Alright guys we’ve come to the end of Chevonne’s and Ashton’s story. There is a love scene (I hear some of you saying finally) but because I’m a bit of a prude when it comes to sex (I see it as a private matter between lovers, in other words NOBODY is hipped to what goes on in my bedroom) it might not live up to everyone’s expectation. I hope you’ve enjoyed Ashton’s and Chevonne’s journey to each other and the love they discovered they shared.


Martin held Katrina his arms as the hotel manager passed the smelling salts under her nose wondering why hearing that Chevonne was his sister caused her to faint.

He couldn’t think of a reason why hearing that would cause such a reaction from her since as far as he knew Katrina didn’t know his sister. Sure she and Chevonne went to the same school but that didn’t mean they knew each other. Then he began remembering some of the things Chevonne told him about her roommate and he compared them mentally to Katrina.

Chevonne said her roommate was self-absorbed. ‘That could apply to Katrina,’ Martin thought to himself. She loved taking about herself.

‘Chevonne said her roommate sported a year round tan and spent a lot of time in tanning salons.’

‘That could also apply to Katrina,’ Martin thought. ‘She often said she’d never be seen without a tan and how she kept her tan by going to tanning salons.’

Chevonne talked about how her roommate’s eyes were the bluest shade of blue she’d ever seen.

‘That could definitely apply to Katrina,’ Martin thought. Her eyes were the first things that attracted him to her. He had never seen eyes so blue.

Chevonne also talked about how her roommate talked about herself when she had breast implants done and how she thought she used her breast as a model when she told the doctor what she wanted done. She said her roommate considered her breasts, her face and her figure to be her best assets and she would always take care of them.

Martin remembered that Katrina wasn’t shy about letting him know that she’d had her breasts done. She told him that she considered her breasts, body and face to be her best assets and that she would always take care of them.

When he remembered the name of Chevonne’s roommate it all came together. The woman he had been sleeping with and the woman his sister called tits and brainless were the same woman.

Martin wanted to kick himself for not realizing such an obvious thing. But that didn’t explain why Katrina fainted when she found out that Chevonne was his sister and that she was getting married today.

He was brought out of his thoughts when Katrina began to stir when the scent of the smelling salts hit her nose. Her body jerked and she put her hands on the manager’s hand pushing the smelling salts away. The sound of a siren let him know that someone had called the British version of paramedics.

They checked Katrina out, didn’t find anything wrong but suggested that she go to the hospital to be examined by a doctor to be sure.

Katrina assured them she fainted because she hadn’t eaten and not because of a medical condition and that she would see her personal doctor when she returned home to the states. They had her sign a medical release and left.

“Tell me what’s going on,” Martin demanded after they were left alone.

“I became light-headed because I haven’t eaten and I fainted,” Katrina said her tone trying to convince Martin that it was the truth.

“Don’t play me, Katrina,” Martin told her. “You became light-headed and fainted after I told you that Chevonne was my sister and she was getting married today,” Martin said his tone letting Katrina know that he knew she was lying and she had better stop bullshitting around with him and tell him the truth.

Deciding that Martin’s anger could be used to her benefit and against Ashton and possibly stop the wedding Katrina decided to tell him the truth.

She told him everything about her and Ashton’s plan to get Ashton’s parent to accept her so that she and Ashton could get married, their plan to use a black woman to do it and why they decided Chevonne would be the perfect person they use to accomplish their goal.

As he listened Martin experienced something he had never experienced before. The urge to smack a woman. The desire to beat Katrina a woman he thought he knew and shared a bed with until he felt happy again. And the way he felt he wouldn’t be happy again until both Katrina and Ashton were in the hospital.

Feeling the urge beginning to overwhelm him and becoming harder for him to resist he turned and walked away from Katrina because he didn’t want to go to jail in a foreign country.

“Wait a minute,” Katrina said placing her hand on his arm ignoring the anger and rage she saw in Martin’s eyes. “I should go with you in case your parents don’t believe you. I can confirm what you’re saying.”

Martin turned and gave her a look that said loud and clear that if she didn’t get her hand off of him, he wouldn’t be responsible for what he did to her.

Fearing what he might do Katrina quickly removed her hand from his arm.

“Are you really as empty-headed, shallow and ignorant as you’re appearing to be right now?” Martin asked his voice letting her know he was practicing a great deal of restraint. “Or do you not know that the last place you should want to be is anywhere that I am? Especially where the space is confined and we’re alone and no one could see us. Do you really think you can tell me about a plan where you and that asshole Ashton planned to use and humiliate my sister that I would to invite you along to try and keep her from making a huge mistake by marrying this jerk? I hope you don’t think your shit is so good that I’ll put you over my sister. Because bitch if you do you need to think again. The thing you need to realize is that I have priorities. My first priority is to get to my sister and try to prevent her from marrying that asshole. My second priority is to kick the jerk’s ass. My third priority is to come after you and make you sorry you ever met my sister, to give you a reason to see that using anybody in this manner ever again is a stupid and dangerous thing for you to do. Especially a black woman because you don’t know if she might have a nut in her family who might go off on you like I’m going to do. So little girl you should forget about helping me and start praying to God that you survive what I’m going to do to you. In fact if I were you I wouldn’t be here when I come back.”

All the color drained from Katrina’s face and she turned as white as a sheet. She couldn’t believe this is the same man she shared an intimate moment with more than a week ago.

“You don’t mean that Martin,” she said walking towards him.

‘This bitch has lost her mind,’ Martin thought to himself.

He held his hand up stopping her advance, “I’m going to leave,” he said backing away from her. “You need to stay right where you are because if you come any closer to me, I’m going to jail.”

Katrina seeing that Martin was truly angry with her went over to the check out desk and told the manager to get her bill ready because she was leaving. She knew it was time for her to get the hell out of Dodge before the fireworks went off and she got hurt in the resulting explosion.

She rushed upstairs to her room, threw her things into her bags and was ready to go in less than half an hour later.

She decided to go to Florida where the rest of her family was and she figured she would be safe. She was going to take her diploma and check out employment possibilities in Florida because Georgia was too hot for her right now.

Martin rushed out of the hotel and asked the doorman to hail him a cab. He climbed into the cab, gave the driver the Bishop’s address and asked him to get him there as quickly as he possible.

He had to get there and stop the wedding. He couldn’t and wouldn’t allow his sister to marry Ashton Bishop.

Martin was confident he would have his parents support when they heard about Ashton’s plans for Chevonne and the shameful way he planned to treat her.

He told Katrina he didn’t want to go to jail in a foreign country but he knew if given the opportunity he was going to make sure Ashton’s face kissed his fist many times causing him physical pain and that might get him sent to jail.

He prayed the driver got him to the Bishop’s home before Chevonne ruined her life.

Ashton was upstairs in his bedroom checking out his appearance in his mirror when there was a knock on his bedroom door. He opened it and wasn’t surprised to see Chevonne’s father Mr. Michaelson standing on the other side.

Ashton had been expecting him to come to him for an explanation of his behavior toward Chevonne for awhile. Ashton observed him as he walked into the room and closed the door.

William Michaelson stood about five feet ten and a half inches tall. Ashton put his weight at around one hundred sixty-five to one hundred seventy-five pounds. His skin was a little darker than Chevonne’s skin. His facial features depended on who he was talking to and what his mood was.

During the time he had been visiting with Ashton and his parents, Ashton watched him as he interacted with his wife and daughter.

He treated the ladies in his life like they were the most precious , the most important people in his life and in his dark brown eyes he saw nothing but love for both his wife and his daughter.

Chevonne and her mother had him wrapped around their little fingers a place he seemed to relish being. Much like his father was when it came to his mother.

William Michaelson was gentle with Chevonne and her mother, protecting them and gently getting them to see things his way when he had to deny them something they really wanted.

He never raised his voice to his wife, even if they had a disagreement. Chevonne’s mother was the one who freely expressed her emotions and let you know in no uncertain terms how she felt. Sarah Michaelson was easy to read as a newspaper spread out before you.

Mr. Michaelson kept his feelings closer to his chest. But Ashton wasn’t dumb enough to be fooled by the man’s quiet demeanor. Something about the man said don’t mess with him or his family.

“I guess you know why I’m here,” William said slipping a hand into his pocket, his brown eyes never leaving Ashton’s.

“I think so sir,” Ashton replied, finding his mouth had suddenly gone dry making swallowing almost impossible.

“It’s not about your reason for bringing my daughter here to meet your parents,” William said.

“She told me, you and she have already dealt with that issue and it was a private matter between the two of you. Meaning that I should butt out. Which I’ll do. I’m here because in less than thirty minutes I’m expected to hand her over to you in marriage. A man, I know she loves very much, but whom I’m not sure who loves her at all. I need you to convince me that Chevonne, my daughter, my baby, my Peaches is important to you that you love her and will protect her. Because if you can’t I will forcefully if I have to drag her on to a plane heading back to Atlanta. I won’t turn my daughter over to a man who doesn’t love her and whom I don’t trust. I won’t walk her down that aisle and turn her over to you.”

William smiled as he watched Ashton try to gain control of his temper before he spoke.

“I assure you Mr. Michaelson,” Ashton said his tone a bit restrained and tense, “that I love Chevonne very, very much and I know that she loves me. I understand your skepticism after every thing you’ve learned about my reasons for bringing her here to London but I can assure you sir that when you get on that plane heading back to Atlanta you will board it as my father-in-law and with your wife, my mother-in-law because your baby, your daughter, yours’ and my Peaches will be my wife and I’ll be her husband, your son-in-law. Chevonne and I will be on another plane on our way to a surprise honeymoon that I’ve planned for us.”

“You haven’t said the words I want to hear son,” William said, “and if I don’t hear those words, I promise you there will be no wedding today.”

William knew that Chevonne said that she and Ashton had dealt with the issue of what his intentions were when he brought her to London and he respected that, but as her father he couldn’t just hand her over to this young man until his mind was assured that he would treat his daughter right.

“I love Chevonne,” Ashton said the tone of his voice letting William know he’d made him angry. “with all my heart. I’ll protect her and provide for her the very best that I can. She will want for nothing, Chevonne and I are getting married and no one is taking her away from me. I wanted Chevonne the moment I laid eyes on her, but I didn’t have the courage to reach out and explore my feelings for her because I let the color of my skin get in the way. And because of my cowardliness Chevonne was hurt something I’ll never allow to happen again. I will protect Chevonne and our relationship with everything within me. We’re getting married to show the world we’re committed to each other but Chevonne was mine the moment she told me, she loved me and I’m not willing to give that up and I’ll fight any man that tries to take her away from me or tries to come between us, family included.”

Ashton was standing face to face, toe to toe with Chevonne’s father by the time he finished saying what he had to say, letting William know that he wasn’t going to let him or anyone come between him and Chevonne.

William smiled at him and shook his hand. “I just wanted to know that you know that Chevonne is worth fighting for and that you would fight for her and protect her.”

“With everything within in me sir,” Ashton said shaking his hand.

“I’m going to go get ready to walk my baby down the aisle,” William said.

“I’ll be waiting for her,” Ashton said as the men left the room heading in different directions. Both knowing that the other man knew clearly where they stood.

Martin was glad when the taxi finally pulled up into the Bishop’s home. Praying he wasn’t too late he paid the taxi driver and made his way to the front door.

He walk up and knocked on the front door, introduced himself to the butler, who led him to the back yard. He was greeted by the sound of people cheering when he reached garden.

He was stopped by what he assumed was a security guard, who asked his name and asked to see some identification.

Martin told the man his name, reached inside his jacket and presented the man with his passport. The man saw that Martin’s name was on the guest list, after checking his id he allowed him join the festivities. Martin walked into the garden just as the priest spoke.

“I present to you Ashton James Bishop III and Chevonne Elizabeth Michaelson-Bishop III.”

While everyone around him once again cheered Martin wanted to cry. He was too late. They were married.

His anger boiling over Martin made his way over to Chevonne and her new husband, he was going to welcome his new brother-in-law into the family by wrapping his hand around his throat and squeezing the life out of him.

He was close to the newly married couple when his father suddenly stepped out in front of him blocking his path.

“Hello son,” his father said, “you missed your sister’s wedding. What happened?”

“I was checking into the hotel,” Martin said his eyes trained on Ashton, “when I bumped into a friend of the groom who had a very interesting story to tell about he and the groom.”

“You wouldn’t be referring to a Katrina Wellsman would you?” his father asked.

“Yes,” Martin replied surprised his father knew Katrina’s name. “You know about her and Ashton?”

“Yes,” his father replied.

“You know why he brought Chevonne to London to meet his parents?” Martin asked his voice getting louder.

“You will lower your voice,” William told his son his tone slow and low, his eyes hard and cold. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” Martin said looking over at Chevonne and seeing a combination of hurt and anger in her eyes and on her face.

“Everyone including Chevonne knows why Ashton brought Chevonne to London,” his father said. “She and Ashton have made their peace with that situation. Your sister has forgiven him because she loves him and she has decided she wants to spend the rest of her life with Ashton, a man who loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life making her happy and making up for the way he’s treated her.”

“You believe that?” Martin asked.

“It’s not up to us to believe him.”

Martin turned to see his mother standing behind him.

“The only one who has to believe him is Chevonne,” his mother said, “and the fact that she married him means that she believes him. So we as her family are going to support her and their marriage. If you as her brother can’t do that you need to leave because only supporters are allowed at this celebration.”


Martin turned to see his little sister dressed in an ivory white, satin, lacy wedding dress holding Ashton’s hand coming towards him with tears in her eyes. She looked beautiful and happy, very happy.

He couldn’t bring himself to ruin her day or her happiness. He would join his parents and support his sister and her marriage.

Besides if he didn’t he knew he would have to deal with both his parents and he knew that even though he stood six three and weighed two hundred pounds he was no match for his parents. They could handle him easily. Especially his mother.

“Hey, lil’ sis,” Martin said his arms outstretched.

Chevonne took off running and threw herself into her brother’s arms almost knocking him down.

“I’m so glad you’re here,” she said her tears wetting his jacket.

“Hey, now stop crying,” Martin said, “this is your wedding day. Tears aren’t allowed on your wedding day.”

“Happy tears are,” Chevonne said smiling up at her big brother. “Especially when I’m crying because I’m married to a man that I love very much and because I’m happy you’re here.”

“I’m sorry I missed the ceremony,” Martin said a smile spreading across his face. “I came in just as the priest introduced you and your new husband to the crowd.”

“You came in at the best time then,” Chevonne said. “You were able to witness Ashton and I starting our new life together.

Chevonne turned and held her hand out. Ashton walked over and took her hand into his.

“Martin, I would like for you to meet my husband, Ashton Bishop III,” Chevonne said. “Ashton, I would like for you to meet my big brother Martin Michaelson or as we call him M&M.”

Chevonne held her breath and stepped back and watched as two of the most important men in her life greeted each other.

Martin and Ashton stared at each other for a few seconds both sizing up the other, neither of them saying a word.

Their fathers put their drinks down and position themselves beside their sons so they could intervene if Martin and Ashton went at each other.

“Nice to meet you, Ashton,” Martin said extending his hand out to his new brother-in-law.

“Nice to finally meet you too Martin,” Ashton said shaking Martin’s hand.

“Not one tear,” Martin said arching and eyebrow, the tone of his voice very serious and filled with warning.

“Never,” Ashton said clearly understanding his brother-in-law’s meaning. “I promise.”

Chevonne went over and put an arm around her husband the other arm around her brother and gave each of them a kiss on the cheek. She had never been so happy in her life and she felt so blessed to have her entire family there to share in her happiness.

It was while everyone was watching Ashton and Chevonne dance that Martin spotted Evelyn talking to a man that could only be Ashton’s older brother, he looked so much like Ashton. He made his way over to speak to her.

“Hey, baby,” he said putting his arms around her waist and kissing her on the neck watching the other man as he did so.

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