Frank and his friend James arrive at the fitness club to work out together. As we start to working out, James begins to tell me a secret I couldn’t believe. He says him and his wife Wendy are secretly living a swinger lifestyle for the last two years. And that it’s mostly with black men.

Really, black men??

Yes black men Frank, it’s very satisfying to her and what a site it is.

Wendy is a fitness model and super beautiful, so thinking of her having sex with big black men was great for the imagination.

Frank they give Wendy something I can’t, but the love is still there and it’s just all about sex. You and Erin should try it sometime to spice up your sex life. Oh no James, there is no way Erin will be ok to do something like that.

I thought to myself of how I fantasized of my wife with other men, but I never brought it up to her. When we go on vacation many men give her the eye, as she’s also is a looker and has that Hotwife look that men of any age desire.

That evening we went to an awards presentation for my company and Erin was dressed to impress in a very revealing sexy black dress showing a lot of her sexy legs. I was still thinking about what James told me about and looking at my sexy wife that night I started to like more the idea of her with other men.

We had a good time and had dinner and drinks before the event was over. Erin had drank more alcohol then she was used to and on the way to the car I noticed she was actually drunk and needed help to get in the car. We drove home and avoided check points since I was sure that I was over the limit myself and wanted to avoid the authorities. This took is into a bad neighborhood with very seedy porn shops and lots of prostitutes on the street. Then all of sudden I hear a loud BOOM and the car comes to a complete stop. Seems like the timing belt had busted and I had to pull over to the nearest parking lot.

What happened hunny? Erin says.

Looks like the car has broke down and I have to call James to pick us up and deal with this in the morning.

I then noticed we were in the parking lot of an adult theater that was about half full and also noticed two black men walking in the entrance. All those dirty thoughts of my wife with other men combined with James confession of Wendy gave me really bad idea.

Erin I’m going to have to call James from inside this theater as my cell phone is dead, which was a lie. My wife was still drunk and looked so hot in that dress, that I wanted her to walk in there and see how all these horny men in there would react to her. After that go home and have wild sex with her.

Obviously I was naive to what goes on in there, and what happens when couples like us walk in there. Babe you should come inside with me, this area is not safe to leave you alone here in the car.

As we walk in we see many men walking around, some at the porn shop some walking in to the main theater. We notice that we are the only couple and now men started to notice our entrance. My wife is very sexy and it almost seems like a shock to them that our type was visiting this seedy adult theater.

Oh my God Frank, this is a porn theater!! As my drunk wife finally realizes were we are.

Yes babe, I wanted you to come inside for them to see how sexy a wife I have, it really turns me on when men lust over you.

She looked over to me in shock and said, I never knew you had these feelings about how other men saw me. I can always tell when a man is attracted to me, but I would never share that with you.

Like who? As we walked over to the porn movie rental section inside the theater.

I don’t know if I should tell you, but your friend James is the worst.

Naturally I started to laugh and Erin looked confused.

I’ll tell you about him later.

When we reached the porn movies I noticed every man there was responding to her presence with smiles, whispers and stares. This shockingly started to give me a boner and I couldn’t control it, as they lusted on my classy sexy Hotwife Erin began to notice this and scanned the room with some fear and amazement at the attention she was getting. Then she reached eye contact with these two huge black men, but their stares were a lot different. They were looking at her more like they were already fucking her. Frank also noticed this and decided it was a good time to tell her James and Wendy’s secret.

He grabbed Erin’s arm and took her over to the interracial section in the porn shop and looked back at the two black men with a curios look to see what they would do. Erin was mesmerized by the size of the black porn stars cocks in the covers of the porn DVD’s. She then noticed that her husband was sporting a hard on and you could easily see the bulge on his pants. That’s when he told her of their friends secret swinger lifestyle and how it also was a turn on for him to think of her having sex with black men. While they talked about this, the two black men were now on the next aisle and were staring at her sexy body and her perfect long legs and she was also wearing these very revealing heels showing her nice long sexy toes. Both turned around at the same time to catch the two men staring at her and then turned away quickly in shock and fear.

Erin then said, Oh shit, are they coming over here?

Obviously babe they are extremely attracted to you and then Frank grabbed his wife’s dress and lifted it up to feel her crotch and discovered how wet and soaked her panties had become.

Damn babe! You love this!!

Erin then said, yes, I like the way they looked at me, like if they want to fuck me right here right now.

Right when I was going to tell her that when we get home we should have wild sex and fantasize of them fucking her, the two men reached the interracial section and where right behind us.

When one of them said, is your lady free game sir?

Erin didn’t look back but froze in shock.

I turned around and ask, excuse me?

Meanwhile her dress was not completely down from my crotch examination I had just finished doing, and they were just staring at her ass and not looking at me in the eye.

They ignored my question and asked, hey lady you are fucking gorgeous! Erin turned around and pulled down her dress shaking in what I thought was fear, but these two men knew it was because she was turned on by the situation.

Erin said, Thank you and was shaking while she said this to them. Then Erin shocked me and them by reaching over and grabbing what was now a pre-cum raging boner in my pants. Seemed that the huge BBC’s on the DVD covers had made her loss control, and know she had to willing horny black men right next her wanting to fuck her.

She started to jerk me off with my penis still in my pants, and said my husband just fantasies of me with black men.

That’s all I needed to hear and I started to cum in my pants right there!! Erin looked over at me while the black men started laughing, and said wow Frank you really like this.

As I regrouped I told them I needed to go clean up at the restroom, they stayed with her there to chat some more.

The two black men then asked if she ever had been with a black man and she said no. Well come with us to the theater so you can see it n screen. Well maybe I should wait for my husband to come back from the bathroom. Nah, he’ll find us, let’s go they are playing an interracial movie right now. Frank’s drunken wife then leaves with these two big black strangers alone to theater.

Frank finally finishes cleaning up and decided it’s time to call James so they can get a ride home so he can fuck his wife silly after what just happened. James started to laugh and then said; you guys need to get the fuck out of there!!

Why James?

Any couples that walk in that theater are perceived to be swingers and they are going to try to fuck Erin if you don’t leave quickly.

Oh shit James!!

What Frank?

Erin is gone! Looks like she went alone with two black guys inside the theater!

Say what Frank?? Two black guys??

Frank I was just sharing our lifestyle, didn’t think you even liked what you heard.

Well I’ll tell you about that later, just get your ass over here and pick us up.

When he walked in to the theater it was really dark and he couldn’t find his wife as she wore a black dress that evening. Finally he found her and the two black guys were sitting on either side of her and they were already fondling her boobs as she looked in amazement at the interracial movie that was playing. The black man in the movie was huge!! At least looked like 11 inches as he devoured this sexy blonde deep in her pussy. I realized there was no way to stop this and decided to sit behind them to see how far my wife would let this go. My wife had no idea I sat behind them and it now seemed they were either rubbing her pussy or fingering her, as her head went back in ecstasy and her body movements showed she was being molested. I was so turned on by this, that I started to get hard again.

WTF are we doing here??

That damn timing belt busting placing me and my classy sexy white wife in a seedy adult theater and two complete strangers were molesting her in public view for any other men in the theater to see.

Then one of the black guys stood up and started to unbuckle his pants to pull out his cock and my first reaction was to get up and stop this! It was going too far!! But these dudes were huge and my wife just sat there with her head back and legs probably wide open for their enjoyment and she didn’t care. In fact she was in complete lust and had let herself go. Was she going to suck him off?? This was too much for me and I pulled out my cock and started to stroke it in anticipation on what she would do when she realized one of them wanted a bj from her. But it all happened differently. He just grabbed the back of her head as if he couldn’t resist this classy white beautiful wife there to be used. They probably never had a women like this before. He then forced his huge penis in her mouth without warning and started to pump her face. Her body jumped up in shock as she realized what he had done and she submissively continued to let him pump her face. She could barely take his BBC in her throat and started to make loud choking sounds that most of the men in the theater could hear. They started to notice that some real action was going on and almost like this was normal to them some got up and walked in our direction to see what was going on.

Then the other black guy got down between her legs to eat her pussy for her enjoyment, telling his friend, “I’m going to eat this sweet married pussy homie, she fuckin soaked!!”

That’s when the black guy getting sucked noticed I was sitting behind them and I was stroking at the shocking turn of events in our visit here. And he just smirked in amusement, as if to say, yeah I got my black dick in your sweet white wife’s mouth!! Erin now started to moan and looked down as he was doing a great job munching driving her to orgasm. She now could take a good look at his BBC and just stroked it and gazed in amazement at its size. She had never touched one that huge before as he was packing at least a good thick 9 inches!!

He looked over at me again and then just violently grabbed my horny drunk wife and turned her over on all fours on the seat, pulled her dress up and ripped her panties off violently. It was like he thought I better dip my BBC in this hot white bitch before this husband changes his mind and takes her away. I had no time to react!! She was now facing me but had her head down and still didn’t see I was sitting there the whole time watching this unfold. His friend by now was out of the way and he started to unbuckle his pants and now noticed me also and gave me a hard look, as if to say “Don’t fuck this up”

Then in one big thrust, he entered my wife’s tight pussy bareback and her head looked up in pain and shock were she caught eye with her husband with his dick in his hands masturbating at the incredible development. We looked in to each other’s eyes as he pounded her deep and hard. She moaned in pleasure and pain like she never had before. This caused all the men in theater to walk over and watch this in amazement finding this super hot classy lady getting slammed by BBC right in front of them. They were all either white or Asian men who apparently came here to see interracial porn and instead they get to see it live right in front of them.

What I didn’t know yet was that James had arrived and brought his sexy wife Wendy with him. They had been watching some of this and Wendy sneakily got on her knees and crawled towards me to surprise me and suck my cock. She popped up and said hey sweety!! And pulled my hand off my cock and started sucking.

WTF!! Who?….hey!..Is that you Wendy??

Yes Frank, I always wanted to corrupt you and laughed then kept sucking on my cock.

My wife could see this as she was getting fucked and now both of us had crossed the line, just because the car broke car down.

Wendy then jumped on top of me without warning and buried my cock in her warm pussy. She smelled and looked amazing and started to kiss me as she went up and down on my shaft.

Now the men watching were walking in very close to see the action and some already had their cocks out stroking their meat.

While Wendy and I continued fucking I heard this big kick and we both looked back and saw that the other black guy had kicked and broke the seat to then laid down my wife for his turn on her. Wendy and I looked in amazement as he laid her down missionary and quickly stabbed her with his long 10 inch penis and my wife screamed in pain as he pumped with no mercy deep in her tight white pussy. That’s when the other black guy jumped over to our row went over and sprayed his cum all over her pretty face. The sight of this and this totally hot women fucking me who was my friends wife made me bust a load deep in Wendy’s pussy as we kissed and hugged each other tightly. We both looked at each other in shock as we were such good friends for so many years, and here I had just pumped my seed deep inside her. The naughtiness of this act between us made me kiss her again passionately as Wendy was so hot and I had just fucked her. It was like I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy her just a little bit more.

While we kissed passionately we didn’t notice the situation with my wife had got out of control. As we gathered ourselves and Wendy slipped her panties back up. We look over to see what was happening with my wife and to our shock all the men were lining up to cum on my wife’s face. Erin was lifeless laying there taking this huge BBC as her body was moving violently from his deep aggressive thrust and her beautiful face was glazed with strangers cum. Wendy noticed I was going to go get her but she stopped me and said, just let it go, there is no stopping this now, as this was all being encouraged by the black guy who had already finished enjoying my wife. Then James walked up and padded my back from the row behind us and said welcome to the club buddy, you and Erin are now swingers with this big grin on his face. I looked at him like he was crazy, this was way over board and wasn’t why I brought her in here, but I too had lost control.

Finally the black guy fucking Erin came in this last violent thrust and I realized that a stranger had seeded my wife!!!

He pulled out as if in triumph and yelled “Hell ya, that was some sweet tight white pussy” Then quickly zipped up and walked away and left her there while two other strangers were removing her dress completely to be able to cum on her white supple breast.

The next five minutes, stranger after stranger walked up and cummed on my wife. Some on her face, others one her breast and some even cummed on her beautiful feet while still in her heels. When they all got there turn to cum on her, one of the black men finally said, OK you can have her back hubby and don’t forget to bring her here again on Monday afternoon when they are playing interracial movies again. Me and Wendy help Erin get dressed and we used James jacket to wipe off the semen that was all over her body. As we quickly walked out of the theater, other men who had just arrived in the entrance stared at us in disappointment like they knew what they missed out on.

As they drove us home there was an uncomfortable silence, but James had a huge grin on his face the whole way. My wife just sat in the car looking out the window speechless not looking in my direction. I don’t know what was going through her mind, but I now regretted my decision to go in the theater even though I enjoyed watching her with those black guys. Right before they arrived at our house Wendy abruptly asks,

So Erin, would you ever do that again??

You will get her answer in part 2 :)

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