business woman

There was a girl named Jennifer. Jennifer had recently turned 18, celebrated alone with her closest friend, Susie, as neither girl really connected with anyone else at their high school. Both being 18, they were near to graduating, leaving Jennifer feeling lost and confused as to how she should direct herself at such a pivotal moment in her life? Doctor? Too clinical. Writer? Too easy. Stripper? Nah, although she certainly had the body for it. She was fit, through the rigorous study of Yoga, and was very flexible, and (more importantly) she had massive tits. She was the girl old men like to leer at; walking down the street, not tarting herself up, but her innately sexual aura intriguing all who pass, with those 38F cup tits and her tit ass atop long, toned legs. And to top it off, she was a natural redhead; the sexy sprite with the fiery mop.

She felt lost on the way to life, so she decided that a job may help clear her mind – show her at least what she did not want to do for the rest of her life. Looking on, she found several receptionist positions offering a healthy pay to girls of her age and experience, and, upon calling, she found her Tuesday afternoon filled with job interviews. Lightly sighing, she knew his meant she had to take a day off school. ‘Not like mom would notice.’ she thought, musing on her mother’s unfortunate neglect due to a hectic work schedule, filling her time with two jobs to provide for her daughter.

Tuesday came fast, and Jennifer attempted to dress as professionally as possible for the interviews, so she slipped into a skirt just brimming her knees and a proper blouse, although it strained against her massive tits. Despite her best efforts to appear professional, she still maintained an aura of a vixen moments away from ripping the buttons apart for any male gaze.

Her first interviewer was with two people; a middle-aged woman and an old man. They both were rather plump, and the pig of a man clearly had an erection throughout the interview. Jennifer caught his eyes peering at her chest during each question. The woman seemed almost resentful – this was something familiar to Jennifer too, as her body often marked her subject to the bitchiness of other women. She didn’t think this job would turn out, but as she was leaving, as the man led her out, she felt his hand drop to her waisting, guiding her. Once out of the interview room, he sharply turned a corner into a private bathroom, and locked the door behind them. He looked terribly nervous, as was Jennifer.

“Look. I don’t know how to put this, but if you take off your top, you’ve got the job.” he stammered. She didn’t know how to respond, and stammered as he wrung his hands. Suddenly, she felt something sweep over her. Maybe it was pity for this old, balding, fat lecherous man, stuck in the same boring job for thirty years. She was his release, and this turned her on. Looking into his eyes, she reached for her buttons and let her blouse open to her white bra. She saw his hand rising, but did not aim to stop it, and he caressed her tits flesh eagerly. Then his other hand found its way, and she was being full on groped. She moaned in pleasure as he drooled in his own, he pulled her bra cups down to expose her large nipples, which hardened in the cold office air. He tweaked her nipple, and dove in with his mouth, sucking and slobbering over her. Without warning, the door which Jennifer had sworn her fondler had locked swung open, and the woman who interviewed her stood in shock, with a gaze of half anger and frustration. The man stammered as he stood, his erection still tenting in his pants as Jennifer quickly covered herself, although her substantial cleavage made this difficult.

After some confusion, Jennifer left the office jobless, and now half aroused by her elderly groper. She had another interview scheduled still; it was scheduled close to home, so she thought to swing by the house to freshen up before the next. Taking the bus home, she couldn’t help but feel someone was staring at her – truthfully, a common sensation for a woman of such beauty, but it was different this time. Each man she passed seemed to approach her differently than usual. All men seemed to flock to her side, surrounding the teen vixen on the bus. Jennifer realized her stop was fast approaching, but a circle of men, both standing and sitting around her prevented escape. They all were staring at her; a stare she recognized from her interviewer. Suddenly, a bright flash lit up the bus, blinding Jennifer for a moment, until her senses recovered, and she saw the horror that had replaced the bus. All around her were monsters – terrible creatures in hoards where the leering men had been. Turning, she recognized some from fairy tales (trolls and elves and goblins), but some other terrible beasts were merely born from the deepest recesses of humankind’s worst nightmare’s. One of the assumed trolls stepped forward, a giant erection sticking ahead of him, and he reached for Jennifer’s arm. In that moment, Jennifer found herself in deep meditation – an eternity birthed from a second – and she considered very carefully what would happen next. She knew these things would have their way with her regardless of her will. She knew she was still curiously horny from her encounter with the fat, old guy. She knew that this situation was far too bizarre to be real, so she concluded that, as a dream, she would just play along and see how this goes.

She looked up at the giant troll and smiled, only to rip the buttons from her shirt in one swift pull, exposing her bra-clad tits for the second time that day. The beasts seemed to have taken that as a free pass, as they all pulsed in towards her. Jennifer felt hands everywhere, ripping her clothes to shreds, leaving the thin teen exposed to a multitude of monstrous dicks shoved towards her. She felt herself being lifted by hands, and then tilted into a laying position, and then impaled on the long, skinny penis of a goblin. He fucked her pussy aggressively, which she was truly enjoying, only to have her peace interrupted by the first troll shoving his giant member at her mouth. Being far to large to fit in her mouth, she ran her lips along the length of the shaft, kissing his balls occasionally. Her hands were grabbed, and she felt giant penis’ put in her palms. Naturally, she began jerking these off. At some point, a teddy bear, no bigger than a foot tall appeared, standing on her torso. She didn’t know if he climbed here or simply appeared, as a penis was in her mouth; she had put the head of the trolls penis in her mouth, using her tongue to swirl around it. She heard him say “You’re hired,” only to shove the goblin out of her pussy, and put his own freakishly huge cock inside her. She moaned in pleasure, and the troll pulled out from her face, his cock quivering inches from her mouth, when it suddenly exploded with cum. She accidentally opened her mouth, and she was forced to swallow some, while the troll aimed the rest at her neck and tits, leaving a thick film over her body.

The teddy bear kept fucking her, but she felt him push hard and began to cum inside her. She had the biggest orgasm of her life, highlighted by the eruption of the two cocks in her hands over her. A thick layer of white goo was all over her, but more monsters just filled the vacant spot left by the spent monsters. This repeated for what seemed an eternity to Jennifer, but an eternity of pure pleasure. Each monstrous orgasm left her anticipating the next with bated breath, and she became thickly covered with the semen of these beasts.

As what Jennifer assumed was a Frankenstein monster came in her ass and pussy with his two penis’, she came for the last time, screaming in pleasure, only to wake up in the middle of a circle of ordinary men on the bus, each looking terrified as to why the busty teenager in the sexy businesswoman clothes was laying on the floor screaming in pleasure, while drenched in a thick white goo. She stood up and flipped a strand of her fiery locks from her face, its colour distorted by the white semen dripping from it. She heard the name of her stop called out by the bus driver, and she stumbled off the bus, away from the gawking men and towards her house – and, more importantly, a shower. When she reached her room, however, she saw that same teddy bear standing on her bed, stroking his massive cock.

“So, doll, you think you might be interested in the position? If not, we could arrange for another. Doggy style, maybe?”

“What?” Jennifer’s mind was reeling, and the syllable was all she could afford herself.

“That was a hell of an interview, but I think you’ve got the skills. You sure as fuck got the tits.” The bear spoke, and she at once knew what he meant.

“When do I start?” She grinned.

“Baby, as the worlds new monster fucker, you started back on that bus!” The bear’s hands were going faster along his shaft now, and Jennifer fell to her knees before him. Without words, she crammed his cock into her mouth and lolled her around the shaft. Faster and faster, she pushed his giant member into her throat, when, terribly quickly, the bear began to cum. He sprayed into her mouth and out from her lips, shooting with such force she had to let go as it shot over her already cum-soaked hair and blouse, now transparent with the goo. “I’ll see you soon, you sexy fucking whore. Go shower up.” Which she promptly obeyed, leaving the teddy bear alone in her room. He chuckled and hopped off her bed, walking towards the closet.

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