“Give it to me, let me get a taste of your hard, fleshy meat,” I heard from the bedroom, “Let me get a suck on Daddy’s dick.”

It was my brother’s voice, but I couldn’t believe what he was saying, he sounded like he was begging to suck cock. As far as I knew, my brother was completely straight. He was 21, I was 19. He had had a string of attractive girlfriends in the past and I had never heard any rumour or suggestion that his tastes were for anything else. And yet here was clearly his voice begging for something quite different. Although it scared me, I knew I had to find out more. I headed for the room.

“Yeah, you like that, son, you like licking Dad’s dick,” sure enough, there was a second voice and it was my dad’s, “Yeah, take it, take my cock in your mouth.”

Even though I had heard my brother ask for “Daddy’s dick”, I was still every bit as surprised to hear it really was the voice of our dad replying to him, telling him to blow his dick. I had maybe thought that even if my brother was genuinely asking to suck cock, that “Daddy” was just a nickname, not his real father. Just like my brother, my dad had never been anything but straight, he had been married to our mother for years and had had two children with her, they seemed like a perfect marriage. So, why was he asking his elder son to go down on his cock?

I knew that I was about to uncover something that shocked me, but I needed to know if what I heard was true, I needed to see for myself if my straight brother and my straight father were engaged in an incestuous gay sex act. Without giving it another thought, I pushed on to the bedroom and barged through the door.

“Oh God, Dad, I love your dick,” my brother was gasping as I entered the room.

Sure enough, there he was, totally stark naked, his firm, toned ass facing toward me, his face buried in his parental crotch. Our dad stood proud and just as naked before him, his dick was firm, erect, jutting straight forward from his still well built body. His hands were on his son’s head, pushing his mouth around and down his quivering love muscle.

“Take it, son, suck your Dad’s dick, there’s a good boy,” he moaned, fucking my brother’s face.

I didn’t know how to react to this scene. It was strange, distressing, confusing and exciting at the same time. I didn’t know whether to run screaming from the room or to reach down and find where my incest voyeurism had got me hard and start jacking myself off. Instead, I decided to find out what on earth my straight men of family were doing sucking each other off.

“Dad, bro, what the hell?” I said, drawing their attention from each and onto me, “What are you doing?”

“Son, ugh,” Dad grunted, his dick still in his other son’s mouth, “I didn’t want you to – ah – find out this way. But we’re – uh – gay. The whole family. Oh, fuck, son, I can’t hold back!”

As he tried to explain himself to me, my elder brother had continued to suck down on Dad’s hardness until he could take it no more, he started to shoot streams of sticky cum right in his son’s face until my brother had a whole mouthful and was dribbling spunk down his chin.

“Oh boy, that’s good,” my brother moaned, “Give me your cum, Dad.”

As my naked brother licked our father’s cum off his lips, he tried to explain himself to me.

“For years our family has been a respectable one to everyone in the outside world, but there has always been something strong in our family’s genetic make up that has made our urges different from the respectable. I first realised when I was your age that I was starting to desire other men, to want their firm, toned bodies, to admire their cocks in the shower.

I knew that people didn’t approve of these feelings, these homosexual urges, that society wouldn’t approve and neither would the family. Still, I decided to come clean to my own father about what I was feeling. Somehow I knew that he would have a solution to how my gay feelings could be purged.

‘You did right to come to me son,’ my father told me, ‘These feelings you have are something we have always had to deal with in our family. All the men in our family have these urges and we must never let the wider world know of them. We must remain respectable. So, I will tell you what my own father did for me. We keep these feelings in the family. If you are having lustful thoughts about another man, make it one in your own family. If you need to relieve those urges with another man, it must be someone in your family. That way nobody outside the family will ever find anything out of the ordinary in us.’

I admit that I was quite shocked by this answer. And yet the solution my father offered me equally started to seem pretty good. I needed so badly to enjoy sex with another man, and the idea of it happening under my own roof fulfilled my desires pretty well. In fact, as I thought it over, the unnatural situation of making love to my father just added to the unnaturalness of my homosexual feelings to make me more aroused.

‘Listen, son, I’m glad you know this now,’ my father went on, ‘Because your tight young virgin hole is just what I need.’

This surprised me even further, I had never heard my father speak like that, but it got me pretty excited. In fact, it’s getting me pretty excited even thinking about it now.”

My dad broke off his story to look lustfully around the room. His eyes ran over my brother’s still naked body. My brother’s hard erection showed how much he had enjoyed going down on dad’s dick and it seemed that dad, right in the middle of his story was about to return the favour. He grabbed his son’s hard cock and lay down on his back, spreading his legs to invite his son in.

“My father had me strip down and I found myself already aroused, my cock already hard and his was too as he also stripped naked. It looked even more desirable than those I’d fantasised about before and I felt a moment of nervous excitement as he made me bend over in front of him so his hardness rubbed along my puckered asshole. – Yeah, that’s it, son.”

As he described his experience when his own father first fucked him, my dad gasped as his son now did the same. That ass that had been completely virgin before his father tore him open now let his son slide easily in, soon ploughing in and out of him, making him tell his story a little more erratically.

“He pushed slowly and firmly up inside my tight hole, taking me like a little virgin girl, tearing my ass open. It hurt pretty bad at first but it soon started to feel more amazing than I had imagine, getting this rod of firm, masculine hardness rammed up inside me by my own father. By the time he had ejaculated his sticky load deep into my newly shafted hole, I knew that I was going to be happy to follow the family line and keep our gayness in the family. – Ahh, yes, stick it in me son, fuck Daddy’s ass!”

I watched amazed and open mouthed as my brother buried his rock hard dick into our father, thrusting long, deep, hard thrusts right in and out of our parent’s eager and willing hole. Dad gasped and moaned as the story of his first time incestuous anal pleasure accentuated it currently.

“Mmm, that feels good, son, give it to me like that, nice and hard,” he gasped, “You sure know how to make your dad feel good, sucking his dick and fucking his ass…Well, ever since my father took my anal virginity, I’ve been a complete lover of family cock and have, by getting it whenever I want at home, been able to keep the family name respectable, just like so many generations before…Oooh, shaft Daddy’s ass, my boy. Give it to me good.

So, when I discovered certain magazines in my eldest son’s room, magazines that featured a lot of naked men, and realised that he too shared in the family desires, I confronted him and ever since we’ve been enjoying regular sessions just like this one…Oh boy, yes, fuck me hard, son!”

“Yes, Dad, so good, so hard,” my brother cried, slamming his dick in and out, slapping hard masculine flesh together, “Your ass is so good to fuck, I can see why your dad did it too! Get ready for it, Dad, get ready for my cum!”

In a moment, my dad’s ass was full of a sticky load of his son’s semen and they both collapsed gasping on the floor having cum inside each other. My dad turned to me.

“Well, son, that’s the story,” he said, “And I can tell, looking at you, that you’re itching to be a part of it.”

I hadn’t realised quite how obviously aroused I had been from watching and listening to the many generations of gay incest in my family. Now, as I looked down, I noticed that my own massive boner was pretty clearly outlined as it pushed a bulge out in my pants. I guess there was no use denying that I was any different from any of the others in my lustful desires, or in how satisfying the family solution would be for me.

“Yes, Dad,” I admitted, “I guess the whole family really is gay, because watching my brother screw your ass made me wish it was me instead!”

“You’ll get your chance,” he sighed, naked, sweaty and with spunk running out of his ass, “My father, your grandfather, will be here tomorrow. That’s the perfect opportunity for you to get fucked by the whole family!”

Sure enough, the next day my grandfather arrived. Through the day, everything was fairly normal, but late in the afternoon my mom and grandmother went out together for a walk. Now it was just the men of the family left in the house, my father, grandfather and brother, all of whom I knew liked to enjoy each other’s gay dicks.

“OK, son,” my dad said when all of us were gathered together, “Now’s the time to join the family, to commit to keeping our secret within the family.”

“Yes,” I agreed, “I’m ready for this. I need it. I want it.”

“Right, strip off,” my grandfather said, commandingly.

This was my last chance not to be involved, but I was so turned on, so excited, by what I had seen the other day that there was no real chance that I wouldn’t want this now, however unusual the situation of stripping naked in front of three male members of my family was.

Pretty soon, I was completely naked and, moments later, I was not the only one. There we stood, four of the guys in my family all naked, all eyeing each other up, enjoying the sight of three other hard, naked men, their cocks growing stiffer with the sight. Having never really had fantasies like this before, I couldn’t believe how much I wanted all three of these cocks, my grandfather’s, my father’s and my brother’s.

“Get on your knees, son,” my dad said and I did just as he told.

Kneeling in the room, I was soon surrounded by three dicks growing in stiffness. My brother’s the hardest, thick and veiny, Dad’s longer, it’s purple head peering from his foreskin, Granddad’s the longest of the lot. Instinctively, I reached out and took both my father and brother’s growing penises and began to masturbate their long hard shafts until they got stronger and harder. It felt good, knowing that I was the one making my dad get so hard and aroused.

“Open your mouth, brother,” my brother said, “Get a taste of your brother’s dick.”

I pulled my brother’s hardness towards me, opening my mouth I began to lick his quivering shaft. A glistening drop of precum was visible on the wet head of my brother’s hardness. I opened my lips and got a taste of my brother’s juices. Before long, I was blowing his dick just like I had seen him do with our dad before. Meanwhile, I was still stroking off my dad himself until he was just as hard.

Feeling a pair of firm hands around my naked waist, I realised that my grandfather had moved around behind me. I began to feel a quivering sense of excitement as I knew that my anal virginity was about to be taken by my family patriarch. I felt my grandfather’s thick, hard cock head pressed into my ass crack and gasped with anticipation.

In moments, he was buried inside me and I felt myself being pushed open by a huge family love pole. I felt light headed by the mix of pain and pleasure as my tight little hole was opened up and I felt completely impaled. I loved the sense of my grandfather’s hardness totally taking control, taking me over, of me giving myself up to hard family cock.

“Oh boy, give it to me, that feels so good,” I moaned, as my grandfather slammed his hardness up my ass and I gobbled down on my brother’s dick, “Take my ass, feed me cock. Fuck me both ways.”

“Come on, son, suck your Dad’s hard cock,” my Dad said.

I let my brother’s dick slide from my mouth, still jerking away at his shaft, and wrapped my mouth around my dad’s thick love muscle. Now I was being slammed back and forth between my father and grandfather, the whole family wet with sweat and lust, slamming hard masculine bodies together.

Beginning to switch my mouth back and forth from going down on my father and brother, I gasped and slurped, desperate to bring the two of them off to a climax where they would explode their creamy jizz in my face.

My own cock had got extremely thick and hard at the feeling of so many family dicks taking me from different angles. I couldn’t believe the thrill of being right at the heart of this hard family gangbang, getting all the dick I could ever want from my closest relatives.

My granddad began impaling me deeper and deeper until the whole length of his hard, veiny shaft was buried right up inside me, completely filling me up. He was slamming in harder and harder and I knew that screwing his grandson’s virgin ass was bringing him to an explosive climax.

“Oh yes, grandson, get ready for it,” he moaned, “Get ready for a warm, sticky load.”

With one final deep thrust, his dick blew its load and my no longer virgin hole was filled with a sticky load of family spunk. It felt amazing the feel of this slimy cum running down my thighs and knowing that I had given my ass up to my first real gay fucking and that it came from my own family.

I had little time to bask in that just fucked glow because my grandfather’s position was almost instantly assumed by his other grandson, my brother. Now my full attention could focus on the hard manhood in my face, the one that belonged to my dad. I swallowed my dad’s thick cock as far as I could while my brother slid in and out of my sticky wet ass.

“Oh, brother, your ass is tight, it feels so good,” my brother moans, “Take my dick up inside you just like your granddad’s.”

“Yeah, son, swallow my meat,” Dad added, “You want it, don’t you? You want Dad’s hard dick.”

“Oh, God!” I moaned, “Oh yes, I love it. Give me your dick, Dad, fuck my ass, brother! Oh God, it feels so good, I’m gonna cum. Family dick makes me cum!”

I felt the orgasmic rush of pleasure run through my body as the two hard dicks of my father and brother continued to pound me between them. My dick shook and quivered and, even without me or anyone touching it, began to spurt my spunk all over my body and across the floor. My ass clenched even tighter around my brother’s hardon and I could feel that bringing him to his climax.

“Yes, yes, fill me with your cum brother!” I gasped, “Shoot it in my face, Dad!”

And at that moment, both family dicks began to blow their loads, my brother filling my already sticky ass with a second bunch of slimy goo. Seconds later, streams of the wet stuff splatted into my face, making spunk drip from my cheeks and chin, filling my mouth with Dad’s love juice.

“Oh yes,” I sighed, “I love all my family’s cocks and cum, it’s so good. I will keep it all in the family, keep us respectable to the outside world and enjoying dirty cock filled gangbangs at home!”

And that is the story of how I became a part of the family secret, of how the men of the family taught me to keep my gay lustful urges with my father or brother. So, now I’m telling you, my three sons, now you are strong, manly and adult, the story so you know that if you feel the same desires for other men as the rest of us to come to me and we will deal with it here.

Looking around at how aroused the story has made the three of you I can see that perhaps I was right. Maybe you do need to join the family secret.


The next morning I woke up at 5 after only having slept for 2 hours. I hoped in the shower that’s when it hit me I’m going to meet my impersonator today. I will know him straight away as we promised we?d both wear our favorite footy team scarf. Not very Gothic I know. But it is one of our favorite sports. Once out the shower I quickly shaved run to my room, dried and straightened my hair. Once I’d chosen my outfit after 16 attempts. I grabbed my scarf and ran out the door. Picture this big tall Goth all dressed in black with a bright tangerine scarf wrapped around my neck.

I arrived at the park about 10 minutes early. After half an hour I was getting worried he wouldn’t show, I started to walk round the corner to see if I could see him. Just as I was turning the corner I saw him sitting on a bench feeding the ducks. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I rubbed my eyes there sitting on the bench was my spitting image. I stood there dumbfounded I couldn’t move. He had the exact same outfit on as me even wore his scarf the same way. I didn’t know whether to go over or run away.

I hid behind the hedge struggling to breath, not knowing what was going on.

This old woman walked past me and said “you’re twin is a lovely bloke, he’s just round the corner.”

When she left I knew what I had to do. I walked behind him put my hands over his eyes and whispered in his ear

“when you turn around you will get a shock and there is a lot we need to talk about, but I need you not to freak out on me”.

He agreed and I slowly took my hands of his face. He turned and as soon as he saw me he fainted. I rushed to his side

I shook him, “Tyler are you ok speak to me man.” When he finally came to I suggested that we go back to mine.

When we arrived at mine, I told Tyler to take off his coat and make himself at home. I went into the kitchen and fetched us a couple of beers. When I came back Tyler was silent I handed him the beer he thanked me. We sat for an hour in silence it was killing me we kept trying to speak to each other but nothing kept coming out. Finally I got up and put on some music. I just got Paramours new album, when it begun to play Tyler looked up and smiled. Oh my god he has a gorgeous smile. (I shouldn’t be thinking like this for Christ sake he could be my twin). I sat down next to him, he jumped.

“James look we need to know what’s going on here for fuck sake your my mirror image” Tyler said getting off the couch.

I stood up held his face and replied “I know but we need proof my dad has some old photos in his wardrobe, let’s go look”

We ran up to my dad’s room, opened the wardrobe doors. I found the box I was looking for. It was locked, dam were would dad hide the key. I looked through the bedside cabinet drawers “bingo!” I screamed.

I ran back to the box and opened it. Inside confirmed it a photo of my dad holding newborn twins on the back it said Dan with Tyler and James. I started to cry so did Tyler, further down the box was a picture of dad and a woman holding the twins. “That’s my mum” Tyler said excitedly. We also found our birth certificates. Tyler and I didn’t know what to do now, we needed answers.

We went downstairs and had a few more beers, and tried to figure out what the hell was going on. It was time for Tyler to head home. When he bent down to pick up his bag I suddenly felt a twinge in my groin. This can’t be happening, not now. When he got up I hugged him and said goodbye.

When he left, I started bubbling like a baby. I ran up to my room, closed my eyes but all I could see was his smile. I had to do something I ran downstairs, grabbed my coat and ran out the door. I walked back to the park I knew I’d get lucky there. It’s where I lost my virginity. Sean he was a teaching assistant at my school. He was hot 6’4 of pure muscle. It was my first time cruising the park; I’d heard a few people talking about it. So one Friday night when dad thought I was at a concert I wondered through the park, through the bushes I could see I guy getting his dick blown, I was so turned on I couldn’t hide my boner. I finally sat on a bench near the woods. A couple of guys smiled but just kept walking on. Then Sean sat next to me.

“Hey James what you doing out at this time of night, in a place like this.”

I lied told him I was supposed to be meeting a girl but he didn’t believed me. He asked me if I wanted to join him in his walk. I agreed. We talked about school, he asked me if I had a girlfriend I told him there was no one I was interested in at collage (big lie I fancied the pants of him I just couldn’t tell him).

He took my hand, turned me to face him, looked me in the eye and said “James are you gay”.

I nearly fainted how he knew no one knows I hadn’t told a sole, not even my best friend Jenny.

He said “James its ok I’m gay too”.

I looked up in shock no way could this hunk of a man be a poof. I couldn’t believe it. He took my hand and threw me up against the tree. He kissed me so hard I thought my knees were going to buckle. He ran his hand under my t-shirt and over my chest. My dick was going bananas in my jeans. He pulled away, looked me in the eyes and smiled. He made his way down my body, undid the zip of my jeans put his hand inside. When he looked up at me I thought he was going to laugh at my tiny dick, instead he moaned and told me I was really big for my age.

He freed it form my pants, I thought it would explode in his hands. I was that horny. He inhaled and licked his lips, he took the tip in his mouth he licked the head which was now dripping in pre cum. I moaned in pleasure but what he did next nearly had me on the ground. In one quick motion he took the whole 5 and half inches of uncut meat right down his throat. It was pure heaven. I only lasted a couple of stokes before I was flooding his mouth with my teenage cum.

He got up and kissed me again but this time he still had my cum in his mouth. I’d never tasted it before, it tasted weird but I liked it. He then asked if I’d like to give him a blow job. When I told him I’d never given one before he didn’t laugh like I thought he would he just told me to take my time and try doing what he just did. I got on my knees pulled down his tracksuit bottoms. I nearly fainted he had no boxers on and was at least 8 inches. I nervously took the tip in bit by bit licked around the head like he had done, played with his balls a bit. When I was a bit more confidant I tried to take the whole thing down but I nearly choked on it. He pulled me up and told me it was ok practice makes perfect.

Again he kissed me, he asked if I would like to be fucked, I was wary as I had no condoms and knew it was going to hurt like hell. Again as if reading my mind Sean said it was ok he had condoms and lube. So he bent me over a bench in full view of anyone that walked past, but he didn’t care all he cared about was helping me lose my cherry.He got down between my ass cheeks and started liking at my hole. It felt amazing.

I went into a trance. By the time I’d snapped out of it he had his dick all the way in my ass. I screamed the pain was unbelievable. He rubbed my back and held in me while I got used to it. Eventually the pain eased he started slowly fucking me He kept rubbing my prostrate; I thought I would cum, again. Every stroke he would kiss my back. Before I knew it was cumming all over the bench. Screaming his name. Once my orgasm subsided, Sean pulled out of me, ripped of the condom and started jerking his dick, after a few strokes he came in my waiting mouth. I swallowed every drop.

We got our clothes back on then he kissed me again, holding me tight. We walked to the gates he kissed me again, I never saw Sean again when I went to school on Monday I was told Sean left at the weekend and transferred to another collage. I was heartbroken. That was 9 months ago.

So back to the present, I found one of my favorite glory holes. And to my delight there was nice big hard dick waiting to be sucked. I dropped to my knees and started licking the head. He tasted really good I slowly took the whole thing deep down my throat. He was moaning in pleasure least I was doing something right. I could feel his orgasm build up his dick getting harder. I held his dick deep down my throat I wanted to taste his cum so bad. I pulled out my own boner and started stroking it hard. He pulled out of my mouth and in a gruff voice said turn over I need to fuck that sweet ass. I pulled my jeans down, and bent over, I put my butt right up to the hole. I instantly felt his long warm tongue circling my ass. It felt so good. He started fucking me with his fingers two to start with then worked up to four. Oh god I never wanted it to stop.

He suddenly pulled out I felt empty but not for long he started teasing my hole with the head I pushed back on it I wanted it in me so much. He slowly started fucking me, with every stroke he had me screaming. Every stroke he made I copied with my own dick. God it was so intense. Last time I was fucked like this was by Sean. The whole time I never thought of Tyler till I was ready to cum then his smile flashed through my head. In that moment I came all over my hand. I could hear the guy moaning he was close. A few more strokes and I could feel him cum. He held in me till he gone soft. When he fell out I pulled my jeans up, as I was fastening them

he said “that was the best fuck I’d ever had.” I told him “thanks and likewise.”

I got out the cubical and was washing my hands when I heard the other stall opening I looked in the mirror to see who just fucked me. When he stepped out I saw it was Tyler. I couldn’t believe it. No, this can’t be happening. I was so confused I walked out of the toilets and puked all over the grass. No this can’t be happening. I was so confused I fainted.

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