought up the subject again.

Jemma laid William down on his chest, and lay her body on top of his, resting and keeping each other warm, with the heat of their bodies. She kissed the back of his neck, his head, and behind both his ears, until she moved down and kissed his broad back and shoulders. She bit his left flank, down to his hip and across to his right hip and back to his spine. She kissed up the rise of his buttocks first on one side and then on the other, and then in between. She kissed him up the rise of his hip and down the slope of his ass, and she heard him groan for the first time. She knew he finally figured out her target. He raised his hips, and spread his legs wide. Lips and tongue kissed around her intended target, until she felt him tense like a rubber band stretched to its limit. She let her tongue probe into that puckered opening, at which point he sighed in relief, and in joy. She insinuated her hand underneath his leg, and grabbed hold of the two magic marbles, enclosed in their sac. She played with them gently, as her tongue moved deeper into his ass. William rose up on to his knees, giving Jemma more access to both her target areas. Her tongue was deep inside him, when her right hand grasped his prick, and pulled it forward, has her left hand pulled his scrotum down.

William groaned in agony, as his Vas was stretched to its limit.

He said, “If I knew you didn’t want to have children, I would have had this procedure done surgically.”

Jemma responded, “If I kiss it, will it make it better?”

“You can try, but remember, no penetration.”

Jemma turned onto her back, and slid her body under his. She kissed each of his balls, and the base of his dick, as she proceeded upward towards the impressive head of his manhood. She licked around the bottom of the bell with the tip of her tongue, which caused him to shiver. Her tongue worked one end and her hand stroked the rest. She knew she was torturing him, because the sounds emanating from his mouth were those of pain and ecstasy combined. She moved up, and circled her tongue around the complete bell end of his penis. She increased the speed at which her tongue was moving, and she increased the speed at which her hand stroked his length.

William could take no more of this torture. He yelled, “Jemmaaaa,” as his cum ejected from his dick, over her head and onto their bed. Only the last few dribbles landed on her hair, face, and onto her lips. She swallowed the droplets immediately, because this might have been against the rules.

William looked at his wife and said, “I think you have just completed Stephano’s part of ‘Slap and Tickle.’ It is now my turn to give you what I believe Stephano helped my daughter accomplish for the first time.”

“She is twenty-two years old, William. Do you really believe what we heard tonight was her first time?”

“I would bet everything that I own and have, in this world, on it.”

“You must have had some effect on her mother, William. You have told me often enough how much Patricia and Laura are the same.”

“We do not even have to look at the two of them together, Jemma. Look at the effect I have had upon you. I do not know what it is about me that allow women to trust me, and take me as I am; but I never take advantage of a woman. What she gives me, I return one hundred fold. When we first met on the aircraft, I gave you something invaluable to use as a way to get inside the corporate structure of your airline, before I took sexual advantage of you. I am not sure how you would’ve acted prior to that experience, with that elderly woman and her husband; but I was extremely pleased with the way you handled yourself.”

“Can we talk about that later, William, I would rather continue on our ‘Slap and Tickle’ fantasy and not have that intrude on our time.”

He did not answer, he went straight for breast, and nipped on the little bud at its end. He suckled it like a newborn babe, which brought Jemma’s hands to his head. She held him there and rocked him, as she would a baby. She felt his hand travel down to the curls above her vagina. He played in the nest, twirling the hairs together and combing them apart with his fingers, until they were straight. He moved the hand along the edge of her Mons, never touching the lips, sliding down to her ass, and onto the little star in the middle. Fingers are not allowed inside, only tongues, and his fingers were busy at this moment. His finger thumped on her ‘Exit door,’ and Jemma was dripping. William changed breasts and circled the perimeter of the other one, with his tongue. Long delicious circles, while his finger continually tapped on her sphincter. When he reached the tip of her breast and bit it, she came. It wasn’t gigantic, but it was enough to release some steam from his 6-foot tall pressure cooker. William was not through with her. He left the breasts and moved up to her face. He kissed her plump, gorgeous, lips, each ear, each cheek, and each eyelid. He said, “Jemma, I love you so much,” as he kissed her once more on her lips. He continued south down the center of her body over her ribs, the flat of her stomach, the swell of her belly, and the nest of her curls. Jemma said, “Oh yes!”

He kissed her on top of her pubic prominence and down to the beginning of the opening of her vagina. He licked her clitoral hood, until her clitoris jumped out, and he bit it, gently. Jemma moaned. He played cat and mouse with this tiny appendage, until it could not hide any longer. It stayed outside its protective covering, and at that point, he ignored it, and moved lower. He licked around the Labia Minora, and Jemma yelled, “Stop teasing me you prick.”

Williams replied, “Dear, you wanted to play ‘Slap and Tickle.’ This is the way the game is played.” His tongue moved down, and into the opening of her vagina, which closed around his tongue. He grabbed her thighs and raised her up to make his aim true. He circled the entrance, and jabbed around its perimeter.

Jemma’s hips moved up, down, left, and right, and in circles, seemingly at the same time. He placed the side of his hand between the cheeks of her ass, and rubbed it up and down, causing heat to build up against her asshole. When she tried to move away from it, the tongue disappeared from the area around her vagina. Her hips thrust forward to find his tongue, only to find the pressure against her ass again. Pleasure and torment, pleasure and torment; he was driving her wild. She knew it, and she knew he knew it.

The release valve on the pressure cooker was about to blow, when William stopped. He got off the bed, took a wet face cloth, and cleaned her face of the sweat, which had accumulated, from her forehead, to her neck. He took a towel, and dried her face and body. He had her roll over, and wiped down her back.

Jemma thought this was a brief interlude, until William said, “Wasn’t that fun dear?”

Jemma screamed, “Get back here and finish me, William. I will kill you if you don’t.”

William backed up towards the bathroom door and said, “Darling, you wanted the same thing my daughter got, and you just did. I wouldn’t want you to think she broke her vow of celibacy, and not go to her marital bed a virgin.”

Jemma stood up on the bed and looked down on him. “We are married, and she is not. Get over here, now.”

“Her marital status is not the point. You wanted what she got tonight, and I gave it to you. You wanted to know how it felt. Now you do.”

Jemma sprang at him from the bed, but William was too quick. He took one-step to the side and another into the bathroom and locked the door.

Jemma started pounding on the door, “William, get your ass out here right now, and take it like a man.”

“Jemma, I gave you exactly what you wanted, and I never go back on my word. You wanted to play a game and see what my daughter and her future husband were doing inside their bedroom. What you forgot was that you are well beyond that point. You are no longer a maiden. You are highly sensual young woman. Once you start down the road to making love, it is like starting a pebble rolling from the top of the mountain. You cannot stop, until it gets to the bottom. I will see you in the morning, dear.”

She screamed, “I am going to find the tool chest and take this door off its hinges. If that doesn’t work I’m going to take a chair and break down the door. If that doesn’t work, I will have Stephano, do it. One way or another, William, I am getting laid tonight.”

He did not answer her. She banged on the door, and he still did not answer her. She yelled at him to talk to her, and still he did not answer her. She put her head against the door and started crying, “William please talk to me.”

From the bed he said, “One day you will remember the bathroom connects to two bedrooms, and the key to open the lock is on top of the door jam.”

“I knew about the other door, I thought you would lock that one also. I forgot about the key.”

“What time is it Jemma?”

“Why, what difference does it make?”

He did not answer; he just looked right at her.

“It is 12:03 AM, William.”

He still just looked at her, waiting for her to think of something and finally the light bulb went on. She yelled, “It’s tomorrow. It’s a new day. The game is over.”

William asked, “Would you like to come to bed now?”

“No, William, I am sure we need a shower!”

“I better bring the towels in there; we are going to need them.”


Sandy wanted to try ‘Woman on Top’ this time, and Fred was not about to stop her. He told her there was another way to do it if she wanted to try it.

Sandy looked at him and said, “I can’t imagine there being another way for me to be on top, and you still being able to put it in the same way.”

“Sandy, do you trust me?”


“Then do what I tell you to do, and don’t worry about anything else.”

She was already moist from their foreplay, when he picked her up and had her straddle his hips, looking away from him.

“What are you going to do from back there,” she asked.

“Sandy put my prick into your pussy, and put your hands on my thighs for balance.”

“Okay.” Wherever Sandy was, Cindy was sure to be. Cindy watched as her sister inserted Fred’s dick into her puss, and started slowly rising up and down on it. Once she got the feel for it, she let go of his thighs and started bouncing up and down on it, without any assistance. She had a large smile on her face.

“Cin, this is the greatest.”

Fred called Cindy over to him and told her to sit on his face.

“Excuse me?”

“Cindy, come here and sit on my face. You are going to love this.”

Cindy started moving towards him, ass first, and Fred said, “Turn around and grabbed the headboard and I will put you into position.”

Sandy was bouncing away, having a wonderful time, until she heard Cindy yell, “SHIT! This is fantastic.”

Sandy bottomed out, stopped, and looked over her shoulder to see what was going on. She grinned when she saw Cindy having her pussy licked by Fred. She stayed impaled on his dick, turned around, so she could watch what they were doing. She picked up her own rhythm and began playing with her clit, so she could heat herself up faster. She liked cuming, better than she liked chocolate, and she liked chocolate a lot. Watching Cindy and Fred made her even hotter and she reached forward and touched Cindy’s breasts.

Cindy turned her head and saw Sandy smiling at her. She kissed her sister, and lay back on Fred’s stomach. Sandy played with her sister’s breasts, as Cindy used her thumb and played with Sandy’s clit.

As soon as Cindy touched her, Sandy’s fluids gushed from her opening and around Fred’s dick. Twins being twins, Fred was on the receiving end of a gusher, also.

He said, “Cindy, are you trying to drown me?”

“Yell at Sandy, she started it.”

“Is that a twin joke?”

“Well, sort of, we feed off one another.”

“It must be fun when you to take tests.”

“Yes, Sandy’s the smart one; I just tag along for the ride.”

Fred looked at Cindy and said “Get a drink for you and your sister. Put two pillows on the floor, by the television. Sandy, honey, when we are finished, I want you to lie down on the floor, put your hips on the pillow, and watch television. Stay there until I tell you, you can move.”

“Okay, Fred.”

“Cindy, when you and I are finished, I want you to join your sister.”

“Is this to increase the chance of us getting pregnant?”

“Yes, it is. When this weekend is over, I want you to keep in touch with me. I am going to give you an address, which I expect you to hold it in the strictest of confidence. If you ever need anything at all, I expect to hear from you. Don’t wait, contact me immediately. I will make sure you have whatever it is you need.”

“Thank you, Fred that is very nice of you.”

He said, “Girls, I think it is only fair that each of you carry half of my address. Is that okay with you?”

Cindy and Sandy said, “Yes!”

“I’m glad you agreed, because you are going to be carrying the address in your asses. It is the only way to do it safely, because they have everything else covered. When you leave here or possibly while you are here, they are going to make sure that I have done my job. I doubt very sincerely that they will give you a rectal exam. After you leave, when you go to the bathroom, look for the piece of plastic, rinse it off, write down the information on it, and hide it in a safe place. Don’t forget to get rid of the plastic bits. I am going to have to push it in deep, just in case they give you a finger wave. We will have to do this tomorrow about 2 PM, because the switch will be made at 4 PM. I want your Social Security numbers just in case they make you change your name. I wish I had more time with you. I could do so much for you. I wonder if they would let me buy all four of you.”

“You mean like slaves?”

“Between them and me, it would be a business deal. Between the four of you and me, it would mean your freedom. You would owe me nothing. I would set you up in another part of the country, pay for your schooling, and help you bring up the kids. I would place no demands on your bodies. Your social life would be your own. There would be no drugs, no alcohol allowed. I would have an attorney set up a guardianship of some type, to keep an eye on you. You will need some type of adult supervision to make sure everything is okay with you and the kids, especially at the beginning. I can get you nannies that will take care of the children, while you attend college. I will buy a house big enough for the four of you, plus the kids. It will be mass pandemonium, at the beginning, but you will be on your own and you will be free. What do you think?”

“Do we have to say yes or no now? Can we think about it? Can we talk to our mom? She did not do any of this to us. It was our dad that screwed us. She is heartbroken over this mess. If we leave, she will kill him, and wind up in jail; or she will die of a broken heart.”

“If she is okay with this arrangement, it will take care of one of the problems, with setting up your household. She will be the adult in charge of every day operations. I will still have an attorney oversee the entire project to make sure everything is working smoothly. However, your mother must divorce your dad. She is allowed to see my email address. You are not allowed to use it on your home or school computers. Go to a library or an Internet café and use one there, but never one that can be traced to you. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Fred.”

“Okay, back to making babies. Who is up?”

Cindy and Sandy started jumping up and down, saying, “Me! Me! Me!”

Fred walked back to the bed, saying, “I should always have such problems.”

“Come to me, Sandy, let’s finish what we started. Cindy, do what you were told to do.”

Cindy faked a frown, kicked the carpet, and went into the kitchen to get the drinks.

He looked into Sandy’s eyes and said, “I have so much, and I have denied myself so much in my life. You and your sister have opened my heart in one evening. I cannot tell you how happy you have made me. I love you both.” In the back of his mind, he thought, I am going to buy a newer car.

He kissed her gently, even though she hungered for a little bit more than he gave her. She followed along, and he continued kissing and teasing her until she was sweltering from the torments of his tongue. She was new to all of this, being only her fourth time, and she did not know how her body worked yet, but she knew she liked how it felt. She knew she liked how Fred started the fires inside her. Moreover, she knew she liked Fred. She thought he was twice her age, probably a few years older than her mother, but he was fit, and trim. If they ever met, she knew her mother would like him.

Fred bit her on her nipple, and she said, “Ouch!” He smiled at her and asked if she would like to join him in the here and now, instead of wherever her mind was off to. She blushed, but she told him she was thinking of him, and her mother.

Fred said, “Oh, really? Are we matchmaking already? I am fucking one of your mother’s daughters, and I do not believe she would appreciate it. “

“Mom knows it’s something my father caused. We could have been thrown onto the streets, as hookers, because of him. Somehow, through the grace of God, we got to be with you. If my mother had a choice, where do you think she would want us to be?”

“I think she would rather you be at home, with Cindy’s head between your thighs.” Sandy started laughing as Fred pushed himself deep inside her.

She said to him, “If I had a choice between Cindy’s head, or your dick between my thighs, your dick wins 100 percent of the time.”

“Young woman, you had better stop that, or you are going to give me a swelled head.”

“Isn’t that what happens just before you cum?”

“Very funny, Sandy.”

“Fred, we’ve always done it soft and nice. You said sometimes fucking is hard, and needy. Could we do it that way this time?”

“It could hurt a little; as a matter fact it could hurt a lot, but if you want to try it that way, it is okay with me.”

“If I don’t like it, I will not ask for it again.”

“Wrap your arms around my neck, and your legs around my thighs, and hold on. One hard fuck coming up.”

Fred took a deep breath, penetrated all the way in, pulled all the way out, hesitated, and like a battering ram, forced his weight in to her depths and back out as fast as he could, time after time. His mouth sought hers during this onslaught, and they kissed throughout the furious fuck. His soul was on fire, and her body was the equal to his in movement. As soon as she found his rhythm, she joined him. They sounded like two percussion instruments, slamming against each other, until one gigantic sound left both of them speechless.

Cindy was sitting down watching television, instead of watching them play; until she heard the racket going on in the bedroom. She was standing by the door, jamming her fingers deep into her pussy, as Sandy and Fred crashed together. It was manic, it was insane, it was frightening, it was animalistic, and it was amazing to watch.

Sandy screamed at High ‘C’ and held it there for added effect, as she squirted her fluids everywhere.

Fred sounded like an elephant seal beaching itself, with its last ounce of strength. When it was over, neither of them moved. Sandy was safely plugged by Fred’s cock, which was still partially erect, and deep inside her.

Cindy was so excited by the action she watched, she decided to be playful, with Fred. She walked over to his side of the bed, and tickled his nose, until he opened his eyes. When his eyes focused on her, she said, “I am ready!”

He mumbled, “Cindy, go fuck yourself.”

She thought for a second and said, “You haven’t taught me how to do that yet.”

He threw a pillow at her, as she scampered out of the bedroom.

He propped himself up on his elbows, to see what effect this last session had on Sandy. Her eyes were already open, and she was grinning at him.

“Thank you, Fred. I don’t know what you do for a living, but if it’s legal and there is a calling for a man to train young women in the art of making love and enjoying it; I will write your resume and give you your first review. That was everything I hoped it would be, and more.”

Fred kissed her neck and her lips and said, “Remember what I said before, ‘you are the stronger sister.’ You are going to make some man so happy he is going to worship at your feet.”

“Thank you, Fred, I think I love you.”

“No, you do not love me. You love what I have been able to do for you, without hurting you. You love that I understood your plight, and I am trying to do right by you, your sisters, and possibly your mother. I hope everything works out for all of us, and if it does, I will be very happy.”

They both knew Cindy was listening, covertly, to their conversation, so Fred winked at Sandy and said, “I think I will fuck Cindy up the ass now, I have to prepare her for the message tomorrow. She woke me up before, and told me she was ready.”

Cindy screamed “I am not ready for that. There is no way you’re sticking that thing up my bottom.”

Sandy laughed and said, “Don’t worry, Cindy, it’s only the first eight inches that hurts.”

Cindy looked at her sister warily and asked, “You’ve done it already?”

“Yes, where were you?”

“I must have been asleep, because I don’t remember you screaming.”

“Cindy, there was nothing to scream about. Fred was very gentle, he went very slowly, and everything worked out fine.”

Cindy straightened her back and said, “Well, if you can do it, I certainly can.”

Sandy replied, “Heck Cindy, I never had a doubt in my mind.”

Cindy asked, “Fred, what do you need me to do?”

“The first thing I need you to do is give me a little time to recuperate. After that I will tell you what we need to do. Would you go into the kitchen and get me a glass of water with some ice please.”

As soon as Cindy, Fred said, “Sandy, are you sure about this?”

“Fred, she’s been sticking stuff up her ass for so long, I think it’s about time she got the real thing up there. I don’t have to tell you how to do it, because you have been wonderful.”

Susan Robbins and half the population of Cottonwood, in Prescott attended the services for the eight fallen police officers of Sedona. Each of the police officer widows, and FBI agent Alan Robbins, wife, received an American Flag in honor of their husbands’ service to their State, and their Country. Susan felt out of place because she knew Alan was alive, but this was part of the subterfuge to keep everyone thinking he was dead, and would not be able to testify in court against the members of the four mob families. The president was here, which meant these proceedings would be shown not only nationwide, but worldwide. All the right and wrong people would see the widows. It was imperative that she be sitting ‘Front and Center’, and later being consoled, by the president himself.

Police officers from around the state and the nation attended the funeral. Never in the history of the country had so many police officers died in one violent Mob-related action. The every state in the nation flew its flag at Half-Staff, in honor of these fallen heroes.

When the services were over, traffic leaving Sedona was a nightmare. Cassandra Middleton walked over to Sergeant Sherwood and asked if she could get a ride to Cottonwood with him, because she and her ride had gotten separated. He told her it would be his pleasure. He made sure he was alone in the car with her.

“Cassandra, I am sorry we missed our night together, and I didn’t call you to explain why. We have been very shorthanded, since the incident, and things have been hectic around the office.”

“Sergeant, Amanda called and explained what was happening and apologized for you. She didn’t have to do it, because I listened to the television and knew what was happening in Sedona. I knew our men were involved, and if they were involved, you were leading them. You have nothing to apologize for, and the whole town is grateful for what you and our men did to keep us safe.”

“It is what we get paid for Cassandra. In our line of work it is: 99% boredom and 1% sheer terror. I never want to go through anything like that 1% ever again.”

“I still want you to come over for dinner. I don’t want to wait one week for that to happen, either. I want you at my house tomorrow night or the night after, at the latest. Susan gave me her recipe for pot roast. She said it is your favorite. I will do my best to make it like hers.”

“Cassandra, instead of trying to mimic my cousin, why don’t you make me something you like instead. I think I would enjoy that more.”

“If you like Italian, I make mean homemade ravioli.”

“Who doesn’t like Italian food? I have not had good ravioli, since I went to a police conference in Chicago. I will bring the wine, and I will try to find crisp Italian bread along with it.”

“That would be great, Sergeant, I’ll see you about eight tomorrow night.”

“How did you know I got off at 7 o’clock? No, don’t bother answering that question. I know the answer already. Amanda told you, didn’t she?”

“No, Susan did; and if you keep saying nasty things about my friend Amanda, I’m going to tell Joe.”

“If you tell Joe what I just said, I will not be at dinner tomorrow night.”

“It will not be the first time you stood me up.”

“How many times have I stood you up Cassandra?”

“Should I start with high school, or do you want me to start after you came home from the Marines.”

“Weren’t you married when I came home from the service?”

“Sergeant, you are an ass hole. I got married two and a half years after you got home. If you hadn’t had your head so far up your ass, you and I would have been married back then.”

“Can I get a second chance?”

“You can start by showing up at dinner tomorrow night, on time.”

“I will be there, on time.”

He knocked on her door at 7:50 PM, with twenty-four yellow roses, an expensive bottle of wine, and Italian bread that was anything but crisp. He apologized for the bread.

Cassandra could not have cared less about the bread, because she loved the yellow roses. She loved them so much; she kissed him passionately on the lips, which knocked Sergeant back a few steps. He had not kissed a woman like that in more than twelve years. He was married to his job, and everything else came third or fourth in his life. Susan came in second, until Alan came along. Now, he had some breathing room, and maybe, just maybe, room for someone else in his life. He did not want to fuck this up, before he had a chance to see if it could blossom.

“What is that wonderful aroma?”

“That is dinner, dummy. What have you been living on, ‘Hungry Man dinners and take-out food?’”

“You have just named my complete menu for the week.”

“When was the last time you had a physical? Are all your arteries clogged? Please tell me you are taking an aspirin a day to keep your heart pumping.”

“Cassandra, I will have you know I am a perfect physical specimen. My last physical was seven months ago, and the Doctor told me, I was within the glycemic index for my height and weight. My blood pressure was fine, and even my cholesterol was good. My triglycerides were slightly high, but he wants me to exercise more, because my ass was getting flat from sitting on a chair too much.”

“Turn around, let me see your ass.”

Sergeant turned around and let her get a good look at his ‘Flat’ ass.

“The doctor is right. It is not fat, it is flat. Exercise will do you good.”

“Who is going to do the paperwork in the office, if it is not me? Every time I turn around, there is another pile of it, waiting to get done. I have to run out of the office, in between piles of paper, so I can get into my car and go on patrol every now and again. I did not sign up for a desk job, but when they promoted me to Sergeant, that’s what I got.”

“Poor Sergeant Sergeant Sherwood stuck behind a desk with no place to go.”

“Don’t mock me, Cassandra; Marines want to be out front where the action is. Paperwork is for the Air Force. The Army and the Navy and the Marines are the fighters. Ninety percent of Air Force personnel are paper jockeys. The other ten percent are the pilots and they do the fighting. You hear about the B-2 bomber. There are two pilots on board that aircraft. The support staff and ground crew probably range from the hundreds per aircraft, to the thousands per active sortie. They are all paper pushers. They are necessary, but all they do is push paper. The Marines are different. The Army is different. The Navy is different. We are out front. We are the fighters.”

“Why didn’t you fight for me? I gave you every signal in the book I wanted you. I told Susan to tell you I wanted you. The only thing left for me to do was to hit you over the head with a crowbar, and tell you I wanted you. All you did was stay on the sideline. You totally ignored me. You broke my heart. At one point, I thought you were gay.”

“Cassie, I must have been blind. I never saw it. I saw you surrounded by all those men. You were the most beautiful girl in class. I never thought I had a chance with you. I saw you looking at me, but I thought you were making fun of me. How could such a beautiful girl want someone like me? It was the reason I went into the Marines, after I graduated high school. I wanted to run away. I couldn’t stand the thought of being pitied. I chose the Marines, because I knew they were not going to pity me. They were going to make me into the type of man I wanted to be. I had no idea they were also going to make me an island unto myself. They made me self-sufficient. They made me impenetrable. No one could get through to me, if I did not want them to. It was my job and Susan, and nothing else mattered. I’m sorry if I hurt you, it was not intentional. It is who I was at the time.”

“Who are you now Sergeant?”

“I am older, slower, hopefully a little wiser, and if it’s not too late, I would really like to get to know you better.”

“You have known me since I was thirteen years old. That was twenty-nine years ago. How much better do you need to know me? What have you been waiting for, an invitation?”

“I told Susan I did not want to rush this; I wanted this to work out for the both of us for a long time to come. She almost hit me when I said it. She said the last of the confirmed bachelors is going to bite the dust. I don’t want to jump into bed with you and ruin that. I really want us to work. I screwed it up when I was twenty-four, I do not want to screw it up again.”

“Come into the kitchen with me for a minute I have to do two things.”

Cassandra walked into the kitchen, took the ravioli off the table, put it into the oven.

She picked up the phone and pushed a speed dial number.

“Hi Amanda, everything’s fine. He is taking the next two days off. Make sure he’s covered please. Thank you very much, dear.”

“Cassie, I cannot take the next two days off. We are too busy. I am shorthanded. I have three people helping out in Sedona. The rest of my men are working twelve on and twelve off. They are going to be exhausted.”

“Should I call Amanda back, and have you speak to Joe. Four of our men have been deputized by the judge to handle the midnight duties, so your people can get some rest; that includes you. You are off for the next forty-eight hours, and you are not leaving this house. Do you have anything else to say?”

“I don’t have any clean clothes with me.”

“Who said you are going to be wearing clothes. Take me to bed before I take out my rolling pin, and use it on your head.”

“Cassie, it has been a very long time.”

“It is okay Sergeant; I will treat you like a virgin.”

“Cassie, somehow I don’t think you missed your ride.”

“Sergeant, you are a little bit slower than you used to be; sometimes I like it slow, and easy. Other times I like it hard and fast. Do you think you can remember that, or should I be on top for the next two days?”

“I remember the basics Cassie, but I also remember my manners. When a lady is desirous of being on top, you have to afford her that opportunity, every once in a while.”

“That is mighty big of you Sergeant. Now I have to see if Susan was lying to me, or not. Sit down, so I can take off your shoes.”

She was not gentle with his shoes, as one came off; she threw it against the wall behind her. Its twin soon joined it, along with both socks. Cassandra stood up and pushed Sergeant down onto her bed. She reached for his belt buckle, button, and zipper, and made short work of them.

“Do not make me ask you to raise your hips Sergeant.”

The last time he saw a look like that was on Parris Island, and he did not like it there either. He raised his hips off the bed to allow her to remove his pants. It surprised him when she not only took his pants but his shorts, along with them. His eyes opened like saucers as he realized he was naked below the waist.

“If you move, I will cut it off. Susan did not lie when she said it was a good size hunk of meat. I am going to enjoy this. She knelt down between his knees and without using her hands swallowed him whole. He was not flaccid, but neither was he close to being erect. Her mouth worked on him, while her fingers undid the buttons of his shirt. He was soon as hard as steel, and his chest was bare.

Sergeants’ fingers played with her hair, but put no pressure on her head. His eyes were sunk, deep in their sockets, and he knew he did not have much time before he would cum.

Cassandra moved one hand from his chest, to between his legs to play with his balls, and this is all the additional sensation he needed.

He screamed, “Cassie, I’m coming!”

Cassandra’s head went into double time, moving up and down on his prick; bathing it with her saliva and teasing it with her tongue. Only a few seconds past, when she felt the first shot hit the back of her mouth. She nearly choked because of the volume of the semen he shot from his cock. She had to swallow three times to get rid of the first volley of sperm; only to be nearly drowned by the second and even larger volume of sperm Sergeant had stored up in his testes.

Cassie put a death grip around his cock to give her time to swallow what she had in her mouth, before he shot the next volley into her mouth.

Sergeant screamed in agony, wanting to continue releasing the fluid which was backing up between his testes and his Vas on the way up and out of his prick.

When her mouth was finally clear of his second load, she released her grip on his prick, he exploded again, deep into her mouth and throat, and she wondered if this would ever end. Finally after the fifth explosive outpouring of semen, he started to calm down. He was not finished. He was releasing what an average human male would ejaculate during an orgasm. She was not celibate after her husband and she divorced, but she had never had an experience like this one.

Sergeant said in a very low and satisfied voice, “Thank you, Cassie; that was magnificent.”

“Don’t you jerk off, you son of a bitch? You nearly drowned me with that stuff.”

“No, Cassie, I never have. I never saw the sense in it.”

“You are joking with me, aren’t you? All teenage boys jerk off. They look at pictures of naked women, go to the bathroom, and jerk off. It’s as simple as that.”

“I never looked at dirty pictures. My mom and dad raised, Susan and me to respect the opposite sex. I did not feel that it was proper to look at magazines that used sex as a way to make money. It would have been like me looking at Susan, and I would never do that to her, because we are too close.”

“I never thought of you as ‘The Good Boy Scout’ type Sergeant. I don’t know if it was your name, or the kids you hung around with, but it just did not fit you at the time.”

Sergeant sat up, took off his shirt, and helped Cassandra stand. He kissed her on her wonderful lips and said, “Talking about my past is getting us nowhere. It is time to unwrap my gift, so I can take her somewhere special without leaving the room.”

He started with the buttons on her cuffs, of her long sleeves blouse, and pulled it from her jeans. As he unbuttoned each button, he kissed each piece of flesh as it became exposed. As he reached the fourth button, he encountered the snap of a front closure bra. He undid it, let it expand, kissed the area that was exposed, and moved south to the next button.

Cassandra’s hands moved to the top of his head, as he reached her belly button. She felt him open her belt, pop the snap button on her jeans, and lower the zipper. Beads of perspiration formed on her upper lip, as he kissed her belly. Inch by inch, he kissed her, going around her waistline, towards her spine. When he arrived, he tugged on both sleeves of her blouse, and it fell from her body. He kissed up the bony spurs of her back, all the way to her neck. He licked behind her left ear, and then bit the lobe at its bottom. With both hands, he slipped her bra off her arms and threw it with the other discarded clothing. His hands went to her belly as he continued administering loving touches to the area just above her jeans. The kisses to the soft underside of her throat and neck were having a torrential effect between her thighs. Her panties were soaked, and if he did not take off her jeans soon, she was going to be wet down to her knees.

Sergeant moved his hands up to the swell of her breasts, and felt the weight of each of them. He heard her moans of delight, and felt her cross her legs tightly.

He licked her neck and pinched her nipples, and Cassie said, “Oh fuck, you bastard.”

He turned her around, kissed her, and asked, in all honesty, what he had done wrong?

“I just came, you idiot.”

“Isn’t that a good thing?”

“Where the hell is my softball bat? I’m still dressed. My pants are now soaked. I love cuming, and even though this was a little one, it was delightful. All my fluids leaked out of my vagina, between my legs, down my thighs, and have now been soaked up by my pants. For future reference sir; my shoes, socks, pants, shirt, bra, and panties, come off, before this woman cums. Can you remember all that, Sergeant, or do you need a tattoo to remind you?”

“I have your instructions memorized Cassie, I will never, purposely, make that mistake, again.”

He knelt down in front of her, peeled her jeans over her hips and off her body. He threw her over his shoulder, carried her to her bed, and very gently placed her down. He removed her wet panties and informed her that she was now completely naked.

He looked at her, with heated eyes, and asked her to stay as she was for one more moment. He wanted to visualize her, as she was, for the rest of his life.

“Cassie, you are still the most stunning woman I have ever known.”

She smiled, and shook her head at him. “Sergeant, I am naked, in bed, and waiting to get laid. You don’t have to flatter me to go much further.”

“Is it flattery if what I said is the truth?”

“No, I just wish you had the nerve to say it, when we were in our 20s.”

“Let me try to make up for some of that lost time.” He knelt down between her thighs, and spread her lips with his thumbs. Her ‘Little Man in a Boat’ was already out from under its protective hood, and he attacked it with his tongue. He slashed it back and forth, up and down, with the method he was taught on Parris Island, until Cassandra screamed, in a mighty orgasm.”

“Where did you learn that you prick? No one has ever done that to me before. No one has ever made me come that huge and fast, only with his tongue. You did not even touch me with your fingers. What did you do and how did you do it?”

“I am sorry, Cassie I cannot tell you. It is a Marine hand-to-hand fighting technique. It is something we learn, during combat drills, in order to keep our hand movements fresh in our minds. Our drill instructors teach it to us, and then keep it fresh in our minds by using our tongues, and thinking about pussy. It is a very effective training tool.”

“Sergeant, I couldn’t agree with them more. Get back down there and do it again, and again, until you get it back into fighting form.”

“Yes ma’am, anything you wish, ma’am. It will be my pleasure.”

Sergeant attacked Cassie’s pussy, exactly as his drill instructors taught him, on Parris Island. After thirty minutes of constant practice, Cassie was unconscious, and Sergeants’ tongue was cramped. Both of them were deliriously happy, with the drill sergeants’ training regimen.

Cassandra woke up to the sound of Sergeant awful singing, while he was in the shower. She got out of bed and joined him. She opened the sliding door, and stepped in front of him.

He smiled, “Fancy meeting you here. Would you like me to wash your front, back, and head?”

“Can you do all three, without getting them mixed up?

“I will try.”

He removed the showerhead from its holder, wet her hair thoroughly, and turned off the water. He lathered her hair and massaged the soap into her scalp, until she begged him to stop. He turned the water on and rinsed her head thoroughly. He repeated this process with the conditioner, only this time she was facing him, and she was sucking his dick. He was trying to finish her hair by running a thick comb through it, before he exploded into her mouth again. He was unsuccessful in both endeavors.

“Oh fuck, Cassie, here I go, again.”

She thought she was ready for him this time; but he came with the same volume as first two orgasms. She managed to get through the third explosion; but when the fourth blast hit the back of her throat, she closed her throat and let it flow out of her mouth.

When he was finally finished, she stood under the shower and washed off her body. She turned to him and said, “Thank goodness I have passed my child bearing years. If you shot that much stuff into me, I would be pregnant after the first time we fucked.”

“Cassie, are you on the pill?”

“No, I have already gone through menopause. I cannot get pregnant any longer”

“Are you absolutely sure you have gone through your changes.”

“Yes, my doctor has me on hormone therapy. Why are you thinking about a career change?”

“No, Cassie, you do know Susan is pregnant.”

“Yes, she told me. What does that have to do with me?”

“Susan thought she had gone through her changes also, until Alan knocked her up. Are you sure you do not want me to go out and buy condoms?”

“Sergeant, I am absolutely safe. There is no chance I can get pregnant.”

“In that case, Cassie, would you like to eat, or would you like to make love?”

“If you leave this bedroom, I am going to bust you to private, and cut your balls off.”

“That would be the second surest method of birth control I know of Cassie.”

“I am getting cold. Do you want me to start playing with myself to keep warm?”

Sergeant stuck out his hand and said, “Cassandra, please come with me.”

She got out of bed, a little confused, and very annoyed, which showed on her face.

He put his arm around her waist and began walking towards the closed bedroom door. He spun her around to face him, grabbed her around her waist, and kissed her torridly. He pinned her against the door and forced himself inside her with one thrust.

Cassie’s breath was knocked out of her, with the force of his entry. Her legs wrapped around his middle to gain some balance.

Sergeant continued thrusting in and out of her pussy at a fast pace, waiting for her hips to join his, in this mad dash to completion. He knew he would last longer then she would, because he had just had three massive orgasms. His lips were all around her face years, and throat. His hands were holding the globes of her ass, and they were helping push her into his thrusting cock.

Finally, he heard and felt her come for the first time, all over his prick. Her hips started to move in every direction. Now she was on fire. Her fuse was lit and it was only a matter of time until the massive explosion she really needed, exploded throughout her body.

She was not a stick figure. She had meat on her 5’8″ frame. It was perfectly located on her breasts, ass, and legs.

He thanked the Town Council for approving the exercise equipment at the Public Safety building, because tonight he was using every muscle in his arms and legs to hold this beautiful woman up against the wall. Pounding after pounding; movement after movement; they tore into each other’s body, until Cassie’s threw her head back, and screamed. She flooded everything within eighteen inches around her, as her cum squirted out of her body, in elongated pulses.

Her orgasm set him off. As Cassie began to calm down, he could no longer hold himself back. He stopped thrusting, as she was slowly came down from her orgasm, but her remained imbedded in her. Her heat and desire for him caused a loss of control. Without moving, he fired seven volleys of his baby makers into her non-reproductive womb. Sated his knees began to buckle.

Remaining deeply imbedded inside her, he carried Cassie to her bed. He climbed on it, and lay down on top of her.

Cassie laughed at him. “Are you trying to make a point?”

He replied, “My point has not gone down, yet. I was wondering if I should start again.”

“If you do, you will never be allowed in me, again. If you had started this in a bed, I would be fine. However, you pushed me against a hard, textured door. My back is killing me, because it was against one of those damn ridges. You did not have to prove to me that you were a he-man, I knew that in high school.”

“Would you like to take a nap or would you like to take a shower with me?”

“I think another shower is in order for us Sergeant. We smell of sex.”

“I have not smelled like this in 20 years Cassie. I am very happy it is with you.”

“Don’t you start with me, you asshole. It could have always been with me, if you had your eyes open.”

“For how many years am I going to have to apologize for that mistake?”

“How many more years do you anticipate living?”

“Is there an operation that can turn me deaf?”

“I will teach you sign language.”

“How soon do you want to get married?”

“How soon are you going to ask me?”

“Is tomorrow night too soon?”

“You had better have a ring, or the answer is going to be no.”

“Is there a good jewelry place here, in Cottonwood, or should I go to Phoenix?”

“I was at Howard’s Jewelers this afternoon. Sally knows the stone, and setting I want. She also knows my ring size. She will be waiting for you tomorrow, at 11 o’clock. “

“Did you, Susan, or Amanda leave anything for me to do?”

“Of course we did. We knew how important a step this would be for you to take, leaving your bachelorhood days behind you, and all.”

“What do I get to do Cassie?”

“You get to pay for everything, you idiot? That will teach you to ignore me for 30 years.”

“Shit, I am never going to hear the end of this.”

Cassie kissed his ear and whispered, “I am going to make hearing about it, so worth your while. Let’s make love so I can keep that smile on your face. I am not sure how you are going to react to my cooking. So let’s cook in bed; food will take care of itself.”


29. The Next Generation

When the funeral ceremonies were over, FBI director Michael Free escorted Susan Robbins home in his armored GMC. When they arrived, they went inside and found Alan, walking slowly on the treadmill with an aide by his side.

The aide stopped the machine, but Alan did not get off. He said, “Hello, Mister Director, how is everything in Washington.”

“I need you on the job, so what do you do, you get your ass shot up, just so you could lay down and take some workers comp time.”

“Believe me, Mister Director, from what they tell me; a couple of more seconds, and you would not have had to worry about me taking comp time.”

“They told me the same thing Alan; that’s what brings me here.”

“You mean you didn’t come here to see my pretty face, and watch me walk on my treadmill?”

“No, as exciting as those things may be, I came to give Susan this, and I thought I would let you watch. Susan, Alan already has two of these. They are for outstanding bravery and courage for working undercover. Only men who are extremely stupid and crazy take these jobs. Alan fits both those categories. This past week he did it again. However, this time he died. So with the condolences from the Bureau, we present to you, posthumously, his Third Gold Star: For Bravery and Stupidity, above and beyond the call of duty. He is hereby retired from the service, with full pay and benefits, because of his injuries. Susan, he is to stay dead. A grave marker will be erected at the Valley View Cemetery and a body interred there in, until your idiot husband decides to become Lazarus. The plot will be a double, so you can lie beside him, if you want to, for eternity.”

Alan screamed, “Bull shit, I will be fine in a year.”

The director responded, “The trials will not start for 3 to 4 years.”

“Mister Free, do you remember what you said about my husband a few moments ago; the part about him being ‘extremely stupid and crazy.’ I have a horsewhip that will keep him in line. If that doesn’t do it, in two months, he will be changing diapers, and feeding the baby at 2 o’clock in the morning. I will keep him out of trouble, or he will never get laid again.”

“Thank you, Susan. I am glad that he has found a woman worthy of his talents.”

“Alan, I want you to sit down for a moment. I have something else I have to tell you and I need you to try to stay calm.”

“Susan is he strong enough to take some tough news?”

“Mentally or physically Mister Free.”

“I will take that as a yes, because he has never had a strong mentality to rely on.”

“Thanks chief, I needed to hear that just now.”

“Alan, the things that happened to you during your divorce were set up by the mob. You are legally divorced, but your wife was given a big time mob lawyer for free. He railroaded you. The man, who ratted you out is under surveillance. We are waiting for him to make a mistake, and we will nab him in the act. He knew you were in the middle of a divorce, and got this mob lawyer to represent your wife. The lawyer ran you ragged, and you ran to the bottle. We believe he even threatened your lawyer. We are working on that angle now. This information came from Stephano Valentino. He is going to turn state’s evidence, along with his father. We believe the leak is in the Attorney General’s office. We will wait and see if we are correct.”

Alan did not scream or burst out in anger. He smoldered inside, which was the worst thing he could do. His blood pressure soared. His face was turning scarlet.

Susan walked over to him and smacked him.

He did not react.

She hit him again. Nothing happened.

She was in the middle of her third swing, when Alan caught her hand. “Damn it Susan that hurt.”

“Asshole, it was supposed to hurt. I was not going to let you sit there and blow a gasket. Say something.”

“I am going to stop paying that bitch alimony. I am dead. There is not a damn thing she can do about it. She is not entitled to death benefits, because I remarried. She is not entitled to anything.”

The director looked at one of his agents, and nodded his head. The agent walked outside, and sent a coded message to Washington. Alan’s second wife was in for a rude awakening. It was nothing short of what she deserved. Years later, when the FBI finished its investigation, and the trials were over, she was fined $50,000 for falsifying statements, signing falsified documents, and lying under oath. She was also sentenced to eighteen months in prison for defrauding the Federal Government of monies, in the form of alimony payments, from Alan Robbins paychecks.

Alan, Susan, and Callum Robbins, their five-year-old son was on hand, to wave goodbye.

The lawyer, who represented her, Gerald Sullivan, was disbarred, fined, and sent to jail for ten years, for obstruction of justice, falsifying documents, and perjury. He met will several of his mob bosses, while they were serving their time together; and he helped plan the strategies for their upcoming appeals.


“Cindy, are you ready yet?”

“I am not sure if I will ever be ready for this, Fred.

“Cindy, what is the matter with you. When Fred did it to me, I didn’t have any problem with it. I was scared at first, but he was so gentle with me, he made it easy, and he even gave me the best cum of my life, when I came at the end.”

“Sandy, you came? I find that hard to believe.”

“Did you think you would cum, when Fred popped your cherry?”

“No, I didn’t. I was very frightened, and I did not think there was any chance I would cum.”

“You did cum though, didn’t you?”

“Yes, and it was marvelous. I never thought it was going to happen my first time.”

“Do you believe I thought I was going to cum, during my first anal fucking?”

“I don’t see how you could; just the thought of something that big going up your ass would have put your mind in a deep freeze.”

“I didn’t go into a deep freeze, because I trusted Fred. You trust him too, don’t you? Look at what he has done for us over the last seven hours. He could have raped us, brutally. We could not have done anything to stop him. However, he has been kind and gentle with us. He has offered us a way out of our problems, with our father. He has offered to help us with our children, if we get pregnant. He has also promised to help mom, if she wants to come with us. I trust him with my body, completely. You should too.”

“I do, Sandy, I really do. It is just a very big step, and it is not something I had anticipated doing at nineteen years old.”

“Cindy, do you remember the candles you put up your ass, when you were sixteen?”

“You bitch, you saw me do that?”

“Cindy, we are twins, remember? Not only did I see you do it, I felt every inch of the candle go up my ass, as you pushed it up yours. It was quite a rush.”

“I thought so too, Sandy. I guess I may as well get this over with. You are going to stay with me, aren’t you?”

“I am never going to leave you, baby sister. Wherever I am, I expect you to be close at hand, and that includes the delivery room.”

Cindy and Sandy hugged each other and went to find Fred.

Fred looked at the two of them, as they approached him. He said, “Don’t bother telling me, I can tell by the look on Cindy’s face, she is chickening out.”

Sandy answered him sharply. “Fred, you are poor judge of character. My sister has never backed out of anything. She knows if I am able to do something, she not only can do it, she can do it as well, if not better than I can. Don’t you ever demean my sister, again?”

“Cindy, I apologize. I thought for sure you would not go forward with this. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Fred, I am ready, and Sandy is going to stay with me.”

“That is fine. Let’s go to the bedroom and I tell you what to expect, and prepare your body.”

Fred told Cindy that at the beginning, he would penetrate her very slowly, with his fingers, to lubricate her. Afterwards, he would put a condom on, lubricate it, and start to penetrate her, until he was halfway in. When she was comfortable, he would continue to move until he was completely inside her. She would feel a lot of pressure, when he was completely inside her, but no more pain from the insertion of his dick. As he started to move, he would play with her pussy and clit, to build her up for a huge orgasm at the end. He told her to trust him, because she would have an orgasm, the likes of which she had never had before. He wished she had more orgasms to compare this one to, because this orgasm was going to blow all the others out the water.

By the time he finished speaking, Cindy and Sandy were grinning from ear to ear.”

Sandy whispered to Cindy, “I told you there was nothing to worry about.”

“I believe you, sis. I should never have doubted you in the first place.”

Fred retrieved the olive oil from the dinner table and lubricated Cindy’s rectum with it. He pushed it deep inside her with one finger and heard her moan. When he poured more oil on two fingers, and inserted them into her ass, it was more of a pain moan than before.

“Cindy you are doing just fine. Try to relax, I have to put one more finger in, and that will be it. Try to relax.”

Cindy grabbed Sandy’s hand as Fred oiled three fingers, and slid them inside her. This was not a moan; this was a plea for help.

Fred kept his fingers inside her, and rotated them in an attempt to lubricate and stretch muscles. He could feel her, trying to close her muscles down on his digits, and he told her to stop. She was defeating the purpose of his fingers being inside her, and it would only hurt her more later, if she did not follow his instructions.

It took her a few moments, but he felt her relax the sphincter muscles around his fingers. He kissed her and congratulated her on the control she had over her body. He withdrew his fingers from her, and slid on the condom. He told her never to let anyone into her rectum, without protection.

He lay Cindy down, on her back, and lifted her legs to his shoulders.

Cindy looked at his length and width and had a frightened look in her eyes.

Fred smiled at her. “Remember, Cindy, there are things that come out of there that are much bigger than what I am putting in there.”

Cindy closed her eyes put her hand to her mouth and started to laugh. Fred took the opportunity to put four inches of his dick inside her.

Cindy stopped laughing, and squeezed Sandy’s hand. Sandy kissed her cheek, and said, “Not too bad little sister?”

“He surprised the shit, out of me when he did that.”

“I don’t think so, Cin. You look a little plugged up to me.”

“Very funny, Sandy; you probably looked the same way, when he did it to you.”

“Cindy, I told you a little fib. I have not done this yet. I wanted you to go first, so I could watch what happened.”

“I am going to beat the crap out of you for lying to me.”

“Cindy, if you would look down and see how far in I am now, you will be surprised to see that while you two were busy jabbering away, I managed to get the rest of my dick up inside you. How do you feel?”

“I guess the candles worked, because I feel fine. What happens now?”

“Now the fun begins; we fuck until we come.”

Cindy replied, “Let the games begin.”

Fred pulled until her hips were slightly off the edge of the bed. He began pulling his prick out slowly and reinserted it the same way. After a short time, he picked up speed and watched Cindy’s eyes. They glowed; and her hips started to move in sync with his. When he moved faster, she joined him. As he rotated his hips to the left, she went in the opposite direction, building up friction for both of them. Fred attacked her pussy with his fingers, and Cindy screamed in joy. Her clit was out of its protective hood, and he squeezed it mercilessly. Fred pushed two, then three fingers into her newly opened vagina and searched for that rough spot on the top lining of her sheath. When he found it, Cindy was a goner. She had a dick pounding her ass, a thumb, and a forefinger pinching and tugging on her clit, and now, two fingers rubbing on her ‘G’ spot. She grabbed Sandy’s hand; nearly breaking it, arched her back, and gave out with a mighty scream, “Oh Freddddddd,” as she sprayed her cum all over his lower body.

Sandy looked down at her sister, and knew, if she died at that moment, the undertaker’s would never get that smile off her face.

Fred did not come. It was a little too soon for him, considering all the activity he had this evening. He was not worried about it. He enjoyed hearing Cindy going over the edge, just as he had promised her.

He looked at Sandy and smiled. “You are next little girl, and I am looking forward to it.”

Sandy grinned back at him and he replied, “So am I, Fred. I never thought I would look forward to something as deviant as this, but it sure looked good.”

“I told you before, Sandy, sex in all its forms is wonderful, as long as both parties are consenting adults. I do not like what happened here today. I am just happy that I was helpful.”

By 4 AM, Fred had finished with Sandy and the three of them were asleep on the living room floor. The beds were soaked with semen sweat and vaginal fluids, and there was not a dry spot to be found. They took the blankets, pillows, and a spread, laid them on the floor, and went unconscious in seconds. When the house cleaning service arrived at 10 AM, all three were still asleep on the floor. They were naked, and the girls were wrapped around Fred like Ivy. They turned and fled the room.

Fred received a wake-up call at noon, advising him that his parents would be there at 2 PM. He had no problem with that because he had plenty of time to prepare. He took a shower, shaved, and dressed properly for his meeting.

He went into the living room, woke up his charges, and said, “I am having important guests in one hour and forty minutes. I want you showered and dressed in twenty-five minutes. Move it.”

Cindy and Sandy flew into the shower and started their morning ablutions. Fred wrote down the information they needed to contact him, and wrapped it in a two tiny pieces of plastic. When the girls exited the bathroom, naked, he said, “Come here, and bend over the arm of chair.”

Both girls did as they were told, without any argument.

He spread Sandy’s cheeks first, placed the piece of plastic over the winking eye, and pushed it in as far as it would go, with his index finger. He did the same with Cindy a moment later. When he was finished he said, “Don’t lose those instructions. I will be very disappointed if you do. Get dressed.”

Five minutes later, both girls were completely dressed, sitting on the couch watching television.

Fred called room service, and ordered coffee, espresso, pastry, and fruit, as well as house cleaner service, immediately. Ten minutes later the housecleaning crew was in the suite and at a 1:45 PM the coffee and food service arrived.

At 1:50 PM Fred called and asked for one person from the security staff to come up to the suite. When he arrived, Fred asked him to stand at the door, until he told him otherwise. He was expecting important company, and when they arrived, he was to show them in immediately, and forget who they were.

Promptly at 2 o’clock his bosses showed up. He showed them into the kitchen for a quick private conversation. He said, “Gentlemen, two young ladies are still here from last night. I took the liberty of ordering a security guard from the hotel to stand at the front door. With your permission, I would like to have him escort the girls down to the lobby and have the security guard watch them, until our business is done. At that time he can return them to this room, until the transfer is made at 4 o’clock.”

Joe Lombardo said, “Good plan, Fred, get rid of the girls.”

“Cindy, Sandy, come with me.” He opened the front door and escorted the girls into the hallway. He told the security what to do. He handed him a $100 bill, and told him if the girls returned with a scratch on their bodies, he would be found floating in the Delaware River.”

The guard replied, “Yes sir.”

Fred returned to his guests who were seated in the dining room. He began telling them their problems.

“Gentlemen, in the vault in the Attorney General’s office is an envelope containing three certified letters from people who witnessed your killing of Guido Valentino. The only one I am sure of is William Zabo. I do not know who the other two are. One is a Swiss politician, and the other lives in New Jersey. I know this is of no help to you, because I have no knowledge of what happened that night. I was still in high school when it happened. My problem is this; there are only two people that know the combination to the Attorney General’s safe: The AG and myself. If the envelope turns up missing, they are going to look directly at me. You will lose what you have invested all your time and money in all these years. You will lose all your High-level inside information. This has made your businesses extremely profitable, and I will not deny it has made me very wealthy. I will do whatever you ask me to do. I will go to jail if that is what you want me to do. I will never mention your names, because one day I will get out of jail, and I will still be a very wealthy man. I will protect you and your sources. However, if you have another person that has a reason to be in that building, I will give him the combination to the vault. All he has to do is fake breaking into the safe using an electronic device that listens to the tumblers. Once he takes the envelope out of the safe, he can throw it into a waste bin, spray it with an accelerant, light it, and leave. He can be in and out of the office, in less than ninety seconds. The blockbuster evidence against you is gone permanently. Without it, your lawyers have seen everything they have against you from the last trial. Alan Roberts is dead, and he cannot testify against you, ever again. We can try to keep his sworn testimony out of court, because he cannot be cross-examined. The way the AG talked in front of Fred Fielding, the New York District Attorney, the Mayor of New York, and the Director of the FBI, those letters are the only new evidence that have. Are there any questions, sirs?

Mike Caifano asked if he knew where they were hiding Bruno Valentino.

“Mister Caifano, no one talks about it. The Attorney General never mentions his name. It is a forbidden subject.”

Joe Lombardo wanted to verify that Alan Robbins was dead.

“Mister Lombardo, he was shot once in the back by a high caliber weapon and seven times by an automatic weapon. He was pronounced dead in the operating room at the Verde Valley Medical Center at 8:07 AM. The body was identified by his brother in law, Sergeant Sherwood; Sergeant is his given name. His body is interned at the Valley View Cemetery, in Clarksdale, Az. I have sent people there to check on it. They have sent back pictures of the gravesite and newspaper articles, verifying everything I have told you here today. I have a dossier available for each of you, if you would care for it, but I know you don’t like carrying this type of information around with you.

“Any other concerns, Fred?”

“Yes sir, I have a request.”

“What is it Fred?”

“I would like to keep all four girls and their mother, for my own purposes. I want the father to pay through the nose, but not to the women, but to you, for the remainder of his life. If there is a charge for the girls, I will pay it.”

“What is going on Fred?”

“It is very simple sirs. I remember when I was brought in front of you and given my choices. These young women are casualties of an idiot father. They did not deserve what I did to them, and I feel rotten about it. I want to make amends. I will continue my duties with the two women this afternoon. However, after that, I want them as my own progeny, including the mother, especially if the girls are pregnant.”

“Give us a moment, Fred.”

“What do you think Nick?”

“We weren’t going to do anything with them; give them to him. Fred has been very good for us, and the kind of information he gets us, we couldn’t get any other way. The father is ours forever. Give him the girls.”

“Jim, what do you think?”

“He said he wants to pay, I say let him. I never turn down money when it’s offered. See if he is willing to pay $100,000 each, including the mother.”

“Michael, what do you think?”

“I’m with Jim, never turn down money.”

“I’ll go along with the majority; $500,000 for all five of them.”

They called Fred back into the living room, and gave him their decision:

“Fred, $500,000, they are all yours, including the mother.”

“Thank you, gentlemen, I appreciate it. Will you take it out of the next installment, or would you like me to give you a check now.”

“We will hold it back from you next installment, Fred. We know where you will be.”

“I will be in touch with you as soon as I get back to Washington, Sirs.”

“Very good Fred, we are finished here.”

After the four men were in the elevator, Fred called security and had the agent bring the girls back to his apartment.

He held the door open for them, and as the girls walked in to the penthouse, they noticed a change in Fred’s’ demeanor.

“What is the matter Fred?”

“Nothing baby, nothing at all.”

Cindy and Sandy looked at each other, and they were both worried because of the way Fred was acting. They surrounded him and held him close. “Please Fred, tell us what’s wrong.”

“I am not sure you really want to know. This will come as a real shock to you, and I am not sure you are going to be able to handle it.”

“If you don’t tell us, we will never know.”

“Okay, here goes. The men, who were in the room with me, just took $500,000 of my money.”

“Oh, Fred that is terrible. Was that all the money you had?”

“No, but it is a big chunk of money. I am just wondering if I spent it wisely.”

“Why, Fred, what did you buy?”

“I bought your mother, your sisters, and you.”

Cindy and Sandy jumped in the air, screaming, and danced around the room. Suddenly, they stopped and looked at him.

“Why were you so unhappy? This was exactly what you wanted to happen.”

“I know, but what man spends $500,000 to put 5 women into his life, voluntarily.”

“Cindy lets beat him up; it will make him feel better, when he is bleeding.”

“You would not dare hit me. I own you. I will not buy you panties. You will walk around bare assed, in a mini skirt, when you are fat and pregnant.”

“That sounds like fun Sandy! Lets’ get him.” They ran into the bedroom, and played on the bed, until 4:00 PM; when there was a knock on the door to their penthouse.

Fred said, “Girls, let your sisters in.

Cindy and Sandy opened the door and pulled their sisters into the room. Debbie and Danni were eighteen-year-old, dark haired, green eyed, stunning twins, and they were shocked when they’re older sisters started telling them what a wonderful time they had during their initiation to sex. They told them not to be worried about a thing. Fred was the most amazing, caring, and wonderful sexpert they would ever want to meet. He had already done so many things for them; they were going to be amazed.

They were sitting on the couch, talking incessantly, when Fred walked into the room, naked. Debbie and Danni’s mouths dropped open, and not a sound came out.

Fred said hello to the two girls, and told them he would be back shortly. He asked Sandy to come with him, and when they were in the bedroom, he told her to call her mother.

“Sharon, this is Fred. You don’t know me, but I am the man, who was picked, at random, to impregnate your daughters. I was not happy about this assignment, but to disobey it would have put my life on the line. Cindy and Sandy are fine. I will let you talk to them, and they will tell you about their experiences themselves. I am about to start with Debbie and Danni. I will be gentle and caring with them, also. The reason I am calling is to let you know that I entered into an agreement, with the men who own your husband’s life. I know what I’m about to say is going to sound harsh, but believe me, it is the best thing that has ever happened to you and your children. I have purchased the contract for you, your four children, and your grandchildren, from the syndicate, for $500,000. You are not my slaves. You owe me nothing. I love your girls, because of the way you raised them. What I had to do to them broke my heart, and my soul. I have to complete my task with your younger daughters, even though I do not want to do it. These men will verify I completed my assignment properly; thereby removing the yoke from around my neck.

There are several things you must do in order to join your children, when I moved them out of state, and away from your husband. First, you must obtain a divorce. Your husband will agree to it. If he hesitates, mention Mister Lombardo’s name, and that should end all discussions. If he does cause a problem contact me. Second, I want to make love to you. Cindy and Sandy are amazing young women. I expect I will find out the same thing, when I learn about Debbie and Danni. I will have slept with your four twin girls, and I want to meet the mother of such wonderful young women. I want to prove to them that sex is not an ugly thing, even among adults. I want to make arrangements for you to live close to a college, so the girls can continue their education. I want them to learn the proper way to care for, and bring up their children; your grandchildren. I will set up accounts for your living expenses, healthcare, clothing, and everything else you and your children need, while they are attending school. I will continue taking care of them and their children, until they are suitably married. I will not leave them, or you unattended, or uncared for. I would prefer that you did not work, while your grandchildren are at home. I want an adult in the house at all times. I told Cindy and Sandy, and I will advise Debbie and Danni shortly, that no alcohol or drugs will be tolerated, while they are under my care, your supervision, and especially while they are pregnant. If they break this rule, they can expect to be placed into a recovery facility immediately. It will not be a pleasure palace. It will be the sternest recovery house I can find.”

“If you are willing to meet me here, we can make love and afterwards, talk about the children’s future.”

Sharon asked, “What hotel are you staying at Fred? The driver who picked up my girls would not tell me.”

“I am in Penthouse C of the Omni Hotel; 401 Chestnut St. in downtown Philadelphia. It is about ten minutes from the Amtrak station.”

“I know where it is, Fred. I will drive there and arrive at 4 PM.”

“Sharon, please be here at 12 PM. Park the car in the hotel parking facility. Tell the attendant you are a guest of Fred Cuneo. What kind of car will you be driving?”

“It is a five year old, 7 passenger Explorer Van. We purchased it, before my husband started gambling.”

“At least he did something right, Sharon. Has it been serviced correctly?”

“No, not really; we have not had the money to keep up with the repairs that have been necessary, because he lost all our money.”

“All right, Sharon I will see you tomorrow.”

Fred called the manager of the hotel. “This is Fred Cuneo and Penthouse C. I am expecting a guest tomorrow at 12 PM. She will be driving a Custom Seven Seat Explorer Van. I want you to call around and find a Mercedes 9 or 11- seat conversion van; top of the line model, with computers, and flat-screen televisions extended warranty, insurance and everything else that is necessary. Use my name as the owner, and get temporary plates for it. Contact my lawyer for payment.

There is only one thing I do not want to hear tomorrow, when you call me, and that is you could not find the van I want. You have all day today and most of the day tomorrow to do it.

I also want the van that she drives in with completely serviced from the ground up. Call a dealership and have them open, specifically for that car. I will cover the costs plus give a healthy bonus to the men that come in to service that vehicle.”

“Yes, Mister Cuneo. I will get it done.”

Then Fred did something he had not done in over nine years. He called the switchboard at the Justice Department, and told them to advise the Attorney General that he was taking a personal day off on Monday. He would be back to work Tuesday morning. Tell the AG he is not sick, he was working on his suntan.”

With all his business calls done, Fred walked back into the living room. Two young women screeched, again, while the other two took it in stride.

“Debbie, Danni, your sisters will tell you I did not start them off like this. We started out somewhat differently, but we got to the same point rather quickly. Cindy, Sandy, take off your clothes please.”

Without any fear or embarrassment, both girls did exactly what Fred asked them to do.

“Do you see how easily they did that? Did you see there was no fear or apprehension in their eyes? They did it because of the way I treated them, before and after I took their virginity. I did not rape them, and I tried not to hurt them. I tried to take it from them gently, as any good lover, and a friend would. I will speak to each of you individually, before we lie down on the bed to begin. You will not be separated. You will be together at all times. You will watch what happens to your sister, so you’ll know what is about to happen to you. Sex is nothing to be afraid of. It is also nothing to be ashamed of. It is a natural loving part of life that happens between two people who are in love with one another. Unfortunately, this is the part that has been ripped from your lives, and given to me to do instead. I don’t know if Cindy and Sandy have told you, yet, but I have purchased you from the mob syndicates that your father lost all your college money. He has lost another substantial sum over that amount, which is why you are here and he belongs to them for the remainder of his life. I paid $500,000 to free you from them. I did not want you to be high-priced call girls or streetwalkers getting whatever type of diseases they get, and dying before you are thirty years old. You are not slaves. Your mother will be here tomorrow to get you. Everything will be explained to you at that time. However, now it is time for me to stop talking, and to start teaching you about the wonders of sex, and your bodies. There is also the possibility of you getting pregnant. Do not worry about that either. Your mother and I have discussed it, and plans are in the works to take care of you, and the babies as they grow up.

Now, as I told Cindy and Sandy, this is the hardest part. Please stand up, and remove your clothes. You have one minute to do this, by yourselves. Otherwise, I will have Cindy and Sandy, do it for you; the hard way.”

Debbie and Danni looked at each other in shock, but did not get up from the couch to undress.

Sandy yelled at them to move their asses, before she started to rip their close off.

Due to the tenor of her voice, Danni shuffled off the couch and began to undress. She pulled her top over her head, revealing her bra and Cindy said, “Take it off, now!”

Danni flushed pink, but did as her older sister told her to do, and dropped her bra on the floor.

Cindy pulled Debbie off the couch. “You start doing it now, or I will tear every piece of your clothing off you, now!”


“Debbie, get your butt naked, this instant.”

Danni had stripped down to her panties, and she could go no further. Her hands could not move, her brain had ceased to function, and there were tears in her eyes the size of dimes.

Sandy took her in her arms. “It is all right, baby girl. You are not doing anything wrong. Daddy did this to us. We are victims of his stupidity. We were very lucky they chose Fred to do this to us, instead of making us walk the streets, as prostitutes. I promise you Fred will not hurt you, when he takes your virginity. He is a very caring and loving man. If he does not do this, his bosses will kill him. He has no choice in this matter, either. He paid a ton of money to take us away from those men. Do you think our father would have done that for us? I don’t think so. He is only known us for twelve hours, and he has done things for us that we will never be able to repay. Do not worry about your modesty. It is the very least we can do for him.”

She knelt down in front of her little sister, pulled her panties down her legs, and let her step out of them. She shocked Danni out of her reverie, when she opened her vagina with her thumbs, stuck out her tongue, and licked her from the opening to her vagina, to her clit.

Danni shivered and cried, “Oh, Sandy, what was that?”

“You will have to ask Fred; he taught me how to do that on Cindy. She loved it. I loved it, when it happened to me, and I thought you would like it, also.”

“Will Fred do that to me?”

“Why don’t you ask him, and find out?”

Cindy was having trouble, with her half of the younger twins. Debbie was moving like cold molasses down the side of the jar.

“I am not going to submit to just any man taking my virginity. I want what mom and dad had. They were high school sweethearts, they waited until they graduated, got married, and had you two nine months later.”

“Debbie, are you just stupid or are you just stupid in math?”

“I am smarter than you are Cindy.”

“Okay, here is a two-part question. How old is dad? How old is mom?

“What do you think I am, and idiot? Dad is 39, and mom is… Oh Shit, 35.”

“Here is your second two-part question. How old are Sandy and I? How many years separate moms’ age and our age.”

“You are a bitch, Cindy. You have me on the floor, and now you are going to kick me.”

“Answer the fucking question.”

“Sandy and you are nineteen years old. Mom is thirty-five. She was pregnant with the two of you, when she was fifteen years old, and gave birth when she was sixteen. Are you happy now?

“Debbie, do you know what that means, or would you like me to explain it to you?”

“I do not know where you’re going with this, so tell me, and get it over with.”

“Dad and mom did not have a fairytale romance. Dad was guilty of statutory rape. Mom was underage, and according to the law could not give consent. Her parents could have sent dad away to jail for twenty years or more. I do not know why they didn’t. We would not be in the position we are in today, if he was in jail.”

Fred yelled from the bedroom, “Your minute is up; I expect to see four naked girls in here, now.”

Sandy took Danni by the hand, and walked her into the bedroom.

Fred had a smile on his face a mile wide. “Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous; if your father was not an imbecile, both of you would be marrying billionaires. They would be squabbling over you, because of how beautiful you both are.”

Sandy and Danni blushed at the wonderful comment Fred made.

Fred then asked Sandy to get his glasses.

“Fred, you don’t wear glasses.”

“I thought my eyes were deceiving me. I believe there was supposed to be four of you, and I only see two.”

“Cindy is explaining the facts of life to Debbie. She may be using an ax to open her head, at this point, but I believe she will prevail shortly.”

Cindy walked Debbie into the room and said, “Shortly, hell, once I taught her how to add and subtract, she was putty in my hands.”

Sandy laughed. “Is that why you are asking me all those questions about mom and dad?”

Innocently, Cindy asked, “When did I ask you questions about mom and dad?”

“You asked me how old mom and dad were, a few moments ago.”

Debbie looked at Cindy and could not believe it. “I knew I was smarter than you were. You communicated with Sandy to get all those answers. You cheated.”

“I certainly got my point across, didn’t I?”

“It was not your point; it was Sandy’s. You have never come up with an original thought. You were even nine minutes late for your own birthday.”

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