It is one hundred years into the future and not much has changed, aside from an alteration in the way society is organized. There was a reversion to patriarchy and a more rigid class system, particularly for women.

Ladies of higher classes are married and act almost solely as brood mares. Contrarily, women of lower classes are trained from the time they are five years-old to be the best maids they can be and from the time they are thirteen how best to attend to a man’s pleasure. When they are eighteen, they are sent to a market, where they are eligible to be owned by a man and his household.

Typically, these women are treated poorly by members of his household, as the man is only interested in the pleasure they can provide and his wife is usually quite strict about their housekeeping duties and often requires them to attend to their pleasure, as well. In addition, the wives are usually quite jealous of these women, as wives are typically unattractive due to years of inbreeding and lower class girls are required to maintain a lovely appearance for their owner’s pleasure.

Adrienne was one such lower class girl. It was the day after her eighteenth birthday that she was finally placed on the market and dreaded her future. With her long, shiny, naturally wavy golden hair, bright blue eyes, large breasts, and slim body, Adrienne had always been told she would by purchased by a wealthy man. She had been told by many that they were the worst type of owners, as they and their wives demanded the most of their slave girls.

She was placed in a relatively large room with several other naked girls who were for sale by a male proprietor. There was a metal contraption that the girls were tied. to. They resembled hurdles, only they were solid sheets of metal. Their shoulders and arms were tied tightly with ropes to a bar on top of the metal sheet. Their breasts were placed through two holes, so that potential owners could see and test them. Their knees were placed on a bench, with two medium-sized, wooden planks sticking up on either side of what would appear to be a seat. Their thighs were tied tightly with ropes to each wooden plank, so that their holes were easily accessed by a potential buyer. The girls were instructed to be silent under all circumstances and not to cum unless instructed by buyers; if they disobeyed, punishments would be inflicted. Vibrators were strapped just below their pussies, turned to a volume so that they would be wet for the aforementioned buyers, but not so they could cum.

Adrienne’s stomach twisted nervously as the proprietor and several other workers entered escorting the first potential buyers—men in expensive looking black suits. Many of them bypassed girls who were more plain looking.

When the first worker and buyer pair, the latter of whom appeared to be about forty, reached Adrienne, they stopped to appraise her. “She is a fine looking one, isn’t she Mr. Woods?”

“Indeed she is. Mind if I take a more thorough look?” asked the buyer.

“You may do whatever you wish, sir.”

Mr. Woods reached out and grasped one of her breasts in his large hand, squeezing it tightly and moving his thumb over her nipple. “Nice and firm,” he commented in a completely business-like tone. He released his hold on her breast and moved behind her. “Mind if I test her out?”

“Absolutely, sir,” the worker hurried around to Adrienne’s backside and removed the vibrator.

Mr. Woods undid his zipper, and lowered his pants and briefs to reveal his , relatively small–sized cock. He placed his hands on Adrienne’s hips to brace himself and positioned himself at her entrance. Mr. Woods pushed his cock into her pussy and groaned. “So fucking moist and tight,” he moaned, as he began thrusting in and out, quickly and roughly. “It is rare any of these whores have tight pussies from all that training they undergo.”

“Yes, sir,” commented the worker, refraining from commenting on the man’s size as the reason for his dilemna.

“How much?”

“One mil. She is very young, quite fine looking and, as you mentioned, extremely tight,” explained the worker.

The man groaned as he came to orgasm, pulled his cock out, and zipped up his pants. He sighed. “This is quite out of my price range. Perhaps some other whore will do.”

The worker nodded, reattached the vibrator, and took his client onward.

The day carried on in such a way. Adrienne was obligated to endure big cocks, medium-sized cocks, and small cocks in her mouth and in her pussy, and was obligated to endure several spankings with various instruments. All men reacted the same when learning of her price, until one of the last men came through.

“I would like try out this one,” stated a young man, of about thirty years, who was referred to as Mr. Stafford. He had an aura of authority and importance.

“As you wish, sir. I wish to warn you that this one is quite expensive,” replied the worker.

“Money is no issue,” replied Mr. Stafford, undoing his zipper and lowering his pants to reveal the largest cock Adrienne had seen all day. “Open your mouth,” he ordered, positioned his cock at her lips. Adrienne’s heart pounded, worrying that he would not fit in any of her holes, much less her tiny mouth.

Mr. Stafford inserted his cock into her mouth, nearly causing Adrienne to choke. She breathed through her nose deeply and took him deep into her throat as she had been instructed since she was thirteen. “Suck. Swirl your tongue around the width of my cock,” he instructed, gripping her hair tightly. Adrienne did as she was instructed. She could see in his eyes that he was enjoying himself, as thrust his hips, but he made no vocal acknowledgement of his pleasure. He came into her mouth after about five minutes and moved to her backside. The worker scurried after him and removed the vibrator quickly.

He positioned himself at the entrance to her pussy, regained his grip on Adrienne’s hair and entered her quickly and unexpected, fucking her with furious speed and roughness. As Adrienne felt herself about to cum, due to the feelings she had due to the man’s large size, he pulled out of the wetness of her pussy and inserted his large member into her asshole, slowly, but steadily, causing Adrienne to let out a loud scream at the unexpected discomfort and sensations.

The worker moved to her breasts with the whip. Mr. Stafford shook his head. “Allow me,” he held out his hand and was handed the whip. As he continued moving and in out of her asshole, Mr. Stafford smacked the whip on the top of her ass, resulting in the formation of a soft red mark. He set the whip down and moved his hand to her pussy, slapping it as he inserted himself into her asshole.

Finally, after what felt like forever to Adrienne, he finally came. “I will take her, no matter the cost. Have her delivered to my mansion as soon as possible.” He returned his cock to his pants and exited the room without another word.

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