butt plug

***This is more of a guide than a sex story. There is some exciting things but it is not focused on fantasy at all. This is about my life and how I work at making things work for me. I am not a doctor or a counselor; nothing I write is meant to treat or diagnosis anything. I am just a girl with a very little bit of life experience. This is “My Guide to Sex in a Relationship,” it works for me and I hope it works for you as well.

Over my five years in university I have learned a lot of things. A lot of things in school of course but even more out of school. I have grown from a timid, skinny, insecure young girl into a sexually confident young woman. I have now found my one true love in a man whom I least expected but am most excited. I fall in love with him over and over each day and am looking forward to our long, happy life together. I had a lot of help along the way to finding him and I learned my lessons well so I am going to share some of those lesson’s with you all in hopes that anyone who is willing may learn a little. (And don’t worry this doesn’t mean my stories are over, I still have some old ones and will be making many new one’s :-) )


These are my personal keys to staying together, staying happy and staying sexually satisfied with one another.

The first thing I would say to anyone male or female is to really get into what you are doing, I mean put yourself mentally into it like it is the one thing you want most. That cum, that orgasm, that sweet sweat dripping off your bodies as you glide, slide and pound into one another. The reason guys like porn so much in my opinion is because the girls are so receptive. They aren’t repressed and hiding under the covers with the lights off. They don’t lay there quietly in one position expecting the man to get all the work done himself. They love what they are doing or at least act like they do and I have to say that even if you are not physically as into sex as you want to be, acting the part goes a long way into forcing your body to get with the program!

Men are creatures of confidence; if you build him up he will be better for you every time you go to bed. If you break him down you will end up resenting each other and your sex life will fail along with your relationship. Make him feel like he is the king of your world sexually, like he is amazing at the things he does. Let him know about the things you love him to do to you. “Oh my god baby, when you flipped me over and grabbed my hips and rammed into me, that felt amazing.” Or “I love the way you eat my pussy, it feels so good when you lightly flick across my clit like that.” Not only are you instructing him to get you off but you make him feel as if it was all his doing. One thing I will add to this is that the more you think about how great he is the more he will actually become great both to you and in fact so you are really doing yourself a favor as much as him.

Be vocal, say you like it, say you want more of it and let each other know exactly what it is you do want. I know that there is a great romance for women to want a man to sweep her off her feet and know exactly what buttons to push at exactly what time but the reality is you have to help him find the right buttons before he can call your number. Teach each other how to make love, how to fuck, how to screw and you will learn so much more about one another.

Give your body to the process. This is something I have learned recently that has taken me to new heights I thought I would never climb. Think about it this way, the first time you go for a run you can’t go 5K. But as you run more and more and build up your abilities you can run 5K or even more. Sex is the same way. The first time probably sucked or hurt or both, but it sure gets better right? The same should be said about our advanced sex lives, it should get better as we work at it.

Practice makes perfect and practicing by yourself can be the best teacher oftentimes. I’ll give a few sexy examples to make this more than just a how to book. I remember the first time I sucked dick. I was no good at it. I couldn’t take it very deep, I couldn’t suck very hard, I felt clumsy and embarrassed by the fact that I didn’t know what I was doing. A few years later I got the bright idea of practicing on one of my dildos. I found one that seemed about the size of my failed attempt and started trying things out.

I parted my lips and slid the toy into my mouth. I rubbed it around to get used to feel of a hard cock touching all over the inside of my mouth. I pushed it to that gag point and pulled back a little, then I pushed it more. My pussy began to involuntarily get wet so I started to rub myself to take my mind off of my gagging. As I slid a finger inside myself I slid the cock deeper into my mouth. Again the gagging so I backed out. I kept doing this in small motions until I felt the toy hit the back of my throat! I started moving it in and out as I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and rubbed my wetness all over my clit. I leaned my head back and pushed the cock down into my throat. Then I pulled it out and then back down again. I was taking it all the way as far as it could go so I grabbed a larger toy and quickly started the process over again. Before I knew it I was sliding a good sized toy dick (about my love’s size) all the way down my throat as far as it could go and I was literally fucking my mouth with it! It didn’t do anything for me physically but the first time I let a guy fuck my mouth like that it did a great deal for him and I was extremely proud of my abilities in the bed room and a confident lover is a good lover. Now I can lay back on my bed and let him slide deep into my throat and back out at feverish speeds without any problem and he loves it!

I had the same experience with my asshole years ago as well. Anal sex was not the best thing in the world. It honestly hurt me some so I had a fear of it. But one day while in the shower I used a finger up my bum. I let it sit inside me while I felt my ass rim flex and squeeze at the intrusion. Quickly though it relaxed and allowed the penetration. I used another finger with the same result, a little shock and squeeze and then entry granted. Eventually I could easily fit three fingers wide into my ass with no pain at all or four fingers grouped together without the least bit of trouble.

I also had many toys at my disposal and I learned to take them all inside of me. I would lie on my side while I slowly inserted them inside my most tight of holes. Then I would flex my ass on the toy as hard as I could and hold the flex for a while to fully grasp how tight I could get myself (and I can get really fucking tight!). After flexing I would release my muscles and let my rosebud open up to the foreign object inside of her. I would start using the toy in and out of myself speeding up and eventually using enough force that I would squirt my cum all over the place. One thing I love to do is get fucked in doggy-style position and while he is fucking my pussy I get a longer silicone dildo (so I can reach) and fuck my own ass with it as he watches me and fucks me! It makes me and him cum every time.

I have spent so much time training my ass that I can now go out in public with a butt plug in and do all of my daily duties and enjoy every step I take! (I do wear underwear just in case for some reason I was to lose control and it popped out in public, that would be embarrassing to say the least.)

Keep yourself clean! I cannot over state the importance of this. Honestly if you meet the best looking person in your life and they smell like b.o. you will back off. If you proceed with them and their breath is rancid you will shy away more and if they have a crotch that smells like week old meat you will most likely puke on them. Keeping yourself clean is both better for you and your lover or potential lovers. Trimming, shaving, waxing, etc. as well as the normal soap, shampoo and toothpaste are as much a sex toy as a dildo and a strap-on. Without the one you are much less likely to get the other.

Enemas are a vital part of my sex life now. I absolutely love anal sex, I can cum from it as easily as I can flick my clit or rub my g-spot but I have had to learn the skill over the years. One thing that helps tremendously for women is to know that there is no “accident” waiting to happen. Getting a good enema is like washing your pussy well to make sure it is fresh and clean. The cleaner you are the dirtier you are likely to get in bed! Make sure to never use the saline solution that comes from the drug store kits because it will dry you out and also make sure you never use your tap water unless it’s filtered. Get distilled water and warm it up in the microwave (but not to hot, you don’t want to burn your insides). They sell enema bags at most all drug or grocery stores but I actually prefer to get the douche bags and use them because they hold more liquid (2-4 quarts is my preference). Make sure you use warm water (helps keep cramping at minimum) and make sure to hold the liquid in as long as you can while lying on your back or in the doggy style position. Some people like to add a little bit of soap and others like to add some olive oil or mineral oil to the bag. Coffee, milk, and even wine are common practices for enemas and all have some medical and scientific backing to benefitting health. I prefer warm water only followed by a 4oz shot of water based lube just before penetration. Just get an enema syringe (I believe in America they are called enema bulbs) the ones that look like a baby nose sucker. (I guess you could actually use a nose sucker to get the lube in, that should work just fine). Doing this both cleans me out and lubes me up inside as much as possible and let’s face it, the better lubed we are the better the sex feels.

Take time to learn you own body. So many times we are in such a rush to get to the next place in life, school, work, the gym, a meeting or whatever. When it comes to masturbating we normally just skip to the end, get a vibrator on our clit and cum fast so we can get going to that next “thing.” (Normally for me it’s sleep.) But think of this, how can you instruct or guide a lover to the things you like most or want most at that time if you don’t know your own body?

I would never have known that I love to be double penetrated if I hadn’t taken the time to use two toys in myself at once. I love my magic wand but I would probably still just turn it on and put it on my clit if I didn’t take time to experiment with it. I like it on my asshole while I fuck myself with my long silicone dildo or vibrator (although sometimes both vibrations are to much.) I also like putting the wand on my clit while I ride my suction cup dildo or just lay on my back and fuck my pussy with a toy while I rub my clit with the wand. Or my pump up dildo, I love the full, full feeling I get from it and I also like to get it real big and flec my pussy muscles on it as hard as I can both sucking it into me and pushing it out as well. It trains the muscles and feels wonderful at the same time!

I would have never learned the anal skills I have today if I didn’t teach myself the proper way to do it for me. How to enema and lube myself. How to relax for entry, how to take larger object’s and flex on them. Vibrators, beads, plugs are all things I use to keep myself ready and able to cum at ease from my ass. Constant use only makes me want it that much more. I can’t even shower without sliding a finger or two inside myself!

And my biggest perhaps, I would have never learned to squirt had I not used that g-spot vibrator until I got that feeling. Once I felt like I had to go, (had to go pee is a pretty accurate description although I can now make a very clear distinction in the two feelings) I took the toy out of myself and allowed my muscle’s to release rather than the normal holding back I was so used to. I soaked my bed and myself and rocked my own world literally screaming out in ecstasy in the privacy of my own apartment. Now I can cum multiple times before my man is even close, I can get myself so wet that I can take more of a hardcore pounding and I owe it all to taking the time to find out about my own body.

For guys you need to realize (and your women do to) that just because your dick likes to be touched, stroked, grabbed, licked, sucked and fucked DOES NOT mean that is the only thing your body has to offer sexually. You have numerous erotic zones on your body just like women do but for some reason culture has programmed men to think dick and dick only when it comes to male satisfaction. Let your women try new things on your body.

The biggest male “Oh hell no” is of course the ass. Most men jump through the roof if you even mention touching their ass, except for the ones who have been man enough to allow their women to do so. Here is the thing boys, women love asses. We obsess over our own asses, we look at other women’s asses, we work out to get a “booty” or to work our booty’s off. We love nice asses and especially a nice man’s ass! So let her grab it, let her rub it, let her take you into the shower and wash it. Let her kiss it, lick it, stoke your lubed up cock while she eats you and maybe even let her go into you. That’s right let her lube her finger, lick your asshole and slide inside of you. Maybe use a vibrator in you? I have a strap-less strap on that inserts in my pussy and goes inside of you and vibrates both of us! The bigger the part that inserts in the women the better to hold onto you’re your pc muscles with and I have to say there is something amazingly powerful about using a strap-on as a women. It is simply an awesome point of view and if you have a man who is strong enough in his sexuality to let you go there by all means go for it, you will have fun being in his shoes for a while!

Men have a wonderful gift called the prostate and I promise you I have made my man cum from nothing but massaging him inside of his ass. So keep yourself clean boys and keep yourself open to new things because you just might fall in love with your own body as much as you love ours!

Be spontaneous. Planning things is great, we often times must plan well if we want to succeed. But over-planning only leads to let downs and false hopes. I prefer to prepare for anything and then let whatever happens happen. I have an entire draw full of toys that I can use for whatever situation. I have plugs, pumps, lubes, butterfly’s, beads, strap-on’s (for her or for him ;) ) wands, blindfold’s and gag’s (new to the collection) candles, music, cuff’s and on and on. You name it I probably got something you want. The point is I never know exactly what direction my man will take me or what path I want to travel from time to time. Maybe we fuck in the day at the school and I don’t need any of those things. Maybe we get into it on the couch while watching a movie and don’t need any toys at all. But maybe we have a couple glasses of wine and want to get lost in a night of fullness and cum. So be prepared but also be up for anything you like because you never know what is right around the corner for you and that can be as exciting as any sex toy.

Have more sex. A lot of people say they have a lot of sex but really don’t. Still more people fit sex in when they have “time for it” (weekends or date nights) and don’t really give it the time it deserves.

Whatever your sex level is right now I personally challenge you to double it for one month. If you are having sex once a day then go for twice daily and make sure you make it count, don’t just go through the motions. Remember to get into it and really let your body go. Not only will your libido increase but you will feel healthier and more excited about life in general (libido is a lot like waking up early or doing cardio, the more you do it the more you want to do it, the more you NEED to do it). Just remember that not only are you going for more sex but you are also making sure it is more “good” sex. If at the end of the month you hated all the great sex you were having then I have no idea what to say to you other than I feel sorry for your partner.

Variety is the spice of life. Once you have done the one month of double the good sex challenge I further challenge you to have another month of equal amounts of sex only never do it the same way two times in a row. Different finishing positions, different locations, different holes, let him cum on you instead of in you, (actually tell him to cum on whatever part of your body you want him on, this is extremely exciting for men to hear and see). Make sure that each sex session you have is both fulfilling for you and your partner but also different every time. Add toys but use a different one (you may need to shop a little for each other ), music, lighting, oils, porno movies, computer clips, stories or whatever else your naughty mind can think of, just make sure you keep things changing and you will thank me for it later. (Or at least your body will!!!)

Adding to the variety rule I further challenge you to make sure you are staying connected at a personal level as well as a sexual one. Many couples drift apart after the “honeymoon phase” simply because things stop being new, they stop being “fun” and therefore you stop having fun with one another. A major component of sex aside from the physical connection is the mental, spiritual and emotional connection. I am not talking one night stand or sex fling “fun” I am talking life changing, “I want to keep doing this forever with just you and me and damn everyone else that looks at us or talks about us” style connection. (Please note that I understand there are a number of people who are not monogamous but live very happy, fulfilling lives together. I, however am not one of those and will never be as I am way to possessive to even dream of such a life style with my life partner but I do not judge or condemn anyone else who is happy with that choice. )

Put as much effort into your life outside of sex together as you put into your sex life together. Often times the men need to work on this more and the women need to work on the sex more but if that doesn’t fit you than that’s awesome but there is always room for change. Also remember that each of you are responsible for both sex and connection. Just because girls like to talk more and go out more doesn’t mean that they get a free pass. Your challenge is to find out the things he really wants to go do and not just the things you want to do and vice versa.

Try setting up dates that are unannounced. Try different restaurants you have never been to or take a longer drive to see a movie at a “new” Cineplex. Go for walks, get partners massages (girls you can book this as well as a guy can). Buy each other inexpensive things just because it makes you think of each other. Stop and kiss each other just because you want to. Hold hands, hug in public, and tell each other I love you out of the blue and mean it! Do not let yourself fall into the “eat, work, tv, sleep” lifestyle that so many couples get comfortable in because sooner or later one of you will start looking for excitement elsewhere. You are each other’s best protection from relationship problems.

One of my favorite night’s so far with my man has been the night he told me he was coming over to watch a movie. I got all clean shaved, hair washed, used a enema, made sure my place was perfect and when he showed up he bragged my coat and said “let’s go.” I protested that I wasn’t dressed well and he told me not to worry that I looked great the way I was. He took me to an informal but amazing restaurant and got a sample of various foods I don’t eat often. He bought wine that we shared. We talked about life, about the future and then out of nowhere he blatantly asked me about my fantasies in a public restaurant!

Susie lay on the “bed” and listened to everything that her uncle was doing behind her. She felt funny laying there on her stomach, with a butt plug stuffed up her ass in full view of him. She was also very turned on. What had taken place out in the yard had only furthered her growing lust. She still didn’t understand it but she was not fighting it anymore either. The pain he was causing her was not really all that bad and the pleasure more than made up for it.

She could feel her pussy juice running down her slit and making a puddle onto the leather padding underneath her but she didn’t care. She wanted to do just as her uncle had told her because she knew he would keep his promise of her reward. And she really needed her reward.

She tried thinking about her dad, now that her temper had cooled down, but her mind kept coming back to Uncle Jake and what did he have planned for her later. If she was good she corrected herself. She wiggles her ass to feel the plug move and caress her insides and moaned.

“I told you to relax baby girl.” He spoke to her from his chair at the table.

He had been watching her off and on, noticing how she would wiggle her ass a bit with her legs half open. It really was quite a delicious view for him and he was enjoying himself.

Susie settles back down and stopped moving. She needed some relief but if she pushed it too far with him he would leave her horny and unfulfilled all the while teasing her some more. No she just couldn’t allow that. She rested her head on top of her hands and closed her eyes. She would just have to lay there and deal with the throbbing of her aching pussy and the wonderful naughty thoughts that kept running through her head.

Jake couldn’t concentrate on his work. He was too focused on her shapely rear with the butt plug in it. Her pussy was clearly visible with her legs spread as they were, her wet arousal calling to him. He got up and quietly walked over to stand behind her. He knew in that instant he wanted to play with her and he wanted to make her cum.

He reached down and lightly ran his hand up one of her legs, up to her ass cheek then pulled back. She groaned, turning her head around to look at him.

“Turn back around and don’t look back.” He commanded her.

Jake smiled as she immediately complied. Oh yes, he had her right where he wanted her. He felt his dick stiffen as he walked around to the front of the bed to look into her eyes. Still holding her gaze he bent and crooked his finger at her for her to move forward. He smiled as he watched her raise on her hands and knees and crawl towards him.

“Spread your legs.” He commanded her. As soon as she did, she was told to sit back. Again she immediately acted. “Now put your hands behind your head and stay like that.” He demanded as she walked away from her and went to the trunk in the corner of the room.

Susie watched as he bent and opened the lid. He shuffled a few things around and then stood back up. Her eyes flew to his face as he turned and lifted up a black leather collar to her. Susie gulped as he walked back to her dangling the item from his fingers.

“This is your collar baby girl. I am going to put it on you and you are only to remove it when you shower. Do you understand?” He told her as he undid the buckling on it.

Jake wrapped the collar around her slim neck as she stayed in position. He hadn’t waited for any response from her but was please that she made no protest what so ever. He fastened it on her and then stood back. Damn she was sexy sitting there in that position with his mark of ownership on her. He slipped his finger through the metal ring in the front and pulled her towards him. To her credit she didn’t put her hands down.

Jake bent down and kissed her soft lips. She moaned as his tongue snaked into her warm mouth, his tongue batting against hers. She kissed him back as her muscles strained to keep her upright with him pulling her upper half forward.

“Come with me.” He said giving her permission to rise. He went first back to the trunk, retrieved some wrist cuffs and then turned in the other direction, Susie staying behind him the whole time.

She followed him into the bathroom all the way over to the toilet. He had her bend over and he slowly removed the butt plug from her ass. Then he pointed to the commode and she sat down. He was instructing her to relieve herself. She was more than a little embarrassed when he knelt down and watched her urinate. He reached for the toilet paper, got some and then wiped her when she was done.

As she rose from the seat Jake grabbed hold of one wrist and attached the cuff to it. He did the same to the other. Turning her body around, he had her hold onto the metal rail on the wall, bending over at the waist. He then proceeded to attach her to the chains dangling from the ceiling and smiled at her as he finished fastening her. He lengthened the chain so that when she was ready she would not be hindered. He walked over to the cabinet and got out a disposable enema. He walked back to her and told her to spread her legs.

Susie wanted to ask him what he was doing but wasn’t sure if she could take another spanking to her ass. He had that non expression on his face again and she was sure he was just looking for a reason to punish her again.

Jake gently pressed the nozzle against her somewhat loosened puckered hole and pushed forward. Slowly he inserted the thin tube up her back tunnel. He heard her grunt a little at the invasion and again as he slowly squeezed the solution up into her ass.

“Hold all of it in baby girl.” Jake said after he got all of it into her. She was not in the best angle for an enema but he was sure that it would work just fine. When he planned on actually taking her ass with his cock he would make sure that she got a thorough cleaning. He was just planning on playing with her for now.

A few minutes passed and she told him she needed to sit on the toilet. He unhooked the chain, watching as she sat down quickly, a pained look on her face and one of embarrassment. He walked over to the shower and turned the handles.

Once totally relieved of the enema and her waste, Jake again helped her to clean herself and then pulled her over to the shower. He took hold of the hand sprayer and washed down her backside with water. Picking up the soap he rubbed it over her round ass and through her crack. He delighted in the feel of her skin slick with the soap underneath his hands, letting his fingers linger around her puckered hole.

He set the soap and hand sprayer down and then knelt behind her. Spreading her ass cheeks with both hands he watched her puckered hole open slightly. He released one globe and ran his two fingers over her sphincter. He heard her moan softly and smiled, inserted just the tip on his index finger into her tight little hole. His cock jerked at the site. He pushed his finger in slowly, all the way until it was completely encased inside her hot channel. He started a slow push and pulls with his finger, feeling her loosen up a little bit more. Satisfied she could take more he then added another finger and stopped when they were half way in.

Susie was surprised at the tingly feeling in her back hole. He was fucking her ass with his finger and she was beginning to enjoy it. But then he decided to add another finger. The two digits stretched her butt hole but he was only in half way when he stopped. She tried to look over her shoulder but he caught her.

“Turn back around.” He told her, sliding his two fingers up all the way, surprising her.

Jake smiled as she quickly turned to face forward again, a little grimace on her face. He hadn’t really caused any bad pain but enough to get her attention. He gently pulled his fingers back out still watching the side of her face. She closed her eyes and breathed out. He slid them back up again loving the tight feel of her little hole clasping his fingers. Oh how wonderful she was going to feel around his thick meat.

Susie kept her eyes closed as she focused on the feeling of his two fingers slowly fucking her back hole. She was feeling less pain and more pleasure as he continued with his slow strokes in and out. She felt him stand up and lean into her, his free hand reaching around and finding her clit. His fingers circled around her little nub in time with his fingers causing her to moan louder and arch her back.

“Mmmm that’s it baby girl. Feel my fingers fucking your ass. Soon you will feel my dick there too.” He whispered into her ear.

Susie shivered at the thought. His cock was much larger than his two fingers and she knew that it would be painful at first with his thick cock wedge up into her small hole.

Jake withdrew his hand from her clit and got the hand sprayer. He watered down her ass and his fingers and then pushed his fingers back up. He did this a few times trying to remove as much soap as possible from her back entrance. Once he was happy that he had cleaned her up as much as possible he turned the water off.

He retrieved a towel and dried, first her body, then his. He unhooked her from the chains, lowering her arms to her sides and just stood in front of her. He looked her from head to toe and then wrapped his finger through the metal loop on her collar. He pulled her along like that until they were once again at the leather padded bed.

He instructed her to get on the bed on her hands and knees and proceeded to fasten her thighs with the leather straps, causing her legs to be spread wide. Next he fastened her wrists to the upper bars, stretching her upper torso forward, making her back arch and her ass to be raised in the air further.

Jake ran his hands lightly over her body, stopping now and then to kiss and gently bit her smooth skin. He fondled her hanging tits, loving the feel of her nipples like hard pebbles against his hands. He pinched and pulled on them before moving his hands down to grasp and rubs her beautiful ass.

He left her and returned with the nipple suckers. He placed them one at a time over her nipples, squeezed the bulbs and then let go. She moaned at the feel of the tight fit over her nipples, pushing her chest outward. His baby girl was enjoying the suction he thought to himself. He then got a clit clip and told her to remain still. He pinched her swollen clit between his fingers and then slid the clit clip over her sensitive nub. Lastly, he retrieved a thin dildo with a flat end and got behind her.

Susie groaned at all the sensations shooting through her body. Her nipples felt like they were being sucked hard into someone’s mouth and she loved it. Pushing her chest out furthered the sensation so she kept pushing out and then relaxing. When he grabbed hold of her clit and put the metal clip over it she about came. The contraption squeezed her nub and pulled it up and out, making it exposed. She breathed faster, wondering what he was up to behind her.

Jake watched her writhe as best she could, being bound as she was. She was highly aroused and he was about to step it up a notch. He lubed up the thin dildo and rubbed it around her puckered hole. Then he inserted the nozzle of the lube into her ass and squeezed some of it in. She was well lube and he couldn’t wait to see the toy sink into her ass. He placed the head of the dildo at her hole and slowly inserted it, stretching her hole around it. He watched as inch by inch the thin shaft sunk into her ass. It was only six inches long but it took him a few minutes to get it all the way in until the end thinned out and the flat end rested against her cheeks. He would fuck her with it in a little while. For now he wanted to play a bit more with her.

Susie was breathing hard from the dildo being pushed into her ass. The feeling was very different than the butt plug. It felt longer and deeper in her. Something that she was not used to but it wasn’t long before she started to feel her nerve ends jumping at the feel of the toy inside her.

Jake got off the bed and walked around to the front of her. He removed the nipple suckers and stared at her breasts. He moaned as he leaned forward and flicked his tongue back and forth over one enlarged nipple. She moaned loudly, pushing her breast into his face. He chuckled and moved to the other nipple, sucking it into his mouth. Again she moaned much to his delight. He placed his hands on her breast and massaged them before putting the suckers back on her nipples.

“You look so delicious bound and spread before me.” He said before placing his mouth on hers. He slipped his tongue in her mouth to find her own tongue ready to battle with his. He deepened the kiss for a few minutes then pulled away from her.

“Do you want to cum baby girl?” He asked her running his hand down to her clipped clit.

“Yes.” She answered breathlessly.

Susie felt a sharp slap on her inner thigh. She looked at her uncle and groaned. The slight pain was nothing to the pleasure it had brought.

“What was that?” He asked her remaining still.

“Yes Uncle Jake.” she answered without thinking her mind in a pleasure fog.

Again there was a sharp slap but to her other inner thigh.

“Wrong baby girl. Hmmm guess you need some more training. The answer is yes Master.” He told her leaving her.

He walked over to the wall cabinet and picked out the flogger. He walked behind her and lightly whipped her backside. He landed a few more to her thighs and ass before walking back to her.

Jake grabbed hold of her chin and got up close to her. “Remember baby girl. I am your Master. Only when we are in company of others may you call me Uncle Jake or when we are in bed and only if we are not being sexual at all.”

With that said he hit the front of her thighs and stomach a few times, then raised his arm and got the area around her armpits and the sides of her breasts. He lay the flogger down and sat down on the bed.

Susie was breathing hard, the flogger causing some pain which quickly turned into pleasure. She looked to him waiting for his next move.

He lay back and scooted himself down so that his mouth was just below her dripping cunt. He breathed deep of her scent before flicking his tongue over her clamped clit. He smiled when her hips jerked at the contact. He reached up and around holding onto her ass cheeks as he pressed his lips to her pussy, flattening his tongue to torture her burning nub.

Susie whimpered in pleasure as his tongue circled around her aching clit. He lapped and sucked as best he could with the clamp there, then thrust his tongue up into her pussy hole and fucked her with it. She was barely able to move her hips with his hold on her but she tried anyways much to his delight.

“Your pussy tastes so good. I think it is the best cunt I have ever had” he told her stimulating her now with his fingers. He thrust his two fingers into her wet cunt as his tongue returned to her pulsing button.

Susie was climbing to the top, ready to explode any moment when her uncle stopped all of a sudden. She whined lowly, pouting at her now standing uncle.

He rubbed her lips with his pussy juice fingers, commanding her to suck on them as he pushed them into her warm mouth. Removing his fingers once she had cleaned them off, he stood up on the bed in front of her and began to stroke his raging hard on.

Her uncle’s hard dick was right in her face, as he stood before her stroking it and rubbing his balls. She couldn’t resist flicking her tongue out and licking the plump helmet of his cock. She tasted the pre cum and licked her lips. She saw her uncle smile but he didn’t move any closer. She stuck her tongue out again trying to get another taste of him but he only stood up straighter so that she was only able to reach his balls. It was fine with her. She licked them as they dangled before her.

“Mmmm that’s it baby girl. Show me how much you want me. Worship your Master’s cock and balls.”

Jake moved a bit closer so that she could lick and suck on his sac as he continued to pump his rod with his hand. He wasn’t ready to cum yet but he liked seeing her ready and willing to please him. He relaxed his stance and pointed his dick at her mouth. She quickly sucked his shaft into her mouth, pulled back off, licked it up and down, getting it wet and then sucked him into her mouth again. Her head started bobbing up and down enthusiastically much to his pleasure. She was even moaning over his cock as he thrust into her mouth slowly.

Susie had been hungry for her uncle’s cock before but nothing like this. She couldn’t get enough of it. Sucking him was bringing her just as much pleasure as all the things he was doing to her. His cock was hard and thick and she could feel his heart beat pulsing beneath the skin. She opened her throat and pushed her head down until she had most of his cock down. She heard him groan at the sensation of her throat clasping him. Back up she went, to lick and catch her breath before going back down as far as possible.

Jake was loving her attention to his cock. She was trying hard to take him all in and doing a wonderful job of it. He wound his fingers in her hair to hold her still and began to thrust into her mouth.

“Open your mouth wide baby girl. I am going to fuck your face for a moment.” He told her start with shallow thrusts at first.

Susie did as he told her and opened wide for him. She looked up and watched him as he pumped his hips, his cock slowly working deeper into her mouth and down her throat. She concentrated hard on not gagging though wasn’t able to completely stop the reflex. When she did, he backed off a little then would try again.

“Mmmm you are getting better at this. Soon I will be able to really face fuck you and shoot my load straight down your throat.” His hips rocking back and forth, his dick invading her mouth and throat. With a groan he pushed forward, his cock deeply planted and he held still.

Susie breathed slowly through her nose waiting for when he would back up, yet at the same time happy that she had accepted his eight inch dick down her throat. She let out a groan as he pulled all the way out of her mouth and tapped her face with his wet cock.

“Good girl.” He praised her, rubbing his purplish cock head over her lips.

He got off of the bed and picked up a vibrator. Kneeling next to her on the bed he put it down and picked up the lube. He grabbed hold of the end of the dildo and slowly pulled it out of her tight butt. He poured more of the lube over the rubber phallus and set the lube down.

“Now some fun for you my good pet.” He told her, ever so slowly pushing the greased up dildo up her back entrance.

Susie panted as Uncle Jake worked the toy slowly up her back channel and then slowly pulled it back out. Over and over he slowly fucked her ass with the dildo, inch by slow inch. It hurt at first with her tensing up but soon she felt her muscles relax. Then the tingles started. She could feel them shooting up and down her inner walls as the dildo glided against them. She moaned again when he pushed it up a little faster.

Jake watched as her little hole was stretched around the dildo, the skin pushing in a bit with each forward thrust, and puckering a little out with each pull. His cock was throbbing at the site but he kept his lust in check. He worked the toy in and out of her ass a little faster watching her as he did so. She seemed to be enjoying it so far so he kept at the same pace and picked up the vibrator.

Susie heard the vibrator turn on and then felt its delicious shockwaves against her aching clit. She let out a long “Ooooooooo” as the combination of the vibrator and dildo being fucked in her ass hit her. Her body was shaking all over from the pleasure. As the vibe buzzed on, she felt her ass loosen more and her hips rocking. She wanted her uncle to fuck her faster with the toy, wanting to be filled with it.

Why is it that you have become such an obsession for me? Why is that after all of these years of knowing you that you have occupied my mind more now than before? Why is it that you are on my mind when I go to sleep, when I wake up in the middle of the night and when I wake up in the morning? I know that I will never have you and I am good with that but that does not take away the fact that I cannot get you out of my mind.

I would take you on a weeklong trip out of town to the River Walk in San Antonio where we would spend the week on the river and in the bed and shower pleasuring each other while your husband is on an out of state business trip.

I would love to slowly kiss your soft lips and the lobes of your ears slowly moving to the back of your neck while I am slowly removing your top and bra letting your beautiful tits loose. I would then move to your nipples where I would slowly nibble and suck each one in my mouth as I am sliding your jeans and remaining clothes off leaving your beautiful body totally naked. I would squeeze and rub your tits trying my damndest to swallow each one as much as I could.

Then as a surprise, I would take a can of whip cream and cover your nipples in it, trailing down to your navel, filling your navel with the cream and then down to your pussy where I would fill it up and then cover your pussy lips with it.

I would then move back up and slide my tongue down your throat before I proceed to lick off the whip cream. I would move down to your tits slowing licking the cream off and then slowly sucking each of your nipples. Then slide down your stomach slowly licking the whip cream stopping at your naval and licking and sucking it all the while moving toward your beautiful sweet pussy. I slide between your legs and as I do, I have a jar of cherries and one by one, I slowly insert them in your whip cream covered pussy filling it up. I then use my tongue to slide up and down your pussy lips then moving back up to your clit where I would rotate my tongue around it and then suck on it until you are begging me to stop. I then go back to your cherry filled pussy and slowly start sucking the cherries out one at a time.

My tongue would then slide back down your pussy lips and I would move to your asshole where I would trace my tongue around the outside of your asshole arousing it. I would grab the can of whip cream and apply it to the rim of your ass and then gently slide the tip of the can inside your asshole and slowly fill it up. Then I would take my tongue and slide it deep in your ass as I feel your legs wrap tightly around my head and I can hear you moan in excitement.

After about 10 minutes on your asshole, I would slide back up and work on your sweet pussy some more with my tongue and mouth as you pull my head in your pussy trying to cram my head inside your pussy bringing you to another orgasm.

After hearing you begging me to stop, I move up to slide in your pussy but you stop me and then slide your mouth over my cock taking me deep in your mouth where I can feel the back of your mouth. As you are fucking me with your mouth you start squeezing my nipples and balls. Your mouth feels out of this world and all I can do is lay back and enjoy the feeling of heaven….you alternate between deep throating me and then taking my cock and running your tongue up and down the shaft and sucking my balls deep in your mouth. You keep this up for about 15 minutes and each time I come close to exploding, you stop and move up to kiss me deeply for a minute or two and then slide back down to my cock and balls and start over. All I can think of while you are sucking my cock is that you are an expert and how much of a turn on it would be to film you giving lessons on cock sucking.

I move around where my mouth is underneath your pussy and I suck on your clit while alternating my tongue deep in your pussy moving it around in circles. I can tell this turns you on as I can feel you moaning while you are cramming my cock down your throat. You then sit on your knees forcing your pussy and ass to cover my face and proceed to fuck my tongue with your pussy until I can taste your hot cum filling my mouth while you shake violently.

You lay down and position myself between your legs placing your feet on my shoulders as I slide my hard cock in your pussy. As I slowly fuck you, you rub your clit while I take a can of whip cream that I have hidden and cover your toes in the cream. While I am sliding my cock out of your pussy to the head and then sliding back in, I take your toes and start licking the whip cream off of them. This drives you crazy along with my cock and you rubbing your clit that you start screaming that you are coming.

I pull my cock out of your wet pussy and take the whip cream and start filling your pussy with it and then licking it out of you. I do this for a few minutes and then I have you roll over on your knees and I take the whip cream and put a trail of it from your pussy to your ass and then I gently insert the tip of the can in your ass and fill it up. I then slide my tongue licking up the whip cream from your pussy to your asshole and then I stick my tongue in your ass and proceed to suck the cream out of your asshole. I can feel you reaching around and forcing my head and mouth into your ass while you are moaning in pleasure. After I suck all of the cream out of your ass, I then proceed to lick and tongue fuck your asshole watching it loosen up. I try to slide my cock deep in your ass as I hear you begging me not to fuck you there because it will hurt….I keep gently sliding my cock in your ass as I can hear you start moaning in pleasure. ..I keep sliding my cock deeper in your ass as I reach around and start rubbing your nipples. As I do this, I can feel you reach your pussy rubbing your clit….until you start squirting you hot pussy juice everywhere.

I slide my cock out of your asshole and turn you over so I can lick your pussy and taste your hot cum as you pull my head into your pussy and wrap your feet around my neck…I can feel you violently shaking as you cum again….after eating your pussy and licking all of your hot juice, I move up where I can shove my face in between your beautiful tits and then I move up and and shove my tongue down your throat as I move to sit down on the bed.

You move on top of me and I can feel you taking my cock in your hand and guiding it toward your beautiful sweet tasting asshole. You slowly slide your ass down my cock and until I can feel your ass on my balls. I reach up and start massaging your tits as I pull your nipples toward my mouth so I can suck them hard.

As I am sucking your nipples and massaging your tits, I can feel you sliding your tight little beautiful asshole up and down my cock as you start rubbing your clit again. I feel your asshole clinching my cock and then you start screaming as you squirt your hot pussy juice all over my stomach.

You pull your asshole off my cock and then you lay down so I slide between your legs and put my mouth against your hot wet pussy and start sucking your clit tasting the remaining cum you have left…as I am doing this, I can feel you starting to shake again and then I can hear you scream out you are cumming as you squirt your hot cum all over my face for what seemed like several minutes.

After you finishing squirting, I pull my face away and it feels incredible with your cum all over. I move up to slide my tongue down your throat as I feel your hands reach around my cock and start stroking it. My cock is so hard again and you are begging me to slide it back in your ass and push it as deep as it will go…so I put the head of my cock against your asshole and I can feel you pushing the head inside your asshole….as I get every inch of my rock hard cock in your ass, you put your feet up to my mouth begging me to cover your toes in whipped cream and lick it of….I do better than that, I take the whip cream and cover your toes and and bottom of our feet in the whipped cream and slowly alternate between sucking the cream off your toes and licking off the bottom of your feet as I slowly slide my cock inside/out of your tight sweet tasting asshole.

After sucking and licking both of your feet, I go back and concentrate on fucking your asshole until I am about ready to cum…I pull out of your asshole and move up and slide my cock between your tits and begin titfucking you until I shoot my hot load all over your chest and neck pooling at the base of your throat. You scoop up some of the cum with your fingers and lick it off and then you move up to kiss me.

We lay down for a few minutes as I hold your beautiful naked body close and then we move to the hot tub where I hold you for about 30 minutes before you move down and take my cock deep in the back of your throat taking every inch of it. You keep sucking me for about 15 minutes until I pick you up and sit you on the edge of the hot tub where I go down on you and start alternating between licking your pussy and asshole. I can feel your hands on the back of my hand pulling my head into you begging me not to stop as I feel you start convulsing and then squirting all over my face screaming in ecstasy.

We get out of the tub, dry off and then go lay down on the bed where you lick my cock getting it hard so you can slide your hot wet pussy on my cock and then start fucking me slowly as you grab your tit and force it in my mouth. You fuck me slowly and then stop and tell me you want me on top so I can slide deep inside you and lick your toes because that is such a turn on for you. As I am licking your toes, you start rubbing your clit until you start squirting when I pull out of your pussy and put the head of my cock at your lips so I can shoot in your mouth…as I am stroking my cock, you stick your tongue out licking the head of my cock which causes me to start shooting a massive load of cum on your tongue. You then suck the head of my cock draining my cock of any cum and then you start slowly playing with my cum in your mouth before you swallow all of it. After you swallow my load, you move up and start tongue fucking my mouth with your tongue while you are stroking me.

I lay you on the bed on your knees where I come up behind you and start licking and sucking your pussy from behind….you then start rubbing your clit so I slide my right hand up to your pussy and start sliding my fingers inside your pussy as my left hand parts your butt cheeks so I can start licking and tongue fucking your ass….you ass hole is spread enough so that I can slide the length of my tongue in your asshole and rotate it deep inside. I can tell you like this as I can feel you pushing your ass against my face and then you surprise me by pushing me back on the bed and sitting your asshole on my tongue and rocking back and forth forcing my tongue as deep in your ass as it will go. I can hear you moaning and then I can tell that you are rubbing your pussy and clit. After about 15 minutes of you fucking my tongue with your ass and rubbing your pussy, I can feel a wet warmth spray my chest and stomach as you squirt your hot cum.

You then move your mouth toward my cock and I can feel you taking the whole length of my cock down your throat as I start licking the cum spray from your pussy and then I start sucking and rotating your clit in my mouth as I start sliding fingers into your asshole. This must really turn you on as you start moaning loudly and using your mouth to fuck my cock which makes me lick and suck your clit faster as I slide my fingers in and out of your asshole. I can feel you starting to shake and then I feel you spray your cum all over my face. This turns you so on much that you take me deeper in your mouth than you ever had which causes me to unload in the back of your mouth which you swallow all of my hot cum and then you keep sucking the head of my cock trying to get whatever is left in my cock.

After about 10 minutes of kissing and fondling each other, you lay beside me on your left side where I move up behind you and slide my cock deep in your asshole and then I reach over and take your right tit in my hand holding it tight as we fall asleep for several hours before we wake and start our slow love making again. This all started on an early Friday morning and we have all weekend until late Sunday evening, the only time we stop fucking and sucking is long enough to eat food (when we are not eating each other) and sleep, the rest of the time is spent fucking, sucking, eating, licking each other….it is a good thing we brought about 15 cans of whipped cream for the weekend and oh yeah, cherries to put inside your pussy and asshole for me to suck out which we do when we wake up from our nap.

While you are asleep, I wake up and tie your hands to the bed with nylon scarves and then I take the whip cream and apply it to your soft tits totally covering them, leaving a trail back to your naval down to your pussy where I fill it up with whip cream then trailing down your ass. I would then put a cherry on each of your nipples, down to your navel and then put as many inside your pussy as I can.

I then start my adventure of using my mouth to lick up the whip cream and cherries. As I get to your pussy, I slide between your legs and bury my face in your soft sweet tasting pussy. I can tell this turns you on as I feel your legs wrap around my head and then I feel you pulling me in to your pussy with your legs. You start squirting your pussy juice all over my face so I take my hand and start rubbing deep inside your pussy which causes you to start screaming in ecstasy squirting so much pussy that you soak the sheets of the bed. After you cum as much as you can, I take my tongue and trace from your wet pussy down your ass to your asshole licking up all of your juice. When I get to your asshole, I again run my tongue around the outside occasionally dipping it inside your asshole. As I am licking your asshole, I am going back to sliding my fingers back in your pussy trying to get you to squirt some more.

You beg for me to let you lose so you can turn over on your stomach and raise your butt in the air giving me more access to your ass and pussy. As I spend the next 15 to 20 minutes using my mouth on your incredible body, I can feel you convulsing several times coming so hard that you again cover the bed in your cum.

We then go take a shower together cleaning up so we can take a break and go eat and then stop at the hotel office to get clean sheets and more pillows so that we can use them for our next adventure.

We get back to the hotel and change the sheets on the bed and then I begin to undress you as I slowly kiss your neck. I move down your neck trailing your spine with my tongue as I lay you down on the bed on your stomach. I keep running my tongue down your back until I get to your beautiful soft ass. I take two of the pillows and have you lay on them so that your ass is raised up so that I can continue running my tongue down to your asshole. I run my tongue along the outer edge of your asshole as I slide my fingers in your pussy feeling it getting wetter and wetter. After about a minute of tonguing the outside of your ass, I begin sliding my tongue in your asshole. I can feel your asshole reacting to my tongue as it constricts around my tongue. I hear your moans of pleasure which causes me tongue your asshole even deeper as I slide my fingers faster in and out of your pussy. All of a sudden you scream out and push your ass into my face and then you start squirting your pussy juice all over the new pillow….you keep screaming as you are squirting beyond realization and then you start convulsing begging me to slide my cock deep and hard inside your pussy. I move up behind you while you on your side and slide your leg over mine as I slide my cock deep in your pussy. I fuck you slow and deep as I kiss the back of your neck and play with your toes. I can feel my cock about to explode so I pull out as I am not ready to cum yet and I place one of the pillows under you ass and I move in between your legs so I can lick and suck your pussy. As I am eating your sweet tasting wet pussy, I side track for a second and slide my tongue down to your asshole and lubricate the entrance to your ass my tongue and then I move back up and lick and suck on your clit. As I am paying attention to your clit, I slowly slide one, then two, then three fingers in your tight asshole and begin sliding them in and out at first slowly but begin moving faster. I can tell this must be a turn on for you as I can feel you trying to push your ass deeper on my fingers as you take your legs which you have placed around my neck and use them to pull my face into your pussy. After about 10 minutes of your pussy and asshole in my face, I move up and slide my hard cock deep in your pussy slowly fucking you. You take your feet and put them on shoulders and then you shock me taking on of your feet and sliding it in my mouth demanding that I suck your toes hard. As I am running my tongue between your toes and up and down the bottom of your foot I can feel you rubbing your clit.

I can feel your wet pussy constricting around my cock as you scream out and then I feel you squirting so much pussy juice as it sprays on my stomach. I stop sucking your toes and slide my mouth down to your pussy cleaning up the wet juice you just released….your pussy juice tastes so damn great that I am tempted to try to have you squirt in a cup for me to have later. As I am licking your pussy lips, you beg me to slide my cock in your ass because you get so so turned on by having your asshole fucked slow and deep. I slowly slide my cock deep in your pussy sliding my cock out until the head comes just out and then slide back in…I do this for several minutes until I decide that I want you to get on top and be in control.

You get on top of me and rise up so that I can slide my cock in your ass and then I pull you close so that I can bury my face in your beautiful tits and then suck on your nipples. As I am sucking and gently tonguing your nipples you begin sliding your ass up and down on my cock moaning more and more and then you stop and I feel you grab your right tit and bury it in my mouth forcing as much of it in my mouth as possible.

I reach behind you and start pushing your ass up and down on my cock and you again start fucking my cock with your beautiful tight asshole. As I am about to cum, you suddenly stop and tell me that you want me to fuck your ass with me in control. I lay you down on the edge of the bed and I position myself between your legs and gently slide my rock hard cock in your asshole. I start out slowly fucking you while I rub your clit occasionally sliding a few fingers in your pussy feeling my cock in your ass. Suddenly you put your right foot in my mouth telling me you want me to suck your toes until you cum so hard. I keep the double penetration going between my fingers in your pussy and my cock in your ass while I alternate between sucking your toes and running my tongue along the bottom edge of your foot. I look up and I can see you rubbing and squeezing your nipples and then I hear you start moaning really loud until you scream out you can’t take it anymore and you are about to come. I can feel your asshole constrict around my cock as your hot juicy pussy swallows my fingers which causes me to start sucking your toes as hard as I can.

You start convulsing and your pussy starts shooting out your hot juices all over my stomach, it looks almost like you are peeing but it is your hot cum. After you cum you beg me to shoot my cum all over your titties, so I pull my cock out of your ass and position myself on top of your stomach as I start stroking my cock for a few seconds until I unload my massive load on your tits, neck and chin.

I move forward laying on your beautiful tits and start kissing your lips sliding my tongue down your throat. We are both so exhausted that we lay on our sides facing each other entwining our bodies together to rest, all that is between us our cum we have on each of our bodies. We fall asleep and do not wake for several hours before we get up and move to the shower to clean up and go eat.

We get back to the hotel and get ready to lay back down, we are laying in bed totally naked watching tv when all of a sudden you get out from under the covers and proceed to sit on my face facing the wall pushing your hot wet pussy in my mouth. I alternate between licking your clit and sliding my tongue as deep in your pussy as it will go swirling it around inside you. I can hear you moaning and then you push harder on my face suddenly releasing your hot wet juices covering my face while I am trying to swallow as much of you as I can. You then begin convulsing and screaming that you can’t stop cumming but eventually you do.

You move down to kiss me and I can feel your hand on my cock rubbing it up and down fast, I stop you because your hands feel out of this world and I do not want to cum yet. You move around where you are sitting on my face and your face is in my cock. I look up and I can see your little tight pretty asshole so I move my hands up to spread your butt cheeks and I start running my tongue around the edge of your asshole. As I am doing this, I feel you taking my cock completely down your throat and then you pull it out of your mouth and start running your tongue up and down my shaft occasionally sucking on my balls. While you are doing that, I am still licking your asshole until I can feel that it has become more relaxed at which time I start sliding my tongue into your asshole. All of a sudden you stop sucking my cock and demand that I tongue fuck your asshole until you tell me to stop. Not one to disobey you, I start working my tongue in your asshole occasionally pulling it to run around the rim of your asshole or to bite your butt softly. As I am working my tongue into your asshole, after about 20 minutes of licking and biting your pretty little asshole, (by the way, your little asshole is do damned beautiful, I want to take pictures of it and send to various internet porn sites..not to worry, they are not face shots, just shots of your little asshole) I start working my tongue into your asshole. I can tell this turns you one as you push your ass onto my tongue and I can also feel your mouth working feverishly on my cock. After several minutes I am able to insert my whole tongue up to my mouth into your asshole. As I do this, I then start moving it around inside your asshole like I do when I tongue fuck your pussy.

After about ten minutes of me tongue fucking your sweet tasting asshole, you move around and tell me you want my cock in your asshole. You lay on your back on the edge of the bed and I stand up on the edge where you put your feet on my shoulders, I move up and position my cock against your asshole but I have tongue fucked it so much that my cock slides right in. I slowly start sliding it all the way in and all the way out, pulling it out at the head and then sliding back in.

While I am doing this, I look up at you and I can see your squeezing and rubbing your nipples with one hand as you rub your clit with your other hand. I am taking my time in your ass because the feeling is out of this world indescribable. As I am slowly fucking you, I take one of your legs and run my tongue from your ankle to the inside of your leg to your knee. I do this for several minutes before I can feel you taking your foot and pressing it against my lips. I open my mouth and you push your toes and foot in my mouth so I proceed to suck your pretty toes occasionally pulling them out and running my tongue alone the bottom edge of your foot.

As I am doing this, I slowly try to push more of my cock in your asshole because your asshole feels so damn incredible and tight that I want all of it, every bit of it…I want to fuck it, eat it, tongue it, lick it nonstop. I am obsessed with your asshole like you cannot believe.

After what seems like 30 minutes of licking and sucking your feet while my cock is still in your ass, I stop and move forward so that I can lick and suck on your massively beautiful tits. I can tell this turns you on as I can feel you trying to shove as much of your tits in my mouth that you can get in.

As I am playing with your tits, I pull my cock out of your asshole so that your asshole is not totally stretched out. After a few minutes of my mouth on your nipples and tits, I go to the refrigerator and get the whip cream and cherries. I apply whip cream to your tits, totally covering the nipples and tits in cream and then run a trail down to your navel, pussy and then assholel

I take the cherries and place one on each of your nipples (I have applied so much whip cream that is how they stay on your nipples), two on your naval and then some along your pussy lips. What you did not know was that I brought some banana’s which I peel back one and insert deeply inside your pussy and then I take another, peel it back and insert it inside your asshole. I then take the whip cream and apply it around the banana’s and then put cherries on top of the whip cream.

Your pussy and ass sundae look so good that I take a picture of each (yes no facial shots so no one knows who we are) and will submit them.

I then move up and first suck one of the cherries of your nipple, place it inside my mouth, move up to your mouth and place the cherry in your mouth. I eat the next cherry on your last tit myself and then move down your stomach sucking the whip cream up. When I get to your naval, my mouth is full of whip cream so I move up to your mouth giving you a deep kiss and letting the whip cream move into your mouth.

After I do this, I move back down to your pussy and start licking the whip cream and cherries up that are on your pussy and asshole leaving only the banana’s in your pussy and asshole. After I clean the whip cream and cherries, I then move to your asshole and place my mouth over the part of the banana that is not in your ass. I grasp the banana with my mouth and gently pull the banana out of your asshole noticing that it is extremely wet with your juices where it was in your asshole. Being the man that I am, turn the banana around and place the juicy part in my mouth tasting your cum and ass and take the part that was not in your asshole and put it in your mouth where you bite it off at. I do not immediately eat the banana I have in my mouth because the taste of your ass on it is absolutely incredible. I have never ever ever tasted an asshole and yours is so damn addicting and what makes it such a turn on besides being beautiful and tasty, the fetish with it.

After I eat the banana, I then move up and slide my tongue down your mouth as I fondle and squeeze your rock hard nipples as you reach down and play with my cock and balls. I start to slide down to your breast when you push me back and then slide your tongue down my mouth as you keep playing with my cock and balls. Then you move down to my neck kissing it softly and then down to my nipples where you suck and bite them, you can tell this turns me on as my cock gets harder in your hand. After a few seconds of that then you remember then whip cream which you grab and put in my mouth. You then slide your tongue in my mouth scooping the cream out with your tongue and swallowing it.

You take the whip cream and use it like I did on you, on my nipples, down to my naval and then covering my cock and balls with it. Then you surprise me and tie me to the bed and blind folding me telling me that you are going to drive me absolutely crazy. I can feel you kissing me sliding your tongue so far in my throat that it surprises me and I kiss you back passionately….then you stop kissing me and I feel your hair brushing against my face and then I feel your warm breath on neck followed by your soft lips and tongue sucking and kissing my neck. Then I feel your lips moving down toward my nipples where I feel you alternating between licking the whip cream off my nipples and biting them with your teeth. As you are doing this, my cock is hard and you hear me moaning in pleasure. As you keep paying attention to my nipples, you take the can of whip cream and apply the cream to your fingers which you put in my mouth for me to suck off.

After I lick your fingers clean, you lick the whip cream trail down to my naval and then I feel you running your tongue inside my naval. After you lick the whip cream out of my naval, you then move down to my cock where you find it is rock hard, you run your lips and tongue up and down my shaft and then I feel you swallow my cock down to my balls. The feeling of the head of my cock in the back of your mouth is such a damn turn on. I feel you pull your mouth off of my cock and move down to my balls where you lick and suck the whip cream off my balls and then I feel you take each of my balls in your mouth gently sucking each one. I feel your hands take over on my balls and then I feel your mouth around my cock as you again take it in your mouth, swallowing every inch of it again but what shocks me is that you use your mouth to fuck my cock alternating between taking just the head of it and swallowing the whole length of it. You keep this up for about 20 minutes occasionally running your lips and tongue up and down the shaft of my cock but always returning to swallow my whole length. I am tied to the bed and I cannot see what you are doing, but the feeling is so damn good that I do not want you to stop which you do all of a sudden.

As I lay there wondering what you have planned next, I can feel you moving up to me and then I feel you straddling my face burying your wet juicy pussy on my face. I take my tongue and start flicking your clit with it before I move to sucking it. This must turn you on because all of a sudden I hear you moaning in pleasure as you reach behind my head pulling it into your pussy as you start riding my face faster and harder. I am still tied to the bed so I am not able to grab your ass with my hands and pull your pussy into my face.

I hear you scream out as you push harder into my mouth and then I feel your hot pussy juices shoot all over my face where I try to swallow as much of your cum that I can because it taste so damn good. You end up shooting your hot pussy juice in my mouth and on my face three more times before you pull your pussy off my face. I am thinking you are about to release me from the restraints but then I feel you straddle my face again burying your asshole on my tongue as you are telling me that I am going to try to make you cum again with your asshole. You know how much your asshole turns me on so you know I do not object to it.

I take my tongue and run it around your asshole occasionally sliding it inside your asshole for about ten minutes before I hear you tell me that you want my tongue to fuck your asshole and as I am running my tongue in your asshole, I feel you pushing your ass down more on my tongue causing me to push the length of my tongue inside your asshole. I hear you telling me to swirl my tongue in your ass which I do as you begin fucking my tongue with your asshole. With my tongue in your asshole, I can feel you rubbing your clit as it puts pressure on the inside of your pussy which reverts to your asshole. This is such a turn on for you that I hear your scream out you are cumming and then I feel your asshole clenching my tongue as I feel your pussy juices shooting all over my chest and stomach.

I feel you pulling your asshole off my tongue and then you move down and I feel you sliding my cock in your pussy starting out slowly sliding up and down on my cock. You reach up and release the restraints that have me tied to the bed. I reach out to massage your tits and nipples and then I feel your nipple being pushed in my mouth. I suck and nibble on your nipple as I reach behind pulling your ass apart so I can put as many fingers in your asshole that I can. I can hear you moaning and not sure if it is from my tongue or playing with your asshole.

You ride my cock for what seems like forever which I am not objecting to at all. I am close to cumming so I stop you and move you to the love seat in the hotel room. I have you get on the loveseat on your knees and resting your head on the back of the love seat. Seeing you in this position has just turned me on beyond words so I decide it is time to lick your body before I give you my cock. I come up behind you and seeing your feet hang over the edge is appealing, so I get on my hands and knees on the floor and starting at your feet, I come up from the bottom sucking your toes, sliding my tongue in between your toes, then I move up to the bottom of your feet alternating between running my tongue along the bottom edge of your feet and running my tongue up and down the bottom of your feet. After a few minutes of that, I move up to your legs kissing and running my tongue on the inside of your legs from your feet to your ass doing this for about 4 times on each leg. When I make my last run on your legs, I move up to your pussy and asshole darting my tongue into your pussy and then moving to your asshole. I run my tongue along the edge of your asshole and then I gently pull your asshole apart sliding my tongue deep in your ass. I start tongue fucking your asshole with my tongue and I can tell this turns you on as you reach back pushing my head into your ass and moaning loudly telling me not to stop.

After a few minutes of tongue fucking your asshole, I move back to your pussy and slide my tongue in and out of your pussy tasting your hot wet pussy. I then move up behind you and slide my cock deep in your pussy fucking it for about 5 minutes before I stop and replace my cock with my mouth, again alternating between your pussy and asshole.

I move back up and slide my cock back in your pussy and slide in and out for a few minutes until I slide my cock out of your pussy and move to your asshole where I slide my hard cock into your asshole. I push my cock all the way burying it so deep that my balls are resting against the back of your ass. I stop and move up pulling your hair back and kissing the back of your neck as I reach around massaging your tits. I can tell this must turn you on as I can feel your ass constrict around my cock. I go back to fucking your ass for about ten minutes before I pull my cock out of your ass and turn you around sitting you on the love seat.

I move my head between your legs and start running my tongue up and down your pussy lips occasionally sucking and licking your clit. All of a sudden I feel you pull my head in your pussy wrapping your legs around my neck and then you start convulsing as you start shooting your cum in my mouth and on my face. Your pussy juice taste out of this world and I cannot get enough of it so I keep sucking your clit of all of your pussy juice you have. As I am doing this, I feel one of your feet reaching down stroking my cock and you can tell this turns me on so you slide your other foot down and using both feet, you take my cock between your feet running them up and down the shaft. I move your butt up a little bit so that I can reach your asshole with my tongue. After about 15 minutes of licking your ass and pussy, I move up putting your legs on my shoulders and slide my cock in your pussy slowly fucking you as you begin rubbing your clit. As I keep fucking you very slowly, pulling my cock out until the head reaches your pussy lips and then sliding back in, I take your foot and start kissing it occasionally sucking on your toes.

I fuck you slowly like this for about 10 minutes before you surprise me and push me away, you then turn around on your hands and knees telling me to bury my cock in your asshole and not to stop until I fill it up with cum. I move up behind you and bury my tongue in your asshole licking the inside getting it ready for my cock. I gently push the head of my cock in your ass and begin moving in and out while reaching forward to fondle your beautiful breast. As I am fucking your asshole, you then take your legs and place them around mine keeping me close to you. For the heck of it, I decide to grasp your hair and pull it back a little as I am burying my cock into your ass when you beg for me to pull it some more. I pull it and then reach forward and start running my tongue along the back of your neck and then moving to your ears. You start moaning really loud telling me that you are about to cum and not stop, this is my cue to push my cock as deep in your asshole that it will go and I start sucking on the back of your neck. This is it for you and you scream out and your ass constricts my cock as I feel you cum which causes me to start filling your ass with my cum. After we cum, I keep my cock in your ass for a few minutes and then we move to the shower, as you stand up, my cum is running down your leg which is a turn on for me.

We take a shower, eat and then decide to go play in the indoor heated pool. As we are in the water close to each other, I slide my hand in your bottom piece alternating between rubbing your clit and finger fucking your pussy. You move closer and I feel your hand slide down and begin stroking my cock up and down. You move around where I can rub your clit with my thumb and I can slide two fingers in your asshole where I begin rubbing your clit faster as I precede to finger fuck your asshole. I look down and see your eyes are rolled back in your head while you are moaning. I use my other hand and cup your breast and then begin rubbing your nipples between my fingers while I continue to finger fuck your ass and then I feel you flex up and feel your pussy getting wetter. You move up and tell me you want my cock in you so bad and you want it now. I tell you that we need to wait as we cannot fuck in the pool or we might get busted.

On the way back to the room, you stop at the vending machine and tell me to go ahead and go back to the room and wait for you. I get up to the room and turn the tv to a movie channel so we can watch porn while we make our own.

You get back to the room telling me to get ready for some more excitement and then you go to the bath room. You come out wearing nothing at all and you have a bag of M&M’s. I ask you what the M&M’s are for and you tell me all in time I will see.

You lay down beside me and then you take over and start forcing your tongue down my mouth while you are stroking my cock. I move around where I can finger fuck your pussy and asshole simultaneously and I can tell this turns you on because you’re moaning in our kisses and your hand is moving faster on my cock. I finally have to tell you to stop or else you are going make me cum. You tell me all it time for that.

I tell you turn around and sit on my face so I can lick and play with your clit which you do real quick. As I am alternating between your pussy and asshole, I can feel your mouth around my cock and balls and the feeling is out of this world when all of a sudden you take my balls in your mouth with a piece of ice you snuck in.

I shove my tongue so deep in your asshole that I can feel you pushing your asshole onto it. Then out of nowhere, you tell me to stop and then you get off me and proceed to sit up on the bed with your legs spread showing me your beautiful juicy pussy and asshole. You hand me the bag of M&M’s and tell me that you want me to put some inside your pussy and suck them out…one at a time, I insert an M&M until I have five or so inside your pussy that is so wet that the coloring on the M&M’s starts dripping out of your pussy. I move my mouth down to your pussy and start sucking them out one at a time…about the third one I surprise you and move up and put my mouth to yours and slide the M&M in your mouth. The only bad thing is that I already sucked your pussy juice off of it. I move back down to your pussy and suck the rest of them out sucking and eating each one.

I go back and start sucking on your clit occasionally sliding my tongue in and around your asshole all in preparation for a surprise I am about to give you. After your asshole is slippery, I move my tongue back to your clit where I start sucking on it hard causing you to push my head into your pussy.

I take this opportunity to start shoving M&M’s into your asshole which I can tell is turning you on because you start shoving your asshole into my hand. I count about ten M&M’s before I stop putting them inside your asshole. I move my mouth down to your asshole and again start licking and shoving my tongue deep inside where I can feel the M&M’s inside.

I try to suck them out but they are not coming so I tell you to push them out of your ass. I can see your asshole moving out as you push and then I can see one, then two, then three at the entrance of your asshole. I move mouth down and suck them out tasting your hot beautiful ass. You push some more and then a few more are at your asshole, I move down to suck them in my mouth when you tell me you want to taste them too. I suck them in my mouth and then move up and start kissing you sliding each M&M’s in your mouth. You eat them and then move back kissing me shoving your tongue deep in my mouth.

I move my mouth back down to your asshole so I can eat the rest of the M&M’s out of your asshole which is also causing your asshole to leak colored juices from the coloring on the M&M’s.

After you have pushed all of the M&M’s out of your asshole, you tell me to lay down and then you move your pussy to my face as you start deep throating my cock. As you are sucking me deep I can feel your hands moving down to my asshole where you start inserting one then two fingers in my ass. For some reason this is turning me on and my swells inside your mouth and I start shoving my tongue so deep in your asshole I can feel the insides which turns you on beyond belief and you starting squirting pussy juices all over my chin.

You start fucking my asshole with your fingers which causes me to start fucking your mouth so hard that I can feel you gag a couple of times. I can tell you are turned on though because you are fucking my tongue begging me to alternate between your asshole and clit. While I am sucking your clit, I put three fingers in your asshole and begin fucking your asshole hard.

All of a sudden, I feel you flex up, shoving my cock so far down your throat while your tongue is circling my balls moaning so deep as you start finger fucking my asshole and then your cum all of over my face for what seemed like eternity. You cum so much that my face, head and neck are drowning in your hot juices. While you are cumming you are fucking my cock with your mouth so damn fast that I can feel my head spin as I start filling your mouth with my cum. Like a good little girl, you swallow every bit of it and then lick my cock, balls and asshole clean while I lick your pussy and asshole clean with my tongue.

After we lick each other clean, you lie down and tell me you are ready to be fucked like never before. Luckily my cock is hard again so I move between your legs and slide inside you. You pull my mouth to yours and start tongue fucking my mouth with your tongue.

I am slowly sliding in and out of your pussy and then you put your legs up on my shoulders so I can push deeper. As I sit up a little to push deep, I take your leg and start running my tongue up and down it from your knee to your toes occasionally sliding a toe in my mouth sucking on it. I can tell this is turning you one because you then begin to shove your foot toward my mouth while you are rubbing your clit. I take all of your toes in my mouth sucking on them occasionally taking them out to run my tongue up and down the bottom of your foot. I guess this must have been it for you because the second time I run my tongue down your foot, you start bucking your body rubbing your clit harder and harder until you start gushing your cum all over us and the bed.

Not wanting to cum yet, I pull out of your pussy and move down to kiss your breast paying attention to your erect nipples. All of a sudden, I feel you pushing me on the bed telling me that you are tired of me being in control and it is your turn.

As I am laying on the cum soaked bed, you move your pussy and ass over my face handing me the M&M’s telling me that I am to shove some in your pussy and asshole and suck them out. Not wanting to disappoint you, I take turns shoving M&M’s in your pussy and asshole where I like them out as well.

As I am pleasing your pussy and asshole, you are sucking my cock deep down your throat not leaving any of it to be seen. The feeling of your mouth around my whole cock is more than I can take and I start unloading in your mouth. You suck down every bit of my cum and keep sucking my cock which is getting to me as my cock is so sensitive. You can tell something is up so you stop sucking and move to stroking my cock and sucking my balls while I am still eating M&M’s out of your asshole and pussy.

After all the M&M’s have been consumed, you climb on top of me sliding my cock in your pussy slowly fucking me. I reach up to massage your breasts and then alternate your nipples in my mouth gently biting and sucking on them. Then out of nowhere, you start moaning loudly as you grab my head and shove your left breast deep in my mouth almost to the point of choking me but I am not complaining at all. As you are shoving your tit in my mouth, you start sliding up and down on my cock faster while rubbing your clit and then I can feel you tense up, your pussy constricts around my cock and then I feel you squirting your hot cum all over my cock, stomach and chest..but you don’t cum once, you cum about three times before you stop.

You pull your tit out of my mouth and lay down beside me laying up close to me at the same time telling me that you are out of energy but if I want to cum then I will need to do it myself. I move up to sit on your stomach and slide my cock between your large beautiful tits pushing them together so I can tit fuck you. I spit on my cock so that it slides easy and tit fuck you for a few minutes.

Loving how your asshole feels around my cock, I slide off your stomach and move between your legs where I place them on my shoulders. I move closer and press the head of my cock up against your asshole where it slides in like it was meant to belong there.

I push my cock so deep in your ass that my balls are pressed against it, so for the next 10 minutes my cock is buried in your asshole while I spend time sucking your toes and running my tongue up and down each of your feet. As I am fucking your ass and licking your toes, you take a vibrator out of the drawer and start fucking your pussy with it. I can feel the vibrator up against my cock on the down strokes and the feeling of it is about to drive me crazy which causes me to suck your toes deep in my mouth which then causes you to start moaning and then screaming that you are cumming constricting your asshole around my cock. You cum so hard that your juices shoot up to my chest as well as covering your stomach and tits. This is such a damn turn on that I am sucking your toes harder while fucking your ass as hard as I can until I start cumming at which time I also pull out of your asshole. Part of my cum is in your ass and part is on your pussy and vibrator. You totally shock me taking the vibrator out of your pussy licking the cum off of it, I thought, what the fuck, if she will do that then I will lick her pussy which is covered in your juices as well as mine. I move my mouth down to your cum covered pussy and begin sucking on it taking our cum in our my mouth. I move up to your mouth where I begin kissing you as I am letting our cum slide out of my mouth into yours. You lick the cum off of my lips and swallow all of it telling me that it tastes great.

You lay next to me in my arms on the cum covered bed pulling the covers up where you fall asleep. I look over at the clock and see that it is 3:20am. I kiss you on the forehead, pull you close to me when I feel your hand move down and wrap around my cock. We fall asleep until almost 1pm the next day.

We get up and go to the shower, I see you getting a razor and shaving cream and ask you what you are going to do with it. You tell me it is a surprise in the shower. We get in the shower and cover ourselves in the warm water and then you had me a wash rag and soap and tell me you want me to clean you up. I cover the wash rag in soap starting at your neck, moving down to your breast where I slowly wash each one real good, then I slide down to your naval, down to your pussy and then I have you raise up each leg as I wash your legs, feet and toes. After that, I move back up to your ass where I run the wash rag up and down you ass and then I slowly insert the wash rag into your asshole cleaning it real good because my plan is to put my tongue in your asshole before this day is over.

You then take the wash rag and proceed to wash me as I did you paying extra attention to my cock, balls and asshole. After you finish, you then take the shaving cream and begin applying to the area around my cock and balls slowly applying a lot of the cream. You then take the razor and begin shaving the area you covered in shaving cream. This is such as turn on that my cock starts getting rock hard from the attention you are giving it.

After you shave me smooth, you take the wash rag and clean me up noticing that my cock is still hard, you look up at me smiling and then all of a sudden, you take the length of my cock down your throat and I feel your lips up against my smooth balls. My gawd, this feeling is so damn mind blowing that my cock swells up inside your mouth. As it begins to enlarge, you start fucking my cock with your mouth reaching up playing with my balls as you deep throat my cock like you are not going to have it anymore. My head starts spinning from the oral fucking you are giving me that I lean up against the shower wall mesmerized by your talented mouth and hands.

I beg you to stop so that I can shave you and then give your pussy and asshole a mouth fucking like never before. You tell me all in due time because you are not finished with me and then you put my cock back in your mouth. I am still leaning against the wall in total shock of what you are doing to me, it is a feeling that I cannot describe. All of a sudden, I feel you putting a finger in my ass and manipulate it back toward by cock. Oh hell, this is such a fucking turn on that I am about to explode in your mouth. You can feel the veins in my cock enlarge and then all of a sudden, you pull my cock out of your mouth and tell me all in due time. I look down at my cock wet with your saliva and say that is fine because now you are mine and give you a big smile.

I take the wash cloth and wet it with warm water and run it around your pussy, I then take some shaving cream and apply it to the area around your pussy. I take the razor and being very careful, I begin shaving your pussy. I pull each of your pussy lips apart so that I can shave very close without cutting them.

After I shave your pussy, I take the wash cloth and clean the remaining shaving cream off of your pussy. After I clean you up, I move my mouth down to your pussy and run my tongue up and down your pussy lips occasionally stopping at your clit or sliding my tongue in your wet pussy. You stop me and tell me that we need to go eat lunch and that we will come back and finish what we started. I tell you that I just need a few more minutes, so I go back to eating your pussy and then occasionally sliding my mouth down to your asshole circling my tongue around it and then moving back up to your pussy and clit. I take your clit in my mouth and suck and nibble on it feeling you pushing your pussy in my mouth. You keep pushing and then starting yelling that you are about to cum, but being me I decide to take my mouth off your pussy and move down to your asshole where I run my tongue around it and then start pushing my tongue deep inside. I can tell that this turns you on as I feel you put your feet on my shoulders and your hands on the back of my head pulling my head into your ass. I reach up and squeeze your nipples as I force my tongue deep in your asshole, about that time I feel you rubbing your clit telling me you want to cum so damn bad and you can’t hold out any longer. I hear you telling me tongue fuck your asshole as I feel you rubbing your clit faster and faster, about that time, I feel your ass constrict around my tongue in your ass and then I feel a hot liquid splash all over my face. I look up and I see your hot cum and then I feel your body vibrating from the orgasm you just had. You come down from your orgasm and then I hear you tell me that it is my turn to experience what you just experienced. I tell you that we need to go eat and you tell me to shut up and enjoy the experience I am about to get.

You lay me down on the bed and slide between my legs slowly licking the shaft of my cock up and down occasionally moving down to my balls to take them in your mouth. As you are licking and sucking my cock and balls, you are really getting them wet with your saliva and then all of a sudden, I feel you take the whole length of my shaft down your mouth beyond to where you are able to lick my balls while my cock is in your mouth. You do this for a few minutes fucking my cock with your mouth and then you slide my cock out of your mouth and move down to my asshole where I feel you running your tongue around my asshole and then move to slowly sliding your tongue into my ass. This feels so damn good that I start stroking my cock which turns you on as you move up and spit on my cock and hand and then move back to licking my balls and tongue fucking my ass as I continue stroking my cock.

All of a sudden you stop what you are doing and climb up and plant your wet pussy on my mouth and start moving your pussy rubbing it all over my mouth and face and then you move up and force your asshole on my mouth telling me to tongue fuck you. I force my tongue so deep in your asshole while I move my hands up and start massaging and squeezing your beautiful soft tits. I feel your asshole fucking my tongue as I can also feel you rubbing your clit and occasionally sliding your fingers inside. Occassionally I can feel your fingers inside your pussy pushing against my tongue as I continue running my tongue in and out of your asshole.

Out of nowhere, your asshole constricts around my tongue and I hear you scream out about the time I feel a stream of your hot pussy juice shooting out on my chin and chest. I feel you rubbing your pussy faster and faster as I feel more of your juices shooting out.

After you cum, you roll over on your back and tell me to fuck you until you tell me stop. I move between your legs and slide my hard cock in between your swollen pussy lips and slowly move in and out. I keep up this pace for a few minutes as you continue to rub your clit and then I feel your pussy constrict around my cock as you scream out you are coming again. As you are screaming, you start shooting out a stream of pussy juice that shoots so high it hits me in the mouth and face so I try to swallow as much of your juices as I can. You come down from your cum high and look up and see my face covered in your juices as I continue fucking your beautiful tight wet pussy, you move your left foot up to my face and using the bottom of your feet, you rub your pussy juices around my face. I reach up and take your foot in my hands and begin running my tongue between your toes occasionally sucking them and running my tongue along the bottom of your foot.

As I do this while sliding in and out of your pussy, you start rubbing your clit feverishly again until you start shooting your juices like a water fountain all over me which then causes me to cram as much of your foot in my mouth that I can. After you come down from your orgasmic high again, you tell me you want me in your ass but you also want me to keep on worshiping your feet because you find it such a fucking turn on.

I pull my cock out of your cum drenched pussy and move my mouth down to your asshole so that I can rim and tongue fuck it to get it ready for my cock. As I start running my tongue around the entrance, you place your feet on my shoulders and lift up your ass so that I can have clear and free access to your asshole. Since I have been playing with your asshole for awhile anyway, it does not take long before it opens up for my tongue allowing me to run my tongue around the inside ring as well as deep inside. I can tell that this is turning you on because all of a sudden you wrap your legs around my neck pulling my tongue into your asshole. After about 5 minutes of this, I reach up and pull your legs from around my neck and move up so I can slide my hard cock into your asshole. As I slowly start sliding in your in ass, I move my mouth to your big beautiful tits taking each one into my mouth sucking and biting your nipples and massaging them as they feel so great. All of a sudden, you grab my head as you force one of your nipples in my mouth smashing my face into your breast as I keep sliding in and out of your tight ass.

I feel your legs wrap around me so tight that I cannot pump my cock in and out of your ass as you keep forcing your nipple in my mouth. After about 2 minutes of your nipple in my mouth, you release your hold on me with your legs and beg me to fuck your ass some more.

I pull out of your ass and pull you to the edge of the bed with you on your back as I stand beside the bed where I bend down and run my tongue around your asshole occasionally sliding my tongue into your gaping asshole while I rub your clit with my finger. After a few minutes of tonguing your asshole and sucking your clit, I feel you pull my head into your pussy and then start convulsing and then all a sudden, you start squirting what seemed like gallons of cum all over my face and the floor. After your cum shower on me, you reach down and grab my rock hard cock guiding it to your asshole.

As I slide into your ass, you take your feet and put them on my shoulders as you begin rubbing your clit. I start out slowly sliding in and out of your ass feeling you rubbing your clit between your drenched pussy. I start sliding in and out a little faster as you start rubbing faster when you take one of your feet and put it against my mouth begging me to pay attention to your feet with my tongue and mouth. As I am fucking your ass, I run my tongue along the edges of the bottom of your foot and then move to running my tongue in between your toes occasionally take a toe or two and sucking on them. I can tell this is turning you on between your moans of pleasure, the faster you’re rubbing your clit and then the way you’re clamping down on my cock with your ass. I pump your ass for about thirty more seconds before I am ready to explode at which time you tell me you want to swallow my load so you move up on the bed and I climb on the bed and position myself over your face stroking my cock. You move around and take my balls in your mouth as you are feverishly rubbing your clit. I tell you I am about to cum and you open your mouth as I point my cock toward your mouth where I shoot a big load of cum on your tongue and in your mouth. After I have filled your mouth with my hot cum, you stick your tongue out and lick off the head of my cock cleaning it and then you start playing with the cum in your mouth before you swallow it opening your mouth and sticking your tongue out to show me it is no longer there.

We fall asleep in each other’s arms until the next morning when we hear others in the hotel moving around. We go take a shower together shaving and cleaning each other well for another day of adventure. We get out of the shower drying each other off and go down to the hotel lobby to eat breakfast.

After we eat, we go back and get ready to go sightseeing and walking the River Walk. After spending all day out and about San Antonio, we decide to go someplace romantic for supper and have a few drinks. After about an hour and half at the restaurant, we make our way back to the hotel and I can tell that you are feeling very very good. I decide to make a quick pit stop at a grocery store where I tell you to wait in the car for me as I run to get something.

I run inside and get some “toys” for us to use, you ask me what I bought and I tell you to wait and see. As we approach the hotel, you again inquire again what I bought but I keep postponing the surprise.

I convince you that we need to go take a shower again for the night which you agree because you can tell something in the grocery sack is going to be for fun. We jump in the shower and I can tell that the alcohol is having an effect on you as you lay your head on my shoulder. I look down at you stroking your hair when you look up at me and then start kissing me passionately. I pull you close to me and start stroking your ass cheeks as I feel you forcing your tongue in my mouth. Our tongues intertwine together as I feel you stroking my cock. Then you start kissing my neck moving down and taking each of my nipples in your mouth gently biting each one as you stroke my cock and balls.

I am overwhelmed with pleasure and all I can do is stroke your hair as you play with my nipples. After a few seconds your tongue moves down to my naval where you run your tongue around inside it as I feel your right hand move to my asshole as your left hand continues stroking my cock. All of a sudden, I feel your right hand move and I look down and see your licking your fingers so you can start teasing my asshole.

I tell you that if you do that to me, then you can expect a major surprise with your asshole and you look at me and wink as you take my cock in your mouth. You slowly take it in and out for a few minutes occasionally teasing me by taking the full length of my cock down your mouth while your tongue plays with my balls.

As you are giving me one hell of a blow job, I move the shower head so that the water is running on your back and I can lean against the shower wall enjoying this out of the world blow job you are giving me. After about 5 minutes of licking and swallowing my cock, you stand up and slam your tongue down my throat.

I kiss you back and tell you that we need to dry off and move to the bed which I can tell that the alcohol still has an effect on you. We step out of the shower drying off when you sit on the vanity in the bathroom demanding I lick your pussy before we go anywhere else. Not one to not obey an order, I move my head between your legs and start running my tongue up and down your pussy lips occasionally sliding my tongue down to your asshole which helps me remember something. I tell you to wait right on the vanity and I will be right back. I go get the sack and bring it in the bathroom where I take out a blind fold and put it on you after you resist at first. I then take out my handcuffs and cuff your hands together in front which I can tell turns you on as your pussy is glistening with wetness.

I move between your legs taking out a bottle of chocolate syrup and pour some on each of your nipples letting it trail down to your shaved pussy where it slides between your pussy lips. I move my mouth to your nipples licking off the chocolate, trailing down your stomach to your wet pussy. I can feel your handcuffed hands pushing my head down into your pussy so I look up to see if you still have the blind on you which you do.

I continue sucking and eating your pussy for a few minutes and then I feel you starting to convulse and scream out that you are cumming…you scream so loud I am afraid the neighbors heard you  As you cum, you start squirting so much pussy juice that it is spraying my face which I am eagerly licking up as fast as I can because your pussy juice is so damn addicting.

After you finished squirting, I reach up and take the blind fold off and tell you that I am out to do some experimenting and put the blind fold back on. I help you off the vanity and move you to the king size bed where I have you position your on one of the towels on your hands and knees with your hands still cuffed.

As you are in the position, your damn ass is so damn inviting that my cock is craving to slide in your pussy and then ass but I can’t do that yet as I am still trying to drive you crazy. I reach into the bad and take out a banana and peel it but you can’t tell what I am doing so you keep asking what’s next.

I slide between your legs and take my tongue and trace it up the crack of your butt from your pussy to your asshole as I spread your butt cheeks apart. I can tell this turns you on as your pretty little asshole is starting to open up as I slide more and more of my tongue inside. I take a jar of cherry topping and start slowly pouring it into your asshole until I can see it is full. I can tell this turns you on from your moans but there is more to come…no pun intended. 

I take the banana and dip it in the chocolate sauce and slide the chocolate covered banana into your tight shaved pussy. I start fucking your pussy with the banana as I move my mouth down to your asshole where I start sucking the cherry sauce out of your asshole. I can tell this is turning you on as you start moaning and making comments about the out of world feeling you have. I then shove my tongue so deep into your asshole trying to get the rest of the cherry sauce out at which time I can feel the banana with the tip of my tongue.

All of a sudden, I feel your asshole constrict around my tongue and your pussy tighten up around the banana as you beginning squirting what seems like gallons of pussy juice all over the towel and bed. You orgasm for what seems like several minutes shooting out so much cum that I am just mesmerized that I was able to get you off that much.

You tell me that your legs are week and that you need to lay down so I lay you on your back and again move between your legs so that I can lick the chocolate out of your pussy…oh yea, I forgot to mention that I poured a lot of the sauce inside your pussy. 

As I am eating your pussy, I take the banana dipping it in the cherry sauce and slide it into your gaping asshole where I use it as a dildo while I devour your pussy.

You take your handcuffed hands and force my head into your pussy telling me that you are close to coming again so I work feverishly to get you off one more time, oh what the heck, I am going to get you off three more times which I am wondering if I am going to be able to do that, but you know what, your pussy is the best tasting thing so I am good with licking and tongue fucking it.

I can tell that I am doing good because you start convulsing and screaming that you are about to explode when all of a sudden, I feel a gush of juice come from your pussy and shooting in mouth. I swallow down what I can and keep licking while I start sliding one, then two fingers up your tight little pretty asshole. I can tell this turns you on because you start convulsing again when I feel your asshole clamp around my fingers and you shoot start shooting again.

You beg me to stop because you don’t think you can come again but I don’t listen to you, so I keep eating your pussy and finger fucking your sweet little asshole. After a few minutes, I can tell you are close to cumming again so I decide to lick and suck your clit as hard as I can which throws you over the edge and you start squirting what seems like gallons and gallons of cum. You shoot so much cum that the bed is now soaked, good thing we got twin beds just for this reason.

We move to the shower to clean up and I decide I need to put my hard cock in your tight little asshole one more time before we lay down to sleep. We move to the bathroom counter where you sit up on the counter putting your feet on my shoulder as I move down to tongue your asshole with my tongue to get it ready for my cock.

I am able to slide half of my tongue into your ass and I can tell this is turning you on as you pull my head into your ass and start moaning loudly while you are fevershily rubbing your clit and finger fucking your pussy.

Out of nowhere I feel your pussy juices splashing on my head as you start cumming which causes me to cram my tongue so deep in your ass. After a few seconds of flooding my forehead with your juices you are begging me to slam my cock into your asshole and not to stop.

I move up and slide my rock hard cock so far into your ass that my balls are slapping you, I fuck you quickly for a few seconds and then decide to tease you. I pull my cock out and move back to your asshole with my tongue for about 5 more minutes and then move back up and slide my cock in your ass again. As I am fucking you, you take your left foot and move it up to my mouth so I decide to lick and suck your toes occasionally licking the sides and then running my tongue along the bottom of your foot.

I can this is driving you crazy because your tight ass constricts around my hard cock inside your pussy while you move your hand down to rub your clit. As you rub your clit faster and faster, I can feel them movement in your asshole. I move forward and take your left nipple in my mouth and start nibbling and teasing it feeling it growing in my mouth.

You are begging me to not stop sucking your nipple as I feel you wrap your legs around my back pulling me into your asshole all the while you are rubbing your clit. All of a sudden you scream out that you are cumming and then you begin convulsing constricting my cock which causes me to fill your tight sweet little asshole full of hot cum.

I can tell that this has satisfied you because you pull me on top of you kissing me slowly and then fading off to sleep.

A few hours later you wake me with your mouth on mine shoving your tongue as far inside my mouth as you can. I wake up returning your kiss rolling over on my back and pulling you on top of me. You keep tongue fucking my mouth as I reach up and massage your beautiful swollen nipples and tits.

You slide down sucking on my neck then down to my nipples, trailing down to my stomach where you start tongue fucking my naval as you are stroking my rock hard cock. You move down and start licking my cock up and down its shaft occasionally licking and taking my balls deep in your mouth.

I reach down and start stroking your hair as you are licking my cock and then all of a sudden, you take me so deep in your mouth that I can feel your hot breath against my balls. I am shocked because we did not clean up after our marathon sex adventure a few hours earlier. As you start mouth fucking my cock, I feel your hands reach up and massage my balls. You continue this for about ten minutes until you feel my cock swell up about to fill your mouth. And then all of a sudden, you stop everything telling me that I have to wait until later to cum. I am begging you not to stop, to keep on and I will do whatever you want me to do you but to not stop. You tell me that it will have to wait but it will be worth it later.

You lead me off the bed to the shower where we clean each other and you tell me you have a surprise for me after we go eat. You keep telling me that I am not going to be disappointed at all. After we go to a nice restaurant, you tell me that you want to drive but first you are going to blind fold me. I am both shocked and eagerly anticipating what is about to happen.

You put the blind fold on me and make me promise not to peak and if I am a good little boy, I will get a great surprise.

You get in the driver’s seat and I can feel us going down the road to some unknown location. We eventually stop and you tell me to wait inside and not to look. Not wanting to ruin the surprise, I eagerly obey you all the while wondering where we are and who sees me blindfolded. After what seemed to be an hour, you open the car door getting in and leaving wherever we were just at. You drive about five minutes and then you tell me that I can take the blind fold off. I take the blindfold off and see that we are on I-35 somewhere in San Antonio.

You tell me that we are going to go shopping for awhile and then see how the night turns out. I am still running through my mind where we were, why you blindfolded me and what else awaits for the day.

After we spend about 4 hours shopping, we go to Olive Garden to eat and then back to the hotel room.

When we get back to the hotel, you tell me that you are going to the restroom to change into something more comfortable. A few minutes later, you come out wearing a new see through nightie where your big beautiful tits and nipple are fully exposed. I can also see that you have shaved your pussy and it is looking so delicious.

You hand me a bag and tell me to go the restroom to cleanup and change to what is in the bag. I go and look in the bag and I can see that it is a g-string type of outfit but there is also a cock ring in the bag as well with instructions that you have written.

The instructions direct me to shave my cock, balls and ass and then to put the cock ring on and then the g-string.

I eagerly obey your demands and when I come out, you are laying on the bed and have put on a porn movie in the dvd player. You motion for me to come and lay down beside you and tell me that you want to relax awhile and watch a movie and then we will have a night that I will never forget.

After the movie is over, you reach over in your bag and pull out a video camera and tell me that we are about to make our own movie. You set it up on the desk next to the tv and I can tell that you are doing something to the tv. All of a sudden, you turn the camera on and the camera display pops up on the tv. I am shocked and horny that you have decided you wanted to film this. I figured since you were married you would not want recordings but you tell me that I have pleasured you in ways that no one else has and you want me to have a recording so I can play back and jack off to when we are not together.

You then start kissing me deeply reaching down and stroking my rock hard cock. I reach down taking your beautiful large breast in my hands massaging them and occasionally squeezing the nipples. You move down to my cock and begin licking it up and down, I try to reach down to your pussy but you move where I cannot reach and you tell me that in time I will get it. You move between my legs and start sucking my cock and balls while I am watching you on the tv screen when I notice a shiny object in your asshole. I ask you what you have in your ass and you look up at me winking as you all of a sudden intently start mouth fucking my cock. Your suction is so damn much that I am about to fill your mouth so I am begging you to stop and let me see what is in your ass.

You tell me that I have been a good little boy and that I deserve a prize. So you move from between my legs and you get in a 69 position where you are facing the camera. I look up and I can see that you have a jeweled anal plug in your ass and damn oh damn what a turn on it is. I run my tongue up and down your swollen pussy lips occasionally taking my tongue and rubbing your clit.

As I am doing this, I start playing with the anal plug pushing it in and out but not removing it all. I can feel your hot warm breath on my cock taking me deep in your mouth. I can tell that me playing with your anal plug is turning you on because you position yourself so that your asshole is over my mouth so I proceed to play with the anal plug with my teeth.

After about 15 minutes of this oral play, you tell me that you need my cock so bad so you move down in reverse cowgirl and put my cock in your wet pussy. I look around and I can see on the tv that you are extremely turned on. As you start pumping on my cock, I can feel the anal plug rubbing against my cock and I reach around taking each of your tits in my hands.

You reach back grabbing your feet fucking me so fast that I have to look at the tv screen to see what is going on. All of a sudden you start squirting your hot pussy juice all of me and the bed and even hitting the tv.

This is such a turn on that I tell you that I about to come too but you tell me to not come yet because you want it in on your face and in your mouth. You climb off me sitting on the bed and I stand up and start stroking my cock fast while you begin sucking the head. I start shooting my hot load and you take my cock in your hand stroking it feverishly with some of my cum splattering your face and inside your mouth. I can tell that the cock ring made a difference in the intensity of my load because it was very forceful. As you keep stroking my cock, I look at the tv screen and I can tell that you are fucking turned on.

To my astonishment you take my cock in your mouth trying to get me hard again but I beg you to stop because your sucking and licking is tickling my cock. You look up and tell me that I am not finished, I still have your asshole to explore.

I tell you to get on your hands and knees and I will take care of your asshole with my mouth until my cock is hard again. You position yourself so that your asshole is on video and can film my attack on your asshole.

I slide my face between your ass cheeks and start pulling on the anal plug with my teeth while you start rubbing your clit. After about 2 or 3 minutes, I pull the plug out of your asshole and replace it with my tongue. You tell me that you want to suck on the plug while I suck on your asshole so I willing oblige.

Since I am not able to see you up close, I move you around where I can watch you suck on the anal plug on the tv.

After about 10 minutes of devouring your asshole with my mouth, my cock is rock hard again so I move up between your legs and slide my cock into your tight pretty asshole.

I position your feet over my legs so I can play with them as I slowly slide my cock in and out of your super tight asshole. As I am fucking you, I feel you slide the anal plug in your pussy using it as a dildo. I fuck your asshole and play with your feet for about 10 minutes before I am ready to cum again. You tell me that you want me to shoot my load on your tits and face one more time, so you lay down and I position myself on your stomach where we are also on video. I remove the cock ring which you take and start sucking on while I am stroking my cock. I begin shooting my load of hot cum on your tits, lips and face.

You take your tongue cleaning the cum off your lips while you are wiping it from your face and then licking your fingers clean. You pull me down and start passionately kissing me deeply forcing me to taste my cum. I figure what the hell, you have tasted yours so it is only fair.

We kiss for a few minutes and as I am getting up, you reach out and grab my cock telling me you want to taste it one more time since we both know that this is our last rendezvous until we know when since you have to go back to your husband. But you tell me that I have given you a sexual experience you will not forget and that this is only the beginning especially since I am single with a place of my own.

You tell me that you love me, have loved me in some sort of way for the past many years we have known each other and you are very sorry we did not hook up years ago but this will definitely not be our last tryst.

Your sucking of my cock has caused it to get rock hard again so I move between your legs taking your feet and placing them on my shoulders as I enter your wet pussy. I start fucking you slow while I take each of your feet licking the bottom and sucking on your toes and then start fucking you so fast and hard.

This turns you on so much that you scream out that you are cumming and I feel you tense up and then you start squirting like a fountain. This turns me on so much that I unload all of what is left of my cum into your pussy.

I pull out and the cum starts flowing out of your pussy. You ask me to take a shower with you one last time before we must part.

We go to shower and as we are in the shower cleaning each other up, I tell you I must have you one more time so you tell me you have an idea. We climb out of the shower leaving it on and you climb up on the bathroom counter. You pull me toward you placing your feet on my shoulders as you guide me rock hard cock into your sweet tight pussy. I start fucking you slow and then fast and then fast and you tell me that you want me in your asshole one more time. I move down to your asshole and lick it with my tongue opening it up for my cock.

Lindsey was in the gym working out. She had been most of the day. It was two days before Christmas but that did not mean much to her. Her next competition was on the third of January and she needed to bulk up and cut some better definition if she wanted to keep winning.

She had a dumbbell in each hand that would have scared most men and was doing slow steady alternating curls. From across the room the manager of the gym yelled, “Lindsey, the phone.”

“Take a message,” she yelled back.

The manager frowned and spoke into the phone. A moment later, he lowered the phone and grinned. “The guy says he’s Santa Clause and needs to speak to you personally.”

Lindsey laughed. It could only be one person, her ex husband. “I’ll be right there.”

She grabbed a towel and dried her arms, the upper part of her chest, and her face as she walked across the room. Picking up the phone, she said, “Hello,”

There was mock heavy breathing on the other end of the line for a moment and then a deep male voice asked, “Have you been naughty or nice this year, little girl?”

Lindsey laughed. She was far from little at six foot tall in her bare feet and she was even farther from being a girl at thirty three. Some people argued that she was not even female. “I’ve been naughty some and I’ve been nicely naughty even more,” she replied with a grin.

“Then Santa needs to tell you about his two for one special on spankings.”

“Is that right. I seem to remember the last time Santa tried to spank my ass, he damned near broke his wrist and my ass is harder than ever.”

There was a laugh from phone. “Yeah, hotter and tighter then ever is more like it. Anyway, Santa always was a glutton for punishment.”

Lindsey smiled and asked, “So, where are you?”

“The North Pole, where else.”

With a shake of her head, she said, “No really, Don, where are you?”

“OK, I’m on a flight over the North Pole. That’s what gave me the silly Santa idea,” Don said.

Lindsey smiled. “It’s not silly, it’s original. I think so anyway and that is all that counts.”

“Yeah, you’re what counts,” Don said and then sighed. “I think the Russian job is finally over. Six years in Siberia was way too long.”

“Tell me about it,” Lindsey said. “Three, three day visits in all that time. I would have done better if you had been in prison. They do have conjugal visitation in this state right?”

Don laughed. “Nope, not to my knowledge anyway.”

“So, when do you land?”

“I’ll be in Chicago in three hours and then in Houston sometime tomorrow afternoon. That is, if everything goes fine with the assholes in Chicago. They had it in their heads that I was staying for the duration of the job.”

“It will be about ten days before I have to leave for my next competition,” Lindsey said. “Is that enough time to get your shit together and marry me again?”

“Hey wait a minute, do you mean to say that you haven’t found one of those guy bodybuilders that would marry you?”

Lindsey laughed and said, “I’ve had dozens of offers but none included marriage. Anyway, why would I want to marry a guy with a dick smaller than my clit?”

“But that was the deal when I divorced you. I was going to be in the frozen wastelands of Russia and you were to find you a real man instead of a ninety seven pound weakling,” Don said softly. He weighted more than ninety seven pounds but not much more. But then again, he was only five foot, three.

Lindsey shook her head. “When did you gain two pounds? They must have fed you too well.”

Don laughed and replied, “You’re kidding, there is no way not to gain weight on boiled musk ox and boiled potatoes three times a day.”

“Then hurry your ass home and I’ll work off those extra pounds. Mama be horny,” Lindsey said with a grin.

“That makes two of us. Do you know how hard it is to catch a female musk ox?”

Lindsey glanced around to see if anyone was close by. “Yeah, it’s probably a tough job but I remember you well enough to know how satisfied that musk ox would have been. Damn it, now I have visions of that dick of yours floating around in my head. I’ll never get any work done now on anything but my clit.”

“You leave that thing alone. I’ll take very good care of it when I get home,” Don said and then added, “By the way, those spankings will be with a wooden paddle.”

“Promises, promises, as long as the bruises heal in time for the competition.”

Don laughed and said, “OK, you get back to work while I daydream of tying you to the bed.”

“Why tie me to the bed?” Lindsey asked.

“Horny bodybuilders have a tendency to break things and I don’t want to be one of them,” Don replied with a chuckle.

Lindsey laughed but before she could reply, Don broke the connection.


The next day, Lindsey went to the gym early. She wanted to get her workout out of the way so she could devote the evening to Don. She was doing leg curls and each time she lifted her ankles the weight squeezed her rock hard thighs together. She could feel the pressure on her overly large clit and it tingled more the longer she worked out.

Ten minutes later, the tingle was an itch and one that was beginning to demand scratching. Lindsey was grinning as she unwrapped her long muscular legs from around the leg curl machine and stood up. She could feel the outer lips of her pussy rub against her clit as she did several deep squats. It she did not watch out she would have an accident.

“Hey, Lindsey, the crazy guys back on the phone,” the manager yelled from across the room.

“I’ll be right there,” she told him as she grabbed her towel.

“Hello,” she said into the phone a minute later.

“Do you know why Santa is always so jolly?” Don asked.

“Uh, no, I don’t,” Lindsey, said in confusion.

“Because he knows where all the naughty girls live.”

Lindsey chuckled in spite of herself. “Where are you?”

“Trying to find a cab at the Houston airport. I woke everyone up last night, so we could get started on my retirement. They were not happy but I did not really give a fuck. I have better things to do than wait on their lame asses.”

“I can come pick you up,” Lindsey said quickly.

“Nope, you head on home and I’ll meet you there,” he said and then asked, “What are you working on this morning?”

“Leg curls so far but….”

There was a deep chuckle in Lindsey’s ear and then Don whispered, “Your clit is tingling like mad.”

Lindsey groaned softly as she squeezed her thighs together tightly. “I’ll race you home,” she whispered.

“Oh no, anticipation is the name of the game right now. You drive safely and carefully. Oh and do not take a shower when you get home. I love the smell and taste of you fresh from the gym.”

Lindsey squeezed her thighs together again and moaned softly as a vision of Don with her clit in his mouth flashed behind her eyelids. He did not seem to care if it was an inch around and three inches long and she sure as hell didn’t.

Her hips were flexing back and forth slightly as Don said, “Settle down horny and head for the house.”

“If you keep talking that way, I’m going to come standing right here,” Lindsey whispered.

“It wouldn’t be the first time,” Don said and then disconnected the call.

Lindsey groaned and nodded to the buzz of the dead line.


When she was home, Lindsey normally ran around naked or with just a bikini bottom on. If she had to dress it was in a big billowy housedress that zipped up the front to the throat and came down to her ankles. Her head, hands, and feet were all that showed of her magnificently muscled body.

She had on the silver one as she waited for Don. She had automatically headed for the shower when she got home but stopped in the hall when she remembered what he had said earlier. She had stripped out of her jeans, blouse, and overly large man’s shirt and slipped the housedress on. She had left her shoes and gym bag by the front door.

At the sound of a key in the front door, Lindsey took a step forward and then halted. She put her hands behind her back and shivered hard as she squeezed her thighs together tightly. Her clit was bigger and harder than ever. It shot little jolts of pleasure all along her nervous system. As the door opened, she released the pressure with her thighs and moaned softly.

Don came inside pulling a large suitcase behind him. He had a large flight bag and computer case in the other hand. He parked the suitcase and sat the bags down. His eyes were on the tall woman in a silver dress. Her feet were bare, her hands were behind her back, and her head was bowed, her eyes on the floor.

He took off his coat as he crossed the room and tossed it in a chair. Standing directly in front of his ex wife, he unbuttoned his sleeves and took his time rolling them up. When they were where he wanted them, he reached out and unzipped the silver dress all the way to the hem. Opening the dress, he was now eye level with Lindsey’s massive chest and hard breasts. Her thick nipples were hard and stuck out a full inch.

Leaning forward, he licked one nipple and then the other. Lindsey groaned softly at both touches of his warm wet tongue. He stepped around behind her and slipped the dress off her shoulders and pulled it down and off her arms. It joined his coat on the chair. Lindsey stood naked in front of him. He shivered hard as he looked her muscular body over from the back.

Her ass was rock hard as he ran a hand over it. Her thighs were the same way but with even more well defined muscles. Her back was magnificent in its definition, even with her arms behind her back. He took off his necktie and wrapped it around her wrists in a figure eight several times before tying the ends together.

With her arms secured, Don felt safer. He really wasn’t if she got really wild but it made him feel safer. He walked around in front of her and stepped back to take all of her in. Her arms and shoulders were massive, roped with well defined muscles in places he didn’t think he even had. Her chest was even more spectacular than the last time he had seen her.

His eyes dropped to her stomach. Calling the muscles there a six pack was like calling a jumbo jet a small airplane. Compared to most people, her six pack had six packs. Then his eyes dropped lower to her hips and her sex. There was a v-shaped set of muscles pointed at her flat mound. And below that was what looked like a miniature dick. It wasn’t though, it was her clit. It had her inner and outer lips spread wide and stood up tall and proud. The end of it was red and swollen looking.

He knew what that meant. Just a flick of his tongue and she would come her brains out. Now he had a decision to make. Quick and fast now and slow a little later or keep building her up until she came on her own. The latter would be best he knew but the other was more exciting for him. Less dangerous also.

He walked up to her until his face was only inches from her chest. Looking up, he grinned and whispered, “You are more awesome than you ever were.”

Lindsey shivered and replied, “Thank you and welcome home.”

Don smiled and whispered, “I know you want to hug me but that will have to wait until you calm down. Right now you’d mash me flat.”

She nodded and he licked her right nipple. She jerked and groaned so he licked her other nipple with the same reaction. She was super sensitive and highly turned on. He sucked on her right nipple and then chewed on it gently. Lindsey rocked her head back and moaned long and loud. His hands went to her hips as he switched nipples. She kept her head back and continued the moan as he chewed the other nipple. Her hips jerked and flexed even after he released her nipple.

He stepped back and waited for her to calm down. She pulled her head forward and looked him directly in the eyes. “I was almost there, you little asshole,” she whispered fiercely.

“Yes, you were,” he replied holding eye contact with her. “But I wasn’t ready for you to come yet.”

She whimpered softly and dropped her gaze to the floor.

Don walked over and put his hands on her shoulders. He took his time running them over every square inch of her chest, sides, and stomach. She whimpered and squirmed as he did so. He moved around behind her and did the same thing to her back, sides, and butt with much the same reaction. She did not like to be touched like he was doing it now but it turned her on deep down inside. Her own hands when she bathed or rubbed down with oil before a show, turned her on also.

When he traced the crease of her ass with two fingers, she came up on her toes. “Do you remember when I used to fuck that tight ass of yours?” he asked softly.

Lindsey nodded and shivered hard. “I… loved it so much, when you did.”

“Maybe I should bend you over the arm of the couch and give it a try tonight.”

With a soft groan, Lindsey replied, “I’d love it but you know it won’t work. I’d hurt you.”

Don chuckled. “Yeah, I don’t relish a crushed dick or a ripped off one either.”

Lindsey sighed. “Maybe I should quit the bodybuilding.”

Don walked around in front of her and shook his head. “No. That is who you are and when you are the happiest.”

With another sigh, Lindsey nodded.

“Take a step to the right,” he said suddenly. When she did, he said, “Take a step to the left.” Her feet were spread slightly more than shoulder width.

Don went to his knees in front of her and looked up into her eyes. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was open. “You… you… you…” she said in a stammer and then she threw her head back and screamed as he sucked her large swollen clit into his mouth and sucked on it as his tongue swirled around and over it.

Lindsey’s hips jerked and bucked against his mouth and face as her world went up in flames and sizzling sparks along her nerve endings. Rivers of pleasure flowed outward from her clit and devoured her, mind, body, and soul.


With a gasping groan, Lindsey woke up sprawled out on the floor. Her hands were untied and there was a blanket over her. She shivered hard as her eyes closed. Don sucking her clit as she came flooded her mind. He had continued as her legs gave out and she squatted down. He had followed her down and held on as she rocked back onto her ass and then lay back on the floor.

She had almost been out of her mind with pleasure when he suddenly released her clit and got to his knees. He quickly undid his belt and lowered his pants and underwear down around his lower thighs. His hard dick was sticking out away from his body. It was dark red with blood and looked bigger than ever.

Lindsey whimpered softly as she remembered him pressing the head to her opening and then ramming his hips forward and down. He had entered her fast and hard. She remembered screaming again as his dick stretched her insides and filled her to the point of almost pain. Then she was coming again as he fucked her long, hard, and deep.

Her eyes opened suddenly and she looked around. Don was asleep on the couch. A small blanket covered him from head to ankles. Lindsey groaned softly as she sat up, her head swimming slightly. When she rolled to the left to get up on her hands and knees, she felt the slick slippery feel of her juices and his cum between her ass cheeks and also between her thighs.

With a soft moan, she shifted her hips and wiggled her ass. The slip and slide felt so good. She lowered her upper body until her cheek was on the floor. Her ass was sticking high up in the air. This was the position she loved to be in while Don fucked her in the ass. She sighed and started to push up onto her hands.

“Hold!” Don said sharply and Lindsey froze. She lowered her cheek back to the floor and whimpered as her mind supplied a picture of Don sitting up on the couch taking in the complete view of her ass and sex.

A moment later, there were hands on her ass cheeks. “Relax,” Don said softly as he tried to spread the cheeks of her ass. Lindsey relaxed and allowed him to do, as he liked. His hot tongue on her ass cheeks and then in the crack of her ass made her moan.

Don smiled as he licked his ex wife’s ass from her anus to her tailbone. Lindsey whimpered and moaned the whole time. He could taste her rich flavor and a hint of his own. He licked her several more times and then concentrated on the tight pucker of her anus. Lindsey gasped and wiggled her ass slowly from side to side.

Sitting back on his heels, Don kept his left hand on Lindsey’s tailbone and dipped a single finger into her drenched open pussy. It came out coated with a mixture of their juices. He smeared the slippery stuff all over her anus and then probed it with the fingertip. He just barely could get the finger to stretch the strong muscles.

Lindsey whimpered and shivered hard as the finger worked at entering her asshole. She tried her best to relax and let it in but it wasn’t working. Don kept at it, inserting the finger in her sex and then back to her anus, over and over again. He smiled as he watched her large clit start to grow back to its full size.

“You want it, don’t you?” He asked suddenly and Lindsey nodded and whimpered even louder.

With a smile, he drew his hand back and slapped her hard on one ass cheek and then the other. His hand stung from the two blows. Her ass was like hitting a rock but there were two faint handprints on her ass.

“You stay put while I get a couple of things out of my bag,” he said as he stood up. “I was going to save them for Christmas but… and a might fine butt it is, needs some attention now.”

Lindsey wiggled her ass as a smile crossed her lips. “I’ll bet you say that to every female bodybuilder you see on the floor with her ass sticking up.”

“Nope, just the one I love,” Don, replied as he unzipped a pocket on his suitcase. The surgical steel butt plug he pulled out of the pocket was a little over four inches long with three balls along the length of the shaft. The first was a half inch, the second was three quarters of an inch, and the third was a full inch in diameter. The t-handle at the end was round with rounded ends.

“I found the perfect thing for your ass at a little shop in Paris,” he said as he reached back into the pocket and pulled out an egg shaped vibrator on an adjustable ring. “I also found the perfect thing for that magnificent clit of yours.”

Lindsey wiggled her ass from side to side and moaned softly. The moan got even louder as Don’s footsteps approached her upturned ass. His cool hand caressed her ass and she shivered. When something cold probed her sex she gasped. As it slipped in deeper, she groaned. It wasn’t that big feeling in her pussy but she wondered what it would feel like in her ass. It also felt heavy.

Don’s fingers on her large clit made her shiver even harder than before. Then he slipped something around her clit and tightened it. A moment later, she gasped and jerked as a slow deep vibration started against her clit. The vibrations stopped and she whimpered softly.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get back to your clit shortly. That was the lowest speed of six, by the way,” Don said as he laid the vibrator control down and reached for the handle of the butt plug.

He worked the series of balls in and out of her pussy for a moment and then pulled it out. It had a nice coating of their mixed juices on it as he moved it up and pressed the tip to her anus. The tip and the first ball entered easily so he fucked her ass slowly with it for a moment. Lindsey moaned the whole time the plug fucked her ass.

Reaching down, Don turned the vibrator on to the second setting. Lindsey jerked and gasped again and then moaned as the second ball entered her ass. He held it still for a moment and then pulled it all the way out. When Lindsey’s ass moved from side to side, he shoved it in again slowly.

“Oh damn, that feels so good,” she whispered a few seconds later.

He fucked her ass slowly with the two balls until a shiver ran up and down his ex wife’s spine. At that point he pressed the third ball against her anus and held pressure on it. It slowly stretched the muscles of her asshole and then popped inside. Lindsey gasped loudly and pushed up a little with her hands. Don held it still until she lowered her cheek back to the floor.

It was only just getting light outside and she was sound asleep; exhausted from all that had happened the previous day she had drifted off quickly and had hardly moved a muscle all night. He had been up long enough to shower and get dressed and he stood at the side of the bed looking at her. He bent close to her ear and spoke softly “Wakey, wakey baby.” She stirred a little and he tried again a little louder but still gently. “Come on baby; time to get up.” She opened her eyes to see him looking down at her and a flutter started in her tummy straight away.

She stretched lazily, smiled up at him and yawned out “Good morning Sir; what time is it?”

“Out of bed and on your knees please,” he replied.

She stopped mid stretch and blushed furiously; she had morning breath and needed the loo; surely he’s teasing. She looked at his face questioningly.

“We haven’t got all day baby; knees, now.”

He wasn’t teasing; she pulled back the duvet and slid down to the floor on her knees, still shaking sleep from her brain.

“Facing the bed please,” he instructed and she clumsily shuffled round. She clasped her hands behind her back feeling the stretch in her muscles from being bound the previous night. “Arms on the bed please,” he directed as he grabbed a bum cheek firmly in each hand. She put her hands forward just in time to stop herself from falling over as he pulled her up roughly by her bottom; spreading her cheeks wide. The movement forced her legs into a standing position with her head and arms pushed onto the edge of the bed. He put a hand between her legs and spread her pussy lips as she heard him unzip his trousers. “Good girl; I do like a slut to be nice and wet and ready in the mornings,” He told her.

She wasn’t surprised at how wet she was; she felt turned on as soon as she had heard his voice. She began a breathy “Thank you Sir.” He had her pussy spread with one hand and the other on his cock and before she could finish her sentence he had forced the full length of his rock hard cock into her. Her “You Sir” was muffled as the force of his thrust pushed her face into the mattress and all she could do was moan. He grabbed her cheeks again; digging his fingers deep into her flesh; still tender from last night’s spanking. He pulled her bum cheeks wide apart and fucked her hard and fast. She could feel the roughness of his jeans against her pussy; he hadn’t bothered to pull them down let alone take them off. She tensed her body; pushing back against him so that she could enjoy every inch of him pounding into her. He pulled his cock out of her as quickly as he had began; grabbing a handful of her hair he yanked her back up off the bed and pushed her shoulder down until she was back on her knees. He snapped her neck back and grabbed her chin; turning her face to him he stuffed his cock into her mouth. He was already cumming as his cock hit the back of her throat and he held her head still; his cock deep in her mouth, her nose buried in the fly of his jeans until he had finished and she had swallowed it all.

He let go of her hair, stepped back releasing his cock from between her lips and zipped himself up .”Make yourself at home in the bathroom baby; I’ll go and make coffee.” With that he walked out of the room leaving her on her knees breathless, stunned and desperate for more. She felt desperately horny now and her hand reached between her legs and started to stroke her sodden pussy. He shouted up the stairs; “And no playing with that pussy baby.”

She smiled to herself and shook her head “I swear he has CCTV,” She thought to herself as she reluctantly withdrew her hand. She stiffly got off her knees and headed for the bathroom. She looked in the mirror and was not impressed; her long curly hair looked like medusa, her face wasn’t flushed it was more like a beetroot and her lips were very swollen from all the cock sucking. She looked down and noticed that all her toiletries were on the edge of the sink. Grateful to see her toothbrush she started to brush her teeth and turned on the shower. Stepping under the hot water felt wonderful and as she washed her hair images of what she had done yesterday in the shower got her hot and bothered. She started to soap her tits and flinched at the slightest touch of her nipples; they were so tender from the clamps and his twisting and pulling. She squeezed her boobs and inspected her nipples. They were so hard and seemed a far deeper pink than usual; there was some grazing on them from the bricks when he had had her against the wall. The images kept flashing through her mind and she was getting hornier by the second; her hand wandered to between her legs and she rubbed her clit a few times as she gently circled her nipple. Then she thought better of it; CCTV or not she was going to do as she was told. He had told her last night there was punishment due from cumming without permission. She had thought last night she was looking forward to it; the spanking was delicious, but now she wasn’t so sure. “Maybe he won’t remember if I’m a perfect little slut today,” she thought to herself as she quickly rinsed her hair and stepped out of the shower.

Going back to the mirror she tamed her hair and put on some moisturiser; looking again at her face she knew she would just have to do and decided that her swollen lips looked pouty. She took a deep breath and started to make her way downstairs; he had seen every inch of her but this being naked thing was taking some getting used to. She followed the smell of fresh coffee into the kitchen; he was sitting at the table with a cup and looked up as she stood awkwardly in the doorway. She couldn’t help but try to hide her tummy with her arms. “Sit down baby,” He said as he pulled out a chair and got up to pour her some coffee. She gratefully sat down; knowing the beetroot look was back she tried to hide under her hair. He sat back down facing her and put her hair behind her shoulders, unfolded her arms and then spread her knees apart. She looked at him and smiled sheepishly as he leant back in his chair watching her. “Still got no tongue baby?” he teased. “I hope you’re going to drink that this time,” He said pushing the cup closer. She grabbed the cup and took a sip; glad of the caffeine and grateful of something to do with her hands.

He reached forward and touched her nipple; she flinched automatically. “Are your nipples sore baby?” He asked with compassion.

“Yes Sir.”

“A slut’s nipples should always be a little sore baby.” She could hear the amusement in his voice as her blush darkened and he gently stroked his thumbs back and forth over her ever hardening nipples. “Drink your coffee,” He told her as he continued to drive her crazy stroking and circling and gently squeezing. She nearly choked as one hand moved quickly to her soaking pussy pressing onto her clit and the other hand twisted her nipple sharply. “Always nice and wet baby; you’re turning into such a good little slut. Drink up.” She drank the rest of her coffee down in one; eager to put the cup down and concentrate on the wonderful things he was doing to her. Losing her inhibitions as he drove her closer to the edge of an orgasm she spread her legs nice and wide for him. He stopped as soon as her cup hit the table; “Finished already baby?” He wiped her juices off his hand onto her inner thigh then stood up and cleared the cups into the sink. “Would you like some breakfast baby?” He asked.

“No thank you Sir,” She replied with frustration; how could she eat now she wondered. She didn’t have the words to ask him to play with her again but she kept her legs wide apart in the hope he would continue.

“Of course; you’ve already eaten.” He laughed a little as he put some bread in the toaster. As the toast popped she realised she wasn’t going to get any more attention and she relaxed her legs a little; keeping them spread but not so wide. He saw the movement and told her; “No; keep your legs where they were please, I quite liked the view.” He buttered his toast and sat back down taking a bite he sat and studied her; she felt the redness in her face getting worse. “Squeeze your tits for me baby,” he directed as he continued to eat his toast. She put a hand on each boob and squeezed; “No baby; squeeze them for me.” She understood what he meant and squeezed them so that they were firm and her nipples were pointing straight ahead as if she was posing for a porn shoot. “That’s it, good girl; stay like that please.” He poured some more coffee and started eating his second slice of toast enjoying watching her as the redness in her face travelled down her neck and chest and the juices coming from her pussy started to pool on her chair.

He took his time finishing his breakfast and her legs began to ache from being spread unnaturally wide for so long. She was relieved to hear him finally speak; “I thought we would go for a walk this morning baby; let’s get you ready.”

With that he led her by the hand back upstairs and into the room where he had put her clothes; they were all out of her bag and on the bed. He passed her a plain black skirt, the stretchy type with no zip or buttons and a white shirt she hadn’t seen before. He stood and watched as she pulled on the skirt and looked at the shirt; “This isn’t mine Sir” she said.

“No baby, it’s mine; put it on please.” He waited as she reluctantly started to try it on. She was embarrassed; she knew she would struggle to fasten it. It was far too tight and her tits were straining against the non stretchy material and she hated not wearing a bra. She nervously looked up at him; expecting him to look disappointed. “Good girl.” He told her and, as always, her tummy did a little flip at those two little words and, knowing he approved, she felt a little better.

“Can I wear a bra please Sir?” She thought it was worth a try.

“Did I give you a bra baby?”

“No Sir”

He sighed; “On your knees baby; position one please.” He said in his no nonsense voice.

Wishing that she hadn’t asked she quickly got on her knees with her bum in the air; her head on the floor and her arms out in front of her and waited to be spanked for questioning him. He pulled her skirt up to her waist and she braced herself. He rubbed her bum and said “Spread your legs please baby.” She spread her legs and he started to massage between her pussy lips; she was already wet and he rubbed until she was soaking and moaning softly. He moved his wet fingers to her bum and worked two fingers into her and pushed them in and out as she started to rock back onto his hand. “Stay right there,” He instructed as he walked out of the room and she waited, aching for more attention. He returned and began to rub her again this time he pushed three fingers into her bum and began to fuck her pussy with her plug until she was breathing heavily and moaning with pleasure. “Ok baby, time for your plug now.” He warned her as he pulled it out of her pussy covered in her juices and gently but firmly pushed it into her prepared bum. There was only a little pain this time and she moaned at the wonderfully full feeling; “Such a good girl.” He praised her as he gave her one hard spank, pulled her skirt back down and told her to get up. “Let’s go for that walk.” He said and she followed him down the stairs and to the front door. He handed her coat to her and she gratefully put it on and zipped it up to hide her shamefully tight shirt. He unzipped it and told her they were going in the car so she wouldn’t be cold. The cold was not her concern but she thought better than to say so.

They got in the car and he strapped on his seat belt and looked at her expectantly. She knew what he was waiting for and she felt herself blush and wanted to protest but, reminding herself that she was going to be good all day, she got on with it. She pulled up her skirt, spread her legs and unbuttoned her shirt; her boobs spilled out and she put the seatbelt between them. Last night it had been dusk when he had explained how he expected her to travel but now it was early morning and there were people everywhere; she was mortified and struggling to remain brave. He gave her a nod of approval that she had done as expected then, to her relief, he pulled the shirt together. Although it barely covered her nipples at least she wasn’t completely exposed. He started the car and they drove off through the busy streets and out into more quiet country roads. As soon as they had left the busier traffic he pulled the shirt back off her nipples and gave them both a quick but hard twist. As they drove the skies became dark and before long it was pouring down with rain and didn’t look much like stopping.

Eventually he pulled off the road and into a car park with picnic benches; there no other cars parked up and no sign of any people. “You can cover yourself up now baby,” He told her. She fastened her shirt and pulled down her skirt as he got out of the car putting up a big umbrella.

She got out too and asked; “Can I zip up my coat Sir?”

“Of course baby; it’s raining!” As if he was surprised that she had asked. He held the umbrella over them both and took her hand as they left the car park and headed to one of the signed walkways. He put an arm around her as she huddled closer to keep out of the rain. They walked and talked and as she was fully clothed and they were doing something ordinary she began to relax and actually managed to complete full sentences. When they got further away from the road and into prettier woodland he stopped and kissed her deeply. She pressed against him as she became aroused by his powerful kisses and was delighted to feel his cock hardening. He unzipped her coat and gently stroked her stiffening nipples, she responded naturally by reaching for his cock and stroking him through his jeans.

“So eager; good girl.” He breathed into her ear; “Take off your coat baby.”He told her and she quickly complied. “Stay there.” He ordered; she took a deep breath at the change of tone in his voice and stood still. He walked away carrying her coat and the umbrella. He stood only a few feet away and watched her as she stood in the pouring rain. She knew this explained the choice of shirt; within minutes it was practically see through and her nipples were straining against the material. She was shivering a little but wasn’t sure if it was cold, excitement or fear; she was feeling all three. The excitement was winning and she squeezed her bum around her plug as she felt her pussy getting wetter and waited to see what he would do to her next.

“Pull up your skirt and spread your legs.” She quickly pulled her skirt up above her pussy; eager to please him. “Play with your cunt baby.” She gasped at the words but her pussy was aching and she gladly put her hand between her legs and stroked her fingers between her wet lips. “What are you doing baby?” He asked her.

“I’m playing for you Sir.” She whispered.

“Speak up baby; playing with what?”

She hesitated; he knew how difficult it was for her to say the words. How could she be standing there spreading herself for him and yet feel so embarrassed by a few words? “I’m playing with my cunt.” She said, starting with a louder voice but fading with the c word and failing completely to remember to say Sir.

“Good girl; tell me again.”He encouraged her; wanting her to push her shyness.

She felt frustrated with herself and, determined not to disappoint him she tried her best to say the words clearly. “I’m playing with my cunt Sir;” she said and feeling pleased with herself she spread her lips and began to circle her middle finger around her swollen clit. She tilted her head upwards as her excitement grew and revelled in the feel of the rain splashing on her face; she opened her mouth to taste it splatter on her tongue. He watched her for a while from under his umbrella; enjoying the sight of her inhibitions disappearing.

“Good girl; on your knees,” He commanded and she dropped onto the muddy ground without any hesitation. “Take off the shirt.” She was too turned on to even think about where she was or what she was doing; she quickly unbuttoned the shirt and as he walked towards her she handed it to him. “Keep playing baby,” He told her as he took his now fully hard cock out of his jeans and began to stroke it inches from her face. She licked her lips hungrily as she continued to play with her pussy and looked up to him waiting for permission to take him in her mouth.

“What do you want baby?” He asked her as his cock taunted her just out of reach.

“Please can I suck your cock Sir?” She asked him, surprising herself at the boldness in her voice.

“No baby; open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” He moved closer as she opened her mouth wide and let her tongue almost touch her chin; gasping and begging for his cock and his approval. He stroked his cock slowly in front of her; the end of him lightly brushing against her open mouth and making her tongue strain to taste him. She kept looking at his face with pleading eyes as she moaned and rubbed faster at her pussy. “Would you really like my cock baby?” He asked her. She nodded but kept her mouth open and her tongue straining towards him. “Are you begging me baby?” She nodded furiously; panting like a dog.

He crouched down so his face was in front of hers and kissed her nose. “You are such a good girl; but no baby, now keep playing and no cumming.” The thought flashed through her mind of her cumming without permission last night. She thought that maybe he hadn’t forgotten and a shiver ran through her. He pushed her head down until she began to lose her balance and she quickly put her hand out before her face hit the mud. “Keep both hands in your cunt slut.” He whispered with menace; she had no option but to let her face and tits hit the mud as her hand went back to join the other buried in her sopping wet pussy. On one hand she felt like crying; that she was being treated like this. On the other hand being treated like this was making her as horny as she had ever felt. As he walked around behind her and stroked his cock up and down between her bums cheeks the feelings of excitement won by miles and she pushed herself against him. He thrust his cock inside her and her body from her tits to her face were pushed forwards in the mud. The rain continued to pour on her back and her now sodden hair trailed in the dirt as she turned her face to breathe and he began pounding into her. She had her hands stretching her pussy lips and she could feel his cock scrape against her nails as he slid in and out of her. She squeezed down on him, squeezing down on her plug at the same time and making her cry out with pleasure; taking her dangerously close to orgasm. Within minutes he came inside her and having had his pleasure he withdrew his still hard cock from her. She felt desperate for more and her fingers quickly replaced his cock and she started to fuck herself. He straightened his legs and she was suddenly aware of the rain on her bum; he had still been holding the umbrella.

“Stand up baby,” He told her; his voice returning to its gorgeous caressing tone. She reluctantly stopped playing with herself and clumsily got up from the mud. She tried to wipe the mud from her face but just managed to add wet streaks across her cheeks. She felt like a drowned rat and thought she probably looked worse. He took the wet shirt from the ground and gently wiped her face and neck removing as much mud as he could as she stood there feeling sorry for herself. He held up her coat and helped her put it on. She zipped up and pulled down her skirt; she quickly clamped her legs together as she felt his cum trickle down her thigh. He saw her movement and smiled; “No need to swallow this time baby.” She thought she might have preferred to as it ran unhindered out of her and down her bare legs. He put an arm around her and pulled her back under the shelter of the umbrella as they made their way back to the car.

This is a continuation of the “Bad Vibe: Domination Ch. 01″ story — That harsh chapter turned out to be a bad dream, and was continued in the lighter and more friendly “BV Domination Ch. 02″ story. This story is a continuation of the harsh non-consensual BDSM version of that story arc in an alternate universe.

The synopsis so far:

Craig has an incestuous relationship with his mother Amy. He is a University student but was home for the Christmas vacation.

During the Christmas vacation he and his mother while looking after their vacationing neighbors’ house, had sex in the neighbor’s basement dungeon, not realizing that they were being filmed by hidden cameras.

Amy is being blackmailed by Nancy, the neighbor, and has had to submit completely to the dominant woman. This story continues the harsh domination of Amy by her neighbor.

Everyone in the story is over 18 years old. Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. This story includes scenes of graphic sex and violence needed to further the plot, and should NOT be read by minors or anyone that might be offended by such filth.

Really, it is harsh and strict. It is not my usual thing, but I was convinced by several emails to continue with this story arc. Please remember: THIS IS NOT REAL. IT IS A FANTASY. REAL PEOPLE SHOULD NOT DO THESE THINGS, DON’T READ IF YOU DON’T WANT TO READ ABOUT HARSH, STRICT AND PAINFUL DOMINATION.


Amy’s Sunday was better than Saturday, she woke up as she was kicked out of bed and ordered to fix breakfast.

The day continued with cleaning and vacuuming Nancy’s house. Nancy went to Amy’s house and confirmed that she now had control of Amy’s on-line activities, even her social media account and email. She sent a quick email to Craig after studying the tone of Amy’s previous emails.

After that she called Amy over to her own house. The slave-slut had to help Nancy put motion-activated surveillance cameras in her bedroom, bathroom, hallway, Craig’s room, the downstairs office, the kitchen and the large living-dining area, as well as the basement. It was all connected to her own desktop computer. Her pc was set up with software that would forward all videos to Nancy automatically.

Unknown to Amy, her own cellphone had been slaved to Nancy’s and the GPS feature sent her location to Nancy wherever she went. All her calls could be monitored as well as her texts. From now on Amy no longer had a private life.

By mid-day she was no longer noticing the plug that seemed to be a permanent fixture now.

After rigging her own home into one big no-privacy zone she returned with Nancy to what had become her home-away-from home. She continued to be naked as she cleaned, fixed meals and catered to whatever Nancy’s whim of the moment was.

Nancy had made sure to bring work clothes for Amy back with them, she planned to keep Amy all night and only allow her to leave when she went to work in the morning.

Part of Amy’s new regime was to work-out more often, Nancy thought she was a little to heavy and out of shape, Amy soon realized that she would be working out naked in her Mistresses basement.

Nancy and Tommie had a fairly complete workout room, including dual treadmills, a rowing machine, stair-climber and a weight machine. Amy realized that Tommie’s job must pay very well.

Twice on Sunday Amy had to ride the fucking machine in the basement, once she was tied as before, the next time she was again filmed, she was told to get on and ride it as if she was doing it of her own free will.

Amy approached the machine with the controller in her hand, she had more clothing on than she had the whole weekend, she was dressed in garter-belt, stockings and high heels, along with a sheer camisole. Her hair was in her new pony-tail at the top of her head. She had heavy slut-like make-up on.

Her first act was to slowly swallow the large dildo affixed to the machine, she lovingly licked her way from base to tip, then back again, she pursed her lips and slowly engulfed the entire length, she had completely mastered her gag reflex.

While her mouth was toying with the toy, one hand was alternately rubbing and tweaking her nipples and the other was teasing her clit.

Without realizing it she was slowly grinding her hips in and out as she slid her mouth over the dildo and back again.

As she had been instructed earlier she eventually kept her mouth on the fake cock as deep as she could and still breathe, Nancy, in an ornate black mask entered. She was wearing thigh high boots, a studded collar and a leather shelf bra.

Jutting from her loins was a large dildo. It was specifically designed for a woman to use on another woman or a man. One end buried in her own pussy, the other end glinted with lubrication.

Amy had been prepared with three enemas in a row, she was as clean as a whistle and her bottom had been pre-lubed. She braced herself with both hands on the machine and tried to tilt her head toward the camera and smilE as her Mistress lined the dildo up with her anus and slid it in without hesitation. She drove it in with one stroke.

Amy took it, even pushed back. Her anal reaming sped up, soon the sound of flesh slapping on flesh was as loud as the moans from both participants. Amy realized that she hadn’t even thought about rebelling or getting out of her tormentors clutches for hours. What was she becoming?

After the anal fucking, Amy had to turn her bottom to the camera and holding her cheeks apart, show the camera the way her anus was gaping open. She was then given a new plug, larger than the one she had worn all day, and pushed it easily into herself.

Only then was she allowed to pull her mouth from the dildo on the machine. With a smile on her face she straddled the machine and began to ride it. Now that she controlled it she could make it go as deep as she wanted, twist, and vibrate to best effect.

She rode for another thirty minutes, during that time she came four times, all were explosive and genuine. Part of her wondered at her ability to cum under these humiliating circumstances, especially when Nancy had been commenting about selling these videos, or at least putting them on the internet. Perhaps, she told herself, she was enjoying this situation.

The next morning she was awakened early, her helmet and ear-buds removed and after licking Nancy to orgasm she spent forty minutes on the treadmill, showered, fixed breakfast for Nancy, and ate her own breakfast kneeling on the kitchen floor eating the chunks of melon and drinking the juice that Nancy fed her.

Once she had cleaned up the kitchen she was allowed to dress in her work clothes, and still wearing the butt-plug she drove her own car to work.

Work for Amy seemed a surreal experience, she actually was surprised when Alice called her ‘Amy’ rather than Slut, she was subdued, and after having been allowed so many orgasms every time she pleased her owner, and been given slaps or spanks whenever she made a mistake or even showed any initiative, she felt a little disappointed when she couldn’t masturbate whenever she accomplished something at work.

Alice thought Amy was a little spaced out, and not sure of herself. In the past Amy was always the leader and the problem solver, now she seemed to expect Alice to take the lead. She improved a little as the day went on, but Alice thought that there was something bothering her.

Towards the end of the day, a quiet day with only two telephone inquiries and no-one really seriously wanting to look at a house, much less buy one, Alice finally asked if everything was all right.

“Oh no, nothing wrong, I’m just feeling a little odd, maybe just a little lonely.”

The words came automatically, so fast and quickly, without having thought about them that Amy was a little surprised. She hadn’t figured out that she had just spoken one of the answers that had been drilled into her for the last two nights as she slept.

Nancy had anticipated that her slave would act different than her work associates or friends were used to, and she had prepared several answers to the questions that she expected Amy to be asked. She would have been surprised to find out that it was mid-afternoon before Amy had to draw on one.

“Maybe you’re coming down with something, you seem a little stiff, you’re not moving very well either.”

“I am a little sore, maybe I hit the treadmill and some exercises a little hard this weekend. I’m trying to get into a little better shape, lose a few pounds.”

“You sure you’re OK honey? The ‘flu can cause aches and pains too.”

Amy was thinking for herself by now.

“Maybe, but I was doing a lot of exercises, and trying to lift weights and stuff.”

“Darn, I was hoping to go out for a light dinner, maybe a few drinks, then maybe to my place, or yours, for an evening of … well, you know. Steve’s out of town for the week.”

“Oh Alice, I’m sorry, I really am. I just don’t think I’m going to be in the mood for a while.”

“That’s OK, just a thought. I know with Craig back at school, you said it always hit you a week or so after he left. I was just trying to cheer you up, and maybe me too.”

Amy smiled, there was no way she could tell Alice of her problem, and she had strict instructions to head back to her Mistress as soon as work was over.

They left it at that. Small town Real-estate agents were hurting all over, especially small independent offices. There had been the hint of a feeler of a possible merger or buy-out just before Christmas from a larger local agency, one that had offices in several town in the area.

Neither of them had wanted to give up, but the numbers spoke for themselves, and maybe it would be the right thing to do, they had both been offered jobs plus a decent amount for their business reputation, client list and good-will.

They hadn’t heard anything since, and this was traditionally a bad time of year. Alice didn’t talk to her partner about her changed demeanor for the rest of the day, but at quitting time she went to Amy and bent over to kiss her, not a friendly air-kiss, or peck on the cheek, but a lip to lip kiss.

Alice wasn’t sure why she did this, in the past they often just bid each other good-bye, or hugged. Since they had become occasional lovers though, a peck on the cheek was more common. Amy kissed back, with emotion.

Alice was surprised at the intensity of Amy’s return kiss, almost immediately her mouth opened in invitation, Amy arched her back and thrust out her breasts, almost inviting a hand to caress her, at the same time she drew her arms back, behind her back.

Alice wasn’t sure what was going on, but decided to take advantage of the situation. She began to caress Amy’s breasts, almost immediately she noticed the nipples standing up. She broke the kiss.

“Touch me darling.”

Amy snaked her hand forward, slid it up the inside of her leg, probed and slithered up until she reached Alice’s panty clad pussy, she stroked up and down her slit.

“Pull my panties down.”

With both hands Amy slid the panties down her legs, slithered them past the tops of Alice’s winter boots, she slid off her chair to get them further down, kneeling she tugged first one foot up, then the other to get the panties all the way off.

Kneeling she looked up at Alice, her eyes wide, inside she was confused, she liked Alice, but this wasn’t the way they had made love before, she was acting the way she had been acting all weekend, subservient, submissive. In the past Amy had been the leader, Alice the follower. She held the panties in front of her.

“Smell them.”

Alice wasn’t sure what had happened, why was Amy acting so submissive, doing whatever she was told. She thought back to the way her partner had been acting all day, hesitant, not sure of herself.

Something had caused Amy to change, change radically, she didn’t know, but that selfish part of her, that part that everyone has, that selfish part decided to use Amy as much as Amy would let her.

Amy, her hands trembling just a little, brought the gusset of the panties to her face, she closed her eyes and took a big breath, inhaling the scent of the mature woman who had been wearing them all day.

She wasn’t trembling with fear of Alice, of the situation, she was trembling as she wondered what her Mistress would do to her when she found out what was happening.

The thought that she might not tell Mistress what was happening didn’t occur to her. Mistress had said that she would question slut-slave about her day. Alice turned and sat on the corner of Amy’s desk. She spread her legs as she pulled her dress up.

“Give me a good cum, a really good cum.”

Amy began to kiss the tender inner thighs, she worked her way further and further upwards, alternately going from one leg to another. When she got to Alice’s pussy she took a deep breath, taking in Alice’s scent, then kissed her slit reverently.

She made love to Alice’s pussy with all the gusto she could, she and Alice had enjoyed each other a few times, but it had always been on the basis of two people having an exciting, if naughty, fun time together as equals.

Now she was working to make a superior cum, to feel ecstasy, without thought of any on her own part. Even Alice felt the difference.

Alice was flooding slut-slave’s face and tongue with her juices. When she felt her temporary Mistress was ready, slut took the clit between her lips to suck and flick with her tongue, and slid two fingers inside, curved to find Alice’s G-spot.

The newly superior Alice came, came hard. She trapped slut between her thighs and as her pussy spasmed it shot fluid out splashing Amy’s hand and face.

Amy couldn’t breathe but didn’t struggle, when Mistress wanted slut to breathe she would release her. Until then slut would stay where she was, nose and face jammed into Mistresses pussy, held there by Mistresses thighs.

But Mistress was at home, at Nancy and Tom’s house, Alice wasn’t Mistress. Was she? What was happening?

Alice relaxed her thighs and Amy pulled back enough to breathe, Alice wasn’t sure what to do now. She was no longer in the mood for sex, just wanted to get home and maybe take a nap. She didn’t know what to say to Amy, why was she still just kneeling there?

“Why don’t you get up, here give me my panties.”

Alice was a little surprised when instead of getting up, Amy took the panties and threaded Alice’s feet through them and slid them back up, as Alice got off the desk Amy, her head now inside Alice’s dress, pulled them up into place. Alice felt a soft, lingering kiss onto her pussy after the panties were in place.

After pulling Alice’s panties up, and kissing her pussy, Amy scooted back, out from under the dress, still on her knees she looked up at her partner, face a little confused.

Alice just wanted to get out of there, she didn’t know how to act. Their inner office was off the main area of the Realty agency, but the plate glass windows on the street, and the open door of the office made it seem very public. She hoped no-one had come in to see them. She decided to just act natural and leave for home as she planned. Amy could lock up.

“That was fun, we should do that every day.”

Amy watched Alice walk past her kneeling form, out of the office, through the outer door and onto the sidewalk. What did she mean about every day?

Did she want to make that a regular practice? Why did I do that? I hope Mistress doesn’t hurt me, oh no, the closet, please, I couldn’t stand the closet again. Nononono.

She hurriedly cleaned up, closed up the office and drove home. On the way she got a text message, pulling over to the side of the road to read it she saw it was instructions to pick up some groceries on the way home.

The rest of the week much the same, after Sherry, the receptionist, left at the end of the day, Alice would turn her chair away from her desk, spread her legs and perch on the edge of the chair.

She would call Amy over, without being told what to do Amy would sink to her knees and slide Alice’s panties off.

After sniffing her business partners’ panties she would lean forward and lick and suck Alice until she came. Each time Alice left Amy on her knees. The two women never talked about what they were doing.

True to her word, Nancy questioned her new slave about her day and when slut hesitated, Nancy knew something had happened. After further questioning the whole incident was revealed. Nancy laughed and told Slut that she would continue to do whatever Alice wanted.

By Friday the marks on Amy’s back had mostly gone away, the worst of them still showed as pinkish red stripes. The soothing Lotion had taken away the sting, the outward appearance of her beating was fading, but she remembered, and would do almost anything to avoid it in the future. Almost anything, maybe a little more than almost.

Over the next few weeks Craig’s romance with Janet continued, but he also found himself spending time with Tara after they got off work at the library. These late night meetings started out just going to get a snack at a drive through, but soon progressed to Tara’s apartment.

The weekends were for himself or a date with Janet. He hadn’t had sex with her yet, they both lived in the dorms and Craig didn’t want to do it in a car, but each weekend the idea of doing it in the car seemed less and less objectionable.

Tom’s assignations with Silvia became an everyday thing after work. He realized he was falling in love. Silvia welcomed his desire to be dominated, but didn’t treat him harshly.

It took the form of her directing their love-making, using light bondage occasionally, and without the harshness or humiliation that Nancy used. He was making excuses to stay in Seattle longer on this assignment that he needed to.

Every day when she got home Slut cleaned house and prepared meals for her mistress. Several times she made more videos either fucking herself on the machine in the basement or with a dildo while on her knees, one night she had to fuck herself anally with a dildo attached to a wall in the basement.

In addition to the videos she had to bring Nancy to orgasm several times, and often had to tongue her mistresses ass. Each night, before she was allowed to sleep, Slut was fitted with the helmet and an indoctrination audio was played while she slept.

Amy’s second weekend under the domination of Nancy was easier pain-wise than the first, but no lest strict and no less humiliating. On Saturday morning she got up as usual. As per her instructions the night before she prepared a breakfast for Nancy.

After serving Nancy breakfast in bed Amy was supervised in the making of her own breakfast, but this time she didn’t have to eat it off the floor. During the week Nancy had made some purchases and had been doing some work in Tom’s workshop.

One of the things she had done was take a small battery operated vibrator, remove the batteries, motor and all the mountings from inside the dildo, making it essentially a hollow plastic tube with a rounded closed end. She cut off part of the closed end making a small opening in it. Then shortened it a little off the back end.

The bottom end was epoxied to the outside of the plastic screw on cap to a water bottle. With a hole drilled in the cap, Nancy had made a water bottle with a dildo at the top to drink from. She hadn’t been totally satisfied with the first one she made, with a cheap hard shelled vibrator so she made another.

Her second one used a more realistic shaped vibrator, it had a hard core inside to house the motor and batteries, but a softer outer covering that looked like a real penis. She had to drill an opening in the end, but was quite satisfied with the result.

She took the original drinking device and opened the end a little more. On Saturday, after Amy had made her own breakfast, in this case some instant oatmeal, Nancy directed her to add some skim milk and put it in the blender.

After liquifying the oatmeal, Nancy filled an empty water bottle with it, then attached the first dildo to the top. She filled another bottle with juice. Amy knelt on the floor and had her liquified breakfast squeezed into her mouth via the dildos.

Nancy had inserted the dildo past her lips and well into her slave’s mouth, she delighted in the gag sounds that came as Amy tried to swallow the mess that was delivered to the back of her mouth. Her juice was delivered via the second bottle.

Amy was forced to play-act as if she was sucking a real penis, Nancy made her act convincingly before she would feed her slut-slave. From that time on, the only food she got while at ‘home’ was by sucking it from the end of a penis.

Nancy had also wanted to try to find a way to feed her through some sort of artificial vagina, but didn’t know how she could do that. The penis devices would have to suffice for now.

On the second Tuesday Tommie arrived home. He was diffident at first, worried that somehow Nancy would find out he had been cheating on her. But when it became clear that Nancy was clueless he was able to act normally. Normal in his case was being a sissy slave to his wife.

His first night home was a surprise. Nancy had told him that she and Amy had come to an agreement about Amy playing as another sub, but he wasn’t prepared for the degree humiliation that Amy was receiving. And he was soon aware that for Nancy as well as Amy it was not play-acting.

He was delighted at first with the idea that Amy was his slave partner, and junior partner at that. He did have misgivings about enslaving a neighbor, especially one who had a son that might come home unexpectedly, but the responsibility was all Nancy’s. He was just her sissy slave. His thoughts about enslaving Amy were to change quickly.

Amy was nervous about Tommie being home as well. When she got in from work the first night, she went through her usual routine of stripping in the foyer and entered the house naked. Tommie had obviously just arrived home and Amy was directed to take his luggage up to the bedroom.

When she came back down she was told to prepare a dinner for two. Amy kept her eyes down and didn’t look up at Tom’s face. She was embarrassed that since he had left she had so changed in status, from a neighbor to a slave.

The disturbing part was that she had become so used to being naked that she didn’t have any modesty about being naked in front of him. When she realized that she felt a pang, a sense of loss, of despair that there was no escape.

Later in the evening she served dinner to Tommie and Nancy in their formal dining room, candles were lit on the table, Nancy had provided a flower centerpiece and it almost seemed normal, a well-to-do couple being served dinner by the maid.

However in this case the maid was naked and was referred to as ‘slut’. Nancy also commented to Tommie about her, making observations about the size of her tits, how good her pussy looked completely shaved, did he like her hairdo. It seemed surreal to both Amy and to Tommie who wasn’t sure how to address her.

“Slut, my husband’s water glass is low, please re-fill it.”

“Yes Mistress.”

As Amy refilled the glass Tommie looked at her, she seemed cowed, and she blushed when she saw him watching.

“She’s such a treasure, isn’t she Tom, to find help so close to us, and she is a marvelous cook.”

“I’m not so sure about this Nan..”

“Nonsense dear” Nancy interrupted, “She enjoys this, why just this morning she was telling me how happy she is here. Weren’t you dear.”

“Yes Mistress.” No such thing happened. In fact Slut had few if any opportunities to voice her opinion, but she was in no position to object.

After dinner she served coffee in the living room. When Nancy and Tom had finished their coffee there was an uneasy silence then Nancy spoke.

“Well Tommie, why don’t you stand there in the middle of the floor.”

Tom knew better than to question her. Realizing that his time as an equal to his wife was over he stood up and faced her.

“Slut help sissy to undress, be sure to hang up or fold all his garments.”

Amy approached Tommie and with shaking hands started to take off his coat. Tommie sighed and let her remove it. As she placed it on one of the hangers that Nancy had brought downstairs, he began undoing his necktie and then unbuttoning his shirt.

Amy knelt and untied his shoes and removed them as well as his socks. He had his shirt and undershirt off by then and she folded them ready to place in the laundry basket upstairs.

Tommie was fumbling with his belt, his face flushed and his hands shaking when Amy next looked up.

“Help him Slut, I think he’s ashamed to reveal all his secrets to the neighbor. But poor Tommie, don’t you understand yet, Slut is a slave here, even more of a slave than you are, what she thinks doesn’t matter, in fact if she’s being trained to not think, isn’t that so Slut?”

“Yes Mistress, slut doesn’t think, slut only obeys.” Amy rattled off the phrase without thinking about it, only then realizing that it was another phrase that had been programmed into her at night. She died just a little bit more then.

Kneeling before him Amy reached for his belt and finished unbuckling it, then pulled it from the loops. Reaching back to his trousers she unbuttoned then unzipped him and eased the trousers down his legs, carefully removing each foot.

She saw that he was wearing a pair of pink panties.

“Hang those up and take everything laundry room and hang them up. You’ll drop the suit off at the dry cleaner tomorrow during your lunch hour.”

When Amy returned Tommie was kneeling at Nancy’s side his head on her knee as she stroked his hair. She pointed at slut with her other hand, then pointed to her other side. Slut knelt at her other knee, legs spread and hands on her thighs, head bent and mouth open.

“Now Tommie, get up and move over there.” She positioned her two playthings on their knees on either side of her, facing each other. Slut saw that Tommie was now naked, except for a plastic chastity device, locked on with a small paddlock.

“You see slut, he has to go through airport screening in panties, with his chastity device in his handbag, it gets x-rayed, then he puts it on and locks it in the men’s room. I mail the key to him at his hotel before he has to come home so he can repeat it on the trip back.”

Amy couldn’t look Tommie in the face, then Nancy tossed a small key at her.

“Unlock him Slut.”

Amy crawled to her fellow slave, her hand trembled as she reached for the lock, holding it steady with one hand she inserted the key and turned it. It clicked open and she pulled it loose.

“Disconnect it, pull it off him.”

She fumbled with the device, but quickly figured it out and freed Tommie’s penis from his chastity device. Tommie prayed that Nancy wouldn’t detect that anything was different. Usually on his business trips he kept himself in chastity the entire time, this time he didn’t put it on as he usually did, and then started his affair with Sylvia. In fact they had made love just before she drove him to the airport, she had been the one that put on the device.

“Tommie I am going to give you a treat today, you know how I dislike giving oral sex, or allowing anal, but with Slut here whenever I decide to allow it, you can have her.”

Amy looked at Tommie and saw him blush.

“Lay down on your back Tommie, I’ll give you a welcome home tonight. Slut! Give him a good welcome for me, and get him hard with your lovely lips.”

Tommie had hoped to shower and clean up before anything like this would happen, but Nancy hadn’t given him a chance. He looked at Amy with wide eyes. She blushed and gave a little smile to him.

His cock was still soft and as she took it in her hand it seemed a little sticky, she was worried that it might be a bit funky after spending several weeks encased in it’s confining tube, but then it couldn’t be worse than licking Nancy’s ass.

Her lips pursed and she kissed the tip of his cock, it started to stiffen as soon as she had taken it in her hand, she licked below the head and tasted … what?

She engulfed the slowly rising cock in her mouth, slurping with her tongue and was sure. Yes a little funk, but not that much, and not man-funk. She tasted a woman’s juices, tacky on this cock.

This cock that had been home only a few hours, not enough time for him to have been with his wife. Not only that, she knew the taste of Nancy. Not that Mistress tasted unpleasant, but this tasted different, and sweeter, nicer, better, even mixed with the man smell of Tommie.

She looked up at Tommie, her eyes wide, a smile on her lips, her lips wrapped around his now hard and erect cock, she knew, she knew that he cheated on his wife, had fucked another woman, and recently, that very morning!

He looked back, his face pale now, a fear in his eye, but she looked at him, and winked and went to work, she barely made a sound as she sucked him down her throat, she sucked, she licked, she fondled his balls, she drooled spit down his cock and rubbed into his balls. She slurped. She squeezed his balls and felt them tighten, he spurted and squirted, he filled her mouth.

“Show me, show me slut!”

Slut turned and opened her mouth, showing her mistress that it was full of spunk, closing it she swallowed.

“Good slut, here slut, good slut.”

Slut scrambled to Mistress and was glad to feel the hand caressing her head, patting her as she would a dog that had done a good trick.

Tommie lay back, drowsy after his cum.

Nancy sent her slave back to clean her husband’s cock with her slave mouth, to suck the last few drops of cum and lick the balls clean. Then she was directed to wash up the chastity device before she encased him in it once again and locked in on, then delivered the key to her mistress.

Tommy was hesitant the first time that Nancy ordered him to strip in front of Slut, he was after all, wearing his chastity cage. He soon learned that the worse humiliation and painful punishments were given to Slut. Soon it became the norm for him to be dressed in his sissy lingerie and Slut to be naked.

A routine set in for the next week. Tommie worked in his home-office during the day, he wore normal clothes since he often had to Skype with either his employers or clients. After Slut arrived home, stripped, and reported on her day’s activities, Tommie was no longer a successful businessman, but a sissy slave.

The next day the routine was set, she came home from work and naked ran upstairs at Nancy’s orders. She entered the bedroom and gathered Tommie’s costume.

Tommie arrived and Slut undressed him, led him to the bathroom. He was released from his chastity device and then she shaved what little stubble had grown from his pubic area, between his butt cheeks, his tummy, chest, armpits and anywhere else he grew hair below his neck.

She was becoming very familiar with his body. That first day she sponged him and put lotion on the newly shaved areas. In the handling his cock grew and she gave a few playful tugs and he was suddenly erect.

“Well well, it seems you like being shaved and cleaned by our new slave-slut.”

Both slaves jerked upright, embarrassed, not realizing that Mistress was watching.

“Your two faces, so funny!” She laughed.

“It’s O.K.” She went on, “today I’m in a good mood, my slut-slave and my sissy-slave are both horny, and I need some amusement.”

She went out into the bedroom, calling for the other two to follow, she ripped the covers on the bed and pulled Slut onto it. Positioned her on all fours.

“You’ve always wanted to fuck me in the ass, but I won’t have it. Now this slut got you all hard and horny, AND she’s been getting her butt loosened, now you can fuck her.”

Tommie knew better than argue, and his cock had no conscience, it stayed hard as if it could see that well shaped mature bottom, the luscious curves, the acceptance, Amy’s need and beauty. He knew it was demeaning to both of them, but he was ready, his cock was ready.

Nancy set up her camera, threw Tommie his camisole, pink, lacy and frilly, his sissy panties, full, pink, lace trimmed with rows of ruffles across the bottom, he dressed. His cock pushing out the front of his panties.

He mounted the bed, Nancy tossed him a tube of anal lube, he pulled his panties down enough for his cock to bounce out and lubing his cock he parted her cheeks, squirted a dollop onto her. Bending he reached out and fondled Slut’s hanging tits, cupped them, tweaked her nipples and nuzzled her behind her ear.

Amy panted, she was turned on, she should be horrified, putting on another sex show for Nancy, but this time with Tom, rutting for Nancy, Nancy and her camera, what would she do with the images of Amy being butt fucked by her neighbor’s husband?

It didn’t matter, she was hot, it seemed as if her bottom was opening up gaping open for the thrust of Tommie’s sissy cock. She hardly felt any pain as Tommie thrust into her bottom, his hands caressed her breasts as they swung beneath her, his mouth nuzzled her neck. She felt and heard his thighs slap onto hers.

She arched her back and gasped in pleasure. Since becoming a slave she was becoming a slut, any sex turned her on, she knew no shame and she loved the feel of Tommie’s cock in her bottom.

“I’m sorry.” His whisper was barely audible. She arched her back and thrust back at the cock in her, accepting and forgiving him. Neither was able to resist Nancy, especially when they enjoyed it so much.

Amy was damned anyway. She lost hope then, her body betrayed her one too many times. She didn’t morn it, perhaps her night-time indoctrination had succeeded after all. Perhaps she just liked sex, perhaps the only thing she had lost was her inhibitions. Perhaps.

Nancy was delighted with her two slaves, now she could make more movies, She actually didn’t have any plans for what to do with them, she just enjoyed making them, making Amy and Tommie humiliate themselves in them. Now she had the two of them together she could make them humiliate each other.

The two slaves were fucking with abandon, almost a joyful playful abandon, any shame or guilt had been taken from them and they gave themselves over to the sensations of their bodies. Tommie let go of one of her breasts and moved his hand to manipulate her clit, his other fondled her swaying and flopping breasts, tugging at the nipples.

They were both panting and groaning, a few laughs escaped from Slut’s mouth, she was a joyful fuck and Tommie was good at it. He had squirted more lube on his cock and there was no pain for Amy at all. She loved it.

Tommie pulled out at Nancy’s command and came onto Slut’s bottom and back, then licked up his own cum. Amy moaned as she did it, he kept sliding a finger alongside of her clit and then she came just as he finished licking up his cum. She grunted and let out a long groan.

He shared the last bit of cum with her in a sloppy tongue twisting kiss. He felt bad that Amy had become embroiled with he and Nancy, she wasn’t able to get away like did whenever he went on one of his frequent business trips. He missed Sylvia even though he barely knew her.

During the night Tom dreamed he was no longer married to Nancy and he was living with Sylvia. When he awoke he determined to get out of his marriage with Nancy. He knew her too well to think he could change her, and he knew that she would not just divorce him quietly, no matter how good a settlement he gave her.

He knew that as soon as it was over and settled she would give his employers pictures and videos of him dressed up in woman’s lingerie. They both knew it could end his employment. He had to think, to come up with another solution. Perhaps Amy was part of a solution, or her son, Craig.

He knew that Craig didn’t know anything and from what he had heard about the young man, he would be as eager to protect his mother as Amy was to protect him. Several days later he was working in his office and Nancy came in.

“I’m going to run some errands, I may not be back when Slut gets home, so make sure to get her cell phone from her, don’t let her go to her own house and don’t let her get to a computer. Tell her to fix dinner, I’ll text you later when I know how late I’ll be.”

She gave him some more instructions and left. A few hours later Amy came home, he had finished up his work for the day and was already in pink panties and a camisole. He came downstairs just as Amy came in from the back entry, she had already stripped and was naked except for the high heels Nancy was making her wear now.

Seeing his next door neighbor naked, Tommy tried to get erect, she was a middle aged mother, but she was sexy, her body was toned, but not skinny, her curves ample but not overblown. It hurt as his cock tried to stiffen.

“Nancy won’t be home for a while, she said to take your cell phone and not let you go home.”

She handed him the phone, a blush burning her face and spreading down her neck and onto her upper chest. It was the first time they had been alone together.

“I know it’s embarrassing, I never thought that she would do this, you’re not doing it willingly are you?”

Amy looked around, glancing around, looking to see if there were hidden cameras.

“Don’t worry, no hidden cameras except in the basement. I won’t tell her anything you don’t want me to.”

He felt responsible, if he hadn’t said anything about the recordings he found of her and her son none of this would have happened.

“No, well sort of, she promised to keep Craig out of it, she said she wouldn’t ruin his life if I submitted.”

“And now she has all kinds of recordings of you.”

“I don’t know what’s come over me, I get so turned on, I hate it, I hate what I have to do, I hate not having a private life anymore, but most of the time I don’t seem to care.”

“I’ll see what I can do, maybe I can get her to stop forcing you to listen to her recordings at night.”

“I hardly notice them any more, then I say something at work, or here, something I never thought of before, it scares me.”

“I don’t know what I can do, but I think what she’s doing could be against the law, I know blackmail is, and the rest, I don’t want to be charged with that, heck, the stuff she and I do, the way I dress, that could get me fired, then where would she be, she has no money of her own, she inherited some but lost it at casinos and on the stock market.”

“Be careful, you shouldn’t get yourself in trouble. Do you really like this?”

“I like the lingerie, and some mild things, but it just escalated and now, I don’t know.”

He left her to her chores and went to look at the headphone set up that Amy wore each night, he didn’t like the implications, but he knew that he couldn’t do anything overt to countermand Nancy’s orders.

He didn’t want to tell Amy he had been thinking of getting out of the marriage, no matter how much he wanted to talk to someone about it. He looked at her cellphone and on impulse he looked up Craig’s cell number and email address. He went up to his office and quickly put them in a hidden file in his work laptop in case he ever needed them. He saw how Nancy had slaved Amy’s phone. He looked through the controls on the phone in detail.

Later he went downstairs and watched Amy at her chores. She had finished dusting and vacuuming the house and was working on a simple dinner, Nancy had wanted her to re-heat the left over lasagne she had made earlier in the week. Tim sat down at the kitchen table and watched his neighbor as she worked on a salad.

“What would people think if they could see us,” he commented.

“What do you mean?”

“Me, dressed like this, sitting around while you are working on the salad, naked except for those heels.”

“Don’t forget the butt plug,” Amy turned and smiled as she said that.

Dildo Girl Meets Dick Girl

or, “A Box Full of Dildos”

I wasn’t going to make it on my own. After covering rent and utilities I would be left choosing between gas for my car or food. I put up an ad on the intercollege electronic bulletin board, “Roommate needed for internship!” Somewhere, someone else had to be in the same position as me. I never expected it to be Brandi McCormick.

Three years ago, Brandi and I had graduated from the same high school. We were both artists. That’s where the similarities ended. We were friendly, but never friends (though I still give her credit for teaching me how to draw a horse in middle school). After high school, we went our separate ways to pursue a degree in art. My rocking portfolio got me into a prestigious art college in Chicago with a full scholarship while Brandi went to a state school. With a stroke of irony’s brush, we landed internships at the same multinational corporation.

I hooked up with Brandi on Skype and we worked out the details. She hadn’t changed. She still looked like a cartoon to me. She kept her yellow blonde hair parted down the middle and hanging straight on either side of her pretty, oval shaped face. Her cute little nose reminded me of Anime noses. When she smiled, she flashed matching dimples on each cheek.

Her first words to me on Skype? “I love your hair!” I forced a smile and mumbled thanks as I wondered if I could live for three months with her. My hair is short, shows the remnants of the last three dye jobs and looks like a hot mess on top of my head. I’m not known for my fashion sense. I’ll wear a baggy t-shirt with skinny jeans. My nose, eyebrow and lips are pierced. My fingernails are gnawed on stubs that are never allowed to grow farther than my teeth can nibble. But I am the “go-to” person for projects big and small. School needed a mural? I’m the person to tap. Design a poster for a band performing at a local club? Do a double run of my posters because half of them will get stolen.

The differences in our personal styles showed on moving day, too. I was surly from the drive. My things were crammed inside of trash bags and duffle bags. Even my beat-up old Jeep with mismatched doors looked out of place in the parking lot of the furnished apartments. Arriving early, I had schlepped my things inside the apartment and claimed the master bedroom for myself. Returning for a final inspection for whatever had rolled beneath my seat, Brandi pulled up next to me. She was sunshine and chipperness. “Valerie!” she screamed as she ran from her car and grabbed me in a hug as if we were best friends. She was a willowy wisp dressed in bright colors. Her compact SUV was half the age of my Jeep and remained a single color of paint. Her belongings were neatly organized in boxes and suitcases. I forced another smile, accepted her hug and volunteered to help her carry things upstairs. This was going to be a very long three months.

The apartment felt as vanilla as Brandi looked. I was sure she would love it. Instead, the moment she walked inside her bright, happy, ‘life is such a fun adventure’ smile faded. She sighed as she looked around. “Do you know if those pictures come down?” She was talking about the pseudo art of abstract shapes carefully picked to match the furnishings. She marched to the biggest piece hanging above the couch and pulled. It took two tries before she pulled it off the wall. Tape in the corners had been placed to keep it straight. She dumped it behind the couch. “Better,” she said, her happiest smile returning. She ripped another, smaller piece from off the wall next to the TV. “I hate fake art.”

“I can see,” I said and helped her pull off the rest of the faux art. Maybe she would be okay after all?

On our next trip to her car I grabbed a box neatly marked “Clothes, Underwear, Toys and Fun!” That worried me. In case it turned out to be a box of board games, I began to plot ways of murdering Brandi. On the way up the stairs, I tripped over the threshold of the door and dumped the box across our living room. I swear it was accident. “Shit! Sorry!” I called behind me and stooped to pick up her belongings. That’s when I stopped and stared. Scattered across our living room space were clothes, underwear and the largest collection of adult toys I had ever witnessed in one location. “What the fuck?” I asked.

“Oh shit,” Brandi said, dropping her box and scrambling to pick up the mess. “They’re just things,” she said with a face as red as the panties wrapped around a long, blue dildo.

“Uh-huh,” I said with a huge smile. I squatted down and helped her refill the box. I limited the things I picked up to clothes. I kept an eye on the collection of toys she picked up. It was a mix of vibrators, dildos, butt plugs and devices I couldn’t name. “Get lonely much?” I asked unable to stop myself from having some fun at her expense.

“It’s not like that,” she said, still blushing.

“That many of them? Boy, he or she sure liked you.”

“By my boss,” she said. That made even less sense and she realized it. I wasn’t sure if she was going to laugh or cry from the weight of her embarrassment. I knew what I want to do. I wanted to laugh my ass off. “You know what? Fuck you,” she snapped.

“You certainly have the tools for it,” I said before I burst out laughing. Brandi glared at me for a long moment, picked up a couple more toys and then she started laughing, too.

She was quieter as we made four more trips until her car was empty. Every time I caught her eye, I smirked and she blushed a bit. “Stop it,” she said the last time and smirked with me. I have to admit how much I enjoyed her embarrassment. Like I said, I knew Brandi in high school, but we hung around different people. My friends were the band geeks, Anime nerds and gamers (which probably sounds redundant to some people). Brandi hung out with the beautiful people. She had been friends with cheerleaders and basketball players.

“Okay, tell me the story,” I said as I stood in the doorway of her room and watched her unpacked. She gave me an innocent look that lasted as long as it took me to nudge the box of her toys with my foot. She picked it up and put it next to her bed.

“My boss rented a space that used to have an adult bookstore,” she explained. She told me how they found the box in the basement. They laughed about it and she was told to throw it in the dumpster. “When I took them out, I peeked inside the box and wondered what else was in there. So I put the box in my trunk.”

“Now that’s some junk in the trunk,” I joked. Brandi rolled her eyes at the pun. She was trying to make her bed and I helped her with the sheets. “So what happened then?” She told me how she plopped the box down in front of her roommate and they had a laugh-fest as they sorted through them. I rolled my eyes. “Wait, I think I read this story. You started drinking. Started playing. And the next thing you know, you and your roommate are making sweet, sweet love, right?

What she said next surprised me. “And I suppose you’ve never been with a chick?” It wasn’t a denial of the story.

“Why does everyone think that about me?” I asked. I hadn’t. It wasn’t from a lack of offers. I don’t know why I never did it. It felt too trite, like too much of a cliché: bohemian art student practices art and free love with all comers.

“Because you look like a lesbian,” Brandi said, answering a question I had asked rhetorically. “Even in high school you looked like a lesbian.” Things went downhill from there as our cultures clashed. To me, her and her high school friends had been soulless consumers of pop culture. I didn’t like the way her kind looked down at my friends. I didn’t like the way they dressed. I didn’t like their music and I sure as shit didn’t care for their “I’m good because I’m better than you” attitude.

“Is that what you and your cheerleading friends thought?”

“Half my cheerleading friends were lesbians,” Brandi laughed.

Her laugh and easy admission about her cheerleader friends threw me off. There had been rumors in high school about girls kissing girls, but I had never believed them. I knew these shallow girls. They were the kinds of girls who picked dates by the caliber of car they drove. If they kissed at a party, they did it to attract the attention of the right guy. They were flash and style without substance. I didn’t believe Brandi knew any better and I called her on it. “As if you would know.”

“Remember Jessica Brooks?”

Jessica Brooks was the worse of the worst. Mixed with her prim and proper attitude was a bible-thumping religious streak that offended me. I still remember the biology class where she wanted to argue evolution versus creationism with the teacher.

“She was my first girl,” Brandi said.

“You are fucking kidding me,” I laughed.

“Nope. She said it was how she stayed a virgin.”

“Doesn’t her kind think homosexuality is a sin.”

“She did, between guys. Between girls, it didn’t count. We weren’t sinning, we were just fooling around.” Brandi smirked as she studied me. “You look surprised.”

I didn’t believe her. “You’re saying you did more than kiss her, right?”

“She was my first pussy,” Brandi said and when I gave her wide-eyed look for her candor, she started laughing. I was trying to play catch-up with my impressions of Brandi and it showed.

“So are you… you know, gay?” I asked. It felt like a funny question to ask her. People like Brandi aren’t supposed to be gay. They’re supposed to be bible thumping activists protesting in front of a Planned Parenthood. Guessing I went both ways was easy, even if it wasn’t true. I didn’t care if people thought I did. I’ll admit it, I’m weird. I like being different and I have my weird traits. I don’t shave my armpits. I spend a lot of time naked because I don’t get dressed until I have someplace to go and I don’t care who sees me. I don’t wear underwear, which some people think is strange. I cut my own hair. I like it when there’s a bright color mixed into my hair. I don’t know. In college, I blend in. Back home? I’m still a freak and if people wanted to wonder about my sexuality, they could.

Brandi laughed at my question. “Hardly,” she said, pulling open the drawer to her nightstand. She began feeding the drawer toys from her box. She held up a blue, jelly dildo that waved back and forth. “Would a lesbian want this?”

“I don’t know,” I said, feeling overwhelmed with new information.

“Trust me, I love dick more than pussy,” she said. She kissed the tip of the fake cock and put it in her drawer.

“Okay, that’s just wrong,” I said. I wanted to leave. Watching her putting away her stash of sex toys felt too personal but I was glued in place. It felt like driving by a car accident. You don’t want to look and yet, everyone slows down and rubbernecks. “How many do you have?” I asked before I realized I didn’t care. She had more than seemed normal. I amended the question. “I mean, you have favorites, don’t you? Why keep them all?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know. I have my favorites, but I think I use most of them pretty regularly.”

“What’s regularly?”

“Every couple days?”

“You do it that often?”

“Don’t you?”

“I don’t use a toy,” I said instead of answering her question about how frequently I masturbated. I’m normal. I’m not afraid to touch myself and I do it a few times a week. I wasn’t addicted to the idea. Some days I might do it two or three times in a row and then I would go two or three days without doing it all. If I had a boyfriend, I might do it just once every… I stopped my line of reasoning as I realized my answer was the same as hers.

“You should try it with a toy. It’s more fun. You can borrow one of mine if you want. I wash them and everything.”

I laughed. She said that as casually as she might offer to swap clothes from her closet. “I think I’m good.”

“I’m telling you, it’s better when it buzzes,” Brandi said. She twisted the one in hand on high and made it buzz. “Dicks don’t buzz and toys never go limp.”

“Yeah, whatever,” I said and wandered to my room. I still had clothes to put away, too. As I sorted through my duffle bags and trash bags, I thought about the strange girl in the room down the hall. I had thought I knew her and her kind. She was supposed to be shallow and empty headed. Instead, she felt weird. I wasn’t sure how else to put it. She had so many toys!

What surprised me most were the three different sized butt plugs I saw her putting into the drawer. What could Brandi know about anal sex? In my world view, anal sex should have too much of an ick factor attached for Brandi to even consider it. I had at least done it, more than once and with two different guys. Boyfriends number two and four had been lucky enough to do me up the butt. I liked it. I liked it a lot. I liked to so much, I never did it with boyfriend number five. Hell, maybe she thought the butt plugs were odd shaped dildos.

“Want some help?” Brandi asked standing at the door to my room.

“Almost done,” I told her without looking around.

“So what’s your college like?” she asked and we started talking. We talked about our classes and the people we had met. We talked about art and exhibits we had seen. We talked about the purpose of art and who we liked and didn’t like. We talked for hours until it was after five and we realized we didn’t have food. Laughing at ourselves, we loaded into my Jeep and found a grocery store. We pooled our money, bought sushi for dinner, yogurt and coffee for in the morning and a big box of cheap wine for tonight.

We ate our sushi and started drinking wine. “So who was your first?” she asked me around a mouthful of rice and raw fish.

“Terry Bunker.”

“I don’t remember him.”

“He was a band geek. Trombone player. Big lips?”

“White guy?”

“Yeah, but he still had big lips. I liked his lips.”

“Sort of fish mouthed?”

“Yeah,” I agreed though I didn’t like slur.

“Tall and skinny?” she asked. I nodded. “Okay, I remember seeing him around school.”

“Your boyfriend tripped him once,” I said. She asked who and I told her, “The basketball player.”

“Larry? Larry Simms?” she asked. I nodded. I didn’t know his last name, but his first name sounded right. “Yeah, I remember that. He wasn’t my boyfriend. I mean, I guess he was because we went out a couple of times. I broke up with him because of that.”

“No shit?” I asked and she shrugged.

“I don’t date jerks.”

I stared at her with new eyes. Was I wrong about her? “What about you? Who was your first?”

Her answer made my world feel more orderly. “Gary Johnson. Senior prom night,” she said. “How fucking trite is that?”

“Hotel or backseat of his car?” I asked.

“I made him rent a hotel room. A nice hotel room. And he had to have wine.”

“Trite as hell,” I laughed and tried to pay her a compliment. “Though I will say you’re much cooler than I ever imagined.” It didn’t go over as expected.

“Fuck you, Valerie Johnson,” she snapped. “You always thought I was Miss Priss and I’ve never been that girl. I saw the way you and your loser friends would laugh at us when we walked through the hallways. Or the way you and your friends would act during a pep rally when my friends were on the floor trying to show some school spirit. Well, let me tell you, I think it takes balls to get up in front of the whole school like that and dance around like an idiot. More balls than sitting in bleachers and cracking jokes.”

“Wow, really?” I asked. I was stunned.

“Those girls were my friends. Sure, half of them were stuck up bitches. But the other half were cute and funny and really cared.”

“And gay,” I said, trying to make a joke.

“A couple,” Brandi said. “A couple were sluts and a couple more were prudes. What about your friends?”

“Did you ever look at my friends?” I asked. “I think most of them are probably still virgins.” That brought a halt to Brandi’s rant. “I mean, come on. Half the people I hung out with liked to dress up as Anime characters or attend Sci-fi conventions. Do you really think they were getting laid?” Brandi smirked.

“Do you really think that’s true?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe. From what I’ve seen on facebook, most of them still like to play dress-up.”

“Why are they so weird?”

“They’re not weird, just passionate,” I explained.

“Do you think I’m weird?” Brandi asked in a small voice.

“Before or after I saw your collection?”

“Before,” she said, though she smiled at the reference.

“Yes,” I admitted. “I don’t get people who have to wear the right thing and fit in.”

“You want to know why I do that?” she asked. I nodded. “Because I’m afraid of standing out.” She collected our empty plates and picked up our wine glasses. She tossed the plates in the sink and filled the wine glasses. She sat back down on the opposite end of the couch, sipped her wine and looked at me. “Can I tell you a secret?” I shrugged. “I always wanted to be like you.”


“I’m serious. I like you. I like you’re ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude. I wish I could be like that.”

“Then do it,” I said.

“I’d rather blend in.”

“Then keep that toy collection under wraps,” I joked. I knew it was my second reference to it in just a few minutes, but I couldn’t keep my mind off of it.

She nodded and smiled broadly enough to show her dimples. “Now you know my deepest, darkest secret. So what’s yours?”

I gave her a steely eyed stare that had no impact on her. She was waiting for a real answer. Fine. What the hell? “I draw dicks,” I told her.

“Like penises?”

“More like cocks. Hard dicks. I love’em. I love how they look. I love the lines and veins and different shapes. So whenever a guy is hitting on me, I offer to draw his prick, but he’s got to make it hard for me.”

“And men let you do that?”

“Some do.” I told her the story. I wasn’t lying. It started as a joke with an old boyfriend. He was complaining how I was always sketching something, pulled down his pants and told me to “sketch this!” He was hard and I had made him sit still until I was done drawing it. Then I had ripped the picture out of my sketchbook and tacked it up on my wall for everyone to see. Later, another of my guy friends had said something about the drawing. He said something about having one I could sketch and I told him to whip it out. He did and I did (draw it that is). I had tacked it up next to my boyfriend’s drawing, which had pissed off the boyfriend. So, he left me but I kept both pictures. Before I knew it, another guy had made the same offer and my collection had grown. “It kind of became a thing.”

“Can I see one?”

“Sure,” I said. I grabbed one of my sketchbooks from my room and we sat side-by-side on the couch, flipping pages with my book on the coffee table. Not all the pictures in my sketchbook were dicks, but a good number of them were. There were pictures I didn’t feel comfortable posting in my room, pictures of dicks caught in the act of having an orgasm. Spent semen dripped down their lengths like hot wax on a candle, forever captured in time.

“Are these all real?” she asked. I knew what she meant. Where they all taken from life studies?

“Not all of them,” I admitted. I absentmindedly pointed at the one in front of us. “This one was.” It happened to be a picture that showed the remainder of an orgasm dripping down his length.

“Did he, you know, cum?”

“Yeah, he did. He asked if he could and I wanted to see it.”

“You still do great pencil work,” she commented. A few were rough sketches and few more I had labored over long after my model left. There’s a knack to improving realism without making it look fake. Brandi squirmed. “Okay, enough,” she said, closing the book and squirming.

“Problem?” I asked, smiling. The pictures were getting to her. I had seen it happen before and I thought it was funny.

“Nothing my toy drawer can’t solve,” she said, though she blushed as she said it.

“I want to draw your toys,” I said. I hadn’t thought about it until the moment I said it. Without seeing them all it felt like a good idea. Two or three of them were dick shaped with simulated cockheads and lined with veins. How real would they look? Could I do them in pencil like the rest of my sketches or would I have to add color to make it look faithful?

“Really? Let me get them!” she said and she darted out of the room. I wasn’t sure I meant I wanted to draw them at that moment, but what the hell, right? I fetched a pencil and refilled our wine glasses. She came back with the entire drawer and dumped it on the coffee table. The sheer number, color, sizes, shapes and purposes of the toys overwhelmed me.

“Can I touch them?”

“I said you could borrow them,” she said, laughing. “They’re clean. I wash them.”

There were so many of them. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to draw them. Should I line them up? Maybe a mixed jumble would be better? What if I stood them up on end or arranged them by height? “Damn, girl. Do you use all these?”

“I have my favorites,” she said with another cute blush. I laughed. Maybe it was the wine, I don’t know, but it felt funny sitting in front of a table load of sex toys and knowing they all belonged to a girl I thought of as straight-laced and uptight.

“What about this?” I asked. She had several butt plugs and I picked up the biggest one.

“This is so weird,” she said as she blushed deeper. She took a deep pull on her glass of wine and smiled away her embarrassment. “Yeah, I like that one. I like this one better.” She picked up a medium sized butt plug. “This one I can wear to class.” She picked up an egg shaped vibrator that was attached to a long, thin cord and a remote control. “I like to use this with the bigger one. It’s almost a hands-free situation at that point.”

“Wait. You’ve gone to class with a butt plug up your ass?”

“I have,” she giggled. “It’s fun. You should try it. It sure makes a boring lecture more interesting.”

“Did anyone know?”

“It’s not as if it shows!”

“You like it like that?” I asked. I meant up the butt. Like I said, it was a secret thrill of mine.

“With toys. I’ve never had a guy do it, but I want to try it. What about you?”

“I like it,” I mumbled and found my wine glass as empty as hers. I got up and refilled them. It was good we both the big box. As I walked back to the couch, I caught her tracing her finger over and around the bigger butt plug. It looked like an affectionate stroke. “You should try the real thing.”

“You should try a toy.”

“Sure, let me get right on that,” I said sarcastically. Then I realized the unintentional pun I had just made and giggled. Damn it, I sounded like Brandi when I giggled. The wine was getting to me.

“I’ll do it if you do it,” she said, still touching the biggest and fattest one.

“Do what?” I asked, afraid of the answer.

“Use one of these, right now. We don’t have to do anything else. You can wear it under your clothes. It’s just fun to wear it for a while. It’s sexy.”

“And then what?”

“And then I’m going to get off before I go sleep, but I can do that on my own.” She stared at me as she took a sip of her wine. “Too creepy?” she asked. “Forget I said anything.”

I didn’t know what to make of her suggestion. Did she really want to do it? With which one? And how long could she sit around with a sex toy shoved up her ass? It was after dark but not that late. It was the beginning of summer and it didn’t get dark until closer to eight. It was early to be this drunk and goofy. It was also our first night together of a three month internship. Was this really something I wanted to do our first night? What tipped the scales for me was how it didn’t feel as if she was hitting on me. It really felt as if she wanted to play with her toys, not me. Fuck it. There was no way I was going to let My Pretty Pony get the better of me.

“If we do this, you have to use that one,” I said with a nod to the big one she had been touching.

“If you’ve never done this before, you should use this one,” she said, handing me the smallest of the butt plug bunch. It was smaller than the one she said she wore to class. The base of it didn’t look much bigger than a finger in girth. Hers looked twice as big in diameter and with my artist’s appreciation of geometry, I knew that made its circumference substantially bigger. “We can see who can the last the longest.”

“Until what?” I asked.

“Until you have to take it out or go to your room to take care of things.” Picking up her toy, she headed towards the hallway with it. “I have some lube in my room. I’ll leave it on the counter in the bathroom for you.”

I sat on the couch with my glass of wine in one hand and the skinny, tapered toy in the other. Were we really doing this? Fuck it, was I really going to do it? I like it up the butt and this toy looked tiny. How was it going to feel? Would I even know it was there after a while? Even its widest point before the taper didn’t look that big. Faster than I expected, Brandi was walking back into the living room. She wore a happy smile. Nothing else looked different about her. She still wore her bright yellow tank top. She still wore a bikini top as a bra. (When did that ever become a fashion statement?) She still had on her bright blue shorts with the word PINK emblazoned on the ass. She sat down on the couch and gave me an expectant look. “All yours,” she said.

I went into the bathroom and a tube of lube sat open on the counter. Our apartment had a short hallway that led to my bedroom. On one side of the hallway was the door to her room facing the door to the bathroom. After she had visited her room for the lube I had seen her walking across the hall with her toy in hand. If she was trying to play me, then the toy would be somewhere in the bathroom. I took a moment to look beneath the sink, inside the medicine cabinet and I even pulled the lid off the back of the toilet to make sure she hadn’t left the big toy hidden somewhere. As far as I could tell, there was only place for it to be; up her ass.

I looked again at the much smaller toy I held and pulled off my denim shorts. That’s all I was wearing. Like I said before, I don’t wear underwear. I put a dollop of lube on my finger and pressed it against my ass. My finger wasn’t a stranger to my ass. Once I had experienced the joy of anal sex, as often as not, playing with my ass had become part of my solo routine. Poking my butt with my finger woke up the rest of my libido. I ignored the thrill buzz I felt to do more and replaced my finger with the toy. The smooth latex device slipped inside without an issue. I felt it in there. I felt how my butt was wrapped around the intrusion. Brandi was right. It did feel good. I pulled up my shorts and washed my hands. There were two more thrills waiting for me I hadn’t anticipated. First was walking out of the bathroom. Every step I took made the toy wiggle inside of me and reminded me of its presence. Second was sitting back down on the couch. Sitting pushed the toy a bit deeper and made me squirm. Brandi didn’t miss the movement.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“It’s different,” I hedged. I picked up my sketchbook, pencil and began to draw the hodgepodge of toys still sitting on the coffee table. “So, what really happened when you brought the box home to your roommate?”

“Mm, that’s right. We got off track during that part of the story,” she said. “Give me a second.” She got up and went back to her room. While she was gone, I squirmed again. Damn, that toy was putting me on edge. She came back a sketchpad and pencil and started drawing me. I hang out with artists all the time. Sketching is what we do. We’ll draw anything. Her drawing me didn’t bother me. “It wasn’t quite like you said. Evie and I weren’t lovers. We were just roommates, you know?” I did. Having a roommate is more like having a step-sister than a live-in best friend. “We got along and everything, but I was taking a break from being with girls, so she didn’t matter to me.”

“How many girls have you been with?”

“Jessica, Karen Porter and a girl from my freshman year.” Karen Porter had been another cheerleader from high school. I did not ask for details. “All the toys were new, still in their boxes. But the boxes were squished and bent up. I guess that’s why they were left behind. I had never felt a vibrator before then. You know, not turned on and everything. So we got some batteries, she bought some wine and we started opening boxes and experimenting.”

“On each other?”

Brandi laughed and shook her head. “No. We didn’t even get naked. But we started pressing them against ourselves and it feels really good and we both had orgasms.”

“I thought you made love to her.”

“You said that, not me. I never did.”

“Did you ever, you know, play in front of each other?”

“Not really. I mean, sometimes, sort of?” That didn’t make sense and Brandi explained it. “We knew the other girl was using the toys because we’d find another box open in the trash. I used a vibrator a couple times when she was sleeping and I’m pretty sure she did the same thing, but we never did it in front of each other or talked about it.”

“How many toys were there?”

“A lot! There were some movies, too. Mostly toys. We gave some away and threw the rest away. I kept my favorites and I guess she did the same thing.”

“Did she keep as many as you?”

“I don’t know. I tried to keep one of each. I think they’re fun.” We were quiet for a while as we sketched. I wiggled a few times. My body wouldn’t forget about the toy inside my ass and each time I wiggled it sent a new wave of excitement through me. The idea of sitting around with a toy up my ass without doing anything more was becoming more difficult. “Problem?” Brandi asked.

“I’m fine,” I lied.

“I’m not,” she said and she squirmed.

“Which one are you going to use tonight?” I asked. I didn’t mean anything by it. I was just making conversation.

“I’ll probably start with the hot pink one,” she said. It took me a moment to locate it among the others. I was surprised when I noticed it was the smallest of the bunch. “I like the way it vibrates. It’s really intense.” She leaned forward, pulled it out and twisted it on. “Feel.”

“I’m good.”

“Oh don’t be like that. Feel it.”

I took the toy from her and held in my hand for a moment. I saw what she meant. It was intense. I tried to hand it back and she wouldn’t take.

“No, but it between your legs. That’s where it really feels good.”

“I’m not doing that!” I laughed.

“Just do it. You don’t have to do anything more, but see how it feels. For me?”

“Fine,” I said, accepting that she was going to badger me into doing it. I pressed the toy against the seam of my denim shorts without anticipating what was going to happen next. It felt incredible. A huge surge of wanton pleasure rippled through me from the tip of that toy and passed through out my body. My butt clenched around the toy as my body screamed MORE! The harder I pressed the better it felt. I moved it directly over my clit. I felt flushed and in need and farther out of control than I ever expected. I pulled it away before I couldn’t stop. I fumbled for how to turn it off and handed it back.

“See?” Brandi said with a self-satisfied smirk. “It feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Stop it,” I said. I felt as if my body had betrayed me. I was annoyed at myself for getting this turned on. I wasn’t going to have an orgasm in front of Brandi. I wasn’t going to play with myself in front of her. I wasn’t going to do anything except get another glass of wine. As I stood and walked into the kitchen that blasted toy in my ass wiggled, moved and caressed me in the most intimate of ways. My pussy wept with need as my clit reacted to the nefarious thrill. I bit back a moan as I bent to fill my glass. I struggled to maintain my composure as I strolled back to the couch. I picked up my sketchbook and looked at the color mess of toys scattered across the coffee table and I ached. Any one of those would feel delicious sliding inside of me.

“You should take off your t-shirt,” Brandi suggested. She was half hidden behind her sketchpad.

“Why?” I asked. I squirmed and hated myself for doing it. She saw me do it. She knew what I was experiencing.

“So I can draw you naked,” she said.

“Draw me or see me naked?” I asked, giving her a suspect look. Could she guess the dilemma her question posed for me? It wasn’t about being naked in front of her or anyone else. Like I said, I’m known for being naked. I sleep nude. I shower nude. I tend to stay nude until it’s time to leave. I’ve felt the gaze of men who couldn’t keep their eyes off my bare chest. I’ve laughed at their discomfort and more than once used their advances as an excuse to draw them, their hard-on and reveal their need.

“It’s okay. You don’t trust me,” she said. She worked her pencil across the page. “Want to see?”

“Are you done?”

“Done enough,” she said. She turned the pad towards me and I gaped at amount of detail she had managed to sketch in such a short time. It was as unfinished as any pencil sketch but I liked her use of line. It had a charcoal-like feel from her using the side of her pencil point instead of its tip.

I told her as much before I made a follow-up suggestion to her. “Maybe you should get naked and I’ll do you.” I caught the double entendre after I spoke it and ignored it.

“If I get naked, I might need to do myself,” she said, twisting my unintentional gaff.

“Let me draw you doing it,” I said. It felt like a twist on what I had done with dozens of men by capturing their need. Drawing a hard prick was infinitely more interesting to me than drawing a limp one. I enjoyed watching the man struggling to maintain his erection and his composure. If he became too relaxed his hard-on would sag from lack of interest. If he became too excited I would caution him to hold back until I was done.

“You’re evil,” Brandi said and she pulled off her yellow tank top. She undid the two ties of her bikini top and stood to shimmy out of her PINK logo shorts and thong underwear. As a veteran of life study classes, she knew her pose didn’t matter. But this was a bit different. She picked up a slender, hard shelled vibrator and settled back on the couch. “Do what want to see?”

“It’s what I want to draw,” I told her. “I want to see your need. Can you hold back for a bit?”

“No, but I can do it more than once,” she said. She turned sideways to face me. She hung one leg off the side of the couch and bent her other leg’s knee. Scrunched down as she was I could make out a hint of the toy inside her ass. She was shaved smooth and her pussy lips were puffy and wet with need. She pulled them apart, exposing her inner folds to me. After turning her toy on to a low setting she brought it to bear next to her clitoral hood. Her fingers pulled up on it and exposed the swollen bud. I could smell her nakedness. I could smell her need.

I focused on her fingers, her pussy and the toy. It’s what I would have done with a man. I would have drawn his prick and nothing more. I made light strokes to capture the suggestion of what I was seeing. As I looked back and forth I darkened the lines that felt most right. The lips of her inner labia were like a flower petal with a jagged edge. I wondered how it would look if she was fucking a toy. I kept my musings to myself and watched her moving the buzzing tip from one side of her clit to the other. I saw her squirm and use the cushions of the couch to press against the toy in her ass. I did what I could to ignore her gasp but I couldn’t ignore the way her sex began to contract. She was having an orgasm and I saw more wetness develop. I drew faster, eager to capture the moment of her pleasure. She moaned again and adjusted the buzzing of the toy. Her hand shook as another orgasm took hold and another.

“Hurry,” she gasped as her orgasms lost their beginnings. I couldn’t tell if it was one long orgasm or a series of orgasms blending into each other. Was there a difference? I had never experienced a multiple orgasm. I had never witnessed one. I had nothing to compare her experience against except what I saw. “Please,” she begged.

“Got it,” I announced as I continued to make lines on my page. I no longer needed her as a reference point. I had the image in my head and captured enough on my page to understand where I needed to add a line or obscure one. I rubbed the page with my fingers to blend my pencil lines. As I remained trapped in drawing the moment of her pleasure I realized I was touching her. My fingers were caressing the image of her pussy without knowing the difference. My mind saw it for what it was. It was a woman’s sex. It was my sex. It was her pussy and it was mine minus the hair I kept. I stopped touching it. I stopped drawing. I glanced up and smiled.

Brandi looked satisfied and exhausted. Sweat had beaded on her chest. I noticed her tits for the first time. They were small and petite, like her. Her nipples looked hard. Her skin was an even tan color. She looked beautiful. “How does it look?” she asked. With her legs still open to me her question felt like a double entendre.

“It’s okay,” I said glancing from my page to her pussy and back. I could see the flaws. I could see where I should have moved my pencil but it was good enough. I turned it towards her. She pulled the sketchbook from hands and studied it before she paid be the greatest compliment an artist can hear. All artists want their art appreciated. They want their art cherished and valued. It’s not about a price, it’s about love.

“I want this,” she told me. “Please, sign it and let me keep it.”

“It’s shit,” I said, too aware of the flaws

“Please,” she begged and I couldn’t refuse. I signed it and gave her the page. “Thank you,” she said. She leaned across the empty space and kissed me. I don’t think she meant anything by it than a thank you. “I need a shower,” she said. She stood and looked weak or drunk as she stopped in her room for a towel and crossed the hallway for the bathroom.

I was alone with a table full of sex toys and wearing shorts that felt wet. I glanced between my legs and saw the stain. Had Brandi seen it? Did she know I was that excited? I didn’t waste a moment. I took off my oversized t-shirt and stripped out of my shorts. I rubbed my pussy and came within moments with an orgasm that took my breath away. I panted and tapped my clit. I don’t have multiple orgasms but I can come more than once. Spanking my clit seems to desensitize it so I can rub it again. I was so wet. I pushed two fingers inside my pussy and felt my warmth and slipperiness. Catching myself, I laughed. Why finger fuck myself when I was sitting in front of a table full of sex toys?

I instinctively looked at the hallway. I don’t know why. I don’t think Brandi would have care if she had opened the bathroom door to find me fucking one of her toys. She had said I could borrow them. I grabbed a red, jelly dildo that was fat and lifelike with its simulated cockhead and veins. I pushed it deep inside of my pussy and felt the thrill of the toy still in my ass. Had boyfriends two and four been more open minded, I would have experienced a double penetration of two pricks. Instead, I did it on my own with Brandi’s toys. I don’t know if it lessened the thrill. I came hard and I marveled at how the intrusion in my ass felt as my body celebrated the joy of an orgasm.

I wanted more but felt selfish. This toy in my ass wasn’t mine to keep any more than the toy I had shoved inside my pussy. I went into the kitchen and pulled the toy from ass. Using dish soap, I cleaned both toys, dried them paper towels and returned them to the coffee table. Brandi was still in the shower. I used a page from my sketchbook and left her a note that said “Thank you” and “See you in the morning.” I picked up my clothes and went to my room. In my bed, I used my fingers for one more orgasm before I went to sleep.

The breeze is rustling through the palm trees outside when I hear the knock at the door of my spacious grass-roofed hut. I switch off my computer and rise, wearing my ceremonial red silk robe that the women of the village slaved over for two months. It is sleeveless and emphasizes my full breasts and hips.

Opening the door, I greet Ailani in her native Polynesian, and the tall, coffee-skinned girl of nineteen responds with a shy smile. Mahina, Ailani’s buxom mother, stands next to her, and after kneeling to kiss the hem of my robe with reverence, she takes Ailani’s hand and extends it toward me. This is the ritual. “Go with the Matuatele now, Ailani,” Mahina says. “Learn from her, and do all that she bids you. Experience her blessings, as I have.”

I smile at Mahina, gazing deep into her eyes, transfixing her once again with my power, like the waves crashing on the shore just out of eyeshot. At last I nod that she may go, and Mahina obediently turns to follow the road that leads past the sandy beach and coral reefs back to the village.

Next, I gently run my hand down Ailani’s back, as she nestles instinctively close to my body. Yes, Ailani is mine now, from her long, shiny black mane, dark eyes, and full lips to those splendidly ripe young breasts and buttocks beneath her floral dress.

I lead her inside and close the door, acutely aware of her hibiscus-scented perfume. She has much to learn from me. And she will. I am the Matuatele.

It is a role that came to me both surprisingly and naturally. Thanks to a three-year, $100,000 grant from the University of Washington, I am here on the small tropical island of Vahinaki, 150 miles northeast of Tahiti. I am completing my Ph.D in anthropology with a specialization in Polynesian studies. My purpose in traveling here is to gather first-hand material for my thesis documenting the basis for what is believed to be the only remaining active matriarchal society in the South Pacific.

Previously, little has been written about Vahinaki. A Norwegian adventurer, Mats Holtet, sailed to the neighbouring island of Nukunga in 1957 and published a two-page article in the Sunday travel supplement of an Oslo newspaper. Apart from that, we have only a few scattered accounts from English and Spanish sea captains, and nothing at all compiled by female researchers.

The full-time population of Vahinaki is just over 2,500, and consists entirely of native women. Their menfolk live on Nukunga, and are only permitted quarterly visits for connubial purposes, except for certain special occasions and emergencies. The men support the 12-woman governing council by harvesting copra, the dried meat of the coconut, and handing over the earnings from their sales in Tahiti to the council.

The Vahinaki women, known for their height and beauty, dedicate themselves to cultural pursuits when they are not administrating the economy and cultivating the community garden. Song, dance, pottery, weaving, even architecture…these fill the days of the women, whose diet of fruit and fish contributes to their remarkable average longevity of 93 years.

Vahinaki has remained aloof from the modern world in most ways. There is no TV and no cell phone service, and my dial-up Internet connection and satellite phone became the first of their kind when I arrived in Vahinaki.

What particularly intrigued me about the island, however, was only alluded to in a very euphemistic and passing way in the accounts of Holtet and others. Vahinaki was and remains a centre for pagan, female-centric sex worship, a place where unabashed, orgiastic pleasure-seeking for women is the very foundation of the culture. As a greedy, insatiable bisexual woman myself, I’d be lying if I claimed Vahinaki’s reputation had nothing to do with my choice of a thesis topic.

The welcome that the women extended to me – non-sexual at first – emboldened me to conduct a survey just three weeks after arriving. I discovered that approximately 70 percent of them identify as bisexual, 25 as lesbian, and just 5 percent as strictly heterosexual. These statistics are unparalleled anywhere in the developed or non-developed world.

Mahina is bisexual, as she confided to me after we became lovers. Of her own free will, she had been bringing me dishes of fried fish and plantain stew for dinner each night for the first month, entering my hut and placing a soft, brown hand on my shoulder while I typed away on my computer. It became apparent to me that her interest was far more than platonic.

Our first kiss was on a grassy, flower-laden hillside overlooking the coral reefs. Her body is deliciously soft and fleshy, and we spent hours intertwined in the nude beneath the afternoon sunshine. When we moved into a 69 position, my engorged lips planted firmly on her ecstatically beaming face, I soon discovered that I enjoyed eating her exquisitively sweet, luxuriantly unshaven cunt almost as much as feeling her lapping hungrily at my puffed-out, glistening clitoral hood.

Making it a perfect first time together, we were seen by others…and did not stop. I heard the voices of women coming down the hillside just before sunset, and glanced up from Mahina’s spread thighs. I recognized the two svelte, 20-something women as two of the dancers who would perform at the moon goddess festival that summer. They were both carrying baskets full of firm, juicy red berries. I saw interest flickering in their eyes as they recognized me, and realized they had likely never seen a white woman enjoying lesbian sex before. I had no intention of stopping, and actively desired to be seen. I beckoned with my head for them to come closer, and simultaneously pushed the full, heavy warmth of my buttocks down on Mahina’s face so that she would have no say in the matter.

The women came closer, smiling, and put their baskets down next to us in the grass. “Touch, don’t be shy, ” I urged them. “Let’s enjoy one another like women are meant to do.” Smiling, both began to kiss and stroke my body as if I were a cat. I arched my back upward to reveal Mahina’s face, smeared with my juices. The taller of our visitors, who had mischievious eyes and a birthmark on her left cheek, reached into her basket and fed me berries. I devoured them, juice running down my chin. “Give her some too,” I said, gesturing toward Mahina. “But use me.” The taller girl quickly understood, taking a fistful of berries and inserting them into my soaked cunt. Mahina ate the berries directly out of me, thrusting her tongue deep up my slit to get them out. It felt incredibly fucking good, especially with two strange women watching everything. After I let loose with an enormous orgasm on Mahina’s face, the women took their baskets and departed.

That night, I couldn’t sleep, completely sexually charged up. I wandered through the village, hearing moans, cries, and raw screams of pleasure coming from nearly every hut. The thin grass walls concealed nothing, from the rapid wet rub-rub-rub of a Vahinaki teenage girl enjoying a pre-bedtime frig to the raw, hoarse-throated screams of “Fuck me!” and “Fist me for the moon goddess!” that emanated from the lodge shared by three longtime council members who had magnificently voluptuous figures in their early 50′s. When I was conducting my survey, one of them had casually shown me a huge, earthenware vessel painted with red orchids and brimming with refined coconut oil. Now I knew what it was used for.

I wanted so badly to be inside there, fucking, sucking, and screaming my lust out into the tropical night with those gloriously disinhibited island goddesses. Little did I know that I would soon accede to a stature higher than theirs, and get everything I wanted.

Mahina came to me one day when I was reviewing my notes on my chaise in the garden and handed me a scroll. “It’s from the council,” she explained, trit-trotting away before I could demand a further explanation. I removed the red ribbon and read the message. To make a long story short, they were inviting me to become the Matuatele.

Unique among the many goddesses worshipped on Vahinaki, the Matuatele is considered to be a living deity who resides within the community. Her word is law. There has been a succession of Matuateles extending back nearly 2,000 years, according to the council’s records. According to legend, her name is whispered on the northern breeze into the ears of the council, and she is always a woman of at least 40 years of age who did not grow up on Vahinaki. I was to become the first white woman to become a living goddess, and as Mahina breathlessly told me when I caught up with her a few minutes, this was a first, but had also been prophesied.

Naturally, I accepted. Tributes of food, flowers, and jewelry began to appear outside my door each morning. As I walked through the market each morning, women would prostrate themselves at my feet, kneel beseechingly before me for a caress from my hand and a word of blessing. And my always rapacious libido went into overdrive.

The primary role of the Matuatele is to complete the sexual education of young women living on Vahinaki before they move into a long-term relationship.

There is a set path toward womanhood here. Up until the age of 15, girls concentrate on their schooling, from arts and languages to astronomy and mathematics. For the next three years, they focus on perfecting their domestic and managerial skills. At 18, they are permitted to choose a husband or long-term lover from the men on Nukunga, and the man is not permitted to refuse when formally approached. However, many forgo men altogether except for procreation, and concentrate on heightening their pleasure with other women, with whom they may also partner. Both monogamy and polygamy are common here. And worshipping the Matuatele, under her decadent, knowledgeable, and sometimes cruel tutelage, is a necessary rite of passage for women between the ages of 18 and 28 here.

Before I tell you more about my little Ailani, I should confess some of the other deliciously bold, wicked, and nasty things I have done since assuming the mantle of the Matualele. And imagine – I still have two years left to go on Vahinaki.

After I became the Matuatele, I established a mistress-slave relationship between myself and Mahina. No longer was she permitted to wear clothes in my presence. She entered my study one day on her hand and knees, eyes toward the ground, and asked if I would see our mutual friend Halia, who had a favour to ask. Halia, who wore dark-rimmed glasses and had studied philosophy in Australia, had helped me translate some obscure passages from a collection of Polynesian legends. I was happy to see her. She entered the room and apologized for not bowing fully due to her big belly. “Since I became pregnant six months ago,” Halia explained, “my desires have been exceptionally strong. I masturbate several times a day. Yet my dear girlfriend no longer seems willing to pleasure me, for reasons I do not understand. Can you please help me, O gracious Matuatele?”

Minutes later, Halia lay back on my spacious bed, her smooth, toned legs spread in a blatant V, with her calves dangling over the edge. I lapped at her engorged inner labia, sucking them into my mouth, as her hips squirmed and she pushed her unshaven crotch into my face. I looked up and could see her arms moving, caressing her swollen tits with shameless pleasure. I knew it wouldn’t take long for her to explode on my face…and then she would be another slave for the Matuatele. Forever.

Afterwards, I lay on the bed behind Halia, caressing her smooth, taut belly and her long legs, listening to the rush of the sea outside.

I sensed someone else in the room, and turned my head to see Mahina. “Who gave you permission to be in here?” I demanded, showing my capricious side. Mahina began to explain. I raised a finger. “Fuck off, slave! Get out of here! When I want you, I’ll send for you. And the next time I send for you will be to tell you your punishment for violating the sanctity of the Matuatele’s chamber.”

After my delightful experience with Halia, I was even more excited about the prospect of publicly demonstrating my complete mastery over Mahina. I was very turned on by the knowledge that she had done nothing wrong, but was about to experience my cruelty in a way that completely satisfied my lust at the same time, and bound us together even more tightly.

The following day at noon, I stepped into the main square of the village, where Mahina was tied nude with her ass facing out to a tall wooden pole depicting the moon goddess. Hundreds had gathered to watch the Matuatele demonstrate her power and superiority, and I enjoyed the eyes fixed on me as I wore my ceremonial robes with pride.

Halia had the honour of handing me the polished balsa wood handle of the flogger, adorned with nine black leather tails. “Thank you, Matuatele, for showing us the way,” she said in a loud, clear voice. The women watching repeated: “Thank you, Matuatele, for showing us the way.”

In response, I reached inside my robe and produced a glistening, green jade butt plug that I had brought with me from Seattle. I handed it to Halia. “Go!” I said. “Fill up the one who sinned against the Matuatele.”

As the watching women, many of them barebreasted and clearly excited, began to clap rhythmically, slowly and quietly at first, Halia went to Mahina, deftly spread her ass cheeks apart, and looked at me for approval before easing the butt plug right up the soon-to-be-punished slave’s ass. Mahina let out a long, raw grunt as it entered her, and the crowd murmured with increasing excitement. That made my cunt clench as I fondled my whip.

“Do you want to see the punishment I give?” I demanded in a loud voice. “Yes!” the women cried out. Mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, aunts…everyone was lusting to see me show my power now.

I stepped forward and lightly ran the leather tails over Mahina’s ass, making her tremble before I brought down the flogger with full force. She screamed with pain and excitement as a clear mark appeared on her soft brown ass. The women cheered and screamed: “Use her! Show her! Make her worship the Matuatele!” The rhythmic clapping picked up as everyone crowded closer to watch me punishing this slave.

Hot, cruel lust surged through me as I flogged Mahina steadily, listening to the chants and incantations. Women were lowering their skirts, masturbating to the sight. At one point, I lifted my own robe, licked the balsa-wood handle while making eye contact with Halia, and thrust the handle into myself so I could fuck myself in front of a crowd of native women, now reaching out eagerly to caress me.

I continued giving it to Mahina, and derived great pleasure from the sight of her pushing hard to expel the butt plug from her asshole. “Push it right out, bitch!” I screamed at her. “Show everybody what a motherfuckin’ slut you are! Let the whole fuckin’ village see!”

With one hand on my clit and the other wielding my whip, I came with a surging intensity that made me scream as Mahina finally expelled the butt plug, obeying my orders. Women clasped me against their bosoms, holding me tight as I lay on the grass in the shadow of the pole.

When I had finally recovered, I ordered Mahina to be untied and brought to my room, where we lay together beneath my cool sheets. I caressed her, stroked her, and told her what a good girl she was as we sipped coconut milk together. Mahina kissed me eagerly and cuddled her face into my breasts. I knew she would never forget how I had flogged her…and would want it again, more and more.

Three days later, Mahina came to me to request another favour. “I’m very busy right now,” I said. “Particularly with the moon goddess festival just a week away. But tell me what it is, little slave.”

And then Mahina told me that Ailani had returned from her year-long work study program in Tahiti. “She’s ready for you, O Matuatele,” Mahina said respectfully.

Ailani and I lie side by side, naked on my bed, touching and kissing. The hut is immaculate. Under my watchful eye, Ailani has cleaned, dusted, and polished everything. She has stood by my side, feeding me freshwater shrimp and a banana-papaya pudding that she prepared herself. And she has given herself freely to me, as my fingers sensually trace over every inch of her long, slender yet curvy body – while still clothed.

I told her to dance for me in the nude before joining me in bed. Her hips move with a rhythm that make me need to know her. Oh, I am going to enjoy educating Mahina’s 19-year-old daughter, who is even better than Mahina herself.

I want to corrupt Ailani so thoroughly.

“Baby?” I say between kisses.

“Yes, O Matuatele?”

“You know those TV shows you saw in Tahiti?”

“With the girls in Los Angeles? Yes.”

“I want you to dress up for me like them sometimes. I’ll order some clothes for you. Stiletto heels, fishnet stockings, those little chemises. You’ll wear them just for me.”

“Of course, Matuatele.”

“And another thing: do you know Halia’s younger sister?”

“Noelani? She’s one of my best friends.”

“And have you ever…?”

“Oh, no, no. I don’t think she likes girls…?”

“You’re wrong, sweetheart. And I heard this morning she’ll be back early, just before the moon goddesss festival. You two girls are going to become even better friends…there’s so much you have to learn…”

We kiss again as the breeze rustles through the palm trees outside.

My name is Candice, I am 26 years old, and I am writing and sharing this story because my darling husband, Ricky, is too shy to do so.

It all started in 2010. We were on a trip with another young couple our age. My husband’s best friend Trey and his girlfriend at the time, Amber, whom he is now married to, were quite the partiers. Drinking, smoking, and pills were the norm while out with them at night. I took a liking to Amber from the moment we met. She was blonde, I had never had a blonde friend before her. She really was fun to be around. The four of us clicked immediately and after everything that’s happened between us, to this day we are still great friends.

It was November. The days were cold and the nights colder. That used to bother me but ever since getting with Ricky he has basically trained me to deal with the cold and wear sexy, skimpy outfits regardless of weather. This Friday night was no different. We spent an hour in the closet picking out the perfect outfit, making sure that I’d be out-sexying Amber that evening. She and I sort of have a continuous contest going on regarding who can be more stunning. I’m sure Ricky and Trey love that oh so much. In fact, I’m sure of it!

Normally we stayed in town but this night was different. The trip would take us 3 hours from home, to a secret club which they would not tell us the name of. They said be prepared to spend the night at a hotel, possibly for multiple nights. After curling my hair, packing some bags and putting on my lip gloss, we fed the dogs and jumped in my husband’s truck with GPS coordinates in hand, ready to meet Amber and Trey at whatever club they had decided on.

Before arriving at the club, Ricky and I both got an eerie feeling from our surroundings. Neither of us had seen a real life hooker on the streets before, but alas there were many standing around in this area. That alone should have been a clear warning for what was to come. “Where the hell are they taking us?”

In following the GPS, we pulled into the parking lot of what appeared to be an adult DVD/ toy store. “This can’t be right.” Sure enough, there was Amber and Trey walking out of the door, with 3 black bags in their hands. I asked them what the hell we were doing and Amber just said not to worry about it. She had a huge smile on her face, so I got out to hug her and show off my outfit. I turned to the truck to see my husband staring at me with his hands out, as if it were my fault that we were sitting there. As if he didn’t enjoy seeing his wife and another woman hug.

Pleasantries complete, we decided to all ride in the truck from here forward. “What about your car?” says Ricky. “It’s all good, said Amber, we’ll be back before the night is over. We’ve got what we need but you’ll need something from here later.”


I was driving, so the rest of the group decided they would all begin the party without me, since you know, they weren’t the ones driving. Amber and Trey pulled out a bag of about 10 blue pills with little dolphins on them. I didn’t know much about pills, nor did I care for taking them. But their doing so didn’t bother me. At least not until they suggested Ricky take a few with them. They told us they were muscle relaxers, but why did they have dolphins on them? Surely they were fibbing. I passed on the offer like usual, but my husband caved and took the pills from them and 1, 2, 3 he took them all, without hesitation. He’s so brave!

Before we knew it they told us to exit, and after a couple turns into an unlit area off the side of the freeway, we arrived at the club. It was a broken down dump of a building, but there were tons of cars there. From our experience those can often be the best kind. Filing out of the car, all four of us dressed to impress, we immediately garnered attention. My husband is a very handsome man. 6’1″, short brown hair, green eyes. He doesn’t have ripped muscles but he’s not scrawny either. I love his body. I’m sure by now you’ve built an image of Amber in your head, and you’re probably right. She’s gorgeous, about 5’5″ and loves heels, just like me. Trey, well, he’s ok looking, but definitely out of Amber’s league. He makes good money somehow, so I’m sure she likes that about her man!

The strange thing is, the attention we were getting was coming from women. This was different to me, and for my husband. He was so used to fighting men off that tried to flirt with me, but this time it was me who had to fight the women away from him. He had a big kool-aid smile on his face, the bastard. In the middle of getting mad and jealous, I remembered that he had taken those pills, so I let it slide. He was under the influence and cannot be held accountable for his actions. (His words)

The music was loud and the atmosphere was inviting. It didn’t take long for the Long Island Ice Tea to give me a buzz, and before you knew it my man had me on the dance floor, grinding on his dick in front of a crowd of people, many of which were women who seemed to be very slutty. He was mine and all mine, the bitches can look but not touch. I felt a tap on my back, and turned to see Amber and she whispers in my ear, “stop drinking”.

Why did she want me to stop drinking? She just smiled, and signaled for me to turn around and look at Ricky, who was busy rubbing his dick on my ass while tightly gripping my waist. His eyes were rolled back into his head, and his cock was rock hard. He was biting and licking his lips. He never does that! “What’s going on?” I asked Amber.

“Nothing much, other than your hubby being in complete euphoria.” Complete euphoria? I knew of only one pill that gives you complete euphoria, but would they really all do that without so much as a hint to me about it? One look over at Trey, and I knew the answer was yes. He was standing against the bar, rubbing his hands up and down his body talking about “oh my God, oh my God, oh my God”. I busted out laughing. I couldn’t help it. He looked hilarious.

After whispering something to Ricky, Amber grabbed me by my hand, pulling me towards the back of the room in the direction of the bathroom, leaving my husband behind on the dance floor. I didn’t like it. He was standing on a crowded dance floor surrounded by a bunch of sluts! In complete euphoria! I can only imagine what he did as Amber and I disappeared into the little girl’s room. But that feeling was soon replaced with excitement as she locked the door behind us, and pulled out the bag of pills from her purse. Was she going to offer me some? Would I accept? Who was going to drive? “Stick out your tongue.” This girl just put one on my tongue and told me to swallow, as she laughed. I couldn’t help it. I was caught up in the moment and I wanted to be feeling what they were feeling. I swallowed. The pill tasted disgusting. I should have used water to wash it down. “It’s your first time right Candice? You’ll only need one. By the end of the night Ricky and Trey will have each had 4.”

I stood there as Amber did her business in the bathroom stall. “Why was she taking so long? I didn’t smell poop. What is she doing?” I heard a moan, so I knocked on the door to see what was going on. I immediately felt like I was being annoying, so I quickly changed my tune to one of excited curiosity. “Having fun without me?” I said to Amber. “Coming right out baby, I’ve just got to get this thing to fit nice and snug.”

Baby? Nice and snug? What the hell is this girl talking about, were my thoughts. She came bursting out of the bathroom, laughing and stumbling, stopped in front of the mirror to compose herself, then again grabbed me by my hand and took me back out into the club. I didn’t notice my husband on the dance floor, which was a relief.. Until I saw him at the bar talking to a female bartender or waitress. Amber and I began walking towards him, when suddenly the bartender lady slapped him across the face! “That son of a bitch was just hitting on her and he got slapped! HaHa that’s what he gets!”

Then she slapped him again. And again. And again. I didn’t know what was going on. He was just standing there getting slapped so I ran over to him to stop this, only to notice that he was stroking his dick while the lady was smacking him. “What the fuck is going on!?” He looked at me with this face that I can only describe as “What, bitch?” “Why is that woman slapping you?”

The lady jumped in when she realized my husband had no answers. “Don’t worry girl, he likes it. Can’t you tell?” Amber nudged me with her elbow. Amber seemed to know what this was all about. I felt so confused and out of the loop. Ricky just turned back towards the bartender, handed her a 5 dollar bill and she continued to slap him. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Never had I seen my man get this freaky.

Trey was standing by the door to the club, like he was ready to leave. He didn’t seem very happy. Maybe the pills weren’t having the same affect on him as they were Ricky and Amber? I pointed Trey out to Amber, then she quickly stormed off towards him. They had a confrontation at the door, which escalated to her yelling at him, pointing outside, screaming “Go sleep in the bed of the truck, we’ll be out later!!” Everybody in the area looked, and kinda giggled as Trey put his head down and left the building.

When she returned to the bar to us, she was overcome with the look of relief. I could just see her body loosen up, as if she had been trying to get rid of him all night. She ordered 2 tall waters, pulled out a random wad of bills and threw them at the bartender. The lady picked it up, and said thank you. “Damn girl, you feelin good?” I said to Amber as she handed me one of the glasses of water. “You know it baby. Now I’m gonna need you to start feeling good, so drink up, and let that cold water do its job.”

My husband was no longer getting slapped. In fact, he seemed quite happy to hear that I too was in the process of “feeling good”. He was staring me up and down, rubbing his dick and biting his lips. I gulped down the water and instantly felt chills cover my body from head to toe. I had goosebumps, but my hands were sweating. That seemed odd. But it felt good. It felt really good. I looked back to Amber, and she was staring at my man. She was looking at him as he looked at me. What was happening here? There’s a vibe that was unfamiliar between our group. For the first time I felt like Amber was sexually interested in my husband, and the crazy thing is, it was turning me on. Maybe it was because I knew he was mine, or maybe it was something else. But I couldn’t stop watching Amber check Ricky out.

As I stood there, I began to feel what I can only describe as the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life. It was an overwhelming sensation of comfort and warmth, topped off with a blast of hornyness. I had to refrain myself from pulling my skirt up to see what it would be like to touch my vagina. I didn’t want everyone in the club to know what was going on with me. I began rubbing my arms and running my fingers through my hair. I got carried away and spilt the remainder of my water on my blouse. That triggered something in me, I couldn’t hold it anymore. “Is this what I’ve been missing?” I asked Amber..

“You haven’t even begun to get the full experience baby, I’m going to show you and bitch boy over there the time of your lives tonight.”

What did she mean, bitch boy? Why did my pussy get wet when she said that? “What do you mean, bitch boy over there?” I asked. “I’ve been watching you tonight Candice. And it doesn’t look to me like you have your man in check properly. He should be your bitch. Every man needs to be their woman’s bitch.”

With every word I became more and more intrigued. It had to be because of the drugs, there’s no way this would turn me on otherwise. The loud music began to take over my body and I found myself looking into the crowd of dancers. I was looking at every man in the room like I wanted them to fuck me right then and there. I did want to get fucked. I turned around to tell Amber how I was feeling, but she wasn’t there, nor was Ricky. Damnit, Amber has him by the hand and she’s taking him to the bathroom. I saw her talking to a girl in front of the bathroom door, then she went inside. I followed, horny and confused, needing explanations.

I got to the door and the girl Amber had spoken to stepped in front of me and blocked the entrance to the bathroom. I was somewhat stunned and didn’t know what to say. “You can’t go in yet, Candice. They’re busy. I’ll let you know when you can enter.” I wanted to scream, but for some reason I felt happy to wait. I felt like if I waited, somehow everything was going to work itself out. No way are they in there having sex, she’s probably just telling him how horny I am. 5 or 6 minutes passed by when I heard a knock from inside. The mysterious girl opened the door and told me to go inside.

“What the fuck?” “What are you doing!” Amber had completely stripped Ricky’s clothes off, she had him bent over the sink, and there was shaving cream all over his body. She was shaving his hair off of his entire body. I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Get in and shut the door baby, you’re just in time to help me get this bitch ready for tonight’s activities. We need him to be shaved if we want him to make us any money.” I had never seen her like this. She seemed so dominant and in control, whereas my husband was clearly loving every second of being submissive to his best friend’s girlfriend. His body was trembling every time she put the razor to his skin. He was loving it!

“Is this all new to you, Candice?” She knew it was. Somehow I was sure this wasn’t new to her. Suddenly the thought of her mentioning she had to make something snug creeped back into my head. Is this what she meant? Surely this had something to do with it. In no time, Amber had completely removed all the hair from the waist up besides his hair on his head, then she handed me the razor. “Hurry up now, you want to shave off all his pubes, leg hair, and make extra sure to leave his asshole very smooth like a baby butt.” She just laughed. I could tell my husband was enjoying this by his body language, but he wasn’t speaking. My vision was beginning to become shaky, and everything seemed to be moving. Why wasn’t he saying anything?

“You ready for your master to shave the rest of your body, bitch?” said Amber. “Mnyess.” I looked closer and tried to steady my shaking eyes on my husband, and sure enough, there was a ball gag in his mouth. “Amber How do we know if he likes it when he has a ball gag in his mouth?”

“Do you like it bitch?” She kept calling my man bitch, and it was turning me on. He mumbled another “mnyess” from behind the gag, so I said fuck it. Let’s do this. Why not right? We’re in the bathroom, nobody will ever have to know.

I started at his feet, removing every hair I could find, leading all the way up to his ass. I noticed he stuck his butt out more and more as I got closer to it. Then when I was there, as if he had done this many times before, he reached back and spread apart his butt cheeks for me to get a close shave. As I began to shave his asshole his legs started to shake, and I saw a little bit of cum drip from his dick. He was rock hard and cum was dripping from his dick while Amber and I had him gagged in the bathroom shaving off his body hair. “Holy shit Ricky! Cum is dripping from your dick, do you like it that much?” Mumbles is all I heard from him. I could barely understand him while he was gagged.

“His name isn’t Ricky anymore, Candice. His name is bitch now. This is your opportunity to seize control of the relationship and make this bitch your slave. This is what he wants he’s just been too shy to tell you, so he asked me to do this favor.” Oh my goodness. At this point I was dripping wet and thinking I would agree to anything, when Amber reached in her purse and pulled out a little outfit which I thought she was going to change into. “Get some paper towels and wet them, then wipe all the remaining shaving cream off of bitch boy so I can get him dressed. I did as Amber told me and wiped my man, I mean my bitch, clean.

What came next surprised me. Rather than her changing her outfit, she started to put the clothes on my husband. She began rolling stockings onto his legs, pulled panties onto him, tightened a corset around his torso, put a bra on him then a blouse. She then gets a wig and fits it perfectly onto his head, tugging it and making sure it didn’t move. I laughed, I couldn’t help it. He looked like such a sissy now, I had never seen him this way but it was still turning me on. She reached into her bag and pulled out make up. “Can’t forget this!”

Before long bitch boy was dressed as a woman, and whether it was because of the drugs or not, I don’t know, but I think he looked pretty damn sexy, even if he was a little sissy bitch boy. “And now for the final touch. Lube this up and put it inside him. He’s ready.” It was a butt plug, a pink one. Larger than anything I could ever imagine being able to fit inside an ass. I gladly took that job from her, and watched as my sissy husband pulled open his ass and begged me to put the plug in him. I lubed it and and it slid right in. “DAMN!” “How did he take that?”

“I told you baby. Your husband is a submissive bitch in need of training, and tonight you and I are going to make it happen for him. Those pills he took are making him lose his inhibitions, making him get loose, this probably feels like the best thing in the world to him. Did you know he has a g spot in his ass?”

I had heard something about the prostate, but I thought it was a joke. “That’s a real thing?”

“Yes it is. And you can use it to make him do anything you want. Once you hit his spot it’s over, you’re gonna have him whipped and begging like a proper faggot!” We both busted out laughing. Was I really laughing about the thought of turning my man into an anal craving sissy bitch?

Amber removed the gag from his mouth to ask him a question. “Are you ready to get locked up bitch? You won’t be needing that dick of yours anymore for the rest of the weekend. It’s useless to us now. Slap it and get it soft so I can lock it up!”

I’d heard of chastity cages but always thought they were too small for his dick. but this was a big one, and it fit just perfectly. Then she locked it and put the key on a chain, then put that around her neck. It rested perfectly inside her cleavage. “Wow” is all I could say. As she pulled heels out of her purse that also had locks on them, slid them onto his feet and locked it up, she turned towards me and said “He’s ready. Go get paid baby, use your new toy.”

“I thought this was staying in the bathroom?”

“Hahaha, no. Not even close. You really have no idea what your bitch boy wants do you?”

“I guess not.”

“Thats ok baby, I’ll train you while we train him. You’re gonna love it!”

To be honest, I was already loving it. This just seemed like the intended flow of events for the evening, falling into place just like I thought they would. Amber had everything under control.

She grabbed my husband by his hair and dragged him out of the bathroom and into the dance area. All the girl that were earlier checking him out were now laughing and giggling. Amber says “Pick out 5 men that you think are sexy. Check their packages, make sure they have big dicks.”

What did she want me to do that for? Why would we be needing big dicks? For her? Is it for me? I assumed so, so while picking I was looking for guys that I would fuck, and if I wanted big huge dicks, chances are they were going to belong to the black guys. I went around grabbing dicks like a slut at a candy store, until I found 5 really hot and hung black dudes and brought them with me over to where Amber and my bitch were. Strangely, they didn’t laugh when they saw Ricky dressed like a sissy. You could clearly see the big pink butt plug in his asshole, it was moving slightly, so I knew he was repeatedly tightening his sphincter. That must feel incredible to him, the look on his face was one of pure ecstasy. He was in another world, completely unaware of his surroundings, looking willing and eager to receive orders. I had never seen him like this before, ever. My husband is a little bitch. He’s a sissy, and from the expression on Amber’s face, it was time that we really showed him who is boss. I was ready, but what do I do? I’m nervous.


This is my first ever attempt at writing a story so I would appreciate constructive feed back. Also, this is just mainly set up and background info with only a masturbation scene. Some of the following events are true and did happen to me.


It has been five months since I turned 18 and thankfully, high school was in my rear view mirror having just graduated with honors. Being as physically small as I was for a guy (5 feet and 110lbs) you can imagine how much fun it was going to school every day. To make matters worse, my facial features were a bit more feminine then they should’ve been for a normal teenage boy. I also had a lack of any real facial or body hair but it didn’t matter anymore, high school was over forever and I was freed from my torment. Plus, this summer had the makings to be something special. You see, I was a closet cross-dresser and very bi-curious, two things I dearly wanted to explore but didn’t have the means to do so until now that I was 18.

The first thing I did when I turned 18 five months ago was get a credit card, and since I was a very shy person, the credit card made a huge difference. It allowed me to shop online and buy the women’s clothes and shoes that I wanted so badly without having to go into a store and actually interact with people. Through a bit of trial and error I was able to assemble a few different outfits that fit me perfectly and buy a few pair of high heels to go along with them.

And since my summer job allowed for me to be home alone a lot during the day I found myself walking around the house in women’s clothing all the time. One day it would be a skirt and a blouse, another day it would be a nice two piece bikini, but regardless of what I was wearing that day, it made me feel great. It was also during this time that I discovered what I thought to be a very embarrassing fact actually had its upside when I was wearing panties, bikini bottom’s or more form fitting women’s clothes. Since my cock was so small (only 5 inches hard and 1.5inches soft) I had a really easy time “hiding” it. In fact, even when I was wearing something as revealing like a bikini, to anybody who didn’t know any better, I would look like nothing more than a very flat chested girl.

About a week into summer and cross-dressing all day, I decided that I wanted to really explore my bi-curiosity. So one night, after getting dressed normally, I left for work early so I could make a stop at sex shop on the way in. As I got into the parking lot, I started to get very nervous, and sat in my car for 10 minutes or so before I had the nerve to move. When I finally made it into the store, there were one or two people in there and the store clerk was busy helping them out, so I made my way to the section of dildos and butt plugs hoping that nobody had really seen me. I was starting to look at the collection of sex toys and decide which one I would by when sudden from over my shoulder I heard

“Hello, is there anything I can help you with?”

Turning around red faced, I saw it was the sales lady and as quickly and calmly as I could I replied, “Hi, I was just……. Just… looking for…. A dildo…. And a maybe… a butt plug.”

She replied, “Is who this is for new to anal?”

I couldn’t verbally answer, so I just nodded my head. After seeing me nod, she quickly took one butt plug and one dildo and handed them over to me.

She said, “Well these should be a good place to start. Is that all you wanted?”

I replied “Yes” and a few minutes later I was leaving the shop heading off to work with a 7 inch dildo that wasn’t very think, a 5inch long butt plug that had a 2 inch diameter at the largest point and a bottle of lube sitting in my car. The whole time at work I couldn’t help but think of how turned on I actually was by the whole situation and how I really wanted to get home to try at least the butt plug that night.

And when my shift was finally over, I rushed home with more energy than usual, and went straight to the bathroom, figuring it would be easier to clean up in there if I made a mess. I quickly stripped out of all my clothes and placed the butt plug on the edge of the bath tub. As I was lubing it up, I was a bit surprised to see that I was completely hard and was getting really excited to try this.

After the butt plug was completely lubed, I positioned myself over the butt plug straddling the edge of the tub. Slowly I lowered myself until I felt the tip of the plug at the edge of my hole. I paused for a moment, and continued, moaning softly as I took in the first inch of the plug. Stopping there, I slowly started to ride the plug up and down, taking in more of the toy and getting stretched further and further on every down stroke. I was in heaven; it felt so good riding the toy. I started to leak pre cum when I made it half way down and I didn’t even stroke my cock once. I continued to ride the toy, speeding up the pace, fucking myself faster and faster with the plug. All the while I got more and more turned on and my cock got harder and harder. I continued to fuck myself as hard as I could with the toy before suddenly the whole plug was in me except for the flared base. At that moment, when I took the whole plug inside of my ass, I experienced the most intense orgasm in my life. I shot rope after rope of cum all over the tub leaving a sticky mess and when I tried to get up, I had to steady myself because my knees and legs were weak from it. Now I masturbated like any regular teenager, but I have never cum so hard, and never ever have I been able to cum without touching my cock. This was the most intense orgasm of my life at that time.

After my legs regained their strength, I slowly walked across the bath room to get a towel to clean up the mess. After cleaning up the mess, I started a warm shower. Standing underneath the shower head, I reached down in-between my legs to find the base of the plug. Slowly I started to pull it out, enjoying the sensations of it sliding out of my hole slowly. After I came back to my sense, I slowly soaped my body, and washed myself and my toy clean. Still riding the high of the orgasm while I was drying myself, I thought, “If the plug was this good, I can’t wait to try my dildo.”

At this point I wrapped the towel around my waist and headed back to my room hoping nobody was up and catch me carrying a butt plug in the house. Inside my room, I found a pair of thong panties and put them on, making sure to tuck my cock away properly to complete the perfect silhouette. I was now finally beginning to feel tired, and climbed into bed. I fell asleep thinking that I had to get onto that swingers site I found so that I could further explore my desire to cross-dress and my bi-curiosity. After all if a toy was that good, the real thing must be better right?

To be continued……..

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