Daphne was about to ring the doorbell when her phone rang. It was Cherie.

“Sorry, Daph,” Cherie explained “I won’t be home for another hour or so. If you want to wait, you know where the key is. Go ahead and make yourself a sandwich or something because we won’t have time to eat later.”

Daphne acknowledged this and hung up the phone. She left the doorbell silent and made her way off the side of the front porch and into the side yard. She walked beyond the garbage bins to the little gate and released the latch. In the back, the detached garage door was open, but no cars were present except for Cherie’s brother’s old car. Cherie’s brother was off at college, and didn’t need it. Looked like nobody was home.

Daphne located the secret rock in Cherie’s dad’s vegetable garden where the spare key was hidden. Once she had acquired the key, she let herself in the house through the basement door in the back. She returned the key to its rock and went back inside, into the smelly darkness of the Anderson’s basement. She closed the door behind her and locked it again.

Daphne loved the Anderson’s house. There was just something about it that was safe and familiar yet different and always secretly exciting to Daphne. The Anderson’s cat, Arnie, walked in through his flap and mewed at Daphne in the darkness. Daphne answered him. She was about to mount the stairs to enter the house above when the sound of rushing water caused her to stop in her tracks. Someone was home upstairs.

Daphne stood holding the rail at the bottom of the stairs, peering up at the illuminated frame of the basement door above her. She realized then that she had forgotten to ring the doorbell. Oh well, thought Daphne; it was probably Cherie’s dad, and Cherie’s parents were used to Daphne coming and going somewhat regularly. Cherie and Daphne were best friends, both planning on going to the same college that year.

Daphne was fairly short, with long black hair and a face that was as cute as it was pretty. She had been quite popular with the boys in high school, but hadn’t kept in touch with any of them. She was ready for college. Daphne and Cherie had been keeping in shape, and that night they were planning on hitting the gym together. Daphne’s body made the boys at the gym ache with yearning. Even though she didn’t wear tights, Daphne could not hide the delectable curves of her youth all the time. She was not too skinny, and her body challenged any boy who thought he knew what the word ‘sexy’ meant. Daphne was a dish.

Daphne hoisted her gym bag up onto her shoulder and walked up the steps carefully. She opened the door at the top and announced herself, just in case anyone was present. She heard no reply. The sound of running water continued from up above.

Daphne did the only sensible thing left to do: she raided the fridge. Finding some sandwich stuff, Daphne pulled it all out and began to whip one up. She loved the Anderson’s fridge. It was always full of interesting stuff that Daphne’s parents would never think to buy. Daphne helped herself to anything that looked good. Daphne knew she was a sneak, but took pride in the fact that she was an honest sneak. She ate her sandwich and drank a soda, making sure to return everything to its proper place. She knew the Andersons didn’t mind if she had a snack, but she covered her tracks all the same.

Daphne jogged up the staircase. She decided to wait it out in Cherie’s bedroom, where she could wait in peace if anyone came home. Walking past the open door to Cherie’s parent’s room, Daphne could see that the door through to the master bathroom was open. It was then that she discovered that someone was in there, showering. She could hear the splatter of water, and, now that she was close enough, the boom of Cherie’s dad’s voice as he sang softly to himself.

Daphne giggled quietly. She and Bernard (Cherie’s dad) had always gotten along very well. It amused her to hear him in this private moment, when he thought nobody could hear him sing. He had an almost comically deep voice. Daphne could not tell what he sang, but she knew it was off-key. It was in this moment of stolen privacy that Daphne found peace. She produced a tube of lip gloss from her pocket and slid the tip across her lips until they were sticky with the sweet taste of strawberry and wax. Lip gloss was Daphne’s other addiction.

A great warmth washed over Daphne then. She wished then that she had the ability to come and go in whatever house she chose. There was just so much pleasure for her in sneaking around, staying out of sight, observing things that were not for her. Even as a child Daphne had been this way; always sneaking, always spying. She had hardly ever been caught at it, which is why she had the confidence to do what she did next.

Daphne walked silently through the bedroom door, towards the sound of running water and Bernard’s gentle singing. She made it all the way to the door and paused before peering around it. There she saw Bernard through the fogged glass of the shower stall. He was standing with his back to her, lathering up his hair. He was a big man, built like a linebacker, but probably more than a little overweight. Daphne could make out his shape, and see the dark tan of his skin. Then Bernard turned around and changed Daphne’s life forever.

From her hiding place just behind the open door to the bathroom, Daphne stared through the haze of steam and wet glass. Below Bernard’s waste Daphne could see the dark mass of his genitals, covered in a great mound of soapy foam. Daphne watched as the soap was rinsed away, and there, to her total astonishment, was Bernard’s penis. Daphne raised a quivering hand to her gaping pink lips as she watched in awe. Bernard’s penis hung thick and slack from him, yet it was still the longest Daphne had ever seen in her young life.

Daphne’s cheeks blushed, almost reaching the same shade of pink as her glossy lips. She looked on with eyes full of wanting. Her insides twisted into knots as she realized she was standing for so long and still could not pry her gaze away from this vision of masculinity. Somehow she managed, and stole out of the master bedroom as quietly as she had come.

Once she was in Cherie’s bedroom, Daphne flopped herself down on the bed. Her face felt hot and her heart was fluttering wildly. She lay on her back and tried to breathe deeply in order to calm herself down. The mere sight of Cherie’s dad naked had set a fire in Daphne’s loins. She felt a need so great that it made her dizzy. She pulled herself up and sat on the edge of the bed. Her chest heaved with each hot breath and her hands clenched into fists. She closed her eyes and continued to try and breathe, but was sure she would faint. In her overwhelmed state, Daphne could not see Bernard standing in the doorway of Cherie’s room.

“Daphne? Are you alright?” Bernard asked, sounding surprised.

Daphne’s eyes opened and she nearly began to cry. Her blush deepened until her face went red. She looked up at Bernard with a pitiful expression on her darkening face. Her knees gave way and she slumped to the floor off the bed.

“Oh… I…” Daphne whimpered as she collapsed. Her world began to go black.

Bernard stepped forwards and stooped down to help the poor girl. He wore only a towel, but his concern for Daphne was more important to him than his own modesty. He took hold of her by her arms and hauled her back onto the bed where she came to once again. She pushed herself up on her elbows and tried to stand up. The fabric of her exercise shirt and sports bra could not suppress her stiffening nipples. Daphne was in a complete swoon.

“Daphne, what’s wrong?” Bernard asked yet again. Daphne reached forward for his hand, and he took her forearm. She reached out with her free hand and grasped the edge of his towel. As she pulled herself up towards him, she tugged at the towel and let it drop away from his thick legs.

“Bernard…” She threw her arms around the dumbstruck man and held as tight as she could. “Take me now!”

Bernard pushed the girl back onto the bed forcefully and quickly snatched up his towel again. He wrapped it haphazardly about his middle and stepped back from the bed and the recumbent girl. Daphne slithered herself back down onto the floor, kneeling before her idolized Bernard. She reached out to him, begging.

“Please,” Daphne urged him, “my body is on fire. I need you.”

Daphne lurched forward and caught the towel once again. This time she hung from it as Bernard held on, keeping himself covered in front of the girl. He felt her hand snake its way up underneath to touch his penis. When her silken touch met his still damp flesh, her wild temptation began to take hold of him. Bernard froze.

Daphne peeled away the folds of the towel to reveal her prize. The huge red organ hung moist and hot, and it smelled freshly of lemon soap. She clutched the towel tightly in her fists and took the end of the dangling meat in her pink candy lips.

Bernard heaved a massive sigh and stared down at the crazed girl. He no longer sought to escape her, and was rendered completely speechless by Daphne’s brazen advances. There was nothing he could do, nowhere he could hide as his penis began to throb and grow. He marveled at how fast it happened. He had not managed such an erection in years.

The smell of Daphne’s strawberry lip gloss rose as Bernard breathed massively. His cock was already sticky with the stuff as the girl’s lips worked it over. She licked his lolly pop dick up and down. She sucked the swollen head into her mouth and pressed it against the inside of her cheeks. She was able to get it in just past her tongue before her gag reflex kicked in and brought an end to her fun. She refused to give up that easily and set about licking him again. She ran her tongue around inside his foreskin and out again, licking the sweetness from him, sucking the salty slime that came from him. She wrapped both of her dainty hands around his cock and started licking it rhythmically. She stroked him.

Daphne stroked his thick cock and noted how it seemed to send him to another level of pleasure. She moved her hand faster and faster, watching him as he tossed his head back in ecstasy. She tugged harder, praying for the end that she knew was coming. She wanted to see him finish, wanted more than anything to taste the fluid that he would produce. Her obsession would not allow for him to go unsatisfied.

Bernard took the girl by the shoulders and heaved her back onto his daughter’s bed. She gasped in distress as he forced her bodily into position, face down on the bedspread. He grasped the elastic band of her nylon track pants along with her panties and tugged them roughly away from her. Daphne’s plump young rump bounced free from its cloth shackles and seemed to beg the man for his sexual abandon. She could feel his hot breath on her as he worked. He ran a meaty hand down between her legs and examined her pussy. His finger entered her, causing her to squeal and twist under him. She was ready for him.

This was not Daphne’s first time. He could proceed.

Bernard hauled her ass up towards him and ran his cock across the lips of her pretty pink pussy. She squealed again and pushed herself up on all-fours. A strong hand gripped the supple flesh of her waist and she felt his penis enter her. It was still slick with her saliva, still sticky with her strawberry lip gloss. Her pussy gushed with young love as she felt him enter her. His cock tapered mercifully at the tip, letting it enter her easily enough. As he pressed in deeper, and felt the incomparable pleasure of her young vagina squeezing down on him, she wailed shrilly. A moment of panic struck Bernard as he realized his wife and daughter were due back any time. He couldn’t have this little nymph making all this noise when they did.

“Come!” Daphne commanded him. “Come all over me!”

Bernard gripped her seductively tiny waist and began to pump her softly. The sight of her bouncy young flesh pulsing with each shallow thrust was going to make him come. He longed to throw caution to the wind and pound her, but he could not allow himself to do it. He pulled his cock out of her slimy pink sex hole and stood back. Daphne sensed the shift and spun around, sliding down the side of the bed into position before him.

“Come on,” Daphne looked into his eyes, “Shoot your semen on my face.” She pleaded willingly.

Bernard stroked his cock as his orgasm was taking hold. There was a silent moment of forever as he felt the eruption inside his penis. He exhaled a roar of savage release as the first hot stream shot from his penis. Daphne’s long, dark eyelashes fluttered briefly when the creamy fluid struck her across the cheek and stuck there thickly. The second burst spattered her forehead and nose. Half a dozen hot strands of semen were draped across her pretty face when he had finished. Daphne’s eyes were plastered shut.

Daphne knelt in reverence to her new god as the seed ran down her face and neck. It felt like sunshine was warming her face. She licked her lips. It tasted like salt. She swallowed. It tingled in her throat.

“Oh my god…” Daphne said simply, smiling with her eyes shut.

“Here, use my towel.” Bernard instructed, placing the towel in her hands.

She dabbed some of the fluid from her neck and licked her lips again. “Go.” She said simply.

Bernard hurried back to his room to get dressed. His heart was still pounding. He was panicked by the urgency of the situation, but he felt good nonetheless.

Later, when Cherie returned home, Daphne was waiting for her on the couch in the living room.

“Well, sorry about that. You ready for a workout?” Cherie asked cheerfully.

Daphne smiled. “Sure am.”

“Did you get something to eat?” Cherie asked, holding the door open for Daphne.

Daphne hurried past, out onto the porch as she could feel a blush creeping onto her cheeks.

“Yeah,” she replied as she walked towards Cherie’s car, “Your dad fed me.”

Upstairs, Bernard watched as the two girls got into the car and Cherie began to drive away. Before they pulled away, he could see Daphne looking up at him from her passenger window. She grinned up at him, and even from that distance her eyes pierced his very soul.

She would have him again.

The first time I ever performed analingus, I was already past my teens and unbelievably horny and eager to do it. The few girls I had been with before were all fairly young and inexperienced, eager to go down on me right away, then jump on top before I could even move. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good blowjob from time to time, but I much prefer going down on women, and I get off from giving them pleasure. Most girls, in my admittedly limited experience at that point, enjoyed receiving cunnilingus from me, but it never felt right to push things further and get a little more kinky. I had fantasized about eating ass for as long as I can remember, but in the end, I never really had the opportunity in those years to act on it.That all changed when I met Rachel. Wow. I still remember that first time like it was yesterday. Rachel was a classic golden wavy-blonde haired girl with emerald green eyes, and perfect body to boot. Medium height, thin, but curves in all the right places – decent sized tits and seriously perfect ass. I mean, seriously perfect. Firm, perky, full and round, made the hottest upside down heart that I’ve ever seen. So how did I get the honor of being her first, and by her accounts since then, only rimmer (she says I ruined her for other tongues)? Honestly, it was probably just one of those cases of being in the right place at the right time.

She was just turning 21 and I was 22. I was at the kind of club I would usually never have went to, but a lot of women went there, and I was determined to interact a little out of my comfort zone. It turned out to be the best decision of my young life. I went there with a few friends, but we quickly went off and did our own looking around to check the place out. Right away, I saw Rachel at the bar, sitting with a pretty brunette friend. Her friend caught my eye first, and I automatically smiled when she looked my way. She smiled back and looked quickly at Rachel as if to say, “look out, some dude’s coming our way.” I now felt like I had to play the part, even though I originally wasn’t thinking about it, but I walked over to them both, “Hi, I’m Jack,” I tried to be confident, “Can I buy you girls a drink?” The brunette looked over at Rachel, as if for approval, and Rachel replied for them, “Actually, we’re just having some water, but why don’t you sit with us?”

I grabbed the empty chair next to the brunette, who wasn’t quite as pretty as Rachel, so I figured I’d have a better chance with her, whatever that means. “Sorry, I didn’t catch your names.”

“She’s Jenny, and I’m Rachel. Why are you sitting all the way over there, come sit by me. Jenny doesn’t talk much anyways,” Jenny laughed and smacked Rachel on the shoulder. OK, was I being used as a prop for some inside joke between these two? Oh well, keep playing the part. I walked over to Rachel’s side, and stood between the two. “There we go, so what brings you here, Jack?”

“Not much going on in the club, and you two looked like you’d be fun to talk to.”

“Are we?”


“Fun to talk to? The two of us?” Rachel smiled at Jenny.

I pointed at Jenny, “Don’t know about her yet, but you seem to be having a good time.”

“A good time. I wish. Here, come sit by me so we can talk more privately. Jenny is waiting for her other friend, anyway.” Jenny rolled her eyes, but turned to look back around the bar. I got the feeling that I was claimed by Rachel, but I still wasn’t confident that she wasn’t just fucking with me. I sat in the seat next to her and waited. “I’m crashing in a hotel room tonight since I’m downtown for a friend’s birthday party. But we’re not real close, and right now she’s being kind of lame. Anyway, I like to cut to the chase – do you think I’m pretty?”

“I think you’re gorgeous.”

“So you want to go back to my hotel room with me?” Rachel arched one eyebrow.

This was moving fast, honestly a little too fast. I could barely understand what was going on. “Uh, wow, yeah, I guess.”

“You guess, huh? That sounds hot.” She was loving this, how uncomfortable she was making me.

I tried to recover, “I mean, of course I would. You want to go?”

Rachel ignored that, “What would we do, if we went back to my room?”

“Whatever you wanted to do.”

“Don’t you like to do anything?”

“Of course I do. Do you?”

This makes her pause a little bit, “Yeah, I do. There’s something that I’d love to do.”

I was getting very excited, “What’s that?”

“First, let me ask you something… What is your favorite part of a woman’s body? And you can’t say face.” Rachel smirked.

“Hmmm. So what, is this a tits or ass question? I’d have to say I’m an ass man.”

Rachel’s lips curled up in a full blown smile, “Ass, eh? So what would you like to do with a girl’s ass?”

Now I was totally flustered. I must have been blushing because Rachel’s eyes were sparkling with mischief. She was like a cat with a toy, “Wow, right to the point. Ummm, ha, uhhh…”

“Uh, what?”

“Fuck, lick it, I guess.” I stammered out.

“Ohho!” her face was exaggerated shock, “You want to lick a girl’s ass?” She was teasing me, a little too loudly, but to be honest I was kind of excited. Talking like this to a hot girl without seeming like a total creep? Well, maybe I did seem like a creep, but she was still talking to me. “What do you mean by that? Lick it where? Are you talking cheeks, or are we talking a more centralized licking?” To my surprise, she was looking straight into my eyes, and had placed her hand on top of mine.

“Uhh… more centralized.” I knew I was completely flushed. My voice must have been shaking, and so were my hands. I needed a drink. Trying to keep my cool and keep the conversation going in this direction, I managed, “Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole thing, it’s just I’d like to spend my time… more centralized.”

“Life is so crazy… the one guy I talk to.” Rachel glanced down, and smiled. She looked like she was considering something. She caught the bartender’s attention. “One last drink.” The bartender came over, “I’d like a Margarita, and can you bring a little salt on the side?” He walked off, and Rachel caught my eye directly and said, “The salt is for you. I want you to rim my glass for me.” Her sexy smile and delivery killed me, right there. I could barely breathe, let alone think. Did she just suggest what I think she did? She grabbed my hand and pulled me off the stool and toward the exit. I guess she had no intention of getting that drink. She looked back at Jenny and smiled, and gave the phone to her ear gesture that meant she’d call and explain everything later. Jenny laughed and went back to talking to another friend that had arrived, but I was now paying full attention to everything Rachel did. Was this actually happening? Is this really what she meant when she said she’d love to try something? Could I be this lucky? It turned out, the answer to all three was “Yes. Yes, you lucky bastard, yes.”

We got into the cab, and she gave the name of a nice hotel a few blocks away. I was intent on not screwing this up, but I kind of needed to know if we were on the same page.

“So you must have liked my answer,” I offer.

She smiled devilishly at me, “It was perfect.”

“Do you ask that of all the guys you talk to?” I was trying to figure her out.

“Never. Something about you made me lose my mind, I guess. I wanted to make you uncomfortable, but you just made me horny!”

That was pretty much exactly what I wanted to hear, even if I wasn’t sure I believed it. “So do you really want to do what we talked about?”

“Fuck yeah. You better not be backing out on me.” Her green eyes locked onto mine. She wasn’t fucking around.

For whatever reason, I decided to press my luck and satisfy my curiosity. “Guys must do that to you all the time. Do you love it?”

Rachel laughed, “No they don’t. I’m sure they would if I let them, but I’ve never done it. Only recently I’ve been thinking about it a lot, actually Jenny brought it up the other day, and I don’t really know why, but I knew I wanted to try it with someone focused on it and not thinking about getting himself off all the time. Can you do that for me?”

Could she read my mind or something? “Yeah, I’m definitely your guy.”

“Have you done it before?” She is almost shy as she says it!

“Uh, no, I actually haven’t.”

Rachel’s face is bright, “Good, I want to be your first. I want us both to remember this.”

“I don’t think I could forget. And I promise I won’t disappoint you.”

As an aside, in my experience, the perfect rimjobs are those that are focused on that one thing, only – me giving oral pleasure to the girl’s ass. Nothing else going on, no other expectations, we both know that all I want to do is eat her ass, and all she wants is to have her ass eaten. Amazingly, my experience with Rachel was exactly that – for whatever reason, she was hell bent on getting me to give her a rimjob and was interested in only that.

When we got back to her hotel room, I was so excited I didn’t know what to do with myself. She had already told me that all I was going to do tonight was lick her ass, but I still couldn’t totally believe it. That changed as she unlocked the door, turned on the light, and took me by the arm to the bed. She pulled me close and we had a long, deep kiss. She pushed back, and smiled.

“OK, now back to what we were talking about.”

She pushed me onto the bed, sitting facing her. Standing in front of me, she looked down, grinned, and slowly turned around.

“Is this what you wanted to see?” She was looking over her shoulder at me, watching as the hunger in my eyes grew.

My face must have said it all, because as I was staring at that perfect, jeans-covered butt, the only thing I could hear over the blood rushing in my head was the sound of her pants unzipping and her laughing. Suddenly, I felt her hand on the back of my head pulling my face into her still-clothed ass. As I finally was able to swallow again and come to my senses, I realized, “man, this is what every guy in the world dreams of, and you get to do it. Time to make the most of this and be in the moment.” Within seconds, I was right there, grinding my face up and down her butt, about to give a rimjob to a hot girl I met less than an hour earlier!

“There you go, babe, time to get in there. I told you you were going to get in my ass. Yeah…” she whispered and trailed off. She pulled back on my head so I was staring at her again, “Let’s move this along.” Rachel was still standing in front of me while I sat on the bed, and I watched as she slid her thumbs inside her waistband and slowly pulled down her jeans, just under her cheeks. Fuck. She was wearing this sexy light-green thong that disappeared in the deep crack of her ass. In my peripheral vision I could see her mischievous emerald green eyes sparkle as she observed how I took in the sheer awe-inspiring magnificence of her gorgeous butt, and believe me, she knew she had a perfect ass. I don’t know what came over me, but I absolutely lost control; I grabbed her hips, pulled her closer, shoved my face in her butt and started licking like a mad man, up and down her crack, mostly along her thong, but a few strokes along the inside of her cheeks as well.

She gasped, “Yeah! Fuck this…” as she quickly pushed her thong down to join her jeans at her knees. As I pulled back to stare at her gloriously perfect-pink-pucker, now unobstructed by clothing, she reached back with both hands, grabbed her ass cheeks, and spread them obscenely apart while arching her back, “Get your tongue inside my asshole, NOW!” she screamed. Her red-pink anus slightly gaped, offering a small, dark opening. and I think my last words were something elegant like “ohhherr fuck!” I immediately hardened my tongue, and went for it. As my tongue touched her anus, I felt her start to clench, but I pressed hard into the opening. Rachel gasped again, and quickly began squirming her asshole on my tongue – she was trying to go deep right away! Her anus was too tight right now, though, so I pulled out and quickly pressed my tongue in again. She was a little more loose this time, but I still couldn’t get as deep as either of us wanted. So I pulled out and pushed in again, again, again, while Rachel started to get into a rhythm pushing her ass back against my persistent mouth. I knew this wasn’t the best position to really gape her asshole with my tongue (I’ve seen enough videos to know that…), but there was no way I was stopping my assault on her ass. Wild horses could not drag me away. So far, this rimming had been everything I had dreamed of: the feel of her ass against my face and her butthole on my tongue, the wet sound of my tongue dabbing inside her anus and the slap of her ass cheeks against my cheeks, and Rachel’s moans and encouragements, “Get in there. GET IN THERE! Get your fucking tongue up my ass! Deeper!”, and, most of all, the smell and taste of her clean, fresh young butt, was almost too much. I could have died a happy man right then, but thankfully, I kept my wits and continued to orally probe her butthole without abandon.

Finally, after only a few minutes of her standing in front of me while I sat on the bed pressing my mouth desperately against her anus, I was able to wiggle my tongue deep inside her asshole and consistently remove it and shove it up her ass again. Yes, I was officially tongue-fucking this beautiful woman up the ass.

“YESSSS! Don’t stop, I’m gonna cum already, don’t stop, don’t stop…” Rachel was mumbling as I went to work. “Don’t stop”, I thought? Are you kidding me? I haven’t even started! In, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in… soon, one of the hands that was spreading her ass cheeks apart reached back for my face and found the hair on the top of my head. She grabbed my hair and started pulling my face in and out of her ass, dictating the pace of my deep rimming. “There it is, yes, that’s it, deep now, yeah, wiggle it around inside, yes, yes! How does my ass taste? Tell me how my ass tastes!” She was in a zone of lust.

“Unbelievable. Your ass tastes like candy. Mmmmph” as I shot my tongue back inside her.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming! How long can you eat candy?” Rachel frantically babbled.

“All day. Mmmmmph. All day long. So fucking good.” I managed to get out in between breaths and licks.

“Fuck yes!!!” Wave after wave of cum oozed out of her pussy as I darted my tongue deep in her anus and felt the anal walls clenching and pinching around my tongue. Awesome. I felt her pussy juice against my chin, and even went down to take a few licks. “Wow, oh fucking wow… phew,” a pause as she regained her breath, “So… you can eat my ass all day long?” She pulled my head back and smiled over her shoulder at me.

“Are you kidding me? I can do this as long as you can take it.” Really, we had only been at it for ten minutes or so, and I was nowhere close to getting my fill of worshipping that perfect butt.

“OK, new position then. This time, I’m not standing, so you have to do ALL the work.” Rachel threw off her shirt, pulled down her jeans and panties off over her high heels, and climbed onto the bed beside me, “I’m just going to lay down here, and you have to get me off again. Stay in my ass, and no stopping until I say so!” She grabbed a pillow and slid it under her midsection so her ass would arch into the air and give me good access and angles to work my tongue up her butt. Who is this chick? Where has she been all my life?! So, like the extremely sane, heterosexual male I am, I climbed onto the bed behind her, smiled at my good fortune while again ogling her gorgeous golden globes that had been swallowing my face for the last few minutes of my life, placed a hand on each cheek and gently spread her butt apart. This time, I started slow, with a few long licks right up her ass crack, from the end of her pussy to the top of her butt. Rachel murmured her approval. The next lick, I just circled her asshole in a counter-clockwise motion, running over the ridges of her pucker over, and over, and gently pressing into the center of her anus, but not too hard, not yet.

“I’m just gonna make out with your ass for a while, if that’s cool with you,” I smile before I place my lips around her anus like we’re kissing.

“That sounds perfect to me…” Rachel purrs as she grinds her butt ever-so-slightly against my mouth. I start to suck. Gently at first, then harder and harder, “Oh!” Rachel laughs, “Are you sucking on my asshole?”

I pull away with my lips making a SMACK sound against her anus, “Yes I am. Does that feel good?”

“Oh, fuck yeah, it does… Keep doing that, okay? Damn, Jack, where did you learn how to do all this stuff? I think you lied to me. You must’ve eaten a lot of girls’ asses before mine – you know what you’re fucking doing back there, that’s for sure.”

“So you’re saying I’m a good ass eater?” I tease.

Rachel laughs, again, “So that’s what you want to hear? Fine. I’m saying you were fucking born to eat ass, and right now you need to get back in my ass and go to work!”

I lower my face slowly back into her crack, savoring everything, the sight, the smell, and after planting my lips around her anus again, the taste. I start doing the slow make-out motions with her butthole in my mouth, and her body squirming underneath me. Gentle, firm, sucking, kissing, dipping my tongue in and out, and circling around the inside of her asshole like it’s a girlfriend’s mouth after the prom. I am intoxicated by the feel, and the taste, sweet and clean. Rachel is definitely getting hot and bothered by what I’m doing, “Oh, wow, Jack. Please, yes. Kiss my asshole, yes, just like that. Lick it, lick it, lick it, yes! Now go deep… Yeah, so good. Oh fuck, that is sooooo good… Please just eat me, eat my little ass all night, okay? Will you do that?”

My mouth is pressed against her asshole. “Mmmmhmmm,” is all I can manage to groan out since I am now refusing to remove my face for even a second. We are now grinding in perfect unison; we are anticipating each others movements and adjusting our motions accordingly. My mouth has complete control over her anus, my tongue has perfect access and slides in and out of her rectum at will. Again and again, I slip my tongue inside her butthole and circle it firmly along the inside wall, slowly, as she moans in pleasure and pushes the back of my head with her feet (she must have slipped off her high heels). After many minutes of this, I finally pull back for a second, “You are so unbelievably sexy. I want to do this forever.”

I can hear the smile on her lips as she pulls her head off of the pillow she was laying it on, “Just keep it up. Believe me, no one is stopping you. I love that you want my ass. I need you in it. Wait. Here, I love this position and what you’re doing, but I want to try a few others while I’ve got your interest.” Rachel carefully lifts her leg over my head as she rolls over onto her back. Now she is pulling a few more pillows over and placing them under her lower back. “Check this out,” she says as she rolls her weight onto her shoulders and pulls her legs back towards her head. She has propped her ass up on the pillows like she is offering me a meal, and believe me, I was going to eat like a starved animal. “Now you can REALLY get in there. And I mean deep… Do you think you can get your tongue deeper inside my tiny little butthole, Jack?”

And in one quick movement I was on my knees with my hands pushing her calves back, and my lower body supporting the pillows that were supporting her ass, while she reached up and spread her asshole as wide as she could. Her anus was now gaping wide, and I was sure I could fit my entire tongue up her butt. I lowered my face, she squealed with excitement, and I shoved my tongue as far as I could down her asshole and deep into her rectum.

“Yeeeeeah! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! That’s what I’m talking about – you are soooo deep! Your tongue feels so good! More, harder, yes, harder, yes, deep, fucking deep, so hard, yes pound it!” Rachel was yelling at me, and I was now pounding my tongue deep inside her asshole and pulling it up, but not completely out, before pressing it deep inside again. There was nothing gentle about this tongue fucking. I feel like I must be tonguing her asshole raw, but she is screaming for it. She wants this so much that it’s easy to get caught up in the enthusiasm, as if I needed any more encouragement. So here we are, in the “pile-driver” position, with me tongue fucking her ass like a maniac and her screaming in pleasure, when after a few minutes we hear pounding on the wall. A woman’s voice. “Can you keep it down in there?” What the fuck? It’s barely even 9pm? In any case, I look into Rachel’s eyes, with my tongue firmly lodged in her anus and smile, “thounds ike ee need to keeb id down,” I say as her butthole pinches my tongue. We both break out in a laugh.

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