The next day I was sore in places I didn’t know could be sore. Horace had used me like he said he would. I had enjoyed it a lot, but still felt apprehensive about my status with all of them.

What woman really wants to become what I had? Even soiled doves had once been innocent girls.

I was surprised when I woke so late, but I couldn’t help but be relieved that Horace and the boys were already out working. For such a momentous night, it seemed that today would be like any other for them. I tried not to think of what and who I would be doing that night.

I did my customary chores, mindful not to move too quickly; lest I cause an ache to sprout up and remind me of how many times Horace had taken me the night before. Even so, sometimes a sharp reminder would ghost up inside of me, a fleeting feeling of abused flesh that would settle into a hot ache for more.

I made lunch for the men, and when I realized they wouldn’t be coming in, I took it out to them. Horace was easy to find. He was plouwing the fallow field in preparation for winter. He smiled almost shyly at me as I approached, and thanked me nicely for the food. He didn’t say was anything much, but he did more to put me at ease than any pretty words he had said the night before.

I looked for Josh and Reuben, but couldn’t find them where Pa had said they’d be, working on the fence by the pig pen, though I did see that it had been repaired. Usually when no one could find them, they were up in the loft doing heaven knows what. I tried not to see them too often. But, since that was about to change for me anyway, I marched into the barn with my basket of goodies a looked around for them.

I mounted the wood ladder that led above, and was heartened to hear some whispering. Once I had my head above the plank floor, I stopped. I couldn’t speak because of what they were doing to each other.

Josh lay sprawled on a pile of loose hay, his head thrown back in the same expression of abandon that Pa had shown me so many times last night. What I couldn’t comprehend was why Reuben was sucking and licking his brother’s cock like it was a stick of horehound candy. I watched as Reuben bobbed his head up and down, taking time to bring his tongue around the tip of Josh’s cock and then plunging back down, his nose touching the pale hairs at the base of his brother’s manhood. He did this several times before I noticed that Reuben had his own trousers open, his dripping member standing hard and proud, jumping each time his brother moaned.’

Josh moaned as Reuben latched his swollen lips around his cock and suckled. As Reuben’s bobbing and suckling picked up speed, Josh began to buck and thrust into his brother’s mouth. Reuben stopped his head’s motion, even while he pulled on his own cock, and let Josh use his mouth like Pa had my cunt last night.

I don’t know how long I stood there, transfixed by what they were doing, the now familiar heat and damp beginning to pool in my now sodden pantalets. Suddenly, Josh pulled on Reuben’s hair, jerking the darker brother up with a brutal movement. He said, “Don’t. I want to fuck you since you get her tonight.”

Reuben gave that lazy smile of his, before he said, “I think little sister wants to join us, Josh.”

Before I could move, both of them had risen and they pulled me up by my arms into the loft. Reuben asked, “Did you like the show, little sister?”

“No… I … I mean….” I stammered, but couldn’t finish before Reuben was plundering my mouth as Josh deftly undid the remaining buttons on my dress. I hadn’t got around to sewing back the few that Horace had torn off in his haste the night before. Warm afternoon air bathed my heavy breasts as both of the boys deftly stripped me bare. Reuben picked me up as if I was a rag doll and told Josh, “Lie down on that straw. We’re both gonna get what we like the most. You know I like to share.”

Josh scurried to obey Reuben, his expression wicked. “Fuck, I’ll bet she’s tight.”

“Well, she won’t be after you loosen her up, now, will she?” He laughed and swung me around in front of him, carrying me like I was a small child, my legs straddling his gut. His cock bobbed under me, slapping my soaking cunt as he took the few steps to his brother.

Before I knew what he was about, he lowered my bottom over Josh’s face. I squirmed against Reuben, aware that my juices were smearing his stomach as I did. I was ashamed that such a private area as my fanny would be seen by anyone. I felt Josh part my cheeks further and I cried out. “No! Please don’t!”

Reuben’s grip tightened and I knew I would have bruises on my legs where he held me. He said, “Yer making little sister wet, Josh. I can feel her juices on my stomach. I can’t wait ’til she feels we work our magic.”

To my shame, when Josh’s tongue snaked out and ran over ‘that’ spot, I screamed, but not in outrage. It felt so good, so forbidden. When he did it again, I writhed against Reuben, and the third time, when his tongue went past the ring of muscle into me, I screamed, “More! Sweet Jesus, I want more!”

Josh set about giving me more as he slipped a spit-slicked finger after his tongue. It was an aching kind of pleasure. I was too dry for him to go far, so he ran his other hand up between Reuben and me. He diddled me with his questing fingers and then brought the moisture he collected back up to my anus. This time two fingers slipped into me, and I couldn’t help myself, I gave into the sensation as he fucked my backdoor, scissoring his fingers as he did. His tongue entered me again, and again, until I could feel the moisture on my skin. Josh finally broke away long enough to say, “I think that’s enough. She’s ready.”

Reuben put me down, right on top of Josh. I rose as he pushed me forward. I didn’t know what he meant to do, or I might have tried to run. As I leaned forward, I felt something much harder, larger and blunter pushing at where Josh’ mouth had been only seconds before.

I tried to get away, but Reuben was firmly in front of me. He had taken his cock in hand and was milking it. It was hard, red and glistening at the tip. He said with a little smirk on his face, “Act like yer shittin’ little sister. It’ll go better for you.”

I tried to push past the smirking bastard, but he caught me by my hair just as I felt the head of Josh’s cock go past that ring of muscle and into my gut. He surged upward, and suddenly I was full of his cock, panting from the pain of it going in so fast. Josh said, “Goddamn! She’s so tight I can’t hardly move.”

“Fuck him.” Reuben commanded. “Get on your knees and ride him like you did that mare your whore of a mother stole when she left.”

God help me, I did as I was told, the bruising presence of Josh’s cock in my anus becoming an agonizing kind of pleasure. Josh bucked underneath me, pushing my face into the dripping end of Reuben’s cock. I thought Reuben might expect me eat him like he had been eating Josh, and so I opened my mouth, my tongue out. “No, little sister, not right now, after I come, I just may let you lick it clean for me.”

At that, he pushed me back towards Josh’s supine body, and knelt between my legs. I thought he might be going to taste me like Pa had the night before, and the idea made me embarrassingly wetter. Instead, he spread my legs further, opened my nether lips and eased the tip of his cock past my entrance. Josh stopped bucking into me as his brother breached me.

I screamed from the pleasure and pain as he moved back and then sank further into me. I was so full, being fucked by both of them in each hole. I didn’t know how I could stand the sensation. I thought I might go mad. They began stroking their cocks inside me, each one alternating, and each one driving inside me as the other pulled out and the other pushed in. I was so full of sensation, of shame, of dirty pleasure, tears leaked from my eyes. I was their whore, and they knew that whatever they did to me was allowed because they owned my body. That thought freed me to know that I had no choice, and so I began to seek all the pleasure I could from this strangely fulfilling situation.

Josh’s hands roved over my breasts, pinching fingers teased the peaks that were pressed into his brother’s body. It didn’t shock me as it might have earlier, as Reuben leaned past me and captured his brother’s lips, never easing up on the long, turgid thrusts that he treated me with.

Yesterday I had been untouched, and last night, I had one man that I called pa, between my legs, now today, I had two men, my brothers, fucking me. The unreality of it shamed and excited me even as I began to peak. I felt my legs trembling, my cunt clenching, and while they kissed, I nearly lost consciousness from the tide that rolled over me. My vision blackened, my focal point became the two cocks in me. My world dissolved into pure sensation and I screamed my fulfillment. In a flash, I felt first Josh and then his brother jerking erratically before they spurted their baby juices into me with cries of completion. Reuben collapsed on me, crushing me between him and Josh. His mouth sought mine and I kissed him back as he forced his tongue past my lips. I loved being their whore and wondered if this was the way they would take me each time it was their turn. Heat pulsed into my already full nubbin. I wanted more of them like this and I thought, wickedly that I would love to see both of them doing the same to each other at some point. I remembered how Josh had commanded Reuben to get on his knees, and if Josh could fuck me there, surely he could fuck his brother there too. That thought sent another spasm of pleasure through me, and my cunt clasped onto Reuben’s softening cock in a series of pleasurable spasms.

“Damn, Little Sister, yer little twat’s hotter anything I’ve ever felt. Definitely hotter than that whore of a mother of yours.”

“W-why do you keep talking about her?” I asked muzzily through the fog of pleasure that still encompassed me. Reuben moved to the side, exposing my used body with its leaking juices to the air.

Josh was the one to answer as he slid from underneath me, “We fucked her all the time. But she never liked it like you do. She just laid there mostly.”

They had fucked my mother? My mother had let them… between her legs and elsewhere… she was… The words that Pa had said the night before began to make sense. She had lied to me. She was their whore, and knew what they would do to me when she left. My guts clenched in anger. I hated her!

I hated that she had them all for so long while I had been told to be a good girl. I hated that she hadn’t prepared me for this, that she had convinced me that enjoying my own body was a sin. I hated that she was just a whore and I was a whore’s daughter.

I was pulled from my thoughts as Josh began his exploration of my body. His hands roved over my breasts, his fingers plucked my nipples, and his mouth tasted my belly. He moved lower, between my legs, his tongue snaking inside my still spasming cunt. I couldn’t help but writhe against his smooth-shaved face as he swiped me from my nubbin to the hole he had entered. He licked me clean down there and then kissed my inner thigh before he began taking little nips and licks of what his brother had left behind. It was filthy, the thought that he would like tasting both what he had left and his brother, but it left a heavy feeling of warmth and desire deep in my guts. I opened my legs wider, put my hands on his head and held him there by his hair.

Reuben had been watching his eyes glazed with what I now recognized as lust. He stroked his cock as I rode his brother’s face. When I grabbed Josh’s hair, he moved behind Josh, dragging his brother’s hips up, pushing Josh’s face and roving even closer to my musky holes.

I watched as he aligned himself with his brother’s hole and with a sharp thrust, Reuben was buried deep in his brother. Josh’s scream was muffled against my cunt. I let go of Josh’s hair and I cried out, “You’re hurting him, Reuben! Stop!”

Josh raised his head, “Oh, fuck, no… don’t stop! Oh, Reub, I love your cock in me!”

“I know you do, sweetheart.” He slowed his brutal thrusts. “Now that you’ve cleaned her up, baby brother, I want you to fuck her in that sweet twat of hers.” Reuben pulled on my ankle, “Move under him, little sister. Give him that wet hole.”

I did, eagerly taking Josh’s now red and throbbing member in my hand. He hissed as I lifted my hips and slid the flanged head of his cock through my nether lips. Josh gave me a heated kiss and said, “Say what you want me to do to you, little sister.”

“I can’t!” He bucked, causing Reuben to go deeper in him. Both men began moving, making Josh’s member tease my achingly needy cunt. I flushed knowing that they were such bastards that they would take their pleasure with me or without. I finally stammered, “I-I want you to… f-fuck me, Josh.”

Josh pushed into me, filling me with his fat cock as neither his brother nor his father had. Behind him, Reuben gave a quick, hard thrust, and suddenly I was filled completely with Josh’s thick, hot cock. He buried his head in my neck as Reuben moved, muttering, “So good, so sweet… You feel like home… little sister.”

Reuben rocked into his brother and then leaned down to capture my lips, pressing Josh so fully against my nubbin that it made me gasp. Reuben captured my lips with his. He deepened the contact, forcing my lips open with his questing tongue, and began pumping into his brother. I could feel Josh’s tongue on my neck and then a sharp pain as he bit it and then suckled it, soothing it with the gentle glide of his tongue over the surface of my skin. Reuben moved more frantically as I moaned at the sensation both of my brothers were giving me. I was close to that spiraling feeling again, and I began moving my hips. Even the scant few inches I could move dragged Josh’s hardness against my nubbin, giving me more pleasure than I thought was possible.

After just a few moments of the give and take between Reuben and me, Josh gave a hoarse shout and I felt his cock jerking in my cunt, depositing the hot baby juices in my womb. I followed him into that void that was only sensation and light, and over the pounding of blood in my ears, I heard Reuben’s shouted release.

When I came to my senses, Josh was gone, and Reuben lay curled against me, his arm over my perspiration-covered belly. He opened his eyes lazily and kissed my shoulder. “You are so beautiful to me right now, Darlin’. I can’t wait ’til Pa makes his decision about who gets to marry you.”

Marry me? I thought in confusion. “What do you mean, Reuben?”

“It’s always our way.” Reuben slid his hand lower, wetting his finger with the juices that Josh had left before he brought it back up to my nubbin. “One of us always marries the women we share. We don’t want everyone thinkin’ she’s a whore when we get her with child, do we?”

“I-I… you’ve all done this before… I mean, even before my ma?” He pressed his finger against that button of flesh in the hood of my cunt, swirling it around. “Yes, Darlin’.” He slid his thumb down against my nubbin and began pulling it between his thumb and forefinger. It was driving me to distraction. I tried to close my legs and push his hand away, but he commanded, “Don’t. I like to watch you come undone. You don’t know how pretty you are when you lose control.”

“I-it… It’s too much! Please, it’s beginning to hurt.” I said, and it was true. My nether parts were unused to all the abuse they had been given in the past twenty-four hours.

Reuben laughed, but slowed his movements. I sighed with relief until he stopped the fluttering motion his fingers and moved his body over mine, but instead of taking me, he kissed my lips.

This kiss was different than the one he had given me before; it was sweet, almost chaste. He broke contact and said, “We all love you, Darlin’. We have since you and yer ma came here. We wouldn’t want anyone thinkin’ you were a loose woman. But, if Pa gives you a choice about who you want to stand up with you to make it legal, say you want me. I want the world to think that I was the one who put a baby in you.”

“But, why?” I asked.

“Why don’t you ask Pa about who my ma was? That’ll tell you everything you need to know.”

He rolled off me. “Now, go fetch me that basket. I’m half-starved.” I sat up, my feeling my sweat matted hair fall against my back and the dribble of liquid coming out of my abused holes. He said as I rose and walked painfully to the basket, “I’ll get you something for that soreness later. We still have tonight to look forward to, you and me.”

Authors Note: Here’s a new story that I’ve been working on. Enjoy~


“Where in the hell am I?” Sienna Rhodes swore to herself as she drove down the abandoned, snow covered rode. Looking around, she didn’t see anything that looked familiar to her. After having a seething argument with her parents about her college preferences, she decided to go out and take a long drive, only to get lost in the process.

Sienna shook her head, and pressed on the gas harder and accelerated down the rode. She clutched the wheel securely in her fists and squint her hazel eyes to see better out the window, as the snow began to come down harder on her car. She hastily turns on the windshield wipers on high. She ran a hand through her shoulder length, curly brown hair shivering as a chill ran down her back. Sighing, she looks down and adjusts the heat, along with turning on the radio, and soon soft jazzy music filled the air.

Glancing back up to the rode, she gasps as a huge wolf like dog appeared in the middle of the rode, its eyes staring straight into hers. She quickly turns the wheel sharp to the right, making her car slide against the frozen ground. She lets out a piercing scream as she loses control over the car and slides off the rode and into a tree. Her scream is quickly cut off as she hits her head against the wheel, causing her body to go limp only for a few seconds. She moans in pain as she re-opens her eyes and feels blood trickling down her head.

“Someone, please help me!” She cries out loudly, only to get an echo of her own voice in response.


The smell of blood fills Jeffrey Wray’s nose as he stares down at the girl calling out for help inside of the car that almost hit him. His wolf let out a growl as the smell of her blood mixes in with her female sent. He winces as his bones contract into those of a human male, and his features that were once in the form of an wolf’s, soon transformed into one of a man.

Jeff stood up from his crouching position at a easy six foot five inches. His dark black hair flows around his shoulders as he stands. His thick muscles ripple with every move. Hearing the female scream from the car causes his cock to twitch and harden as he stands there in his nakedness.

After stretching out his new human muscles, Jeff begins to walk to the now quiet female who was whimpering softly, laying her head against the wheel. He gripped the door handle tightly in his fist and pulled harshly making the whole door tear off the car.

Sienna’s eyes grow wide as she watches the naked man rip the door from the car. She shakes her head and weakly tries to fight him off as he removes her seatbelt.

“Please don’t hurt me.” She whimpers softly as Jeff grips her and pulls her out of the car and into his arms, chuckling.

“Looks like you’ve done a pretty good job at doing that yourself.” He says as he begins to walk away from the car. He lets out a growl deep within his chest as Sienna wiggles in his arms, brushing against his cock.

She stops abruptly as she feels his hardness pressing against her ass. Her wide eyes look up into Reed’s lustful ones. His claws grow slightly, digging into her soft brown skin as he fights to control his primal urges.

“If I were you, I’d be still.” Was all he said as he gripped her tighter and walked on. Sienna made no more movements fearing what it might cause him to do. And judging by the stiffness pressed up against her ass, she had an idea of what that might be.

Jeff kept his eyes on the white covered rode ahead of them as he made his way further from the rode and deeper into the dark forest as Sienna sat stiff in his arms. She glanced up at the powerful man admiring his hard and manly features. She bit her lip as she timidly opened her mouth in an attempt to talk.

“Where are you taking me?” She asked, pressing herself back into his naked chest sneaking warmth. Jeff glanced down at the girl and shook his head. He held her closer to his body, letting her have the heat from it.

“Home,” He replied harshly.

“What about my car?” She mumbles tiredly as she lays her head on his chest. The blood loss from her wounds were causing her body to become weak.

“Don’t worry about that, you wont need it.” He says slowly as he watches her drift off to sleep in his arms. He held onto her small body in his arms already figuring out what he wanted to do to her once he fixed her wounds. Images of her stripped and bound to his bed flashed through his mind, making another growl of excitement grow from his chest.

“Yes, you definitely will not need it.” He states, silently claiming her as his in his head. He continues walking with pictures of Sienna sucking his cock, riding it, and him plunging it deep into her tight pussy in various positions. His wolf agreed with him. “Yes, she is ours now to use and fuck.” His wolf said hungrily in his mind.

A slow grin formed on Jeff mouth as they finally reached his two story cabin. His cock was throbbing powerfully once he finally stepped foot into his cozy home. He glanced around the living room as he made his way into his home. He caught what he was looking for and grabbed the first aid kit with one hand, while still holding onto Sienna.

He then walked towards the stair case that lead up to the second floor. There, was three rooms. He passed the first two, which belong to Jeff’s two brothers, Kane and Alex.

Jeff chuckled as he reached his door. “Well, they will certainly like this treat.” He thinks to himself as he opens the door to his room and makes his way in.

It wouldn’t be a first that he and his brothers shared a woman. Those that knew them knew that they were very open with their women. And in their pack, it was not uncommon to see one woman mated to more than one man. Being the Alpha of the pack, Jeff along with the other Alphas in the States, as well as the elders in the council, enforced these new laws over a hundred years ago.

Glancing down at the woman in his arms, he already knew that she would be his and his brothers. Willing or not, he would have her. Then, he will share her with his brothers. With that thought burning in his mind, Jeff walked over to the red velvet king size bed and placed the young woman down on it. He took her wrist in his hand and hooked it to one of the hand cuffs at the head of the bed. Then, doing the same with her other wrist.

Smirking down at the woman, he felt his cock harden even more, almost painfully. “Not now, but soon.” He tells his wolf that was on the verge of taking the woman where she lays.

Taking a deep breath calming his primal hormones, Jeff reaches over and opens the first aid kit. Opening it, he takes out a roll of gauze and begins to wrap her injuries. He then brings out sanitary wipes and wipes off the crusted blood around her forehead.

After about ten minutes of fixing her wounds, he stands up and walks over to his bathroom and sets the kit on the sink. He then walks over to the full length walk in closet, taking out a black long sleeved sweater, and a pair of dark jeans. After dressing, Jeff makes his way out of the closet and over to where Sienna lay sleeping.

Jeff gazes down at Sienna and quirk an eyebrow as he takes in her curvy form. His eyes roaming over her body, starting from her lushes hips. His cock stiffens painfully in his jeans, at the way Sienna’s tight jeans hug her hips and thighs.

His eyes then move up, taking in the swell of her nicely shaped 36DD. He licks his lips, as he moves a hand up and squeezes it gently through her grey sweater. Closing his eyes, he removes his hand, let out a gruff sigh.

“Damn woman.” He growls out as he walks away from her and over to the door that leads out of the room. Opening it, he takes one more glance at her, then closing the door behind him as he walks out.

Shaking his head, Jeff begins his way down into the kitchen, with intentions of making something to eat for himself and the woman for when she woke. “Food wont be the only thing I’ll be eating at this rate.” He thinks as his cock twitches at the idea forming in his head for tonight. Luckily, his brothers will be back in two days, which gives him just enough time to get his fill in before having to share her.

“Perfect,” He says to himself as he begins preparing their meal in excitement as he thinks of his plans for his little captive for over the next few days.

Master Chauncey is a kind, golden god, and I am his eclectic follower.

I am his beloved pet. I am his only pet. I will be his only pet – if I let this continue.

I don’t want to die here in this safe, stable relationship. I want to live. I want to see the world. I want to try new things. I want. I want. I want.

I sit in the oak vanity chair while Master brushes my incredibly long hair, kissing and nibbling my neck roughly and murmuring sweet nothings in my ear. I feel tingly, warm from his touch. I feel loved.

He whispers my name, smiling and purring like a cat.


I can feel my panties getting moist, and I roll my neck to give him more access to my body as his fingers slide down the soft skin of my belly. “More…” I breathe, wriggling. He grins and gives me more of what I want, what I need…for now.

Again, I know I’m excited and horny for him – but just how long will these feelings last? Last night, I was so eager to leave my Master’s side. Today, I feel bound to him, unable to abandon him that way.

After Halloween — no, after today I’ll leave him, I told myself over and over again. Once the sun rises from its slumber, I’ll be gone.

After years of being by his side, this was going to be the last time I was going to spend Halloween with him. It was a saddening thought. We grew so close after just a few years…

But it was idealistic of me to stay.

He was the only Master who truly loved me, but because he couldn’t bring me what I craved, I was leaving. I felt like crap for what I was going to do, but I felt like I needed to for my own benefit.

I’m just a very sensual person. I can’t live without mind blowing orgasms, and I’m not a one-man woman. I’m needy, and I like variety. I need more, more.

During our relationship, I tried working out scenarios to try and balance our desires, our needs. I knew what I wanted. When I asked what Chauncey wanted, I was surprised that Chauncey didn’t want much past what I was already giving to him. He seemed very content with our sex life.

When Chauncey asked me, I told him I wanted an open relationship. I was so desperate. I even offered him the idea that for every man I would sleep with, he would be able to sleep with a woman in exchange. I even offered sharing a woman or man with him. I wanted out. I loved him, but I wanted something raw, changing and drastic.

I still remember his reaction to my radical suggestion.

On that day, I remember his fury over the fact that I would even suggest the slightest hint of infidelity.

Chauncey had looked me in the eye and said, “You belong to me, pet. You belong to no one else, and because you’re not allowed to have anyone else, neither will I.” His fingers clenched into a tight fist.

“Won’t you be tempted?” I was hoping that he would agree with me, but he looked livid. I stiffened in fear. I had never seen him so angry before. This was the only time in our relationship where I’ve ever seen any anger in him at all.

His voice was cold, emotionless. His blue eyes were like ice. His body turned stiff, and he looked like a beautiful, vengeful angel. “Never. It’s impossible for me to be tempted by anyone else other than you.” His voice was smooth, careful – as if suggesting something that I should know. I instantly became confused, but I didn’t ask about it. I was too afraid he was going to hurt me when he suddenly took me by my shoulders; his lips smashed against mine in near violence.

Instead of going deeper into my argument, he tore my clothes and lifted my legs on his shoulders, fucking me until I saw stars and couldn’t remember anything at all. I couldn’t even remember my name – in fact, I didn’t even know that I was fucked mercilessly on the cold tile floor until after the ordeal.

That was the only time he ever brought me to a true, full orgasm.

“Tonight we’re going to another house of mine after clubbing. Is that fine with you, my love?” Master Chauncey spreads his hands all over my breasts, watching my reaction as I instinctively licked his fingers and squirmed my seat. One of his fingers found my mouth, and I sucked, watching him watching me like I was a bitch in heat. He smiled, narrowing his eyes, and growled. I was wet, so wet when I listened to him growl, a mate equal in my desire. By the way his eyes sparkled, I could tell that he knew that I was soaking and he was taking his sweet time in arousing me.

Then seemingly out of nowhere, he snapped at me. “That’s enough.” My eyes widened in surprise, and he gave me a teasing smile. He pinched my ass – making me yelp in response. “At least wait until we get to our new home if you want to get your cunt fucked like a good whore, little slut.” He purred and kissed my cheek, getting up to get dressed.

I had nearly whimpered in need from his teasing, but I quickly reminded myself that this was our last day together. I would leave in the morning, and the life that I had with him would be gone. It would all be over — well, maybe not the emotional part, but I could at least have a little bit of closure.

It would be so much nicer if I wasn’t so needy. Contemplating escape from him seemed horrible, despite the fact that he couldn’t give me certain things to truly make me happy. He made me happy. Why would I leave? Why would I possibly leave when he made me happy? What’s wrong with me for having someone who will love me unconditionally, stay by my side forever and satisfy nearly every whim?

Even though I know better, I still have that fear in me – the fear my mother drilled in me. I learned her words by rote, even though I didn’t share the same beliefs.

“Don’t fall in love with handsome men. Handsome men get lured in by pretty women, and you’ll get old. They’ll become uninterested with you and leave you for a younger woman, even if the man is past his prime.

“Men are cheats, liars, backstabbers. They tell you things they never fulfill. They say things they never mean. They make you hurt, and the only happiness you’ll find in this world is a man who is plain. They do not leave you for another. Find one with good money, one who will have money for a rainy day.

“You’ll never find true happiness. I never did. Especially with your father. With your brothers and sisters, though, their fathers were at least better than your father. I fell in love with him, and even now I’m still in love, but I hate him. And you see how he treats me, right? He loves me one second, then he hates me in another. He’s treated his ex-girlfriends with more taste; if I weren’t pregnant with you then, I would have left. I still stay with him to this day because of you and your little sister.

“But out of all the children that I’ve made, know that I’ve always wanted you the most. You are productive; you take care of me and give me my insulin shots and medication for my diabetes diligently; you massage this old woman’s muscles in her old age. You have and probably will continue on taking care of your siblings, even though most of them are older than you.”

As a sixteen year old girl then, I protested about her age and told her that she was still young. She was only forty – the only thing that made her body ache was the hard labor she went through everyday to feed our hungry mouths and keep us happy. Hours and hours she worked in a job with hard labor. She told us often how we should keep up our grades to get better jobs – better than the ones she worked in.

She ignored by protests of her age and continued, patting my cheek lightly to get my attention.

“You are worth loving, but as a smart woman and my dear darling daughter, I want you to learn one thing and one thing only:

“There’s no such thing as true love. You can only hope that the person that you marry is able to compromise himself into being even remotely close to that perfect man you’ve been waiting for.

“You can’t reach the stars, honey – and don’t expect to, either. Most people don’t get what they want in life, you know. Out of all the people you’ve met, I definitely honest-to-God know that well.”

And this brings me back to the present. This breaks me, knowing that what my mother says is true. Most people tend to have relationships that don’t last as long as they hope. They say the words “forever” and “I love you” – but, tell me this, how many people really do mean it?

And for me, what does that mean? Will I ever find true happiness? Will I have to deal with having second-best when it comes to my expectations in love; do I have to settle with living this way? Do I have to compromise my feelings to be even remotely satisfied with my life?

Do I have to live this way? Am I just complaining over something I should be rejoicing over, a faithful man who has stayed by my side for years?

God. What have I done with my life? Am I just naturally doomed?

Utterly overwhelming feelings of sadness and worry swell in my chest, an unwanted monster. I want to sob and bury my face into Chauncey’s broad chest and hide there in his heart as long as it takes. I feel weak and doubtful. At the same time, my instinct tells me that I need to leave, I need to leave!

Run. Flee. Anything to escape this. Anything to stop feeling afraid that he isn’t the one. To stop feeling like he isn’t meant for me, that only part of him fits me. I need more. More.

Why am I so greedy?

I broke off of that thought when I found that Chauncey was studying me from afar, wearing a white robe with a hood for his Halloween costume. A golden rope is twined around his slim waist, and his silky curls fall from his head, tints of red glistening from the sunlight that seeped through the windows.

My Master was breathtaking. Doubt crept in.

Would I leave him? Would I?

When my eyes became focused on him again, and I was a bit confused by what I saw. Chauncey had this funny look on his face, like when he was trying to figure out the answer to a question he knows he can answer after so much practice. He was focused on something I couldn’t see, and it worried me that he had that worried expression on his beautiful brow. I widened my eyes, and I couldn’t help but squeak out a “Huh?”

My voice seemed cute, confused, light. I played the innocent usually quite well, but…

I just hoped he couldn’t hear the wavering in my voice.

An easy smile soon spread across his face, and he shook his head seemingly almost to himself. I wondered for a moment what he was thinking, but I found myself scooped up in his arms, distracted by the motion.

His kisses distracted me again, and when I broke for air, I looked into his eyes.

Those eyes were a blue storm. It was a mistake to look there, I told myself at the last moment. My soul, my mind, my entire life had felt bare for him to examine, clear as day. I reeled from his eyes, steeling myself to glance at the ceiling instead. My mind screamed, “Dangerous!” but what was I in danger from? Guilt? Or something else? Or better yet, was it someone else I was in danger from?

No. Chauncey can’t possibly be dangerous. Could he? Right now, he seemed to be.

He pressed his lips into my ear, making me shiver from the warm contact. “Wear your costume, love. It’s almost time for my brother’s club to open.”

“Your brother?” My head swam. I thought that he was an only child. He had told me he was an orphan. He never talked about family related things, and refused to talk about them – until now, I guess.

Chauncey set me down on the bed as if I were as fragile as glass, and kissed the top of my head lovingly. “My twin brother, Daemon Swift. He was working in Asia pretty recently, and I asked him to come over for tonight. Sorry for the old couple’s cliché, love – but you won’t mind the unexpected visit, will you?” My body, always insistent to please him, had my head nodding without any hesitation.

And this is where an important thought hits me: Aw fuck, wait. This means he’s bringing our relationship to the next level, introducing me to his only and obviously guarded family.

My heart aches with emotion that I know I can’t have. Not if I’m going to run away.


It’s nighttime, and the moon is a mere sliver in the sky.

I can feel the beat of the music from here. People swarm to get in, and even in line they push each other out the way to try and get a chance to enter this popular, chic club: the Terrere.

I’m hypnotized by their eagerness and need, and Chauncey’s careful hands on my waist only cause me to become even more skittish.

I want, want, want to get in, too. I can feel my pupils dilate to the point where my eyes are near black.

The music is sex; the music is poison; the music lures like bait.

The only thing that keeps me at bay is Chauncey’s hands, which distract me from the strange craving in my skin. His touches are like gentle caresses upon my skin, the summer sun in winter. He’s a relief. I instantly become calm from the contact, and I sure as hell don’t question the reason for it.

The only problem I have now is my fear of the hungry crowd again. Will they eat me up, a small and tiny morsel? As if he knew what I was thinking, Chauncey pulls me closer to him. Within moments, I feel safe and protected.

Why am I leaving him again? I blink away that passing thought while Chauncey gives a mere glance to the bouncers, who nod to him like he’s the boss here instead of his brother. We pass through the open door that glows under a red light, and then we seem to be blinded by black cloth. It’s just drapes that momentarily confuse us — well, me — to prepare for the scene in front of us.

Lights flash different colors, and the music is powerful and hypnotizing again, but not as dangerously seductive as it was outside. With Chauncey’s guidance, I’ve quickly become curious and mostly immune to the power of the ancient beat.

I’m obviously intimidated as we walk. It’s a sea of people. Because I’m so short, I can’t see above them – and if I were alone in the club, I wouldn’t know how to get out of the place at all without help. It’s a good thing that Chauncey is tall and lithe; if he weren’t we’d be bumbling through the crowd like clumsy drunks.

Speaking of drunks, there were lots here. People here were violent; people here were stumbling about in a drunken stupor; people were high and strung out. Lipstick smeared across strangers’ lips, and booze was never-ending nectar here. I could nearly taste the sin in the air, and I could’ve sworn I saw a few people drop dead out of the corner of my eye.

Chauncey walked towards the corner of the club where it was darkest. Out of nowhere a bulky man with spiky hair shook his hand and smiled something vicious to my Master.

Chauncey, unaffected and keeping an arm around my waist by his side nonchalantly, moved his sleeve up and left the man speechless and dimwitted. The imposing man with the spiked hair moved out of the way so fast that I didn’t see the movement, and when Chauncey waved his hand over the wall, I gaped.

It turned into a door. I glanced at him suspiciously, but he just winked in that conspiratorial way, as if it were only our secret that he could make things appear and disappear by magic.

I wondered if he would be more suited to dress as a magician tonight rather than being the Druid-like angel he was now. Quickly, I dismissed thinking about him posing as a magician. Chauncey was more a man who involved himself in tangible things, real things: things he can feel with his hands and see with his eyes and hear with his ears if it makes a sound. He was a no nonsense man, Chauncey.

My Master opened the door, and the beat of the music drove straight down to my loins when he pressed his obvious erection against my back, pressing me eagerly forward.

As we walked into the room, his hand slid down my panties while his fingers squeezed my clit, holding it and tugging now and then between his fingers. I wriggled and rubbed myself against his hard-on; he squeezed even harder. I didn’t notice that the music from the club stopped here completely in these sound-proof walls. I also didn’t notice that the door closed by itself, and I certainly didn’t watch it disappear into the wall. I was much too distracted to even open my eyes and glance around the dark room.

If I did, I would’ve seen a huge eighteenth century English study that throbbed with power. I would have seen the man who possessed it. The man himself was sex and danger and arrogance and power and everything that drove masses of even the most headstrong women and the most pro-heterosexual, narcissistic men to grace him in anyway possible: to dress their best in front of him at all times, grovel at his feet, kiss his hand, living only to worship him with eyes only for him. All others would be forgotten. All others would not exist. Only this man would in their field of vision; only this man would remain even in the afterlife.

He was beautiful as a blade on any well-loved weapon; he was hard to look at without crying. His beauty was terrible; his beauty meant death.

He was the exact opposite of my Master.

Daemon was a man to be feared by the living and the dead. Chauncey was a man meant to be loved and cherished by the living and the dead.

Polar opposites.

“Well, I can see you two have been enjoying my club. Is this the woman you were talking about?”

When I heard Daemon speak, I came under Chauncey’s hand – weak at the knees and screaming like a harlot. Suddenly, everything was too much for me – sights and sounds and touch — sensual things. For the second time in my life, Chauncey had me on a never-ending orgasm . Or was it just witnessing his brother that made me wild? All I knew after this orgasm that I definitely wasn’t satiated — not in the presence of these two powerful men.

Fuck me.

Chauncey, my angel, tilted my chin and kissed my lips. His lips were careful, testing just how far in pleasure I was in. Hungrily, I kissed back, unabashed. I didn’t care. I wanted sex, and I wanted it bad. I wanted my pussy to be stuffed with a nice, stiff cock and I wanted to be fucked like a bitch in heat. I wanted to be slammed up against a wall and I wanted to have hot, sloppy sex.

Fuck me.

My eyes opened when I heard him calling me.


Fuck me.

He walked to us; close enough to come to his brother’s side. Daemon was a smirking dark haired devil, his eyes green with a look that told me I was all-woman and belonged to him. He wore a black robe that matched Chauncey’s, a silver rope around his waist. He was the devil in disguise. I squirmed against Chauncey’s rock hard member, feeling slutty and famished for sex.

Oh God, fuck me.

I looked at Chauncey to see how he reacted to all of this, and all of a sudden I thought I didn’t recognize him. He looked deadly; he looked sexy; he looked as if masses of people would fall to his feet and worship him.

My Master’s smile was wicked as his twin’s, and I noticed that they looked nearly identical if it weren’t for the eye color and hair color. Then I wondered if they wore contacts, maybe planned it out with one another – their irises looked off somehow.

Then I realized that Chauncey always had those eyes – underneath.

Suddenly, the reason why Chauncey always had his eyes closed when he just woke up and walked over to the bathroom in the morning, never inviting me to join him, seemed suspicious. Then again, I should have noticed the strange daily ritual and asked about it.

Before I could ask them point-blank, they both pressed their rock hard members against me, hot and ready. Daemon and Chauncey talked to each other in their silky tones as if I weren’t there, although their hands were actively roaming my body.

I nuzzled against Daemon’s chest as he squeezed my breasts. I let out a quiet sight. His scent was sex and darkness and poison so sweet that could easily make others pass out.

Chauncey grabbed my ass, his hands painfully slow. His perfume was love and light and gentle; his careful anger was so bitter I nearly choked on it.

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