This is a fairly long story, but I hope you’ll find it worth your time. And I wanted you to know that the “epilog” was written by a very close friend of mine, Lilsheba, who is an excellent author and also contributes to this list.


“Hey Bill, get your ass in here a minute!”

I hear her holler as I walk by the door to her office. “Oh shit, Sandy’s at it again, what now?” And I walk into her office with a grin on my face. “What’s up?”

“Not you for a change, I see. Guess you must have found something strange last night. Sit down, I need to talk to you.”

I plop myself down next to the door. “The only thing strange I’ve seen lately is what I’m looking at now!” And I stare right at her to make sure she gets the point. Like she wouldn’t.

“You know that campaign you bullied my project group to buy into? It’s going down the toilet. The client is not happy and you’ve got my ass in a sling again. How’re you going to fix it?”

She knows as well as I do I didn’t have much to do with it. It was Tom’s bright idea and he sold it to the group. In fact I told her quietly, in one of our more lucid moments, that I was worried about it.

“If you hadn’t been flirting with Tom the whole time, you’d know I never liked it much. Why don’t you ask him? I don’t think much of it but it might still work with a little tweaking.”

“Well if you looked like Tom I might actually listen to you once in a while, too. But we both know he’s out of his league. Bill, I really do need some help with this. I know damn well you can come up with something. But be nice and work with Tom, make him think whatever you dream up is his idea so he’ll buy it and actually try to work it out. Otherwise you know damn well you … and I … are gonna’ get stuck with saving his ass again.”

I give her a long, loud and very exaggerated sigh. “So it’s up to me to save that round ass of yours … again! When am I gonna’ get paid off with a little piece of it? Cancel that, I still have a few standards.”

“In your dreams, asshole. And I don’t doubt for a second my ass is in them, just about every night. When you’re not too wasted to have any.”

No sense in dragging this out. She knows I’ll do what I can. Just another day in the office for us. And it’s been pretty much the same for the seven years I’ve worked here. When I got here she had just a couple of months head start. We were both business analysts then, and now we’re project team leaders in marketing. And she never gets tired of lording it over me that she’s the “senior” team leader. Even though there is no such title.

We both do the same job and more often than not are number two on each other’s project teams. We don’t even have to ask Dave, the Assistant VP for the division, any more. We’ve done it for so long and so well that everyone knows that’s just the way it is.

“Well, it’s been fun, but I have a few pencils I have to sharpen. And as usual I’ll figure something out and shove it down Tom’s throat. By the way, I have something bigger than a pencil for your throat anytime you want a challenge. I know you haven’t gotten much practice lately!” And I get up and quickly start to head out again.

But she just has to have the last word. “I have a feeling the only challenge I’d have would be finding it! But thanks for the help, Bill. By the way, Friday as usual?”

Oh yeah, tomorrow. The gang from the office goes out for pizza and beer after work every Friday, and she knows damn well that neither of us has ever missed one except when I was pussy-whipped or she was “In love”. Which usually lasted at least two or three weeks for her. And right now that’s not the case for either of us.

“Well, let’s see, gotta check my calendar.” And I make a big deal of pulling an appointment book out of my jacket and looking. “Yeah I guess I can give you a break and shuffle a few things around. Can’t trust you with that new intern, god knows what might happen if I don’t make you keep your hands off him! I’ll be there, want a ride over?”

The intern is 18 and we both know she likes men her age or older, which means over thirty. She gets up and walks out with me, heading for the ladies room, and she makes a left at the first aisle in the rows of cubicles. She turns her head and yells back at me, “I’ll let you know about the ride tomorrow, ok?” And she turns and keeps going without waiting for an answer. And as usual, my eyes follow her for a moment.

And suddenly I exclaim, “Holy crap!” And I hear a snicker from the first cubicle. Frank. He’s been here almost as long as we have, and he’s next in line for our jobs. But he’s one of the good guys, knows his stuff and both Sandy and I put in a good word for him any time we can and fight to get him on our teams. But I don’t really want him to hear what I have to say to her, so as she stops and turns around again to look at me I walk towards her.

And because we’re in the middle of the office now I keep the tone down as I say, “Seven years! And this is the first time I’ve ever seen you bare-ass. Or at least, bare legged. What the hell happened to the beige panty-hose?” She makes a face at me as we start towards the restrooms again.

“Why Bill, I can’t believe you actually noticed! But if you must know I went to put on my last pair this morning and there was a hole the size of a softball in them. Anyhow, why the hell do you care?”

I stop and make a big production of ogling her legs from behind. “Well for one thing, I’m curious just because they meet up with that big ass of yours, someplace under that skirt. And I figured anyone that had to wear the same damn panty hose for seven years must have had something to hide. Like big wads of cellulite or bruises from the latest brute.”

And then I add, “But I must say, they look pretty damn good! For an older woman. But with legs like that, why don’t you wear something a little more exciting than beige once in a while?”

She knows that in my own way I’m giving her a genuine compliment. Which almost never happens. So I know she’ll pay attention for a change.

“Older hell! You make me look like a teenager!” She knows we’re only four months apart.

“And what’s wrong with beige, what the hell do you think I should wear?”

We stop outside the restrooms, next to the elevators. At this time of day there isn’t much traffic so at least it’s easier to talk. As a matter of fact, a few years ago we were coming up in the elevator and messing with each other, and I grabbed her ass. One thing led to another and we began fooling around. And I threw the stop switch and we made out for about five minutes and no one ever even knew anything happened. And that was the only time anything ever did happen between us. I still recall it vividly and I’ll bet she does too, but neither of us has ever mentioned it again.

“Beige is boring, it’s what old ladies wear. Try some color, darker or lighter. Better yet, how about some stockings? With those legs you would if you had any guts. Nice and sheer. The kind with the wide lacy silicone bands at the top to hold them up. And a little color, White, light blue, deep brown tones. Mmmmmmm, or best of all, Black! And maybe the fishnet kind with a pattern in them. Hell with stockings like that you could make a living on the street corner when times get tough. Or make a porno!”

“Why Bill! I’m surprised you even know about things like black stockings. Sure as hell none of those skanks I’ve seen you with would wear them. But I’m sure you know all about whores and porno movies. Gotta get off somehow!”

And she gives me a little “I gotcha” smirk and turns and slams open the door to the ladies room.

As I wander back to my office I can’t stop thinking about our conversation for some reason. Sandy and I have an understanding. We can say anything about anything. Because behind the nastiness and one-ups we’re friends, buddies. I can call her a whore, slut or anything else, but god help the next guy that does it. And of course she doesn’t hold back on me either. Last week she was bitching about something and I asked her if she was on the rag. And it turned out, she was. But on the rare occasions we see each other outside the office we actually tone down the rhetoric and act like normal people with each other. Well, almost.

It hasn’t always been this way. At first we were rivals, always trying to look better than the other. Someone even remarked that we were like Oil and Water. But quickly a certain respect grew between us as we got more experience and realized the two of us were both really good at our jobs and better than most of the office. And when we worked together we were really at our best.

So the rivalry thing went out the window because deep down we realized we were a team. You might wonder why we hadn’t become closer in other ways, but that was something that just never had a chance to happen. When I started here I’d been in a relationship for over a year and it was pretty serious. And Sandy almost always has a boyfriend du jour, even though they never seem to last more than a few weeks.

Eventually the thing between my girlfriend and I hit a dead end because I found out that she wasn’t what I thought she was, and Sandy was a real friend then. She helped me through it. But she was pretty wrapped up in a guy right then so it was more like sister-brother than anything else. And of course, before long I found a rebound girlfriend, right about the time Sandy broke up again.

That didn’t last too long for me, it was just something to get my mind straight again and get a little nooky at the same time, but it was long enough that Sandy had been through two other dudes. Funny thing about her. I know it sounds like she just sleeps around all over the place. In a way that’s true, but she’s always been real serious about the guy of the moment. Then something always seems to go wrong. And I have to listen to another sad story. Well, she helped me out big-time, more than once, and that’s what friends are for. She knows she can cry on my shoulder any time she needs it, and there’s times it’s been pretty wet.

But have I ever thought about her? Well yeah! I’ll kill you if you ever tell her, but the fact is, she’s a real piece of ass! As built as any woman I’ve known, maybe more so, and gorgeous dark red hair to boot. But just the way things have gone, it’s more like I’m the guy with the sister that’s way hotter than anyone else I know. Not that I have a sister, but I can imagine. You grow up with someone, play together, have the usual rivalries, but end up being closer friends than with anyone else. And then you realize, she’s grown up to be a brick outhouse. There’s gotta be times when you look. And you think.

We did get in trouble once. Dave called us both into his office and laid down the law. Someone, he wouldn’t say who, had bitched about the way we acted and what we said. And we had to tone it way down NOW or else! Of course we both knew who it was, the little snot, but before too long she went someplace else and so did the problem.

We went out and got drunk together that day. As a matter of fact, she did kiss me then. But I was too fucking pickled to do anything about it. So was she. I woke up in her apartment the next morning, on the couch, but we both had our clothes on from the day before, so for sure, nothing happened. And it was no time before we were back to our old routine. Dave walked by my office when we were giving it to each other one day and just shook his head.

Now the fact is, and she knows it, dammit, she can get me pretty riled up. There’s been times when I’ve had a pretty good lump in my pants. Fortunately it’s usually been when I’ve been behind a desk or something and she can’t see, but there have been a few times. Then she just looks down then looks me right in the eyes and gives me that damn smirk. But she never says a word. And I always wonder what she really thinks about giving me a hard-on.

She just delights in giving me detailed accounts of what she did with her “friend” the night before. Funny, she never says anything really graphic, but makes damn sure I know exactly what she means. Code. Like, “I wonder if I’ll ever get those panties back. Dammit, they were from Vicky’s!” Or, “If he was a cat he could lick cream out of a coke bottle!” I spent the day wishing I could figure a way to stretch my tongue.


It’s only 7:30 AM; I always come in early on Friday so I can boogie a little early and beat the rush to “Johnny’s Pizza”. “Hey Bill, come on in!” Wow, she’s not usually this early. And she’s being nice, must not be awake yet!

“What’s up, buttercup, you sleep here last night?” I get a smile and a little giggle.

“Nah, bright eyed and bushy-tailed. And no wise-cracks. But I wanted to prove to you that sometimes I actually do listen to you. I went shopping last night.”

And she gets up from her desk and slowly walks to the end and leans back against it, a big smile on her face, pointed right at me. What the hell? And then I see. Oh my fucking god! She’s got four inch heels on and her legs stretched out at a little angle, toes pointed. And I hope I’m not drooling as I look at the sheer black fishnets with a floral pattern woven in. And a black skirt that doesn’t cover her knees. I don’t have to say a word, my face says it all. Close your mouth, jerk.

“Oh my god, Sandy!” I finally manage to get that much out.

The smile gets bigger and she stands up, then walks to the far end of the office so I have a really good view, and turns around once. Then again, more slowly. “Well, it was your idea. You like?”

“Honey, I like. A lot!” Then I recover, just a bit. “But I’m not sure how much yet. I need to see those lacey bands on top.” Let’s see how she meets that challenge.

“As usual, never satisfied!” But she reaches to the side of her skirt and pulls the hem up one leg, until I can just see the bottom edge of the elastic top.

“Well, I can tell it’s there. Now let’s see it!”

She slides the skirt up another three inches, until I can just see the frilly lace on the top. My god! I knew she had good legs but this is to die for. Billy boy, you were righter than you knew!

“Mmmmmm, Sandy, that’s … damn! Fucking gorgeous! But to really get the full effect I need to see both legs.

She doesn’t say a word, but the smile is even bigger, and she doesn’t hesitate either. And her other hand pulls up the opposite side. And dammit. Yes, there’s a lump in my pants, which I try to cover a little with my hand. True enough, you’d see a lot more in any normal bathing suit, but there is something unbelievably erotic about this. Right here in the office. And knowing she’s doing this just for me. Especially that!

“Beautiful babe! I gotta hand it to you. But just a little higher, I can’t quite see the tops.” I’m lying about that of course.

But she slides the hem up another inch. And now I can see.

“Perfect! And the black panties are just right!” I say with a laugh, figuring I’ve gotten her to show way more than she’d planned. The lump is bigger. And she’s staring right at it. And then she does it.

She giggles and for just a second, yanks the whole front of the skirt up right to her waist and I can see the sheer, lacy black bikini panties with the double straps. And then she drops it. Show’s over. But she walks back and forth across the office in front of me a couple of times, so I can get the full effect.

And her voice is still soft as she says, “I figured I owed you that Billy. Because I have to admit, I’ve looked at stockings like these for so long! But you were right, I didn’t have the guts. Especially in here. I thought about it though, after you said that, and I figured, what the hell, you only live once. If Bill likes it, can’t be that bad! And now I can see you do!” She giggles again, louder now, with that little smirk. And stares right at my crotch. And I move my hand away. Might as well show my appreciation for the show. And I swear, she licks her lips!

Yes dammit, I’m aroused. Never quite this much before over Sandy. But then, nothing like this ever happened before between us. Especially, not so personal, intimate. But I recover a little and try to shake it off.

“Well assuming you get lucky enough to hook up with some guy again, you’ll have to be careful if you wear that outfit or he’ll cream his pants before he does you any good. ‘Cuz yeah babe, that’s hot. Really! Too bad it has to be wasted on the office today.”

“Don’t you worry Billy boy, I plan to wear this outfit more than just in the office. And as a matter of fact, I bought a couple more pairs while I was at it. And if some guy gets really lucky he’ll get a show; all he wants. So don’t worry about me, I already have someone in mind. But thanks for the idea. And the appreciation too. Oh, by the way, if the offer’s still there, I’d like that ride tonight. Somehow I feel like getting a really nice buzz on. Maybe it’s just being dressed like this. You think?” And she giggles again.


This whole day I’ve been hearing hushed comments about Sandy. Part complimentary, part amazement. Even Frank stopped by my office and asked me what the hell was going on with my “other half”. He’s called her that for years, even though he knows there’s nothing going on between us, because we work so closely and well and spend so much time with our heads together. “She got another one on the line, or is she trolling?” He asked.

All I gave him was a non-committal “Who knows with her?” not wanting to admit I had anything to do with it or have the slightest idea.

The day’s been a pretty ordinary Friday, and I managed to wrap up some loose ends, straighten out Tom and help out a couple of the analysts, but a nagging thought keeps popping into my mind. I keep mulling over what I saw this morning, and every time the reaction is the same. I see Sandy in a whole new light. But then I think about what she said about a new guy. Like I told Frank, who knows who she’s interested in now or where she found him. But if she dresses in “my” stockings, he hasn’t got a chance unless he’s queer. And for the first time in seven years, I have to grudgingly admit, I’m a little jealous!

4:30 finally rolls around and after I clean up the office a little bit, I’m outa here. I know she’ll be ready; she never has more than a pencil and one sheet of paper on her desk.

Sure enough, she pops up and heads out the office door and we waste no time getting to the parking garage. The pizza place is only a half mile or so, but the traffic sucks this time of day on Friday. While we’re sitting at a light I can’t resist looking over at those legs, and I get a shit-eating grin as she pulls the hem up to the top of the lace again. Dammit, now she’s a cock tease! But I s’pose I didn’t have to look. It’s almost 5:30 before we’re in “our” booth near the back and getting a head start with a couple of beers, waiting for the others.

On the way over she asked if I’d heard any comments about her today, but I lied and said, “Nah, not really. Jason wanted to know who the old lady with the rubber stockings was though.” He’s the intern I was kidding her about, but the remark I actually heard was a mild compliment, “Sandy looks really nice today.” For thanks I got a hard smack in the ribs.

I usually sit opposite her, against the wall, but today she grabbed my wrist and pulled me in next to her. “With this short skirt, I don’t want some jerk next to me. Well at least, not a bigger jerk.”

She inhales the first beer and is on the second before the booth is full. And by the time the booths on either side are full too that’s about gone. She wasn’t kidding when she said she wanted a little buzz. But she nurses the third, and before long I’m about caught up to her. The pizzas arrive and we chow down, but I notice she’s just picking at it, not that she eats much, but at least a good slice. Not today though. I manage a couple of them and lean back, giving them room to digest.

She’s been fairly quiet, although engaging in the usual office chatter, but I feel a little tap on the arm and she’s looking up at me with a big grin, maybe a beer grin. She points down between us and I think maybe something fell on the floor. But when I look I have no doubt what it’s about. Sitting like that, her skirt has slid almost up to her waist and the tops of those stockings are fully exposed. I suck in my breath at the sight, those thighs are luscious! And that black lace looks like it was tattooed on her! And it’s too dark to be sure, but I think I see a trace of panty, too.

What the hell? How many beers did she have anyhow? Not that I’m complaining at the moment. But with all the perverts around us I can’t stare too long and have to pretend to care about what Jessica is talking about.

But my mind is grinding away. Would that skirt really have ridden up that high by itself? And more to the point, why would she be so eager to show me that it did? Then suddenly I notice that her leg seems to be pushing against mine, just a little. I don’t remember that from a minute ago.

I glance down again and it’s obvious her legs are spread a bit wider now, and there’s no longer any doubt about the panties! Well hell! I slide my hand off the table and gently rest it on her thigh, right over that lacy band. She doesn’t even move a muscle and she’s not looking at me, but I swear I just heard her suck in her breath a little.

A couple of minutes have gone by, and I haven’t moved either, but curiosity — and maybe a little lust – finally gets the better of me and I let my fingers slip down inside her thigh just a bit and below the band and my fingers can actually touch her skin through the fishnet weave. There’s no doubt about the sigh I hear this time and suddenly her leg is pushing against mine much harder.

For some reason I don’t have much more interest in the pizza or the beer. When I turn to her she’s looking right up into my eyes. “Bill, I’m really a little lit. Too much beer too fast I guess. Would you mind running me home?” That was loud enough that just about everybody at the table heard it.

We make them move for us and I leave enough money to cover our tab; then we head to the car. I pull out and drive in silence for a minute, then glance at her and ask, “What’s up?”

“I told you, the beer went right to my head. Couldn’t you tell? After all you and I are the boss to most of those guys. Can’t let ‘em see us gettin’ stupid.” She’s right of course, but I’m a little disappointed. I was hoping for something a little different. Oh well.

I pull up outside her apartment building but she says, “You got someplace else you need to be? ‘Cuz otherwise park in the lot and come on up and have another beer.” Wondering again I pull in the lot and help her out. She seems just fine, but I don’t want to take chances. The fact is, I’ve only been in her apartment a couple of times before, when she needed to move something or to carry a box in or out. And the night we got drunk, even if I don’t remember going there.

As we walk across the lot she reaches across behind me and puts her hand on my opposite shoulder and she’s kind of hugging herself to me. If she really was tipsy that would make sense, but I shake my head as I realize she doesn’t seem to be, at least not any more than I am, and I feel fine. And when I turn and look at her I get that great big shit-eating grin again. Now I’m beginning to suspect this is some sort of game. Well honey, you look great and you feel good hanging on me like that, so I’ll play!

She’s still holding on as we get in the elevator, and after she pushes the button with the other hand I hear a little giggle, and just as I look at her again I feel a fingertip softly rub against my ear lobe. And it sends a shiver right through me! There’s gotta be a message there! And with my arm that she’s leaning against I reach back just enough that I can cup one cheek with my hand. And squeeze.

I’m wondering if she’ll have a fit, but instead she lets out a little sigh and lightly pushes her ass back against me. “What the hell took you so long?”

Now there’s no longer any question what’s going on here. But before anything else can happen the elevator stops and the door opens. And she finally slides her hand off my shoulder and grabs my hand with it and pulls me down the hallway, until we stop at her door. She hands me the key card and I open the door and let her in, in front of me.

She doesn’t stop, just heads right to the kitchen, saying over her shoulder as she goes, “Have a seat Bill, I’ll be right there.” As I settle in the corner of the couch I hear the fridge open and some clinking, and she comes back with a couple of glasses of beer and hands me one.

Wow, these glasses are iced! “Damn Sandy, you always keep glasses in the freezer?”

“Almost never,” she says as she sits down beside me, and lets it go at that.

She’s got an amazing smile on her face as we tap glasses, and I inhale a long gulp, because I can’t believe that whatever’s happening is happening. Then I set the glass down on the little end table and turn to her. And do the same again when she hands me her half empty glass.

The moment of truth. “Okay sweets, what’s going on?”

She turns towards me and rolls just a little so her body is pressed lightly against mine. “Bill, we’ve worked together for quite a while now, haven’t we.”

It’s not really a question, just a statement of the obvious. But I reply, “Sure have, Sandy. And I’m not sure I’d be where I am now or doing what I do if you hadn’t been there. We make a great team.”

I actually surprise myself with my honesty and no wise cracks. But I can tell from her tone she’s not interested in a battle of wits. And the warmth of her body touching mine — and the beer — is making me feel kind of mellow.

She’s still smiling, and I feel another little shiver as she slowly reaches up and brushes the side of my face with her fingers. “Bill, I hope you realize it’s the same with me. And it’s not just how we work together; you’ve given me a lot of good advice and some comforting when I’ve needed it. I know a lot of people, but you’re the only one in my life who’s done that.”

“All our little squabbles and one-ups have just added a little spice to the everyday humdrum, and I’ve always known I could count on you. I never had anyone before who had my back the way you do.”

“But honey, yesterday I saw something you never let me see before.”

She shifts a little on the couch, and now she’s even closer to me. And it just seems natural when I reach over and take the hand that’s still in her lap and hold it in mine. The smile broadens into a grin.

“When you made that remark about my legs, it was the first time in seven years that you ever said anything really personal and nice about me. It was a real compliment and it took a minute to sink in, but when I thought about it, it made me feel really good; it gave me a shiver. Because I care what you think, I really do. And I just then realized you actually see me as a woman. All of a sudden I didn’t feel like just your work buddy any more. And I also realized, it really matters to me.”

And her hand gives mine a squeeze. I shift a little and turn to her, really enjoying the closeness now. And I put my other hand on her hip, only meaning to show that I’m enjoying the intimacy of the moment. I’m touched by what she’d just said.

“Sandy, I hope you’ve realized how much having you in the office has meant to me. Maybe we shouldn’t have been so hard on each other sometimes, but I think it’s been just our way of keeping each other at a distance; keeping things in perspective. After all, practically the whole time we’ve known each other we’ve been in relationships outside of the office.”

“The only difference is, I hold on too long even when they don’t work, and you seem to be more than ready to cut loose when things aren’t going right. But you know how much you helped me when the big break-ups finally happened. After we talked I always felt much better about things. I knew you cared. But it was like you were my sister. And I could lean on you.

The hand on my shoulder tightens and she pulls herself up a little closer to me, a gentle smile on her face as she looks right in my eyes. Until they close when I kiss her. It’s not in the script. It just happens. A long gentle kiss. And when it’s over my hand has moved from her hip to her hair, because I don’t want to let her get away.

“That was nice,” she whispers.

“Maybe it should have happened a long time ago.”

“It did, dummy, don’t you remember the elevator? Because I do. And I wondered for a long time after why that was the end of it. It was only a couple of minutes, but it was more exciting than most of my relationships turned out to be. The forbidden fruit thing maybe. I hate to admit it, but I was really disappointed when you didn’t follow up.”

Our faces are only a few inches apart, and I’m just staring at her, letting what she’s just said sink in. All this time, and I’d never realized she felt that way. And I’ve been too damn scared I’d mess our relationship up.

“I made a big mistake.” I lean forward again. And her eyes close as our lips touch. We nibble slowly and gently on each other. And by the time our eyes open again she’s in my arms, body pressed against mine. But I make sure not to let her feel the huge bulge in my pants. It’s not the time for that yet.

She lets out a long sigh and takes a deep breath. “Is this a mistake?”

“Not so far. Maybe we’re doing something right for a change.”

“Maybe it’s just the stockings.”

“Maybe it’s who the stocking are on.”

She pulls back a little and giggles. “Now that sounds like a line if I ever heard one!”

“Maybe it’s the truth.”

“Maybe.” And our lips end further discussion by pasting themselves onto each other again.

This feels so good I almost don’t want anything to change, but that bulge has other ideas. And when I tighten my arms around her a little bit we both squirm until our bodies are practically molded together and she’s almost on top of me so I know she can feel it now if she wants to. And when my tongue presses against her lips I hear a little moan as they open for me.

Wouldn’t you know it, her skirt has managed to stay down during all this, but I slide my hand down over it until it finds the firm bottom I’ve so verbally abused, and I gently rub and squeeze. And I feel a little shudder go through her. And for a moment I think I feel her hips roll, just a little. And now her tongue is sparring with mine.

I’m really starting to get heated up now, but when we come up for air again she rolls away from me, leaning back on the couch again. I’d feel a little rejected, but one of her hands still has a very tight grip on one of mine. She looks up at me very seriously and says, “You sure you’re all right with this?”

“Sandy!” Dammit, all of a sudden she’s fucking insecure? This from the cocksure business woman willing to take on lions!

“The only thing I’m not all right with is that it took so long to get here! I feel like a real jerk!”

“Well you are. But as usual, I forgive you. But you need to make it up to me.”

Even with that bravado, she’s opened herself up to me a little. And I realize I feel more towards her than just the lump in my pants. She’s trying to see if I actually care about her. And deep inside I know that I actually do.

I roll towards her until our bodies are touching again and give her hand a squeeze. And when I slide my arms around her again she snuggles right up to me. And our lips just join of their own accord; no more shyness now. We take turns nibbling each other’s lower lips, then grinding together, trading tongues. And sometimes we just enjoy the feel of our lips pressed lightly together as our bodies slowly grind.

But she puts her hands on my chest and pushes herself away just a bit, and she has the cutest little smile on her face. “You know Billie, if we go any farther with this we could be in trouble. Because I don’t think I’ll want to stop. In fact, I don’t now.”

I reach out a hand and stroke it lightly down the side of her face, then run a finger lightly across her lips. “Hell Sandy, you’ve been nothing but trouble ever since I’ve known you, and it hasn’t stopped us from being here now has it? I guess I like being in trouble with you.”

Her hands slide up from my chest and around my neck as she leans into me again, and I feel her wiggling against me and I realize she’s pushing her boobs into my chest. And I can tell I’ve underestimated them. Along with a lot of other things about her. This time I slide both hands down over her ass, catching a round cheek in each one, and she moans as I pull her against me, now wanting her to feel how she’s aroused me. And there’s no doubt now, her hips start rhythmically thrusting against me. My fingers are slowly kneading deeply into the firm flesh, and each time I squeeze she moans into my mouth.

She lifts one leg from the floor and puts it right across my lap until her thigh is rubbing against my captive erection. But when I suck in my breath it’s because I realize her leg in that luscious black stocking is fully exposed, right up to her hip and her legs are wide open. I waste no time sliding my hand up and down a few times from her knee to her hip and back. Then my hand settles on her thigh, and I begin slowly massaging, fingers digging gently into the soft inner flesh just above the stocking.

The result is instantaneous. She moans and her whole body starts to writhe against me. And her leg moves with the rhythm and presses hard against my cock as I work my hand up and down, letting it brush the black panties and loving the feel of the smooth soft skin. Even through my pants, my cock is on fire with the pressure from her leg stroking slowly back and forth. And I have to pull my lips from hers long enough to watch, stifling a moan as I drink in the sight of that beautiful stockinged leg moving against me.

“Oh damn, Billy, you better want this as much as I do!” she suddenly moans.

I turn back to her with a little smile, and I put a finger across her lips. “Sandy, if you can’t tell how much I want this right now, one of us is doing something wrong,” I whisper.

She tightens her arms around my neck, then slowly and gently pulls me down to her again until our lips are almost touching. And she whispers so softly I can barely hear it, “I do know Billy, I do. I can tell. It’s just that … until yesterday I never thought it could happen. It was ok. I was good with what we had going between us. But suddenly I realized it could be so much more. But I was afraid to believe it. And now I’m just coming to grips with it. Or trying to. Maybe I still haven’t yet.” And she moves a hand to the back of my head and pulls me the last few inches until our lips meet again.

This is just too good. I’m afraid my cock may rip a hole in my pants, and yet I don’t want to rush anything. I know now this is really happening and I know neither of us is going to get cold feet. We can take our time, enjoy every minute. This is not some girl I just met, that I don’t know and have no idea how she’ll react to things. It’s Sandy, the person I depend on the most in my daily life and who has never let me down.

As our lips lock again our hands slowly begin exploring. And when my hand slides up her side near to where her breasts are crushed between us I feel her pull away just a moment, enough to let it in. And when the weight settles into my palm her lips barely pull away from mine enough that she can sigh, “Oh yeah, Billy that feels good!”

I squeeze slowly and gently, amazed at how heavy and firm it is. And how good it feels, even through the blouse and bra. She moans softly into my mouth as I knead her slowly, but after a minute or so she pulls away again and whispers, “Unbutton me babe!”

I pull back a little and we both watch as my fingers work their way down the front of her blouse, and when there are no more buttons I pull it free of the skirt. And she has a big grin as she watches me looking at her, my eyes feasting on the well filled black lacy cups. She shudders when I run a finger along the top, tracing over the swells and the valley in between. And she giggles when I bend my head down and plant a kiss.

But then she pushes herself up and stands, the blouse now hanging enticingly open with my eyeballs still caught in it. She giggles again and says, “C’mon honey, I have a feeling this could be a long night and I want someplace a bit more comfortable.”

Don’t have to tell me twice, and I follow her to the bed room. By the time we get there the blouse is gone, and when she turns around as I come in her lips find mine as her fingers start working on my shirt. But somehow our lower bodies press together, and she slowly rotates her hips as she plays with the buttons. I can’t help it! I throw my head back and moan, “Mmmmmmmmm, god!” and she giggles and thrusts against me a little harder.

She pulls the shirt from my pants and slides her hands up over my t-shirt as she stares me right in the eyes. And when her hands reach my shoulders they push the shirt off, and then she helps me out of the cuffs. I lean forward and my lips find hers again, but she manages to get her hands under my tee and as our lips grind she moans into my mouth at the feel of my bare skin. And I suck in my breath at the feel of her gentle warm fingers.

We work together to get the t-shirt over my head and it adds to the pile on the floor. And now she moves back a step and looks me over. “Wow, nice Billy boy, I know you’ve been going to the gym but I didn’t realize how much good it did!” And I shudder as she runs one hand over my abs and the other over my chest. Then I return the favor, slowly sliding my hands over her, just before I pull her to me for another kiss.

The lacey black bra is nice, but not really what I want to see or feel right now, so while my arms are around her anyhow my fingers casually undo the clasp. She gasps just a little as it pops free, and I feel the weight of those cups settle against my chest. She takes a deep, long breath and then lets it out slowly and says, like she just realized it now, “We’re really gonna’ do this, aren’t we?” And she steps back again, just enough to let the straps slide down her arms and the cups to slowly fall away from her. And we watch together as it falls to the floor.

She suddenly grabs me and pulls herself against me hard, and a high-pitched little moan escapes her lips as my bare chest touches the sensitive flesh and her hard nipples burn holes in my skin. I kiss the side of her neck, then nibble around her earlobe, moving slowly and letting her feel my breath; easy because I’m almost panting now. She’s gasping and turning her head so I’ll touch and kiss and lick just where she likes it. But I can’t wait any longer and I whisper in her ear, “Honey, I wanna see you.”

She moans deep in her throat, like the thought is almost painful, and slowly pulls back from me, her eyes on mine, which are riveted down between us. And when she’s back about four inches I shudder, and my breath catches for a moment. And I can barely gasp out, “God baby, they’re beautiful!”

I hope she can tell this is no line now, because they are! Large and firm, with almost no gap between them, creamy and deliciously smooth with large tan nipples, the tips a rich dark red, rock hard and crinkly now, and just a bit pointed. I have to have a better look and gently push her back by the arms. I’m sure I must be drooling. They are so heavy and full they’re slightly pendulous, but still high and proud on her chest.

And I can’t resist. I slide my hands up her arms to her shoulders, then down her sides until I can slide them underneath, cupping her gently. And as her eyes close she moans softly, at the moment I touch her. And when I lift slightly they are so firm and heavy in my palms! Very slowly I move my thumbs to her nipples and press gently as I begin to squeeze. And now the moan is mixed with a gasp, and she whimpers out, “Oh my god, Bill!” And a violent shudder goes through her body.

My hands almost convulse, squeezing tighter, and I barely find the breath to gasp out, “Fuck, Sandy!”

I’m moving my thumbs in little circles and her eyes pop open, staring at me, almost begging for mercy. I just give her a little smile, keeping my eyes on hers as long as I can, as I lower my head and replace a thumb with my lips and gently suck the hard nub in. And she whimpers again, “Oh baby,” and I feel a hand lightly at the back of my head, encouraging me.

I nurse slowly, my face pressed against the soft smooth skin and I gradually suck her deeper, my lips squeezing tight around the swollen bud. And I feel the hand pressing, urging me to take more. I open my mouth wide and suck hard until the entire aureole is in my mouth, and my tongue starts making delicious circles around it, slathering her with my drool as my lips struggle to inhale even more of her.

Then I feel both hands on my head and they’re pushing me away, and as the nipple pops loose and I look up, questioningly, she gasps, “I’m sorry Billy, I … I can’t stand up any more!” And she falls unsteadily back onto the bed.

She lays back on the bed, staring up at me, her eyes begging, and I just can’t believe what I have spread out before me. It’s like Sandy is a different person, one I’ve never seen before. Her breasts are slightly compressed against her chest now but still round and firm, and her body quickly tapers down to a slim waist, where it disappears into the top of her short skirt. And the hemline is just below the very tops of those luscious black stockings, letting me see almost every long inch of her gorgeous legs, captive in the floral fishnets.

A smile slowly appears on her face as she sees my reaction to her, and her hands slide up her body and find her breasts, cupping them and pushing them up a bit. And when she giggles, then jiggles them just a little, I gasp out, “Oh damn honey!”

As I stand there staring I can feel the bulge in my pants getting harder to the point it’s painful, captive and straining against the cloth. And there’s no doubt she can see its outline perfectly, but I don’t care. I want more than anything for her to know how aroused the sight of her and the feel of her body have made me.

Suddenly her entire demeanor changes and she giggles again. “God Bill, is that all you?”

I laugh back, “No honey, I snuck a pair of socks in there!”

“Better not be, I want my money’s worth!”

And she quickly sits up and moves to the edge of the bed, and all of a sudden reaches out and grabs me by the beltline and yanks, pulling me to within easy arms reach of her. And I look down with a smile as she fights with the belt buckle, undoes the button and very slowly eases down the zipper. Then, with a little help from her hands, the pants slide down my legs, and she watches as I stomp them off and kick them away.

Then she looks back up. “Holy shit! Billy! I had no idea!”

And her hand reaches very slowly until her fingertips can slide along over the mound in my boxer briefs. And she giggles when I shiver and my legs almost give out. But she says, very seriously, “Yeah, me too!”

Even though she closes her hand around me very gently, I can’t avoid the harsh gasp when I suck in my breath. But she gives me a little tug to get me closer and then leans forward plants a little kiss on the wet spot. And she doesn’t pull back, her mouth almost against me as she growls, “Dammit Billy, I can smell it!” And after her tongue sneaks out and takes a little taste, she whines, “And oh Jeezus, that’s so good!”

As her hands slide to the waist band she looks up with a smile. “I already know I’m in trouble here, but I’ve gotta see how much!” And she very slowly and gently pulls the briefs down, being careful to ease the band over my aching cock. Until it springs free and almost hits her in the face before bouncing to a stop, pointing right at her!

She jumps and jerks back fast with a little squeal, then looks up at me with eyes wide. And laughs. “Damn you! That’s a helluva way to meet someone for the first time! He’s naughty!”

Tightening my abs for a second makes my cock bounce up and down. “Yup, see? He agrees with you! But you make him naughty!”

Her hand suddenly lashes out and she grabs me hard in her fist and squeezes. “I’ll teach him some manners!” she laughs. But then she looks up at me. “God Billy, that’s big! And so fucking hard! What the hell am I supposed to do with this? Every guy I’ve been serious with has been a pencil-dick compared to you!”

Her hand is squeezing rhythmically, and I’m paying a lot more attention to that than I am her words, but I manage to stammer out, “I’m sh … sure you … you’ll think of something.” And I add, “I just wish you’d hurry up!”

With an evil grin, “Aww, the poor thing,” and she slides her hand down to the base and shakes it, hard. But then she loosens her grip and slides her hand slowly back and forth a few times. And says, softly, looking up again with a smile, “You like that?”

Like the way I’m panting, she can’t tell. “Oh fuck, Sandy, I can’t even tell you!” I moan, “But wet your hand a little, will you?”


“Wet your hand. Lick your palm or spit on it. It’ll slide easier.”

“Yes sir!” she’s giggling with a big grin, but she takes the hand away a moment, considering. And then she spits in her palm. And grabs me again and begins to stroke.

“Oh god, baby, that’s it! I knew you’d think of something. Don’t stop! And keep thinking!”

And she doesn’t stop either! But in a moment she spits on the other hand and it joins the first as she two-hands me, squeezing hard and gradually going faster until her hands are making little squishy sounds on my cock. And she looks up at me with a big grin, panting a little herself as she works hard, jerking me. “Unless you’re having an asthma attack I think he really does like it!” She giggles. Then she adds, “So do I, honey!”

After another minute or so she slows down and then stops. Which is a good thing because I couldn’t have taken much more but I didn’t want to stop her either. She still has one hand around my cock as she slides off the bed to the floor, on her knees. And looks up at me and laughs! “I’ll bet you never even dared think of me like this in your dreams! You lucky son of a bitch!”

She’s right, too, but the truth is, I never dared dream about her at all. Not that it wouldn’t have been great, but until this moment our relationship was so different! Which makes seeing her kneeling with my cock in her hand twice as exciting. And all I can do is groan for a reply. And my eyes are bulging when, still looking back up at me, she slowly leans forward. And licks. And I gasp, “Ahhhh fuck!” And as her lips slowly slide over the head she giggles with my cock in her mouth!

She’s moving slowly, and when I’m about two inches deep I hear “Mmmmmmmmmm.” Come from deep in her throat. I know I can’t taste that good, so I figure she just likes the feel of me in her mouth. Which is wonderful, because, oh damn, so do I! And I close my eyes, tilt my head back and just moan with pleasure!

She has a tight hold on me with one hand around the base, and she starts rocking, gradually faster, and pretty soon she’s swallowing half of me with every stroke. And it’s so fucking wet and warm, and her lips are tight, squeegeeing me! But the best part is the noise! Loud juicy sounds every time in and out, and she’s gurgling and gulping, like she’s almost gagging, but it doesn’t faze her in the least. And I just have to open my eyes to watch.

Oh god! The sight of her bobbing fast, back and forth on my cock is almost too good! And half her face is wet, lips and cheeks covered with spit and drool running down her chin and dribbling onto those damn stockings! And when she plunges down my shaft little bubbles come from the corners of her mouth! The next time I have a wet dream I want this to be it! All I have to do now is fight to keep from coming with every fucking stroke!

I rest my hands lightly on her head, just letting her know how good it feels. But she looks up and tries to say something with her mouth full and it comes out glub-glub, so she pulls back for a moment and laughs, a stream of spit pouring from her mouth. And with a great big grin, says, “Go ahead, animal, fuck my mouth if you want! Show me what you like!” And she immediately inhales me again, as deep as she can.

And as soon as she feel my hands tighten on her head a little she takes the hand away and puts both behind her back, and looks up with wide eyes and a shit-eating grin, even with her mouth full of cock! It was her idea, so I don’t hold back and start thrusting. I push as deep as I can and when she gags a little I hold for a second before pulling back, but she’s dead game and doesn’t flinch. I get into a nice fast rhythm and I know it won’t last long, because I can’t stand it. And after about 15 seconds I stop and slowly pull back. And her lips are still tight around me as I slip out of her mouth with a pop.

I’m gasping, chest heaving, and it’s not just from exertion; I’m right there and struggling for control. She looks up and laughs. “Not bad honey, with a little practice I bet you could go another second or two!”

Dammit, can’t fool her! She knows just what she can do to me now! But I growl back, not wanting to give her the total upper hand. “With a little practice I bet I can shove my whole cock down your tight little throat!”

But she gets me anyhow. “Never know babe, maybe. That is, if you think you can ever last that long!”

Son of a bitch! She’s daring me to try! And she knows damn well I can’t do a thing about it right now! Well, there’s gonna’ be a re-match, so we’ll see.

Reaching a hand down to her I help her up and just crush her in my arms. And after we kiss a few times I pull my head back long enough to whisper, “Dammit Sandy, I know you’re good at a lot of things. But I’d never have guessed that you’re a world class cocksucker!”

That gets her! There’s a look of shock on her face for a second, but she recovers with a smile and says, “Maybe ‘cuz I’m working with a world class prick!”

Now we’re both happy, and I wrap her up again, then slide my hands down over the skirt, pulling her against me as we grind together. But I have a lot more than that in mind and I push her back against the bed, then give her a hand as she settles down on it again. Reaching down, I lift her legs and when I start to slide them onto the bed she wiggles till she’s sort of in the middle and grins up at me. I don’t waste any time climbing next to her, and we both sigh with satisfaction as our arms pull each other tight again and we lock lips once more.

But she still has way too many clothes on, and I slide my hand down to the side of her skirt and start working on the fastener. But I’m fumbling and in a second I feel her hand on mine, pulling it away! She breaks off the kiss and says with a laugh, “Men! You guys are hopeless. Bill, I know you’ve had enough experience with women, unless you’re totally full of shit, that you should be able to undress one by now!”

In about two seconds I hear the zipper whiz down, and she says, “Do you think you can at least get the damn thing off of me?”

It takes me about one second to get to my knees and I grab the hem of the skirt. She’s looking at me with a laugh on her face, and when I pull nothing happens. I growl, “Do you think you could lift that big round ass of yours a second?”

But she shoots back, “If you don’t start with the top it won’t matter!” The light bulb goes on and I grab the waistband at her hips and realize it won’t just slide; I have to work it down over her hips a little at a time as she wiggles to help me. Once it’s past her ass it slides smoothly though, and I make a production of it, moving slowly, the look on my face telling her how much I appreciate what I see. And I make sure that when she lifts her legs for me, I let my hands slide down them along with the skirt.

And now there’s nothing left but those wonderful stockings and sheer black bikini panties. And I realize I’m biting my lip as I stare. Sandy is one beautiful woman; I already knew that, but just sort of took her for granted up till now. Not any more. She sees the expression on my face and wiggles a little for me, showing off. And she’s still got that same damn smug grin. S’okay, she’s got a right, I’m not making any secret of what the sight of her is doing to me. How the hell could I with my cock sticking out like a ramrod!

She lifts one leg so I can get between them and I grab it in mid-air. And I start right with her toes. And I can tell she likes it as much as I do when I start kissing, nibbling and sucking, getting the stockings wet as I drool over her, because she puts her head back and closes her eyes, and the other leg keeps sliding up and down on the bed. But after about 10 seconds of that her eyes open and she suddenly reaches up and almost rips the stocking off her leg. “If you like your mouth on my dirty foot as much as I do, do it right!”

Oh god, I don’t know why but I do! At least as much! And I torture her by licking the ticklish bottom, then sucking on her toes, all together, then one at a time. She’s moaning and squirming on the bed but she’s practically shoving her foot into my mouth.

As my lips move very slowly up her foot, then around her ankle, one hand is moving ahead, sliding up and down her calf. And she keeps moving her foot and leg, helping me so I can reach whatever spot I want. When I’ve kissed and licked a trail halfway up her calf I slide both hands past her knee, wrapping around her thigh. And she suddenly sucks in her breath, then exhales a “Dammmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnn” as my fingers caress the soft flesh where the stocking used to end; and the shudder I feel tells me all I need to know right now.

Looking up at her with a smile and I see her eyes are open, watching me now. But it’s my turn to shudder as she moves both hands to her breasts and catches the hard tips in her fingers, just gently rubbing and fondling them. I moan at the sight and drool just a little harder at the thought of those little buds between my lips, but I have work to do so that’ll have to wait. She knows what she’s doing to me and I get the silent giggle treatment as the grin widens.

But I get to play too, and I slowly turn and run my hands up her other thigh, one inside, one out, all the way to the top of the stocking. And then I lightly run my fingertips along the top of that lacy band on that amazingly soft and smooth bare skin. And when I hear, “Oh fuck!” and feel her flinch it’s my turn to grin. But it has almost as much effect on me, and I’m shaking as I enjoy the feel of her in my hands.

I manage to keep under control enough that I continue slowly kissing my way up the inside of the stocking, and she bends her leg and puts her calf on my shoulder. But every time I lick through the fishnet or touch just the right spot, she jumps and gasps, just a little.

By the time my lips reach the wide band on the stocking I have both hands on the bare flesh of her thigh, but I’m making sure not to move much farther yet. And I slide my fingers into the band of the stocking and very slowly, half roll, half slide it down her leg, my fingertips trailing softly over her flesh. And when I slip it off, her foot is by my ear and I just can’t resist those toes!

I grab her foot and suddenly all five are in my mouth. She jumps and gasps, then watches wide-eyed as my lips and my tongue play with them. And my eyes, staring at her, watch as her hands find her breasts and she squeezes and pinches herself.

But both of us are noticeably shaking now, and my real interest lies way farther up. I put both hands around her foot and start to slide them slowly up and over her leg, touching every inch of the smooth skin on the way. And when I reach the little marks left by the stocking band I knead and press for a moment, smoothing them. And as I do I bend low and slide my lips and tongue up the length of her leg too, stopping to kiss and nibble here and there.

When I reach my hands I stop and kiss softly, over and over, then press my lips harder and suck a little bit at the same time my tongue is making circles on her flesh. But you’d think I’d bit her the way she jumps and then moans, “Oh godddddd, Billy!” And when I do give her a playful nip she squeals! But I immediately kiss and make it better and she sighs with relief.

My hands are holding her lightly now, and slowly I slide them all the way up till I can touch the curve of her ass, but I make sure to avoid the panties. My lips and tongue move up and down that incredibly smooth inner skin, just so I can enjoy the little squeaks and whimpers she’s making for me. And I just hope she likes the little moans of satisfaction I can’t hold back, because the softness and the heat coming from that thigh are just amazing!

She raises her legs straight up from her hips, offering me her tender skin, and when I turn my head to kiss the back of her thigh, just above her smooth cheek, suddenly I can smell her scent! I can’t help inhaling deeply; it’s an aphrodisiac, spurring me on. I put one hand on each bare thigh and slowly run them up and down, enjoying the feel of her. Then, bending my head down I kiss lightly, right in the middle of the panties, shuddering as the strong scent fills my head, and feeling the dampness on my lips.

A little whimper escapes from her, and her hips buck suddenly in reply, pushing against my mouth. I run both hands all the way up to her hips, then back down, but then I turn my head and catch her by surprise as I kiss the inside of her thigh again. She sucks in her breath and gasps, “Oh fuck!”.

But a few moments of that and she shudders hard, and I feel her soft thighs press against my cheeks as she squeezes my head between them. And in a voice that’s just a breath she gasps, “C’mon baby!” I’m glad to see she feel it as much as I do, and I turn to the panties again, kissing, then licking, and sighing as I finally taste her. She lifts her hips to just the right angle and I grind my face into the lace, feeling the warm wetness coating my lips. I hear panting, and I can feel her body rocking slowly, but then I realize, I’m panting too.

Moving a hand up I run my fingertips along the panty leg line, up and down, feeling her shudder from my touch. But when I slip a finger under the leg band, about to pull it aside, I feel her hand on my head and she says, “No Billy! Just take the damn things off!”

I need work on skirts but I’m a pro at panties and I waste no time, fingers finding the waist band and peeling them off her as she shifts her weight for me, and when she raises her legs I slide them right up and off her toes. When she puts her legs down she has her feet spread on the sheet but locks her knees together, hiding from me, and I hear a little giggle.

But I slide my hands down the exposed backs of her thighs to her cheeks and then slowly up the smooth and tender insides, and they magically part as I reach her knees. And I push up and sit back, because I just have to see. And I stop breathing, just forget to do it, at the sight of her! This is so weird! It can’t be Sandy, my office nemesis and buddy, who I spar with five days a week. Because it’s the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen naked in my life!

And as she sees the expression on my face her smile widens, realizing my reaction to her. And she slides a hand slowly down her body until her fingers slip into the little thatch, just above her naked mound, and now I know for sure she’s a true redhead! She whispers, “Like what you see?”

“Why, am I drooling that bad?” I gasp as I finally remember to take a breath. And as she giggles nervously I say, very quietly, “Yeah, I do.”

Reaching for her legs I slide my hands slowly up and down, relishing the feel of her, letting it sink in that she’s really here and spread out like this for me. She sighs and settles back a little, relaxing as she watches me. And I run my hands down the front of her thighs as I slowly lean forward, then bend my head down and plant a kiss on her tummy. She shudders hard and under her breath, “Oh fuck!”

Putting my hands at her waist I begin kissing, side to side, slowly down and down, listening to her little moans and whimpers, and by the time my lips reach the little red forest her legs are spread wide open for me. I tease her a little, kissing here and there, running my tongue down the creases of her legs. But that scent is so delicious that it’s stronger than I am, and my tongue slides its way down one side of her swollen pink outer lips, then back up the other, before the tip lightly drags right down the middle.

She moans suddenly and her hips lift a little, wanting more, but I smile and manage to hold out another moment, torturing her. But then my willpower collapses and I press my lips hard against her as my tongue snakes deep between her inner lips, and I moan with pleasure as I realize she has a pool of nectar waiting for me. And when I begin to lap it up like I’m dying of thirst she writhes under me, her body undulating and her hips pumping against my face. And I feel a hand on my head, urging me on.

It’s hard to tell who’s moaning now as we dance together, my face grinding against her as she bucks under me, her hand pushing harder till I have to gasp to breathe. But I know it’s her when I hear, “Oh god Billy, oh god oh god oh god!”

I force my head back up a little and kiss and nip up and down as I catch my breath. And I love the way she shudders every time I slide my tongue the length of her slick pinkness. But she groans again when the tip flicks against the hood of her clit, swollen and hard now, and her fingers clutch and her hands make sure I don’t move from there. So I suck gently, teasing the little head out of hiding, and gently lave it with my tongue. Her hips begin rocking now, and she sings a little song to me, moaning and gasping in time with my lips and tongue.

She’s not pushing down any more, but her hands are just sliding back and forth over my head, fingers tangling themselves in my hair. And she’s pulled her legs together and up till her thighs are pressed against my head, making sure I don’t stray. No worries honey, I know what you need now, and I want it as much as you do. I tighten my lips and suck on the swollen nub, at the same time grinding my tongue in circles, around, around, around, then over and back. Her coordination is gone and she’s just bucking under me, and her fingers are locked in my hair.

I stop for just a moment, blowing my warm breath against her and teasing her, and when I grind my tongue down hard again suddenly she goes off, her thighs locking my head in place as her ass lifts off the bed and she grinds against my face. And her low pitched growl fills the room and ends in a snarl, “Oh fucking GODDDDDDDDDDDDD!”

I grab her hips and hang on as she bucks and squirms, the growl replaced by high-pitched squeaks and squeals. And then I feel warmth on my chin as her creamy center starts to flow, and I slide my lips down and lap gently, enjoying my reward. I feel her fingers relax slowly, and then her hands start to pet my hair, smoothing it as she finally breathes again, long deep gasps. She relaxes under me but I can still feel shudders and shivers going through her, and we both enjoy the aftershocks as I rest my cheek against her thigh.

When she finally unlocks her thighs I raise my head and smile up at her with my wet creamy face, and I’m sure, a smug look of victory. When she sees it the shock on her face is replaced by mock distain, and she orders, “Okay animal, come up here!”

Those arms reaching for me look awful good, and I’m there in a second, falling into them. And she’s ignoring the mess as she grinds her lips against me at the same time her body molds to mine. My cock is still rock hard and it’s captured against her tummy, but this feels so good I really don’t care.

When she finally comes up for air her eyes are sparkling. “Wow Billy, you sure know how to show a girl good time!” She giggles. And she stretches, grinding her body against mine and rubbing hard against my cock. And suddenly her demeanor changes. And she whispers, “I think maybe it’s time for him to meet Cookie!”

When she sees the strange look on my face she laughs and says, “Never mind, I’ll tell you later, but that’s what I call her. And right now you have Cookie smeared all over your face!”

I grin at her and say, “I just love cookies! And she’s my favorite flavor!”

“Gawd that’s lame!” She giggles. “But maybe I asked for it. And you did devour her, that’s for sure. But I’m not so sure about him. She’s just a little girl and he might be too much for her.” She says the last in a singsong little girl’s voice.

Meanwhile, just thinking about it has “him” aching hard again, and my hips start to roll, rubbing against her. And I whisper to her, a strain in my voice, “I have a feeling she’ll grow up fast, honey. Top or bottom?”

And in a breathy whisper she sings, “I’ve got a ticket to rideeeeeee,” as she pushes my shoulder back onto the bed and slides a leg over me.

She sits up, then leans forward with a big smile and there is no way I can resist those beautiful tits, now swinging freely in my face. I reach up and cup her with both hands, and when I fondle gently she moans and her eyes close. They’re even smoother and softer than her thighs, and my fingers just can’t help sliding slowly over them. And I don’t know who moans the loudest.

Her eyes pop open again and she sighs, “Oh god, baby!” leans forward and plops one of them on my face and lets me nurse for a minute. I keep my hand on her, letting her know I don’t want her to move as I suck and lick and swirl. But when my other hand finds the free nipple and my fingers catch and pull and squeeze she squeals, then whimpers as she presses down harder till my face is almost covered with pure heaven.

But her pussy is straddling my cock, rocking slowly, and I can feel the wetness, so it’s no surprise when she pulls herself back up and pushes up onto her knees. As soon as the pressure is relieved it pops straight up, but I reach down and hold it steady as she backs into position and lowers slowly. When we touch she wiggles a little until “Cookie’s” mouth finds the head and we stare at each other as she very slowly settles back.

It’s a good thing she’s dripping wet because she’s unbelievably tight, but she closes her eyes and eases herself down the pole, little by little. She gets half way and groans, then pulls back up again. But this time she shoves her ass down harder, and very quickly I’m almost buried in her. And I just can’t tear my eyes from the sight of my cock disappearing slowly into Cookie! And in less than a minute she’s settled back, sitting on my hips.

Her eyes pop open and she groans, “Oh my fucking god! Bill, you fill me up! I feel like I’ve been stuffed! As soon as I catch my breath I’ll let you know if that’s good or bad!”

And she sits for a moment, then lifts just a little and slides down again. And gradually she moves a little further and little faster until she’s got a nice slow steady rhythm going and she opens her eyes again and groans, “Oh god Bill! It’s good! It’s good it’s good it’s good!” almost in tempo with her rocking.

But meanwhile, I’m fighting hard, eyes clenched shut, because she’s still so fucking tight I’m right on the edge and it is so good! And I don’t want to stop her but Jeez! And when I open my eyes it gets worse. Because she’s smiling at me and those amazing boobs are swaying back and forth, jiggling and shaking with every thrust of her hips. Finally I grab her hips and push her down and growl, “Stop! Oh my god!”

For a second there’s a question, but then she gets it and the smile gets bigger. “What’s the matter baby?” she giggles. She knows damn well.

But all I can do is gasp, “Just don’t move. Don’t fucking move!”

Her cunt is clenching and releasing around me, even though I know she’s trying to be still, and it takes about a minute before I can even breathe again. By then it seems she’s loosened up just a little and I sigh deeply with relief. And I look up at her and ask, “Baby, how do you like knowing you feel too damn good?

“You should know,” she counters, “can’t you feel what’s going on inside?”

“That’s why I just held my breath for a whole minute! But it’s better now. I just didn’t wanna spoil something this good so soon!”

That gets a big smile, and she leans forward and puts her hands on my chest and begins to rock slowly again. And I moan with pleasure at the sensation of her silky tightness surrounding me. She says softly, “Nice to know I can make you feel this good, honey. And don’t worry, you can’t spoil anything. Whatever happens will be good with me!”

And she bends down enough to let her swaying breasts brush against my face, and giggles when I try to catch one in my mouth. But I reach up with both hands and capture one, holding on so it can’t get away, then quickly suck the nipple into my mouth, and it’s her turn to moan again when I begin to suck and lick as my hands knead slowly.

She gasps, and I suddenly feel her start to move faster and thrust down on me harder, now taking me deeper until there’s no more left. She moans and her eyes close and she finally pushes up, away from my hands and drooling lips. But her eyes pop open again and she gasps, “Oh baby, you asked for it!”

And she goes to the next gear, her body bouncing up and down as she rams herself down on me. But I want to have some fun too, and I pull my legs up behind her a little and begin to meet her thrusts, and our bodies start to slap together. And when I pick up the pace a little her eyes open wide and she gasps, “Oh fuck!” and falls forward, putting her hands on my shoulders and her head next to mine. And those wonderful big tits are like pillows between us, on my chest.

In that position she rocks back and forth and I pull my legs up farther and begin to pound away, ramming my cock into her hard and listening to the wet squishy sounds. It’s hard work but I’m loving every second of it, and when I reach up and put my arms around her I can feel the wet sheen of sweat on her back. And her breasts are sliding around now, the moisture from our bodies lubricating them.

Her mouth is right next to my ear and I can hear her panting, breathing hard, matching me. But then she misses a breath and tries to catch it again with deep ragged gasps. And when I push it up the last notch she moans, “Ohhhh fuckkkkk Billyyyyyyyyyyy! Don’t stop! Don’t fucking stopppppp!”

I’m getting tired and my face is flowing rivers now, but I tighten my arms around her and pound away, holding her so she can’t move. The whole damn bed starts rocking back and forth, tapping the wall. And my breath is so far gone I’m running on empty! But just as I think I’ll have to give in I feel her whole body convulse on top of me, and there’s a noise that sounds like a teapot coming from between her clenched lips.

I slam my cock into her one more time and grind, my ass lifting off the bed, trying to give her the last millimeter, and even in my arms, her body is bucking back and forth as she whines and pants and moans and whimpers. But both of us are gasping for breath, and with her weight on my chest I’m not getting much, so I gradually loosen my arms, then gently roll her off to my side, and my cock, still rock hard, slips from her.

We’re both still for a moment, gasping, but I finally push up on my elbow and look at her. Her face and body have a bright pink flush, but her breasts are what I focus on. They are so wet from our sweat they look oiled, and shine in the dim light. When I reach and run my hands over them they are even smoother now and slippery, and I can’t contain my little groan of pleasure as I fondle gently.

Her eyes finally open and she looks at me with a smile, then puts a hand on top of mine, moving with me. But she giggles. “You were right Billy, Cookie’s all grown up now!” Then her expression changes. “And you, you bastard, didn’t cum!” And she pushes up on her elbows and looks down at my swollen cock.

With a big sigh she pushes herself onto her knees and crawls down the bed, and with a grin I roll onto my back again. And she grabs me with one hand and gives me a lick, making me gasp. The she looks up and says, “You’re lucky I like the taste of my own cum!” But her lips don’t feel a bit angry when they slide down over me.

I lie back and relax, and sigh, “Ohhhhhh fuck, Sandy!” and as a reward she gives me a little bite, then a giggle.

“It’s all right, I forgive you,” she laughs, “I like him in my mouth.” And she plunges down over me again, bobbing faster and quickly farther until I can feel the back of her mouth. But what I like even better is her tongue grinding against my shaft. She pushes down hard and gags herself a couple of times, but I don’t go any deeper down her throat, and when she lifts her head for a moment, drool pours down over me. “Maybe someday,” she sighs, and inhales me again, bobbing steadily.

It doesn’t take long, with the feel of her mouth and the sight of those boobs swaying under her, that I’m close again, but I don’t want this to end this way, and I reach down and gently pull her back, by the hair. And I whisper to her, “I think he wants some more Cookie!

She looks up at me with a shit-eating grin, but says, “Oh gawd, never satisfied! Well this time you get to do the work!”

“Yeah, like I didn’t before!” I shoot back at her as I push myself up, and we meet, on our knees, for a long hard kiss, my hands fondling her. But I lay her back and put a pillow under her head, then she pulls back a leg so I can shuffle between her thighs. And she lies there looking up at me with a big smile and her tits in her hands, squeezing them and teasing me.

The sight of her, red hair spread over the pillow and touching herself, makes me shudder, and she hears it when I suck in my breath. And that smile silently mouths the words, “Fuck me now!”

When I grasp myself and move forward she spreads her legs wide and pulls her knees up, and gasps when my tip slides up her lips and over her clit. I rub just a bit before sliding back down and pushing gently, and we watch together as my head slips easily inside “Cookie”. And when I lean forward, grab her hips and slowly thrust we moan together too. She’s still dripping wet and much more open now, and in moments I’m rocking slowly, long strokes going almost to her womb, and she’s already gasping as her eyes close.

The feel of her tight cunt welcoming me again and again is amazing, and my cock is already on fire, but I don’t want to rush, it’s just too good. And when she relaxes and looks up at me again it’s even better. She slides a hand down to her furry patch and rests it there, and in a moment she whispers, “I can feel him you know, stretching me just a little when he goes … unnhhhhhhhhh … deep … like that. Oh baby!”

Just knowing what she’s feeling makes me shudder and my cock twitches in response. But instead of moving faster I almost stop, pull back very slowly and then all the way in again. And through clenched teeth I groan, “Oh fuck. Sandy!”

“Uhhuh,” she gasps back.

When I pick up the pace again my cock is shiny wet with her juices and I can feel her tighten just a bit, squeezing around me without even knowing it. Her hands go to her breasts again, fingertips finding the nipples and pulling lightly. The sight of her is almost as good as the feel and I can’t keep from moving faster now, our bodies bumping softly together. But she begins to answer, her hips pumping as she meets my thrusts, and both of us groan with every stroke.

Soon the bumping turns to wet slapping, and as her hips pump harder her entire body is moving on the bed in front of me, her back arching over and over. And her fingers are pulling harder now, stretching those dark red points. Her eyes are clenched tight and her head goes back as she arches, pushing her breasts into her hands. I’m panting now, but it’s not from exertion, simply the raw exhilaration of the moment, feeling totally aroused and watching her letting go, becoming a wild animal under me.

With a snarl I tighten my grip on her hips and lean forward, every thrust driving to the hilt, and she begins to grunt and moan with every stroke, her ass almost lifting from the bed as she accepts all I have to give. Now I am sweating again, and the drops from my brow are adding to the wet sheen on her body, so that she almost seems to glow. And she begins to gasp out, in rhythm, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!”

I’m furiously pumping her full of my cock, over and over, like a piston, and as her body shakes with every impact the bed slaps hard against the wall. But the noise of our bodies colliding almost masks everything else except my grunts and growls as I pound her again and again. She’s helpless beneath me now, my fingers buried in her flesh as I use her body, just one more time, and then another.

Until I throw my head back and snarl, “Eeeeeyaaaaaaaaaaaahhh” through clenched teeth as my hips buck hard and I shudder and explode in her depths. I lift her off the bed without realizing as I pump her full to overflowing, each spurt punctuated with a thrust of my hips.

It’s only as my gasping for breath finally eases a bit that I become aware of her quiet whimpering beneath me, and I slowly loosen the cruel grip I have on her. And when I force my eyes open I see that her body is heaving too, as she sucks in long deep breaths. And when she looks up at me I have no idea what I see on her face. But when she can finally talk she whispers, “Oh baby! Please tell me you can do that again!” A long pause. “I never … I never …” And she lets it go at that.

I can’t help but smile at that and I chuckle, “I think so, but just … not right now!”

She giggles and I get that radiant smile again. “Bill, come here!”

There’s no way I can resist those arms, not to mention her lush body, and she makes sure her breasts are planted in my chest when I wrap my arms around her. We enjoy a long series of little kisses, constantly wiggling to get closer together, and finally she breathes a little sigh that says, “I can’t believe this!”

“Me neither, honey,” I mumble and with one more little kiss we are both off to sleep.

I wake up wondering where the hell I am for just a moment. But then I hear her soft breathing, and I’m disappointed when I realize she’s gotten away from me. She’s lying on her stomach, one hand still resting on my arm. But the little light is still on, and I enjoy the look of her relaxed body in the soft glow. And most especially, her round ass with her legs slightly spread.

I just can’t resist, and reach out a hand, running it lightly over the curve of her smooth cheek. She sighs softly, but shows no sign of wakening so I do it again, letting my hand slide up her back. This time there’s a little moan, but she still doesn’t move. So I rub my hand gently from shoulder to shoulder, then up the back of her neck. This time I feel a little shiver, and in a few seconds her muffled voice comes from against the sheet, “Whatever you’re doing, don’t stop!”

I smile at that and lean over and kiss her shoulder lightly. I really don’t want to stop because I love the feel of her and I know how to give a massage, the only good legacy from the girl I was with when I first met Sandy. She was a masseuse, and taught me so we could take turns pleasing each other.

I push myself up and put both hands on her shoulder blades, gently digging my thumbs into her back in little circles, and she groans, “Oh god!” gradually I work her shoulders and neck, changing pressure and moving in different directions, diffusing the tension and relaxing muscles. And I grin when she sighs again and again and squirms on the bed because it feels so good. Eventually she turns her head and mumbles, “How the hell did you ever learn to do that so good?”

“You really want to know?”

“Well yeah, I asked didn’t I? Unnnhhhhhhhh … oh fuck that’s good!”

“Remember the girl I was with when I joined the company? Carla, the one you had to nurse me back to health from when we broke up?”

“Of course! Ahhhhhhhhh … Oh god! Do that again!”

“Well, she was a masseuse … and she taught me so I could do her too. But she was really good at a “special massage”! And I was in heaven, until I found out something. She did it as part of her job. Along with a few other things. And that was the day we broke up. Understand now why it hurt so bad?”

She suddenly pushes up on her elbows and turns to look at me. “My god! You never told me that!”

“Of course not! We didn’t know each other quite so well then and I would have been embarrassed. And anyhow, it would have hurt too much at the time. It took a long time for me to shrug that off. But at least, now I’m thankful to have the experience.”

I laugh and she settles down again and as my fingers start to dig in along her spine, she moans “Oh god. Shit! Ahhhhhhhhh, baby, me too!”

After I work over her upper back I push myself up and straddle her, and she giggles as I sit right down on her firm round ass. From that position I can lean forward all the way to her shoulders and run my hands up and down, heels of my palms pressing hard as they move slowly along her back and sides. She moans, deep and long. “Oh god baby! Don’t stop!”

I laugh with joy and tell her, “You know, this is the first time since then that I’ve been comfortable enough to do this. I may be a little rusty, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me.”

“Shit, I don’t know what would happen if you were on top of your game. I’m already getting the sheet damp.”

I chuckle as I lean way forward, bending a little lower, and my hard cock rubs up the small of her back. “What the fuck, you pervert! He’s that hard already?”

“He’s been like that ever since I started honey. But don’t worry, he likes this as much as I do.” I’ve never called my cock a “him” before, but she’s got me doing it already.

When I’ve covered just about every inch of her back she giggles, “I hope you realize there’s more of me than just my back!”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I’m well aware of that, honey, we’ll get there, I’m just getting started!”

I slip off of her, to the side again, and start rolling her ass in my hands, loving the way she gasps at the touch of my hands and fingers. But I’m making sure I do a thorough job, and as my fingers knead every inch of the smooth soft mounds she groans with every slow, deep squeeze. She shudders when I run my fingers along the pouty crease at the bottom of her butt, and when I start long strokes up and down the backs of her thighs her legs quickly spread. Then when my hands slide down along her inner thighs she moans, “Ohhhh baby! Ummmmmmmmmm!” And I watch as a shiver runs through her entire body.

I switch from long strokes to kneading again, letting my hands move up between her legs until my fingers are lightly brushing her ass. She squirms on the bed, and her breath is coming in deep gasps now, almost panting. When I bend over a bit and I can smell her delicious scent once again. And when I finally let my fingertips slide up and down her pussy lips, barely touching, she gasps, “Ohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuck!” I lift my fingers to my nose and inhale deeply, and when I lick them dry I can’t help moaning with satisfaction. She gasps and moans when I bend over and kiss and lick nip at her beautiful round cheeks, now reddened from my attention.

But I force myself to move down the bed and run my hands all the way from her thighs to her ankles, squeezing hard to press into the muscles. My cock is aching hard and dribbling pre-cum, and sometimes it brushes against her leg, making me gasp too, but I’m determined to give her the full treatment. I don’t spend too much time on her feet, even though she sighs with the pleasure of my touch. And then I kiss my way up, all the way from her ankles to her shoulder, and whisper in her ear, “Roll over, baby.”

When she turns over she looks up at me like she’s in pain. “You do know you’re torturing me, don’t you?” But then she smiles. “But fuck meeeeeeee! Don’t stop! Is there such a thing as death from arousal?”

“Maybe we’ll find out,” I chuckle, before bending down and giving her a long deep kiss. I’ve been through it and I know what she means. But I’m so glad she feels it as much as I do.

I reach my hands around to the back of her neck, fingers digging in deep little circles before working slowly over her shoulders to her arms and back again. Then I hold on with my fingers as my thumbs work slowly down the sides of her neck, pressing lightly, then hard, then lightly again, soothing. She’s given herself to it now and just lies with head back, eyes closed, sighing at every new touch.

But I suddenly gasp and shiver when she moves slightly and I feel her hand grasp my cock tightly and hold on! The hand doesn’t move and her serene expression doesn’t change, even when I moan, “Oh god! Baby!”

But she says very quietly, “Sorry, I just need something to hold on to.” And then she giggles.

Her hand doesn’t move, but my own movements cause it to tug and pull on me, and now I can’t help groaning as I continue to work on her, trying so hard to concentrate. But I just can’t help speeding up the process a little. I work across her collar bone from her shoulders, then gently up her throat, under her chin. And then my thumbs move lightly in little circles as I work slowly down her chest.

But when I reach the swell of her breasts I move along the sides, then underneath, barely touching, and I can feel her shivering in anticipation. I draw it out a little, but when I just can’t wait another second I grasp both globes in my hands and squeeze, very slowly and gently. But it doesn’t work the way I want.

Her breasts are so large I can’t do it properly with one hand, and I have to do them one at a time, kneading from bottom to top, careful to avoid the nipple. She begins to whimper almost at once, and now her hand does move, tugging at me in time with my squeezes. She opens her eyes and looks at me with a painful smile. “Oh honey! Damn!”

I just shake my head in agreement, letting her know it’s the same for me, and switch to the other breast, forcing myself to give it equal treatment. Her legs start slowly pedaling on the bed, and her breathing deepens to slow, long pants.

When I can’t wait any longer I move a hand to each breast, start at the sides and slide my fingers up, all the way to the tips of the nipples. And I love the delicious shudder that runs through her, accompanied by a loud whimper. But after stroking her for a moment my fingertips start to circle around the outside of the aureoles, brushing lightly. She opens her eyes, not moving now, just watching.

I smile and catch the rock hard tips between my fingers and she gives a hopeless moan as her eyes close again, her hand now clenching and loosening around me. At first I gently squeeze, then pull just a little, then twist. But as I repeat the movements my fingertips tighten and I pinch, then pull harder, lifting, until the little tips have become long, rock hard and pointy. And when I twist I can go almost all the way round.

Her gasping is so heavy now she can barely catch her breath, and her back arches, thrusting up to my hands. Her little moans sound almost painful, like a kitten, but she knows she could stop me with a whisper. Her heels dig into the bed as she squirms, and her hips start a slow, continuous roll.

After a few long minutes I finally loosen my grip, and she sighs in relief as my hands move lower. But when they reach her waist they slide slowly across and back, and she suddenly sucks in her breath, and then her tummy, and I can feel the little goosebumps start. And she chants in a breathy whisper, “Oh god. Oh damn. Oh fuck!

I quickly have mercy and slide my hands to her hips, using a hard grip as they slide up and down, smoothing the flesh and letting her relax. But when I dig my thumbs in along the edges of her hip bones, then slide my hands slowly down to the tops of her thighs she shudders again and her eyes open, pleading with me. I knead and grind my hands into her quads carefully, loosening and relaxing them.

When my fingers graze the soft inner flesh she finally lets go of me, and both hands reach down and grab my wrists. And she’s almost crying as she says, “Billy! No more! Oh my god, no more!”

I know she means it and I’ve reached my limit too, shuddering as hard as she does with every touch of her flesh. And I whisper to her very softly, “Baby, roll over.”

She looks at me, not sure what’s coming now, afraid it will be too much, but I smile and nod and she pushes herself over onto her tummy. I straddle her legs, on my knees, and lean down and kiss her cheeks again, my tongue leaving a wet trail from one spot to the next. And I can feel her shiver. Then I whisper, “Honey, push it up, just a little.”

She gets it and pulls her knees up a bit, lifting her ass a few inches in the air. And I shuffle forward until my legs are spread wide, my knees just outside her hips. And she jumps when she suddenly feels the tip of my cock run up and down her exposed pussy. She’s all wet, leaking her juices so they are almost dripping out of her, and with a little shove I slide easily between her lips. And she moans and I gasp.

Leaning forward, I put my hands at her sides. And when I start to roll my hips very slowly, sliding a little deeper each time, she sighs with relief, feeling what we’ve both been needing so bad. Her pussy is so wet it gurgles with each thrust, and my cock is covered with her juices and shining. And we rock back and forth until my body is slapping lightly against her gorgeous ass. She sighs, “Oh baby!”

With her legs held almost together she’s tighter than ever, and it’s impossible for us to move too fast, but the delicious feeling of her pussy clamped tightly around me is almost overpowering. And the two of us whimper and moan, echoing each other as we move slowly together. But it’s not long before I have to stop moving again. She feels me shuddering and lies still, but once more I can feel the quiet flutter deep inside her.

I take a deep breath and straighten up and slide out of her, and we quickly scramble so I’m kneeling between her spread thighs. She pushes up onto her knees and I move close again, running my hands over her smooth cheeks. And when I slide back in she pushes slowly, until our bodies press tightly together. Now I hold her hips as we begin to rock, but I just can’t resist taking one hand and running it over her smooth ass.

She glances back at me and says in a quivery voice, “Oh my god baby, you got me so wet I can hardly stand it!” I wonder if she knows it’s the same for me as I bite my lip, hardly able to withstand the pleasure. It won’t be long now, neither of us is willing to wait, and I tighten my grip, and begin thrusting faster. She sucks in her breath and begins rocking, matching my thrusts, her body slapping harder and harder against mine.

And when she bends down and buries her face in the pillow, her ass is sticking up at the perfect angle, and my cock is on fire with the sweet friction as I begin pounding harder, faster, deeper. Sandy is gasping for breath, each thrust forcing a groan or whimper from her, and I grunt with the effort as my fingers dig into her hips. And there’s no stopping it now. I can feel the telltale tingle in my cock and she’s almost sobbing, her body in constant motion.

My breath is coming in ragged gasps and I barely get out the words, “Baby, Oh please! Now!” I slam my hips against her ass so hard she pitches forward even more, and my cock is pulsing with each blast of my cum, over and over. She howls and pounds a fist on the sheet and her whole body shakes violently, only my hands holding her up as she bucks and writhes in my grip. And both of us are crying and moaning and gasping.

When I’m dimly conscious of the world again I have sweat running down me, dripping into a little pool on her back and I can barely open my eyes. She’s limp and heavy in my grip and when I extract my fingers from her flesh she slides slowly down onto the bed. I can hear her muffled panting against the pillow and I barely manage to roll to her side before falling onto the mattress next to her.

She’s still whimpering, very quietly, and I reach out a hand and run it over her hip. She suddenly lifts her head and looks up at me, and I can see her face is wet, streaked with sweat. When she rolls towards me I quickly gather her up in my arms, needing to feel the touch of her body against mine. She puts her arms around the back of my neck and her fingers run slowly over my hair as she nestles her face into my shoulder. And she breathes, in a shaky voice, “I never … No one ever …”

And I answer with a sigh of total satisfaction as I slowly stroke her.

When I wake again I immediately notice two things, first, it’s getting light out — amazing what a little exercise can do to improve sleep. Second, I feel great, in several ways. I have a sense of euphoria, so good I can’t contain it, and yet I can’t explain it either, although, of course I know it has to do with Sandy. And this time she’s still snuggled in my arms, her soft warm body giving me a feeling of peace and contentment.

But there’s a physical component too; my body has a wonderful fresh sense of being alive, heightened response to all things around me, most especially her. And then there’s my cock. I can’t define it, but it has the wonderful feeling of being used, fully and well. It’s almost as though I can still feel the sensation of being buried deep inside her, the soft tightness of her cunt holding, squeezing, caressing. In fact, just thinking about it makes “him” twitch a bit. It’s as if the nerve endings are unwilling to give up the exquisite sensation.

But I’m interrupted from my thoughts by a little sigh against my chest, and I look down to see her sleepy smiling face. I kiss her once on the forehead, then put my arms under hers and pull her up until we’re face to face. She locks her arms around my neck and then just hugs tight for a moment. And she giggles, “You sure are comfy to sleep with, I was out like a light!”

I whisper in her ear, “I’m not sure I’d describe you as comfy, more like delicious. But either way, I only woke up a minute ago, too.” And somehow our lips just find each other for a long wake-up kiss.

But then she says, “I’m sorry baby, but more than anything else right now, I need to pee. And then a shower. And I bet you do too.”

As soon as she says it I know she’s right, and suddenly the need is rather urgent. “Go ahead babe, but I’ll be right behind you. And then maybe we can save some water and shower together!”

And in minutes the water is running, a little cloud of steam accumulating above the tub, and I give her a hand in, then swiftly follow. There’s something about the steamy heat and her wet glistening body, and I feel a little stirring before I’ve even touched her. But she hands me a wash cloth and I gently swab her down and help her lather up her hair. And somehow, when I hand her the soap and cloth, the first thing she notices is the erection that has sprung up between us. She giggles and says, “Can’t you be serious?”

“What makes you think I’m not serious?” I say, with mock indignation. “Doesn’t that look serious to you?”

“Ohmygod you’re impossible! Animal!” she says with a laugh, and rubs some soap into the wash cloth and begins scrubbing my cock!

I hold my breath, but she’s gentle, and pretty soon she puts down the cloth and wraps her hand around me and begins slowly stroking my hard wet cock. “Does this happen every morning?”

“Well so far, every morning with you!”

She giggles and gives me a yank!

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” I gasp in surprise. Of course it doesn’t hurt it feels great. But I suddenly reach out a hand and give her a satisfyingly loud smack on her bouncy wet bottom, and it echoes in the small room. And best of all she jumps and squeals, and her boobs swing wildly back and forth for just a moment.

Before she recovers I put my hand on her waist and spin her around, then pull her back against my chest. She squirms against me, her ass rubbing against my cock as I slide my hands slowly up her sides from her waist until her heavy breasts slide into them. She moans softly as I begin to knead, the slippery wetness adding to the delightful feel of her. And then she reaches up and back, putting her arms around my neck as she pushes her head back against my shoulder. I squeeze and fondle her as I bend my head down and kiss under her ear and her ass begins to pump back against me.

I can feel her shiver hard as my fingertips find the slippery nipples, and I allow them to slip away again and again, each time, recapturing them. But she makes me gasp when she pushes up on tip-toes and pulls away for just a moment, allowing my rigid cock to slide between her legs. And when she pushes back again and rolls her hips her wet smooth thighs are rhythmically stroking me, and it’s my turn to moan.

Now both of us are gasping, because my cock is stroking back and forth across her pussy, and both of us are rolling our hips and grinding against each other. And as I kiss down one side of her neck she presses hard against my lips and turns her head, offering me more and more of her throat.

But I can feel her shaking and she whimpers breathlessly, “After what you did to me last night I didn’t believe I could want you again so bad and so soon. But dammit I do! Oh baby! Please, for god’s sake, put it in!”

As I reach down to grasp myself she pulls away and leans forward, putting her hands on the shower wall, then spreads her legs as wide as the tub will allow. And when I slide my cock up between them it slips in easily and we moan together at the feel of my head buried in her.

But when I start to push slowly she gasps, sucking in her breath. And she pants, “Oh baby, please! You have to take it easy! She may be a big girl now but you stretched her out and she’s a little sore!”

I wait a moment till she wiggles, then press very gently, and she’s holding her breath as I slowly slide deeper, inch by inch. But soon I’m almost buried in her and she moans, “Oh god baby, that’s good!”

And when I begin to rock my hips she moves with me, controlling just how fast and how deep I can go. And in no time the sound of our gasps and moans are louder than the water splashing down over us. Soon she pushes back against me a little and slides her hands down the wall until her back is near horizontal so my cock can slide more easily, and I grasp her hips and begin to thrust harder, my cock now burying itself into her as my body slaps loudly against her wet ass.

She has her feet braced against mine to keep from sliding back, and I lean forward, sliding my hands up her sides until they can catch her wildly swinging breasts again. When I lean over my cock is forced even deeper, and I fondle her as she moans and squirms against me, impaled on my iron-like rod.

I tease her for a moment, then straighten up and grab her hips before starting to thrust again, now harder and more urgently. And she quickly responds, pushing her ass back so it slaps hard against me.

Both of us know I was horny the moment I woke up this morning, and now I realize I can’t last long. And I pick up the pace, my cock already throbbing inside her, loving the wet sounds of her cunt as I plunge in and out. Breathlessly I gasp, “Honey, I can’t wait, come with me!”

But I’m surprised by the growl I get in response, and she begins ramming hard back against me, forcing me to brace myself and dig my fingers into her flesh. And then she gasps out, “C’mon, fuck me baby, do it! Fuck me hard! Show me what you got!” She’s daring me now, knowing what will happen, and as I pick up the pace and snarl my reply she continues urging me on, begging me to pound her, asking for more. And the harder and faster I go the more she demands!

But soon all I hear are cries and grunts and whimpers, interspersed with deep gasps for breath. And my chest is burning as my hips ratchet up the attack, pistoning faster and faster against her! And finally I growl, “Oh FUCK!” as I slam her so hard she takes a step forward before ramming herself back onto me.

My hips buck and I grind against her ass as I feel my cock detonate deep inside, and I grunt with each pump of my cum blasting into her. But she growls too, and her ass grinds and slaps back against me as her head bobs up and down, then her hands slide all the way down to the rim of the tub before she can catch herself.

For a moment I can barely stand up myself, but then I slide my hands to her waist and help to pull her up so she can finally lean back against me as we pant and gasp in unison, chests heaving. And when she turns to me my arms lock around her, even as our lips lock together, and we sway together as the water washes over us.

We rinse ourselves clean again, then towel each other off and beat a swift retreat to the bedroom. We’re both still shaking a little and the bed feels good, and I pull the covers up over us so we can snuggle again. But of course we aren’t tired now, and we give each other playful little kisses as our hands look for new places to explore.

It’s not long before my fingers find her breasts and I gently fondle them. She sighs and takes a deep breath. But then she giggles and says, “Typical man! Just can’t keep your hands off, can you!”

I catch one hard little tip and give it a squeeze as I reply, “Want me to?”

She’s breathing deeper now but she says, with a gasp, “No way!”

Leaning over I kiss her hard and she squirms till her body is pressed tight against me. But when the kiss is finally over she rolls back and sighs, “Mmmmmmmmmmm, this is a nice way to wake up in the morning, especially now since Cookie is still tingling! I think she likes her new friend!”

I laugh and reply, “Well there’s not much doubt her new friend is pretty fond of her, too! But you promised, so tell me. I must have heard 100 different names for pussy, but Cookie is a first. Where the hell did that come from?”

She looks at me with a smirk then says, “Well okay, if you rub my tits some more, I’ll tell you!”

I chuckle and I exclaim, “Jeezus Christ! And you talk about me? Talk about horny in the morning!”

She giggles and says, “It’s no secret I love to tease you, but I love the feel of your hands on me. Besides, I love my big boobs! They’re my prized possession! And I really like it when you show me how much you like them!”

“Oh my god!” I say with a shocked look. “Let me write this down! Date, time and location! So I can remind you of this when you complain.”

“You don’t have to. And If you neglect the girls I’ll remind you!”

“Jeez, now it’s “the girls”. At least I’ve heard that one before.”

And she sighs as I roll on my side and begin to massage her, holding nothing back now that I have permission. But I chuckle and say, “Okay, I’m keeping my end of the bargain. How did Cookie get her name?”

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,” she says dreamily, “Just don’t stop! It’s not much of a story really. I remember when I was a little girl, maybe six, I realized I had no idea what my pussy was called, although even then, somehow I knew it was a special part of me. So I asked my mother. We didn’t talk about things like that much and she had trouble coming up with an answer.”

“Oh god Billy, that feels good! Just like that!” she suddenly exclaims, then continues.

“I guess she didn’t want to use common slang like pussy, and didn’t want to get into anatomical correctness quite yet, so she finally said, “Honey, that’s your cookie! It didn’t make much sense to me then but I just accepted it, and over time I just began to think of her as “Cookie”.

And she moans, “Oh fuck, keep doing that!” as I play gently with a nipple, squeezing lightly, then rolling it in my fingers.

“And now it’s just a natural part of me, I don’t even think about it. It can be a little embarrassing if I slip and call her that, but it’s one of those things I don’t mention to many people,” she giggles. “And to tell the truth baby, you’re the first one that ever asked about it!”

I’m almost as surprised as she is when I feel myself getting hard again, but it’s pressing against her leg and she suddenly exclaims, “Oh my god, you don’t really think you’re going to fuck me again do you? Doesn’t that thing ever get tired? We haven’t even been together a day yet and you’re trying to wear her out!”

But then she suddenly changes the topic. “By the way, what do you call him, does he have a special name?”

I laugh, this is getting silly. Of course “he” doesn’t, I haven’t even thought of it as “him” up till now. But I tell her, “Why sho’ hunny, dat’s ma luvvvvvvv tule!”

It takes just a second to sink in. And then she shrieks with laughter and convulses on the bed, kicking her feet under the covers. It’s contagious, and soon both of us are laughing so hard we have tears streaming down our cheeks. But it gets worse. She says, “Well from now on, I’ll just call him LT then!” And pretty soon we’re shaking so hard with laughter we can hardly move!

Eventually we calm down and I lean over and kiss her, just relishing the touch of our bodies and the wonderful camaraderie we seem to have. The sexual tension has pretty much evaporated, but it just feels damn good being with her. Until she moves just a bit, and I feel her hand, very gently, wrap around my cock, and just hold it.

It’s pretty much soft now, but I gasp at her touch, and she smiles up at me. “I just don’t want LT to feel neglected!”

We both chuckle again, but it does feel good! And I just can’t resist sliding a hand to her breast again and holding it. She sighs, and I can feel her grip tighten, just a little, and sure enough, I can feel a tension in my cock again.

Then she whispers, “Billy, you really do like my tits, don’t you? Because the girls are telling me they just love your touch!” And I feel a tiny shudder go through her.

“Oh my god Sandy, that’s just silly! I love your breasts! They are so beautiful! And so soft and smooth that just touching them sends a chill through me. And better yet is knowing how much you like me looking and touching! Your reaction is what turns me on the most! Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but my hands and mouth have spent a lot of time with the girls!

She sighs again. “I’ve noticed, Billy.” And her hand starts to slide slowly up and down my rock hard, swollen cock. And she sighs. “Cookie’s sore. What am I gonna’ do with this?”

I push the covers down a little, then bend over her again, but this time my mouth just slides right over a taught nipple, and after my tongue gets it sloppy wet my lips begin to nurse. She moans and her back arches at the same time her hand lands on my head, urging me down. Knowing now how much she likes my touch I use my mouth to play gently with her nipple, lips and tongue squeezing and teasing. And it’s making me drool so hard I’m getting her sloppy wet and slippery.

I use both hands, one holding the “girl” in my mouth steady, the other gently kneading and petting her sister so she won’t feel left out. The sudden thought pleases me, and I lift my head and look at her with a big grin. And I whisper, “I think I’ll call them “the sisters”. They go together so nicely!”

She gasps at the sudden nonsense and gently pushes my head down again. “Whatever! Don’t talk with your mouth full!”

We’ve just had a wonderful time in the shower and this is totally unexpected which maybe is why it’s so good. There is just something special about being snuggled under the covers and talking so intimately and freely that seems to have turned us both on. Gradually her body starts to move, first her back arches to my mouth and my hands, then I can feel the rhythm as her hips gently roll, putting her whole body in motion.

I’m fascinated with her nipples, now swollen and pebbly rough and rocky hard, and seemingly sensitive to the lightest touch. And yet she seems to love it when I treat them rough, squeezing hard, pulling and stretching, or twisting. And when I graze one with my teeth or lock them at the base it seems to make her crazy, almost begging me to bite harder and pull.

She’s whimpering now, trying to fight back a little squeal every time my tongue swirls or my fingers pull or my hand squeezes. And her breath is coming in deep gasps, making her chest heave against me. When I slide a hand down between her legs I find she’s dripping wet, her juices already leaking. But when I stroke with my fingers she jumps and then gasps, “Easy baby, please, she really is sensitive now! She’s just not used to being given the kind of attention she’s getting from you!”

The last thing I want is to hurt her, so I just cup my hand over her and hold her, and she pushes slowly against it as her hips rock. I realize we may not be able to go any further right now, but still, it feels so amazingly good, just being together like this.

But she sighs deeply, then urges my hungry mouth away from her breast and says, with a little giggle, “I know something she’ll like, and something I know you will too!”

And with a little groan she pushes herself up from the bed, peeling the covers back, then looks down at me with a big grin. Then she bends and gives my hard cock a kiss, before wrapping a hand around it again. And she whispers, “Lay back, baby!”

I’m quick to comply, thinking I know where she’s going, and quickly find I’m right, as she straddles my chest with her knees. I slide my hands up her thighs and get a grip on her cheeks, then pull her back a little, then down. And she gasps, “Oh fuck!” When my tongue snakes out and gives her a little flick. She lets me guide her down until my mouth is filled with “Cookie”, and I begin to lick gently up and down, tasting the nectar which is now dripping from her.

And a moment later it’s my turn to groan as her lips slide over me, and I can feel her drool run down my shaft. She starts bobbing her head as she sucks lightly and lengthens her strokes, taking more and more of me, and her ass rocks back and forth, feeding “Cookie” to me. I tighten my grip, holding her steady so I can tease her lips gently, stroking and kissing the swollen outer folds, then slipping my tongue inside and lapping up the wetness.

Even with a mouthful of cock she squeals and moans as my tongue gently probes, finding her little hole and sliding carefully in and out. I can’t believe how wet she is, an unending flow of her creamy juices waiting for me, and I greedily suck and lick and kiss, lapping them all up. I can feel her shuddering as my tongue goes deeper and deeper, searching, then swirling and gathering.

But she’s a girl on a mission and she’s beginning to move her head faster and harder, her lips slamming down over me until she gags with every stroke as I hit the back of her mouth. And sometimes it seems, for just a moment, I slip even deeper, into the tightness of her throat, before she lifts her head and gasps for breath, her drool streaming down my shaft.

I’m finding it harder to concentrate, but if I pull away, even for a moment she pushes down, feeding Cookie to me. It’s pretty obvious Cookie is ready for anything now, and I grind my face into her, kissing the tender inner lips, sucking, nipping; then pushing my tongue deep between them. Every touch brings the response of a cry or moan, but they are all muffled by my cock as her head bobs up and down, hardly missing a stroke.

But when my lips find her clit and suck as my tongue swirls around it she suddenly jerks her head up and moans loudly, “Oh damn Billy, you sonofabitch!” And she rides my face, forgetting about my throbbing cock. But only for a moment, and then I feel her hand grab me tight and start stroking hard at the same time she’s grinding Cookie onto my mouth.

She moans, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh goddd!” and the hand stops stroking and clutches me in a strangle hold as she sits straight up on me, rolling her ass and grinding Cookie on my face. I can’t see and I can’t breathe, but I know she’s right there now and I suck hard on the little bud of her clit peeking from its hood. Suddenly, “Bayyyyyybeeeeeeeeeeee!” and she bucks hard, and starts to fall forward until my hands catch her. And I hold her tight against my mouth as she bounces erratically up and down, gasping, squealing and crying all at once.

And suddenly a fresh flood of her creamy juices pours over my face, so much there’s no hope of catching it all, but I lap and suck and swallow the best I can. When her hips finally stop rolling I ease my grip and she drops to all fours, panting hard and moaning quietly. But she manages to gasp out, “Oh honey! God you did it again! I didn’t think Cookie could cum that much!”

She slides her leg over me and turns, looking up at my cum-covered face and giggles. “Aren’t you afraid you’re going to drown?”

“Well the thought did cross my mind. If I didn’t suffocate first! But what a way to go!”

“I hope you like Cookie, because I think she’s in love with you.”

I chuckle, “Don’t worry, Cookie is rapidly becoming my favorite meal!”

Then she notices. “Aww damn, baby I’m sorry. He got left behind! Again! And I’d love nothing better than to finish him off with Cookie, but she’s really not ready yet. Stand up for me babe!”

I figure I know what she has in mind and I slide off the bed, standing next to it and waiting for her. But instead of coming with me and going to her knees she lies on her back on the bed, head right at the edge of the mattress. And from upside down, she grins up at me. “Gimme!”

I get the picture and with a bigger grin move in front of her, then bend over and put my hands on the sheet on either side. And In a moment I feel her hand grasp me and tug till her lips can close around me. I shudder, then groan, “Oh fuck!” as her tongue swirls, then grinds on my head while her hand grips me tightly.

But she pulls me back for a moment and gasps, “C’mon Billy, fuck my face! I wanna taste you!”

She doesn’t have to tell me twice, I start rolling my hips and pumping my cock into her mouth. And she does her part, her lips squeezing tight and tongue grinding against my shaft. This is even better than the 69 because now my whole world is my cock, and I’m shaking because it feels so fucking good!

I can feel my cock hit the back of her mouth and she gags hard, so I stop and wait for her to catch her breath. But her hand pulls me back just long enough for her to growl, “Don’t fucking Stop! Do it! You worry about this fucking cock, I’ll do the rest!” And in another second my cock is bathed in hot spit again.

Ok, she’ll get what she wants. NO! She’ll get what I want now! I start thrusting hard, ramming as deep as I can get and enjoying the sounds of her gagging and gurgling almost as much as her tight lips and hot mouth. And I have no intention of stopping. But she squirms on the bed and I feel her hands grab hold of the backs of my thighs as she pulls herself to me till her head is drooping a little down, off the mattress.

And she keeps yanking, urging me to fuck her mouth even harder! I only hope it’s as good for her as it is for me when I begin bucking hard, pounding my cock into her mouth. And suddenly, I gasp at the shock, then groan with the pleasure as I slide deep into her tight throat! She’s not making any more noise because she can’t; her throat sealed off by my cock. But when I pull back she sputters and I feel a flood of spit pour over me. I hesitate a moment, not sure she meant this to happen, but when she pulls on my thighs again I know. And I begin to roll my hips hard, feeling my head slide into her throat with every thrust.

Oh my god, it’s tight like nothing I’ve ever felt, and I shudder and moan with every stroke. But I keep pounding harder, trying to bury my cock in her, and when my balls start slapping against her forehead I know I’m about there!

“Oh fucking god, Sandy!” I groan and gasp, knowing that if she doesn’t let me stop this won’t last long. But she has no intention of that, and her hands keep pulling hard against my thighs, urging me to go faster and even deeper! Knowing what she wants I give in, thrusting as hard and deep as I can and enjoying the exquisite feeling of her tight slippery throat.

Just when I know I can’t last any longer she stops me, pushing back on my legs, then gasping for breath and spitting and coughing. But in a second or two she growls, “Now!” and swallows me again and pulls hard. And I pump my cock into her like a piston, feeling her lips against my groin as I slide half way to her stomach. She sucks hard and it only takes a few seconds. Suddenly I straighten up and grab her head. And I look down, watching, as I slam my cock into her mouth and grind against her lips. My hips buck once and I feel the first spurt of cum blast down her throat.

But she uses both hands, surprising me when she pushes me back with one, then grabs the base of my cock with the other. And her lips lock tight and grind on my shaft as she yanks me back and forth, milking me until I’ve pumped every drop into her hungry mouth!

I’m shaking so hard I can hardly stand, but I finally ease my softening cock from her lips, and a big smile appears. And then she swallows, exaggerating, to let me know she’s gotten every drop.

I quickly sit on the edge of the bed, almost in shock and still feeling shaky. But mostly, I’m amazed. I’ve known forever that Sandy is a hot shit, but I never expected anything like that from her! And all I can gather the strength to gasp is, “Holy Jeezus!”

She’s still lying next to me, but she’s pulled herself up and rolled on her side. And when I hear her giggle I finally look over at her. The smirk on her face says it all; she’s pleased as hell with herself. Well what the fuck! She should be! Because so am I! “Sandy! That was amazing! I never expected …!

She stops me. “Well Billy, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. I can’t give great massages like you do. But you already said I’m a great cocksucker! Which, by the way, I take as a compliment. And you also said you wanted to shove your cock down my tight little throat!” Sheesh, she quotes me exactly, best I can remember.

“Well now you have, so you should be happy!” and she giggles again. “So I hope it was as good for you as you imagined!”

I shake my head in amazement. And then I turn to her and grab her by the arms and pull her up to me so we’re face to face. “Sandy, that was far beyond anything I ever imagined and you know damn well it was!” It’s my turn to chuckle. “I’ll trade that for a massage any day of the week!”

The look on her face isn’t a smirk any more. It’s just a happy smile. Probably just like mine. And when our smiles meet our lips gently move together as my arms tighten around her. And the quiet little moan of contentment comes from someplace deep inside her.

We’re still not sleepy, but physically and emotionally we are pretty well spent, and we lay back on the bed for a while, relaxing. And just holding hands. Yes, dammit, holding hands. Because I just don’t want to lose contact with her right now. And we actually chat a little. I tell her I got Tom squared away and she just says, “I knew you would.”

But then we move away from the office and on to other things. Of course we know what each other does in our time off, we’ve talked about it a lot over the years. And she asks, “Do you think I could go hiking? It sounds like you enjoy it a lot, and I like the outdoors. Of course I don’t like being hot or cold or sweaty much, and I’m a little afraid of heights.”

She laughs. “Doesn’t sound like I’d be that great a companion does it. But when you told me about how you and Carla went on a weekend once, and teased me about what you did in the tent I was kind of jealous. And I’d really like to try it if you think …”

I stop her with a squeeze of her hand. “You know I’d love to go out hiking with you! I almost asked you once, when we were both “single” for a while. But I really didn’t know if you even liked the idea of being outdoors all day. And the fear of rejection got the better of me. But I know you can do it! You’re in great shape and other than getting used to walking on rough ground there’s really no skills involved. You just have to want to do it. And not just so you can spend the night in a tent!”

We both laugh. And I add, “But if you really want to try it, we need to get you a decent pair of hiking shoes, and you need to wear something besides a skirt!”

And she surprises hell out of me when she says, “Well then, I guess you need to take me shopping and show me what I need, because if you’re willing, I’m going!”

I roll over and kiss her, suddenly feeling closer on a very personal basis, not just in the office and not just in bed. And I realize how good it feels, just being there together with her. I can’t get over how comfortable we are with each other.

But she doesn’t let things go too far before she pushes herself away with a little groan and says, “C’mon Romeo, I don’t know about you, but I’m starving. And you need to keep your strength up. Can’t let old guys get run down! I’ll get us some breakfast.” She giggles. Then she looks at the clock. “Oops, brunch! But it’s still going to be bacon and eggs because that’s all I really have. You can lie on your ass in here or you can come help.”

And I watch with a smile as she gets out of bed and rummages in a drawer for a moment. Not a trace of shyness. She knows I’m looking at her and she’s proud of herself. Well so am I. And of myself, too. That such a smart, gorgeous woman is here like this with me!

But this situation is so weird! It’s not like a new relationship; we’ve known each other forever. And even though we’ve just discovered each other sexually, we’re still old friends, and there just isn’t a feeling of anxiety or doubt. We’re perfectly at ease with each other.

She skips the underwear and pulls on a pair of skin-tight red short-shorts, then a white tank top that’s pretty sheer to begin with and one size too small, and leaves six inches of her tight belly showing. She turns and gives me another smirk and I remember to pull my tongue back into my mouth as she heads for the kitchen. Of course that outfit is just for me and she knows damn well it has the desired effect.

Well if she’s gonna’ be like that! All I have is what I wore last night, so I just put on the boxer briefs and the t-shirt. If she can flaunt it so can I!

I head into the kitchen and am immediately greeted by a beautiful sight! Her gorgeous round ass in those straining shorts pointed right at me! That’s because she’s bent over, shoulders deep in the fridge, looking for something. So I just stop and watch the show. Eventually she backs out with an arm full of stuff, bacon, eggs, cheese, and a little dish of something. And when she turns around she sees my bulging eyeballs and has herself a little laugh.

But she says, “C’mon honey, make yourself useful. The coffee pot and coffee are on the sideboard. And when you’re done with that put some bread in the toaster.” Why does this feel like Ozzy and Harriet?

But whatever, it feels good, and when I begin to smell bacon it’s even better. I see her scrambling eggs and putting something into them, but she doesn’t tell and I’m not going to ask. Surprise me! By the time I have a couple of cups filled with coffee just the way we both like it, which of course I know by heart, she’s shoveling stuff onto plates, and I have to hurry and butter the toast.

She puts the plates on the table together so we have to pull the chairs close, and she gives me a little kiss before we sit down. “Hope you like this Bill, it’s a favorite of mine.” Hmmmmmm, I silently wonder.

I start with the bacon, knowing I can’t go wrong, then sample the eggs, knowing I’m being watched. And oh my god! Delicious! Not just eggs but cheese melted in, plus a real sweet n’ spicy zing! I turn to her with a big smile. “Sandy, this is great! What the hell did you put in this?

Her smile matches mine. “Just a little home-made chili sauce; family recipe. Actually I buy the sauce and just spice it up a little bit. Good for special occasions. I was afraid I didn’t have any more but it was in the back of the fridge. And by the way, your eyes felt nice on my ass!” She giggles.

“Actually, my eyes felt great on your ass!” I get an elbow in the ribs, but the kiss that follows makes up for it. And I’m not shy about asking for seconds, which she clearly planned on.

By the time we’re done I’m feeling just a little bit fat and very contented. And I put my hand on the back of her shoulders, rubbing just a little before I pull her over just enough that I can kiss her cheek. And she leans into me and just about purrs!

But now there is a simple question, and I know it’s on both of our minds, one way or another. What’s next? And when she looks up at me there’s a little worry on her face. “Bill, I know I kind of blindsided you, coming on to you all of a sudden. Not that you seem to mind.” She giggles. “Maybe it was just time. But you don’t have any obligation to me. We have another life — at work. And that’s really important to both of us. And above all I don’t want to mess that up. I can’t imagine not being able to work with you, play our usual games and mess around every day. Hell, that’s what keeps me going. And it’s what makes us so good working together.”

“Anyhow, if you’re not comfortable or you’re not sure and need a raincheck I’ll understand that, and I’ll be sad it’s that way, but I’ll never be sorry for the time we just had together! But I do know that Cookie and the girls will miss you!” And she giggles again, a little smile now breaking on her face.

I look at her and shake my head, giving her a little grin. “Dammit Sandy, are you asking me if I want to go now? Or are you telling me that I should?”

“Bill, I’m giving you an out! We’re not kids and we’re not strangers. And I think this had to happen. But I’m scared of one thing. If we go any further and it’s wrong we could mess everything else up too! I can’t stand the idea of you not being my buddy!” and suddenly her face changes, and in a moment a tear rolls down her cheek, which she tries to brush away before I notice.

But when the second one starts, I’m ready. And I grab the hand before it gets there, then lean forward very slowly and gently kiss the little drop away. And without a word I take her hand and lead her to the other room and the couch. I am so touched that she feels like this and is so brave to bring it up directly, because of course, she’s right. We already have something good, something special between us. And a bad affair between us could destroy everything. Destroy us!

When we settle down together I put an arm around her and hold her against me, but don’t pull her tight. We need to talk. “Honey, it’s weird that we’re even in a position like this now. Most people our age are attached in some way. But I have a track record of relationships that drag on too long and end badly. And you … well, I don’t know what happens, but it seems something always goes wrong in a month or less and you’re back looking for something new. Over and over again. So for anything more to happen between us, we’re both taking a chance.”

“But honestly, I’ve never felt more comfortable with anyone in my life than I do now, here with you. And sometimes to get something good you have to take a risk. I think we make a hell of a pair, and as for work, I’d feel like I was missing a shoe without you. And you make a great breakfast!” That gets me a little smile, and I feel her hand tighten on my wrist just a bit.

“So to answer your question, I’m willing to take the chance honey, see where this goes. I want to. But you have to be sure you feel the same way and want to give it a shot. You had more guts than I did, you made the first move, but the ball is in your court again. Because I’m not leaving unless that’s what you want.”

I stare at her with a little smile, and for a long moment nothing happens. But then, “Billy!” and a whole flood of tears as she heaves herself on top of me and buries her face against my shoulder.

“I do want this, I do, of course I do! When I started this I figured that at worst I’d get a roll in the hay, which I needed, and maybe we’d feel a little bit closer afterwards. But dammit, it’s more than that! So far, everything between us has been perfect! And I know you feel it too!”

And her wet face comes up, looking at mine, with a big shit-eating grin. And when her arms go around my neck I get the most fantastic kiss! Her knees straddle me and she’s wiggling and squirming in my arms, but it’s just happiness, the joy of something important that’s been settled. And I can’t help squeezing her, running my hands all over her, telling her I feel the same way.

When our euphoria finally subsides a bit she lays her head on my chest and looks up at me with a big smile. “I love the look on your face right now, Bill. It looks like you’re really happy! And I think that’s a great start!” She giggles. I think we need to celebrate a little. Why don’t you take me to bed! And if we have any time left we can go shopping!”

With a sudden surge of adrenalin I manage to get up off the couch with her in my arms, and don’t even come close to dropping her as I charge into the bedroom. I peel the tank top off of her and she pushes up my t-shirt, making me take it off. But then she lies back on the bed looking up at me, with that smirk again. “Since you’re so good with your hands, the girls have a special request. How about a titty massage?” she giggles. And she pushes up on the sides of her breasts, making them point right at me.

But I have an outrageous hard-on, painfully trapped in my briefs, so I peel them off and she giggles, “Boingggg!” when it pops straight out. But I still have to take a little time to slide off her tight shorts.

“We can save time from now on; I’ll just paint them on you!” I kid her.

But she says, “Nah, I like your hands on me, and the silly expression you have when you try to get them over my hips! You really need more practice with a real girl. One with hips and a big ass!”

I grab her legs and swing them over to the center of the bed, then I waste no time straddling her, sitting lightly on her hips with my cock pointing straight forward over her stomach, to her delight. And when I lean forward and lightly slide my hands under her breasts she sighs with pleasure and closes her eyes, head back.

Very slowly I move my hands along the bottom curves, side to side, fingers squeezing and kneading gently as I go. Then I press harder, running my hands up along the sides, loving the feel of the soft smoothness, the incredible weight of them and the way they jiggle as I push them around. But best of all, I love the way she sighs with every touch.

Gradually I begin to squeeze harder, watching as the soft smooth flesh melts between my fingers and oozes out the tops of my hands. And I take the advice I gave to her and spit quietly on each hand, making them wet and slippery. Oil would be nice, but, maybe next time. I move my hands round and round in big slow circles, my cock aching at the sight and feel of her wonderful breasts and her reactions to my touch.

But I haven’t yet come near her nipples. Little by little I let my hands slide closer to the dark tips, until they make little cones when I squeeze, pointing up at me. She’s moving on the bed, feet sliding on the sheet, and every touch and squeeze elicits a little moan or whimper.

When I finally slide both hands over the tender tips and cup them gently she suddenly bucks and her back arches from the bed, mashing her nipples into my palms and with a gasp that’s almost a cry, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkk!”

Immediately I begin to squeeze and knead, my hands moving around and around, but always now, fingertips or a palm on the swollen and rock-hard buds. Her eyes open and lock on mine and she gasps, “Oh god Billy, yes!” I love the feel of her softness and the passion in her eyes so much I can hardly stop the sweet massage, but I’m not done yet.

I slide back a little until I’m almost lying on top of her, so my knees are now holding me up just enough to keep my weight off her body. And my cock is pressed against her pussy where I can already feel the wetness as she rolls her hips under me, desperately wanting more. But I give her a big grin, then lower my head and slowly, deliberately, suck in a straining nipple as she watches.

Her whole body shudders as my lips lock around it and I suck, while my tongue swirls circles, getting her dripping wet. And then I grind down on the very tip while my lips squeeze hard and pull up. Suddenly her hands are in my hair, pushing down as her back arches again, her little squeal begging me to devour more and more.

But I feel it almost as much as she does, and I begin rocking my hips, dragging my swollen cock slowly up and down her swollen lips again and again, and I can’t help whimpering against her skin. She’s breathing hard, her body writhing, and finally she gasps, “Billy!” And she grabs my head in both hands and pulls me away from her. “Oh baby! Please! I need you. Now!” Her expression tells me she was never more serious.

And she suddenly spreads her legs, forcing me to move mine between them. So I quickly push myself down from her until I can kneel between her thighs and she pulls her knees up and spreads them wide. At the last moment I worry. “Sandy, you’re sure Cookie is ok?”

“Fuck Cookie! Fuck me!” Even with the exasperation she giggles just a little.

Okay then! She’s watching like a hawk and when I grasp myself she lifts her hips just a little. When I press against her she opens like a flower and she’s so wet I slide into the soft pinkness with almost no resistance until nearly half way home. And the groan I hear as she arches to greet me has nothing to do with pain. I only have to gently thrust a few times and I’m buried in her, and I feel the tiny flutter as she adjusts to me. But there’s no time to be lost now because I can’t wait, and I begin thrusting, gently and slow, rocking back and forth in rhythm with her hips.

When I lean forward and put my hands at her sides the smile on her face says it’s good, just like it is for me, and we quickly pick up the pace, rocking and rolling together. I can’t resist lifting a hand and putting it on her breast, squeezing in time with our thrusts. And when I do she covers my hand with hers and presses lightly, asking it to stay.

But this is way too good, and before long our bodies are slapping, and her body undulates as her hips pump hard to match my strokes. Both of us are gasping and moaning and I feel her hands grab my wrists, holding tight as we move faster and faster, pounding against each other. The little wet spots on her tummy are sweat flying from my brow with every thrust and her body shakes with every impact, causing her breasts to shudder and roll like Jello. But she looks up at me and gasps softly, “More baby, give me more!”

Gradually I do, moving faster, thrusting harder, listening to the bed tick the wall in time with the slapping of our bodies. My cock is on fire and everything tells me I should slow down, ease back, this is too good to end so soon. But not now, not this time! The little grunts and growls she’s making with her efforts tells me what she wants and it’s what I want too. And when she manages to speak again it’s not a request.

“Billy, my god, fuck me! Split me! Oh god baby I need you! Oh shit! BABYYYYYYY!”

And when her hips buck so hard I’m almost lifted, and she howls with next breath, I have no choice! With a growl I pound hard a few more strokes and snarl as my cock erupts suddenly, buried in her. She’s reaching, clawing at me as my hips buck again and again, driving her into the mattress as I try to fill her up. And when I finally stare down at her, gasping for breath and propped up on my shaking arms, she’s panting, whimpering, her body shaking and her pussy clamping hard around me, again and again, milking the last drops I have to give. And her eyes open wide. “Oh BABY!”

I collapse to her side and her arms are around me in an instant. And she can’t stop moving, squirming against me as my hands run up and down her body. My voice comes out as a shudder, “Oh god, Sandy!”

We spend a long time lying together, holding each other, hardly moving and not a word. There’s nothing to say. And both of us are wondering. But I’m desperately hoping. Because nothing was ever that good for me, and I want to believe it was the same for her. A few minutes ago we were talking, and we made a commitment of sorts to each other. And now what seemed wonderful before is even better!

It takes a long time and a lot of little kisses before we can get out of bed. Something is different. We can’t stop touching each other. Or looking. As though we’ve both just discovered someone new, after seven years!

We head out the door to the mall and she’s hanging on my arm, and the smile on her face is like nothing I’ve ever seen. I’ll bet it matches mine.

We hit the big outdoors store in the Mall and spend a lot of time trying boots on her because I want to be sure they’re just right. I don’t want her getting discouraged because of a hot spot or blister. Then we find a nice lightweight day pack and she likes the color. And I grab a couple of pairs of good cushiony socks for her, and finally we get some nice hiking shorts, short and tight enough that she’ll look great but roomy and stretchy enough that they won’t bind. Of course that’s partially for me, because I want to enjoy looking at her and I want to show her off!

But as we wander through the mall checking out the stores and looking for a nice place to have supper, I stop and look in the camera store. “You don’t take pictures!” she says.

“No, but you do, great ones! You have them hanging all over your office. If we weren’t so busy trading barbs I’d have told you how much I like them. The waterfall looks like you could take a shower in it, and the fruit bowl makes my mouth water. I don’t know how you do it! But I’d love to learn if you’ll teach me!”

She looks at me with a smile a mile wide. “You mean it? Jeez, I never even thought you noticed them. Then again, I never thought you knew I had legs either, until a couple of days ago. Well honey, if you want there’s nothing I’d love more than showing you the basics and letting you show me what you can do. But good cameras are expensive, and no use buying a cheap one, you’d never be satisfied with the results. I have more than enough equipment for both of us to use until you can decide what you want!”

“By the way, when are we going hiking? That might be a great place to start. And you can burn pixels to your heart’s content, all day long!”

Big shit-eating grin from me now. “Ummmmmm, well, I thought maybe tomorrow. If we aren’t too busy. The weather looks good … not too hot or cold!”

We both chuckle at that. “Baby, that sounds great! Since tomorrow is Sunday I can spare some time from my busy schedule if you can. Besides, a little recovery time wouldn’t be a bad thing. And it will be my first time, so we can’t possibly go too far unless you want to carry me! I think we can squeeze it in!”

We settle on the steak house and order the biggest ones on the menu, both of us suddenly famished now. It’s all we’ve had since the pizza Friday night except for her delicious brunch. And we both have a couple of drinks with our meals. Of course we click our glasses together and smile at each other, but we don’t say a word. We don’t have to. We both know what we’re celebrating!

By the time we get back to her apartment it’s late and we’re both tired, the long day, the adrenalin, stress and exercise, and the booze all combining to wear us out. And when I plop down on the couch for a minute she turns on the TV and curls up next to me, head on my shoulder. And it’s only minutes before we’re both out like a light.

When I wake up with a bit of a stiff neck an hour later I shake her and whisper softly, “Come on baby, let’s go to bed.” I help her up and we stagger into the bedroom and strip down before climbing under the blankets and snuggling up. And in the moment before I’m asleep again it strikes me it’s so damn natural I can’t believe it!

Somewhere in the middle of the night I wake slowly, to the nicest feeling. I’m warm and comfortable and really don’t want to wake up for a moment. And then she moves again. I tighten my arms around her a trifle. “Mmmmmmmmmmm.”

“Me too.”

She wiggles against me just a bit, getting even closer. And in a few moments we both doze off again.

But this time it’s more like a power nap, and in 20 minutes or so I’m awake again, and this time the cobwebs are gone quickly. And I lie there, not moving a muscle so as not to disturb her, and my mind goes into overdrive. How the hell did this happen, and what the hell are we doing?

Little doubts, hiding in the darkness, come out and play with me. What happens if the sex gets old, like it did with my other girlfriends? Well it’s better with her than it’s ever been. Suppose it turns out we have nothing in common except that we’re good in bed? Will she have some kind of a problem with me like it seems she has with every other guy in her life?

Will little personal things start interfering with our jobs; if we have a bad day, will it carry over to everyone else at work? And if we start messing up how long before it’s noticed? We both have great reputations, but it won’t take long for that to go down the toilet if we screw something up. Relationships at work are carefully scrutinized, both vicariously and officially.

I know everything about her, but I really know nothing about her. I know she has a sister that calls a lot. But mom, dad? She’s hardly mentioned them. And I know I’ve never shared anything much about me. She knows even less. There aren’t any skeletons in my closet, just not much family, an older sister, mom in a retirement village in Florida, dad gone for quite a while now. But what about her? Does it even matter?

But my mind fights back. Hey! Seven years! I’ve known everything she’s done, every vacation she’s taken. And she knows the same about me. And relationships! I know I haven’t talked too much about my problems, at the time they always hurt too much. But it didn’t seem to matter to her. She just nursed me back to health, made me see there’s always a tomorrow. And what maybe neither of us knew is, this is tomorrow!

Her relationships always turn out to be a mess. She tells me this and that, but the bottom line seems to be bad choices. Or maybe just wanting too much, trying too hard. And overlooking danger signs. Hell one guy she dated for a couple of weeks turned out to be married! And another one now has a live-in boyfriend! I bet she has nightmares about that one.

Well what about me? Again, no skeletons. But am I enough for her? Once the shine wears off am I exciting enough to keep her interested? Hey bozo! Seven fucking years! And she’s interested now! And I know it’s because of our daily sparring, little jabs here and there, always in fun and taken that way. But it’s exciting, keeps us on our toes, always trying hard to counterpunch just enough to stay even.

Hey! This is important! I need to remember that I can’t just take her for granted! You asshole! It’s my job to keep her interested! Every day little surprises. Even if it’s just a sudden kiss on the neck. Maybe a silly trinket that tells her I’m thinking about her. And sharing. If I hear something that’s funny or interesting or I wonder about, tell her! We won’t always agree, but hell. She’s the smartest person I know. Listen! ‘Cuz maybe she’s right! It’s happened plenty of times at work. She’s saved my ass more than once. Or at least, embarrassment. And never be mean. Even if I get a little annoyed, don’t take it out on her. She’s not that way. If she says or does something I don’t like it’s not because she wants to hurt me. God, I need to remember that!

Fuck all the doubts. It could work. So the real question is, do I want it? After all, I’m in my thirties. Even though I’ve had several relationships, Do I really want something permanent? I just blamed her for her bad choices. But what about me, could it be the same? Never mind the excuses! Could it? Am I really a loner that just needs some closeness once in a while? Will I get tired of just about anyone, eventually? Even her? Because she was right. We have work to think of. And we sure as shit can’t take a chance of screwing up our relationship and that too!

“Billy?” Ease up a little bit, okay?”

Oh my god! I’ve got her in a vise grip! As I’ve been lying here, thinking, I’ve been squeezing her tighter and tighter! And suddenly I know what matters. The only thing! Sandy! The rest will just have to sort itself out. And as I relax my arms I lean down and kiss her forehead.

“Mmmmmmm, that’s much better!” And that’s the last thing she gets to say before my lips lock over hers.

We lie still, only moving our heads a bit as we kiss for long minutes. And the only sounds are tiny little moans and sighs telling each other how good we feel. But when the inevitable happens she moves a hand down and wraps her fingers around my hardness and holds me, like, that’s just what you do.

It takes a groan to do it, but I slide a hand between us and she pulls back just enough so that it can close around one of the girls. And the sigh of pleasure tells me it was just the right thing to do. I just hold her gently, but I make sure my fingertips have the tiny little bud captured between them. And for some reason it seems to be swelling, getting harder.

We are still burrowed deep beneath the covers, so dark that all I can see is the dimmest of reflection off a cheekbone, light from who knows where. Not worth keeping eyes open. But the Darkness can be a scary place, the realm of doubts and fears. Confidence and hope, so bright in the daylight, can crumble and vanish into a million what-ifs.

But now it’s a world of heightened senses, touch and feel, sound, taste, and even smell. Perhaps an indistinct stale odor; we were much too tired to hit the shower before bed. But that’s not important now, a problem that will be taken care of when needed, in due time. Mostly though, it’s her scent, a faint, sweet natural fragrance that just seems to emanate from her, combined with the more powerful, enticing tang of her sex.

When my hand closes ever so slightly, squeezing her, I feel her respond in kind. And when my tongue slides gently between her lips, searching for hers, for some reason both of us stretch and shudder, our bodies pulling back, then molding to each other. And our hands somehow take up a rhythm together, a slow, steady pulsing, feeling wonderful all out of proportion to the degree of movement.

But little by little her grip becomes a long slow stroking, and my hand kneads gently, fingertips pinching and pulling just enough. And after more long minutes of kisses and moans and touches I feel her shaking, and her lips break away from mine. “Billy! My god!”

“I know.”

We both know what’s needed, yet somehow there’s a great reluctance to move. But finally she lifts a leg and slides it over my thigh until it’s above my hip. And my body follows the tug of her hand until we’re in place, just right. And with no discernible signal our hips roll in unison, and I slide easily into the warm wet tunnel, just enough. And I smile at the tiny little whimper that comes from between clenched lips and whispers, “More.”

As I begin to thrust, ever so slowly, we both shift slightly, until, when I am buried deep inside, it’s perfect. And I love the shaky little gasps that each long slow stroke elicits, but I know I’m making them too. My hands are on her back now, just above her hips, and she’s got hers on the back of my neck, fingers tickling my hair. And although I can’t see a thing, I know the grin on her face must be just as big and wonderful as the one I’m wearing.

Because this is not fucking. It’s not just sex. It’s lovemaking. And what we’re doing is not nearly so important as why. Of course it’s too soon to say we’re “in love”. Only time will tell. But it’s a sign, a hint, perhaps a warning, that it could happen. This is new ground for me, likely for her. And even as the thought makes my hips thrust harder, my gasps more distinct, her tightness clenching around me more exquisite, there is a sense that my life has somehow changed.

But that that feeling is slowly but surely replaced by passion and lust, and when I begin thrusting harder, more urgently, she responds, a little grunt accompanying every buck of her hips. And from the darkness, “My turn!”

Her hand presses back on my shoulder and at the same time she pushes herself forward and up, until suddenly I’m on my back and she’s mounted atop me, the covers now sliding off her back. And in the dim light from the window I can see the grin as she leans forward and puts her hands on my chest. Her ass starts to lift and fall, first the same rhythm that we just enjoyed, but quickly harder, more urgent. And her round bottom begins to slap loudly against my hips as she impales herself, over and over, taking every millimeter she can get. Even the bed picks up her beat, squeaking its way up and down with every thrust.

Even though I can barely see them I know they’re there, and when my palms find her breasts my fingers stick to them like magnets, cradling them as they sway and bounce. And her response of, “Oh damn!” signals a renewed attack as she begins pounding down on me, whimpering and gasping with the effort.

There’s a low growl coming from my throat as I pull my knees up behind her, and when she rams herself back on me I thrust forward, pounding against her ass and driving myself even deeper. And quickly I take over, rolling my hips with hard, staccato thrusts which end with a satisfying loud slap. Her hands move to my shoulders and she just holds herself steady, a willing recipient of all I can give her.

Her breasts are stroking against me now as they sway, the incredibly hard, rough nipples tickling the hairs and grinding little trails of fire back and forth across my chest. But even better are the little grunts and cries and moans that play counterpoint to my labored breathing. And I can see the shine in her eyes in the growing light of the dawning day.

I’m getting tired, even my trips to the gym not having prepared me for this kind of continuous effort. But whatever it takes, I’m not stopping now. And with a snarl of determination I step up another notch, my thighs banging against her ass as I pound away. Her breath is coming in long, deep gasps, but she’s braced and ready, her body only shuddering slightly with the impacts.

Until suddenly she yells, “Oh god, fuck me Billy!” and begins rocking hard to meet me, her knees sliding to the sides, opening herself up even wider to me. The noises are now wet and juicy, my cock and balls coated with her cream. And when I feel the tingle I suddenly reach up and grab her, pulling her down to my chest and pistoning into her until I impale her with one final thrust. And her scream and my growl are perfectly timed as we buck together, over and over, bodies pummeling each other.

In a minute or two it’s done, except for the long contractions, deep inside her, and her breath is coming in shivery gasps. When I remember to let go she pushes up and stares down at me with a look I can’t define. Fear, wonder, anxiety? All together. And she quavers, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” before she collapses and buries her face in my neck.

After we lie still for long minutes, recovering, the strange desperate mood that seemed have overtaken both of us is suddenly gone, and in its place, optimism, ambition, the joy of being. The energy is palpable and almost boundless! With the rise of the sun is a new desire, to greet it, run with it!

We quickly take a shower and then make plans. The first, of course, is to head for my apartment, get me my hiking gear and a fresh change or two for later. While I make us some fresh coffee she gets together a snack for us both and puts it in her new pack, along with some camera stuff. We’re in such a hurry and we don’t know why! We just have the need to move, to do, to be together. And as soon as I tell her how great she looks in her new shorts and the sexy t-shirt we head out.

We take a little longer than expected at my apartment, because I forgot she’s never seen it, and she has to poke and explore just a little. But I use the time, changing to my hiking shorts and boots and making sure the usual supplies for the trail are in my pack. And I fill water bottles for us both. And since we still plan to head back to her apartment afterwards, I stuff a little duffle with some clothes, including a change for the office. They’ll have to live with the wrinkles.

I’ve always known where I’d take her, a trail I’ve always loved, only five or six miles long with a gradual climb up to a ridge above a river valley where you can see forever. And then it loops around and follows the rushing river downstream for a while before leading us back to our car.

The hour’s drive is pretty quiet. She’s a little nervous about being able to just do the hike; I’m hoping she’ll love it and want more. When we arrive she’s anxious to just go, but I make sure her pack is adjusted to the right spot on her back. Then she takes it off again and pulls a little waist belt thingy out of the pack, takes a small camera from it and then tells me to put it on. By the time I have it adjusted she’s finished fiddling with the dials and she slides it into the pouch for me, making sure it’s fastened. And she tells me, if there’s anything I’d like to try taking a picture of, let’s just stop and do it!

We head up a little slope through some trees, then out across a meadow. It’s pretty, with flowers all around just like always. But we haven’t gone a hundred yards when she stops me. “Billy, don’t you see? This place is wonderful! Look at the flowers!” And in an instant her pack is off and her camera is out and she ignores the dirt on her knees as she kneels down in front of a clump of beautiful blue somethings, moving several times until she has the light and the composition just right.

And then I hear the shutter firing, time after time as she dodges a little, left and right, up and down, changing the angle, the light, the distance. In a few moments I’m sure she’s taken at least 30 pictures! She stares at the back of the camera for a moment, humming little sounds of appreciation, and then she stands and shoves the back of the camera in front of my face. And she says, “Push this,” pointing to a little button on one side.

And there they are, all the pictures! And oh my god, some are beautiful! Some look like an arranged bouquet, even though it was Mother Nature’s hand. And some are so close I can see the texture in the individual petals, something I’d never noticed before. But near the end, I gasp. Three pictures in a row there’s a honey bee, gathering pollen, each time in a little different position. And in the last one his wings are frozen in flight and I can even see the tiny veins in them!

I look up at her with my mouth open, amazed. “Oh baby, these are so beautiful! To me they were just little spots of color along the trail and you made them into works of art! And that bee! It’s …”

She has a smile a mile wide. “It’s going up on the wall in my office! The last one. A picture like that is mostly luck, But if everything’s set just right and you keep at it, things like that happen! But the first thing is, you have to recognize good opportunities. To you it was just a beautiful color-filled meadow, but to me it was a whole world of individual beautiful subjects. I could spend all day right here! Getting pictures like that takes lots of practice and you have to know your camera. The little one I gave you won’t do that but you can still get some great shots. Here, let me show you!”

I hand her the camera out of my pouch and she scans the area for a minute. And she spots an area where there are some pink and yellow flowers mixed in with the blue ones. She crouches down and shoots different areas, capturing different flowers and different angles, then stands and shoots straight down into the little cups and pinwheels. And she hands me the camera again. “This button.”

And I look again. And I can hardly believe it! The flowers aren’t as close, now little groupings instead of individuals, and patterns instead of textures. But still beautiful. I take a deep breath and look at her like someone I never saw before. “You are amazing!”

She giggles. “Yes, but you can be too!” She takes the camera for a moment and shoots one picture of the palm of her hand, then gives it back. “That’s so you’ll know where you started. Now; you saw what I did, just do the same and look for the same kinds of things I took the pictures of. There’s no right and wrong, just what pleases you! The camera will take care of all the settings, you just have to find the great pictures!”

Now my hands are shaking a little as I take back the camera, and I look around blankly for a few moments. But then I spot a nice little grouping with all the different colors and carefully move near it, about the same distance she started at. But she tells me to move around a little, so the light is better and my shadow isn’t on the flowers. And when I raise the camera and start to aim she tells me to anchor my elbows against my chest to hold the camera more steady, then push the button lightly so I don’t shake it. And in a moment I’m blazing away, shooting everything that catches my eye.

After a couple of minutes she tells me to stand and move closer, then point almost straight down like she did. And now I’m beginning to see little puddles of color. And I move up and down, getting closer then backing off, until I find the look I like best. And I get so into it I almost forget to stop! But she finally says, “Baby, let’s see what you’ve got!”

I hand her the camera again and we put our heads together, looking at the little screen. The first few pictures aren’t much, too shaky and too far away. But little by little they get better! And I’m amazed again when I realize I was beginning to see the same things she did! And by the time we come to the last picture I’ve seen a few that I might put on MY wall!

She gives me a great big grin, obviously pleased with my enthusiasm, and says, “C’mon baby, your turn to show me how to hike. With a start like this I know we’ll find lots of great things to take pics of, but,” she giggles, “we need to get back before dark. Unless you brought the tent!”

Off we go, up the long hill, and I find she’s in great shape when I realize she’s not puffing any more than I am. And when we get to a steep slope I warn her to stay off the wet muddy spots and stick to the gravel or well anchored rocks. And I warn her whenever there’s a low-hanging branch, carefully holding some of them until she can get by. But our progress is slowed because she keeps finding more wonderful subjects to shoot! And it’s noon before we reach the ridge.

When we come out of the trees onto the rocky top she turns around, looking at the beautiful view, drinking in the far hills and the river below. But she doesn’t touch her camera. And I finally say, “I’ve been here quite a few times before and today is as pretty and clear as I’ve ever seen it! I’ll bet this will give us some great pictures!” and I quickly reach for the camera.

I get a great big smile for my enthusiasm and she says, “Let’s see what you can do.”

All fired up now I start shooting, aiming in all directions at the distant hills and forests. And after a couple of minutes she says, “Let’s take a look.”

When we do I’m very disappointed. The hills don’t look as steep and tall as in real life and the colors seem muted. And there’s very little detail at all. And I ask her if it’s the difference in our cameras. She gets out her camera and takes one picture, just about like one of mine. We look at the screen and it looks just the same.

I’m baffled. “what’s wrong?”

“Pictures of distant scenery are usually disappointing. Haze and heat waves in the air distort things and mute colors. And remember, the picture is always much smaller than what you see with your eyes. Sometimes it’s nice to have a “record” shot that you’ve been there, but for good pictures stick to individual targets, as tight as possible and as close as possible. See that pile of rocks, look like glacial boulders, right?”

I nod my head. She whips out her camera again and takes one more shot. And we look. She framed it so there is only a portion of the boulders, stacked on and against each other. But every little ridge and bump, every crack and mineral seam and every little shiny crystal is visible. Not a great picture, but very interesting. “Which one would you rather have for your wall, yours … or mine?”

It’s no contest. “Yours, of course. Other people are going to see it. And they don’t care much where I’ve been; they just want something pretty and interesting!” And I pull out my camera and take several pictures of the boulders.

She sets up her camera on a rock for a minute and takes pictures of us with the self-timer. Then we head down the back side of the loop trail, stopping to take pictures of everything from squirrels to deer and wildflowers to pine trees. And more rocks. Soon we hear a rushing sound and in a minute are walking alongside the rapids of a tumbling river. We stop again and take pictures of various little scenes, reflecting pools and rushing water. She shows me how to slow down the camera speed, then brace it on a rock and we get pictures of rapids in slow motion, blended together so the water looks more like cream flowing dreamily along.

And one thing I’ve noticed all day. She’s looking. Constantly and everywhere. And 90 percent of the things we photograph are things she’s spotted. We come to a stretch where the river flattens out and slows, the water looking smooth and slippery with little ripples and whirlpools here and there. And suddenly she freezes. “Honey, can we stop here a few minutes?”

I look at my watch and realize we’ve been out for more than six hours on a trail that should take no more than three, and I’m amazed how happy she is to be here, seemingly not tired or bored. So of course I agree, and she plops herself down on a soft rock and stares at the river. And I notice she’s concentrating on one spot.

Then she changes the lens on her camera to one about a foot long, from her backpack, and aims carefully on her chosen spot. I have no idea what she’s doing, but I don’t want to interrupt. And of course, I continue to look around, enjoying the scenery. After a few minutes I know she must be tiring from holding the heavy camera, but she has her arms locked against her chest and doesn’t move a muscle.

Just as I look away again I hear the camera scream, taking one picture after another in a short burst, and finally, a splash. And she exclaims, “Oh god!” I quickly go over to her and I can see she’s shaking as she lowers the camera and looks at the back, and we stare at the pictures together. And there it is! A fish in mid-leap in one, two, three, four frames! It’s wet and shiny and the colors are bright and sparkling in the sun. Even water drops flying! And at least two of the pictures appear crystal clear and sharp!

She turns to me with the most amazing grin, excitement written all over her. “Oh my god baby! That looks like one of the best pictures I’ve ever taken!” she says, staring at the third frame. “I saw the fish jump before, only about 25 feet out. And then it did it again in the same spot. And I just waited and he was right there!” She carefully lays the camera down and then jumps up and throws her arms around me!

“Oh baby, this has been such a great day! I’ve always wanted to get out and really look at nature, but I’ve been afraid to go alone. And now being with you is a dream come true!”

She’s so excited she’s almost dancing, and she wants to get home and see the pictures on her computer, so we do the last mile in record time and head for her apartment. And the pictures are as good as she thought, even better! We even figure out the kind of fish; we Google it and it’s a rainbow trout, in bright spawning colors!

She’s so happy she can’t wipe the smile off her face, and I’m just as happy for her. But I’m happy for me too, for both of us. Because I’m sure there will be many more long days outdoors together, with cameras, backpacks, and maybe a tent! But it occurs to me, all I did was show her the right way to walk in the woods. She’s opened up a whole new world to me with her cameras!

I order Chinese because we’re both starving, tired from our long day in the fresh air and way too excited to cook. And when it arrives we end up gobbling it down and scraping the bottom of the boxes. She’s got a bottle of chilled wine and we polish that off too.

She hadn’t noticed all day, but her legs are getting a little stiff now, and when I offer my massage skills she quickly accepts. But it’s a real massage, to loosen up aching muscles, and she almost falls asleep as my hands do their work. When I’m done we sit down on the couch together, nursing the last of the wine, and we just can’t keep our eyes off of each other.

And she gives a tired little sigh and says, “Billy, do you know this was one of the best days of my life?”

And an odd thing happens. I want to cry. Because I was thinking the same thing and didn’t dare believe she felt the same way. But I manage to hold back all but a single tear. And her finger gently wipes it away. “Don’t do that honey, or you’ll make me cry too. And right now, I’m just so happy!”

I suck it up, because of course I am too. And I ask her, “Do you remember the day Lenny said we were like oil and water?” She nods her head with a little smile. “I think it’s more like blueberries and cream!”

And in an instant we are in each other’s arms, squeezing as tight as we can and holding on for dear life. And kisses are going everywhere, covering both of us.

When we head for the bedroom we climb in from opposite sides and meet in the middle. And once again we snuggle together under the covers, wrapped up in each other the whole night through.

I wake to about the most irritating sound I’ve ever known. It’s her alarm clock, set to go off automatically at 5:30 AM. She growls and pulls away from me, then reaches out and slams it so hard it falls off the nightstand. And then she crawls back into my waiting arms.

Now she’s almost crying. “Oh baby. It’s Monday! And we’re supposed to go to work! And I don’t want to!”

Before she can say another word I silence her with a kiss, and in seconds we are grinding together, hungry for each other. I reach for the girls, loving their smooth softness as I stoke one, then the other. And of course she finds my cock, and slowly, gently, her hand begins to stroke him.

For long minutes our lips play, our tongues saying good morning in each other’s mouths. And I love how she moans and her body can’t be still, her hips slowly pumping as she straddles my leg. I lift my lips from hers and start kissing, eyes, cheeks, forehead, everywhere I can reach, then bend my head down and start on her neck and ear. She moans and shudders with every touch, her hot breath almost burning me as she twists and turns, offering me the spot she wants next.

My fingertips have found a hard, rocky, swollen nipple, and when I pull and twist and squeeze her breath becomes ragged; broken little gasps and pants. Her hand is now pulling hard, squeezing tight on my aching hard and rigid cock. And my leg is wet from her leaking sweetness.

When I give her a little nudge she rolls onto her back, her arms pulling me with her until I am between her thighs, smiling back at the grin looking up at me. I throw off the covers and stare down at her, amazed that this beautiful woman wants me, has given herself to me. Because I know now, just as she knows.

She spreads her legs wide, knees up, and when I slide into her she gasps, “Oh baby!” And I swear her smile lights up the room more than the dawning day. When I gently begin to rock my hips, pressing deeper, she whispers, “Slow baby, I want to watch.”

So do I, and we stare together as my cock, shining with her juices, disappears and reappears, time after time. Soon her hips begin to lift in response, and we rock together at the same unhurried pace. I’m already shuddering, and wondering why this feels so much better than ever before, but deep down, I already know.

When I lean forward, needing a kiss so badly, it forces him into her even deeper, and as our lips gently grind she moans, “Oh god!” into my mouth.

I straighten up again and there’s no more question, the need is so strong it can’t be denied. I begin slowly picking up the pace, thrusting harder and listening to the satisfying slap of our bodies as she matches me stroke for stroke. I look down and see her grasping her nipples, stroking them at first, then pulling, squeezing, twisting, harder and harder, staring at me and satisfying both of us as I drive myself ever deeper. Her eyes are telling me how good it is, but her gasps and moans and grunts are even better messengers.

She reaches her hands up to me and we interlock fingers, holding on tight as our bodies begin to shake and shudder as they slam together, my thrusts hard and urgent now. “Oh god baby, almost!” I gasp to warn her, wanting desperately for her to be with me.

“Yes. Yes! Oh please! Oh God!”

Pulling my hands from hers I lean forward, putting them on the bed. And I shut my eyes, head back, as I snarl and begin pistoning hard, the bed creaking now, in concert with her little high-pitched squeals with every thrust. She’s there already, with a death grip on my arms, so I have to be too, and with one more gasp for breath I pound myself into her so hard she slides on the sheet. And I growl again and again as my hips buck, each thrust forcing another spurt into her core!

This time I haven’t the strength, and when I collapse on top of her she wraps her arms and legs around me and we rock slowly together. Gradually we roll to our sides, still locked in an embrace. Our lips simply will not part, nor will our bodies, and very slowly, gently, we squirm and stretch against each other.

When we finally run out of breath from crushing the air out of each other we relax a little and lie side by side, just staring at each other. I’m terrified! But it has to be done. I can’t wait any longer. And I’m hoping so hard it’s the same for her.

“Well,” I say, trying to sound nonchalant for some reason, “I suppose there’s no point in trying to avoid it any longer.” And her face lights up with the biggest, brightest smile I’ve ever seen.

“Nope,” she says, matter-of-factly, “I love you! I don’t want to hide it and I don’t want to shout it. I just want to show you, in everything I do!”

“Oh god, sweetheart! I love you so much!”

And it’s amazing how two people can cry so hard with such big smiles on their faces!

When I can speak at all again I say, stupidly, “Baby, doesn’t this scare you? How this could happen; that we can feel this way in just one weekend?”

But I get another of those wonderful smiles. “Oh Billy, that’s so silly! A weekend? This has happened over seven long amazing years! And If I hadn’t had a hole in my pantyhose it might not have happened yet! I’ve never been surer in my life!”

And in a flash of enlightenment, I realize how right she is! It must be rare if ever that two people get to test each other so thoroughly, to see and judge reactions to every little barb and jab. And to learn so much about each other’s lives, even be a part of them. All the times we consoled each other we were building confidence, trust, letting each other know we truly cared! And we learned each other’s abilities, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, working together every day. Perhaps we didn’t match at the start. But gradually, inevitably, we drifted together, fitting like pieces into each other’s puzzle.

“I think we should have those pantyhose framed. They can go right next to your fish!”

It’s a dumb joke but she considers seriously. “Well you better go search the trash then, because I already threw them out!”

At that moment, for some reason, she notices that it’s light out. And she says, “Oh damn!” and dives for the clock on the floor. And she comes back up holding it and moans, “Dammit baby, it’s quarter of eight. We’re going to be late!”

I look at her with a little smile. “We’re not late yet, are we?”

She shakes her head. “No. but we can’t make …”

“You know that guy Dave? The one that thinks we work for him?”

“Um. Yeah?”

“Would you say he’s pretty smart?”

“Yes, of course. He’s the smartest guy I know, except maybe the one I’m in love with.”

“Right. Anyway, would you say he’s pretty perceptive?”

“Scary! Sometimes he knows what I mean before I do. I learned a long time ago not to try to get anything by him.”

“Good! Then give me the phone!”

She has to dive back on the floor again because she knocked that off too, but she finds it under the bed and hands it to me after wiping away a dust bunny. It’s almost five of eight now and I know Dave is always in early, especially on Monday, so I dial his number. And when the phone rings I put it on speaker so she can hear.

“Good morning, David Rogers.”

“Hi Dave, it’s Bill. Sorry to do this with no notice, but I’m at Sandy’s apartment. We’ve been working on a project here all weekend and …”

“Project? Not one of ours, I assume.”

“No, sorry a personal project. And we’re at a point now where we just can’t leave off until it’s done. So we won’t be in today. But I promise we’ll make up for it tomorrow.”

“You guys have anything going on that needs my attention?”

“Nope, nothing that we know of, but if anything comes up, Frank is in on both of our major projects and he can fill you in and fight fires if necessary. Better let him know we won’t be around today.”

“No problem, you may end up owing him more than me though. Anything else?”

“Oh, that campaign Tom is working on. We had a talk Friday and came up with a fix for it. Time will tell if it works, but at least it looks good for now.”

“Okay, well both of you enjoy your day then, hope you accomplish everything you need to. At least I know it will be an easy day for me.

And by the way. Why the hell did this take so long? I’ve expected it for years. Anyhow, congratulations to you both!”

There’s a click and Sandy stares at me in stunned amazement. “How the hell?”

“Perceptive. He knew before we did. Maybe he put the hole in your pantyhose.”

And we break out in peals of laughter, rolling on the bed. But when we calm down, she looks at me seriously. “What do we do about the rest of the office?”

“Nothing. Dave has one weakness. When he knows something he thinks is juicy and it’s not work related or sensitive he can’t keep it to himself. Frank will know. And you know from there.”

“Oh my god! What’s going to happen to us tomorrow?”

“I don’t know but we’re going to squirm. Just don’t let anyone get to you. Stiff upper lip. And all that stuff. It will be fun I bet. For them, anyhow.”

We stare at each other for a moment, and the smiles get bigger and bigger. Until we just grab each other and roll around again, laughing and crying and kissing and hugging all at the same time. And I know there’s no question, I’ve never been so happy or exhilarated in my life, not even close. Any doubts or fears I had a few minutes ago are gone, replaced by absolute certainty. We can’t predict where life will lead, but I know for sure that no two people ever had a better start.

We hop out of bed, hardly taking the time to dress, and rush around the kitchen, playing with each other as we search for something special to eat. There’s not much but she manages to whip up some pancake batter while I defrost the breakfast sausage and get it sizzling in the pan. And amazingly, there’s a little box of blueberries that she bought last week as a treat, and they’re still fresh! So into the pancakes they go!

We manage to get everything together and cooked and sit down at the table, but it’s hard to eat with such big grins, especially when you can’t keep your hands off each other. But even with fluttering stomachs we manage to get it all down and enjoy it, because, after all, we’re doing it together! The dishes go into the sink because we don’t have time for that, and instead, we end up on the couch, wrapped up in each other.

“Well my love,” she says, “what should we do today?”

“With a wicked grin I reply, “I plan on making love to you all day, we won’t have time for anything else.”

“That’s a pretty tall order for such and old man! Think you’re up to it?”

“I’ll recuperate tomorrow, in the office.”

“Who says I’ll let you?”

“In the office? Pretty hard to molest me there!”

She gets the biggest shit-eating grin on her face. “Ummmm, remember the elevator?”

“Oh my god! You’ll get us both fired!” But then I add, “But yes, I remember it, vividly! And you can’t imagine how dumb I feel now for never following up.”

“It’s okay,” she purrs, “I forgive you. But please baby, never be shy with me again. You know now, I love you! And anything you want is yours!”

She leans forward to kiss me, but as she does I feel her hand in my lap, searching, then stroking lightly when she finds out my little secret; I’m already halfway there! And as her lips press on mine she sighs a quiet, “Mmmmmmmmm!” When she sits back again she giggles. “Well at least, he’s not shy!” And then she leans forward again and whispers in my ear, “What if I told you, Cookie’s already a little wet?”

I shiver, loving how she’s being so bold, holding nothing back. “Then I’d say, we’re in the wrong room!”

And the big shit-eating grin says, “Uhhuh!”

I’m up in a flash and pulling her with me, but when she stands I just can’t help wrapping my arms around her and crushing her to me. And before the long, grinding, amazing kiss I whisper, “I only hope you can imagine how much I love you! It’s like my whole life was meant for this moment, right now!”

By the time we make the bedroom both our t-shirts are off, and I pull her to me again, so the girls are crushed against my chest. And it’s like our hands are hungry, they just can’t get enough of each other’s body. Our faces are damp from little kisses being plastered everywhere, and when she slips her tongue into my mouth our lips finally grind together. Our hips are slowly rolling in unison, and she pushes Cookie hard against the bulge in my shorts.

At last she sighs and pushes herself back a little, her face already flushed just a bit, and she bends her head and kisses my chest, nuzzling for a moment in the soft patch of hair. And her lips are making little soft touches, again and again. Until she finds a nipple and giggles as she nips and sucks for a moment, making me gasp! But then she continues slowly down, spreading little kisses and licks all over me, until her lips are at the waistband of my shorts and she’s kneeling on the floor. And all I can do is stand and shudder, transfixed, as she undoes the button, then the zipper. Then she begins to slide my shorts down, but suddenly stops and looks up at me with a little smirk. “No underwear! Pretty sure of yourself aren’t you mister?” And with a laugh she yanks the shorts down over my knees to my ankles, ducking as “he” suddenly pops free.

She giggles. “I love how he’s always so anxious! And he’s so big and beautiful,” She sighs, holding him with both hands. But then she lets go with one hand and shakes him with the other! “Do you know this is what every girl dreams of? And I wasn’t sure it existed until I saw you! And she rubs him against her soft cheek.”

Her words and the way she’s “handling” me make me shudder, but then I laugh. “I guess he’s just the right match for the girls. These are what every man dreams of!” And I reach down and slide my hands under them, bouncing them in my palms.

“Pretty soon we’ll see how great a match they really are!” And I shiver at the thought as she rubs my tender tip against her hard, pointy nipples. “Would you like that?”

And she giggles again when all I can gasp is, “Oh fuck!”

Then she shows me what she’s learned as she spits on both hands before wrapping them around him. And I watch as she twists her hands around me with agonizing slowness and slides them up and down from balls to tip and back. But when she covers the tip with one hand and swirls it slowly around as the other cranks around the base I groan loudly and my legs shake, no longer wanting to hold me.

“Sit down baby, and relax, this is gonna’ take a while!” she chuckles.

I almost fall onto the bed and she spits again before grabbing hard with both fists, and now she jacks up and down hard, squeezing tight. She’s between my knees and staring right at me with a wicked grin. After she stops stroking she puts a hand lightly against one side, holding him in place, then kisses and licks slowly along the other. And I shudder and gasp at every little touch and tease, almost forgetting to breathe. Her tongue and lips are getting me wet, and when her tongue finally circles slowly around my head I’m bathed in warm, slippery saliva. But when she backs up an inch and just blows gently I shudder violently and my cock jerks hard and bounces up and down. “Oh god!”

Another giggle. “Oooooooooo I love how sensitive he is!” And she leans forward and kisses again, making me gasp.

Then she rubs her soft cheek against him again, moving her head slowly up and down. Suddenly I feel the fingers of her other hand fondling my balls, and I gasp at the gentle touch. Her hand wraps around my cock and pushes it back against my stomach as she kisses her way down the underside of my shaft until her tongue slowly slips over the tender sac, and she sighs with pleasure.

For a moment she teases me, just the tip of her tongue tickling here and there. But then I feel her lips, wet and hot, sliding over me until she sucks one ball gently into her mouth and her tongue bathes it, rolling it carefully. But when she hears me panting she opens her mouth and laughs. “I think someone likes it!” And the smile she sees when she looks up tells her she’s right!

Her tongue quickly slides up the length of my shaft again and now she doesn’t hesitate. Her lips slide over my head and she looks up at me with that smile as she sucks hard and her tongue goes round and round. Leaving me lying there, gasping, “Ohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuck!”

She doesn’t waste much time on torture though, quickly sliding her lips down him and bobbing quickly, going further with every stroke. There must be a flood in her mouth because he’s covered with hot wet spit and it feels just wonderful. But she slows down as her thrusts go deeper and deeper, and she gurgles a bit when I hit the back of her mouth. Instead of pulling back she just stops and looks at me with her mouth full of cock. And she bends down a little lower and pushes. And I can see the tears run down her cheeks as I slide a little deeper, into the amazing tightness of her throat. I want to tell her she doesn’t have to do this, but the look on her face tells me she does. So I lay back, trembling, and try to relax.

She quickly pulls back and the flood of spit flows from her lips, down my shaft and over my balls. She wraps a hand around him as she pants, catching her breath. And she strokes, hard and fast, making juicy, slippery sounds.

In another moment, in I go again, this time even further, and she bobs slowly several times, making little bubbly noises each time my tip slides back out of her throat. I groan and pant and gasp and I’m shaking, but she’s not gonna’ stop. And after a few times down her lips nestle in my coarse hair and she grinds her face into my groin. I can feel her throat contracting hard, trying to swallow me, and I’m afraid I can’t stand it! But if she can do this for me I have no choice! And in between gasps I croak out, “Oh god baby … Uh … Uh … Oh god!”

She lifts her head again, her chest heaving as she gasps for breath, then looks at me with a big smile and drool running down her chin. And when she swallows me again it’s all in one motion! It feels like my cock is in her stomach as her lips grind against me! I have a tight grip on two little balls of sheet, and my legs are kicking, out of control, as I fight not to give in. And when her head comes up again I know it has to be the last time.

“Come here, baby,” I gasp out, with a little laugh. “You win!”

“I know!” she giggles. And when she pushes off her shorts before climbing up on the bed with me I realize she’s not wearing any underwear either! She wipes her sloppy face with her hand before taking my head with both hands and giving me a big wet kiss!

But as soon as I put my hands on her it’s like they’re on fire. She jumps and gasps and pulls away from my mouth, her eyes wide and staring. “Baby? Baby! Oh god!”

I grab her and push her down on her back, and she’s squirming, writhing, as I cover her face with little kisses, from her forehead to her chin, before I cover her mouth with mine. But then she suddenly wraps both hands around my head, and it’s not just a kiss! She’s sucking on my lips, biting, grinding, licking, whimpering; little moans of pure need coming from her throat. Her body is in constant motion, twisting, turning, pushing against me. She manages to get her legs around my thigh and slides them up and down, pumping against it. She simply can’t stop moving, and little squeaky sounds are leaking from her throat!

I move my lips to the side of her neck and begin kissing and licking, from her throat to her ear, and suck in the ear lobe. She groans, in a frantic voice, “Oh Babyyyyyyyyyy! Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk! God!” Her breath is coming in shallow, ragged little gasps and I have to put my hands on her shoulders to pin her down.

I kiss back down again and she raises her chin, offering me her throat. She’s still squirming, and she pulls her arms from around me and raises them to my head, one hand in my hair, the fingers pulling, tangling stroking; the other running over my face and neck. I have my lips on her tender throat, kissing, nipping, licking, grinding. And she gasps out, in a voice that’s only breath, “Oh god baby! Yes! Please! Mark me! Right there!” She whimpers and cries and her body spasms and bucks against me. “Do it! Show everyone I’m yours! Show me! Don’t leave any fucking doubt!” and when my lips lock onto her and my teeth nip as I suck hard she yelps with surprise, but almost shouts, “Yes! God, that’s what I want! Own me! Jeezus Christ, You already do!”

I’ve never known anything like this! No woman has ever shown me such complete, animal need and I growl my response, a basic instinct now awakened in me to claim her, show my need for her, my lust, my desire; to possess her, make her know how totally she is loved!

When I begin to kiss lower, wet sloppy kisses down her chest, she throws her hands back over her head, but her body is still moving, rolling side to side, shuddering with every new touch. I cup a breast in each hand, then squeeze, and her back arches hard, accompanied by a loud moan. But when my lips engulf a nipple and squeeze tight as they suck she bucks suddenly, and her back comes off the bed as her hands go to my head and pull me down, demanding even more.

I open wide, sucking in all my mouth will hold as my tongue swirls hard, circling the swollen aureole, then grinding hard on the tip, pushing it back and forth, around and around. She’s panting, gasping, little high-pitched cries through clenched lips as I slide a hand from her breast down her body.

When my fingers tangle in her furry mound she bucks and rolls her hips, pushing hard. But my fingers slide further, down her swollen, wet and slippery lips and I lift my head slightly, holding only the tip of the captive nipple in my mouth, sucking hard. And her body bucks suddenly on the bed as my fingertip slips into her sopping wet hole and she begins to chant, “Oh, oh, oh, oh, god baby! Oh god! Oooooooooooooooh!” her hips churning, as it slides slowly in and out.

At the same time I slide the finger deep inside her my teeth catch the little bud of her nipple and I pull and stretch as my tongue continues to grind against it. She moans and her hips buck hard, matching the rhythm of my hand, and I slip in a second finger and slap hard and fast against her. It only takes a moment before she yells, “OH FUCK!” and her entire body arches against me. She writhes; twisting, contorting, legs scissoring in the air, and she’s gasping out thin little high-pitched cries!

It takes at least a minute before her body stops rolling and bucking, but she finally lies quietly, panting, gasping for breath and breathes out, “Baby, oh god. Baby!”

But we are only beginning. I slide quickly off the bed and she watches as I kneel and put my hands on her thighs, spreading her legs as I slowly lower my head. I catch her by surprise and make her yelp as I suddenly nip the inside of her tender thigh. But then I kiss and lick, soothing, and she spreads her legs wider and wider as my mouth and hands run over her.

Her scent is almost overwhelming and I turn, staring up at her as I slowly bend and taste her. When I lick slowly from bottom to top she gasps loudly, “Ohhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhh!” as though a great need has been fulfilled. Her head slaps back onto the bed and she pulls her legs up and back, knees almost over her head, then spreads them wide as I bury my face in her. She is dripping wet and delicious, and I’m almost out of control as I suck and kiss and lap and drink from her. Her hips start pumping again and her hands go to my head, holding me there as I slide my tongue inside her, swirling deep, in and out, fucking, tasting, lapping up her cream.

Moving my mouth along her lips, I kiss, suck, nip, tongue swirling deep in her slit. Her breath is coming in short little gasps, and in between she breathes, “Yeeeaaaaahhhhh baby, oh god, like that! Yeaaaaaaaaah, just like that.

Slipping my hands under her ass I lift her to my mouth and she suddenly wraps her legs around my head, thighs pressed against my cheeks. But my lips find her clit, swollen and peeking from its hood, and I gently capture it and suck. She shudders and gasps, and in a moment her legs open again and slide over my shoulders as she bucks hard, and then her feet press against my back. But when my tongue starts to grind against the little bud, gently at first, then harder and harder, she bucks again, and chants. “Oh fuck! Oh god! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!

Her entire body arches and she grabs her breasts, squeezing hard, nipples crushed in her fingers as she suddenly explodes! Her hot cream covers me as she writhes and arches and rolls again and again and I hear a continuous stream of cries and squeals and groans. But I continue to gently kiss and lick, my hands rubbing her thighs, until she’s completely spent and lies limp and gasping, her chest still heaving. She looks like she wants to cry as her quivering whisper says, “Oh my god baby, oh my god!

I’m so excited, watching her, feeling her, knowing her response to me that I have an adrenalin overload, and I stand and reach down, grabbing her under the shoulders and almost throwing her to the center of the bed. She’s just staring at me, waiting, her mouth open as she pants with anticipation. I put a knee up on the bed, and as I crawl towards her on all fours she raises her legs and pulls them back, knees bent over her head. Her eyes, locked on mine, are telling me what she wants, what she needs. What she knows is coming.

When I move close to her and rise to my knees I slide my hands up her thighs, pushing them wider, and I can see her shudder, her eyes closing for a moment at my touch, before blinking open again. As I hold my aching, swollen cock with one hand I run the other over her, across her tummy, under her breasts, down her side. She looks like she’s holding her breath now, in anticipation.

I guide my cock to her lips and gently slide it slowly up and down over them, and she finally exhales and breathes in a throaty whisper, “Ohhhhhhhhhh … Yesssssssss … Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh … Yessssssssssss!”

She raises her head, watching, then reaches out and wraps her hand around me. When I let go she smiles and guides him to her lips and when they part a flood of her juices welcome me. When I roll my hips forward she takes her hand away and I hear, “uh … uh … uh … ooooooooooohhh!” as he slides deeper and deeper, four eyes locked on him.

I begin to rock, slowly, gently, deeper with each thrust, and she’s so open and so wet that it’s almost effortless! But I can feel her muscles clutching, grasping me, not wanting to let go again! And when he’s buried, out of our sight, her gaze shifts to my face and she gasps, wide-eyed, “Ohhhhhhhhhh! Baby!”

As I roll my hips with a very slow rhythm she lays back and I watch as her hands find the girls, fingertips playing with the hard nipples, squeezing and pulling lightly. She wiggles a bit, adjusting her position, and as I continue to pump my cock into her, grinding my body against hers, she groans, breathlessly. “Oh Billy, he’s so deep!” And with each long thrust, “Oh god, deeeeeeeepppppp, deeeeeeeepppppp, deeeeeeeepppppp, deeeeeeeepppppp!” It’s a groan, but certainly not of pain. More like, she can’t believe it!

Her hips are lifting now, meeting me, and little by little the pace increases. Each time I pull back my cock is just dripping with her cream. But the fire in my cock is growing quickly, and I begin thrusting harder, slapping against her, watching the girls jiggle and bounce. She opens her eyes and sees me staring, and a smile lights up her face as she runs her hands over them, stroking, then squeezing, then pulling at the nipples.

It’s too much! I lean forward and put my hands on the mattress. And I begin ramming my cock into her, faster and harder with every thrust, listening to the bed creak over the sound of our bodies colliding. She’s panting, gasping, her body now being showered with my sweat, and suddenly she reaches up and grabs my arms! “Go Billy!” And her eyes are wide, glued on me.

When I respond, breathing hard now with deep gasps as my hips move faster and faster, my cock pistoning into her, she chants, “Go! Go! Go! Go! Fuck meeeeeeee!”

And a moment later her fingers dig into my arms as she screams! “Fucking god, fucking god, fucking god! Oh shit!”

Her body convulses under me, her hips rolling hard and fast for a moment before heaving up off the bed and writhing, impaled on my cock in mid-air! And when she settles back down her legs are slowly pedaling, rubbing against me, her feet spurring my sides as her whole body continues to arch and roll. I watch her, my head down and shaking, sweat pouring off my face onto her, my cock still buried, throbbing deep inside.

And as soon as she stops moving I begin again, long slow thrusts. She’s wide open now and every stroke goes to her core. She reaches up, a faint smile on her face, and wipes the sweat away from mine, then throws her arms over her head and lies still, watching. My cock is burning inside her, but I’m still shaking, and I settle down onto my elbows, so my chest is brushing against the girls and rock very slowly. That gets me a big grin and she puts her hands up and around my neck, then runs them slowly through my hair and she says quietly, “Oh baby, oh god this feels so good!”

I whisper, “I love you,” and bend down for a soft kiss, which becomes longer and longer as her arms tighten around me, and soon I’m lying on top of her. She lifts her legs and wraps them around me, lightly at first, but soon they are locked tightly around me as well, and we rock back and forth lips and tongues playing. And deep inside, she clenches around me time after time.

The kiss never breaks, but I feel her arms and legs pushing and pulling, wanting me to roll over. And we do, slowly, until she’s lying on top of me. Soon she pushes up on her arms, pulling away from me looking down with a grin. And she begins to rock, slowly, gently settling down on her ass and slowly grinding in a circle after every stroke. And I can feel her pussy squeezing, holding me. “Do you like that honey? Does she feel good?” She whispers.

She knows from the way I’m gasping and moaning under her that “she” does, but I manage a smile and a nod. “Sandy you know it’s wonderful! God you feel good! For you too baby?”

“Billy, I love being filled with you!”

She begins to rock harder and faster, soon slapping her ass down on me. Now she’s sitting up, eyes closed, fingers on her nipples and moaning with every thrust. And when I begin to roll my hips underneath her, meeting her as she slams down on me she begins to work even harder, her breath now coming in long noisy gasps. She leans forward again and puts her hands on my chest, and now she’s rocking back and forth over me. I pull my knees up behind her and rock with her, our bodies now moving in rhythm and meeting with a loud wet pop as her ass meets my thighs.

When she looks down at me now there’s desperation in her face, and beads of sweat begin to drip. But she’s tired, and soon slows the pace, till she finally stops and bends low to kiss me. Her legs kick out behind her and she’s lying on my chest, one hand behind my head, holding me as our lips slowly and tenderly grind together. Little by little her gasping slows, breathing becomes more shallow.

But my cock is still in her, and I can’t stop rocking my hips slowly, stroking gently. As she revives a smile appears on her face again and she pushes up on her hands again. But then she pulls away from me, climbs off and gets on her knees. She crawls forward a little and stops. And she turns back and looks at me with a little grin and gasps, “C’mon baby, ride me home!”

I love that challenge and I’m on my knees in an instant. As I move behind her she spreads her legs wide, kneeling low on the bed, and puts her head down on a pillow, waiting.

Putting my hands on the back of her hips I quickly slide all the way in, listening to her gasp and the juicy wet sound from her cunt, and groan with satisfaction. And I begin to rock, long and slow, deep thrusts so good we both moan with every one. But quickly my pace quickens and I begin to slap against her ass, making her rock forward and back with me. I move my hands to her waist and get a tight grip, fingers pressing into her flesh, then begin to move faster and harder, little by little until, in a minute her beautiful bouncy ass is rippling and shaking with every stroke and I’m gasping for breath again as the bed is rapping against the wall once more.

She’s returning my thrusts now, rocking under me, and I hear her breath, quivering and deep. And as I start to grunt with the effort, driving home every thrust she begins, “Yes, baby … more … more baby … harder… give it to me! God! Fuck me Billy! Oh my god!” Billyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

And as she screams her body suddenly bucks, slamming back against me. And I lunge forward and snarl my reply as I bury myself in her, grinding against her ass and pulling her back with my hands as hard as I can, holding us locked together! My hips are bucking and my cock erupts time after time, blasting spurt after spurt into her! Her feet are kicking on the bed and her breath is nothing but short little squeals as her body goes out of control and she thrashes in my hands.

When I finally loosen my grip she slides forward onto her belly and I collapse on top of her. My face is buried in the side of her neck, and our bodies are both slippery with sweat. But when I start to move, afraid my weight is too much for her, she reaches back with a hand and presses against the side of my head, pinning me against her. And she’s gasping quietly, “Oh god, oh god, oh god.”

I kiss her softly, little kisses on the side of her face and neck, and when she finally takes the hand away I move over to her side and she rolls over to face me. After putting an arm across her body to hold her close I bend down and my lips find hers for a long, loving kiss.

For long minutes we lie quietly, side by side, bodies touching and holding hands. But finally she whispers, “God Bill! Making love with you is just … amazing!”

I squeeze her hand and the whisper, my lips almost touching her ear, “Sweetheart, the difference for me is that for the first time, I know I truly made love! A lot of times I’ve had sex that I thought was love, but now I know the difference. And it’s not so much in the act as in the heart, what it means to me and how I feel.”

She turns her head to look at me and I can see her eyes shining. “Billy, that’s beautiful, and it’s so true for me too. I love you!” And after one more kiss we are in each other’s arms and off to sleep together.

It’s not long before I’m sleepily aware of her moving in my arms, and when I revive enough to know, she’s face down, on her stomach. From my side I roll forward and kiss her softly between the shoulder blades as I run a hand over her back. “Mmmmmmmmmmm, that feels nice,” she sighs.

Pushing up a little I put my hands on her shoulders and slide them up to the back of her neck, then gently rub, my thumbs pressing lightly down in the middle, making little circles. “Oh god!”

But when I brush the beautiful red hair to the side and kiss between her shoulder and neck I feel her shudder, and she gasps, “Damn! Do you know how much that turns me on?” And she uses one hand to push back up to her side, pressing against me.

I stretch out and wrap my arms around her, my hands finding the girls and gently holding them as we spoon together. She wiggles a little, trying to get as close as possible, and now I slowly kiss up and down her shoulder and along the side of her neck. Her breathing is deep and slow now, and when I nip at her ear lobe I hear a breathy little gasp as she pushes her ass back against me.

When I press my thighs against the back of hers she shifts, bending at the waist almost to an ell shape, then slides a hand down over the side of my thigh. And when I give the girls a little squeeze she moans softly as her back arches, pushing them into my hands.

I knead gently, palms brushing softly against her nipples, listening to her sigh, and I feel her ass begin to slowly move, rhythmically pushing against me, just a little. My cock is pressed between her cheeks and soon responds to the delicious feel of the soft stroking. Another little shiver runs through me and she whispers, “God baby, you do it to me every time!”

Chuckling softly against her neck I give her a few more little kisses as she presses against my lips. Then I answer, “Maybe you can tell what you do to me too!” And for emphasis I roll my hips against her.

She giggles, “Maybe you’re just easy! But I hope it’s me that turns you on!” I just push my hips against her again and paste little kisses all over her neck, and she presses against my lips each time they touch. But my hands are gently massaging her breasts, rubbing and squeezing very slowly, and her body begins to move in time with them. When I lightly squeeze the hard nipples between thumbs and fingers she gasps, “Oh god. Baby!” And her ass presses hard against me.

She lifts her leg and I feel her ankle settle on my calf, then slide slowly up to my knees. I move just enough that my swollen cock can slip between her legs and she pulls her legs together for a moment, giving me a squeeze. My lips are practically touching her ear and I whisper to her, “God Sandy, this feels so good! We should have been doing this a long time ago!”

She giggles, and as she turns her smiling face to me she slides down onto her back, looking up. “I know, lover, it’s so nice just being together like this. But I have a feeling we’ll make up for lost time!”

And our kiss says there’s no need for further discussion. I move a hand from her breast and begin to lightly stroke her pussy. And as she starts to roll her ass back against me she gasps. And I do too as her thighs slowly stroke me, quickly getting me aching hard. Her leg slides up higher until it’s draped over my hip, and when our lips part for a breath she gasps, “Oh damn baby, put it in me!”

I move my hand from her pussy for just the second it takes to help my tip find her hole and then stroke her lips lightly again as I slowly roll my hips forward. She gasps a long, breathy, “Ohhhhhhhhhh,” as I slide into her, and when I stop we’re both trembling, breathing hard.

“Oh god! Billy?”

“I know, sweetheart, me too.”

It feels so good I can hardly stand it and we lie motionless for a minute, savoring the feeling of each other. But deep inside her, the muscles are slowly clamping, releasing, massaging.

I’m shuddering, just trying to maintain control, and I gasp, “Baby, are you doing that?”

“No honey, you are. It’s what you do to me!”

When the incredible tightness eases just a bit I roll my hips, gently, slowly, carefully. And she slides her leg even further up my body, opening herself to me. I move my hand to her thigh and stroke it slowly as I thrust a little at a time, very slowly going deeper, until I feel my body press against hers. And, my cock buried in her now, we pause for a long kiss.

But it feels so aching good we can’t be still for long, and my hips begin to roll with a slow rhythm, and she gasps, “Ahhhhhhhhh,” with every long thrust. Soon the pace increases and as I begin to slap softly against her ass she takes both nipples in her fingertips, playing with them and smiling at me. I can’t resist and push one of her hands away with mine and squeeze the hard little pebble. And she sucks in her breath as I pull and twist in time with my thrusts.

I bend over again and kiss her, then move my head to a breast and suck and tease the hard, pointed nipple. She groans and arches her back again as she runs her hand through my hair. But I can feel her shudder, and when I lift my head again she whispers, “Come on baby, fuck me now. God, you feel so good!”

I wrap one arm around the leg that’s over my hip, locking it in my elbow, and slide the other arm behind her head so I can grip her shoulder, and when I start slapping hard against her she’s held in place. And she begins to grunt with each thrust as my hips move faster and harder, ramming my cock deep into her hole. She pushes back against my hand and begins rocking her hips, meeting my strokes. Quickly we are both panting for breath, and in no time my cock tells me not to stop!

“Oh fuck!” I groan and begin pounding against her, the sound now filling the room.

Her answer, a chant of, “Oh baby … baby … baby, baby, baby!”

We’ve hardly moved, just lying together in bed, and yet in another moment I know it’s over! I pull back once more and hesitate a moment before slamming my aching cock into her. She grunts, “Oh fuck!” and her entire body tenses and stretches as she pushes back against me.

I groan, “Oh baby, god!” as my hips buck and I grind against her again and again. And her body is writhing slowly on the bed as she moans and gasps, grinding her ass against me.

When it’s over for both of us we’re panting, and lie still for a minute. But then she turns to me and when I gather her in my arms we share a long string of little kisses. And when she breathes, “I love you!” I return the thought with another kiss. It feels so good, lying there with her, that I don’t want to move or even think, just enjoy the moment.

But after a long silence, she whispers against my chest, “Billy, do you really mean it? Do you really, really want this?”

I’m a little shocked, and a little disappointed that she has to ask, and I reply, “Damn, Sandy! I know that neither of us expected this to happen, or realized what we really felt for each other. But when we actually got together it took no time at all. Maybe you knew before I did. But it seems so obvious now, so comfortable, like it’s been this way all along. I never felt anything like this before, that’s how I know it’s different. And it feels better. And right! Honey, you’re what I need in my life. I love you and I want you! But are you starting to have second thoughts?”

She’s shaking, and I feel her arms tighten around me, but when I look down at her there are tears running down her cheeks. And she takes a deep breath. “Oh baby, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have even asked that! Everything you say or do shows me you mean it! I can feel your love! I have no reason at all to question your feelings.”

“But Billy, I’m scared! And it’s me I’m scared of, not you! I feel like I love you so much. And I’ve never felt anything like this before! Every little touch makes me shiver. And every word you say makes me smile! But we both know my “history” and I can’t bear the thought that in two weeks something will happen and it will be just like all my other relationships. I feel like I’ve finally found what I’ve needed all my life, and I’m so terrified I’ll do something stupid and lose you! Nothing has ever been as important to me as you are now!”

Suddenly I understand. This feels so wonderful to me, it has from the beginning. And after all, she started it. And nothing she has said or done has made me question anything. Our day of hiking was wonderful, and our hours in bed together even better. But best of all is the feeling of being comfortable together. Once again I contemplate the fact that this has been happening for seven years, day by day, bit by bit, smile by smile and word by word. HELL!

I grip her by the arms and pull her up to me, so we’re face to face, inches apart. I want to shout at her but instead I whisper. “Honey, stop worrying! Our “two weeks together” ended almost seven years ago! And we’ve gone on from there and the feelings between us have grown stronger every day! We didn’t just meet at a pizza shop Friday night and spend the weekend together! Two close friends and partners in crime finally realized what they meant to each other!”

“You don’t fall in love because you have a good time hiking and not because you spend a few great hours in bed together. Both things can help but for us it was just the icing on the cake! This is what I want, Sandy. Only you can decide if it’s the same with you, but if you really believe it, deep down, please, for both of us, accept it! There are no guarantees, anything can happen. But if this isn’t right then what the hell is? Can you imagine anything better?”

Her eyes had been on me, unblinking and getting wider as I spoke. But suddenly they close and squeeze tight. And tears begin pouring down her cheeks. “Oh god Billy, I’m sorry!” And I can feel her body shake as she begins to sob.

It takes a minute or two before she can get it under control. And when she opens her eyes and looks up with her tear-streaked face again she looks like she’s in pain. She gasps loudly as she takes a deep breath. And she has trouble getting out the words as she says, “This is why I can’t have anyone! I drive everyone away. I know you’ve never seen this in the office! I’m cool and confident there! But if anyone even tries to get close I scare them off!”

And she stared at me with an almost defiant look, as if waiting for me to be the next to reject her. But I give her a little smile as I let go of her arms and slowly slide mine around her. And I slowly tighten them until it’s hard to breath. Then I lean down and kiss the tears from her cheeks. “Honey, does this feel like I’m scared? Or rejecting you? Do you think you’ve driven me away?

“N-no,” she whimpers softly.

You can do that if you tell me to go, but only then if I’m sure you mean it. And you know I can be hard to convince. Just like you. Baby, I love you, and I hope to god you feel the same.”

For a moment she doesn’t move or say a word. She stares. But I feel her arms holding me gently. She exhales, as though she’s expelling all the tension and all the fears and doubts. And she kisses me. Softly at first, lips pressed together. But little by little she presses harder against me and her lips begin to move on mine. And soon her body and her lips are crushed against me and she whimpers, deep in her throat.

Of course her passion is contagious and soon we are grinding against each other. But this is not about sex, we just had that. It’s about passion and true lovemaking of the most intimate kind. Two bodies that want to be one. And when the kiss finally ends we lie silent, gasping in each other’s arms.

When she finally speaks it’s obvious that whatever cloud had her in its shadow is gone. She says with a little laugh, “Okay big shot, you win! You’ve convinced me and now you’re stuck with me. And If I ever say otherwise, slap me out of it! Because everything you said is right and everything I said is nuts. This is it. It’s what I want, what I need and what I’m going to have. Like it or not! It’s not your life and my life anymore, it’s our life! Now! Where the hell are we going to live? Your place or mine? Or someplace else!”

The change is so sudden I can’t believe it, and I laugh, smiling back at her big grin. But after about one second my arms are tight around her again and we are kissing — with pure joy!

I don’t have to think long about her question. “Well, sweetheart, my apartment has one more room than yours. And you have a lot of stuff. And it’s closer to the office, too. It costs a little more I s’pose, but I already handle that with no problem. If you like it I think we should stay at my place!”

It doesn’t even take her one second. “Your place is great! There’s nothing about this apartment except that it’s comfortable and nice place to eat and sleep. And at the moment it has you in it, which is a plus. But we can handle that!” She giggles.

“But there is one thing baby. I don’t want to wait. I want to do this now. Today! I don’t ever want to sleep here again. And you swore you were going to make love to me all day! Think you can handle that?”

She’s got me laughing so hard I can hardly answer. But I manage, “Well, it’s only 15 minutes between your place and mine. And for now anyway, there are beds at both ends of the line, if things get too urgent. We’ll make do. After all, we are both great at multi-tasking! So all we have to do is go get your car and then get all your shit together and see how much we can carry before we have to get some help. Your address is now 129, apartment C, West 49th!”

Now we’re both laughing and she jumps out of bed and yanks my arm so hard I yell “Ouch!” as she as she almost pulls it out of its socket. We race each other getting some clothes on and I go out to the dumpster and find some boxes while she starts gathering stuff up and unplugging lamps. In 20 minutes we have about as much as we figure will fit in my car and we haul it down on the elevator and load up. My new car is my baby, a Lexus. And I hand her the Smartfob. “I’ll give you directions, so when we have your car too you can find the way.”

“Oh no! I know about you and this car! No way I’m doing anything but riding in it!”

“That was then, this is now. It’s our car. Drive!”

A, I mean it and B, it’s a home run, because she looks at me with absolute shock. Because perhaps this is the first moment she knows for sure this is real. And I’m all in, holding nothing back.

“All righty then!” she snickers. And she grabs the fob and climbs in the driver’s side. She gets it now. She fixes the seat and the mirrors and off we go! She’s cautious but confident, and I relax before we hit the main drag. This is the Sandy I know. And love. It only takes a couple of “turn rights and lefts” and we’re there, and I have her back up to the side entrance.

Of course we were here before just a day ago, and now she leads the way, a boxful of precious junk in her arms. I follow staggering with a box of books. There isn’t much organization here; we’re going to move everything! It only takes a couple of minutes to empty the car, but I rummage in a drawer and hand her a couple of things. My spare fob for the Lexus and a smart key for the apartment. She looks at me with surprise and says, “Damn, honey!”

And I tell her, “You’re driver number two, just press the button on the dash and program it the way you want. The book is in the glove box.” And suddenly she looks like she’s going to cry. “None of that!” I almost yell as I take her in my arms and kiss her. “You said today, you don’t want to wait. Neither do I. This is it! No more you and me, your stuff and my stuff. You n’ me is US!”

She collapses against my shoulder, half laughing, half crying. “Billy this is amazing! I love every minute of it and you are making everything better than I could possibly imagine. Now I agree with you. Why the hell did we wait so fucking long!” And she mashes her face against mine, lips grinding, at the same time she mashes her body into mine, wraps a leg around me and pumps her hips hard against me in an exaggerated lover’s clinch. And in moments we are almost falling down laughing. Neither of us ever realized until now that being in love could be so much fun!

We get her car from the company lot and zoom back to her place and load up again, even more stuff this time, including most of her clothes. The Lexus looks like a fancy street lady’s shopping cart. And when we head out again I tell her, “I’m not driving that! Someone will think I just robbed the Salvation Army!” And I grab the keys dangling from her fingertips and dash for her car. And as I jump in she yells, “Hey! Wanna’ drag?”

No drag racing but we don’t waste any time either, and we find we can do two loads in an hour. And in a couple of more hours, we decide we’ve done enough. There’s lots of stuff left but she has everything she needs and we’ll need a truck for most of the rest. Good thing my spare room was just about empty.

I know we’re both thinking the same thing now, but she stares at me when I start stripping the sheets off my bed. “What the hell?”

“Sorry babe, it’s been a week or two. And we’re going to spend a lot of time here. Spares are in the bottom drawer.”

We set a new world record for bed-making, and I’m about to rip her clothes off when she suddenly says, “Oh shit!”

I look at her like she has three eyes. “Dammit, we have to go back to my apartment. I left the sheets in the dryer!”

I walk over to her without a word and reach slowly to the front of the shirt she’s wearing and suddenly yank! So hard every button pops and goes flying! And as I bury my face in the valley between the girls my muffled voice says, “I’ll buy you a new shirt, and if someone steals the fucking sheets I’ll buy those too!”

It takes one second for the shock to wear off and then she grabs my head in both hands and pulls me against her so hard I’m smothering. And she laughs, “Oh my fucking god, you animal!” as she lets go again, long enough to shed the ruined shirt and undo the bra.

It has been an unbelievable day, great loving sex, an emotional roller coaster and then working together at top speed, knowing that once we are done there will be no going back. Not to stay at her apartment, and not ever in our relationship! And the adrenalin has been pumping all day! And the rush isn’t over. I lift my head and look up at her and she says, “Well?”

In answer I grab her and yank her off the floor, then turn to the bed and give her a heave into the middle, enjoying the gasp and the squeal. Her eyes narrow as she looks at me and she says, “You wanna’ play, let’s play!” and she pulls her sneakers off and throws them at me, then starts to wiggle out of her skirt, taking the panties with it on the way.

I yank my t-shirt off and throw it back at her, then undo belt, button and zipper and push the jeans down so hard the buckle clanks on the floor. By now she’s kicked off the panties and she gets up on her knees and crawls slowly towards me, breasts swinging, a cat stalking its prey.

My cock is getting hard just watching her, and it’s a giant lump in my briefs by the time she arrives. And it takes one second for her hand to reach in and yank me out! Her fist squeezes hard around me and she shakes him a little. And suddenly I’m buried in her mouth! For just a moment she clamps her teeth down on me, stares up and curls her lips back so I can see. And I know how the unlucky mouse feels, caught in the fangs.

But then it’s all hand and lips and tongue as her head bobs hard and fast and her hand pumps up and down. “Oh fuck!” I groan.

And then I reach down and grab her head in both hands and hold it steady as I start to roll my hips, fucking her mouth so hard every stroke hits the back of her mouth. She’s gagging and in moments she’s drooling, so much it drips from the corners of her mouth and my cock is glistening, soaking wet and slippery. But she lets me have my way, making no move to stop me. Suddenly I feel her hands on the backs of my thighs, and she pulls her head away, long enough for a few gasping breaths.

But in another moment she yanks hard and slams her lips down over me again. Her head jackhammers back and forth and she makes wet gurgling sounds as my cock is immersed in spit. And then she gets what she wants. And what I want even more!

She twists her head up and down until my cock finds its way into her throat and immediately I thrust, ramming it deep! And her eyes are wide, staring up at me as I fuck her throat, growling to relieve the stress of the amazing hot tightness! Only when she has to, she pushes away again, the head of my cock still in her mouth as she sucks in another breath. But I don’t wait long before I thrust again, hard, twice, until I find the target. And then I don’t even have to move as her hands yank against my thighs and her head bobs as she gives me the most incredible throat fuck I can imagine!

My legs feel weak, shaking, and I know I can’t take much more. And when she pulls back again, her chest now heaving as she makes deep hoarse gasping sounds, I grab her arms and throw her back on the bed. And she lies looking up at me. “What’re you gonna do now, animal?”

I just stare at her. And with a chuckle I almost yell at her, “You’re fucked!” Until I reach down and grab her hips and flip her over so fast she squeaks! And then I swat her ass. Hard! “Up!”

She knows. She’s on her knees in a second, resting on her elbows, and she turns her head, looking back at me. “Need a fucking invitation?” And she wiggles her ass side to side, then pumps it back and forth!

My cock is in her before the words die, and I thrust so hard her head hits the mattress. “God damn it!”

And as I drive into her, time after time, “Oh fuck! Uhhh! Shit! Oh god! Mmmmmmmphh, Damn! Ohh god Bill! Uhhhhh! Uh yes! God! Oh yea! That’s it, right like that! Fuck me baby! HARDER! God dammit!”

Now I’m ramming into her, every stroke fast and deep. And I’m slapping her ass so hard with my body it makes a loud crack. Her body and the bed and the nightstand are all bouncing, and the box spring sounds like a squeaky-toy. And it’s hot in here and I’m sweating a river, which is mostly running over her.

She finally shuts up and just grunts with every thrust, but she’s backing her ass up to me too, rocking back and forth in time. And now she can hear my growls and grunts punctuating every stroke. I swear my cock feels like it’s twice its size and as hard as stone, as it ravages her willing cunt.

It’s too good to last and I don’t want it to. This is primal rutting, the king of beasts taking his mate, and I want more than anything now to complete the act! And when I accelerate to an impossible pace she gasps, “Oh fucking god!” and just puts her head down on the bed, shrieking, surrendering completely. It’s coming, it’s coming … it’s there! I slam into her, once twice, three and four times, snarling with every stroke. And then the coup de grace, which makes her scream, as my hips buck and my cock bursts like fireworks inside her, and I see stars in my tightly clenched eyes. And as I pump my seed into her again and again I feel her writhing and jerking in my hands, squealing and crying and whimpering all at once.

When I open my eyes I feel light-headed, gasping, not quite realizing what’s just happened. Until I hear her say, “Baby, please?” And when I unclench my hands I see red welts on her hips as she slowly collapses to the bed. If I had the strength I might beat my chest, but instead, I just collapse next to her.

It must be 10 minutes I just lie there, my mind a blank, my body shuddering. Even when I hear her stirring and feel the bed shudder slightly. And then I feel her hands on me as her lips lightly kiss my back. I roll over with a smile, looking up to see its mate. And my hands just find themselves holding her lightly, like a flower. “Baby? Baby,” she breathes, “do you know what you just did?”

I open my eyes and give her a little smile. But there’s an expression on her face I can’t read. “Are you okay honey?” I’m concerned that I was too rough, out of control.

“Okay? I’ve never felt like this before; this good. But I’ll never be the same again. Billy, I never felt anything like that, the power, the strength.”

“I’m really not that strong,” I say with a little laugh.

She slides a hand gently up and down my cheek, then kisses me again. “Not physical strength. The power you have over me. You claimed me. I’m yours.”

I put my arms around her and hold her gently. “Sweetheart, the only way I want to claim you is with my love. To show you how I feel for you, what you mean to me. As good as it was for me and hopefully you, I don’t think pounding you into the bed is the best way I can show my love.

She giggles. “Oh baby, I love that you feel that way. I can feel your love. And pounding me into the bed is pretty good for starters!” She giggles. “I made you jump through hoops to show me, convince me, but you did and I’m so in love with you too. But there are other things, physical things that tell me too. But I see you are just like every other man! You’ll never understand women!” And she laughs hard at my expense.

I laugh back. “Well I don’t doubt that’s true. But it’s easier now, the only one I care about loving is you, and there’s nothing wrong with a little mystery. As long as you can feel my love, it doesn’t really matter how. But sometime when I do something really stupid and you’re pissed, just remember what you just told me. I’ll put that in the bank, just in case.”

She gives me a gentle elbow in the ribs. “Uhhhhhhh! It’s a good thing you’re so cute because sometimes you’re so dense! Now, can we go get the laundry?”

“That depends. How hungry are you?”

“Geez, you know I’m starving, we haven’t eaten all day! What’s that got to do with laundry?”

“Because on the way home we’re stopping for the biggest, most expensive steaks in the city. And a top shelf bottle of wine. If this isn’t a day to celebrate there never will be!

That hits her where she lives and she lights up like a candle. She wants to clean up and so do I, and by the time we head out it’s getting dark. She’s put on a short white dress that shows off the girls and she looks terrific. And it suddenly occurs to me that this is what I’m going to have on my arm from now on! And the kiss I give her messes up her lipstick and she scolds me as she goes to fix it.

The laundry is still there, on top of the dryer, and the steaks are fabulous. The wine even better. And by the time we get home we feel so good and so mellow we are sleepy but about to burst with joy. We settle down on the couch for a while but both of us are fighting to stay awake and we have to go to work tomorrow. And with our last ounce of strength we help each other off to bed. All we do is kiss goodnight, but the “I love you”s are one of the best moments of the day.


We are so tired, worn out by our fabulous day off, that we manage to sleep through the night and still wake up in each other’s arms. We spend a few minutes kissing and happily whispering to each other, but we’re both nervous, not sure what we’re in for at the office. And we know it’s going to be a busy day because we have to make up for our unscheduled day out of the office.

We get in early and find little notes all over our desks, but nothing urgent that we have to worry about. So I call her and together we go and peek around the corner into Frank’s cubicle and say good morning. And the smirk tells us what’s coming. But he stifles a laugh and says, “So! Are you finally through pretending there’s nothing going on between you?”

Sheesh. Here we go. “Frank, I guess we were the last to know. Dunno why it was apparently so obvious to everyone else. But yeah, we finally figured it out.” And I put my arm around Sandy and give her a little squeeze. And then a kiss for Frank’s benefit, so there’ll be no doubt left.

“Some days it was like an episode of “The Bickersons” around here, but since you obviously got along so damn good there was only one explanation. I don’t know if we can stand the peace and quiet now.”

Sandy giggles. “Once in a while I’ll throw something at him, just so it’ll seem normal.”

Turns out there wasn’t much to worry about; Frank took care of anything that needed doing, and everyone is real nice to us, although we get a few gentle gibes along the way. And once, when I walk into her office, she heaves a little stuffed animal at me, just for fun. And I get even by cornering her at the back of the office and kissing her.

Dave has been great today, just looking in once to say good morning. But later he wandered by my office while she was sitting on my desk, about a foot away, and we were speaking very privately, almost a whisper. And Dave just gave us a big smile and a wave and kept going. He’s a terrific boss, but we have to respect his dignity and our own. I’m hoping it will get better. I’m afraid it will get worse!

We skip lunch and just sit together in her office, talking a little, comparing notes and sometimes, just smiling at each other. But during one of those pauses, her face suddenly becomes very serious. She looks to be sure no one is lurking outside her office, then comes over to me and says, very quietly, “Dammit honey, I want you so damn bad!” Then she bends down to me, takes a hand in hers and squeezes while her lips beg for a kiss.

I shudder and squeeze my eyes closed for a moment, because those are my feelings exactly, the ones I’ve been fighting all day. When I open my eyes she’s smiling, lips inches from mine, and in the next moment the space is gone. She puts the other hand gently on my cheek as our lips touch, softly then harder and harder, and little moans come from both our throats, together. But she straightens a bit, taking those lips I’ve been craving away. And she whispers, “I know sweetheart, it’s torture, but oh so sweet, and you know we’ll make up for it later.” And the smile turns into a great big devilish grin! Mirrored by mine.

But for me there has been one little problem. Till now, the day was never complete without her little wisecracks and snide remarks, which, of course, I gave back in kind. But now neither of us would think of saying some of the things that used to be our stock in trade. This is the woman I love and cherish, and never again will I call her nasty names. I feel bad knowing I’ve called her “slut” and “whore” and assorted other insults, even though we always both knew it was in jest.

And I certainly don’t miss that now; we can still banter with each other. But the trouble is, with every smile and laugh I get from her, I simply can’t ignore my desire for her! And in the office we both know, we just don’t dare chance more than a passing touch or a well-timed kiss. But, by the end of the day, we know it’s going to work!

On the short ride home we just hold hands. But time after time I feel hers squeezing mine, letting me know what she’s feeling. And the moment we get in the apartment, I pin her to the door! In seconds our lips are grinding and little whimpers of need are coming from our throats! I press every inch of my body against her that I possibly can, and her arms are around me, almost squeezing the breath out, she’s pulling me so hard against her. And I manage to gasp, almost into her mouth, “Oh babe, this is so delicious! Th1s is so good!”

Her response is a violent shudder! And she suddenly stiffens, catching her buckling knees before begging, “Billy please! Get me in the bedroom, now!”

Once I comprehend what she wants so desperately it takes a millisecond and a growl before she’s in my arms and we are flying across the room! And I slow only for a second to ease her through the door, before tumbling onto the bed with her still in my arms. Before the bouncing stops my lips are welded to hers again, and our bodies are writhing, grinding against each other. Sliding a hand between us I begin to work at the exasperating tiny buttons of her blouse, but she suddenly yanks her head away and snarls, “Fuck the blouse, you know what I want!”

For just a moment I stare into her eyes, wondering if I do know. But the look tells me, and when she says, “I need a new wardrobe anyway!” my fingers are already laced between the buttons. And I yank so hard that not only do buttons fly but the bottom two inches of the fabric rips cleanly apart! And her response is the sudden arching of her back punctuated by a deep moan that’s almost a growl.

I’m tempted to do the same to the bra, which has her hard nipples threatening to poke through it, but instead I grab the bottom seam with both hands and ease it up over the girls, not wanting to hurt her. And instantly she grabs my head with both hands and pulls my face between them, until I’m almost smothering in the smooth warm valley.

The moment my wet, hot tongue touches her skin she jumps, and as my lips slide over the soft flesh, stopping here and there to kiss and nip, her breathing is punctuated by a series of short gasps. But her hands are guiding me; there’s no mistaking what she wants, and in moments one of those rough hard points slides between my lips. And the moan of pent up need when my mouth closes tight around it sends a shiver through me that goes straight to my cock, which throbs and jerks, because there is no way it could get any harder.

Somehow she knows that, because she shifts her body until Cookie is pressed against him, and her hips begin to undulate with a steady rhythm of need. It’s obvious now that this day of forced restraint, after three days of our blossoming love has lit fires that can only be extinguished one way.

When her left hand moves from my head and she begins to fumble with the fastenings of her skirt my hand is already fighting with my belt, then the button, then the fly. And we both begin pushing and tugging, trying desperately to get rid of our clothes, both of us unwilling to lose contact with each other.

But we both reach a point where it’s a no-go, and when she puts her hands on my shoulders and pushes me back we stare at each other for a moment, panting hard, sheer lust on our faces. But then we become a blur of motion as she frantically fights her skirt and panties off and I push and kick until my pants and briefs go flying somewhere far away.

She reaches behind to undo the bra while I start to unbutton my shirt, eyes locked on each other. But once the bra is gone she suddenly growls, “Fuck it Billy, do it!” This time I know what she means because it already occurred to me, and without hesitation and a grin on my face I grab the seam of my shirt and rip it open, as she ducks the flying buttons.

But somehow it evokes the same reaction in both of us, and we start giggling, grinning at each other. “Damn woman! I can see loving you is going to be expensive!”

Her face softens into a smile and she reaches out a hand and runs the palm gently across my cheek. “Maybe lover, but I promise I’ll make it worthwhile. Now. Take off the damn t-shirt!”

It’s gone before her lips close, and I almost tackle her, slamming her back on the bed and ending up on top, between her legs. Both of us are already panting, not from exertion but just sheer lust. My cock is trapped between us and she immediately begins rocking her hips, grinding Cookie against him. To my surprise I’m coated with her slippery cream almost immediately and I realize she has to be dripping wet.

This is not our usual love-making but it’s obviously what we both need right now, and our eyes are locked together as I lift just enough. Her hand finds him and I groan as she shoves him into her soft wetness. But when I push hard, sliding in almost to the hilt, it’s her turn! “Oh my god! I forgot how fucking big he is!” And for emphasis her hips buck, asking for even more!

That immediately sets me off, and I clench my teeth and growl as I begin fucking her with long hard strokes, and I watch as her body shakes on the bed with each impact. But right now, it’s not even enough for her, and she grabs my arms, using them for leverage as she begins bucking, thrusting her hips up to meet me. My cock is on fire, but it’s the kind of heat I can handle for a change, and her cunt is a cauldron of hot liquid, making a juicy squishing sound every time I ram my cock to the bottom.

When I open my eyes I see her staring up at me, her lips moving as she silently mouths words of encouragement, urging me on. Neither of us can speak because we’re breathing too hard, our harsh gasping blending into the cacophony of sounds made by our bodies slamming together and the rhythmic squeaking of the complaining bed.

I should have cum by now, there’s no way I can withstand the exquisite pleasure of the pit my cock is plunging into, but instead it wants more, it demands it! And so does she as she finally finds the breath to tell me. “Oh god! Fuck! Billy harder! Mygodmygodmygod! Oh baby! Break me!”

My cock is a pulsing, throbbing rod of granite and wants nothing more! My hips turn into pistons and I begin to pound her into the bed! Something falls from the nightstand, adding to the uproar, at the same time the headboard begins slamming the wall. And suddenly her legs kick straight out, then lock around me, forcing me in deeper than ever, and her growl turns into a scream as her fingers dig into my arms!

When I try to move, her legs contract even more, locking me inside her, and I feel her cunt spasm suddenly, clamping harder than ever before, then pulsing with a broken rhythm. Her body is writhing under me and her head is back, eyes crushed shut. Her mouth is open but her teeth are clenched and the high squealing sounds are coming from deep in her throat. Even though I am locked in her womb my body is rocking, still thrusting up and down, carrying her with it.

Suddenly her eyes pop open, looking at me with a blank stare, and her entire body relaxes, almost goes limp. And immediately I resume thrusting, but now very slowly, long strokes, to her core and back. She’s moaning softly, in time with my movements, and gradually her gasping subsides. And it’s only another minute before I feel her start to move with me again.

The urgency gone, we can both enjoy the exquisite feeling of our bodies locked together, and I can feel every inch of her silky tunnel, my cock swimming in a bath of her flowing juices. She breathes softly, “Oh baby, oh god baby!” not asking for more or less, just telling me how good it is for her too.

But now my cock has shed its armor, and the sensations are rapidly building, every little contraction deep inside of her sending a shock through me. And when I begin to pick up the pace her hips follow my rhythm, and we rock in unison. My body is already wet with sweat, but now I feel a burning warmth in my skin and I know I must be flushed bright red, just as she is. And her single word, barely audible, tells me all I need to know. “Please?”

The tension in my body suddenly increases and I quicken the tempo, now driving into her hard again. And she responds in kind, hips pumping to meet me, always asking for more. But now the feeling is totally different, and when the throbbing and tingling begin there is no holding back or fighting against it. My snarl tells her, and she grabs my arms again as I begin to pound away. And she has a little smile that’s almost a smirk as she begins cheering me on. “Come on baby, you know how bad I want it. Give it to me. Oh god! Yeah! Harder! Oh damn! Billyyyyyyyyyyy! Nowwww! Fuckmefuckmefuckmeeeeeeee!”

And her scream finishes the job! My hips buck hard just once, driving my cock into her stomach, and the explosion releases a flood that no dam could hold back. As my cock detonates again and again it’s her hands locked on my arms that are holding me up as I shake and spasm. And when her grip finally loosens, I collapse on top of her in slow motion, the wetness of our bodies creating a suction between us.

My heart is pounding, breath coming in labored gasps, and only when I feel her hand gently urge do I gather the strength to slide off of her. I feel her roll to her side, and her fingers gently wipe the sweat from my face. Then her lips gently press my forehead. She whispers, “What the hell just happened?”

“I’m not sure, but we may be radioactive. I think it was nuclear!”

She giggles. “You may be right, judging by the way your face is glowing right now!”

But then she changes the subject. “Baby? I don’t know if we can keep doing this.”

“I know,” I gasp. “We’ll run out of clothes.”

She gently slaps my ass. “That’s not it! I may be sore for a week!”

When my eyes pop open I see a big grin and she giggles as she says, “I won’t mind the ache, but every time I walk it will remind me of you. And this. Today! And that might drive me crazy!”

It’s my turn. “Don’t worry, next time I’ll do it from behind! That beautiful big ass of yours should be a wonderful cushion for both of us!”

Her eyes are wide for a moment, staring. Then she bites her lip and I know she’s picturing what I just said. And the moan that forces its way through her lips tells me what she thinks of it.

But in the next moment it’s forgotten by both of us, because I gather her in my arms and crush her against me. And our lips gently begin to devour one another. But it’s not sex now, not lust. Right now I couldn’t possibly. Instead it’s other feelings, more important. The love and desire we feel for each other. And the bond between us has just strengthened tenfold, somehow knowing that passion such as we just felt for each other is reserved for lovers in the truest sense. For the first time I understand the feeling of never being able to get enough. I sense that I have claimed her, once and for all, but just as surely, she has claimed me.

Our hands move slowly, gently over each other, and the little whimpers and moans from deep inside just tell each other how good it is while our lips are too busy to speak. And it’s a long time after my arms have loosened their grip before we can will ourselves to pull apart. Then we lie side by side for a few minutes, holding hands.

She breaks the silence. “What have you got in this place to eat? We’ve hardly had a mouthful all day. And we definitely need to keep your strength up!” she adds, with a giggle.

We find enough in the fridge to satisfy ourselves, but we agree that a shopping trip is in our immediate future. Just not tonight. And when we settle in on the couch, satisfied, there is the knowledge, for the first time, that we are home, together.

For a while we sit, huddled together, her head against my shoulder, half watching the boring evening news. But when the show about the latest outrageous Hollywood scandals begins she reaches for the button and clicks it off, then turns her face up to me with a smile. And it’s only moments before I pull her to me for the kiss we’ve both been wanting.

There’s no shyness left in her now. She turns and slides a leg across me, straddling, then settling down with a teasing wiggle as she puts her arms around my neck. And I lock her in with my hands behind her back as our lips join again. This is not hot passion, just the wonderful feeling of enjoying each other through feel and scent and taste. And most of all, intimate closeness.

There’s nothing I can’t have and nothing I won’t give. But when she gently runs her hand over my hair it suddenly strikes me as odd how different our mood is now. A couple of hours ago I was slamming my body against hers, pounding her into the bed as she valiantly fought to keep up and give as good as she got. But now she feels so delicate in my arms, like a flower I’m afraid to crush.

And while in some ways our relationship is new and unbelievably exciting, sometimes making me tingle to the point where I’m shaking, I realize now that we have been courting each other for almost seven years. Our daily contact and collaboration and even more, allowing each other intimate knowledge of our personal lives now makes us totally comfortable with each other. There’s simply nothing to hide or regret. Except, perhaps, that this didn’t happen sooner.

As our lips softly grind together she leans closer, her chest pressing against mine. There’s a tiny whimper from deep in her throat and she begins lifting one shoulder, then the other, slowly at first, and I feel the girls moving against me. And it’s not long before I can feel hard nipples through our two t-shirts as she moves faster and presses one, then the other into my chest. Her obvious arousal sends a shudder though me, and I feel a stirring in my boxer briefs, which is all I’d bothered to put on.

Now she’s beginning to roll her hips, rotating very slowly in my lap, and in moments I’m rock hard under her! She pulls her lips from mine and they leave a wet trail across my cheek until they come to rest against my ear. I hear another little whimper that’s almost a squeak, and then she whispers, so softly, into my ear, her breath tickling the tiny hairs there. “Baby, you know how good it feels, knowing I can arouse you so easily, so quickly? God I love it! And Cookie loves it too, because she’s already damp even though she is a little sore. But sweetheart, the girls are feeling a bit neglected, because they didn’t get much attention this afternoon. Would you mind?”

And she kisses and nibbles on my ear and neck, driving me absolutely wild! And all I can manage to get out is a quivery, “Oh fuck!”

She sits back and straightens up with a big smile on her face, and then slowly raises her arms till they’re straight up in the air. And when my hands go to the hem of her white t-shirt and begin to slide it up over her I realize it’s gigantic, big and floppy on her. She catches my questioning gaze and giggles. “It’s the one you wore to work today! I put it on because it smells like you! Mmmmmmmmm!”

With a laugh I pull it over her head, then yank it off her arms and give it a toss. And she immediately turns back and forth, from side to side, so I can watch the girls sway. I laugh and ask, “How can the girls possibly feel neglected? Can’t they feel my eyes on them? When I fuck you hard everything bounces and the girls thrash like crazy in all directions! And that’s a sight that turns me on so much it’s hard to hold back! Baby, I love the girls, as much as I love cookie, and almost as much as I love you!”

As I’m speaking I’m staring, because her soft nipples suddenly crinkle up and become hard, rough swollen points! She gasps and looks down, obviously feeling them tighten. “Oh my god! How do you do that?” She groans. “Well they sure feel your eyeballs now, and I’m sure from now on they always will!” She laughs, then takes a hand and gives each breast a little slap. “Stop that! Down! Bad girls!” And in response they get even harder, swollen and jutting at my face!

I can’t take it any longer. I reach each hand under a breast, and begin to gently squeeze and massage one while I lift the other to my mouth. And she moans softly, “Ohhhhh Godddddd, babyyyyyyyyyy!” as my lips close and I begin to nurse, my tongue bathing the rocky tip as my lips squeeze and suck.

Her hands go gently behind my head and urge me to take more, and she moans as I suck her deeper at the same time my hand kneads and my thumb finds the other swollen bud. And soon my face is almost covered by the delicious smooth softness. My tongue is circling round and round, pushing the hard point back and forth, then grinding down on it. I am in heaven, enraptured by her lovely breasts and even more by the selfish thought that they are all mine, and I feel no desire to leave them. But after a minute or two I feel her hands gently pushing me back.

She whispers, “Baby, one of the girls is hopelessly head over heels in love with you forever, even more than before, but her sister is complaining that she wants some attention too.” And I realize I was truly so absorbed in making love to one of them that I hadn’t even touched her “sister” except with my fingers.

With a few gentle licks and kisses I release the first one and leave it resting in the palm of my hand, while I turn my attention to its twin. And when my hot drooling mouth eagerly covers the second and sucks it in deep Sandy moans, “Ohhhh Yesssssssss! God!”

Knowing I have to make up I immediately begin sucking harder, my tongue now grinding circles around the tip. And when Sandy’s back arches to me with a moan I slash my tongue back and forth across the rough point and her whole body shudders. She jumps as I catch the bud in my teeth, lightly, then grind my tongue down on the captive. But then my teeth tighten, and I look up at her as I slowly lift my head, first pulling the breast to a point, then stretching the tender tip, more and more. She was already panting, but now her breath comes in deep explosive gasps, but her back arches even more as she offers herself to me.

Our eyes are locked as my hand finds the other nipple and my fingers pinch, and I begin stretching that one as well, hearing her breath change again, to quick nervous pants. But when I begin to twist the tip around and pull even harder her head goes back and she sucks in her breath, then gives a loud moan that becomes almost a growl. I freeze, afraid that I’m hurting her beyond the point of pleasure, but she gasps, “Oh god Billy, that’s so good! Don’t fucking stop!”

And a moment later, to emphasize the point, She begins rocking hard back and forth in my lap, grinding down on my cock! By reflex my mouth releases her and I groan, “Oh fuck Sandy!” She slows down and puts her hands on my shoulders and begins to press down and grind really hard. But after a moment she winces. I’m already staring at her and I see her face change to a pout. “Oh Geezes Billy, she really is sore! That sucks!”

I think just a moment and a big smile breaks across my face. “It’s okay honey, let’s take a nice hot shower and head for the bed. I’ll bet I can find something she’ll like. And maybe something more for the girls, too!”

She looks at me with a grin and a big question on her face, but she’s not getting anything more out of me, for now. I head in and get the water going while she turns out the lights, and by the time she makes the bathroom I’m in the shower. She gets rid of her panties and I help her as she steps in with me, and of course, in a moment we’re wrapped up in each other’s arms.

My cock has been hard since she mentioned the girls, and it’s pressed against her belly now, and I don’t think he knows he’s not getting any yet, but I do. But it’s partly my fault and all I want now is to make the night as special as it can be for Sandy. But she’s not helping any when she reaches down between us and wraps her hand around him. I groan with pleasure but she groans too and says, “Dammit baby, there’s nothing in this world I’d rather do than bend over and put my hands against the wall! But I’m afraid she just can’t, right now.” And all the while she’s stroking him, slowly.

I pull my arms tight around her and lock my lips in for a long kiss, and our bodies grind together. It’s obvious that this is the last thing either of us wants right now! After the kiss she gives me a little smile and turns around in my arms, and rubs her soft smooth ass against me, which feels wonderful.

My hands quickly find her breasts and start stroking and squeezing and kneading as I kiss along the side of her neck. She arches, pushing her breasts into my hands and offering me her throat, and moans as my lips and hands go to work. Then she reaches a hand back and gathers her wet hair and pulls it to one side, giving me access to the tender back of her neck. And when my lips find just the right spot she gasps and presses back against them with a little squeal. And as my fingers continue to stroke and squeeze, her ass starts to press rhythmically back against me.

The wonderful touches and the hot water do their work and both of us are squirming against each other, whimpering and moaning. And finally she gasps, “C’mon baby, let’s go to bed and get comfortable!”

I’m all for that and we’re dried and on our way in record time. But on the way to the sheets I grab the bottle of moisturizing lotion I’d noticed she left on the dresser. I put up a couple of pillows and sit back against the headboard, then beckon her to sit between my legs and lean against my chest. And once again I kiss along the back and sides of her neck, enjoying her little gasps and moans.

But I quietly pump some of the lotion into my palm, and when my hand cover a breast she jumps and gasps, because it’s still a little cool. But as I slowly spread it in circles around the beautiful globe that’s forgotten, and she sighs and settles back against me. I pause long enough to get another squirt of lotion for the other breast, and as I start to knead and squeeze she begins to moan with pleasure and squirm against me.

I continue to kiss, everywhere I can reach, from cheeks to ears to neck and shoulders, and her breathing is deep and slow. She just can’t stay still in my hands, and little whimpers follow one another from her throat. “Oh godddd, Billy!” she gasps, breathlessly. “What are you doing to me? God, I’m melting!”

I just continue the slow massage, until, after several minutes the lotion has finally been absorbed into her soft, tender skin. My cock is like iron, just from having her in my hands, and her back is coated with my leaking juice, where it presses back against it. I give a little nudge, urging her to let me out, and as I move away I lay a pillow down for her head. And in another moment I am kneeling between her legs, which she’s spread wide for me, bent at the knees.

I lean forward and kiss the rock-hard pointy tips, enjoying the scent of the lotion. Then I scatter little kisses all across her chest and down, till I reach her tummy, where I tease her for a minute, licking and kissing around her belly button, as she gasps. But her scent is even stronger than the lotion now, overpowering me, and I can’t linger any longer.

I put my hands on her thighs as I scoot back a little, and when I look up at her with a smile for just a moment I see she’s raised her head, watching. And when I bend my head down and lightly give Cookie a kiss, she sighs with pleasure at the touch. God she’s wet! Already leaking and dribbling on the sheet! And I gently lap up her cream, running my tongue up and down and all around.

Her breathing quickly deepens, and when my tongue slips between her folds she suddenly gasps, and her head slaps back on the pillow. And then her soft thighs come together gently against my cheeks, making sure I don’t leave. Her back arches, and she lifts to my mouth, babbling with pleasure as I lap and kiss and suck lightly, drinking as she provides more and more of her nectar. When my tongue lightly enters her little hole I find a creamy pool waiting for me.

I probe deeper and her hips come alive, slowly rocking, and I feel a hand in my hair, tangling and urging me to take even more. And her little cries and whimpers are music. I can no longer hold back, and bury my face in her, sliding my hands underneath her cheeks and lifting. My tongue is ramming deep and hard, fucking her as she bucks in time. Her entire body is writhing now, squirming on the sheet and undulating as she arches again and again. When I lift my head for a moment, needing a breath, I see that she has both nipples in her fingertips, squeezing and pulling. And her head is slowly rolling side to side on the pillow.

Now I’m sliding my tongue slowly up and down between her lips, kissing here, gently nipping there, and stopping to suck carefully on her most tender flesh. She has both hands buried in my hair and is rhythmically pushing down, ordering me to take more and more. Her legs are like a vise, laid over my shoulders now and locked behind my head.

When she gasps, “Oh Billy! Please, please! Oh god!” I know exactly what she needs, and when my tongue slides slowly up until it finds the little bud her body jerks as though she’d been shocked. I lick gently, making little circles, until my lips close over it, and then I suck lightly as my tongue caresses the head. Immediately a low moan begins from deep in her throat, then becomes a squeal with every touch, and when I suck harder and my tongue grinds down she suddenly bucks hard from the bed and explodes!

Her ass lifts from the sheet and her hips pump again and again against my face as her hands pull and twist at my hair. And a hot flood suddenly splatters against my face! She’s shuddering and shaking as the waves roll through her body again and again. And she’s moaning and crying through clenched lips, her little noises a delight to my ears!

Even when she finally lies limp and panting, I can feel the little shudders and shocks going through her, and I give her tender little kisses, telling her how happy she’s made me. And she breathes, softly, “Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby,” over and over again.

I crawl back to her and she giggles and grabs a tissue to wipe my dripping face. Then I lock her in my arms as we share kisses and enjoy the delicious warm feel of each other’s body. But soon I feel her hand slide between us to find my rigid cock, and her fingers close gently around it. She just holds me for a minute or two, but then her hand begins to slide up and down very slowly. I can’t hold back a little moan of pleasure, and I shudder and stretch in reaction to her touch. And she whispers into my ear, “I think he’s earned his reward!”

She untangles from my arms, and as she pushes up I roll onto my back, ready and eager for whatever she has in mind. She slowly backs down alongside me, planting kisses and running a hand over my body. And she makes me shiver when she kisses and licks her way back and forth under my belly button. But when she reaches my hip I lift my leg and she quickly slips under it until she is between my legs and looking up at me with a big grin. My cock is harder than ever now, in anticipation, and standing straight up. And when she blows gently on the tip it wags back and forth as I jerk and moan.

But she means to take her time, and she bends and kisses the insides of my thighs, one then the other. I yip as she suddenly takes a little bite, but she licks the spot and makes it all better again. She lies down on her stomach and runs her hands up the outsides of my thighs to my hips, and I gasp when I feel the tip of her tongue touch my balls. She licks and kisses slowly back and forth, but she makes me hold my breath when she suddenly sucks one carefully into her mouth and laves it with her tongue. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck!”

After giving the other equal treatment she lifts her head again and leans forward. But she slides her soft cheek up along the side of my standing cock, the smooth skin making me shudder. And she buries her nose in the thick hair just above him, moving her head to tease me even more. I groan and stretch and whimper, hardly able to stand another second of the unbearably sweet torture! And then another and another. But somehow I understand, through the haze of want and need and lust, this is not just a blowjob. She’s making love to my body!

She finally slides back, and she takes her left hand and gently puts it behind my shaft as she runs the tip of her tongue up the underside of my cock, oh so slowly. And she makes me shudder and gasp when she kisses the head, then runs her wet tongue around it. But she closes her lips and runs them down one side, then up the other, just the tip of her tongue peeking out enough to leave a wet line of pleasure. And then she repeats the whole procedure, but now her mouth is open, and her lips and tongue are bathing me with wetness as she sucks and kisses and licks.

At long last, when her lips close over my tip and she softly sucks as her tongue makes lazy circles she looks up at me with shining eyes and a grin on her face. I lie stock-still, because if I move it could ruin everything. Not only am I so close, but I know it’s what she wants, to enjoy me and give me unspeakable pleasure at the same time.

Her mouth slides over me, taking me deeper now, her tongue bathing me in wetness before her head begins to slowly bob. And even with her mouth stuffed full of him the wonderful smile is still on her face along with a sparkle in her eyes as she looks up at me. Her lips are barely touching at first, teasing with little delights as they move up and down. But gradually they tighten and her head moves faster, more urgently, and I feel myself touching the back of her mouth. She doesn’t push, try to take more, she just keeps bobbing with a magical steady pace that keeps me on the edge or the cliff, but doesn’t make me fall. This is a special moment between us, one we’ll remember for a long time.

As she sucks and licks and loves she reaches up, both hands running over my body, stroking, caressing. I put both hands on top of hers, telling her not to stop, and they ride together over my skin. And I can’t help it when I moan loudly as my hips finally lift for the first time. In response I feel her lips tighten, and I feel her head bob faster, sucking hard both up and down. Reaching down, I put one hand in her hair, and with the other I give hers a squeeze, not pushing or controlling, just telling her how good it is.

She pushes back up on her knees, and now presses down, and when she finds the right angle I slide easily into her throat! I groan and shudder, and when my hips buck hard her nose is pressed against my body and her lips are locked around the base of my shaft. She bobs quickly a few times, then up for air, but in another moment she’s right back down again. And now I can feel her tongue grinding against my shaft at the same time her tight lips slide up and down with short strokes, never letting me out of her throat. And she does it again and again, rivers of spit running down over me each time she lifts her head.

But I can only stand so much, and soon my hips are rolling and I’m squirming on the bed. I’m gasping for breath between moans and grunts of ecstasy. My feet are pedaling on the bed and I’m trembling, feeling the deep tingle getting stronger with every moment, till finally I push up gently on her head telling her I can’t withstand it any longer.

She slowly slides her lips up my length, takes a deep breath and whispers, “Baby, please?”

And when she plunges down again her lips are impossibly tight, her mouth incredibly warm and wet and her tongue gently stroking up and down. She moves slowly again but it’s different now, her lips are urging, begging, telling me how badly she wants. I have no choice. With a moan of surrender I let my body rock in time with her, my breath getting shallower, more broken with every stroke of her lips.

When it happens my hips lift hard just once, and then I lie still as my hips spasm quietly and my cock pulses again and again in her mouth. Her lips are tight, locked around me, her cheeks rhythmically pulling in as she sucks hard while she moves slowly up and down, squeegeeing the last drops from me. And her tongue is urging, cajoling, begging for all I have to give. She doesn’t move until long after I am still and my cock has softened in her mouth. When she finally crawls up on the bed beside me my arms hardly have the strength to hold her.

She lays her head softly on my chest, and in a voice so quiet she can hardly hear I whisper, “Baby, how did you know to do that; did you know it would be so good?”

She runs a hand through my hair and I hear the smile in her voice as she whispers back, “Lover, I didn’t know it, but I dreamt it. Ever since I was old enough to understand beyond sex, that there could be more than that between a man and a woman, I’ve yearned to know this feeling. To know the joy of total possession and being possessed.”

“In all the relationships that I’ve had, and you know about almost all of them, most of the guys were simply not worth the effort. But of the very few I actually liked; they were all were perfectly willing and ready to have sex. But the moment I tried to get a little closer they put up a wall, almost pushed me away. And that was pretty much it. Of course I never told you that; until now I never thought you’d understand.”

She turns her head up and looks at me with a big grin. “Don’t worry baby, in all my life you’re the first and only. The only one that has ever understood or wanted what I have to give. And I feel it just as strongly whether your cock is inside me or you’re beside me taking pictures. God I love you so much!”

And I gently pet her hair as warm little tears roll down her cheeks and onto my chest. “I love you Sandy.” I shudder hard as I realize how good it feels to say that. I want to cry too. And I do.


Hi! I’m Sandy. My husband Bill has given you all the details of how we finally got together, starting with the night I seduced him. But over the last two years our lives have taken such wonderful and totally unexpected turns that I wanted to bring you up to date.

One thing that clicked for us right from the start was the combination of our favorite hobbies. I had always spent a lot of my free time with a camera in my hands, constantly looking for a good subject and new ways to get the next great picture. And of course, Bill had always loved the outdoors, and spent his weekends hiking and rock climbing, or snowshoeing in the winter. And right from the beginning we were on the go every weekend with our hiking boots and cameras.

I joined Bill’s gym and we worked out together, and before long I was up to speed and we went 10 miles or more just about every time we went out. And it wasn’t long before I got to share that infamous tent on our first overnight backpack. Let’s just say there are probably a lot of animals still wondering what went on in the woods that night. And the hike out the next day was a little more painful than usual.

The first week we were together was difficult in the office; we were so fixated on each other we hardly got any work done. But eventually we were able to focus and save our mutual desires at least until the ride home. And we made up for the long days just about every night. In fact, our only real problem was getting enough sleep.

Right from the start there was never any doubt we were in love, and as the days and weeks went by we just fell deeper and deeper. It wasn’t long before I knew he was the only thing that really mattered to me, and what made it even better was that I knew he felt the same way. And we both worked hard to show each other, every single day.

Two months almost to the day from our first night together was my birthday, and Bill had told me in advance that he’d made reservations for us at an incredible restaurant. It’s one of the best in town, and they have a dance floor and a little combo playing in the evenings. I made a point of dressing up, just the way he likes me best, A short black dress so that he could admire my legs, and of course, my sheer patterned stockings and Black high heels.

We had a wonderful meal, complete with a bottle of my favorite wine, and that loosened us up enough that when Bill asked me, I wanted nothing more than to dance with him. Neither of us are really dancers, but that night I just melted into his arms, and we didn’t even know there was anyone else around us.

I was enjoying myself so much that I would gladly stayed a while, with a bit more wine and his arms around me, so I was a little disappointed that he seemed anxious to get home. But Bill has always been very generous to me, and he hadn’t given me a birthday present, so I was sure he had something up his sleeve and I didn’t argue when he said it was time to go.

When we got home he helped me off with my coat, took his jacket and tie off and plopped down on the couch. And then patted his knee for me to sit in his lap. I did, sideways over his legs, and wrapped my arms around his neck as he pulled me in for a kiss. It was a long, delicious kiss, not urgent with lots of tongue, but warm and passionate and full of love. And then he began to touch me, all over, not hard and needing but softly, stroking, little caresses everywhere.

His hands moved from my hair to my arms and down their length, down my legs and back again and ohhhhhhh god! All over my body! But in a tender, loving way. I was on fire, just from his touch, but the strangest thing was, I could feel him shaking, trembling. And in between little nibbles here and there, my neck, ear, shoulder, chin, he began to whisper to me.

“Sweetheart, do you know how much I really love you? Can you tell what just being near you does to me? Everything about you is just so perfect! I love your touch, your beauty, your wonderful body, even your smell. And your taste!” He chuckled softly, but I shivered, quickly turning into a puddle of Jello as he went on.

“I love you so much I can’t imagine being without you Sandy; every day we’re together seems more wonderful than the last. My only regret is that it took us so long, but we’ve been making up for lost time and I don’t ever intend to stop.”

His hands and his words felt so good that I’d had my eyes closed, enjoying the wonderful feeling, but when I opened them and looked at him his eyes were wet and shining. Until the next moment when he kissed me again, another wonderful passionate kiss that, combined with his touches, left me panting when he finally pulled gently away. I just had to tell him.

“Oh god baby, you know I love you just as much. The last two months have been better than the rest of my life put together! But still, I smile sometimes when I think of how things were between us before. How good you could make me feel when my latest hotshot turned out to be a dud. And I’ll bet you didn’t know it, but when you told me about the problems you had in your relationships, I got a little jealous, although I’d hardly even admit it to myself back then.”

“And god! I loved it when we kidded around a little in the office, and I could see you got a little aroused for me. It made me giggle baby, and I gave you a hard time; made sure you knew I could tell. But what I bet you didn’t know was that sometimes my panties got a little damp! I used to think that those bitches didn’t know what a good thing they had! And if both of us had been free I know something would have happened a lot sooner. But in the end, I think it just prepared us for each other!”

“And now it just feels so natural, lover, like this is just the way it should be with us. Like we were just meant to be together!” And I leaned down and gave him another kiss, tightening my arms around him and hugging him to me. It was such a wonderful moment I just never wanted it to end.

But when the kiss ended he gently slid me off his lap onto the cushion, and then he began to move off the couch. I didn’t want him to go, and I pouted a moment. But instead of standing up he just slid off the couch onto the floor, on his knees. And I saw a tear roll down his cheek. He looked very nervous, but he looked up at me with a smile and took my hand in his.

“Sandy, you are the best part of my life, the only thing that gives it meaning now. I want to spend the rest of my life with you as lovers, friends and soulmates.” Of course, by now I had an inkling of where this was leading and I almost stopped breathing, but even so, when he pulled his other hand from behind his back with a little blue box in it I gasped. And then he said it.

“Sweetheart, if you feel the same things I do, if you want to spend the rest of your life with me, please, will you marry me?” And he looked so scared as he opened the little box.

But then I gasped, eyes bulging, even as my tears started to flow. My god it wasn’t just a diamond, it was an egg! It was gigantic; I don’t think I’d ever seen one that big up close before! I was panting, having trouble catching my breath. I gasped, “My god, Billy, you know I love you, and this is the happiest moment of my life! But we can’t afford that; I know it’s a year’s salary, I’d be happy with anything that you gave me!”

But he chuckled, a big smile on his face now, and said, “We don’t have to worry about that lover, because there’s something I’ve never told you, but I will if you will just say yes!”

“Billy, I want you to understand, that if I put that on, I don’t intend to ever be without it again. Someone will have to take it from me the day I die. Yes! Yes! Of course yes! Don’t look so worried, you never had to doubt that! I love you with all my heart, sweetheart, and will for all my life. You’re my soulmate and I would love to be your wife!”

Even so his hands were shaking hard as he took it from the box and slid it on my finger, and thank god, it was a perfect fit. And when it was in place he bent down and kissed it, before looking up at me and saying, “Thank you my love, for making me so happy, now and every day we’ve been together.” We stood up at the same moment and he crushed me in his arms as our lips locked and our bodies molded. And I was crying so hard my mascara ruined his shirt.

We sat down again and curled up with each other, kissing and hugging and touching, for a long time. Until finally we couldn’t wait any longer and headed for our bed. But I insisted that we undress each other first, and we did, little by little, until I had only my panties and he still had his boxer briefs. His hands were everywhere, making me pant like never before, but he deserved something really special, and he was going to have it.

In between kisses I said, trying to sound nonchalant, “Baby, what would you like most? Hmmmmmmm?” Of course I knew his biggest weakness, so I knew the answer, and when the look on his face told me that there was nothing in the world he’d like better I felt my soaked panties get even more wet!

Slowly I kissed my way down his chest, teasing him, and then I hooked my fingers in the waist band and pulled his briefs down as I settled on my knees. He was so hard I had to duck out of the way when that beautiful big rod sprang free. I fondled his balls with one hand and stroked his length with the other as I smiled up at him, our eyes locked together. He was gasping already, and I could feel him shaking.

But then, I was shaking too, the excitement of the moment almost overwhelming. And the thought suddenly struck me, “This is MY cock, to love and cherish for the rest of my life, and I have to make sure he gets as much pleasure from it as I do, always!”

I held him still for a moment and he shuddered as I kissed the tip, then licked it softly, getting it nice and wet. And he groaned as I slowly slid my lips over it, sucking as my tongue swirled around his shaft. I loved to feel his cock in my throat, right from the start, and I didn’t waste time; I just kept going till my nose was buried in his hair and my chin was pressing against his balls. The noises he was making told me all I needed to know, and I ignored the urge to pull back and held him deep until the last possible moment. My throat was contracting, trying to swallow him whole, and his hands in my hair tightened, even as he whimpered.

When I finally eased back he gasped, “Oh fuck, Sandy!” but I showed no mercy, and down he went again as soon as I caught a breath of air. But that time I didn’t stay there; I began bobbing, swallowing his full length every time, and my hand continued to gently roll his balls. Our two months together had prepared me well for this day; I could hardly swallow him at all when we first got together, but I’d had lots of practice, and I was determined that this night would be the best he ever had.

I tightened my lips around him as he slid smoothly in and out, and ropes of my spit dripped from his shaft every time I pulled my head back. Both of us love it wet and messy, and by god he was getting what he wanted! I made sure my tongue ground against him hard and I’d have giggled when he shuddered and bucked if my mouth hadn’t been so full.

When I knew he couldn’t take much more of my throat I pulled back and grabbed him with both hands and squeezed hard as I stroked slowly up and down his slippery length. He was actually panting, from both the pleasure and the strain of retaining control. I knew he would fight to the end, but I’d have loved it if he lost it and covered my face with goo. It wouldn’t have been the first time. And we both knew I’d make sure he was soon hard and straining again.

But he was a good soldier, and the feel of MY cock in my hands and throat was making me so hot I didn’t want to wait too long. I sucked him down again and bobbed fast and hard until his hands began pushing, trying desperately to stop me, and then I grabbed him with one hand and pulled his dripping cock from my lips, with a big cock-eating grin on my face.

As soon as I did he bent and grabbed me under both arms and almost yanked me to my feet. He wrapped his arms around me and crushed me against him as our lips locked, and I teased him even more by rolling my hips against his aching cock. He couldn’t take much more and growled, “Oh fuck!” as he lifted me off my feet and threw me through the air onto the bed. I giggled as I bounced and looked up with a big smile, knowing I’d done my job.

But the bed hadn’t even stopped shaking before he grabbed me behind my knees and pulled me to the edge of the mattress. And in the next second his face was buried between my legs! And it was my turn to gasp and moan as his tongue lapped up every drop of the juices that had been running freely, and I almost came on his face when he buried his tongue in me and began greedily drinking the nectar waiting for him. I grabbed the sheet with both hands and pumped my hips against his face, telling him how good it felt and how ready I was.

But he got even, taking his time, licking, sucking, tonguing and nipping inside and out. I was already moaning, hips rolling, and when his lips found my clit I knew it was over. First he sucked, then ground his tongue against it and suddenly my entire body convulsed as my first orgasm slammed through me. Even then he didn’t stop, grinding and swirling his tongue as my entire body bucked and shuddered, totally out of control.

When I finally caught my breath he still didn’t stop, kissing and licking gently, and he was looking right at me with a big smile as he lapped up the creamy nectar that my orgasm brought. It felt so good I really didn’t want him to stop, and we both knew what would happen. He began licking and sucking harder again, then sliding his tongue up and down my lips, then deep inside me. I was soon fucking his face again, my hips pumping, grinding my pussy against him.

The wet sloppy noises he was making turned me on almost as much as the feel of his mouth, knowing how much he was enjoying me and loving how I responded to him. But I really wasn’t prepared for what he did next. He slowly slid his tongue up between my swollen lips again till he found my clit and began sucking gently. But suddenly I felt his fingers slide inside me! And he kissed and tongued and sucked, gently, taking his time, and his fingers slid slowly in and out!

Oh my god it never felt so good before, and I realized he was making love to HIS pussy! My body was out of control, jerking and bucking, but I fought to prolong it a little, just for him. And I knew he enjoyed every gasp and squeak and moan he got out of me, which, of course, came with every touch. But in moments I reached down and pushed his face deep, and my thighs locked him in place as I screamed! Oh fucking god I never felt anything like that before!

My ass lifted clear of the bed and my hips bucked hard as I exploded, and for the first time in my life I felt myself squirt – all over his face! I was screaming and crying and moaning all at the same time, totally out of control, but when I finally looked down at him his face was covered with a grin of both surprise and pleasure, and of course, soaking wet with my cum.

I laid back on the pillow, trying to catch my breath, and he crawled up to me and wrapped me in his arms. I could taste myself as we shared kisses, little nibbles and long, deep, grinding tongue duels. Neither of us could stop moving, and when I felt his wonderful rock hard cock I wiggled until I could stroke it with my pussy, then rolled my hips slowly. That made him moan and I felt his arms tighten around me.

“Baby, I want you inside of me so bad!” I gasped as I arched against him, and he didn’t hesitate. He slid back just enough and I spread my legs, opening for him. I felt the tip of that big dick slip inside and I arched, hard, enveloping him. I was so wet and open that when he pushed I just moaned and threw my head back as he buried himself in me. And I just knew that cock was going to feel that good for the rest of my life, both for him and for me!

For a minute he held me still as we kissed and moaned into each other’s mouths, and then he whispered, “God Sandy, I love you so much! And life was never so much fun until we got together!” And then he started rocking slowly, impaling me with long slow strokes. Every one made me gasp and groan with sheer pleasure, which only spurred him on, moving faster and driving his rod into my core. I love the sound of our bodies slapping and it quickly got louder as he thrust harder and harder, his hips bucking as he drove every stroke home.

But I wasn’t about to let him have all the fun, and I began meeting every thrust, rolling my hips in time with his. “Oh fuck Sandy!” he moaned, and I knew he was not far from the edge. I didn’t want it to end, but I wanted him to have the orgasm of his life, and I carefully moved just hard enough to make it feel wonderful without pushing him over too soon.

Our bodies were slapping hard and fast, and we were both covered with sweat, which only made us slide against each other. I couldn’t help a grin as he began to growl and moan, because I knew he was fighting for control. But I wasn’t going to make him wait any longer, and I began rolling my hips hard, arching up against him and letting him know what I wanted. “Come on,baby, you know I want it! Give it to me, fill me up!” I gasped between grunts and gasps for breath.

Instantly he snarled and I felt his grip tighten on my hips as he began to pound me, ramming that rod deeper and deeper as his hips pistoned hard and fast. It drives me wild when I know he needs me that bad, and I started panting, making the little squeaks and cries he loves. Not that I could help it, because I go so out of control I just lose it. “Fuck meeeee!” I howled and in a second I felt him slow and just start slamming me, his fingers buried in my flesh. He groaned once, his breath catching, then he growled as his hips bucked and I could feel it as he pumped spurt after spurt into me.

“Ohhhhhhhhh god!” I moaned and my hips slammed against him as I arched, the best orgasm of all blasting through me. My body was bucking and shuddering and all I could make were little squeaks and groans as we rocked together, letting each other know how good it was.

When his fingers finally loosened their grip he collapsed on top of me, and my arms locked around his back, holding him to me. Between my orgasm and knowing that it was just as good for him I was in heaven. And best of all, now I knew it would be like that forever! But I intended that it was only the beginning. It was going to be a very long night!

When he rolled off of me I snuggled up against him as his arms held me tight, and we were asleep together in no time. But it wasn’t long before I woke up again, to the delicious feeling of his body moving against mine. And I gasped, then giggled, as I realized he was hard as a rock!

Our lips quickly found each other; delicious little kisses as I rolled my hips, encouraging him. And it wasn’t long before he pulled away and bent his head down to suck on one of my nipples, which was instantly hard and crinkly in his mouth. Mmmmmmmmm, I could feel his tongue all the way to my pussy as he ground it against me, and I arched my back, begging him to take more. And when he sucked me in deeper I put my hands on his head, pulling him against me. He was slobbering all over me, getting me wet and slippery as his lips and tongue and teeth all made love to first one nipple, then the other. I was shuddering and bucking against his mouth, and my pussy was just dripping wet.

But when he finally pulled away and looked up at me with a big grin I put my hand on his shoulder and pushed him onto his back. And I crawled right up on top of him and wiggled until I felt his stiff rod wedged between my thighs. I locked my lips on his, and as we kissed I rolled my ass just a little, so my pussy stroked him gently. I felt him shudder, and then I did too, and suddenly he really needed to be inside of me!

I pushed myself up till I was straddling him, and when I lifted just a little he slipped right in. Mmmmmmmm, that big head felt delicious between my lips, and I rolled my hips a little, teasing him, before I slowly slid down the pole onto him. He groaned and closed his eyes, head back on the pillow as he enjoyed the sensation of being engulfed. But no more than I loved having him buried in me!

I leaned forward a little and ran my hands over his chest as I started to ride him, rocking on my knees as I slowly fucked him. He was letting me do the work, which was just what I wanted, because I could show him how much I enjoyed his wonderful cock. I leaned forward, onto my hands and began to raise and lower my ass, quickly going faster and slapping down onto him as the feeling got to us both.

He pulled his legs up behind me and started moving with me, ramming his cock into me every time I rocked back onto him. That only made us want even more, and in no time we were moaning and groaning together. My body was covered with sweat and I was dripping onto him, and he was using the sweat like oil to run his hands over my body. And eventually he caught my tits in his hands and began massaging them as they slipped and slid in his grasp.

He ground his palms against my nipples and I knew it was all over. I started shuddering and I could feel the tightening between my legs. I growled through clenched teeth and slammed back onto him and my pussy clenched him tight. “Oh fuck baby!” I gasped as I suddenly sat up straight and shuddered and bucked as one lightning bolt after another shot through me.

Suddenly he arched under me, and I felt his hips bucking as he filled me again. His hands had a grip on my wrists, and I could feel him straining. And when he was finally done I just collapsed on his chest, the two of us lying in a pool of sweat and panting. When I was finally able to roll off to his side we just lay there and looked at each other. We both knew that things between us had changed and gotten even better, even though they’d always been wonderful, right from the start. And locked in each other’s arms we fell asleep again.

When I woke up again he was breathing deep and long, and I grinned in the dim light as I realized I’d actually managed to tire him out a bit. His arms were still loosely around me and our bodies were pressed together, sharing the warmth. But when I moved a bit I realized we were almost stuck together! And when I slid a hand down over my tummy I knew we were both covered with our combined cum and sweat, not a pretty thought.

Very slowly and gently I slid back, out of his arms, then slipped off the bed and headed for the shower. His breathing had lightened, but he didn’t move a muscle. I turned on the water and let it warm a bit, then stepped into the heavy spray. God it felt delicious, and I just luxuriated in the steamy wetness for a minute, running my hands slowly over my body. I was still turned on, from our lovemaking and the knowledge that he was mine forever. And my hands slid between my legs, making me moan as I touched myself.

I was just about to lather up when I heard the shower door slide open. And a moment later I was pulled back against his chest, his arms around my waist. And when I pressed my head back against his chest he whispered over the hiss of the water, “Is this a private party?”

“It sure is! I giggled. “Just you and me!” And I wiggled my ass against him for emphasis.

I felt his arms tighten around me and then one hand slid up to cup a breast, and I sighed with pleasure as he bounced the heavy weight in his hand, then gently palmed me and squeezed. Immediately I could feel pressure against my ass, and I knew that somehow he was getting hard again. I gasped and moaned and ground against him, massaging him as he massaged me. I shuddered hard as his lips found the side of my neck and he whispered, “I love you!” and I reached a hand around to his head, holding him there as his lips and tongue drove me crazy.

I reached my other hand down to find his, and slid it from my belly down between my legs, then shuddered and sighed with pleasure again as he cupped me. Then he began to pull on my nipple with the other hand. I gasped and thrust my ass back against him, letting him know what I wanted.

But he took his time, teasing me. First he slid the other hand to my breast and squeezed and pulled and twisted both nipples, as his lips and teeth left marks on my neck. I was writhing in his grip, gasping as I pressed against his hungry mouth. And suddenly, both those hands slipped down between my legs. And two fingers gently entered me as two more found my slippery nub and began to tease it. I could hardly breathe, and my hips were bucking against his hands.

I couldn’t stand it any longer, and bent forward, putting my hands against the shower wall. And there was no mistaking what I wanted. Still he didn’t hurry, sliding his hands to my ass and slowly rubbing and squeezing. Then one hand moved between my legs again and stroked me. I almost lost it then and growled, “Billy, god damn it, fuck me!”

I heard a little snicker behind me and felt the head of his cock at the same time, and grunted as he suddenly slid into me. But I gave a big sigh of relief because it was what I needed, and it felt sooo good! I pushed my ass back and made sure I had all of him, and felt his fingers tighten on my hips. And the wet slapping could be heard even above the sound of the rushing water.

Oh god that was wonderful! He slammed his cock into me balls deep again and again, and I used my hands against the wall like shock absorbers, going with his thrust and then pushing back, ready for the next one. He responded quickly, going harder and harder, and I liked it best when he began to growl softly with every stroke. He got me so excited I couldn’t shut up, and just had to urge him on. He loves it when I talk dirty because he knows how turned on I am. “Come on Billy, fuck me harder, give it to me! Give me all of that big fucking cock! Use my juicy, hot little cunt, let Cookie know you own her! Faster! Make me take it all!” I meant every word of it but most of all I loved the way he reacted! His fingers tightened and he pounded even harder every time I opened my mouth. I grunted and swore with every thrust, and before long I could feel my pussy starting to clench around him. But he just kept pounding, and my legs and arms were shaking hard as I came for him again, howling my pleasure.

But he didn’t even slow down, just tightened his grip even more, holding me up now, and kept going! He was breathing hard and I knew he wouldn’t stop. His cock felt like a sweet piston, ramming me again and again, and he growled and grunted with every thrust. My pussy was still spasming and I was still light-headed, and when he suddenly slammed into me and ground against my ass my head almost hit the wall! Then I felt his hips bucking against me and it happened again; I saw fireworks behind my closed eyelids!

I couldn’t stand and he didn’t have the strength left to hold me, and I could feel him shaking as he lowered me onto my knees. I stayed there, gasping for breath, my head against the rim of the tub, until I felt his hands on me, running over my ass. I turned and he was kneeling too, staring at me, a little smile on his face. I pushed up and he wrapped me in his arms against his chest, and we just huddled together, the water rushing over us. And long minutes passed before we got the strength to stand and finally wash each other clean.

It was only 4 AM so we toweled off and padded back to our bed, and were soon snuggled together in each other’s arms, under the covers. We had exhausted each other, but it felt so good we tried to plaster every inch of our skin together before we finally nodded off.

When I opened my eyes again it was daylight, and he was still sleeping soundly. In fact, he was snoring! I almost giggled aloud as I realized I’d really tired him out! Normally he’s raring to go long before I am. I let him sleep a while longer, but I knew just what I wanted, and slid a hand down between us until I found his cock. MY cock. And gently I began to stroke it. It took a minute or so before he let out a little moan and shuffled slightly, but then he was silent again. And as I continued to stroke him I felt him begin to harden. I wasn’t even sure it could happen again!

I didn’t know if he was awake or still asleep but it didn’t matter; I knew he soon would be. I managed to keep my fist around him as I pushed the covers back and got to my knees. And when I bent over and gave him a kiss I felt him shudder. I knew then he was playing possum, but I’d see how long he could last. So I held him by his now firm shaft as I sucked in the head of his cock and gently laved it with my tongue. And he finally gave up, gasping, “Oh fuck!”

I kept one fist wrapped around the base and slowly slid my lips down to it, then almost off him again. And each time I sucked my tongue stroked him. It wasn’t long before his hips began to move gently in time with my motions. I could feel him hardening in my hand and swelling in my mouth, and soon he moaned quietly with each bob of my head.

He was rock hard and I could feel his body shuddering, but I knew after our wild night he could last quite a while. One by one I removed my fingers from his cock and slid my lips farther down. Soon I had only thumb and forefinger making a ring to hold him steady as I bobbed the full length of his shaft. And when I removed the last fingers I took a deep breath and plunged the length of him, until my lips ground into his pubic hair.

He grunted and jumped at the sudden shock and pulled his knees up, then lifted his ass almost off the bed and ground against my face. I slid my hands under his ass and just sucked on him hard, my tongue grinding roughly against him. He had his hands in my hair but he didn’t pull down because there was no place left for me to go. And I waited until the last bubble of oxygen burst before I finally slid slowly up his shaft again.

As I gasped I looked up at him and he was staring back, almost in disbelief. “Oh fuck Sandy, Jeezus Christ!” He was shaking hard and I knew I’d had him pretty close. But I loved the taste and feel of him in my mouth, and I wanted this to last. I pushed myself up with a big smile and crawled up to him, and his arms crushed me to him as our lips met and ground together. But I reached my right hand down and grabbed his juicy shaft and my hand pumped slowly, not giving any respite.

I felt one of his hands slide down my left arm, then cover my hand, and his fingers found the big rock I was wearing. He fondled it gently, and when our lips parted for a moment he gasped, “Mine!”

“Every inch and every ounce, inside and out!” I whispered back, with a big smile. And the next kiss was even deeper.

But I hadn’t forgotten what I’d started, and I soon pulled away from him and turned on my knees, quickly finding his cock again with my hand and mouth. With just a few strokes I had him straining hard again, which I could always tell for sure because it made his cock curl upward just a bit, like a banana. And facing down like that was my favorite position, because he slid down easily so I could swallow him whole. And I did, again and again and again.

Now he was groaning and shaking and swearing, hips bucking, every time my head bobbed, but I wasn’t about to let up. Until suddenly he reached over and grabbed my hips as I knelt next to him, and lifted me onto his chest! And no sooner were my knees straddling him than he yanked me back hard and buried his face in me! My lips had been grinding against him, my nose grazing his balls, but he rammed his tongue deep inside me and began making the sweetest sounds as he lapped up my nectar. It was like a bolt of lightning surging though me and instantly I yanked my head up all the way and squealed with intensity if the feeling. “Oh my god baby!” was all I could manage to moan out, before I swallowed him again.

I wanted him to cum so badly, but with those lips and tongue on me I had trouble concentrating. He didn’t seem to mind, and he made me feel like I was the most delicious thing he’d ever eaten. Finally, I took another breath then slid down again, then began bobbing with short strokes, just an inch or two, as fast and hard as I could. That seemed to get his attention and his hips began to buck while he gasped and moaned against me.

I knew he was close, so I took a quick breath and continued, but in a moment he did something he’d never done before. He reached out a hand and pushed me down hard, holding my head still for a moment. Then he relieved the pressure, but I got the message and ground my face against him, my nose pressing against his balls, using my tongue to stroke the thick shaft that filled my mouth.

He used both hands to pull me back hard against his mouth and his tongue slashed up and down my dripping lips before finally finding my aching nub. Instantly he sucked it in and his lips squeezed as his tongue swirled and I would have screamed but for the several inches of cock in my throat. My entire body convulsed as the lightning bolt hit home, and my throat contracted around him as I came on his face in a gush! And the moment it happened I was lifted into the air by his hips as he bucked under me, and I felt his cum pumping into my throat with hard long spurts! I couldn’t swallow and it made me gag, but I was determined to give him his pleasure as long as possible.

When I finally lifted my head I was light-headed, and I coughed and sputtered as I struggled to breathe and cum dripped from my lips. But all I was conscious of was the wonderful whimpers and moans he was making against my pussy and the heaving of his body under mine. I forced myself to slide off of him, and when I turned I almost giggled when I saw his face and chest were soaking wet, and specks of my white cream glistened at the corners of his mouth. But I ignored that as I dove on him before our lips locked together. And when we woke again, it was mid-afternoon.


Neither of us have much in the way of family, our friends are mostly in the company we work for, and two people have never been surer of what they wanted. So we didn’t want to wait too long to get married. And since Billy’s birthday was in four months he wanted to do it the same weekend, saying it would be the best birthday present he ever got. That gave us enough time to get things sorted out at work — married couples can’t work in the same department – which gave Dave Rogers the chance to show what kind of a friend he is.

The day we told him he went to his management, and in a week he came back with great news for us. Our department had expanded quite a bit and they agreed to split it into two separate units. And Bill was named manager of one and I got the other! It was a promotion for both of us, and best of all, we were still in the same area, so our offices were still close to one another. The day Dave told us and congratulated us on our promotions and good work he left us with a chuckle. “Just so you know, I’ve been expecting this for a long time and I’d primed the pump upstairs. So there was no real discussion when I told them it was time!”

We didn’t realize it then, but this was also the time our lives began to change in other ways. When Bill gave me my ring he shrugged off the cost, saying there was something he’d never told me and we didn’t have to worry about it. But when we discussed our wedding, which neither of us wanted to be a really big deal, we also discussed our honeymoon. I figured maybe we’d go away for a week or two at a resort or something, but he suggested we take a couple of months off and go to Europe and Africa! I almost fainted. And it was then he told me.

When Billy was 16 his father was killed in an accident and his mother was badly hurt. Their car was rear-ended and run over by a bus. It was the worst kind of flagrant negligence; the bus had no brakes and the driver was drunk. It took years but his mother pretty well recovered, but some injuries lingered and now she’s in an assisted living community in Florida. As a result his mother got a huge settlement and a large trust fund was set up for Billy. Over the years it grew, and now it’s worth millions!

Some of the money went to his education, but he got a good job and never had to touch the fund after that. Until he bought my ring. But since we’re both in our thirties He feels we should use it now and do some things we really want. Of course I was a little reluctant, but it’s his money and I could see right away he was really serious, so I agreed. At least to the honeymoon. After all, the idea was pretty hard to resist.

Bill’s birthday was on a Friday, the day before our wedding. And with our wonderful trip planned and knowing we would be financially secure unless we were really stupid, I decided it was time to do something special for him. I don’t have a trust fund, but I never had a lavish lifestyle and had been able to put a good part of my salary aside.

I had been having a wonderful time, discovering a whole new world in the outdoors with him, while he became a photography fanatic to the point he was using my camera as much as I was, and had already talked about getting his own. And I knew that on our honeymoon trip we would both want to be taking pictures constantly. So I bought him a real camera outfit, fourteen thousand dollars’ worth.

Billy was never happier than that moment, when he saw what I’d got. Except maybe the next day at the wedding. So of course, we had to head out and try it all, and we were out hiking and snapping for hours! We stopped at a restaurant on the way home and enjoyed steaks and some wine, and felt wonderful and mellow by the time we got home. So I decided it was the perfect time to bring something up to him.

Unlike what I’d imagined, our lovemaking had only gotten better the longer we were together and got to know each other intimately. And our appetites for each other never decreased a bit. So something I’d heard about and been shocked by, long ago, suddenly came back to me and began to intrigue me, now that I felt totally safe with Bill. So while he spent some time going over the hundreds of pictures he’d taken, excited as a kid in a candy shop, I did a little preparation. And after he showed me what he thought were his best shots, I suggested it was time for bed.

The grin told me he agreed, and he practically dragged me into the bedroom. The whole day had been an adrenalin rush and it wasn’t over yet. We couldn’t keep our hands off of each other, raced each other to undress, and when he got down to his boxer briefs I still had my bra and panties, a special set I knew he liked. The bra cups were cut low and made of smooth satin which showed off my nipples when they got hard, and the rest was made of barely there sheer lace, just like the panties.

Before he could slide off the briefs I wrapped my arms around him and pressed my body against his until we were molded to each other while our lips locked. And I could feel the giant erection that he was grinding against me. Yummmmmmm. When our lips parted I whispered, “My treat, birthday boy!” and slowly kissed my way down his body. He loves blowjobs and loves to watch, and I could feel him shiver with anticipation.

When I got on my knees I looked up and gave him a big smile, then just rubbed my face against his briefs and the monster caged within. Mmmmmmmm, it was my turn to shiver. Then I began to kiss and lick, and finally, nip and bite, until he moaned every time I touched him. His cock, which was spasming and jerking under cloth, threatened to tear its way out, until I finally had mercy and hooked my fingers in the waistband.

I eased them down until the head of his cock appeared, swollen and almost purple with desire. And I caught it in my lips before it could spring loose, then slid the briefs the rest of the way down. As I sucked and licked his head I looked up at him and our eyes locked. He was watching every move. He was gasping and tried to push himself deeper, but I wrapped my hand around his shaft and took my time, kissing, licking, sucking; drawing out the sweet torture.

Then I pushed his cock up against his tummy and ran my tongue up and down his length, sides then the bottom of his shaft, and finally, ran my tongue over his balls, then gently sucked on them, one at a time. He was making the most delicious noises, and the look on his face told me he was having trouble waiting, so I had mercy and kissed my way up his shaft again, then let the tip pop right into my mouth. And I didn’t waste any more time, sliding him to the back of my mouth and bobbing quickly, getting him soaking wet and grinding my tongue against his hard swollen shaft.

Then, with more than half of him buried between my lips I stopped. And I made a production out of it as I looked up at him so he could see my mouth stuffed with his cock, settled back on my knees and slowly put my hands behind my back. He loves when I give him control and let him fuck my mouth, and I do too, but I always make him think it’s a special favor.

His smile broadened and his hips began to pump immediately, and we both watched as his shaft slid in and out, coated with my spit. And soon he grabbed my head with both hands and began pumping deeper, into my throat. When he does it hard and fast it makes me gag, which he just loves, and that night he really wanted it! I angled my head as best I could and before long his balls were slapping against my chin and drool was pouring out of my lips every time he pulled back.

Since his eyes were glued on me I reached up and undid my bra, then let it slide off my arms, and my tits began to sway and bounce with the force of his thrusts. I love the feel of his cock in my throat, especially when he’s in charge, and my juices were dripping from my panties and running down my thighs, so of course, my nipples were swollen and pebbly rough. And as he watched I brought my hands around and pulled and twisted, making them even longer and harder as I moaned around his cock.

I knew he wouldn’t be able to stand that for long and in a couple of minutes he was moaning and gasping. But when he tried to pull back I reached to the back of his thighs and took over. I swallowed him balls deep and held him there, my tongue grinding against him. And then I began to take him slowly in and out, my lips as tight as I could get them around his shaft. He started to shake and groaned, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck! Sandy, you’re gonna make me cum!”

Well yeah! He’s always good for a lot more than once and I wanted to take the edge off. And I wanted to talk to him. Once he realized what I intended he grabbed me by the hair again and began to fuck my face hard, with long strokes, and his cock felt like it was going half way to my stomach. And when he rammed in again and held me I pulled hard against his thighs and mashed my face against him. He shuddered, then his hips bucked, and I could feel blast after blast of his hot cum going down my throat. And when he relaxed a little I bobbed hard and fast, making sure I got every drop.

He was shaking like a leaf, and he felt for the bed with his hand and literally fell onto it. And of course, as he lay there gasping I crawled up and wrapped myself around him, running my hands over him as we kissed again and again. And when he finally relaxed I rolled back just a bit, smiling as I said, “Billy?”

“You know that ever since we’ve been together, our lovemaking has been wonderful for me, beyond what I thought possible. There is nothing we’ve ever done that I haven’t loved. And I swear to you, your touch feels better now than when we started. Part of what is so wonderful is that I know you like it just as much as I do, and we enjoy exactly the same things the most.

I love having your cock deep in my throat, knowing you have total control of me, and I can feel you throb, telling me how much you like it. And when you fuck me I feel things I never knew were possible; my body responds like it was made for your cock, it fills me up perfectly. And you know that just your touch is enough to send me over the edge, and it does, time after time. And now I love knowing that we’ll be together forever, and our pleasure never has to end.” And I gave him a big grin.

“But sweetheart, I have three holes; have you ever thought about using the third one?”

He didn’t move or speak for a moment. Then he just lifted his head and stared, like there was a ghost behind me. And finally he said, “Are you really serious?” in a totally disbelieving voice. “Well,” I giggled, “I have this big beautiful ass that you love to play with!” And I reached back and gave myself a slap that reverberated off the walls. “Maybe we could get some extra use out of it!”

“Do you mean what I think?” he said, sounding totally incredulous. “Anal Sex? You want me to fuck your ass?”

“Honey, I don’t really know much about it. But I’ve heard of it, and,” I blushed a little, “I saw it once in a porn video one of those creeps made me watch. I was revolted by the whole thing then. But somehow the idea of doing it with you kind of … well … makes me tingle.”

I leaned forward and gave him a gentle kiss, trying to get him to relax. And at least his head went back and his expression softened into a little grin. “Billy, I’m not asking you to do it, and maybe we’d both hate it, I don’t know. But I’m saying that if you want to, I’m willing to try.”

“Oh god, Sandy! Of course, I know about it; I’ve seen porn videos too. I don’t know if the idea turns me on or not, I guess it doesn’t bother me, at least. But Jeezus, I always thought of that as something that perverts do with whores. Or porn stars. I love you baby, I’d never forgive myself if I did something to hurt you! Or that made you think less of me!”

I giggled again. “Honey, I know how you feel about me, just like I do about you. You never have to worry about upsetting me; if something is really not right I’ll tell you. And I’ve never had to say a word yet. But what goes on behind closed doors is only our business.” Another giggle. “And I really kind of like the idea of being a whore for you!”

“Come on baby, I think you’ve thought about it, maybe just a little. Sometimes when you fuck me on my knees I’ve felt your finger circle my little bud, and maybe press just a bit. And a couple of times, I’ve wished you would push harder. If it doesn’t work, we can just stop. But we’ll never know unless we try.”

I settled back down, and he took me in his arms and whispered, “I can’t lie, I have thought about it sometimes, sweetheart. But I just assumed you would never consider it and maybe even think something was wrong with me. But I don’t know anything about it either. Not even how. Do we have to do anything in advance? Will it hurt you? God baby, I don’t know!”

I brushed his cheek with my fingers and gave him another little kiss, knowing it would relax him. And with a big grin, I said, “I already looked it up on line, just to see. And I’ve done the preparation tonight, just in case you might be interested. It might hurt me a little the first time I guess, but there’s no cherry back there!” And we both laughed.

“Mainly I have to relax and then get used to it. But most important, we have to use lots and lots of lube. On both of us. And that little bottle of KY is on the nightstand, if you decide you want to give it a try. But at least baby, you know I’m willing. Never know, we might like it!”

The expression on his face changed, like he’d finally gotten the idea, and he wrapped himself around me and squeezed hard as we kissed, deep and long. And when he relaxed again I was panting, and I could feel my juices running again. But best of all, I could feel him! “How … how would we start?” he whispered.

“I think we need to make love to get nice and warmed up,” I breathed in his ear. And my tongue lashed inside it for emphasis. “And when you think we’re ready, just go from there. Remember, if it doesn’t work out, it was my idea!” And I giggled before our lips locked again.

This time the kiss went on and on, our tongues dueling in my mouth, then his. And Soon I felt his cock sliding against my tummy, already slippery from his precum, as his hips rocked. But he pushed away from me, and the next thing I knew, his face was between my thighs. And I gasped, then groaned with pleasure as his tongue slid up and down my lips. I was already wet, and when he tasted me his tongue quickly slid inside and swirled around, almost sending me into orbit! I cried and whimpered and buried my hands in his hair, pulling him hard against me and I shuddered when I looked down and saw his face grinding against my pussy.

I grabbed one of his hands with one of mine and pulled it up to my breast, then held it there as he began to knead, then pinch and squeeze. And his mouth went into overdrive! His tongue ground up and down between my lips and he began to kiss, nip and suck. And oh god! He latched onto my nipple and stretched it, then twisted! And I put my fingers over his and squeezed even harder!

But the next moment his mouth found my clit, and I forgot about everything else! His lips locked on and his tongue started swirling in circles, then grinding hard against it, pushing the swollen bud back and forth. All I could do was cry and squeal and beg him not to stop, although he probably couldn’t even understand me. But when he sucked hard and his teeth grazed over it I exploded! My hips pumped, lifting my ass off the bed to his mouth. And in moments I was cumming like a faucet, my juices pouring out of me and running down his chin. And as I moaned and bucked and jerked he moved down to lap up my cream.

But the spasms hadn’t even stopped when he made me roll over, and I felt his hands on my cheeks, rubbing and squeezing. And suddenly I felt something new, a soft wet sensation! And I realized that his tongue was swirling round and round my asshole. And in a moment he said, still muffled against my flesh, “My god baby, you taste good!”

I giggled and said, I used a special rinse sweetheart, just for you!” But he was licking and slurping so hard I’m not sure he heard me.

The next moment though, I felt his tongue push gently, and I moaned from shock and pleasure as his tongue slipped barely inside me! I never thought he’d do that! But instinctively I lifted my ass to him and he pushed harder, tonging me in and out, just like he’d done to my pussy only moments before. Right then the doubts were gone, for me at least. I knew I wanted it! And if he was willing to do that, I was pretty sure I was going to get it!

But in a minute he pulled away and covered my cheeks with kisses and little nips, and rubbed his face against my ass. And then he told me to roll over again. He didn’t waste any time then, His cock was between my lips and he pushed, hard! And I moaned and lifted my hips to him as he slid in all the way in one long stroke. God I was so fucking wet! And he quickly began to fuck me, not holding back a millimeter!

I pulled my legs up over my head and held them there, spread wide, with my hands, giving him free reign to plow me as deep and hard as he wanted. And oh god! He wanted! He was slapping hard against me and I just had to lift my head and watch his cock ramming into me. The sight of that big cock covered with my cream and ramrodding in and out is almost enough to send me over the edge, and my hips began to buck almost by themselves, meeting his thrusts. And in no time we were both gasping, panting and covered with sweat.

I’d almost forgotten why we were doing this, and I could have cum very soon, but he slowed down until he was barely moving in and out, and I opened my eyes to see him staring at me. “Baby, are you sure you want to try this?

I just shook my head yes, and when he pulled back I rolled over again and pushed up onto my knees. It just seemed like it was the right way to start. And when he moved behind me I put my head down into a pillow and spread my legs a little wider, giving him a good view. Of his target!

He hesitated a moment, and when I felt the cool wetness I realized he was rubbing lube on my little bud. And then I heard a wet squishy sound as he coated his cock. But I suddenly gasped when I felt something push slowly into me. And I realized, it was his finger! I wasn’t sure how it felt; it was new and strange, but when he began to slowly pump it in and out I moaned and shuddered at the sensation. Before long he was buried to the last knuckle, and all of a sudden I was stretched, as he added a second finger!

He slowly fucked me and I rocked back and forth just a little, telling him it was okay and not to stop. But in a minute he groaned, “My god baby, you’re so fucking tight! If we’re going to even try you have relax.”

It was then I tried to remember what I’d read, and took long deep breaths, at the same time trying to squeeze and then let go again until I could finally keep from tightening up. And then I noticed something. It was starting to feel good! And even better when he bent his fingers a little and pushed against the wall of my pussy! “Oh god baby, yes! Just like that! I managed to gasp out.

I could feel the warmth of his grin on my back as he began to rub my ass with his other hand, and before long it felt much better. And then his fingers were gone. And I felt the coolness again before his fingers slid in and out a few more times. He leaned forward over me and whispered, “A little lower sweetheart; spread your legs.”

As I did I shuddered with anticipation. My heart was racing and I told myself over and over to relax. The tip of his cock felt like a baseball against my ass, and suddenly I was afraid it was really going to hurt! He pressed just a little, not really getting anywhere, but with the steady pressure I could gradually feel myself letting go, and when he pushed just a little harder I moaned as I realized I was opening up for him. I was breathing deeply, trying desperately not to tighten up, which instinct was telling me to do.

Then he backed off just a little for a moment, the pushed harder again and I moaned, “Oh fuck!” as I was stretched like never before. It ached but it was bearable and I realized, the baseball was inside of me, even though just barely. He kept pushing and I could feel him sliding deeper, and I pleaded, “Oh god baby, easy, easy, easy!”

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