butt plugs

He had just come out of the porno theater and was heading toward his car in the side parking lot.

He was knocked down from behind and shoved to the ground, he tried to get up but something jabbed his neck. It wasn’t long and he blacked out.

He opened his eyes and all he saw was white. He turned his head and saw white as well.

He thought he was dead at first but then he heard someone cough,

“Hello?” He called out.

Soft footsteps came toward him.

“Ah you are awake, good, good.” A voice said that he couldn’t see.

He tried to move his head but it was restrained.

He then tried to move his arms and legs as well. These too were restrained.

“Where am I and why are you restraining me. He asked?

“In due time all your questions will be answered!” The voice answered.

Something warm started coursing through my body, starting in my stomach. I started to fall asleep once more

The next time he woke up there was music playing next to him? Subliminally there was something in the background saying.

“Fucking a pussy is bad, it brings you pain!” Just then a jolt of electrify coursed through his balls

The wall had on it playing a porno of a couple fucking. Every few seconds his balls would get another jolt.

He screamed “ARGGGGG! ” Make it stop please This went on for quite awhile.

Behind the two way mirror a couple of men stood.

“He is in phase two this is good right?’ The taller of the two men said.

“Very good!” Said the shorter of the two men, who had on a white vest.

“But I don’t see why you wanted him in the program Tom. He is out of shape, overweight and not that attractive!”

“I watched him in the theater, how intense he was watching both the female and the male. It took him awhile to get hard but when he did it lasted. You should have seen how much cum he let loose. I knew we had to have him for our program.”

“Well if you say so.!”

“Phase three will begin tomorrow then? Tom asked

“Yes I think he is ready!”

The subjects IV was injected with some sleep agent. he was asleep soon .

The next morning a new set of instructions were feed into his headphones

“Being gay is freeing, sucking cock is good”

This time his cock was being sucked by male research assistant. His velvet lips and tongue danced over his balls

This time on the screen there was a thin young man kneeling before a very hairy man with olive skin about the size of a football player. He was sucking the hairy mans cock. His head bobbing up and down,

The hairy man had his hands on the skinny man’s head and was fucking his face.

Soon the Hairy man started to shake and started to cum

The skinny man on the screen swallowed as much um as he could. The hairy man pulled his spent cock on the skinny man’s face

Test 9 as he was called now licked his lips and smiled as he came as well.

Soon the research assistant lowered the table nd placed his 6 inch cock on the lips of the test subject.

The test subject hesitated but the cock pushed past his lips and into his mouth. He choked a little but the assistant just pulled back and feed his cock slowly into the virgin mouth.

Soon Test 9 was sucking cock like he had done it all his life. He took the cock all the way down his throat and moved his head from side to side.

Soon the Assistant was coming inside the hollowed out cheeks. Test 9 now swallowed all the cum.

The assistant pulled his cock out and ropes of cum ran down Tests chin and onto his chest.

Test 9 looked up and smiled at the Assistant,

“May I have more cock please!”

Assistant just touched Tests 9′s face and said “Give me a few moments please!”

Test 9 nodded and ran his tongue over his chin slurping up the left over cum.

He was soon released from his confines and lead to a shower. He legs were a little wobbly after spending a week or more strapped to the bed.

The Trainers knew he wasn’t as threat to harm anyone now. They looked at each other

“Are you thinking what I am thinking Trainer 1 asked?

We could try a little liposuction to get rid of his fat. Then cover it up the holes with plastic surgery. “

Trainer 2 nodded and agreed.

The procedures were done the next day

Test 9 got a good night’s sleep. The next morning the assistant came in and got him.

Test 9 was led into the exam room. Assistant had

Test 9 lay on the exam table again, but this time his legs were placed in the stirrups. The bottom part was tilted so his ass was raised in the air.

Assistant sat on a Doctors stool; he moved close and then started playing with Test 9′s rosebud.

“Wha, what are you doing down there?” Test 9 asked.

Assistant didn’t answer he just kept playing with the rosebud.

Test 9 moaned as he started like the feelings happening. He felt the blood rushing into his 5 inch cock.

He moaned so loud he didn’t hear the tube of easy glide being eased out of its confines.

Assistant placed the cold gel on the outside of Test 9′s rosebud and some on his fingers.

Test 9 giggled as he felt the coldness hit is hot asshole.

Assistant finger slid inside the virgin ass.

“OH! Test 9 moaned.

Assistant worked his finger in and out for a little bit and Test didn’t seem to mind it.

The Assistant slid in another finger.

“OH please no it hurts!” He shouted out.

Assistant kept feeding the 2 fingers in and out.

“NO Please it hurts!”

After a few moments Test 9 liked the feeling of it.

“Mmm yes feels nice.”

Assistant pulled his 2 fingers out as he knew Test 9 had reached a limit.

“NO please I want more please!”

Assistant just looked up and smiled Test. He went reached over and picked up a blue anal rod.

Lubed it up and slid the 8 inch oversized swizzle stick into Test 9′s ass

“Oh my yes what are you doing.” Test asked. “I feel so full and wonderful.”

In and out it slid inside his ass and his cock dripped precum.

Assistant moved in and took Test’s cock in his mouth and started sucking it, taking it all the way down. The anal rod massaging the prostate.

It didn’t take long for Test to blow his nut in Assistants mouth.

He came with such force. The globs of cum flowed from Assistants mouth.

Breathing hard Test thanked Assistant for such a freeing cum.

Assistant just nodded as he wiped his chin on his lab coat. He pulled the anal rod out of the ass.

He reached down again and pulled out a red butt plug that was flared at the end. He slid it up the virgin ass. He took the Velcro straps and attached them over Test 9′s thighs.

He let Test lay there for a bit to recover and went into observation room.

“Well?” Trainer 1 asked.

“He should be ready for the real deal, in a day or two sir” Assistant said.

“Good I will inform the Benefactor of this.” He said and dialed his cell phone.

“Test 9 will be ready in two days Sir.” Trainer said into the phone.

“Yes Sir we will have your room ready when you arrive. See you in two days Sir. “He said and shut the phone off.

“Please have the Benefactors room ready for him.” He said to the Assistant

“Yes Sir all shall be ready!” Assistant said as he walked from the room.

Inside the exam room Test 9 lay with his eyes closed, his breath shallow and a satisfied smile on his face.

Trainer 1 came into the room. He touched Tests shoulder.

Test opened his eyes and looked at the Trainer.

“You asked me when you first arrived why you were here. Please let me explain it to you know!” Trainer said

He went on to tell Test the story of how a Benefactor had heard about tests where straight men could be turned gay if given the proper training.

“So far 8 straight subjects had been tested.”

“6 of those 8 had been turned gay and have gone back into the real world.”

“Going back to their normal lives except now they were dating men instead of women. One subject had died during training as his heart couldn’t take all the gay sex. One had stayed on to help with the tests. This was Assistant.”

“You are our ninth test subject and I must say you have don exceptional in your training” Trainer 1 told him.

“I feel so free now. Like my eyes have been opened.”

Trainer 1 smiled and touched his shoulder. “Rest now!” He said and walked back into the observation room.

The butt plug firmly in place it vibrated Test to sleep.

Oh what a sweet dream he had.

The next day he had day off from sex and he found he craved it more.

Assistant took him into the shower room and put hair remover over his body. Then they washed all the hair away and got Test all ready for his final test. The butt plug was removed.

No one told him anything about this. They didn’t want him to be nervous

The next afternoon he was lead into another part of the complex.

The room he was lead into was pure white, right down to the satin sheets on the bed.

Assistant whispered in his ear. “Good Luck!” He closed the door behind him.

Test 9 stood their body hair less and naked.

A door opened to his right and in walked the Hairy man from the porno movies.

He was wrapped in a white robe. His olive skin glistening from the lotion he had just applied in the bathroom. His dark eyes looking over Tests body.

“Hello boy!” The man’s deep voice seemed to resonate in the room.

“Hello Sir!” Test said sort of sheepishly

“There is no need to be so shy with me, ” He said. “Please come closer!”

Test did as was told and moved closer.

The man opened his robe and exposes his semi hard cock.

Test looked the hard olive body and saw the 6 inch semi hard cock. He licked his lips.

“I am the Benefactor; you may have heard me spoken of here?” He asked

“Briefly Sir “Test said.

The man just smiled. His cock moved a little

Test saw the stirring and looked up.

Benefactor just smiled and said “Yes!”

Test knelt in from of the man and took the semi hard cock in his hand, stroking it, running it over his face. The precum running on his face.

He sucked the balls, and then licked the underside of the cock. The cock now was hard and close to 10 inches

Test kept licking the cock. He mouth went over the cock head. He gagged as the cock was about 3 inches thick.

But through his training he had learned to relax and breathing through his nose.

He tried taking at least half of the cock down his throat but he kept gagging.

Benefactor just smile and told the boy it was aright. He told him to stand. Then lead him to the bed. He let his robe fall to the floor.

He pulled Tests legs up over his shoulders and slides his cock deep in the virgin ass!

The cock throbbed inside tests and he wrapped his arms around Benefactors neck and kissed him deep

The fucking became fast and Furious.

Benefactor was close to cumming

“I am going to breed you bitch you are mine now.” He said as he threw his head back and exploded in the ass.

As they lay there both stated. Benefactor stroke Tests body.

“You have choices now; you can leave here and go back to your life.”

“Stay here and Assist in the study or you can come back to the Middle East and live with me. If you choose to come with me, you will never want for anything, you will be pampered.

As of this writing Test 9 is now living in the Middle East .

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