Thanks to my new editor CitrusBlosssom, here’s a new story I wrote a while ago. Please enjoy!


“Come on, we’re going swimming. Get your gear together.”

“What? I thought you said you wanted to make love to me! I was getting all horny and turned on.”

“Don’t lose hold of that feeling. We’re not just going swimming. I want you to take all your clothes off, put on your Fuck Me Boots, and put on this raincoat. And that’s all.”

“Ooooooh” she said. She’s trembling slightly, and teeters a little on legs gone rubbery from the thought. “Ok, that sounds good to me!” She hurries up the stairs to do as commanded. In her bedroom she took off her clothing. Her current, boring jeans and T-shirt hit the floor in a pile. Out came the FMBs, which she quickly zips up her legs before buttoning and belting the raincoat over her nakedness. She grabbed her swimming bag and went back down the stairs.

“Good! You’re almost ready.”


“Yeah, bend over and lean against the wall.” She does as requested. He leans over and grabs the bottom of the long raincoat, pulling it up with one hand and running the other up over her bare leg. “Lift your leg up.” As she does so, he hooks something around her foot. “Now the other.” He pulls the device up her legs, and over her hips, settling it in to position. It’s a g-string that nestles comfortably against her bottom hole, with something positioned before her pussy lips. She reaches down with one hand to investigate and finds that it’s a ring of beads, positioned right in front of the entrance to her pleasure hole.

“Right, we’re leaving now.” He spanks her bottom twice, then lets the raincoat fall back down. The couple leaves the house and goes to the car, where he opens the door for her. As she gets in and is about to sit down, he hikes up the raincoat, flashing the world and making her sit her naked bottom on the seat.

As he slips in to the driving seat she says “That was cheeky!”

“Oh? Didn’t you enjoy it?”

“Yes! But it was still cheeky” She grins. He grins back. He starts the car, puts it into gear and drives off. Soon enough she realises that the beads of her g-string are pushing into her lips, stimulating her through the car seat as the vehicle vibrates and bounces around. She can’t help but moan as she starts to tingle. Before too long however, they arrive at the local swimming pool. As they both get out of the car, she involuntarily flashes the world. “Ooooops.” She walks quickly towards the pool entrance, but he grabs her arm and redirects her to the walkway over to a local multi storey carpark. “Wha…?”

“We’re going over here first. There’s something I want to show you.” They quickly walk into the carpark, going up the spiralling stairs to the top floor. He leads her out by the hand to the edge and leans over, pointing out over the side. “Look over there!” She looks, following his example and leaning slightly out over the top of the wall. Then the unexpected occurs – he quickly scoots behind her and thrusts his pelvis against her, causing her to grunt as she is shoved in to the low wall. He pulls up her raincoat, exposing her almost bare bottom. Unzipping his trousers, he pulls out his rock hard dick, and shoves hard and unrestrained into her, through the center of the bead ring. He then proceeds to fuck her fast – deeply and passionately, whilst groping her breasts and crushing her beneath his weight into the wall she is leaning on. All whilst leaning out, looking over the town, in public where they could be discovered at any second. It doesn’t take long for them both to reach a highly explosive climax, with him spurting his cum deep in her pussy and her spasming in reciprocal delight.

“Oh god, that was fantastic!” she moaned.

“Mmmhmm” he agreed “but we’re only just getting started. We should go down to the pool now.” They walk down to the pool, with warm sticky cum drooling out of the girl’s pussy, down the inside of her thighs, over her boots and leaving the occasional drip on the floor, bearing silent witness to the pleasure of what they have just done. As they enter the front doors of the pool, she starts to rub her thighs together tightly when she walks, in an attempt to try and control the dripping, but causing her hips to sway provocatively. After paying the entrance fee and getting past the front desk of the pool without comment — the raincoat blending in with all the other people wearing their wet weather gear due to the filthy conditions earlier in the day — they proceed to the changing rooms.

“I’m going to clean up. Meet you back out here?”

“Yep, see you in a second.” After a brief absence, the lovely sexbomb returns from the bathroom, and they go down to the changing rooms where they take a cubicle together.

Because of her relative undress, it takes her seconds to get ready, giving her the chance to watch her man do an impromptu striptease as he gets ready to put his swimming trunks on. “You know, I find one piece bathing suits like that” – he points at the black form fitting swimming costume she is wearing — “a huge sexy turn on. It’s usually all I can do to stop myself breaking out in a large protrusion… Except I can’t seem to stop it at the moment.” They both look down at his tool, poking up large between his legs. He takes the one short step that separates them and pushes her up against the wall of the cubicle, bringing his lips crushingly to hers, kissing her with wild abandon and uncontrolled lust. Their tongues meet and battled swirlingly around each other, probing deeply and licking each other between their distended mouths.

She reaches down, grabs his bum and pulls him to her, grinding against him. She pulls the gusset of her costume out of the way, places one leg on the bench, grabs his cock and guides it into her. Their animal grunting is muffled by their death-grip-like kiss. They thrust against each other, building towards another climactic release, but before they can reach their peak, he pulls away, breaking their clasping embrace, and pulling out of her soft silky warm wet depths. “It’s not time for that yet! You’ve already had your fill once today. We should go swimming now. Well at least you should. It’ll take me a couple of minutes to… calm down. But before you go…” He reaches down into his sports bag and pulls out a pink egg-shaped plastic blob. He kneels in front of the startled girl, and slides it up between her lips in to her tingly vagina. He then pulls her swimming costume back in to place.

“There you go, something to keep your lust levels going while you have a swim.” He puts his trunks on over his jutting hardware as she grabs her goggles. He opens the door to the cubicle, and gently eases her out. “See you in a minute” he whispers in her ear.

As she half strides, half staggers out of the changing area, he pushes a button on a gadget he holds in his hand. The unsuspecting swimmer stops dead on her way to the water, only just avoiding tripping up. Deep in her pussy, the egg gave of a strong rumbling vibration. She looks over her shoulder at her tormentor, who is still peering out of the changing room. He winks at her and shuts the door, the vibrations stopping for now.

Taking a deep breath, she starts walking again. She reaches the swimming pool, and turns round to step down the ladder. As soon as she is submerged, the buzzing hits her again, feeling distractingly good. She turns a bright red as she realises that she is having her pussy vibrated out of her control, in a public swimming pool, surrounded by strangers. She pushes off in to a long swim up the pool, trying hard to keep her mind on the workout and not on the intermittent vibrations between her legs.

She manages to do a few lengths before spotting her frustration-causing lover at the end of the pool she is swimming towards. She speeds up, wanting to have a word with him, but slows down again as the vibrator is switched on again, and is left on. “Why you you – argh!” she spits out at him. “How could you!”

“Not enjoying yourself?” he asks.

“Well, yes I am, but it is so embarrassing! My nipples are rock hard and showing through my swimsuit for everyone to see.”

“Oh, so you’re not enjoying being turned on? That’s a shame. This was all supposed to be preparation for some more surprises when we get home.” He teased her.

“Oh… Well I’m done with swimming! I can’t concentrate with what’s going on. And I want to see your surprises!” she forcibly declared

“Well ok, but I want to do a couple of lengths.” The vibrator is switched off, and he swims off to the other end of the pool.

A few lengths and several pulses of the vibrating egg later, and they climb out of the pool to go get changed. The naughtiness is curtailed on the way out of the sports center, as they are both eager to get back home. She is still wearing nothing but her FMBs and the raincoat. Not even the g-string this time, but she does have the egg in her, forcing her to walk short steps, with her thighs held tight together to keep it inside her. Fortunately, he doesn’t turn it on again until they reach the car and he once again helps her in, flashing the world by flipping up the raincoat. He nips round to the driver’s side, and gets behind the wheel.

“Undo your coat” he insists. With a horny glaze in her eyes, she unbuckles the raincoat, then unbuttons it. “Now spread your legs.” She complies, letting some of her bare flesh peep out. He then drives off. As they approach the exit to the car park, he reaches under her raincoat and gropes her left breast, giving the nipple a quick pinch. Once again, she descends in to a moan. He switches on the vibrating egg and drives off.

On the way back to their house, he slips his hand down between her legs and plays with her pussy whenever he gets the chance. He also fondles her breasts, causing lots of flashing of her nakedness, but through sheer luck avoids being seen by anybody.

As they pull up back at the house and she gets ready to get out of the car, he grabs her arm and stops her opening the door. “I want you to do something for me before you get out.”

“Oh god, I’m so wet and horny, I’d do anything!” she announced.

“Good. Turn around and scoot your back up towards me. Excellent. Now lift yourself up off the seat…” As she does so, she feels him guide her, gliding over the top of the gear lever. Just as she’s about to clear it, he pushes down on her, embedding it in her pussy. Despite its size, and the egg already in her, it slips in with no resistance, as she’s so wet and relaxed. He helps her ride up and down on the knob a couple of dozen times before finally helping her back in to her seat.

“Hometime!” he exclaims. They climb out of the car, her on shaky legs, him trying to hide the tenting in his underwear. It doesn’t take the long to get inside the house and into each other’s arms — a passionate and desperate embrace and kiss. Hands all over each other’s bodies, heads, hair and necks.

This time the girl pulls away. “I want my surprises! After what you’ve put me through, I deserve them”

“Ok sweetheart. Come in to the spare room. That’s where I’ve prepared them for you.”

They walk up the stairs – him behind, groping her, her in front taking her time and enjoying the fondling. They enter the spare room to find a contraption in the middle of the floor, with the bed pushed in to the corner out of the way. It is made out of two chairs. They have been strapped together, side by side but about 18 inches apart, both facing forward. The first bar that holds them together is just above the seats. The second is at the top of the backs. “Oh! I know what these are for!” she exclaims.

“Don’t be so sure. There may yet be a surprise or two for you. Take your clothes off and go and sit sideways on the left chair.” She takes off her loose raincoat and drops it on the floor. She walks to the left-hand chair, and sits on it with her knees away from the other chair. “Good!” he walks over and pulls out a couple of ties. He attaches her right arm to the back of the chair, and her right leg to the outside of the chair. He then grabs her left arm & leg and, supporting her weight, stretches them out until her lower body is suspended between the chairs, her legs open as wide as they have ever been. He ties her arm and leg in place on the right chair, which holds her steady and securely with her crotch exposed for him to play with. He sits down between the chairs, and moves forward until his mouth is level with her spread labia. He then proceeds to give her the best eating-out of her life.

He starts by licking up and down on her naked, shaven, outside pussy lips – side to side, up and down. He occasionally pauses and nibbles on her thighs, teasing her instead of giving the more that she is starting to demand. After several minutes of this he starts to move inwards, working on her inner lips, sticking his tongue deep in to her snatch. He carefully avoids touching her clit as much as possible. He occasionally pushes his mouth tight into her, rubbing his nose against her clit, almost pushing his chin into her pussy as he licks and eats her out. Her moaning and demands get strident as she gets closer to orgasm, but it is still not time for her to cum.

He pulls away from her, eliciting a groan of disappointment. “Are you ready for another of your surprises?”

“I’m enjoying this one!” she says breathlessly.

“Ah but the next one will make this even better.”

“Yes please then.” The guy lifts up his hand and snaps his fingers. The doors of one of the cupboards behind the bound captive opens, and someone steps out. At least it looks like someone, but moves with a fluid grace that belies its true nature. “You know how you’ve wanted a threesome, but I didn’t want to share you with another guy? Well I’ve bought one of those sex-androids. It’ll do anything we want, and I don’t need to get jealous! He’s going to be pleasuring your bumhole while I finish off sucking your delectable pussy.”

As the machine steps up behind her, she can’t see it, tied up as she is. However she can feel it, as it kneels down behind her, and puts its self-lubricating, self-expanding and self-extending dick at the entrance to her puckered rosette. It reaches around her, grabs her breasts, and pushes gently and smoothly in to her depths. Her lover then starts again on licking, sucking & eating her juicy privates. He reaches up with his hands and encircles her waist with them, giving her the experience of two pairs of hands playing with her restrained body. “More!” she screams. “Deeper! Thicker! Hardeeeerrr.” It doesn’t take long before she explodes in a bone-shaking, shuddering orgasm that almost breaks the chairs apart.

As she comes down from the high, the android pulls out of her and backs away, standing at the ready. Her lover unties her and, supporting her weight, guides her towards the bedroom, the sexbot in tow.

“You know it’s my turn to have some fun now. I think it’s time I spent challenging your back passage. We’ve had some big toys in your pussy, and I want to see how your cope with them up your ass.” He changes direction and half carries, half drags her to the bathroom. Although she is weak from her recent experience, she mumbles “ohyespleaseohgodyesfuckmyasssomemorestuffitfullgood” barely understandably. After getting her to kneel on the fluffy bath mat, he takes the sexbot to the bedroom and leaves it there, whilst grabbing a kit of toys from under the bed.

After rejoining her in the bathroom, he starts off by pouring massage lube over her back with some warm water to dilute it down. He then spends a good long while rubbing down her back, her legs, her feet, her bottom-cheeks, and her arms. After she has recovered from her earlier excitement and is back in to the upswing of lust. He pours the undiluted lubricant down between her butt cheeks, opens them wide, and puts the tip of the first toy at the entrance to her rear hole. With steady pressure, it doesn’t take long for most of its length to be inserted. However it has stopped at her inner sphincter. “Push against it babe, and it’ll go.” She gave an internal push, and the head slips in further, allowing her to divine which toy he has used on her. The large ball she feels pushing at her rectum tells her it is the kinky rubber dog-shaped toy he has used on her previously.

He pulls the toy in and out of her several times, getting more and more of the lump in to her each time while also rubbing her clit and pussy. After he has her pushing the whole toy in and out of her, it disappearing totally in to her gaping bottom and her pushing it out again with her internal muscles several times, he moves on to the next toy. This time it is a large butt plug, slathered in jelly which is pushed and pulled in and out of her a several dozen times until it is firmly lodged past her ring, with just the base protruding. He takes the opportunity to spank her hard, raising large reddish-pink areas on her backside, hitting the plug base as well several times over, giving her thrills of pleasure. The exquisite sensation of him pulling out the toy is not lost on her.

This goes on for almost a whole hour with ever-bigger toys, stretching her wider and deeper, giving her anal passage the same treatment she previously received to her pussy. Before their bathroom time is up, he ends up with one hand buried in her pussy, and one in her ass, stretching her to her limits but giving her so much continuous pleasure that she is in a mental fog, drooling with lack of awareness. His final removal of his hands leaves her feeling empty and disappointed.

“It’s time to get more acquainted with our sexbot.” She barely hears or understands his words, other than the possibility of more intense pleasure so at his urging, she staggers to her feet and is guided to the bedroom. There she is made once again to kneel, this time on the bed, whilst the sexbot goes behind her and starts to fuck her ass, giving her the relief she needs. He stands in front of her, and she starts off giving him a massive blowjob which before long descends in to a hard, rapid throat fuck with her being pounded from both ends, feeling as if the two dicks in her were impaling her and meeting in her middle.

The experiences did not end there. They tried all sorts of positions: with her sitting with the robot’s extended penis in her ass, and the man fucking her pussy; both of them in between her lower lips at the same time; with her sucking the rubber man’s protrusion while the man fucks her pussy.

Before long they are left in a heap of sexual exhaustion after several giant orgasms, the sex robot having been banished in to the spare room to let them enjoy each other’s company.

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