It was the pain that woke her. She was on her own bed, bound spread-eagle to the posts, but not gagged. There was a deep throbbing in her ass and a feeling of being permanently stretched. She cried out, softly, it was almost a sigh. Had she dreamed the Ceremony of Will? Where was her Master? Why was she alone? She began to pull against the bonds and then relaxed, exhausted just from the thought of trying to free herself. She began to cry from pain and exhaustion both.

Bryndis was watching. She had fallen asleep almost before they reached the room; he had laid her on the bed, washed her tenderly and tied her down. Looking down at her, he had to fight the urge not to take her right then. However, he wanted her submission as much as he wanted her body. He had moved quietly to the cabinet, removed a butt-plug from one of the drawers and returned to Annis. Shaped as exact replica of his erect penis, he held open her red, pummeled ass and inserted it slowly. She moaned deep as it went in, but she remained asleep. He knew it would cause her more immediate pain; however, it would give her less pain over a longer course of time as her body became used to his presence. He had turned off all the lights and set the alarm to alert him as soon as she began to wake before moving into his room and falling asleep. Now, six hours later and almost dawn, as she began to wake and cry out, he knew he would go to her, but he wanted to let her work through some of the emotion of what had occurred and give her any space to consider what to say when he entered. He wanted, in essence, her mind and her body to be awake.

After about ten minutes, Annis’ cries began to abate. ‘I can’t believe it,’ she thought. ‘That was so humiliating…’ But she hadn’t hated it. She had been so scared, but never considered quitting or even wanting to quit. Now, she was just very thirsty and felt a gnawing hunger as well, but both of these things were undermined by the pain in her ass. “Master?” she cried out. “Master, please!”

He walked in and went to her immediately, placing a firm hand on her back. He didn’t say anything at first. He just stood next to her and felt her quivering underneath him.

“Thank you for coming,” she whispered.

“Thank you for the submission you showed me yesterday.” He paused, placing his other hand down on her back. “Annis, are you in pain?” He could see it in her face, but wanted to hear her answer.

“Yes.” Her voice wavered; she was about to start crying again.

“Is it unbearable pain?”


“Can you focus on what you need and what I’m saying while you’re in this kind of pain?” He could see the kind of focus and discomfort showing on her face. He knew she needed to say ‘no’ in answer to this question, but wanted to know if she understood.

“I can’t really think about anything except the burning…can you help me?” Tears were running down her face again, though she had her eyes shut tight.

“Of course, my dove. I’m going to count to three and then I want you to breathe out quickly, okay?”

She nodded her head, but had no idea why this would help her. She felt his hands move to her ass and heard him start to count.

Bryndis knew that pulling out the plug quickly was the fastest way to get her out of pain — and that it would cause her a lot of pain as well. However, the other option was to take it out slowly and since Annis didn’t know what was inside of her, that was not a practical option. As soon as he reached ‘three’, he felt her release her breath, he pulled hard on the butt-plug and was unsurprised at the gasp of pain and the sobs that followed.

“Annis, I’m going to untie you. You can continue laying down, or you can sit up, whichever you like.”

Annis didn’t move until all of her limbs were free. She then curled up in a ball on her side facing away from Bryndis.

“Talk to me, Annis,” said Bryndis, placing a hand on her leg.

“I didn’t know…” she said after a moment, “I didn’t know you could make me feel so much.” She paused, trying to find the words. “I don’t really want to forgive you for the pain. I hurt so much. But I loved being able to submit to you the way I did. Is that okay?” She still hadn’t looked at him. She hadn’t even opened her eyes.

His heart jumped at her answer. Yes, she rejected the pain. She should reject it. But him and submission to him she did not reject. He leaned over her and whispered, “I’m so proud of you.” He slipped off his shoes, reached down and pulled the down cover up from the foot of the bed, slipped in beside Annis and wrapped his arms around her.


About ten minutes later, Bryndis ran his hand down the side of Annis’ face and asked her if she were thirsty. She nodded her head, eyes still closed, and lay still as he rose. She heard him move out to the balcony.

“When you’re ready, get up, put on your robe and slippers and come join me.”

She opened her eyes, feeling safer now that he couldn’t see them. She was so embarrassed and afraid…and so proud and even impressed with herself. And yet she had lost something. Yes, that was maybe what she felt the most — loss. She looked outside, surprised to see the darkness fading. She didn’t know she has slept for so long. She realized again that she was hungry and very thirsty. She reached for her robe and saw the slippers just underneath. Slipping her feet into their plushy comfort, she shuffled outside, still so tender, and joined Bryndis. He wasn’t sitting, but… he was lounging. There was no other word for it. Reclining on huge pillows scattered across the balcony, with a picnic-type breakfast spread in front of him.

“I thought this might be more comfortable. Please, have something to drink.” He held up a glass of water and smiled as she knelt to take it. “Come, lay in front of me.” She still had not met his eyes, but kept them demurely lowered as she dropped obediently down in front of him. “I’m going to feed you breakfast,” he said, as she drank from the cup he had given her, “and then we’re going to discuss yesterday before we go any further.” He wanted to make her look at him, but knew that part of her aversion was her own uncertainty. That would pass soon enough. He reached for an apple slice and began to feed her as the sun rose over the high Colorado Hills.


When breakfast was over, he took her back to the sofas. “So,” he began as he seated her on her sofa and dropped into his, “part of you is no longer a virgin. And, you have passed your first class with flying colours.”

“What? What do you mean, ‘passed my first class’?”

“Back — stabbing, our class on anal sex. You’ve just passed. Of course, you’re still lacking a final participation mark, but I don’t think that will be much of a problem.” He was smiling.

“I hadn’t quite gotten that far.” Annis smiled back, meeting his eye for the first time since before the Ceremony of Will. She looked away quickly. “I’m sorry, I just…”

“Tell me what you are thinking about.”

“I can’t ever get back what I gave to you.”

“No,” said Bryndis. “You cannot. Nor can I have what I give to you.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Annis, every time I come into you, I leave you a physical part of myself — not only the mental and emotional. I give myself to you as well. But I understand what you mean. Are you upset by what you have done?”

“No, I’m not upset really. It will just take a while for my body to catch up with my mind.” And that was the truth, she realized.

“Can you tell me why you came to the Institute in the first place?”

And so, Annis began to talk for the first time since coming here. She told him all about university, her job, the letter, Etan, everything. He laughed in all the right places, asked questions when she wanted to be evasive, ensuring that she told him everything, and held her hand through most of the monologue. When she was finished, he looked at her deeply.

“Do you want to leave, now that you’ve experienced this? Do you want to stop?”

“No!” She grabbed at him, holding his arm. “Please don’t send me away!” Telling her story and being so truthful about everything that had and hadn’t happened to her had helped her to overcome her fear and disappointment. She remembered why she was here, why she wanted to be here.

“I’m not going to send you away.” Bryndis smiled. “I wanted you to be sure. Today we start your giolla training in earnest and I needed you to be as committed today as you were before the Ceremony of Will. Come,” he said, getting up. “I have things to explain.”

He walked over to the cabinet and opened the door and began, one by one, to take things out and hand them to her. He asked her what she thought they were for, what she thought about them, how she felt. He noted her shivers at the objects of heavier punishments — the whips and the canes. He also noticed that she showed no emotion when she saw the ropes, clamps and internal vibrators. All signs that she hadn’t experienced them before. Though he didn’t show it, he was relieved. Part of him had feared that she had expressed more naivety than she actually possessed. Lastly, he opened the drawer with the butt-plugs, taking one out and putting it in her hands.

“This is a cast mould of me.”

The surprise showed on her face. “But…what am I to do with it?”

“You’ve already done it, my dove. That’s what was causing you so much pain this morning when you woke up. It’s called a butt-plug. Most of them don’t cause you pain but because of the Ceremony and because you’re new to this, it stretched you.” He watched her running her hands slowly across every vein, getting turned on by the thought that very soon she would be doing that to his real cock. “Look at me for a moment, Annis. I want you to wear it for the next three hours.” Her shock showed on her face. “Remember, you can always call a safe word, but you are going to try. It won’t hurt as much now that you’re a little more stretched and, unlike the one you were wearing earlier, this one is soft and made of rubber. Every time you put it in it will feel more comfortable. The hardest part is when it goes in and when it comes out. Other than that you will generally feel full.”

She was trembling. And she was about to start crying. “I don’t want to do this! But I don’t want to fail you, either!” And with that he wrapped his arms around her, one hand still holding the butt-plug, and grabbed her and kissed her, hard and deep. So unexpected, she resisted for just a moment, before opening herself up to him. His tongue, warm and demanding, slipped between her teeth as soon as she parted them. It was warm and safe here in his kiss, she thought. His tongue continued to run along the inside of her mouth, one hand on her neck, she moaned in pleasure. He untied her robe, but continued kissing her and slid his hand around her naked waist, feeling her warm sides and stomach. As both hands reached around to her ass, he pulled away and whispered for her to kneel. He too came down on his knees and guided her down. “I know you’re afraid, but this is what I want. Open your knees, Annis.” His empty hand was now running up the inside of her legs, not ever touching her pussy that was hot and wet for him, regardless of her own uncertainty. He kissed her again and then whispered for her to push down as he began to press the end of the butt-plug into her ass. She could feel his cock through his trousers and imagined seeing him plunging deep and fast. She felt him pressing and obediently, almost without thought, pushed against him. Then came the pain and the burning. She took a deep breath and pushed again, feeling the stretch of her ass. “Master,” she cried out, trying to find release of some sort, but getting none. One more breath, one more push and she felt it fit somehow deep inside of her and sphincter closed over the smallest part of the plug and relaxed. He was right; this didn’t hurt as much as the one from the morning and she did mostly just feel full. She pulled away from him, overcome with humility.

“I’m sorry I didn’t trust you,” she said, turning her face away.

Bryndis laughed. “I don’t expect you to trust me implicitly so soon. That will come soon enough. Lay down, Annis.” She did, and he drew her legs up, knees bent and open. “Has anyone ever brought you to orgasm with their hands?” he asked her, knowing the answer full well, delighting in the sight of the butt-plug peeking out from her rose-red ass.

“No, Master, I…” He put his hand softly to her mouth.

“Soon that answer will be yes.” She moaned and he saw her juices begin to leak out and run down the crease to her ass. “But not quite yet.” She moaned again, this time with frustration. “First, I want to hear how much you enjoy having that butt-plug deep in your most private of places. Do you like it, Annis?”

She moaned, and pulled her knees back even farther.

“Tell me. Say the words, don’t just show me.”

“I want it in me!” The words came out like a bullet. They took some amount of energy to say; just looking at her face, Bryndis could see that she was in conflict. She wanted to cum and this was the only way. He needed to teach her that acceptance was the way to release and that her cumming was not only in praise for good work, but also was used as a teaching tool. He touched his thumb to her perineum, rubbing in the juices she had loosed. She groaned again, pushing out, trying to get some friction.

“What is it and where do you want it?”

“The butt-plug, your dick, I want it…anywhere! Oh, anywhere, please let me cum for you!”

“Don’t move, Annis.” Bryndis got up from the bed, hearing her groan with desire and disappointment. He fully intended to make her cum, but not here. He had to allow her some time, however, to be able to move and focus on other things.

He got his backpack from his room and filled it with a few simple things. Most of what he needed was already at their destination, but wanted to be sure they had enough water. He also packed two vibrators and some food. He then returned to Annis to see that she had remained still and seemed to be in a little more control. He smiled.

“When you’re ready, get up. We’ll start your next class in just a few minutes. Wrap up in your robe and slip on the sandals under the bed.”

Annis couldn’t believe it. She had never so much as asked for a kiss before and this man had her begging for release and he does nothing. Rage and humiliation flowed through her like a war. She didn’t want to start her next class; she wanted release from all the pent-up tension he had awoken in her. “Well, this better be good,” she said, getting up. Except that she hadn’t exactly intended to say that out loud. She looked, stunned, at Bryndis. “I’m so sorry, Master!”

Bryndis, surprised, began to laugh. “I hope it will be!” Annis was so relieved; she had thought he would be so upset! “Are you almost ready? We’re going out and I’ll show you some of the grounds.”

Annis slipped on the sandals, belted her robe and followed him out the door.


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