*This is a follow up to Unexpected Home Movies written by Kadric.*

During the 30 minute break, the masked men put the family to work clearing the chairs from around the table and moved them up against the walls to line the dining room. Then pillows were brought down from one of the bedrooms upstairs, and rope found in the garage. After the leaves were removed and the table shortened, the masked men announced that it was time for the gangbang of the youngest sister, Jo. She immediately started sobbing, and didn’t move from her chair until a gun was nudged against her temple while one of the masked men barked at her to get up on the table.

She climbed up on the table, her tits swaying, and laid down on the table with her hips propped up by the pillows and her head at the edge of the table. Roger, Brad, Doug and I were each given a length of rope and instructed to stand by one of Jo’s arms and legs. Roger and Brad tied their rope around each of Jo’s wrists and then crossed her arms across her stomach, so that her huge breasts were pushed together under her chin. The rope was tied to the table legs under Jo’s feet. Then Doug and I had to loop the rope around her thighs just above her knees. Jo’s skin was soft and silky like any nineteen year old’s would be. It felt like my cock was going to burst out of its skin it was so hard when I got a look at her glistening pussy as her legs were pulled apart to be tied to the table legs under her head.

Jo’s brother Glen, father Graeme, and Aaron, her black boyfriend from college, were instructed to join us around the table. Every single one had a raging hard on. Finally, the masked man who first announced the gangbang stood off camera while another man filmed, and told us the rules of the gangbang. “Each man gets 5 minutes at each spot. At the end of the 5 minutes, you rotate to your left until everyone’s gone around the whole table. The man at the girl’s head gets to use her mouth, but if you blow your load there, you don’t get to fuck her. The man between her legs has to finger or eat her out. The rest of you can do what you like with the rest of her body. Then you each get a turn to fuck her. And remember, cupcake, if you don’t cooperate, someone gets hurt.”

As luck would have it, I was at Jo’s left leg and would be the last man to eat her out before we all fucked her. Her father was to my left, Brad at her left shoulder, Glen at her head, Roger was at her right shoulder and would be the last man to get his cock sucked by Jo, Aaron was next, and Doug was at her right leg.

When the cameraman set the timer, Doug tentatively moved between his teenage sister-in-law’s legs. Glen nudged his rock hard cock against his sister’s lips, tears still slipping from her puffy red eyes. We could see her start to turn away but then she opened her mouth and gave in. But no one else was touching her body. The masked intruder yelled at us again that we would start to hurt if we didn’t cooperate, and ordered us to touch her. Graeme started touching her arms crossed under her breasts and her gently rounded stomach, while Brad started at her shoulder and quickly moved to play with the nipple closest to him. I stroked her calf and moved down her thigh to cup and massage her ass.

The whole scene was surreal. My wife’s youngest sister was being eaten out by my brother in law while I cupped her ass and the rest of her male relatives and her boyfriend molested her. Her brother’s cock was moving in and out of her mouth, and it was clear from the look on his face that even though he had just come twice, he was having a hard time not blowing his load. Finally, Glen pulled out and gasped for breath for a minute. When he got a grip, he placed his balls at Jo’s mouth. She stuck out her tongue and licked them, eliciting a sigh from her brother. A few seconds later, the man holding the camera told us to move as the timer went off. This went on and on. There were dozens of times I could feel my cock twitch like I was going to come all over her jiggling tits.

By the time Graeme was stroking into his daughter’s mouth, she had already come when Aaron was eating her out, and was moaning whenever her nipples were pinched, twisted, or sucked. By the time it was my turn to get between Jo’s legs and play with her, she had come once more with Brad’s oral attention, and her pussy was slick with the saliva from six previous men. I settled in front of her and committed the sight of her flushed and swollen pussy glistening in the light to my memory for later. My finger entered her tight, wet hole and I took her engorged clit in my mouth, licking and flicking it with my tongue. She started moaning when my finger curled up against her G spot. Soon her hips were bucking and she started clamping down on my finger. She moaned loudly around Roger’s short but furiously thrusting cock in her mouth while she was coming on my finger and in my mouth.

The timer went off, and the second masked man yelled time. We all backed away slowly from the quivering daughter and sister on the table. Every man’s cock was incredibly hard, it wouldn’t take long for all of us to fuck her senseless. The cameraman directed Graeme to mount his daughter first. By now, all the fight had drained from her. Her wet pussy was visibly throbbing. Her face was wet with drool from seven intense mouth fuckings. My father-in-law grimaced and got up on the table kneeling between his youngest daughter’s spread legs. He positioned his cock and leaned over her to take his weight off his knees. Her abused, puffy nipples were just below his weathered face.

He whispered something to Jo that caused her to start crying again, more slowly and softly than before. She responded, “It’s ok, Daddy. I know you can’t help it.” He slid his rock hard cock slowly inside of her and started thrusting. Her huge tits swayed with each thrust. After what seemed like an eternity watching the hottest sex I’d ever seen, Graeme finally started to pick up his pace. He took a nipple in his mouth and groaned as he deposited his seed in his daughter. He collapsed on top of her, panting.

Then, the most amazing string of events happened. Graeme was nudged off his daughter by the third masked intruder and some of his white jizz slipped out of her wet, gaping hole. Then the gunman pointed at me and said I was next.

I climbed on the table in the same kneeling position my father-in-law had initially taken, and said, “I’m sorry, Jo. Please forgive me,” as I slipped my throbbing cock into her. I held on to her knees, spreading her legs further apart, to brace myself. Her chest rolled and undulated with every thrust. As it became harder to resist coming, I leaned over and took the previously ignored nipple in my mouth while the other one rolled between my fingers. Jo moaned and started to grip my cock inside her when I felt an orgasm welling up. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh fuck” I yelled as I came inside the teenager’s increasingly sloppy cunt. I kept playing with her tits and stroking like Glen had inside Rachael until my cock was too soft to stay in.

As I got off the table, none of the women would look at me. The gunman led me over to Rachael while Glen was instructed to fuck his sister Jo next. Aaron was standing in front of my sister-in-law Rachael too. The third accomplice pulled out a smaller handheld camcorder, the kind you keep in a pocket, and told her to start sucking our cocks. Rachael was still crying as she began to alternate between sucking Aaron’s cock and my own.

When our cocks were glistening with Rachael’s spit, Aaron was told to lay down and Rachael to ride him from the top. I watched them fuck for a minute before another cameraman directed me to squat over them and fuck Rachael in the ass. Oh yeah, I thought. Finally. Sweet revenge. She protested loudly, but Aaron had an arm wrapped around her waist holding her to him while he thrust up into her fertile pussy, already coated with her brother’s cum. After what seemed like an eternity of trying to work my cock into my sister-in-law’s ass, we heard Glen spray his load inside his sister.

Soon Aaron and I were fucking that bitch in a rhythm, filling her with cock. He sucked on her nipples while I pulled her hair. She began moaning like she enjoyed two cocks rubbing inside her after a few minutes. Even though I had just fucked the most beautiful teenager in my life, I felt the urge to come in my bitch sister in law’s ass while there was a black cock about to impregnate her. I managed to hold off a few more minutes by thinking about taxes until Aaron’s cock felt larger through the thin bit of flesh separating Rachael’s ass and cunt. He must be getting close too, I thought. I massaged her ass and looked at Aaron’s face smothered in Rachael’s tits, then watched as my cock stroked in and out of her ass, savoring the pressure in my balls begging for release. It was too much, and I planted an impossibly big load in that bitch’s ass. While I was still stroking into it, Aaron creamed her cunt. She cried again, this time about the prospect of a half black baby. We both kept stroking inside her until soft. As I pulled out of her ass, I admired the gaping creampie left behind. She was dripping more cum out of her pussy too. It was so incredibly hot.

Exhausted, I lay on my back, arms stiffly standing up into the air.

“Whew! You really know how to tire me out,” my sister murmured next to me, and I turned to smile at her. Despite having just unloaded my seed into her, I couldn’t help but admire her lithe naked body, as her chest heaved, and her auburn hair lay plastered to her head, full of sweat.

It was Sunday morning, and Lisa had wanted to get one last good screw in, before our mom returned from her little vacation with Sarah. Personally, I was dreading her return, not because I didn’t love or miss my mother, but between Lisa, Faith, and now Jenny too, I was sexually worn out. Her return would only mean even more sex in my future, and even though I was still young and had a healthy sex drive, five women were becoming more then I could handle. And then there was Geo…

“I’d better jump in the shower, before we go pick them up,” my sister turned and gave me a quick peck, before dropping her head to my lap, and cleaning me up with her mouth. For some reason she had started doing that, and I was the last person who was going to complain. Even though there was no chance of me getting hard anytime soon, it still felt great. When she was done, she helped pull a pair of shorts onto me, and then left to get herself cleaned up.

The doorbell rang, drawing me from my thoughts and relaxation. It took me a couple seconds to get the door open, but I couldn’t help the grown that escaped me when I saw who’d come calling.

“Your mom should be back this afternoon, so I wanted to get another load from you this morning.” Geo told me with a smile.

“Did I hear the doorbell ring?” Lisa asked, rubbing a towel against her wet hair, and wearing another towel around her waist. It was almost weird to see her covered in the towel, but it dawned on me that she must have put it on because someone was at the door.

There was no way I felt up to getting it on again, so soon after Lisa had just worn me out, and I still wasn’t sure how I felt about Geo getting pregnant by me, rather than her own brother, John. It wasn’t that I had a problem getting a girl pregnant, but that I didn’t much like the idea of not being a part of that child’s life.

“Oh, it’s you,” I heard Lisa say behind me, as she walked to the front door. “I suppose your here for more of my brother’s sperm?” I noted the unhappy tone in Lisa’s voice, as well as the resignation. She wasn’t too thrilled about the whole thing either.

“Yeah, I figured I might as well get another load, before your mother gets back. John is at some conference this weekend, but he comes home tonight.” Geo said as she stepped past me.

Part of me wondered how she hadn’t become pregnant already. Was she only using it as an excuse to have sex with me, and taking contraceptives? I have already dumped my spunk into her numerous times, and despite her protestations, I knew she enjoyed it. Why then, was she not pregnant yet?

All at once I felt completely overwhelmed, and the word slipped from my mouth before I could stop it. “No.”

“What?” Both Lisa and Geo chimed together.

“No,” I repeated, lifting my gaze to look at Geo, certain about how I felt. “No more. If you want to get pregnant, you are going to have to either talk John into it, or find someone else. I’m done.”

“But…” Geo trailed off, and if I hadn’t felt bad for her, I would have laughed at the way her mouth hung open as she looked at me, not comprehending what I’d just told her. “But…”

“You heard him,” Lisa said, coming up, and placing her hands on my cast covered shoulder as she gave me a soft peck on the cheek. “If you want to get pregnant that badly, go talk to your brother, and leave mine alone.”

Geo closed her mouth as she stared hard at us, before turning around and slamming the door shut behind her. I hoped John would change his mind, for Geo’s sake. Geo was a great girl, and there was no denying her sexual prowess, but I realized that I really needed to cut back on my women. Too many was just too many.

“Thank you, Jason,” Lisa whispered into my ear. “I don’t know what made you change your mind, but I think I know a way to reward you.” Her hand deftly slid inside my waistband, and grasped my flaccid cock, trying to bring it back to life. Good as it felt, I couldn’t be dishonest with her.

“I didn’t do it for you,” I told her, as kindly as I could. “I did it for me.” Lisa’s hand snapped out of my shorts quicker than I thought possible, as she walked in front of me, a curious expression on her face. “I’m worn out, and exhausted from too much sex,” I told her. “I never thought a man could feel that way, but I need a little break.” It was the wrong thing to say.

“A little break?” I could hear the heat in her voice, and I cringed. “I thought you did it because you loved me, but you only need a little break. I suppose that means from me too?”

“Wait, Lisa, no!” I tried to protest, but she spun and stormed down the hallway, her towel falling from her halfway to her room, and she let it stay on the floor. Even angry, her ass looked great as it slipped into her bedroom and a second door was slammed that morning.

Sighing to myself, I walked over to the towel, and using my foot, flipped it up, and caught it on my right cast. I knocked on her door, and could just make out her muffled crying on the other side. “Go away!” she screamed through the door, but I couldn’t leave her like that.

I tried the door, and found it unlocked. Taking this as a good sign that she really didn’t want me to leave her alone, I stepped into the room, greeted by the sight of my lovely sister, face down on her bed, still nude.

“I said, go away,” she was muffled with her face in her hands, and I wished that I could wrap her in my arms and comfort her.

“Sure,” I tried to sound calm but wasn’t sure if I pulled it off. For some reason I was nervous, and couldn’t figure out why. “But I wanted to talk to you first.”

My sister turned to look at me, and I could see that her eyes were red from crying. “What is there to talk about? You don’t want to have sex anymore. So fine, I won’t force you to fuck your loving sister anymore!” Her accusing eyes bore into me, making my heart ache, despite the language she was using.

“Lisa, you have the wrong idea,” I told her, and considered my words carefully, “I love you, and don’t want to stop or lose what we have.” I tried to pour all the love and caring I held for my little sister into my eyes, as I looked down at her. “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, but there is something that you should know.” I paused, as I continued looking at my beautiful eighteen year old sister. “I have never had sex with you,” her eyes grew confused, and I knew she was listening intently, “I have only ever made love to you. Please don’t take that away from me.”

I saw her heart melt as comprehension took root. “But you said you needed a break,” she said, and all anger and pain were gone from her voice, replaced now with tender uncertainty.

“I need a break from them: Geo, Faith, and Jenny.” I knew it was a risk bringing up Jenny. Lisa hadn’t been too happy about her being back in my life, but Faith had made it clear that I had done it solely for her. Over the last week, I had rarely seen my red-headed girlfriend, and Faith had told me that she was keeping the woman quite satisfied, but sometimes they both needed a real cock. My half-sister knew just where to get one.

“What about mom?” She asked, and again, I knew I had to be honest.

“Do you really think mom is going to leave me alone after being gone all week?” I shook my head, knowing the answer. Mom was just as horny as Lisa was.

“Maybe she found herself a man, while she was away,” Lisa said hopefully, and I knew I had been forgiven.

“Maybe,” I conceded, and then smiled as Lisa sat up, and threw her arms around my neck, her naked breasts pressed against my chest.

“Did you really mean what you said about making love to me?” She asked, and in answer, I leaned my head down, kissing her tender lips softly. She met my kiss with a gentleness of her own, and for a moment we sat like that, her holding me tight, and our lips pressed together as one.

I felt fresh tears touch my cheeks, and pulled back to look at my sister. “What’s this now? Why are you crying?”

“You big oaf, it’s because I love you too!” she informed me, then brought her mouth back to mine, and this time the kiss was stronger. I felt her tongue start to press against my teeth, and I opened up, greeting hers with mine.

I fell back onto the bed, and she followed me down, climbing on top as our kiss intensified. Despite all my thoughts of not being able to get it up earlier, it wasn’t long before I was poking her slit through my shorts as she rocked her hips atop me.

Lisa suddenly pulled away, and looked at me confused. “Wait! You wanted a break. I am so sorry.”

“Don’t stop now!” I pleaded. “A break will be fine, but only after this time. I really need my sister right now.”

She grinned at me, and lifted her hips for only a second, before planting herself directly on my bulge. She started to glide her hips up and down, and I could feel her heat through the thin cloth of my shorts. I moaned to let her know I was enjoying what she was doing.

She brought her right hand down, and slid it into my waistband, easily finding my cock, and lifted it slightly, to press harder against her crotch. She picked up her pace, and started twiddling her left nipple with her other hand, moaning and closing her eyes at her own pleasures.

I started hunching my hips in rhythm to her movements, really enjoying the look on her face. Suddenly Lisa dropped forward, mashing her lips to mine as she started to cum, soaking the front of my shorts. I kissed her lovingly, as her hand continued to stroke me within my shorts. Pulling her lips from mine, she put them next to my ear, whispering, “I really want you in me, Jason.” I just nodded, and with one deft motion, she pulled the hem of my shorts down, lifted up, and impaled herself on my massive pole.

We both groaned loudly, as we became one, and I felt my tip hit her deepest depths. Despite having been inside my sister not that long ago, she still felt tight, as her inner folds massaged me.

Our lips came together again, as she started to move her hips, and she placed one hand on my chest. She was extremely wet, and I couldn’t help but wonder if some of it was my own cum from earlier. I was glad that mom had put her on birth control. I didn’t mind the thought of her getting pregnant, but I didn’t want kids right away.

Suddenly I wondered if Faith was using any contraceptives. We had never talked about it, and yet I had emptied myself into her countless times, also.

Lisa pulled her lips from mine, flinging her auburn hair back in a long arc, as she started to cum again. I was just barely able to lift my head to her breast, and she grabbed the back of my head when she felt my lips brush her nipple, intensifying her orgasm. I continued to suck on her rubbery teat, moving my hips, thrusting as hard as I could, wanting her joy to last as long as possible. For what seemed like an hour, but was likely only a couple minutes, Lisa moaned and shuddered as her body was wracked with one powerful orgasm after another. I’ve never seen her orgasm so much, or this powerfully before, and could only think that our conversation before this might have something to do with it.

When her orgasms finally ended, she collapsed on top of me, pulling her wonderful breast from my mouth.

“I… Have… NEVER…” She tried to say, but was out of breath.

I leaned up to give her a quick peck. Then using my hips for momentum, tried to roll us over. I partially succeeded, in that she rolled onto her back, but it took me a couple more tries to prop myself onto my cast-stiffened arms, above her. By that time, my loving little sister was laughing at me.

“You think that’s funny, huh?” I asked, as I positioned my penis at her opening. She just smiled and continued giggling. “How funny do you think THIS is?” I asked, thrusting into her, and smiling to myself, as her giggle turned to a moan, and her legs wrapped around me, trying to pull me in deeper.

I set a fast pace, knowing my arms couldn’t handle this for very long, and wanting my own sweet explosion to happen. I admired how my sister’s lovely breasts bounced on her chest with every thrust, and how her moans grew in volume every time I slid into her.

I picked up my pace, going as fast as I could, feeling the onset of my culmination begin, and felt her clamp down on me as she had an orgasm a split second before I loosed my second load of the day into her. I tried to continue moving my hips, but the feeling of pure bliss that washed over my body was too much.

When I was finally back in control of my own body, I rolled off my delightful sister, out of breath.

Lisa placed her head on my chest, running her hands up and down my abdomen. “I love you, Jason,” I barely heard her whisper, before she started to kiss her way down my body, and started to lick our combined juices from my shrinking member. I was super sensitive, after such a powerful orgasm, but still enjoyed the attention she was giving me.

“Oh, shit!” I exclaimed, noticing the time on the clock. “We’re going to be late getting mom from the airport!”

* * *

By the time we arrived, Jenny and Faith were already there, and waiting in the baggage claim area. My half-sister and girlfriend were holding hands, till they saw us, then they both came running up, and hugged us. Lisa acted stiffly as she received her hugs, and I wished that I was able to hug them back.

“Mom just called to say they were getting off the plane, and should be here in a couple minutes,” Faith said, referring to her mother, Sarah, and not Lisa’s and mine.

We spotted my mom first, her auburn hair easy to identify, as she came down the escalators, and then Sarah was right behind her. Another round of hugs ensued, and my mom looked curiously at Jenny, but didn’t say anything.

The women loaded the bags, and once again, I felt useless with my busted arms, as we left in separate vehicles.

“Is Sarah and Faith coming over tonight?” Lisa asked.

“I doubt it,” our mother told us. “I’m sure she wants to spend some time with her family, after being gone for so long, and I know I just want to be with my own two children tonight.” Mom was sitting in the front seat, next to Lisa who was driving, but she looked back to me, and winked as she said this. I truly hoped I was up for whatever she had planned, though I had some idea of what it might be.

When we arrived home, Lisa busied herself in the kitchen, making dinner, and informing mom that she was to stay out, and just relax.

“But that is all I did all week!” She complained. “Relax!”

We all laughed, but mom and I went and sat down on the couch. Lisa brought us both drinks, and I knew it was alcoholic on the first sip mom gave me.

“So…” Mom trailed off for a moment before continuing. “Want to tell me what Jenny was doing at the airport?”

“Um… Well, you see…” I tried to figure out what exactly to say, but none of it sounded right in my head, so I just blurted it out. “She and I are kind of back together, but it is more like Faith and Jenny are dating, and only come to me when they need more.”

I cringed, waiting for mom to start berating me for a fool, but she didn’t.

“I see…” I looked up at her as she took a sip of her drink. “You’re quite the lucky man, to have six women constantly after what is between your legs.”

To say I was shocked that she was taking it so lightly would be an understatement. Somehow I had expected her to take it more like Lisa, and be jealous.

“Oh, don’t look so surprised,” she said, as if reading my mind. “I’m not so old, or stuffy that I’m going to get jealous over it. You’re a smart young man, and if you can handle it, then who am I to complain?”

I let out a pent up sigh that I hadn’t even realized I’d been holding. “Actually, it is only five now. I turned Geo away this morning.”

“Hmm, poor girl. I wonder if I should have a talk with John about her?” She seemed to consider it for a moment, and then shook her head. “No, it’s not my place, and he can make his own decisions.” She looked back to me, piercing me wither beautiful eyes. “But I am curious why you turned her down?”

After the argument with Lisa this morning, I thought hard on how to answer, but Lisa walked in then to refill our drinks, and took the chance away from me.

“We’re wearing Jason out,” my sister said. “He said he needs to cut back on how many women he has.” Having said her piece and refilled our drinks, she promptly returned to the kitchen.

Mom fed me a sip of my drink, and I noticed that it was stronger this time. There was no doubt that Lisa wanted to get us drunk tonight.

Mom just continued to stare at me, and I didn’t know what to say, and wished I knew what was going through her mind. Finally, after a couple minutes of silence, she spoke up. “Do you need a break from me, too?”

“What? No!” I blurted, before I could think of anything else to say. “I just didn’t think it was right for me to get Geo pregnant, and trying to satisfy so many at once was wearing me down. I truly hope John changes his mind, but it’s for him to do it, not me.”

“So you’re saying you DO need a break.” Her tone was even, but I could still sense a slight edge to it. Damn you Lisa! Why couldn’t you let me explain it on my own?

“Not a break, and certainly not from you and Lisa. Just a little ‘relaxation’, is all.” I knew I sounded peevish, and I felt my face turn red as mom started to laugh.

“Son, relax! I told you I thought you were smart, and knew what you could handle. You’ve only proven me right!” She leaned over, and gave me a peck to my burning cheeks. “But if you ever do need a break from me, I hope you will let me know.”

“That’ll never happen,” I swore, and knew I meant it. Mom may be older than me, but as with Lisa, I’ve never had sex with her, only made love. There is no way I would willingly give that up.

We chatted amiably for the next while, Lisa coming in to refill our drinks, and by the time dinner was ready, I had a pretty good buzz going. Mom and Lisa took turns feeding me, and I noticed that Lisa was pushing the drinks pretty hard, until I told them I couldn’t possibly fit anything else in my stomach.

I stood unsteadily from my chair, and wobbled my way back to the couch, only to be joined a shortly after by the two wonderful women I lived with.

“I rented a movie, I thought we could watch,” Lisa told us, and Mom and I shared a look. Sure enough, it was just as raunchy as we had suspected it would be; some college romance movie, with a gratuitous amount of tits and ass.

In my slightly inebriated state, I found myself growing hard during the sex scenes, which didn’t go unnoticed as it propped quite the tent in my shorts, and I had a woman on either side of me. I noticed both women squirming as well, and knew that I wasn’t the only one being affected by the sex on the screen.

Mom was the first to speak as soon as the credits started. “Lisa, if you don’t start sucking his cock, I will!” Her hand grabbed my aching cock, and started rubbing me through my shorts.

“I had him this morning, and you’ve been away for awhile,” Lisa responded. “You go ahead, I can wait.”

Before she was even done talking, mom had the hem of my shorts pulled down, and her lips were headed for my bulbous head. She kissed the single eye of my peter before hungrily moaning, and swallowing as much of me as she could in one go. I too moaned, as I felt my cock get compressed in the back of her throat.

Movement on my right brought my attention to Lisa, and I saw that she was getting undressed. As soon as her shirt and bra were off, she pressed her breast to my mouth. “Suck my tits, while mom sucks your cock,” she demanded, and despite having been quite full a couple hours ago, I hungrily devoured her offering.

All usual disclaimers apply.

Thank you everyone for the kind comments you have sent regarding the Novak series. This will be the third and final installment of the Novak series. I have had an awesome time writing about Jason and Novak and I hope you continue to have fun reading about them. **Spoiler Alert** I have gotten a lot of requests for Novak to penetrate Jason…I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 03: Shower Sex

I woke up before Novak like always and immediately felt his stiff prick against my lower back. When we had finished last night I had gone right to sleep bathing in Novak’s warmth. We were still in the same positions; me on my side and Novak up against my back with his arm wrapped tightly around me. This was easily my favorite place to be in the whole world. I had to get up though. My little bladder was at maximum capacity. I got out of bed and leaned over to Novak’s face and gave him a little kiss on his soft lips.

I was just finishing up urinating when my mother informed me that she and my father were going to the market. It’s not like I needed the update; they went every Saturday morning. Our parents were easily the most predictable people in the entire world. If a serial killer wanted to kill my parents they would be perfect targets due to the consistency of their schedule. I could also tell you exactly when they would be home. They would be home between 12:45 and 1:00 o’clock. As that donned on me, I knew exactly how long Novak and I would have alone.

I went back to our room and I climbed underneath the blankets. I started rubbing Novak’s already hard dick. It was hot to the touch and it had a fishier smell than normal. Novak awoke and got up without saying anything to me and headed to the bathroom. I could hear him urinating. He shortly reappeared standing in the doorway naked. “Come in here take a shower with me.” He said with the biggest grin I have ever seen on my big brother’s face.

I followed him into the bathroom and I stripped down to my birthday suit while Novak set the temperature for the shower. He stepped in and I followed closing the glass door behind me. I couldn’t believe how much standing under the water with Novak made me happy. I wrapped my arms around him in a death grip hug. I couldn’t imagine loving another human as much as I loved Novak. As the water fell on and around us Novak bent down and kissed me fully. For only my second time making out I think I was doing a pretty good job.

Novak positioned himself behind me and started shampooing my hair. It was weird to me how great this felt. I washed my own hair every day and never got satisfaction this complete from it. After rinsing my hair he proceeded to take a bar of soap in one hand and rub it all over my body. He was following the bar of soap with his empty hand to lather the soap. It felt amazing to have him wash me. I was so excited thinking I would get to wash Novak and bring him this kind of pleasure in just a few minutes. With one last drop of water the soap had been rinsed from my young body. I would miss the feel of Novak’s long slim fingers and hands on me but I was excited about the idea I would be washing him now.

I turned and faced Novak. I reached behind him and grabbed the shampoo. I poured some into my little hand and Novak bent down just a little. I started lathering the shampoo in his shaggy brown hair. It felt so good to be running my fingers all through his hair. This felt more personal to me than playing with his dick. Novak’s eyes were closed and he was breathing very deeply through his flared nostrils. I had the feeling he was really enjoying himself as well. I was massaging the shampoo into Novak’s scalp and trying to completely bury my hands into his hair as much as possible. Novak moved around me and put his head under the direct flow of falling hot water. I rinsed Novak’s hair thoroughly. Novak opened his eyes again and kissed me on the forehead. His lips never felt softer.

I grabbed the body wash that Novak always used and poured some onto his loofah. I got it all soapy and began to rub it on his shoulders. Watching the suds roll down his wide and somewhat bony shoulders made me idolize my big brother even more. He looked to me like a statue you always see on the covers of Greek Mythology books. I squeezed the loofah to get a bunch of the suds to come out all at once onto Novak’s naked chest. I placed the loofah back on the shelf and began to rub my brother’s chest with my bare hands. I washed the entire anterior of Novak’s torso; from his long graceful neck down to his waist. Novak turned around and I washed his back to completion. I could feel every muscle of his back. Novak raised his arms slightly and I thoroughly soaped each armpit individually again loving the feeling of his hair between my fingers.

Novak faced me and put a hand on my shoulder. I went down to my knees. I sucked his hard dick into my mouth quickly. I was sucking as hard as I could and using my hand to stroke him in rhythm. Novak took a half step back and said he was saving himself for something different this morning. I poured some body wash directly into my hand and started rubbing it into the entire area surrounding my big brother’s dick. I was soaping up his low-hanging balls, thighs, hips and I loved all the contact. My brother turned around which put that firm ass of his right in my face. I started rubbing my soapy hands all over his gorgeously shaped ass globes. I started working my hand into my big brother’s ass crack and to my surprise he bent over and spread his legs wider. This gave me a perfect view of his actual asshole. I had never really thought of what a butthole looked like. It was actually inviting. I rubbed my soapy hands all up and down Novak’s ass crack. I was rubbing my finger in a circle around my big brother’s tiny little asshole. It was so small. No bigger around then a penny. Novak was moaning very loudly. It was so foreign to me to be touching Novak’s asshole I didn’t want to stop but Novak stood erect again taking away my easy access. He was breathing very hard like he had been running. I just took it to mean he wanted me to finish washing his legs and feet and we would get to whatever this new thing was.

I continued soaping my big brother up and rinsing him until I had cleaned all of his body. Novak looked right into my eyes, “Are you ready to try something new?”

I replied, “Absolutely Novak.”

This isn’t something we have done and I bet you haven’t even heard of it. It sounds weird and it will hurt you at first. It will only hurt for a minute then it will feel really good. Are you sure you want to do it?”

“If it will make you happy I will do it. I trust you completely, Novak.”

“OK, turn around bend over slightly. Put your hands up against the wall there. Spread your legs.”

As soon as I followed one direction Novak gave me the next in his silky voice. It seemed like he was having me get in a weird position but I trusted Novak more completely then I trusted myself. I heard him pop the cap on the body wash. I could hear him breathing hard and water splashing. It seemed my senses were heightened with the anticipation I felt for the unknown that was getting ready to happen. Then I felt it. One of Novak’s long fingers had slyly crept inside me. It was in me so quick I even had a delayed gasp. Novak was right…it hurt like hell. It burned and felt like an unwanted intruder. I instinctively tried to push it out of my rectum.

Novak said, “No, don’t do that. Don’t fight it; don’t try to push it out. Just relax as much as possible and take deep breaths.”

I followed my big brother’s orders the best I could. It was hard to relax. This was a definite first in my life. Novak had graduated to 2 fingers now and he was twisting them clockwise then counterclockwise while moving them in and out of my now partially accommodating sphincter. This went on for about 2 or 3 more minutes then Novak told me to brace myself I would really hurt for a minute. He pulled his fingers out of me and I instantly wanted them back in. I felt so empty without them. It was strange. I didn’t realize how much I liked him fingering me until he wasn’t.

I now felt something much bigger than a finger pushing softly on my now welcoming hole. I took a deep breath and I noticed how Novak’s grip on my hips really tightened. He was now squeezing my hips with what felt like all his force. Much to my surprise I felt his chest and stomach on my back too. He was leaning on me and his left cheek appeared on my right cheek. I turned my head towards him and he gave me a long deep kiss. Then it happened all at once.

In less than a second Novak bit my bottom lip hard and forced his swollen mushroom tip into my ass. I had never felt pain like that. It wasn’t the worst pain I had ever felt it was just different than any other pain I had felt. It was a stretching, tearing, and most of all burning pain. If I didn’t know better I would have thought someone poured gas on my ass and lit it. I instantly knew why he bit my lip and I loved him for it. By biting my lip he took the initial 4 or 5 seconds of pain I would have felt in my ass away from my focus. Novak started slowly moving his dick in and out. Never all the way out actually I think he was only moving it an inch at a time. Each time he would push it in though he would push it a little farther than it was last time. I was still in pain but it was quickly being replaced by a feeling that was completely euphoric.

Novak and I had now been in the shower about 18-20 minutes and he was fucking my little ass with his whole seven inches of awesome. He had moved his left hand to my left shoulder and his right hand was still on my right hip. He had been fucking me for about 4 or 5 minutes when he said he was going to cum. He practically shouted in ecstasy and I could feel his sperm coat the inside of my ass. As much as I loved the taste of my big brother’s spunk I loved this feeling too. He wrapped his arms around me and we stood up together. He pulled his dick out of me and shut off the water. Then something neither of us ever would have expected happened.

The all too familiar sound of the garage door. Our parents were home for some reason. “Get out, Jason!” My brother said it with fear in his voice. I went to run to our room when he grabbed me and said, “Never mind, stay in here! If questioned you were taking a shower and you got a bloody nose and I came in to help.” Then Novak grabbed a pair of jeans out of the hamper and threw them on with no underwear.

The door opened and my father was standing there with his eyes narrowed, “What is going on in here you two?”

I stammered, “Well…dad…Novak…was in here…you see…to help me with something.” I thought it sounded fine but I could see the all too familiar look of skepticism in my father’s aged face. Dad looked right at Novak and raised his eyebrows. In response to this Novak answered with a voice that was strong and confident and by the time he was done giving the explanation I would have believed it if I didn’t know better, “Jason, woke me up for something stupid like he always does. He was screaming for me to help him. I walked in and he had one of the nosebleeds he has all the freaking time. He was crying like a little baby. You and mom said I could move my room to the basement last summer and you still haven’t gotten rid of the crap in it. I am sick of Jason always ruining my life; He wakes me up all the time, annoys me when I am with my friends, and just annoys me in general.” My brother had walked past my dad and towards our room during the last sentence. I had just witnessed an Oscar winning performance and our dad bought it hook, line and sinker. “Put some clothes on for Christ’s sake, Jason, and can’t you give your brother some space. It’s hard for him being older, he has a lot of pressure that comes with growing up. You will know soon enough Captain.” My dad always called me Captain for some reason.

My dad grabbed my mom’s purse which was the whole reason they came back home and he was out the door again. I walked into our room and Novak was laying on his bed flat on his back just smiling. I was wearing a towel now and he had gotten fully dressed. I went over and got dressed and then sprinted across the room and jumped onto my big brother. He wrapped me up in a big hug and we laid there for a minute before Novak said he had plans with some friends today but he wouldn’t be missing curfew. I smiled and said I don’t care when he gets home as long as he comes home and lets me play with him.

Novak and I continued our brotherly love until he left for college. When he came home for holidays we would still mess around. During his second year he announced his engagement to girl. She was lovely and very smart which appealed to me. I was happy for Novak. He told me he truly loved her more than anything but he would never forget the love we share. I came out to my parents the summer after graduation. I met a fantastic guy at college and we plan to get married as soon as it becomes legal in our state. My parents took the news well and haven’t warmed up to the idea but they try to be supportive; which is all I can really ask. I always tell my boyfriend there is no better sex than shower sex and I smile.

Thank you again everybody for reading. Novak and Jason have a special place in my heart and I feel I have gotten their story out in its entirety. Much love to you all.


As always I would love to hear your comments and criticisms. Feel free to email me.

Crystal, a mother who was at the age of 45, lived a normal life. She had a great marriage to her husband Jeff who was a loyal lover and a great romp in bed. After having both of her kids, she tried to stay in shape to keep her 5′ 5″ frame in tight condition. Her dark brown locks and her sparkling green eyes added to her features that gave every grown teenager and man a hard boner as she walked past. On the day of the event she and her husband decided they needed to restock on groceries and proceeded to go to the store. She smiled knowing both of her children were the most innocent beings on the planet. After filling up their cart and loading up the car, they drove back home to unload the food they had just bought. After entering the front door she called back to her husband, “Jeff go ahead and start I’ll have the kids help.”

“OK honey,” he replied as he opened the trunk.

“Kids we’re home!” Receiving no reply she began to climb the stairs. She kept smiling to herself knowing that both of them were such sweet children and would help at a moment’s notice. Reaching the hallway she had heard some commotion coming from Jim’s bedroom. She figured they must be talking about something and started towards his room. The sounds became more distinct grunts and slapping of something wet. Shrugging it off she opened the door to Jim’s room, “Kids I…what the?!” she said.

Marilyn looked behind her as she gasped out, “Hi mom….oh my gawd Jim…shoot it!” not caring her mother was there seeing her.

Jim looked over and saw his mom, “Oh shit mom…I’m cumming!” he shouted as he starting to erupt his cum into his sister’s hot cunt.

Their mother stood there watching her sons cock expand and pulsate emptying its contents into her daughter’s pussy. She couldn’t help but stare at it like a train wreck as she could not believe her innocent children we’re like lovers looking for a sexual release.

Marilyn snickered as she lowered her pussy to catch the cum shooting from her brother’s manhood knowing her mother was there watching it. She rose up as his cock popped out and her pussy leaking his very cum he just shot into her. “Oh Jim that was a good fuck,” she said as she squeezed her pussy muscles making it leak. “Looks like mom liked watching it.” Look mom its your sons cum…mm its so warm…oh i can feel his sperm wiggling its way in my pussy.” We’ll be down in a minute but I need a little more cock.” Marilyn grasped the cum coated shaft of her brother and slid her pussy back down on it riding slowly.

Their mom quickly shut the door and started to breathe heavily, excited, but yet ashamed at her kids. She couldn’t believe that they were involving themselves in an incestuous way. The innocence that was within their family was now shattering like broken glass. Trying to pick up the pieces, she went towards their bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed forgetting that she had left her husband all alone to unload the groceries. She shook her head as she denied that both her son and daughter were having sex right in front of her not caring that she was watching it. A slight tingle traced its way towards her breast as she started to softly massage it feeling that tingle work its way south. Moving her hand down towards her crotch she gave it just the slightest touch as she let out a sharp gasp. She was somehow turned on by the fact of catching her own flesh and blood in the act of mating. Pulling her hand away, she cursed herself for having these thoughts and got up quickly. Crystal couldn’t let her husband find out about this act or he would surely kick them both out. She composed herself and went downstairs and met him at the front door as he was still carrying the load.

“So are they coming?” he asked.

“They were playing a game,” she quickly replied. “They’ll be down in a minute.”

Jeff laughed as he could understand this generation and the video game addiction. “Well I hope they get here soon I’m almost done.”

The door to Jim’s room opened up as their son came down fully clothed in his baggy blue jeans and a white t-shirt. “Sorry about that dad, here let me help,” he said taking the bag from his dad’s hand.

“Thanks son,” said Jeff as he watched his boy carry the bag into the kitchen. “Where’s your sister?”

Jeff looked over his shoulder, “She said she wasn’t feeling too good so she went to lay down on my bed.”

His father nodded, “Well I hate to hear that.” “Hun why don’t you go check on her,” he said.

Crystal felt a little uneasy but spoke up, “Alright. Don’t you guys work too hard.”

Both men laughed as they each went outside to get the rest of the groceries.

On her brother’s bed Marilyn laid there on her back stark naked. She sighed at the good screw with Jim reliving every stroke he pushed up into her. Still feeling horny, she slipped her right index finger into her quivering pussy feeling the mix of both of their cum all over inside of it. Moaning, she moved the finger in and out like a little cock that was trying to scratch the very burning itch it had inside of it. Removing that finger she cooed softly and brought it to her mouth tasting it. “Yummy,” she said to herself as she brought it back down to her pussy. As she did this a slight trickle of the white liquid had oozed its way down her ass crack and over her puckered hole which made Marilyn shiver. Loving the feeling of it, she uses her middle finger to wipe the cum all around her asshole trying to lube it up. She let out a audible grunt as her ass tried to reject the intruder. She kept trying to work the rest of her finger in and noticed that the door knob to her room had turned slowly. At this point she did not care who came in as she kept forcing her finger into her ass.

Crystal had climbed back up the stairs wanting to at least get a few words in to what they thought they were doing. Approaching the door to her son’s room she had heard her grunt and figured something must be wrong. Opening the door slowly, she starts to look inside to see if what they did had somehow hurt her. Again, she was caught by surprise seeing her daughter having her middle finger up her asshole. “Marilyn!’ she said, “For the love of God what are you doing?”

Her daughter looked up at her and just grunted, “Mom…unghh don’t you knock?’ She let out a sharp gasp of air as 3/4 of her finger was now inserted into her ass. “Ahhh,” she sighed at the feeling.

Crystal just couldn’t believe that even after their daughter had just broke a sinful taboo that now she was trying to masturbate even with her and the family all home. She blushed at the embarrassment as she stepped inside the door and closed it behind her. “Young lady we need to talk,” she said.

Marilyn grunted one more time as she got the rest of her left middle finger inside of her asshole, “Ahhh that feels so good.” Leaving it there she smirks up at her mom, “OK lets talk.”

Her mom tried so hard to throw out any kind of feelings that she was a little turned on by her daughter’s boldness. “For the love of….Marilyn don’t do that in front of me”

Moving the digit in and out of her ass she giggled, “Why not…I’m a woman after all.” “Don’t be such a prude…ohhh mom…I feel so full,” she started to moan and pushed deeper each time she came out.

Crystal feeling flustered and frustrated moved over to her daughter and grasped her hand pulling her finger out of her butthole. “Why did you do that with Jim?” she asked.

Marilyn sighed at now feeling empty, “Aww mom I was getting so close,” she sighed. “I don’t know…I was feeling horny and Jim was just jerking his thing when I came in to find my CD. I couldn’t help myself. One thing led to another and that’s where you came in.”

Shaking her head, her mom just couldn’t believe the events that had just transpired just minutes ago. “Hes your brother Marilyn, you cant just go off having sex with your sibling. Its incest and its illegal in most states.” Looking at the sight of her daughter she just sighed, “What would your father say?”

Marilyn snickered as she looked on at her mom, “Oh mom you know you wont tell dad. He’ll be so ashamed and just feel so disappointed now wont he?’

Crystal gasped at the thought and started to hang her head as she knew Marilyn had a point. How could she face her husband and admit that she found their kids fucking each other. “You cant do this sweetie. It’s just wrong each way you look at it.”

Marilyn laughed softly, “Well in my opinion he’s a guy and I’m a girl. Its bound to happen no matter what. You better get back downstairs before dad comes up here finding me with all this cum dripping out of me.” She slowly ran her hand back down towards her mound and started to use her finger to stroke her clit forcing a little glob of cum out of her vagina. “Mm besides mom don’t you like daddy’s cum in you just oozing slowly out. What a rush it is.” Moving her hand down more she uses her middle finger to glide inside of her ass still feeling slick from Jim’s semen mix earlier. “I bet Jim gets his big cock from daddy.”

Crystal got up shaky and defeated. She had hoped to make her daughter feel sorry for her acts of infidelity, but in turn she left feeling guilty and tingly from the excitement of watching her daughter masturbate.

Their daughter forces her finger in one smooth motion up her ass, “Unnghh don’t worry mom…ahhh…its our…secret …yeah!”

Closing the door behind her Crystal wipes her eyes with one hand as the other trails southward again touching her tingling pussy. What was she to do now?

Thank you to everyone who helped me to put this together, who waited patiently for me to get up off my duff and do it, and were nice enough to say nice things about it (and criticise what they thought was wrong, or dull, or just not right!.

This finishes Dylan and Louise’s story, and I won’t be visiting their world again. Dylan is an amalgam of both my big brothers, who both went off to war when I was younger and never came back, so Dylan got the happy ever after they should have, now I can leave it. For your interest, ‘Men of Harlech’ is possibly the most stirring call to battle I’ve ever heard, it brings me out in goosebumps every time I hear it; at the battle of Rorkes Drift in South Africa in 1879, B Company, the 24th Regiment of Foot, 150 men, sang this song while successfully holding off 4,000 zulu warriors in multiple attacks over 2 days before being relieved. Every Welshman worth his salt knows this song…

As before, I caution you, this is not the real world, it’s my world, so only bits here and there will match reality, or maybe in lots of places, but it’s still just storyland, not 9 to 5, Monday to Friday land. If you like it, please rate it, if you didn’t, please tell me why.



Louise sat down in the cafeteria with a sigh of relief; her rotation was over, she could look forward to a whole 7 days of sleeping late, slobbing around, and ambushing Dylan as soon as he got back later today or tomorrow; definitely her favourite pastime!

She was currently seconded from the company medical facility to the Cardio-vascular unit in the hospital in Jeddah at the request of the client, who needed a competent cardio surgeon, and the company, ever mindful of their need to keep the client sweet, had promptly loaned her out to the hospital so they could advertise their competence in bypass surgery. She drank her coffee appreciatively; whatever else was wrong with this place, they made the best coffee in the world, that was for sure.

She stretched and groaned, her beautiful face drawn and tired, her glorious bronze hair lank and tired-looking; four CABG’s in a row, she felt like her legs were going to fall off after eleven hours straight in the OR. If only these people would eat healthily, she mused, instead of wolfing down salt-laden processed food, burgers, grease-soaked stodgy pizza’s, lamb apparently basted in its own cholesterol, and sugar in crippling amounts, every single one of them eating themselves into an early grave. Two of the grafts she’d done had been bypassing Coronary Arteries she could barely manoeuvre out of the way, they were so stiffly congested and distended. Every one of the cases she had come to so far had done this to themselves, she should have specialised in Ortho, at least she wouldn’t spend all day grubbing around inside rich fat slobs who’d opted for the ‘death by burger’ route to end their lives early. Doing this day after day had given her a definite interest in the vegetarian option…

Two hands slipped over her eyes, and a voice whispered hoarsely in her ear “Hello little girl, anyone ever tell you, you’ve got really nice tits?”

She reached behind her and slapped Dylan’s leg, before pulling him down to kiss him soundly.

“I golli chi! Pan wnaethoch chi ddod yn ôl? (I missed you! When did you get back?) she whispered, enjoying the feel of his arms around her again after almost three months on deployment in Warri, in Nigeria, beefing-up the security arrangements for oil operations in the Niger Delta region.

“I got in several hours ago, you were in the OR, so I caught-up on paperwork, did some drugs, picked up some pretty boys…!”

She slapped him again, and pulled him in again for another kiss, uncaring that the other doctors and nurses looked on disapprovingly; she was fed up with this place, and its ridiculous taboos, and restrictions on women, and the smug, ‘thank you Allah for making me a man’ attitude of every single local male doctor, nurse, orderly, market trader and donkey-drover. She was fed up with being marginalised and talked-down to by male nurses and orderlies; she was the cardio-thoracic surgeon, the one actually doing the life-saving here, but she still had to ask permission of the male nurse in the OR to remove her hijab to put on a scrub-hat, and that had finally driven her to think “What the fuck, I don’t need this medieval shit, I want to go home; I’m done!” hence her indifference to the stares and glares of the locals when she kissed her husband in public.

“Drugs? I don’t believe you for one second. Pretty boys, now…!” she grinned, and Dylan grinned back, gently pinching her leg as he nibbled her neck.

“Come on Lou, I’ve been gone three months, even the riggers were starting to look cute, I want to play!” he whispered in her ear, making her flush and smile happily; he may have been a seasoned anti-terrorism ‘consultant’, and an ex-combat soldier, one of the SAS elite, but she was so glad he was also, at heart, a horny teenager with an endlessly inventive mind and absolutely no inhibitions…

Taking her hand, he led her away, dismissing the frowns and disapproving looks with a challenging, “fuck you” grin as he openly adjusted his crotch a la Michael Jackson, making the women gasp in outrage and hurriedly look away. They took the lift down to the lower parking garage, where Dylan had parked his company-issue armoured Toyota Land-Cruiser, and opened the door to let her climb in.

As he handed her in, he changed his mind and pulled her back out and held her up, kissing her as hard as he dared, his arms tightly locked around her waist. Louise hung there kissing him for a second or two, alternating between need for the taste of her man, and laughing and giggling at her predicament, suspended in mid-air while he kissed her crazily.

While they were thus engaged, there was a sudden shout in Arabic, and a security guard appeared, obviously offended and angry at this public display of affection in a deserted parking garage. Dylan winked at Louise and put her down, and turned to face the skinny man weighed down with the enormous pistol strapped to his leg, amusedly assessing the angry look and wondering how best to brush him off.

The guard started shouting about ‘Western sluts’ in Arabic, clearly furious that Dylan and Louise had indulged in public affection, a heinous crime in local eyes, while Dylan stood with his arms folded, a small, sardonic smile playing around his lips.

The little man stopped to take a breath, and Dylan smiled as insultingly as he could and said softly “Have you finished? Good, now piss off!” in Arabic.

The man goggled, his face darkening as started to tug his pistol out of the holster. It was a Browning Hi-Power, and judging by the state of it, it was from the 1940′s or 50′s, which was probably the last time it had been given a thorough clean. It looked huge in his small hand, and he struggled to tug the 2lb pistol out. Dylan grinned and stepped closer, grabbing his hand and yanking the pistol away from him, slapping him across the face and sending him sprawling on the ground as he lifted the pistol.

Dylan grinned mirthlessly, and leaned down to speak to him.

“You were going to shoot me for telling you to go away? That was foolish, and now I have your gun. You should pray to Allah and unburden yourself of your sins now before I send you to join him!” he told him in Arabic, watching his expression as the rage and shame at being slapped in front of a woman changed to terror as he realised his predicament.

Dylan slipped the magazine out of the butt, and worked the slide to eject any live rounds that may have been in the breech. One round sprang out and tinkled on the concrete. Dylan looked at him in astonishment.

“You walk around with a live round in the breech and the safety off? Perhaps if it had gone off and blown your balls off it would have taught you a valuable lesson! How will you explain to your prophet that you mutilated yourself through your own stupidity, and how will you pleasure your 72 houri’s in Paradise when you arrive there with no dick?”

The guard stared at the floor, trembling in abject terror; he’d tried to frighten a man who didn’t frighten, and he was going to pay with his life.

“Stand up, you!” ordered Dylan as he threw the pistol over the guard rail into the shrubbery four floors below, pumped all the rounds out of the magazine and threw them over as well, and kicked the magazine as far along the floor as he could, out of sight under one of the other cars parked there.

“You slapped me!” whined the guard, and Dylan glanced at him, shutting him up again.

“I slapped you because you are not enough of a man for me to kill you like one. You insulted my wife, and you attempted to kill me. That gives me the right to kill you, in any way I choose, you foolish man. Now you will beg her forgiveness properly, or I will take you into the desert, and I will come back alone. Do you understand?”

The man nodded rapidly, and turned to Louise, his eyes averted.

“Ana asefa, hal ta’gh’fireeni!” (I am sorry, please forgive me!) he whined, trembling, his eyes downcast.

Louise looked away from him and said “Rooh, rooh!” (Go away!), contemptuously flicking her hand at him in a gesture of dismissal, and watched as he scuttled away, trying to find where his weapon had gone.

Dylan climbed in the Landcruiser and backed out of the space, giving the hapless guard a beep as they drove past him. He looked at Louise and murmured “I’ve had enough of this fucking place, God, it’s a shit-hole…!”

“Dyl, what happens if he tells someone what happened just now?” asked Louise, and Dylan grinned.

“He won’t; he got slapped in front of a woman and had to beg her for his life; plus, he’s never going to find all those rounds; when he came on duty they would have made him sign for the rounds in the magazine, and they’ll count them when he goes off-duty. When they find there’s a shortage they’re going to assume he gave it to an accomplice to commit a crime, and this time tomorrow he’s gonna be face down on a mattress in a police cell while a big sergeant “questions” him thoroughly!”

“How do you know he’ll come up short?” asked Louise, trying not to grin, her laughter pealing out when he grinned and showed her one of the rounds concealed in his hand.

“But supposing he does report us?” she persisted, and Dylan grinned hugely.

“Baby-Girl, our friend has bigger problems than reporting me for giving him a bitch-slap; I think I can state with no fear of contradiction that becoming anal-retentive is something he’ll never have to worry about!”

Louise had been turning over what he’d said earlier, and decided to ask him outright.

“Dyl, if I said I was done with this place too, that I wanted to go home, what would you say?”

Dylan smiled and reached over the gear stick to pull her a little closer.

“Funny you should say that…”


When they got back to the compound, Mike Bruce was waiting for them, a big grin on his face.

“Louise, I see our man of the moment has his priorities in order, come and see me when you’ve relaxed a little, both of you, and, uh…take your time, it’s been three months!”

Louise blushed scarlet as she realised he was talking about…her and Dylan…!”

“Oh God, Dyl, does everyone know what we’re going to do?” she whispered, and Dylan grinned back.

“Darling wife of mine, I’ve been away three months, in the hottest, sweatiest, grimmest shit-hole this planet has to offer, fending off Islamist loonies, local thieves, government crooks, wannabe pirates, hijackers, slavers, drug-dealers, gun-runners, and various assorted local scumbags, trash and ‘freedom fighters’, setting up guard positions, pipeline inspection and protection teams, long hours and no you, so yeah, everyone here’s got a pretty good idea; you’re the only company wife who works here, on the Cute Wife scale of one to ten you’re about 47, and they’re all big, butch, horny, hairy guys, so no, they’re not going to believe for one instant we’re spending our first night together in three months playing Yahtzee!”

Louise laughed, feeling relieved that his sense of humour was still as fresh and cheerfully vulgar as when he was a schoolboy. Seven years out here hadn’t changed him in the slightest, and she was profoundly grateful for that; this place had a habit of chewing up fresh-meat, the new blokes who came in positive they could do the job, and she’d seen them crumble as the reality relentlessly wore them down; long hours, no family, none of the amenities they were used to in their home countries, just about everything they took for granted at home either not available or strictly illegal. The turnover rate was astronomical, fully 85% of new intake were gone within the year, unable to stand the constant heat and ever-present dust, the lack of social life, the 24/7 lifestyle, lack of amenities, and lack of women, just work, work, and more work.

Dylan thrived under these conditions; it was like his whole life had been optimizing him for just this role, and he’d been here seven years now, longer than almost anyone; only the core team had been here longer, and he was now a de-facto member of that core team, one of the elite amongst the cadre of specialists the company employed to keep the oil flowing at all costs. Dylan and his team worked long, hard hours, earned spectacular amounts of money, and came home to salt it away for the day when the fun had to stop.

Today was the first time she’d ever heard him express a negative emotion about the job or this place, but she guessed he’d started picking up that vibe from her, that she didn’t want to remain shut-away here forever in this sweltering isolated corner of the world.

As they walked in the door of their apartment, Dylan kicked the door shut and slid his hands up inside her scrubs top, making her shriek and giggle as he cupped her firm, tea-cup breasts, her nipples hardening instantly into two stiff points.

“Hello girls, I missed you!” he murmured into her neck as Louise reached behind to hold his neck, pushing her bum back against the prominent bulge she could feel in his CS95 trousers and grinding him into the cleft between her cheeks.

Dylan responded by pulling her hard against him, rubbing his bulging cock against her; she in turn sighed and murmured into his ear as he bit and nibbled her neck.

“Oh yes, Dyl, oh yes, do that, oh, that’s nice, do it again!” she whispered as he rubbed and rolled and squeezed her nipples, making waves of pleasure ripple through her, finally beaching in her pussy, her labia becoming tender and moist as they began to swell from the manipulation of her sensitive nipples.

Now he slid his hand down into the waistband of the blue scrubs pants, running his finger momentarily over the smooth cotton of her taut panties, before sliding his hand inside them, and giving a short, “Ooh!” as his fingers encountered only smooth bare skin where he’d expected to find her silky pubic hair.

“You shaved, that’s nice, was it for me?” he murmured, nibbling her ear and making her giggle.

“You wish! It’s for the Pool Boy, it’s his favourite look…!” she teased, and Dylan nibbled harder and slid a finger between her lips, making her gasp as he rubbed lightly against her clitoris, sudden pleasurable sensation shooting through her and making her sag against him as her knees buckled.

Dylan spun her round and slid his hands down the back of her scrubs and into her panties, to cup and squeeze her taut cheeks as he pulled her close, kissing her properly for the first time as his fingers lightly rubbed and massaged her tight little rosebud. Her hands clasped his head tightly as she kissed him back with three months pent-up need.

He began sliding her scrubs down, but she wriggled out of his grasp.

“No Dyl, I need a shower, really, I’ve been knee-deep in chest cavities all day, I reek of Hibiscrub, antiseptic, and innards, and my hair is starting to move by itself, I feel all yuk, give me 10 minutes, OK?”

Dylan grinned and nodded and kissed her again, noticing for the first time a certain…medical…component to her usual scent of shower soap and shampoo.

“You’re right Lou, you do seem a little aromatic! 10 minutes, then I’m dragging you out, finished or not! I have needs, wench!”

Louise grabbed and squeezed his balls lightly, making him gasp as she grinned minxily.

“You’re all talk; in ten minutes you better have a big present for me or I’m hauling the Pool-Boy in here!”

Well before the 10 minutes was up, Louise was out, towelled-off and sitting on the bed drying her hair, while Dylan lay back under the covers, watching her closely.

Suddenly he reached over, took the dryer from her and grinned.

“Okay, that’ll do, you’re dry enough for me!”

So saying, he slid her back to him, Louise rolling over so she was facing him, looking searchingly into his eyes and examining his face carefully. So far, there were no stress indicators, no tightening of the facial muscles that indicated long-term stress or exhaustion; he really seemed to be the same Dylan, and she felt a wave of relief roll over her. He wasn’t suffering from the kind of shell-shock she’d seen so many of the newbie’s succumb to, the job hadn’t gotten to him yet, and there was no sign of the mythical ’1,000 yard stare’ she’d heard so much about but had never seen.

Dylan was still just Dylan, happy, cheerful, horny, devil-may-care, and still hers. His eye looked relatively normal now, his habitual squint gone now that the ocular implant was doing so much to correct his blurred and dimmed vision, so much so that he didn’t need or wear the eye-patch anymore.

However, Dylan now suffered from Nyactalopia, Night Blindness, an unavoidable side-effect of the ocular implant surgery to increase the refractive capability of his damaged retina in normal light. Louise dosed him regularly with Vitamin A to boost his Rhodopsin levels, but it was no cure, just a stop-gap. Dylan was just happy he didn’t have to wear that ridiculous, sinister-looking eye-patch any more, even though Louise thought that, with the eye patch and the network of thread-like white scars on his left cheek that stood out clearly against his tanned face, he looked buccaneering, battle-scarred and romantic. Still, the red line across the white of his left eye, and the tendency for his ocular implant to reflect light like a cat’s eyes at night was sufficiently intimidating for would be troublemakers to back down when he looked directly at them.

His hands slid down her back, to clasp her bottom tightly and pull the cheeks apart, making her gasp and giggle, while the same devilment she’d always seen danced happily in his eyes; she knew that of old, it meant he was up to something, usually something that made her sweaty, breathless, and hot!

Dylan rolled onto his back, pulling her with him so she was now lying on him, her knees on either side of his torso, and his solid erection trapped between the two of them. Louise grinned and gently rolled from side to side, massaging his cock, making him gasp and groan softly. Dylan lifted his head, and Louise dipped down, their lips meeting as his hands roamed over her taut bum, squeezing and pulling the cheeks apart, sliding his fingers along her swelling labia, and rubbing her tender rosebud with the side of his thumb.

Grinning happily, Louise lifted up to take hold of his cock, rubbing it along the dampness seeping from her slit, before slowly sliding herself down on him.

Dylan gasped as her damp heat enveloped him, her pussy tight and delightful, and he had to seriously damp himself down to not come immediately as the sensations in his cock threatened to overwhelm him. Louise also gasped as he stretched her open again, three months of need finally being satisfied as his solid seven inches of thick cock invaded her hot tightness.

Dylan arched his back as he drove slowly into her, finally bottoming-out, listening to her gasp in pleasure as he bored into her depths. She reared up, her hands on his midriff, and began to slide herself up and down on him, grinding her clitoris into him as she pumped, bringing herself on.

Almost immediately those old feelings began to race and shudder through her; three months was a long time, and she’d been thinking about this moment for a long time now. As she thought of how he was pleasuring her, the first feather touches of orgasm began to make themselves felt, her nerve endings beginning to thrill and sing, and as she pumped, they built into an unstoppable wave crashing through her.

Louise threw her head back as the most powerful orgasm she’d ever experienced ripped through her, electricity blasting out of every nerve ending, her eyesight blurring and her ears popping with the force of it. She shuddered and quaked on top of Dylan, her hands clenched tightly in his as she screamed in release, her vagina clamping down on him like a vice as she rode the waves of intense, shuddering pleasure as they surged through her again and again.

At last the searing pleasure gave way to aftershocks quivering in her, and she slumped forward, her hair a sweet-smelling net over Dylan’s face as she leaned over him, only willpower holding her upright as her chest heaved from the force and speed of her orgasm. Dylan leaned up and nipped her nipples between his teeth, making her gasp, then pulled her down to lie on top of him, her heart thudding against his chest.

Eventually her breathing slowed, as did her heartbeat, and she raised herself up on her elbows to smile down on him.

“Fy duw a oedd yn dda!” (God, that was good!) she grinned, dipping down to catch his bottom lip between her teeth. Dylan responded by sliding his hands down to cup her taut, silky backside, his finger brushing her rosebud and making her start and quiver.

“I bet i yn gwybod beth rydych ei eisiau nawr!” I bet I know what you want now!) she grinned, nibbling his lip some more as his fingers continued to circle and gently prod her tight pucker. Dylan rolled over again, now Louise was under him, and he rested with his weight on his elbows, sliding his forearms under her back to push her nipples up invitingly. Dylan took one nipple in his mouth, gently scraping the erect nub with his teeth, drawing a gasp and a wriggle from Louise as the sensation rocketed round her system. She involuntarily clamped her pussy around his still bone-hard cock, making him gasp as well, and they continued for a while, Dylan nibbling, sucking and chewing gently on her solidly erect nipples, maintaining her state of arousal as evidenced by the rippling of her pussy as she clasped him tightly.

At last she pushed him away, to sit up and take a tube of gel lubricant from the night stand and hand it to him with a sly grin.

“Gwneud hyn i mi, neu a fydd i gael y Bachgen Pwll? (Do this for me, or shall I get the Pool Boy?)

Dylan grinned, and pressed a good smear of the cold stuff on his fingertip, then slowly and gently rubbed it around her tight hole, then taking some more and pushing it up inside her, Louise gasping at the sensation. Dylan slid one finger into her, followed by another, loosening her up for what was coming. At last, she decided that enough was enough.

“Come on, big boy, do things to me, make me howl!” she grinned, lying back and pulling her knees up to her chest. Dylan looked down at her anus, gaping open for him, and hurriedly smeared a last finger of lubricant over the head of his cock, before shuffling forward to push against the tight ring of her anus.

Slowly he slid in, Louise gasping with the feeling of his thick cock sliding into her tight little anus, then suddenly the head popped past the ring, which clamped down on his shaft. Louise gave a yelp and lay back, gasping.

“Yn araf, gariad, mewn gwirionedd yn araf, os gwelwch yn dda!” (Slowly, sweetheart, really slowly, please!) she muttered, Dylan easing back and waiting for her signal when she was ready for more.

Louise nodded, and he began sliding in slowly, watching her closely, until he was buried to the hilt in her tightly clasping rectum, his cock twitching as he fought the urge to just plunge in and out of her like a wild man. As he began to slide back out, her eyes slammed open.

“Oh God, yes, like that Dyl, oh yesss, Christ I missed this, oh that’s so good!” she groaned, pushing herself back against him, raising up to meet his thrusts as he plunged back into her. Back and forth they went, Dylan speeding up as his need to orgasm began to grow, Louise pumping back against him, lost in the feel of this raw, primitive sex she’d missed so much for so long, enjoying the feel of her man inside her where he belonged, her husband, her brother, her only lover.

Dylan came explosively, his cock swelling to wedge inside the suddenly too-tight confines of her rectum, filling her completely as the hot spunk blasted out of him, painting her bowels with his thick, creamy sperm. Three months of pent-up need exploded inside the woman he loved, his younger sister, now his wife, and the one woman in the world who meant everything to him. He seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of sperm, pulse after pulse bulleting out of him, as though he was somehow filling her with himself, giving her his seed as his symbol of his overwhelming love for her.

His orgasm triggered her own, and Louise screamed in release as another powerful, mind-shattering orgasm pulsed and crashed through her, the nearness of her man and the feel of his seed in her body exciting her like nothing else ever could, and pulling pleasure out of her like she could never imagine.

At last Dylan finished ejaculating, his muscles strained and trembling from the exertion and sheer physical, mental, and emotional overload he was experiencing from being once again united with his sister-bride, their two years of marriage feeling like two weeks. Coming home to her always felt like the start of the honeymoon. Dylan adored his wife, and loved her with a depth and passion he would find impossible to explain or understand; all he knew was that Louise felt the same about him, and that knowledge excited and inspired him like nothing else could, igniting sexual fires that leaped hot and all-consuming in both of them.

With a groan, he slumped down, his shrinking penis slowly sliding from her, Louise gasping as even that made mini-orgasms chase through her, making her heart hammer and her chest heave anew as she fought for breath.

When she finally caught her breath, she turned to see Dylan smiling gently at her. She reached out to touch his face as he did the same to her, making them both smile; they were still so in tune with each other that they both felt the same things at the same time. Dylan grinned as he traced the line of her jaw, touching her chin and gently touching her lips before sweeping her hair out of her eyes and pulling her closer.

“Dylan, if I ask you something, will you promise to think about it, and not think me selfish?” she asked him apprehensively, her bottom lip quivering slightly.

“Whatever you want to ask, you know I’ll always listen to you, gariad!” he smiled.

She took a deep breath.

“Dyl, I want us to go home; not a holiday, permanently. I want to walk barefoot on freshly-cut grass and smell it as I walk, I want to get lost with you in the corn maze at Llangollen, and attend Eisteddfod and listen to the harpists and bards. I want to travel in a narrow-boat over the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, I want to see the lake at Bala, and I want to picnic at Virnwy and watch the windsurfers on the lake. I want to buy dressed crab straight off the fishing boats in Barmouth, and see the snow on Caer Caradoc, and eat Lava Bread and Bara Brith on Christmas morning. I want to watch Cardiff Met play Bangor at Cardiff Arms Park on New Year’s Day and sing ‘Men of Harlech’ and ‘Land Of Our Fathers’ with everyone else before the match starts, I want to make babies with you, in Wales, like we talked about, and stay there and watch them grow up in their own country, and listen to them speak Cymraeg with their friends. Take me home, gariad, please…”

Dylan saw the tears in her eyes, heard the longing in her voice, and knew that it wasn’t just homesickness; Louise had had enough; she needed the rolling hills, blue seas and ancient white beaches of Ceredigion and Cardigan Bay, the upland meadows of Bala dotted with white sheep, the steep, lonely, green hills and soughing woodlands of Merioneth, the fairyland grottoes of the frozen cascades of Betwys-Y-Coed in the dead of winter, the stark black and white peaks of Yr Wyddfa, Mount Snowdon, on a crisp winter morning, potent, haunting symbols and memories of her homeland. As he thought of these things, a powerful wave of homesickness washed through him as well, and he knew he needed these things too. It was time to go home.

“No, baby, you’re not being selfish. I want to go home too. I think I’ve done enough here, and today was pretty much the last straw; when I told that little dick I’d take him into the desert and kill him, right then I meant it; that’s a bad state of mind for a place like this, so I think it’s time to go. I’ve got nearly $700,000 saved up from seven years of not actually spending any of my salary, plus there’s what you’ve got stashed away from your job, so I think we’ve got enough to tide us over until we find jobs in Britain. I think we need to go, and soon.”

Louise looked at him, her eyes wide, brimming with unshed tears as she thought of the home of her childhood, shopping in Newtown and Aberystwyth, summer holidays in Abersoch, and Pwllheli, and Traeth Morfa Bychan, Black Rock Sands, on the Llŷn Peninsula when dad had still been alive, walking the ancient tracks of Offa’s Dyke, exploring the hidden glens and passes of the Brecon Beacons, and looking in awe and wonder at the great castles of Harlech, Criccieth, Conwy, Builth Wells and Beaumaris, and the magnificent Caernarfon on its hilltop, guarding the Menai Straits.

Dylan held her close, his own emotional state suddenly almost as fragile as hers, the ache for home almost overpowering him. The wave of homesickness caught him off-guard. He’d never felt strongly about any place they’d lived, but now Wales and the Llŷn Peninsula was calling to him; it was home, and it was calling him back.

“Let’s do it, Lou, let’s go home now!” he grinned, barely able to hold back tears himself.

Louise reared up over him to look deep into his eyes, seeing the truth there, and then the tears spilled from her as she gave in to her emotions, the wave of homesickness overwhelming her, stripping the aloof professional surgeon away and leaving just a homesick girl behind. Dylan pulled her close as she cried, soothing her with soft words about their childhood in Rhayader in the Elan valley, on the banks of the River Wye. He reminded her of their school days, the friends they’d shared, and then moving to Capel Bangor in Ceredigion, West Wales, after the news about their father. Louise listened in wonder, amazed that he’d remembered so much, he’d seemed so disinterested as a boy, but now she knew just how much of his home he remembered, and how clearly, and now how much he missed it too.

When her tears abated, Dylan sat up in the bed, urging Louise up to join him.

“I suppose I’d better tell Mike and get this over with, and you need to hand in your notice, too!”

Louise grinned up at him.

“We’re really going to do this, then?”

Dylan grinned his familiar devil-may-care grin.

“Fuck yes, I’m done with this place, with these people, fuck ‘em all!”

As Louise stretched and smiled, her small, high breasts danced in front of him, and without thinking, Dylan leaned forward to suck a nipple into his mouth, making her giggle and gasp.

“Don’t start anything you can’t finish, Soldier-Boy!” she smiled, thrusting out her breasts even further, tempting and teasing him. Dylan took the bait, his hands sliding around her waist to pull her closer and onto his lap, where she straddled him.

“So what’s next, Action Hero, are you going to show me some of the good stuff?” she taunted him, her eyes challenging and her smile inviting.

Dylan pulled her closer still, her bare pussy lips sliding over his rapidly hardening cock, making her jump and quiver as his hands slid down to cup and squeeze her tight, firm cheeks. His lips and teeth played with her nipples, making her gasp and sigh as he licked, sucked and nibbled them into hard little bullets of flesh.

Louise smiled as she sighed, knowing how horny and ready he was to indulge in a little contact-sport, and she encouraged him a little by sliding her damp labia over his solidifying cock.

Now she leaned forward to lightly nip his bottom lip as she rose up, allowing his cock to spring upright. She took hold of him, and with a satisfied grin, slid down onto his straining member, her eyes glazing as she slid him into her moist anus, feeling him stretch her as she slowly took him into herself again.

Dylan pulled her cheeks apart, stretching her tightness open to ease his entry into her, the thrill of fucking her like this always new and exciting. Louise was gasping and hissing now, muttering to herself as she accommodated his girth again in her tightest hole.

“Oh yes, Dyl, yesss, like that, God I’ve missed this, yesss Dylan, all of it, oh yess…!” she murmured, until he was completely seated in her, his cock feeling like it was being squeezed tightly by a firm hand in a hot velvet glove. The sensation intensified as Louise began to slide up and down on him, pleasuring herself by rubbing her swollen clit against his lower belly as her anus pulsed and squeezed around his firmly embedded cock. Neither one of them could hold it for long in this position, which is why it was their favourite; the release was always shattering, the feel of her tight rectum milking his cock absolutely out of this world. So it proved now; Louise began to breathe faster, her neck and throat flushing as her climax built, and that feeling of tightness and fullness in the root of his cock telling Dylan that it would be soon now.

Louise pumped faster and harder against him now, her clit dragging against his lower belly, slicking him with her juices. The friction sent waves of pleasure radiating through her body, making her nipples tingle as her juices poured from her over-stimulated pussy.

She came with a guttural moaning cry, pleasure washing over her as she climaxed again and again. Dylan clenched his teeth against his own moan of pleasure, his head thrown back as his cock swelled and pumped stream after stream of hot spunk endlessly into her tight hot rectum. His swollen cock jammed tight in her as he sprayed his sperm into her bowels, the feeling intensifying her own orgasm, and Louise screamed as her orgasm peaked into a lightning bolt of pure pleasure spiking through her and driving all thought or rationality from her; all that remained was sensation; heat, wet, slippery friction, and the feel of Dylan pouring himself into her.

Louise slumped down as her orgasm peaked and then died away, senses gradually reeling back into her as ‘the little death’ receded and her man and their love for each other came back into focus.

“God, that was amazing!” she panted, her grin all Dylan needed to know she was back in the land of the living.

“Every time with you is amazing, gariad!” he smiled, holding her close against him as their hearts drummed together.

Louise finally stirred, pushing herself upright to look searchingly into his eyes.

“Are you sure about going home, Soldier Boy?” she asked, “Is this really what you want, or are you just agreeing because of me? I know how you love this job; I don’t want you to ditch it just because of me, I’d never forgive myself!”

Dylan pulled her close to him, his fingers caressing her hair as he collected his thoughts.

“What I said earlier was true, baby-girl; I wanted to kill that little prick, for something so trivial, so fucking pointless; he was no threat, and I was all ramped-up to beat him to death. More than anything, that tells me we should go, now, before I turn into one of those kill-crazy loonies Mike despises so much. We have to go home, before you go mad and I go fucking berserk!”

Louise slipped her arms around his waist, pulling herself closer to him, enjoying the feel of his voice rumbling in his chest, the slow, steady beat of his heart, strong and powerful, and the warmth of his body as he held her close. Dylan kissed the top of her head, making her look up enquiringly at him.

“What say we go and tell Mike, eh? Let’s get this over with and get ready to shove off from this God-forsaken shit-hole!” he grinned, and Louise grinned happily, her thoughts already beginning to focus on where they’d live and what jobs they could find. There was really no big rush; Dylan had almost $700,000 saved up, and she had nearly as much from her job here, so money wasn’t going to be a problem for a while, it really all just boiled down to where they wanted to live. As she thought of home, the need to see the Llŷn Peninsula once again swelled through her, and she realised that was where she wanted to live; in sight and easy reach of the sea.

Louise settled back against him, nestling against the soft black hair of his chest, enjoying the feel of the warm silky thatch with just a hint of brittle wiriness covering his chest and trailing down his stomach. As she’d done so often in the past, and never ceased to enjoy, she started twirling her fingers through the mat of jet-black hair beginning to cloak his upper chest, a dead giveaway of his Welsh heritage, savouring the feel of the long slightly stiff hairs against her sensitive fingertips. The sensation awakened memory after memory of him, the past segueing into the present as she stroked and caressed the man who meant more than the whole world to her, her big brother no more, her husband now and forever. Thinking thoughts like these, and revelling in her love for and memories of him, Louise fell fast asleep, nestled securely in her husband’s arms.

Dylan let her doze, enjoying the feel of her, her warmth, and her fresh clean smell, that scent that always drove him crazy. He began to slip away too, and his head gradually nodded forward, to join her in dreams of home, of each other, and their life together.

The sound of his mobile phone beeping finally woke Dylan, blurrily dragging him back to reality. He picked up the handset and saw Mike Bruce’s name as he pressed the ‘Answer’ button.

“Dylan, are you in a fit state to talk now? “

Dylan grinned at the hint of innuendo in Mike’s voice.

“I am now; give me twenty minutes. Louise and I need to talk to you as well!”

Mike rang off, and Louise stirred, the sound of Dylan’s voice piercing her sleep.

“Come on, little girl, time to put your boots and socks on, and buckle-on your big-girl panties; Mike wants to see us, and we have something to tell him!”

A little under twenty minutes later, freshly showered and refreshed, Dylan and Louise were sitting with Mike in the comfortable sitting room that doubled as his office and unofficial social centre for the core team members. After the amenities were over, Mike got down to the reason he’d asked them to come and see him.

“Dylan, I know this is short notice, but I really need you to go to Brunei and review their whole operational security strategy out there; there have been incursions from across the border, mostly tribesmen from some of the more superstitious PNG tribes, but they’re causing more trouble than they’re worth, and the client wants a robust strategy in place to mitigate the effect these head-hunters and cannibals are having on the local drilling and pipeline teams; they need you to go out there and show them how it’s done. Two gas platforms are already out of action because the teams there are too scared of having their heads cut off in the middle of the night. The client won’t tolerate their loss much longer, or any further platforms out of commission, so we need to decide what kind of operation to mount to scare off these primitives permanently, with the main priority being a plan showing us what we need to do to get those two downed platforms back into production.”

Dylan looked pained.

“Mike, the reason we came…!”

But Mike cut him short.

“I know why you’re here, and Louise, and it should be no problem, I just need your brain for another three weeks, that’s all I’m asking. And speaking of three weeks, I need to ask you a favour too, Louise.”

Louise and Dylan looked at each other, then back at Mike, who grinned apologetically.

“Louise, I need to ask you a very big favour; a very good friend of mine has asked for the loan of a good surgeon; he has a replacement on the way, but he has a three-week gap that he needs to fill, so I said I’d ask you. You don’t have to say yes, it’s a huge ask, I know, and I can’t force you, but I will ask you to help out another doctor in urgent need.”

Louise looked sideways at him.

“Just where exactly is this friend of yours located?” she asked suspiciously.

Mike gave a wry grin, appreciating her caution.

“He’s based at Camp Bastion…in Afghanistan…!”

“NO!” No fucking way, I am not letting my wife…!” burst out Dylan, looking hard at Mike, who kept on watching Louise throughout Dylan’s outburst.

Louise looked thoughtful.

“If I say yes, you’ll guarantee three weeks then out, right?” and Mike nodded emphatically.

“Three weeks then out, replacements or not; you’re helping to plug a gap, not signing-on for the duration, I guarantee it. As a little added insurance, I’m sending a couple of the boys along to act as unofficial bodyguards; they’ll see you come to no harm.”

“Who are you sending?” interrupted Dylan.

Mike grinned.

“I was thinking Tibor Kovacs and Pip Collins, a Spetznatz and an SAS sergeant; no-one is going to mess with Louise with those two hulking specimens shadowing her every step!”

Dylan was slightly mollified.

“They’re good guys, and Louise likes them; OK, but I still don’t like it; three weeks only, and if I come back from Brunei and she’s not here to meet me, there’ll be hell to pay, and I mean that most sincerely!”

Mike looked him in the eyes, all too aware of just what kind of ‘hell’ Dylan Lewis was capable of unleashing.

“I promise you, Dylan, if they try any funny stuff or pull any strokes to keep her there even one minute longer than twenty-one days, I’ll personally go and get her myself, if I have to take all the boys with me to do it! Tibor and Pip will watch her like hawks, if anyone tries anything with her, they’re going to discover what happens when you rile up a Spetznatz and a Welshman with a short fuse!”

Dylan leaned back in his seat, his arm going around Louise.

“When does this happen, Mike?”

“Tomorrow morning!” he said, to gasps from both Dylan and Louise. Dylan leaned forward, his eyes fixed on Mike’s face.

“No, impossible, no way, I just got back after three months, I’ve earned more than just a 24-hour furlough before being shunted out again. It’s not gonna happen!”

Mike grinned wryly.

“I knew you’d say that! Really, though, I wouldn’t ask except you’re the best at this kind of operation, you have a feel for it that none of the other guys seem to possess, and I trust you to do it right. No-one else here is up to it, otherwise I’d be asking them, not breaking up your reunion. The best I can do is offer you double your usual in-country rate, and give you an additional one week double rate on top as a bonus on completion. That’s nearly $50,000 for three weeks work. I’m sorry Dylan, but I really need your boots on the ground out there, if anyone else would do, I’d send them, but you’re the only one I trust for something like this…”

Dylan squirmed uncomfortably; he didn’t like making Mike beg; he owed him too much, but still…

Louise nudged him, and pulled his head down so she could whisper in his ear.

“Go ahead, gariad; I can wait another three weeks! I’m needed out in Helmand, it’s for the mob, your mob, they need doctors, perhaps I can make a difference, and God knows, at least I’ll be away from constantly doing bypass surgery on fat bastards! Besides, I’ll have Tibor and Pip with me; if they ever want to taste any of my Spiced Bread Pudding again, they’ll look out for me!”

Dylan looked her steadily in the eyes.

“If you’re sure…” he whispered back, and nodded back at her affirmative nod.

“Okay Mike, it’s a deal. Three weeks, then I’m hopping a flight, and Lou’s here to meet me. Which brings me to the reason we wanted to see you…?”

Mike held up his hand.

“Way ahead of you, Dylan. Both of your contracts have been terminated as complete, I inked-in a date three weeks tomorrow, and you both get end-of-contract bonuses, as agreed, based on your current pay status, not the original pay rate you came in at. It’s already been processed, all you have to do is be here on the day to sign-off and collect your tickets home, as per your contract. Your pay and bonuses will be deposited in your off-shore accounts, have fun spending it!”

As they strolled back to their bungalow they mulled-over what they’d agreed to; Dylan was deeply worried about letting Louise go to a war-zone, but conversely he was also relieved that the two most capable fighting men he knew of were going to be her personal guardian angels while she was out there. Tibor Kovacs was renowned for his devastating close quarter in-fighting abilities; Spetznatz training involved a large amount of Savate, Tae-Kwondo and Jiu-Jitsu, distilled by the Spetznatz cadre into a close-combat fighting style that was fluid, athletic and a joy to watch; he was built like a brick outhouse, a square, emotionless Slavonic face hiding a shy, helpful personality. Louise was one of his favourite people, he was always telling her she reminded him of his little sister, Mariska, and he had a weakness for her mother’s recipe tea-laced spicy bread pudding bordering on addiction.

Pip Collins was a fellow Welshman, big, dark, and taciturn, born and raised in the Rhondda Valley in South Wales, a descendant of generations of coal-miners, and an ex-SAS sergeant. He was a master of stealthy movement and explosively lethal directed violence when necessary, and a true expert in the use of that K-Bar knife always protruding from his right boot-top; he constantly radiated a feeling of extreme violence barely held in check, a lingering sense that when he did go off, it would be like a claymore mine…

The combination of the two of them gave Dylan reassurance in large measure; with them along, Lou would be as safe as possible in that miserable place.

Once they got back indoors, Louise asked Dylan what he wanted for dinner, always a dangerously leading question!

Dylan pulled her close, popping the button on her jeans and sliding his hands down the backs to cup her peach buttocks.

“I want bum-burger and hot split clam surprise, are you up for it?” he grinned lecherously, squeezing her perfect cheeks as he pulled her close.

Louise grinned back.

“You’re a very dirty man, my daddy warned me about boys like you!” she breathed, nipping his neck as she squeezed his rapidly erecting cock and ground her pussy against him, feeling her clitoris throb as she began to heat up.

“Three months, Lou, three fucking months, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, and, as you’re leaving tomorrow…!”

Dylan slid her jeans down as she yanked his tee over his head and fumbled with the buttons on his service-issue trousers, making sure she squeezed him properly as she tugged the camouflage trousers down.

Dylan groaned and kicked his clothes away, tugging down his briefs as Louise slid off her panties and turned away from him to drop them on the chair. Dylan was momentarily dazzled by the sight of her trim, rounded rear before moving in for the kill. His hands slid around her waist and up her ribcage, to cup and squeeze her small, firm breasts, the nipples already hard and prominent against his cupping palms. He pulled her close against him, his cock nestling in the crack of her bum, his lips grazing on her soft, smooth neck and shoulder, and she responded by wriggling as she sighed, seating the solid bar of ridged flesh more comfortably between her plush buttocks.

“Oo-er, Soldier-Boy, what’s that you’re poking me with?” she sighed, rubbing her bottom up and down on his throbbing cock.

Dylan mumbled into her neck as he groped her breasts more diligently, squeezing, lightly pinching and rubbing the solid nipples, making her sigh and rub herself harder on him.

“Bedroom…now…!” she gasped, breaking away to tug him toward the door. As soon as they were in sight of the bed, she threw herself on him, bearing him backward and landing astride him on the bed as he fell. Louise leaned forward and rubbed her swelling clitoris on the mat of hair at the base of his cock, sighing happily at the sensations this brought, while Dylan grinned and took a double handful of her delectable rear, squeezing and kneading the cheeks as she pleasured herself on him. Louise leaned forward to kiss him, and Dylan took the opportunity to raise his midsection and prod at her damp pussy with his surging erection, letting her know he was ready. Louise grinned and took hold of him, guiding him into herself and sliding back down a little to take him fully into her wet slit, hissing in satisfaction as he filled her up, stretching her so pleasurably.

Dylan lay back as she rode him, her eyes closed as she danced above him, her hips gyrating as she pumped and slid on his cock, her fingers rubbing and playing with her small hard nipples as she went to her own special place, lost in a haze of pleasurable sensation, her hips circling as she pumped and rode him. Dylan responded by pumping back against her, raising up as she ground herself against him, their breath hissing in the silent room as they ground and pounded at each other, straining to reach that plateau, that place where all pleasure was one.

Louise slumped forward, gasping as her orgasm overtook her, her body shaking as the tremors rolled and battered through her, her cunt squeezing him mercilessly as she clamped down. Dylan responded with a groan as he too climaxed, the pressure on his cock almost too much to bear as jet after jet of creamy spunk pulsed from him and into her depths, the sensation rolling her orgasm on and on.

At last the shuddering waves of pleasure died away, leaving her weak, winded, blurry-eyed with tiredness. Louise slumped down on Dylan, her body still twitching in adrenaline-shock, the legacy of her high level of arousal and climax. Dylan was in no better shape, barely able to move as he too twitched and thrilled in the aftermath of his explosive climax, his cock slowly shrinking inside her, to eventually slide out, bathed in the rush of semen from the enormous quantity he’d pumped inside her.

Louise rolled off him, almost too tired to move, but still reaching for him, for her Soldier-Boy, something closely akin to post-coital tristesse flooding over her as she contemplated the next three weeks of meatball surgery, almost tempted to tell Mike the deal was off, she was going home; but she’d promised, and boys like Dylan had been, young soldiers on their first active deployment, they were going to need her. Dylan was unhappy about her going, but understood why she’d agreed. Even after all these years, so long away from the spit and polish and routine of Army life, he still ‘bled green’ as his former squad-mates would have put it; in his heart, Dylan knew he was a born soldier, had been one, one of the elite even, until that fire-fight had cost him his dream; even today, a civilian contractor thousands of miles from the war-zone, she knew his heart was there still, on-ops with his regiment, the only thing he’d ever wanted. Louise traced his jawline with a lazy finger, smiling as he turned to look sleepily at her, her smile partly for herself as she acknowledged that Dylan, seven years away from the war, a civilian now, still followed the drum; he still thought of himself as one of them, one of those soldier-boys out there, and she was being asked to help them; for Dylan, she’d do it, because those boys were his family too.

Louise woke with a start, huddled against Dylan to keep warm against the chill from the air-conditioning unit; she looked at her watch, almost 10 o’clock, long past dinner-time, but she was starving, and if she knew Dylan, he’d be up soon and looking for something to eat. She slid off the bed and pulled a robe on, slipping soundlessly out of the room to pad into the kitchen and rummage through the freezer, from which she took a pair of frozen steak pies and a pack of French Fries.

“Pie and chips, not much of a ‘Welcome Back’ dinner!” she mused, grinning ruefully as she slid the pies onto a tray and put them in the oven, set the timer and decided she had time for a shower before dinner.

She was miles away in a world of her own, revelling in the hot water and steam when a pair of hands slipped around her waist and slid up to cup and catch her breasts.

“Hello little girl, can I help you wash your pee-pee?” husked Dylan in his best ‘Dirty Old Man’ voice, licking her ear as he flicked and squeezed her nipples, making her gasp and giggle as she ground her bum into his crotch.

“I can do that quite well without your help, you dirty, dirty little boy!” she giggled, then gasped as his solid cock slid between her thighs and rubbed along her labia. As he continued to lick and nibble her ear, and squeeze and pull at her stiff nipples, he began to thrust more seriously between her legs, the feel of his thick, ridged cock dragging in the furrow between her lips driving her crazy with need for him. Louise leaned against the shower cubicle wall, pushing out her bum to show Dylan what she wanted him to do. Dylan, as always, enthralled by the sight of her perfect, sculpted rear, wasn’t slow to take the hint. Holding tightly to her thrusting tits, he slid his cock into her hot recess, both of them hissing as he slid all the way into her, until he was in her to the hilt, his thighs resting against the backs of hers. He remained perfectly still, savouring the feel of his stiff cock embedded in her hot, glove-tight pussy, the warmth of her lovely peach bottom pressed against him, the feel of her firm breasts clasped firmly in his hands. Louise waited for a while, then squeezed him impatiently, anxious for him to continue.

“If you don’t do something soon I’m calling the Pool-Boy!” she whispered, causing Dylan to grin as he slowly backed out of her, to slam himself back in as hard as he could.

“Ooof! Careful, Soldier Boy, you’re not pushing a jeep out of a pot-hole!” she giggled, the laugh turning to a sighing gasp as his hand slipped down to rub and caress her hooded clitoris, the sensation making her whole body thrill and shudder pleasurably.

“Yes, Dyl, like that…ooohhh…yes, ooohhh God, yeeesss!” she moaned as he thrust and pumped into her, his hand rubbing her in time with his thrusts into her. Combined with his other hand playing with her nipples, it was only a few minutes before it was all too much for her. She came with a strangled moan, her pussy clamping around his cock and almost tipping him over the edge as she shuddered and moaned, orgasm slamming through her body with the force of a tidal wave, her ears popping with the force of it.

Dylan gasped as her pussy clamped down on him, the velvety soft tightness too much for him to bear, and he too orgasmed, groaning out loud as a powerful jet of spunk hosed out of him and into her, then again and again, long satisfying pulses of hot semen filling her as he held her tight to himself, until he was empty, his cock dry heaving as the last of his sperm trickled into her, the last remnants of the flood of spunk he’d jetted into her. He slumped against her, his lips finding her neck as his heart hammered a tattoo against her back, Dylan kissing her hands as she reached up to cup and caress his face.

“Thank you Dyl, that was amazing…as always! That should hold us for the next couple of weeks; just remember, three weeks from tomorrow and we’re on a plane away from here and all this forever, okay?”

His hands gripped her waist as he gently kissed the back of her neck, then blew softly into her ear, making her cringe and giggle.

“Of course, baby-girl, I meant it when I said I was done. Three weeks and we’re back in Wales, and OPEC, The Arab League, The Gulf States, the global petro-chemical complex, all of them, they can all go fuck themselves, I’m done, forever! Now, is that pie and chips I can smell? It better be, because I’m bloody starving!”


Louise watched Dylan’s flight take off from King Khalid International in Riyadh, loss and need already churning inside her, and the hostile looks from the other travellers in their traditional Berber costume as she stood in desert boots, DPM uniform covers and Tee-shirt and with her head uncovered doing nothing to put her at ease; no-one said anything, though; even the lunatic Religious Police recognised just how much grief they’d cop from the scary-looking bunch of men surrounding her if they made a move, and none of them relished the thought of spending the next few days in hospital while the doctors tried to figure out how to get their head out of their own arse; sometimes discretion really was the better part of valour…

Pip Collins put his hand on her arm and squeezed gently.

“You’ll see him again in three weeks, Louise, don’t worry, Mike promised you, and he never goes back on his word. And now we have to go; our flight’s waiting for us and Tibor’s looking impatient, so let’s get a move on, eh?”

Louise grinned as she looked up at the hulking Tibor Kovacs, his face expressionless, as usual, and wondered how Pip could tell he was impatient; to her, Tibor always looked exactly the same; impassive, no expression ever showing on his face, whether sitting down to dinner with her and Dylan, or stretched out on a gurney while she sutured a sucking leg wound.

Pip hefted her flight bag and Tibor offered her his arm as they made for their departure gate, again the Religious Police deliberately not seeing the western woman arm in arm with two dangerous-looking westerners, with another four or five as an impromptu retinue, choosing instead to hassle and harass incoming tourists and migrant workers.


The three of them disembarked at Kabul, Louise stopping momentarily to look around at the heavily barricaded and defended perimeter. Sighing, she squared her shoulders and clambered gingerly down the swaying steps, weighed-down by the Osprey body armour and too-large Mk. VII helmet. Pip followed her and pointed at the heavy Mastiff transport halted about 100 metres away. The commander in the cab waved and spoke into his Bowman, and the 6-wheeled Mastiff lurched as it turned ponderously, heading for their party. As it stopped, the main hull door unlocked, and Tibor swung it open, motioning her inside while he and Pip scanned the perimeter continuously. Louise was struck by their elevated vigilance, driving home just how bloody dangerous this place really was; that and the anti-RPG cages clothing both sides and the rear of the vehicle, and of course the mine-deflection hull itself. Tibor and Pip automatically shielded her at all times while she climbed into the vehicle, using their bodies to protect her should a random sniper decide to fire on the vehicle while it was stopped. Once they were all seated, with the door closed and locked, the vehicle lurched as it started off for the trek back to Camp Bastion, the British Armed Forces operating base in Helmand over 400 miles away.

“Glad to have you aboard, Doctor Lewis, welcome to Afghanistan!” called the commander, “Sorry about the transport, no Chinooks to spare, and besides, the bloody Taliban think we put them up so they’ve got something to shoot at, so this is the safest way, I’m afraid! There’s not much room, but you may be able to stretch out on the floor; it’s a long way to the bastion, about 400 miles, so you should probably try and get some sleep.”

As luck would have it, there was an emergency stretcher clamped to the roof of the passenger compartment, so Pip and Tibor unhooked it and laid it more or less level on the compartment floor, giving Louise their jackets to cover with and act as a pillow while she stretched out on it. She fell asleep almost immediately, lulled by the swaying of the vehicle as it crawled through the scarred city, the 6-wheel suspension smoothing out the worst of the potholes and ruts in the bomb-heaved roads of North-East Kabul as they threaded their way south-west to the A1, the Kandahar-Bamiyan Highway.

She awoke several hours later from a dream about her and Dylan swaying in a rowboat when they were little, disorientated and momentarily panicked before remembering where she was. Pip and Tibor looked like they hadn’t moved the whole time she’d slept. She checked her watch, noting she’d been asleep almost five hours. She started to get up, but Pip motioned her back.

“Stay comfortable, Louise; still six hours to go, and these seats ain’t exactly armchairs!”

Louise was immediately stricken with guilt that she was able to at least stretch out, while the boys had been perched on uncomfortable jump-seats for five hours, and had another six hours more of it.

“Please, Pip, fair’s fair; you take the stretcher, or Tibor, and I’ll have the seat; I’m rested now, honest!”

Pip skinned his teeth at her, the closest he ever got to a smile.

“Thanks kindly, but we’re okay; one time in Venezuela we laid-up in a tree for 20 hours, at least here we can snooze without falling off!”

After a journey of 400 miles and 11 hours, the Mastiff finally rumbled into Camp Bastion, the British Armed Forces sector in Helmand Province and drew up close to the entrance to the medical block, the vehicle parking in such a way as to shield Louise from view from the Stand-Off perimeter.

The Colonel who greeted her made a big show of taking her around and introducing her to the other doctors on-station, all military; Louise was the only civilian, and his constant hand in the small of her back, his constant touching was making her uneasy. Pip didn’t like it either, she could tell, and even Tibor made a point of standing closer to her and staring at the colonel, who eventually got the message and removed his hand.

As Louise chatted with the other specialists there, she could feel his eyes on her, boring into her, making her squirm with the knowledge that he was mentally undressing her. After the meet and greet, an orderly was detailed to show her to her quarters, an unprepossessing concrete bunker, but with reassuringly thick walls and small windows set high-up in the walls. On the way across the compound there was much good-natured wolf-whistling from the various squaddies relaxing after their duty for the day, and she was quite pink and flustered by the time she arrived at her quarters.

Pip and Tibor were assigned their own quarters, but on the other side of the enclave, several hundred yards away, something they didn’t like at all. Louise promised she’d have a word with the colonel and get them changed as soon as possible.

Just as she was getting settled-in there was the sound of running feet. A nurse stuck her head around Louise’s door.

“Casualties, Doctor Lewis, ambushed patrol, at least three traumatic amputations, they’re airlifting them in now, scrub up!”

Louise headed for the Medical Centre at a dead run, where she was hustled into the changing area and fielded a set of scrubs. The senior MO nodded to her as he finished scrubbing-up.

“Doctor Lewis, welcome aboard, your assistance is appreciated. Mike Bruce gave me a quick run-down on your background, thank you for joining us at such short notice. You’ll be with the Triage team, remember, most urgent cases first, and let’s get this mess sorted; they’ll be on top of us in ten minutes or less, places, people!”

As the nurse finished sliding the surgical gloves on her she heard the clatter of rotors as a pair of Chinook helicopters grounded, disgorging a stream of men carrying their fallen comrades. Louise was appalled at the blood and carnage as she quickly assessed the injured, following the example of her peers as she decided on the survival chances of the injured soldiers, a sniper suppression patrol caught in a double roadside IED trap.

After Triage came surgery, as the wounded were funnelled through into the Trauma unit and stabilised enough to hopefully get them to the UK for surgery at a proper surgical unit, or Jeddah in Saudi Arabia for the more urgent trauma cases. Louise worked her way through the stream of bodies, holding her shock and horror in check and letting her skills come to the fore as she worked on saving the lives of the boys caught in the ambush.

After 15 hours in Trauma 1, Louise dragged herself back to her quarters, shell-shocked and numb from the work, and the heartbreaking decisions she’d had to make. Tibor was waiting for her, and half carried her to her room, where she rolled into her bunk, dog-tired, but not too tired to cry herself to sleep.

And so it went; very occasionally days would drag by where she did nothing except patrol Trauma 1 and try and ease the pain of the boys who’d been so badly injured, quickly learning that telling an injured soldier that he was no longer needed for service was one of the hardest things to do; men with missing limbs, sometimes multiple amputations, trying to gain assurance that they were still going to have some kind of life, and Louise quickly fell into the lie, trying to convince these men that they could still lead relatively normal and useful lives out of the service. Now she understood how Dylan had felt when he was told his service days were over, as she watched these broken soldiers recover enough to realise they were finished with the service, and that the service was finished with them.

Interspersed with days where her heart broke a little more each day would be the full horror of life in a war-zone where no-one was showed mercy or restraint; civilians, mainly children, who’d picked up the wrong thing, or been in the wrong place, and the resultant traumatic injuries; operating in body armour as Bomb Disposal teams tried to defuse and make safe live munitions still embedded in the bodies of ambush victims; waiting on tenterhooks for the one local brought in who’d detonate a bomb-vest or a hand-grenade once inside the hated westerner’s medical unit; then there were the days Louise swore she would ask God to sponge from her memory, the days when she had to rely on God and guesswork to figure out how to reassemble the shattered meat-puzzle in front of her that used to be a person, or how to stabilise and save the life of a child who’d been blown up by a car bomb, or a roadside bomb, or been too close to a patrol when someone decided to fire an RPG at them, or had just been standing in a crowded bazaar, or a bus queue, or on a school bus when someone decided to lob in a handful of grenades. Pip and Tibor watched her slowly retreat into a shell of isolation as she tried to escape the horror of the place.

As if that were not enough to deal with, there were the increasingly unwelcome attentions of Colonel Winton, the man who’d welcomed her when she first arrived; he was getting more and more bold with her, refusing to let the wedding ring she wore keep him from forcing his company on her every chance he got, finding excuses to intercept her and engage her in trivial conversation while touching her, holding her arm, his eyes crawling all over her, haunting her footsteps, and generally giving her a major case of the creeps.

The only reason she tolerated it was that if she mentioned it to Pip or Tibor, they’d do something painfully final to him, and she didn’t want them shouldering that kind of trouble. Pip and Tibor knew what was going on, though, and after less than two weeks, they decided she’d had enough, and, after a quick conversation with Mike Bruce, made preparations to spirit her away and back to the company compound.

Louise was well aware of her precarious position here; as she was a civilian outside the military hierarchy, not even an employee of the military, and officially not even there, just filling-in at the request of a friend, she had no authority she could report him to; he was effectively the highest military entity she had access to. She was at his mercy, something he was fully prepared to use to his advantage. However, he had forgotten about, or discounted Pip and Tibor.

One night, as Louise dragged herself into her quarters, the colonel was waiting for her, with two Redcaps, Military Policemen. He smirked as he sat at ease on her bunk.

“Doctor Lewis, I have here several surgical and post-op care reports, and they make interesting reading. In my estimation, and from careful examination of these reports, you’ve been neglecting care of our troops and those of our ISAF allies in favour of locals and what we have assumed to be injured Taliban fighters. This does not look good; this appears to show you are favouring those enemies who are dedicated to undermining and destroying what we stand for; I am saddened that you’ve chosen to use your skills to offer aid and assistance to our enemies, and can really only report you to the civilian authorities; that will mean you will be struck-off and will no longer be able to practice as a doctor, and may well involve detention for a suitable length of time on charges of treason in a time of war.”

Louise gaped at him in disbelief; he was accusing her of being a Taliban sympathiser! Winton smirked at her as he ordered the MP’s to wait outside.

“There is a way to make this whole mess go away, however,” he oiled, smirking even wider. “Why don’t we stroll over to my quarters and discuss this…unfortunate turn of affairs there, it’s much more comfortable, and so much more private? I’m sure you’re dying to get out of those scrubs, and I do have a private shower, you could be so much more…comfortable there!” he leered.”I’m sure, given the proper incentive, I could be persuaded to let this matter drop; it’s all up to you…Louise. The possible alternatives, including extending the period of your secondment here indefinitely, should be sufficient incentive for you to consider my proposal; after all, I only have your best interests at heart, and I think you should consider cooperating with me to make sure this unfortunate situation is resolved in an…adult manner!”

Louise stared at him, real fear slowly percolating through her; this creep was going to destroy her unless she…she…slept with him. Her skin crawled at the thought, while Winton leered at her victoriously, confident he was finally getting what he wanted. Just as she opened her mouth to reject him utterly, the lights went off. Louise froze as various loud snapping and groaning noises emanated from the corridor outside the room, plus several other unpleasantly organic noises. A light-stick flared green, revealing Tibor, with one of the Redcaps curled-up and gasping in agony at his feet, the other lying some distance away, out cold, with his right arm seriously dislocated and the elbow pointing entirely the wrong way. As Louise gasped, Pip stepped back into the room and picked up her bag with all her possessions in it.

“Pip, what have you done? Look at him, is he…?

Pip Collins, ex-SAS Sergeant and ferociously efficient killing machine looked at the maimed Redcap dismissively.

“I think he fell over, Louise, I didn’t do that, did you, Tibor?” he asked, sincerity ringing in his voice.

The huge Czech shook his head, his face, as always, impassive as he lied through his teeth to her.

“It pitch dark in here, I not see anything, come in after two men run out of here, maybe Taliban insurgents, they probably long gone by now…!”

“Where’s Colonel Winton, Pip? He was here just a minute ago.” asked Louise, staring in horror at the man with the maimed arm.

Pip Collins looked her in the eye without a flicker of an eyelash.

“He must have run away when it kicked off. I’m sure he’s fine, don’t worry about him! And now we have to go. I’ve got us a Snatch Land Rover, don’t ask how, and hopefully a rendezvous at Kabul airport, best we make tracks before these square-headed morons come round and start asking questions.”

Pip and Tibor trussed the two Redcaps and pulled their boots off, yanked off their socks and wadded them up, shoving one in each man’s mouth and tying the other around his head as a crude but effective gag. The two men were then slung unceremoniously in the back of the Land Rover.

“We’ll drop sleeping beauty and his boyfriend off in Kabul, that way they don’t get to raise any alarms until we’re well away!” stated Pip, again that quick skinning of his teeth he used as a grin.

They climbed into the desert-camo Land Rover parked outside the medical block, Pip talking urgently into what looked like an oversized cell phone. He saw her questioning look and clicked off.

“Satellite phone; we’ve got transport out of here waiting at Kabul, time to go!”

Once in the vehicle, Louise started shuddering in reaction, and Tibor immediately folded his arms around her, holding her close as she had her first ever bout of hysterics, stroking her hair and crooning softly to her in a strange mix of Czech, Russian, German and English until she calmed down, eventually dropping off in the shelter of his arm on the long drive back to Kabul.

The vehicle slowing to a halt roused her, and she watched as Pip clambered out and went around to the rear door. He yanked it open and launched a kick at something in there, snarling “Out, you, we’re going to have a talk, now!”

Louise gasped as Col. Winton half climbed, half fell out of the back of the Land Rover. Pip dragged him upright.

“Right you, now we’re miles from anywhere, this is where you fucking die! You tried to force my friend to have sex with you; sounds like attempted rape to me, and I can’t fucking abide rapists, so I’m going to cut your balls off and bone you like a fucking fish; say your prayers, you gutless prick! I hate desk-jockeys like you, you’re no soldier, so I’m not gonna treat you like one; when I’ve finished with you you’re gonna be begging me to slit your throat and put you out of your fucking misery, and you better fucking believe it, boyo!”

Winton watched in terror-struck silence, his eyes wide and his mouth opening and closing like a beached fish as Pip pulled his favourite K-Bar knife out of his boot-top and yanked him close, to prod him in the genitals with the point of the knife. Winton gave a strangled shriek, obviously believing the big man was going to carry out his threat, and the front of his DPM trousers darkened as his bladder let go in his terror.

Pip looked at him with contempt as he pushed him back a little, his nose wrinkling in disgust.

“Strip, you fucking pansy!”he barked, sticking the point of the knife up one of Winton’s nostrils just far enough for him to feel the razor-edge of the lethal-looking American knife. Winton rose up to stand on tiptoe as he sought to get away from the viciously sharp blade, his eyes darting around as he hurriedly unbuckled his pants. Once he was done stripping, Pip picked up all his clothes and threw them into the Land Rover, then wrapped his hand around Winton’s neck, hauling him up until they were nose to nose.

“Right you fuckwit, Camp Bastion’s 200 miles that way, start walking; and just in case you get any idea’s, the Waziri’s get really offended at seeing naked white men, so I’d keep out of sight if I were you, otherwise you’re going to be first course at a buggery banquet. Just remember this, though, after they’ve finished gang-raping you, they’ll cut off your fucking head and send it back to the lines, so you better keep out of sight for your own good! I don’t care what story you make up to explain how you got out here naked, make yourself out to be a hero for all I care, but I swear to God, one mention of Doctor Lewis or this conversation, even a hint, ever, and I’ll come back and cut your balls off and knot them around your neck, understand, you worthless cunt? Just be grateful it’s me; if Dr. Lewis’ husband was here, what he’d do to you makes even me feel sick to think about! Now fucking walk or die, I don’t care which, just get out of my fucking sight before I kill you anyway!”

Winton nodded, then staggered at the contemptuous, open-handed slap Pip gave him. Tears were streaming down his cheeks as he stumbled in the direction Pip indicated, never once looking back.

Louise watched in horrified silence as Pip gave Winton his marching orders, then turned to him.

“Pip, don’t…he didn’t touch me, please, he’ll die out here, the Waziri’s…!”

Pip grinned wolfishly at her.

“No he won’t; the Waziri’s are 200 miles away, but he doesn’t know that! in about four hours, once we’re on the plane, the Bastion will get an anonymous call telling them where that prick is; until then we’ll just let the bastard sweat while he shits himself out here in the wilds; he’d better watch out, though; I meant what I said about the Waziri’s, or just about any of the tribes out here; way I see it, he needs to suffer a little out here, ‘cos the alternative is me and Pip in a locked room somewhere a long, long way away, and he really wouldn’t want that!”

Louise smiled in spite of herself. Winton was getting a lesson he’d likely never forget, and he was getting off lightly; she was in no doubt that if she were not there Winton would have just quietly disappeared, never to be heard from again. She was silent the rest of the journey to Kabul, feeling safer and more protected out here in the wastes of Afghanistan than in the security of Camp Bastion, thanks to the two men with her right now, Dylan’s friends, her friends.

Once they arrived at the airport, Tibor cautiously led them by a roundabout route to a Gulfstream G650 parked in one of the hangars while Pip made sure the two Redcaps remained uninterested in the proceedings. As they approached it, the door swung open and Mike popped his head out to grin at her.

“I told you we’d come and get you, Louise! Hop in, we’re getting ready to take off, find a seat, there’s a washroom aft, and there’ll be some food as soon as we’re at height. I’m sorry about what happened, as soon as I heard what was going on, I told Pip and Tibor to pull you out of there no matter what, so let’s get you back home before Dylan comes down here and does a number on that bloke!”

Pip called in the location of the two MP’s and the probable location of Winton, then switched off the sat-phone and pulled the chip out of it, crushing it underfoot to make sure they were untraceable.

Louise sighed in relief as she sank gratefully into the deeply padded seat, unutterably grateful to be leaving the horror of this place and going back to a place of safety. She found the washroom once the aircraft levelled-off and was pleasantly surprised to find a small but serviceable shower unit, so she was able to luxuriate in the hot water while the jet arrowed back to Jeddah and safety. Mike had brought a selection of clothes for her, so, in jeans and a sweatshirt instead of fatigues or scrubs for the first time in days, she was able to sit down, relax, and break bread with her boss and her two guardians. Mike also had a surprise for her.

“Louise, you’ll be happy to hear Dylan will be back with us shortly; I knew sending him was a good idea! He’s wrapped up the security issues in Brunei almost a week early, so he’ll be flying back tonight and he’ll be here tomorrow. I’ve got you off the books now anyway, so your final salary payments, plus your bonuses, and an ex-gratia payment to make up for what you had to endure with that little cock have all been passed and paid. You’re a free woman, Louise Lewis!”

Louise hugged him, surprising herself at how much she was going to miss this man who’d been so much a part of their lives for the last seven years, but also trembling with excitement at the thought of going home for good this time, not just for a holiday. Mike poured some champagne, and toasted her and Dylan, and Louise toasted Pip Collins and Tibor Kovacs for rescuing her and getting her away so neatly.

When the Gulfstream landed at Jeddah an MPV was waiting to whisk them back to the compound, where Louise spent several hours packing their stuff for transport to the UK, excited to be going home but also, surprisingly, saddened to be leaving as well; people like Mike, Scotty Moore, ‘Mitch’ Miller, Pip and Tibor had made the life bearable, and she knew she was going to miss them all desperately; but home was calling, and the call was louder than the sense of loss she was feeling. She sighed and cleared out the dresser, picking up and admiring the bracelet Dylan had given her all those years ago. The emeralds encrusting the bracelet threw glittering green points of light around the room as they sparkled in the sunlight, her eyes distant as she smiled happily at the memory of what had transpired after Dylan had given her the bracelet.

At last she roused herself and finished clearing out their dressers and packing away any items she wanted to take with them now in their luggage. That done, she began working on a personal ‘thank you’ for the two men who’d pulled her out of such an unpleasant situation; she knew exactly what she was going to give them, and set to with a will. Two hours later she was done, and, as darkness had fallen, and after the rigours of the last day or so, she gratefully climbed into bed, secure in the knowledge that Dylan was on his way back and would be with her in the morning.

The sound of the door opening startled her awake, that and the bright sunshine baking through the window, and she scrambled out of bed as Dylan poked his head around the door.

“Morning, sleeping beauty, fancy a shag?” he grinned, Louise giving an inarticulate cry as she dashed across the room and into his arms.

“Oh God, Dyl, I missed you so much!” she gabbled, “that place was just awful, horrible, all I could think of was leaving, it was like Hell, those poor boys, having to live there for months on end, Christ I’m glad to be back, I’m never leaving your side again!”

Dylan stroked her hair as he hugged her.

“It’s over now, baby-girl; Mike told me what happened, I knew I could trust Pip and Tibor to find a way to get you out of there. That idiot was lucky Pip didn’t decide to get all creative on him!”

Louise buried her face in his chest as she spoke.

“I was scared, though, for about 30 seconds, then the lights went out, and when they came back on there was destruction and mayhem everywhere, and Pip and Tibor in the middle of it all, looking for all the world like innocent choirboys! Those two should be in politics, the way they could lie with perfectly straight faces…!”

Dylan grinned as she hugged him closer, wrapping her legs around him. The close contact had an immediate effect, something Louise was quick to notice.

“Soldier Boy feeling horny, yes? Soldier Boy want Jig-a-jig? I love you long time, G.I. Joe, do sucky-sucky, do fucky-fucky too, ten dollar extra!” she pidgin’d at him, making him grin even as he rubbed himself against her. Louise groaned as his erection rubbed against her suddenly tender slit, making her rub herself even harder against the bulging front of his jeans. Dylan slid his hands under her to hold her by her firm cheeks, allowing her to rub herself ever more seriously against him.

“No, Lou, not…not like this!” he managed to gasp out, Louise grinning as the catch in his voice told her all she needed to know. She uncoiled her legs and sagged down, pulling his head down to her level, where her lips were waiting for him. Dylan kissed her long and hard, his cock stiffening even further as his need for her grew, something she noticed almost immediately, her hands going to his belt buckle as his hands squeezed and fondled her tight, panty-clad bum. His hands slid into her panties, exploring her bottom and the tight spongy crease of her rosebud, her hips, the soft flesh of her lower belly, before sliding a finger between her puffy labia, drawing a hissing groan from her.

“Oh God, Dyl, I need this, I need you now!” she murmured even as her own busy hands slid inside the waistband of his jeans to squeeze and clasp his solid erection tightly. Dylan stepped back slightly as he took hold of the hem of her oversized Tee and pulled it off over her head, to stare in frank appreciation at her small, firm breasts with their delicate rose-pink nipples. Louise in turn wasted no time in pulling his habitual olive-drab tee-shirt off as he kicked off his jeans and toed his shoes off to stand before her in just his briefs.

“Missed you, wife!” he whispered at her, Louise smiling as she slid her hands into the waistband of his shorts and pushed them down until his throbbing erection sprang up, swollen and inviting.

“I missed you too, husband!” she whispered, smiling. Louise sank to her knees as she fondled him, Dylan’s eyes closing in ecstasy as her hot mouth took him in, one hand pumping his stone-hard cock while the other gently squeezed and massaged his swollen balls. Dylan stood stock-still as she pleasured him, her tongue gently rasping him as she teased and licked him as she sucked, and when he opened his eyes to look down at her, it was to meet her big green-hazel eyes looking back into his, a sight that nearly tipped him over as she grinned at him around her mouthful of man-meat. Dylan suddenly backed away from her, his cock pulling out of her mouth with an almost audible pop. Louise looked up at him in puzzlement; he loved it when she sucked him off, but when Dylan extended his hand and helped her up she grinned, knowing what he wanted to do.

Once more his head dipped down, and as she reached up to kiss him again his hands slid around her naked waist and slipped down to cup and squeeze her buttocks, then slowly, rhythmically, pull them apart and squeeze them together again, stretching her tightest hole open, making her feel naughty, hot, and ready for whatever his inventively dirty mind could come up with! As they kissed his finger stroked and lightly rubbed against her anus, then slowly slid into her, while his other hand explored her labia, his expert fingers rubbing lightly at her erect, stiff clitoris. Louise gasped as sharp, staccato bursts of intense pleasure shot through her entire body, making her nerve-endings crackle and spark with need for him, readying her for a long-awaited session with her lovely man, her brother-husband.

“I want to taste you!” he whispered hoarsely as his hands slid around her and cupped her breasts, his palms rubbing over her almost painfully hard nipples, the sensation sending more of those electric burst of pleasure rocketing around her body. Louise was propelled towards the bed by Dylan even as he nibbled and bit lightly at her neck and shoulders, all the while keeping up that circling motion of his hands against her nipples, almost making her cry out with the pleasure he was giving her. Louise reached behind her to pull him closer by his rigid erection, seating it firmly in the cleft between her tight buttocks, making him groan in return as she rose up and down against him, sliding her bum firmly against the rigid cock ensconced between her cheeks.

Dylan released her momentarily to spin her around and once more kiss her, his hands once more grabbing hold of her cheeks and squeezing them playfully as he pulled her against him. Louise pushed against him, forcing him onto his back so she could sit astride him, toying with his cock as her eyes taunted him.

“Come on, Soldier-Boy, show me some of the good stuff!” she grinned, grinding her wet pussy on his rigid cock as it lay along his stomach, watching his eyes momentarily glaze as the sensation of wet heat made itself felt. Dylan grinned and cupped her buttocks again, dragging her along him until she was astride his chest, grinning down at him as she wondered what he was going to do next. She soon found out.

With a sudden heave, he rolled over so he was now on top of her, his mouth level with her nipples, so he took the opportunity to suck and gently bite them, making her gasp and shudder with pleasure. Dylan continued to move further down until his face was above her damp pussy, the scent of her arousal sharp and tantalising, touching off a torrent of memories of her, images of her and all the other times they’d made love, memories and fantasies of her blending into one lasting and firmly held image that to him said everything about her; her glorious eyes and parted lips as they made love, her auburn hair spread out on the pillow like a net, soft, silky, and fine.

Louise groaned deeply as she once again felt his mouth on her, pushing herself against him as he explored her tangy-sweet cleft with his expert tongue, drawing little gasps and sighs and sobbing groans as he found a place she especially liked him touching, until his questing lips found her stiff clitoris. As he licked her there she stiffened, her anus tightening involuntarily as the electric sensation swept through her. Again and again he licked and sucked at the hard little nub of flesh, Louise threshing helplessly as he drove her higher and higher, until she could take it no more.

“OOHHH GODD! OOOHH! Yesss, yess, oh God, yes, Dylan! Oh baby, like that , OOOH MY GOD!” she screamed, her orgasm lashing through her like a white-hot thunderbolt, a burst of her own fragrant ejaculate spraying across his face as she squirted helplessly. Louise shuddered and twitched as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure crashed through her, and when Dylan pulled her closer and pushed his tongue hard into her anus she screamed as she came again, once more helplessly squirting a pulse of her own juices across his mouth and face as orgasm wracked her body all over again.

Holding her legs open, Dylan slid up along her body until she could feel his rod prodding at her swollen and sensitive crotch. He looked down at her and she smiled back up at him and nodded, telling him this was what she wanted. Needing no further reassurance, Dylan slid forward, his cock sliding into her, filling her with himself, Louise gasping as her man joined with her once again. Her hands clasped across the small of his back as she held him to her, her body already moving in sync with his as he pumped himself into her. Louise looked up again to see Dylan smiling down at her, and she pulled his face down so she could kiss him as he made love to her, his sister, his wife.

His movements began to speed up; he was nearing his climax, and she wasn’t far behind. Making her come with his mouth was something she adored, but making love to each other, Dylan’s cock filling her with his rich sperm, was always going to be the purest expression they had of their love for each other, and one she treasured above all others; making her come with his mouth, or fucking her in her arse was sex, fabulous, mind-blowing, hot, sweaty sex, but making love to each other was always about their love, not just their physical need for each other, and for her, and him, was the best, the most meaningful, and the most fulfilling sex they could have.

Dylan was pounding into her now, his strokes sharp and stabbing as he pistoned his cock into her, and Louise was gasping as she felt the breakers of orgasm billowing into shore. Suddenly Dylan stiffened, his cock seeming to thicken and grow even more rigid inside her as he groaned out loud, and she felt the hot rush as he pulsed inside her, filling her with his fertile seed. The thought, and the sensation, tipped her over, and she orgasmed with a heartfelt, high-pitched groan as waves of orgasm crashed and surged inside her, her pussy rhythmically squeezing and releasing the cock embedded in her, massaging and milking Dylan as he pumped what felt like gallons of sperm endlessly into her.

At last Dylan rolled off her, pulling her to him as he slid beside her. Louise in turn pulled herself as close to him as she could, her head pressed against his chest as she listened to his trip-hammering heart, her fingers swirling through the soft mat of hair clothing even more of his chest and upper body; she grinned to herself as she realised she liked that he was becoming a true bear of a man; musclemen with their waxed and hairless chests and bodies looked too much like anatomical models for her to ever find them attractive; to her, Dylan looked like exactly what he was; a Celtic warrior in his prime, and the thought filled her with pride in his achievements and overt masculinity, and thrilled her once again that he was hers forever.

At last Dylan’s racing heart slowed to a more normal tempo, and his lips gently caressed her hair as he squeezed her to him.

“God that was amazing!” he grinned, and Louise gently scratched his solid abdomen in unspoken agreement as she kissed his chest.

“Make babies in me like that, Gariad!” she whispered, Dylan turning to her to lift her chin so he could kiss her lips, her eyes, and the tip of her nose.

“Dyna beth fi angen, hefyd, baban-merch!” (That’s all I want to do, baby-girl!) he whispered back, “A ydych yn barod i fynd adref nawr?” (Are you ready to go home now?) he asked, and leaned down to kiss her again as she saw the mute appeal in her eyes.

“Little surprise, Baby-Girl!” he grinned, and leaned over the side of the bed to pick up his backpack and rummage inside. He pulled out an envelope and handed it to her. Louise took it with trembling fingers and pulled the flap open, her eyes opening wide as she saw what the envelope contained; two first-class single tickets to Birmingham International. Two tears ran down her cheeks as she looked up at him.

“Oh Dylan we’re really going home?” she quavered, to smile tremulously when he nodded and grinned back at her.

“Tomorrow afternoon, Gwraig i mi (wife of mine)! I called Harry and Jane earlier and let them know, they’re picking us up at BIA, and then day after tomorrow, you and Jane are going shopping in Cheshire Oaks.”

Louise looked puzzled, so Dylan gently poked her on the tip of her nose.

“How do you expect her to help you pick out a wedding dress if you don’t go with her?” he grinned, his grin threatening to stretch all the way round his head as her eyes widened.

“Oh Dyl, you remembered, thank you, baby!” she smiled, her eyes brimming again; the one thing Louise had always wanted, and had missed out on completely, was a proper white wedding, and now, at last, she was going to get her wish.

“I have one last surprise!” he grinned, rummaging in his pack again, finally bringing out a tissue-wrapped package.

“I picked it out for you in Riyadh for you to wear on our wedding day, I hope you like it!”

Louise opened the layers of paper gingerly, then gasped. Inside was an exquisite white gold tiara encrusted with sparkling, cornflower-blue sapphires. Louise stared at it in awe, until Dylan carefully took it from her and put it on her head.

“There you are, perfect! That’s new and blue, all you need now is something old, and something borrowed to make your wedding day complete!”

Louise looked at him blankly, until Dylan explained.

“Jane told me ages ago, last time we went home, on her wedding day a bride needs something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue, so we’re nearly there!”

While Dylan showered, Louise made a couple of calls, and when she came out dressed after her shower, it was to find Pip Collins and Tibor Kovacs sitting with Dylan.

“The boys said you called them, Gariad, care to enlighten me?” grinned Dylan.

Louise smiled at the two big men.

“Pip, Tibor, I can’t think of any way to thank you except to say ‘Thank you, you saved me from a lot of grief, you really are my friends. This is a token for each of you, something to say ‘Thank You’ in a small way!”

So saying, she handed each one of them a box she’d kept out on the counter. Pip opened his and grinned at the two loaves of Bara Brith inside. Tibor opened his and gasped as the scent of tea-laced spiced bread pudding hit him.

“You take care where you go, Nemnogo Marishka (Little Mariska)” he murmured as she hugged him, “anytime you need, you call, I come!”

Louise wiped her eyes on his shirt front, and turned to Pip, who hugged her in turn.

“Anytime you need us, any of us, just call, you know we’ll come running chwaer fach (Little Sister), we like looking out for you, it’s always such fun!”

He turned to Dylan and clapped him on the shoulder.

“See you at one day at Cardiff Arms Park, bach! We’ll have a beer and watch Cardiff teach those bloody Saracens how to play a man’s game! Gadw eich gard i fyny, milwr!” (Keep your guard up, soldier)

Louise hugged them both again, trying not to cry as she said goodbye to these hard, tough men who’d become over the years as much a part of her family as Dylan, Harry or Jane. Now she had to find a way to say goodbye to Mike Bruce, the man who more than anybody had given them so much. Dylan reminded her that Mike had an office in a secluded, unremarkable family home in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, so there was a good chance she’d see him reasonably often , the thought perking her up immediately; she wouldn’t lose touch completely with these men after all.


The Emirates flight from Jeddah touched down exactly on time and Louise and Dylan cleared customs rapidly, as they only had cabin baggage with them; the rest of their stuff was being shipped to a storage facility in Wrexham until they got a place of their own; in the meantime they would stay with Jane and Harry. As they came through the Arrivals gate Louise scanned around anxiously for their only living relatives. A waving hand caught her eye, and there was Jane, looking the same, handkerchief in her hand as she waved and dabbed at her eyes, with Harry standing and beaming behind her. Dylan grinned and took her bag so Louise could run ahead and hug them both, finally home for good at last.

Dylan and Louise settled back in almost immediately; it almost felt like they’d never left, but now, for the first time, this place, this house, actually felt like home. The feeling was slightly unsettling for Dylan, and he discussed it with Louise.

“It’s quite easy Dyl,” she’d explained, “You had to go away before you could come home, before you could accept that this was home. There’s an old saying that home is the place where, when you go there, they have to take you back; I think for us, we had to find out for ourselves that this was always our home, our first real home. We went away, we had our adventures, we’ll have stories to tell our kids about midnight escapes, and wars, high-jinks in exotic places, and battles and fire-fights with insurgents, saboteurs and what-not, and it’ll all just be exciting yarns for them, but right now, the most exciting thing for me is that I’ve come back, here, to this house, and it finally feels like home. And when we have our babies, they’re going to be surrounded by family; you, me, Uncle Harry and Aunt Jane, the only grandparents they’ll ever know, in their own land. That’s what home is, and we had to go full circle to come back there to discover that for ourselves.”

Dylan listened, enthralled, as she explained it to him in a way he could understand; somehow, she’d gotten right to the heart of it and put his mind at ease in just a few sentences.

Job-hunting began in earnest a couple of weeks later, once the luxury of not having to think about work wore off. Dylan struck gold almost immediately; Mike had put in a good word for him with a Ministry of Defence agency dealing with security and anti-terrorism issues at government estate sites across the country, and with his background and experience the interview was a mere formality . Louise applied for and was offered a position on the Cardio-Vascular team with a hospital in Aberystwyth, in West Wales, in Cardigan Bay, a short drive from her beloved Llŷn Peninsula.


The rest of that day was magical. We didn’t do anything that special, just went grocery shopping, watched a movie, and cooked dinner… but it was special because we did it together. Then at dinner, Matt’s phone rang and he excused himself to answer it. When he returned he was wearing a frown.

“Bad news,” he said. “That was work. I have to go to some conference.”

“Oof,” I said. “When?”

“Tomorrow morning. The guy they were going to send got sick so they’re sending me instead.”

“On such short notice? That sucks!”

“Yeah. Well, it’s only for a few days, but still…”

“Poor thing,” I pouted, standing up and crossing the room to him. “I’m gonna miss you.”

“Yeah, I’ll miss you too,” he said. “Anyway I’d better get going… I still have some stuff at mom and dad’s place and I have to get packed up and then get to bed. My flight is pretty early tomorrow.”

“Wait,” I said. “Before you go, let me give you something to remember me by.”

I dropped to my knees and undid Matt’s belt. I pulled down his pants and immediately starting licking and sucking on his balls. Within seconds I felt his dick get hard against the side of my face. Mmm. I licked up and down his shaft a few times and then wrapped my lips around his head. I sucked hard as I started to move my head up and down on his cock, first slowly, then faster and faster until I was blowing my brother hard and fast.

“Oh fuck…” he said. “That’s so good…” He ran his fingers through my hair and put a small amount of pressure on my head, guiding me up and down his cock. I felt myself getting wet as I sucked him. His cock was so hard, and I loved the way it filled my mouth. I slipped one hand into my panties and started rubbing my clit as I sucked him harder and harder. I was so horny.

“I’m getting close…” he said.

I pulled away suddenly. “Uh-uh!” I said. “Not yet. I need this cock in my pussy first.” I quickly whisked off my shirt and pants and got on my hands and knees, wiggling my butt at my brother. He took the hint. I felt him bumble around a little bit, this being our first time in this position, before rubbing the head of his cock against my clit (which felt really hot) and then sliding it up until he found my hole. He sunk his dick into me all the way, deeper than I’d ever felt. “Ooooooh yeah,” I moaned. “That feels really good, Matt!” I reached down and rubbed my clit hard and fast. I knew he wouldn’t last that long and I really wanted to come with his cock inside me.

“Oh god, it feels go for me too,” he cried out as he put his hands on my hips and started pumping into me. “It’s really intense. I can get so deep this way, it’s like your pussy is massaging the head of my cock.”

“Mmm, you like my pussy, huh?”

“Yeah, I love it,” he grunted, picking up speed. “And you seem to like my cock.”

“I looooooove your cock!” I squealed. To show him just how much I gave it a squeeze with my pussy and I started rocking back against him hard and fast. “I love it so much I’m gonna come all over it pretty soon!”

“Mmm, yeah? Do it, baby. Come for me. Come on your brother’s hard dick!”

“Mmm, fuck baby, keep fucking me. Harder, baby, here it comes.. I’m coming! Oooooooh fuck!” I came hard, my pussy spasming around my brother’s cock. It felt so good. God I loved fucking him. His cock just fit into my pussy so perfectly. As my orgasm started to subside and I regained my senses, I could hear Matt’s breathing get faster and I knew he was close too. “Oooh god Matt I came so hard. Are you gonna come too, baby? I know you’re getting close. Mmm, I want it. I want that hot come so fucking bad, baby. Where do you want to come?”

“Oh, uh… on… mmm on your ass!”

“Oooh, that’s so hot Matt! Come for me baby! Cover my ass with that hot come!”

With a groan he pulled out of my pussy and a few seconds later I felt his come splash across my body in big thick gobs. The first hit me in my upper back and hair. The second and third streaked up my back, and the rest–which was a lot–landed on my ass as intended, coating my butt cheeks and running down onto my legs, asshole, and pussy. It felt so good. I was starting to get obsessed with my brother’s come. I love tasting it in my mouth and swallowing it, I loved feeling it fill up my hungry cunt, and I loved the feeling of it on my skin as he covered me with it.

“Mmm, fuck that’s hot,” I sighed. “You’re so fucking hot! I hate that you have to go!”

“Me too. I wish I didn’t, but I do, and I’d better get moving.”

“Ugh. I’ll miss you,” I sighed. Then we both got dressed and I kissed him softly goodbye.


This conference was, frankly speaking, bullshit. It was only one day, but it was across the country and my company cheaped out and didn’t put me on direct flights, so I’d have to spend a whole day getting there and a whole day getting back. Ugh. Three days on this stupid trip to a stupid conference where I’d have nothing to do but listen to boring speakers talk about things I have no interest in. What a waste of time.

When I finally got to my hotel the night before the conference I had a text message from Kelly: “Call me when you get to your room.” So I did.


“Hey Kelly, it’s Matt. I got your message. Is something wrong?”

“I’ll say something’s wrong! I’ve been horny as hell all day and my sexy little brother isn’t here to shove his cock into me and fuck me til I scream!”

“I miss you too.”

“I’m serious! What are you doing right now?”

“Nothing much, I just got here. How about you?”

“Rubbing my pussy. I tried to wait until I could talk to you but I started a little early…”

“I… uh…”

“Listen Matt, I want to float something by you but I want you to do me a favor first, ok? I want you to pull out that big cock of yours and start stroking it. It’s not fair that I’m the only one doing myself on this phone call, right?”

“Uh… right. Ok.”

“Are you doing it?”

I undid my pants, lay down on the bed, and started stroking myself gently. “Yeah, I’m doing it.”

“Mmm, good. Slow or fast?”

“Slow for now.”

“Me too. Do whatever feels good but don’t come until I say, ok?”




“Ok good. So Matt I’ve been really horny like I think I said. I’ve been thinking a lot about you…”

“I’ve been thinking about you too.”

“Oh yeah? What have you been thinking about?” She was breathing more heavily now, and I could tell she’d intensified her masturbatory efforts. I did the same, stroking my cock at a steady pace.

“Everything. All the sexy things we can do together.”

“Uhhh, like what?”

“Like you sucking my dick. Me eating your wet, juicy pussy. Us fucking each others’ brains out until we both come like crazy.”

“Oooh, sounds good! Anyway, I was thinking about what we’ve been doing. I think we both know that we’re past the point where I’m just helping you out, right? I mean… this is as much for me as it is for you at this point.”

“Yeah, I… I kind of figured.”

“It’s no problem, Matt. I love you more and more, and I love everything we do together. I love making you feel good and fuck knows I love the way you make me feel. But I mean… I feel a little bad.”

I was confused. If my sister was having second thoughts about all this, why was she telling me while we jerked off together? I waited for her to go on.

“I started this with a purpose, you know? To help you get more assertive. And I think you’ve come a long way, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I–”

“But only with me. And I was thinking, that can’t be the only goal, right? So here’s what I decided, you have to–oooh, what I’m doing feels really good, Matt, I hope you’re making yourself feel good too.”

“I am.” I sped up. I was actually getting pretty close to coming.

“Ooooh, good. You sound like you’re having a good time. Anyway, I’ve decided that you have to fuck someone else.”

My dick throbbed in my hand. “What? Wh-who?”

“I don’t care, silly! But you have to fuck someone else to prove that you’ve learned how to be assertive. And what else is… oooh god I’m getting close, Matt. Are you getting close too?”


“Not yet, baby. We both have to hold off a little longer. So the other thing is you’re going to fuck someone there. Tomorrow night.”

“What? I–”

“I know you can do this, Matt. Those conferences are full of lonely people looking for some action. So what I want you to do is spend tomorrow shopping around for some hot slut at the conference that you can take back to your room and fuck the shit out of.”

“Kelly, I don’t… I don’t know…”

“It can be anyone you want, Matt. And you can do anything with her, but you have to fuck her. Think about it. Think about taking a hot stranger back and just having your way with her. Ooooh god it’s turning me on so much. I’m getting so close, Matt. Oh fuck I’m right there. Get there too, baby. Bring yourself right to the edge, right with me, but don’t come yet ok?”

“Oooh fuck,” I moaned as I jerked off hard and fast. “I’m almost there…”

“Mmm, good baby. So you know what you need to do, and as long as you do that we can keep doing whatever you want. You want that, right baby?”

“I… yes…”

“Ha, good, me too. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t fuck you anymore. So there’s only one rule. Are you ready to hear it?”

“Yes…” I moaned. It was torture keeping myself on the edge of orgasm like this.

“Wow, you’re really close to coming, huh? Really close to shooting that hot load? I can hear it in your voice.”

“Yeah, I’m really close, Kel.”

“Stop touching yourself.”

“I… what?”

“Stop touching yourself right now!”

I stopped. What the hell? “Kelly, I–”

“The rule is, you don’t get to come until you come with her.”

“Aw come on…”

“No, I’m serious. Call it extra motivation. But don’t worry, I won’t either. Hear my voice? Calm. Relaxed. I stopped too, Matt. I’m right there with you, and I’m not going to get myself off either. Not until you call me tomorrow night, as soon as she leaves your room, and tell me every last detail about it.”

. . . .

On the plus side, Kelly had given me something to do with my day. Instead of playing games on my laptop while the speakers droned on, I looked around at the women in attendance. There were some pretty attractive ones there, I had to admit, and given that I was still pretty wound up from last night I actually started to get hard a couple of times while fantasizing about them.

I didn’t get really serious about it until lunchtime, though. A lot of the women I saw were there in groups, and I was just more comfortable approaching someone who was alone. After looking around for a few minutes I saw a woman sitting alone and went up to her. She was beautiful: long black hair, pretty brown eyes, and a great curvy figure with a more than ample bosom. She was the kind of woman I would never have even dreamt of talking to a couple of weeks ago.

I asked if the seat across from her was taken and she said no and gestured for me to sit. I sat. “So, how are you liking the conference?” She asked.

I opened my mouth to say “It’s ok” or something similar, but I paused. That wasn’t any good. This wasn’t just about me getting laid, it was about me opening up and talking to someone, and I wasn’t going to get either of those things done if I fell back on my old shy ways of avoiding conversations. I had to be funny and charming and engaging, and most of all I had to take chances.

So I made a thumbs-down gesture with my hand and a fart noise with my mouth.

She laughed, then I laughed. “I know, it’s a real snoozefest, huh?” she said.

“God, right? The worst. I wasn’t even supposed to be here, the guy my company was going to send managed to find a way out of it.”

“Ugh, isn’t that the worst? I come to these all the time and I just hate them.”

“This is my first one, but if I ever come to another one it’ll be too soon. Still, at least it’s only for a few days.”

“Yeah, that’s true. And at least there’s some decent company around for a change.”

“Where?” I joked.

“Ha! Seriously, most of the people at these things are as boring as the presentations are.” She checked her watch. “Shit, my breakout session is about to start. We should meet up later, though… are you staying here?”

“Yeah. Staying here tonight and flying out tomorrow.”

“Great! Wanna meet in the hotel bar for a drink after the conference is over? Say… six-thirty?”

“Sure thing! See you there!”

“I’m Kat, by the way.”

“Oh, ha! I’m Matt.”

“Heh, Kat and Matt, what a pair. Funny. Anyway, nice to meet you, Matt. See you tonight.”

“See you.”


“Well?!? Did you do it?!?” I practically screamed into the phone as soon as I picked it up.

“Geez, hello to you to,” Matt said.

“Hello. How was your day? Mine was good. So did you do it or not?”

“Yeah, I did it.”

“Oh my god! I knew you could, Matt. Tell me everything! Oh god, I’ve been so excited to hear about this… I almost couldn’t wait to get myself off but now I’m so glad I did. I’m soooo fucking horny, Matt. Ok, you start telling me about it.” I was already in bed, and I quickly shimmied out of my pajama pants and panties and started to slowly but firmly rub my dripping wet pussy. I was so horny that it was a struggle to not just attack my clit and make myself come as fast as I could, but I knew that if I drew it out and made it last through Matt’s story it would be that much more amazing.

“Well, I met her at lunch. Her name was Kat…”

“What did she look like?”

“A little older than us. Long black hair, dark brown eyes, curvy with big tits.”

“Bigger than mine?”


“Awww,” I teased.

“Anyway, we ate lunch together and then we had a few drinks. We talked for a while actually, she–”

“Skip to the good part! I’m dying here!”

“Ok, ok, geez. So after the drinks I invited her up to my room and she accepted. Pretty much as soon as we got up here she was all over me. We kissed for a little bit, and I was taking it slow at first. She told me I was sweet, but she had an early flight the next day and really needed to get fucked.”

“Wow, that’s so hot! She really said that?”

“Yep, she said ‘I need to get fucked, so let’s move this along.’ Then she tore off her clothes and I did the same. She pushed me down on the bed, straddled me, and sank right down onto my cock.”

“Oooooh,” I moaned. I slid a finger into my slick hole. “That’s so hot! Keep going.”

“She rode me for a while, just writhing and bucking on me. She obviously knew what she wanted. While she was on top of me I was mostly squeezing and kneading her tits–they felt different from yours, not as firm but still really nice.”

“Mmm, what next?”

“Well after a little while she told me to start fucking her harder and she lifted up a little bit, and I grabbed her by the hips and started pounding her hard and fast.”

“Oh, that sounds really fun! We should do that!” I added a second finger to my steamy pussy and starting fucking myself harder. I was getting close in spite of my intention to hold off. “Then what happened?”

“Well after a few minutes she said she was getting close and she slammed down hard on me and pulled one of my hands to her clit. I rubbed it hard and before long she started coming.”

“Oh o-ooooooooh f-fuck! Al-already?”

“Yeah. She really went wild, bucking and screaming and everything. Her pussy also clamped down so hard on me that I thought I might come too, but I held off.”

“Oh, I… I don’t think I can…”

“Huh? You don’t think you can what?”

“Hold off from coming… I’m… ooooooooh…” I thrust my fingers deep into my pussy and came hard on them. My hips shot off the bed and I moaned loudly into the phone. “Oh fuck! God fucking dammit, Matt, I just came so fucking hard.”

“Heh, I know… it was really hot.”

“Mmm, not as hot as your story. keep going?”

“Keep… are you sure?”

“Oh yeah. I can go again, trust me.”

“Oh… ok, so where was I?”

“You brought a hot slut back to your hotel room and she rode you until she came on that big thick cock of yours.” I started rubbing my pussy again, more gently this time.

“Oh… right. So uh… hold on a sec.” I heard a rustling sound on the other end of the line. “Ok, so after that she leaned down and started sucking on my neck and ears. She said she wanted me to… hhhhuhh… she said she wanted me to fuck her from behind. Hard and fast, she said… ooh.”

“Mmm, sounds like I’m not the only one that’s w-worked up over this…” I said. I had a finger buried deep in my cunt again now and was grinding my pelvis against my hand. “Sounds like somebody might be stroking their big cock right now.”

“Oooh, I couldn’t help it. You just sound so hot when you come.”

“Aww, that’s sweet,” I cooed. “Even after you fuck the shit out of a hot bitch, you can still get it up for your big sister.”

“Uhhh… oh man.”

“Keep telling me the story, Matt. You fucked her from behind?”

“Uh… yeah. So I got behind her and rammed my cock in deep and she screamed and urged me on.”

“Oooh god that’s so fucking hot, Matt!” I put a second finger in my cunt and started gently rubbing my g-spot.

“I grabbed her hips and fucked her as hard as I could. I was really turned on by that point so I knew I’d come soon, but she seemed to love it hard and fast so I was really giving it to her. She told to pull her hair, and when I did she went wild, bucking like crazy. I think she came again. Anyway that pushed me over the edge…”

“Mmm, fuck… then what?”

“So I told her I was about to come, and she told me to come in her mouth, so I pulled out and she immediately turned around and sucked me really hard. I came really hard, Kel… I just shot blast after blast into her mouth and she swallowed it all. After that, she got dressed, said goodbye and told me she’d had fun, and left. And then I called you.”

“Mmm, so hot. So did you like it?”

“Yeah, it was fun… not as good as with you though.”

“Why not?”

“With you I just feel more comfortable… knowing that we can mess around and keep trying new things is a real turn-on, and I feel like I can let loose more with you.”

“Mmm, well that’s certainly true. Speaking of letting loose, are you…”

“Oooh yeah. I’m feeling pretty good over here.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Well, I’m jerking off…”

“Duh. What’s it like? Are you using lube?

“Well, it’s still kind of slick with Kat’s come… she came a lot.”

“Oh my god Matt, that’s so fucking hot! You’re jerking off on the phone with me and using that slut’s pussy juice to do it?” My own pussy swelled and leaked fluid out onto my leg. I was pretty close to coming again already. “Fuck, I’m getting close again, Matt. Are you gonna come with me this time?”

“Uhhh… yeah Kelly, I’m getting pretty close too.”

“I’m fingering myself so deep right now, Matt. I’ve got two fingers plunging in and–hhhhooooh fuck–out of my cunt, and… and…” I got a nasty idea. “…And you know what I’m going to do? I’m taking them out and putting the middle finger from my other hand in… now I’m s-swirling it around, getting it nice and wet… and now I’ve got the first two back and and I’m putting the one from my other hand in my tight, puckered little butthole. Mmmm, fuck it’s really tight, Matt. You like it, right?”

“Oooh, fuck… yeah baby, I do…”

“You know I n-never had anything in my butt before you put your finger there, but I really liked it. It felt so dirty and so sexy. Mmm, so I’m plugging both my holes now baby, and it feels reeeeally fucking good. You like that, right Matt?

“Mmm, yeah.”

“You like hearing me while I–unh!–f-fuck my own asshole, right baby?”

“Fuck yes, Kelly, you sound so hot.”

“S-so maybe when you get back you can fuck it for me?”

“Mmmm fuck.”

“You like the sound of that? You want to fuck my–ooooooh–fuck my tight asshole baby? You can do it, Matt. You can do anything you fucking want to me, you know that. Oh fuck! God baby, I’m so close, I’m… ooooooh god Matt, are you almost ready to come? I don’t think I can hold off much longer…”

The year anniversary of Esran’s death passed quietly, I ordered his favorite Chinese food and sat on the couch next to Max, watching The Big Bang Theory as we ate in silence. He was almost twenty now, and he was starting to grow into himself. His shoulders have filled out and he had gotten taller, but he still stood several inches shorter than me. At 6’5″, not many people are taller than me, so it wasn’t a big deal. I had been moving up in the company, as had Max, and he had just been appointed to my assistant. I was proud of how far I had come in my short 26 years, only 4 of them at this company, and I loved going in to work every day.

I wouldn’t admit it to myself, but I loved coming home to Max every day even more than that…

So as we sat on the couch eating our sesame chicken and watching the show, I felt myself drawn to him as if by a magnet. I kept my eyes glued to the screen, knowing full well that nobody but Esran had known that I was gay, and knowing that he wouldn’t have wanted me feeling so attracted to his younger brother. I couldn’t tell Max, of course. While he was stable now, he had still suffered because of the loss of his brother, and I didn’t want to change his opinion of me. I was practically his older brother, and I didn’t want to scare him off or make him feel uncomfortable. A couple times he asked why I never brought girls over, and I said that I always went to their place because I didn’t want to make our studio apartment too crowded. He left it alone after that. I never thought to ask him the same question.

As the show ended and commercials began to run before the next episode, I glanced over at the gentle boy sitting next to me. I had just recently begun to admire his beautiful hands, so strong and capable. His soft brown hair swept lightly over his forehead and his hazel eyes were trained directly on my face.

“What’s up man?” I asked, startled.

“Nothing. You just look older is all.”

“I look older, have you seen yourself lately?” I joked, pointedly glancing at his tight arm muscles.

“If you came to the gym with me you’d have ‘em too!” he replied, flexing his bicep.

I laughed lightly and propped my feet up on the table, running my fingers through my hair. Suddenly I felt his hand on my knee and I looked at him, startled. He blushed and took his hand away almost immediately.

“I was just wondering if you ever work on your sculptures anymore.”

I laughed again, taken aback.

“Max, how did you know I sculpted?”

He gave me a sarcastic look, the green in the center of his eyes burning into my light blue ones with such incredible intensity that I had to look away.

“Dude, Esran talked about you all the time. You were his best friend! He told me about that sculpture you made of him when you were a senior in university.”

“Yeah, that one took a while.”

“Can I see it?”

“I don’t know man. It’s kind of…”

“Nude. I know. He told me!”

I sighed and stood up, walking into the kitchen area and taking a box off of the top of the cupboards. I set it on the counter and opened it, gently reaching inside to take out the figurine that I had pored over, poured so many precious hours into. I smiled as I saw the familiar face of my best friend, missing him as the last words he had ever given me echoed through my mind. That letter was still sitting in my nightstand, I hadn’t opened it since that day over a year ago.

“Wow, man.. you were really good.”

I turned to Max with a slight smile on my face, gently handing him the little statue, 11″ tall, every feature painstakingly etched to bring out the life that had emanated from Esran so powerfully. His eyes scanned the features, traced down the sculpted body, and back to the face.

“That’s him.”


He handed it back to me and silently went back to sit on the couch as I put the figure back in the box on the cupboard. I looked back at Max, and his face was buried in his hands.

“You okay?”

He looked up at me, pushing his hair away from his eyes.

“Do me.”

Electricity jolted through my body. He couldn’t mean…

“You want me, too?” I asked quietly.

“Yeah I want you to! You’re talented man. I’m sure you haven’t lost all that sculpting skill over the years!”

I laughed aloud, feeling an overwhelming mixture of relief and disappointment. I felt ridiculously foolish for misunderstanding the context of his statement.

“Yeah, I’ll do you.”

“Full nude. Just like Esran.”

“Dude, that was for a final. I can do yours with clothes on.”

“No. I want it to be just like his. Where is your clay and stuff?”

“In the closet next to the door. It’s the box marked ‘old art’.”

He went to get the box and I pushed the coffee table next to the couch, pulling the kitchen table a little further into the living room space. He set the box down and I opened it as he went to stand next to the couch.

“I have to draw you first, so you can just take your shirt off..” I began, then looked over to see Max standing there fully naked. My eyes tripped over his beautiful body, lingering on his washboard abs. I blushed and turned away before I looked at his manhood, knowing that it was hanging free for me to look at. I felt a twinge in my crotch and adjusted accordingly in my seat to make sure there would be no awkwardness. There was no way I was blowing my cover now. Not over this.

“Uh.. okay.. well.. just stand comfortably I guess.”

“Does this make you feel weird?” he asked, and I heard genuine concern in his voice.

“No, man. I just don’t want you to be disappointed if my art isn’t up to the standard you’re expecting.”

“Kay. I’ll just hang out here then. Do your thing.”

The blush on my cheeks began subsiding as I started sketching, outlining his sharp cheekbones and delicate ears, his strong neck and his muscular torso. I then started drawing from his feet, working on his perfect calves and toned thighs.

“Well, that’s enough for now, I guess,” I said, putting my pencil down and feigning tiredness. Then he was next to me, his smooth skin inches away from my aching fingers, his breath in my ear as he looked over my shoulder.

“Yeah, that’s good! I like it. You missed something, though.”

“What’s that?”

I felt him reaching around me, moving my hand off the paper, keeping it gripped tightly.

“Well, the eyes are good and stuff, but you forgot my favorite feature.”

And then I felt the warmth in my hand. I felt the softness, the hardness, and I jumped away as if I had been burned.

“What the hell?” I shouted, trying to turn away so he couldn’t see the problem that had almost instantly started in my jeans.

“I just want you to really get a feel for your art,” he said, his own hand falling to rest where my eyes ached to be. You’re going to sculpt me, it’s like you’re going to touch it anyway.”

“Max, this isn’t funny.”

“Lexan, I’m not trying to be funny.”

“Then put your clothes on. I’m going to bed.”

A moment of confusion and movement, and I was pressed against the wall, his eyes boring into mine and his lips inches from my own. I felt my cock growing even harder and I shuddered, trying to pull away from him.

“Alexander, you are not going to bed until you have my permission.”

“Max?! The hell?!” I struggled, my cock straining against the material of my jeans. Suddenly his lips were on mine and his tongue was in my mouth and I moaned involuntarily, going weak at his touch. I closed my eyes and then opened them suddenly, snapping back to reality. I pushed him away hard, jumping away from the wall to try to get out to the open space in the room so I could get away if he tried anything. “Are you fucking drunk?!”

“I know you want it. I know you want me. Esran wrote me a letter before he died, and he told me that you like to be with guys. Well I want to be with you.”

“You’re joking!” I exclaimed, running my fingers through my hair and backing away, the back of my legs bumping against the arm of the couch. In the next moment I was falling and he was on top of me, kissing me hard, straddling me. “Max, you’re like my brother!”

“I don’t want to be your brother anymore, Lexan. I want to be yours. Every bit of me.” And once again he grabbed my hand and put it on his hardness, and I moaned as my cock twitched. “I’m not joking. I want you. I have wanted you since I was a kid. And I’m not a kid anymore and I’m taking what I want.”

Silently, I looked up at him, his hazel eyes burning with an intensity I had never seen before.

‘Max’s cock.. I’m touching Max’s cock…’ the thought rang through my head, and my hand instinctively squeezed. A blush came to his cheeks and he kissed me again, harder than before.

“Lexan, every time I have said I love you, I mean I goddamn fucking love you. I love you in a way that makes me burn inside. I’ve been so happy to be close to you, but I can’t take it anymore. I need to be physically close with you. I need to be yours.”

“Max, you are mine! You’re basically my brot…”

“Don’t you fucking dare say brother.”

I closed my eyes and my mouth, fighting between aching to take him and not wanting to cross this boundary with a kid I had watched grow up.

“Listen, Lexan, I’m nearly twenty years old. Seven years, dude. I’ve wanted you for seven years. Just give me this. Just this once. Then you’ll never have to see me again.”

“No!” I gasped, my heart breaking at the thought of losing him forever. “I’m not letting you go!”

And in that instant my entire life changed. He locked eyes with me and slowly leaned closer, gently pressing his soft lips to mine. My lips parted hesitantly, and then I began kissing him in return, kissing more urgently as I tried to fix the ache that had gripped me when I thought of him going away. Then his hand was at the back of my head, pulling me into him, kissing me deeply, his tongue tangling with mine. I felt the urgency burning in his movements, and I suddenly remembered his cock was in my hand, throbbing and hard. I started moving, so slowly, running my hand up and down the length, my eyes widening as I felt the girth of his cock.

“Gods, you’re huge.”

He pulled away for a moment, then gripped my hand with his, encouraging the stroking, speeding up, squeezing harder, his eyes locked with mine.

“I love you, Lexan.”

I blushed and turned away, closing my eyes. I opened them again and for the first time looked at the member in my hand. His gorgeous abs melded perfectly into the sexy triangle, his hip and pelvic muscles tensing, and my mouth fell open as I saw his cock. The beautiful head was light pink and the tip just drooling precum, the shaft continuing with sexy veins to nicely trimmed pubes and a heavy, full sack.

“Fuck.” I whispered.

I looked up at him again, realizing that his eyes had never left my face, his cheeks were flushed with pleasure as he pumped my hand on his gorgeous length, and without meaning to, I licked my lips. He smiled for a moment, and then he was kissing me again. I grunted and pushed him up, turning him around and shoving him so he was laying on his back on the couch, his stiff rod sticking straight up into the air, glistening at the tip. I couldn’t take it any more, and without looking away from his sweet eyes, I took his cock in my hand and lowered my head, my tongue flicking out to caress the tip. His precum was salty and sweet, and instantly I wanted more. I slammed my head down on his cock, taking a mouthful of him as my left hand began to massage his heavy balls. His back arched off the bed and he nearly screamed in pleasure, but I was off his cock and slamming my mouth down again before his moan could subside.

Up and down, my right hand began rubbing his shaft where my mouth couldn’t reach, stroking him as I got his cock wet, slurping and sucking, kissing his swollen head and running my tongue around his sensitive ridge. He closed his eyes and began to breathe more quickly, his fingers curling in my blonde hair, guiding my movements. After I pulled up again, I began to push myself down harder, trying to open my throat to take him in. He moaned and began trembling, pushing my head down hard as I felt him pressed to the back of my throat. I could feel myself almost choking, and my eyes began watering, but I let him hold me there. He relaxed his grip on my hair and I pulled up, gasping for air for a moment before sucking his sweet dick back into my throat, pushing myself down even harder, still not able to take him all the way.

“God, Lexan, you can’t! You’re gonna make me cum!! It’s too soon!”

I smiled and pulled off his cock, crawling up and kissing him deeply before returning to where I had been and kissing the head of his divine cock.

“Max, it’s not too soon. You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this.”

With that, my throat was opened and pushing against him again, my fingers massaging and squeezing his full balls, my throat protesting against the large intruder, but then I felt what I was waiting for. Max’s body began trembling even harder and I felt his divine balls clench hard, and then I felt the warmth in my throat as he came with a scream that I thought could wake the dead.

“Fuck! OH GOD! LEXAN!!” He cried as he pumped four, five, six loads of his sweetness into my throat and mouth. I sucked the rest out of him and pulled back, swallowing and licking my lips, kissing him as he breathed deeply and trembled, letting him taste himself on my lips.

In a moment he was asleep and I smiled, kissing his forehead. I got a blanket from the floor where he piled them every morning and covered him, watching his cock deflate for a moment. I sighed and walked to the kitchen, grabbing my keys off the counter and leaving the apartment. I didn’t know where I was going, but two things were certain.

I had just sucked off the most beautiful boy I had ever known, a kid who had always been a younger brother to me but now could never be that again, and I needed a good drink.

Summary: Submissive mother submits sexually to daughter and son.

Note 1: This story is a short sexually charged chapter that finishes off part one’s cliff hanger and will set up the future chapters of the naughty little town.

Note 2: Thanks to MAB7991, Leann and goamz86 for editing this story.

Recap: In part one…“Oh” Submissive Town: A Mother Falls…Kimberly, a Minister’s wife, catches her rebellious daughter having sex with her boyfriend in the church. This begins a domino effect of shocking revelations that include her best friend is a submissive to her daughter, there is a lesbian housewives club in her conservative Christian community and her daughter is the mistress that ties all these things together. Eventually, she too falls under the hypnotic spell of her daughter and submits to her.

A reminder of how the last chapter ended just after Kimberly had been brought to orgasm by her daughter and her son walks in:

“Mom, what are you doing?” Ben asked, stunned by what he was witnessing. He had arrived a week earlier than originally planned. Ben and his Mom were always close and he could tell during their long conversations on Skype with his mother that the past few months had been rough on her and he thought his early arrival would be a great surprise, but obviously it was he who was surprised. His mother was having an affair with a woman.

Kimberly opened her eyes and looked at her son in the doorway. She stammered, “B-B-Ben?”

Cinthia lifted her head from between her Mother’s thighs, her face dripping with pussy cum, and was surprised at seeing her big cute brother staring at them.

Ben gasped. His Mother was having sex with her daughter, his sister. He had just walked in on his sister and mother in the throes of lesbian lust. He should have been appalled, yet the full tent in his trousers begging to get out implied differently.

Cinthia, controlling the situation like she usually did, pulled the candy cane out of her mother’s sloppy cunt and put it to her mouth before she asked, “So, big brother. Are you going to stand there with that dumb ass look on your face, or are you going to get out of those clothes and come and join us?”

“Oh” Submission Town: Brother and Son Fun

Time stood still for Kimberly as she listened to the words of her Domme daughter, “So, big brother. Are you going to stand there with that dumb ass look on your face, or are you going to get out of those clothes and come and join us?”

Ben still couldn’t believe it. His sister who he had been fucking ever since she turned eighteen had a surprise for him, but this was not what he expected. He had told Cinthia that he would love to fuck their mom while he fucked her one night. She always implied it was possible, but it was still all just a late night stroke fantasy until this moment.

“I told you Ben, I had a surprise for you,” Cinthia smiled.

Ben stammered, “Y-y-yes you did, but this was not what I was expecting.”

“You don’t like your Christmas present, Master?” Cinthia asked pouting.

Kimberly listened to the surreal conversation as they talked as if she wasn’t there, bewildered by the events that led her to this humiliating moment and the apparent relationship between her two Christian children.

Ben finally regained his usual confident demeanour and joked, “Oh no, it is the perfect present, although I see you already unwrapped it.”

“I couldn’t resist,” Cinthia shrugged, “our mother is quite the slut, aren’t you, Mother?”

“What? Please Cinthia,” Kimberly pleaded, totally mortified by the situation.

“More begging,” Cinthia smirked, taking her mother’s pleading out of context, “You really are an insatiable slut.”

“Oh God, Cinthia, please stop,” the bewildered mother said.

“Tsk, tsk, using the Lord’s name in vain again,” Cinthia teased. “So Ben, think you can get mommy screaming those same words?”

Ben began pulling down his pants and Kimberly pleaded, “Please Ben, I’m your mother.”

“And apparently my Christmas present,” Ben smiled, a long time fantasy now about to become a reality.

Kimberly was rattled, yet as her son’s big hard cock popped into view she could feel her resistance to committing yet another sin, another act of incest, weakening.

Cinthia, seeing her mother staring at Ben’s big eight inch cock, said, “I think Mommy likes it.”

Ben moved to his mother and ordered, “Worship my cock, Mommy slut.”

Kimberly stared at his big cock now directly in front of her face, even as she gasped at being called a slut from her well-behaved son. Cinthia had always been a handful to raise, but Ben had always been a perfect gentleman. Yet, at this moment her mouth watered, her cunt tingled. yet she knew she should resist this temptation. Looking up at her son, she said firmly, “Ben we can’t do this.”

“I don’t believe I was asking your opinion, Mother,” he said. “We have always been close Mom, and now it is time to get closer.” He placed his cock on his mother’ lips.

Cinthia, horny herself and wanting a piece of her brother, said, “Mom, either suck your son like we all know you want to, or I am going to.”

Kimberly couldn’t deny it even though she wanted to. She wanted to suck him. She also couldn’t deny that the thought of Cinthia having his cock instead of her made her jealous. So after a brief moment of hesitation, she opened her mouth and took her son’s cock in her mouth.

“Good slut,” Cinthia purred, biting her mother’s ear.

“Good girl,” Ben concurred, putting his hands on his mother’s head. “I have fantasized about fucking you forever, Mom, but I never thought it would happen, although Cinthia said it was a possibility, I never believed it.”

“You didn’t believe it when I crawled under your sheets and sucked your cock either did you?” Cinthia added, enjoying revealing yet another shocking secret to her mother.

“Nor when you climbed on top and rode me taking my virginity,” Ben added.

“I’m a giver,” Cinthia quipped.

“Yes you’re a gift that just coming, coming and coming,” Ben joked.

Kimberly listened to the revelation that her children had sex and that Cinthia, her daughter, had seduced her older brother. It was so shocking and wrong, yet the burning fire down below, the very heat of this sinful hell, had her so hot she was already imagining her son’s cock in her pussy.

“I have one more gift for you,” Cinthia said.

“I can’t imagine what could top this,” Ben moaned, as his mother took more of his cock in her mouth. Again, he had envisioned this exact moment over and over, especially ever since Cinthia seduced him and put the thought of making this crazy fantasy a possibility with her confident talk and promises.

“Mom, have you ever had a cock in your ass?” Cinthia asked, although she knew the answer.

Kimberly froze, her son’s cock, deep in her mouth. She thought of her daughter’s finger a little earlier tonight being the first time her ass had ever been touched and how it had triggered her most intense orgasm ever.

“Answer the question, Mommy-slut,” Ben ordered, pulling his cock out of Kimberly’s mouth.

“N-n-never,” Kimberly stammered, the thought even nastier than all the other sins she had committed in this night of submission.

“Well, I think I know what your Christmas present is from us,” Cinthia said smiling, as she moved over to her purse. Pulling out a bottle of lubricant, she said, “Always come prepared, I always say.”

“Nice pun,” Ben laughed, as he shoved his cock back in his mom’s mouth.

Kimberly sucked on her son’s cock both exhilarated by the reality of her submission and the undeniable pleasure it brought her, yet also mortified by the reality of her submission and the inappropriate act of incest she was committing in her husband’s church.

“On all fours my pet slut,” Cinthia ordered.

Kimberly sat up and pleaded, “We really shouldn’t do this.”

“Do what?” Cinthia asked innocently.

“Sin here,” Kimberly answered.

“A little late for that since you’ve already sucked your son’s cock, don’t you think?” Cinthia asked.

“On all fours now, Mommy-slut,” Ben ordered sternly.

Kimberly looked at her son with a look of surprise at his new persona, yet obeyed another command as her submissive nature took over.

Cinthia moved behind her mom’s still firm ass and poured excessive amounts of lubricant between her mom’s ass cheeks. Once done, she moved her hand down her mom’s ass crack and her finger teased her mother’s inviting rosebud. “Ready to have your ass fucked?”

Kimberly couldn’t believe that she was about to commit the act of sodomy, one of the greatest sins, yet the act of obedience and her wet pussy overwhelmed any propriety as she answered, “Yes.”

Cinthia pushed her finger in her mom’s ass as she questioned, “Yes, what slut?”

“Yes, Mistress,” the horny bewildered mom answered correcting herself, as she allowed, her ass to be penetrated again.

“Yes, Mistress what?” Cinthia again questioned as she wiggled her finger inside her mom’s ass, enjoying the power over her once stern mother.

The distracted mother wasn’t sure what she was supposed to say, but then she realized what her devious daughter wanted from her. Although Kimberly didn’t want to be sodomized, did not want to be sexually humiliated by her two children, she did feel compelled to obey. She answered, accepting her sexual fate that was in the hands of her nasty, dominant daughter, “Yes, Mistress, I am ready to have my ass fucked.” The words would have been ludicrous a couple of days ago and yet at this moment, they were reality.

“Ben, she is really tight, tighter than when you took my anal cherry,” Cinthia said, revealing yet another shocking sexual secret to her mother. “Remember, it was in the girl’s bathroom in church while Dad was lecturing about resisting temptation.”

“Oh yes, that was so nasty,” Ben reminisced about that crazy morning. He then added, continuing his strong demeanor, “Let me decide whose ass is tighter.”

Kimberly felt her daughter’s finger slip out of her ass and then waited for the inevitable, being sodomized by her son. The act was so sinful, particularly because they were in a church, yet she was completely under the whim of her mistress daughter and seemingly her master son. She felt strong firm hands on her hips, she felt her son’s cock poking between her ass cheeks, and as she clenched her teeth expecting pain, she felt his cock poking at her back door.

“Beg me to take your ass, Mommy-slut,” Ben demanded.

Kimberly sighed, hating how they tried to push her further into submission when she was already a willing participant. “Please fuck Mommy’s ass,” she begged, before adding without even thinking, “sodomize Mommy and take her anal virginity.”

“Mommy wants it bad,” Cinthia teased.

“And what Mommy wants, Mommy gets,” Ben said, as he pushed forward breaking through the last barrier of resistance and invading his mom’s virgin ass.

“Aaaaaaaaah,” Kimberly couldn’t help but scream, her son’s wide cock spreading her ass wider than it was meant to be opened.

“Relax your ass, Mommy-slut,” Ben demanded, as he gently caressed her backside.

“Okaaaaaay,” the mother weakly said, not sure how to relax as her ass was being violated and used in ways that were unnatural.

“Once you get past the pain, Mom, you are going to be in heaven,” Cinthia said, smiling at another religious reference.

“You’ll be moaning to the choir,” Ben added.

“Weak,” Cinthia scolded playfully.

“Sorry my witty word play isn’t as good as yours,” Ben shot back, even as his cock continued exploring further into his mom’s no longer virgin ass.

Kimberly meanwhile just tried to focus on the intensity of the act she was willingly submitting to. The pain was sharp, yet the excitement at obeying seemed to overshadow the uncomfortable burn in her ass. Undeniably she wanted to feel all her son’s cock in her ass; unexplainably she wanted to feel him fucking her ass hard regardless of the pain; inexplicably she wanted to be called names, the term Mommy-slut somehow turning her on more and making her sin more acceptable.

Cinthia asked, another reminder of the ultimate sin her mother was committing, “Do you like your son’s cock in your ass, Mother?”

Kimberly no longer wished to pretend to resist her ultimate submission to her daughter and now her son, instead just giving into the pleasure that overwhelmed her through obedience. “Yes, Mistress, I love my son’s cock filling my ass.”

Cinthia smiled and continued, “How about submitting to the act of sodomy in the house of The Lord?”

Kimberly thought, it’s the basement not really the house of The Lord, and using this weak theory to defend her actions replied, “Oh God, so wrong and yet so goooooood.”

“Fuuuuck,” Ben grunted, “that is the hottest thing I have ever heard.”

“And you will worship both of us, and be at our every beck and call?” Cinthia asked.

“Yeeees, Mistress and Maaaaster,” Kimberly agreed knowing she could not go back to her facade of happiness in her marriage and couldn’t possibly resist the opportunity to taste her daughter’s pussy or suck her son’s cock.

“You will obey every order?” Cinthia questioned, stressing the word ‘every’.

“God, yeeees,” Kimberly agreed, even as her brain went to the housewives club, Lucy, Tommy and whoever else was a part of the twisted sexual web of deviancy that her daughter had spun in this supposedly reserved Christian town.

“I’m all in,” Ben announced which surprised Kimberly.

Kimberly couldn’t believe it. She expected there to be burning fires in her ass when all eight inches had filled her back door, yet although the pain was there, it was not overly intense. “Master,” she said.

“Yes, Mommy-slut,” Ben asked, as he looked down at his beautiful mother on all fours.

“Please fuck your Mommy-slut’s ass, use me as your vessel of sin,” Kimberly begged.

Cinthia chuckled, “Vessel of sin, I like that.”

Ben began slowly moving is cock in and out of the Velcro like grip of his mom’s ass.

Kimberly moaned loud as the strange pleasure of anal submission somehow turned her on.

Cinthia, horny again from watching her mother being sodomized by her son, crawled onto the table and spread her legs, moving her shaved cunt directly in front of her mother’s face, “Come lick some holy juice.”

Kimberly stared at her daughter’s cunt that she had licked less than an hour ago, but seemingly it felt like years, her life forever changed based on decisions she had made in the past hour. She extended her tongue and began licking her daughter again, as her son began moving faster in her ass.

Cinthia moaned, “Oh Mother, I have so many plans and tasks for you.”

Kimberly wondered what they were, yet instead of fear, a rush of excitement pulsed through her at the possibilities. She moaned, “I can’t wait.”

“I bet you can’t,” Cinthia smiled, her mother even more obedient and a bigger slut than she could have ever imagined. She already had a list of naughty tasks for her mother to fulfill playing in her head.

“I’m not going to last much longer,” Ben grunted, unsure where he should come.

Cinthia purred, “Come whenever and wherever you want.”

Kimberly wondered what it would feel like to have cum shot in her ass and begged, “Please Ben, fill Mommy’s ass with your cum.”

“As you wish, you dirty little slut,” Ben grunted.

Kimberly moaned back, “Yes, baby, I’m your slut, your Mommy-slut.”

“Rub yourself, Mommy-slut,” Cinthia demanded, “I want you to cum from getting your ass fucked.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Kimberly eagerly obeyed, the ass pleasure creating a constant tease. The mother then became the vessel of sin she had said she would be. She licked her daughter’s pussy; she rubbed her own clit as she got reamed in the ass by her son.

Ben slammed into his mom’s ass with forceful urgent thrusts, each time their bodies collided his mother’s face crashed into his sister’s cunt. He couldn’t believe he was fucking his mom, in the ass no less, but finally the pleasure was too intense, and he erupted; his cum coating his mother’s ass walls.

Kimberly felt his cum filling her ass, but couldn’t do much more than moan as her face was buried in Cinthia’s cunt. The feeling was quite different from when she had her husband come in her pussy, yet it got her off even more. She continued to frantically rub herself as Ben slowed down the assault on her ass, her orgasm so fucking close.

Cinthia ordered, “Come now, you nasty Mommy-slut, you son fucker, ass whore, lesbian cunt licker, you incest slave.”

The litany of names was the final straw for the bewildered, no longer straight laced mother, who somehow got turned on even more by the name calling as she screamed, “Yeeeees, mother fuckers, I’m your sluuuuut.”

Both children watched their mother come as her body quivered.

Kimberly couldn’t fathom how such pleasure could exist, pleasure that she had been oblivious all these years. How sex had become a rare part of her wifely duties, something she did but barely enjoyed enough to get off. This was a euphoria like she had never experienced and she never wanted it to end.

Ben kept his cock lodged in her ass for a couple of minutes until it seemed her orgasm had subsided. He then pulled his cock out, moved around the table and shoved his cock into his surprised sister’s face. “Clean me off, slut.”

Cinthia was indeed surprised but loved to obey a man who knew what he wanted and she eagerly began bobbing back and forth on his cock. She had never sucked a cock that had been in anyone’s ass before, including her own, nevertheless her mother’s. It was so nasty, so twisted that it turned her like nothing she could imagine. She grabbed her mother’s head, who had quit licking when her own orgasm hit, and she began moving her ass up and down, literally fucking her mother’s face with her cunt.

Kimberly simply extended her tongue and tried to pleasure her daughter the best she could all the while feeling cum leaking out of her ass. Her orgasm done, a sense of overwhelming guilt hit her at what she had just done. She had cheated on her husband with two boys (one her son), licked her daughter’s pussy, had her ass taken and all of this done in the sanctity of the house of God. She shivered at the complete compass of her sin even as her daughter’s pussy juice coated her face.

“I’m comiiiing,” Cinthia screamed, her brother’s cock slipping out of her mouth.

Ben, still hard, wanted to fuck again but couldn’t decide which one, as he watched the adorably cute face of his sister coming.

Kimberly was swallowing as much of her daughter’ cum, a taste so exotically delicious that her guilt had already began to fade. Her guilt faded more when she felt hands on her ass again and then a cock filling her cunt. “Wholly fuck,” she gasped.

“Holy fuck indeed,” Ben quipped, playing with the words of his mother.

As Cinthia moved away, her legs needing a stretch, she quipped, “Fuck, Mommy, you really are an insatiable whore. How did you ever hide your true sluttiness?”

“I-I-I don’t know,” Kimberly stammered, greatly distracted by her son’s cock in her cunt.

“What are you, Mother?” Cinthia asked, as she moved off the table.

“Your Mother, your Mommy-slut, your cunt licker, and Ben’s cum bucket,” Kimberly admitted, uttering the words turning her on even more.

Ben pulled out of her cunt and sat down on a chair. “Come ride me, Mommy fuck toy.”

The lustful mother didn’t hesitate as she was thankful to change positions and hungry to have her son’s cock back in her wanton pussy. She straddled him and lowered herself slowly on his big rock hard cock, moaning as it filled her from this new position.

She began slowly riding her son’s cock as she got used to the position, loving the sudden control she had.

This is my first story for Literotica. I want to thank Linda62953 for helping me with the editing of the story. I hope everyone enjoys it.


I always thought my sister was a beautiful lady. Sure, we fooled around with each other when we were younger, but that was only experimenting, a kiss here, a touch there which really did not lead to anything more. As the years went on we each dated and got married had kids and did the family thing. We would chat on the phone, see each other for lunches and at family functions. She lived on the opposite side of town, so seeing each other was not a problem. We would often talk about the times we were fooling around and laughed about it.

At 46 Lori was the picture of beauty any guy would fall in love with. She was married for 20 years until her husband left her with 2 kids. Smooth skin, a beautiful smile, brunette hair and the sexiest brown eyes you would ever want to see. She always kept herself in shape and at 5’6 it showed. When her husband left her, she felt it was all over for her since she was in her mid 40′s.

Being single again and raising two kids, she figured she wouldn’t have much of a life anymore.

After ten years of marriage, my wife became ill and passed away, we never had any children, something we had always planned on. Single again at 44 was not something I planned on. I had a good job which gave me flexibility to have certain days off, making my own schedule was fine with me.

My sister needed more help then I did, but I was always there for her whenever she needed. I was over her house more and more helping with finances and the kids and making sure things were ok and going in the right direction.

“Drew, you always do the right thing for me, always helping me and the kids, you are a sweet brother.”

“No problem Lori, you know we have always been close and you always helped me during my troubling times.”

We gave each other a nice long hug, feeling her close to me was a feeling I needed. I kissed her quickly on the cheek, smiled and told her I would see her soon. She smiled as I walked out the door.

I had to take care of some personal business for the day then headed home, finished up earlier than I thought. I arrived home and turned on my computer to check some e mails. A lot of junk e mail, but one from my sister which was rare since we usually would call each other on our cells or text each other.

Hi Drew,

Thank you for coming by this morning, you can’t imagine how wonderful it is to have a brother like you. So handsome so loving, so sweet, a man any woman would adore. You have made me feel so special with all that you have been doing. I love you.


After reading that I responded.

Hey Lori,

Thank you for the e mail. You are a woman who is special and loving and kind. Guys would be lucky to have you too. Glad we can always share our feelings so easily. Love you too.


That was an email that made me feel so good, that I had to do something for Lori when the time was right for both of us.

I called and left her message on her cell, we both were busy for the past two days, so we kept missing each other. I had a house in the country that I used from time to time and was thinking about taking Lori there for the weekend. It was in a part of the state that was remote, but the view of the mountains was so beautiful it took your breath away. I had some time off so I took some vacation days to go up to the house so I can clean and prepare it. All I needed to do was ask Lori which weekend was good, her kids were old enough to be on their own, so that was not a problem.

Calling her again, this time she picked up,

“Hey sis how are you?, been busy I guess?”

“Yes, a lot of work and keeping the kids busy too, I need a break.”

“I may have the perfect remedy for you”

“What is that, tell me.”

“Lets get away for a weekend at my country house, how does that sound?”

” That would be wonderful, I am free next weekend.”

“Perfect, I will stop by in a day or two, we can make arrangements when I see you”

“Ok Drew, thank you, you’re the best, love you.”

“Love you too Lori”

I wanted to make this a great weekend away, the thought of being alone with my sister was making me feel so good. I had to make sure that my feelings and her feelings were on the same page.

I stopped over on Tuesday, after my shift around 4PM. Her kids were working so I know we had some time together. I rang the bell as she opened the door, I can see she was glad to see me, as she kissed me on the cheek and gave me a nice long hug. We sat on the couch for a bit and made some small talk, before she went inside to get some ice tea to drink. I asked her if she was doing good and she said yes, as I told her I was fine too and coming along well. I held her hand as we chatted and she appreciated the closeness by resting her head on my shoulder. The sweet smell of her fresh hair made me start to think that I should go a little further at that time.

I kissed her forehead as she let out a sigh.

“You make me feel so good, so loved Drew, I appreciate all that you do.”

“I know Lori, you are special to me and I know we can get even closer.”

With that I slid my hand to rest on her thigh, slightly caressing it, I kissed her, this time a kiss on the lips, a short kiss, which kind of surprised her, but she turned and kissed me on the lips after we broke our first kiss. I felt so good and I was hoping we can finally have a deep kiss, which happened in a matter of seconds. Our tongues met and twirled around our mouths like teenagers kissing for the first time. Pulling her body closer to me, I moved my hands to her hips as she moved her hands over my neck and around my back. After about what seemed to be an hour we looked at each other and knew we wanted more.

Since this weekend was going to be good for the both of us, I told her I would pick her up early, about 8AM, since it was about a two hour ride from her place. All she had to do was let the kids know she would be away for the weekend and be back on Sunday evening. It was only Tuesday but the anticipation of knowing we would be alone for the weekend was making me feel so excited. The thought of being with my sister and making love to her was a thought like no other I had. Friday came and I woke up early, around 5AM, showered, shaved and packed, I was always a last minute packer. I sent a text to Lori and she sent a text back saying she was looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend and would be ready for 8AM.

I got into the car and stopped to pick up a paper and then to my sisters house. Rang the bell and there she was looking so sexy, tight blue jeans with a white top showing some of her voluptuous 36C breasts, we kissed good morning and I picked up her suitcases and put them in the car.

“How much did you pack?” I asked her.

“Oh, not too much, just enough” she said laughing.

I helped her in the car, being the gentleman that I am I always hold the door for the ladies.

The drive was good, not too much traffic, Lori fell asleep for a bit so it was me and the radio for about 45 minutes. We arrived at the house, and Lori asked me if I was tired, I told her I was fine and we went into the house. The weather was great, sunny and nice, so the hot tub would be coming in handy later on. She was amazed at how great the house looked and remembered the last time she was up here with everyone. I told her I know its been awhile, but it was an escape for me since my wife died, the peace and quiet were helpful during that time. I took her bags up to her room and put them on the bed. I then took mine and put them in my room which was across from her room. Lori went out on the porch to look at the mountains, I unpacked my things and went downstairs to go outside with her.

“Beautiful view, always loved it”

“Best view in the whole state.” I said.

I held her hand and squeezed it gently as we both enjoyed the view.

I turned her around, and moved my fingers to brush her hair back and caress her face, we kissed again, a deep passionate kiss, as we held each other tight. After breaking the kiss we smiled.

“Drew, I have these feelings for you for a while now, that well, should not be between siblings.”

“I understand Lori, its not everyday the one you really know is the one for you is your sister or brother.”

“I wanted to be alone with you to see if your feelings for me where the same and if they were, then we should take it to another level.”

“They are the same, after we kissed on the couch at my place all the feelings of love and passion came to me, I knew I wanted you then, but we had to be discreet about it.”

After hearing that I knew it would be a matter of time before we were making love but I needed to be sure and now I had that. I told her I would be making dinner, Lori laughed and said maybe she should cook. Being it was early afternoon and dinner would be later we made it over to the couch and sat down for a few minutes before I would turn the hot tub on so we can relax in there. Lori went upstairs to change as I took out a bottle of wine and two glasses and headed to turn on the hot tub. I changed into my robe in a room right before you went outside. Just thinking of my sister made my cock so hard, as I came out of the room she was walking past me, brushing her tits on my shirt, as she wryly said oh sorry and smiled.

Soon as we got outside, I checked to make sure the water was perfect and put the wine and glasses down on a little table attached to the hot tub. I removed my robe and went in first, my 7 inch cock all ready and hard, as Lori noticed and gave a sheepish grin as she disrobed and came in. The sexiest body I have ever seen, my wife had a nice body, but not compared to my sister’s.

I poured a glass for her as she leaned against me, I poured mine and we toasted to a great and relaxing weekend as the glasses clanged.

I could feel her body pressing against me as I was in the corner of the hot tub. We finished our drinks and put the glasses down. Just feeling the water pulsating against us was making us both feel so good and relaxed. I slowly put my arm around her waist as she sighed and leaned up on my chest. My cock was so ready I didn’t want to waste any more time. I slid my hands around her breasts slowly pinching each nipple as they got hard, my lips began to kiss her neck, while she began to stroke my cock. Caressing her breasts I turned her around so I can begin to lick and suck those beautiful breasts.

“Drew, mmm you know what a woman needs and wants, make love to me.”

With that command, my lips and tongue made circles around each nipple as my free hand was holding her along her back moving up and down. Her hands playing with my hair as my tongue licked her right nipple then her left one, then sucked both of them, slowly. While playing with her nipples, I slid my other free hand and massaged her inner thigh, then moving it to her pussy, so wet and ready. After loving her breasts I knew I wanted to lick her shaven pussy. I lifted her out of the hot tub and onto a lounge sofa that could hold two people. We kissed again as I kissed down her body making long circles as I opened her legs wider.

“Lori you are so sexy and beautiful, I am so glad we have the same feelings for each other.”

I stopped by her belly button and kissed it, my tongue making circles around it. I gently placed my hand on her stomach and pressed down slightly before I began my trip to her pussy.

I first wanted to kiss and lick down her whole leg, which I did by licking her inner thighs and kissing then to her pussy and stopping. While doing this my one hand was caressing her breasts and the other was moving up and down her leg, This was driving her crazy. She would reach down every now and then and play with her clit. I kissed down her left leg and then around to her right leg. As I got to her ever wet pussy I lifted her legs up and gave a quick lick to her ass.

She was resting her head on a pillow, as the warm air and the solitude of being alone was making this a very hot time. My tongue circled around her clit licking the left side and the right side as my fingers traced along her pussy lips. I then moved my tongue around her clit and slowly sucked it into my mouth letting it roll from side to side in my mouth.

“Oh my Drew, mmmm your tongue is so amazing.”

I let my tongue play with her clit then moved my fingers into position slowly massaging the sides of her clit. She was so quiet during this period, I must have been doing a real good job orally.

I let my fingers continue to play with her clit as my tongue slide up and down her pussy, stopping in the middle and licking side to side. I knew if I kept that up she would soon cum and I would taste those juices I always wanted to taste. I kept the pace up then moved faster on her clit and pussy. She was soaked. Lori put her legs around my shoulders and was running her fingers through my hair, she leaned up a little as my tongue was buried deep inside her pussy.

“Drew baby, I am going to cum, mmmmm ohhhhhh.” She came so fast and so much it was so good to have her juices fill my mouth.

I leaned up and kissed her and let her taste how good she was. She smiled and said that I would be next and the blow job I was to receive would be the best one I ever had.

I stood up as Lori was at the edge of the sofa, my cock ready for my sister. She sucked on my balls letting her tongue lick each one then sucking each one she was moving her hand up and down my cock. She then began playing with my balls with her fingers as her tongue was slowly moving up and down the shaft of my cock. She got to the head and slid her tongue from side to side. She took my cock in her mouth and slowly sucked. My head leaning back at the pleasure I had not received in so long. There is only so much masturbation can do, having a blow job was the next best thing even if it was my sister giving me the blow job. Sucking hard for a few minutes I made her stop and laid down on the sofa as she then moved to the side and began sucking, this time it was more intense. The sensation was building up I knew I would cum in a matter of minutes.

‘Lori, you are the best baby. “

Not wanting to cum yet, I pulled her off and laid her down on the sofa and opened her legs wide. After kissing for a bit, I slid my cock in slow, then out slower, gosh she was so wet. I rested her leg over my leg as I lifted the other one as my motion was moving faster and faster. I leaned down and sucked each nipple as I was finally fucking my sister. I moved one finger around her clit and continuing to suck her nipple I was so close to letting my cum fill her love hole like no other.

“Baby I am going to cum.”

“Yes Drew fill me up with your cum, I have been dreaming about this.”

I began to cum as my sisters body was in total orgasm, she grabbed my shoulders and arched her legs around my waist, looking into her eyes as I began filling her with my cum, it was so erotic and so hot.

We collapsed into each others arms and just let the warm air invigorate us as we kissed each other and caressed one another. We finally got up from the sofa and made our way into the house, since each room had a shower, but we ended up in mine. After a few minutes we kissed and hugged each other as we know we enjoyed every minute of what just happened and what was going to happen again. The shower water was warm and invigorating. I turned her around and began soaping her back and ass, then moving my hands around her breasts caressing them as the soap was all over her. I took the shower head and ran it down her body, sensually, then moving it along her clit, she moaned with pleasure. Another few minutes and she was lathering my cock, we kissed as she did that. She went down and gave me another blow job. We got out of the shower after some nice play and dried each other off. We went downstairs for dinner.

After dinner we sat outside looking at the sun setting, a beautiful and romantic sight to see.

“I just want to say Lori, it was beautiful what we did this afternoon.”

“It was, I never knew it would be so erotic and sexy with you, and I wanted to be loved like this for so long.”

“Instead of sleeping in your room, come and stay with me tonight, we have the rest of the night and tomorrow together alone.”

“I was hoping you would ask me.”

Lori called her two kids to make sure they were fine. They were out, her daughter at the movies and her son at a baseball game. She knew they would work on Saturday so she told them she would call them on Sunday morning before we left. My schedule was clear so I was good with not calling anyone. We sat on the couch watching some TV for a while before Lori went up to bed. I stayed downstairs for a while and went online for a few minutes before heading up stairs at 9:30. My door was open so I knew Lori had already gone in. As I opened the door, I was greeted with a smile, and Lori waiting on the bed for me, her legs crossed over each other. I smiled back and removed my shirt and pants. I dimmed the lights as I took my sister and moved her in for a long passionate kiss, While she was on top of me, my hands caressed her ass, as our tongue made love to each other, her right hand on my chest and her left on my shoulder. The second time around with my sister, I felt should be better than the first one.

I leaned her over on her back, as we kissed some more, the night air hot as it blew in through an open window. I had a king size bed, so it would not be a problem getting into certain positions for us.

“This is so exciting for me, such a turn on, mmm, take me again Drew.”

This time I had my sister slide down the bed so I can be at the edge leaning to lick that sweet pussy. I opened her legs and kissed her inner thighs as my tongue made its way to her pussy. While there I played with her clit again with my fingers, this time rolling it between my forefinger and middle finger gently. I licked her pussy up and down slowly up then licking down fast. Then licking fast up then slowly down still massing her clit. I then circled around her clit with my tongue, then licked it side to side, while sliding in two fingers inside her pussy reaching for her g-spot. She let out a moan as I was at her g spot, massaging it while my tongue went faster on her clit. I knew she would be in at a point of no return in a matter of minutes if I kept this up.

She began to grab the sides of the sheets and lean her head back. Sliding two fingers in I moved them in and out faster and faster, as I leaned up and sucked her nipples. That was too much for her as she reached orgasm and let out a loud moan. Making my sister cum like that was so hot I knew now we were both going to continue on this path of fucking when ever we wanted to.

After a few minutes I needed her mouth on my cock and this time wanted her to swallow my cum. I stood up in front of the bed, as she kissed my stomach and massaged my balls her mouth taking in my cock and slowly sliding it up and down. In the meantime her free hands grabbed my ass as she made this blow job better then the first one.

She took all of my 7 inches inside her mouth and began sucking fast. I did not say anything about swallowing, but the way she was going I figured she wanted to taste all of my cum. The sensation was so great as I leaned my head back and played with her hair. After a while I felt my balls beginning to swell ready to cum.

“Oh Lori, I’m going to cum baby.”

“Yes Drew, fill my mouth with your hot cum, I want it.”

After a few more minutes I shot my load in her mouth as she swallowed every drop. My wife never did that, but this was a moment of love I will never forget. We laid on the bed for a while her leg over my legs as she ran her hand around my chest. It was still early so I knew we would fuck again, but I wanted to savor this moment. I know fucking your sister is not the norm, but this was so exciting and so loving, it was so great. I knew she felt the same. I got up to open the windows a little, the night air was refreshing. I asked her if she wanted a water since I was going to get one, so I brought up 2 bottles anyway.

Saaaa-ra. I always feel like I am asking for something. I Love the name Sara, and would beg her say it when we got back from OUR vacation, watching those red lips – Saa-ra – ending with her mouth open and its lewd meaning shared only by us. The obsession has only grown since we parted. To the world she is my sister, sweet and oh so innocent, the top of her head even with my eyes, brunette and darkening each year. I can just lean forward and kiss her forehead. Can anyone match my Sa-ra, especially the Sara that has driven my fantasies by absence?


What is it about a hot summers day and the smell of sea water that brings it all back? The fresh smell of warm humid Seattle air and I can feel her skin, her body sliding on me, those sweaty Florida nights. So here I am, chasing my siren, watching the rocks emerge, their spray forms on my upper lip. I am sweating. Envy, want, weakness. My seraph, Sa-ra. My brow is wet as I wear this crown of thorns.

Here is my newest chapter.


First. I didn’t call ahead because there was no way of knowing what she’d say, and I really had nowhere else to go. I figured if I was just standing at her door she’d HAVE to let me in. It had been quite a while since I’d seen her. After Sara got married, I went to college and got in my own now dissolved relationship, and I tried to be with Sara. I flirted, played, called, emailed. We were close. We were still brother and sister I told her. We were normal I guess, in a dysfunctional sort of way.

I knew she was home, knew she was still married, and heard through mom and dad that she was pregnant. I got her address from them, feeding their hopes we may reconcile from a break for reasons they knew not. Pregnant. Fucking-A. I was so curious. What would my Sara look like pregnant?

Now, before I go on – and I will deny it forever, but a man can dream. Maybe she was ready to cross those little lines again? And for me dreaming was also remembering. But pregnant. Wow! I was trying to imagine her naked, pregnant and naked, what she would look like? Engorged breasts, hard nipples, and that perfect belly, sinking low hiding her pussy hairs down between her legs. Fat pussy lips. Mmmmm. It had been too long.

It was a building urge that started on our car trip, and I wished to fetch my Sara once again. But here is where deniability sets in. I mean, what else could I do but dream? Sara was married. Life goes on. So, absolutely, while I imbibed in these fantasies, my head thoroughly informed me of the ‘reality.’ Was she Happily married? Was she satisfied? In bed? Stop it!! These questions that lurked at the edges of my mind. Once you have sex with your sister, the erotic tension never leaves your relationship. I should know. And especially with my little Sara, the freest most erotic woman I had ever known, and with the most outrageous libido of any woman I had ever met. I mean, did she like to fuck! God dammit.


I could feel a wet spot forming in my pants as I walked up the steps to her house. No way she was fully satisfied.

At the very least I could SEE her, she was everything I desired, and could fulfill my visions that were fading. Her jerk-off factor was declining with my memory of her, and I needed it refilled. My heroin(e), my Sara, and I needed this fix bad.


I knew that, if I stayed, I could lay in her guest bedroom and conjure up her vision freshly seen, imagining her -pregnant- young body as I stroked my stiffy. Would she do the same after seeing me?? All this is happening in a split second by the way, standing at the door of a completely normal suburban home while waiting for the door to open. My heart pounding a million times a second.

I was mapping a path to her bed, no doubt about it. But at minimum a bed that was separated from her by a door, a wall, a shower curtain? Mmmmm. Maybe I’d hear her and hubby do the naughty. How fantastic would that be? Jerking off to her moans.

I felt myself grow hard, danger. Great, she answers the door and I got a tent in my pants. Shifting my thoughts. Dripping is one thing but to stand there stiff. Do I hug her? Yes. That is normal. She will be opening this door, standing right there, a light flipped on.


I would touch her, more than once. How could I find a way to ‘feel’ her, which is a step more than a touch. A lingering caress. To hold my hand on her skin, a second too long. First she had to let me stay.


I breathed. No more than ten seconds had passed.

When the door swung open, she froze like a deer. And what I saw bordered on obscene; all the innocence I ever remembered all that naughty lurking in the corners, and in all the right places. Sara, innocence at the edge of perverted. It was all in the mouth. A permanent pout and smile. That lower lip! I melted. My Sara. Sara!! Surprise in her eyes, a surge of adrenaline, and cheeks that went instantly red.

“Holy shit,” My pregnant Sara exclaimed.

She looked so hot in a tight pair of stretchy jeans and red V-sweater.

And I had to be real careful.


She looked a little tired. And, my oh my, pregnant!

In a flash as she turned, her swollen belly peeking out from under that red sweater. The jeans nicely stretched, straining the zipper and button. I knew she would let me feel her belly, and at the thought I was stiffening again.


Well, after hearing my woes, she or I should say THEY let me stay.

I say ‘they’ because Mark had to agree to it. From the beginning he never liked me, and that had not changed. Jealousy? How could it be? He never knew. No way had she told him. It made me nervous the way he was looking at me though.

“What are you doing here?” her voice breathless, I loved the surprise. I saw her hand involuntarily reach, ready to hold mine. But Mark was there and that hand stayed dutifully by her side.

And I did get the room of my dreams.

A room right next to theirs, which was the guest room. Oh to be wealthy enough to have a guest room. I leaned against the wall that we shared. This was getting to be too much.

That evening I took a shower, a nice long slow shower. I loved the idea of being naked in the same house, rubbing soap across my chest. I began to fantasize about Sara naked, or walking about the house in a towel or nightie. Come in here, I thought. I remembered the times I had seen her, pulling back the shower curtain, the way she would turn toward me without covering herself. I began to lather up my crotch, all nice and slippery, feeling the warm water cascade down my back and began to stroke. Mmmmmm. I was so hard, if felt heavy in my hand.

I closed my eyes, picturing her body. My voice low mumbles, “Do you always make coffee naked.” “Mmmmm, yes, early before anyone else rises.” “Where is Mark?” “Gone already.” Mmmmmmm. “Yes. Someone else is rising early too.”

Sara kneeling down in front of me, looking at my cock, as I am slapping at her cheek with it. Her mouth on me, wrapping her lips around its head. Popping inside. Oh God. I can see it. The softness of her slick pussy, all tight and hungry. Her eyes looking up at me, her white teeth, red mouth. Licking her lips. Ahhhhh.


“Welcome back.” I breath in my own voice, and began convulsing in the shower as spurt after spurt of cum sprayed into the shower.

Delicious. I rinsed and got out. I wiped the steamed mirror and looked, held my hands out in front of me. These hands had done just about everything with my sister. I stood naked and felt my cock rising again. Are you kidding me?

I wrapped myself in a towel – would she see me? Trotted off to my room. Nope. And got dressed in jeans and a T shirt, before going downstairs.

As I settled onto the sofa Sara caught my eye. That smirk. Was I imagining it? The corners lifted, and her eyes twinkling. What was she thinking?

She said, “Have a nice shower?”

You would have made it nicer. I felt myself blush, I looked away.


Sara was still in jeans, but that would not be for too much longer. Her belly was really straining at the zipper and snaps. She was so fucking sexy. I kept peeking at her, and she was pretty much just ignoring me. Busy. Pregnancy does something to a woman’s body. Her breasts were fantastic, pendulous. Her hair shined, her lips were swollen and red. She had this glowing look, ripe and full and I so wanted to run my hand over her hips.

I blurted out, “You’re Pregnant! Mom told me. You look happy.”

She just smiled and walked by.

When she came by again I said, “You look great.” My eyes following a line down her body. She paused a beat, letting me look at her.

“Thanks.” Her smile, the kind that forms a softening at her eyes.

My heart began to pound. “When you due?”

“Its my third trimester, like nine more weeks.”

“Holy shit. Baby move much?”

“All the time,” she had moved herself to the sofa. Her top was riding up leaving a bare swelling belly.

“Can I…” Oh god. First night. I wanted to.

She moved a little closer.

“Sure. It’s moving a bit now.” Her tone all innocent, she slid close. I lay the flat of my hand on her belly, and touched her soft bare skin. My fingers were trembling. I about exploded. Could she feel it? Was she? My little Sara. “Here, it’s little foot is right here.” She took my hand and slid it low under her belly, and beneath her navel. My fingers just grazing the edge of her jeans. Soft downy hairs running up her abdomen. “Feel it?”

I didn’t. I wanted to and was sliding my hand along the edge of her jeans. She took my hand and pressed hard.

Ohhhh, this was too much. My fingers tucked just into her jeans. Her belly tight, the soft swell of her abdomen. Soft downy hair. And a ridge of hair up toward her navel.

“Yes. Yes. There.” I could so totally feel it.

“Been kicking at me all day. So active. It makes my back hurt.”

“It’s so cool.”

She was still smiling, enjoying my response. All I could think of was her smell, and the warmth of her skin.


It was the next week, and we had all sort of settled into somewhat of a routine. Mark in his suit. He was one of those suit and tie control freaks, not warm at all like my Sara. He was was reading something, and most of the time I tried not to be there until he left, but at the same time I have to have my coffee.

Sara is not always up either, but this morning she was and made coffee. She was wearing a dark blue silk robe, light and soft, probably still in a nightgown. But I couldn’t see it. Fantasies of her with nothing underneath. The robe opening lightly at her knees when she walked, swinging open and closed. I loved the way she looked and Mark did not even notice.

What I did was.

She brought a cup of coffee to Mark and in the process stepped beside me as she set it at the table. Right at that moment, I lay my hand up under her robe on her thigh. Soft, warm flesh. It was instinct, honestly. I almost did not realize I had done it.

I felt my sister jump, but she did not move away, at least not quickly. She made as if she were interested in something that Mark was reading, pausing, just standing there. By the time I realized what I had done, I was amazed at her not moving away from me. Mark had no idea. I was not going to mess up, and determined that this was all I was going to do.

But so long as she would stand there, I could not relent. I stroked her softly a little, did not move my hand from its spot at all. So there we were. That moment passed, her feigned interest ended and she moved to walk away. I felt her thigh tense before she took her first step. Dreading the loss of her touch my hand slid the littlest bit higher, I could feel the warmth rising along her inner thigh and then she was gone.

No one was ever the wiser. Her cheeks were flushed as she sipped her coffee leaning against the counter. Mark folded up his papers and rose to leave.

The door closed, the rush of wind as it sealed. Sara still sipping her cup and looking at me sideways. Eyes of daggers, but little else. A smile?

Was she mad?

I tried to ignore, but those eyes, fixed. Her smirk. She says softly, no anger, “You fire starter bad boy. Do you enjoy your divinity?”

“What?” I, playing innocent. But fidgeting now. Where would this go?

“You did that purposely didn’t you?”

“It was habit.” I looked down my face flushing. She leaned back and stretched, the robe opening ever so slight. A deep V formed between her breasts, nothing, bare flesh.

She took a sip of her coffee and set it down. “So who keeps you in line Jason? A Bitch or a Feline? I bet pussy still tames you good.” Her words jarred me, and not asked as a question, rhetorical or otherwise. Upon delivery she rose and left the room.

I didn’t get up, and in a moment she was back, as if nothing was said at all. It was in a blur. All she said was, “What are you doing today?”

I shrugged, “Looking for a job.” It was like time had stopped and then started again.

“Mmmm.” Smirk. She was thinking, pensive. Her cheeks glowing. Pregnancy or… “You want a warm up?” She held the pot out to me. It almost seemed suggestive.


With the pot in hand she walked up slowly, padding her bare feet and stood in the exact same spot as five minutes earlier. Turning herself to pour my coffee.

I could just about hear her thoughts, ‘I dare you!’

As she poured I once again lay my hand right at the back of her thigh, just above the back of her knees. My hand trembling, I could scarcely breath. The warmth of her skin, soft as silk flesh.

She sighed. I felt a frustration in her sigh, loneliness, frustration. Connection. It was coursing between us, refilling us. Like a wind hitting limp sails. My hand sliding higher until touching the arch at her butt, and no panties. Her naked body covered in a silk robe. I knew every inch. I wanted to slide my hand between her legs, knew she was wet.

Her voice breaking in with a steady, “Jason.” And absent encouragement, I let go, grasping my cup. I was trembling, she icy calm. Nothing on under that robe, I could not get that out of my head.

I sipped, “Nice and warm.”

She swung around and seated herself across from me, “You didn’t answer. A bitch or a feline?”

So it was a question.

“I didn’t know it was a question?”

“Hmmmm.” That smirk.

So I answered, “Well, ‘she’ started out as a Feline.” I did not take my eyes off hers. Watching the color rise in her face. “Definitely. But a bitch can get the job done. As to your second question, YES.”

Then silence and, “I got to get dressed,” as she padded out the kitchen.


It was stupid I know it was, and with every action there is a reaction.

Since I had now signaled my depravity, and unrequited (requited?) interest, she became distant. Not only that, she physically kept her distance.

At one point: “Nothing can happen while you are here?”

I stared at her like a bobble head doll. A ‘Who me’ puppy look, who had just despoiled the family meal.

“I’m serious. This morning was – NOT ok. And Mark was right there.”

“I’m sorry. Really, it was like habit, I know that sounds stupid. But considering… And the way you were dressed. AND you teased me!”

“I wasn’t dressed…”


“…yet. Jason this is my house.”

“I said I was sorry. Sorry. How many times you want me to say it.”

“Till you mean it.”

“Truth. I miss us.”


“It just ended. You know. Out of the blue.”

“Out of the BLUE. I got married!”

“Well, obviously. But, for me, it WAS hard. I mean, it is the kind of thing one needs to be weaned off of.”

She smirked.

“You left me cold turkey.”

“Not the way I remember it.” We were suddenly silent. I knew our thoughts. Memories and images of us, and what passed between us. It was like a mutual flashback. If it had been a movie a million images would have been flashing on the screen. “So you my breast fed baby now? All lost without me.” At that I stared directly at her tits. She blushed, “We did plenty of weaning. I gave you more than I should have.” And a little pause, a little smile, “In fact, I weaned you a bit this morning didn’t I?”

I met her eye, felt my cock jump.

“What you already apologized for.” Her smile. “Or have you already forgotten?”

“These things take time.”

“Well, try to behave. At least while Mark is around.”


Wean. We could wean. I turned over and over in my mind her words. ‘Try to behave.’ Try. Was this any level of permission, was there anything? I had no way of knowing. ‘I weaned you this morning.’

That evening she curled herself on the sofa, watching TV.

Mark was sitting down but getting up all the time, wandering around the house. He seemed to always have something on his mind, fidgety. He had gotten used to having me around and that problem had passed entirely.

Sara’s knees were tucked under her and her head lay on the back of the sofa.

I sat there in another chair with a perfect view of her. Turn my head one way TV, the other my Sa-ra. She knew I was looking at her, but ignoring me.

And what did I do? Fantasized. Letting my mind wander. That first night we shared a bed, peaking at her perfect body. My hand on her breasts. She was wearing a nightshirt, then in my imagination the clothes were gone and she was sitting on a chair with her legs wide, her delicious crotch wide open, pussy hairs, slit spread for me, her knees hooked on each arm rest. I mean, she had done this for me!

I could see her, completely naked. And now I was hard. My cock running along the zipper of my jeans. I needed to adjust. She would notice.

The urge growing. Heat, my heart. Naughty, desire, anticipation. How wrong it would be. She’s Sara, she loves to be bad. I knew that about her. No way she changed ThAT much. Enough of US survived. Her libido. It was wild, wild to the hilt. God I could ride her. How do you fuck a pregnant woman? What would she taste like?

I had to move, I couldn’t just sit there. I said, “You want something to drink?” She glanced at me, smiled with a nod. I rose, and as I went by leaned in, whispered, “I could use a little weaning this evening.”

Absolutely no response, my heart in my throat. I brought her back some ice water. She, sitting there, in the exact same position.

And a moment later, she rose and left.

Shit. I’m such a fuck up. But then another moment, back in the same spot – in her robe! That little silk robe. I flushed. Her eyes darting for her husband’s whereabouts, knowing her thoughts.

‘What if he walked in here?’ ‘Where is he?’

Sara moved her hand to her front and squeezed the front of the robe between her breasts pulling it tight, then slid her hand down soft over her belly, and up again. Smoothing the fabric over her body, letting me watch her touch herself. I had made her horny. I knew it. I thought about going over and sitting by her, but decided it would be too much and it would be over before it began. Let her. Let her feel it. Her hand lay across her breasts, and in another moment, her legs sliding open, her robe parting. Fuck. Red panties, set against that deep blue robe, the passage up her thighs the fabric of her panties over her crotch. Not naked under that robe. She left on her panties. She knew how I love panties!

Oh Christ. Her eyes flickered over my way, a slight smile. She slid down the seat a little allowing the robe to rise higher, opening, one side lay at the side of her thigh. Her knee swinging in and out, opening and closing, giving me a view of her panty covered puss.

As she did this was watching around herself, ready to pull it all in should Mark come in. She tucked her hand into her robe, covering her breast and gave her nipple a tweak as her legs swung open for me.

It was better than her being naked, all imagination. I ran my hand over my crotch and rubbed lightly as I watched, drinking her body in. So delicious. Her eyes flashing to my hand, knowing my cock, the feel and weight, god How I wanted it in her mouth. Would she masturbate tonight? Would she cum for me? I could walk over there. Walk over. She would let me, but we both stay in place. I could picture her on my bed, legs wide frigging herself, fingers tucked inside. I wanted to open that robe and eat her, lick her wet juices right off those red panties, and pull her down on me. What would it feel like to have her sitting on me, on my lap bearing down on my cock. Her pregnant belly, squeezing her tits.

“Oh Godddd.” I moaned.

Her eyes went wide, glancing around. I needed to be quiet. My mind racing. Sara raised her hips slid back again, and moved her hand between her legs.

Fuck, oh fuck.

Her hand slid between her legs, and the movement under her robe took on the unmistakable movement and steady rhythm. She was masturbating, squeezing her thighs around her hand. I wanted to kiss her as she did that. Kiss her neck and watch her lift her chin up. I knew I was in love with her. I always had been. That she was doing this. Our bodies were formed to the other. I knew her every thought. Her head turned to the side. She had pulled her robe closed now, not needing to be ready for the distraction of Mark, which next moment actually did occur. He walked in and sat down, she stopped all movement but left her hand where it was.

When, he got up again and wandered off I asked, “What does he do?” surprising her. She began masturbating again as I stroked my cock.

“Oh, he has papers he goes through, things he fixes. The garage.”

Silence again, hands roaming. Her cheeks flushed, and she was squirming now.

“Good show.” I said signaling to the TV.

“You like it.” She smiled.

I just watched, and she continued, breathing deep. Her hand moving faster, chewing her lower lip, tipping her head back. Eyes closed now. It was too much. I ached. My hand running along my cock. I realized that at this point I could not bear a second longer, and began to scratch my fingers along my cock, I needed release. I was going to give my own show, and I needed to cum. Pressing, scratching along the length of my cock. She watched me with her eyes half closed.

I watched until the tell tale spasm of her body, the squeeze of her thighs, signaling a delicious little orgasm; and my cock sprayed inside my pants, leaving a stain.

We couldn’t talk, we were idiots, masturbating for each other, watching each other cum.

So this is weaning.


Weaning can happen with words too.

It was afternoon, a lovely day and we were outside on the back patio.

“Sara. You remember that first night, we shared a bed.”

Her eye twinkled a moment, she answered evenly. “What about it?”

“Just seeing if you do. Best night of my life.”


She was cross stitching. A very unlike Sara thing to do.

“I can remember everything.” She was silent. That light outside the window made you glow, I can remember how you look when you sleep. You had shifted right next to me, and for some reason, you probably didn’t even know, but I lay my hand right at your stomach.”

She looked up at me, “I was not asleep. Don’t know why I let you. It was – nice. You were sweet.”

“It’s the first time I thought of you as sexy.”

She laughed, “it’s the first time I thought of you as a pervert.”

“It was innocent.”

“it was nice. It wasn’t innocent.”

“I fell back asleep like that, with my hand on you. And when I woke up my hand was in the exact same spot on you, but your bare skin.”

She sighed. “That was because of ME actually. I lay there awake, your hand on my tummy. I wanted to feel it on my skin, it felt so nice against me, warm and heavy. I tugged and tugged my nightshirt up, and when your hand was safe there right against me, the warmth of your bare hand, I lay my head in your shoulder and then, finally, I could sleep. I remember the warmth.”

I had never heard that part, she never said anything about it.

“You never said that.”

“No, considering what happened next.”

“I massaged you.”

“Yes, you did.” She stretched out at the thought. Yes she was feline.

“I knew you weren’t asleep?”

“No. Your hand, the moment it moved. Your every move I was aware of. Little circles over my tummy.” She looked down at her swollen belly. “I thought you were going to touch my breast, and that’s why I took your hand. But you were a persistent little bugger.”

“I wasn’t sure you had even been awake. You didn’t pull your top down. And you kept holding my hand, so warm. Your breathing.”

She closed her eyes. “Stop.”

“That is when I looked at you.”

She blushed, “Stop.”

“We were just covered by that sheet and I peaked at you. The light in the room illuminated your body. Burned in my memory. So beautiful, those white panties. First time I ever saw your breasts.

“I don’t have that body any more.”

“Oh you are still beautiful.”

She smiled. “You can be sweet. And then I let go, and that hand of yours went right back at it. I hoped you would though. It felt nice to be touched, I knew you were looking at me. You looked ridiculous with your head under the covers. I let it happen. I shouldn’t have but, I did. You were touching my panties now and I was like, this has to stop. I wanted it, but knew it was wrong. I took your hand again. I had to stop you.”

“Oh god. I was so mortified when you looked at me under the sheet. Your growl, ‘Get up Here’”

“It was then I knew just how WELL you could see me. Pervert.”

“I apologized.”

“HA. You are always apologizing.”

“You held my hand again.”

“Yes I did. ‘You like looking don’t ya.’” That was same phrase she used before. She remembered everything just like me. “The next night was when I was really conflicted about it, about you. It was so wrong. I was pretty vulnerable then. I did not feel all that pretty, hadn’t had a good boyfriend in a long time. Excited about being in a bathing suit, and suddenly I have this boy in my bed.”

“It was you who teased me with a description of the panties you were wearing that day. And, YOU also were the one who rolled your top up again.”

She continued her stitching, “Guilty as charged. At that point I wanted you to touch me again, I admit it.”

“And I did.”

“Oh, yeah. You did all right. I was in shock. We did a lot.”

“You were wide awake. You were a feline then. I just rubbed you, your hands, arm.”

“My breasts. Mmmm.” Her mmmm came out without her fully conscious of it.

“You loved it. Your eyes on me as I did it the whole time. I’ll never forget. And I was good, I let go when you wanted. We fell asleep with my hands on you.”

“I can’t call it sleep. I felt everything. I was melting. Every time you woke you would rub my body, and break me down.”

“The feel of you. I could do it all night.”

“You did.”

“You let me rub you everywhere, didn’t move at all. You did have small panties, and I so remember running my hand across the very top of them. Mmmmm.”

“Make me crazy.”

She was squeezing her legs together.

“You were so bad, god how you wanted to touch my breasts. Teasing around them, just along the edges. And THEN! You didn’t grab THEM! You grabbed me, god, your hand went right to my pussy. Ohhh, I was not expecting THAT! Pussy tames you good.”

“Your first growl.”

“God. We weren’t even alone in the room that night. I could NOT make noise. Oh,” she shook her head. “Stop.” She had set the stitching down and lay her hand over her crotch. “It hurts.”

“I pushed my hand into those panties. You were such a cat, pushing against me wherever I touched you. I wanted to see if you were wet, and you burst. Oh god you burst.”

“It was everything I could do to stop you. Our folks in the next bed. I took your hand then!”

“Yes. And when the negotiations began, the ones that could never hold.”

“The summits.”

“You can touch me here and not here, you can squeeze my tits but not play with my nipples. Fuck. Jason! You have me so wet right now.”

“You were the one who invited me back into your bed. And pulled me up against your back.”

“Yes. Next to go, my panties.”

She looked at me. Her eyes met mine, liquid lust. I had touched something in her just then.

“It was our first night we had sex.” She closed her eyes. “The sweetest, softest, baddest sex I’d ever had. I can’t remember how many times.”

I slid my chair closer and put my hand on her neck, she lifted her chin, let me draw my hand down her front and lightly stroke her breasts over her top. She did not move, let me stroke her body, her arms, her lips, down her throat. I squeezed and held her breasts, felt their weight. Her chin fell and she watched my hand.

I whispered to her, “You’re not the kind of person who anyone gets over.”

“You have any idea how horny a pregnant woman is?”


And those eyes.

I saw tears. “I remember everything. You are not someone I can say no to you know.”

And she took my hand, let out such a deep sigh. Held my hand between her knees.

“We can’t.”


About a week later:

I came in and sat down by her.

She glanced up, “You going to make me cry again?” Sara said leaning back into the corner of the sofa, nibbling her lower lip, and gazing across at me.

She had on this fantastic yellow crinkle sun dress that fell just below her knees. So cheerful, the fabric was light, supple, but it had weight. Had to be expensive.

She continued, “You have a way of showing up out of the blue haven’t you? At my vulnerable moments.”

“Like last time? At your wedding.”

She blushed. “Yeah. Like that.”

“You answering the door in your fucking wedding dress, drinking champagne.”

“Ha!! That was a million years ago.”

“Well I’m back. Hi,” I said reaching her arm and giving it a squeeze. She raised her foot and pushed my hand away, which left the hem of her dress raised high on her thigh, and giving me a peak up her thighs, no panties this time.

She gave a mock frown, “I was mad at you, for leaving. Where were you? Why ARE you here?”

I kept the mystery alive responding, “Don’t know if I’m ready to go into it all yet. I appreciate everything you’ve done. And Mark.”

I could tell she was not sure how to respond. Curiosity. Compassion. Loneliness.

I Pointed out the sliding glass window, “A blue-jay.”


Finally, she says, “I loved my wedding practice. It is the baddest thing we ever did.” She let out a breath, “It’s taken five years of therapy to get over you.”

“You’re kidding? A therapist?” My mind racing. I had never thought about us leaving our hermetically sealed world, of moving it outside of US. Of her going to someone else and talking about it. “You tell him about, I mean. Anything about. You know.”

“It’s a Her. And, yeah, I told her Everything.”

“About US. As in, brother and sister. You serious?”

She just nodded. “Just about everything.” What a rush, a weird thrill ran through me, the idea of her words reaching another human being about what we had done. She looked so soft and delicate, her hair falling over her shoulders. She was so female, a softness that is hard to put in words. The fabric of her dress, her throat, small chin.

“They didn’t like arrest us or anything? Call the paddy wagons.”

“It’s more common than you think.” She put me at ease, “If the ages of the siblings are similar, like less than three years, and circumstances being what they are, or were, there are triggers. Conservative parents. Absent father. It fit, and she helped me make sense, make peace with myself. We were, actually, the postcard dysfunctional family.”

Her eyes turned to me. I reached to take her hand. She let me briefly, but pulled away again.

“I’ve missed you. I miss us.”



“You are beautiful, you know that?”


“I don’t think your husband thinks too highly of me.”

“Oh, it’s all fine. Mark’s fine. He likes things just so, that’s all, the house and everything.”

“You can’t have said very nice things about me. I mean…”

“I never said anything bad.”

“What HAVE you said?”

As we talked, I gradually slid closer watching her breathe, the rise and fall of her chest, the way her nose moved as she talked. Her dress dipped down between her breasts, and the bulge of her tummy from beneath where the sun dress cinched at mid chest. The bulge of her tummy, and the dress dipping down between her thighs raised up high across her hips. She made no effort to cover her sex from me. Her breasts were so much bigger. I watched as her long hair slipped down over her cheeks. She was so beautiful. I could feel her warmth as I slid closer, and her smell, sweet and deep. I was drinking her in as we talked.

So comfortable, guards falling. Our bodies were beginning to intertwine. Losing that thread of where one ends and the other begins.

“About us? Nothing. I mean, that your my brother, I don’t know where you went, that I missed you. I worried. That’s it.”

“But still, anytime there is family that is never coming round, one is bound to think not good things.”

She tried to change the subject, “So you can’t tell me anything Jason? You going to remain a mystery. Why are you here? You break up with someone?”

She hit the target close. “I probably need therapy.” I tried a laugh. “Let’s say it is better to have loved and…”

She finished it, “Lost…”

“I was going to say abandoned.”

She was looking at me, concern in her eyes. “Adults aren’t abandoned. We aren’t children anymore to be abandoned. When you’re ready, tell me. You can tell me anything. Ok?”

“Lets just say…she’s the bitch, now.” I felt a tear in my eye, trying to be tough. But the words hurt. It’s probably the most honest I had been. Sara was staring intently, listening to me and everything else melted. I said it again, “I think you are beautiful, and I missed you.” Running my finger along her wrist.


“You said anything.”

“You know what I mean.”

My eyes misting, “It felt like abandonment though.” I left interpretation open, my ex or my sister.

I took her hand and she let me. She slid her small fingers over mine, rubbing my palm like it had a stain in it. I responded. We held our hands out flat between us and then folded our fingers together.

“Feels nice.”

She said nothing. Her breathing was quicker. I opened my hand again and ran my fingers down her wrist to her elbow and back again. Over and over.

“This Ok?”

“Mmmm. A little.” And we so silently let our hands touch together. Fingers stroking our palms, fingers entwined, simple soft caresses along our arms. Sliding closer, not even realizing our movement.

I asked, “We can hold hands?” She met my eyes, without saying no. My heart lept at that single point of allowed access. Without thinking I spoke, and immediately regretted what I said, “Can I kiss you?”

She looked surprised, “No. Behave,” pulling her hand away.

“Sorry.” Shit.

We were both still facing each other though. Our knees just about touching. She did not move any further away. I believe she was realizing how much closer we had gotten, with our heads laying against the sofa cushions, relaxed, eying one another. Her dress brushed against my cheek. It felt so right with her, I felt like I could breathe.

“Remember our first kiss?”

Sara closed her eyes, “I remember.”

I reached to her and moved a strand of hair from her cheek.

“You need to stop.” Eyes closed.

“I’m not doing anything. I love looking in your eyes…your hair was in the way. You have beautiful lips.” I touched her lower lip with my finger and added in a whisper, “One kiss.”

“Jason! If this is how you are going to be, like this.”

“I’m, sorry. It’s hard. You have to know, you have to feel some of the same things.”

“It’s different now. It’s wrong. I don’t want anything to…I work hard to be where I am.”

“I know. I know. I’m not saying run off. I miss your taste, to have one taste. I barely remember.” Was I whining?

Her cheeks glowed and her head lay on the cushion. She opened her eyes in little slits, looking at me.


I could not help myself as I prattled on, “No one knows. One. One little kiss. Sara. Just surrender, that little bit.”

She closed her eyes and I felt the breath go out of her as she froze. Neither a yes or no.


I leaned in and touched her lips with mine. She remained there unmoving. No other response. I felt the warmth of her, her smell before she turned.

She opened her eyes, looking back at me – mischievous – and I immediately protested. There was a thin smile on her lips.

“Not what I meant. A kiss. A real kiss.”

She leaned to me, our foreheads touching. We were so close, too close for a brother and sister.


Without a word, I leaned in again without her moving away, touching her cheek with my hand and guided her mouth to mine. Our trembling lips, reaching. This time I felt her lips lightly, and I pressed her lower lip between mine. I felt her mouth open, pressed in with my warm tongue. We let our tongues touch. Tip to tip. Soft. Slow. Electric. I turned to her and we pressed ourselves close, folding our bodies slowly molding into one another. Kissing. I have no idea how long we kissed, delicious long lovely kisses. I wrapped my arm around and held my Sara to me. The thin fabric of her dress clung to her body, feelling as if she had nothing on at all. How long had it been?

We stopped and caught our breath, moving back but still within reach of each other. I had my hand at her hip, scraping my fingers up and down, could feel the warmth of her. I lowered the palm of my hand to her ass and then sliding up to her waist, no panties. Watching her breathe, the weight of her breasts. No bra, and felt suddenly very warm. She leaned away from me, letting my hand lay across her tummy, rubbing her through the thin fabric. Her pregnant body was more awkward, not lithe and bendable as I remember.

“Wow!” I said.

She eyed me, “You are so bad.” But I could see she was proud of herself, her effect on me.

“You knew we might.”

She harrumphed. “You’ve had your hands all over me. You’ve been a walking talking seduction. But a kiss. No. I wasn’t going to let it.”

I moved close, nose to nose, and she did not pull away. Leaning nearer, not asking, I lay my mouth on hers for a third time, as I talked. “I missed you.” She could feel my lips brushing hers as I spoke, keeping her head where it was as my words washed over her. Eyes sparkling and fixed on mine. “A thousand times I missed you. I love your taste. You know that. You are beautiful. It all comes back.” Breaking our kiss, I let my hand wander up along her side and down across her tummy, brushing the narrow line of her ribs between her tummy and breasts, feeling the top of her breasts at the back of my hand. I once again lay my hand back over the swell of her belly.

“Pregnant,” as I caressed her tummy, stroking the bulge and the hem of her dress slipping above her knees. At my touch she shifted herself up and away, but now with knees lifted the dress sliding down her thighs.

“Ok Jason.” She said not angry at all, almost sad. “You kissed me. We can’t. We can’t do this,” tugging her dress back over her knees. “Stop,” she added as I followed her movement as she slid away. I began pulling at her. Her eyes widening, “Jason! I’m serious.”

“Ok. But One, one more.”

I kissed her again and she responded by pressing her whole body to me, leaning me back and laying down on me. Her mouth opening, biting into me. Hungry. She was chewing my lips, sucking my lower lip the way I loved, tipping her chin up and I began to nibble her neck. Her breasts pressed to my chest. God, she loved when I nibbled her neck. I clung to her, rocking her in my arms as we kissed. Sliding my knee up between her legs making contact with her groin, we lay side by side, her dress tucked between her legs. My cock was so hard.

As we kissed she was panting, “Stop. Stop.” Her rocking body over me, kissing me between her words.

Me protesting, “One minute. One more,” and continued nibbling down her neck, soft kisses biting her there, across her collarbone and at her shoulder, running kisses across the top of her breasts. She sighed, rubbing and rocking her pussy along my thigh, humping my leg, giving me her neck, her throat, and tossing back her hair. I could feel her surrender. She was so hot and hungry. God, she was NOT getting any. “Oh, Jason.” I knew this was one of her favorite ways to be kissed, and I continued to nibble around her ears, along her shoulder.


She whimpered, “You know all my weaknesses.” Our tongues softly rolling together, our open mouths, her bodies rocking softly together. We were slowing down, not as hungry. Sensual, slow, delicate. Soft. Lazy. A wave running up the sand of a beach, falling and rising.

I asked, “Did you miss me?”

Her lips on mine, “You have no idea.”

I brought my hand higher and squeezed it over her breast, as the most exquisite moan left her. The feeling of her flesh, her nipple pressed at the center of my palm.

“Oh Jason.” She groaned. Had I gone to far? She was rolling herself off my thigh, sliding in beside me, turned herself around. Suddenly sad.

I let go, though we were still wrapped together. It took awhile, as we untangled our bodies. I had honestly intended not to touch her like that. She released me, and began tugging her dress back into place, sitting up and pulling it out from between her legs, exhaling. Catching our breaths, as the last orange light shining across our skin as the sun sunk lower behind the trees. We were sitting now in shadows.

“Be Good.” She was plaintive now. “You are staying at our house. We HAVE to be careful, you and I. We can’t start. You make me want to do things, and have them done to me.” She closed her eyes and gave out such a deep sigh. “So bad. You are the true definition of a seducer.”

She lay her head on my chest, “Be Good. Be good.” And she hit my chest with her open hand after each utterance.

“I try. It’s hard.”

She lay her hand over my cock and squeezed.

“That’s the problem.”

AS she lay with her head on my chest, her hair brushing under my chin, we simply watched the sun slip entirely out of sight.

Suddenly dark, no lights on.


The moment was broken with, “I am going to have to tell my therapist about this.”

“Five years. You still see her?”

My Sara was turning into a shadow, just teeth and eyes.

“Hmmm. Some. Not as much.” She moved herself so she was sitting between my legs, her back to me. I wrapped my arms around her.

“Do you have to?”

She nodded. “I do now. You shit.”

“What will she say?”

“She told me this might happen when I told her you showed up at my door.”

“What were you supposed to do if I show up?”

“Not be alone with you,” her sideways glance.

I laughed. “Not going very well.”

“No. Fuck.”

“You still going to let me stay?”

“You going to promise to behave?” She turned wagged a finger at me.

I leaned in and sucking her finger that was pointing at me, slowly sucking it in and out, before saying, “I promise.”

Catching the surprise in her eyes.

“I’m serious.”

Pleased at the pulse of desire.

She wanted more.

Game. Set. Match. And just as I had never felt so close to my Sara she said, “I have to go.”



Sara stood. “I have to go meet Mark.” Fuck! I so did not want this to end, but said nothing. Let her do what she wants. Don’t push it, not now, reveling in these soft lines in the sand shifting about. The feel on my lips, still tingling from our kiss.

I said nothing, and ultimately made the right choice.

She simply stood in front of me, looking down at me. I watched her, hair falling down around her face. A dark silhouette

“What am I going to do with you.”

Invitation? At this point, I knew she would let me do just about anything I wanted. I lay my hand at the back of her thigh, same as that morning in the kitchen and began to stroke her legs. From her knees up to her ass. She let me rub my hand around her bare ass under the loose dress. Up to the small of her back and I scratched her there. Her favorite spot.


She breathed out one more almost silent “Oh fuck” and turning herself sat next to me.

I gave a half-hearted, “You got to go?”

To which she responded, “I have a few minutes. Now. Behave!!”

“Ok,” and reached my hand over to hold hers.

She opened her palm to me and lay it on her knee and let me stroke her fingers, “I thought we were going to talk. Whatever happened to that? ‘I just want to talk.’ [mimicking me] Or was this just like some evil plan of yours?”

She was leaning back and placing her feet on the cushion, teasing me. Laying in the dark, all shadows. The darkness between her thighs.

“No. There was no plan.”

“To get your hands all over me.” I loved the way she said that. “Kiss me. Grope me.” She put her hands over her tits and kicked me with her foot.

I stretched toward her and said as nonchalant as I could, “So…What music you been listening to?”

She looked up, “Nothing, lately,” crossing her arms over her tits instead of gripping them.

“You used to love music!”

There was a pause as she transitioned her thinking, saying as she shrugged, “Good music is hard to find, or maybe I’m just getting too fricken old.”

I was adjusting to the fact she was not going anywhere.

This was an interesting turn, I could not help but notice how feisty she was, more the old Sara. Our antics had kind of messed her up a bit. God I loved her disheveled hair. I thought back to our long drives in Florida, her leaning between the seats and me diddling her in the back seat as our parents sat in front. Good god we were bad. There was a faint scent of her sex. Unmistakable. She was wet.

As my mind raced through all these thoughts and memories, I continued the conversation, “I agree. It’s like, the only things popular are prostitutes and teenage boys. I don’t listen to the radio much.”

“Its like there’s only one station on no matter what you tune it to.”

I added, “I like indie rock.”

“Interesting! When I met Mark, he opened up a whole new world of music to me. Small labels, unknown bands. Modest Mouse, Pavement, Iron and Wine, Holopaw, The Shins, the Flaming Lips. Indie rock. Right?”

“Yeah, pretty much. I know them. Some are getting more popular now, Modest Mouse. This one song of theirs is EVERYWHERE. TV, Radio, stores… I hear it constantly, from the weirdest places.”

“I like Radiohead,” she said stretching her legs out, and resting them over the top of my legs. “I’ve been a dedicated fan of theirs since the beginning, although I haven’t really gotten into their new album.”

“I like nine inch nails.”

“Mmmmm. They have good music. Sorta mainstream.”

“I want to fuck you like an animal.”


“It’s the name of the song. I like that one.”

“I bet you do. You know what I mean…I also love some other stuff. But so much music has gotten lame and I like my oldies.”

As I had said fuck you like an animal, I had lain my hand over her knee and now began to run my hands down her leg, knee to ankle. She had extended her legs over my lap, and I felt myself getting hard at the contact. I scooted back a bit so she couldn’t feel anything. Her head was tilting back so she was just talking to the ceiling, letting me run my hands over her bare legs. It was not lost on me that she was wearing absolutely nothing beside this little yellow dress.

She continued, “Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, Jason Bowie, Elvis. I have a big crush on Elvis. Thin, sexy Elvis, not fat druggie Elvis. But you knew that.”

I was edging toward her as she leaned back, and my movement caused her knees to rise a bit higher as I ran my hands over her legs. As I stroked her legs, I pushed the hem of her dress over the top and her dress began to slip down her thighs unnoticed.

She asked, “Have you ever heard the song Your Body is a Wonderland, by Mayer? Swim in a deep sea of blankets.”

“I love that song.”

“I won’t be able to get that song out of my head now. That is what I will think of when I go to bed tonight.”

And I recited some lyrics, “We’ve got the afternoon. You got this room for two.

One thing I’ve left to do. Discover me Discovering you. One mile to every inch of your skin like porcelain. One pair of candy lips and Your bubblegum tongue.”

I thought of how I could seriously masturbate to that image of us in a sea of blankets.

“Good memory.”

I asked, “What about movies?”

“Where do I begin. Hey! Have you ever seen Harold and Maude? One of my all time favorite movies. Mentioning Cat Stevens reminded me of it… That movie was partially filmed close to here. There’s a bridge they ride across and get pulled over by a cop. They just rebuilt it.”


And then it was like we ran out of topics. In the silence I continued rubbing her legs, up and down, up and down, edging my hands over her lovely thighs.

She filled the silence with, “What else?”

But I had already formulated what I was going to say, “You really haven’t changed.” She looked down at my hands stroking her. “Your body, I mean, you feel…the same.”

“I wish. I’m fat.”

“What?? Not at all.” I squeezed her thigh just above her knee.

“No. Not my legs, up top.”

At that I lay my hand over her belly. Taking her comment as permission, and stroking my hand in a circle, the movement causing her dress to ride higher still. There has always been something about being able to touch a pregnant ladies tummy.

“Your pregnant Sara.”

She was looking down at my hand as I was clinically exploring her flesh. She took my hand by the wrist and said, “Feel that,” as she set my hand just above her hip at the side. “Feel all that blubber. THAT’s fat bro.”

I squeezed the bulge of flesh at her hip, “That’s for the baby. Come on. You look so fucking sexy,” I deftly moved my hand across her abdomen to a point low below her navel and just above her pussy mound, “and you know it.” I could just feel the edge of her pussy hairs.

She did not react at all, only the hint of a smile as I called her sexy. She simply responded, “You should see me naked now.”


“Not what I mean.” She swatted at me. “My breasts sag.”

“Uh, they look good from here.”

“Not lately. They’re huge, they got veins.”

I let my hand wander up and lay my hand right over her breast, for the second time.

“Jason!” Her voice was even, but she was not pushing me away or stopping me.

“Just checking. They are NOT sagging.” I roamed over her breasts. Again, oh so clinically, I continued, “they ARE bigger than I remember though.” I began squeezing, lifting them up. Feeling their heft. She letting me.

“You’re SO BAD, seriously,” and she finally moved my hand away, and closed her eyes. “We are talking. Be-Have.” Her sing song voice. “Besides, my nipples ache. They are way too sensitive.”

I relented that moment, and moved my hand back to her middle, rubbing and caressing her soft skin across her tummy, down over her hips and upper thighs, keeping the fabric of her little dress covering where my hand roamed. Watching her reaction the whole time.

As my hands ran along her hips she surprised me with, “You watch any porn?”

“Excuse me. I’m supposed to answer that?”

“Do you?” She asked again.

“Do you?”

“I have a video. It’s like the only porno I’ve ever really seen.” She opened her eyes to check my reaction.

“At the house?”

“Hidden. It’s just a bunch of home video type scenarios, amateur, all put together. There is one called ‘Gang Fuck Debutantes.’”

“Gang Fuck, what?” I bit. “They never have good names.”

My hands softly stroking her tummy, like I was petting her, drawing my hands down from her hips or down from her tummy, low into her crotch until I could feel the V of her puss, over and over. The tease of her cunny hairs, those hairs I could literally feel trailing up to her navel. Her dress had fallen to the top of her thighs, but it was so dark. I could only see a dark opening between her legs, her knees risen up over my legs.

She continued talking as I touched, massaged, caressed her, “It’s really pretty fucking hilarious. Some of it is sad. I don’t think its very good because none of the women actually look like they are enjoying themselves. And the men mostly look bored. It’s like, what’s the fucking point??? Earn your money! Show some enthusiasm! Christ.”

“Why do you keep it?”

“Don’t know. The hiddeness.” She opened her eyes and met mine, the whites glowed. “I like secrets Jason. It’s what I inherited from…OUR relationship. It’s hid right in our room.”

Taking in what she said my cheeks grew warmer. Her body was so fucking incredible. I began to slip my hand back to her thighs, running my hands up and down the top of her legs, and insinuating my fingers along on her inner thighs under her dress as I caressed her. Skin to skin.

As I continued touching her I kept my end of the conversation going, “Touché. Then we should watch it some time.”

“Maybe.” Her thoughts were muddling, “you never answered my question. You watch any?”

“Only on the computer. Sometimes. More lately.” I laughed, “I mean I’m a guy, newly single,” I let my hand run up her bare hip, under her dress, slipping my fingers under the fabric and running up her hip bone, so that the edge of my hand was touching the edge of her puss hairs from the side. I almost came. It had been so long.

At the brush of my fingers on her bush she reacted, “Hey, careful there!”

“I just wanted a little feel, I love the feel of your hair,” and I tipped my hand under her dress right along the top of her bush. “A little touch.”

“Stay inside the lines,” she said wiggling her hips. It was an old phrase between us, one I had not heard in a long time.

“You don’t shave.” She shook her head, and I went back to rubbing her legs, but she was not indicating she wanted any of this to end. “So why do you watch it if you don’t really like it?”

“Good question. There are a few acrobatic ones which make me kind of turn my head to the side. A few pretty kinky scenes. If I’m really horny, I watch it and masturbate.”

I was getting aroused, and I think that had been her intention. My cock was throbbing. She had to be wet. My hands drifting back up over her hip, rubbing her bare skin.

My mouth was dry and I continued the thread of conversation as her body kept opening up to me. “You watch it lately?” Running my hand back over the top of her mound, letting my thumb graze her hairs again. So delicious, god I wanted her. I knew this was driving her crazy, and so I stayed ‘inside the lines.’

She frowned, “Haven’t in a long time, just not in the mood. Been in more of a literary mood. And in light of our conversation…I like erotica.”

Now I raised my eyes. “Quite the kinky little lady.”

“My hormones have been crazy. Its all the pregnancy and birth. Remember my friend Dennis? He was, by the way, the first person to ever get me high.”

“Yeah, I remember him.”

I was stroking her higher up her torso, over her belly. The dress was so loose I was able to rub her up to just below her breasts, where the dress cinched around her ribs. I was sitting right against her butt now so her thighs were bent up at my hip, and her dress fallen down around her legs. So erotic, so delicious.

“He found an old beat up copy of a Hustler magazine. We were pretty young. There were all these pictures of naked women. But that did nothing for me, but as I was looking, a section caught my eye. I was like, ‘what is this?’ It was the Letters Section. There was this story about some girl getting fucked in her office. Supposedly a true story. I remember asking for the stories, and he let me tear them out. I kept them hidden under my bed.”

I like to buy copies of Club Magazine, filled with true life erotic stories that people had written. I became so enthralled with them. I’d sit there and read and lose track of time. My husband found my stash one time and made me get rid of them.”

“Did you?”

“Yes. It was no big deal.” And noticing my reaction she added, “But I got more.” Her wry smile that I had not remembered seeing in years as she added, “and hid them better.” The Sara I remembered. “Now they are all over the web. Found a site I kind of liked. A few months ago, I went looking again on the internet. I don’t even remember when or why. Just before you showed up, my hormones I think. Mark is pretty standoffish now I’m pregnant.”

“Some guys are like that.” Interesting I thought, “So what do you like?”

“I been reading incest stories.” She had pronounced it inn-cest.

“Of course.”

“An extra little thrill for me, considering. So I’d get online sometimes, read a bunch of stories until I was all hot and bothered, and…”

I realized then that after all these years she was still fantasizing about me. I croaked out, “Masturbate.” God I could just feel my cock sliding in her then.

I had my hands low on her belly again and tickled my way down over the top of her puss, tickling the hairs of her pussy, her legs bent up over my lap and her the hem of her dress now even with my hand. I could just make out the white of her legs and the triangle of hair between her legs. She was all lain out for me, her arms raised up over her head buried in her disheveled hair.


I pressed further and slid my fingers down along either side of her outer cunny lips, whereupon she casually tugged my hand out from between her legs. The dress still raised up, she did not cover herself. She simply said, “We probably need to talk about something else.”

I quickly suggested, “Like, how about, when was the first time you ever had an orgasm?”

She laughed, “How about something besides perversion or my pussy.”

“You’ve never told me. I’m curious considering all the revelations. Just tell me, I’d tell you.”

“Oh God. This conversation is going down the wrong path.” There was silence, but it was because she was thinking. “I can hardly remember.”

She was completely ignoring me now as I rubbed my hands over her body. Long strokes along her legs, and over her hips. Up her sides and across her tummy, up and down the insides of her legs.

Her story began:

“For the longest time, the only way I ever had an orgasm was in the bathtub. I was actually pretty old before I knew an orgasm even happened. Not the kind of thing they teach in fifth grade sex ed. I think, when I finally figured out how to masturbate it was from a talk radio show.”

“The person who’d called in, a girl, saying she couldn’t have an orgasm. And I was like what’s that? So the operator told her that there was this one trick that would never fail. Use the running water in the bathtub. This was interesting I thought, and it was obvious how they intended the water to run right through my little kitty.”

“Oh god,” I breathed. It had been awhile since she had used that word to describe her privates.

My cheeks were hot, and she noticed my reaction to that word, a smile spread on her face.


A flash of pleasure and lust between us.

“So I headed straight to the bath to find out what they were talking about. I let the stream of water spray as I opened my legs. Mmmmm.”

This time I rubbed along her hip bones to each side of her pussy with both my hands, and pressing my thumbs between her legs right along her pussy lips, and began to stroke up and down while pressing into her center from the outside of her lips. She was totally letting me rub her, I could feel the slight undulation of her hips as I rubbed her like that.

Her voice got softer, “The water was gushing down between my legs and then the stream hit just the right spot and I was like, oh my god!”

Her hips were undulating gently against my fingers as she thought about it, rubbing herself against my hand.

“It was good, really good.” She arched her back as I pressed between her legs. “The flow of water, I held it there and then my whole body just exploded. That was the first time. I lay there in the bath thinking… hell yes! Now I know what all the fuss is about. Mmmmmm. Yum.”

At that moment her cell phone rang.

“Hang on…sorry.” She sat up a little, and then turned herself to the side and propped herself on an elbow to dig her cell phone out of her pocket, and I slid back and scooted behind her. She sort of laid on her side as she answered. The motion exposed her ass to me, and as she talked I tossed her dress over her hips as I continued rubbing her legs, until I had her bare ass and thighs turned to me. As she talked, she slid herself back against me and pinned me to the back of the sofa.

I began rubbing the small of her back and bare ass, knowing how she loved that and felt her stretch and move into my hand as I did. I rubbed from her hips across her waist and back down along the outside of her thighs. Her naked skin everywhere! I turned further toward her, and then slid myself higher so I could nuzzle between her shoulder blades as I continued to rub her bare bottom.

I could hear her husband on the phone, ‘Where are you?’

“Oh, what time is it? I’m sorry. Time got away from me.”

She was lying, hiding our secret. I loved the feeling.

She continued, “I’m leaving right now.”

I missed what he said, and unzipped my pants tugging them down, releasing my cock. She was so wet and horny. I held my bare stomach to her ass, skin to skin. How far would she let me go?

She had not seen what I had done with her back to me. My cock sprang out. So as I pressed myself to her, I let my cock slide along her thighs!

Her eyes went wide and she looked back at me, the feel of my bare cock. But she continued talking and made no sudden movement, she just continued to lie there with her back to me.

Mark was saying something about her needing to be more responsible or some such.

“No. You can when I get back.”

I missed what was said.

“You always say that! It won’t be that much longer.”

And she said, “Stop it!” And “Mark!” And “Don’t go there.”

She finished with, “Just be patient. I will get there!! Sorry!”

She hung up.

There was no reaction from Sara about the position we were now in. That my cock was rubbing along the inside of her thighs. Amazing. Even after she hung up there was no response to how we were positioned, the two of us spooning on the sofa, my cock dug in between her legs.

All she said was, “Uhhh. Sorry. Need to regroup….Fuck! He seriously pissed off right now. I just need to yell right now, really loud,” and she let out a very loud “FUUUUUUUCK!!! That’s better.” And she literally leaned back against me.

“You Ok?” My hands sliding back over onto her tummy and stretching her dress so my hand found her bare breasts, giving them a squeeze before sliding my hand back down to cover the hairs of her puss from the front. She was letting me rub her anywhere, everywhere. I had no idea how long this would last.

She talked in a quiet voice, “He just needs to…. Ugh. Anyways. So what was I talking about?” Ignoring my hands all over her.

“You just had your first orgasm.”

“Mmmmm, yeah.” And as she said that, she tipped her ass back against me, causing my cock to bump the hairs of her pussy. I wanted her to keep talking, for this to continue. I could imagine her shifting herself up, pushing me away, and admonishing me for bad behavior.

“Keep going. Another. So, how about, ah, one without, ahhh water, a bathtub.” I was desperate. [Don't stop this Sara!] I was undulating my hips causing my cock to slip and slide between her legs, and digging my middle finger into her cunt opening her slit, feeling her cream open. Fucking god, so good. Her cunny burst open, so wet, squishing cum. She was so wet and juicy. My cock was pealing her open from behind at the same time. I pressed right over her vagina and softly rubbed her opening, feeling the head of my cock with my fingers sliding along her slit. With my fingers and then my cock alternately rubbing over her vagina.

“Mmmmmm, I only got a little minute,” she was moaning softly as she breathed out, my intrusions having a nice effect on her body, closing her eyes and opening them again. She looked back and met my eyes, this time watching as I touched her, my bare fingers ready to press deep into her. With my eyes on hers I stroked my fingers through her slit. She closed her eyes again, with no other reaction than to begin another story.

“For a long time it was the bath. Mmmmmm. I practiced, learned different ways of manipulating the water against my kitty. I learned that the longer I prolonged it, the better my orgasm.” She was sliding her hips back and forward to my touches and strokes. “I liked to dip my finger into my vagina, just a little. The skin around the opening is sooo sensitive.”

I pressed harder at that moment, filling her cunt with the end of my finger and slipping higher until it touched her hard clit.

She paused and in a soft whimper, “Oh, Jason. This is….”

I froze.

NO. I did not want to stop.

I could see the wheels turning in her mind, the conflict of what was happening. A sudden moment. She was thinking about stopping. The sun was gone. It was dark, my cock opening her cunt, dripping on her thighs and my hand rubbing her clit.

I did not remove my hand from between her legs, but pulled back off her clit and brushed my hands over her hairy pussy lips, smearing the juices around. “Sorry,” I breathed. I would do less if she wanted.

It was enough, and she continued “So slick and silky and just incredible. To rub it just the tiniest bit… mmmmmm. Push my finger in and out.” God she was teasing me, testing me, talking about her cunny being rubbed and having fingers pushing inside. So inviting. Describing the motions of my fingers on her.

“When did you first slip a finger in your ass?” I whispered. Keeping the stream of words going.

Her hips were moving as I slipped my hand deeper between her legs and began once again fingering her slit, and drawing a circle around her clit.

Her eyes sparkling at me, I knew how she liked a finger in her ass. “God, I think that was YOU, ahhhh” she cooed, squeezing her legs together on my cock thinking about it. “God, I do like a finger up my ass. Yum. A finger in my cunt and my ass, yum yum.” Then she frowned, “Uh, I’m uncomfortable here.”

“Sorry,” I quickly responded.

She started to slide down lower, and I followed, “Move over. I want to lay flatter,” and she slid me across so she could lay her head down. I held myself close to her as we moved.

“This Ok?” I breathed.

“Mmm Hmmm.” She nodded. “This feels nice. Relaxed. I’m actually sensitive all over, and I am horny all the time.”

“I remember your nipples being sensitive.” I was stroking her tummy, and down along the front of her thighs. But reaching up I gave her nipples a good squeeze.

“Ahhh, careful, you have no idea how they are now. Oh god, I ache.” I continued to squeeze her tits as the head of my cock slipped along the folds of her cunt, so slippery now, my cock just sliding on her juices.

“I remember your neck being very sensitive.”

Squeezing her tits, and kissing her neck, as I slid my cock back and pressing until my cockhead popped right up inside. I knew her body so perfect, the angle and pressure. She let out a deep moan. “Ohhhh.” Silky tight, exquisite. Fucking my sister. Her pussy was throbbing, squeezing my dick as I pressed into her. I could literally feel it kissing the end of my cock. The juices running down my shaft. God, this is how we knew each other.

She turned her head. “Mmmm. Stop.”

She did not mean it in the same way, it was more like she was over aroused. It was a ‘hold still and let me absorb what you are doing to me.’ I simply lay perfectly still, let go her tits and held my cock inside without moving.

“I am getting too aroused. Oh, fuck. Oh God!” She was trembling. “I am soooo horny. I am too horny. Oh god Jason.”

“Did you cum?”

“Not quite, but god my body. It’s wild.”

She opened her eyes at me, I could see the whites of her eyes and teeth, and in that moment she pushed hard against me, pushing her puss back impaling my cock deep inside. We made no reference that we were fucking again. Her pussy lips opening around my cock, a soft sigh from her. The head of my cock buried up in her belly. She reached down and held my bare thighs pulling and pushing me, in rhythm to my cock sliding in and out.

“Oh, God, Jason. So bad….” As we fucked, she continued. “I had my first orgasm using just my hands the following summer.”

I was tugging her hips fucking my cock into her, and feeling her ass pressing and sliding on me. She had her hands down now between her legs and was rubbing her clit. We were moving together faster, her breathing became ragged, panting. I took my thumb and began to shove it into her ass, working it around her little opening and slowly pressing it inside her.

She tried to continue, “I don’t remember how, uh, ohhhhhh, it just started happening. Oh god. I know I was still at home. I learned a quick sideways motion across the top of my clit, like this.” I couldn’t see her but imagined she was frigging herself. “Uh, If I did it fast enough. Mmmmmm. Oh god. I only did it when everyone was out of the house.”

In a ragged gasp, “Ever do it, when I was home?” I was fucking her now steady and rubbing my thumb around in her asshole.

“Oh, yeah. Uhhhh.” She was shuddering and rocking her hips, causing me to enter her from every angle and every side, she was moving around and rubbing herself against.

“I would have loved to sneak in your room then. To see you like that. For your first time.”

“You would would you? You’ve gotten to do more with me than any brother I know. Ahhh. There’s this one spot in my vagina, if I move just right, it has just the perfect angle…. yum.” She was moving herself back. “Oh yeah. You got it. I love the water though, my first time.”

“I’ll have to remember that.”

“I can sit there, uh, uh.” I was really thrusting into her. “Like, I’m just soaking in the tub, totally get off.”

Sara was so wet and turned on, her body was trembling, quivering, so alive and I could feel her beginning to have the orgasm she was talking about. I wanted to cement this somehow, to have her. I wanted her again somehow.

I began nibbling her neck and whispered in her ear, “Sara. I want to see you. Naked. Watch you, move with no clothes. Oh, to see you.”

“Oh god. Jason. Now?”

“No. Later.”

“At the house?”

“Anywhere. Doesn’t…matter.”

She was moving hard on me, frigging herself. I could feel myself ready to cum.

“MMmmm.” Her body was vibrating, “I’m going to cum.” Her body was thrashing and she cried out.

“I just want that. Can I?”

“Mmmmm. We’ll see. Ahhh, God.”

“Just once. Say yes.”

“Not now. Ah. Ah. Fuck, so good.”


“Yes. Yes. You can see me.”

I could feel my cum rising, ready to burst in her.

She began to cry out, “Oh god, yes.”

Our bodies exploded, rising too high. Everything white and electric. Oh so good. Our movements began to slow, I was fucking her slow and her body relaxing in my arms. I was holding her tits, her body pressing back against me, holding me in. The energy in us falling, settling into the seat we lay for awhile. Spooning. Not moving and silent.

I heard a small quiet, “My.”

I did not respond. Would she be angry? I knew reality was going to descend.

I began to stroke skin, to run my hands down her arms and held myself to her. Stay calm I was thinking. I hugged her and slipping my cock around, still inside, pumping my softening cock in her open cunny. I wanted to stay inside her as long as I could. In a moment I felt her squeeze and push me out. The seat was soaked with our cum.

Sara did not move, she just said, “We weren’t supposed to do this. This wasn’t supposed to happen.”

“You Ok?”



Silence. She lifted herself up, stood and turned on a light. She stood in front of me looking down at herself, at me. Her dress was held up around her middle, naked from from her waist down. Her belly out over her pussy, ragged little pussy lips I had just fucked. I sat with my cock pointing up between my legs, “Are you mad?”

She shook her head. She sighed, “No. I…I got to go though, god he is going to be mad.” as she straightened her dress, letting it fall back over her legs.

I pulled my clothes on.

She said again, “Mark is going to be mad. Shit. How long has it been since he called?”

“I don’t know. Sorry.”

“Quit saying sorry.”


Careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

She was so nervous I agreed to go along. As we drove Sara was getting angrier, but it was with herself or more like the situation. I was an accessory.

She kept bringing up, “Mark is going to be so mad. Shit. Shit.” Saying this as she was glancing at the clock. It was working her into a panic. It was pitch black outside now.

I volunteered, “We were in the middle of, ah, something.”

She looked daggers at me, “I can’t believe you did this.”

“It just happened.”

“Fuck You!”

My temperature started to rise, “You could have left, YOU could have left when you first got up. You didn’t I had no idea. So..fuck, calm down. It’ll be fine.”

There was a pause, and she softened. “I’m sorry.” She started to cry a little. “I’m just…confused.”

“Ok, Ok.” I was feeling pretty bad, “but give me some…” I did not know what to say “It’s hard Sara. Makes me crazy.” I made no sense. This was something that felt so right, I wanted to say that. Ask her. She was NOT sorry. I didn’t believe it.

“I’m, I’m fucking pregnant, and have such raging hormones, and…horny. And I haven’t been getting any. Mark isn’t interested. And YOU show up. Fuck.” She was crying again.

“Sara. It’s ok. Come on. And maybe this, what we did. It’ll work out Sis. We get it out of our system. It’s over. Come on.”

She was still sniffling, “Yeah. You weaned yet bro? And for how long, 24 hours? Tomorrow I’ll be as horny as ever. And you pushing all my buttons.”

She was frowning, gripping the steering wheel. I fought from laughing. I wanted to say opening all your buttons more like. It just hit me as sounding funny. I was really walking a fine line here and held my tongue.

She always had an amazing sex drive. I could only imagine if SHE thought she was horny.

“Sara. I know I keep saying, I’m sorry, I really am. I should have been the better person. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t perfect, so, and…. I intended to only talk with you. Maybe hold you. It’s been so long.”

She looked at me and finally a smile, “It felt good. I wanted the kiss, I wanted your hands on me, to be held, I like being in your arms, you in me. I like your touch.”

“I know. It makes it hard.”

“No pun intended. Right?”

“I do love you.” I said, I meant it.

“I love you, too.”

And we were silent the rest of the way. When she turned the car off Sara repeated our story. It was like we had been in a car accident or something, going to see the cops.


Before we so much as stopped the car, the door swung open.

“Where the hell have you been?!”

Sara immediately, “It got later than I realized. We stopped for…”

And I immediately jumped in, “Mark, she wasn’t feeling well I told her to lay down, she wasn’t ready when she got up. It’s my fault. I knew what time she needed to leave.”

Sara looked at me with what was at first an angry glare, because she had told me to stay out of it. But as I spoke her demeanor changed to look like, ‘Wow! That was brilliant.’ as she heard what I said.

Mark was looking at Sara and me, taking in her tear streaked face. I realized after I said it how good that sounded. My being there took the edge off.

Mark was speechless.

Sara added, “How many nights am I late? This was one time.”

He looked at me and swung his head back, like he’d smelled something awful. He got in.

He no more than closed the door, when he swung around to me now in the back seat. “And YOU! I want you out of here. Got that. I don’t like all this bullshit. I’m tired of it, and you’re….”

Sara jumped in, “Don’t you talk to him like that. It’s my house too. WE can talk about it, but he’s not leaving tonight or tomorrow, got that.”

His nostrils flaring he looked at his wife. “Sorry babe. Yeah. But this invitation is NOT open ended.”

“I understand,” she said softly.

We got home, and he was up the stairs and gone.


The juxtaposition was incredible.

Sara crying in the car, Mark screaming at us, and suddenly we were standing alone in the living room.

It was almost more than I could take.

We looked at each other, and it was a very weird moment.

The only comparable situation is when you get really drunk and accidentally fuck someone only to wake up with them the next day. Only this was not quite right.

And I STILL hadn’t seen her naked. Oh, what pops into my head. Standing there in that little yellow dress, her breasts, looking so inviting. I could literally drink in her body, could feel every crevice. We had been fucking not half hour ago. I could smell her on my hands. I made her cum. How long had it been since she had last had sex? How long since she had cum like that?

I wanted to ask, but didn’t.

She was smoothing her clothing out the way girls do, and looking down at herself as if she were indecent. Probably sensing my thoughts, and not wanting to give me anything to see.

Her nose was red, and her hair was clinging to her cheeks. She looked so sexy, and the smell of sex unmistakable, to me anyway. Thank god Mark was mad, I had not even thought of that. Unbelievably, she looked so good my cock was stirring again. We could so easily fuck like bunnies, the two of us. Mark wasn’t here. Stop!! My thoughts screaming.

All of this transpired in about six seconds.

“Ok. I think that went about as well as could be expected.” She breathed out a sigh.

“I thought he was going to hit me?”

“He was.” She waited for the effect of her words on me. “I think I’m going to take a shower, get cleaned up. I’m a bit of a sticky mess.”

I felt myself get instantly aroused, wanted to say something with major double entendre but held by tongue. Then it hit me, my Sara in the shower? Oh yeah just great. Be naked in the house with just me. And did she have to use the word Sticky? I had immediate visions of my cum leaking from her and crusting on her thighs. Fuuuuck.

“Uh, yeah. Ok” I looked her up and down as I spoke. So obviously drinking her in. What was she thinking? “Sure.”

I could say, ‘can I join you?’ I could say, ‘you had agreed to let me see you naked. This would be a good time.’ I could say, ‘Can I undress you?’

I was rock hard now.

If she noticed, she did not indicate anything.

“See you in a bit.” A sway of her hips as she turned.

I called out to her, “Considering we actually have NOT eaten. I’ll see if there is anything I can make us.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

She was up the stairs and gone.

I felt like I so needed to masturbate, I felt such an emerging heat. And then I was wondering. If this is how I feel, what about her?

What would SHE be doing up in that shower?


The shower was long, and my anticipation drove me crazy. I was hard and my cock was tenting. This would be too obvious. I turned on the TV, with sound low to distract myself, and after a bit my cock settled down.

God, fuck. I was trembling.

I couldn’t think about it. It had to be natural.

But after a bit, I began scanning the room creating scenarios for myself. Where would she sit. I looked at the sofa. We had just had sex but I was rock hard.

I could jack off, but now not enough time. And, lets be honest, part of me did not want to waste it. It was a lost cause and finally in an exhausted heap I simply sat and waited while watching the weather channel.

I heard the water stop, and moved the plates around a bit.

Silence. I heard nothing, until some padding down the steps.

She appeared. Her hair was wet. She was in a soft white robe. Anything underneath? Honestly, it was my first thought.

When she stepped into the living room she paused and got a big smile on her face and said “sandwiches, thanks.” “I said I would.”

She sat down beside me, “Mark is sleeping” she said and we ate mostly in silence. I kept eying her and she kept noticing, giving me sideways glances.

Her robe fell off one leg, exposing her soft thighs. I about swooned. I was still so horny my cock was throbbing.

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