Kenny was getting dressed to go out with Anna-Marie. They had been dating for several months and he was starting to develop serious feelings for her. He’d even thought that she could one day be “the one.” She was fun to be around, she was kind and considerate. He could tell by the way she treated his nieces and nephews that she would one day, probably make an excellent mother.

The problem was, after nearly twelve weeks and countless dates, Anna-Marie refused to let Kenny consummate their relationship. Sure, she loved making out and they spent many an evening parked in a secluded spot, kissing and exchanging some “heavy petting,” but that would be the extent of it.

Kenny had yet to even have his hand in her shirt, much less down her pants. And the frequent make-out sessions were making it more and more difficult to resist ripping he clothes off and taking her against her will.

“For crying out loud, we are both 20-years-old!” he would think. Surely, they were old enough to advance their relationship to something more intimate.

But Anna-Marie was raised a good Catholic girl. She had promised herself and her god that she would remain a virgin until her wedding night. She loved Kenny, but she had made the rules very clear on their first date, nothing more than kissing. She had already gone too far allowing Kenny to rub her breasts through her shirt.

But for tonight’s date, Kenny hopes were high. He wanted so badly to touch the flesh of Anna-Marie’s tiny tits, to kiss and suck the hard nipples that he had felt through her t-shirt and bra.

But more than anything he wanted Anna-Marie to make him cum. These three and four-hour make out sessions left him a stiff, aching boner. After dropping her home, he would need to race home afterward to get to the bathroom to beat off for relief. Sometimes, he was unable to wait and had to pull off to the side of the road to masturbate.

This arrangement was just not getting it done for him. He needed his girlfriend to grab hold of his cock and jerk it, maybe even put it in her mouth and let him explode all over her.

Part of him knew that was never going to happen until they got married one day, but the more hormonally charged part of him dreamt that one day soon, he could strip her naked, climb on top of her skinny body and fuck her in a dozen different directions.

Of course, if Anna-Marie had any idea that these thoughts were running through his mind, she would put an end to their relationship. She could never be with anyone so wicked and perverted.

Kenny finished buttoning his shirt and making sure his hair was perfectly combed for his date. His beard was neatly trimmed, (just the way Anna-Marie liked it) and he splashed on a drop or two of cologne, hoping maybe the scent might somehow magically intoxicate her into giving into his desires.

He walked downstairs to the bottom floor of the split-level home where he lived with his mom, dad and his younger brother and sister. As he reached the bottom floor, which led to the door out to the driveway, he passed his sister Theresa’s room.

“My goodness,” his sister yelled to him, “don’t you look pretty tonight? Somebody’s working awfully hard to get lucky.” She then cackled with a smile.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t bet on that,” he replied in the saddest face he could muster.

“Aw, what’s the matter?” Theresa asked. “Saint Anna-Marie not blessing you with her heavenly body?” With that, she let out a louder laugh in the direction of her older brother.

Now when it came to heavenly bodies, Kenny’s sister cornered that market. She was a lovely Italian-American with thick, dark brown hair, a stunning face accented with chocolate brown eyes, thick lips and high cheekbones. Her body was the exact opposite of Anna-Marie’s. Her breasts were huge, at least at 38D and her waist was thin. This made her wide hips even more voluptuous and her longs legs as sexy as you could ask for.

She was tanned and toned and was never without a boyfriend. And while he never bothered to confirm any of the scuttlebutt he had heard, Kenny had it on good authority that Theresa’s (many) boyfriends always seemed very satisfied after exploring all of the wonders her body could offer a man.

To Kenny, at the moment of course, she was just his 18-year-old sister and now she was giving him shit that he didn’t really appreciate.

“Enough trash-talking about my girlfriend,” he shot back at her sternly. “She’s a good girl and we’re just taking our time.”

Theresa laughed back, “Yeah, but I know you. You’re like all the other boys, eventually you’re going to get tired of ‘taking your time.’ How far are you getting? Has she let you suck on those tiny titties of hers yet?”

Kenny paused for way too long with his reply.

“What the hell is she doing? Is she just sucking face with you for three hours and then cutting you off?” she asked incredulously.

“Yeah, pretty much,” muttered Kenny.

“Jesus, that sucks. I don’t know how you’ve put up with that for as long as you have,” she said. “I know you’re no virgin and you’re not that religious. But honestly Kenny, is that scrawny little bitch really worth the wait?”

Kenny was pissed; he said nothing and turned and walked out of the room, down the hall and out the door to the driveway. As he pulled out he spun the tires of his car in a display of frustration and disgust.

Maybe Theresa was right. Maybe Anna-Marie really was just a cock-tease. What if he waited another year or two and married her, only to find out that they were sexually incompatible? What if even after marriage, she turned out to be a prude and was unwilling or unable to satisfy him? As he drove to pick up Anna-Marie at her father’s house, his mind tumbled with thoughts of doubt about their future.

Tonight was going to have to be a turning point in their relationship. He could not seriously consider asking this woman to marry him if she was reasonably willing to give in to his desires. He didn’t need to take her virginity, he just wanted to touch her and caress her skin. He needed her to hold his manhood in her hands and relieve him of the sexual pressure that had been building up inside of him.

When Kenny got to Anna-Marie’s, he did his best to carry out the usual small-talk routine with her father. He was a nice enough guy, but very strict and quite the stiff.

Anna-Marie came down the stairs and to no one’s surprise, looked every bit the innocent virgin: White blouse with a navy blue cardigan sweater and a conservative (not-too-short) flower-print skirt and a pair of black flats. Her short curly brown hair and lightly freckled face looked sweet and pure.

Suddenly, in his mind, Kenny couldn’t help but picture what her pretty face would look like covered with his sperm and his dripping cock stuffed into her mouth. These were visions that would normally only come to him at the end of the night, after she had got him so worked up that he had to beat off.

They left for the restaurant and Kenny was so preoccupied that he barely uttered a word. Halfway there, Anna-Marie detected that something was wrong. Kenny was usually very talkative, but tonight something was definitely bothering him. But she decided to not push it, hoping that he would cheer up once they sat down for dinner.

But Kenny’s mood didn’t change during dinner. He barely said a word and kept watering the seed that his sister so casually, yet so calculatingly planted in his mind. After they had finished eating, she could no longer stand the wall of silence that he had built over the course of the evening.

“Kenny, are you okay?” she asked with genuine concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just aggravated with Theresa,” he said, she can be so rude sometimes.”

“Well, you know I don’t know her very well, but based on some of the stories I’ve heard, rude is just the beginning with her,” said Anna-Marie, somewhat indignantly. “Did she say or do something? I’ve never seen you like this.”

“Nah, don’t worry about it,” she was just being a smart ass like always. Sister-shit. I’ll get over it. I always do with her. What stories have you heard about her anyway?”

“I just heard that she runs with a rough crowd and hangs around a lot of college boys that aren’t known for their manners. I heard that she’s pretty friendly with the boys.”

“She’s got plenty to be friendly with,” Kenny snapped back. “She’s a very attractive girl. Besides most of those rumors are just that—rumors.”

“If you say so. But enough about that, what would make you feel better? Would you like to go on to the movies or would you like to go park and talk a little while?” she said with the most devious grin a good Christian girl could muster.

“I think we probably need to talk,” replied Kenny. “And tonight I need the kind of ‘talk’ that will relax me. I’m obviously feeling a little tense.”

She giggled, completely oblivious to his insinuation, “Well, go on and pay the check and let’s go.”

“Yeah, sure, pay the fucking check,” he thought to himself. “Then we can go park so I can give you a raging hard on and then leave you alone to deal with it.”

He paid the tab and as the sun set, they headed out to Saddle River Park, which was their normal make-out spot. Kenny parked the car and turned off the ignition and tilted his seat back a few degrees.

Anna-Marie reached over and put her hand to his cheek and asked, “Now what can I do to help you feel better and ease your mind?”

“You can start by kissing me,” said Kenny, looking down at he sexy thin legs as her skirt began riding up.

She leaned over further and placed her lips to his. He kissed her hard, more aggressively than normal. It didn’t go unnoticed. She may have been naïve, but she sensed that he was very hungry for her, much more than usual. She began to silently pray that he would relax and asked God for the strength to protect her vow to him.

They kissed for nearly ten minutes, Kenny shoving his tongue deep into her mouth and caressing her small breasts over the top of her shirt. The feel of her body tonight was more irresistible than ever. He had finally come to the realization that the only way he would ever have her was to take her.

His cock throbbed in the crotch of his tight khakis and he took her hand and moved it onto the gigantic bulge in his pants.

“Oh my, gosh,” uttered Anna-Marie. “You are so hard.” And with that, she began to reciprocate his aggressive, violent kissing.

Kenny decided to make his big move and quickly slid his hand up Anna-Marie’s skirt and began rubbing her between her legs. It was the first time that he had ever come this close to touching her pussy and as he massaged her with his fingers he noticed that her cotton panties were soaking wet.

He saw this a sign—the turning point that he had hoped for. She continued to rub the massive bulge in his pants and he felt as if he could cum at any second. He needed to feel her hand wrapped around his cock. He needed to show her his thick, hard manhood now.

Kenny reached down and began to undo his belt. Annie-Marie was shocked and immediately pulled her hand away and leaned back from him.

“What are you doing?” she cried before he could get the top button of his khakis undone. She looked horrified.

He looked back at her, his face full of wanton desperation and desire, “I want you to touch it. I need you to touch it!”

“Well that’s not going to happen, Kenny,” she said sternly. “I told you that there were lines we simply could not cross. What has gotten into you today? Does this have anything to do with what your sister said? What on earth has you so angry?”

“She made a wise remark about our relationship, that’s all. It just struck a nerve.”

“Our relationship?” asked Anna-Marie, very surprised.

“Yeah, she was busting my chops about us not having sex yet,” he replied, knowing that he had just opened the lid on Pandora’s box even further.

Anna Marie was incensed. “What business is it of hers whether or not we have had sex?” she shrieked. “Your sister is a whore Kenny! She will let guys do anything to her.”

“For that matter, why on earth were you discussing sex with your sister. What are you, some kind of freak? Go home and ask her to jerk you off. I’m sure she would,” she screamed with angry sarcasm.

“I just want you so badly,” he explained. “If find you so attractive and sexy and when we kiss like this it makes me want to go further with you.”

“Well, if that’s that case then the kissing needs to come to a halt,” she said firmly. “And quite frankly, I’m not so sure that I want to even be with a man that discusses sex with his sister. That’s sinful and disgusting. Take me home, now!”

Kenny knew that he had probably dropped Anna-Marie off at her house for the last time. He had wanted her so badly. He needed to feel her touch. But there was no way both of them could be satisfied with the current relationship. Most assuredly, she would say something to her father about this and there was no telling what kind of grief would come from that.

He drove around several hours that evening, defeated and depressed and still horribly sexually frustrated. He thought of pulling over and jacking off to get some relief. It had been over two weeks since he had cum. He was so sure that tonight would be “the night” for he and Anna-Marie that he wanted to be full of spunk and impress her with a huge explosion of his manhood.

He finally pulled into the driveway and reached the back door to the house at about 1 AM. He let himself in with his key as he walked past his sister’s room he noticed that the door was cracked and the TV was on.

He put his head to the door and said softly, “Hey Tree, you still awake?” Tree had been his nickname for has sister as long as he could remember.

“Yeah, I just finished watching a movie,” she replied, “You can come in.”

She reached over and flicked on the bedside lamp and as she did, Kenny could see that all that she was wearing was a pair of tiny pale yellow bikini panties and very tight t-shirt with the words, “Daddy’s Little Princess” stretched across her gigantic jugs. She was not wearing a bra and her nipples were clearly visible through the thin material.

“Great,” thought Kenny, “After all this, I come home to a half-naked teenage girl with a gigantic rack. I can’t catch a fucking break.”

He struggled to keep those thoughts out of his head as he sat down in the chair across from his sister’s bed. She leaned back on a pillow, on top of the covers and Kenny could not resist looking at her long, tan legs as well as the space between them. Her tiny panties did little to conceal her neatly trimmed mound. Her manicured patch of dark brown pubic hair was clearly visible through the sheer light yellow material.

Kenny wasn’t sure if his sister was purposefully letting him see her like this or if she simply didn’t give a shit if he saw her or not. She always walked around the house in a t-shirt and panties, but he never really paid much attention.

But tonight, considering what Anna-Maries had said about his sister’s promiscuity, the evening’s events and the condition he was in, he carefully studied everything that she allowed him see. The sight of her sitting there rekindled the stirring in his trousers and he could feel himself beginning to grow stiff again.

Theresa immediately took note of his bulge.

“You were gone so long, I was sure that you your sweetheart had finally got down to business,” she said. “But from the looks of that mound in your pants, I’m guessing that she only took you halfway there again. Am I right?”

Kenny was embarrassed. He muttered a yeah and then let out a deep sigh.

“Aw, poor thing,” said his sister, as she shifted her legs, now sitting criss-cross, giving her brother a better view of the crotch of her mostly transparent panties. Kenny could clearly see the outline of his sister’s pussy lips through the material.

“From the looks of it, she took you pretty far. There’s a couple of tell-tale spots on the front of your pants,” Theresa said, pointing out the evidence of some pre-cum leakage from earlier in the evening. She was now paying very close attention to the swelling in her brother’s crotch. She began to wonder how big he might actually be. Theresa was very much the size queen. She dated several boys in high school that were infamous for their large members. She couldn’t resist a big cock—even if it belonged to her brother.

Kenny’s mind was racing and he was beside himself. He began to tell her everything. He had nothing to hide. Maybe his sister could offer some advice. He was desperate for some relief. Maybe Anna-Marie was right about that too. Maybe Theresa would be willing to give him the physical relief he needed so badly.

“It was getting very hot and heavy and she was rubbing my cock through my pants,” he told her.

This immediately got Theresa’s attention. Nobody got turned on more by a dirty story than Kenny’s sister. She leaned forward in delight, allowing the heel of her foot to rub up against her clit as she listened.

“So did you have you hands on her?” she asked eagerly.

“Yes, I had slid my hand up her skirt and was rubbing her through her panties,” he told her and as he did, he felt his dick get even harder. There was really no way to hide his hard on any longer, so he sat back and spread his legs apart to give his growing cock some much needed room and to give his sister a better view of his package.

“Mmm, was she wet?” asked Theresa, now with her eyes glued to front of her brother’s pants, which were beginning to show another spot of moisture.

“Yes, she was very wet,” he answered and then he looked at her and asked, “Is this making you wet?”

She grinned at her brother with only a little embarrassment. “Yes, I just love to hear nasty stories. Sorry if it creeps you out, it’s just so hot that my big brother was able to make the sweet little Catholic princess’s pussy wet.”

As she spoke, she got up from the bed and went over and closed her bedroom door. She was sure that everyone had been asleep for hours, but there was no sense taking chances. She wasn’t sure what exactly was going to happen, but her desire was growing rapidly and her pussy was soaking wet. Her immediate objective was to get a good look at her brother’s gigantic dick.

Instead of going back to the bed, she knelt down at Kenny’s feet as he leaned back in the chair. She folded her hands and placed them on his knee and as he watched her gaze at the huge bulge in his pants, he began to sense that she was very willing to do what Anna-Marie wasn’t.

“So, what happened then?” she asked as she moved her hand up her brother’s thigh and began massaging his cock through his pants. “She was rubbing you like this, right?”

This sent a shiver down Kenny’s spine and he did his best to answer her. He glanced down and noticed that that Theresa’s free hand was down her panties, giving her wet twat a good fingering.

“Yes, that’s exactly what she was doing and it was driving me crazy,” he said. “So I started to undo my pants and that’s when she completely freaked out!”

“Aw, Kenny honey, I can’t believe she got so upset” sympathized the little sister. “Tell me why you wanted to take it out of your pants. Did you want her to see how big and hard it was?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted,” Kenny answered, breathlessly.

His sister then looked straight into his eyes and said, “You can take it out for me. I want to see it Kenny.”

“Are you sure,” He asked. Theresa nodded with great anticipation at the prospect of seeing her brother’s undoubtedly enormous penis.

Kenny began undoing his pants, just as he did in the car with Anna-Marie. Only this time the woman with him was his little sister and she wanted to see it in all its glory. He unbuttoned his trousers and lowered the zipper of his fly. He then stood up and stepped out of his shoes and let his pants fall to the floor. The gigantic pole in his now very damp briefs was directly in front of his little sister’s face as she knelt before him.

A short author’s note here – this is first and foremost just a work of fiction, borne out of my imagination. It’s not a love story…it’s just for dirty fun, so don’t expect anything more than that. Yes, there’s some spankings, and some light domination games, so if that isn’t to your liking, then don’t read!


Aria woke up, feeling somewhat disoriented for a moment in the king size bed, the room in shadows. Did she have another drunken blackout? Then she remembered she was in David’s hotel room, with his body still wrapped around hers intimately. It wasn’t a dream, she was still there in bed with her brother, and they had fucked for what seemed like hours. She stretched, feeling sore and well used in every part of her body.

Without disturbing David, she edged out of bed and walked quietly into the bathroom, and stared at her reflection under the soft lights over the vanity. Her long black hair was in a tangle, and her mouth looked swollen and any makeup she might’ve been wearing was long gone. Then she touched the small bruises along her throat, where David had left marks with his teeth, and she felt strangely pleased at the sight. She could see other marks on her skin, on her breasts and her hips and the memory of what they had done sent a wash of heat through her all over again.

“Having second thoughts?”

Aria whirled around, to see David leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed over his chest. In the light, she could fully appreciate how he looked – his eyes hungry for her, dark hair messed from sleep, his muscled chest dusted with black hair that trailed lower to where his cock was already hard. He stalked across the tile floor to stand behind her, sliding his arms around her waist.

“Aria, are you regretting what we did?” he asked again. “Because if you want to walk out of here right now, you can. Then this will just be our dirty one night stand, and it won’t happen again. You can go back to college, and I go back to my life.”

“You’re not serious, are you?”

David shrugged. “Not entirely, but I had to ask. I know we’re alike in many ways, or we wouldn’t be here like this right now, but I also know some of this must be new to you. I wouldn’t blame you if you were freaked out. Something about being with you makes me lose control, in more ways than one.”

“I’m not walking out of here, David, I’m all yours. Nothing we did scares me,” she whispered, turning around to kiss him. A slow, searching lover’s kiss that left no doubt of her intentions, and her carnal desires. Her hips started to move against his cock, but he held her back.

“You think you’re such a bad girl now?” he asked, his voice like smooth silk in her ear. He nipped her earlobe, and she moaned softly. He kissed her again, his tongue invading her mouth, before letting her go abruptly. Both of them stood for a moment, letting the sexual tension ratchet up higher, breathing heavily.

David quickly spun her around again to face the mirror, holding her head back and their eyes met in the glass. “Look at us, Aria. What do you see?”

“I see my brother, naked and aroused, just the way I’ve fantasized about for so long. How could I walk away from you?”

“And I see my sweet little sister, ready and willing to go along with whatever I want,” he replied, wrapping his hands around her hips, pulling her backwards. His admiring gaze raked across her body, seeing the nipples starting to harden in response to the cool air and the game they were playing. His fingers stroked her, as he watched her in the mirror, switching to his open palms sliding across her damp flesh. She sighed, her eyes closed as she leaned back against him, offering herself to him. David fitted her body tightly against him, as she moved her head to the side, so that he was able to move her hair away with his hand, before putting his mouth against her neck. “You can feel me against you, my breath on you…” he murmured, “I have you under my control right now.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” she whispered, her eyes still closed.

He kissed her neck then, moving a little more slowly than the night before, taking his time to mark a trail from her ear to her collarbone, watching her skin flush and the points of her nipples stand out even harder. His hands moved higher, across her hips and over her navel, feeling her starting to tremble a little. David pushed her forward a little, and she braced her hands against the cool porcelain. Her legs spread wider, almost without her conscious thought at what she was doing.

“You’re getting wet again, aren’t you?” he asked roughly, and she jerked back against him in response. He grinned a little, knowing he was right, as she bit back a little whimper. His hands moved back, along her ass, tapping her lightly as she bent over further.

“You know I am, damnit.” Her body convulsed a little at the slight spanking, her hair falling around her face. David reached up and twined his hand in her hair, pulling her back again. This time he put his mouth on her, sinking his teeth lightly against her throat, enough to make her moan, before he soothed the spot with his tongue. His cock rubbed against her ass, hard and demanding, and she wiggled against him.

“You like to be marked like this, don’t you?” he asked harshly, before nipping again.

“I do.”


“I d-don’t know for sure. It just seems right, that I can look at it later and remember your mouth on me, or your fingers.” Her voice was breathy, her hips starting to roll against him. David could feel his cock tighten and thicken, sliding between her cheeks.

“You are shameless, aren’t you?” he muttered. He kissed her shoulder, moving his hands to cup her breasts, holding them up.

“I can’t get enough of you, of your cock, I love what you do to me, David,” Aria confessed, her pussy contracting with each word, and each stroke of his thumbs over her sensitive nipples.

“You imagined me possessing you like this?”


“Using you?”

“Yessss…” Her voice was a ragged sigh, giving up to him. Their bodies moved together, her eyes still closed, as she continued to be obedient and submissive.

David’s palms flattened her breasts then, kneading her more roughly, sliding down her ribcage and her hips. “Imagining other men watching you being fucked?”

Aria gasped a little, at the mental images he put in her mind. “Ohh yessss…” She moaned slightly as he moved his fingers lower, exploring her body, watching her twist, her pussy starting to glisten with more moisture.

“Naughty, Aria, very very naughty,” David breathed then, sliding his hand between her legs. “You’re soaking wet, thinking of that…”

Aria gulped, incapable of forming any response at that point, caught up in the game. She leaned forward more, flexing her hips, trying to get his fingers into her. But he spanked her sharply instead, and she cried out in surprise. “Oh!”

“You still need discipline, Aria,” he said, spanking her again, making her skin turn pink, as she clung to the vanity. Then he stopped, and pulled her back against him, his fingers sliding around to her clit. Her legs shook, as the pain receded, and the pleasure took over, her ass grinding against David desperately. “Not yet, you can’t come yet,” he murmured, drawing his fingers out of her, sliding up along her skin wetly. “You need to do something for me first. Use that mouth of yours on me, little sister.”

David turned her around slowly, guiding her down to her knees on the cool tile floor. “Yes,” she whispered, placing her hands on his hips, finally opening her eyes as she looked up at him, looked at the hard fullness of his cock that pulsed in front of her. “I won’t disappoint you.” She took his throbbing length in her hand, and stroked him up and down carefully, using her tongue at the base and around his balls. Her fingers teased him, as he lost himself in her mouth, her tongue working expertly everywhere. His breathing deepened, and he grabbed the edge of the vanity to keep from pitching over.

He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, his body responding, his eyes half closed, as she worked on his cock. The room was getting warmer, the air thick with the scent of their sex. “Just like that, god, yes…” he panted, his hands moving to her head, gathering her hair in his grip. He stared at the mirror, realizing somehow Aria had the control at the moment – he just was along for the ride. Fighting to hang onto his climax, David dug his fingers deeper into her hair, as she moved her mouth over him, taking him even deeper.

Aria gasped, finally coming up for air, before descending onto him again. David took a deep breath of his own, nearly ready to explode from the feel of her tongue and her teeth on him, and moved away, his cum already dripping on her lips.

“Too much,” he admitted, trying to master his breathing. “I’m not ready for that yet…”

Aria smiled up at him, wiping the trickle of wetness away from her mouth, before he pulled her up and then onto the edge of the vanity. Her arms went back to brace herself, as he spread her legs wide, his hard wet cock rubbing against her. He lifted her legs higher, drawing her open and up, still rubbing against her drenched pussy, where she was so open, so ready for him. His mouth lowered to her breasts, teeth worrying her hard nipples, biting enough to make her gasp. “Would it make you hotter, knowing someone was watching this…seeing how you get so wet?” he asked, as she moved her hips, their bodies responding to each other, each of them caught up in the heat, the desire, the pure erotic thrill of it.

“Oh god yes, it would make me hot,” she confessed, her eyes wide, her lower lip between her teeth. She could barely breathe; she was so aroused, so close to coming just from thinking of it. Then he lowered his head between her legs that sprawled open wantonly, as she watched him, her eyes dark with desire. Her plump, pink pussy lips glistened with the wetness of her arousal, and he pressed his lips against her. Letting his tongue tease her first, stroking along the sensitive clit that was already throbbing and tingling for more.

Aria clutched at his head, the edge of the vanity, anything to keep upright,

abandoning everything but the feel of pleasure burning her up, turning her inside out with the throb and the hum in her veins. David continued blowing and licking, biting and probing until she was mindless. Her lips glistened, they ached, they throbbed as he continued to tease her, finally tonguing her deeply. She grabbed at the smooth counter, spinning out of reality into a world of only sweet, delicious feelings.

“God, I’m coming…coming…” she screamed, convulsing as David replaced his tongue with his fingers. He bent over her, and kissed her, his tongue and lips tasting of her juice, impossibly wet with it. She thrust her tongue against his, moaning, aching and needing this, all of this, over and over. When she thought it was too much, another wave washed through her, and she felt drugged with pleasure.

His fingers strayed to her nipple, pinching her, making her whimper and he groaned, his cock harder than ever. Aria’s head fell back, feeling already sated, but ready for more. “Just fuck me now, David, take me hard,” she urged, burning up to have him inside of her.

David pulled her off the counter, wrapping his hand in her hair, and spinning her around. She bent over, offering herself, opening herself for him, as he put the swollen, aching tip of his cock between her legs, finding the right angle to sink into her. Aria moaned, low and throaty, as he filled her completely. David braced one hand on her hip, the other still in her hair, as he pushed in deeper, buried as far as he could go. She felt wet and tight, and he paused, savoring the moment before he pulled back.

Then he drove into her again, lifting her up onto her toes, losing himself in the slick grip of her pussy. Aria moaned, meeting his thrusts as best she could. “David, more…” Her body shook with the ferocity of his thrusts.

“You’re so damn tight,” he managed to say, his teeth clenched. “And very very wet…” Her wetness seemed to be everywhere, sliding down the inside of her thighs, as he took her harder than ever. She moaned, and moved with him, their rhythm picking up, as he pounded into her. Stars seemed to float in front of her eyes, as she felt her climax tingling, so close, just another moment.

“Look in the mirror, damnit. Look at how I’m fucking you, Aria!” he demanded, feeling her squeezing him, her body shaking.

She looked up, fascinated at the sight of him behind her, his hands on her, his expression lusting for her. Every thrust was harder than the last, making her breasts bounce and her hair whip around her face. Her own eyes were wide, her mouth parted, matching his hunger with her own. When his mouth found the back of her neck, biting down again as he penetrated even deeper, she nearly screamed in satisfaction. They belonged together, just like this, and she came in great shuddering waves around him. The shock of the bite mingled with the blessed relief of her climax, and her knees buckled.

David held her tightly, as the force of his own orgasm shot though him at last, his body bucking against her violently. Both of them swayed and groaned from the intensity, their eyes meeting again in the now steamy mirror.

“Fucking you is a sin,” David muttered, “but damn if it isn’t the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

Aria smiled at him, her body still quivering from the pleasure. “Damn right it is. What can we try next time?”

(This is a continuation of Fifteen Minutes of Fame. If you haven’t read it, I heartily recommend you do so now, as this story may not make much sense otherwise.)

The phone rang. Not the desk phone, not her official work phone, but her private cell. Only a few people had the number, and they knew not to call, except in actual emergencies. She didn’t recognize the incoming caller, but that wasn’t surprising; if one of her associates needed to contact her, they used whatever phone was closest, whether or not it belonged to them.

She flipped it open. “Go ahead.”

“Ma’am, I just sent you an email with something you need to see.” It was Paulsen, one of her senior staff members. No preamble, no wasting time with pleasantries or greetings. She liked that. Time was money, and she had very little of the former to spare. “It’s about your children.”

Her children. She hated being forced to think about them. Better that they’d both died in infancy. “Is it time-sensitive?”

“Very much so, ma’am. It’s supposed to be out in two days, and we’re leaning on the network to hold off on airing it, but—”

“I’ll deal with it.” She ended the call and looked at the phone for a moment, thinking quickly, making a mental list of who to call, and how to handle this, but… First things first. She needed to know exactly what “this” was. It’s always more difficult to fight a war when you don’t know what you’re dealing with.

The text of the email was a copy-pasted transcript, incomplete and poorly edited, of an episode of… but no, surely there had been some mistake. It couldn’t actually be from that farce of a confession show. That sick, twisted excuse for entertainment. A joke, perhaps, made in extremely poor taste. If so, someone—probably several someones—were going to get fired for it.

There was a file attached, too. A short video. She opened it.

The image was small, shaky, and low-resolution. A cell phone camera, surely. The clip was less than a minute long. She started it.

By the time the clip had finished, her fists were clenched so tightly that her perfectly manicured nails dug deep into her palms. The gouges in her hand dripped blood across the desk as she reached for the office phone, her hand shaking with barely suppressed rage.


“Yes, Senator Farrington.” Prompt and polite, as always. A good hire, that one. Just out of college, still fresh-faced and optimistic. It wouldn’t last long. It never did.

“I need to see Roger. Now. Call him, and then get in here.” Charity Farrington, Illinois Senator and the self-described last line of defense for conservative family values, looked down at her blood-smeared hand and gritted her teeth. “And bring a wet towel.”

Soon, she promised herself. Soon it would be her children’s blood on her hands instead of her own. They’d pay for this.

They would pay dearly.


“I’m home,” Pam sung out, slamming the door behind her. “Why isn’t dinner on the table, you miserable fucking excuse for a domestic servant?”

I smiled, hearing the playfulness in her voice. “Eat a dick, sis.” I stood up and stretched the kinks out of my back before heading towards the front door. “Work go okay?”

“The usual soul-crushing emptiness. The sort of thing you always feel, but I only get it six or eight hours at a time, which means I’m marginally less pathetic than you are.” She pulled off her jacket and lobbed it at the open closet. “So yeah, work was fine.” Pam leaned over, apparently aiming for a quick kiss; I had no intention of just brushing lips like that. Eight hours without touching her was way too long for my liking. Instead, as our mouths met, I wrapped one arm around her waist and planted the other on her back, and I made damn sure she wasn’t getting away without some tongue.

She didn’t seem to mind. Quite the opposite, really. It’d only been a week and a half since we’d taped our television debut, and only a few hours more since we’d started this whole “fucking-each-other” thing, but I’d learned pretty quickly what her little physical quirks and mannerisms meant, and the fingers scraping a path down the back of my neck told me I’d made the right call.

We broke off for air, eventually, and she shoved me away, but without any real force. “Horny little bastard. Let’s eat first, assuming you didn’t already inhale whatever the fuck was in the fridge.”

“Not really hungry.” I followed her into the kitchen. “You know, in most of the world, people don’t eat dinner at five.”

“Yeah, well, in most of the world people don’t fuck their siblings, either. Might as rebel against all sorts of things, now that we’ve started with one.”

“Would making a joke about eating out—”


“Forget I said anything, then.”

“Done.” Pam tossed a couple slices of week-old pizza onto a plate and leaned against the counter. “Anything exciting happen in your shitty existence for a life? And I already know the answer’s no.”

“Won the lottery.”

“Oh yeah? How much?”

“Like ten bucks. Blew it on a bottle of piss-poor gin.”

“How you can stomach that shit is beyond me. Makes your breath smell like you brushed your teeth with rubbing alcohol and a pine tree,” Her words were barely audible through her half-chewed mouthful. “Save me any?”

“Might be a third of it left, over by the microwave.” I watched her grab the bottle and start drinking straight from it. “Hypocrite.”

“Don’t fucking judge me, you alcoholic piece of shit. Three assholes catcalled me at lunch and my fucking boss keeps leering at me and I’m on the verge of ripping off their off their cocks and making ‘em choke to death on their own—”

“No, no, not the drinking part. The fact that you were just talking shit about gin, and now…”

“I finished the vodka this morning. Nothing else around.”

So that’s where it had gone. “You know, I think both of us might have a drinking problem.”

“Yeah, no shit, because once I finish this we’ll be out of alcohol.”

“That’s the oldest fucking joke—”

As it turned out, the cheap gin tasted even worse when mixed with tomato sauce. The fact that I was tasting it secondhand made it a bit better, though.


The door handle turned. She did not look up. “You’re late, Roger.”

“Barely, Senator. I was waiting for your secretary. She seems to have run off somewhere.” Roger Stallman, a short, balding, heavyset man with a perpetually bored expression, dropped into the chair opposite hers without being invited. She took the impertinence without blinking. This was not the time to insist on ceremony, and Stallman had been with her since her first campaign. He’d earned the right to be informal. “Heard the news, then?”

“When was it taped?”

“Twelve days ago. Standard turnaround for these things is usually two weeks, so we caught it just in time.”

“Not fast enough for my liking, Roger.”

He shrugged. “We don’t usually monitor these things, Senator. I can honestly say this has never happened before, not for anyone I’ve worked with, and we’re damn lucky we caught it before it actually aired.”

“Fine. What can we do?”

“Not much, really. We have to eventually let them air it, or else we’ll be the bad guys for shutting down one of the nation’s most inexplicably popular shows. The network won’t pull the episode or even delay for much longer; they’re not too fond of you, Senator, for some of the things you’ve said about what the media does to families.”

“And they’re proving my point by doing so.”

“Focus, please, Senator. Once we’ve navigated through this mess you’ll have plenty of time to write speeches attacking whatever innocent things you want, but first let’s make sure you’ll be able to stay in office long enough to do so.”

Her nails dug into her palms again, reopening one of the just-closed gashes. “Your concern is noted. Again: what do we do?”

“Prep for damage control, mainly. Run a press conference immediately after the show where you can publicly decry the accusations. Dig up a couple of people who can make statements on how your kids were always insubordinate and rebellious in the face of your impeccable maternal instincts.”

“‘Impeccable,’ Roger?”

“I didn’t say they had to be truthful statements. Just statements. We need to build you a safety net. Something that will back up your side of the story. This’ll blow over eventually, but we need to make sure you’re still standing when it does. My career depends on it as much as yours, I’d bet, and I’m not rich enough to retire right now.”

She nodded curtly. “I’ll see who we can round up to take my side. Let me know if we can squeeze another day’s delay out of the network; the more time we have to prepare, the better.”

“Righty-o. I’ll get to work on my end. Lots of calls to make.” He heaved himself to his feet; she did not rise to see him off, but instead turned back to her computer. He paused with his hand on the door. “Out of curiosity, Senator, how much truth do you think there is to it? Do you really think you screwed them up that badly?”

A lesser man would have run from the expression on her face. “Roger—”

“I mean, you’re no paragon of moral purity yourself, you know. If—”

“Get out of my fucking office.”

He chuckled as he left, closing the door behind him.



“No, don’t stop. Not until I specifically tell you to. Remind me to dock Mr. Stallman’s pay for the next quarter. And your aim is off. Bring your tongue up a little bit higher.”

“Mmff, mhmm.”

She sighed. It was so hard to find competent help these days.


“You know, there’s this thing called a bed.”

I didn’t look up. “Never heard of it.”

“It’s a great invention. Covered in blankets and shit. More comfortable than the fucking kitchen counter, that’s for sure.”

“What’s wrong with fake granite?” I slid my hands up under her skirt and brushed a knuckle against the front of her panties, feeling her shiver slightly.

“It’s cold as balls. If you’re gonna do it, just fucking do it and stop trying to tease me, because my ass is freezing out here.”

“Hmm.” I leaned forward, a hand on each thigh, and kissed the growing wet patch between them, inhaling her scent. “No.” Still, I had to admit that she did have a point. My legs were starting to hurt, and I’d only been kneeling on the linoleum for a minute or two. Not that I’d give her the satisfaction of knowing that. This was war, after all.

“Fine. You win. We’ll stay here. Satisfied, asshole?”

“Not even close.” Pam’s panties wouldn’t go down very far, as her legs were spread barely far enough to accommodate even me, but they went far enough. I kissed the same spot as before, feeling the slick wetness beneath my lips. “So before I said that we could eat out-”

There was a yank, and I abruptly found myself buried in her crotch, her legs pinning my face in place against her pussy. Her snarled insult faded off into a hissed breath as I started exploring with my tongue, running it in gradually tightening circles. Well, technically they were ovals, but I wasn’t particularly concerned with the finer points of geometry.

I took a breath, held it, and went in even deeper, pushing my tongue in between her lips and inside of her as far as it would go. Admittedly, it wasn’t very far, but judging from her tightening grip on my neck and back it was working pretty well. My eyes were closed, my senses trained on the bits of Pam I could feel with my mouth and hands, her scent and taste filling my awareness.

“Hey.” Her voice was a bit breathless, and there was a playful lilt to it. “You wanna know the worst euphemism I’ve ever heard for this?”

I shook my head slightly, not willing to stop and answer properly.

“Too bad, because you’re hearing it anyway. ‘Plundering her cave of wonders.’”

Up until that point, I’d never been able to say that I’d choked on pussy. It wasn’t an experience I was keen on repeating; the mixture of laughter and coughing took a few seconds to subside. “Christ on a stick, that’s awful. Who would… no, I don’t wanna know. I really don’t wanna know.”

“Actually, some people-”

“I really, REALLY don’t wanna know.”

“Suit yourself.” Pam cleared her throat. “Um. Can you do something else for me?”

I sighed, trying to look sufficiently exasperated. “Anything for you, my radiant goddess.”

“Can you pretend to not be a fucking asshole for like two minutes? That’s not the request, by the way, but it’d be a pretty nice fucking change for once.”


“Fine. The how ’bout this: talk dirty.”

“You mean like Poison? Down the basement, lock the cellar door-” She didn’t pull her punch this time. “You bitch. That’s gonna bruise.”

“I’m trying to be serious here, you prick. Focus. Talk to me. Tell me… I don’t know. Say something engaging. You’re down there, and there’s a disconnect or some shit, and I want you to talk to me.”

“Right. I have no idea how to do that, by the way. And I can’t really do that and work down here properly at the same time.”

“I don’t care if you’re total shit at it. I still want you to try. And of course you can do both–you’ve got hands, right? You don’t need those to talk. Stop jerking off and start using them.”

I cocked an eyebrow. “For your information, I haven’t jerked off in at least ten minutes.” Resting my chin on the counter, I thought for a moment, trying to figure out how to handle this. “Seems like I’m stalling, doesn’t it.”

“Look, if you really don’t want to-”

“No, no, I’m getting to it.” A thought struck me–a plan of attack, so to speak. It made me smile. “Okay. Most of what I know about dirty talk comes from porn, but that doesn’t really work for me.” I ran a forefinger gently down from her stomach, barely brushing the skin and coming to a halt right above her sex. “Just saying ‘oh god I wanna fuck you’ or ‘your pussy is so hot’ is… well, it’s fucking stupid, is what it is.”

“Are you really-” Her breath hitched as I started to slide my finger in. “Are you really giving a fucking lecture on how to dirty-talk?”

“Both of those things are true, though.” I kept on talking, ignoring her words and listening to her breathing. She felt tight even with just one finger inside; slowly, deliberately, I began moving. “You’re absolutely fucking beautiful, and having sex with you is basically the best thing in the world. When I’m with you there is literally nothing else I can think about. Just you.” I laid my other hand on her lower belly, letting my thumb rest close to her clit–but not directly on it. Not yet. “How’re you doing?”

“Not… not bad.”

“Oh good.” I stretched upward, craning my neck and head towards hers; she leaned down, as I’d hoped for, and kissed me. As our lips touched, I planted my thumb; she jerked back slightly, as sensitive as ever, and then pushed forward harder into the kiss, her tongue meeting mine.

I had to break off first, as my legs didn’t really want to cooperate with that position. “I wonder,” I said, my thumb now moving rhythmically on her clit. “Do you like the way you taste as much as I do?”

She blushed.

I was so surprised that I actually had to take a second and remind myself where I was and what I was doing. Pam had actually blushed. A full-fledged, red-cheeked, slightly-ducked-head blush. I had never, ever seen that before. Time to seize the moment.

I dove back down, lips encircling her clit, tongue navigating the skin around it as best I could, forefinger curled inside her pussy and stroking her inner walls.

And it was maybe ten seconds later that she grabbed a fistful of my hair, forcing uneven breaths through her teeth, hunched over me in the throes of her orgasm.

When she was finished, I finally let myself fall back into a normal seated position on the floor. My legs would be complaining about this for days. I sure as hell wouldn’t be. “You okay?”

Pam nodded, clearly concentrating on getting herself back to normal. “More than okay,” she eventually said. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Not just for the eating-out. For putting up with my shit.”

“I should be the one thanking you for that, I think.”

We fell silent, staring at each other in the brightly-lit kitchen.

She smirked. “You’ve got something on your face.”

“Someone’s something, more like. And you’ve got that same something on your thighs.” I stood and stretched. “Shower?”

“Sure. You first.”

“I, uh, I meant together.”

“Pff. Fine.”


Roger Stallman—and not just ‘Roger’ when he was working, no matter what his boss said; he was a professional, more or less—was tired of this shit.

It was the same thing, over and over, year after year. Whoever he was working for fucked something up, and they called him to fix it, and they expected him to break the laws of the universe to make everything nice and neat and perfect again. And when the world didn’t work out exactly the way they hoped—and the world never worked out like that—he got slapped with a pay cut. Or chewed out in front of some company’s board of directors. Or he just got fired.

The Senator’d always been a bitch, even from the start of her first run for office, but she’d only grown more angry and bitter since then. Stallman didn’t have much hope that he’d be working for her much longer. A shame, really. She was obscenely rich, and she paid well. Maybe, if he came up with some sort of genius plan, he’d be able to placate her long enough to get him a retirement fund; he wasn’t as young as he used to be, and the political game was starting to get stale. He’d been in the industry way too long.

But when he really thought about it, he knew there was no way he could hush this up. Those kids, those maddeningly determined kids, had blown the kneecaps off of the Senator’s career, and nothing he could do would fix it.

Unless he went to the kids themselves, of course, and found out what they wanted. But that was probably the stupidest idea he’d had in years. One picture of him with them would sink his career right alongside the Senator’s. Hell, they might take the photo themselves and sell it to whichever tabloid offered the most. It’s what he would do in their shoes. And if the Senator herself found out, he’d be lucky if he woke up the next morning. There were lots of rumors about how that young idealistic fool of a candidate had actually died before the elections last year; nobody outright accused Farrington of putting a hit on him, of course, but the rumors were there.

He’d have to think of something else. The network wouldn’t budge, most of the press was already trying to tear the Senator’s policies apart, and there was only so much spin he could pull off on his own. But he couldn’t just go talk to her children. He’d be risking more than his job doing that. The very idea was absurd. Completely unprofessional. Insane, even.

Roger was on a plane to Massachusetts within the hour.


The doorbell made us both jump. I pushed myself up into a sitting position and muted the TV. “Jesus, it’s like eleven thirty.”

“Probably a crack whore. Or someone trying to rob you, maybe. They’ll just stab you as soon as you open the door.” Pam, curled up on the pillows like an oversized cat, smirked up at me. “You should go open the door. Live life dangerously, motherfucker.”

“Die in a fire.” It rang again. “Okay, fine, I’ll get it. Christ.”

I jogged to the door and glanced through the window. A short, fat guy, mostly bald, stood there looking bored. No camera, no tape recorder, so he wasn’t the press; no knife, and he looked pretty clean, so he wasn’t a crack whore or a murderer. Probably. And he looked familiar, somehow, but I couldn’t place him.

I unlocked the door and stuck my head out a few inches, wishing I’d thought to put on a shirt. “Um. Can I help you?”

“Hey there, kid. Carl, right?” He held out a hand. “I’m Roger Stallman. I work with the Senator.”

Oh fuck. That’s how I knew him. He was lurking somewhere in the background at every press conference. He was always there. This was bad. This was really bad. This was…

TRAINING DAY: Leah and Brandon

I left the farm that night, less than eager to return home and solidify my alibi. The understanding that I had with the Head Detective only went so far, and I wasn’t sure if I had crossed the border on this one. Detective Jameson enjoyed visiting my little farm every now and again to visit Molly; Molly was a trouble maker who’d run away from home, got stuck on drugs, and had turned to prostitution. I had received a phone call from Clyde, one of my guards, telling me about this gorgeous run down woman looking for an easy meal, and so we told her what we had to offer. She jumped at the opportunity. Three square meals, a warm bed, and all she had to do was sleep with some people? Even better, people who were guaranteed to be clean and disease free; Molly couldn’t believe her luck when I brought her here. Molly was the first girl I’d allowed to choose her niche. She told me something I hadn’t expected; she was a hermaphrodite. At first I was a little taken back, I didn’t have a man/woman of the type yet, and it was definitely a rare niche; I had girls for Pony Play, and rooms set up for Bondage and Abuse, I specialized in the taboo, but I’d never met anyone with both sets of genitalia, I was intrigued.

The detective came around looking one night, having followed Clyde here about two days after we’d gotten Molly. He told me that we’d stolen his favorite girl, and that he was going to arrest us all and book us for prostitution. I was scared that day that I would lose everything, but I’d offered him a deal he couldn’t pass up. The detective had strange appetites too, much like Molly, which explains why he favored her; he enjoyed the play almost as much as she did.

The deal was, he could have Molly as often as he liked, and I would supply a variety of toys and costumes for his and her pleasure, he just had to turn a blind eye to my operations. The detective pretended to be disgusted at first, at least until I brought him to Molly’s stall. As soon as the man in the badge saw his girl sucking off another man while being pounded by a gorgeous woman wearing a strap-on, the whole time she was fondling her own cock, he agreed, and we made a bargain. He could have Molly here, whenever he chose to, and I wouldn’t tell the town his little secret. He never bothered to ask where I got my girls and I never really told him. I’m hoping he doesn’t figure this one out. Though, considering I’ve never taken girls from our small little town before, I don’t think I’d be his first suspect.

I sighed, except that I’d been the last one to see her, and everyone knew about the photos. As I drove the long way home, so as to appear to be arriving from a different compass point in case the law did see me, I thought of who I could use as my alibi. I wish I knew who had come to the door that night, and what was said, I could frame them, or at least create a red herring until the trail went cold.

Leah could help with the alibi, but it would be a weak story, “Yeah, I spent the night watching movies with my sister.” I doubted that would hold for long. Leah might have some ideas, she might have see who had visited if she’d been waiting nearby, but then again, she was the cautious one who never liked to be seen when things went down. People trusted her almost immediately upon meeting her and she was careful to keep her reputation clean so it stayed that way, definitely a bonus. I finally made it home and after the long drive was fairly tired. I didn’t have school until tomorrow, and needed to keep up appearances, so I couldn’t just start skipping class to be with my new favorite girl. I felt my cock twitch and harden a little when I thought of Rebekah, how hot her mouth was, how she writhed and moaned while Joe, Morgan, and I sated ourselves with her amazing body, how she moaned when we electrocuted her, or whipped her.

I adjusted myself as I stood from the car and closed the garage behind me. When I stepped into the kitchen I saw my mother wearing nothing but an apron, cooking dinner. I kissed her cheek, grabbing her tight ass as I did, then dropped a quick kiss on her long neck, “Evening mom.”

“Hey honey, dinner will be ready soon, Leah’s with dad. How was your weekend so far?” She grinned, purring as she rubbed her shapely form against me.

She grabbed my hand as she spoke to me and placed it in the hot spot between her legs. “Weekend’s been good so far, my new girl loves her new job. Anyone been by or called for me?” I drove two fingers into her already wet canal and stroked her slowly. She leaned away from me and bent back over the sink and I increased the rhythm of my fingers, using my thumb to flick at her clit. The moan I received for my work made me cock harden fast. To most, this would seem a strange family, but I was raised young in the world of eroticism and sex. It was normal for me to wake up and come downstairs for breakfast to find dad pounding away at Uncle Jimmie while Jimmie got a blowjob from mom. The first time I’d seen it all happening I’d been six. I hadn’t been allowed to join in until I was thirteen. Leah was brought into the fold when she was ten, having been one of the rare girls to get her period early; my family felt that she was a woman the day her bleeding happened, so she began her training at ten.

I knelt down and pulled one of mom’s legs over my shoulder and started licking at the juices running down her leg. She was sweet and sticky, like oranges maybe, and so very willing. I replaced my fingers with my tongue and licked up from her dripping hole to the sweet nub that made her cry out. Tracing the path over and over, sometimes nipping slightly at her pleasure bud, until her knees grew weak and she moaned deep as he body shuddered against my mouth. I suckled on her lower lips while the sticky wetness flowed from her swollen pussy.

As the quivering let up she turned around and leaned her forearms against the counter, curved her lower back, and wiggled her perfect ass at me. I slapped the smooth skin hard before I dropped my pants and teased her wet crack with the head of my dick. She moaned again and wiggled back against me. I slapped her ass cheeks and pinched her thighs as a delightful punishment for rushing me before I slowly pushed my length into her tight, wet, warm, welcoming pussy. I rode her soft for a while, enjoying the feel of her well trained muscles gripping my staff. I enjoyed the slow ride for a few minutes, driving her crazy, making her want it more and more. Mom was used to hard, fast rides, with brutal orgasms that left her breathless. This gentle teasing was not something she was used to. With that in mind I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back hard as I slammed into her, pressing her chest against the counter and holding her head back at an awkward angle I continued a punishing rhythm that had her hips pressed against the counter edge with a bruising pressure.

Using my free hand I grabbed the small vibrator that she kept in the kitchen cabinet next to the silverware and flicked on the little battery powered machine. Grabbing her hips to lift her ass I pushed my hand around her waist and held the instrument between them, against her clit, and slammed my length hard into her body.

She began to tremble, gripping the counter top to hold her up as I held the vibrator against her tender flesh and beat into her. I felt her cum hard, the muscles in her canal gripping me tight as she tried to milk me into her. I continued to hold the little toy against her as I pulled out, extending her climax, while I used her own fluid to lubricate her ass.

I pressed my cock against the pucker of her rear and received immediate entrance. The muscle barely fought my entrance, and I could still feel her body trying to clench around mine. The little vibrator still held tightly against her very sensitive nub kept the tremors rippling through her and caused her to cum again, squirting a small puddle down her thighs and onto the floor. I pushed against her ass and rode her hard, as she liked it, until I too was ready to come, and let my hot seed spill into her tight ass. The pulsing of my cock, the mixing of my seed and her juices as they flowed down her legs, made me twitch again and I felt more sperm shoot from my shaft.

Chest heaving my mother glanced over her shoulder and winked at me, “I haven’t been ridden that hard since your Aunt Tonya brought her big blue toy over. Thanks baby boy, I so needed that.” I stepped out of my pants and stripped off my shirt and headed for the bathroom after patting mom’s ass gently. I wanted a shower and I wanted to go to bed. I hadn’t slept much, preparing Rebekah for her client, making the farm house ready for her stay, finding her a couple of clients to break her in. All of that work, so little time to sleep.

I turned the corner to head up the stairs and glanced into pop’s office, he was laying across his desk, knees dangling over the edge with my sister riding his hips like a young bronco that doesn’t want to be broken in. She was a beauty. All hips and breasts, great thighs and an ass that just begged for attention; even after the work out with my mom I felt my cock hop back to life, how could I say no.

I stepped into the room quietly, working my hand on my shaft as I approached, still lubricated from moms cum and my own. As Leah leaned over dad to start her fast ride I grabbed her hips and received a pleasant moan as she felt me press against her ass, “Not there today brother, I want to try something new.”

I was a little intrigued, and waited while she rearranged herself into a rear-cowgirl position and sank hard onto my dad’s thick cock, he scooted down so his ass was at the edge of the desk and my sister’s pussy was at waist level to me. “Put it in, I want to ride both of you.”

This was something I’d never done, I’ve had Leah before, many times, I can’t get enough of her, but I’ve never shared her pussy with another cock before. I grabbed the lube bottle and spread some over the head of my cock before angling to press into her. It was tight, and I thought I was going to tear her, but she was so ready for the invasion. After a slow insertion I was nearly up to my balls inside her, my staff rubbing against my father’s inside of her hot vagina. The pressure was intense, almost painful when she started to move, but her muscles stretched to accommodate the huge invasion and she went crazy. I leaned over her and started to pump against her, short even strokes that had the three of us moaning together.

I felt my sister cum, shortly after we started moving; this was a treat for her. My father and I began a rhythm that soon brought all of us to climax, our cocks pressed tightly against each other encased in the silk of her female core, the pleasure-pain of this experience was beyond what I’d imagined and I couldn’t wait to try it with my newest pet.

As my father and I came hard almost together in timing, my sister collapsed, worn out from her multiple orgasm experience, her body tired and spent.

I carefully pulled free of the pleasure trap and lifted my sister from my dad. Cradling her in my arms I nodded at my father and carried her upstairs and laid her in the bath. I tested the water, careful not to burn her, before stepping in and turning on the spray. I slowly moved out of the way so a few spurts trailed from her hair, down her next and over her breasts. She woke up with a sensual stretch and smiled up at me, “That was amazing, I’m going to be sore for a week I swear it!”

I couldn’t help but chuckle, she was so innocent in appearance, but she was such a little whore. She loved sex, all kinds of sex, except for extreme bondage, she couldn’t handle the whips and shocks and needles. It was alright though; I had plenty of fun with her in so many other ways. I turned and cleaned off with soap that smelled like cinnamon and clove, making sure to clean my genitals with great care. When I turned back to rinse my back and shampoo my hair Leah was waiting, mouth open and tongue ready to capture my soft member.

With her expert touch I was ready in no time, super sensitive from the two sessions, and from the pressure on the second I experienced a nearly instant orgasm as she scraped her teeth over the head and squeezed my balls in her hand.

I grabbed the back of her head and forced my way into her tight hot mouth and down her throat, shooting my seed for her to swallow. She suckled hard until I thought I was empty. She stood, turned against me, and let me wash her. After rinsing away the soap I lie back in the tub and let the water crash over us as she sat on my face. The sweet perfume of her arousal had my tired cock jumping, but it couldn’t manage to stand again. I was okay with that, I had her locked on my mouth, licking her sweet folds, fondling her pleasure button, fingers rocking in and out of her ass. Mmm, she was tasty. All sweet nectar and heat. I slapped her ass hard and bit down on her clit as I plunged two fingers deep into her ass, and teased her other entrance with my finger tips. Leah started rocking against the onslaught of my hands and mouth, her pleasure building slowly, her body over stimulated already making my job so much easier.

She came hard when I reached up to pinch her hard nipple and slammed my fingers into her ass. She rode the wave, pressing against my mouth and nose, her ass gripping my fingers as her body shuddered again.

When she was done she slid down my body, and we just lay together with the water running over us. After about fifteen minutes I helped her up, turned off the water and we went to bed. We shared a room, though we had separate beds, but she crawled into mine with me. Her fingers traced tangled lines over my stomach and chest as I began to doze off. I’d handle Det. Jameson later. Right now my body was exhausted, and I needed to recuperate.

Brian and his elder sister moved to a different state, away from their parents, in order to pursue their higher education. But things changed a lot more than Brian had expected. His younger sister Nicole was a shemale, only few of her close friends and family members were aware of the fact. But the thing about which Brian had the least idea was that Nicole was into shemale domination. He forgot how it all started but right now, 22 year old Brian was reduced to a mere fuck-toy maid by 19 year old Nicole.

Brian was a skinny 5’8″ guy much smaller comparing to 6′ athletic Nicole so Brian was never able to resist the took-over by his sister. That day, Brian was passing time leisurely when he heard Nicole storming into the living room from her soccer practice. “Brian! Brian! BRIAN! Where the fuck, are you anyway?” She screamed without giving Brian any other option but to go into the living room immediately.

Brian hurried inside the living room just wearing the small yellow color girly short. “I am here” he said while his eyes gazed over her body. She was all sweaty from the hard practice no doubt; her black t-shirt looked like a second skin over her pouty tits. Her tight sports pants revealing the deep curves of her crotch and ass, she smirked noticing her lust in her brother’s eyes. She began to rub her crotch over the pant slowly in order to tease her poor brother; the bulge in between her legs was quite prominent.

“Oh Brian stop drooling like a pervert will you?” She mocked before adding, “Both you and I know that you won’t be able to use my body like the way you wanted to, but I will use you in any way I see fit. So, why don’t you be the good little bitch that you are and slip out of your pink short? I don’t want it to get stained by your worthless dick.” She smiled watching the 22 year old stepping out of his shorts to show off his shaved cock and balls to his little shemale sister, his face was burning with shame but his dick attained a full erection of merely 4 inch.

Nicole also slipped out of her pants, letting her thick long cock stretch out in freedom. She sat on a wooden stool and smacked her butt cheek playfully while glancing at Brian in a meaningful way. “Go on you little butt lapper, you know you love to lick the sweaty ass of your sister, your cock craves for the taste as does your tongue. Go ahead.” Before walking to her behind, Brian couldn’t help but admire the 6.5 inch soft member in between his sister’s legs, no wonder why she is the boss of the house.

Brian dropped to his knees behind the stool; he saw his sister wiggling her firm shaped butt-cheeks right in front of his face, inviting him to do his job. He recalled the first day when Nicole forced him to sniff her butt as if Brian was a dog, he felt like vomiting but as time went by he secretly started to love the scent, and those humiliating French-kisses and the lap jobs but his hard dick always gave away his secrets to his sister.

Just as Brian began to press his nose in between her round butt cheeks, the strong aroma hit him hard, he gasped. Nicole sensing his brother’s discomfort said in a sly tone, “Oops, I forgot to mention to you that today after the match I took a dump and well since the stall was scarce on toilet papers I decided to go green, since after all I have a wet organic toilet paper at home, YOU!” she giggled out loudly at the end of the sentence.

Brian repulsed at the very idea of licking shit off his sister’s asshole. He had licked her ass before, sniffed it like a dog but never considered something that gross. But when he felt Nicole’s strong hand pressing against the back of his head, he realized that it was not something of his choice. He must obey her because she demands so. “Come on you little dog, I am waiting. For the first time when I made you lick my asshole, did you think that you have come to a limit? Hell no, you are just at the beginning bitch. So hurry! Take good long sniffs as a starter.”

Brian was helpless under the total control of Nicole as he began to sniff in the smell with each sniffs the strong scent began to took over his nerves breaking up the remaining of his will power as he was facing the reality from a new angle, he was nothing but a living toy for his sister who has the right to do whatever she feels like. “Damn it brother, is your lungs as weak as your pathetic dick? I want to hear you sniff, just be a good boy and take 10 long sniffs, NOW!”

Brian once again nauseate under the new degrading order. He clenched his eyes and began to long deep sniffs, one after other. Nicole found it more than arousing to have her brother obey her like a Mistress, no matter how much humiliating it was. Just as Nicole heard her brother’s sniffing the smell of her shit she moaned and spread open her legs and began to slowly stroke her long cock. “That’s it brother!” She giggled patted his head, stroking his black hair locks, “after the sniffs I want you to French kiss it before jumping to regular lapping.”

As the day got worsen each second for Brian, Nicole’s day was getting better she thought, “Today for the first time my brother, I will make you clean my ass inside-out with your worthless tongue, which is only good when serving me.” She felt her cock throbbing each time she heard the sniffing noise coming from her behind. “Well, it’s not that I am a bossy bitch, he also loves to serve me like the same way I love ordering him. It was me, who made him realize for the first time that he was a dog and a slave and now it’s time to treat him properly like one.”

Just as the sound of 10th sniff died down, Nicole turned her head back to see how his red-faced brother doing down there. When she saw her brother panting for clean air she giggled. Then her eyes roamed a little below to catch a glimpse of his small hard cock pointing towards the ceiling throbbing in between his legs. She wiggled her ass in front of Brian’s face, “Go ahead, and kiss it my dear. Let me tell you something, you do everything I say and I might buy you a sex-doll so that you won’t always have to go to toilet to jerk-off.”

Brian’s eyes lit with a ray of hope as he looked up to her face, “Really Nicole you would do that for me?”

Nicole smiled and nodded, “Yes you dirty little mutt, I will. You are my little sissy toy aren’t you, so I also want to make my toy happy. Now off course your toy won’t be a living thing like mine, but at least it’s better than to go to restroom and flush down your precious cum, right?” She wiggled her butt again, “But that means you will be completely obedient no matter the command. Let me give you a prior warning, it won’t be as easy as it seems. But who cares? If you put on a fight you will lose the doll, I will use you anyway. I have nothing to lose.”

Partly from obedience and partly from the hope to get a doll, Brian touched his sister’s rosebud with the tip of his tongue. Soon the bitter taste spread all over his taste buds but to his surprise he didn’t feel like throwing up rather with each second he became more and more adjusted to it. After few minutes Nicole suddenly pushed Brian’s head towards her asshole forcing him to encircle her asshole with his lips. “You kissed my butt-hole pretty well, my dear slut, it’s time to even the score. I have a special kiss for you in mind.”

Before poor Brian got the time to react or even think what that special kiss might be, Nicole relaxed her bowel and farted right in his mouth. Brian would have jerked away if there wasn’t a strong hand pushing his head tightly against her butt-hole forcing him to digest this humiliation forcing him to taste the fart, to bear the shame of having his little sister using him like a toilet. “This is your special kiss, my dear big brother. Hope you enjoyed it even more than I enjoyed kissing you like this. Tell me, do you want me to kiss you again?”

Brian wanted to resist, wanted to scream not in negation but having his head pressed tightly in between Nicole’s ass cheeks and the strong smell made his voice quite incoherent. But in spite of all the resistance, Brian’s cock felt like exploding even though there wasn’t much touching. Nicole giggled again, “Oh, poor you can’t speak properly now, can you? Well, if you want me to kiss you again then remain still or else say anything, I will hear the cute noise coming from my beneath again.”

Brian soon began to resist, trying his best to convey his feelings about the dirty weird fantasy his sister was dragging him to. Feeling the strong protest, Nicole held his face in position firmly with her two strong hands and farted in his mouth once again, giggling, “Damn it brother. Were you always this dumb or just now? Since when does your voice have a weight when you and I are alone, huh? I fart in your mouth, because I chose to, not you. Now hurry up with the cleaning, bitch, inside out.”

Poor Brian, he thought, “Why did I trust her in the first place, she is way too bitchy at times.” But with the asshole in front of his tongue and his face pressed in between firm butt cheeks made him aware of the harsh reality. He began to slowly push the tip of his tongue against her tight asshole, forcing her muscles to pry open, “Damn, she never had it up her ass I guess.” He chuckled to himself even at this dire condition, “Why would she, when she has someone like me around.”

Nicole felt her brother trying his best to push his tongue inside her messy ass; she took pity on his elder brother and relaxed her muscles a bit to ease up the process. Brian slipped the tip inside on the first chance he got, earning another snicker from Nicole, “Oh, brother you are just so hungry for my shitty ass aren’t you? Don’t worry; I will try my best to relax unless you show lack of enthusiasm.” Brian was forced to become this slutty piece of meat because despite being elder he wasn’t even near as big as his shemale sister.

Brian began to wiggle his tongue inside the tight ass, cleaning the inner walls for her anus. It didn’t take long for masochistic Brian to get the hang of the humiliation and bitter taste; soon he began to crave for more. He closed his eyes and let his tongue slide in and out slowly tongue-fucking her butt. Nicole felt the change in his attitude and patted his head, “Oh, you little slut. You love this new humiliating task don’t you? That’s what I love about you brother, your pathetic sissy mind have practically no limits. Go ahead prod my butt more with your lovely tongue.”

Brian moaned from excitement due to prolonged exposure to his sister’s dominant feature, he developed a fetish for verbal humiliation as well every lines, every words that were meant to degrade him acted like a drug of arousal for him. He pushed his tongue deep inside her butt and after a couple of pushing he felt a piece of turd inside her. Nicole moaned when she felt his brother pushing his tongue against the piece of shit, her cock throbbed hard, “That’s enough for now brother, and I will make you eat my shit one day. But for now, come here and suck me off, you made me too hard to contain myself.”

This was the style of Nicole; she made her brother go through tons of humiliation slowly inducing a new fetish inside his silly submissive mind, and then completely fucked his mind by telling he is worthless and slutty enough to have such a dirty degrading fetish. Brian crawled back to Nicole’s front, letting Nicole straddling his shoulders wearing an evil smirk on her lips. Catching a glimpse of her, Brian began to respect her more than ever. She was just so stronger than him, her cock pointing up towards the ceiling proudly rather than merely peeking out like his and she looked just so confident. He thought, “Yes, she is definitely worthy or respect.”

Nicole ran her fingers along his silky hair petting his head in the back, reminding him of his task. Brian leaned a little forward and kissed the tip of her cock, his hands resting on her thigh. It felt so natural to him, to allow his little sister to dominate over him. He opened his mouth and began to take in the whole length inside his mouth slowly; he knew that having her own brother licking her dirty asshole turned on Nicole way too much to hold off for much longer, so he wanted to make it happen slowly.

However Nicole had much less patience than Brian, she grabbed his head by his hair and began to slide his face up and down the shaft brutally, forcing him to fuck her long 9 inch cock. She loved to see the expression in Brian’s eyes accompanied by the cute gagging noise each time she pushed his head deep enough to take the whole of her cock inside his sissy mouth. She enjoyed feeling her cock-tip hitting her pathetic elder brother in the throat with each thrust. “This is it brother, get ready for your special cum-shot facial”, she moaned while pulling her cock out of his mouth.

Nicole moaned out loudly squirting her thick loads of semen, coating Brian’s face, all of it. After she had her orgasm she smiled at his slutty brother and was utterly surprised to see him licking clean her cock without even being told to do so. She patted his head to praise her little doggy. “Now now, little-dick brother, you are doing a very good job today. Why don’t you squat down now and jerk off your little sissy clit, I bet it is almost ready to explode any fucking second.” She giggled and added, “And you must suck your thumb like you do when sleeping during you jerking off session, it’s just so funny to see a 22 year old acting like naked sissy toddler.

Brian blushed but nodded quietly her cum dripping on the floor from his face and squat down spreading his legs wide apart in front of his sister, his eyes focusing on the big flaccid cock hanging between her legs. He placed his left thumb inside his mouth and began to suck on it like a toddler while stroking his baby dick. While Brian was jerking off, Nicole was showering constant verbal abuse, she loved to see his shame, his arousal, and he was completely naked in front of her, both physically and mentally.

It wasn’t long before Brian clenched his toes and his knees were trembling, he closed his eyes and let out a soft muffled moan to have his thumb inside his mouth. Nicole smirked and just when she realized, Brian won’t be able to stop Cumming even if he wanted to, she shouted while placing her left foot right in front of his cock tip, “Don’t you dare cum, you little piece of shit, you don’t deserve to have any pleasure.” But as calculated, Brian moaned out loudly squirting all over Nicole’s foot.

Nicole chuckled warmly, “Well, you are such a sissy slut; you can’t even control your little prick. Man, you are pathetic you know, good thing that I am here to train you properly. Now go ahead and lick my foot clean. Fair warning, from the soccer practice my foot is kind of stinky right now.” She said, waving her foot in front of Brian. He had little choice but to obey, he had licked her cum before, swallowed her loads, but licking off his own cum was something different, it was more degrading, it was like being forced to become his own slave. He started to lick off the salty semen from her foot.

When he was done, Nicole got up from the stool and pushed away Brian with her strong foot, “get the fuck away from my face and go to your room. And don’t you dare wash off your new face-wash.” Brian practically ran out of the room, naked, without even looking back or picking up his short from the floor, Nicole stared at his naked butt cheeks wiggling as he moved and when he was gone a small chuckle escaped her lips, “I love my slutty elder brother.”

I’m Alex, a 19 year old, blonde haired, blue eyed boy. I live in NYC in a small apartment with my twin sister, Ashley. For brother and sister and twins, no one can tell we are related just by looking at us. Ashley is a couple inches shorter than me, brunette, and has green eyes. Our parents gave us the boot when we were only 16 years old. We both have the same job, we’re strippers or, as we like to be called, go-go dancers. My sister found this joint for all sexual orientations with stage and nude cage dancers. Once she got hired she got me a job there too. Since we had different last names on our fake IDs and the club didn’t know we were related, we would work the same shift. At first it was a tough, but when your young and have no money, you’ll do anything get some. Working at the club got us quick cash and off the streets. Now when you’re young and making cash like we did, well lets just say it won’t be spent wisely.

Ashley was in the middle of her shift when she was offered a line of coke from another dancer. Ash found a way to make it thru her shift, and how to have fun while doing it. She bought some the next night after doing lines all night and brought it home. I brought home the beer. After my first line I could understand what she was saying. I felt uncaring, but alive. Now, anytime we drank we always played a card game, cause we were too young to like the taste, so a card game got us drunk faster. On this particular night Ash wanted to try something new. She wanted to add stripping to the game, so we did. My sister was wild like that. I lost the first hand. I started simple and took my socks off since I was a little nervous, my sister was the bolder one. Now she had to take off a piece of clothing, she decided to take off her shirt, she still had a bra underneath. I lost my next hand, I tried to take my belt off.

“Alex don’t be a pussy, Take actual clothes off” Ashley said.

“Fine…” I took my shirt off, I was very in shape, I had a nice chiseled chest.

“This is getting good Alex” Ashley teased.

Luckily I won the next hand, Ashley took off her pants. She was sitting there in her bra and panties which were a thong. Again I won the next hand.

“I always get the good hands Ash.”

She replied, “Ya I know its not fair.”

Then she unclasp her bra and her 32 B-cup boobs fell out. I’ve seen her naked before dancing it normally didn’t bother me, but this was different. My sister was 3 feet away with her bare tits in my face, I couldn’t help but stare.

“You like what you see Alex?” She said. “Umm, you’re my sister, that’s gross.”

I lost the next hand and took my pants off.

“Got you in your undies too, huh Alex?” Ashley giggled out.

“Uhuh” I mumbled back.

I Won the next hand, Ashley had to take her last piece of clothing off. She stood up.

“Mmm Guess These beter come off now” and turned around with her back facing me.

I had to admit her butt looked great in that thong. I tried to clear the thought from my head. But then she pulled down her panties and turned around showing me her shaved pussy. “Guess I won huh ash?” I Spoke.

“Not yet..” Said Ash. She had other ideas. “This game isn’t over yet Alex, We can play for something else, besides you still have your underwear on.” Ashley clearly wanted something more.

“I don’t know ash, maybe we should stop.”

“No way this is too fun c’mon Alex” Ash was determined.

“Alright Fine, What are we betting?” I said.

“We can decide each hand winner gets to pick, ok?”

“Yea fine” I mumbled.

My sister went to the fridge naked and got out two more beers. I caught myself starring at her body. It was starting to get to me, I felt my dick start growing in my underwear. I hoped I wouldn’t lose or she’d know the popped out tent in my pants was because of her. She’s my own sister why am I getting hard I thought to myself. So she’s a bombshell its not your fault I argued with my brain, or maybe my dick.

She dealt the cards out. I had a really crappy hand, What was I going to do? I’ll tell you what I did.. I lost.

“Take ‘em off Alex!”

“Ok sis if you can handle it” I said trying to not seem nervous. I pulled my underwear down, I was still hard and I thought she would freak.

” Oh Haha Andrew, Maybe you’re the one who can’t handle it” She teased.

“That’s it I’m done!!” I said angrily.

“No, No, I’m sorry I just didn’t expect it. It’s ok Alex, really, I’m Flattered.” She said in a very nice voice.

I sat back down in my seat I decided to deal the next hand. This time I won, And I was going to get even. “I want you to dance Ashley” I said daringly.

“Ha. Ok. Easy enough” She said not even seeming phased. Ashley got up, “Hold on, Lemmie get something”

Ashley went out of the room and returned with a CD player. She turned it on and started swinging her hips. This might of back fired on me, she looked so hot dancing. Then she came about a foot from me and grabbed her breasts while dancing, she lifted one and licked it seductively. She turned around and bent down placing her lap on my hard dick. She started grinding on me. I was hard as a rock then trying not to grab her and rape her. I could feel her ass grinding on my dick. Then my cock slipped between her legs, her pussy was sliding up and down it. I thought I was gonna blow my load right then but she got up and stopped.

“That was fun” She exclaimed “Next hand”.

My Sister dealt out the cards while drinking some of her beer. I did the same trying to get drunk to forget what just happened. We played out our hand. She finally won a hand.

“Alex jerk off in front of me!” She dared.

“No way Ash, come on” I argued.

“You have to I danced for you” She looked mad.

I put my hand on my dick and started stroking it under the table.

“Where I can see you!”

Nervously I looked at her and moved my chair to where she could see. I started jerking off. I knew it was wrong but I was getting so aroused having my sister watch me.

“Wow your dick is pretty big Alex”

I was shocked when she said that, “Thanks” I said.

It didn’t take long before I was starting to get into it. She said I could keep going but I had to play the next round with my other hand. I kept jerking off as slow as I could to prolong cumming. She dealt the hand out and I lost again.

“What else could you possibly want me to do” I said.

“Nothing, I wan you to let me do it to you” She replied.

“Do what?”

“Jerk you off, ok?”

Maybe I was afraid of her getting mad, or maybe I drank to much. Maybe I was just too horny. “Ok I guess” I answered.

Ashley reached out and grabbed my cock. Once she did it hit me that I was having my sister jerk me off. I knew I needed to stop her but it felt so good, so I let her continue… She kept pumping my cock, She was real good at it. Her hands were much smaller and warmer then mine, they felt great.

“Alex” She said.

“Ye Ashley, What?” I replied

“Do you think you could close your eyes for a second?” she asked. “I wanna try something”

I did, but I didn’t expect what happened next. Something felt warmer on my dick. Something felt…Wet. I opened my eyes and my own sister had her lips wrapped around the top of my extended cock. I was so freaked out but I still didn’t fight her off. She was really good at sucking dick, I didn’t think she’d done it before but she was a natural. I put my hand on her arm as she kept sucking me. She started to lick my foreskin while the head was in her mouth. That drove me absolutely crazy, I could tell I was dripping precum down her throat. Ashley stopped sucking and stood up.

“Alex, do you think we could have sex?” She asked. “Please we’re practically like best friends, I love you Alex”

The way she said it turned me on so much I couldn’t refuse. By this time I also didn’t feel like it was wrong, She was right she loved me and I also loved her, sister or not.

“Ya Ashley we can, I love you too”

With that, Ashley pulled me up by my hand and brought us into our bedroom. We shared a room anyway because it was cheaper. She laid down on the bed and pulled me on top of her.

“Alex please take me” She said.

I crawled on top of her. She leaned up and kissed me. Her tongue parted my lips. I returned the kiss passionately. I felt her arching her hips at me. She reached down and placed my swollen cock head at her tight virgin hole. I slowly pushed the head of my dick in. She was so small inside that I had to force it in a bit. After I got in past my cock’s head the shaft slipped inside of her cunt easily.

“O god Alex it feels sooo good.” She screamed.

“I love you Ash” I kissed her collar bone as I spoke.

I started pushing into her further. I rubbed her clit as I screwed my twin sister. All I could think about was that she was my sister and that turned me on even more. I fucked her harder and harder. She was crying out my name over and over again. I started to suck on her small B cup tits, I could tell she liked it, she kept arching her back and pushing her boobs into my mouth further. Her young pussy felt so good on my dick. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. We kissed more while I drilled my sisters little fuck hole.

“Cum for me Alex” She cried.

I started hammering her out faster and deeper. I was determined to drop my load into my sister’s little pussy. I started to lose my rhythm and I knew I was close. I drove my fat cock into her as deeply as I could, shooting my load far into my sister’s open slit like a wild animal. She Dug her nails into my back as each blast of cum shot out from me into her. I slowed my humping down and collapsed on her.

“O god Alex That was amazing!” She let out.

I just replied by kissing her. We fell asleep in bed together that night while I was still inside her. That was the first time we had sex. We both knew it would not be the last time either.


This is a continuation of the story begun in ‘All I Ever Wanted’, and takes place immediately after the events described there. For completeness, I would suggest you read the first part before reading this, it will then continue the narrative logically; it’s up to you, though, whatever you choose is fine by me; you’re all grown-up’s, aren’t you?


Sai Fong Speaks:

So now I had Harry, nailing him after years of chasing, teasing, tormenting, and finally trapping him. So what if he’s my half-brother, he’s worth it; the poor lamb’s such an innocent, he might have gone off with some local girl, someone I knew, that would have been too dreadful for words, seeing him tied-up with some local trull, or worse, some tramp he met at uni, that would have been unspeakable. I couldn’t allow that, he’s mine, I saw him first; really speaking, that first time, I forced him, but then he didn’t exactly fight me off tooth and nail, defending his virtue with might and vigour; in fact, I seem to remember that he had no hesitation about moving in for the kill, so perhaps I got to him just as his resolve finally wavered, his barriers on the way down –precision timing, even if I do say so myself.

Now that Harry and I had slept together, had made love during the night and again in the morning, and were planning how to stay together, my life seemed to be finally coming into focus. I had wanted Harry for so long, tried to break him down by any means at my disposal, and it took an argument with Dad over university to finally catalyse our relationship.

I knew what Harry had been going through with me; I’d planned it, after all, just in case the opportunity arose, but it still took an act of fate to put us in the same bed, at the same time, and like all good schemer’s, I took my opportunity to finally make him mine. He’d laughed to hear how I’d prepared for this night, how I’d prepared to seduce him by learning (theoretically, of course; internet porn can be useful, and not just for the obvious) every sexual trick and technique I could find that didn’t actually look impossible, disgusting, or required me to be freakishly double-jointed.

So now, what next? We’ve resolved our living arrangements for the next three years, Dad will eventually come round to see things my way, because I have decided that is the way things should be, and I’ll be able to keep Harry pinned close to me, because he’s far too delicious to be unleashed on unsuspecting womanhood at large. Harry tells me I’m an amoral little wretch, a distinction I wear with pride, and Dad’s going to give in, because he doesn’t have the strength to fight me forever; all he has to do is sign the papers, and I’m out of his hair (what’s left of it, poor dear; I kept him busy) and officially Harry’s problem for the next three years. I know this sounds so calculating, but the truth is, Harry’s such a wide-eyed innocent, such a babe in the woods, I couldn’t just leave him out there, poor darling, a sitting target, any scheming bitch, someone just like me, in fact, might have snagged him, a thought that makes me go weak at the knees; I might still have to kill to keep him, keep watching the papers. Like I said, he’s mine.


When I ran off to London, I had no plan to seduce Harry (well, not immediately, anyway, certainly not that day), all I wanted was a rational, reasonably well-adjusted person to talk to, Dad was being completely obtuse and unreasonable, and Harry is so sweet, never judgemental, I was hoping that he would talk to Dad, get him to understand I was never going to study nursing, that I was the last person on the planet to entrust with a human life, that I wanted to be a graphic artist and illustrator, and that I’d already been accepted at a prestigious art school. What came after was wholly unplanned (but not un-hoped for, and certainly not unwelcome), opportunistic, and the product of circumstance.

(Poor Harry, he may be a brilliant engineering student, one of the only 12 students world-wide to participate in the Special Engineering Projects programme at his university, one of the foremost engineering universities on the planet, but when it came to girls, me especially, he just didn’t have his antennae peeking over the parapet. In our little dynamic, Harry may be the intellect, but I am the brains of the outfit; he needs someone as devious and skewed as me, someone to put a few bends and twists in him so he can meet the real world with a fair chance of surviving it. Let me describe him. He’s tall, just over six feet, with soft, dark chestnut hair, always flopping down over one eye, big grey-hazel eyes and long, almost girly, eyelashes, killer cheekbones, and a chin you could bounce rocks off, physique honed by rugby training into something best described as “Phwoaarr!” A proper wet-knicker eyeful in any predatory females’ book, as well as the most solid, muscular bum I’ve ever seen on a man. Ever since I first noticed it, I’ve wanted to sink my teeth into that bum, just to feel the texture of all that densely-packed muscle! He’s so gorgeous it’s ridiculous, something he’s completely unaware of, thank God; other boys with half his looks and delicious bod are cocky little dicks, but he’s so sweet it’s worrying; I truly believe that if you sliced him open, cuddly puppies would leap out. His great talent, if you could call it that, is to be diffident, so shy, that he fades into the background, something he does almost instinctively, shutting down his ‘me’ field so thoroughly that he literally fades from view; the trouble is, any girl who sees him being so unassuming, so lacking that ‘cute-guy’ cockiness, immediately ticks the box on her ‘keeper’ list, and moves in for the kill, then stands back in confusion at his complete lack of response, not realising that he’s completely failed to pick up any of her ‘come and get me, big boy’ signals. I was broadcasting those same signals for years, and nothing; it took desperate measures to reel him in, believe me. Harry truly believes that all the big-tit scrubbers hanging around him at uni do it because they’re all as fascinated by hard engineering as he is. Any girl who claims older brothers are easy to manage hasn’t met Harry.)

When I woke in the darkness that first night, all I was aware of was the nearness of him, his body warmth, the sense of his presence, and then I knew I wanted him, there and then, not just to possess, but physically, to make love to me, to hold me and kiss me, the way I had fantasised for years. I knew he was the man for me, now I had to find a way of making him see that.

My arm was still through his, and with a little judicious tugging, (taking my time, I didn’t want to wake him just yet), he gradually slid lower down the bed, from his upright position to a more prone position. At last, he was lying next to me, one arm under himself, the other resting loosely on my tummy. I slowly turned to face him, and his hand slid down and came to rest on my bottom, then grasping my bum cheek in his sleep. I smiled; this might be easier than I thought, this boy had good instincts! My own hand slid around his solid waist, across the small of his back, rubbing at the waistband of his shorts. At last, I went for it, sliding my hand inside the back of his boxers and further down, feeling the solid muscle mass of his buttock, thinking ‘Dear God, what an arse, it’s like a rock!’

His breathing changed, and I sensed he was awake, his grasp on my buttock easing as he tried to slip it off, so I told him “Leave it there!” which startled him, but he kept his hand in place; good boy, he knew how to take orders. I wondered, being as he had me by the bum, whether he was going to do anything about it, but, with no sign of any further activity from him, I grabbed tight hold of his bum and used the leverage to slide myself up against him, feeling the outline of his cock, thinking ‘Yes, oh yes!” and finally pulling his head down so I could kiss him at last, the way I had always wanted to. He made one more half-hearted attempt to move his warm hand from my bum, and I had to warn him again, so he took the plunge, groped my arse properly, the way I’d always hoped he would. When he finally rammed his beautiful cock into me, it was like a dream come true. He hammered my fanny until I came like never before, I literally saw stars, and I fully intend to keep on seeing them, with him. There are a lot of things I want to try, some of them I’ve seen done, but don’t really believe, none will have occurred to him, all of which are going to shock my Harry speechless, , and I’m going to have a fucking great time!

Making love to Harry was the single most important milestone in my life to date, not because I gave him my virginity, but because I had finally stepped over the line into that place where you discover, truly realise, that there is someone in your life who’s more important to you than you are. I discovered I loved Harry with a deep and aching love, not just fancied him because he was so cute, and I wanted to keep him near me, to be near him, to wake up and see him every day. The thought of not seeing him every day, of being separated from him made me feel funny inside, wobbly, and a little scared. Love? I believe so. I wanted to continue with what we were doing, no matter what the cost. Harry, ever the practical one, ran through the consequences and ramifications of what I did, we did, checking to see if I understood what exactly we were embarking upon here, but he needn’t have worried; I’d gone through all of these in my mind a thousand times before, never dreaming that one day I would be having this conversation for real. I knew what I wanted; to be with and love that boy. I’m over 18 and in my right mind, so I went for it, and I’m perfectly satisfied with the outcome.

When morning came, Harry made love to me, slow, exciting foreplay and hot, mind-blowing orgasm as he ate me out, then filling me with his cock, claiming me properly, sealing us together, admitting to himself and accepting that we were now a couple, siblinghood notwithstanding.


I waited for Sai Fong to get dressed, usually a production in its own right, and after 45 minutes or so, knocked on the bedroom door, asking if she was alright. Getting no answer, I opened the door, and there she was, sitting on the bed, ridiculous bathrobe pulled around her, tears streaking her face, staring at her clothes, looking at me, then leaping up to hug me so hard I swear I heard my spine creak.

“What’s the matter, Princess? ” I whispered, as she started sobbing into my chest, holding her close as I smoothed her hair, arms all the way around her, the way she liked me to hug her, had done since she was a little girl.

“Harry, what have I done, I dragged you into this, why did you let me? How are we going to fix this? Oh God, I’m so sorry!” she gabbled out, her words running together, tears starting afresh as she started sobbing again, great, braying sobs.

I got it. The guilt had found her. I had thought I would be in this place now, but the truth was, I felt completely unworried by what we’d done; when you jump off that cliff, it’s past time to start worrying about what happens next; it’s going to happen, and you’ve already accepted it, or you wouldn’t have jumped. It was done, and that was all to say on the subject. Obviously, the thrill of the chase had obscured for her the possible outcomes, now she’d realised that we couldn’t turn back the clock. It happened, and was going to remain happened, no matter what.

I held her until her sobs died down to hiccups and sighing, soothing her and rubbing her back, then sat her down next to me, wiping her eyes with my shirt, the one she’d already snuffled and wiped her nose on.

“Alright, Sai, are you ready to talk now?” I asked her, still aware of how naked she was, eyes still full of tears, threatening to spill down at the slightest provocation, and I wasn’t too thrilled at the prospect of her mopping her face and nose again with the shirt I was wearing; pretty-girl snot is still snot, and I was already cringeing away from the front of my sodden shirt as it all soaked through.

“Harry, what are we going to do?” she whispered, “Where can we possibly go from here? It’s not like we can ever be a real couple, all we can do is pretend, but eventually someone’s going to find out. What happens then? Suppose you meet someone, what happens to me? If I want children one day, how can I, if we’re together, if we’re a couple?”

I had already made my decision. When we jumped into it, I had my eyes open. “Sai,” I began, “I’ve been chasing you and back-pedalling for God-knows how long now; I could never concentrate on any one girlfriend long enough to make it work, because you were always there in my head, and I knew deep-down that this was going to happen; it was inevitable, and I bowed to it. There’s never going to be anyone else, you take up all my available head-space, OK? Face it, all your prick-teasing worked, maybe too well, because now I’m hooked on you. I picked a university a long way from home because I thought if you were out of sight, I could put you out of mind, but you were always there, on the edge of vision, so no, I’m not going anywhere, and I won’t let you, either, unless that’s what you really want.”

Sai Fong sat and watched my face, my eyes, as I made my little speech, checking out the little tells to see if I was sincere, if I was being truthful, or if I was just horny and keeping her on the hook so I could get some more. To be honest, I was a little off-balance with all this; I’d never seen Sai upset and crying before, she had a naturally sunny disposition, and even Dad had mentioned once that she’d never acted-out, or thrown a tantrum, or even made the usual demands on him for late nights out, extra money, all the things teenage girls demand as their right. Even her yelling at me in Cantonese and slamming her door was just her winding me up, making sure I knew she’d missed me when I’d had to spend weekends at school.

“Sai, do you want children? Because we can work something out, let me think about it. All the other stuff, it’s not likely anyone will twig what our real relationship is; look at us, we’re not obviously brother and sister, even your actual name isn’t Waterfield; Dad just called you that for convenience with the schools. The only person who knows you’re my sister, other than the local yokels in Shropshire and the family, is the faceless bod at the Home Office who processed your paperwork when dad applied for residence for you as his daughter, along with the other 50,000 immigrants who apply for and are granted residence every year. Your name is Sai Fong, that’s what it says on your passport, and your birth certificate, you know, the one written in Chinese….?”

Sai was smiling now, listening as I unravelled what I’d been thinking between last night and now. My confirmation that I’d committed to her was obviously what she’d been looking and waiting for, and the fact that I’d given thought to what came next obviously encouraged her. She moved closer to me, hugging me, careful to avoid the disgusting front of my shirt, kissing me on the cheek.

“You have thought about this, haven’t you, Harry, really thought about it? And, knowing how this could all end, you’re still sure about this, you really, really mean to take me on, full speed ahead and damn the consequences?”

I smiled. “Surely do, Princess, I love you, you got me, and I got you now! Now, apparently I’m wearing your used handkerchief, so I need a shirt, and you should pick something to wear, I thought you wanted to go out strolling! Do you need some help, some advice from an older male on what looks most devastating on a pretty girl on a summer morning?”

Sai looked at me, grinning. “Harry, I’ve seen what you wear, you’re colour-blind and living in the nineties, so thank you, no, I can do this quite well by myself, if it’s all the same to you! And ‘pretty’, eh? You’ll pay for that!”

I grinned. “My apologies, Princess, I meant, hot, stunning, ravishing, gorgeous, mouth-watering, phwoaarr! Pax?” Sai dimpled. “It’s a start, let me think about it!”

I sat on the bed, watching as she dressed, drawing the comment “Seen enough yet, pop-eyes?” I answered “Sweetheart, last night I saw more than you’d admit to under torture, so now, I’m just surveying the field of play, enjoying the view, and picking out the bits I like best!” So saying, I pulled her close by her hips, her arms going about my neck and head as I nibbled lightly on her sexy little brownish-pink nipples, nuzzling her small, high breasts, squeezing and jiggling her taut little bum as I did so.

“We’ll call that payment for snotting all over my shirt, shall we?” I teased her, giving her rump a light pinch on each cheek before letting her go.

Sai stuck out her tongue, slid on a thong and a wispy bra, skin-tight leggings, a loose, off the shoulder top, and flat-soled slipper-shoes.

“Right, let’s go, breakfast is on me, I hope you like park food, I want to go to the zoo and stroll in Regent’s Park!”

I, however, was reacting a little too well to the sight of her in her cute outfit, and the picture of her slim body before she desecrated it by putting on clothes, and pulled her close for another serious grope of her equipment, my own equipment also taking note of her nearness, and jumping up to catch my attention, and hers as well…

“Why Harry, whatever are you doing?” she purred at me, grinding her crotch against mine, making me even harder, and slipping her arms around my neck to pull me in close for a long and very stimulating kiss.

“Honestly, Harry, if you wanted to play silly buggers, you could have interrupted me before I got dressed; now I have to strip off again. How annoying!” she teased me, hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her leggings and sliding them down a couple of inches, before I slid my hands inside the back of them and cupped her sexy little bum-cheeks, squeezing and pulling them apart as she reached up to kiss me again. She pushed me so I fell backwards onto the bed, pulling her down with me, giggling as she kissed me, the feel of her curved smiling lips against mine unbearably sexy.

Sai wriggled out of her leggings and panties, lying on top of me in just her loose top, her nipples already stiff and clearly defined as they rubbed against my chest, and began to kiss me more seriously, languorously rolling her tongue against mine, tasting me as I tasted her, rubbing her naked quim against me. I was terribly torn between letting go of her superb bum or undoing my own trousers and unleashing Harry Jr. and decided that her bum was going to be freely available, whereas even the most dedicated shagging-machine has only a limited number of erections available per day. Get while the getting’s good, as Grandpa always said!

Sai seemed to pick up on this inner conflict of mine, and took matters into her own hands, as it were. Kneeling up on the bed, she unhooked my trouser button, unzipped my flies, and yanked them off all in one fluid movement, including my shorts in the performance, leaving me naked with a truly bone-chilling erection. With a happy sigh, Sai Fong leaned in and engulfed my penis in her soft warm mouth, her tongue gently rasping and sliding around and behind the head, licking in the slit, and sucking inexorably. I knew I couldn’t stand this for long, as she well knew, so I reluctantly disengaged from her, pulling her up beside me to kiss her and nuzzle her breasts through the fabric of her top. Sai smiled and leaned back, closing her eyes when I trailed my fingers down her flat tummy to her sparse pubic hair, gently ruffling the soft fine fuzz and probing lower, to caress her soft slim labia. As I kissed and nibbled her lips and tongue, I slowly worked my finger into her secret place, feeling her lips open and softly swell as she became more aroused, moisture seeping from her, and the hard little nub of her clitoris making itself felt. Sai jumped and sighed when my gently questing fingers touched or caressed her clitoris, and her hands entwined themselves around my head, pulling me in closer to kiss me more ardently, more passionately, more lovingly.

At last, my hands on her vulva, my fingers stimulating her, were not enough, and she whispered to me “Harry…please, you know what I like…” and her hands urged me downwards, kissing her in a trail from between her lovely little clothed breasts, down over her midriff and stomach, to her vulva. The smell of her was rich and warm and fresh, her excitement an additional tangy note, sharp and enticing, and I moved between her legs to kiss and nibble at her exposed secret place, eager to taste her again.

Sai began to murmur and sigh, head shaking from side to side as her body arched and spasmed in time to my licking and nibbling, her sighs in counterpoint to my stabbing tongue as I feasted on her womanly flesh, her musk dazzling and exciting me. I probed and licked, lapped and sucked for what seemed hours, taking Sai Fong to the brink over and over again, each time I could sense her pulling back, prolonging the sensations, until she pulled her legs right up against her chest, exposing her little pink pucker, and groaned “Please Harry, in there, now, shove your tongue in my arse, please darling….!” I obliged, stiffening my tongue and pushing it into her anus as hard as I could,. Sai screamed as her orgasm rolled over her, her vulva spasming and her anus contracting, tightening around my tongue-tip and forcing it out. I slid my finger into her damp and seeping anus, and she groaned as a fresh wave of orgasm rolled through her, making her body shudder with the intensity of it.

I moved back over her, and she opened her eyes to look and me, smiling as she blew me a kiss, and pulled me down into her, guiding my cock into her, making her groan as I filled her, then began sliding my cock in and out, making Sai clench and sigh as orgasms continued to break through her, the convulsions in her pussy sucking and rippling at my cock, the sensation delightful and impossible to resist. I came with a loud groaning sigh, pulsing jets of spunk into her hot pussy, coating her vaginal walls with me, meeting Sai Fong as she orgasmed with me, both of us giving the ultimate pleasure to each other.

As w lay, hearts hammering and breath in short supply, we smiled and laced our fingers together, sure of at least one thing in the entire world; I knew I was in love with this beautiful girl, and I wasn’t going to let her go.

Finally, heart-rate back to normal, we lay together, still languid in the afterglow of passion, talking softly about how we would live and love in the days to come.

“Harry, you do love me, don’t you?”

“Princess, I love you more than I can say. I don’t know how to fully express how I adore each and everything about you, all I can say is that I love and want you so badly it hurts!”

“And the future, will we have one?” she asked, “because I can’t see anything for me without you there. Harry, I love you so much, have done for so very long, all I can see in my future is you, and my family with you, and our life together. Am I wrong to be so definite about what I want out of this life?”

There were tears in her beautiful eyes, and I realised that she was waiting for me to ask her the one question that would seal us together forever.

“Sai Fong, I want nothing in this life but you and the happiness you bring me. Will you be my wife, marry me, have our children and stay with me forever?”

Sai looked deeply into my eyes, looking for the hesitation, the deceit or the reluctance, finding none of these things. I was sincere; I love Sai Fong, always have, and always will. She smiled, tears standing in her eyes, and kissed me tenderly, “Yes Harry” she whispered, “I will marry you, one day soon, and make beautiful little Harry’s of my own!”

I thought of something, and slid off the bed, padded over to the dressing table and rummaged in the drawer until I found what I was looking for. I went back to the bed, and pulled Sai up to her knees, took her left hand and slid my maternal grandmother’s engagement ring onto her finger. “Sai, this was my grandmother’s, she left it for me to give to the girl I married, and now I’m giving it to you as a symbol of my troth, of my intent to marry you. Will you accept it from me?”

Sai smiled tremulously and two big tears rolled down her soft cheeks, but she looked me in my eyes and replied “I accept this from you with all my heart, as a symbol of our love and intent to marry. Thank you Harry darling!” She suddenly giggled, louder and louder, until she was laughing and holding her sides. I waited until she’d finished, and gave her a quizzical look.

“I’m sorry darling” she said, “I just realised that when your grandmother gave you this ring, she probably envisioned your intended wouldn’t have been quite so rudely naked when you proposed!”

I burst out laughing as I got Sai’s point; I think Grandmother probably would have had difficulty visualising what I was looking at right now!

I just had one more thing to make clear, though, just in case the romance of the situation had clouded a couple of issues that we needed to keep in clear sight.

“Just a little caveat though, you sexy piece, you! Dad is still going to be a tough nut to crack, so, unless you want to start World War 3 with extreme prejudice, I’d keep the ring out of his sight until we really can’t anymore. At some point we are going to tell him, and I’d rather we did it our way than he put it together himself and come gunning for us. OK?”

Sai nodded her agreement “While I’m with you, Harry, I’m wearing this sparkler, OK? I want the world and his wife to know we’re officially engaged!”

I gathered her into me, and helped her disrobe completely, counting and kissing her nipples. I had to do it many times, I kept getting the number wrong, and Sai giggling and jiggling wasn’t helping one little bit!

Eventually, I managed to decoy her into the shower, where the hot water had recovered somewhat, and we managed to get in a surprisingly satisfying shower (although I defy any straight man on the planet to get into a shower with a nubile naked girl and claim the shower was anything but satisfying!)

Sai had said before that she wanted to go to Regents Park and visit London Zoo, so once we were ready, we headed off there.

We took a bus to Regent’s Park, and strolled along The Broadwalk, down Chester Road, and over to the Garden Cafe, for a breakfast of croissants, coffee cake and espresso.

It’s a long walk from there to London Zoo, but we took our time, walking hand in hand, stopping frequently to, in Sai’s words, ‘friendly-up’ which consisted mainly of her hugging and kissing me enthusiastically, me returning the favour with gusto. I was gratified to see nearly every man we passed, and quite a few women, check Sai out, staring at her as we passed. In the morning sunlight she looked absolutely flawless, skin glowing with health, pink and fresh, that special ‘peaches and cream’ complexion some Chinese girls have, her hair like dark burnished copper in the sun, highlights glinting and sparkling, her willowy figure, coral pink, rosebud lips and sexy almond eyes stopping people in their tracks. Sai is tall, and very pretty, not beauty-queen beautiful, but fresh, girlish and adorable, and she’s no cover-girl, but then, I’m no movie star, so we balance out, and the combination of her exotic looks and slim figure was truly arresting. When we arrived at the zoo, she walked around enthralled, the animal enclosures fascinating her. I was intrigued, seeing as we have several zoos and a safari park within fairly easy reach of the house in Cosford, and I was fairly sure one elephant looks pretty much like another, wherever you see it.

She explained.

“Dudley Zoo is dire, Chester Zoo is depressing, all that concrete and pickpockets, and West Midland’s Safari Park is boring; half the animals hide in the deep woods, all you ever see are gigantic turds, moth-eaten camels ambling across the road and spitting on the cars, and geriatric rhino’s slumped over in the sun; are they asleep, paralysed, comatose, dead? Not riveting. Then, as if that weren’t enough, the bloody monkeys climb on the cars and masturbate like they’ve just discovered it, or piss all over the windscreen. There’s nothing more certain to put a damper on the day than watching a baboon with a hard-on sitting on the bonnet and grinning at you, pulling his pudding as he yanks off the windscreen-wipers, then driving home in a car sans wipers, reeking of monkey-piss and covered in baboon-spunk!”

I laughed in delight, she was obviously recovered, her sense of humour back in gear. “You are the most foul-mouthed, vulgar girl I’ve ever met!” I chuckled, Sai Fong grinning back at me. “That’s nothing, some of the stuff written on the Upper 6th Form toilet wall would make a dockworker blush!” Now I was really intrigued.

“Go on, please, how bad can it be?”

I soon found out.

Sai smiled wickedly. “My favourite goes like this:

Here’s to the cut that never heals,

The harder you stroke it, the softer it feels,

You can wash it in soap; you can wash it in soda,

But nothing gets rid of the fish-bucket odour!”

I laughed out loud, Sai grinning alongside me. “I knew you’d like it, Harry; that was a mild one, some of the others are too disgusting for words!”

We strolled around a little more, ate hotdogs and ice-creams, and took that long walk back to Marylebone Road to get the bus back home, stopping off at the little corner shop so Sai could buy something for a late lunch, as she’d promised. Once back in the flat, she made me sit and watch TV while she prepared lunch. I was used to pub-grub or eating out of the microwave, so I was looking forward to a real cooked meal for a change.

Lunch was rice, bean-sprouts, pak choi, sliced pork, chicken and cashews in a rich dark tangy sauce, something she made at home a lot for Dad, something her mother had taught her, and it was filling and tasty. Lunch finished, we cleared up, washed up, and sat together watching Saturday TV, or rather Sai watching TV, and me watching Sai, always a worthwhile occupation.

At last, she stood up, stretching, pecked me on the lips and wandered into the bedroom, calling out to me a few minutes later. I followed her voice, and there she was, wearing her skin, looking extremely desirable, edible, and available.

“Hi Harry, my clothes seem to have suddenly fallen off, should I put them on again?” she grinned, watching me undress in a hurry, almost falling over in my rush to climb out of my jeans and yank my shirt off. I had been walking around with her all day, my hormone levels jacked-up by the knowledge that this girl was my fiancée, and I wanted to do naughty things to her all day, only constrained by the fact that we were in public!

I climbed onto the bed next to her, pulling her in close, her scent fresh and clean, smelling like flowers and fresh air. She wrapped her arms around my neck, kissing me gently, sliding her arms around my neck and leaning back, pulling me down onto her. I slid my arms around her slim waist, holding her by the small of her back as I pulled her into me, my hands wandering down to catch her lovely firm, springy bum cheeks, squeezing and pulling them apart, lifting and separating them, making her gasp and giggle “Naughty, Harry, very naughty!”

Her hands meanwhile had slipped down to wrap one hand around my cock, gently pumping it as it came to full erection, her other hand lightly squeezing my scrotum, the combined motions of both hands very stimulating. I moved from kissing her lips to kiss down her chin, along her neck and down to her breasts. Sai has small, firm breasts, almost the same shape and size as a champagne coupe, tipped with small neat brownish pink aureoles and nipples that stood up like hard little fingertips when she was aroused. Definitely not bee-stings, but not fun-bags either; in fact, just the right size to fit in my cupped hand; as we used to say in school, more than a handful’s a waste!

I licked and nibbled her nipples, rubbing my tongue over the pinkish nubs, making them stand erect and thrum, almost half an inch long and solid, like rubber, enjoying the feel of them against my tongue as I squeezed and fondled her neat little backside, Sai moaning and sighing as I lapped and nibbled away. Her hands drifted away from my penis, holding my face for a moment before moving to the top of my head, gently but insistently pushing me down, telling me again what she wanted. I kissed and licked down her mid-section, tipping my tongue in her navel, making her sigh, and on down, until I was lapping through her fine silky pubic hair, once again enjoying the sensation of rubbing my tongue through her hair, short fine hairs parting under my tongue tip. I moved to lie between her thighs, Sai Fong lifting her hips so I could slide my hands under her buttocks, holding her pussy up to my mouth, letting me smell her scent, see her lubrication begin to flow as her arousal climbed. Her vulva was almost completely hairless, naturally so, not shaven, and her labia were perfectly framed by the creamy whiteness of her inner thighs, slim and neat, not the thick folds and creases of flesh I had seen with some other girls. I licked her labia, making her gasp and squirm, the flesh darkening as blood engorged her vulva, making her lips puff out, running my tongue gently along the centre line, feeling them loosen and open under my tongue and her juices flow more readily, then rubbing her hooded clitoris gently, bringing her steadily on, making her moan at the sensations radiating from her pussy. I love to eat pussy, and I was enjoying myself, savouring her fluids, the taste salty and sweet, tangy and rich, the smell fresh and wholesome, feminine, tempting and exciting.

Her clitoris slid out under my tongue, pale against the pinkness of her inner lips and vagina, stiffening and protruding as I lapped and sucked. She was moaning louder now, saying my name as I bored in, licking her labia, her clitoris, and running my tongue-tip down to prod at her anal bud, making her jump and quiver, the pink puckered entrance contracting under my tongue. I allowed more saliva to run down my tongue, lubricating her secret hole, rimming her as I penetrated deeper with every pass, one finger stroking her clitoris as I concentrated on her anus, then licking back up again, lapping at her clitoris and slowly sliding a finger into her anus, up to the second knuckle. Sai groaned and pushed her sweet little muff into my face, forcing herself onto my mouth. I pushed back, swirling my tongue over her clitoris as I slowly pumped the finger in her arse, making her hips dance, her groans intensify, and her buttocks flex as she dug her heels in, thrusting and hunching her groin against my face. At last, stimulated to the extreme, she orgasmed, her thighs clamping around my head as she shook and groaned, fingers knotting in my hair to pull my face against her as her orgasm rocketed around her, her juices pouring out around my lips, to coat my lips and drip from my chin onto the bed, her thigh muscles quivering as she rode it out, eventually collapsing back down onto the bed, eyes closed, face relaxed, a small smile on her lips.

Presently, her eyelids fluttered open, and her smile widened.

“Thank you, Harry, my darling big brother, that was spectacular, remind me to keep you! Although, I’m still wondering whether to forgive you for yesterday, when I caught you thinking, actually thinking, eewww, about the sticky-knicker brigade back home. Oh, OK, you’re forgiven! ” she smiled, holding her arms out to me, calling me up to her. Wiping my face, I moved up over her, taking my weight on my arms, Sai Fong holding and positioning my penis, then nodding and smiling. I pushed forward slowly, once again that look of concentration on her face as I entered her, dropping down to my elbows so I could kiss her as I fucked her. Sai wrapped her hands around my head, pulling me down to her to snake her tongue between my lips, tasting herself as she tasted me, kissing me long and hard, gently rubbing her hands over my face and the back of my head as I pumped into her. She raised up to meet my thrusts, clamping her pussy muscles around my cock as I pumped, sending shivers of delight throughout my entire midsection, and I knew I wouldn’t last long with her doing that. Sai sensed that I was nearing the brink, and relaxed, backed down her pumping, easing her massaging of my cock with her vaginal walls, slowing down our arousal, giving us more time to enjoy each other. I pumped into her in slower, measured rhythm, savouring her moist warmth, her flesh surrounding my flesh, the feel and sight of her. Alas, even I couldn’t delay for too long what I wanted most, to fill her with my spunk, and my rhythm and pace increased, my excitement rising exponentially, each thrust into her jacking up my excitement ever further, until I was pumping away at her as fast as I could. She was there right alongside me, matching me thrust for thrust, her head thrown back, breath coming in gasps, pumping back at me more and more urgently as I speeded up, until we came together, Sai with a long, wavering moan, her pussy walls rippling on my cock, sucking and squeezing at me, making me come, hard, sperm shooting out of me to splash in jets inside her as I gasped out loud, a long, inarticulate groan of release.

We lay together, dazed and winded, hearts beating like drums, thundering in our ears, slowly subsiding as we calmed, touching, nibbling, and stroking each other.

Sai was the first to recover, raising herself on one elbow, lying on her side to look at me, a small smile on her lips.

“So, Harry, is it going to be like this every time, or are you making a special effort because I’m your sister-stroke-fiancée?” she grinned, eyes mischievous, lips curving in a wide smile. I looked back at her, grinned and pulled her close to grab her bum and pinch her rump just hard enough to make her jump.

“Does that answer your question, Princess?” I grinned at her, she thudding me in the chest in return and replying “I asked you a question; I didn’t request you pinch my arse. Are you always this good, or am I experiencing the first glow, and is it downhill from here?” she persisted, a glint in her eyes.

“Princess, you inspire me, you know, the whole ‘fine wine, finally decanted’ thing; after the long dance and exquisite torture you put me through over the last four years, I think you can expect the excitement level, on my part at least, to maintain at a generally high level; so I think this is probably the ground-state of our sex-life for the foreseeable future; count yourself lucky, some girls get no guarantees at all! Having said that, I hope you’ve had enough for now, I need to recover my strength; you are very exciting to be with, but so very draining on the resources!”

Sai scooted over, hugging me tightly. “Harry, you do love me, right? This is not just you feeding my fantasy?” “I’ve always loved you, Princess,” I replied, “I told you, you’re wearing my ring because I love you so very much, now let me rest for a while; I need to be on top form for later, I know you’ll want to play again soon!”

Sai Fong smiled, kissed me on the chin, snuggled down, and was soon breathing evenly, fast asleep in a couple of minutes.

I lay for a while, thinking about how I’d got to here, how we were going to make this work, and how long we could keep this up. At some point, one of us was going to make a slip, and Dad, absent-minded and mild as he was, was going to go ballistic, at the very least; more likely he’d slice and dice me. Not even wanting to dwell on the possible consequences, I thought about ways to disguise our relationship for the next couple of months or so. In September Sai would be coming down to London. She had been unable to get a room in student halls, of course, and, in the normal course of things she would have had to find a flat to share, or at least a room to let in a house, a hefty expense for Dad. With Sai staying with me, that expense was taken off the page, something he was going to breathe a sigh of relief over, which should help defuse the whole art-school thing somewhat. Holidays and free weekends were going to be problematic. Perhaps it would be best if we never had a free weekend together, one or other of us going home, not both at the same time; fewer complications, certainly, as it meant no temptation, plus it looked more natural if we portrayed ourselves as roommates, living separate lives, rather than unconsciously acting like a couple, doing everything together, probably giving ourselves away eventually. I’d also have a look and see if I could swap or replace the couch with a sofa bed, that way if Dad ever visited, we had two beds in the flat, one hers and one mine, nothing to raise eyebrows or suspicions.

Although, another track in my brain started playing, why not just keep Sai here, tell dad about us, it was going to happen anyway, why not do it in a way that kept the tension and anger to a minimum? I knew that, given any sort of ultimatum, a choice between dad and me, Sai would choose me. Perhaps we should just tell him, face the music, take our chances with dad’s reaction. I would run that one past Sai at a later date, after I’d had a chance to plot out how best to set that particular scenario in motion.

All our immediate problems resolved, or at least considered calmly, I took to contemplating Sai Fong as she slept. She really was worth contemplating; it was no wonder a posse of boys had trailed around after her from the age of 12; as she got older one after the other asking her out, and all getting knocked back. She had a lovely, firm, tight figure, round and shapely bum, lovely firm boobs, not too small, but not jugs either, thick, striking, bright-auburn hair, long slim legs, and her exotic features, part Asian, part European, all beautiful. She had teased and tormented me for so long, and I’d been scared stiff of her, of what she might do, or worse, what she might tempt me to do. Now it was done, and it felt just grand. I wanted her, and she wanted me, so all else was detail. She was going to have to bite her lip in Shropshire for the next three months, though; it was only June, and her courses started in mid-September, while I would have to remain in London for the summer. The programme I was in was a loan-out to the aerospace industry, so I had several design research projects to get knocked into shape; the money I was getting paid for it would pay my rent until Easter, so it was just too good to pass-up. She would just have to sweat until September, whether she liked it or not. If she could manage the occasional weekend, well and good, but I was definitely locked in until Mid-September.

When we went home, I’d talk to Dad about the benefits of Sai in university round the corner from me, under my eye, doing what she wanted to do, against the prospect of unleashing her on people who were foolishly expecting to get well at some point.

While I was woolgathering, thinking about what comes next, feeling the urge gathering somewhere below my belt-buckle (if I’d been wearing a belt), Sai woke up from her nap, checking my watch to see how long she’d been asleep.

“Harry, when we go home, next week, I mean, I suppose we won’t be able to shag like bunnies, will we?” The image made me shudder, pictures of Dad walking in and finding us twined together naked making my blood pressure drop to almost zero.

“Christ, Sai, that would be really fucking stupid, why are you even asking?” I choked out, nerves suddenly jangling, trying to get the sudden image of my slow death out of my head, my incipient erection dropping back to nothing, lying there looking at me reproachfully, fear written all over its little one-eyed face.

“Harry, you should let me finish what I was saying, don’t interrupt, its rude and pointless. As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, we can’t do this in the house, so we’ll have to make alternative arrangements. Harry! Are you listening? Why have gone so pale?”

“Princess, much as I love you, I refuse to even consider thinking about the possibility of there being the remotest chance of us even accidentally having any sort of contact other than ‘good morning’, are you hearing me? We agreed last night, appropriate behaviour only, yes? Don’t even think about lowering the bar. I’ve only got one life; I would like to use it for a while longer!”

“Harry Waterfield, if you don’t shut-up and listen, I swear I will stick a fingernail in the end of your knob and twist it hard, OK? Now shut up!”

I subsided, trying to clear the image of my post-mortem report so vividly printed in my mind’s eye: “the victim was bludgeoned, shot, strangled, castrated, dismembered and fed to dirty weasels. Foul play cannot be ruled out….”

“Harry, HARRY! Earth to Harry, Earth to Harry!” It was Sai Fong. “Harry, obviously we can’t go randomly shagging about the place; Dad only works in Lichfield, and if we hop into bed and he decides to come home early, or forgets something and turns round, we are in deep cack, forever,” I interrupted. “YOU’LL be in deep cack, I’ll be in the onion bed, fertilising next year’s crop!”

“Harry, I said, do not interrupt me! And stop being so melodramatic! What I was going to suggest was, when you stop quaking in your boots, if the need is too great, we have a ‘night out’ in Telford, or Shrewsbury, we call in that we’ve had a couple of drinks, driving is out of the question, so we’re staying at the Travelodge in Battlefield, or somewhere similar, see you in the morning, etc. That way, we get at least one night together during this week, yes? It works for me, how about you?”

I didn’t know anyone in Shrewsbury, and the Travelodge there was on an A-road, not a busy motorway stop.

“OK Sai, you convinced me, but only if we’re absolutely desperate, and to be honest, with Dad breathing down our necks, how desperate are we going to get? Tell you what, just to keep you damped-down, why don’t you go and visit Gran!”

“Not fucking funny, Joker –Boy, why don’t I call up some of my ‘giggling-ninny’ girlfriends to sit with you so they can all stare at your crotch and cream themselves, that should keep you occupied, you like day-dreaming about that bunch of scrubbers drooling at you into their sticky knickers, don’t you?” smirked Sai Fong, knowing the last thing I wanted was a bunch of empty-headed wannabe predators staring at me like I was meat.

“Ouch! Touché Sai, good comeback!” I grinned feebly.

“And now Harry, now that we have that settled, there’s something I need to hear from you; waiting Harry, waiting!” smiled Sai.

I pulled her close to me, kissed her long and deeply, and said “Sai Fong, long have I known you for yea, these many years now, and I would ask, nay beg, that you grant me the fondest desire of my heart. Sai Fong, Star of the East, Beloved Pearl of the Orient, may I play with your wobbly bits?”

She grinned and thumped me on the chest, saying “You say the nicest things, you smooth talking bastard!” So saying, she slid her arms around me, kissing me soundly, and continuing down my neck to my chest, licking my nipples, and pushing me over onto my back, her hand finding and fondling my now semi-erect penis, rubbing and squeezing it to full stretch, pumping as she kissed down my abdomen. She continued on down until her lips touched my cock, kissing down the shaft to my scrotum, licking and teasing, finally slowly, gently sucking one of my testicles into her mouth, lightly sucking on it, rolling her tongue around it , before letting go and pulling in the other testicle for the same treatment. My cock was thrumming by now, and Sai began gently kissing up the stem again, finally licking and teasing the crown, sliding her tongue around the slit in the end before licking her lips and sliding them over the end, sucking me into her mouth and beginning a slow sucking motion, her head bobbing as she sucked nearly all my cock into her mouth, then sliding back up again, to tease and rub the end, then a slow, steady suctioning, squeezing my balls as I bucked under her, my own hand rubbing and caressing her pussy, her face flushing as my hand worked her up.

My climax came suddenly. I felt my cock throb as my sperm rose, as did she, clamping her lips around the crown and looking me in the eyes as I shot several jets of sperm into her mouth, my hips bucking as she jerked my cock smoothly, encouraging me to shoot more, until I was wrung dry, my hips finally coming to rest on the bed. Sai looked at me and smiled, her face still flushed, and I slid down the bed, urging her up to me, to straddle my face. She held onto the headboard for support as I pulled her down to me, her engorged pussy directly above my mouth as I licked and sucked her vulva, running my tongue over and into her vagina, teasing her inner lips, lapping her clitoris, while she moaned and shuddered above me. She came strongly, a flood of her juices drizzling into my mouth and over my face, her thighs quivering on either side of my head, her knees clamping on my head as she gave a muted scream, grinding her vulva into my face, rubbing her clitoris against me to prolong her orgasm.

All done, Sai slid back down me, coming to rest lying on top of me, kissing me softly as her orgasm died away, murmuring, rubbing my arms, my chest, my shoulders, neck, and finally my face, looking up at me as she lightly traced the contours of my features, grinning as she did so, as did I, remembering the girl who loved so much to do that all those years ago.

Finally she stirred. “Harry, I’d like to go to a nice pub, have a drink, my first evening out with my…fiancée” said with a slow grin, “do you know one around here?”

My local was pretty good, no noisy jukebox or big-screen sports TV, just a quiet pub with good beer, good food, a good place to relax after a long day. I smacked her lightly on her succulent little bum.

“Up you get then, missy, my local’s pretty good, no laddish behaviour, nice food; you want to check it out?”

Sai did, so we got showered, (a necessity, considering what we’d been doing!) and headed out for a quiet evening out, just the two of us.

My local was a typical London pub, Victorian, lots of polished wood and red plush, framed prints and brass light fixtures, but cool and airy. We sat and chatted about how we’d got here, where we were going, and what she was wanted to do when she finished university. Nobody bothered us, except for one amusing incident. Two City boys, probably in their late twenties had come in and were sitting at the bar, Armani suits, shirts, shoes, ties, belts, the whole uniform. They’d spotted Sai, and couldn’t seem to take their eyes off her. I didn’t blame them, I felt that way myself. She saw this, and seemed amused by it. I told her, if it worried her, I could go and have a word with them, but she laughed it off. Anyway, I had to go to the Gents, and when I came back one of them was trying to chat her up. I watched, waiting to see if she wanted any help. He put his hand on her shoulder, and she said something I couldn’t hear, causing him to jerk his hand back and almost run back to his friend, shuddering, the two of them drinking up and leaving in a hurry. I walked back to the table, asked her what that was all about. Sai laughed. “He asked me if I wanted to go somewhere with him. I said I’d love to, but we had to be careful, I was just getting over a raging case of syphilis!”

I always knew Sai could take care of herself.

We got back to the flat late, and heated up the remains of lunch for another late supper, lounging around and chatting, laughing, remembering, Sai telling me about her early childhood, about Dad, and her life with him and her mother when she was small, and about Hong Kong and Guangzhou. We talked about my school-days and my early life with Grandpa and Gran, and how I missed them, Gran’s unrelenting hostility towards Sai over the years since she’d arrived, and Sai’s dismissive contempt for her. When we finally fell into bed, it was to sleep; I had no more stamina for sexual gymnastics, even the thought of holding and sleeping naked with Sai evoking only a minor response before I fell asleep.

I awoke to the sounds of breakfast, Sai Fong frying bacon and sausages, two of my favourite food groups (the others are sugar, grease, French fries and brown crunchy bits).

She called me, and there was my favourite breakfast, although, on the down side, there was also Sai preparing to eat her nauseating peanut butter, bacon and banana sandwich; I ate with my eyes closed.

We discussed which car we’d take back to Cosford, as I wasn’t certain Sai Fong’s battered Golf was up to the 150 mile drive, it looked like it had only just survived the drive down, and there was a CD player in my car, so at least she could listen to her music. Dad was expecting us back sometime on Monday, so we had one more day and night together, then we’d have to sneak around if we wanted to play any time over the next week. As it was a bright sunny day, I asked Sai what she wanted to do, and so we ended up doing the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park, The Tate Modern, The Museum of Mankind, and a long afternoon at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Sai was going to be an art student, so she wanted to check on where her source material was available, so I went along with it, although the Tate Modern baffled me.

We lunched at a greasy spoon I knew in Camden, the best fry-up in London, and then on to the V&A, finally getting home about 6. Sai made dinner again, just a grill, we were really too tired for anything else, and relaxed until the protein had done its thing, revitalising me, and getting some interesting looks from Sai. When I jumped up and grabbed her hand to lead her to the bedroom, I heard the whispered “At last!”, and suppressed a grin; it was her fault for dragging me on a criss-cross trail across London!

This time, I got to undress her, something I had been planning for a while. I pulled her close, popping the button on her jeans and sliding them down, marvelling at the smooth unblemished skin of her thighs, the perfect muscle tone, and the swell of her panty-clad buttocks. Sai leaned on me to step out of her jeans, holding up her arms as I pulled her top over her head, and unhooked her bra, sliding my hands round to cup and squeeze her breasts as she pulled her bra away, leaving her leaning against me, gently rubbing my erecting cock as I squeezed and rubbed her breasts slowly, nibbling her neck and kissing her ear, licking her throat and rubbing my cock against her panties, the only thing she was wearing now. Sai Fong reached behind her back and fumbled with the button on my jeans, pulling them open and pushing them down, leaving me to step out and kick them away. I let go of her to pull my shirt off, Sai now turning to face me and tugging my boxers down, while I slid my hands into the back of her panties, pushing them down, squeezing and fondling her bum cheeks, wondering at the lovely firm springiness of them, the taut muscles and soft skin.

She wriggled her hips, and her panties slid the rest of the way down leaving her, at last, completely naked.

I led her to the bed, laying her down and sliding in next to her, kissing her and being kissed back, touching, stroking, caressing, rewarding me with little sighs and gasps for pleasuring her. She in turn rubbed and smoothed her hands over my torso, lightly pinching my nipples, making me gasp, stroking and squeezing my scrotum, lightly brushing her hand across my erect penis, making it jump, pulling me down to her to kiss and lick her nipples, standing erect, hard and tempting, inviting me to gently nibble and nip with my teeth, making her jump and gasp. I was going to slide down, find her wetness and pleasure her there first, but she pulled me up to her, looking me in the eyes.

“Harry, my fiancée, you are my husband-to-be and I love you, so please, make love to me!”

I moved across her, her thighs parting as I moved between them, to raise up over her, looking into her eyes as she smiled up at me, my penis already against her labia. She nodded, and I moved forward, penetrating slowly, enjoying the feel of the slick, hot succulent flesh enfolding my penis as I slid further in, until I was in to the hilt, her look of satisfaction my reward as I filled her up. I began pumping, slowly at first, until she began rising up to meet me, pumping back, driving herself onto me, her clitoris a hard nub rubbing against the rough hairs at the base of my cock as we pumped together. Sai lifted her legs, wrapping them around mine , giving herself more leverage to drive herself further onto me, dragging her clitoris against me, rubbing herself off, and pulling my head down to her, to kiss and hold me, lips clamped to mine as we hammered at each other, until finally, we both climaxed, her vaginal walls rippling and sucking at my cock as I pumped jet after jet of spunk into her body, the feel of my heat in her setting of fresh tremors, her orgasm bringing a loud groaning wail as she climaxed again, her pussy clenching tight around me as she rode out her climax. Eventually she came down, releasing me to fall back, winded and quivering, unable to speak as we lay and looked at each other, kissing and murmuring as the fires died away. I was shattered, lungs working overtime, winded and sated, for now. Sai looked over at me, turned on her side to touch my chin for a second, then whisper “Don’t get too comfortable, stud, this may be our last night for the next three months, so try and work up a little enthusiasm, won’t you!”

We woke and made love twice more that night, each time more satisfying than the previous, the knowledge that it would be risky and probably not possible to get together during the week I was there adding poignancy, imminent loss adding to the urgency and passion. Sai cried when we had to disengage that last time, knowing she might not have this again for a long time, or what seemed like a long time. The sight of her crying did strange things to me, so I weakened and made a compromise with her. If her need for me proved too much, she would come and spend a week or two, three max, over the course of the three months, telling Dad she wanted to check out the galleries and museums prior to starting her course. I would be busy during the days, but she’d have my undivided attention all evening. It was as much as I could do without rousing his suspicions, but she jumped at it, breaking up those three months into, for her, manageable chunks.

The next day, I called the RAC to have a look at her car. There was nothing they could do, one suggestion being that we quote ‘get in a priest, mate, it needs the Last Rites’ unquote, so they arranged to have it trailered home for her, and we drove back to Shropshire. We arrived back home a typical older brother/younger sister combo, and prepared to wait out the summer until we could be together the way we wanted.

Of course, a week of sneaking around and quick fumbling was more than human flesh could stand, and Sai has such delectable flesh…

Keeping my hands off her was exquisite torture. What I wanted to do was an extended bout of freestyle, no-holds barred jungle-fucking; what I actually got was cold showers and long runs morning and evening. Even risking a quickie was out of the question, Dad was absent-minded enough to forget stuff and turn round, come back home again, something he did with almost clockwork regularity, and just because he was based in Lichfield, a reasonable distance away, there was no guarantee that was where he actually was; he might just spend the day at ABRO in Donnington, which was just up the road near Telford, or at RAF Cosford, 500 yards away, and so be home long before his expected time. We ended up having to remain completely hands off, for the most part, although on one memorable occasion we managed the feat of waving Dad off from an upstairs window while being naked from the waist down, my cock buried in her from the back between her buttocks and my finger rubbing her squidgy minge to bring her off, all the while keeping an eye on the end of the road in case he came back. Fun, but too, too risky for a reprise. It was getting to me, and the ploy we’d devised, the ‘evening out and night in a motel because we’d been drinking’ ruse sounded better all the time. One snag; one of my friends’ mum was a housekeeper at the only Travelodge in town, and she knew both of us, so that plan died; we had to resort to a couple of quick blowjobs, and me eating out Sai with all the doors double-locked so if Dad came home unexpectedly we’d have a decent chance of getting out of ‘flagrante’ in reasonable time. Sai isn’t one of those legendary girls who goes off like a rocket at the touch of her button; oh no, once you light her blue touch-paper, you have an extraordinarily long time before she goes off, so quickies were not tolerated, because she got nothing out of them, and I couldn’t risk the leisure to attend to her properly, in case I looked up to see dad and his shotgun staring back. I understood that dad and Sai had actually been family together, had lived as a family from her birth, so his connection with her was a lot more emotionally loaded than my relationship with dad – we were effectively strangers, related by marriage, his, but otherwise with no real connection. For this reason alone I was afraid/reluctant to reveal our relationship until we had no option. Sai Fong was his little girl; I’d never been his little boy, and I had no way of predicting how he’d react, as I didn’t really know him at all.

Living on my nerves was beginning to fray me at the edges, and it was with regret, but a certain amount of relief, that I headed back to London, to get my summer workload under control, wait for Sai Fong to wangle a week with me, and wank myself comatose over her and her gorgeous arse.

Seeing as it was now mid-June, it would be mid-September until I had her with me full-time, but the weeks had never passed so slowly. Dad had climbed down from his ‘I am her parent, and I have spoken’ high-horse once I’d gone over the possible consequences of Sai Fong as a healthcare professional, and once he thought about it, and stopped shuddering, he agreed to sign-off on her student loan documentation and agreed that once she was my problem, she really was my problem; he wasn’t going to travel down to bail her out of anything; I’d agreed to watch her, and even though she was an adult, I was her older brother, so I got the cacky-stick if anything went tits-up with, around, or because of, her.

Sai reckoned she could wangle a week in July, and possibly one in August, but that would be all before the father became suspicious; Sai tends to forget he was a cop before he became Dutiful Dad the Dimwit, in one of the most deviously crooked cities on the planet, and, like the Old Bill everywhere, he was a born prod-nose, with a well-developed sense of bullshit; flagging-up anything with him would immediately make him search and dig and pry until he’d got answers that satisfied him; not a good trait in a parent of a female student. I didn’t want to hurt dad, and neither did Sai Fong. Nor did I want dad hurting me, which he would have done, excessively so, if he thought I was doing something to his princess (yes, I know…), and if he twigged-on, well, he’d been a cop in Hong Kong for years, he knew how to finish me off and not have the marks show…

So it was in all our best interests if he was kept far away and completely in the dark until we were ready to tell him. Having had this conversation with Sai several times after she’d ambushed me several times, scaring me out of several years’ growth, she accepted with bad grace, and spent the remainder of that week behaving herself. Relatively speaking, of course.

At last, I got a phone call in mid-July, Sai telling me she needed to come down and scope out the art-supplies distributors, museums, galleries and showrooms and whatnot – obviously Dad was in earshot, so this was for his benefit, and as she needed to bring enough clothes for a week, could I please come and get her, she’d refund the petrol. I broke the speed record getting to the car, ground my way up the West way to the M40, M6 and M54 and dashed up to Shropshire, making it home in 2 hours flat. I spoke with dad, promised I’d bird-dog Sai, yes, I’ll lock her in her chastity-belt before dark, yes, I’ll handcuff her to the stove at night, yes, I won’t forget to set up the bear trap in case of burglars and rapists etc etc, bundled her into the car without unseemly haste, and headed back down to London, Sai grinning at me in that way she has, hiking up her skirt to show me her pussy, free of any obstructing underwear, almost making me crash. I sat there, driving steadily, with a truly epic hard-on, trying not to look as she hiked her skirt up higher and higher, grinning like a fucking monkey. She only stopped when a passing lorry beeped and the driver stuck up his thumb, suddenly realising all the high vehicles in the near-side lane could see right into the car, and she’d been giving a free show to half of the UK’s eastbound heavy-lorry traffic.

At last we got home, and I didn’t grope her out of the car, didn’t stick my tongue down her throat, didn’t chase her up the stairs, didn’t toss her on the bed and jam things in her. That came once I’d lugged 3 metric tonnes of clothing, make-up, laptops, shoes, vanity cases, cuddly toys, and what felt like a spare sink and a gas stove up three flights of stairs and collapsed from oxygen starvation at the top. Sai had disappeared somewhere, and I was just lying there, gasping for breath, checking my pulse, when I heard her calling my name impatiently. I looked up to see her standing leaning in the bedroom door wearing a cut off t-shirt that just covered her breasts, and nothing else. I swear, my erection levered me off the floor and upright as my zipper went spuunngg! and I loped toward her, drooling, making little whimpering noises, she backing into the bedroom with a big grin on her face.

We hit the bed together, kissing as hard as we could get our faces together, her arms locked around my neck, my arms locked around her waist, pulling her in tight. I couldn’t believe it was possible for two people to need each other so badly, it was almost painful as I kissed and stroked her, squeezing her waist, sliding my hands down to clench and jiggle her lovely little apple bottom, licking her lips as she licked mine. I stood up, tearing off my clothes while she watched, reaching out to help me pull off my shorts, freeing my old man for it to bob almost into her face. She caught it with her lips, smiling at me around it, almost making me come on the spot, and I had to back away from her, adoring the little pout she gave as Harry Jr. popped out from between her lips. I wanted to play, not point and shoot, and I wanted to pleasure her as well, not just myself.

We slid back into bed, snugged up tight to each other, kissing less wildly now, more control, initial heat spent, letting the banked fires build up again now. I took the ends of her cut-off, pulling it up to expose her lovely small firm breasts, her cute nipples stiff and hard, little pinkish fingertips on her round little breasts, and licking and sucking them, making her groan with delight as I nipped them gently. She sat up and tugged her top off, her arms snaking around me as she kissed me again, her weight pulling me down onto her, smiling as I broke off to kiss down her neck to her nipples, licking and sucking them. Sai closed her eyes, lips parted as her breathing deepened, holding my head in place gently to prolong her pleasure, her back arching to push her breasts into my mouth. I licked down her abdomen, kissing a trail from her nipples to her navel, to her fine silky private hair, lapping my tongue through it, enjoying the sensation, as always, of it parting under my tongue, gossamer threads on a warm silky base, until my tongue slid into her slit, touching her hooded clitoris, making her start. I slid between her thighs, pulling her to me, enjoying her warm, rich scent, to slide my tongue over the labia, then licking her from her anus to her labia again, poking her anus with my with my tongue-tip and feeling it convulse, Sai jumping at the sensation, then back up to her labia, teasing at the parting between them, Sai gasping again, louder, as they opened for me, and pushing my tongue as deep into her vagina as I could, feeling her inner lips, rubbing them with my tongue, making her gasp again, whispering my name over and over again. I licked and tasted her pussy, feeling the hardening nub of her clitoris as it became engorged, flicking it to hear her gasp and feel her jump, then licking it with long strokes, her juices pouring out of her, lubricating her open vagina, making her nub slippery and succulent. Sai thrust her vagina against my face, rubbing herself against my mouth, her breathing coming in staccato gasps as she approached orgasm, her climax finally peaking as she screamed out with release, “Harry, Oh God, Harry, oh yes, oh YES! OOOHH YESSS! OOHH fuuuCCCCKK, OHH MY FUCKING GOD….AAAHHH!” With a final groaning scream she collapsed, muscles quivering as she came down, the pulse in her throat fluttering, face flushed and beaded with perspiration.

At last her eyes opened, and she looked at me, smiling the smile of the properly fucked. “What now, big brother?” She smiled as I slid up between her legs, raising them and pushing back toward her, raising her pussy off the bed and into the air. “Oh, that!” she grinned, watching as I leaned up and forward, to bring my face level with and above hers, and slowly slid my cock into her, watching her face for signs of pain or discomfort, until I was all the way in. I kept my weight on my hands and knees, and began slowly pumping in and out of her, ducking down to kiss her, enjoying the depth of penetration, as was Sai, by the sounds of it. We kept up this motion for a while, Sai content for me to pump while she kissed and hugged me as close as she could, but I could see she was getting tired; the ‘pile-driver’ is not a comfortable position for the woman to be in for long, and so I eased back a bit, Sai dropping her legs down to the bed, and she almost immediately began humping back at me, planting her feet flat on the bed for leverage, wrapping her arms even tighter around me, lifting herself against me, her breathing hitching and gasping again, orgasm approaching. When she came, it was with a series of hissing gasps, gasping my name in my ear as she pumped me rapidly, sliding her clitoris against my pubic hair, stimulating herself as she came, her pussy clenching and rippling around my cock, making me come with a loud groan. I pumped what felt like a pint of spunk into her, spurt after spurt, the most stimulated I had ever been, the sensation obviously setting her off on a new string of orgasmic tremors, her arms rigid, like iron bars round my neck, as she clamped herself tight to me.

At last my convulsing cock stopped twitching and spurting, and I slumped over to one side, pulling her over with me, rolling onto my back, Sai Fong rolling with me, to lie still and silent on my chest. She looked up at me, and smiled. “Your heartbeat is deafening, did you know that?”So was hers, her heart fluttering against my chest, and that pulse in her neck still beating rapidly.

I took the opportunity to kiss her properly, not that freestyle lip-wrestling we were doing a little while ago, but properly, lovingly, letting her know just how much I’d missed her, and how much I wanted her, how much I had needed her back with me, even if it was for just a few days. Magically, her engagement ring had reappeared, and she kissed it as she saw me smile at it, then kissed me once, lightly, on the tip of my nose.

We lay for a while, catching our breath, stroking and nibbling each other, maintaining contact for as long as possible. I love having her lying in this position. She was soft and warm, and delightfully firm yet yielding in all the right places, her bum in exactly the right position for me to catch hold of it and play with her cheeks, squeeze them together and pull them up, separating and weighing them, then pull them apart to stretch open her anus, making her gasp and look at me in mock severity. “Harry, that’s naughty!” then jumping and giggling when I trailed a fingertip over her little sheriff’s star, kissing me and nibbling her lip every time I did that. I filed that response away for future reference….

At last, she rolled of me, pulling in close to me, draping her arm across my chest and rubbing and kneading at my abdominal muscles, tracing them out. “Harry, tense your stomach for a second,” she asked me. I did so and she ran her hand over it. “Yuk! It feels like a cobbled street, you do this to yourself for fun, do you?” I was about to protest, when I saw the glint in her eyes, her suppressed laughter. “Relax, Stretch Armstrong, it feel good; healthy, you know what I mean? You should see some of the doughy specimens that try to pick me up in Telford or Wolverhampton. One spotty Oik wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, I had to give him the knee; think I might have overdone it a tad though; he got two small lumps on the top of his head and keeled over…!”

I was just so glad to have her back with me; she felt perfect, exactly right, as opposed to my past girlfriends, who’d just been mild diversions compared to what I was feeling for Sai; not that I’d used them, we’d not parted on bad terms or anything, it was just that none of them found that place I wanted to be in. None of them was Miss Right; at the time they were all just Miss Right-Now, and they felt the same about me. But with Sai, I could tell what she was thinking, and she could read me like a book. I think growing up together the way we did, me only being there for weekends and holidays, made us more aware of each other when we were together, more in-tune with the other’s moods and feelings; except the bit about Sai ambushing me that first night; I never saw that coming, although in hindsight there were plenty of hints, I was just too dense to read them correctly. What I did understand now, was, one day soon, I was going to marry this girl, no matter what I had to do to swing it.

I came back to reality with Sai Fong pinching me. “Hello, Harry, this is the mother-ship, are you receiving?” I grinned at her. “I was just thinking about you, Princess, congratulating myself at finally getting you into bed…OooWW!” as she flicked Harry Jr.

“Harry Waterfield, I had to practically climb on your face to get you into bed, so don’t congratulate yourself on anything. Accept that I am in fact what you need, I am what you’re getting, and any attempts to change the status quo will result in a sharp fingernail in the end of your knob when you least expect it. The fact that you are my big brother is neither relevant nor important. You are now officially my man, got a ring to prove it. Got me?”

I had to grin; Sai Fong is absolutely adorable when she’s laying-down the law, as well as completely immovable, something Dad knows to his cost. I grabbed her and pulled her close, kissing her as I slid my hands down to squeeze and pull her bum cheeks apart, enjoying the feeling of her gasping into my mouth, and the feel of her lips curving into a grin as I tickled her anus with a fingertip.

“What are you doing, Harry?” she whispered, as I circled her bum hole, sliding my finger down to her slit and back up again.

“Feeling you up, Princess, do you like it?” I answered her, tapping her hole lightly, feeling her buttocks jerking each time I did it, and kissing her long and slow as I circled her hole again.

“What do you want, Harry?” she whispered, smiling and pushing her bum against my hand as I pushed against her bum, my fingertip pressing more firmly against her anal bud, with Sai kissing me and stroking my face, wriggling slightly against my fingertip, making me rub gently again at her back door.

I rolled over, Sai under me, her legs parting as I slid down her body, sucking and nibbling her nipples, kissing her navel, until I licked at the head of her slit, making her jump and sigh, her clitoris immediately sliding out from its hood, firming-up under my tongue, her lips opening. I licked along her lips, down to her anus, and began lapping and licking at it with little stabbing motions of my tongue-tip, Sai moaning and sighing, asking me “Harry, what are you doing, Harry, oh, yes, stick your tongue in me, oh yes, my arse, Harry, yes, oh you’re so naughty, Harry, yes…!” I bored in with my tongue, going in deeper, making her gasp and moan louder, lubricating her hole, making it relax for me.

Now that her arse was wet and ready, I straightened up, lifting her legs and pulling them up and out, holding on to her ankles as I slid forward, my cock resting against her wet slippery anus. Sai Fong looked up at me, her hands on either side of my face, hissing “Oh God, you are so dirty, do it, do it now, shove it up my arse, Harry, you want it, do it!” I pushed forward, meeting resistance, Sai opening her eyes wide, her breath hissing between her clenched teeth. Her hand snaked down to rub and frig her clitoris, gasping and hissing as I slid forward, until my head popped past her ring, making her yelp out loud, then bear back at me, teeth gritted as I pushed forward. Slowly my cock slid into her anus, the tightness incredible, the sensation indescribable, meeting no further resistance except the tightness of her rectum as I slowly shoved my cock into her, fucking her arse for the first time, moving further in until I was in her all the way, my balls rubbing against her bum cheeks as I waited for her signal. Sai lay back gasping, then smiled up at me, nodding, and I began to back out.

She reacted immediately. “OH MY FUCKING CHRIST, HARRY, OOOHH FUCK, YES, GOD, YESSS!” as I moved out and then back in again, slowly pumping into her, my cock feeling gigantic in such a restricted place, trying desperately not to come immediately as her anal tube squeezed me mercilessly, my world concentrated in the sensations in my cock. Sai frigged herself as I pumped, her breath becoming rapid and shallow, eyes rolling up in her head, face and neck flushing as she approached orgasm, until she came with a loud whistling groan, back arching, her hands rubbing frantically at her clitoris, her pussy rippling and shuddering, making her rectum contract convulsively around me, clamping me in place. I lost all control, coming so hard I nearly passed out, the spunk racing out of me to spray her insides, setting her off on another series of rippling convulsions, Sai sobbing and groaning as she climaxed again, her rectum squeezing my already over-stimulated cock, something down inside my midriff clenching with the force of my ejaculation as I pumped again and again.

At last I stopped, my orgasm run its course, my softening cock finally slipping out of her tight little arsehole, dropping to my elbows to take my weight as Sai dropped her legs down to the bed, eyes closed and breathing rapidly as her own orgasm died away slowly.

I dropped down beside her on the bed, trying to breathe as my heart raced, she gently touching my face and torso, stroking me, trying to calm my breathing. At last my breathing slowed and my heart stopped hammering so violently, and I was able to turn and stroke her back, pulling her close to hug her to me.

“Thank you, Princess, that was amazing!” I smiled. She grinned back. “Don’t you remember I told you I had a third cherry? Well, that was it, Harry. Now you’ve sodomized me so thoroughly, you’ve got to marry me, brother or not!”

I laughed out loud at her, and she smiled happily, reaching up to kiss me gently. “I told you that first night about my cherry because I thought you’d do something about it; you certainly took your fucking time to take the hint! Four weeks, Harry, four weeks! If I hadn’t been practicing for months for this I would have been reluctant to let you anywhere near there, but I’ve been gagging for you to get this done. At-fucking-last!”

“Practicing?” I asked her, and she grinned that cheeky grin. “Yes Harry, practicing. One of the girls gave me a…thing, a sex toy, you know, and I’ve been using it to get used to the feeling of being plugged-up down there, so I could trap you into it. It feels amazing, but take note; my arse is not an alternate playground, got it? High Days and Holidays only, special occasions, not a nice end to the day’s festivities for you. Right? Unless I change my mind, of course….!”

“Right!” I agreed, happy to have sampled it for now, confident I could change her mind in due course.

Sai jumped off the bed. “I’m having a hot soak, my bum feels rubbed-raw right now, I need to sit in a hot bath for a while, when I come out you’re taking me to dinner, we’ll split it, so think about a nice place to take your fiancée!” she grinned, and disappeared into the bathroom.

We went to dinner on the Edgware Road, to a nice Mongolian place I knew, and as Sai’s a committed carnivore like me, she stoked-up on barbecued beef and lamb, drinking ice-cold Kirin Ichiban, and relaxing, joking with the waiting staff, generally making herself agreeable, chatting away in Cantonese with them when she discovered that most of them could speak it, having a right old time. When we left, the manager pressed a box of sweet bean cakes into her hand, as ‘a present for Miss Sai-Sai’, me saying ‘Toh Sieh’ the only Cantonese I know and getting a pitying smile in return.

Note: Whew, finished. Well for now, going to write other stories. I may come back to this, but for now enjoy.


We have been home a week and I haven’t gotten anything more than the occasional face sitting. Jenny had told mum of my kink and she had gotten into it. Any time dad was out of the room, an arse or pussy was pushed onto my face for a few precious seconds. But I barely had time to feel up mum or Jenny because of their tight schedules.

Mum worked six days a week and came home the same time as dad. She couldn’t just leave him alone or he would wonder why she changed her routine they had had for years. While Jenny was studying, out with friends or doing part time work.

I was doing the exact same thing. Often I would be studying and promise myself I would go and fuck Jenny as soon as I finished the set. But by then I was often too tired or it was so late I was already losing hours of sleep.

I knew once the next test had come and gone I would get more time, but I wanted to fuck now. Everything seemed to conspire against me, even myself.

I promised to myself I would stop seeing my friends, studying or working to mess with Jenny. But every time I tried to drop one commitment I either failed or had another pop up.

Jenny didn’t seem too worried about not playing around with me. It seemed the fun was going to end before I could even have my fill. Not that I could get enough of Jenny or Mum.

I was in my room studying for maths, I wanted to be an engineer and so I needed to be good at maths. Luckily I had known what I wanted to do for years and been able to take all the right classes to make university an easy option. Didn’t make the maths any easier though.

I was staring at my text book trying to remember the correct formula to figure out the volume of what looked like a stepped on cube. I was trying to figure it all out in my head with minimum use of a calculator. Like those freaky maths kids you see in movies all the time

There was a knock on the door and I grunted. Who ever was on the other side decided I had grunted yes and open my door.

I looked up to see Jenny coming in with an armful of books. She closed the door and I stared at her. She wasn’t wearing anything slutty, but the tight pants and shirt certainly showed why so many guys drooled over her, me included. Her tight body was perfectly accentuated by the tight clothes. Showing off her flat tummy, nice perky breasts and shapely legs ending in a mouth watering arse.

She smiled and dumped her books on my desk. It was L shaped and was shoved in the corner next to my bed. I quickly moved my stuff so she had half the desk to spread her books.

“I thought we might study together from now on. I was getting bored studying by myself. Besides I knew we would have fun.”

Jenny dragged her hand between her legs and wiggled her hips. She giggled at my surprised face and leaned in to kiss me.

I pulled her onto my lap, my hands immediately moving all over her body. Rubbing her smooth belly underneath her top before moving on to her breasts. I moved my left hand off her breasts and started to rub her back. I moved my hand down until I was squeezing her supple arse.

I groaned into her mouth as she ground her arse on my hard cock. She was making little noises as I continued to play with her body. Which only made me hotter and maul at her body more.

She stood up and pulled her pants down to her knees and I followed suit. While she was bent over I pushed my face into her pussy and began sucking and licking like mad.

My nose was pressed right on her rosebud and I rubbed the tip over her hole. Her sweet juicy pussy and savoury arse made the perfect combination. I moved up to lick her arse a bit before shoving my tongue in her hole. She squealed in surprise and wiggled her arse on my face.

She pushed me off after a minute.

“Later, I need a good fuck first.”

She moved over to my bed and lent over the mattress with her knees on the ground. I kneeled behind and rubbed my cock up and down her pussy, coating it in her juices. I pushed my index and middle finger in and started to finger her. Jenny moaned and I pulled my fingers out, licking them clean before grabbing my cock.

I slowly eased my cock into her pussy. I slowly thrust in and out before she pushed me off again.

She pulled a small tube from her pant pocket and passed it back to me. I took the tube and saw it was lube.

“I think you know what to do fucker. And you better be gentle otherwise I won’t sit on your dick when we study.”

I pushed my cock back into her pussy, making her huff a little and started to work on her arse. I squeezed a generous measure of the lube onto her arse and started to rub it in. First slipping my index finger in and slowly fingering her. I knew Jenny liked it when I played with her arse as we messed around, so I hoped she liked what was coming soon.

I kept on fucking her pussy as I fingered her arse. I pulled my finger from her arse, sucked them in my mouth before shoving it back in her arse again. She tasted nice whatever hole.

I slipped in my middle finger and increased the pace slightly. Jenny was moaning softly into my pillow and her pussy was squeezing my dick deep inside her pussy.

After I managed to get my ring finger in with my index and middle I knew it was time to try. I pulled my dick out of her pussy and smeared more lube on it before leaning down and shoving my tongue back in her arse. I took advantage of the stretching my fingers did to get my tongue deep in her arse, swirling it around inside.

Her smell and taste was driving me crazy and my tongue flicked around inside her arse trying to taste every bit. Jenny was pushing her arse back onto my face.

I straightened up and for good measure put some more lube in her arse.

I put the head of my cock at her slightly stretched entrance.

“You ready for this? Because after this you won’t be able to bend over without getting my cock inside you.”

Jenny moaned and pushed her arse back so the tip of my cock pushed into her hole. I gripped my rock hard cock with one hand and her arse with the other. I slowly pulled her arse back as I pushed my hips forward a millimetre at a time.

I didn’t want her to hurt even for a moment, but I knew it was hurting her. My cock head was slowly pushing her open, her arsehole slowly moving up my cock as I moved in.

My cock head popped in and I moaned at the incredible pressure her arse was putting on my cock. It had felt good going in, but this felt even better. Jenny whimpered a bit, but didn’t tell me to stop.

I continued to push in then slowly pull out, each time getting my dick a little deeper in her arse. I was in heaven as her tight ring clenched my cock. Even just watching her arse slid up and down my cock was enough to make my balls tighten.

I let go of my cock and moved my hand down to play with her pussy. She already had one hand rubbing her clit and the other playing with her breasts. Trying to make the pleasure grow more than the pain I suppose. I fingered her pussy while she rubbed her clit.

Finally I bottomed out in her arse, my hips pressed up against her soft arse cheeks. I leaned forward and breathed in her ear.

“Your brother is balls deep in your arse. He has already filled up your pussy with cum and will do so again and again. How do you feel?”

Jenny’s voice was strained, but she didn’t sound like I had ripped her arse to shreds.

“I feel like I need to be fucked. So hurry up and do it already.”

I kept my head next to hers to breathe into her ear and use one hand to play with her breasts. I pulled my hips back till her ring was clenched just below my cock head. I slowly pushed back in, Jenny huffed and moaned a little in pain.

I repeated the slow fucking until the moans had turned to pleasure filled ones. I sat back up straight and started to put more force and speed into my thrusts until I was fucking her properly. Not a hard fuck but a decent pace.

Jenny looked back at me, her flushed face was covered in sweat and I could see the pleasure in her eyes. I imagine I looked the same, this was the best I had ever felt.

“Fuck me hard and fill me up with your cum.”

I didn’t need to be told twice and started to fuck her hard, making her arse jiggle from the impact. She smiled and buried her face in my pillow as she started to moan loudly. I hoped mum would keep dad away in the lounge with the TV on.

I suspected Jenny had told her what we were going to do. Where else would she get the lube?

I dismissed all thoughts except for Jenny’s arse from my mind and got down to fucking. I pounded my cock in and out of her arse like I was a man possessed.

Jenny started to get even louder and I could feel her whole body trembling as she started to cum. She set me off and I spewed my hot load into her arse. Grunting and twitching inside of her with every spurt.

I was cumming in my sister’s arse and loving every second. I thrust into her a few more times before pulling out. Jenny rolled onto her back and looked up at me with her pleasure filled flushed face.

I lay down on top of her and shoved my tongue into her mouth. She kissed me back hard enough to bruise my lips. I pulled my head back and looked at her.

“We better get some study done.”

She smiled and grabbed my hand.

“Let’s go into the bathroom to get cleaned up.”

She stepped out of her pants and walked out of my room half naked, I quickly kicked my shorts off and followed her out. I followed her into the bathroom as my cum started to leak out of her hot arse, along her pussy and down her legs. We only had one bathroom with the toilet inside, so if dad needed to go he would catch us inside together.

I only had one thought on my mind. So did Jenny.

As soon as we got inside, Jenny pushed me onto the toilet and got down on her hands and knees. She sucked my dirty cock into her mouth with no hesitation and started to suck me clean. What she couldn’t reach when she held me in her mouth she would lick.

As soon as she thought I was clean enough she stood up, straddled me and lowered herself onto my cock. She moaned and shuddered.

“That’s the stuff. You will have to be content with my pussy for the next few days at least. Mum said I needed to give my arse a chance to recover.”

I started to thrust up into her pussy as hard as I could and she was thumping her arse down into legs as hard as she could. I couldn’t believe how horny she was.

We didn’t last long before we started cumming again. This time my cum was shooting into my sister’s pussy, my cock throbbed with each blast. The thought of spunking my sister’s pussy made me cum that much harder.

Jenny slowly stood up and moved to the shower, she threw me her clothes and stepped in. Before I could get naked and join her, she had jumped out already having washed off the sweat and giving her arse a tender swipe.

She paused at the bathroom door naked.

“We really have to study, so take a quick shower and come back to help fill me up with answers.”

I threw the clothes on the floor, jumped into the shower only long enough to get wet before collecting the clothes and sprinting back to my room naked.

Jenny was waiting for me. She grabbed her clothes and slowly got dressed, somehow seeing her get dressed was sexy as all hell and I got hard. She giggled and nodded.

“This makes the next part easier then.”

I got dressed myself, just in case dad came in and sat on my chair. Jenny pulled my shorts down far enough to let my cock out. She pulled her pants down far enough to expose her pussy. She quickly pressed my face in.

I sucked and licked, wondering if I was tasting my cum or if I was imagining it. I didn’t care she tasted just as sweet and tasty as any other time. Jenny pulled her pussy off my face and lowered herself down to sit calmly on my lap with my dick deep in her pussy.

“Now we have to actually study, so try not to fuck me for at least an hour.”

I nodded. She sat on my lap on a ninety degree angle and leant forward so I could work while she did as well.

I had thought having my cock in her pussy would make study impossible, but it seemed to give me better concentration. This wasn’t like in the car with mum, I had already cum twice. Jenny’s pussy throbbed and pulsed on my cock, keeping me hard.

We lasted another hour before Jenny started to bounce up and down on my cock. It didn’t take long for me to shoot another load of baby batter into her pussy. We studied again afterwards before having one more fuck session in the shower before bed. I was drained in all aspects, but I had finally gotten what I wanted again.

I knew once the latest test was finished we would be spending a lot more time together and I wasn’t about to leave mum out of it.

The end….?

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