Ch. 02: Team-building

I was curious about the famous team-building. My colleagues were talking about a lot and sometimes we got an e-mail about the plans. I think they had tried to make us interested in the team-building so they gave us information about it little by little only. There was a poster in the elevator, showing who is in charge of the registrations. Of course, I sent my registration in a long time ago. I was wondering who can I get to know of these strangers who I work with. And I was hoping I can get to know Bonnie a bit better after the team-building itself, at the party. Who knows, maybe we’ll get a special exercise together during the day…

But nothing works out as you planned it. As I found out, the location of the team-bulding was a little camp in the mountains west from the city. Back in the old times, it was a student camp, but somebody bought it and remade it. He organised outings here for big companies like ours. There were a few timber houses around a lawn, and a big representative building made of bricks and glass, where we could get together to lunch or dinner.

The team-building itself was a huge disappointment. The whole day was spent with idiotic things: we were searching in teams of five for some kind of hidden treasure in the woods, we had to solve lots of one-horse tasks, to find traces to it. I lost all my spirit when I had to dive into a wet, cold cavity of an old tree elbow deep – I’m no Indiana Jones, for heaven’s sake!

Later on, I got friends with two guys from the IT department, so we laughed on everything from then on. The leader of the team, sent by a professional team-building firm, almost got crazy at the end of the day. He promised us our bosses will know everything about our “attitude”, as he said. But we were just laughing, since we were only a nickname in our neck, a nickname, which should “describe us.” This was another of the team-builders’ ideas.

I was really glad when the night had come. I occupied an empty corner with my food. I was searching for Bonnie but I couldn’t find her anywhere.

During the evening, the managers told us how proud they are to be a member of our team, how good work we had done, how satisfied our clients are and so on. The beginning was sort of entertaining, but when they were telling us the same bullshit the twentieth time, I got bored and I didn’t care any more.

At least the food was good. I was eating the dessert when I saw Bonnie. She was sitting among her colleagues, with the other hot chicks from the real estate department, and they were really enjoying themselves. I figured out I will ask her somehow out for a little chit-chat. I ate my dessert, took my plates out and wanted to go to Bonnie but I bumped into Carl. He was an arrogant, grease-haired, tall but slim man. I never really liked him.

“Hi, Scott, how’s the food?” he asked.

“Good, I guess,” I said and tried to sidestep him, but he stopped me.

“Do you want to have a little fun?”

I saw in his eyes there is something going on. I checked the real estate girls above Carl’s shoulders. I didn’t see Bonnie there any more.

“What is it about?” I asked a little disappointedly.

“Come with me,” he said and hurried out.

We went around the building. Carl was behaving very mysteriously, he checked whether we are followed by someone and answered none of my questions. But he stopped at the pool:

“Listen up, you’re still new here so I thought I will put you up to this. You don’t have to thank me, let’s say I’m doin’ you a favor. And when you will have to do a favor for me, you will remember what a good friend of yours I am, comprende?”

I didn’t like his Godfather take-off too much, but I nodded. He continued on his arrogant tone:

“Do you know Helen? From the HR?”

“The small, black-haired girl? Of course! She organized my job interview, when I came to the firm…”

“Okay, okay…” Carl said, but didn’t really listened to me, he was watching the surroundings behind us. “Listen, mate” he leaned to me like a conspirator from the middle ages. “Helen’s got a… little strange obsession. At these kind of team-buildings she always hides into a room and welcomes a little group of insiders there.”

I was looking at him with a dumb expression on my face.

“You don’t get it, do you?” he tapped my chest. “She sucks off everybody! This gets her off! I don’t know what is good in it for her, but she never lets anybody to do her anything, you can’t even touch her breasts or her ass. It’s a shame since she’s got a real…” he showed me some round lines like he would grab Helen’s ass.

“She’s got a really nice ass, for sure…” I admitted.

“That’s not the point! I work you in, you will have a nice evening. The first rule: you can’t touch her, she really hates especially when you grab her head during the face-fucking. Just let her do her job. Now what do you think the second rule is?”

“Er…” I was thinking. “Discretion?”

“You will go very far, brother. This little adventure has to remain between us. Don’t mention it to Helen at the office. You talk with her about the stock exchange or the weather. That’s how she wants it, enough said. And we won’t be fools to miss out a good little suckie like this, will be, mate?”

He didn’t even wait for the answer, took to the trees on a little pathway. I recalled Helen: she really was a very sexy girl. A little small, but her body was really neat, with nice, round breasts and ass. Just the way I liked it. I’d heard some rumours about her and the director but you don’t have to believe everything they say. But now what Carl told me… Can this be true? Is she really a whore like this? I became interested.

We walked to the furthest timber house. From the outside, it seemed abandoned. Carl checked the area again then we went inside. The ground floor was really quiet. There were some jackets lying around on the floor. Carl showed me the way on the stairs to the upper floor. There was a little corridor. Carl confidently opened a door.

There was nice warm inside, the fire was burning in the fireplace, and that’s where all the light came from. Helen was kneeling naked on a huge bear skin at the middle of the room, just as Carl promised to me. There were three guys standing around her, all of them from different departments. I barely knew them. Each of them had their cocks in their hands and they were waiting to be the next to be blown. Helen was sucking the man before her with eyes closed, in her very rhythmical, very routinal way. She let the cock out of her mouth once in a while, smiled, patted it playfully, like a little stick, then grabbed the ass of the guy and pulled him back between her beautiful lips. Aside of being naked, there were some traces of sperm listening between her breasts already.

“She is really good,” Carl smiled. “Come on, try it out!”

He pushed me to the end of the short row. I watched for a while how Helen sucked a guy then like the others, I zipped out my trousers, and got my dick out. Two guys just finished in front of me, they sprayed their white jets on her tits and some fluids landed in her hair. The men stepped back, grabbed their clothes and hurried away. Only one guy remained and Carl behind me, but he already got his dick out and jerked it furiously. Helen pulled the guy deep into her mouth. The guy was moaning loudly and his knees went weak. I think Helen must have swallow every drop because when she let the cock out, there was just her saliva dripping from it.

“Now that was juicy,” she said, smiling. “Next!”

The guy stumbled away, Helen moped her lips like a fighter after a match.

I was next. Helen eyed me up and down. but I wasn’t sure she recognised me. She pulled me closer to her by my knees, and gently let my cock between beautiful lips. She licked along the head of my cock, while stroking my cock down with her hand. It was really good to be in her hot little mouth, especially when she turned her tongue around my cock head. She let it gently deeper and deeper, sucking and licking it like a lollipop. When I was halfway in her mouth, she started bobbing on me. I let out a satisfied moan, she was doing it so well. Her wet tongue was moving quickly around my cock, her saliva was flowing wildly around my cock, down to my balls.

Suddenly she let my cock out of her hot mouth and spanked her cheeks with it. Then grabbed it again and started to jerk it off. With her other hand, she smoothed out her hair from her face. She bent under my sack and licked my balls with her small tongue during the jerk-off.

“She’s a pro, right?” patted Carl my shoulder. What could I say? I enjoyed the girl’s work on my cock without a sound. She swallowed my cock again, sucked it really hard, and when it was deep in her throat, she swallowed some more, to make the sucking feeling stronger. She was really a pro, the head of my cock touched the back of her throat once or twice. I enjoyed it very much. I would instinctively grab her hair to take her onto my cock, but I recalled what Carl had said before – no touchie! So I enjoyed the hardcore suckfest, moaned and sighed loudly and the girl was just sucking and sucking me off. And she did it really well! She lightly grabbed my balls, gently stroked them as they were plums, meanwhile her head solidly bobbed on my cock.

I closed my eyes and let it go. My orgasm hit me like a shock, the sperm broke out in thick, hot, aching waves from my body inside Helen’s eager mouth. She continued the sucking, but in a bit slower pace, she hardly touched the head of my cock, she licked it very slowly instead. She gently sucked every drop out of me and swallowed it all. When she let my throbbing cock out of her hot mouth, I could hardly stand on my own two feet.

“It was juicy…” she giggled and fondled my cock with her palm.

“Thanks…” I sighed.

Some drops of sperm and saliva fall down on the bear leather beside her knees but neither of us cared about it.

“Let me here,” Carl said, and stepped to the girl. He didn’t hesitate, quickly shoved his cock between Helen’s lips and she started bobbing on him. I felt it’s time to leave so I dressed up, and stumbled my way out, down the stairs.

I sat down for a little bit and thought over what just happened to me. So this is Helen’s obsession. Using Carl’s words annoyed me a little bit but I didn’t know how to say it otherways. And I had to admit, she was really good at it. If there is something like that at every team-building, it will worth coming to them.

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