There was another tumultuous uproar as Agnes Fairchild made her entrance, the women guests knew this could only mean one thing; they would be treated to the erotic delight of seeing a male undergo the psychological and physical torture of being taken close to death as he was hanged for their pleasure. The cocks rose on one and all of the males present who recognised the fearful Madam Fairchild, each hoping they would be chosen to face the supreme humiliation of spending on the rope before a crowd of women. Rumours abounded among some of the slaves, who had known others who had disappeared never to be seen again after the exquisitely exciting woman had been a guest of their respective mistresses; it was thought by some that she had exacted final and absolute domination on those males in some covert and exclusive session, whereby the chosen male’s enjoyment of the rope had been permanent. She was followed in by four female assistants who carried long boxes, and another whip bearing assistant, who took great pleasure in chastising two hooded and naked male slaves who carried the longest and obviously heaviest of the boxes, some twenty feet long. Kate took great pleasure in showing them to a space at the end of the room before returning with the supreme Agnes to greet Ella.

Gray’s cock stood erect and willing as the dominant Agnes approached, looking resplendent in the uniform of the evening; her nipples expressed from her full breasts in the black lace, a damp patch already prominent from the camel-toe which swelled from the black silk panties. Behind her the excited women watched with interest as her assistants oversaw the hooded males as a gallows was swiftly erected. Agnes smiled wickedly down at Gray with a knowing look; seeing him kneeling submissively, naked and hooded his cock lifting rudely in honour of her formidable presence, made her clitoris bulge with pleasure.

Before either she or Ella could make their introductions, a round of applause went up behind them, as a noose swung from a completed gallows and the two males were whipped to their knees in a position facing the rope. Two of the smiling assistants placed black silk handkerchiefs on the floor before the two slaves. The crowd of women laughed and jeered when they were ordered to masturbate; their reward for constructing the device on which a fellow male would be humiliated. The two hooded males were teased in turn by the whip bearer who ensured they would deliver a handsome sample of semen by striping their backs and buttocks as they wanked in a submissive heaven of their own; one had been a bank manager, the other a solicitor, both now mere playthings of Agnes Fairchild and dominated totally by her. Neither needed the extra humiliation of whip or jeering female crowd to guarantee a more than healthy ejaculation, both knew a secret about the device before them which they had witnessed when first fully enslaved by their absolute mistress.

They had watched while the gallows was constructed by two males who once held their present positions, two males who pleased their insatiable mistress’s cruel appetite totally. The women applauded enthusiastically as the two hooded males shot their seed in abundance, streaking the black silk liberally as they eyed the noose, both yearning for the day when they would erect the gallows in the walled yard behind the Fairchild residence while watched by their smiling mistress and two new slaves.

Gray was close to coming as Ella looked sternly at him as Agnes licked her lips and stroked his neck with her elegant hands, her cunt buzzing.

“He’ll swing very nicely; I would love to take him off your hands permanently if you just name your price, I’m sure no-one would miss such an insignificant cur, and it would make a delightful evening for all the ladies here.” Ella delighted in the tease and looked first to Gray with a wicked smile, and then to the noose which loomed invitingly, a grinning assistant testing the trap-door which dropped away with a pleasing thud as she eagerly tugged at the lever. Ella’s cunt oozed as she was impatient to see the spectacle, as were the other women who now crowded round in anticipation, it now being obvious who the victim was to be. She would have him become a little more acquainted with his executioner.

“I think you should sniff madam Fairchild’s cunt to gain an understanding of just how excited she is at the prospect of seeing you hanged. Do it now.” Agnes smiled with pleasure as the meek victim did just as he was told, a large clear blob of pre-cum now glistening from his pink bell-end, as his cock bobbed and dribbled on sniffing the delicious tang of the excited cunt of the woman who would have him dance on the rope; there was no mistaking the level of her excitement as she held his head and eased his nose up and down the generous slit bulging in her panties. Ella continued with her enjoyment.

“Remember how excited you were that day at Newgate when you saw our pleasure at Wingfield’s execution? Well now you have the chance to enjoy just how he felt, and to please your mistress and everyone else here too; I can see you are more than ready for it, you do want to hang for the ladies don’t you?” Gray was as terrified as he was excited by the prospect; he knew Ella could be harshly dominant with him at times, but took much pleasure in doing so; she was unlikely to allow Agnes to indulge her extreme carnal desire in snuffing him out, but she had not actually stated that she would not. As he looked up from the sweet scent of Agnes’ cunt, the fact that all the women who smiled down at him were in black and he was naked like a sacrificial lamb only served to emphasise his fear, but the idea of being bound and hanged by a woman, for the pleasure of other women excited him no end. The women grinned as he admitted his weakness.

“Yes mistress… I want to hang for the pleasure of the ladies.” Ella passed his leash to Kate and the ginger maid took it with enthusiasm. “Kate shall have the pleasure of helping Agnes’ assistants prepare you for the rope; we shall all enjoy seeing her take a pro-active part in preparing a male for the gallows.” The ginger madam sneered with wicked delight as she tugged on his leash, she would thoroughly enjoy seeing him noosed. The excited pack of women in black parted as Gray was virtually dragged to the waiting noose by his young ginger mistress; her cunt tingling at the pleasure to come. The crowd of women watched with haughty satisfaction as Gray was made to lie on the platform by the trap, and manipulated by Agnes’ smiling assistants who held him, while Kate was handed leather straps which she gleefully bound him with. As his ankles and wrists were secured, his cock stiffened as he looked up to the noose, and Kate whispered into his ear as she ensured his wrists were nice and tight.

“I shall so enjoy watching you suffer, after all it maybe my last opportunity to do so; l hope you enjoy the performance as much as I will.” The spiteful redhead eagerly helped the assistants lift the bound and helpless Gray to his feet over the trap-door and the stern Agnes strutted over, her face a picture of satisfaction as she looped the noose over his neck and signalled to two assistants who happily pulled down on the rope where it was hitched behind the gallows; Gray gasped as his neck tasted the rope in earnest as he was hoisted to tip-toe, the eager crowd of women sneering and giggling at his physical realisation that he was to hang, the shock of the sensation making him squirm helplessly in his bonds, enhancing his fear which delighted the women. Agnes ensured the noose would not snap his neck if there were too much vertical movement, by taking much care and pleasure in placing the slipknot directly behind his head and making sure he was hoisted ballerina style, his anus tingled and his cock boned as she taunted him.

“There. You will now fully enjoy the physical delights of the noose, no horrid drop and swift neck break as is granted true criminals at Newgate; you are just a submissive male whose only purpose is to provide enjoyment for females, and you will enjoy slow strangulation, allowing you to really appreciate being hanged. I have a good idea you will show that appreciation in a very special and humiliating way; your audience here will be most satisfied to witness it and will increase your enjoyment by taunting you as you hang, and hang you will.” There was a hushed silence broken only by the odd callous giggle from the watching women as Agnes Fairchild strutted purposely toward the lever that would begin the real entertainment; Gray’s balls tingled like mad and his stiff cock dribbled as Agnes touched the lever as he padded on his big toes on the trap, and waited for his neck to take the full weight of his body. She then strutted back to him as though to offer some reprieve, to rapturous laughter from the women.

“Oh I forgot, we’ll have that hood off you first; we want everyone to fully enjoy your facial expressions as you dance.” The women made patronising gestures as his scared face was revealed in full, and he watched Ella, Kate and smile softly at him as Agnes approached the lever once more.

“Ladies! You will now witness a male receive just punishment as befits all males; his innocence or guilt is irrelevant, he must know suffering at the hands of womanhood to appreciate his true position, he shall now be put in his place. Enjoy!” The lever was slammed across and the sound of the trap disappearing with a bang was almost drowned out by the applause of the women, overcome with delight as they watched Gray suspended. He groaned and gasped as the wicked rope tightened about his neck and began to squeeze the life from him; his body quivered on the creaking rope as he wriggled in the divine and unforgiving bondage with his toes flicking back and forth looking for the support which was no longer there, his wrists squirmed for release behind him, but there was to be none. The rope clicked and creaked ever tighter as he hanged naked and bound for the pleasure of the women, each and every black laced mistress held their grinning eyes upon him, many rubbing their cunts as they watched him suffer on the rope. As his breath grew shorter, the pressure on his neck seemed to numb, and the tingling in his balls became urgent as the sight of the women enjoying his pain allowed him to indulge his submissive pleasure at being displayed on the rope. Agnes grinned as she saw the tell-tale signs and took a riding crop from an assistant. She gently caressed his balls and the underside of his erect and excited cock, on seeing him convulse slightly.

“Ladies! He will now show his complete submission by honouring your audience in an act of complete humiliation; he knows he is ours!” Agnes grinned as she expertly stroked the underside of his bobbing cock with her crop; though not even close to stimulation, the touch of the crop was divine to Gray, as he squirmed in his bonds while being slowly strangled it emphasised the absolute control of the dominant woman. He now truly enjoyed the rope as the smiling women taunted, his cock peaked at the delicious touch as the beautiful tingling in his balls spread ecstatically through his torso; Agnes pressed the crop against his cock as it pulsed.

“His submission is complete! See how worthless he is!” Gray moaned in ecstasy as he spent with a vigour that showed he was truly in fear of losing his life, as he danced helpless and naked on the rope, the women laughed as he shot a torrent of semen without being masturbated; they laughed and sneered at his humiliation, this was proof to them he truly was a cur, and he showed his full enjoyment at total submission to womanhood. Agnes got supreme satisfaction from his display, grinning and directing his jets of seed with her crop as he convulsed, the women applauding as he spent for them. Her swollen clitoris was ready for stimulation of its own as she taunted him further mid-orgasm as he fought for breath, consumed by the ecstasy of his submission to the rope and its dominant mistress.

“You poor fool, I have you now; your mistress may have tired of you, you’ll not know and you’ll spend till your balls are dry.” Her cruel words made him pump and jerk on the rope as he eyed Ella, who enhanced the delicious tease by gently waving goodbye to him as the other women laughed at his torment. Gray now fought to stay conscious as the restricting rope now added to his submissive ecstasy, slowly applying its silky grip and choking the life from him, as the delicious orgasm magnified his frantic wriggling; the plainly futile attempts which cut his wrists and ankles, now a deeply erotic and satisfying pleasure he could never have imagined. The sneering Agnes held his cock high with the crop while he spent again and again, the jets of semen streaking toward the leering women as he jerked helpless and bound for their pleasure. Gray now wanted to die for the women as the lush orgasm racked his tortured body, Agnes was so truthful in her supreme dominance; she had him alright, and she knew he was a weak male who would submit completely to the pleasures of the rope. She smiled with sublime satisfaction as Gray’s dance shuffled to a mere vibration on the creaking rope, his erect cock waned and trickled the last seed of his ecstatic delivery and he passed out. The women applauded loudly and a smiling Agnes flicked the blobs of semen from the flat end of her crop as her giggling assistants rushed to free the ‘condemned’ man from the noose.

Gray awoke with a start to find something else about his neck; Ella and Constance were quick to change their looks of obvious concern to ones which showed nothing but contempt as he gathered his senses and focused on his mistress; he now felt somewhat ashamed as his mistress patted a lotion soaked towel about his neck; Agnes looked down upon him with true contempt.

“Very few friction marks about the neck, he hangs very well; it will be my pleasure to have him again as soon as you think he has earned it.” Ella gave him a soft smile as she and Constance treated his wrists and ankles which had abundant marks due to his delight in testing them during orgasm, but any thoughts of being pampered were soon cut short; Hope and Kate came over and exchanged knowing smiles with his mistress, who then gave Gray a look of genuine contempt.

“Hope and Kate are to take you back to Arachne house tonight, to experience a little discipline there, before taking you the drapery shop which was once yours tomorrow; the ladies I have installed there will no doubt impart their own discipline upon you there too.” Gray gasped as she smiled at Hope and strutted off with Constance, leaving him in the care of the two imposing and dominant redheads. Hope gave him a sneer which radiated the spite she felt for him and all males.

“I shall teach you to spend without permission! Your exhibition before the ladies was disgraceful; I shall take great pleasure in thrashing you to tears, and you shall then be put to good use having made Kate and I so messy with your disgusting performance.” Gray’s cock rose again as he was led behind them on his leash to the waiting carriage; a caning followed by ginger cunt and asshole would likely have him disgrace himself further.

Gray was made to crouch on the floor of the carriage and used as a footstool by Kate, who teased his backside with her cane as their transport jolted on its way to Arachne House. As uncomfortable as he was, Gray’s cock erected once more as he re-lived his experience at the end of the rope; the exquisite feeling of helplessness and the deeply satisfying orgasm he achieved as he was made to think it may be his last, was something he would keep in his memory forever; he hoped Agnes Fairchild would realise her suggestion and he would be allowed to please her that way again.

The stern words of Hope and the punishment she had promised him for disgracing himself on the rope ensured his cock hung rigid as he studied her mean boots and shapely legs before him, he knew the caning he would receive from her would make him wish he had been extinguished by the noose that had earned him that pleasure. Kate dug her spiked heels into his back reminding him that she, as Hope’s worthy apprentice in male domination, would also have her enjoyment of him. The youthful dominant flexed the cane she carried, Gray taking in the sweet scent of her arousal; the black silken panties she wore sodden with the excitement of the evening’s spiteful entertainment, her ginger cunt now oozing at the prospect of what was to come. The mature Hope was equally aroused at being offered the opportunity to chastise her employer’s favourite; when they had met before, she had noted how submissive he was and her cunt had tingled at the thought of punishing him, he would now learn that being her mistress’s property would not give him licence to escape any woman associated with her. Her clitoris bulged as she thought of having him strapped to a bench and served with her cane; she lifted her boot and had him kiss the toe.

“We shall soon be in my private parlour; you are very privileged to be allowed that luxury. I believe my mistress has been very lax with your discipline and that will be corrected tonight; It has been my pleasure to break many males, each paying dearly for the misgivings and chauvinism of this misguided male-led society. You will learn in no uncertain terms that womanhood is truly dominant, and will be reduced and conditioned until I am happy that what is left of your spirit recognises nothing else.” Gray’s cock dribbled as he licked the shiny toe of her boot, and groaned as Kate dug her heels into his submissive flesh. Hope gave her a soft smile and nodded her head to prompt some words of chastisement from her young apprentice dominatrix; she was keen to see the young girl who had been abused by males stamp her authority on them at every opportunity. Kate needed little prompting; she stroked the cane up the bulging camel-toe in her wet silken panties and then put the rod under his nose to replace Hope’s boot, Gray’s balls tingled as he sniffed at the scent of her arousal.

“You will have a special laundry assignment before I allow you my cane; your performance on the rope is responsible for spoiling my knickers, I will invite the laundry girls to watch how a male should clean them; they may have some that require your attention too.” Hope smiled with pride at Kate’s idea; humiliation of males before the humbler staff of Arachne House was excellent therapy, and gave those women the opportunity to boost their supremacy; they would be delighted to remove their knickers after work in the steamy laundry, supervising the males who did the donkey work there. Seeing the owner’s pet male clean their knickers would impress on them that all males are to be treated with equal contempt.

The carriage jerked to a halt and Gray was led on all fours to a side entrance by Kate as Hope strutted ahead. As they entered, the matron of the evening looked enviously at their tight lace and silk outfits, and then laughed as she looked down at the leashed male.

“That’s Madam Ella’s male! I’m so glad to see him here in appropriate fashion at last; I do hope she’s tired of him and he’s here at our disposal, I’d love to help re-correct him.” Gray cowered on the leash at the thought of the stern matron’s words; having seen how other males were processed and sold off, his balls retracted with fear and he felt the need to defecate as the sneering woman looked down on him eagerly. Hope let him suffer for a few moments, thoroughly enjoying the matron’s notion.

“I’m certain we’ll enjoy that pleasure one day, but unfortunately he is here just this one evening for some corrective therapy; I fully intend to make the most of it. He will face my pleasure in my private quarters, after an appointment he has in the laundry room; you are most welcome to accompany us there, the ladies will be just about to finish their shift and we have a little bonus for them.” The matron was more than pleased to do so, and her own cunt was soon buzzing as Kate awarded her Gray’s leash, she took her staff cane and whipped his ass smartly through the corridors past the cells where the newer selected males awaited processing, and on to the rear of the building.

Megan knelt before the gathering of soldiers, her body shivering and her face covered in cum. She sobbed and gasped as she awaited her next ordeal. She had no idea why these men were ganging up on her. Were there no other women around to brutalize? The unfortunate girl severely miscalculated the ratio of horny soldiers to innocent civilians in her area. Most of them were just passing through, but a few would linger to ensure the smooth assimilation of the local populace. Megan would assist them in their tasks willingly or unwillingly.

She gasped in astonishment each time the men produced a new sexual apparatus or contrivance. Did they really need to bring so many toys? She gradually became aware that she wasn’t dealing with an ordinary detachment of infantry. These men had a special assignment. Each one had earned their privilege of responsibility through special service or superior ability. They were in the neighborhood for no purpose but to abuse and humiliate Megan Warner.

The innocent student was unaware that thirty miles up the road from her house one hundred and sixty women were languishing in a schoolyard hastily converted into a detainment camp. Encased in sadistically-designed wooden pillories they would not even enjoy the dignity of seeing their rapists face to face. They would undergo a cold, impersonal and mechanical indoctrination before being sold to private bidders or shipped off to faraway work camps. Megan was lucky that the training squads stumbled upon her before the supply corps or contractors could find her and drag her away to camp. If she proved adequate to the challenges of her special role, she could look forward to a life of bearable torture and occasional comfort. Most of the prisoners in the camps would experience no such luck.

It all came down to improvisation. After Pfc Fleming removed her ring gag she stared straight ahead her mouth gaping, her being jaw too weary at this particular moment for any adjustment. The men stared back at her in silence. She realized that they were waiting for her to say something. This time there was no script and she would have to degrade herself using her own words.

“Umm… I… uh… thank you for letting me suck your cocks! I… um… I really enjoy sucking cock. And… I mean… because it makes me horny! Because I’m a fucking slut and I want to suck dicks and lick balls all of the time… and… and it makes me wet!” She struggled to find the right words. Some of the men seemed pleased, but others glared disapprovingly. Suddenly she realized what she was forgetting.

“And thank you for coming all over my face! I love having jizz all over me! I love sucking cock and getting… uh… covered in your… um… sperm.” She heaved an exhausted sigh as the men nodded to each other approvingly. She began to weep softly while the men chattered to each other about what they could do to her next.

Megan gulped as Barrington reached into his backpack and produced a set of restraints unlike anything she had ever seen. Fleming stooped over her and released her hands from their cuffs. She continued to kneel on her bruised, aching knees. Her arms were asleep and her hands fell limply to her sides. Barrington approached with the restraints in hand. They consisted of a steel bar with four attached chains, each one ending in a metal hoop. Megan didn’t like the look of those rings. They barely seemed big enough to accommodate a girl’s wrists, let alone her ankles.

Barrington gripped her ankles and spread her feet apart. Sensing his motive, she shuffled her knees and spread her legs wide in response to his motions. He placed the bar between her legs and clasped the rings around her wrists and ankles. The cold metal clamped tightly around her joints, biting into her flesh. The pressure on her ankles would quickly become difficult to bear. With her ankles cuffed to opposite ends of the bar she had no hope of rising, lying down or closing her legs. Her knees would have to support her weight for quite a bit longer.

The collar around her neck itched and chafed. The nasty accessory had impaired her ability to breathe throughout the evening, but only now after hours of abuse did she begin to focus on its presence. It felt like it was becoming tighter and tighter. As Barrington applied the restraints Fleming noticed that her neck was slender enough that she could still breathe were it a notch tighter, albeit with significant difficulty. She gagged, sputtered and coughed as he adjusted the clasp.

Barrington had more implements to display to the captive young lady. He returned from another trip to the backpack with an intimidating Malay rattan cane. In his other hand he carried some objects which Megan could hardly fathom at a glance. As he drew closer she observed that he was carrying a wrapped, lubricated condom and what appeared to be a vegetable with its skin removed.

The condom’s presence immediately struck Megan as absurd. Surely after gang-raping an unwilling stranger in the mouth these men weren’t going to suddenly display an interest in safe sex.

As Barrington removed the condom from its packaging Megan began to comprehend her new predicament, and an unprecedented new wave of shame and horror siezed her mind and body. She shuddered uncontrollably and wailed a pitiful, choked moan through the collar pressing into her windpipe.

“No…. p-please… don’t do this to me… Why?? What do you want from me? I’ll do anything *sob*…. anything you want.”

Barrington turned to Fleming. “Looks like the dumb cunt’s already forgotten how to say ‘master’ and ‘sir’!” He laughed sadistically as he brought the cane down hard onto her shoulders. He gave her five more strokes about the upper back while she shrieked in uncomprehending pain and shock. The cane cut her flesh almost immediately, leaving heavy blue and purple streaks.

“YEAAAAAGHHH OWWW OHHH OH HO UGGHHHHHH! THAN- TH- OW! THANK YOU for disciplining me master! Sir! Thank you! Ohh! Oooohhh….”

Barrington relented for the moment and returned to the task that had precipitated her screaming fit. The vegetable was a peeled and carved ginger root. The prisoner training and disciplinary units always carried a few bags of them wherever they raided. Barrington wrapped the lubed condom around the thick, phallic vegetable. Megan’s eyes continued to widen in horror.

“As I instructed you before…” began Fleming, “nature provides us with a vast assortment of possibilites for fulfilling the need to pleasure our bodies. Now, a lot of guys tend to believe that making a woman come is a complex and challenging task that requires a lot of skill and subtlety. I think that maybe there’s a certain element of precision to it, but ultimately it’s just a question of providing sufficient stimulation. I can’t even begin to guess what kind of nasty things you do to yourself in private, but I’m willing to bet you aren’t prepared for the type of stimulation you’re about to experience.”

As Fleming spoke Barrington tapped gently on her ass with the cane. She correctly interpreted the gesture as a signal to raise her buttocks into the air. Barrington helpfully pushed down on the back of her head with his hand as she raised her ass up high, and she lowered her face sheepishly to the ground in helpless, tearful resignation.

Fleming took the condom-wrapped ginger root in hand and pressed the tip of it gently against Megan’s anus. She shuddered but remained kneeling with her face on the carpet, her ass gently swaying in the air. The lubed condom penetrated her sphincter with just the slightest pressure. He fucked her ass gently with the tip of the root for a minute and a half before drawing it back and then swiftly plunging half of the entire shaft into her rectum. Her squeals of shock and indignation rapidly declined into moans of submissive approval as she observed that her pussy was becoming wet again.

Having thoroughly spackled her ass with the condom’s lube, Fleming decided that Megan was ready to experience the ginger’s effects without protection. He popped the vegetable out of her anus as a look of bemused disappointment crossed her face. She lifted her head from the ground for a moment before Barrington placed his boot on her neck, forcing her face back to the floor. Suddenly she felt the ginger root penetrate her bottom once more. This time there was no condom, though enough lube remained to render the insertion relatively painless. She found the hard, bulky presence inside her butt almost comforting in some indescribable way. Then she began to experience the effects of the ginger.

Her moaning took on the character of pained wailing once again as her anus began to itch and burn. Fleming continued to press on the vegetable until it very nearly disappeared inside her. Her muscles began to contract and tighten around the intruder, squeezing the spicy root with her flesh and rendering the burning more painful with each twitch and spasm. She felt as if a jet of fire were shooting up her rear end and slowly searing its way up her insides. Failing to comprehend even the manner in which she was being tortured, she began to scream and plead maniacally.

“AHHHHHHHHGGGH! UHHGHHH! AIIEIEEEEE! Please, master! Take it out! Please please please I’ll do anything you -MMMUUUGGGH AGHHHH!” Barrington had rudely cut off her pleas by placing the ring gag back inside her mouth. He gripped a fistful of her hair and dragged her to an upright kneeling position. It was time for them to move the party to the dining room.

Barrington dragged Megan down the hall by the hair. With her hands and feet chained to the metal spreader bar behind her back, she couldn’t rise from her knees. By the time they reached the dining room table her knees and shins were bleeding from rug burns. The men unceremoniously hoisted her on top of the table, leaving her tortured knees resting on the hard wooden surface. Her head hung over one edge of the table, her ass over the other. Pvt. Nickels strode around the table to face her, unzipped his trousers and placed his cock through the ring wedging her mouth open. Her tongue lolled about as she made her best effort to lick him. His limp cock began to grow and stiffen inside her mouth. Suddenly her backside exploded in a surge of agony. She swore that a full second passed between her mind registering the pain and her ears registering the accompanying crack of the cane against her skin. He had struck her two more times before she could begin to comprehend whence the pain was coming. Barrington and Fleming were taking turns, each striking three or four times before passing the cane to his partner. More men began to line up for a chance to cane her.

A couple of the soldiers actually winced when they heard the sound. It echoed through the house, a reverberating crack like a distant gunshot accompanied by pained whimpering.

The sound rang out again and again. Nickels counted seventeen strokes, then eighteen and nineteen. Megan was no longer aware of the pain in her knees and shins or the massive, itching root crudely lodged inside her anus. With her legs spread apart by her restraining bar, she could do nothing to shield her crotch from the assault. While the majority of the blows landed on her buttocks, the men were careful not to spare her thighs nor her cunt from the vicious wooden instrument. They left deep, heavy stripes on her ass and legs and a few bruises right across labia and her rapidly swelling mons.

The cane cracked against her soft, delicate skin again and again. Nickels checked his count against that of a fellow private. Thirty seven strokes seemed like a good guess. Then another crack rang through the modest two-story abode. That was stroke thirty eight, they guessed. The marks on her buttocks were turning black and purple as the base of the ginger root poked out timidly from her anus. Then came another thwack. Megan had endured thirty nine strokes. In the same span of time she had brought three men to orgasm with her mouth. They forced her to swallow every drop of their ejaculate. One of the soldiers took up the cane and struck her three more times across the crotch between her splayed legs. She sobbed and moaned softly.

They gave Megan a break from the caning while two more soldiers raped her mouth. She sucked them off like a whore, bobbing her head on their hard dicks with the verve and professionalism of a porn star and licking every drop of cum off the heads of their cocks when they finished. She made every effort to demonstrate her willingness to do whatever it might take to satisfy her masters and avoid another blow from the cane.

Her extremities were numb from hours of bondage in various excruciating positions. Every part of her body that still had proper circulation was in agony. Yet a part of her wondered why none of the men had actually attempted to fuck her yet. So far this evening she had done nothing but suck cock, occasionally experiencing the thrill of having foreign objects inserted into her lower orifices. She knew that at some point sex was coming, and as the evening’s tortures wore on she began to regard the possibility with diminishing dread and mounting excitement. She even subconsciously acknowledged that fucking these men would be a welcome alternative to further caning and forced oral sex.

As she sucked off a young redheaded private by the name of McAllister he took a moment to gaze into her eyes. Some of the men wanted her to make eye contact while she sucked them, gently tilting her head upward with a hand under her chin. Others insisted that she refrain from looking at them. The majority simply jerked her head up and down on their shafts, gripping her hair at the scalp and nearly spraining her neck with the stiff, forceful and repetetive movements of their arms. She particularly hated this form of treatment, and she actually found herself able to deep-throat the mens’ cocks more easily when she was allowed to move her head freely.

McAllister on the other hand was relatively gentle when his dick was in a girl’s mouth. He stroked her face affectionately as they shared their passing glance. He was just about finished with Megan but their fleeting moment of eye contact communicated a powerful and urgent message to him. He came inside her mouth and she slurped down his cum without batting an eyelash. He zipped up his trousers and whispered something into Fleming’s ear.

Fleming bore an expression of bemused skepticism. “You think she wants it? I mean, it’s been a couple of hours since the machine. She might not be the tightest fit.”

“Look at her, Fleming. She’s in fucking heat.”

Goosebumps stood out all over Megan’s skin. They were standing right behind her and talking about fucking her as if she weren’t there at all. It was turning her on. She shivered and blushed as another rush of adrenaline overtook her. Her pelvic muscles contracted and her sphincter clenched tightly around the burning ginger root inside her. It was like a burning hot coal inside her ass. She moaned a ragged, heavy song of torment yet she could no longer make a sound without conveying just a hint of whorish ecstasy.

She yelped softly and demurely when Barrington mounted her. She was still kneeling on the table with her ass in the air, her head and backside elevated roughly to the level of the mens’ waists. In this position they could fuck her from both sides, one cock in her mouth and another in her bruised and battered pussy. She entertained the boys in this fashion for another hour, barely noticing the penetration thanks to her preoccupation with the large, painful object embedded in her anus. The men tortured her with the root as they fucked her pussy, carefully wiggling the root in and out of her. The lubricant in her ass had begun to dry up and the root no longer slid back and forth without effort. Even expelling it would have been a challenge for Megan without assistance.

Meg shrieked like a cat and nearly leapt from the table when Fleming mounted her and started jerking the root back and forth roughly, fucking her ass raw with the dry, gnarled vegetable. As she tried her best to move her hips appropriately in response to the thrusts of his cock inside her pussy, he developed a rhythm of alternating thrusts with his dick and the root. He couldn’t wait for a chance to thrust his shaft into her derriere. Unfortunately the residual ginger would have rendered the act more than a bit uncomfortable for him at this juncture. He had to bide his time until they could get her to an outpost and clean her out.

As Megan squirmed and squealed in response to the motion of her irritating ginger buttplug, yet another sadistic idea crossed his mind. It was nearly time to let Megan have a break.

After all nine of the men had reached orgasm with the assistance of Megan’s mouth and cunt, four of them went back for seconds. The boys were beginning to tire and their cocks weren’t as sensitive as they were a few hours earlier. It took another thirty minutes for them to get their rocks off. The men left Megan kneeling on the table, cum oozing from her pussy and mouth. They were gone for what seemed like hours to Megan, only twenty minutes in reality. She could tell that they were engaged in a heated and enthusiastic debate. Finally all nine men poured back into the dining room.

“Flip.” spoke Cpl Barrington with a sly grin.

Pvt Nickels tossed a coin in the air and caught it on the back of his hand. The toss came up heads.

“Heads!” chuckled Barrington. “We were trying to decide whether you’d get another caning before your break. Looks like your tits are in luck, they’re going to get some new stripes to match the ones on your ass!”

Megan had no strength remaining for words. She simply continued sobbing while Fleming removed her ring gag yet again.

“Don’t worry, slut. We’re not going to make you beg for this one. We can already tell how badly you want it.”

With her legs and wrists chained to the spreader bar, she couldn’t make much of an effort to protect her breasts. She just grimaced and wept, shouting weakly when the cane slashed across her chest. Her tits began to swell as blue and purple bruises formed.

She counted twelve blows. The rattan cane landed with another loud crack. Thirteen blows. Then came the fourteenth. Megan began to feel detached from her own body, like an alien observer staring down upon her life from outer space. She could no longer believe that any of the things that were happening were real.

The fifteenth stroke landed on her right breast, grazing her nipple. She ground her teeth in anticipation for the following stroke, but it never arrived.

Fleming stood in front of her, waving the cane impatiently. “How’s that? What do you say, slut?”

Megan sat in dazed silence for twenty or thirty seconds. Fleming sighed and drew back his arm to deliver another blow. Megan’s eyes shot wide open and she panicked.

“Th… Thankyoufordiscipliningmemastersir! I love it when you whip my tits, master! The pain makes me horny, it does… I mean… it makes my pussy wet because I ‘m a filthy little pain slut! Please discipline me again master, sir!”

The soldiers laughed in unison while Megan’s face turned crimson. Her first day wasn’t over yet and the slut was already a professional. The boys knew they had done well in choosing their newest sex slave.

Megan drifted out of consciousness as the soldiers exited the room, leaving the bound, naked, battered, cum drenched girl to enjoy a rare moment of privacy. Suddenly she heard a knock at the front door so loud that it frightened her back to an alert, wakeful state.

She heard somewhere around a dozen men’s voices as another squad poured into her house. Now there were twenty men in the house, and every single one of them was there for no purpose other than to fuck and torture Megan. She continued to weep softly through her sore, dry eyes. Suddenly she heard a high-pitched moan from the direction of the kitchen. The soldiers had another woman with them.

Mart Tranter was an odd-jobbing chancer who scraped a living through the few jobs he held down, he lived on his wits and charmed himself into situations; he liked short-term tenancies as he believed the change of outlook to be the best way in life was to move on, and his lowly budget would not entertain a mortgage in this area or any other. It was with relief that he had found the advert in the local paper, as he’d sat with it placed on a table in the middle of the room between bowls on the floor, catching the rainwater which dripped through the ceiling of the dingy garret flat, which had lost any novelty it once had. His landlady, who had allowed him to delay his rent on occasion, for small favours granted, was getting a little too intimate; he having shared the warmth of his body with her on too many occasions, now was the time to depart. He now found himself at the door of a large late Victorian detached house, number 15 Ackerman Street; the diverse colours and styles of curtains at its many windows along with the varying degrees of grime displayed by some panes contrasting with the sheen of others, some with blooming window boxes and others bland, betrayed the communal status of a grand house built originally for a well-to-do family.

Mart puffed himself out and knocked on the part-glazed front door; the deep blue and red harlequin pattern leaded lights, helping the house to retain a little of its former glory; an inner door opened from the ground floor flat, and a prim and shapely woman of about forty-five, brunette hair tied in a bun, smiled softly over glasses that could have belonged to a teacher. She looked him up and down with interest. He gaped for a moment and then responded as she lifted her nose in expectation of an introduction.

“Hi, I’m Mart Tranter… I’ve come about the flat.” Her eyes seemed to ignite, and she pulled the door wide; Mart felt as though he were being sucked in, almost before she had acknowledged him.

“Oh please do come in; I’m Melanie Hart, this is my house, we spoke on the phone, I’ll just get the keys.” Mart stepped in and watched her tight-waisted form strut into her flat, his cock stirring slightly; mature women always attracted him, especially single ones. He stepped forward and nosed into her tidy residence; the decor had a distinctly feminine feel, the scent devoid of masculinity; promising. He stepped back and glanced up at the polished bannister above the stairs as he heard her jingling the keys; attempting to hide any personal interest in her. She emerged with the keys but minus her age-increasing glasses, and without the small cardigan she had answered the door in. She smiled warmly as she held the keys up and dangled them in front of her trim breasts, drawing his eyes to a subtle view of the cleavage shown by the top two undone buttons of her blouse. She quickly dropped her hand, and strutted to the stairs; like a gentleman, he let her lead the way, which she did without hesitation, and his cock swelled as he watched her long mature legs and pert bottom ascend gracefully two steps above him. Several flights were not long enough for him, and he was almost disappointed when she turned off to a door, leaving a further flight untouched. She turned the key and showed him in; though a bedsit, it was a veritable palace compared to what he’d left. Cleanly decorated and with a comfortable bed close to a large window which overlooked her garden, there was a shower cubicle in one corner, and plenty of space for the meagre belongings he had yet to retrieve from the dingy garret. Melanie leaned back against the door pillar and crossed her arms.

“Well, what do you think?” Her sultry tone had him thinking of all sorts of possibilities, but he answered her immediate concern.

” It’s great… I’ll take it.” He fumbled with his wallet and as he fingered the worn notes, she smiled at his enthusiasm to secure the let.

“I normally ask for a month’s rent plus a further month as a deposit, but I think I can trust you; just give me the month for now, you said on the phone you can turn your hand to most things? I may have a few odd jobs for you; my garden needs a little TLC, and some of my more picky tenants are always finding things that need attention. You just settle in, and give me a knock when you’re ready; call outs for plumbers and decorators can be so expensive.” Mart was more than pleased at this opportunity to perhaps reduce his rental in kind, and it ensured contact with this shapely lady, who grew more attractive by the minute. She handed him the key, and he followed her out; eager to retrieve his things and disappear from his old address immediately. As they descended the stairs to the ground floor, she smiled warmly at him as a wiry man entered the front door and wheeled his bicycle through.

“Hi Melanie! and errr..” Melanie gave him a nonchalant look.

“Hello Ben; this is Mart, he’s just taken flat 5. Mart, this is Ben Parker, he’s in flat 2.” She smiled at Mart before approaching her door; before she went in, she bent to pick up some junk mail envelopes, keeping her legs as straight as possible and displaying her firm round arse as her skirt tightened. As she disappeared into her flat, Ben smiled as he’d noticed Mart’s eyes on her.

“You’ve more chance of getting a wank off the Pope.” Mart wasn’t so sure; he grinned at the wiry man with scruffy hair and ill fitting grey trousers held up with bicycle clips, anorak and worn out hush-puppies completing the picture; he could see why not too many women would give him a second glance. He changed the conversation.

“Lived here long mate?” The scruffy but amiable Ben opened his door, almost opposite Melanie’s and pushed his sixties style thin-wheeled racer inside.

“I’ve been here about three years; handy for the locals schools, I’m a supply teacher, history and geography. It’s not a bad place, despite the quick turnover of some tenants; we’re a diverse mix, there’s a couple of executive types up one flight, that’s where the two largest flats are. Eight flats in all.” His banter was cut short as the door opened, and Mart’s interest was aroused again as a pretty red-lipped woman of about forty bustled in with a shy smile, wearing a short shiny plastic mac, long legs and spiky ankle boots. Ben gave her a gormless smile and addressed her in a teacher-like tone.

“Hello Irene, had a good day have we?” She screwed her lips and glanced at Mart with wide eyes and a soft smile, as she squeaked by up the stairs in her glossy mac.

“Just as boring as ever Ben. But I’m ever hopeful.” Mart wondered if her statement was actually a description of Ben, rather than a reflection on the day; either way, 66.6% of the tenants he’d seen so far were most interesting. He shook hands with Ben and left for his previous residence, hoping to get in and out quickly before the amorous Wendy, his chubby and fifty-something ex-landlady returned from her day job and made things difficult. Jangling his new keys, he made haste.

As Mart hurriedly stuffed the last objects into a rucksack, his suitcase already full, he heard the front door bump shut downstairs through the open door of the garret. He remained silent and held his breath. Wendy looked up the gap between the bannisters and saw the light from the garret window; she knew he was leaving, but he owed her rent, she knew he had little money so he would pay her in kind. She smiled as she locked the front door from the inside, and quietly opened her flat door, stripping her clothes off rapidly. Mart peeped out onto the creaking floorboards and looked down; did he imagine he noise? Had it been another tenant entering or leaving? He sighed with relief at the continuing silence, swung the rucksack over his shoulder and lifted the case. On reaching the ground floor, he pushed the keys under Wendy’s door with a pang of regret; he enjoyed the games she played which led up to him fucking her, but he was concsious that he was beginning to like it too much and she was not the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Wendy grinned as she watched the keys slide under the door toward her, the nipples on her large floppy breasts erected as she heard him move toward the door and try the handle. Mart pulled at the door in disbelief, he heard a sound behind him and his balls tingled.

“And where do you think you are going young man? You owe me more than you can afford.” Mart turned and his cock swelled as he viewed Wendy’s plump and mature form, clad in a full-length black dressing gown, cane in hand like a schoolmistress. She smiled wickedly and beckoned him into her flat with her finger.

“You may not have money, but I’ll see you spend just the same. You’ll not leave here until your debt is paid.” Mart’s cock stiffened as he resigned himself to the pleasure he had tried so hard to avoid, he thought it unnatural to enjoy her folds of wrinkled flesh the way he did, but she smelt even more inviting today somehow, and her evermore controlling ways gave him a thrill he did not feel fully comfortable with; not yet. Wendy smiled as he did as he was told; he had no option really as she would not relinquish the key until she was ready, but the spark was there, he did not make a fuss and demand it as so many other men would. She would ensure he remembered her and visited her from time to time.

“You know how I like things, you go and strip off and stand by my bed. I shall have a cigarette and then I shall have payment.” Mart walked into the room and stripped, his cock betraying his weakness for the demanding woman. He stood like a scolded child for a couple of minutes and Wendy entered the room cane in hand. She let the gown drop and wriggled the cane through the sleeve; Mart’s cock stood rigid at her display of saggy tits, slightly bulbous belly, wide hips and large strangely inviting thighs. She smiled and pointed to the bed with the cane.

“You know the routine, lie face up on the bed, head toward the bottom end. You shall taste my cunt while I suck your cock. You owe me a lot; I shall have my arsehole tongued as well, I know you are beginning to enjoy the taste.” Mart nearly smiled at the thought, but retained his straight face; he knew she liked to think this base act was a punishment. He lay on the bed and half closed his eyes, hoping that all landladies were inherently demanding and authoritative, his cock flexing as he thought of the shapely Melanie. He sniffed the air as the fleshy thighs appeared above his head, revealing Wendy’s gaping cunt which descended on his face; his nose slipped into the hot slimy recesses of her womanhood, the scent making his balls tingle, and the salty tang of her aroused cunt made him arch his back, yearning for the touch of her lips on his cock as her saggy breasts nestled on his torso. He lapsed into an indulgent heaven as her thighs held him there and he looked up through the crack of her fleshy cellulite riddled cheeks, enjoying the tastes and scents as they wobbled above him, and murmured in heaven as her soft lips slipped over his bell-end and her hot mouth sucked on his stiff cock. He was close to coming when she wickedly poked his cock away with her tongue, sat up and shuffled forward slightly. She lifted her flabby arse and pulled the cheeks apart, making his cock dribble as his nose was hit by the full scent of her honeyed arsehole.

“You’ll have a good lick before I ride you; I’ll have my monies worth from your balls today, you’ll be back within a week begging for more home comforts.” His cock pulsed and waved in need of stimulation as she eased back releasing her fleshy cheeks about his face as his tongue gratefully licked and probed at the tart taste of her hot arsehole. Wendy smiled as she felt him service her anus obediently, and nursed her cunt in readiness for the delivery of his cock. Satisfied he had worshipped her arsehole sufficiently, she lifted herself off an turned to straddle his aching erection. Mart moaned as she slipped his rigid member into the slick warmth of her juiced cunt, and she lay forward, holding him down with her soft ample folds; she purred with pleasure as he tried to buck under her weight.

“Patience. I will let you know when you are allowed to come; you’ll fill my cunt when I’m ready, and then you’ll clean me up. You’ll taste your own seed after its union with my juices; you’ll learn to love that too, because you will come back and see me, won’t you?” Mart was willing to say anything at that point; his cock ready to spurt; but wondered where it would end if he did return, she had displayed the cane these past few encounters, and now his was to lick up his own mess.

“Yes.. yes, I promise I’ll come back, please let me come.” Wendy’s cunt tingled victoriously as she began to ease her plump arse up and down, allowing his cock the delicious movement with her mature and slippery cunt, she squeezed her upper body against him; her flesh creating a vacuum which sucked at his torso, seeming to drag the content of his balls into her, he moaned with pleasure.

“Don’t you dare come until I’m ready! I want to enjoy you for as long as possible.” Mart was now in no hurry, his first encounter with Wendy had been a straight forward fuck, missionary position with a little hand delivered foreplay by both; she had gradually taken control of each session, oral, anal, and now the threat of the cane, though she had not touched his flesh with it. Not yet. His balls were now wet with Wendy’s juices as her erotic mind ran riot at the idea of dominating him completely, and she moaned in ecstasy as she squashed his body down on to the springing as her globular arse rose and sank, her cunt taking his cock to the hilt.

“Ohhhhhh! Come now!… fill my cunt with cream, I want it deep inside me… Ohhhhh! I want you to be there forever licking it all out!” Mart found it hard to breathe as her plenteous flesh humped in a blind haze of exquisite pleasure, and he groaned in ecstasy himself as her mature cunt sucked the semen from him; his orgasm intensified by the thought of licking his own seed from her spent cunt as she threatened him with that cane. She laughed through her divine panting as she felt the warmth of a generous wad of cum pulse into her, and ground her cunt down selfishly to stop his movement, so that she could feel him spurt as she held him. Mart moaned as he tied to lift his buttocks, but was pinned; she squeezed her cunt as he spent several times more, though motionless; his anus tingled at the feel of being captive, as his cock throbbed its last offerings into the mouth of her uterus. Before he could recover, the grinning Wendy waddled her bulk forward and nestled her dripping cunt on his face, force feeding Mart his own seed mixed with her juices; strangely, he did not gag on the salty globules that slid out from her slit as he lapped almost eagerly at it. Wendy towered above him, hands on chubby hips.

“You’ve made a mess and now you shall clean it up; you make sure you get it all out or you’ll stay here forever” The novelty soon wore off for Mart, as his cock lay flaccid, and the bulbous folds had him gasping for breath at times, especially when he had to strain his tongue as far up the flabby cunt as it would go. Wendy suddenly relented and rolled back onto her pillows, lighting a cigarette. Mart washed his face and genitals in the basin in the corner. When he turned, Wendy had returned to the coy woman he had first met; she smiled softly at him as she lifted the front door key from her gown, and slipped it between her flabby tits.

“You promise you’ll come and see me, won’t you Mart?” He forced a smile as he hurriedly replaced his jeans and tucked his shirt in. Though now sated and a little repulsed at what he was looking at, never mind what he’d just done with it, there was a strange draw to her. He smiled a little stronger and clambered on to the bed, giving her a peck on the cheek as he retrieved the key.

“OK, but no promises as to when; I’ve a few things to do where I’ve moved to.” She closed her eyes and puffed her cigarette. He’d be back.

Mart’s mind had been in a quandary as he’d lugged his worldly goods back on the short journey to Ackerman Street; the main reason he’d left his old flat was to get away from Wendy, yet she seemed to have more of a hold on him than ever. He was thankful that he could at least determine when he saw her, and he would try not to, though he was finding sex with her increasingly ‘interesting’. Now back in his more comfortable accommodation, he arranged his things and clicked his laptop on; ‘no signal’. He kicked himself for being so dense, but his nether regions tingled as it gave him the excuse to enquire upon the attractive Melanie for a possible wi-fi password. After descending the first flight of stairs, he noticed a sharply dressed and shapely woman, in a trouser suit opening the door and entering one of the more expensive flats; the dark haired woman with high cheek-bones expressed by a gentle application of rouge noted his presence and smiled warmly at him from pursed red lips, giving him a brief but sultry ‘hello’ before closing the door. Mart’s mind jingled erotic situations, but quickly dispelled them; her sophisticated image would mean she was way out of his league; a woman like that would have a hundred male interests, if she were not attached anyway.

Mart’s cock swelled as he approached Melanie’s door; on doing so, he noticed several picture frames containing fire regulations, basic house rules, and handy information, set discretely on the wall close by. They were arranged amongst pictures so as to preserve the homely feel of the residence; on the ‘Handy’ frame the wi-fi password ‘melas15′ was clearly displayed. Mart paused and then rang the bell; he was determined to have another glimpse of her, and would plead ignorance. Melanie peeped through the spy-hole and adjusted her brunette hair, her nipples swelling as she recognised her new tenant; she had knowledge of him through the local Landlord’s Association that he was unaware of, and a certain other member’s passing remarks had left her more than pleased to have Mart under her roof; she opened the door, and Mart tried to adopt an air of nonchalance as her appearance and soft feminine scent made his cock swell.

“Oh, hi Melanie; I was wondering if you had a wi-fi system here, so that I can access the net.” Melanie first stepped forward a little and glanced to the side where the info was, and then paused with a wry smile.

“Oh please, come in; I shall see if I can find it for you, I’ve been in it that long I can’t remember it myself.” Mart swallowed hard as he followed her in, his eyes drawn to the firm ass in its tight skirt as it wiggled provocatively while the mature woman led him into her lounge for the first time. She sat him down and he watched as she bent over an occasional table, displaying her ass in its full glory in a pretense of looking for something.

“Now where did I put that laptop? Oh, Mart, would you like a coffee now you’re here?” Mart was in no hurry to leave, and confirmed with a response which spoke that it was all too obvious that the caffeine itself was of secondary importance. Melanie’s cunt tingled as she toyed with thoughts about breaking it to Mart that she was not only acquainted with Wendy, but how the two shared interests beyond being landladies; she would allow him to open up to her a little before she revealed that like her caffiene, Mart’s payment of rent was also of secondary importance to her. She came back with two coffees, balanced upon her laptop which was evidently found nowhere near the table she had displayed her ass over. Mart took his coffee, and had to adjust the way he sat to hide his erection, which was not aided by Melanie sitting low in the chair opposite; she crossed her legs and took pride in now displaying her shapely thighs clad in black nylon. She tapped away at her laptop, acting as though the technology was all a little alien to her, but actually checking e-mails as she delayed him as long as she could.

“I’m so glad you moved in here, I can find a few things for a handy person like you to do; what was it that made you leave your last place?” Mart was as honest as he could be, whilst remaining economic with the absolute truth.

“I had a garret flat there, and the roof was a bit leaky; I did what I could to help the landlady by doing my best to plug the leaks from the inside, through what access room there was between my ceiling and the roof, but the place needs re-roofing; I could have lived with it, but it was a bit damp at times. Apart from that it was OK, I just felt like a change.” Melanie crossed her fingers to match her legs, and casually shifted forward slightly to show even more thigh, and then a quick flash of her black lacy panties as she crossed alternate legs; subtly sweetening his mind in preparation for a more probing question.

“So your relationship with your landlady was OK? I mean you didn’t fall out with her… or anything?” Mart’s cock bulged as he thought of those black lacy panties close up, combined with the memory of the scent of Wendy’s cunt, so recently adored by his tongue; if only it could be that way with this gorgeous woman.

“Oh no, I liked her… in fact I’ve promised I’ll look in on her on occasion, to err… to make sure she’s OK.” Melanie’s cunt tingled, to match the tingling of jealousy felt by her ego, she had a good idea how landlady Wendy Denham would be made to feel ‘OK’, the fat bitch! His response did her good though, it made her all the more determined to receive similar attention; she’d also casually ask Wendy about her recent relationships when she saw her again at the other place they had in common.

“I’d love it you did my garden for me; I love to sunbathe in it now the weather has picked up, but it needs tending badly; If you mow the lawn first, I’ll show how I like it done; I take it you won’t mind being supervised by a woman? She gave Mart a certain smile which made his balls tingle; he so hoped her question had a double meaning.

“No, I really don’t mind at all; will tomorrow be alright?” Melanie was more than pleased; the forecast was hot and sunny, she could allow him to see the good shape her body was in, and she could ease closer to a relationship with him; one which she intended being in control of.

“That would be wonderful; you know there is a rear entrance which is open during daylight hours, down a small flight of stairs at the rear, it runs down to the back gate beside my garden? It’s handy to get to the local shops a little quicker and the compost bin is by the gate… I use it regularly as there is a rear entrance to my flat down those stairs too.” She smirked, as she intentionally planted an option in his head.

“I can slip in and out without being seen by anyone; out through the back entrance when it suits me. Irene has a key to the back entrance and gate too, she is a dark horse and often uses it at night, but that’s another story; if you are to be a regular handyman for me, perhaps I can get you keys cut too.” Mart’s cock was now stiff as his mind ran riot; the proximity and possible access to Melanie’s flat unseen, was of great interest, and Melanie knew it would be. Mart was now desperate to go upstairs and masturbate; finishing his coffee and now in a cold sweat, but Melanie was anxious to further his interest even though he would be in her grasp tomorrow. She followed him out, and then led him to the rear of the house and down the five steps, showing him the rear entrance to her flat before opening the door to the rear entrance. They walked around a corner which was not overlooked by any of the windows above, and Mart’s cock pulsed as he viewed the clothes lines which ran down the alley to the rear gate; on one of the lines was several pairs of black lacy panties and stockings. Melanie smiled to herself as she noted his interest while she was showing him the gate in the wall to her garden.

“I shall leave this open tomorrow, please be here nice and early; I’m sure I’ll enjoy supervising you.” Mart’s eyes met with hers as his balls tingled at her remark; she smirked in a way that left him on a high. He then thought of the panties on the line, and suddenly decided he’d try the rear route to the shops; as he went to leave, Melanie smiled triumphantly.

“Oh, I nearly forgot what you came for; I’ve just remembered, the password is ‘melas15′.” Mart thanked her and left through the back gate.

Mart went rapidly to the shops and bought nothing; he needed to know the time it would take and thought of nothing but the panties. On coming back, he looked up and down the street to ensure no one would disturb him as he went back up the alley; on reaching the panties he looked up and checked, he could not see any window he would be viewed from. His cock pulsed as he pulled the line down to face level and sniffed at the gusset of the panties, hoping to gain just the slightest scent of the cunt and arsehole they had graced. He rubbed his cock through his jeans and was tempted to take it out and wank there and then. Above him, eyes watched from a grilled vent in a bathroom wall, which Mart had not given a second thought. Melanie stood naked on an Ottoman in her bathroom and nursed her cunt as she watched him enjoy her panties, she moaned while her clitoris buzzed; she so wanted him to be sniffing the panties which lay on the bathroom floor, and while she was wearing them.

Irene quickly bustled up the stairs to her flat in her shiny raincoat, a package under her arm. As soon as she got through the door, she locked and bolted it; safe in her own little universe. She stripped naked and left her clothes where they fell, and eagerly opened the package; her cunt dribbled as she felt the soft latex outfit and accessories within, and took it with her to the bedroom, tossing it on her bed before having a quick shower. She did not dry herself off, leaving droplets of water dripping from her shapely body. She eased the one-piece suit on to her feet and slipped the luxurious latex up her wet legs, over her slim torso, and excited nipples; as she pulled the zip tight up her back and struggled into the hood, her perfectly outlined cunt bulged and expressed itself in a shiny black camel-toe. The gloves held her fingers tightly and slapped tight on her wrists as she let the elastic material go, she then took some cord and her favourite vibrator and sat excitedly on the bed; her whole body now glowing warm and her flesh squirming deliciously within the tight latex. She bound her ankles and knees with the cord, her cunt bulging with pleasure as the skin tight latex teased its folds and pressed firm against her enlarged clitoris, and her nipples pointed proudly from her secured breasts as she held her arms up and back in buckling the ball gag tight; her cunt now pulsing. She turned the lights down before squeezing her wrists into tightly elasticated cuffs.

Irene now writhed around on her bed, imagining being trussed and enslaved before being purchased by a cruel and dominant master or mistress, her whole body tingling with the superbly erotic feel of the black second skin which squeezed at every erogenous zone; her cunt and nipples buzzing as she dreamed of being whipped and tormented, then put to good use by having every orifice violated. Now at the height of her fantasy, she clutched at the vibrator, stroking her bulging cunt as it gently hummed its song of promised pleasure, teasing her clitoris held tight by the latex; the sweet vibration richly enjoyed through the soft latex. As she squirmed ecstatically in her self-inflicted bondage, flexing her muscles against the bonds which teased her, she moaned in utter ecstasy as her cunt was brought home by the lush stimulation; biting her ball gag hard her whole body was awash with pleasure as she dreamed of being penetrated by the huge cock of her imaginary spiteful owner. She stretched her body out, pointing her toes like a ballerina as she indulged in a satisfying orgasm; the vibrator locked buzzing under her cunt as the latex and her fantasy served her well. She giggled through the gag and clicked her friend off; after a short doze in sweet bondage, she would repeat her pleasure several times.

Elaine had a few tasks to complete at the golf club; not least, being noticed by some of the board members as she placed a large advertisement for the Equestrian Centre on the notice boards about the club; not only was this fuelled by her love of the sport, she also knew the promise of prim women with jodhpurs and riding crops, and the whiff of leather was very attractive to males with submissive streaks. She would employ any tool which gave her the remotest chance of enslaving a male; especially amongst those in the boardroom . She was already homing in on the softer targets; Clyde Wilson was in his late thirties and unattached, he had his own photographic business, and was known to be a bit of a womaniser. He had remained unattached, it was as though there was something about permanent relationships which scared him, or there was something he would not admit to himself. This had led him to get involved in countless shallow relationships, leaving a trail of scorned women behind him. Elaine noted the way he looked at her; his open persona would suggest his interest would only be in younger women with lesser intellect he would be able to rule over, but Elaine sensed a weakness for the firm control of a strong woman. He was also a drinking partner to Fox-Janner and may know things which might betray the chairman’s intimate desires, her pussy buzzed.

Clyde found it difficult to contain his excitement as he watched Elaine stretch her elegant legs to pin the note at the top of the notice board; she had no real need to do so, but was aware that Clyde’s eyes were upon her. He sniffed the air and took in her scent, aiding his imminent capture as he studied the delicious bulge of her ass in the pencil skirt and the curve of her ample and full thighs. Her pursed red lips which complimented her hair, bulged too as she sensed his timid approach. Though he was usually the driving force with the women he targeted, this was different; he was compelled to approach but somehow knew he would not dictate terms in any way with this formidable women, she was a good decade older than he, yet she appeared divinely attractive; he did not realise it, but he was already being driven. Elaine turned and looked into his face with a stern smile; he introduced himself, and she posed a question.

“Would you be interested in tuition in equestrian discipline?” Her look and tone, together with her choice of description where ‘having riding lessons’, would have sufficed, had his cock twitching with the possibilities of her having made some underlying cryptic message. He was being very perceptive; his discipline as with all males was her inevitable goal.

“Oh, I would love to try it; I’m in the photographic business and I’d also be interested in taking some photos; maybe I could enhance your ads a little for you too.” Elaine’s mind was already churning out ideas of the good use she could put a photographic business to. She had to play things by ear at the moment; with the assistance of Fox-Janner’s housekeeper, Gloria, and a little prompting of Gordon, she would build a dossier on each of the board members, in respect of their status, weaknesses, and general habits. She would then either eliminate or put them to good use; within six months the boardroom would be re-decorated in pink. She looked at the male before her and imagined him on his knees.

“You’ll come to our open day then; I’m sure you’ll find some very photogenic ladies in riding gear who would appreciate your attentions. You wouldn’t recognise me in jodhpurs and boots; I’m a very different lady under those circumstances.” Clyde’s cock bulged at the thought, he was excited at the transformation; he had no idea just how different a lady she would transform into.

Maria returned from her canine excursion and the kneeling Gordon was given the sheet he had arrived in for his whipping, to allow him a modicum of decency when he travelled in her car. The women laughed as both he and Elaine’s Husband were led out to the car on all fours; Maria smiled with satisfaction as the rear hatch was opened and Elaine’s husband was made to curl up in the dog basket, which was separated from the rest of the interior by a grid; she was getting a great deal of excitement from her new hobby and would have her subjects treated just like they were real dogs. Gordon was made to squat in the rear seat as they drove to the golf club to pick up Elaine.

Elaine looked back at the clubhouse with a deep sense of satisfaction as Maria drove up to it to receive her; she was moist as she thought a little deeper about Clyde Wilson who had left her with a starry-eyed look; hooked already. Things were working out beautifully and she was looking forward to seeing Gloria Trent at the Equestrian Centre this evening. She chuckled with sublime pleasure and her sense of absolute dominance had her moist pussy tingling further, as the car reversed up to her, giving her a view of her dog suited husband. He looked pathetic in the doggie mask, which gave her an immense thrill; this was the male who had once been a pillar of society and from whom her new found wealth had begun; he had learned the full dominance of womanhood and helped model her absolute supremacy. She had captured and processed many males since; disposing of them when they had been stripped of any wealth or assets, passing them on to other women within her circle, like unwanted pets, into a life of erotic slavery. She would keep her husband though, not through any emotion or sense of duty, other than sheer pleasure. Each time she made an acquisition and became more supreme, so his status lowered; seeing him shrink before her was exquisite. As she sneered at the doggie outfit, she knew that Maria was parading him publicly to generate the maximum humiliation possible. Her pussy bulged as she thought of having Fox-Janner in that position.

She sat in the rear next to Gordon and had him kiss her feet; he bent and did so without question and with a genuine sense of pleasure. He felt honoured to be asked back to her house for whatever reason, and hoped he would be allowed to be kept by Angela; he saw Elaine as the catalyst and knew that now he had signed his life away to her, he would not be of much further use. He longed to please her in any way, in the hope that she would allow Angela to keep him; his cock rose in the sheet as he kissed the dominant woman’s feet in complete submission to her. Elaine tingled with satisfaction at his servility, and sneered with pleasure as Maria smiled at her in the rear-view mirror.

“I believe Maria has a treat in store for you, whilst I am attending a meeting at the Equestrian Centre. You’ll be in good hands, and you’ll see what happens to males who are of no use, other than as accessories for the whimsical pleasures of a woman, and as a tool for stress relief. I shall be talking to several women tonight, who will assist with my quest for information on Fox-Janner. His housekeeper, Gloria, and your new boss at the store, Angela, will be amongst those attending. If I find you’ve been hiding any knowledge of Fox-Janner’s habits or relationships from me when I return to question you later, both Maria and I will have further treats for you, which I promise you will not forget in a hurry.” Gordon’s cock erected to full rigidity and his anus tingled as he guessed at Maria’s treat, and just the mention of Angela; he could not get the scent of rubber from his memory and yearned to be dominated that way again. He was puzzled by Elaine’s statement because he had not been asked for any information about Fox-Janner by her; there were many things he could mention. He opened his lips to protest and give all he knew about the chauvinistic chairman, but was totally in awe of the supreme redhead, and had not been asked to do so at that point. His balls tingled with fear and pleasure at thought of Maria’s cane. Elaine knew this and enjoyed watching him squirm; he would be caned for not perceiving what a woman was to ask him in the future, this was as good a reason as any to enjoy thrashing him. She took the opportunity to prolong the tease.

“I shall also be asking Angela about your progress and if it is worth keeping you at the store; I can soon have you clean the toilets at the clubhouse instead; Fox-Janner’s housekeeper won’t be doing it anymore, that’s for sure.” Elaine’s pussy bulged in her increasingly moist panties as she watched the fear on Gordon’s face with sublime pleasure. He was now ready to beg to be allowed to remain toilet cleaner at the store, but was too scared to do so for fear that his impudence would result in the spiteful and controlling woman effecting the change. Elaine and Maria sat in smug silence till they reached the splendid residence that was their home. There was no possibility he would be moved from the store; Elaine was delighted with Angela’s humiliation of her former employer, and the two younger girls would use Gordon in their education to full dominance over males.

Elaine passed her sodden panties to Maria as she stepped into the shower; Maria smiled and took the two leashed males up to the room where Elaine’s cur of a husband was kept. Gordon was made to kneel in the corner and watch as the doggie suit was removed from the silent male, the freshly soiled panties were placed gusset-up over his nose and mouth and held there with a vicious gag; he would know the scent and taste of the woman who had crushed him completely but that was all he would be allowed of her now. The doggy tail plug was replaced with a larger circumference item, which made the otherwise silent cur moan into the gag, as the spiteful Eastern maid pressed it home with little or no lubrication applied and much force used to enhance her wicked pleasure. Gordon winced as he watched the large plug spread the male’s anus, nearly splitting it. His ankles and wrists were then bound with pairs of his wife’s used nylons; her presence was incorporated in the form of soiled or used underwear perpetually, as a reminder of her ownership. His cage was then removed as Maria selected a cane; the cur’s grateful cock unfurling rapidly to full length and rigidity as the thought of the days humiliations, the cane, and the rare opportunity to shoot his cream were made apparent to him. Maria smiled as she saw him automatically hump the mattress, like the dog he was fast becoming.

“You’ve been a good doggy today; you shall come whilst you are caned.” Gordon’s cock dribbled with excitement and a strange curiosity, whilst his anus tingled with fear as he watched the smiling maid thrash the gagged, plugged and bound male; a look of spiteful satisfaction on her face as she applied the stinging cane with relish, the cur grunting in agony and ecstasy as Maria added fresh lines to his tortured backside. She looked almost disappointed when he convulsed in complete submission after just twelve strokes or so, jetting his hot semen on the sheets he would lay in. Maria gave him twenty-five strokes just the same. She turned him over, slapping his face for good measure, before showing Gordon his cage as she smiled down on the frightened male who was hers for the evening. She took great pleasure in forcing the cur’s receding and messy cock back into the cage, locking it smartly with a tiny padlock. He was then hooded and zipped into a body bag. Maria rinsed her hands in the sink, then took Gordon’s leash and led him to another room. She smiled menacingly at Gordon as she had him kneel and face her as she stood by an extensive wardrobe.

“You shall complete my satisfaction by licking my pussy this evening, but you will have some well-needed exercise before I allow you to please me.” Gordon gasped and his balls tensed like never before as she opened the wardrobe. A smiling doggy mask to match the one upstairs grinned out at him; a doggy body suit and a tail plug complementing the smile. His cock pulsed and his anus retracted and dilated as he viewed the plug while the smiling maid retrieved the items. He tried to protest as she had him put on the elasticated body suit, but knew it would be no use; her pussy was dripping at the thought of humiliating a new male this way. Gordon’s cock remained fully erect as he adjusted to the humiliating suit; his knees nestled into the pads fitted to allow prolonged knee-walking, Gordon could not believe it; he faced exquisite humiliation now. Maria fitted the doggy mask and Gordon’s petrified eyes peeped through the eye-holes, giving the maid a delicious thrill. Gordon’s anus continued to clench and dilate in fear, as she greased the plug which held the doggy tail to complete his outfit; he was made to poke his ass in the air, a gap in the rear of the suit allowed access and a view which allowed gender to be determined; Gordon’s balls would be seen, showing his somewhat depleted masculinity. He winced as the maid eased the plug into his rectum; the feeling was very strange at first, but somehow it seemed to enhance his erection. He was shown his reflection in a mirror; he was now ready for some exquisite humiliation.

Maria was now ready in her cat suit as a laughing Elaine added to Gordon’s misery. His cock peaked to rigidity as he looked upon her, dressed in black satin; he wished he had been promised a lick of her pussy later, he did not know that he would indeed be treated after interrogation. Gordon was told by Elaine to enjoy his latest excursion as Maria fitted a studded collar and heavier leather leash to compliment the outfit, picking a stern cane to ensure he behaved; he would now be walked like a dog, by a shapely eastern woman in a cat-suit; their attention and his humiliation was assured. They left the house together, Gordon yearning to go anywhere or do anything for the redhead who now departed in her car, but it was not to be; Maria’s pussy bulged in her tight suit as Gordon’s exquisite humiliation began. He was walked to the park in public, dressed as a dog, the plug teasing his anus to complete his discomfort.

He cringed as Maria said ‘good evening’ to all and sundry who passed the two; some looked on with disgust that a man could allow this to happen, some laughed, and some males got an instant erection and ogled the delightful scene, wishing that they were lucky enough to have that happen to them. Gordon was in a cold sweat by the time they reached the park; Maria waved at the inordinate amount of middle-aged, well-to-do women who had congregated there. They had quickly grown accustomed to the presence of the Eastern woman and her ‘dog’; husbands were amazed at their sudden enthusiasm to take the family mutt for ‘walkies.’ Otherwise prim and proper ladies of the establishment hurried to the park in anticipation, pussies moist and excited as they had not been in many a year. The crowd of women were delighted to see Maria, and even more astounded and delighted to note this was a new ‘dog’. A particularly buxom and sternly proper woman smiled contentedly as her upper-middle class cunt bulged with a delighted thrill.

“Oh, you have more than one dog! I take it we’ll be allowed to teach this one how to circuit the park correctly as well?” Maria beamed with excitement and her pussy dribbled too, as she stood dominantly over the humiliated cur on a leash who would now give many women unforeseen pleasure.

“Why yes of course! Don’t forget to apply the cane at any opportunity where you think he does not respond or take a command fully; this type of dog enjoys chastisement with the cane; especially to the testicles, discipline is all they understand.” Gordon’s anus clenched tightly on the plug and he felt the cool park breeze on his exposed ball sack, as Maria passed leash and cane to the first of many women who would enjoy disciplining the dog. Gordon’s cock was rigid as his walk was begun; he found something incredibly erotic about the sensible shoes, brown tights and tweed skirt which held the cane and walked him in complete control. This was a woman from a dull and conservative background who would now get an immense thrill from the domination and humiliation of one of a gender who saw her as second-class just for being female. She would take this opportunity to vent her ire upon him and she would thoroughly enjoy doing so. Gordon failed to stop immediately she barked the command; his balls felt the exquisite stomach-turning pain as the woman gleefully whipped the cane between his legs. She bent and pulled his mask to ensure he saw the face of his temporary owner.

“I intend to make sure you know how to behave for a lady by the time we complete the circuit, I just wish I could take you home to ensure you are house-trained properly too.” Gordon could see the deep and profound pleasure the woman was experiencing; his cock pulsed as he thought of being house-trained. The woman tugged his leash and continued; he was whipped at least twelve times before returning. The woman’s cunt oozed into her panties as she passed cane and leash to the next excited woman; she would thoroughly enjoy an exquisite masturbation session as her fat husband dozed later on. The women cheered and applauded, creating attention from even more women with dogs, every time Gordon was chastised by his walker. A stroll in the park would never be the same for him.

Victoria was very gracious in her treatment of Eric after Marcel left them; he was summoned to her bed and she cuddled him lovingly between the sheets. She had truly shown him his place; he had accepted his duties and this had thoroughly stimulated her. Eric, for his part was also still excited with respect to his thorough degradation and utter humiliation before his dominant mistress and another mail. Victoria took great pleasure in making him describe how he felt as she stroked his cock, now stiff in her elegant hand as he re-lived his humiliation and her triumph. Eric duly shot another healthy wad of semen as Victoria told him how he was now her complete slave and plaything. She then had him lick her asshole once more as she indulged in another orgasm herself, before the two slept in each-other’s arms.

The following evening, the woman took pleasure in having their chosen males help dress them in their most severe leather outfits; the males adorned in the most humbling of attire.

Eric was erect throughout the process as he helped Victoria into a tightly creaking cat suit, an exquisite shiny hooded mask accentuating her soft facial skin and bright red lips, studded thigh length boots and soft long gloves completing her picture of absolute dominance. Eric sniffed at the mixed scent of leather, natural female arousal and soft perfume, as Victoria smiled down whilst she buckled the sparse leather harness he wore; as with all males that evening, he would be next to naked with cock and balls openly exposed, so as to add an extra feeling of vulnerability as they watched a male castrated. Each of the male’s unsure if they may be chosen at random by their mistress to give up their balls; such were the way of the events involving Madam Rennes. Many a male yearned to be chosen to offer this penultimate sacrifice in honour of their mistress, though just as many lived in fear of it.

After Eric was leashed, Victoria had him crouch down on all fours as she invited him to look into the mirror. She smiled with satisfaction as Eric’s cock bobbed stiffly on viewing himself owned by this magnificent woman. She looked like some predatory black cat in the glorious leather outfit; his balls tingled as they dangled exposed, after last night’s treatment he thought she just might have him castrated. He could not know now. Victoria knew he would think this and it thrilled her; her juicy cunt bulged and buzzed in the leather as she took in the commanding presence she had become; she now yearned for the trip to be over so as she could parade Eric back home. The shock of her change in the eyes of the upper-middle class women she knew would be such a delightful thrill.

Wanda, Cherie and the other ladies looked equally severe as they paraded their leashed males around the poolside in the warm evening air. Much emphasis was put into teasing the exposed balls of their charges with canes and crops, and verbal taunts about not returning intact later were made to add to the flavour and excitement of the evening. The women complimented each-other as they strutted in superior fashion; the delectable curves of the full- bodied middle-aged women emphasised beautifully by their clinging leather outfits, globular breasts with erect nipples and delicious camel-toes displayed to reinforce their feminine authority. The cocks of the males dribbled as they were walked by their mistresses, pre-cum delivered from balls they could not be sure they would return with; balls tingled universally with fear and anticipation as the party left for the venue, pussies universally open and fully aroused in eagerness at witnessing emasculation.

Sylvia Rennes was resplendent in her purple leather outfit; zipped tightly into the supple full length dress, gripping her hips, ass and thighs and then flaring slightly from the knees down. Her feminine shape emphasised beyond question to ensure the male to be castrated was left in no doubt that a woman who represented pure femininity would relieve him of his balls. A severe black leather mask her only token gesture to the uniformity of the other women present, as they creaked, sweated and strutted in uniform shiny black hide. Eric’s cock pulsed as a cheer went up from the ladies; Victoria watching with great interest as this was her first event too. The women began a slow handclap as a line of mistresses walked into the arena with what to Eric and Victoria, what looked like their maids and attendants, rather than owned slaves. Wanda gave a satisfied sneer as she turned to Victoria.

“These are males who have previously met with Sylvia and have been ‘improved’ by her; note how delightfully feminine some of them are, the male who is about to lose his balls will of course note this too!” Eric’s balls tingled and Victoria looked on with smug satisfaction at the parade of eunuchs and maids; relieved of their balls and the testosterone provided by them, some of the castrated males were sweetly effeminate. Several of the subjects paraded proudly by their smug and haughty mistresses were fully attired as maids and displayed breasts which were developing with the aid of added oestrogen; corseted and high-heeled, some of the more slightly-built ex-males were transformed into very pretty females; all were uniformly showing the signs of meek and absolute obedience as they were led like lambs. Wanda crossed her arms in dominant fashion and smiled with sheer delight.

“It is always such a pleasure for me to see once proud and arrogant males, ones that I’ve known personally, defeated, dominated, castrated and then transformed beyond all recognition. I favour this over a snuffing of an awkward male anytime; seeing one completely and utterly humiliated this way is SO pleasurable, and they are put to good use over and over again, continuing their humiliation and our pleasure perpetually. Many of them don’t see it, as they almost forget how they were before, so complete is their transformation; reminding them that they had balls and have had them removed at the behest of a woman, makes events like the one they’re experiencing now, so pleasing.” Eric’s cock stiffened to rigidity as he listened to the spiteful tone of her satisfaction at this cruel pageant. It peaked and throbbed as he caught sight of the male in whose honour this event was being held; his eyes were drawn by the direction of the looks of countless leather-clad dommes, who now smiled with wicked anticipation at a male who was kneeling centrally, cock erect and balls hanging awaiting a final milking before the purple goddess administered her cruel task. The dommes smiling faces looked on him with deep satisfaction as the mistresses with their assortment of maids and eunuchs were paraded past him, allowing him a view of the variety of reduced males; one of which he would shortly become.

His mistress took great delight in making him lean forward on all fours, so that she could swing the balls he was to lose with her cane, as the parading mistresses had their respective maids expose what remained of their genitalia; the women sneered and laughed at the expense of both male parties involved in the moment, as the honoured male looked on in horror at the displayed defunct cocks, tiny and curled, the pink acorn of a bell-end serving only to release urine, never again to see an erection or pass semen in the ecstasy of an orgasm. The male let out an audible whimper and the crowd of women applauded, when the last eunuch passed the hapless male and Sylvia Rennes was seen striding purposefully up the stairs to the central stage, her magnificent ass flexing beautifully in the tight purple leather. A brief distraction to the oncoming event was the impromptu thrashing earned by one of the slaves in the crowd; he had suffered involuntary ejaculation, having witnessed an event before, the sight of the leather clad castratrix was too much for him. He was made to lick his mess from the floor as his smiling owner took great pleasure in striping his ass and back whilst a crowd of laughing dommes looked on.

The chosen male was ushered forward like a dog, naked with his balls hanging, he was turned by his smiling mistress to ensure the entire crowd had a good view of what he was about to lose. Despite his predicament, his cock was rigid as he was walked toward Madam Sylvia, who smiled down at her victim and drew a cord from a curtained area behind her. The crowd of excited women applauded loudly as the drapes dropped to reveal two smiling and equally buxom nurses in white leather with full face masks; their eyes betraying their pleasure at attending. They stood by a couch-Like seat with elevated stirrup attachments. The male cowered a little at the sight, much to the delight of the women; his stern mistress was not to be denied and a smart tug on his leash ensured he continued to the couch and the supreme pleasure of his mistress. The nurses made no secret of the syringes and knives which would dispatch his balls; they were proudly wielded and displayed on a sloping surface next to the couch, the nurse’s nipples prominent in their tight leather tops, hard and erect showing their subliminal pleasure at being first hand instigators in a castration. The male was ordered up to the couch and was strapped smartly to it; feet tied into the stirrups with legs splayed, his head raised on a sloping rest so that he may witness the removal of his balls, the couch arranged so that his open legs and dangling balls faced the eager crowd of women.

Eric’s cock was fit to burst as he watched the fate of the male who would be gloriously de-bagged in front of a crowd of dominant women. He marvelled at the grace and sheer dominant presence of the delicious woman in purple, who smiled with satisfaction as the male was secured, his balls doomed. Equally the two eager nurses who readied syringes and scalpels, resplendent in their white leather; somehow their clinical correctness added something deeply erotic to the scene, making Eric yearn to masturbate as he knelt naked with his own balls exposed, leashed and owned by his own beautifully mature mistress. Victoria smiled down at him to ensure he was enjoying the show as much as she; the exquisiteness of the permanent and irreversible punishment of a male this way excited her no end. Her cunt bulged and tingled with arousal as she witnessed the male squirm, strapped and helpless; her dominant streak was running riot, she would thoroughly enjoy seeing the male separated from his balls. She teased Eric’s cock with her leather crop, making him gasp for want of relief.

“Remember, you earned yourself a caning last night; I am going to give you such a thrashing when I get you home.” She laughed as Eric did his best to chase the crop with his rigid cock as she drew it away. The promise of punishment made, the eyes of the two returned expectantly to the act of permanent submission neither wished to miss. Sylvia Rennes squeaked forward in her tight purple leather, smiling down at the squirming male who was about to give her and the other ladies such an erotic thrill. As his mistress toyed with the cock which was ready and erect for the final time, Madam Rennes took great delight in softly lifting the balls she would shortly remove, making the desperate male hump his cock as much as his bonds would allow, into the leather-gloved hand of his sternly smiling mistress. The dominant bitch in purple was in complete control now, and she was anxious that her victim and everyone in attendance would savour the moment. She temporarily unzipped her tight leather down to her delicious ass, and then wriggled out of her panties which dropped to her ankles, just visible at the bottom of her flared lower skirt. There were groans and the sound of another cane being put to good use, as the sight of the flesh at the top of Madam Rennes’ rear cleavage, and the buxom nurse helping her re-zip up in the tight leather was all too much for one male, who shot his load involuntarily as he imagined the scent of that glorious crack.

There would be no imagining the scent for the male who was to lose his balls; Sylvia bent to her ankles, giving the rampant slaves a beautiful panorama of her globular ass, stretching the leather delectably. She picked up her panties which were a matching frilly purple; the gusset much darker, soiled with her arousal. The male’s mistress squeezed his cock hard; feeling it pulse in need of ejaculation as Sylvia smartly gagged him with the highly seasoned panties, ensuring his nose was treated to the most soiled part of the gusset.

“There! You have opted to delight your mistress and all who are present by giving up your balls for the righteousness of womanhood. Nothing arouses a woman like the prospect of castrating a man; you now smell the arousal of a woman who is going to realise that ambition, and will thoroughly enjoy doing so. My nurses will inject your sack and then your mistress will milk you one final time. You will give a good show; this is inevitable because it will be your last. Your mistress will then have the privilege of slitting your sack, and I know she is very eager to do so. I will then have the divine pleasure of removing your balls.” His muffled cries were pitiful, as his cock stiffened to absolute rigidity with the taunting words of the purple goddess; his mistress smiled with satisfaction and began to stroke his cock to oblivion as he snorted in ecstasy at the delicious whiff of the cunt of the woman who would take his manhood; the scent was indeed divine. Sylvia Rennes stood commandingly.

“Nurse; inject his sack!” the nurse’s nipples poked through the leather like thimbles as she delighted in feeling the male wince as the sharp needle was eased slowly and as painfully as she could, into the sack which would soon be emptied, his mistress savoured the moment with a broad smile, as he witnessed his pain and quickened her strokes, anxious to see his balls held high. The male panicked just a little a she felt his balls numb as though they had already gone; a chemical castration would not suit any woman, the delicious spectacle of seeing a man’s balls physically removed being secondary only to seeing a male dance at the end of a rope; he would shoot his last and see his own balls sliced away, a few moments after they had delivered their final seed. His mistress quickened her stroke even further and sneered down triumphantly as the male squirmed pointlessly against the bonds he could not escape from, the delightful tingle of the inevitable orgasm now gripping him as Sylvia’s glorious scent willed him on to castration. His mistress grinned as she felt him begin to convulse.

“I’ll have your cream now; immediately! Then we’ll have your balls!” The watching crowd of women erupted to match the fountain of cream the doomed male’s balls shot forth as he spent for the last time, in complete and utter submission to the women. Sylvia Rennes casually captured some in a small jar as he gratefully emptied the balls which would be of no further use to him. She smiled with satisfaction as his mistress made sure he spent all he could.

“A souvenir of his last, to be added to the ice cubes at my next cocktail party; I find it a very popular novelty, consuming the proceeds of a last orgasm, so exquisite.”

The male stopped wriggling and lay in complete submission as his smiling mistress was handed a scalpel and as Sylvia held the sack and pointed, his mistress’s pussy was close to orgasm as she deftly slit his sack, exposing his balls. The crowd of women hushed as one of the nurses then passed a larger, cruel looking knife to the purple goddess, who grinned with absolute pleasure as she fingered his split sack with her free hand and showed him the knife.

“You’ll not soil your mistress’s sheets again; I’ll have your balls now.” With a broad grin and a swift movement of the knife, Sylvia Rennes severed the male’s balls and held them aloft to the rapturous applause of the watching women. As the male looked at his own balls displayed by the magnificent woman he began to come to terms with the fact that he’d submitted to womanhood and had paid the penultimate price; the scent of Sylvia’s gusset was just as sweet, but in a different way. The smiling nurses ten took great pride in suturing his sack; flat and empty.

He followed her through the house to a side door; she then led him down to a door in the side of the building facing a lawn. She opened it with one of a pair of keys, one she hang on a hook inside as she entered; the other she held close to her chest and smiled wistfully at him.

“This is where I shall keep you. You are mine now.” His cock bobbed at the words and she then led him through another door to an immense and comfortable bedroom adorned with large full length mirrors on the walls the bed was in the middle of the room and was decked with silky sheets. She sat on the bed and crossed her legs.

“Go and have a look round.” He did as she said and ventured through the well-appointed apartment which had all mod cons and had obviously been recently decorated. As he returned to the bedroom he noted her sweet scent which had taken control of the atmosphere, as much as she now had control of him. Before he could comment on how pleased he was with the apartment she looked sternly at him with a half-smile.

“Take your clothes off and come an kneel in front of me.” He looked at the supreme figure before him as he hurriedly removed his apparel, her full breasts rising and falling in the black chiffon as she watched him do as commanded. He knelt obediently before her, his arousal now very apparent. She toyed with his cock with one of her feet.

“Undo my slacks.” She ordered. She giggled contemptuously as he fumbled with the button which was tight against her soft abdomen, which bulged just slightly in containing her feminine form. He undid the button at last and she put her arms back and wriggled, smiling and licking her lips as he pulled them free. She wore no panties.

He was overwhelmed by both her sweet feminine scent which was accentuated by her arousal and the view of the mature and full figured dominant woman. She lifted her legs together and to one side, giving him a clear view of her beautifully rounded rear, her sex and anus. She looked at him with a sneer.

“You’ll not be allowed relief this morning, but you may look at me. I want you to think of me all day. If I think you deserve it, I may let you pleasure me this evening.” He knelt before her and watched as she moved her thighs provocatively, making her womanhood quiver and bulge. He inhaled as hard as he could, trying to take in as much of her sweet scent as possible.

“During your visit to my room this evening we shall have a visitor; she may wish to have you visit her garden if she decides you are right for the job. This will form part of your work pattern here at Red Gables; when you’ve been here for a while you will have a greater understanding of how we work.” Having teased him sufficiently she rolled back and sat with her legs crossed.

“Stand!” she commanded. He did so. She cupped his balls with her hand;

“These are mine now; I’ll feel them again this evening-I will know if they’ve been used between now and then. If I think you’ve wasted yourself on one of the girls or on thoughts of what you’ve seen this morning, I shall not be pleased, and you shall not please me.” She smiled wickedly at him and she stood up. He looked deep into her eyes and she his. She reached forward and pulled herself into him.

“You may kiss me now.” She said in the softest voice he’d ever heard her use. He felt himself smile involuntarily as he detected the faintest of weaknesses in her. She pursed her lips and they indulged each other in a warm and tender kiss. His cock nestled against her middle and she pulled herself tight against him. Everything in his head seemed to swim as they lapsed into a warm moment of pure affection.

They parted slowly and her slow and unsure reactions seemed to confirm to her that something beyond the control of either of them existed. She looked at him in a way she had not before.

“You make sure you save everything you have for me this evening; I have a feeling I shall want some special comforting tonight.” She then used all her all her self-control in an effort to return to her dominant and un-feeling exterior persona; she stepped into her slacks and quickly pulled them up, as though she were in danger of losing her self-control completely.

He turned and sniffed at her hair whilst she had her back to him. He wanted to hold her again so much. She turned suddenly and their lips almost met again. She stared wildly at him.

“Oh I shall make you pay for making me feel so strange” she said as he headed for the door.

“Main entrance- seven o’clock sharp; Fiona will bring you to my room.” And out of the door she went.

He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply to try to retain the slightest essence of the glorious creature who had been there just seconds before. He missed her already; today would be the longest of his life.

He ventured to the kitchen area of the apartment to find a fridge stocked with all manner of morsels, He had just finished eating a rudimentary breakfast when a knock at his new front door aroused him to the existence of an outside world. He opened the door and there stood yet another red-headed temptress; this one was just as juvenile looking as the others and had deep brown eyes making it difficult to discern where iris and pupil met, giving the effect of the eyes of a lost puppy; this one was armed with very long and shapely legs, which were not hidden as her skirt was that short her panties were almost visible.

In the short time he’d been there, he had already become prepared for the open invitation of intimate contact that would no doubt issue forth at some point from the delectable female who stood there. She smiled and oozed soft innocence which he felt was already trying to grab him even before she had opened her mouth.

“Miss Proctor sent me; she gave me this list of duties for you.” She handed him the paper and leaned forward as she did so arching her back to emphasise her neat little breasts and pointing the toes of her shoes in toward each other in an effort to appear naïve. She smiled at him; he smiled directly back and crossed his arms, then asked; “How old will you be on your next birthday?” She looked uncomfortable.

“Twenty-two.” She said smirking, as though she’d had to confess she was about to claim her pension. He grabbed her in a full embrace; half squeezed the life out of her and planted a slobbering kiss full on her lips. She folded in his arms and he sat her on the pathway and walked off with the duty list. She sat dazed and watched him head towards the rear gardens.

The tasks he had would help the day pass that much quicker and would keep him from distractions such as the task list delivery girl- or so he thought.

On approaching the walled greenhouse enclosure he was greeted by two naked girls lying face down on the lawn in the sun reading books, away from the chance of any chill breeze in the walled confinement. He did his best to ignore them and began to tidy within the heat of one of the greenhouses. He had been at the task for no longer than a couple of minutes when one of the two approached him. She had covered herself with a thin white sheet which barely hid anything other than her breasts and sex.

“Please can you help me with this part of the book? I can sit in your lap so we’ll be comfortable if you like.” Her companion lay there now facing him whilst openly displaying her nakedness, grinning at him eagerly. The sultry vixen before him touched his arm softly and spoke again.

“It’s ok; both Miss Hunter and Miss Proctor are both out and will be away from Red Gables for a couple of hours at least; we know where the head girls are too!” He had wondered why these two were so blatant in the light of what he had seen on the wall the day before.

The demon rose in his loins as he looked at the ginger temptress; thank god she’d mentioned Miss Hunter- the vision and promise earlier struck him. Though he knew a little ‘relief’ would probably not affect his performance this evening- whatever that was to entail-he knew she’d know. She had such power over him already, and he could not help but enjoy the feeling. He would be strong for her.

Not wishing to hurt the girl’s feelings he told her today was just not on, he had too much to do that day though he would be happy to help her with her reading on another occasion. As a token gesture to show her that she was appreciated, he placed his hand warmly behind her neck, his thumb stroking her soft white cheek and took her into a kiss. He heard the book thump against the floor as the nymphet made the most of a simple kiss. She squeezed his arm tightly.

As they broke the footsteps of her friend grew nearer.

“Oh please, me too!” As her naked friend arrived he automatically to a step back; the first girl turned and bent over straight legged to retrieve her book, offering him yet another beautiful round arse to stash in his memory.

He tried not to caress the second girl who was very enthusiastic. For once he was glad to be fully clothed. She puckered invitingly and she gorged herself on the kiss; the lean youngster showing surprising strength as she pulled herself against him and his erect cock pressed against her lower belly through his shorts. After they broke the two girls looked longingly at him; pleased though obviously not sated.

He walked backwards a few steps, waved, then made his exit; he could not trust he would not succumb to temptation. Smiling to himself at this ridiculous predicament he broke into a jog and ran down the grounds in the direction of the boundary wall; surely he would be safe from any attention down there?

He paced through the odd copse and down through an area laid to natural pasture before the woods; a group of three small dishevelled wooden structures like stables or barns sat amongst the tranquillity of some ash and elderberry trees; a Robin sang out, announcing his territory to would be intruders.

He walked slowly up to the buildings, taking in the rural idyll, determined to rid his mind of thoughts of females for the next few hours. He sat on a stump next to the first wooden-slatted structure with a sigh of relief. He glanced about the expansive grounds, and not seeing another soul closed his eyes. I could see a carrot-top approaching at 1000 yards-even with my eyes closed-he laughed to himself.

He suddenly jumped; he definitely heard a muffled cry; there it was again- coming from within the structure. He looked through the gap in the slats and could detect movement coming from the central building. He stealthily moved round to find an entrance to the first and crept round in the direction of the noise, careful not to stumble on the agricultural objects which were strewn about the darkness of the barn. He reached the dividing wooden wall and peered through. His carnal senses returned immediately.

Fiona, the sweet French maid of the evening before was bound by her wrists to wall beams, whilst she lay on a dusty sheet over a circular hay bale; her feet elevated from the ground, panties hanging forlornly from one of her feet. Her sweet bottom exposed to the world was bright red and glowing. He could hear the poor girl whimpering through tears. Standing dominantly behind her was a tall and spiteful looking red-head, who he was to learn later, was a Miss Victoria Granger; Head-Girl and a firm favourite of Miss Proctor. She could be trusted amongst the males who inhabited the establishment as she had a keener interest in her own gender.Naturally spiteful too; this had been noted on her arrival at Red Gables and she had been nurtured by Miss Proctor, who also had more than a passing sexual interest in the younger females also.

‘Vicky’ was about 5 foot 9 inches and had a wicked feline shape about her. Though still very young, there was a mature edge about her disposition. She stood there; her panties also removed, nicely rounded breasts- the nipples from which poked erect through a tight white cotton top- a deep and cruel smile on her face.

She held her legs slightly apart and wielded a flat wooden implement, which may have been relieved from the bakery; ideal for inflicting pain upon a soft white bottom without leaving any lasting marks. Vicky was a picture of the naturally dominant red-headed female species in development. His erection was nearly out of the top of his shorts.

“I won’t ask you again! Why were you waiting by the greenhouses? I know you were waiting for that new gardener-my sneaks heard you when you took him to Suite Three!” She grinned wickedly and took a step back, raising the paddle, and pausing in silence for a moment so as to take in the full enjoyment of the girl’s torture as her bottom quivered and tensed in expectation of the inevitable stinging pain which would arrive at any moment.

‘Thwack!’ Fiona’s poor little bottom flattened and bulged above and below the perimeter of the paddle as Vicky smiled and relished being her punisher. Fiona howled and then sobbed as her bottom throbbed with pain. He could see the redness of her eyes and the pitiful tears which flowed from her pretty face.

He was now in a deeply moral dilemma; this poor girl was being punished because of him! If he intervened and stopped the ginger virago from her actions, she would no doubt inform Miss Proctor of what had been overheard which would earn Fiona a formal caning. He clung to the dividing wall like a prisoner on death row.

“Tell me what Miss Proctor has had to say about me; you’ll be sure to keep me in her good-books won’t you?” Vicky knew that Fiona’s duties had her in close attendance to the two Mistresses and often had access to information that no-one else could hear. She was often asked of her opinion by the two and would openly give her views on girls. Vicky had done well by her in the past, and craved the personal attention of Miss Proctor. . “Oh, she still favours you more the other Head-Girls, I’m sure of it, I’ll mention you again at the first opportunity, I, I promise” faltered Fiona, hoping her pain was over.

Vicky then stepped up to the helpless girl, grabbed her hair and pulled her head up to get a closer view of her torment. She wiped the tears from her cheeks with the paddle.

“I think three more should do it. Then we’ll let you thank me.” Fiona sobbed like a baby.

“Please Miss Vicky, Please! Let me thank you now!” She bawled. This only fired the enthusiasm of the dominant and wicked Head-Girl. Victoria Granger stood dominantly over her submissive and pleading prey. Her now permanently pink bottom rose and fell as the target invited the spite of the alpha female. She would show her no mercy.

He felt a little easier now the head-Girl had seemingly let his conscience off the hook, but none the less; though his erection was rock solid with the carnal appreciation of what he was witnessing- his rational soul wanted the torment over. Once again he felt himself yearning to comfort yet another female; this one had been punished for him and had held out bravely.

‘Thwack!’ ‘Thwack!’ ‘Thwack!’ The three further strokes were delivered zealously and with a great deal of pleasure by the ginger vixen. As Fiona cried and whimpered with pain, she let her bladder go on the third and final stroke, a hot trickle running down the sheet in an involuntary act of submission; she had not planned this like his Abigail had the day before, she was truly broken.

She was still squirming and writhing in pain as Vicky untied her wrists which were carefully bound with cloth beneath the cord so as to leave no evidence of rope burns. Vicky eased the snivelling Fiona down, and both on their knees she inspected her wrists; spitting on them and rubbing them to ensure no marks were left. Vicky then sat back against the bale; careful to avoid the wet patch left by Fiona, who knelt watching her through tearful eyes. Vicky looked at Fiona with contempt, and athletically lifted her long slender legs up and back with deliberation and perfect poise. His erection pulsated once more as he viewed this pristine woman; her sex glistening with arousal, her cute brown anus also shiny with moisture.

“You may thank me now; be sure to lick my arse first- you’ve made me very sticky.” He had a perfect view as the hapless Fiona cowered before the dominant woman.

She approached and crouched down on the sheet, extended her tongue and licked and probed at the delectably hot and sticky anus. He could only wonder at the taste and smell Fiona was enduring-or secretly enjoying. Vicky opened her mouth and looked down with a satisfied look as the defeated Fiona, pink bottom in the air, lapped and licked. Vicky was in complete control and she enjoyed this feeling to the full, as much as the sensation of the soft warm tongue which caressed and probed her rectum.

Vicky toyed with her clitoris and thought back to the bottom being spanked by her, making her juices flow, to be lapped as they dribbled down to the dimple below. “Pussy now!” She barked. Fiona lifted and Vicky put her hand behind her head and pulled the spluttering girl into her warmth. Satisfied she was now correctly positioned she then put her hands up behind the knees of those gloriously formed legs which pointed skywards. She looked victoriously down at Fiona.

“Lick harder you snivelling bitch, or I shall paddle you again!” She smiled with pleasure as the submissive girl lapped and licked with all her might, her pink bottom twitching nervously at the thought of the paddle. In no time at all, Vicky closed her eyes, pulled back those delectable legs and let out the most satisfied groans of absolute pleasure he had ever heard emitted from a woman. She relaxed and pulled the still lapping Fiona’s head from her midst; she dare not stop till commanded.

Vicky slapped Fiona’s still frightened face; the hapless girl knew to do exactly what Victoria Granger told her to do. She was not averse to dishing out another punishment at the slightest whim.

“Not bad; did you enjoy the taste of my sticky arse? My arse liked it.” She taunted cruelly.

“Yes Miss Granger, it was a pleasure.” Vicky slapped her face again, making the tears appear again on her sweet face. Vicky smirked in triumph at this. Fiona flinched, as Vicky suddenly stood up, retrieved her panties and skirt and adjusted herself with a look of contentment.

“Now you be sure to mention me to Miss Proctor, or I’ll drop you in it for a proper caning. I know what you intended to do with that gardener. Stay here for ten minutes and compose yourself. Then you may leave.” She strutted to the entrance, had a quick look about to see if the coast was clear, then walked smartly up the path toward the copse and Red Gables beyond. He watched her as the shapely figure even walked in a dominant fashion, slapping her thighs with the paddle as she went.

The next few moments were agony for him; Fiona lay curled in a ball on the floor of the building next to him, sobbing at her ordeal. The tall Dominant red-head walked casually but slowly away, but may look back at any moment to ensure Fiona had obeyed her command to stay. The only way into the building next door was through the path facing open door, and around to the next entrance. He thought about kicking the wooden slats through, but this would create too much noise. He viewed the tall ginger figure intensely from the side of the entrance.

As if by telepathy she paused and glanced back, then continued to stride forward. He was around and through the entrance where Fiona lay in an instant. He looked back; she still strode on up the path.

Fiona whimpered and cowered as she heard the footsteps close to her; she imagined Vicky had decided that more torment was in order. She inhaled sharply as she prepared to wail out a plea for mercy when a large hand cupped her mouth and chin. Her eyes gleamed and she cried all the more as the recognition hit her. She jumped up immediately into his arms and cried uncontrollably in the comfort and security that he offered her. They knelt down together and he gently toyed with her hair and kissed her sweet neck as she sobbed into his shoulder and squeezed him as hard she could. He rubbed her sore bottom gently and she relaxed it, allowing it’s softness to be gently caressed by his large but gentle hand.

The cab arrived at a large detached three story Georgian property surrounded by a high wall. The house was set back about 25 yards from the street and the garden was laid to lawn and neatly cut, though no flower beds; just a few box hedges symmetrically placed and trimmed square. The path cut straight to the huge black front door.

As he closed the gate behind him, several black crows lifted off from the roof of the house, cawing noisily with displeasure at their being disturbed. The whole situation was one of austere foreboding somehow; the perfect residence for a wickedly dominant woman. Though he got a great deal of pleasure from his submissiveness, he was wary of this adventure. He had an idea that Madame Tara was a man-eater; he remembered how she had reacted when Fortescue had made his sacrifice, her absolute joy at seeing a man emasculated stuck vividly in his mind.

As he walked toward the house he noticed a figure at the window. His cock bulged as he realised it was Madame Tara; she stood motionless, all in black as ever, and looked down on his arrival without smiling. He swallowed hard at the thought of her being in a dark mood. He stepped up to the imposing door and rang the bell. He was on the point of ringing again, when the door was pulled open.

“Come!” A deep and feminine voice ordered him in. Before him stood a masked woman in a one piece tight leather cat-suit, a small white apron tied about her waist was the only clue to her being a servant. The large hallway was decorated in purple; it had the feel of a boudoir.

“In here and clothes off.” She said sharply as she waved a wicked looking cane with her gloved hand at a door to the side. She followed him into the room which was pink all over, ceiling and all. It was furnished with items, ranging from red to cerise. She smiled at him with bright red lips as he hurriedly stripped before her. He was made to wear a short white silk shirt, as per the modification night, and the maid fitted him with a collar.

“I trust you’ve been a good boy with Madame’s silk? She will know if you’ve messed more than once- I hope you’ve been honest and made a good show for her.” She ushered him out into the hall with the knickerbockers in hand.

“Kneel! You may kiss my feet now.” He did as he were told and kissed the toes of the tightly buttoned boots of the dominant servant; He would willingly have served her in any way she chose. She left him, naked but for the shirt and collar, kneeling in the middle of the hall. He watched her pert bottom move sweetly in the tight black leather as she strode away, through a door under the stairway, closing it behind her.

He was made to kneel there for a good ten minutes to allow him to contemplate what may be in store for him. Then a door opened and the magnificently dominant Madame Tara walked slowly out onto the landing. She stood at the top of the stairs, riding crop in hand, the curves of her mature body emphasised to full erotic impact by her tight black corset. Her full breasts were wrapped in a black satin blouse, and a full length black velvet skirt hid the thighs he would no doubt be made to worship.

She descended the stairs slowly, allowing him to contemplate the sheer dominance in her presence. His arse tingled with a mixture of fear and pleasure, and his cock bobbed fully erect in a salute to the magnificent woman’s approach. He looked up at her as she toyed with the crop; she surprised him with a sneer which was almost a smile.

“I’ve been waiting all week for your visit. I’ve not indulged with any slaves for several days, and have been very impatient and spiteful with my servants because of this. I know you are here as per your Mistress’s appointment, but I shall consider that you have kept me waiting just the same. You shall enjoy extra punishment for making me impatient. Kiss my feet!” He went down immediately and kissed the toes of the black shoes she wore. She pressed the end of the crop into the back of his neck to ensure he knew to continue his submissive act of worship until she was fully satisfied. The crop was lifted from his neck after several visits to each shoe, and was brought smartly across the cheeks of his raised arse to signify she was satisfied. He jumped at the sudden sting.

“Oh, I am so going to enjoy your complete and utter submission to me. You shall truly recognise your place at the feet of all women when you leave this house, and I would like you to remember when you are receiving the utmost pain and humiliation, that I shall have you back at least once every month. I shall also have you begging to leave, and begging to come back again. My girls and I will break you again and again; I will have you worshipping the plain femininity of my scullery maid.” He was already willing to worship any female at that point.

He stared longingly at the folds of that black velvet skirt and longed to be allowed to pay homage to the symbol of her womanhood which lay behind it. His cock pulsed and bobbed. He was already dribbling pre-cum. She put her finger through his collar and extended her arm, making him lean back; his cock and balls jutting forward. She sniggered and slapped his balls softly with the leather tongue of her crop, the pain making his stomach turn. She then wiped the end of his cock with the tongue, making the slit ooze lubricant and making the leather glisten. She smiled wickedly at him as she offered it up to his mouth.

“Lick it clean. One of your main purposes in life from now on will be to use that tongue as a cleaning tool; I’ll have lots of things that will require the services of your tongue. You’ll have used it to chastise women at some point in your life, and now you’ll pay for it.” Though he could not recall having had cross words with a woman since adulthood, he was willing to suffer just the same.

She pulled a leash from under her corset and linked it to the mechanism on the collar; it had a choke action which she delighted in demonstrating to him. She sneered as she put one hand by the collar and pulled back with the other; as he quickly fought to catch his breath she did not relent and watched with calm satisfaction as he reddened, then went white and began to go blue. He looked up for some sign of pity, but saw nothing but sheer enjoyment in her eyes. Though genuinely in fear of his life at that point, his cock was rigid in recognition of the utter dominance and control of this woman. She gave him no quarter till he had virtually blacked out. He sucked the air in and panted wildly; his heart pounding. She slapped his face.

“Now you’ll know what will happen if you misbehave; even the youngest girl here will have you a death’s door in a trice. I’ll have you upstairs now; I want to see if you’ve satisfied my knickerbockers.” He picked up the black silk and started to stand as she pulled on his leash. The crop came down hard across his back, stinging him viciously.

“Remain on your knees!” He did so and she turned and smiled curtly at her prize as he laboriously negotiated each step on his knees and shins. When he faltered occasionally, she gave him a teasing choke to ensure he did not keep her waiting. Though progress was painful, her lovely round velvet clad bottom wavering teasingly above him, ensured his cock remained erect with anticipation. On reaching the landing she led him to the room from whence she had emerged. This was much easier on his knees as the floor was covered with Persian rugs. The décor was as outrageous as the rest of the house. Pink and violet walls were set off by red leather furnishings. Though undoubtedly, not to the taste of all women; this was definitely the domain of a female. Free from any masculine constraint.

The walls were adorned with classical depictions of women, whom he surmised were Boadicea, Cleopatra, and Joan of Arc etc. In a central position facing the window she had viewed his arrival from, was a huge four poster bed, bedecked with black silk sheets and black silk canopy. In a prominent position between bed and leather couch was a large ceramic umbrella stand, filled with various wicked looking canes.

She made him kneel next to the bed and walked slowly over to the selection of canes. He could not take his eyes from the curve of her hips and the black velvet, but she soon drew his full attention as she whisked a cane from the stand and cut the air with it. His cock pulsed at the sound. She walked slowly over to the head of her bed and rang a service bell.

“I’ll have my girls come and witness the inspection of my silks; they will enjoy seeing you punished. I take it you obeyed me and indulged in your reminder of me each night?” He was strangely impressed at her complete sense of indifference to the situation as she strutted primly before him with the promised cane in her hands.

“Yes Madame Tara, I did as you instructed me.” He was interrupted by the entrance of five more females, led by the cat-suited girl who had invited him into this womanly lair. All the girls were dressed as provocatively as the first; they all wore small black masks over their eyes. One other was cat-suited identically to the first, a blonde pony-tail betraying her different identity. The other three looked like bizarre ballerinas to him; their bare legs were on show and they perched on small ankle boots which pronounced their legs and buttocks beautifully. They wore tight satin bodices through which their excited feminine parts bulged through.

The youngest was a delightfully plump girl with red hair. She smiled in obvious anticipation of seeing his pending humiliation. The girls seemed to know exactly where to stand. Hey had obviously become accustomed to witnessing punishments. Madame Tara welcomed them, and then turned to him, as he knelt with fully erect penis displayed to the ogling girls.

“We were saying; you sniffed my knickerbockers — did you enjoy smelling where I’d soiled them? I know how filthy you males are.” The girls all laughed at this and eagerly awaited his response as she whipped the cane through the air menacingly.

“Yes Madame Tara I did enjoy smelling where you’d soiled them.” He could not lie, and the girls gasped and tutted theatrically.

“And that’s not ALL you did, is it? Open them up before the girls. You know what to expect if they are dirtier than when I sent them to you!” The girls giggled and sneered as he began to unfold the knickerbockers. At the last fold the silk was stuck together; he peeled them apart. Spattered white streaks spoiled the black underwear. She poked them with the cane.

“Tell the girls how this happened. They look filthy!” He looked up at the dominant woman and her smiling charges.

“I masturbated on them Mistress Tara.” The girls looked at him with studied disgust. Mistress Tara was very pleased with the way the show was going. She loved to humiliate as much as she loved punishing.

“Well girls, once again we learn of how filthy men are. Wasting himself on a pair of knickerbockers he has admitted sniffing. I think he has earned a caning; do you agree?” The girls all chanted in unison.

“Yes Mistress. Cane him!” She sat on the edge of the bed. The air in the room was perfumed with the subtle scent of female arousal. She unbelted the velvet skirt he had admired since arriving; she wore nothing underneath. She spread the velvet over the bed and stood before him. She pulled on the leash so that his nose was close to her sex.

“There, a nice fresh smell for you! Now I want you to beg to be caned in front of the girls. The sooner you do it, the sooner we’ll have the caning over with. I intend to give you a caning to remember!” He looked at the glorious woman and her grinning girls. Though this would be humiliating, it was also deeply erotic. His sphincter clenched and tingled in anticipation of sampling the cane being applied by this formidable and dominant woman.

“Please Mistress Tara, I beg you; please cane me in front of your girls.” The plump red-head was already rubbing herself; her satin showing a distinct wet patch.

“Good boy! You know you have deserved it. As you have soiled my knickerbockers, you cannot be trusted to not do the same to my sheets, so you shall have the velvet. Girls, you have witnessed what he did to my underwear, now you will witness him disgrace himself before your eyes. I shall cane him until he repeats the actions that spoiled my silk!” She yanked his collar and had him lay down on the velvet facing the girls; his feet toward the head of the bed. The girls and Madame arranged full length mirrors from either side of the bed, so that he may witness his own punishment to the full. His cock buzzed on the smooth and comfortable service as he awaited the pain of the strokes. Tara took the soiled underwear and arranged the crotch so it would go under his nose; she lifted his head and placed them in front of his face, pushing him down into them. The soft feminine scent of her sex made his manhood rigid. She laughed at him.

“There, you’ll know just who’s making you weep, and weep you shall.”

She then took a cushioned tubular bolster made from leather and slipped this under the velvet and his groin. His cock slipped nicely on the velvet and leather, and his arse was now elevated invitingly. He was now ready for the caning.

Madame Tara stood back and flexed the cane looking supremely dominant. She made sure he was able to view some of the girls and see her wielding the vicious cane in a mirror, whatever way he turned his head. She whipped the cane through the air several times, testing its flexibility and to get accustomed to its weight. She wore tight leather gloves to ensure it did not blister her hands; she intended to use it extensively.

“You will now receive a severe caning for soiling my silks and keeping me waiting. You will enjoy my scent and the pain I will inflict on you on behalf of all women. You will cry in front of my girls in proof of your weakness as a male, and in recognition of female supremacy. They will enjoy watching you suffer and will rejoice when you give you give yourself up to the velvet in total submission to womanhood.” He watched in the mirror as she smiled wickedly and lifted the cane for the first time. His cock pulsed and squirmed in its already ample lubrication as the girls looked on with spiteful faces, awaiting his suffering. Down came the cane.

He gasped and cried out with the unbelievable pain of the stroke, which seemed to sink deep into his buttocks. He buried his head in the silk and inhaled the heavenly scent as the second stroke creased his arse making him cry out. The searing pain had his eyes watering immediately. He could see the delight in her face in the mirror as the dominatrix relentlessly whipped the cane down, stroke after stroke, making him squirm on the bolster. The agony of the cane had him crying like a baby after seven or eight strokes; the girls watched his pain with glee, and revelled in the spectacle of him convulsing with the pain. They were enjoying watching him being broken and Madame Tara would ensure they were not disappointed.

After eighteen or twenty strokes he was writhing rhythmically on the bolster, his tears had soaked the silk bringing new life to the feminine juices which he sniffed with each stroke. The pain had reached a zenith now and the pleasure in his cock took command; the next stroke seemed to excite rather than pain him. He looked at the magnificent woman who would deliver him, and the eager young ladies smiling at his submission. His cock slipped back and forth on the bolster as the cane whipped down. His torso tensed as that beautiful realisation tingled through his balls and up through his whole body. The full and thrilling erotic moment now overtook everything as he began his complete submission to womanhood.

His arse almost reached up to meet each stroke now; he did not want the superb female to ever stop caning him, as he looked deep into the eyes of the smiling young women through his tears- he was now thoroughly enjoying his humiliation in front of them. The velvet and the bolster would wait no longer; he grunted and moaned in uncontrollable ecstasy as he pumped and spurted deliriously. The girls applauded as he gave himself up; their actions and the vision of their absolute joy fuelling his orgasm, as he spurted endlessly under the wicked cane.

The tears continued to roll down his cheeks after the orgasm subsided, as much with acute pleasure as with the pain which now returned. Madame Tara stood by, panting with her exertions and smiling with deep satisfaction. She loved to cane males to orgasm. One of the girls lifted his head and wiped his tears with the knickerbockers; his arse throbbed and every slight movement made it twinge. Madame Tara took an eighteen inch mirror from a dressing table and had him peer back over his shoulder as she held it above him with obvious delight. His arse was a mass of bright red weals, but surprisingly little blood; one of the girls obligingly wiped his buttocks with a lotion which made him jump almost as much as when caned. She replaced the mirror and had him move from the bed and kneel on the floor once more.

His flaccid cock dribbled, spent but satisfied. She then took the cane and played with the end of his defeated and deflated cock; the girls giggled at his little member, as the cane teased a little life back into it. He looked at her gorgeous round arse as she turned and pulled the velvet from the bed.

“Well you certainly have earned another caning. Look at the mess you’ve made!” He could not deny this; the deposit he’d left on being caned was far in excess of the reason for his original caning. She pulled him up by the leash as she clambered to the head of the bed.

“As you become acquainted with my girls and me on your visits, you will soon become addicted to being caned. I promise you will come begging for it within three months. I think my velvet bears testimony to that fact, does it not?” She pulled the leash downwards and smiled victoriously as she said this. She would shortly want to be thanked for his pleasure.

“Yes Madame Tara.” He could not deny it, and feared he would relish another caning; his balls ached slightly after his extensive delivery. He would certainly endure the cane again if it meant he could re-live the level of ecstasy he’d experienced. The girls now all sat in a line by the bed, looking impatient. Tara looked in their direction and smiled, then spread her beautiful thighs and pulled him in to her glorious sex.

“Now you’ll thank us all for your pleasure. When you’ve worshipped us all, your little cock will be ready to for a game with the girls; it will be master for once only, as it will determine what happens on your next visit.” He did not hesitate at the chance to worship Madame Tara. Her sex was delightfully moist and his mind revisited the caning often as he enjoyed the warmth and scent of this fabulous woman. Now that she had caned him to submission, she was almost affectionate with him.

As he lovingly licked and probed her depths with his tongue she caressed his hair, but rubbed the backs of his legs with the cane to remind him of her absolute dominance. She arched her back against the pillows and tensed her torso against his face as she achieved a satisfying orgasm at his expense. His head dropped to the bed as she slid across the bed and beckoned to the first in the queue. The cat-suited harpy who’d already had her feet kissed by him was the first apprentice to report for her pleasure.

She struggled on the bed as she removed the tight leather to reveal a hot, sticky and needy pussy. She tugged dominantly on his leash and he descended on her eager mound. Her scent, now unleashed from the confines of the hot leather was overpowering. His cock saluted the strong feminine odour and was fast becoming ready for further duty. As he licked willingly and vigorously between the youthful thighs, he wondered just what the ‘game’ might be, and what outcome? It was not long before the budding dominatrix squealed with pleasure and nearly pulled his ears off as she pressed him home to ensure she was sated.

As Nilok carefully stretched and nursed his soreness, he looked out across the street and then up to the lofty citadel, dreaming once more of what might be. He held the bars as various women passed by with their slaves in tow; either ignoring him completely or giving brief glances of utter contempt. As his eyes followed the rear of a particularly shapely woman down the street, something touched one of his hands; it was the little girl he’d seen over to the west. She smiled pitifully at him and passed him a large ripe apple.

“Mistress Serena says this is for you.” She smiled at him as he thanked her and skipped across the street and a little way down a side street. His heart raced as he saw the child link hands with the lovely Serena; she looked at him from afar and smiled weakly before turning guiltily away with the child in tow. He stood rigid against the bars, staring after her long after she had disappeared from sight.

Eventually he slumped down and groaned, cursing his forgetfulness as his back stung with pain. He looked at the apple; he wanted to keep it forever, but was hungry too. As he crunched through the morsel, he wondered how things would pan out; did she feel for him on only seeing him the once? Was this merely an act of pity or charity? How could he see her again?

As he ate even the core, a woman with four males on a chain rang the bell of the house. She gave Clara some money and Clara pointed at him. She opened the cage and struck him with a large stick, just for good measure. He winced with pain again as the rear of the chain was attached to his collar. The woman smiled dolefully at him.

“Ready for a nice day’s work up at the citadel? I’ve paid good money so you’d better be; I’ll cut your balls off otherwise.” He was glad to get away from Clara, regardless of what toil lay ahead. Two more hapless males were collected as they were marched up the winding streets to the lofty citadel. He found it almost exhilarating when they traversed the narrow streets up near the base of the looming towers; he was able to look down and across the vista of Ovum Fortis and the forests and fields that lay beyond; somehow, he could just not get that forest out his mind, it was so inviting.

Eventually they entered the lower stories of the citadel. Just as he’d imagined, there were some very fine young women there. They giggled and waved at the grubby males from a veranda overlooking the area which was being newly constructed. A pretty, but assertive looking woman with tight leggings cracked a long whip through the air; it was apparent what would happen if they slacked.

He was given a leather sling- like object, with which he was to carry huge rocks from a pile below, up the winding stairs to where the masons worked. The whip was cracked behind him as he struggled at first; he soon got the technique, and spent several hours skipping up and down endless stairs. They were allowed breaks every so often, and as he sat his hands bled where he’d been over casual and dropped rocks on them occasionally.

As he took a cup of water in one hand, a slender hand took the other and gently washed the dirt from it, before applying a soothing cream to the cuts. It was one of the masons, who were all female and showed a great deal of kindness to their male labourers. This one was very pretty indeed and about half his age. She had him change hands and tended the other. A companion came over and whispered something in her ear.

“I think she’d like to take you home with her; I bet you’d like to make her comfortable too.” Giggled the young woman; he smiled and was about to return the compliment when the conversation was cut short as the woman who’d taken him from Clara, loomed up and the masons waved goodbye.

“Back to work now; you’re not on sale here, you know who your mistress is.” He knew all too well, and picked up another rock. He had been hard at work, and as noon approached, he was allowed to sit once more. His hands were in better shape now; his technique had improved and the cream had eased the soreness. He gratefully downed several cups of cool water whilst chewing a stiff bread roll as he exchanged furtive glances with the pretty masons. Shortly before he was to be prompted back to his labours, the plaintive notes of a flute cut the air from the veranda; the notes were anything but expert and when the attempted tune ceased, he heard distant giggling from the building. After a pause, a bolder tune arose; it was expertly tuneful and pleasing to the ear, the lips that now blew knew how to hold a note.

As the associate of Clara motioned to her team to resume, he stood and was amazed at what he saw. There under the veranda with the girls he’d seen earlier was Serena. She stood, also transfixed as she stared straight at him, dropping the flute. The girls giggled and almost bumped heads in their haste to be the first to pick it up. Serena’s face broke into a bewildered smile, as the breeze wafted her elegant hair to one side. A crack of the whip from the slender woman in the yard brought him swiftly to his senses, and he bent to pick his first rock of the shift, looking back and not believing his luck.

He now descended the stairs with impatience on each trip, and dwelt overly- long in the courtyard as he chose each rock, listening for the flute and hoping she was still there. Though the plaintive notes of the girls’ music lesson had faded after an hour or so, he hoped upon hope that she’d still be there when he was allowed the final afternoon Break.

Serena had finished her scheduled tuition of the girls, and having watched him toil from the veranda, had extended things as long as she could. Her pupils were glad of the attractive woman’s company and were happy she remained a little longer; she was not like the dragon who taught them violin. Serena tingled when she watched him; why had he risked punishment just to see where she lived? The little girl had told her of the man who stood by her house, and Bella had described ‘Nilok’ at the Manor. She had been strangely elated when the two huntresses had been able to say exactly who owned him, and where he was kept. She bade goodbye to the girls as the weary team began to assemble in the courtyard for the final break.

Nilok listened hard and sat down whilst looking urgently about him. As he leaned over and filled a cup, Serena stepped out and descended the steps that led down from the veranda, and stood next to a buttress which hid her from the guard. He nearly dropped the cup as he saw her standing not six feet from him; he walked smartly over without hesitation. He automatically knelt before her, obscured from the view of others by the buttress. She tingled a little more with the closeness of him; she’d love to watch him work in her garden or at the manor and then have his company in the evenings; he was very nice. She came to her senses; he was someone else’s.

“Why did you come to my house, and then my manor? I could have you whipped for snooping about my property; why, males have been hanged just for suspicion of burglary!” He looked up at her and spoke in obvious sincerity,

“I just wanted to see you, I just find you so attractive.” He looked at her and thought how he would willingly accept a whipping if she were to administer it. Blue eyes met green, and her pussy tingled with excitement at the idea of having him on his knees before her on a regular basis. He stood as a commotion behind them ruined the momentary idyll they shared.

“I’m only here once a week, I doubt I shall see you tomorrow.” To his astonishment she grabbed his arms and kissed him on the cheek; he savoured the fragrance of her for just a moment, then she was gone, up the steps. His cock bulged from his leggings as he resumed his work.

At six, he was linked to the others and they were marched back down to where their various owners kept them; there was no burning sunset this evening, just dappled sunshine mixed with rain in the air, though this did not dampen his spirits. Clara dragged him in when he returned and dumped him in the bath. She got in with him and had him wash her fat body down. She constantly struck his arms and shoulders spitefully with a thin cane.

“I’ve heard how you flirted with those young masons; I’ll teach you to be disrespectful to young women and put me to shame. You shall have a caning before you lick my arse tonight.” She smiled dominantly down at him as he knelt and padded her dry. He rubbed her huge cheeks knowing his face would be engulfed by them soon; the globes wobbled mockingly at him as she teased him with the cane.

“You enjoy that arse as much as you can; the money you’ll earn me at the citadel will go to my buying a new younger slave; he’ll be obedient and not run off, like you. I shall let you watch him fuck me.” This did not bother Nilok too much, he was almost relieved. She sneered at him, pleased to have told him that his labours were to provide a younger, fresher, cock for her.

He was leashed and taken to the bedroom; no sweet young girls this evening to provide distraction, they were having a holiday at a remote manor somewhere.

She had him kneel down facing the fire in the bedroom, and tethered his wrists to supporting post at head level; he could droop under the severe caning she intended giving him, but would not be able to go flat to the floor. She would have her satisfaction even if he passed out with the pain.

She strutted around the post cutting the air with cane, ensuring he had ample time to fully appreciate that he was to be severely punished. Though she was not particularly attractive to him, being bound naked before a naked woman, and with the growing scent of her arousal permeating the room, gave him an erection. Clara sneered all the more when she saw this and gave his cock a sharp rap with cane, making him cry out. She then moved to one side of him and pulled her cheeks apart.

“Sniff my arse!” He was at her complete mercy and was almost ashamed that he enjoyed the comfort of taking in the warm tangy aroma of Clara’s anal scent; the fire and her arousal had made her very sticky.

“You’ll know pain before you’re allowed to lick it. You DO want to lick it, don’t you?” He could not deny it, it was natural for all men to be submissive to women, and she was very superior. His cock bulged; he now wanted to worship that huge arse and was almost looking forward to being caned too.

“Yes Mistress Clara, I want to lick your arse clean, please cane me.” She laughed at his servility and her pussy tingled excitedly at his eagerness to be punished; this enhanced her erotic wickedness, and she would enjoy cutting him with cane all the more. She turned and looked smugly down at him; he was hers to punish and he was defeated already. She pulled his face into her moist arousal.

“There, you sniff the woman who will now cane you; if you take your punishment well, and then service my arse nicely I may allow you to masturbate at my feet before you pleasure me fully.” He was almost trance-like as his nose accepted the heady and highly seasoned aroma of her womanhood. The scent took command of his mind and body; he wanted to breathe it in forever.

She moved back and swished the air with the stick, making his cock pulse with anticipation; he now yearned to be caned. Clara was now as eager to be licked as she was to inflict the pain upon him. She wasted no more time as her pussy squirmed luxuriantly between her bulbous thighs. She stepped back and smiled wickedly as she brought the flexible rod down hard against his waiting buttocks for the first time; Nilok wailed in agony as the cane left its glowing red stripe across his rear.

Clara gritted her teeth and sneered through flared nostrils as she savoured each arc and impact of the stinging cane; the action boosted her adrenaline, and he was shown no mercy as the enjoyment of his cries fuelled the spiteful side of Clara’s erotic nature. The sweat dripped from her huge breasts and buttocks, mingling with the juices from her sex, as she delivered the punishment with absolute relish. Her pussy tingled close to orgasm at one point, as she revelled in her dominance and he sagged at the pole in utter submission to the cane, and more so to the supreme woman who wielded it.

He wept openly as the stinging stripes across his back and buttocks were further enflamed as beads of salty sweat ran into the wounds. Clara tingled with satisfaction; she would have her arse licked now. He sighed with relief as her sweaty thigh brushed his face as she urgently freed his wrists. She had planned to give him a long speech at this point, but her need for his tongue had overcome this. She pulled him toward the bed, and he knelt with his arms over the end of the mattress as he waited for the throbbing pain to subside. Despite the soreness his cock remained erect and dribbled its lubrication.

Clara climbed on to the bed and raised her huge thighs, pulling them back to reveal her hot sweaty anus between the folds of her dripping cheeks.

“Lick” She commanded. His pain and tears subsided as he duly lay on the bed and willingly took in her luscious scents as he pressed his nose to the warmth of her sex, and his tongue gratefully licked at the tangy musky arsehole, His cock was rigid on the sheets as he licked and probed at the excited and tart juices that flowed from his owners body. Clara stroked excitedly at her clitoris; she wanted to come so much, whilst the memory of his caning was so fresh in her mind, but she was intent on his further humiliation.

She mustered all her willpower as the warmth of his tongue probed her anus; this was exquisite but she wanted to see him abuse himself before her. She eased his head out of her folds; he looked at her in anticipation.

“Kneel at the foot of the bed. I’m going to watch while you play with yourself, till you shoot your cream. If you don’t give me a good show, you shall feel the cane again!” He quickly got down and knelt; she followed and stood dominantly before him. His nose was close to her sex as he gratefully stroked his stiff cock. She grinned and swished her cane as she awaited the warmth of his sticky mess on her ankles and toes.

Nilok was happy to know his place as he looked up at the globular breasts of the woman who had reduced him to tears. He closed his eyes and thought of Serena; oh how he would love to be in this position with her! He sniffed at Clara’s pussy and duly pumped the contents of his balls all over the feet and lower legs of the fat dominatrix, in a convulsion of pure submissive ecstasy. The pleasure warped through his body again and again as he spurted with utter relief. Clara pressed him down.

“Clean up! Then I shall allow you to pleasure me.” He willingly licked his salty mess from her feet and ankles as his cock dribbled the remnants of his ejaculation. Though his orgasm had subsided, this act of humility and worship had his cock tingling immediately. He truly knew his place with women.

Satisfied he’d rid her legs and feet of his gift, Clara pulled him up and he followed her to the bed once more. She smiled at him in regal dominance, as she pointed to her bulging and ready lips. He did not hesitate and once again sampled the sticky scented delights of her womanhood; this time lapping and licking into the folds and up to the nub of her clitoris as though he would never lick a woman again.

She did not need too much attention in that area as the delights she had witnessed earlier had almost brought her off; she soon squeezed his head between those huge thighs as she realised the full erotic benefits of her dominance over him. She indulged in a hot, raw and deeply satisfying orgasm, nearly suffocating her slave.

He was not to be allowed any softness, despite the satisfaction he had brought her; he would sleep in the cage once more. She gave him a blanket and laughed as she pushed him into the exposed confinement. He huddled into a corner as the rain washed the perimeter and occasionally blew into his face. Despite the discomfort, his spent body soon relaxed into a deep but tortured sleep.

Ch. 03—Friday Night

Readers will find themselves better equipped to enjoy this story if they have read the first two chapters. This story sometimes deals with bathroom behavior so those offended by that should move on. All characters are 18 or over.

By Friday evening, Charlotte Byers had assumed total control over the lives of Karen and Andrea Andrews during their hours at home, beginning when they returned from school. Mrs. Kay Andrews had been disgusted by their behavior so she had hired Charlotte as a babysitter for her 21-year old, Karen, and 18-year-old, Andrea. One was studying at the local community college and the other was in high school.

Charlotte was in charge of what the girls wore, when they went to bed, whether they were allowed out, and even when they could go to the bathroom. Each carried a Behavior Book, in which Charlotte entered comments as appropriate and Naughty Marks as well. She also graded each girl each day in Behavior.

Charlotte was a pretty 24-year-old with sandy blonde hair and a nice figure who was in college herself but doing quite well and able to spend the time more or less residing at the Andrews home, where Kay had given her a room of her own. Karen was a stunning blonde while Andrea was a mousy brunette who seemed young for her age.

Charlotte had arrived on Monday afternoon and began grading the girls on Tuesday. The notable misbehavior that she recorded in the girls’ Behavior Books included Andrea’s skidmarked panties, Karen’s wearing an excessively short skirt, both girls talking back to Charlotte, and general untidiness of their rooms. Charlotte set 65 as passing and had given them grades of 78 on most days, except for the 60 Andrea received on her soiled-panties day and the 70 Karen received for asking too often about being able to go out on the weekend. Charlotte duly reported the grades each day to Mrs. Andrews.

Charlotte summoned them both to her room for the Friday review. She began with Andrea.

“You received three Naughty Marks this week, Andrea,” she said. “Two were for your soiled panties and one was for not cleaning the shower after your use. Karen received one Naughty Mark for arguing with me about when she could accept an invitation to go out on a date this weekend.”

The elder daughter, Karen, fumed as she realized she would get a spanking and probably not have the chance to go out with her boyfriend, Dale, whom she knew was as anxious to fuck her as she was to have good sex with him. Andrea was very afraid of what might be in store for her with three of the awful, shameful, childish marks.

“Karen, you will go first this week,” Charlotte announced. “Because of the one mark, you will not be going on a date this weekend but will only receive the maintenance spanking. So lift your skirt and lower your panties before you get across my lap.”

Karen somehow kept herself from crying about being kept in and assumed the humiliating posture with her bare bottom on display across Charlotte’s lap. She was being punished as a child by a girl three years older than she was. Charlotte ran her fingers across the pretty white bottom, just touching between the cheeks and grazing Karen’s cute little crinkly asshole.

Then she put on her blue leather spanking glove and began to spank Karen’s bottom, striking alternate cheeks. The spanking lasted a few minutes and probably totaled about 40 spanks. Karen’s bottom, however, looked quite glowing and crimson. She had resisted crying. Charlotte humiliated her one final time by inserting her gloved finger in Karen’s anus to check whether the girl would need to use the toilet soon.

Charlotte let Karen get up and recover her panties without further comment so presumably she had felt nothing in Karen’s rectum. Now, the assertive babysitter summoned Andrea with her forefinger.

Andrea was told that for her three marks, she would get the cane. The high school senior began to cry.

“Oh, please, Miss Byers, not the cane,” Andrea said in a muffled tone that belied her age. “I promise I’ll be good but that cane, oh it stings so terribly…”

Charlotte listened but answered, “I’m sorry, Andrea, but you will learn that to avoid the cane, you must behave better next week. I want your skirt up above your waist and your panties down. Then bend over the end of the couch.”

Then the dominating attractive young sitter reached into her stylish handbag and withdrew the small thin but very supple cane, which was perfectly straight without a crooked handle.

As Andrea assumed the position, Charlotte took a few swipes in the air and listened to the cane whistle.

Then she moved behind Andrea, laid the cane on the girl’s bottom, and flicked her wrist twice to deliver two stinging strokes to Andrea’s white bottom.

The girl shrieked and Charlotte waited for the inevitable sting to sink in and then heard more whimpering.

Now she aimed lower, at the sensitive crease between thigh and bottom, and again with the slightest flick of the ladylike wrist, imparted two more strokes to the most tender part of Andrea’s bottom. This elicited even more shrieking.

Charlotte decided to limit this punishment to the four strokes. It took no imagination to figure that Andrea would be a better-behaved girl by next Friday.

* * *

Karen now realized that she had assumed she would be allowed to go out with Dale tonight and so she had told him to pick her up right about now. She was now terror-stricken with the possibilities that he might see her being disciplined by Charlotte or that Charlotte would say something to him that would further humiliate both of them.

She said to Charlotte, “Miss Byers, I realize now that I did something wrong.”

Charlotte looked up and asked, “And what was that, Karen?”

“Well, I assumed you would allow me to go out tonight,” Karen confessed, “so my boyfriend is about to arrive.”

Before Charlotte could reply, the doorbell rang and Charlotte answered it. She found Karen’s beau Dale standing there.

“I gather you are here for Karen,” she said brightly. “I’m Charlotte Byers, and I’m the babysitter for Karen and Andrea. Do come in.”

Dale looked dumfounded and responded, “I didn’t know the girls, er, Karen, needed someone….like that.”

When they reached the living room, both girls had red faces.

Charlotte said, “Dale, their mother decided they needed some controlling.”

Karen wanted to sink into the floor but asked Charlotte if an exception might be made to allow her to go out.

Charlotte thought for a moment and said, “Very well. I will permit you to go out but first, Karen, you must be disciplined for this egregious conduct.”

Karen blanched and sort of mouthed,”In front of….him?”

Charlotte nodded affirmatively and Dale began thinking that this could get interesting.

Charlotte then sat on the armless chair and beckoned Karen to come to her with her forefinger.

With sinking heart, the21-year-old blonde stood and slowly walked to her babysitter.

Charlotte then lifted Karen’s skirt well above her waist, exposing to Dale her cute pale blue panties.

Dale whistled to himself, although he had seen his girlfriend’s panties often enough when they were over at his place, where they now often fucked much of the night.

Charlotte now methodically put her fingers in the waistband of Karen’s panties and lowered them down to her knees. Karen turned to protest but realized it would only make things worse. Then she lay across Charlotte’s grey-skirted lap, feeling as juvenile as Charlotte intended her to be.

Now, Dale was stupefied as he watched Charlotte spank his girlfriend but good. Charlotte gave her fifty strong spanks and her bottom was quite reddened and blotchy. Karen herself was in tears by the thirtieth spank.

She was directed to stand and then Charlotte told her to give hand over her Behavior Book.

Karen again blushed deeply but handed over the little red book.

As was her wont, Charlotte read aloud the entry she made in the Behavior Book. “Karen was naughty in going ahead with her dating plans despite having not received approval to go out. Two Naughty Marks.”

Karen started to cry, realizing what getting two marks would mean. First, she would be severely punished and then she wouldn’t be allowed out next time.

“Dale,” Charlotte said, “I hope you will agree to get Karen home by the appointed time of midnight tonight. And if you are late, I hope you will agree to be punished just as Karen will be.”

Karen and Dale both grimaced but Dale was interested in getting out with his girlfriend so he nodded his agreement to the strict terms set by the sitter.

Charlotte then told them they could leave.

* * *

Karen began crying in the car.

“Oh, Dale,” she said, “this is even worse than when Mom put Andrea in charge of me. And you, you miserable cad, you took her out and fucked the little bitch, didn’t you?”

Dale was thinking not so much about the prospect of being spanked by Charlotte, which he sort of half found exciting, as of taking the babysitter out and seducing her into having her sexual charms made available to him.

He kissed Karen and told her she would forget all about this awful situation by the time he brought her back.

When they reached his place, Karen pulled him into the house and started tearing his clothes off.

“Hey,” Dale laughed, “if getting spanked turns you on so much, maybe I should start taking you across my lap.”

“That is not funny,” Karen said sternly, as she began to disrobe. When she was down to just her pretty panties, she took Dale in hand and they lay down on his bed in his bedroom.

“Dale, I can’t understand how wet I already am,” Karen confided. She lay back and spread her legs invitingly.

“Please oblige this girl and fuck her brains out…now!!!” Karen pleaded.

“Wow,” Dale exclaimed. “If getting spanked fires you up this much, maybe you need those Naughty Marks.”

Karen cringed at that and put her hand on his very erect penis and drew it toward her sopping pussy.

“Yes,” she said happily, “yes, please, please put it in.”

As Dale obliged and felt his member slide right into his pretty girlfriend’s hot cunt, she began immediately to buck and writhe and have a quick but intense orgasm.

* * *

They had such a great time screwing that Karen more or less was transported beyond the humiliating situation at home. Dale was a marvelous lover and Karen now was warm and felt loved, too.

She looked at her watch and turned green.

“Holy shit, Dale,” she almost cried, “we’re going to be late and that bitch will have my ass! Get me home – now!!!”

They threw their clothes on and hurtled into his car. He drove as quickly as he could but they came up to the door, walked in, and saw on the hall clock that it was five past midnight.”

Charlotte walked out to greet them and said, “Karen, you know I meant what I said about your curfew. You are going to have to earn back the privilege of going out now.”

Dale tried to help her. “It was really my fault, Miss,” he said.

“It’s Miss Byers, Dale,” Charlotte said firmly.

“Yes, Miss Byers, sorry, but I was the one who lost track of the time.” Dale continued, trying to save Karen from whatever punishment was in store.

Charlotte started thinking about how she wanted to handle this situation. Suddenly, an inspiration came to her.

“I am willing to relent on Karen’s punishment, Dale,” she began in stern tones, “but you two will have to perform for me and follow exactly what I say.”

Karen looked at her, as if to figure out what malevolent idea this dominating 24-year-old had in store for her now.

“I will give you a general idea,” Charlotte said, plainly. “If you agree, Karen will not receive any further disciplining for this behavior.”

The two lovers looked at each other and simultaneously realized they had no other options.

“Very well, Miss Byers,” Dale said on behalf of the pair.

“We will go now to Karen’s room,” Charlotte ordered. “You will be quiet because Mrs. Andrews and Andrea are asleep.”

When they reached Karen’s spacious room, Charlotte gave her first command. “Both of you will now strip and remove all your clothing.”

“I’m not going to spank anyone if that’s what you are thinking,” she said. “I am going to have you show me what you have been doing this evening and demonstrate for me as I direct you to proceed. Am I understood?”

Karen took off her blouse and skirt and now started unhooking her bra and slipping down her panties as she saw Dale already in his boxer shorts.

“I guess I don’t, Miss Byers,” she said. “I don’t mean to be rude but do you mean you want us to…make love?”

“Yes,” Charlotte answered. “You will have sex but you will have it according to my directions.”

“Now lie down on the bed on your back, Karen,” she continued.

Karen nodded her agreement but then had to make a slightly embarrassing request. “Miss Byers, before we start, I do need…to use the bathroom if you don’t mind.”

“Do you have to pee?” Charlotte inquired, and when Karen nodded yes, Charlotte held out a glass bowl that had been on the bookshelf.

“You will squat over this and go then,” she said in a very stern tone.

This embarrassed Karen greatly but as Dale and Charlotte watched, the attractive blonde squatted over the bowl and spread her legs, disclosing her light-colored muff and very puffy labia, still glistening from the lengthy intercourse she had just been having with Dale.

It took her a few moments to get the stream going because she had never peed in front of others. Finally, it started and the others watched entranced as her strong golden stream gurgled into the bowl and foamed up.

She reached for a tissue and wiped her crotch and now stood, placing the bowl back on the shelf.

“Now you may lie back and keep your legs well apart, Karen,” Charlotte reiterated.

The lovely blonde did as she was told and now Charlotte looked at Dale, who had a very firm erection of his eight-inch-long penis prompted by the kinkiness of this scene. Dale traded on his good lucks in being able to screw many girls but he had never been subjected to this kind of situation.

“Dale, you may mount her but do not allow your cock to enter her vagina until I tell you you may,” Charlotte instructed him.

He did what she said he could and Charlotte came over and felt Karen’s labia and let her finger go inside the girl’s wet vaginal opening. Determining that Karen had grown quite lubricated from the excitement and humiliation, Charlotte told Dale he could put his cock in but only for one inch now.

When Dale had inserted his penis barely inside Karen’s stretched vaginal opening, almost all of the glans inside her, Charlotte said, “Stop!”

He felt unfulfilled and Karen felt teased now but she enjoyed the way the glans, half inside, stimulated her introitus, the vaginal gateway.

Now Charlotte added, “Dale, you may now go all the way in her but then you will pull all the way out.”

Again, feeling very foolish but also turned on, Dale complied and his wet cock emerged from Karen’s now steaming cunt.

“I want you both to cum at the same time and quickly,” Charlotte explained. “So, Dale, get that prick back in her vagina and fuck her hard until you both climax together. If you can cum simultaneously, Karen will have all the Naughty Marks erased.”

This was a challenge but Dale figured he was playing to his strengths. He slowly slid his rock-hard penis back into his girlfriend’s pretty pussy and began fucking her with increasing rapidity and fine rhythm. He knew he could cum at any moment so he teased the glistening tip of Karen’s hard little clit until he felt her responding in rhythm to his thrusting.

Finally, he realized from their own experience fucking that Karen was right on the edge and he pressed into her, staying all the way a bit longer and now inserting another finger in her already wet anus. As he felt her go into her cum, he responded by letting his own go off and he felt himself shooting spurts of semen into her deep, tight vagina.

Charlotte could see that the two of them were quite accomplished and able to respond to what might be humiliating supervision. She herself badly needed some stimulation but retained her dominating presence and after a few more moments, told Dale to pull out and stand up.

When he did, she gave his now flaccid penis a grasp and told him he had done well.

Dale was finally embarrassed to the core and cringed.

Then Charlotte gave Karen a humiliating further order: “Karen, you may put on your pajamas now and kiss Dale good night. I hope you both appreciate the consideration I have given you,” she grinned, as Karen’s face again reddened when putting on the childish Dr. Denton pajamas.

She left Karen to go to bed and walked Dale out to the door.

Dale figured he might as well give it a try.

“Miss Byers,” he said calmly, “if I may ever pleasure you…” He stopped himself as she showed her disdain for his offer.

“You are Karen’s boyfriend,” Charlotte said firmly, “not mine. So don’t go getting ideas or leaving her in the lurch. I will act as if this conversation never occurred. Unless you want to be disciplined,” she smiled.

Dale found this woman, slightly older than him, incredibly fascinating in her sexuality. He stopped in his tracks a moment, but then responded.

“I’m sorry, Miss Byers,” he said plaintively, “but I might just take you up on that sometime.” And then he grinned at her and was not all that shocked when she grinned back at him as he left the house.

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