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This happened when I was still living at home, a few years ago just before my 21st birthday. I was home for the summer from uni and working long days in a crappy summer job for a friend of my dad. I had an on/off boyfriend, but we were very much off at this point- in fact I had decided that I was well and truly done with him and his bullshit behaviour. I wasn’t missing him at all, and in fact I was sure it was over for good. The only problem was that because of the long hours in the job I wasn’t getting out much, and wasn’t getting much cock. That was the only thing I was missing.

It was a warm Wednesday afternoon and I had clocked off early from work, saying I had a headache, when in fact I had just had enough. My parents were on holiday and my brother Chris was at work himself, working in a Pizza Hut while he waited for his A Level results. He was just 18 and had been out every night since our parents went to Greece, drinking, clubbing and trying to pick up girls with his best mate, Simon. I had heard them coming in at 3 and 4 in the morning, without any women, so I got the feeling they weren’t having much luck.

They weren’t the only ones: I was ridiculously horny. I had been thinking about sex all day and as I got into the house and dumped my keys and handbag on the table I was calculating how long it was since I had last had sex. Six weeks. I was feeling it. A shiver ran through me and dampened my pants as I thought of my exs big, pink cock and I wished, not for the first time that day, that he might come round and let me sit on it for an hour. Flicking through the post as I walked up the stairs in my stockinged feet, I decided that I would get my vibrator out and give myself a damn good seeing to whilst I had the house to myself.

I had a few vibrators and dildos, but this was my favourite. A blue Rampant Rabbit, 7 inches long and thick enough that when pushed into my tight little snatch, I’d gasp out. It was ready with new batteries when I pulled it out of my bottom drawer, I pulled my flimsy summer dress over my head and laid down on the bed.

As I looked in the mirrored doors of my wardrobe I pondered myself as I did so. I’m not a model and I don’t have a models body, but I couldn’t help but concede that I did okay. Tall and hippy, I’m not thin but my curvaceousness is in all the right places, F cup boobs and hips that flare out like Jessica Rabbit and red hair that falls onto my shoulders. My pussy hair was trimmed down and neat and as I manoeuvred myself into a comfortable position my firm but very natural tits bounced a little. I was in the mood for some porn, and reached under the bed for the box where I stashed all of the tapes and DVDs I had acquired over the years, mainly from my ex who had gotten me into the kind of porn I am still into now: girls getting roughly fucked by big cocks. I found an Ava Devine DVD that I really enjoyed, where she gets done every which way by three big, black cocks, and put it into the player.

The best thing about this DVD was probably the beginning, which came onto the screen suddenly. Ava, in a basque and silky pink panties, addressing the camera as she pulls her big, fake titties out of her lingerie.

“You like these?” She asked. Despite not considering myself to be in any way bisexual or anyway bi-curious, I found Ava an incredible turn on. Her trash talk and her quintessentially porn star look gets me wet every time. I pulled off my own knickers and began to rub myself as she spoke. I was already soaking. “You like these big fucking tits,” she continued as I began to rub my clit, “I love it when I’m getting fucked….” She pulled at her breasts as I rubbed the nipple on my own left boob, “….and they fucking bounce.” Ava jumped to show us what she meant. I pushed a finger into my pussy and it felt amazing. I quickly rubbed the wetness onto my already hard clit and a jolt of electricity ran through me. “I love it,” the horny porn starlet on screen continued, “when a man just comes up to me with his big, hard cock and I’m sucking on it and they bounce,” she sucked her own fingers to demonstrate, “and then they fucking slap my big titties and fucking grab them.”

I considered the beautiful body that was turning me on so much. I love cock and like I say, don’t consider myself to be in any way bi-curious, but during the last couple of years at uni I had been sexually experimenting between break-ups with the boyfriend, and in May of the first year had found myself the third wheel in a girl/girl/boy threesome with some dorm mates. It had just kind of happened one night when the liquor was flowing, and the guy, Steve, had approached me. We had got off with one another during Freshers week- no sex, but a lot of snogging and petting and he had ended up frigging my hot little cunt to orgasm- so he knew I was game, and he told me that his new girlfriend, a sexy little nymph called Louise with huge tits and a figure not unlike my own, was keen for a threesome. I was a little drunk, but said clearly that I didn’t really fancy girls.

“You fancy me though,” he said, and it was true, I did, “and she’s been with a woman before.” I didn’t really think for a second that it would happen, but as the night continued and the drinking continued the sexual sparks began to fly between the three of us, and before I knew it, it was 4am and just the three of us left in the dorm kitchen. I was lying across three kitchen chairs, slightly drunk, and drained the last of a bottle of JD. Louise and Steve were stood over by the sink and kind of looked at each other with a nod. Steve came over and sat next to me. “How you doing, Miche?” He said. I smiled.

“Goooood.” I was drunker than I thought. My legs were across the three chairs and my skirt had ridden up. He stroked my thigh.

“You’re looking hot, Michelle.” He said, a glint in his eye. I knew what was going to happen. I parted my thighs and his hand wandered, finding my black thong and, as luck would have it, freshly shaved pussy. I was bald down there at that time.

“Mmmmmmmmm.” I groaned. I instantly remembered the way he had expertly made my pussy cum during Fresher’s Week, and opened my legs further to let his fingers probe. He was slightly older than the rest of us, in his early 20s, and had come to uni life late. He knew what he was doing.

“You’re so wet.” He said, but I couldn’t speak. His fingers were expertly probing my wet hole and the big, hard clit above it. I looked across the kitchen and watched as Louise hitched her own knickers down and jumped up on the work surface. She parted her legs and I saw, for the first time, her lovely little snatch. It was as bald as mine and her fingers instantly went to it, frigging it as she watched me get frigged. I raised myself up on my elbows and Steve kissed me, deeply. “Get up and come and touch Louise.” He urged.

I didn’t recognise myself. I had always had a high sex drive, ever since I lost my virginity at 15, but generally in the context of relationships. This wasn’t like me, but it was incredibly liberating. I strode across the room and, with no clue what I was doing, touched Louise’s cunt. She groaned out and Steve looked like the cat that got the cream.

“Take your top off.” I said. Her tits were incredible. Big, round and firm. I was mesmerised by them. I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked.

“Fuck, yeah.” She said, her voice a low murmur. “Fucking suck on my big tits, you fucking slut.” As I did as she asked, I felt Steve’s hand again, and then the unmistakable feel of a thick, hard cock being rubbed along my slit. “He’s going to fuck your slutty pussy and you’re going to eat my fucking cunt for me, you fucking whore.” Louise added as I moved onto her other breast. “Bend over for him.” Steve pulled his shirt and jeans off, and within seconds his boxers were on the floor too. I pulled my little dress off and he helped me off with my bra. Louise was almost naked anyway, but pulled her own skimpy mini dress off and positioned herself so that I could eat her out. I was bent over and ready.

As my tongue tasted pussy for the first time, Steve entered me with his dick, which was an average length but, I soon discovered, ridiculously thick. It was hard to think of anything but the cock stretching me out, but I wanted to lick her right, and tried to concentrate as he slowly sawed his tool in and out of me.

“Jesus, you’re tight.” He gasped, sliding back in oh so slowly, and then out again, his big, manly hands gripping my fleshy hips. I opened Louise’s pussy with my fingers and at a rhythm to match Steve’s fucking, I licked her clit. She began moaning with pleasure, and I slid two fingers in. Steve could obviously see the action and it was turning him on. “This is so fucking hot.” He said, picking his pace up a little. My own pussy was reacting now, and I began to feel an orgasm building. Louise was getting into it and soon I had my face buried in her and my mouth was sucking and my tongue was flicking and she was cumming all over my face. The more noise she made the faster Steve fucked and soon I came, squeezing his cock with my pussy. As she came down from her orgasm Steve pulled out of me, and breathlessly told me he had to stop or he’d cum too quick.

What followed was an amazing 2 and a half hours of non-stop fucking. I sat on Louise’s face while Steve fucked her on her back. I sat on Steve’s cock while Louise sucked on my tits. Steve fucked Louise’s arse as I penetrated myself with a courgette that was on the side in the kitchen. That nearly sent Steve over the edge, as I said he’d never been as turned on as he was then, tight in his girlfriend’s little butt, watching a big-titted whore fuck herself raw. And then Steve asked if I wanted it in my arse. I’d never had a cock up there, and was curious, but I was scared as well. He promised he’d be gentle, and Louise licked my tight little ring while I lubed his cock up in my mouth.

If you will allow me to go off on a tangent for a second, I just want to get across how much I love sucking cock. Even though there isn’t anything in it for me, and at times it can be a chore, for the most part I do enjoy it. I love the power and I love the way a man is never more turned on than when his dick is tickling your tonsils. In fact, I get a real kick out of how fucking grateful a man is when his cock is in your mouth, and for that reason, it always turns me on. Steve was really getting into it, and as Louise primed my virgin arsehole, he fucked my mouth as I looked up at him with the wide-eyes and innocent expression that my ex had once said pushed him over the edge during a blow-job.

“I’ve got to get it in your fucking arse before I squirt down your throat.” Steve said, pulling his dick out from between my lips and turning me around. I was bent unceremoniously over the kitchen table, a sweating mess of mad hair and caked in all three of our bodily fluids. “Louise, lick her cunt while I do it.” I knew this was so that I would forget about the pain and braced myself as he primed my bum with his fingers, probing and lubing it up with spit. “Don’t worry,” he said gently, I won’t hurt you. You will enjoy this, I promise.” The way his voice had become gentle to reassure me, did reassure me and as he positioned the engorged head of his cock at my ring, I felt Louise’s expertly lesbian mouth begin to lap at my clit like a cat licking at a bowl of cream.

The first few seconds hurt like hell and bells rang in my ears as I groaned in pain and Steve groaned with pleasure as he took my anal virginity. I could feel my butt spasm as it tried to reject the thick cock entering it and Steve pushing against that. As the moments passed though, the pain subsided and Steve stood still, his hands on my hips, Louise still driving me towards orgasm with her tongue. “You okay?” He asked. “Do you want me to stop”. I shook my head and told him to carry on,

“I’m so turned on,” I said, surprising myself with own nastiness, “I want to feel your cum in my arse.” That was all Steve needed and instantly he was rocking his hips and fucking my arse. I groaned, this time with pleasure, and he pulled at my hair,

“You fucking whore,” he said, his voice now totally different, “you big-titted fucking whore. I’m fucking your arse and I’m going to fucking shoot my hot cream in your hole. You’re a fucking tease, all over campus, turning me and Louise on. Do you know the amount of times we’ve fucked, fantasising about this? This is what you’ve fucking wanted the whole time.” I moaned at his words and at the building pleasure as he rocked in and out of my gaping arsehole, as he fucked the virginity out of it. On top of this, Louise’s tongue had driven me over the edge, and suddenly I felt the courgette at my pussy hole again and she drove it right in there as I began to cum.

“Aah!” I yelled, “I’m fucking cumming for you, Steve!” he pulled my hair harder, “my dirty little cunt and my fucking hot arsehole are cumming round your big cock and your girlfriends slutty tongue!” He upped his pace and then I heard him cry,

“I’m shooting my hot spunk in your arse!”

And that was how we ended the night, in a cummy pile of sweaty bodies. I had never been so satisfied.

Back in the present and frigging my hot little hole, I reached for the Rampant Rabbit and rubbed it on my clit. It was probably thinking about the threeway and watching Ava on the screen that meant I didn’t notice that I wasn’t alone.

“Ahem.” I looked up and saw that not only was my door not shut, but my younger brother Chris and his best friend Simon were stood in the doorway, watching me. I must have jumped ten feet in the air.

“Fuck, Chris!” I exclaimed, quickly pulling my blankets over my nakedness, hiding the dildo under the pillow and slapping the remote to “off” in one move. “What the fuck are you doing?” I was mortified.

“What are we doing?” Chris laughed. “What are you doing?!” Simon was leering smugly and I noticed a bulge in his jeans where watching me and the porn for the past few moments had obviously turned him on.

“Fuck off!” I yelled, throwing a cushion at the doorway. The boys looked at one another. Simon stepped into the room.

“Come on, Michelle.” He said, sitting down on the bed, “don’t be like that.” I shrunk away towards the wall. What was he playing at? Chris closed the door and flipped down the lock, something I thought regretfully, I should have done myself. “Michelle.” Simon added. “I’ll fuck you.” I jumped up, the blankets wrapped around me still.

“You two need to fuck off!” I gestured to the door. “Go on. Go.” For the first time since he came properly into the room, Chris spoke.

“Come on Michelle.” He began. “We’ve just watched you watching porn. And using this.” He picked up the vibrator. “This isn’t good. You think dad would approve of that? And your bunking off work- the work dad got you as a favour.” Blackmailing little shit, I thought. “We won’t say. If you help us out.”

I didn’t know how many women either of them had been with, but at their age, I thought, it was probably girls and girls who weren’t very into fucking. I remembered myself at that age and of how unadventurous I had been until I was introduced to dirty fucking by my ex. Obviously they wanted to be with a real woman. It made sense. And dad would absolutely crucify me if he found out I was out of work early and watching porn. Chris had taken a gamble, but he knew that his blackmail might work.

Simon picked up the remote and flicked the TV back on. Ava was back on screen, still filthy talking to the camera, rubbing her pink pussy.

“I need a cock in here,” she gushed to the lens, “Will any man help me? I need a cock.” Simon rubbed the bulge in his jeans and unbuckled his belt. Ava continued. “I’m so wet, I just want a cock.” I knew how she felt. A man appeared on screen and squeezed her boobs. Simon pulled his bottoms off and released a meaty 7″. He started stroking it. “Are you going to fuck my cunt?” Ava asked. The man slapped her tits.

“Suck his cock, Michelle.” Chris said. “Suck it and I won’t tell dad.” It was probably going to be easier just to do it.

Within seconds of the huge piece of meat entering my throat, I was like a woman possessed. The shock and fear of being caught by my brother and his friend had worn off and I remembered that I hadn’t been fucked in weeks. Simon pushed my head down onto his dick and I bobbed up and down.

“Oh yeah babe,” he groaned, “she’s a fucking good little sucker.” I felt fingers in my pussy and then the dildo I had been using earlier pushed in. Chris was controlling it and I thought suddenly ‘That’s your brother’ but the voice was drowned out by the sensations in my puss and the enthusiasm of Simon’s words as I sucked him. “You’ve got to get on this.” Simon told his friend, and the dildo was pulled out as Chris derobed. I continued with the task in hand, and began to jack the bottom of Simon’s cock. “Oh my fucking God.” He half said, half yelled and I knew I was doing it right. “I’m going to fucking cum if you…..” but it was too late, his seed gushed out and flooded my throat. The tangy flavour engulfed my taste buds and I sucked it all down. Simon flushed red, clearly embarrassed that he’d lost his load so soon. I stood up.

“Let’s get one thing straight, boys.” I said, “because that’s what you are. Little boys. I will do this and I will love it because I fucking love cock. But you aren’t in control here. I am. I was fucking whilst you two were still in primary school, so don’t act like big men when I can make you cum like that.” I clicked my fingers.

Simon was still flushed an embarrassed pink, his sad flaccid cock dripping sticky cum, but this was fighting talk to my brother, who now butt-naked pushed me onto my knees and pushed himself into my mouth, possibly to shut me up. He was a good two inches longer than his friend, and the thickness of his rod reminded me of Steve. My cunt dripped at the memory of Steve and I thought dreamily of sitting on that cock, until Chris’s thrusts jolted me back.

“You fucking show us what a slag you are, Michelle.” He said in rhythm with his thrusts, “I’ve heard you on the phone to your mates, boasting about what you do at uni…. Your threesomes and your lesbian fucking. You fucking show us what you can do.” I took him into the back of my throat and decided that that was exactly what I would do.

Simon quickly hardened again, and I abruptly withdrew from Chris’s dick. I sat on the bed, facing the TV and noting with interest that Ava was being fucked by the man who’d been grabbing her titties and was sucking on a new guy. I decided to take a leaf out of her book, and spread my legs in front of the two horny eighteen year olds before me, both with cocks standing to attention. Both jacked them in their hands. I put my right hand on my pussy.

“So you liked watching me touching myself, did you?” I didn’t wait for an answer. “I love touching myself. I do it all the time. When I’m not sitting on girls faces in my dorm or getting fucked up the arse over a kitchen table by a guy on my course….” I sucked my fingers and effortlessly slid two into my engorged vagina. “I’ll fuck anyone at any time. I love it in my mouth, my cunt, my arse….. I do girls, boys, a girl and a boy, two boys….. I love cocks and I love sucking on titties…..” The boys wanked harder. “I am so turned on and I would love one of you studs in here…” I pulled myself open, “who wants to go first?” Clearly still the bolder, Chris stepped forwards and pushed me onto my back. He kissed me deeply.

“I don’t care that you’re my sister,” he said, breaking away from the kiss, “I fantasise about your all the time. I have been wanking over your since I was 13. Every girl I’ve fucked I had thought about your slutty minge and your huge fucking tits.” He squeezed my left breast. “I’m going to destroy your fucking cunt.” I laid back and he positioned the bulbous head of his penis with his hand, and then pushed forwards. He groaned with pleasure and I cried out with lust at his hard cock and his trash-talk. “Put your cock back in her mouth, bro.” He said to Simon, and Simon crouched over my face, feeding me his cock for the second time that day.

All characters are 18 years or older.

This story is a bit different for me. There is only a smattering of incest and it’s not mom/son. Also, if you don’t like cheating wives, don’t read further.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

“You’ll love England,” my boss said, sweeping aside my reservations in three simple words. “Besides,” he added, “it will be good for you to get away.”

I couldn’t argue with that. Linda had passed away four years ago and, despite my detached response, my friends hadn’t tired of trying to hook me up. They understood that Linda had been my soul mate but kept trotting out women they thought would be a suitable replacement. Bless their souls, they only wanted to save me from depression but they had no idea what Linda was really like, so the women they served up though attractive, weren’t a match for me.

True, on the outside, they seemed a perfect fit but how could our friends know Linda was more than the quiet, thoughtful woman they thought she was. Her erotic tastes would blown them away. But Linda had been a very private person and I couldn’t betray her true self to anyone, no matter how lonely I was. God, how I missed her.

“And don’t worry about the sales thing. Just let Mike take the lead. When he needs some substance, he’ll let you know. Give them the technical pitch and when their senior people start to glaze over, he’ll take over again. He’s a super salesman.”

I nodded. I didn’t like it but I didn’t have much choice. I could hardly quit after fifteen years with the company, especially in the current job market.

“You’ll love it at Mike’s place. His wife is super, his kids are nice, and the countryside is amazing. Very peaceful. If you can’t relax there, you can’t relax anywhere. So go, don’t work too hard, and enjoy yourself.”

Parker was holding the door open. I was being dismissed. “Molly has your tickets,” he said, slapping me on the back. “Have a good trip, Pete.”

I hated being called Pete. The door closed and Molly picked up the tickets from her desk, holding her hand out for me to take them.

“Thanks,” I mumbled.

She smiled sympathetically, having witnessed many apprehensive visitors emerge in the same state as me, having survived the whirlwind and still wondering what the hell had happened.

I tread silently through the thick carpet to the wood paneled elevator. On the way down, I cursed myself for not even mentioning my quartering at the super salesman’s home. I didn’t want to work with a sales rep but couldn’t argue that I was the company’s most experienced person to send for technical support. But to stay in his home? That was too much. I could barely stand being around sales types for ten minutes let alone day and night. And his poor wife. I’m sure she wasn’t happy about having to lodge her husband’s co-worker for an extended period. She might have to tolerate accommodating his boss, but some jerk techie?

This was going to be a disaster. Hopefully this super salesman, Mike Entwhistle, would be happy to see me stay at a local hotel and keep quiet about it. I’d take it up with him as soon as he met me at the airport.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

I picked up my bags and cleared customs, irked that the Eurozone types were processed quickly by half a dozen agents while the rest of us suffered through just two. Eventually, I emerged from the secure area and was immediately greeted by Mike. Effusive would be too muted a description for his welcome. I tried to raise the issue of a hotel but Mike would have none of it.

“Oh no, Paula’s quite keen to meet you. Not our usual kind of guest, you know, and all that.”

“But it’s such an imposition. I know what Parker’s like,” I began, but Mike cut me off.

“Nonsense, it was my idea. We need to get to know one another if we’re to be a team for the next few months. Go, go go.”

God, it’s going to be worse than I thought.

As if to make his point, Mike drove even faster, zipping the BMW past cottages on the narrow rural road and careening recklessly through blind corners. Somehow, despite cars zooming the other way at similar speeds and meeting us at the apex of the corners, we managed to avoid a collision. How Mike spared any attention for driving was a mystery because he talked the whole time and spent most of it emphasizing points or noting historical landmarks rather than watching where he was going.

It was relief when we finally pulled through a stone gateway and drove up a winding lane through a thick set of trees before emerging onto a set of rolling hills surrounding a very large, white-with-brown-strappings, round-roofed, tudor manor house with matching stables and garage. White fences divided pastures occupied with sheep and horses but it was the workmen wearing ties and the late model Jag and Land Rover parked in front of the three-car garage that completed the picture of the gentleman’s pastoral residence.

Wow. I knew Mike was the company’s premier international salesman but I was surprised that he could afford a place like this so near London. The company must pay its international sales people well and I wondered if Parker would divert some of this largesse to me. Probably not, given the way he painted my trip as a perk for me.

Mike’s wife exited the stables just as we pulled into the empty third spot in front of the garage. I was stunned by how similar she was in appearance and manner to Linda. Paula quietly allowed her husband to finish his effusive introductions, then offered her hand accompanied by a smile that, while reserved, wasn’t aloof. If anything, her demeanor was similar to Molly’s around Parker and I felt a sense of kinship, as if we were victims suffering through the presence of an over-the-top personality. I liked her immediately.

Paula had dark hair in contrast to Linda’s blonde but it was worn in the same cute, short style popularized by Meg Ryan. Her body was slender, like Linda’s, with small but pert breasts suited to her frame and longish legs despite being as much shorter than me as I was compared to her husband.

Mike called for a stable hand to get my bags from the ‘boot’ but I insisted on carrying them myself which seemed to please the man and, I was happy to note, Mrs. Entwhistle. I surmised that Mike treatment the employees as servants wasn’t popular. He took a call on his cell and walked briskly ahead of us to the house, through the entranceway and into the large living room, which was enclosed by dark beams, a stone fireplace, and many cross-hatched windows.

“I apologize for the intrusion, Mrs. Entwhistle,” I said as we followed Mike into the house. She turned and was about to speak but I rushed on to make my point. “I would really be quite happy at a local hotel but your husband whisked by them and wouldn’t stop.”

“Oh no, Mr. Briggs, you’re most welcome here. I’ve been looking forward to your stay. It will be nice to have something new to talk about at dinner.”

Her smile convinced me that perhaps I wouldn’t be a burden after all.

“Please, call me Peter.”

She offered her hand to me and I took it in mine, noting how warm and soft it was as she spoke.

“And I’m Paula, not Mrs. Entwhistle.”

“Pleased to meet you,” I said, in as genteel a manner as I could muster. I hoped the smile that ensued wasn’t mocking me.

“Let me show you to your room.”

Paula led the way to a wide stairway with dark, glossy banisters leading to a landing and then turned at a right angle to rise to the second floor, at least twelve feet above the first. A narrower set of stairs led to another floor but we walked down a hallway to the third door on the left, which was the only one that was open.

“This is your room. Please let me know if you would prefer another. The facilities are across the hall.”

The room was large and ornate, antique furniture filling the space beneath the ten foot ceiling. There was a large, almost floor-to-ceiling window opening onto the fields beyond. Sun spilled through it and glowed around Paula.

“This will be splendid,” I said, for some reason trying to speak ‘English’ but thankfully not attempting to replicate the accent.

I was treated to the muted smile and again worried that she was mocking me.

“Well then. I’ll leave you to get unpacked. Please come down whenever you’re ready, but don’t feel obliged. I’m sure you must be tired.”

Paula left, pulling the door closed behind her almost all the way. I shifted my laptop bag off my shoulder and lowered it onto the chair sitting in front of the antique desk and then lifted my suitcase onto the bed. As I unpacked, placing my socks and underwear on the shelves of the ornately decorated wardrobe and hanging the rest, I replayed the whole arrival in my head.

I lingered on the first sight of Paula and realized only then that I’d been captivated from the moment she appeared. Details of the yard, house, and all else except for the stables immediately behind her, were lost. But I could visualize the brown riding jacket and the design on the white blouse showing between its open lapels in great detail, including the swollen rise of her low-slung breasts. I hoped I hadn’t been caught allowing my gaze to wander down her front but knew, after the fact, that I had lingered there too long. How gracious of her not to note any displeasure.

The rest of the trip to the house was vague except for a few images of her smiling face highlighted against the backdrop of the entrance hallway. Then we were climbing the stairs with her husband’s voice banging away despite originating at the far end of the living room. I hadn’t noticed how loudly he had been speaking but the din faded into the background as my gaze latched onto the fancy riding breeches in front of me stretched over a simply delectable posterior. The tight breeches left little to the imagination. Mrs. Entwhistle—referring to her more formally somehow made me feel that gawking at her bottom was less rude—had an ass worthy of Hollywood.

I hadn’t had the opportunity to scrutinize such a fine ass since Linda passed away and, even upon close examination, was unable to detect any marked dissimilarities from my wife’s most appreciated asset. The stairs took a long time to ascend and I realized, somewhat embarrassingly, that Paula hadn’t once looked back. I wondered if she knew I was inappropriately assessing her delicious bottom and thought the best way to handle was to pretend it wasn’t happening.

But then, why wouldn’t she have quickened her pace? She had climbed the stairs so slowly, talking casually about the things she hoped I would have the time to see on the estate during my stay, but never posed a question or framed a sentence in a way that would require a response from me. Could it be she enjoyed the attention? God only knows, her husband wasn’t one to pay attention to much other than himself.

I re-focused my own attention and replayed the trip up the stairs again. The tan-colored riding breeches perfectly outlined Paula’s lovely bottom, emphasizing first one and then the other buttock while never fully relieving either of its intriguing form. And, though each cheek was thoroughly outlined with each step, neither was so lewdly displayed as to reveal a vulgar crease dividing the two. Instead, one side of her pants bulged and then sagged as the swelling was transferred to the other.

As each buttock blossomed, the leg below tensed into its own muscular definition, at least down to the knee where the riding boot hid the rest. At the landing, Paula quickly crossed to the next flight of stairs, then slowed for the rise to the second floor. I sensed my disappointment, not originally noted, when the stairs had been fully traversed but knew that it was a feeling I had actually experienced.

I sighed, and sat down on the Edwardian chair next to the bed. My god, Linda. I miss you so much. Could He be so cruel as to introduce someone who could, while not replacing you, be capable of making me happy, except she was already committed to someone else?

I sat for some time, feeling more depressed than I did at home, until the beep of my watch signaled the top of the hour and galvanized me into visiting the bathroom. It was large but thoroughly modern, having been upgraded with the latest in fine European fixtures and conveniences. I freshened myself and headed downstairs, hoping my delay wasn’t rude.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

The kitchen was even more modern than the bathroom. It was large, with the latest in sleek cupboard and counter designs, outfitted with a large central island and appliances that blended into the walls. Neither Mike nor Paula were there. The room was staffed with two cooks, both busy preparing a meal.

“Your presence is requested on the patio,” I was told, with an arm directing me through the dining room.

I walked past the long table and a dozen chairs to the open French glass doors. Paula was sitting one of two lounges, gazing at the serene countryside. The other was empty. She turned and smiled at me.

“Thank you for joining me,” she said, indicating the empty lounge. “Michael had to go into the office,” she explained her husband’s absence, “and probably won’t make it back for dinner.”

“Oh. He should have called me.”

“Michael loves to work but you should relax and get some rest after traveling all day.”

“Well, I confess, it would be hard to tear myself away from all this.”

“It is lovely, isn’t it?”

“It certainly is. You have a beautiful home, Mrs. Ent…Paula.”

She seemed pleased that I had caught myself and used her Christian name.

“Please, help yourself to the wine.”

I poured myself a glass and topped up Paula’s when she extended it toward me. Only then did I notice that the riding jacket had been removed. She shielded her eyes from the sun which allowed me to examine the silky white blouse closely. As I remembered, her breasts—now looking larger than they had first appeared—were slung low on her chest and had a tendency to bulge sideways. The silky white material settled pleasingly over that bulk. I detected the presence of an underlying bra but one made of equally delicate material incapable of real imprisonment.

“Do you like gently rolling hills, Peter?”

For a moment, I thought she was making a sly remark about my attention to her chest until I realized she was far too classy for that.

“Yes, I believe I do,” I answered, settling into the empty lounge beside her.

The feet of the lounges were angled toward each other and each had its own table beside it. The orientation allowed people to converse if they pleased but didn’t force it upon them. Paula surveyed her estate, a view she must be thoroughly familiar with, and I did too, but soon found my attention settling on an equally pleasing vista nearer to me.

We spoke occasionally, about the estate and its animals; mostly about the horses which were clearly a favorite of my host’s. She told me how pleasant and satisfying it was to ride through the countryside, communing with nature. As with the ascension of the stairs, Paula never looked toward me, as if she didn’t want to interrupt my appreciation of the property. Or did she know I was enjoying something else? Was I that obvious?

We weren’t disturbed until the children arrived home from school. Paula hadn’t looked my way until they burst through the glass doors to greet their mother. They were wonderful kids, polite and well-groomed, and both bore a strong resemblance to Paula. In fact, there wasn’t a recognizable linkage to Mike at all. After they left, Paula commented on my obvious confusion.

“They’re from my first marriage.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I mean, I didn’t mean to pry…”

“It’s alright,” Paula said.

I loved the tinkle of true mirth and felt pleased that, through my awkwardness, I had made her laugh. Bringing pleasure, however minor, to this intriguing woman felt very good and for the first time I thanked Parker for sending me here.

We talked while we finished our wine and, this time, Paula gave me her full attention. We sat for a while after that in silence, each surveying the beauty before us, and listened to the sounds of the birds and the odd bleat of a sheep or snort of a horse. I actually did look at the countryside to belatedly grant this lovely woman her privacy. Eventually Paula reluctantly got up, sighed, and announced that it was time for her to change for dinner. I started to get up but she motioned for me to stay put.

“Should I get changed?”

“No, you’re fine just the way your are. Enjoy the scenery. I’ll call when dinner is served.”

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

Paula’s daughter Christina woke me with a touch on the shoulder. I guess the long flight had taken its toll and I had fallen asleep on the lounge. When I joined the others in the dining room I saw that Paula had put on a nice dress that fit her body well without being too snug. Though not a fancy affair, it seemed elegant nonetheless.

Dinner conversation with Paula, Mark and Christina was lively. They had obviously been well-educated in fine schools and I was surprised how varied their interests were and the extent of their knowledge. Their mother was quietly proud, as she should have been. Linda and I hadn’t had children, a decision I now regretted.

During dinner, Mark discovered that I was a chemical engineer and not a salesman. I had the sense that Paula already knew this but she pursued it as if she hadn’t known and got me to agree that being a chemical engineer was a vocation but not my true calling. A career in classical music had been my dream but I succumbed to my father’s pressure and completed two degrees in engineering so I could earn a living. It wasn’t until I met Linda that I returned to music, playing in the symphony part-time and even taking bit roles in plays at the local theatre. Linda had made me come alive.

Twice during dinner, I mentioned Mike, and both children stiffened and lapsed into silence. Paula smoothed over the awkward moments but it was clear to me that the children did not have a warm relationship with their step-father. The children stayed for dessert and didn’t leave until their mother bade them do their homework. By then, we were sitting in the living room in front of a small but nice fire burning in the stone fireplace. When they were gone, Paula asked me if I’d like to join her on the patio for a port. I gladly accepted.

Blankets had been set out on the lounges. We settled upon them and Paula had just covered her feet with a partially folded blanket to ward off the chill when the port arrived. As in the afternoon, Paula sipped her drink and stared off into the night. Although there was no birdsong, the occasional sound from a farm animal could still be heard. In the light from the living room, I could see the outline of Paula’s body and, though her legs were covered, the gentle slope of her breasts was discernible.

“They like you,” Paula said.

“Excuse me?”

“The kids. They haven’t engaged with a guest like that since…I don’t know when.”


“I don’t think I ever had to force them to leave the table when one of Michael’s colleagues was here.”

“They didn’t seem to be forced.”

Paula laughed but didn’t look at me.

“They have good instincts.”

I didn’t know what to say. It was an enormous compliment and I took it that way, but it left me speechless. I wanted to respond but couldn’t think of anything worthy to say. So I stayed silent, and looked into the night.

I was uncomfortable being labeled as Mike’s colleague and was about clarify our relationship when Paula drew her knees up, causing the blanket to cascade down her legs. I held my tongue and admired the curve of her slender calves instead. I was so engrossed that I was caught off guard when she spoke.

“Were you close to your wife?”

I was surprised by the question from a near stranger but, in this case, wasn’t offended. I felt Paula knew the answer already and was simply seeking confirmation.

“Yes, I was.”

I shifted my gaze away from Paula’s legs, expecting her to turn around to face me, but she didn’t. Instead, she continued her odd habit of looking away.

“It’s nice being so close to someone. I miss it.”

I didn’t respond because I thought it would be prying into her and Mike’s relationship but Paula continued anyway.

“I was very close to my husband.”

I presumed she was talking about her first husband, the father of her childred, and not Mike, but I didn’t reply.

“It’s rare for two people to truly know each other well.”

It was a statement rather than a question but I nodded anyway, which was silly, given she was looking into the darkness, but it didn’t seem to matter.

“Were you and your wife close like that? I mean, truly intimate?”

“Um, yes. I guess we were.”

“Michael isn’t close to anyone. Oh, I know he loves me, but it isn’t in him to be truly close to anyone.”

I held my tongue. I didn’t want to get involved in marital discord no matter how kind and intriguing my hostess. Paula used her right foot to scratch an apparent itch on the back of her left calf. Knocking the shoe off her right foot, she brought it behind the left and used the top of her toes to scratch her leg. Much too soon for me, she bumped the sandal off her left foot and used it to scratch the back of the right leg.

Paula put her glass down and leaned forward, pressed her breasts against her raised thighs, and ran her hands down the top of her lower legs to her now bare feet. I enjoyed watching her hands slide down her legs and her toes curl upon their approach. She turned her head to rest it on her knees, and looked at me, catching me in the act. She smiled, a pleasant, inviting smile.

“Did you do special things for her, Peter?” Her voice was husky and warm.

“I supported her causes, went to the opera, remembered all our anniversaries, that sort of thing.”

Paula smiled and her eyes twinkled. I knew that wasn’t what she was talking about but she let it go.

“You seem to be a very nice man. I’m sure you did all that and more.”

“I did my best to please her.”

Paula rubbed her hands along the length of her calves. “And, I imagine, she for you.”

I was glad that she turned her head away so I could digest her words without scrutiny. They could be interpreted on a superficial level but the forward flex of Paula’s body, the hands running down her legs, the press of her head upon her thighs, and the depth of her eyes when she finally turned to look at me, placed the conversation on a level of intimacy that I hadn’t experienced with a woman since Linda had passed. Startled, I realized I was aroused and instinctively brought my hands together over my lap. Paula leaned back, picked up her port, and stood up. I heard someone greet Mike inside the house.

“It’s late,” she said. Most of her weight was placed on her right foot which pushed her hip to the side. “I hope you didn’t mind me prying, Peter, but I get a little melancholy when Michael works late, which is a sometimes too often and others not enough,” she said with a wistful smile.

I stood up myself, to be polite, and instantly regretted it when my condition became evident. However, Paula didn’t seem to notice. She bid me goodnight and surprised me as she passed by, pausing to briefly brush her lips on my cheek. I watched her go, marveling at the flexibility of her legs and the way her buttocks kicked the dress to the side as she walked away in bare feet. From the back, she looked so much like Linda.

I sat down and finished my port. Mike didn’t come out to the patio and I was thankfully left alone with my thoughts. I couldn’t match this woman, so frankly intimate, with the reserved lady I had met in the afternoon, or either one with Mike. As the day had progressed, she had become steadily warmer and more personable. At least, she had after I met the children.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

For the rest of the week, I went to the office with Mike. I met the sales staff but except for a few brief sessions, I was left pretty much alone. The salesmen didn’t hang out together much and only met to trade stories if they encountered someone while getting coffee. They were like sharks circling one other and all of them, Mike included, were threatened by technical people while simultaneously, and paradoxically, feeling superior to them. I was tolerated only because Parker had sent me.

I saw Paula and the kids at dinner but, in Mike’s presence, the lively dinner discussion wasn’t repeated and neither was the frank conversation with Paula later in the evening. However, a more intriguing set of events did occur later in the evening after everyone had gone to bed.

On Tuesday, I awoke in the middle of the night, which wasn’t surprising since I was never comfortable sleeping in a strange bed. I sat up and turned to put my feet on the floor. It was then that I noticed a light under the door. Thinking someone else was up, I waited. I didn’t want to encounter anyone in the night while using the bathroom.

I listened but couldn’t hear anything that would indicate that anybody was up so I went to the door, paused to listen again, and then opened it a crack. I still couldn’t hear anything so I pulled the door open and stuck my head into the hallway.

The bathroom light was on and the doorway was open. Someone must have forgotten to turn off the light. Probably one of the kids since Mike and Paula probably had a private bathroom connected to their bedroom.

I slipped into the dark hallway and quietly crossed the six or seven steps to the open doorway. I looked into the bathroom and was surprised to find it occupied.

Paula’s back was to me. She was simply standing, looking out the bathroom window, with all the patience in the world. The light, above and on the far side of her, lit up her body so its silhouette shone through her nightgown. I knew she had a good figure but to see it this way made that assumption seem uninspired.

Her body was truly remarkable. A perfect, elongated hourglass with a beautifully slender neck protruding from the top, slightly muscled arms hanging listlessly from the sides, and a fine set of legs extending to the floor. I cleared my throat, but Paula didn’t turn around, or even turn her head slightly. She didn’t respond at all.

“Paula?” I whispered.


“Mrs. Entwhistle?”


I started to turn away, then changed my mind. I stepped into the bathroom and brought myself close to her, worried that she was having some kind of strange attack.


I looked into the mirror to her left at the profile of her face. She seemed far away. Except for the fact that her eyes were open I would have said she was asleep. My gaze dropped lower in the mirror, along the outline of the front of her body. Paula’s breasts were easily discernible under the nightgown, sloping down and swooping out, her nipples seeming to hold the nightgown up on their own. An electric bolt shot through my penis, which had been dormant since our intimate discussion the night I first arrived.

“Paula?” I whispered.

I put my hand tentatively on the outside of her upper right arm and she turned to face me. She wasn’t awake. Paula was sleep-walking!

I stepped back and to the side, surprised, and Paula started walking. She went right out the door and into the hallway, then stopped. I followed her and whispered her name again. When nothing happened, I turned her toward her room. Paula walked calmly to her door and stopped. I followed and stood behind her.

The door to her room was open about halfway. It crossed my mind how awkward this would be if Mike suddenly got up and found me standing so close behind his attractive wife who was clearly naked under the semi-transparent nightgown. Nervously, I looked into their room but couldn’t see anything. It was dark.

“Paula?” I whispered, very quietly.

There was no response. I glanced into her room again, then touched her shoulders and urged her toward the right to face the bedroom doorway. She complied but didn’t move forward. I sighed, and swore under my breath, “Shit.”

I got behind Paula and gently prodded her back but she still didn’t move. I nudged her again but, upon continued resistance, pushed harder. The added pressure forced my hands past Paula’s shoulder blades and under her arms. Suddenly, my fingers were scraping beside the fullness of Paula’s breasts. Oh, God.

I wanted to grasp them fully, to pull her firmly back until her ass nestled against my bulging cock. I was suddenly acutely aware that I was standing in the hallway, behind my hostess, dressed only in my underwear, with my hands cupping the sides of her breasts. This was insane!

Paula took a step forward, then another, and another. She slipped into the darkness and out of sight. I stood there for a minute, breathing hard, looked down at the hardness poking through my shorts, and then up into the impenetrable gloom. I turned away and started back to my room.

“Are you okay, Darling?”

I quickened my pace and beetled into my room, not stopping to use the bathroom or to turn off the light, and clicked the door closed behind me.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

I stayed up the next night, listening for signs that Paula might walk in her sleep again. I finally fell asleep but woke up twice. Both times, I checked to see if the bathroom light was on and got up to listen at my door. Nothing.

The following night, however, I was in luck. Paula was in the hallway, at the end, near the closed doors of the children’s’ rooms. I walked quietly down the hall and, without speaking, for fear of awakening the children, turned her around. After a brief pause, Paula starting walking toward her room. As I followed her, I remembered the children boarded at their school during the week. When Paula drew abreast of the bathroom, she stopped.

I prodded Paula’s back but she didn’t move. About to push her harder, I changed my mind and turned her into the bathroom rather than past it. She walked ahead and stopped beside the sink. I brought myself close, as I had two nights earlier, and looked into the mirror.

Her slumping breasts sagged against the nightgown and, like before, the nipples pushed up as if tasked to prevent the flimsy material from cascading off her shoulders. She had a fine set of mature tits, so much like Linda’s. I yearned to hold them but fortunately restrained myself. I turned Paula to face the mirror and stepped behind her. I wanted to look over her shoulder at her tits but realized my error as soon as I looked into the mirror.

Paula was looking back at me, unseeing to be sure, but it was unnerving to see her gaze directed right at me. I looked back, too startled to do anything else, but when I realized she wasn’t really looking at me, that she was indeed asleep, I let my gaze travel down her front.

The nightgown dipped down in a deep V and I could plainly see the divide between Paula’s breasts. My breath caught when I saw the inner swells and my attention fixed upon the dark nipples under the nightgown. I started to reach around to take hold of her wondrous globes but caught myself in time. Retracting my arms, I pushed them between her arms and her body, as I had done before, and satisfied myself with the feel of the outer swells against the underside of my fingers.


If she woke up, how could I explain myself?

I let my hands drop and they slid down her waist until they hit her hips. I didn’t pull them away but instead closed my fingers around her waist. Stifling a groan, I urged Paula toward me. Her bottom settled against my front and my cock swelled to meet her, growing and pushing against my shorts to nestle into the groove of her behind as if it was made to be there. My hands slid up, recovered the sides of her breasts, and then curled around to take their full measure.

Holding Paula’s tits, I pressed into her ass, thrilled by the acceptance of her rear cushions which were firmer and more prominent than I expected. Looking down, I confirmed that her buns actually did stick out. I had noticed this before but thought it was due to the constraining pressures of the riding breaches rather than a natural expression. Now I could see I had been wrong. Paula’s ass was supple, firm, different, and very arousing. I pressed my hardened cock, which was straining against my shorts, into the crevice until I felt her cheeks fold around it.


Abruptly, I released Paula and stepped back. I scrutinized her face in the mirror to make sure she was still unconscious of my presence. Gently, I urged her toward the bathroom and into the hallway, then down the hall toward her room. I turned Paula toward her doorway and she started to walk through it but I grabbed a handful of her nightgown and stopped her, then slipped my hands through her arms and took hold of her breasts for a final feel. I hugged her back and hunched myself against her bottom, then lowered my head until my lips caressed her bare shoulder. I kissed it, then reluctantly let her go.

Paula stepped forward and disappeared into the darkness of the bedroom. I waited for the sound of Mike’s voice, knowing I shouldn’t, but feeling unable to leave. There was no greeting, just the rustle of bed covers as Paula got back into bed and then a muffled groan.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

On Friday, Mike said he had to work late and arranged for a car to take me home. As we were driving away, I spotted him leaving the front of the building with one of the female staff, a young woman in her mid-twenties. He looked as foolish with her as would any man my age. What a fool.

There was a strange car in the driveway when I arrived home. Upon entering the house, Paula introduced me to a suave looking man about eight years her junior. He bore a remarkable resemblance to her so it wasn’t much of a surprise when she introduced Robert as her brother.

“Her twin brother, of course,” Robert smiled as he extended his hand.

“I wish,” Paula laughed.

Dinner was ready to be served. Mike hadn’t thought to call ahead to let anyone know I would be late but they had waited anyway. Paula didn’t seem surprised that I was alone.

The conversation at dinner was lively and enjoyable. The kids were unrepressed in Mike’s absence and buoyed by Robert’s presence, who was clearly a favorite uncle. Apparently, Robert was married and lived nearby. He had children of his own, twin girls, but they weren’t yet in school.

By the time dessert was done, Robert had cajoled me into exploring the estate on horseback the next morning. Linda and I had once holidayed at a dude ranch and had been surprised by how much we enjoyed it. Those horses were plugs so I was apprehensive about testing my equestrian skills on the sleek, spirited animals in the Entwhistle’s stable. I thought I had hidden my nervousness rather well until, on the way from the dining table to the living room, Paula hung back behind the others and pressed close to me.

“You’ll be fine,” she whispered and squeezed my hand.

We talked for a couple of hours without a lull in the conversation but the kids disappeared when Paula turned on some classical music. It was only then I realized that there hadn’t been any external distractions, no music or television. The music was welcome, however, because, together with the port and lively discussion, I was felling a little drained. For the past three years, I had been used to going home and watching the idiot box, as my father used to call it, without really paying attention to what was on.

Forgetting about Robert, I followed Paula with admiration as she moved. Watching her lovely figure, so similar to Linda’s, I felt suddenly guilty for my inappropriate exploration of her charms. It was during this honest condemnation of my behavior that I felt Robert’s eyes upon me and guilt sent blood rushing to my face. I didn’t turn to meet his gaze.

Paula didn’t return to sit on the chesterfield between Robert and me. Instead, she walked around the couch and stood behind us while we listened to the music. Paula struck up a conversation with Robert which lasted a minute or two before she pulled me into it. As we talked, Robert and I turned sideways to face each other, extending our arms along the back of the couch, so we didn’t have to twist around to look at Paula. Robert seemed friendlier than ever and I wrote off my earlier fear of his scrutiny to my own paranoia.

I felt very relaxed, occasionally sipping from the glass of port in my right hand and contributing to the casual discussion, without feeling any pressure to do so. Paula and I became immersed in an exchange and she turned toward me, leaning her hip against the couch. While she was making an important point, I looked away from her face to think about what she was saying.

Gradually, I lost track of Paula’s argument and became more aware of what was happening right in front of me. Paula had leaned more heavily against the couch as she talked and Robert’s arm had slipped partially off its edge. The full length of my arm was still aligned along the couch with my hand reaching almost to the front of Paula’s hip, but Robert’s arm departed at the elbow and his hand was hidden from my sight.

Suddenly, I forced my eyes to look rigidly ahead, past Paula’s waist, but not low enough to seek Robert’s hand. I think Robert was touching his sister’s ass! In fact, I was sure of it. I tried not to look at him and compelled myself to stare straight ahead, although I knew it must look unnatural. There didn’t seem to be movement or any other sign but I just knew I was right. Unable to control myself, I glanced at Robert, but wasn’t prepared for the knowing, mischievous smile. I was stunned.

Paula suddenly twisted away from her brother. “Stop being a brat, Robert.”

She had spun right around and was now facing him more than me.

“He always makes fun of me when I get serious about anything. Brat.”

After this mild admonishment, Paula repeated her argument to her brother. She queried him at several points, daring him to take issue with what she was saying, but he wisely refrained from doing so. With my host thus engaged, I let my gaze slide away from the side of her face and down her back. Paula’s knit dress had become caught up on the far buttock, the one that I thought had been the target of Robert’s affection. The hem was only an inch or so higher on that side but it begged the question: Why? To me, it confirmed my suspicion. Robert had been fondling his sister’s ass.

I looked at Robert and immediately knew he was aware of my gaze, where I had been looking, and why I was now looking at him. The knowing smile returned and, when Paula paused to look away to think about what she was going to say next, he smiled directly at me and flicked his eyes toward her backside as if to say, Go ahead.

I was doubly shocked. Robert seemed to be inviting me, no, encouraging me to touch his sister’s ass, to let my fingers play over the swollen fullness of her dress and maybe even press into the flesh underneath, as I imagined he had done.

Robert looked away. Paula was still staring out the window. It was as if we were all waiting for something to happen. I, too, looked away and the moment passed. I experienced the pang of loss when Paula didn’t renew the conversation and instead turned away from Robert to look straight out the window into the night.

“Look at the moon!” she exclaimed.

Robert and I both turned to look. I had to lean back a little because when Paula had turned away from her brother, she had moved closer to me. It was a full moon. That thought had just passed through my mind when Paula leaned back, hands reaching back to brace herself. Her right hand landed on the couch near Robert but her left landed on my upper arm. She pressed down to take some of her weight as she shifted her bottom onto the rear edge of the couch, and the top of my hand.

I was speechless. This beautiful woman had parked her slightly prominent behind directly on my hand. The hell with the moon. I looked at my hand, or rather, where it should be, and the wonderful, soft-yet-firm and warm behind settled upon it. I looked at the owner’s brother and was treated to an impish grin.

Robert struck up a new conversation with his sister about the merits of this moon as opposed to others they had enjoyed over the years. The discussion lasted for some time, long enough for my hand to start falling asleep. After trying to keep it still for so long, I couldn’t stop it from twitching. Paula lifted some of her weight and looked down at the edge of the couch but didn’t disengage herself.

She knew! She knew she was sitting on my hand, and she didn’t mind. Paula squirmed, trying to get comfortable and then settled in to watch the moon for a while longer. I held my hand still despite the urging of my darker side to wiggle it. You’ve been invited, my subconscious screamed but my cowardly moral consciousness declined to act, for all the obvious reasons: the presence of her brother, the fact that I was a guest in her home, and that she was married.

Robert eventually said he had to get going and we all rose to walk him to the door. I didn’t know what would have happened after he left—probably an awkward scene in which I fumbled the opportunity to be with a wonderful woman—because as soon as Robert opened the door to go, Mike drove up.

Paula turned away.

“I’m not up to dealing with him tonight,” she said. “Can you tell him I went to bed an hour ago?”

“Uh, sure. No problem.”

“Thank you. You’re such a gentleman.”

She leaned close and stretched up to kiss me on the cheek, the way she had done that first night. The brush of her lips was electric.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

Robert woke me the next morning.

“The horses are waiting,” he said, all bright and cheery.

There was a riding outfit, including boots, laid out on the chair beside my bed. I had stayed up so late, listening for signs that Paula was sleep-walking, that I didn’t even hear whoever had brought the clothes into my room. Such a gracious host. Everything fit perfectly but I was self-conscious when I joined Robert and his sister for breakfast on the patio, feeling that my poor, night-time behavior was evident for all to see.

“You look marvelous, like an old pro,” Robert exclaimed.

“Well, I don’t know about that,” I said.

“You look very handsome, Peter,” Paula said.

I had fallen asleep thinking about her, struggling to come to terms with my taking advantage of her sleep-walking. How could I let myself down so badly? Such a loss of integrity. Did I really want her that badly? Was she really so much like Linda?

The answer to both questions was—yes. Her body and mannerisms were so similar to Linda’s that I felt justified in my desire and pursuit.

Last night I had thought about making love to her but I knew it was Linda I was really yearning for. I had started with Paula but then pictured Linda stretched languidly across the bed as I teased her with my lips and tongue and plied her with my fingers the way she loved so much. Our love-making lasted for a long time because we weten’t in a hurry. I was almost asleep, lost in my dreams and about to come inside my wife, when her hair turned dark and she whispered, Fuck me, Peter. I had jerked awake just as I slipped my cock inside her.

“Thank you. You look…beautiful,” I replied, trying unsuccessfully to stop that word from coming out.

“Why, thank you, Mr. Briggs.”

We finished breakfast and went to the stables. I managed to get on a horse without embarrassing myself and we were off, Robert in the lead, then me, with Paula bringing up the rear. She had been right. I was fine, but it was due to the horse’s skill and not mine. She was a beautiful animal that quickly adapted to my ineptitude which allowed me to become sufficiently confident to enjoy myself.

Paula rode up beside me and then past, standing up in her stirrups and presenting me with a gorgeous view of her lovely bottom, the riding breeches stretching tightly over its constituent buns. And to think that had been pressing onto my hand the night before.

The estate was a stunning piece of property. Lush green fields were sparsely populated by small groups of cows, horses, or goats. Some fields were empty and separated by forested trails between. We sauntered through this wonderland until we topped a rise and looked down upon a staggering blight to the environment.

An industrial pipeline ran below us from as far as we could see to the left until it disappeared around a cornerl to the right. The pipe was old and rust showed that it was poorly maintained and in an appalling state of decay. It was a devastating sight after the previous enchanting hour.

“What the hell,” I blurted out.

“Exactly!” Robert said. He and Paula had waited atop the rise until I pulled my horse between them.

“Isn’t it just horrible?” Paula said, disgusted.

“Absolutely,” I concurred with a venom that would be surprising to my fellow chemical engineers.

“It is obscene,” Robert said. “A pity there’s little we can do about it.”

“Unless we can prove it’s a danger to the public,” Paula added.

“We’ve been down that road,” Robert said.

“Has it been inspected?” I asked.

“Oh yes. Evidently, it isn’t harmful. It’s just an eyesore.”

“A remnant of Britain’s industrial heyday,” Robert said.

“That’s a chemical line,” I said.

“Is it dangerous?”

“Depends on what’s being transported, but the risk is low if the pipes are maintained properly.”

Paula turned her horse and I moved aside to let her pass. She descended the rise and went back the way we had come.

“Shall we take a closer look?” Robert asked. He urged his horse ahead and I reluctantly followed, looking back at Paula’s disappearing retreating back.

Robert and I picked our way through a broken section of the chain link fence and I gave the pipes a cursory inspection as we rode alongside the pipeline. The pipes were in even poorer condition than they appeared at a distance. Obviously, in these times, nobody was spending the money required to maintain them properly, which was understandable, but to let them deteriorate so badly was potentially dangerous.

As we rode away, the thought occurred to me that the friendliness I had experienced in the evenings might be related to the pipeline. Were Robert and Paula searching for an expert to help make their case against the owners of the pipeline?

Immediately, I was disgusted with my distrustful nature. Linda had always said I thought the worst of people. Sure, Robert had invited me to take a closer look but he hadn’t pushed me to get involved in a protest. It would be futile anyway. That pipeline had been there for a long time and it would cost a fortune to dismantle it. Any company faced with an attempt to make them do so could tie it up in the courts for years, maybe even decades.

Paula was waiting at the bottom of the hill when we returned. She refreshed our moods by initiating a race back to the stables. Once my horse took off after them, I hung on for dear life. There wasn’t anything else I could do.

We had lunch and then spent a very pleasant afternoon at the local village. There was a weekly gathering with local produce and crafts offered for sale in addition to many interesting shops, a couple of nice cafes and a fantastic little pub. We walked back to the estate—it was only a mile—and spent the rest of the afternoon lolling around on the patio, listening to a mixture of early Beatles and Mozart. When Paula left to get changed for dinner, I stayed behnd with her brother.

“Robert, are Mike and Paula involved in legal action to have the pipeline removed?”

Robert looked surprised, and I rushed on.

“Because if they’re contemplating that, it will be a very expensive and arduous task to undertake.”

Robert placated me with outspread hands, pushing his palms forward as if to say Whoa.

“Peter, first of all, Mike would never be part of that. The pipeline was built by the company both you and he work for.”

That was a shock. I could hardly believe my employer would allow one of its facilities to deteriorate to the point it would be a danger to the public.

“Furthermore,” Robert continued, “our grandfather was once a major shareholder of the firm but he was ousted from the board when he tried to block the construction of the pipeline so near his home.”

“So, Mike bought this property for Paula?”

Robert looked truly amused.

“Good God no. Paula and I grew up here.”

That was another shock. I had assumed this beautiful property had been purchased from Mike’s success as the best salesman the company had in Europe.

“Do you still own…”

“We inherited the estate, and Paula lives here. Mike suggested selling it but Paula would never do that. She’d spend her entire fortune tearing up that pipeline on her own if she could.”

“Oh, I see.”

So maybe my conspiracy theory was right. Perhaps Paula was trying to seduce me, with her brother’s suggestive participation, in order to get me to provide them with the information necessary to condemn the pipeline. But why suffer such a personal sacrifice. Any competent engineer could write the epitaph for that pipeline. Ahhh, but the condemnation of the company’s best engineer, now that might shorten the legal battle by years and may even convince the company that it wasn’t worth the fight. But, it would be the end of my job.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

On Monday, I brought home some testing equipment hidden in a large field pack embossed with the company’s logo. Mike didn’t seem suspicious but Paula saw me carrying the pack in and looked pleased.

I’ll just take a closer look, I thought. That’s all.

The next day, I pretended to feel under the weather. Paula left not long after Mike and I set out on foot to the pipeline. I spent several hours walking the line and climbing up to make close inspections at several points. I took measurements and took careful notes, backed up by photographs, and took samples at several sites where there was notable evidence of leakage.

I returned in the early afternoon. I wasn’t finished by any means but I was hungry. I tried to be circumspect in my return but Paula drove up the driveway just as I was entering the house and must have seen me go in, pack and all. I went directly to my room and showered and changed before coming down to see if I could get something to eat. Paula was in the kitchen, making a sandwich.

“Hungry?” she asked.

“Starving,” I replied.

“I see you’re feeling better.”

“Uh, yeah. I thought I’d get some fresh air.”

Paula nodded and continued making the sandwiches. She was wearing a jumpsuit that emphasized her slender figure but provided only a hint of the slow slung breasts I had sampled several nights earlier. I checked out her behind which was harder to camouflage with it’s characteristic projection, a rare feature on a woman with such a slight build. I hadn’t thought about it before, but I hadn’t expected to ever find a woman with a figure so similar to Linda’s, especially one with a near identical butt.

Paula was quiet and I didn’t offer further conversation, content to simply watch her. As before, she didn’t look my way which allowed me to examine her at my leisure. I wished I go could stand behind her, nuzzle her neck, and fondle those cheeks.

I wondered if she would sleep-walk that night. If I was right, and she was seducing me so I would get the goods on the pipeline for her, then the sleep-walking had to be just a ploy. What would stop me, then, from sampling the goods right now? Why couldn’t I just walk up behind her, kiss the nape of her neck, press my cock—now swollen from my wicked thoughts—into that sexy behind, and reach around to sample those luscious, slumping tits?

Fear, that’s what. If I was wrong, I would be out on my ear. No, I had always been a careful person, a good engineer. That is, until I had met Linda. Only then, under her guidance, had I become adventurous. When we had seduced that woman, the wife of one of her co-workers, Linda had taken the lead. I would never have made a play for her, and if I had, I would have succumbed to my urges and blown it. Linda made me see the wisdom of taking it slow, and taught me to appreciate the exquisite taste of sampling your dessert morsel by morsel.

So, I would play along with Paula’s game and pretend I wasn’t wise to it. If she did the sleep-walking thing again, I’d push the boundaries to see how far she’d go.

“Yours is ready,” Paula said, pushing a loaded plate to the side while she finished making her own.

I stepped close behind her, closer than would be expected, close enough to breathe on her neck, the bulge in my pants only inches from her firm, pear-like cheeks. At the last minute, I stepped sideways, picked up the plate, and said, “Thanks.”

“There’s milk or juice in the fridge. Why don’t you pour us both one? Glasses are up there.”

Paula indicated a cupboard with a nod.

“Juice or milk?” I asked.

“Whatever you’re having.”

I got some juice from the fridge and poured two glasses. Paula finished making her sandwich and took one of the glasses before leading me outside to the lounges. I followed, content to watch the magnificent interplay of her buns.

Tonight. Please sleep-walk tonight.

We sat on the lounges for a couple of hours after we finished eating, talking. I purposely mentioned my deceased wife and gently pushed the conversation toward intimacies shared between couples involved in long-term relationships. Paula seemed genuinely intrigued. Almost an hour and a half into our discussion, I told her that Linda and I often sequestered ourselves in our home for days on end without going out, even to get food.

“We ate whatever we could find in the cupboards. We didn’t want to expose ourselves to others because we had discovered that three or four days absolutely alone we would spontaneously do things for each other that we wouldn’t contemplate otherwise. It’s an amazing phenomenon, but it is true. The other person becomes your entire universe and you’ll do anything just to please them, or see what really makes them tick.”

“What kind of things?”

Paula had turned toward me, twisting her body in a way that thrust her right tit forward and plastered the jumpsuit around it so tightly the nipple was clearly delineated. Her eyes were intense, lips moist, and her breath shallow but audible.

I put her off, however. I started to tell her what she wanted to know, juicy details of my private life with Linda, but changed my mind about revealing those precious secrets. I couldn’t stop completely but drew the story out, teasing her, dangling a bit here and then veering off on an aside. I was running out of delaying tactics and nearing the point where I had to actually give her some real meat when we heard Robert’s voice.

Relieved, I took the earliest opportunity to change the subject, telling him that I had taken a walk for a ways alongside the pipeline. He was very interested in hearing what I had found but, to my surprise, Paula seemed uninterested, got up, and disappeared into the house. I didn’t see her again until dinner.

I made excuses about not feeling well again after dinner and returned to my room. I read for a while, waiting for everyone to go to bed, and fell asleep. When I awoke, the house was dark, including my room. I didn’t remember turning out the light, but I must have. I listened for signs that someone was up but heard nothing. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw that the bedroom door was wide open. I was sure I had shut it.

Then I felt a presence in the room. I raised my head and gazed around but saw nothing so I sat up and peered more intently into the darkness. I looked right at her for several seconds before my mind recognized Paula’s shadowy outline standing in front of the large floor-to-ceiling window, staring into the night.

I studied her as my eyes acclimatized to the darkness. At first, I wasn’t sure if she was awake or sleep-walking but soon came to the conclusion it was the latter. Carefully, I pulled the covers back and slipped my legs over the side of the bed. I stood up slowly and eased my weight onto the floor, catching my breath as the moonlight outlined Paula’s tits slinging forward against her flimsy nightgown. If sleep-walking was a ploy, I didn’t need to be so careful, but if it wasn’t, I sure didn’t want to wake Paula and ruin everything, so I moved stealthily until I was in position behind her.

She was so beautiful: graceful neck sweeping out to rounded shoulders, slender arms hanging listlessly past a narrow waist that flared out to form deliciously feminine hips above thighs that tapered down to well-muscled calves, all maintained in steady balance upon a compact pair of bare feet. It was actually too dark on the room side of Paula’s body to see through the thin nightgown but in my mind I was sure I could see the swell of each buttock and a dark line between them.

Here goes.

I reached out and put a hand on each hip. Paula didn’t flinch so I slid my hands upward, following the inward curve of her waist and then widening until I felt the swollen sides of her breasts in my palms. I leaned forward until my nose penetrated the hair at the nape of her neck and breathed deep, then pushed my hands around until the full swells of Paula’s breasts rested comfortably in my palms.

I became light-headed and teetered forward. That’s when I realized that my cock had grown so hard the tip had escaped my shorts. It skidded between Paula’s cheeks until my chest contacted her shoulder blades. Involuntarily, my hips scrunched upward, pushing the head of my cock deeper between her globes.

“You’re so beautiful,” I whispered, unable to prevent my lips from latching onto the curve of her neck.

I inadvertently pressed more frimly against Paula. She lost her balance but caught herself by stretching her hands out to catch the edges of the window. I followed instinctively, cupping her breasts and moving with her, my feet moving outside of hers, and my cock prodding deeper between her buttocks. I waited until I was sure she was steady, then released her right tit and used the freed hand to push my shorts down.

Are you crazy?

Evidently, I was. I returned my hand to Paula’s tit and rubbed my cock against her ass. I moved my hands down to Paula’s sides, pressed against her waist, and slid them back up, dragging the nightgown higher. Free of my shorts, my cock angled forward and under the raised hem, sliding between her bare ass flesh. I groaned.

“So beautiful,” I whispered again.

Looking at Paula, from this perspective and in the darkness, she could have been Linda. I groaned again and rubbed my cock back and forth through her cheeks, massaging her breasts and enjoying the stiffening nipples poking through the nightgown and even tryng to extend between my fingers.

I wish I could fuck you.

Had I said that out loud? Paula stepped forward and straightened. I let my hands fall free and allowed our bodies to part. Her hands dropped away from the window frame and she stood still, once again listlessly gazing into the night. My cock arched toward her ass. I tried to control my breathing and reached out to touch her—on the shoulder. It was time to return her to her room before her husband came looking for her, and I went too far.

Paula turned obediently toward the light touch on her right shoulder. She started to walk and I turned to follow her so I could guide her out the door and down the hallway to her room. Too late, I realized she hadn’t turned fully and was walking toward the bed. I tried to catch her but her knees hit the edge of the mattress and she fell forward onto the bed.

Shit. I didn’t want her to wake up lying on my bed. Gently, I grasped Paula’s arms and lifted her up onto her knees. I stepped back to make room and tried to pull her off the bed onto the floor and into a standing position but her hands slipped out of mine and she flopped forward onto her face. Damn it! Paula was now lying face down on her knees with her butt sticking up high, the nightgown barely covering half her ass.

I moved closer, searching for her hands to try again, but changed my mind and grabbed Paula by the hips to get a better hold. My hands had slipped under the nightgown so I was holding her bare flesh. I looked down at her upraised ass and my cock dangling an inch or so behind it.

Oh God.

I leaned forward until the tip of my dick graced her cheeky split, rotated my hips, and caught my breath as my rod found the moist sponginess between her legs. Her lower lips parted and the head of my cock slipped into them. Heaven, fucking heaven. Oh jeez, how long had it been since I’d felt such bliss?

Gorgeous, hot, moist, velvety pussy. I slid in deeper, a couple of inches, meeting only enough resistance to entice—then deeper. Just a few strokes, just one or two—or maybe three or four…a dozen, but no more I promised myself.

That’s it. Just a few more, then I’m done. I grabbed Paula’s hips more firmly and pulled her back onto my cock, digging it in deep. So fucking tight, so wet! So fucking wonderful. A perfect fit, just like my Linda.


I groaned and rammed against Paula’s backside. Once, twice…she fell forward, flat on the bed, and I followed, scrambling to lean over her, straddling her thighs to keep my cock fully immersed in her sea of love. Ah, God, the feel of her spongy ass resisting my thrusts was so good, so fucking hot. I adjusted my position to get better balance and starting fucking my host for real.

I lowered myself onto Paula’s back and gouged my cock into her behind, reaching as deep into her cunt as I could get. Establishing a rhythm, I bounced her off the bed and impaled her on my cock, then hammering hard for maximum effect. Her body was so exciting that it was a moment before I realized she wasn’t just bouncing off the bed onto my cock. Her ass twisted up to meet me each time and on the way down her pussy squeezed my cock, pulling it down upon her.

God, you’re so fucking hot!

I huffed and moaned, “Unnggghhhhhhh, unghhh, uh, uh uh, unghhhh.”

Suddenly, my spend was flowing and I was filling her, too late to stop, coming inside her, legs going rigid, stretching to get deeper, leveraging off the balls of my feet, digging in, and coming! Oh yeah, coming.

I leaned over Paula, cock now withdrawn, panting, chest heaving, rasping. I pushed myself back to a standing position and stayed there, trying to catch my breath.

What now?

I have to get her out of here.

I pulled Paula onto her feet, no longer worried about waking her up, smoothed her nightgown down, and turned her toward the door. She moved when I prodded her, not as steady as before, but she did move. I guided Paula to her bedroom door and nudged her inside. There was a lamp on inside so I beat a hasty retreat back to my room and closed the door quietly behind me.

I flopped down onto the bed, exhausted. I could hardly believe what had just happened. As I drifted off to sleep, thoughts churned through my mind.

I love this woman and I want her.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

I returned to work the next day and rented a car during lunch.

“If I support you from the office, it will give Sheila a chance to come up to speed and gain confidence by being mostly on her own,” I rationalized to Mike.

Sheila was one of the local technical crew. She was bright and eager, and just happened to be the young blonde woman I had seen Mike escorting from the building the night he said he had to meet a client. That may have been legitimate but I did note that he accepted my argument rather easily.

I went home early with a trunk full of more sophisticated equipment and spent a few hours at the pipeline. I was certain I could provide enough evidence to convince the company that in its current decrepit condition the pipeline wouldn’t be serviceable again without significant expenditure. Anyway, it was a ticking time bomb and a potential public relations disaster waiting to happen. With my standing in the company, I might be able scare Parker into doing the right thing. If not, what would he do? Fire me?

I felt good about what I was doing. I hadn’t been this happy in my work since I first started. It was a project with a worthy goal—making Paula happy.

I had just managed to get the equipment back into the trunk when Mike drove in. I was glad he hadn’t seen it because, despite his appalling lack of technical knowledge about what he sold to make a living, I didn’t want to raise his suspicions. My relief turned to pleasure when I turned to go into the house and saw Paula watching me. She smiled like she had the day she’d seen me returning from the pipeline wearing the backpack.

I received a call that night while we were eating dessert. I excused myself and took the call in the living room. When I returned to the table, Paula exclaimed, “It’s your birthday? Why didn’t you tell us. We could have had cake.”

“I don’t celebrate my birthday anymore, haven’t for years.”

“Three years?” Paula asked.

I was surprised by her reference to Linda’s demise and my face showed it.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. That was insensitive of me.”

“It’s alright. I know you didn’t mean any harm. Yes, I guess it’s been three years but, truth be known, I didn’t celebrate my birthday before anyway, that is, until Linda came along. She made a big deal of it and always did something special for me.”

“I’m sure she did.” Paula smiled and added, “Well, tomorrow we’ll have a big cake.”

I started to protest but Paula waved her hands. “No argument.”

“Better give in Pete. She always gets what she wants.”

“Alright, cake it is.”

“And we’ll try to find you a suitable gift.”

“Please, don’t put yourself to any bother.”

“It’s no bother.” Again, that inscrutable smile.

Paula went to bed early that night. I waited as long as I could, watching the hallway like a hawk through the door I had left open, but no light or sound broke the stillness of the night.

I fell asleep.

My eyes fluttered open. I closed and opened them again, squinting at the brightness of the light. My foggy brain finally realized the light was from the bedside lamp. Shielding my eyes with my left hand, I tried to turn it off but failed and sank back onto my right side. I was facing the edge of the bed and the open doorway I had been watching so closely before I dozed off, waiting for Paula to bless me with her listless presence. It was still dark in the hallway and as silent as a tomb. Disappointed, I sighed and closed my eyes.

Wait a minute! Who turned the light on?

I rose up on my elbow and peered through the doorway, searching the dark hallway for an answer. Had she been here? Could she turn on a light while walking in her sleep? Did sleep-walkers do that kind of thing? I raked through my mind seeking anything I might have heard about sleep-walking but came up blank.

I reached for the lamp switch but felt short again. Exasperated, I tossed myself around and flipped onto my left side, shoved my left hand under the pillow to pull it up against my head and simultaneously punched it with my right to plump it up. My eyes closed and breath expelled noisily from my chest. I breathed in deep, exhaled, breathed in deep again, then gradually took shallower and shallower breaths as my body relaxed, readying itself for sleep. Blanking my mind to help, I studiously thought of nothing but she crept into my head anyway, as she did every night—my Linda. I sighed.

Linda, you have to let me go. I didn’t think I could live without you but, now that you’re gone, I can’t live with you. At least, not just in my head. It’s killing me.

Peter, you’re the one that has to let go.

I squeezed my eyes shut even tighter and shook my head as if trying to shake the voice out of my head though I knew it wasn’t really there, that it was just me talking to myself. Linda or me, I knew the voice was right. I had to let Linda go because I couldn’t live with the constant reminder of what I was missing.

It was no good. I couldn’t sleep. I opened my eyes, and stared, seeing but not comprehending.

What the fuck?

I raised my head, confused.

She was there. Lying on the bed, back toward me, nightgown pulled up over her hips and piled on her waist, the hem stretching up across her ass and disappearing over her right hip which was tilted slightly away. Her bottom was half bare, each cheek swelling to form a perfect little pear.

The covers had been kicked down, exposing her legs. Like her hip, the right leg was slightly in front of the left, creating a gap that narrowed to almost nothing between her thighs. I looked close, able in the faint light from the lamp behind me to see the puffiness of her pussy in the shadows between the back of her thighs. My cock stiffened into full hardness as the sight brought forth memories of the night before when I had fucked Paula right here on this bed, gripping her hips and mashing mine against that beautiful, jutting behind. They were so similar, Paula and my Linda.

Hard, I was so fucking hard. I wanted her badly but was afraid to touch her in case she vanished, proving to be just a figment of my imagination. Such a gorgeous ass, waiting for me, legs stretched out one in front of the other like Linda’s always were when she wanted me to take her in the ass. As soon as I shifted my weight to bring my cock against her ass, she would lean over onto her stomach, twisting her cheeks up against my hardness. She was always ready to take it inside right away because she had prepped herself, building excitement in her mind as she waited to surprise me.

Linda always said I was the best she’d ever had in the ass. She said I was a natural and that my cock was the perfect size for ass-fucking. She loved to push something inside her pussy when I did her. She had started with her fingers but graduated to a medium-sized dildo. Not long before she died, she had broached the subject of finding a real cock to fill her pussy while I took care of her ass. She wanted to know if I would be okay with it because she wanted to be DPed, but only if I could handle it. I wasn’t ready, and said no. How I wished now I had granted her wish. If only I’d known.

I moved closer. I needed to touch her despite knowing it would ruin the dream, that she would disappear the moment I did.

“It’s okay baby,” I whispered, reaching out to touch her ass, fingering the underside of her beautiful, fleshy right cheek.

It didn’t vanish into thin air like I expected, nor did she lean away while arching her back to offer her ass. Surprise turned to shock as I realized I wasn’t dreaming and it was Paula lying on the bed with her head mostly hidden under the pillow. I caressed her ass more confidently, no longer afraid she would disappear. Sleep-walking or not, she needed it, else she wouldn’t be here.

I need you tonight, Paula, like this, face down and ready to take it.

I caressed the back of her thighs and trailed the tips of my fingers down to her knees. Back and forth, I tickled her legs, falling into a natural rhythm that I hadn’t practised for three years. Her thighs trembled, just like Linda’s.


I pressed my knuckles against the inside of her right thigh and Paula inched it over, responding just like Linda did. I moved down her leg then, teasing the inside to her ankle and onto her foot, scratched along the bottom of her sole and then explored behind the base of her toes. On the return, I traced a path up the back of her calf, swirled around the soft puffiness behind her knee, and then moved on up her thigh, slid in toward the juncture, almost touching it, and then retreated down her leg.

This routine was repeated over and over. Ten minutes went by before I leaned forward to kiss the most swollen part of her lower right cheek. More minutes passed before I nibbled it between my lips and let my tongue slide into the crack. Just a quick tease.

My hand slid up Paula’s right side, under the nightgown, following her waist, and reached around to grasp her tit. The nipple was stiff and extended. I pinched it gently, increased the pressure gradually until I knew it must almost hurt, then released it suddenly. Paula responded with a moan, just like Linda always did.

Ahh, this was going to be so good.

I kissed the back of Paula’s neck, slid my lips along the nape, caressed the other side and returned, then switched back and forth as I massaged her tit and pinched her nipple repeatedly, bringing my left hand into play to please the left one too. After a while, I returned to Paula’s bum, kissed it briefly, then played with her legs and feet. She groaned, perhaps disappointed that I wasn’t doing more, so I surprised her on the trip back, sliding in until I made contact with the juncture between her legs. Paula groaned under the pillow but there was a different tenor to the groan. I smiled.

We’re so ready, aren’t we?

I kept the tips of my finger on her pussy lips and strummed as if playing a guitar, kissed her ass again, then pushed my fingertips into her slit and stroked it vertically. She was wet, very wet, and received me easily. I pushed my tongue between her cheeks and slid it up and down, matching the movement of my fingertips in her pussy.

I pushed both tongue and fingers in deeper and shook my head, sliding my tongue through her crack and slicking her cheeks. I pried them apart and drooled onto her pucker, lifted my head and stared, fascinated, as my spit oozed around the crinkly hole and seeped inside. I leaned in close, stretched out my tongue and pushed the curved tip into the seep hole, then wiggled it. Paula’s ass quivered and she moaned again.

I spit more on her hole, tickled it again with my tongue, and reveled in her muffled groan. Reaching under Paula’s hip with my left hand, I found her pussy with my fingers and, plying it, poised my right index finger at her nether entrance. I set the tip on the dark asterisk and pressed. Slowly, it depressed the shutter until it sank in to the first knuckle. That beautiful muffled groan graced my ears again.

I progressed slowly, just as I had with her legs and tits, until my whole finger was easily sinking into Paula’s ass. I became enthralled with the quivers and trembles of her thighs as she reacted to my careful explorations. Before I tried two fingers, I sank my tongue inside and treated her with a series of pokes and wiggles, pushing in stiff and then letting it soften into thick pulpiness inside her ass.

I knew all along from Paula’s reactions that she had never had it in the ass but I could tell she liked it, much like my Linda had when she had been an anal neophyte. Soon, I sensed, Paula would love it too, just like Linda. She was in for a real treat. How fortunate for her to get a real ass man like me for her first time—the best, as Linda had claimed, and with a little pride, I knew there was more than a semblance of truth in that statement.

I pushed two fingers in, met resistance, but kept the pressure on. Gently, gently, pressing in. I knew she could take it, knew she was ready, knew she wanted it.

Soon, baby, soon you can have my cock, deep in your ass, my gift for you. It is, after all, my birthday.

Two fingers, moving easily now.

You’re ready, my sweet, ready for me.

I got onto my knees, straddled her thighs, positioned her straight on the mattress and brought my cock close. I needed her higher, so I grabbed her hips and lifted her ass up a bit. Her protruding buttocks opened and beckoned in silent welcome. The pillow shifted when I lifted Paula’s ass yet higher and she adjusted her arms on the bed, exposing the back of her head and her hair—her blonde hair. I froze.

Linda. Linda?

I leaned over, trying to see her face, but she twisted it into the mattress. Her ass pushed back against my cock and settled her pucker right on my tip.

“Fuck it. Fuck it for me.”

Word for word, just the way Linda would have said it. I can’t describe the range of emotions that rammed through my entire body within microseconds. I needed to take her, but I was also afraid. I hovered over her buttocks, indecisive, incapable of advance or retreat.

“Take me. I need it badly.”

That did it. The balance of my weight tilted forward and my cock pressed against her slick pucker, bending as it met resistance despite my patient preparation. I nudged forward.

“Oh, ohhhhh,”

I nudged harder.

“Oh, oh, uhhh, unnhhhh.”

And again.

“Unngghhh, uh, uh, unnhhh, unnnnghhhhhhh.”

That last long one coincided with the head of my cock popping through the ring, overcoming its resistance but immediately meeting reluctance further in. I paused, held still for a couple of moans and then pushed forward slowly with steady pressure. From experience, I knew it would be better not to stop completely.

Each push was more an intention than a true insertion, and each ease back more of a relaxation. Repetition led gradually to actual movement, half an inch, then an inch, an inch and a half, and then two.

At the end of one stroke Paula released a deep groan when, instead of withdrawing, I pushed onward. Her stretched ring dragged on my shaft but I maintained the pressure until my cock was all the way in. I paused, then pulled back, just an inch or so, and plunged back inside. I worked my way out of her rear tunnel just as slowly as I had pushed in, plugged in fully but withdrawing only part way, farther and farther, until I was plunging all the way in and all the way out.

As I pumped my cock within her, I considered the woman beneath me. The blonde hair hadn’t completely thrown me. Though surprised, I did know it was Paula and not Linda, but wondered why had she had gone to the effort to dye her hair blonde like Linda’s. Upon that thought, the family pictures I’d seen around the house flashed through my mind. Not only had Paula dyed her hair, she’d also cut it short like Linda’s too. The pictures had all shown Paula with longer, shoulder-length hair. How long had she been wearing it short like Linda’s?

The exquisite sensations from the hot body beneath me pushed such confusing thoughts out of my head. I wanted this woman, whoever she was. I moved faster and faster until she was moaning constantly, then slowed almost to a stop and ground deep into her, rotated my root around the entrance to her hole, then pulled out and shoved slowly back in. The change of pace converted moans to a guttural groan that spawned the familiar thrill of male conquest within my chest, something I hadn’t felt for three years.

I took Paula to the edge of climax but held her back, cruelly withholding bliss and letting it seep away, then started her on the path toward it again. I briefly renewed the fast pace of taking her ass and then slowed to a smooth and steady stroke, followed again by a harsh and choppy attack. Throughout, I continued to build, winding ever higher until, finally, I couldn’t hold back. Though I tried, I needed it just as much as she and maybe even more, but she drew away, exacting a payback of her own, just like Linda might have done. It didn’t matter. I was too far gone and nothing can stop a man when he gets that close.

I filled her ass. I knew I shouldn’t have, and I could have pulled out and spilled my seed on her back, but I didn’t. I trembled and quivered and shuddered until I had squeezed every drop between her cheeks. I flopped onto Paula’s back, expecting her to go limp, extending the sleep-walking façade. Knowing I couldn’t be with her again until the next night at the earliest, I tried desperately to milk every sensation, however small, before she withdrew into her shell, real or not. I yanked the pillow off Paula’s head and tossed it away, then buried my face in her blonde hair and kissed the back of her head.

“Happy birthday, Peter,” she husked.

I lifted my head and stared at her. Turning her face to the side, Paula released a hoarse chuckle. I smiled and kissed her cheek, then stretched around to envelop her mouth and kissed her, afraid that if I stopped she would go back to sleep, until Paula put her fingers between our lips and gently pushed me off her and away. She twisted onto her back and reached out to pull me in tight against her front, offering the soft pleasure of her breasts and the warmth of her tummy. We cuddled in silence. Paula offered no explanation for the sleep-walking ruse or dying her hair blonde, and I didn’t ask. Several long minutes elapsed before she spoke.

“I have to go. Michael will be waking up soon,” she whispered when the faint light of dawn first intimated its imminent onset.

“Do you have to?”

“Yes, but if you come home early, I’ll be waiting for you.”

“I wish you could stay the night. I’d love to wake up with you.”

“You may get your wish but something has to happen first.”

I didn’t get a chance ask Paula what she meant. She pushed and I gave way. An emptiness crept over me as I watched her walk away. She tugged the nightgown down to cover her ass but it was too short to hide the moist sheen on the inside of her left thigh.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

I hadn’t thought I would be able to sleep after that but I did and even slept through my alarm. Mike was gone when I woke up, but so was Paula. Strangely, I was relieved, on both counts. I needed time to think about what had happened.

After eating, I grabbed some gear from the trunk of the rental car and headed for the pipeline. On the way, I thought about the situation. Paula had obviously used the sleep-walking thing as a ruse to seduce me. I guess I should have been angry, or disappointed, but in fact I was intrigued by her inventiveness.

She could have simply initiated an affair. Despite my public disavowal of those who cheated on their partners, God forgive me, I probably would have accepted. Sure, I could have used Mike’s indiscretions to rationalize such behavior but the simple fact was I was enamored with this woman. There was no awkwardness within my conscience about being with her.

I wasn’t born yesterday. If knew it would help to have a damning report from one of the pipeline owner’s top technical people but I didn’t care that she had played me for that purpose. I wanted to get the goods on the pipeline for her if it meant that much to her. Anyway, the pipeline had been shoddily maintained, which I couldn’t countenance, and should certainly now be dismantled. I didn’t feel guilty about what I was doing, and anyway, the past week had been fun, more fun that I had had for a long, long time!

Neither Paula nor Mike were home when I returned to the house. If it was the weekend the kids would have been home from school but it wasn’t so I sat on one of the lounges and enjoyed the rural landscape. Mike and Paula arrived home separately but about the same time. She appeared through the glass doors but Mike’s voice remained distant. He was talking on the phone again, something he did a lot, even at home.

“Would you like a drink?” Paula asked, hesitating by the door.

“No thanks. I’m fine.”

“I’m sure you are,” she smiled.

I blushed. Can you imagine? At my age?

Paula settled effortlessly into the other lounge without spilling a single drop from her full wine glass. She was wearing a simple, sleeveless dress with a hem that would have reached just above the knees but settled halfway up her thighs when she stretched out on the lounge and raised her knees, an action that transferred just the right amount of tension to her calves. She sipped her wine and I tried to see why I sensed something different about her.

Maybe it was the hair, which was back to her normal color. I was about to comment on it, instead of telling her I was ready to write up a report on the pipeline like I had planned, when Mike burst through the door.

“There you are. I was wondering where everyone was.”

Mike dragged one of the lounges to the other side of his wife and spilled some of his scotch as he plopped down upon it.

“You missed a hell of a day at the office. Lot’s of tension between us sales types; but best left alone. I talked to Parker though. Told him about your plan to have Erickson tag along with me and you providing support from the office. He thought it was a good idea; said you’d know what would work best. He has a lot of confidence in you.”

I nodded. Mike raised his glass in salute and took a big swig. I noticed that he referred to Sheila by her last name and phrased his sentence to avoid saying ‘her’. I glanced at Paula but she was looking straight ahead, head tilted slightly down to sip her wine. Mike didn’t try to engage her in the conversation by switching to another topic. Instead, he plowed right on to give a blow-by-blow of the exchange between the sales types despite having said it was best left alone. Paula bore it for a minute, then quietly got up and disappeared into the house. I wished I could have gone with her but felt obliged to remain behind to listen to my host’s retelling of how he had come out on top in the daily jousting with his peers. It was an eon before we were called to dinner.

Paula didn’t visit me that night. I had looked forward to her visit all day, thinking about what to say to her, and wondering how I could tell her about my report without sounding like it was payment for what she had done. I wanted to tell her I loved her, that I thought she was the most beautiful creature alive, and that Mike didn’t deserve her. I wanted to ask her to leave him and come home with me.

Then my feelings vacillated and I rushed to the dark conclusion that she was just as bad as her husband, that she had seduced me maliciously, manipulating me for the sole purpose of writing the report she needed to get rid of the pipeline. She didn’t care about me. Dying her hair was probably a joke.

For Christ’s sake, Peter. Get hold of your emotions. She’s nothing like that. Paula is a fine woman, and she doesn’t deserve your bullshit.

Yes, that’s true. The way she had talked to me, the way she had been with me after sex, that couldn’t be faked. She might not care deeply about me but she wasn’t a malicious woman. Still, I couldn’t shake the impression that there was more to this than met the eye. She wasn’t just a lonely woman with a cheating husband, gracefully offering herself to an emotionally wounded man that had turned up on her doorstep.

Why didn’t she come?

An eerie feeling came over me when I remembered some of Paula’s sounds and movements were almost indistinguishable from Linda’s. I shivered, and though I tossed it off as nonsense, I couldn’t quite shake the feeling that I had been in bed with a ghost.

I hoped she didn’t come.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

The next day, I went into the office and spent the day writing up my report except for one call from Sheila seeking help for a problem she should have been able to handle easily herself. There were at least two other people on the technical staff that were better trained than she and more suitable for Mike to have taken along for support. Oh well, it was his commission.

I finished the report and composed a letter to send to Parker, one that laid out the reasons why I would have to contact certain officials in order to comply with the demands of my professional principles and personal conscience. I had already spelled out why it made technical and economic sense to dismantle the pipeline in the body of the report but felt the letter was necessary for Parker to move on its recommendations. Parker knew me. He would know the report could not be ignored or covered up. Also, I knew he wasn’t likely to actually read the report proper.

Mike called to say that he needed to stay over until the next day. He asked if I could let Paula know and would I be available to help Erickson. I assured him I would, on both counts. I left the office immediately, wishing Mike had called earlier. I was now eagerly looking forward to an evening alone with Paula. I drove quickly, not wanting to waste a single minute. I would show her the report and, to hell with it, collect any reward that was offered. What was that she had said when I said I wanted to wake up with her? Something has to happen. Well, I was making it happen.

Robert’s car was in the driveway when I arrived. Crap! I hoped he wasn’t staying long. I entered the house and was surprised to find nobody there. Come to think of it, I hadn’t noticed any of the outside staff around either. Surely, at least the cook was there. Nope. The house was empty. I couldn’t even find Robert or Paula. Perhaps they were out for a walk. I looked around the living room, suddenly worried. I hoped nothing unfortunate had happened. What about the children? Why else would Paula give the staff the night off and be absent?

I went upstairs to have a shower and get changed before dinner. If they weren’t home soon, I would drive down to the village and get some dinner at the local pub. I had heard the food there was excellent. Thinking about driving made me wonder how Robert and Paula had left when both their cars were parked in front. Maybe I should go to the local hospital.

I pushed the door open to my room, and had my answer.

A couple was having sex on my bed. They weren’t in a hurry. The woman was stretched out on top of the man, her pelvis slowly working his manhood, and doing a great job of it, judging from the sounds he was making.

It was Paula. Jealously flooded through me and I stepped forward, not in anger, but rather in anguish. How could she? In my bed, where I had taken such care to possess her virgin ass, hoping she would want experience that pleasure again. And now I had caught her cheating on her husband. She was as bad as him. She must have known he would be gone overnight. I took another step forward. Who the hell was she fucking?

I stopped, aghast!

Robert peered at me past Paula. He whispered something I couldn’t hear but Paula stopped working his cock, turned to look at me, and smiled, genuinely pleased to see me. Her hair was blonde again.

“Peter, what took you so long?”

She leaned further over Robert and laid her head down on his chest. Then, reaching back, she grasped her lovely cheeks and pulled them apart. I stared between her open cheeks at the well-lubed anus that winked at me as Paula resumed sliding up and down her brother’s cock which was a surprisingly long one for such a slender fellow to possess.

“Come Peter, show Robert how you made love to me.”

I was dumbfounded. I wanted to turn and run from the room but couldn’t spark my limbs into action. I just stood there like a dork.

“Please,” Paula begged, her pucker winking wetly. “You know I’ve always wanted to try this.”

She spread her cheeks wider, tugging her anus open. My head felt light. It could have been Linda speaking those words.

“I’m so ready for you. We’ve been waiting for ages. I thought you’d be home early.”

I stepped forward.

“You know I’ve always wanted to do this.”

My fingers were on my shirt, already starting to unbutton it.

“DP me.”

I ripped at my shirt and buttons flew everywhere. I jerked my belt open and shoved my pants down, shorts and all in one fell swoop, cried out when my already hard cock got caught in the waistband and yanked downward at a painful angle. I stepped forward, half tripping, struggling to get the pants off my feet, scratching my legs in the process.

“Fuck it for me,” Paula urged.

I leapt onto the bed and straddled Paula’s ass, grabbed her hips and tried to get into her hole, stabbing at it too eagerly with little success until she grabbed my cock and set the tip at her greasy entrance. I pushed, slipped through easily, and howled my pleasure, then stroked slowly in and out several times.

“Hard, baby,” Paula cried. “I’m so fucking ready,” she wailed.

I started pounding on her ass, dimly aware of a strange, new sensation. Robert’s cock was shoving up, pushing Paula’s ass up to meet me, scraping against my own cock just millimeters away. My thighs slapped against Paula’s ass.

“I love it,” Paula cried out. “A cock in each hole.”

My hands slipped from her hips and cinched around her narrow waist. I started banging her with wild abandon, aware that Robert was doing the same from below. Paula didn’t speak but her moans and groans encouraged us more than mere words could ever do. Near the end, I grabbed the hair at the back of Paula’s blonde head and pushed her face onto her brother’s. While she kissed him, I lunged into her ass, only once every five seconds or so, relishing the way her whole body rocked upon her bother’s. He was still now and they were both susceptible to my heaves, each groaning in unison with every lurch.

We came like that, a minute or so later. As I filled her ass, Paula came and squeezed Robert’s cock. Within seconds, I felt it gushing within her and we all moaned like animals, then collapsed in a heap with Paula between us amid a mangle of twisted limbs. Minutes passed before Paula spoke.

“You guys will have to be more gentle next time.”

“I don’t know. I kind of got off on that.”

“Me too,” I said.

“Yeah, well you boys weren’t in the middle.”

After we ate dinner, we went back upstairs and tried it again. Gentle didn’t last long but it wasn’t Robert’s or my fault. At least, we didn’t start it.

I enjoyed regular sex after a midnight snack on the living room rug while Robert watched, then took my turn observing as he bent his sister’s legs way back and fed his long schlong into her pussy. I would never be able to match his cocksmanship, not from the front anyway, but I knew there was a field on which I couldn’t be conquered. I woke up with Paula’s mouth on my cock. We were back in bed, though I couldn’t remember climbing the stairs. Robert was leisurely taking his sister from behind and he laughed heartily when my eyes opened.

“It’s about time, sleepyhead,” he laughed.

After a few minutes, I tried to break away so I could take Robert’s place behind his sister but Paula wouldn’t let me go. She kept sucking and worked her mouth all the way down to the root. When I begged her to back away because I couldn’t hold it anymore, she held her face above my dick and let it shoot all over her face.

“Did you like that,” she gurgled, when I was done.

“Not particularly.”

“Oh. Robert loves it.”

“To each his own,” I said.

“I guess,” Paula replied, and turned around to face her brother who had pulled out of her pussy.

I watched as Robert unloaded and felt only disgust. Paula possessed a rare, quiet beauty, and I didn’t like seeing it marred this way. When she returned from the bathroom, drying her face with a large, fluffy towel, she stood beside the bed and said, “I won’t do that again.” She turned to her brother and said, “Is that alright with you?”

“Whatever you say, Sis.”

Paula looked back at me. “Okay?”


“Let’s get something to eat.” She laughed and threw the towel at me.

Downstairs, I was surprised to see the kitchen staff on the job. They weren’t in the least surprised to see Robert, even half-dressed, and I realized that he was probably a regular visitor when Mike was away.

“That’s probably Gina,” Robert said when the phone rang half way through breakfast. Gina was Robert’s wife.

“Oh oh,” I said.

“It’s not like that,” Paula said as Robert got up to answer the phone. “Gina’s very understanding. You’ll like her.”


“Yes. She’s young, beautiful, very sexy, and…” Paula’s eyes twinkled.

“And?” I prodded.

“She’s our cousin.”

“Robert is married to your cousin?”

“Shhhhhh,” Paula cautioned, laughing.

When Robert returned, Paula announced, “Peter wants to meet your wife.”

I protested that I had said no such thing but Robert only laughed. “Does he want to teach her new tricks?”

My face reddened but something stirred lower down. Maybe I wasn’t a one-woman man after all.

“Paula,” I blurted, “I’ve written a report about the pipeline.”

“I know, Peter. I don’t think you should send it. You might get in trouble.”

“I don’t care. I want to help you get rid of the pipeline.”

“It isn’t just for me. It’s for the children and everyone around here.”

“I know. That’s why it has to go. It will become dangerous soon. I’m sure the company will see that.”


“I’m going to submit the report.”

“You don’t need to.”

“Yes, I do.”

Robert interjected, “I think Peter should present the report, so he can get fired.”

Paula and I both looked at him.

“Then,” he continued, “we’ll raise a public outcry, you can move here to live with Paula, and visit Gina and me.”

“What about Mike?” I blustered.

“Oh,” Robert said, “I think he’s about to leave, isn’t he Paula?”

“Yes,” Paula said. “Something has happened. She smiled at me and reached out to take my hand. “No more blonde hair,” she said. “Except for special occasions, if you want.”

“What about Mike?” I repeated.

Paula shrugged. I couldn’t believe how dismissive she was of marriage no matter how poor a husband Mike was.

Robert noticed my consternation. “They’re not married,” he explained


I turned to look at Paula who seemed surprised that I hadn’t known.

“No more blonde hair,” I confirmed.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

I wasn’t fired but I did quit. It was an amicable separation, though I hadn’t expected it to be when I went into the office to hand in my resignation in person to Parker.

“There’s no need for this, you know,” Parker said, taking my resignation letter and letting it flutter to the desk. “I told Mrs. Entwhistle…”

“Mrs. Ashton,” I corrected.

“Of course…Mrs. Ashton. I told Mrs. Ashton two years ago that the pipeline behind her property was to be dismantled next year. Surely, she told you?”

Paula hadn’t, but she had insisted I didn’t need to submit the report.

“We’ve been negotiating a cost-sharing arranging with the British government—with the involvement of Mr. Ashton, the local MP and her brother, I might add—for the past nine or ten months.”

I felt at that moment that I had indeed been played but not for the reasons I had suspected. If Paula was guilty of manipulating me, at least I was the prize and not just an means to and end, and that made all the difference in the world.

I couldn’t get out of New York fast enough. It wasn’t until I was half way across the Atlantic that I remembered seeing Linda and Parker in deep conversation at the end of one of his parties, and that hadn’t been the first time I had seen them. Was that how Paula had heard about our close relationship? Had Linda confided in Parker? It seemed unlikely, but then, how had Paula known that Linda and I had been so close? Was it Paula who had engineered my stay at her home rather than being in a hotel?

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

Two years later, I woke Paula in the usual way, trailing my fingers lightly around her naked chest, skirting her breasts in favor of tickling her tummy, circumnavigating her navel before exploring lower, avoiding the musky treasure and proceeding along the edge of her thighs to her knees which was as low as I could reach.

Paula couldn’t prevent the miniature, telltale movements that betrayed her sleep as a pretense and I smiled to myself. This was a ritual we greatly enjoyed, the preliminary steps to our waking hour of making love. Though I would spend long minutes circling her breasts and caressing her limbs, I wouldn’t move between her legs until she opened them, nor would I take her nipple into my mouth before she arched her back.

His sister was bouncing furiously on his cock, roughly pistoning up and down. He could see her glorious torso in full view as her hips danced on his lap. Her perfect large breasts swayed and her nipples made small circles in the air.

Luke moaned at the sight and the heat from her cunt that sheathed his shaft. His hands found her hips and he pulled her down even harder onto his dick.

“Fuck me,” he growled. “You love my cock, don’t you, my nasty girl.”

“I do!” she screamed. “More, I want more!”

His fingers dug into her hips, holding her still. He slammed his pelvis up into her as hard as he possibly could. Her body jolted as she wailed in ecstasy with every thrust that felt like he was banging on a door inside of her.

“Oh my god, you know just what a slut needs,” she howled. Her words were choppy as he used her.

He could feel her satin walls clamping down on his erection and her fluids trickling down his balls.

“Luke!” a voice called in the distance. “Luke! It’s ten-thirty, get up.”

His eyes shot open, ripping him from a vivid dreamland. He saw Amy’s dresser sideways in his vision. His body was sunk into the air mattress that desperately needed to be inflated again.

He had dropped Amy off at school and returning for a few more hours of slumber on the uncomfortable air mattress had become the new morning ritual.

He turned his head, rubbing his eyes. His mother was standing in the doorway. He was suddenly acutely aware of his erection. He made sure to not turn over from his side.

“Hey, Mom,” Luke mumbled.

“I just thought you wanted to get up before it gets too late and the day is wasted,” Kathryn said.

“Yeah, thanks,” his scratchy voice answered.

He turned his cheek back into the pillow, avoiding eye contact with his mother. He silently prayed that he hadn’t been moaning in his sleep, and especially groaning his sister’s name.

“You better not fall back asleep young man,” his mother playfully chided him.

His member uncomfortably rubbed into the un-giving mattress as he kept himself curled and hidden from her view.

“I won’t,” he said. He forced himself to keep his eyes open. “Thanks for getting me up.”

“No problem,” Kathryn replied, and then returned to her office next door.

When he heard her take a seat in the office chair, Luke pulled himself out of bed. He went straight to Amy’s laptop and turned it on. He waited for it to boot up, and then logged into his e-mail.

Besides the standard junk mail, he received an e-mail from Amy half an hour ago. He clicked it open.

He read it silently, “Hey you sleepy head. I wanted to tell you my panties have been soaked all day. I’ll see you at 12:15. Do you remember the place I told you to meet me? Love, Amy.”

Luke smiled to himself. All day yesterday, he and Amy had sent each other dirty e-mails while she was at school. She would tell him about the random filthy thoughts that crossed her mind in class.

Luke typed a reply, speaking the words in his mind as he wrote. “I just woke up from an amazing dream of you and I. The real thing is going to be a zillion times better in just a little while. I remember. I’ll see you then. Keep those panties wet for me and your pussy wetter. I miss you.”

He clicked send, and then made a special folder titled “Teaching Stuff,” for the e-mails that were clogging his inbox. He didn’t want to delete them and knew there would be plenty more to come. After moving all of the messages, he returned an e-mail to his roommate.

Amy felt her phone buzz in her backpack. It vibrated against the railing of her desk that her foot was wrapped around. She smiled, knowing who it was from.

She kept her eyes on her teacher, taking notes in a spiral notebook. She was one of the only students who still took handwritten notes. She had a firm belief that you absorbed more information through writing by hand.

Fingers pounded away on keys around her, background noise to the thoughts of how delicious her brother’s semen tasted on her tongue. Her mouth watered at the thought of his hard flesh diving in and out of her mouth and the exquisite flavor of his spunk.

Amy realized she was drooling. She blushed and quickly wiped her mouth.

She shook off her thoughts for a few minutes and focused on the white board and her English teacher who was rambling on about Albert Camus’ “The Stranger.”

She diligently continued taking notes, but couldn’t help her mind wandering to her brother. She squirmed in her seat and fought with herself to keep focus. She never had a problem paying attention in class until this week.

“I should have blown him this morning before we left,” she thought. “Maybe, I should start doing that every day so I wouldn’t feel so fucking horny like I do now.”

Amy rested her cheek against her left hand, her other hand still writing in her spiral notebook. She rubbed her thighs together in attempt to release some of the tension in her body.

Her babbling mind continued its distraction, “Well no, that wouldn’t help. I’d probably just want to lay in bed with him all day if I did that, needing more and more of his delicious seed. But, I should blow him in the mornings. I know he would love that. Well, if he could keep quiet while I did it.”

She giggled to herself. When she realized she had done so out loud, she quickly covered her mouth.

Amy felt the eyes of her best friend, Kristy, on her and she looked over. The freckled redhead raised a brow and gave her a curious look. Amy shook her head and waved her hand slightly in front of her mouth.

Kristy didn’t appear to be satisfied with that response. She kept her brow raised as she returned her brown eyes forward.

Amy forced herself to pay attention. She sat up straighter and pushed her glasses up on her nose. She quickly copied down the notes she had gotten behind on.

Her inner voice had other plans. “I need to suck his cock as much as possible in the next few weeks. God, I’m going to miss his cock. I’m going to miss him too, so fucking much. But, his penis is part of him, and goodness is it perfect.”

Amy closed her blue eyes for a moment. She clearly saw her brother’s manhood, making out every vein and ridge. She loved how soft his flesh was when it was thick and rigid. She imagined running the tip of her tongue ever so slowly up and down his length, teasing him until he was begging her to wrap her lips around it.

Amy imagined the adoring, loving, lustful, and amazed expression he had while she was servicing him. His eyes were glazed over and wide, always looking down at her. His mouth was open and groans openly escaped from it. The skin around his nose crinkled when he grunted and his nostrils flared. His hand softly petted her head. She loved seeing how much she pleased him and it was written all over his face.

She opened her eyes again once she felt fresh juices stain her silk panties. Her cheeks were hot and she quickly glanced to her friend sitting on her right. Kristy’s eyes were still forward.

“Thank goodness,” Amy silently said. “I need to keep myself under control, especially around Kristy or she’s going to start asking me questions.”

She forced any dirty thoughts to the back of her mind for the rest of class, even though her nectar continued leaking into her panties.

The bell rang, signaling the end of the period.

Amy slid out of her desk, and then squatted down to put her notebook into her bag. She pulled her phone out and kept it in her hand as she slipped her arms into her backpack. She smoothed out her green and blue plaid skirt and tugged her sweater vest down before she began walking.

Kristy was waiting for her by the door. Amy joined her, and then they joined the herd of teenagers in the hallway on the way to their lockers.

Amy kept quiet, partially from embarrassment, as they walked together. She could tell her friend had something she wanted to say.

Amy spun the lock and turned it to the proper numbers before it opened for her. She grabbed her calculus book, and then held her hand inside of her locker as she opened her e-mail on her phone. She quickly read her brother’s response and her lips curled into a smile.

Kristy fished her book out of her locker, and then closed it up. She stepped over a few feet across the brown and white tile floor until she was next to her friend.

“Hey woman,” Amy said as her thumb quickly typed a naughty reply to her brother.

“What are you doing?” Kristy asked, peeking over to the light shining inside her friend’s locker.

Amy quickly turned the screen off before sending the message, and then brought her hand back.

“Nothing, Luke just asked me if we needed to pick up anything to make dinner while I was taking care of Timothy and Hunter tonight,” Amy said as she closed up her locker, and then gave the lock a spin. She gave her friend a convincing smile.

Kristy looked up a few inches to her friend, and then scrunched up her freckled nose. Amy knew that was Kristy’s look when she was trying to read her mind.

They started walking down the crowded hallway side by side. Amy tucked her calculus book between her arm and chest.

Kristy looked over to her friend a few times before she spoke with a hint of curiosity in her tone, “Something is up with you.”

“Something is up with me?” Amy repeated, raising a chestnut brow.

“Yes,” Kristy replied quickly, and then stepped around a student who was using the water fountain.

Amy turned her head to her when she was back at her side.

“You seem distracted,” Kristy continued. “You’re the queen of focus.”

Amy chuckled and dismissed her, “Trust me, I’m not distracted. You can’t tell me that your mind has never trailed elsewhere during class?”

“Well no, it’s more than that. I can’t seem to put my finger on it.” Kristy playfully wagged a finger in the air, “But, don’t you worry, I’ll figure it out.”

“Sure you will.” Amy teasingly rolled her eyes before following Kristy down the stairs.

Her tits wobbled against her book as she bounced down the steps. Her skirt billowed against her ass. She tried to wash the silly grin off of her face from the silent warm thoughts her brother brought her.

Amy hopped off of the bottom stair, and then returned to Kristy’s side. They both waved to a friend they passed in the hallway.

“Or maybe, it could be something as simple as you need to get laid,” Kristy laughed.

Amy shook her head, causing her loose brown pigtails to sway on her shoulders. Her voice was filled with sarcasm, “Oh yeah, that’s exactly it. Sex. Sex. Sex. That’s all I ever think about.”

Her friend playfully slapped her arm. “Hey, well when you were with Derek, you did talk about it all the time.”

“Oh! Well, that’s a great thought to put in my mind right before I have to sit next to him in class,” she retorted with an eye roll.

“I’m just saying, maybe we need to find you a replacement penis,” Kristy playfully chided her. “You need a nice big one and you’ll feel all better.”

“I don’t need a replacement dick,” Amy said more defensively than she meant to. She stopped herself from continuing her statement.

“Well, you need something.” Kristy shot her a smile. “I bet Derek wouldn’t mind having some more time with you. Don’t get back together with him or anything, just let off some steam. You could even leave him before he’s finished as long as you already got yours.”

Amy just shook her head again. “You’re a nutcase,” she chuckled.

Amy continued their playful banter, “I don’t know why I’ve been friends with you since we were nine.”

“That’s cause you love me,” she said, batting her lashes. “Or maybe because I’m the only one who can put up with you.”

“Actually, I think I’m the one who puts up with you, if I remember correctly.” Amy winked.

“Ah yes, my sweet best friend. What would we do without each other?”

Amy shrugged and grinned. “Die?”

“Sounds about right.” Kristy smiled.

They both passed by the restroom. They looked at each other, and then turned back around.

Amy closed the stall door and did her business. She lingered for a few moments and quickly finished the e-mail to her brother.

“I’m literally aching for you. I’m desperate for you to be inside me again. I miss you heaps! I’m going to work up a formula to make the school days pass quicker.” She sent it, and then stuffed her phone back into her bag.

After washing their hands, the girls went a few doors down to their next class. They filed in behind other uniformed students.

The room was stark white with headache inducing fluorescent lighting and windows lined the back wall, like every other classroom in the school.

Amy slipped into her seat in the middle of the room. Kristy sat on her right. As Kristy opened her book, she looked over at Amy. She grinned, and then shrugged. Amy watched her eyes move to the door where her ex-boyfriend was coming in.

Amy shook her head to her friend. She made a mental note to declare to the entire school that you should never choose to sit next to your boyfriend at the beginning of the school year and accept that as your assigned seat.

“Hey,” Derek said as she slipped into the desk on her left.

“Hey back,” Amy said, opening her book to the page number on the white board.

She glanced over at her ex-boyfriend for a brief moment and wondered what she was so head over heels for not that long ago.

He wasn’t unattractive, nor was he handsome. His hair was blonde and messy, as most guys his age wore their hair. She always liked his green eyes, but now they looked so plain and lifeless compared to her brother’s. He wasn’t boring or a jerk. He was just a guy, and he definitely didn’t realize what he had left behind.

Amy bent over to pull her calculator, pencil, and spiral notebook from her bag, and then sat back up. She quickly placed all the materials on the small desk.

“I heard Luke’s back, are you happy?” Derek asked, going through the same practice she just did.

“Yes, very happy. It was a really nice surprise,” she said briefly.

“I’m glad, you deserve to be happy,” he commented, and then smiled.

A week ago, she might have said something a quite crude at a statement regarding her happiness from the guy who out of the blue ripped her heart out and drove over it with spikey tires.

Today, she just smiled. Nothing about Derek mattered anymore. Anything before her brother was washed away with his deep unconditional love. He was all she needed and wanted.

“Thanks,” Amy said softly, and then crossed her legs tightly to her left.

She smoothed out her skirt over her thighs as class began.

Amy took notes along with the rest of the class, working through the sample equations with the teacher.

Amy’s mind wandered when the student who would constantly ask questions raised her hand. She knew she had a few moments to be alone with her thoughts.

She rested her cheek against her closed fist and closed her eyes. She thought about her brother’s lips against hers. They shared the most intense kisses she had ever felt.

She would kiss him every moment of every day if she could. She loved how his lips melted into hers and their tongues always seemed to dance with a perfect mix of decadent love and carnal lust.

Her eyes opened again when she heard the sound of the dry erase marker on the board. She nudged her glasses up on her nose and returned her attention to calculus.

As she was taking notes, she felt eyes on her. She glanced over to her left from the corner of her eyes.

Her ex-boyfriend was staring at her legs. This wasn’t the first time.

Amy felt an odd combination of anger and arousal. She would never in a million years consider giving herself to him again under any circumstances. But, she thought it would be fun to tease him and remind him of what he walked out on.

She continued scribbling in her spiral as her other hand moved down to her lap. Her fingers drifted under her plaid skirt, pretending to scratch an inch on her thigh. Her skirt bunched up against her wrist as she scratched herself. She moved her fingers down to her knee, and then scratched inside the top of her knee highs.

Derek’s eyes became wide as they followed her movements and he licked his dry lips.

She withdrew her hand and her skirt remained high on her creamy thighs, just barely hiding her panties.

Amy glanced over again to see that his gaze was still fixed on her lower body. She smiled inwardly, thinking that her brother would be proud of her.

The annoying student raised her hand again and Amy quietly sighed. Kristy looked over at her and rolled her eyes. Amy giggled softly as her friend mocked their classmate, flapping her hand with every one of her words. Her other hand came up and slapped the mimicking one. Amy covered her mouth to stifle her laughter.

She shook her head and playfully raised a finger to her mouth.

Her eyes closed again as blabber mouth continued asking questions.

She thought about Luke’s playful test he put her through last night. He was curious to see how bad of a thing he could make his sister do. He told her to flirt with David, the father of the children she babysat for, when he arrived home. Amy gasped and punched him. She told him that she would never do that. Luke chuckled and admitted that he was glad she wouldn’t. He just wanted to check and make sure she was still his level headed sister, even though she was his filthy slut.

He did however, try to get her to make out with him after the kids had gone to sleep. Amy told him that besides the consequences that would occur if one of the children woke up and found them, she had earned her reputation as the trustful sitter who never invited boys over to play tonsil hockey.

Luke laughed at her about the second comment, but accepted it. He told her he loved her for being her, and then she rested her head in his lap while they watched television until the father returned home.

Amy smiled to herself, feeling warmth throughout her entire body from the love she felt for Luke.

She blinked her eyes open when she heard students punching numbers in their calculators. She quickly caught up and returned her attention to the teacher.

“Psst,” came from her left a few minutes later.

Amy turned to Derek. She cocked her head slightly, silent asking, “What?”

He held out a folded sheet of notebook paper and handed it to her. She quickly reached over and took it. Kristy turned her eyes to her friend when she heard the paper unfolding.

Any read the note in her ex-boyfriend’s chicken scratch handwriting, “I do really want you to be happy. I’m sorry about everything. I’m not asking you to forgive me, I know I hurt you. I just wanted you to know that I’m sorry.”

Amy sat back in her seat, contemplating a response as she folded the note up and slipped it into the back of her spiral.

A smile curled on her lips as she thought, “Over a month of barely speaking a word to me, and now you’re sorry? Oh Jesus, Derek, you are such an idiot. You’re lucky that I have Luke now or I would be a bit bitchier about this. Also, a note, really? Damn, you’re clueless.”

She turned to face her ex. He looked as if he was waiting a million years for her response.

Amy reached over and lightly placed her hand on his forearm, and squeezed lightly. She liked that she felt absolutely nothing when she touched him. It was the first time that had ever happened. No anger, no emotions, no excitement, nothing.

“I’m okay,” Amy whispered as quietly as she could and he still hear her. “It’s okay. Really. Thanks though.”

She smiled softly as she withdrew her hand. She saw Derek nod with acceptance before she looked over at Kristy who was practically gawking.

“I’ll show you later,” Amy mouthed, and then returned her attention to class.

Daydreams of her brother tried to push their way into her occupied mind. She was successful except for flashes of images that seeped through the cracks of the mental block that she had forced up.

Luke licking his lips, the silly but sexy way he did when she showed him her body clad in different articles of clothing.

The genuinely thankful and adoring look he had when she was servicing him with her mouth.

The gaze of her brother’s eyes penetrating her soul as he fucked her, connecting them together even more.

Looking down at him as she rode him and felt his cock throbbing inside of her.

The view she saw from over her shoulder to Luke’s face while he buried his organ inside of her ass.

The sight as she looked down to see his hands on her breasts, feeling them over her clothing and directly on her flesh.

Luke’s eyes peeping up from between her thighs.

Amy looking down between her legs and seeing him penetrate her.

The shower quickie they fit in yesterday between getting home and having to pick up the neighbor boys at school.

The annoying student raised her hand again. Amy covered her giggling mouth as her friend dropped her head to her desk and let her tongue roll out of her mouth.

Amy shook her head, and then doodled in the margin of her notebook. She let her mind return to the quickie yesterday.

Luke had picked her up at school. She loved that he wanted to drive her to and from school to fit in a few extra minutes together.

They had arrived home and Luke grabbed her hand before the door was closed. He told her that their mother said she had a meeting and wouldn’t be home for a few hours as they flew up the stairs together.

He turned the water on in the shower and they both shed their clothes in a flash. He pushed her against the wall and took her from behind.

Amy could feel the tile pressing into her chest as he drilled her. She screamed out in pleasure as he satisfied his animalistic cravings with her body.

Her body was crushed between him and the wall. Hot water cascaded down their bodies and quickly fogged up the bathroom.

“You love it, don’t you, big brother,” she heard herself screaming. “You love that your sister is your filthy tramp who you can use at any moment you wish.”

Amy snapped out of her daydream.

“Damn, I do have a nasty mouth,” she thought to herself as she returned to taking notes. A smile appeared on her lips. “I see why Luke is obsessed with my dirty talk.”

The rest of class passed by without any more interruptions from the seemingly constant hand raising student. The bell rang and Amy packed up her backpack. She decided to leave her phone in her bag for the time being.

She slipped out of her desk, and then smoothed out her skirt and sweater. She tossed her bag over her shoulder and took a few steps forward. Derek was waiting for her at the end of the line of desks.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked as she stepped up to him.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Amy replied quickly. She paused for a moment before speaking again. “What’s with the sudden interest?”

He waited a few moments, seeming to gather his thoughts as the rest of the classroom cleared out.

“I’ve just been thinking about you a lot recently,” Derek said, after the teacher had finally left the room.

She raised her eyes to his. She remembered that she just barely had to lift her chin to reach his lips. Then, she briefly thought about how much she loved lifting up onto the balls of her feet to kiss her brother, or him bending down to meet her lips.

“Okay, is that all?” Amy asked calmly.

“Well, no. I feel bad about how I ended things and I’ve been acting since we broke up,” he said.

Amy nodded and closed her fingers tightly around the spine of the book that she held at her chest.

He ran his hand through his shaggy hair. “I was thinking about how happy you’ve seemed since Luke got back,” Derek continued. “I remember making you happy like that.”

Amy thought, “Oh, you have no idea how happy he’s making me.”

She nodded as she continued listening. She reminded herself to stay civil, which wasn’t hard because she was beyond over him.

“I’m just sorry,” he said, and then timidly placed his hand on her upper arm. “I know you can’t forgive me. I broke your heart and you didn’t deserve it.”

Amy genuinely smiled. “I promise you that I’m truly okay. Actually, I’m great.”

She reached over and placed her hand on top of his. She gently nudged his hand down to her angled elbow. She purposely let his thumb graze against the side of her bosom, giving him one last taste of what he could never have again.

“I forgive you,” she said with a soft smile. “I really do. We didn’t work out and that’s okay.”

Derek’s hand slipped away and back to his side. “Thank you, Amy.”

“There’s nothing to thank me for,” Amy said.

She winked, and then stepped around him. She swayed her hips way more than necessary as she left the classroom.

Kristy was waiting for her outside the door and rushed to her side as she passed.

“What was that?” Kristy asked in a hushed voice.

“Derek felt bad about breaking my heart, which he rightfully should.” Amy shrugged. “He just wanted to say he was sorry.”

“Sorry? Really? Does he not realize that I had to talk you off the ledge for days while you cried?” Kristy was obviously agitated.

Amy stepped to the side to let a student pass between them. She felt like she was always the one to move for other people in crowded spaces like the hallways or a grocery store. No one ever seemed to move for her.

Amy slid her arm around her friend’s shoulder. Their heads lightly bumped against each other as they continued walking and talking.

“I don’t think he does. He was always a bit clueless when it comes to emotions,” Amy said. “But, it was nice he finally said he was sorry.”

They split ways when Amy turned for the hallway the journalism classroom was in.

Kristy grinned. Amy raised a brow.

“What is it?” Amy asked.

“I still think we need to get you back on the horse. I heard Gabe from our art history class thinks you’re cute,” Kristy said with a giggle.

“Gabe?” Amy chuckled. “Yeah, no.”

Kristy shrugged and pursed her lips to one side.

“Anyways,” Amy emphasized the word, “I won’t be around at lunch. I think I’m supposed to go and try to hound that florist one last time and see if they have their ad ready. Deadline is next week for the publishers.”

“They still haven’t given it to you?” Kristy asked.

Amy shook her head.

“Well, have fun with that,” Kristy laughed. “I’ll see you in art history.”

They waved bye to each other, and then Amy took off down the hallway. She arrived in the classroom a minute later.

Other students were already crowded around the large table in the middle, working on a photography layout for the homecoming dance. Amy glanced down at it, seeing the picture of her and Derek that she gave them permission to use that was mixed in with the others on the layout.

Amy quietly took a seat at her favorite computer along the wall of windows. She glanced out to the courtyard and was happy to see the fountain had been turned on.

She kept her backpack on her lap after she had pulled her phone out. She kept it hidden in her bag as she read her brother’s reply.

Amy grinned as she read his words, “Hurry up on that formula! I can’t stand being apart from you. I need you next to me. I need to feel your warmth against me. I’ll see you shortly. Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?”

She kept her smirk as she typed, “You’ll feel me against you soon enough. I need you next to me too. Nothing feels better than being close to you. I was thinking about our shower fun during calculus. Oh, and yes you have. Have I told you that I think you’re the most handsome man on the planet?”

She sent the message, and then closed up her phone. She glanced over at the clock.

“Just a little longer,” she said to herself, and then got to work on her yearbook duties.

She squirmed in anticipation as the minutes dragged by. Finally, it was near lunch time and she bounced out of her seat.

Amy went straight to the neon orange badges on the wall and plucked hers from the bunch. She put it around her neck. The yearbook and newspaper press passes were an automatic hall pass.

She looked around the room, seeing everyone working diligently. Her teacher had her head down. She quickly pulled out a badge from the stack that belonged to a student who was absent today.

She turned away from everyone after putting the others badges away, and then slipped the pass between her sweater vest and white button up shirt. She held her forearm against her stomach, keeping it in place as she approached her teacher.

“Misses Johnson, I’ll be back in a little while. I’m going to go to a few places and see if I can get some last minute ads out of a few places that have turned us down before,” Amy said coolly.

“Alright, be safe driving,” she said.

Amy turned to the door. She took two steps towards it, and then remembered she needed her backpack if she was leaving. She kept her arm pressed against her stomach and she flung her bag over one shoulder, and then disappeared from the classroom.

She looked down the hall to make sure no one was around, and then slipped the other pass into her backpack. She hurried across the tile floor to another hallway and took a left. She weaved through a few clumps of students returning to their classrooms from “A” lunch.

She approached a hall monitor and pulled the badge away from her chest as she passed.

“Still getting ads?” the hall monitor asked.

“Yup,” she replied without turning around.

Amy walked even faster once she was out of their sight.

She made quick turn to her right, down a very small hallway that could easily be missed if you weren’t looking. She followed down the steep ramp between the back of the auditorium and the band hall. She pulled the excess badge from her bag as she approached the windowless door.

She opened the door, and then peeked her head outside. The siblings instantly smiled upon seeing each other.

“Give me one minute. Let me make sure the coast is clear. If not, we will have to take the more difficult route,” she said, and then handed him the badge. “Put this on in case we have to follow plan B.”

Luke took it from her and looked down at the name printed in bold. “Yvonne Davis?” he asked with a chuckle.

“Trust me, it won’t matter,” she said, and then she instantly closed the door.

Amy turned around and took a few steps back up the ramp. She quietly slid into the doors that lead to the back of the stage. Her steps were light as she climbed a few stairs.

She peeked into the auditorium and saw a group of theatre kids eating lunch on the stage.

“Damn it,” she muttered as she back peddled.

She slipped out of the door as quietly as she came in. She hurried back up the ramp and looked down the hall. The coast was clear, but who knew for how long.

Amy ran back to the door and let her brother inside. She grabbed his hand and took him up the hallway with her.

“Just follow me, keep your head down, you’ll be fine,” Amy whispered before they entered into the main hall.

She squeezed his hand before letting go. Luke stepped behind her while she peeked around the corner. She saw two teachers chatting near the glass doors that they needed to get to.

She backed up and almost stepped on Luke’s toe. He stepped back just in time and put his hands on her hips to steady her when she almost tumbled backwards.

Amy turned her face back to him. “Did you have Mister Hines or Miss Perry?” she asked quietly.

“Mister Hines, yeah,” he replied equally quiet.

“Fuck, okay,” she mumbled. “This could take a minute.”

She peeked back around the corner and her brother entertained himself by rubbing her hips. Amy seductively swayed her hips as he felt her up.

She brought her head back with a sigh after still seeing the teachers talking. She looked the other way, weighing her options and thinking of a different place they could go.

She checked back another few times. On the fourth chance, the coast was clear.

“Follow me,” Amy whispered, and then took off around the corner.

Luke walked behind her. He wanted to look around, he hadn’t been inside the school for four years. He was curious to see if anything had changed, but he kept his eyes down. The tile floor was the same slightly odd pattern. That view got boring fast. He raised his eyes to Amy’s white nylon covered calves.

She led them down the hall to the auditorium lobby. She quietly opened the door, and then they slipped inside.

The large room was empty and silent except for their feet pattering across the floor. Luke followed her up the stairs that led to the balcony. They climbed the stairs, racing each other.

At the top, Amy placed her finger over her lips and pointed to the stage. Luke nodded, seeing the handful of students.

After a quick right turn at the top of the stairs, they went up another few steps. The siblings tiptoed in the darkness, being as quiet as possible. Their ears were pricked, ready to pick up the slightest noise. Amy glanced down to the stage several times, checking to see the students were still talking with each other.

She made another fast turn, and then faced a short hallway. Behind each door were offices that had changed their use and were now used for storage.

Amy took him to the middle one, knowing it had the least amount of old set pieces in it. They both looked over their shoulders one last time before entering into the room. Luke’s nervous pulse filled his ears. The sound of the blood rushing muffled his hearing, rendering him almost oblivious to possible noises beyond the hallway.

She stepped inside of the tiny room that left about two feet on either side of them before bumping into painted pieces of wood. The set pieces were a variety of wooden bushes, rocks, and sections of a wall.

She dropped her bag on the floor. She flipped on the dull light and Luke closed the door behind him.

She grinned, quickly looking him over in his old school uniform they found in the basement. It was the same as hers except for the navy blue chinos.

Once he was inside, she immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted herself up. Her lips met his and she hungrily pushed her tongue into his mouth. Luke’s hands found her ass and he held her body against him. She wrapped her legs around his hips.

They devoured each other’s mouths. Their tongues danced, massaging the others and twirling together. Their lips smacked against each other’s lightly, smearing with saliva.

Luke pulled her hips against his, grinding into her. She felt his cock growing hard beneath his slacks. He held her with one hand and pulled her skirt up. His hand returned to her butt and he gripped her hard.

“God, I missed you,” she moaned between kisses.

“I missed you too,” he muttered. “How long do we have?”

“About twenty minutes, maybe a little longer,” she said as she kissed along his shaven jaw.

She hated that his facial hair was gone, but he had to shave. A high-school student with a beard wouldn’t help him keep his cover in the hallways.

Luke breathed in the sweet scent of her hair. “You smell so fucking good,” he commented.

Amy pulled back. “I love you,” she said with a smile.

“I love you too,” he replied, and then kissed her again.

His left hand drifted up her body as they kissed deeply. He slid his hand beneath her sweater and quickly popped the buttons of her shirt undone.

Amy moaned into his mouth as he found her breast. He groped her over her white silk bra. Her nipples were hard and pressed against the thin fabric. She reached down and pulled her sweater up to expose her open shirt and give him better access to her tits.

Luke pushed her bra up on her chest, revealing her immaculate large breasts. He pinched and tugged her nipple, making her squirm against him.

His sister unwrapped her legs, and he slowly let her down. She quickly unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out, leaving his pants on. Her hand clasped around his hard flesh and stroked him.

“Fuck me, Luke, fucking fuck me,” Amy begged as she massaged his length. “I’ve been aching for you since you pulled out past night.”

Luke grinned, and then stepped behind her. He unbuttoned his pants, and then pushed them and his boxers down.

Her hands fell onto the door and she bent over, presenting her panty clad ass to him. Luke pushed her skirt up over her hips and yanked her white silk panties down to her thighs.

He grabbed onto her hips and sank his rigid erection into her slick, tight cunt. They both moaned in ecstasy once they were joined together again.

“Damn, you weren’t kidding about how wet you were,” her brother groaned.

“I don’t lie to you,” she whimpered.

Amy rolled her hips back against him, digging his spear inside of her velvety hole. Her heat seeped into his flesh as he heavily forced himself into her.

Amy wanted to scream out, but knew better. She bit down on her lip and rocked against him. Deep guttural moans escaped from her closed lips.

The room quickly became hot and drenched with the distinct aroma of fucking. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled their ears. They gasped for breath in the humid little room.

Amy pressed her hands into the door, using it as leverage as she slammed her body onto his dick.

“I love being your slut,” she moaned, looking over her shoulder to him. “I love belonging to you.”

“I love that you’re mine, baby sister, all mine,” he grunted.

“For always,” she howled as he dug his cockhead roughly against her cervix.

Luke’s hands found her tits and he squeezed her supple flesh. His body was arched over hers as he pounded into her seeping cunt. Her fluids leaked down her inner thighs.

“My ass,” his sister moaned. “Fuck my ass, big brother. I want it, please.”

He continued drilling his tool into her inner flesh as he spoke between heavy breaths, “We don’t have lube, and it’ll hurt you too much without it.”

“I grabbed it this morning. It’s in side pocket of my bag,” Amy whimpered.

She forced herself upon his rod as hard as she could for several deep thrusts before he stepped back.

He picked her bag up from the floor, and she turned around, quickly dropping into a squat. She sucked her nectar from his hard flesh. He dug into the pocket. She giggled with his cock in her mouth when she saw the surprised look on his face.

“You’re such a smart cookie,” he groaned, dropping the bag on the floor.

“Mmhmm,” she mumbled onto his prick.

“Now get back up to your spot,” Luke said firmly.

Amy pulled her mouth off, and then kissed the tip of his shaft. She stood up. He spun her back around and she bent over. Her panties had fallen further down her thighs and she wiggled her bum.

She watched as her bother squeezed lube onto his palm. She waited impatiently while he rubbed his fingers into the glob after tossing the lube on top of her backpack.

He smeared lubricant onto her bud, and then pushed a finger inside of her. Amy yelped from the invasion, but it quickly soothed out into a moan.

Luke adored her desperate, lust crazed eyes and her open groaning mouth as he stroked himself with his other hand, coating his dick.

“Where does my slut want my cock?” he growled. His finger gently pumped her backdoor.

“Where your finger is,” she whimpered.

“Where is that?” he asked in his husky tone.

Amy looked into his matching blue eyes. “My ass. I want your cock in my ass,” she moaned as he probed her with his digit. “I need you to fuck my dirty hole.”

Luke grinned, and then withdrew his finger. He wiped his sticky hands on her white shirt beneath her sweater against her back. Then, he pulled her cheeks apart.

He teased her, pressing his mushroom head against her hole, but pulling away before giving it to her.

“Luke,” she held back a wanton scream, “please, please. I need it. I need your cock in my filthy, slut asshole!”

He shoved his organ into her, spreading her rim and cramming himself all the way inside of her. Her walls sucked him inside, bringing him as deep as possible inside of her glove.

“Fuck yes! Oh my god,” Amy squealed as her anus stretched to fit him inside.

“You’re a good whore,” Luke grunted. “My precious whore of a baby sister.”

Amy’s mouth dropped open as he established a heavy rhythm with his thrusts. Her knees went weak and she was barely able to hold herself up. She whimpered, looking back at his face. She rocked her body and rolled her hips, filling her ass with his member.

“I’m your filthy school girl,” she cried out. “You’re fucking me at school because I need you so bad that I can’t wait until tonight.”

“You’re a naughty school girl slut,” Luke growled. “You can’t go without my cock can you? You need it.”

His hands left her ass and he groped her tits again, squeezing them roughly. Every time she squealed, her sphincter clenched around his erection.

“I do. I need it so fucking bad,” Amy said between gasps. “I want you inside me all the time. I want to be overflowing with your sticky seed.”

“Fuck, Amy you’re so nasty,” he hissed.

“I am!” she wailed. She realized how loud she had been and for a moment, she stayed quiet and listened intently for any noise outside of the door. She lowered her voice for her next string of nasty words, “I’m your nasty baby sister and you love me.”

“I do. I love you just how you are,” he moaned. “You’re beyond perfect.”

Her skirt dangled from her, fluttering as their bodies smashed together. Her clothes felt like they were suffocating her. Her pigtails swayed in the air.

The siblings were sweating heavily.

“Fuck your own ass with my cock,” her brother snarled. “Do it, slut, show me how much you’ve needed this.”

He tugged and twisted both of her nipples before he straightened his back.

Amy pressed the heel of her hands into the door and shoved her ass back onto his rod. She kept her head turned and her eyes locked on his. Her cheeks slapped against his pelvis.

“You like this don’t you, you love how desperate I am for you,” she howled, digging his cock into her sticky anus.

Luke answered her with a hard smack on her butt. He adored her flushed face and panting breaths from her quivering lips. He groaned deeply as she squeezed her ass tighter around his thickness.

“I’m your bimbo. Your bimbo fuckslut,” Amy moaned.

Her tits swayed violently as she fucked herself as hard as she could. Her ass bounced roughly on him and she rolled her hips, smearing his dick into her anal walls.

“I’m your piece of flesh. Your baby sister is nothing but a toy for your pleasure,” she nearly screamed. Her glasses had fallen to the tip of her sweaty nose. “Your personal fuck toy.”

Her asscheeks slammed hard onto his pelvis. His balls slapped against her soaked pussy. Luke idly held her hips with one hand and his other continued spanking her.

Floods of intense heat began over taking her body. Her face crinkled as her legs uncontrollably quaked. Her anal walls pulsated around his organ, milking him as she began to orgasm.

“Fucking, fuck, fuck,” Amy stammered. “I’m about to cum from your cock in my ass.”

Her brother held her hips tight to keep her in position. He took over the thrusts and slammed his throbbing erection into her violently.

She went silent, biting down on her lip as her eyes rolled back. Her climax took her over. She gushed, squirting straight down onto the carpet, soaking it.

Her ass suckled his member as she came, begging him for his cum. Luke let out an animalistic roar. His cock erupted, shooting ribbons of his seed into the depths of her anus. His fingers dug into her flesh as his hips bucked into her. He coated her insides with his pearly load.

He stayed nestled inside of her hugging anus. They caught their breath for several long moments before he pulled out.

Amy reached between her legs and pushed her finger into her gaping hole. She pulled it out, and then brought it to her lips, giving herself a small taste of his spunk.

They smiled at each other as they both made themselves proper. His seed leaked out of her and stained her panties.

Amy put the lube back in her bag, and then looked down at the mess she made on the floor.

“Oopsies,” she giggled.

Luke smiled. “Naughty slut.”

“That’s me,” she said proudly, and then kissed his lips.

After she tossed her bag over her shoulder, she smoothed out her uniform.

“Alright, how do we get out of here?” Luke asked.

“You wait up here, I’ll make sure the coast is clear,” Amy said with a happy, satisfied smile.

Luke opened the door. He let her pass through first, and then turned off the light. He closed the door behind them.

The cool air was heaven to their sweaty skin.

Amy fanned herself for a moment. Then, she wiped her face in her brother’s sweater. Luke chuckled.

“I’ll be right back,” she said softly, and then disappeared down the stairs.

Amy stayed quiet and looked out to the stage. She didn’t see anyone and listened carefully for any voices that could be behind the curtains. She waited a few moments before returning to her brother.

“Come on,” she said as she took his hand.

Luke followed her down the stairs, back to the auditorium entrance. Before stepping onto the ground floor, Amy peeked around the corner. When she didn’t see anyone, she took him to the doors that led to the auditorium.

He held her hand as they trotted down the side aisle. Amy brought him up the steps to the stage. Her hand slipped out of his and she put a hand up, telling him to wait.

She lightly stepped over behind the curtain, checking for students or teachers. She waved for Luke to follow when she didn’t see anyone.

He grabbed her hand again as she led him backstage and down another set of stairs. They reached the door and she gently pushed it open. After another check for people, they slipped back into the hallway.

They went a few steps over to the door leading outside. Amy kept her fingers in the door so it didn’t lock her out. He pulled off the yearbook badge from his neck, and then handed it back to her.

“I’ll see you at two-thirty,” Luke said, and then kissed her lips gently.

After he pulled away, he stroked her pink cheek. She smiled.

“I’ll miss you,” Amy said.

“I’ll miss you too,” he replied. He kissed her one last time. “Bye, beautiful.”

Amy’s lips curled into another smile. “Bye, my love.”

She watched him disappear into the parking lot. Once he was out of sight, she went back inside.

She stopped in the restroom right by the door. She locked the door of the one stall room. Amy couldn’t wipe the smile from her face as she cooled herself off with a wet paper towel.

“I can’t believe I came from just his cock in my ass,” she said to herself in the mirror. “That was fucking awesome.”

She waited for a few long moments before she spritzed herself with apple scented body spray.

Once she was a fresh as she could be with cum stained panties, she returned to the hall.

Amy walked slowly with her tired legs, taking her time to return to class. She stopped in the cafeteria to grab a diet pop from the vending machine before going to her locker to get her lunch.

She stopped in the bathroom to pull the extra badge from her backpack, and then put hers directly on top.

She took one last glance at herself in the mirror. Her cheeks were no longer pink and her hair looked okay enough for not having been messed with since the morning and the wind she was supposedly dealing with outside.

She left the restroom, and then took a few short steps down the hall. Before looking over at her teacher, Amy stuffed the two badges into the pocket on the wall.

The classroom was empty except for Amy and her teacher. The other students had not yet returned from lunch.

“Did you have any luck out there?” Misses Johnson asked.

“No ma’am. I’m sorry,” Amy said with a slight grimace.

She sat down at the center table and began pulling out the items to her lunch.

“That’s okay, Amy. You’ve worked hard all year,” her teacher said.

Amy nodded as she chewed a bite of a turkey sandwich Luke made her this morning.

“I’m pretty sure we have more ads this year than any in the past,” Misses Johnson continued. “You’ve done excellent work.”

Amy swallowed before speaking, “Thank you. I’ve really enjoyed doing it.” She took another mouthful and swallowed before she continued, “I like going around and talking to people and getting the ads from their companies.”

Her teacher smiled. “You definitely have a way of talking to people. Maybe you can write a how-to guide for the staff next year.”

“I wouldn’t mind that at all,” Amy said cheerfully.

Misses Johnson chuckled. “I was joking. You don’t have to do that.”

Amy finished a nibble of a granny smith apple. She grinned with sealed lips as she chewed. “I really wouldn’t mind. If you think it would help, I can definitely do it for you.”

“Alright, well no rush on it,” her teacher said with a smile. “If you want to, it will be greatly appreciated.”

Amy nodded and returned the smile. “No problem at all.”

She finished up her lunch as the rest of the students returned to the room. They took their seats at various computers and some around the table.

Amy returned to her seat. As she stood up, a fresh leak of her brothers semen soaked into her panties. She grinned to herself as she sat down and it smeared into her skin. She hoped she had covered up the smell on her body and other students wouldn’t notice. She made a mental note to not walk too close to Kristy later in the day.

The rest of the school day passed typically. She attended art history and physics with her best friend at her side the entire time. Amy excused herself to the restroom during one class to spritz herself with fresh body spray.

Finally, the final bell rang at two-thirty. Amy said bye to her friend at the doors before she rushed to the next street over where Luke was. He parked there to avoid the mad rush of teenage drivers peeling out of the parking lot.

Her brother was waiting for her, leaning against the car door. Amy smiled upon seeing him and began running.

Luke loved seeing her gleeful expression as she hurried to him. He also enjoyed the view of her swaying breasts and hips.

Amy wrapped her arms around him, hugging him as tight as she could. Luke returned the embrace, holding her to him for a few moments.

“I love you,” he said. His hands gently stroked her back.

“I love you too,” Amy replied with a happy sigh, breathing in his scent.

They broke off the embrace before lingering for too long. Luke opened the door for her and she slid inside. He went to the driver’s side and took her hand in his immediately after igniting the engine.

He zigzagged through the neighborhood to get back to the main road.

“How was the rest of the day?” Luke asked with a wicked grin.

Amy bit her lip for a moment and looked over to him.

“Perfect,” she said. Her eyes sparkled.

Luke smirked and glanced over at his sister. “Why was it perfect?”

“Because,” Amy paused and squeezed his hand, “your cum has been slowly oozing out of me and staining my panties.”

Luke chewed his lip and stroked the back of her hand with his thumb as he listened.

She continued, “It was a constant reminder of how naughty we are. Not to mention, you know how much I like to be messy.”

He glanced over and they shared a salacious grin.

“You’re right, I do know that,” he commented. “I’m glad I could make your day perfect.”

“Ever since you’ve been home, you’ve made my days perfect,” she added, and then kissed his cheek.

Luke gently pressed the brake and rolled to a stop at a stop light.

“What did you tell Mom you were doing while you were gone?” Amy asked.

“Well, I picked up dry cleaning before coming to see you. Then, after, I went to a sports store and picked up some Cubs shirts for Timothy and Hunter.”

“Aww, you’re so sweet,” she cooed and smiled wide.

Luke accelerated from the light. “I try.”

His sister brought his hand to her mouth and kissed the back of his hand while she listened.

“Then, I stopped at the coffee shop and picked up a hazelnut latte for Mom and told her I was there most of the time.”

She settled their arms back on the console, and then intertwined their fingers together.

“She must have believed me because her coffee was hot and she didn’t ask any other questions,” he added.

Luke drove them the rest of the way home. Amy leaned over and dropped a kiss on his lips at every light and stop sign until they reached their street.

Once the siblings arrived home, Amy went upstairs to take a quick shower. She felt uneasy keeping on cum soiled panties while she babysat. She blow dried her hair, and then ran the flat iron through it.

She slipped a pair of snug jeans over a pair of lavender silk bikini panties. She put on a pink and white striped button down on after the same white bra from earlier in the day.

“Can’t match my lingerie all of the time,” she said quietly with a shrug as she dressed herself.

Amy threw on a pink and gray argyle sweater over her shirt. She untucked the collar from the neck of the sweater.

She went to her laptop and found her Degas paper for art history. Editing it would give her brother some entertainment during homework time at the neighbor’s house.

“I’m printing a paper, Mom,” she hollered through the walls to her mother’s office.

“Okay,” Kathryn bellowed back.

Amy hit print, and then put socks and sneakers on. She found her sketch book and a few charcoal pencils from the cubbyhole in her desk. She stuffed the items into her backpack.

She stopped in the bathroom to clean her glasses. After slipping them back on her face, she continued through to the room next door.

“How was your day?” Amy asked, picking up the papers from the printer.

“Oh you know, exciting as always,” her mother replied with a smile. “How about yours, sweetheart?”

“Well, Derek actually had a conversation with me today,” Amy said as she stapled the small mass of paper together.

Kathryn turned her head from the computer with a shocked look on her face. “He did?”

Amy nodded. Her casual tone continued, “He said he was sorry for everything that happened and I forgave him.”

“You did?” her mother gasped. “You’re not getting back together with him, are you?”

“Oh god, no!” Amy laughed. “I’m just over it. He said he was sorry and that was nice. So, I let him off easy.”

“I would have made him grovel at my feet for days on end before I ever thought about forgiving him,” Kathryn commented vindictively.

Her daughter shrugged. “I’m over him. He got enough of my tears and sleep.”

“He never deserved you. You can do a million times better.”

Amy smiled. “Thanks Mom.” She gave her a kiss on the cheek, and then straightened her back. “Luke and I are going to go pick up Timothy and Hunter. David said he might not be back till quite late tonight. Hopefully it be won’t terribly late.”

“Have fun sweetheart,” Kathryn said with a smile, and then returned to work.

Amy left the room, and then went down the stairs. She grinned seeing her brother wrapping the boys’ gifts and doing a terrible job.

“Need some help with that?” she asked with a chuckle as she approached the sofa.

“Please,” Luke said with playful puppy eyes.

Amy ruffled his hair, and then knelt down in front of the coffee table. She took off the rumpled wrapping from one of the folded shirts, and then cut two pieces of blue wrapping paper.

She glanced over her shoulder to her brother, and then back down at the shirts. The t-shirts were blue with a worn, vintage Cubbie bear logo.

“You bought yourself the same shirt,” Amy commented with a bright smile.

“I did,” her brother said, returning the smile.

“They are going to love that,” she said as she went back to wrapping.

She quickly folded the edges perfectly around the items, and then used a minimal amount of tape.

“How do you do that so easily?” he questioned her with slight astonishment in his voice.

Amy grinned. She pulled on the white ribbon and cut two identical lengths as she answered, “It comes easy when you’re a perfectionist.”

She wrapped the ribbon around the first gift, crossed it over, and then tied and elaborate bow.

“Is there anything you aren’t good at?” her brother asked.

Amy decorated the second present in the same manner. “If there is, I haven’t found it yet,” she chuckled.

Luke shook his head with a smirk on his lips.

“I’m just kidding. I know that I’m not perfect at everything.” She got back up to her feet.

Luke grabbed her hand and pulled her down onto his lap. His sister held back a giggle.

He whispered in her ear, “You’re perfect at kissing.”

Her brother turned her face with his hand and softly kissed her lips. They gently traded tongues for a few short moments. Both of their hearts pounded from the fear of getting caught. Amy slid out of his lap with a naughty grin painted on her lips before too many seconds passed.

“Are you ready to go get the boys?” Amy asked. She ran her fingers through her hair. “I don’t want to make them wait.”

Luke softly squeezed her hip. “Of course not, let’s get going,” he said as he lifted himself off of the sofa.

They both put on their jackets. He gathered the immaculately wrapped gifts while Amy put her bag over her shoulder.

“Bye Mom,” the siblings said in unison before walking out the front door. They stopped to pet the family dog on the way out.

“Bye guys,” Kathryn hollered back.

They went down the few steps from the stoop to the sidewalk.

“Did you leave your glove at their house last night?” Amy asked as they headed to the car. “I didn’t see it in my room when I was packing up.”

“Yes,” Luke replied, and then opened the passenger side door for his sister.

She slid in, and then dropped her book bag on the floorboard. He handed her the gifts and Amy held them in her lap. They both buckled up and he started up the engine.

Amy took his hand the moment he began driving.

Luke drove the car to the same elementary he and his sister had attended. He took the side roads and stopped at several stop signs along the way.

“You know what?” Amy asked cheerfully.

“What?” Luke asked right back.

“Ich liebe dich,” she said, and then dropped a gently kiss on his cheek. “Did I say it correctly?” she asked, making sure she used the proper German pronunciation of the words to say, “I love you.”

He grinned. “Ja. Ich liebe dich auch.”

Amy smiled and squeezed his hand. “How do you say, ‘I love my brother’?”

“Ich liebe meinen Bruder,” Luke said.

“I like how that sounds,” she commented. She said the words softly to herself several times, mimicking his pronunciation and accent as she committed it to memory. “You sound so sexy speaking German.”

He blushed lightly. “Danke. Ich liebe meine Schwester.”

She smiled even wider. “That means, ‘I love my sister’?”

“Ja,” he replied with a grin.

His sister continued to hold the bright smile painted on her lips. “How do you say, ‘I love you more than anything’?”

“Ich liebe dich vor allem,” Luke replied in a German accent.

He looked over at her at the stop sign, she had her eyes closed and her lips were moving, learning the new phrase. He interrupted her and kissed her lips.

Amy giggled when he pulled away. She bit her lip for a moment, thinking of what to ask next.

She broke the silence after a few seconds. “How do you say, ‘I love how you feel inside me’?”

Luke chuckled, but quickly replied, “Ich liebe wie in mich passt.”

Amy shivered. She took a moment to repeat the words to herself before asking another question. “How about, ‘May I suck your cock’?”

Luke shook his head with a grin, knowing she would be using these lines at a more intimate time. “Darf ich dir einen blasen.”

She said the words out loud a few times. Luke’s grin got bigger each time.

“You better stop this. I’m going to start getting hard if you keep this up,” he said. “And we are almost to the school.”

Amy giggled. “Just one more. We will continue our lessons another day.”

Her brother nodded for her to go ahead.

“Okay, I have the perfect one,” she paused for a moment. “Tell me how to say, ‘Your baby sister is your personal piece of fuck flesh’.”

Luke shook his head again with his lips curled into a smirk. It took him a moment to think of that one.

“You don’t know it?” Amy asked.

“Well, it’s not something I say hear every day, give me a second to figure it out,” he protested with a chuckle.

His sister laughed.

He returned to his German accent as he spoke, “Dein Schwesterchen ist dein eigenes Fickfleischstück.”

Amy nibbled her lip. She said the phrase quietly until he arrived at the final stop sign before the school.

His sister turned his face to hers, and then leaned in, speaking against his lips, “Dein Schwesterchen ist dein eigenes Fickfleischstück,” she said, and then kissed him.

Luke moaned into her mouth upon hearing her words. They lightly tasted each other’s tongues before their lips parted.

“You’re so fucking bad,” he commented. He pecked her one more time, and then returned to driving.

“You love it,” she replied with a devilish grin.

“Damn right I do,” he said.

Shortly after, they arrived in the school parking lot. The siblings got out of the car and waited a couple of minutes for the young boys to meet them.

Timothy and Hunter were identical twin seven-year-old boys. Their hair was black like their mother’s and eyes were hazel like their father’s. The only physical difference between them was the freckle on Hunter’s left cheek. Both boys rushed up to meet Amy and Luke.

Luke held the gifts behind his back until they arrived.

Amy squatted down to hug both boys at once. “Luke has something for you guys,” she said playfully as she let them go.

“He does?” they beamed in unison.

Luke nodded, and then held out both presents. The boys’ faces lit up with anticipation. Luke smiled as he traded hands back and forth, switching the gifts in front of them. They jumped up and down with bright happy smiles on their faces as he toyed with them.

He stopped with his elbows crossed over and the kids took the gifts from him.

Amy smiled softly as they rushed to open their presents.

“Wow!” Hunter exclaimed.

“This is awesome!” Timothy wailed right after.

Amy took the wrapping paper from them and wadded it up. Luke smiled wide at their reactions. He squatted down to receive grateful hugs.

“Thank you!” they screamed in unison as they hugged him.

Luke kept his smile as they let go. “Check this out,” he said, and then unzipped his jacket to show them he had the same Cubs shirt.

“No way!” Timothy cried out with glee.

“This is too cool!” Hunter added.

Luke stood back up. “So you like them?” he asked rhetorically as he frazzled both of their heads of hair.

“Yes!” they screamed together.

Amy smiled to her brother. She loved seeing him with the young boys and the excitement he brought to their days.

Everyone piled into the car and buckled up. Luke drove them home.

Amy almost held his hand out of habit and her desire to always be touching him. She stopped herself and nudged his arm out of the way to get a napkin from the console to cover for her mistake. She wiped her nose with the napkin and blew into a few times.

The twins told Amy and Luke all about their days at school until they arrived at the house.

When they got home, Amy quickly cut the tags off of the shirts before the boys flew to their room to put them on.

Amy checked the fridge to make sure she had the ingredients to make the Davenport family recipe of sloppy joes for dinner that she knew the kids loved. Then, she texted their father to let him know everyone was home safely.

Luke took a seat on the black leather sofa in the front room and flipped on the television. The twins jumped onto the couch on either side of him.

“Will you play catch with us again today, Luke?” Hunter asked.

“Of course I will,” he replied.

“Not until everyone’s homework is done,” Amy bellowed from the kitchen as she cut up apple slices for the boys.

“She sounds like Mom,” Timothy pouted.

“I heard that young man,” Amy hollered in a playful growl.

The males shared a belly laugh on the sofa.

Amy shook her head with a smile on her face. She placed an equal amount of apple slices on two paper plates, and then put the plates on the kitchen table. She grabbed two juices boxes from the fridge and placed them on the table as well.

“Come on guys, your snack is ready,” Amy said from across the house. “The sooner you get your homework done, the sooner Luke can play with you.”

The twins begrudgingly pulled themselves off of the sofa. Hunter slid down off of the edge of the couch as slow as he could, and then purposely fell to the floor, making his brother laugh.

“Amy’s right,” Luke said. “She knows her stuff when it comes to homework. Remember, she’s the queen nerd.”

The children and Luke shared a laugh. Amy overheard and happily shook her head with a chuckle.

Both boys picked up their backpacks and went to the kitchen. They took their seats at the table. Amy made herself a glass of water, and then joined them. The twins wolfed down their apple slices.

“Luke, you have homework to do too,” Amy called.

“What? No I don’t,” Luke protested from the couch.

She chuckled, and then spoke loudly again, “You have my art history essay to edit. Thus, you have homework.”

Luke shook his head and laughed. He peeled himself from the sofa and turned off the television. Amy placed her essay in front of the chair next to her before he arrived. He sat down between his sister and Timothy. Amy handed him a red pen.

“What homework do you guys have today?” Amy asked the twins as she pulled out the necessities to do calculus homework.

“Everything!” Hunter exclaimed with a heavy sigh.

The Davenport siblings couldn’t help but chuckle.

“It can’t be that bad. Luke and I are here to help you with anything you need,” she said.

Everyone began their school work and Luke started editing his sister’s paper.

Luke and Amy shared quick glances and smiles when both boys’ heads were down, working diligently. They lightly traded back and forth, rubbing each other’s calves with their feet under the table on occasion.

Amy paused from her calculus homework to help Hunter with a few math problems. Luke watched with a gentle smile as she walked him through the problems without giving him the answer directly. He adored his sister in everything she did, but even more so in cases like this.

As Amy went back to her homework, she looked over at her brother and saw the adoring expression on his face. She pushed her glasses up on her nose, and then mouthed, “I love you,” while the twins’ heads were down.

“I love you too,” he silently said back.

Pencils continued to scratch on papers while everyone worked. Amy took another break when Timothy finished his math worksheet so she could check it over. Then, she did the same for his brother. They continued their homework with studying for a spelling test. The twins used a technique Amy had taught them long ago to learn the words. She smiled inwardly seeing them do so.

Luke continued editing her Degas essay, making just one or two notes with the pen on each page. Nintey-five percent of the errors were forgotten commas.

Amy punched numbers into her scientific calculator and scribbled her in her notebook as she worked through numerous calculus equations.

Her brother finished editing, and then handed the paper back to her. She thanked him before stuffing it into her bag. He gave her a wink, and then quizzed the boys for their spelling test. Amy smiled as she listened to Luke trading back and forth between the boys, asking them to spell words out loud.

She finished her calculus homework, and then checked the time on her phone. She replied to David’s text and asked him when they could expect him home before she got up from the table and started dinner. The boys saw all of the ingredients on the counters and cheered wildly.

Luke quickly quizzed the boys on their state capitals for geography to prepare for a quiz the next day, and then they all rose up from the table.

“Did you both finish all of your homework?” Amy asked as she browned ground beef in a large sauce pan.

“I did,” Hunter said.

“I did too,” Timothy said right after.

She turned to the boys and asked, “Do you promise?”

They both nodded avidly.

Amy smiled. “Alright, you better not be lying,” she said as she returned to cooking.

“We aren’t, I promise, Amy,” Timothy said.

“Alright then, you boys go have fun,” Amy said. “I’ll come get you when dinner is ready.”

Timothy and Hunter ran to their room to collect their gloves and Luke’s and a baseball.

Luke quickly kissed his sisters lips and they shared an intimate smile. He softly stroked her cheek, admiring her soft feminine features. Amy bit her lip as she looked into his eyes. She kissed him again, but her brother quickly stepped back when they heard the kids’ door close.

“Have fun,” Amy hollered as he hurried to the front door to meet the twins.

The guys put their jackets, and then went to the front lawn. They spread out in a triangle and tossed the baseball back and forth.

Amy finished preparing dinner. She set the temperature on medium-low, covered the pan, and then let it simmer. She returned to the table and began reading her art history text book and taking notes in a spiral notebook.

After she finished, she moved on to her physics homework. She read through a chapter and took notes along the way, like she always did. She got up occasionally to stir the sloppy joe mixture while she did the last of her homework for the evening.

The recipe didn’t call for an exact time for the simmering stage. It was done when she finished her homework. Amy packed all of her books and spirals away into her bag. Then, she set the table for dinner. She made herself and Luke glasses of water and milk for the boys.

When everything was set up for the meal, she went to the front door. She watched her brother and the twins playing together for a few moments before she opened the storm door.

“Dinner is ready, come inside and wash up,” Amy called, and then went back to the kitchen.

“Sloppy joe time!” the boys wailed as they ran inside and their feet pattered across the hardwood floor.

They hurried to the bathroom to wash their hands. Luke washed his in the kitchen.

“Smells good, Squirt,” Luke said as he lathered up his hands.

Amy was busy making sandwiches for the boys. She turned to him and smiled as she spoke, “Thank you. I hope it tastes as good as it smells.”

“I know it will,” Luke commented with a grin, and then dried his hands.

The boys ran back into the kitchen as fast as they could. They quickly took their seats at the table, excited beyond belief for dinner.

Amy brought their plates to the table, and Luke took over making the other two sandwiches. The twins both tucked napkins into their collars so they wouldn’t stain their new shirts.

Hunter kicked his heels in the air as he impatiently waited for Luke and Amy to sit down before he could eat. His brother giggled at him, but was at the same level of excitement.

Once everyone was seated, they all held hands and Luke lead them in grace. As Amy listened, she suddenly had a mental flash of her and Luke raising a family together. She knew it wasn’t possible because of their relationship, but she still silently enjoyed the thought.

“Amen,” the group said in unison.

Luke and Amy held hands for a moment longer after the boys ripped their hands away to eat.

Amy watched and giggled as the young boys took mouthfuls of food at the same time. They both made distinct approving noises as they chewed. Luke did the same soon after.

“Amy, you’re the best cook in the entire world!” Timothy exclaimed, and then filled his mouth with the biggest bite he could.

She smiled softly and said, “Thank you,” before she took her first bite.

“I wish you could cook for us every day,” Hunter added, covering his chewing mouth with his hand.

Luke smiled with a closed mouth as he ate.

Amy swallowed before she commented, “I don’t think your mom would like that very much. She likes cooking for you guys too.”

Timothy shook his head wildly. Amy watched him to make sure he didn’t choke before he swallowed properly.

“Mom is pretty good,” Timothy said. “But, you’re better.”

She chuckled. “Well, please don’t tell her that.” Amy took another bite. She was careful, leaning over her plate to avoid any messes.

The boys quickly asked for seconds and Amy made them fresh sandwiches. She returned to the table and they wolfed down their first bites upon arrival. While she was up, she went ahead and made another one for both her and Luke.

Typical conversation continued throughout the meal. The twins told the Davenport siblings about their friends at school, the huge spider their dad killed in the bathroom in this morning, and the girl in their class that keeps trying to kiss them on the playground.

When dinner wound down, Luke took care of dishes while Amy drew a bath for Timothy. He hopped in the tub, and then Amy returned to the kitchen to put the leftovers away.

Luke and Amy joined Hunter in the front room once everything was cleaned up. Luke turned on a Bulls game as the three settled into the sofa.

She pulled her sketch book out of her bag, along with a charcoal pencil. She flipped through the pages slowly, looking over what she had done in the past.

Luke glanced over and pointed to a few he really liked, one being a powerful tiger. The focus of the drawing was the tiger’s face as he leapt down from a perch. His body was stretched across the page and his front claws appeared to be digging into the paper.

Amy made a very small dash in the corner of the ones he favored so she could tear them out and give them to him before he left.

Timothy returned from his bath with his pajamas stuck to his body. Amy giggled, knowing he dried himself for probably half a second before throwing his clothes on.

After a few minutes, she returned to the bathroom, and then drew another bath for his brother. Hunter took his turn in the tub.

Amy returned to the front room and took her seat next to her brother. She was squished between him and the arm of the couch. She didn’t mind though, they were as close as they had been all evening. They had moved over to make room for Hunter when he returned.

Luke took several deep breaths, filling his lungs with his sister’s scent as he watched the basketball game.

She found a blank page in her sketchbook. She thought for a moment about what to draw, and then glanced down and saw Luke’s hands softly folded in his lap. She smiled to herself, and began drawing them. He noticed shortly after, and made sure to keep his hands as still as possible.

Amy carefully drew the outlines of the figure with soft strokes. Then, she added in the lines on the length of his fingers and the bumps of his knuckles. Slowly, the image became more prominent.

Hunter returned from his bath after a lengthy amount of time. He always played in the tub, which was why he went second, so he wouldn’t have to worry about making his brother wait. He was much drier beneath his pajamas, but his clothes still clung to various parts of his body.

Hunter came up to the side of the sofa Amy was on and leaned over, watching her sketch.

“What are you drawing?” he asked after a few moments of silence.

“Luke’s hands,” she replied softly, not looking up from what she was doing.

“Why?” he asked curiously.

“Because hands are very beautiful,” Amy answered. She used the pad of her index finger to smudge a shaded area.

Luke smiled.

“Why?” Hunter asked again, leaning over further on the tip of his toes to watch closer.

“There are a lot reasons,” she replied, and then picked up the pencil again. “There are a lot of ways they move. Everyone’s hands are different,” she was going to say more but he interrupted.

“My brother’s and mine aren’t,” he stated.

“Sure they are, let me compare,” Amy said, putting the pencil back down.

Hunter held his left hand out, and Timothy reached over Luke’s lap to give her the same hand.

Amy pushed her glasses up on her nose, and then took both of the boys’ hands in hers. She looked closely, examining their tiny hands.

“Hunter, your middle finger curves a bit to the right, Timothy yours doesn’t,” Amy said.

Both boys looked at their sibling’s hand.

She continued her examination, “The shapes of your nails are just slightly different. Also, look closely at the knuckles in the middle of your fingers, the lines make different shapes. It’s not a big difference but it’s there.”

The twins smiled.

Amy leaned down and kissed the back of both of their hands, and then let them go. “As I said, everyone’s hands a different.”

“You know everything, Amy,” Hunter said, and then took his seat at the end of the sofa, next to his brother.

She chuckled and Luke grinned.

“I don’t know everything, a lot of things, but not everything,” she said as she went back to sketching. “There is always more to learn.”

The males watched the basketball game while Amy finished drawing her brother’s hands with genuine care to get every line and shadow perfectly.

The boys cheered when the Bulls scored, but Luke kept his hands as still as he could, though a few times he lifted them a bit before remembering he was the subject of her work. He enjoyed that thought, being her muse in more ways than one.

When she finished, it was bedtime for the boys a few minutes later. She rounded them up without any problems. They always went to bed for her. The twins gave Luke another hug and both thanked him one last time for their presents.

Amy held their hands on the way to their room. Luke followed a moment later to watch his maternal sister. She tucked them in, and then kissed their foreheads before she turned off the light.

“Will you sing us the tomorrow song?” Timothy asked just as her hand flipped the light switch.

“Please, Amy,” Hunter chimed in.

Amy smiled, and then returned to their bedsides. “Of course I will.”

Luke smiled outside the door and leaned against the frame. He wanted to hear her sing as much as they did.

She knelt down between the two beds, and then looked back and forth between them.

Amy sang softly, “The sun’ll come out tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, they’ll be sun. Just thinkin’ about tomorrow, clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow, till there’s none.”

All of the males listened intently. Luke’s love grew even deeper and his heart fluttered.

She stroked the boys’ cheeks as she continued singing, “When I’m stuck with a day, that’s gray and lonely, I just stick out my chin, and grin, and say,” she drew out the last word in perfect pitch. “The sun’ll come out tomorrow. So you gotta hang on till tomorrow. Come what may. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. I love ya, tomorrow. You’re always a day, away.”

“Thank you, Amy,” both boys said right after the other.

Luke stepped back from the door a few paces.

“Anytime,” she said before getting up from her knees. She stood up, and then kissed both their foreheads. “Now, get to sleep little ones. Don’t get me in trouble.”

“We won’t,” they replied in eager unison.

“Sweet dreams,” Amy said as she stepped out of the room. She gently closed the door behind her, and then noticed her brother with a giant smile on his lips.

“What are you so happy about?” she asked him as they returned to the living room.

“You get more beautiful every day,” Luke whispered, and then kissed her temple. “I didn’t think it was possible, but you do. It’s astounding.”

His sister played coy and blushed, shying away into her shoulder. “You’re too sweet.”

“It’s true.”

The siblings returned to the sofa. Amy took her shoes off, and then laid her head in his lap. Luke gently ran his fingers through her hair and they watched the Bulls game. She held his other hand against her hip. She closed her eyes several times, enjoying the tingles than ran through her body from such a loving act.

Almost a half an hour later, Amy went to the restroom. On the way back, she checked on the boys to make sure they were asleep. Both were sleeping soundly. She softly closed the door and a wicked grin curled on her lips.

She sat down next to her brother. His eyes were fixed on the television. Amy placed her fingers on his jaw, and then turned his face to hers. She kissed him softly, tenderly slipping her tongue into his mouth and taking his in hers. Their tongues twirled together for several moments, tasting each other’s mouth from every angle they could reach.

Her hand drifted down to his lap, and found his package. His member quickly began swelling with her touch.

“I thought you were a good babysitter who didn’t play tonsil hockey,” Luke teasingly whispered against her lips.

“I think it’s only fair I be naughty every once in a while,” she replied softly.

She pulled away, and then reached behind her. She placed a fleece throw blanket over their laps.

“But, you’re going to have to be extremely quiet,” she whispered, and then began undoing his fly.

She gently pulled his growing erection from his jeans, hidden beneath the blanket. She lightly trailed her finger up and down his twitching length.

“Amy, are you sure about this?” Luke asked.

“As long as you can be quiet,” she replied.

He nodded, and then rested his head back against the sofa. Amy settled her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. She curled her body into his and draped her leg over his thigh.

She circled the sensitive head of his cock with the pads of her fingers. Then, she softly rubbed against the ridge beneath his helm. She slowly teased him, drawing her finger along his length, in straight lines and zigzags.

Luke mashed his molars together and sealed his lips tight. His hand settled on her thigh and caressed her gently.

She moved her hand down as she listened to his breathing. She tickled his flesh through his pubic hair, against the base of his shaft. Then, slowly, her hand crept down to his fuzzy sac. She took it in her hand and massaged his balls tenderly. Her thumb rubbed against his shaft, causing his erection to wave back and forth against the blanket.

Luke held back a moan and it resonated inside of his chest. Amy smiled. Her nipples swelled and womanhood grew warm from pleasing him and the naughty situation.

She tugged lightly on his balls before pulling her hand out to spit into it. She did so as quietly as she could, and then her flat palm met his hard flesh. She smeared her saliva into his skin, moving her hand up and down and making small circles.

When her fingers closed around his aching cock, he clenched her thigh to help fight back his moan. Amy grinned and nuzzled into his neck.

His sister softly stroked him, pulling his organ tenderly. She closed her fist a tad harder as she came up around his head, and then loosened as she came back down. Her hand calmly grazed up and down his tool.

“Does this feel good?” she whispered.

“Yes,” he groaned softly.

“I’m glad,” she said.

Amy lightly worked her wrist in with her strokes, causing him to feel slightly different sensations with each motion. She squeezed tighter at random times, and then loosened up. She loved hearing his heavy breath coming from his flaring nostrils. She could hear is muffled grunts and groans that were unable to escape his lips.

His hand drifted up and found the heat radiating from her pussy through the crotch of her jeans. He cupped her hidden sex and ground the heel of his hand against her clit. Amy bit down on her lip to keep quiet as she whimpered.

She pulled her hand away to quietly spit, and then promptly closed her hand around his cockhead. He was oozing precum and she smeared it with her spit in her palm. Her fingertips teased his frenulum.

Luke popped the button of her jeans undone, and then pulled down the zipper. He slipped his hand inside of her silk panties and found her sticky folds. He softly ran his hand up and down her smooth, shaved mound.

“This is so bad,” his sister whispered out a moan.

“You started it,” he muttered in a husky tone.

Amy buried her mouth against his clammy neck to muffle herself even more as his fingers spread her lips apart and dragged through her wetness. He teased her clit back and forth beneath his fingertips, making her legs tic with every movement.

She continued the sensuous massage of his bulbous head until she felt his fingers push inside of her slippery cunt. She moved her hand down his shaft and stroked him with the same gentle pace that his fingers pumped into her hole with. When he had his digits buried inside of her, her hand was tight around the base of his tool. As he pulled out, she brought her hand up to his cockhead.

Amy softly moaned into his sticky neck and fought herself to keep from biting his flesh. Luke kept his teeth clenched together and lips sealed tight. Amy could hear him groaning inside of his throat. She loved the sound, but tried to focus beyond it, listening for footsteps coming from the hall in case one of the twins woke up.

They continued their unison hand fuck on each other until she got close to orgasm.

“Move to my clit,” she panted into his ear. “I don’t want to risk squirting in my jeans and soaking them from you fingering me.”

“I thought you said you could control it,” her brother whispered.

“I can, but it’s easier to control from clitoral stimulation,” she said, and then buried her face back into his neck.

Luke obeyed her wish and his fingers returned to her engorged nub. He lashed her with his fingers, wildly rubbing her erect flesh. His sister’s body quivered against his and she whimpered with pleasure into his neck from behind her closed lips. Her hand stroked him with firm pressure and moved even faster than before.

His toes clenched inside of his shoes as she milked him with her hand. She knew exactly when and how to squeeze his cock to give him maximum pleasure. His body was growing hotter by the second. His clothes sticking were to him.

Amy felt his undeniable throbs against her hand. She quickly shifted on the sofa. His fingers never left her clitoris as she moved. She got up on her knees and bent over. The blanket fell and settled on his knees.

She wrapped her plump lips around his mushroom head and suckled his flesh. Her hand pumped beneath her mouth, desperate to pull his seed from his body.

The sensations on her clitoris became too much and her body started bucking uncontrollably. Her flesh was on already on fire, and was overtaken with stronger waves of heat as she started cumming. Her fluids rushed into her panties, soaking them. Her moans of ecstasy were muffled by the flesh between her lips.

Luke was a few moments behind her. As she rode the tide of orgasmic bliss, his body gave in. His erection throbbed in her hand and his head flared in her mouth. He coated her mouth with volleys of his hot seed. He covered his mouth to silence his growls as he came.

Amy pulled her mouth off, keeping her lips pressed against his flesh as she came up. She was careful not to drip any of his spunk from her mouth. She sat up on her knees and his hand came out her of panties.

Her brother grinned, admiring the view of her open jeans and shirt pushed up above her belly button.

She opened up her mouth to show him his pearly load coating her tongue. She closed her lips, and then swallowed with a big gulp. She stuck out her tongue and lifted it to show him it was all gone. Luke sucked her fluids off of his fingers as he watched her little show.

Amy leaned over and kissed his lips before she got up from the sofa. She zipped up her jeans. He carefully tucked his organ away, and then zipped up.

She went to the kitchen and found some air freshener in the pantry. When she returned to the living room, she gave the air a few quick, apple cinnamon scented spritzes to cover up the aroma of her arousal. She gave the blanket a spray as well.

Luke went to the restroom to wash his hands. He returned to the front room to find Amy chugging a diet pop.

“I thought you liked it when my taste lingered in your mouth,” he said as he plopped down on the sofa next to her.

“I do, I love it,” she said, wiping her mouth. “But, I don’t want David to smell it.”

Her brother grinned, and then kissed her soft lips.

She settled her head back in his lap. He stroked her hair and they watched television until the twin’s father returned home.

Amy heard the storm door’s creak as it was opened. She quickly sat up on the sofa. The front door opened a moment later.

David came inside, dressed in a suit. His hazel eyes showed his exhaustion and his light brown hair was slightly messy.

“Hey guys,” David said as he closed the door behind him. “How were the boys?”

“Perfect as always,” Amy replied with a bright smile.

David dropped his briefcase by the door, and then took off his coat. His shoulders were hunched over as he loosed his silver tie.

Luke turned off the television so they could talk.

The father approached the sofa, and then sat down with a satisfied groan of relaxation.

Amy continued, “They did all of their homework, Luke played catch with them, we had sloppy joes for dinner, and they went to bed perfectly on time.”

“Great,” David said. A few seconds later, his tired mind realized what she had said they had for dinner. “Sloppy joes? The famous Davenport family recipe?”

Both of the siblings nodded. Amy smiled softly.

“Please tell me there are leftovers!” David said enthusiastically.

“Tons of them,” Amy answered. “You could feed an army with that meal. Do you want me to make you plate?”

David shook his head. “No, I can do that in a bit. Thank you, though.”

“Sure,” Amy said.

“You guys must be as tired as I am,” he commented, and then pulled out his wallet.

“I think you have us beat. Timothy and Hunter were angels,” Amy said.

David handed her a small stack of cash, paying her for two nights of work.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I bought the kids both a Cubs shirt,” Luke said.

Amy slipped her sneakers back on.

“Not at all. I bet they loved it,” David said. He rested back into the sofa. “You guys are too great. Thanks guys.”

“No problem,” the siblings replied in unison, and then rose up from the couch.

“Are you sure I can’t make you a plate? I really don’t mind.” Amy picked up Luke’s worn glove from the coffee table, and then handed it to him.

They put on their jackets, preparing to leave.

“Positive. You guys go home and get some sleep. Thanks again.” David smiled.

“Anytime. See you next time.” Amy picked up her backpack and tossed it over one shoulder. “Have a good night, David.”

The siblings waved bye to him before heading out the door. They went down the steps. Amy took his hand as they walked down the side walk.

“I really can’t believe you allowed that to happen earlier,” Luke said.

Amy replied with a shrug and a wicked grin.

They approached their house. The light in the front room was off. Amy pulled her phone from her pocket, checking the time to make sure their parents were asleep. She put it away and continued holding his hand as they went inside.

Penny started barking when she heard them come in. Amy pushed her brother towards their parents’ room to take on the duties of hushing the dog tonight.

After she dropped her backpack by the sofa, she flew up the stairs to her room.

She quickly looked over her lingerie items and plucked one from the drawer. She hurried into her bathroom to change so he wouldn’t see her when he came in.

Luke arrived in the bedroom a few moments later. He locked the door, and then peeled his clothes off while she was gone. After putting his clothes in the hamper, he laid down on top of the pink and white checkered bedspread wearing only a pair of green and white plaid boxers.

His head turned to the bathroom door when he heard the door open.

He admired his sister’s body in a sheer pink babydoll. The flimsy material strained to contain her large breasts and her hard nipples were completely visible through the fabric. He could clearly see that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Amy left the light on in the bathroom. She slowly stepped across the room. She smiled softly as she seductively swayed her hips with every stride. She adored the lustful expression on her brother’s face.

His mouth went dry, watching the elaborate lacework along the hem dance against her creamy thighs and her bosom bounce with every step.

Her brother’s eyes returned to hers. They held a smoldering, unwavering gaze during her last steps towards the bed.

She gently lifted herself onto the bed, and then settled on top of him. Her knees rested against his hips, and she sat up on his lap, straddling him. She continued to let him look her over.

She rested her hands behind her, on top of his thighs. Her brother ran his hands up her body, starting at her knees and over her thighs. The hem of the babydoll rose up with his hands, and then fluttered back down as he continued upwards.

Amy bit her lip as he felt every inch of her curves. She lightly rocked her hips on top of his, feeling him harden beneath his boxers.

“You’re so beautiful,” Luke said softly. His hands gently felt her breasts through her lingerie.

“Thank you.” His sister blushed and shied into her shoulder, still biting her lip.

“You look even better wearing this in person than in your picture,” he commented. His hands trailed down to her stomach, and then back up.

Amy giggled, “I’m glad you think so.”

“I know so.” He grinned.

She leaned down and met his lips with hers. Their mouth’s opened in unison and their tongues began to sing their own passionate symphony. Her hair cascaded down, shielding their faces from the rest of the world as they tasted each other’s mouths.

Luke’s hands found her bum. He nudged the garment up over her hips before filling his hands with her flesh.

She whimpered into his mouth as he breathed the air from her lungs. She nibbled his bottom lip, and then suckled it gently. She pulled back and giggled as she kissed him again.

Amy’s hips began rocking with more purpose as her cunt became slicker and juices started to soak into his cotton underwear. His hands groped her ass, pulling her onto him.

She broke off their kiss with several gentle pecks. She kissed along his jaw, through his five-o’clock shadow. Her lips trailed down his neck and shoulder. Her body slowly moved down his as her kisses went lower.

His sister stopped to kiss and suck both of his sensitive nipples before she continued down his body. She kissed every centimeter of his abdomen, and then along the waist band of his boxers.

Luke’s hand fond her hair and he gently pulled it up into a ponytail in his fist so he could see her face. He held her thick chestnut mane loosely in his fist.

Amy settled on her knees between his legs and her babydoll drifted up to her stomach as she stayed crouched over. She looked up at him over the rims of her glasses and her teeth closed around his waistband.

Luke grinned, watching her pull his boxers down with her mouth. She lifted her head and pulled his underwear over his member, unsheathing it. His erection stood proud and firm. Amy let go of his boxers, and then smiled wide.

Luke loved the hunger in her eyes as she admired his swollen organ.

She tugged his boxers down and he lifted his legs for her. Amy tossed them towards the hamper and his legs fell back on the bed on either side of her.

His sister wrapped her thumb and forefinger tightly around the base of his shaft. She kept her eyes up to his as her tongue met his veiny meat. Her tongue glided up and down and side to side, tasting his flesh that grew even more rigid from her grip.

Her brother groaned, “I love your tongue.”

She flicked her tongue all over his inflamed cockhead, and then against the ridge beneath it. The gentle licks turned into starving laps as she smeared her saliva onto his erection.

Amy kissed the slit in his flesh, and then recalled the phrase he taught her earlier, “Darf ich dir einen blasen?” Then, she kissed his head again.

Luke groaned, hearing her to ask to suck him in German. “Bitte,” he replied in his husky tone.

“Danke,” she said with a sweet smile.

He watched with rapt attention as her plump lips spread around his bulbous head. He moaned feeling her release the ring of her finger, and then quickly tighten again, sending fresh blood into his cock.

Amy suckled his flaring helm, swirling her tongue around it. The warmth of her mouth coated him.

She wiggled her tongue against the underside of his flesh, luring his length further into her mouth. She kept her eyes up, watching his face and seeing his mouth open. She listened to the groans openly escaping his lips as his erection slid into her tight throat. Her lips met her fingers and she released him from her grip.

“Jesus, fuck,” he grunted as her nose pushed into his pelvis. His fist clenched in her hair.

His sister moaned onto him, sending vibrations to the tips of his fingers and toes. She pushed her face even harder into his body and rocked on her knees, digging his manhood into her throat.

“You’re amazing,” he moaned between ragged breaths.

Amy pulled her mouth up, sucking as hard as she could along the way. Her lips came off with a pop and she lewdly spit up onto his flesh. Her spittle ran down her chin and his prick.

She dove back down, swallowing him in one fluid gulp. She mashed her pretty face into his pelvis and turned her head side to side, making her throat convulse and clench onto his rod. From all of her practice and addiction to giving head, she had learned how to suppress her gag reflex.

“You’re so fucking good, Amy,” he roared. His free hand clenched the comforter, pulling it up from the mattress.

His sister reared up, stopping halfway up his length. “Thank you,” she mumbled with his dick in her mouth, her drool seeped passed her lips and ran down his flesh. Then, she swallowed him again.

He admired her sunken in cheeks as she expertly suctioned him. Her ocean blue eyes never left his as her head bobbed in his lap. His shaft glistened in the light that came up from the bathroom as she pulled up. He could see her saliva stained lips sliding along his pole.

Amy wiggled her ass in the air behind her, hearing his groans of praise. She moaned back onto him. She loved giving almost more than he enjoyed receiving it. She rocked on her knees, making love to him with her mouth and throat.

She pulled up and his cock fell out of her mouth. Amy gasped as she spit onto him. She wiped her mouth, and then wrapped her hand around his slick rod.

“Do you want to be inside of your baby sister’s cunt?” she asked with a grin.

“Oh god yes,” he panted. He let go of her hair and it fluttered down over her shoulders.

Amy let go of his erection. She kissed it one last time, and then mounted him. She sat up on her knees, and then pulled her babydoll up and off. She tossed it to the air mattress on the floor.

Amy smiled gave her brother a moment to admire her nakedness. She grinned while his eyes became wide as saucers.

His sister held his dick in her hand and gently humped her pussy against it.

Luke groaned, feeling her heat radiating onto his flesh and her juices smearing onto him. Amy whimpered, massaging her clitoris with his organ.

She lifted up and positioned her hole just above the head of his cock. She looked deeply into her brother’s loving, lust glazed eyes as she lowered her hot, slick cunt onto his throbbing member.

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I was dreaming about Teruko, shopping with her in Tokyo, in one of the boutiques on Shinjuku, and she looked so adorable, not to say hot and desirable in the little skirt and sailor shirt she was wearing, like a fantasy Anime princess, and I had to kiss her, but as I leaned down, she touched my lips with her finger tip, gently stroking my bottom lip.

“Time to go now, Jakku-san, we must go, it getting late!” she smiled, and with that I came fully awake.

“You awake now, my husband?” she grinned, “It early but getting late, we must go soon, must call mummy first, please!”

I shook my head to clear it of the cobwebs of sleep still surrounding it, noting sourly that Teruko was obviously a very early-morning kind of person; how depressing…

She climbed off the bed and retrieved my handset from my trouser pocket, handing it to me.

“Call now, please, must go soon, miss traffic!”

Mum was a little surprised to hear from me so early, immediately panicking and wanting to know what was wrong. I reassured her that nothing was wrong, that I was calling so early because we were coming up for the weekend and Teruko wanted to leave early to avoid the Saturday morning traffic on the M40 motorway out of London. Once mum was calmed down, she wanted to know what had brought this on, and I had to do some nifty footwork to avoid blurting out the real reason for our visit; that I was busy rumping my little sister, and I wanted her blessing, or at least to look the other way…

Instead I told her that Teruko was homesick and missing her, something guaranteed to make her all eager and motherly — God, I’m so manipulative sometimes…

I had a quick shower while Teruko made breakfast, and we sat and ate together before she went to take her own shower. I sat with my cup of coffee, thinking about her, alone in that big scary shower, all naked, and wet, and slippery, and helpless, and needful, and considered whether I should offer to protect her from anything that crawled out of the drain-hole; of course, that meant I had to be in there with her, but sometimes a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do…

I debated with myself over what I should do; leave her in peace to have a nice invigorating shower, or slide in there and introduce her to Jack junior and his two dangly friends. Decisions, decisions, but eventually the part of me that was currently doing most of my thinking said ‘okay, she’s wet, she’s slippery, she’s got a body made for sin, and she’s obviously in dire need of some inflation from that very handy pump you’ve got there, what are you waiting for, a damsel in distress awaits, fucking get on with it, she’ll be done soon…’

My conscience pricked at this point. What was I doing, she was my little sister, for God’s sake! And that was when the real me chimed in.

“Oh yeah? Really? That didn’t stop you yesterday, all day and half the fucking night! You went at it like a pair of energizer bunnies on Meth, you just kept going, and going, and going, so it’s a little late to be thinking ‘she’s my sister’! Either you want this girl, and let me just remind you of what she looks like naked…there, got that, wasn’t that nice?…in which case get in there and bang her the way she likes it, or strap your cock to your leg, find a Trappist monastery, put on a hair shirt, and shut the fuck up for the rest of your life; make up your fucking mind, Jackie-boy, I think she’s about to go ‘Ding’…!”

Arguing with myself, horny and conflicted, definitely not a good state of mind. In my head I sounded like a screenplay for a Woody Allen film, so I let my instincts make an executive decision about what to do next. They made me drain my cup, check junior was ready to rumble, yep, all working there, and sneak up to the bathroom. Grinning like a circus chimp, all doubts now resolved, or at least cuffed and gagged and shoved in a trunk, I slid silently through the door, dropping my robe on the floor and easing the shower-cubicle door open, basically intending to pounce on her unsuspecting, hot little body, but she was waiting, one eyebrow raised, smiling brightly.

“I wait for you, I want see how long it take you to make up mind! Now you here, do back, please, my husband!”

I needed no second invitation, taking the shower gel and pouring a liberal handful on her back, taking my time to rub it into her soft shoulders and sleek, sexy back. I worked my way down, admiring the way the suds ran down her back as the warm water drummed down on both of us, eventually reaching my first target, her spectacular backside. I took my time to massage the gel into her firm springy cheeks, pulling them apart as I gently rubbed her anus with a soapy finger before sliding it into her. Teruko giggled and pushed back against me, arching her back to make her jutting breasts even more prominent.

I pulled my finger out of her and slid my hands up her ribcage to enfold her magnificent tits, feeling the nipples turn to pebbles under my fingers. Oh yes, she was into this alright! (and by the way and just to clarify things; some girls have breasts, some girls have boobs, and then some, a few, a lucky, lucky few, have tits; magnificent, malleable, made-to-manhandle tits; Teruko was very definitely in the third category…)

She turned around to face me, wrapping one leg around me, which made the tip of my erect cock brush her pussy lips. A grin played on her lips as she rubbed her slit lightly along my cock head, watching the sweet agony building in my eyes. I held her tightly by her waist, and pushed back against her, the tip of my cock only just parting her lips and wringing a sighing groan from her.

“Down, please Jakku-san, please to kneel down…!” she gasped, and I obliged, sinking to my knees, my cock standing loud and proud as it jutted up, purple and swollen, ready for her.

Now Teruko straddled me, slowly sinking down to take hold of me and guide me between her labia, then suddenly dropping down, impaling herself on me, drawing a loud gasp from both of us. I held her by her sides as she leaned up over me, her hands stroking and caressing my face as we kissed like demons, wild, savage kisses, our lips pressed together in a tight seal as our tongues fenced and wove around inside each other’s mouth. All the while, Teruko humped and ground herself on me, her pussy rhythmically clasping and releasing my cock as she hammered herself onto me. The delicious squeeze and release sensation was driving me mad with lust, all I wanted was to hear her scream in orgasm as I pummelled her pussy into submission and filled it to the brim with my spunk. She seemed to have the same objective in mind, and so we hammered and pumped against each other, slamming our sexes together, fucking like two jungle animals, lust and desire bursting out of every pore. At some point we ended up on the floor of the shower with me on top of her, slamming my cock into her as hard as I could while she humped her pussy against me with equal vigour.

She came with a scream of release, her pussy clamping down on my aching cock as she shuddered and trembled against me, obviously having an epic, monumental orgasm, which was all I needed to blow my stack. My cock lurched as spunk roared out of me in an unstoppable jet, hosing into her, the feeling so intense I blanked everything except the feeling of being inside her as I came, and the incredible tightness of her pussy clamped around me, milking my pulsating cock.

Teruko slumped down as I collapsed on top of her, her heart hammering in time with mine, her chest heaving as she slowly recovered. Her pussy fluttered and clenched around my still-hard cock as mini-orgasms and aftershocks flared inside her, finally dissipating to leave her limp and sated underneath me while the warm water sprayed us both.

Finally she leaned up and kissed me once, very tenderly, a thank-you kiss.

“That so good, Jakku-san, but now we are late! I like you make me late like this!” she grinned cheekily, kissing me once more on the tip of my nose, and slowly, slightly unsteadily, getting to her feet to wait for me. I stood up, a little creakily; that orgasm had wrung me out like a dishrag, and I leaned back to let the needle spray wake me up a little. Teruko stroked my face with her fingertips.

“Poor Jakku-san, so tired, I help you!”

I should have heard a warning note in her voice, because she stepped out of the cubicle and turned the thermostat all the way down. I yelled as a blast of icy water hit me square in the chest; that woke me up in a hurry!

Choking and spluttering, I finally managed to find and hit the button to shut off that barrage of frigid water, my pale, sunshine-deprived body a distinct shade of blue, not quite Smurf-like, but definitely on the way there.

Teruko stepped back into the cubicle with a large bath sheet to wrap around my shivering pale blue wreck of a body.

“Jakku-san awake now? Cold water after hot shower very good for you, you very awake now! Why you funny colour?”

All the while she was talking, she was towelling me, trying to hide a grin while she dried me off, gradually restoring feeling as my nerve-endings woke up again after going into some sort of thermal shock. I promised myself a fitting revenge for that, although I couldn’t work out what; anything I could think of doing to her she was liable to come back and ask for more, with extra ketchup…

When she’d finished, she kissed me lightly on the lips, her lovely tight body moulding itself to mine, and I instantly forgave her; hell, with a body like that I’d forgive her if she was a mass-murdering, cat-torturing, nun-poisoner, or even collected Barry Manilow records…

The drive home to Shrewsbury was pretty uneventful; even with the interlude in the shower we still managed to get across London and on to the M40 in good time and with relatively little stress, Teruko gawping like a tourist as we drove along the Embankment, past the Houses of Parliament acros the river on the north bank, excitedly pointing out the Elizabeth Tower that houses Big Ben, and the giant arc of the London Eye. We made good time home, mainly because I’d flatly refused to let her drive; Teruko drives like a Messerschmitt pilot during the Battle of Britain, eyes narrowed and eyebrows knitted, her knuckles white on the wheel, and I wanted to arrive home alive and in one piece, in that order.

Mum was all over Teruko, a quick peck and a “Hello Darling!” for me, but the full production number for Teruko; you’d have thought she’d been off pioneering in the waste spaces of the world for years on end, not 150 miles away for a few months! Eventually all the ‘Oh my baby, I missed you so much, I’m so glad you came home, come and tell me all about London’ etc. abated, leaving me feeling more than a little guilty over what we were here to tell her.

Senshi the dog was just as manic, almost bowling Teruko over in his eagerness to lick her face; believe me, I knew how he felt…

Mum had made breakfast, the full English, so we tucked-in, and I have to say, having brekkie made by your mum is one of the little things that makes life worth living. While we ate, we chatted about life, university, classes, my job, small talk, but I could see mum picking-up on an undercurrent; all her ‘Okay,what have you done now, Jack?’ instincts were twitching, so, after clearing up and putting all the dishes in the dishwasher, we joined her in the sitting room.

She waited until we’d made ourselves comfortable, Teruko sitting next to me, which was her usual place whenever I was home for a visit, with mum in her favourite chair opposite us, looking at us quizzically.

“Okay, darlings, it was sweet of you to come home and see me, I’ve missed you both terribly, and even Senshi’s been moping around, so tell me; what brought this on?”

Teruko and I exchanged glances, and she moved a little closer to me on the couch, her fingers twining in mine. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow with mum; it was how she usually sat with me, but this time mum picked-up on something different.

“All right, Jack, what’s going on?” she asked, her eyes flicking from me to Teruko, and back to me.

I swallowed; this was it. Teruko smiled at me and nodded, so I cleared my throat and began.

“Mum, we, I have something to tell you. There’s this girl, she’s beautiful, smart, everything I want, and I’m in love with her, and I sort of asked her to…marry me…and she said yes…”

Mum leaned back in her chair, one eyebrow raised.

“Well, carry on, just exactly who is this girl?” she asked, and I lifted our joined hands and kissed Teruko’s hand.

“Mum, Teruko and I, we sort of…found each other, and I love her, I think I always have, and she loves me, and we want to get married one day and start a family. Say something, please!”

Mum leaned forward, her eyes narrowed.

“I see. Teruko, go to your room, please, I want to speak to your brother in private!”

Teruko stood up, suddenly looking apprehensive, my squeeze of her hand not cancelling out the raised eyebrow from mum, or the expression on her face.

“I wait for you call me, Jakku-san!” she smiled, her bottom lip trembling slightly. Mum watched her leave the room and climb the stairs, Senshi bounding ahead of her, and then rounded on me.

“So mister, do you mean to tell me that while your sister was living with you, supposedly being looked after by you, what you were actually doing was…was…I don’t even want to think about what you were doing! I expected better of her, and I certainly expected better of you, John Cameron, although God knows why. First and foremost, she’s your sister, which in my day actually meant something! Secondly, it’s illegal, or were you so busy yanking your pants off that it never occurred to you wonder whether or not incest is against the law? Jack, she’s your little sister, are you out of your bloody mind?”

That put me on the defensive right away.

“Look mum, this is something we both want, and it just…happened, it was meant to be, that’s how we feel!”

My mother snorted derisively.

“Jack, she’s only eighteen, she’s still a child, how can she know what she wants? And you, you’re a grown man, you should have had enough restraint to walk away, not just stand there and unzip! I really expected better of you, I really thought you’d matured; apparently I was wrong! You were supposed to take care of your sister, not seduce her! You’ve disappointed me deeply, Jack; you went to a place you’re supposed to avoid at all costs, for some very good reasons, and you took your sister there with you. Do you know how angry that makes me? You brought her here to England to keep her safe, we made her part of our family, and now you go and do this? I’m ashamed of you, Jack, you should have known better, you’re bloody well old enough to know better!”

A movement caught my eye, and mum turned her to look where I was looking, to see Teruko standing in the doorway, tears running down her cheeks.

“Please do not be angry with Jakku-san, haha, and do not be angry with me; I love Jakku-san, he love me, we are together now, for always. This is what we want, please, do not hate us, haha!”

Mum turned away from her, her mouth twisting.

“Akachan wa, mada jubun’na nenrei de wa arimasen!” (Baby, you are not old enough yet to know what you want!)

Teruko shook her head, tears glittering on her eyelashes.

Mama, watashi wa tsuneni shitte ita, to watashi wa kon, kore o shitte iru no ni jubun furuidesu!” (Mummy, I have always known, and I am old enough to know this now!”)

Mum looked closely at her, her eyes flinty.

“Baby, are you sure about this? Kore wa anata ga nani o shitaidesu? (Is this what you want?)

Teruko nodded, her eyes shining.

“Watashi wa kare o aishi, watashi wa kare to issho ni itai, onegai watashi o kiraide wa arimasen, haha! (I love him and I want to be with him, please do not hate me, mother!)

Mum’s expression softened, and she beckoned her closer, to hold her close and murmur in her ear “Anata ga watashi ni kite irai, anata wa watashi no saiai no musumedeatta, watashi wa anata o nikumu koto wa kesshite arimasen!” (Since you came to me, you have been my beloved daughter; I will never hate you!)

Mum hugged her for a few more seconds, then held her away to look in her in the directly in the eye.

“Soredemo sukoshi dake on’nanokodesuga, kore nitsuite o kangae kudasai!” (You are still only a young girl, please think about this!)

Teruko looked back steadily, and kissed her once on the cheek.

“Haha wa, kore wa watashi ga nani o shitaidesu onegai shimasu!”(Please mummy, this is what I want!)

Mum looked squarely at me.

“If this is what you want, and you both say you know what you’re doing, all I can do is remind you of what I just said; Teruko’s your sister, Jack, not some girl you met at a party, she’s your flesh and blood! But I can see that whatever I say, nothing is going to change your minds, so I’ll only say one more thing; she’s my little girl, don’t you dare hurt her, Jack Cameron, do you hear me?”

I nodded, and then I noticed the tears glimmering in the corners of her eyes. Teruko saw them too, and reached up to wipe them away, kissing her once on the cheek.

“Hahaoya ga nakanai, watashi wa Jakku san no nochi ni narimasu! Anata no kodomo-tachi wa itsumo koko ni narimasu!” (Do not cry, mother, I will look after Jack! Your children will always be here, I promise!)

Mum smiled, and kissed her back, then stood up and hugged me.

“I suppose congratulations are in order, after all, you just got formally engaged!” She smiled sadly as she said it, and a great weight seemed to lift off my heart as she did; she’d accepted it, fighting it all the way, but she’d accepted us! She looked narrowly at me.

“One thing, though, don’t let it go to your heads, both of you; while you’re here I’ll have no bed-hopping, do you understand? You may or may not be shacked-up in London, over here you’re still brother and sister, at least for now, remember that, and try and not let your urges get the better of you!”

She hugged Teruko one more time then left the room, trailing her hand over my shoulder as she left, tapping once, lightly, with her finger as her hand brushed my shoulder, a code to follow her, so I did, while Teruko opened the French doors and followed Senshi out into the garden.

Mum led me to her room, sitting me down on the bed while she rummaged in the bottom of her closet, eventually pulling out a beautifully lacquered Japanese casket. She opened and tipped it out, jewellery cascading out onto the bed.

“These were my mother’s, things I bought, things your father gave me. One day it would have all gone to you, or Teruko I suppose, so pick a piece, pick out something suitable for me to give your fiancée on the day of her engagement!”

I looked through all the conventional rings and bracelets, chains and pendants, and then a piece caught my eye; a beautiful, exquisitely carved milky jade pendant of two rats manhandling an egg; the carving was breathtaking in a piece no bigger than the end of my thumb, the feeling of antiquity radiating off it in waves. Mum smiled as I picked it up, admiring the quality and detail of the carving.

“Well done, you picked a lovely piece, Edo period, the man at the British Museum dated it to about 1760, one of my favourites, and appropriate; rats are symbols of prosperity and increase in Japan, Teruko will appreciate that. Your father gave it to me when I left Japan with you, so it’s only right I give it to her.”

I looked closely at her.

“I’m sorry we sprung this on you like this, mum, honestly; I thought by now you’d be loading the shotgun, or at least booting me out the front door, but you’ve got me picking out bride-pieces! What am I missing here?”

She grinned knowingly at me.

“Jack, of course I’m angry, I never wanted this to happen, but that was just a hope; I knew, deep down inside, that this was always going to happen, one way or another. Come with me, I think you need to see something!”

I followed her down the corridor to Teruko’s room. I’d never actually been in inside her room before, and at first glance it looked like what I supposed a fairly ordinary teenage girl’s bedroom would look like, lots of soft toys, ranks of shoes, books and magazines piled everywhere. There was a hanging rack full of outfits, too many to fit in the closet, CD cases scattered around on the dresser, and photographs, lots of photographs, on the walls, on the dresser, on the nightstand, dotted around everywhere I looked. As I looked closer, I saw they were all of me, with Japanese characters scrawled across them. Mum picked up one at random.

“Look; ‘I love Jack!’, or this one, ‘Jack 4 me 4 ever’, or this one, wild horses couldn’t drag out of me what THIS says! And then there’s my favourite, ‘Watashi no saiai no otto’ – my darling husband’! I think she forgot I read Japanese better than I speak it! I’ve been watching her watching you for years now, all those adoring looks and happy little sighs, always hoping she’d grow out of it. That’s why I wasn’t really surprised, I knew this was bound to happen, I just hoped it wouldn’t!”

“She’s been in love with you for years, Jack, you never picked up on it at all, even with all the heavy hints she’s been throwing at you all this time. The fact is, I was starting to relax about the whole thing, because I was convinced you’d never discover how she felt about you!”

I was taken aback.

“So now it’s happened, what now? Are you going to tell me that now that the inevitable has happened, you don’t really disapprove?”

Mum looked sideways at me.

“Don’t be so bloody stupid, of course I disapprove; my kids are breaking the law! What I want to do most in the world right now is give you a bloody good kick up the backside, then knock both your heads together for doing what you’ve done, but what good would that do now? The fact is, you need her, you always have, and she needs you, and I won’t do anything because I love you both, even if the reason why temporarily escapes me!”

She grinned, looking a lot less annoyed han she had a few minutes earlier.

“On the plus side, at least I’m not losing my kids to strangers who I’ll get to meet once or twice a year. I may not be her birth-mother, but Teruko is my daughter, she’s my little girl, and I want only the best for my little girl. I think she found that in you, and no, that’s not just a mother talking; you’ve always been the best, most normal thing in her life, ever since you brought her home and made her a part of us, and yes, I’m angry with both of you for doing this, but I can’t deny that a part of me is also happy for both of you.”

She sat back down on the bed and absently trailed her fingers through the mound of jewellery.

“Your grandfather will be happy, at least; he’s known for years how she feels about you; Teruko and he are a lot closer than you think, and more than anything he wants her to be happy, so when you tell him, he’s going to be over the moon; his oldest friend’s granddaughter and his own grandson? He’ll be ecstatic! He already loves her like his own granddaughter, he absolutely adores her, and the only thing he wants for her is that she be happy, so if you plan on going through with this, you’d better make sure you get it right, or you’ll be answering to him!”

A question I had never bothered to ask her suddenly popped into my head.

“Mum, why did you and my father get divorced?”

Mum started scooping the jewellery back into the casket, stopping now and then to polish or admire a particularly fine piece.

“I thought you knew; he and I got married because our families thought we should; his father and daddy were boyhood friends, they went through the war together, they were best friends. When Georgie, your father, and I started going out, we were just going out as friends, but both families decided it was a love-match and pushed him to propose, so he did. To this day I don’t know why I said ‘yes’, but as soon as we got married we realised what a huge mistake we’d made; we tried to make it work, we had you, because we thought a baby was what we needed to cement us together, but we weren’t able to connect in that way, we were friends, best friends, even, just not in love. You know what happened, but part of the reason Grandad loves Teruko is that she’s Georgie’s daughter, and he loved George like a son. You’ve got a lot to live up to, Jack Cameron!”

Mum gave Teruko the pendant, making her cry, and then she joined in, and by now even the dog was looking a little teary, so I decided to take Teruko up to Oswestry to see Grandad and break the news to him. He was delighted, as mum had predicted, insisting on lugging out a bottle of his prized vintage Medoc and presenting it to us an engagement present, cue more hugging and blubbering.

After they’d dried up, or at last dried-off, he and Teruko went out to see her chickens, leaving me to ponder what to do next. I felt a little sandbagged by everything; I’d been gearing up for a fight, or at least accusations and recriminations, and mum’s pragmatic attitude had completely taken the wind out of my sails. Her injunction that we refrain from Hanky-Panky was not unexpected, but I was planning on taking Teruko out that evening, maybe we could find somewhere quiet for a little Hanky at least, possibly working in a little Panky too…

We eventually left once Teruko had rounded-up and hugged all her pet chickens, although how she could tell them apart was a little beyond me, they all looked exactly the same to me, like chickens everywhere; beady-eyed, mad little stares, running around with that ‘my panties are falling down’ bounding run that all chickens have, and making that guttural scraping sound that makes my blood run cold and is guaranteed to drive me completely loopy; the only way I can tolerate chickens is on a skewer with yakitori sauce…

At last she’d had enough of hugging those wretched creatures, so we headed home to get showered and changed; I was taking my girl on the town!

I took her to Beach, a beach-themed club in the centre of town, where we were able to blend anonymously into the crowd; I was fairly sure that no-one I knew would be there. I wasn’t ashamed of Teruko; far from it; she looked spectacular in a short, tight, slinky dress, exotic and hyper-sexy; I just didn’t feel like explaining to anyone we knew what my sister was doing rubbing herself all over me…

All was going well, and we’d had a few drinks, Teruko discovering that she liked Moscow Mule’s, when there was a tap on my shoulder, and when I looked up, there was Jack Fineman, of all the people I didn’t want to see, class creep and world-class pervert, grinning down at me and flicking the occasional covetous glance at Teruko, who was sitting on my lap feeding me Japanese rice crackers from a giant champagne glass and giggling.

“Hello Cameron, that’s a very friendly sister you’ve got there!” he smirked, leering at Teruko’s chest.

I slapped his hand off my shoulder.

“What do you want, Slimy? We’re out having fun and I really don’t want to see your ugly pan ruining my evening. Now we’re busy, so do me a favour and fuck off!”

Fineman stayed where he was, grinning like he had a plan, pissing me off just by his presence; he was a creep in school, I’d avoided him like the plague when I was there, and I didn’t really see why I should tolerate his presence now when I was out with my girl.

To my huge annoyance, he sat down opposite us, at our table, and leaned on his elbows, grinning like a Cheshire cat, arousing in me the almost irresistible desire to punch his creepy face down his neck and out of his arse…

“Yep, that’s a really friendly sister you’ve got there; I wonder, do you think she feels like being friendly to me?”

My blood boiled at the thought of Slimy Fineman touching her, and I held my temper in with difficulty as I leaned forward to stick my face in his.

“In your dreams, Slimy; the only thing you’ll ever get from my sister is her foot, shoved up your arse. Now fuck off before I hurt you!”

He leaned in even further.

“I don’t think so; I think she’ll look great in, say, my bedroom, so what say; she comes home with me, we have a little ‘adult’ fun, and it all ends there; or, all these good people here get to hear how the tall guy in the corner is fucking his chinky little sister? How would that stuck-up, snooty mother of yours feel once it gets around town that Mr. Clean, Big Jack Cameron’s been shagging his little sister? Make up your mind, Cameron, clock’s ticking!”

Promising myself the leisure to dismember him for what he’d called Teruko, I stood up, helping her to her feet and walked away. We’d gone a few paces when I turned and looked at him.

“Come on then, you want your fun, come and get it!”

For the gloating expression that crossed his face, I promised myself a further few minutes alone with him in a locked room, but for now I tried to look as non-threatening as possible as I walked out behind Teruko, Slimy trailing after us, probably congratulating himself on how well his sick little plan had gone.

As we exited the club he tried to put his arm around Teruko, probably already seeing himself as some kind of winner here, a player/playboy/man about town, but I intercepted him, holding his arm twisted as far up his back as I could shove it, ignoring his gasps of pain and threats until we were away from the club, then spun him round and clothes-lined him as hard as I could. I was the best Prop-Forward the school 1st XV rugby team had brought on in years, and I’d forgotten none of that, and ‘Slimy’ Fineman did a complete back flip as I gave him the full Monty, a full straight-arm with extra top-spin.

He landed face down on the pavement, and I hauled him upright, meaning to give him a couple more, but he was out cold, limp and bleeding copiously from his nose where his face had smacked the pavement, so I ripped the front of his expensive shirt clean off him and wrapped it around his head, not wanting to get any of him on my car. I slung him over my shoulder for the short walk to Rowley’s car park. Once there, I threw him unceremoniously in the back seat of my Vauxhall Frontera 4-wheel drive, although what I really wanted to do was throw him off the Welsh Bridge and play pooh-sticks with his carcasse…

I drove out of town and along the A528 Ellesmere Road, fuming mad, wanting nothing more than to stop the 4×4, haul Slimy out and just beat seven shades of shit out of him for trying to blackmail me into giving him my beautiful sister; after I’d finished with him tonight, maybe I would anyway…

Teruko hadn’t said a word since we left the club, just looked at me in silent apprehension, now she decided to break that silence.

“Jakku-San, what happen? Why you so angry you hit that man, what has happen? This is not way home!”

I told her, as simply as I could, what had happened inside the club, her beautiful big eyes getting even bigger as I told her the whole thing. When I finished, she leaned closer and kissed my earlobe.

“Thank you for not hurt him, he not worth trouble with police, yes? Where we go now?”

I told her, and she agreed, she didn’t want ‘Slimy’ coming anywhere near her again, this seemed like a good way to make sure that never happened. We drove in silence, Teruko wisely not distracting me, as the Ellesmere Road is an unlighted two-lane country road, and it was almost 20 miles to my destination.

We finally arrived in Ellesmere, swinging off the main A528 into Church Hill and then Birch Road, another unlighted country lane, this time with a drop-off on one side, so I drove down it extra cautiously until I reached the Fineman family home, a large Victorian house set well back from the road. Slimy was coming round by now, so I hauled him out, slapped him a few times (not too gently, either) to wake him up properly, and rang the doorbell. His father answered, a look of concern on his face at the sight of me holding his bloody, dishevelled son up with his arm twisted up his back. I knew Mr. Fineman well; he’d been my Classics master in school, which was the reason Slimy attended there; the sons of teachers got free places; it was also the only thing that had stopped me pounding Slimy into a flat sheet and draping him over the garden wall…

“Jack? Jack Cameron? What happened, why…? he began, before I gave Slimy a push that sent him sprawling through his front door.

“Hello Mr. Fineman, I brought Little Jackie home, he tried to blackmail my sister into bed, so I taught him some manners. If he ever comes near her again, I promise, what I’ll do to him won’t be pretty, but it’ll be lasting, are you listening, Slimy?”

Mr. Fineman looked at his son with an expression of distaste.

“What exactly did he do this time, Jack?”

I told him, in detail, exactly what his son had threatened, his face getting darker by the instant, while Slimy tried to deny and cover-up. I learned that he’d tried the exact same trick on Harry Waterfield, my classmate, friend, and captain of the school rugby team, and Harry had given him a scientific beating that should have taught him a powerful life-lesson; apparently he didn’t learn very well. I knew Harry had a very pretty half-Chinese sister; her name had slipped my memory, had he…and whatshername…? No, not likely, what was I thinking, not Harry…

When I’d finished, Mr. Fineman rounded on his son, who was hunched over against the wall, perhaps understanding that he had no friends here right now, not even his own father.

“Still up to your nasty little tricks, eh? You never learn, do you? After what Harry Waterfield did to you, I thought you’d have learned your lesson; apparently I was wrong. Get your stuff and get out, I won’t have someone like you living under my roof. You had your chance, and now this is how you pay me back. Get out! You can call for a taxi, you can walk, or you can try thumbing a lift, but I want you gone tonight!”

I took my leave of Mr. Fineman, who apologised profusely for the anger, embarrassment and offence his son had caused, and also thanked me for not hurting him this time. As we were leaving he nodded at Teruko.

“Jack, I’m not implying you have, but if you did…you know, with her, I wouldn’t blame you in the slightest, she’s exquisite!”

During the drive back to town Teruko was disappointed the evening had ended so early, but I had one more ace up my sleeve; a room booked at the Premier Inn back in town, a surprise she was grateful to have sprung on her! When we got into the room, she pounced on me, her appetite obviously honed by a whole day of having to keep her distance. I wasn’t complaining; I had what felt like the most imposing erection of my life, I was literally sweating sex hormones, and the object of my desires and affections was over there, wearing not very much at all, so I grabbed her, running my hands over every delectable inch of her I could reach. She was busy too, squeezing and rubbing my crotch as we kissed like a couple possessed, lips glued together and tongues fencing in the heat of our need.

I stepped back and pulled her dress over her head in one movement, and oh joy, she wasn’t wearing panties, just hold-up stockings; my erection stiffened another notch, something she took immediate note of. I pulled my shirt and trousers off, flinging them over a chair; fuck folding them, I had no problems going home rumpled if it meant I got naked faster. My shoes and socks followed, leaving me in just my jockeys. Teruko moulded herself against me, her mound rubbing against my cock furled up inside my shorts, and as I grabbed and squeezed her perfect bum, she slid my shorts down enough to release my cock and let it rub against her juicy little muff. My hands groped and plundered her cheeks, sliding all around those warm, firm globes, until my probing finger slipped inside her tight little hole, making her gasp and giggle.

At the same time, she grasped hold of my stalk and rubbed the dripping head against her equally juicy pussy, the heat from her against the sensitive flesh of my cock head almost enough to make me come there and then. I moved her back toward the bed until the backs of her knees hit the bed, and she went over with me on top of her, although I did break my fall with my forearms; crushing her half to death wasn’t part of the evening I had planned for her…

Teruko wriggled out from under me and pushed me over onto my back, grinning as she did so. She then threw her leg over me and straddled me, her soaking pussy lips sliding up and down my straining cock as she rubbed herself on me. The feel of her doing that was almost more than I could stand, and she grinned to see the effect she was having on me.

“Jakku-san like, yes?” she smiled, and I could only gasp back a hurried “Yes!” as she threatened to make me shoot my load there and then. Teruko smiled and slid back and forth even slower, grinding her hot wetness against me, tantalising me even further; my only recourse was to hurriedly do 3rd order differential equations in my head to avoid the inevitable outcome of having such a hot naked girl do what she was doing to me; it was a stop-gap, but it served long enough for me to decide I couldn’t take any more of this, take her by the hips, and lift her enough to jam my bloated cock into her as hard as I could.

This of course was what she’d wanted all along, and she sank down on me with a contented groan, her hips slowly gyrating as she licked and lightly kissed my lips, then lifted her torso so I could hold and squeeze those lovely protruding tits and rock-hard nipples. I was trying desperately not to come too quickly; having her here like this was torture, but it was a torture I wanted to last as long as possible, so while I squeezed and pinched and sucked those centrefold tits of hers I was busy resolving polyphase matrices for military sub-band coder designs to back me off from the inevitable just a little longer…

Alas, even the most mind-bendingly dull of mathematical problems were no match for the feel of the lovely vibrant girl writhing on top of me, and when she began to ride me like a bucking bronco I just let myself go and held on for dear life as her pussy sucked and squeezed at me like another mouth working away at my cock. The feeling was incredible, and Teruko was obviously enjoying herself immensely, judging by the sighs and moans as she worked herself up higher and higher.

The end came with her slumped down against me with a loud hissing groan, her tight pussy convulsing around my tortured cock. The squeezing of her pussy set me off, and I too came with a loud groan, calling her name as stream after stream of spunk jetted into her as I emptied myself into her. I couldn’t believe I had so much to give her; it felt like we hadn’t fucked in weeks, not just that morning; she truly was addictive, the more I had of her the more I wanted, no, needed.

I stopped shooting ropes of spunk into her, my cock twitching as I emptied out, the last few jets nothing more than an anaemic trickle bubbling out of me. My balls felt like the speed-bags in a boxing gym, my heart was pumping like a piston, and my chest felt like it was going to burst from the intensity and power of my climax, and Teruko was in no better condition, her pussy still clenching and twitching around me as the aftermath of her orgasm rolled around inside her, and I could feel her heart thudding against mine as she lay slumped on my chest.

She raised her head and smiled sweetly at me.

“Husband enjoy, yes?” and I nodded; of course I enjoyed, it was fucking amazing, as always! I wrapped my arms around her as I slid my still engorged cock in and out in tiny movements, letting her know I was still game for more, bringing a cheeky grin to her face.

“Husband still want to play! Good, I will have shower, very quick, then husband play some more, yes?”

I clamped my hands on her bum; I didn’t want to let her go; the feeling of my rigid cock shoved far up inside her while I played with that incredible arse was just too good to let go, even for a short while, but I knew Teruko; if she decided to have a shower, she was going to have one, no matter what, so I reluctantly unclamped my hands from her firm, luscious little bum to allow her to dismount.

She slowly slid herself off my solidly erect cock, teasing and torturing me as she disengaged from me, a flood of mixed spunk and her own juices pouring down her inner thighs, making her giggle.

“This why I need shower, my husband!” she laughed, pointing at the spunk dripping out of her, “I wash, come back very quick, we play some more, yes?”

So saying, she leaned over and took my throbbing erection in her mouth, sucking the mixture of sperm and her own tangy juices off the shaft and crown, cleaning me and stiffening me even further, if that was possible.

“There, now husband ready, not go away, I back soon!” she smiled, and padded away into the bathroom. I did consider sneaking in there and ambushing her, but those Premier Inn bathrooms didn’t have shower cubicles, just a shower head above the bathtub and a shower curtain, not easy to sneak into without slipping on the smooth surface of the tub and either crushing your nuts on the tiled floor, or bashing your erection on the disabled rail and putting a bend in it you’d never straighten out…

After about 3 hours (or maybe 10 minutes, my time-sense was a little skewed with an erection that swollen using up so much of the spare blood in my body) she came out again, showered, dried, moisturised, powdered and smelling like a peach sundae, and Jack Jr. sat up again, his object of adoration back in view and ready for some serious wrestling. She paused with the bath towel draped around her, with that smile on her face again, and let the towel drop to the floor, revealing all over again her spectacular body. She hip-swayed over to me where I sat on the edge of the bed, draping her arms around my neck as she kissed me softly, gently, lovingly, and so, so erotically. My erection, which had been flagging slightly while she was showering, perked up all over again and nudged her in her soft midriff as she pressed herself against me.

My hand slipped over her back, my two index fingers circling her lumbar dimples before sliding down to cup and squeeze her delightfully round and firm, shapely, buttocks. As we kissed I massaged and kneaded those juicy mounds of flesh, my hands delighting in the feel and texture of her skin and the warm satiny slipperiness of her, and the firm, slightly gelid feel of her as I gently jiggled and bounced her bum cheeks. I concentrated on lifting and separating them, sliding my fingers deeper into that shadowed cleft between them, until my fingers were tracing a path, one after another, over the taut, crinkled little hole concealed between those gorgeous, firm cheeks.

Teruko sighed and pushed back against my hand, indicating that she wanted me to explore further, so I kept one finger gently circling her secret place while my other hand slipped further under her to trace a line along the crease between her labia. That was all the encouragement she needed to climb onto my lap, straddling me, and slowly sliding down onto me, the tightness making me groan along with the feel of the wet heat enveloping me. She slid up and down a few times, then raised herself up, allowing my erection to slip out of her. She immediately took hold of me and began rubbing the slick head of my cock against her tight little anus, slowly working me into that hot, tight, moist little hole.

At last the head slid into her, wringing a popping little ‘Oh!” from her, her ring immediately clamping down on me, and she began to slowly slide herself further and further down onto me, until she was completely impaled, my cock buried to the hilt in her tight anus. All the while her soft lips were exploring mine, her tongue darting around in my mouth as we kissed and tasted each other. I began thrusting into her, and she responded by pushing back against me, grinding her pussy against the base of my cock and gyrating her hips to work my cock in and out of her tight hot little hole. I lay back and reached out to hold and squeeze her beautiful breasts, distracting myself from the feel of her hot, tight rectum squeezing my cock so wonderfully by palming and rubbing her stiff rubbery nipples, and kneading her firm, globular breasts, making her gasp and smile as she rode me.

Now she began to move faster, her face flushing as her arousal built toward that final peak, the squeezing of her rectum even more pronounced as she ground and slid up and down on my length until she came at last with a hissing scream, her head thrown back as her anus clamped down on me, her pussy squirting a spray of hot liquid over my lower belly as her pussy quivered against me. Her rectum squeezed and sucked at my cock in time to the fluttering of her convulsing cervix against the thin membrane separating it from her rectum as her orgasm rolled on and on.

It would have taken a better man than me to hold out against such an assault on his senses, and I came with a heartfelt groan, my spunk blasting out of me and into the depths of her hot bowels, the feel of my swollen cock wedging tight in her arse and the fluttering of her cervix wringing jet after jet of spunk out of me and into her. I saw stars, my eyesight dimming and my ears popping with the force of my climax as I poured myself into her, and she fared no better, sobbing and gasping with the intensity of her thunderous orgasm.

We both slumped back down, our bodies twitching and humming in adrenaline aftershock after that peak we’d ascended to, our hearts hammering together. Teruko lifted her head to clamp her lips against mine, her small hands holding mine, our fingers intertwined as we kissed like possessed creatures, the aftermath of our intense sex no less intense as we kissed hard, almost brutally, feeling only the need to remain in contact in this way.

The mood eventually passed, to leave Teruko lying flat on me, her arms around my torso and her heart beating against mine as I breathed in the delicate peach scent of her hair, her body, her sweet breath, a dozen small, subtle scents that immediately indentified her to me. My cock softened and slid from her tight hole, followed by a small cascade as my spunk poured out of her gaping anus and drenched my cock and balls, making her giggle.

“Jakku-san so naughty, make big mess, need shower, I help you!”

I was in two minds about that, considering what had happened the last time she ‘helped’ me in the shower, but right now all I wanted to do was lie there holding her tight to me by her marvellous buttocks, her breasts crushed against me with her stiff nipples poking deliciously into me, and her soft lips in easy reach if I needed a quick fix. She also seemed to be in no rush to shower and leave, apparently quite content to lie there with my hands clamped to her bum, occasionally murmuring happily as I jiggled or squeezed her firm globes, her face lifting now and again to lick or softly kiss my eager lips.

At last, reluctantly, I let go of her and slid her off me, taking the maximum opportunity to grab as many outlying areas as I could, then, taking her by the hand, I led her into the bathroom to take a shower with me, both of us standing close together inside the not overlarge bathtub and actually having a shower for a change, not just using it as a staging-ground for more wet ‘n’ wild nookie. The best part for me was towelling-off her pneumatic body afterwards, holding all those glorious curves and protruding bits, watching her grin and bite her lip as I rubbed a particularly tender or interesting part…

We eventually arrived back home at about 3 a.m., grabbing one last opportunity for an extended snogging session in the porch before going in, and trying to sneak in so as not to disturb mum, although with all the suppressed giggling and heavy breathing I’m surprised they didn’t hear us half-way across town. I saw the light go on upstairs and inwardly groaned. I’d been harbouring hopes of sneaking Teruko into my room, my promise to mum notwithstanding, but I guessed that plan was shot, so we flopped down on the couch, hearing mum’s light tread on the stairs as she came down, Senshi pattering down ahead of her and leaping on Teruko; lucky him, I thought sourly…

Mum took in our generally slumped condition and asked if we wanted any cocoa or milk or anything, I declined, but Teruko joined mum in a cup of cocoa, and when she moved her mug down from her lips she had the most adorable cocoa moustache; I wanted to lick it off her, and when she flicked her tongue out, licking her lips and crossing her stocking-clad legs while grinning at me, the whisper of the sheer material encasing those long, perfect legs clear and loud to my ears, I had to suppress the urge to bang my head against the wall and howl. I groaned again, mum smiling at me, her expression telling me she knew exactly what was going through my mind, and what we’d been doing; I swear she could see every mucky, grubby little thought I was having, and she was enjoying every second of this.

So we sat, Teruko crossing and re-crossing her legs, mum grinning at my growing discomfort, and me slowly working into Roman-candle mode. I swear testosterone was leaking out of my ears on one side of the room as I contemplated all that exotic feminine gorgeousness sitting tantalisingly out of reach on the other side, with my mother as a sort of de-militarized zone in the middle enjoying every tortuous second of it.

I was also developing another problem; Jack Jr. had decided to make his presence felt, and try as I might, thinking of all the non-sexiest things I could imagine was having no effect. My zipper was under intolerable strain, and I actually had to grab hold of the chair arms to restrain myself from leaping up, dragging Teruko out of her chair and up to my room, and going seriously King Kong on her.

And so we sat there, making small talk in the gutter of the night, Teruko and I exchanging glances that drew smoking lines across the room, and mum sat there in the middle, deliberately making sure that I didn’t leap on my sister in a hormone-fuelled frenzy and shove various parts of me into various parts of her, smirking at me, watching me slowly baste in my own juices, a fog of testosterone enveloping me. Eventually she must have taken pity on my strangulated expression, standing up and stretching and giving me the dirtiest smile and the most knowing look I’d ever seen.

She leaned down and pecked me on the cheek.

“Good night, dear, sleep well, and Jack…?”

I looked at her through a haze of frustration and thwarted sexual ambition, expecting a renewal of her injunction to behave and keep it in my pants.

“Yes mum?” I managed in a strangled croak.

“Both of you, try and keep the noise down if at all possible, we don’t want the neighbours complaining!”

What the fu…? Did she just say what I thought she said? I looked at her in incomprehension, and caught a resigned, indulgent smile from her.

“Honestly, Jack, you carry on like your generation invented sex! How do you think I got you, for goodness sake, digging under a gooseberry bush? I know what you want to do, both of you, you’re as subtle as a sledgehammer, so you might as well get on with it, I’ll get no peace until you do!”

Oh. My. God. She did, she really did say it; she said it, and then she left, waving good night to both of us, while Teruko and I looked at each other in blank incomprehension. For about two seconds. Then it was a mad scramble to see who could get whose mouth on whom first. I won by the simple expedient of wrapping both arms around her and pinning her arms while I worked her face like an amorous dredger hose.

We broke off our frenzied kissing to look into each other’s eyes and saw the same word there; ‘Upstairs!’

I dragged her into my room, as I had a bigger bed, plus the thought of those myriad pictures of me in her room gave me a major case of the willies, and wasted no time in getting down to basics; you’d have thought we’d been abstaining for weeks, not continuing a session from two hours earlier, the way we went at it. As I closed the door, Teruko pulled off her dress, leaving her stockings in place, while I yanked off my trousers and shirt, levered off my shoes and socks and slipped my jockey’s off, confronting her with a truly bone-chilling erection; it felt like it was cast in titanium, it was that painfully solid, and longer and fatter than I’d ever seen it; all I wanted to do was shove it in her somewhere wet, and I knew she wasn’t too particular where, she was as ready for this as I was, believe me!

We closed and kissed, it seemed the natural thing to do, after all, we didn’t have to do this quickly, mum had given us carte blanche, so there was time to take a little time. As I kissed her, my hands explored her taut, springy buttocks; those firm globes filled my hands wonderfully, the feel of them as I weighed them making my already tense cock even harder, if that was possible. As I lifted and separated them, she rubbed her mound against my cock as it lay pressed between us, the warmth of her wet labia transmitting all the way through my body to my brain, where it exploded in waves of desire for her; I had to have her again, she was the object and focus of all my desires now, and I needed her again. Our tryst earlier had just been a warm-up, now I wanted her for real, in my bed, where she belonged.

She sensed this, breaking our kiss to smile up at me before sliding to her knees and taking me in her mouth in one smooth movement. I took hold of her hands, our fingers twining together as she licked and sucked me, her talented tongue wringing feelings and sensations out of me I’d never experienced before as her head bobbed up and down, gently suctioning me as she licked and teased.

I could only take so much of this; I wanted to make love to her, feel myself inside her, not finish like this, so I stepped away from her, making her mew in surprise and look up at me questioningly. I nearly blew my load there and then; she looked like a Hentai fantasy fuck-doll with her stunning figure and beautiful face, long, honey-tinted hair, perfect breasts, and huge dark eyes, and I had to look away hurriedly before I lost it completely.

I took her hand and helped her to her feet, kissing her as soon as she was in range, covering her face, her lips with kisses as my hands roamed over her back and clenched her magnificent backside to pull her against me.

Teruko grinned and rubbed her mound against my cock, making me groan with need and anticipation. She saw this, and grinned wider, pulling me to the bed and gently urging me to sit then lie down. As I did she sat astride me, shuffling up until she was directly above my aching cock, then, taking hold of me, she slowly lowered herself, impaling herself on me with a long-drawn out hiss. I reached out to hold and squeeze her lovely nipples, lightly pinching them and drawing little cries and yelps from her as we worked ourselves up.

She began to slide up and down, rhythmically squeezing my cock with her inner muscles as she rode me slowly. I continued to squeeze and fondle her breasts, tweaking her nipples to feed her arousal, occasionally slipping my hands around her flanks to squeeze her enticingly firm buttocks, enjoying the feel of those perfect globes flexing as she rode me so well.

Being ridden like this, there was only one possible outcome; Teruko began to speed up, her beautiful face flushing as she approached orgasm, and I wasn’t far behind her, my own release only held back by my determination not to come before she did, to give her what she wanted before I took what I wanted as well.

Her movements became more pronounced, more energetic as she pounded herself against me, until I felt her pussy clamp down on me, the muscles squeezing me as she climaxed, her head thrown back as she moaned and shuddered on me. The sudden constriction of her pussy pushed me over the edge, my balls tightening as I sprayed spunk into her deepest recesses, long, satisfying ropes bulleting into her, Teruko responding to the sensation of me shooting inside her with moans and even more convulsions of her tight little pussy around my already tortured cock.

She slumped down on me, her heart hammering as she sobbed for breath. I clamped my hands around her inviting little backside, once again marvelling at the texture and firm springy bounce of those glorious globes even as my cock began to soften and slip from her. She lifted her head to kiss me lightly, grinning that sexy little grin of hers before sliding off me and pulling herself into my side, her arm around me as I pulled the covers over both of us.

“Goodnight my husband!” she murmured, her hand flat on my belly as she rubbed my lightly, “sleep late tomorrow, Jakku-san, we have long drive in evening, must get rest now. I love you, Jakku-san!”

I turned to face her, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her close so I could kiss her once.

“I love you too, little wife, sleep well!” I whispered, getting a sweet smile as a reward before she burrowed down into me and closed her eyes. She was asleep in seconds, and I lay there for a few minutes admiring her, listening to her soft, even breathing, enjoying the feel of her warm softness under my hands.

We left Shrewsbury in the late afternoon, promising mum we’d be back as soon as Teruko had some free time from uni, and made good time back down to London, arriving a little after eight o’clock. We debated whether we should go out for dinner or raid the fridge, but the consensus was that neither of us wanted to cook after a four hour drive, so Teruko drove us to a Burmese restaurant I’d heard about in Greenwich, not far from the Royal Observatory, where we feasted on Ohno Kaukswe, a spicy chicken and coconut soup with noodles, Ameh-Hna, a red-hot Pork and King Prawn curry with jasmine rice, and Akau-Khe, crispy, flame grilled marinated belly pork strips on a bed of pickled shredded green papaya, prawns, peanuts, and crushed chilli’s.

Teruko was wide-eyed at the variety and taste of all the different dishes, and amused at some of the expressions on my face when I picked up and chewed an innocuous-looking morsel only to discover its predominant taste was heart-stoppingly hot and spicy! All in all, it was a successful evening; plus, she was getting admiring, envious, and downright lustful looks from everyone in the place; my girl really was a head-turner!

We eventually got back to the flat late, which was not a problem; we both had a free day the next day, and I had plans to seriously ravage my fiancée, which was how I thought of her now, nice and early as a ‘good morning’ present, and so we tumbled into bed, both of us worn-out by the weekend and just glad to be back in our own little refuge.

I was awakened by the phone ringing, I looked at my watch, almost 8 a.m., and somewhat groggily picked it up, wondering who it could be as I didn’t recognise the number.

“Hello?” I croaked, and a voice I hadn’t heard in several years suddenly took me right back to my school days.

“Jack? Jack, it’s me, Harry! How are you doing, big feller?”

Harry Waterfield. I hadn’t heard from him in years, and now, not two days after talking about him, he’s calling me at eight in the morning; this had to be more than a coincidence.

Hello Again! It has been a while since I’ve submitted anything, but I have a new story.

This is another installation in my taboo series of, primarily, incest stories. I hope you enjoy how Marcus discovers that his pretty little sister is so willing to please, and just what he does with her. I have many ideas for these two, and I hope to visit them again soon!

All characters in this story are over 18! All sexual acts are consensual!!



Lora leaned against her brother as her heavy eyes began to close, her interest in the movie they were watching quickly waning. He mostly ignored her, an arm around her as her head lolled against his shoulder. His attention was still held rapt by the suspense flick they had found flipping through channels.

Marcus was home to visit for Christmas break. He’d been gone since the beginning of his senior year of college. It had been months since he had seen his little sister and she had been so excited that it had been hard to shake her the first week. Marcus and Lora had always been close. His raven-haired sister was only three years younger than him and she should have started her own first year of college this year. She hadn’t, but only because she was helping their parents with the start-up of a small bakery. Her nineteenth birthday was coming up fast and all of those changes her body hadn’t made when most girls did, had finally set in while he was gone.

By the time Marcus’s movie was over, Lora was fast asleep. Marcus looked down at her and smiled fondly. He wanted to get up, but he didn’t want to disturb her. Instead of making her wake up, he gave in and picked the remote up, channel surfing.

There wasn’t anything on. It had gotten late and most of the lower channels were switching to infomercials and failed sitcom re-runs. He might have put in a movie or a video game, had his sister not been sleeping so soundly. He stroked her hair a little with his fingers, feeling its silken strands. Lora and Marcus had always curled up on the couch when it was cold. Even when they were children, though back then the entire family had crowded the oversized piece of furniture. Mom and Dad weren’t home at the cuddle this time though, sharing a big warm blanket. They were catering a holiday party out of town and wouldn’t be back until late in the morning.

Marcus just kept flipping channels until a sound caught his attention. He had passed the channel and then back-pedaled, surprised at what he heard. It had sounded like a moan, hot and loud. His cock had twitched when he heard the sound. He’d left his girlfriend behind at college and, since they were sort of on the outs, he hadn’t had any action in a week or two.

As the screen lit up again, the sound of a girl crying out with pleasure made Marcus’s cock jump again. The scene was cliché, just another little blonde schoolgirl bent over the bleachers. She was topless and her huge fake breasts bounced with every thrust the massive black football player threw her way. Her little skirt was flipped up over her back and the guy’s large hands gripped her ass, spreading it open so he could look down at her tight little asshole while he plowed her dripping cunt.

Marcus’s cock was hard before he knew it. He turned the television down a little, afraid to wake his sister up as his cock began to strain against his pajama pants. The camera moved in for a close up of the big dark cock pumping the little slut’s twat and Marcus nearly groaned. She was creaming so heavy that it was visible. He loved a wet, messy fuck. He liked smearing girl cum up over her tight little asshole and licking it off… or better yet, using it to lube his cock up as he took his pleasure out in her ass.

He shuddered as he watched the guy’s thick dark thumb press against the pale girl’s asshole, pushing inside as she threw her head back and gave frantic cries of pleasure. He let go of the remote, his hand moving down to slide beneath the blanket. His eyes darted to his sister for a moment. He felt guilty even as he began to rub his cock through his pants. What if she woke up? It would be worse than awkward.

Still, as his eyes moved back to the television his cock ached and he couldn’t help but rub himself through his pants. He made another quiet sound of pleasure, watching the cheerleader get her dripping twat pounded and her tight ass fingered. He nearly lost it as the guy pushed his other thumb into the girl’s ass, using them to stretch her open for the camera.

“Fuck-” he muttered. He gripped his cock through his pants, his hands moving a little faster, focusing on the inch or two leading up to the head of his cock. The girl was still frothing around the massive black cock and he could swear she came as he spit on her tight asshole.

Without even thinking about it, Marcus pushed the elastic waist of his pants down, letting his cock jump free. Under the blanket, he wrapped his hand around his hard meat and began to stroke more pointedly. The guy on the screen pulled his cock from the girl’s cunt and slowly teasing, he began to push into her little pucker as she moaned and begged him to plow her ass until she screamed.

Marcus didn’t even realize when his sister shifted in his other arm, her lips parting slightly. He just watched as the large black cock began to take its time impaling the tight little ass, working deeper into it before pulling back and shoving forward again. His hand began to move faster up and down his cock and he knew he was close to cumming. Another soft groan escaped him and his sister’s eyes opened, drowsily looking down at the blanket.

In her half-asleep state, she didn’t quite understand why the blanket was moving so furiously and she shifted again.

“Mm… What are you doing Marcus?” Her voice was heavy with drowsiness, but just the sound of it against his chest made Marcus release his load. His back arched and he shot his hot seed all over the inside of the blanket, grunting. It wasn’t until his orgasm had nearly finished that he realized who had spoken.

Wide eyes darted to his innocent sister, looking up at him, and he felt the heat rise in his face. He was ashamed. She reached out and grabbed the blanket, pulling it back and gasping as she looked on in surprise. Though not as much surprise as he felt when she touched his cum on the blanket and pulled it up to her lips.

“I-I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have- I didn’t mean to-” He stuttered, but his sweet little sister looked up at him, her cum covered fingers in her mouth a moment longer.

“It’s cum…” she flushed, her mind slowly putting the pieces together. “You were… jacking off?” He turned redder at her words, trying to cover himself again. To his shock and embarrassment, he was still rock hard and throbbing. His sister didn’t seem the least bit concerned that she had just swallowed his seed. As a matter of fact, she looked down at the rest of it on the blanket and almost in a daze she leaned forward, “You made a mess…”

Marcus’s eyes widened and he watched, taken aback by his sister as she began licking the blanket, cleaning up his cum. When she was done, she moved to his cock. Some of it still remained there, where the last shot or two had done barely more than pour out of his cock instead of shooting.

Marcus jerked as Lora’s tongue made contact with his cock and his cock jumped. He knew he should stop her, but as she bathed his cock with her hot mouth, he just couldn’t make himself. She even closed her pretty little lips around the head and began sucking out the remnants of his load, making his back arch.

“Lora…” Her name started out as a plea to stop and turned into a plea to continue. He reached down and ran his fingers through her hair, intending to stroke it or pull her back, but before he knew it he was pushing her down, his hips rocking up to feed her more of his cock. His head went back and he groaned as she suckled him, his throbbing cock aching in her hot mouth. “Fuck…”

Lora, for her part, moaned softly before he pulled her back. He shook his head, fighting his own need for more of her. He knew it was wrong. He knew she would do anything to make him happy… He knew he shouldn’t take advantage of her love.

“That’s— You have to stop,” he shuddered and he didn’t sound like he meant the words at all. Lora frowned a little, her hand on his thigh.

“I- I just didn’t want you to be a mess,” she flushed and Marcus felt his cock throb. She sounded so innocent, so pure. “And you’re still so hard. Do you need to cum again? Does it hurt? I read that it can hurt sometimes… I don’t want you to hurt Marcus.”

She sounded so sweet. It was his utter undoing. He gripped her hair tightly and pulled her to him, kissing her hard. He grabbed her hand and wrapped it around his cock, encouraging her to stroke him as he gave in. When he pulled back from the kiss, he was breathy and her lips were wet with his saliva, “Yes… Yes I need to cum again.” He shuddered as he said the words.

Lora flushed and stroked his cock, her small hand so soft around him. She kissed his lips gently, pressing close, “I’ll make you cum. I do it for Daddy sometimes, when mom isn’t around.” Marcus nearly shot his load right then. Lora had been making their dad cum.

Marcus reached out and grasped his sister’s breast. She was only wearing a thin camisole to cover her tits. They had grown on the last few months and they filled his hand perfectly. She moaned softly and he could feel her hard nipple pressing into his palm.

“Dad does this to you?” He moved his hand, pinching her nipple through her top, pulling on it lightly. She moaned and nodded. He groaned. Her hand felt amazing on his cock. She was getting a lot of practice, he thought. “And this?” His hand slid down and he gently teased her crotch through her pajamas. She shifted and spread her legs a little more, flushing and moaning.

She nodded.

“Fuck.” It was a statement. He couldn’t believe what he was learning. His hand came back up and he grabbed the hem of his sister’s shirt, pulling it up. She moved to give him what he wanted. Her hand came off of his cock, but in return he was greeted by a pair of delicious, perky breasts with hard pink nipples. He grabbed her around the ribs and pulled her into his lap, settling her so that she straddled him. His hands slid down to her ass and he pulled her against him. His eyes didn’t lift from her breasts as he spoke, “Rub against me. Grind.”

She obeyed without a word of complaint, rocking her hips so that she rubbed her barely clothed crotch, up and down the length of his cock. His hands moved up and he grasped both of her breasts, groaning more loudly. Leaning forward, he pulled a nipple into his mouth and began to suckle it. She blushed and moaned, her fingers in his hair, encouraging.

“Marcus!” she gasped as he moved from one breast to the other, then back. He took his time, squeezing and caressing her tits as she slowly dry humped him. He could feel her pajama pants getting wet. The fabric was thin and she was very, very damp. He wondered (he actually hoped) if she had a messy, leaky, creamy cunt waiting for him. He suddenly wanted to make her cum so hard that it hurt to think about it.

In a single, sharp movement he had thrown his little sister off of him, down onto her back on the couch, and he was on top of her. He kissed her hard and ground his cock into her cunt. Her legs wrapped around him and she cried out, her back arching, her soft, dark locks webbing over the couch. Her cries were so soft, so sweet, so needy. He had to have her- all of her.

Marcus grabbed the waist of his sister’s pants and began to slide down her body. By the time his face was level with the juncture of her parted legs, all she was wearing was her panties. They were pink and they were soaked. A dark stain marked the crotch. He leaned forward and sniffed her, his hands on her thighs. Moaning softly, he rubbed his nose against her panties, then his tongue, tasting her through the cotton. She arched her back and gasped, as he began to tongue the fabric more firmly, more quickly.

He could taste her juices through the fabric and he could tell she was creaming more as he licked her. With a groan, and the first of many growls, he put his full attention into licking her cunt through her panties, even sucking on the fabric. When he captured her clit inside the fabric, gently holding it in his teeth and sucking on the little nub, she screamed and began to cum. His eyes widened and he groaned as she gushed. Her panties were not the only thing that were soaked when she was done. A wet spot was soaking into the couch, a testament to how hard she had cum.

Marcus was on top of her again in a flash, his cock pressed against her juicy pink panties. He kicked off his own pants and kissed her hard, yanking off her panties. He couldn’t take it anymore, he needed to be inside of his sister. In a single, well aimed thrust, he got what he wanted. Lora cried out and arched her back as he buried his throbbing rod, balls deep, into her cunt. His eyes rolled back into his head and he pulled away from the kiss, his own back arching.

He began to fuck her slowly at first. Each thrust was deliberate, punctuated. He would pull back fully, savoring every inch that slipped out of her until nothing but the tip remained. Then he would slam into her, burying himself entirely, making her cry out as his cock butted against her cervix.

“Fuuuck,” he groaned again, looking down at his sweet sister, flushed as she pushed up to meet him. “Does Dad do this too?”

He reached out and stroked her cheek as he waited for her answer, pulling his cock back ever so slowly. She nodded as she met his eyes, her lips parted. Every thrust forward brought a sharp cry of pleasure, and maybe a little pain, from her. He shuddered, holding back the urge to just grab her hips and rut into her like an animal. Lora was his sister, he loved her. It should be special, not the rabid coupling that generally occurred between teenagers and college students when they had no control over their desires. He wanted her to remember how good he had made her feel. He wanted to remember how hard she made him.

“Say it. Tell me what Daddy does to you. Tell me what I’m doing.” He ached to spurt inside of her, but he held back. There would be time for that. This was their first mating, he thought it should last.

Lora looked up at him with wide eyes, licking her lips a little, her breasts bouncing as he thrust forward, her nipples dancing for him as her sharp little cry cut through the room. “He fucks me. You- You’re fucking me, Marcus.”

Marcus tensed and barely held back an orgasm, shuddering. He leaned down and kissed his sister softly, affectionately. This was a million times better than fucking his girlfriend. He could feel the energy he and his sister shared, even though he knew it was wrong he wanted it. He wanted to fill her with his cum and then flip her over and slide his cock into her ass.

“And do you like it?” He was beginning to move a little more quickly, unable to help himself as his breath grew shorter. His hand slid down to her breast and grabbed it, squeezing the fleshy globe.

“Yes! Yes, I like it.” He knew she wasn’t lying. She was creaming his cock right now. He leaned forward and let his lips brush her ear. He could feel her shudder as he nipped at the lobe, flicking his tongue over it as he groaned.

“I’m going to fuck you hard and cum in your pussy. I’m going to fill you up until it leaks out. Is that okay?” He didn’t think he could stop even if it wasn’t, not anymore, but it would make it better if she wanted his cum too.

“Yes!” Her soft voice was a little shrill and she wrapped her arms around him, “Yes, please cum in me Marcus!” Her tits pressed hard against his chest as she bucked beneath him, trying to fuck him herself.

“Fuuck!” he growled the word and began to thrust in her hard and fast, no longer playing games. He ground his hands into the couch, pulling back a little to watch her body move as he pounded her. He looked down to see his cock plunging in and out of her and realized that his rod was coated in her cream. She wasn’t just a little messy, she was downright nasty. She was flooding his cock with cream and she wasn’t even cumming. He watched as she threw her head back, screaming, and he felt the pleasure bunching up in his stomach. It was like a lead ball, growing and growing, until suddenly it exploded.

With a bellow, he began filling his sister’s cunt with his cum. He pounded her harder than ever, planting his seed into her womb, without ever thinking to ask her if she was on the pill or not. He bellowed again as another intense wave of pleasure rushed through him, a second shot, then a third, fourth, and fifth emptying in her. He had never cum so hard in his life and he still wasn’t done.

And then he realized that she was cumming too. She was gushing around his cock and he could feel it washing over his sensitive balls.

“Fuck!! FUCK!!” He pounded into her for a few more minutes, until finally his explosive orgasm, and hers, began to fade. Even as he collapsed over her, her cunt throbbed around him, milking him for more. He breathed heavily atop her, kissing her neck and shoulders. She lay beneath him, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. She wiggled a little beneath him, rocking her hips.

A soft moan escaped her and he realized that his cock was not softening like it should. Closing his eyes, he let himself enjoy the way she squirmed under him, trying to make him fuck her more. He could imagine how wet her little ass was, how much juice had crept down and soaked into the couch. He shuddered, remembering the way the black man on the screen had spread the little cheerleader’s ass open with his thumbs.

Sitting up slowly, he kissed his sister, pulling her into his lap. She kissed him back, settling with her curvy little ass against his cock. He stroked her breast, softly running his thumb over her nipple as she curled against him.

“Lora?” His voice was gentle as he ran his hand down her body, between her legs again, “Are you still aching?” His fingers slid between her legs and rubbed against her clit lightly. She moaned and rubbed against him. He could feel his cum leaking out of her onto his thigh and he slowly plugged her with two fingers, pumping them in and out of her leaking twat.

She nodded, whimpering as she moaned, “Yes… Yes, please make me cum again.” She blushed at the words and he had the feeling that their father didn’t worry too much about whether she was sated or not. He kissed her again. He continued to finger her as she moaned and wiggled in his lap, but he never worked her fast enough, or hard enough, to make her cum. He just kept her on the edge. He needed her to ache for release until it hurt. He needed her to be desperate when he asked her for what he really wanted.

Only when his thigh was thoroughly covered in her juices did he top kissing her. He pulled his fingers out and pushed them a little further down, pressing them lightly against her asshole. He ran them in a circle around her little pucker, his cock throbbing at the sound of her soft, surprised moan.

“Has Daddy ever been back here?” He pushed his fingers a little more firmly against her rosebud, just to be clear, and she gasped. She shook her head quickly. He licked his lips, seeing a little flash of uncertainty in her eyes. “Does it feel good when I do this?” He began to push just the tips of two fingers into her ass. He knew he was pushing his chances, trying to get two in at once on the first try, but he was excited and she was so wet back there that he thought he could get away with it.

She gasped, then nodded, her face flushed with pleasure and possibly embarrassment. He stroked her hair with his other hand, giving her a comforting kiss.

Author’s note: Well been awhile since I put something up and far, far longer since I delved into some good old brother sister fun. Now as my long time fans know I enjoy trying to come up with a way to “justify” my taboo encounters. A month or so ago a friend asked me if I thought I could make any scenario somewhat credible. I told him I was pretty sure I could and his challenge was a brother and sister filming a porn shoot together. The result of that challenge is the story you are about to read. Before we get to the fun, my usual disclaimer. I take my time building up the taboo encounter so if you are a fan of short stroke pieces, this may not be the story for you. Now onto the fun! Lovecraft68

I sat there staring at the framed photo of dad and I at my high school graduation and with a sigh, picked up a piece of bubble wrap and carefully folded it over the picture. Placing it gently in the box that contained the rest of the pictures I had on shelf over my TV, I noticed it was just after midnight. My eyes were burning and admittedly it was from more than being tired. Several times since mom had come home and broken the news to us that her uncle was unable to help her with enough money to save the house, I had broke down and cried.

Not so much for me and my sister Alicia, but for mom. True this was the only home my big sister and I had ever known, but Mom and Dad had moved into the house, which had belonged to his parents when they had gotten married over fifty years ago. Dad had always spoken of how when Alicia and I got older he would love one of us to take it over and keep it in the family.

Most likely the house would fall to me as Alicia constantly spoke of leaving Rhode Island and heading to New York when she finished school to pursue a career in Mom’s field of advertising. Mom and Dad had hated the idea of their daughter leaving the state and she had promised when she graduated she would spend a year trying to find a job at home before venturing out. But to me, her little brother she confided everything to, she said she was just humoring them. She wanted to try life in the big city and if it didn’t work out she could always come back.

But everything changed a year ago when Dad suffered a brain aneurism while golfing and died right there on the course at the way too young age of forty seven. Initially I thought we would be okay as he had a fair amount of life insurance; enough to cover his funeral as well as pay off the house which is what he had intended. Mom, however, had decided to put us first and paid off Alicia’s last two years of school and my three.

The good thing was we would be able to graduate college and with Mom working and Alicia and I pitching in with part time jobs we would be okay. That seemed the case for the first three months, but then Mom’s long time job went out of business and she lost her job. Mom’s job was partly commission based and the amount unemployment paid her was less than half of her former income.

Alicia picked up an extra shift waitressing and I managed to get a few more hours at Pizza Hut, but things were tough. At one point I offered to take a semester off and work full time, but Mom was so upset I had suggested it I thought she was going to hit me. The good news was last month Mom had gotten hired at another advertising firm-she had already been telling Alicia she could get her a job with her-and was making decent money again.

The bad news was that we were more than seven months behind on the mortgage and hadn’t paid the last two quarters of property taxes. The total Mom was in hock for was over twelve thousand dollars. All her credit cards had been maxed out and even with the new job, the bank wouldn’t help her. Mom owed too much to get a loan anywhere else and she was too new at work to try to ask for any help there.

My grandparents on dad’s side had passed away and Mom’s folks were retired in Florida and had only their pensions and security to live on. Mom’s last chance of saving the house had been her brother Roger and she had driven to Boston to see him today. Alicia and I had wanted to go with her, but Mom hadn’t wanted to look as if she were trying to make our uncle feel guilty and left us home.

The two of us had worked, but when we came home had sat on the couch pretending we were paying attention to the movies Alicia had rented. We kept looking at each other and I knew she wanted to talk about it and so did I, but we avoided it probably figuring it was bad luck. Once when she had come back from the kitchen with some popcorn Alicia had handed me the bowl and simply said, “It’ll be okay little brother, you’ll see.”

She hadn’t sounded convinced and as she always had while we were growing up and there was a problem just seemed to be trying to make me feel better. I had nodded and said, “Absolutely, Uncle Roger’s going to find a way!” but I felt about as confident as she sounded. As it turned out we may have well discussed it openly as when Mom came home and sat on the couch to talk to us she had burst into tears; Uncle Roger couldn’t help us.

Well, not entirely true, he gave mom two thousand dollars saying it was all he could spare. Alicia had asked mom if she was going to go to the bank and ask if they would take that as a down payment on the debt, but she said it was not enough. The money would be for moving and she was going to start looking at apartments this weekend.

I looked up at the sound of something hitting the floor in Alicia’s room. Our soon to be former home was close to a hundred years old and featured a Jack and Jill bathroom that connected our bedrooms. Currently the door on my side of the bathroom was open and after the bang I could hear Alicia swearing. Like me, Alicia normally would be in bed by now, but I’m sure was as upset as I was and couldn’t sleep.

I returned my attention to packing and grabbing the tape gun sealed the box containing the pictures. I picked up the black sharpie next to me and had just finished writing “Andrew’s room” when I heard a soft knock coming from the bathroom.

“Hey Andy, you up for some company?”

“Yeah sure.” I answered while getting up and placing the box against the wall where I planned on stacking my stuff as I packed it.

“What are you doing?” she asked behind me.

“What’s it look like, sis? I’m packing.”

“Well stop, I want to talk to you about something.”

“Okay.” I sighed and turning around almost choked at the sight of my sister.

Alicia was standing there in front of my bed dressed only in a pair of black panties and a lace black tank top thing that barely went down past her tits. My surprise must have shown on my face because she asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Where the hell’s the rest of your clothes?” I said, dropping my gaze to the floor.

“My rooms hot and I’m comfortable.” She told me, “Why, do I look bad?”

“I…you should at least be wearing a t-shirt.” Without looking up, I pointed to my bureau, “Grab one of mine out of the top drawer.”

“Oh, please, I’m your sister for Christ’s sake. We used to go swimming naked together when the folks took us camping.”

“We were ten and eight.” I reminded her. “When we got older we would swim separate.”

“And you would peek through the bushes at me wouldn’t you?”

I felt my face flush and she laughed, “In fact last time was only about three years ago. Which made you were peeping on your eighteen year old sister.”

“I….it was longer ago than that!” I said indignantly.

“Point is you were perving on me or do I need to remind you of all the times you accidently walked in on me in the shower?”

When I didn’t answer she laughed again, “What? It’s no fun if I know you’re looking?”

“I don’t check you out.” I insisted.

“Then put your head up and don’t check me out, just look at me. I’m too hot to put a real shirt on.”

I sensed her moving and looking up saw she had turned her back to me and was looking at the pictures on my desk I hadn’t packed yet. I saw she was holding a rolled up newspaper in her hand and put it down to lift one of the pictures. Alicia wasn’t kidding when she had said she was too hot. Ever since I was old enough to know what sexy was, my big sister had been the sexiest girl I knew. She was tall for a woman; close to five nine and her long tan legs seemed to go on forever.

Those legs made her a ton of tips at her waitressing job, sometimes more than three hundred a night. While mom was out of work it was my sister that paid all the utilities and bought groceries. I’d felt like an ass with my pay barely being enough to cover my own car insurance and help mom out with gas in the cars. Speaking of asses, Alicia bent over my desk to fiddle with the old fan I had in the window behind it and not for the first time I thought how unfair this was.

A guy should not be checking out his sister, but with her, it was impossible not to. Alicia’s ass was as perfect as the rest of her and the skimpy panties left both her well rounded cheeks fully visible to me. Unable to help it I stared at the thin strip of material between her legs, wondering what her pussy looked like. Alicia remained leaning over the table as she started flipping through some of the drawings I’d done for art class and had begun swaying side to side.

I swallowed hard at the sight of her sweet ass moving back and forth and with an effort, lifted my gaze higher. I stared at the large colorful dragon she had tattooed on the small of her back, her tramp stamp as she called it. Staring at it, I remember her ex boyfriend Jack calling it a bull’s eye. Couldn’t say I blamed him. I had no doubt Jack had also made use of Alicia’s long blonde hair that went more than halfway down her back. I could just imagine pulling on it then whipping my cock out and adding some white to the red and green tattoo.

Okay, that was enough. It was one thing to think Alicia was hot, another to start thinking like a pig. My eyes wandered dropped, but were now confronted with the shape and length of those amazing legs. I gave in and took them in from her firm thighs down to her bare feet with their purple toe nails. Christ, even her feet looked good.

“Having fun looking?” she asked.

“What are you….”

My words tailed off when she straightened and turning around held up the small mirror she’s had hidden in her hand.

“Get a nice view or should I bend over some more?”

“I…what’s up with you tonight?” I asked.

“Me?” she gave me a sly smile, “Nothing, I’m not the one gawking at my sister.”

Putting the mirror down on the desk she gave me another odd smile and raising her arms over her head, made a show of stretching. I started to look away when she said, “Go on, get a look at my tits, you know you want to.”

There was something strange in the way she said it, as if she really were trying to encourage me to do it. Even though I knew I shouldn’t she had already caught me gawking so why worry now? I stared directly at her chest and tried to keep my mouth from opening. The shirt was short as it was and had risen when she stretched. I could just make out the curve of the bottom of her tits and could feel my cock starting to twitch in the shorts I was wearing.

Alicia’s tits weren’t big, but weren’t that small either. But on her long slender frame they looked just right. I could see her nipples poking through the thin material of the shirt and at this point hoped to hell she didn’t look down at my crotch. I dropped my eyes and took in her flat stomach with the small diamond stud in her naval, then decided to actually look at her face.

Alicia responded with a big smile and batting her long lashes at me pushed her full lips into the pout that had let her get away with murder with my father and most of the time with me as well.

“Like what you see, little brother.” She asked, dropping her arms and walking over to me.

“Are you drunk?” I took a nervous step back from her.

“No, I just want to know what you think.”

“I think your drunk or you’re fucking with me.” I told her sitting on the bed and casually putting my hands in my lap to cover my semi hard cock.

“Funny you should say that.”

She gave me a laugh that sounded nervous and going back to my desk, grabbed the rolled up newspaper she had brought in with her. She walked slowly over to me and I carefully kept my eyes on the floor as she sat next to me.

“What’s with the paper?” I asked, still looking down at my bare feet and avoiding looking at hers.

“Well before I get to that, let me ask you a question.”


“Andy, do you think I’m hot?”

“Apparently, seeing you’re walking around next to naked.” I said dryly.

“You know what I mean; do you think I’m sexy?”

“You’re my sister.”

“I’m also a girl only two years older than you.” She sighed, “Look at me, will you?”

I rolled my eyes and looked over at her, careful to keep my eyes on her face.

“Just answer the question,” she pointed at herself, “If I wasn’t your sister and you saw me in that under twenty one club you go to all the time would you think I was hot?”

“Why?” I asked cautiously wondering what she was trying to lead me into.

“Jesus, Andy!” Alicia snapped, “Stop being such a dumb little brother and just answer the question!”

I stared at her for a moment, and then shrugged. “I think you can tell by the tips you get and the guys always coming around that you’re hot sis.”

“I know.” She laughed, “But I need to know what you think.” Before I could speak she raised my hand, “If you answer me, I promise I’ll get to what I want to talk about.”

“Fine,” I said in a resigned tone, “You’re pretty damn hot, sis.”

“Why thank you!” she made a show of tossing her blonde hair around. “Now, am I hot enough to fuck?”


“What?” I exclaimed, “Are you nuts?”

“Shhh!” she put her finger to my lips, “Mom’s right under us and she might be awake too.”

“Maybe she needs to come up here and smack you.” I shook my head, “What is up with you?”

“Okay look.” She put her hands up, “Maybe I’m not doing this right, but trust me Andrew, I’m really worried about the house and mom and I’m trying to help.”

I frowned as she spoke. Alicia only called me Andrew when she was either mad at me or was talking about shit she really felt was important.

“I’m upset and scared for mom too.” I nodded, “But you’re saying some weird shit Alicia.” I pointed out. “And you come in here strutting around and posing for me and then ask if I’d screw you, that’s pretty out there.”

“Would you?”

I looked into her big baby blue eyes and said quietly, “Sis, go in your room and get some sleep. I’m your brother and this isn’t some whack job sick ass porn video where relatives get it on.”

“Funny you should say that.” She said turning serious.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Andrew what would you do to save this house for Mom?”

“Anything.” I said, “This house means the world to mom and if I could save it I would.”

“Me too, so keep that in mind when you read this.”

Alicia unrolled the paper and I rolled my eyes when I saw it was a copy of this week’s Phoenix Newspaper.

“What are you doing with that rag?” I waved my hand disgustedly, “That things full of out there politics and sick personal ads.”

At that thought my eyes widened, “hey sis, there’s all kinds of girls selling themselves in those ads! Tell me you’re not thinking of…”

“In a way.” She said softly.

Folding the paper in half she handed it to me. “Read the ad I circled.”

Taking the paper from her I looked down and began to read where she had indicated.

“Hello, we are a professional well to do couple with a very specific and not entirely acceptable fetish. What we are looking for, what we are willing to pay a significant amount of money to see is a brother and sister who are willing to have sex in front of us.”

“What the fuck…?” I whispered,

“Keep reading.” Alicia tapped the paper.

Although I had no real desire too I returned my eyes to the ad.

“Obviously this is a taboo request and trust that we will practice discretion and you will need to as well. The interested siblings must be at least 18-we have no desire to be involved in under age sex-be able to legally prove they are siblings, and above all must be very attractive. Whether you have previously engaged in sex or it will be your first time together we will be more than happy watching you indulge in the breaking of the last truly taboo sexual act left in today’s society. Because this is an admittedly bizarre request we are offering significant compensation to qualifying applicants. Please, serious inquiries only.”

“Sick mother fuckers.” I muttered handing the paper back to her.

“So what do you think?”

“I think….” I stopped and stared at her as it hit me why she had been acting the way she had. “Alicia, are you thinking of…”

“Yes.” She said quickly. “Andy I talked to the woman and…”

“You talked to her?”

“I…I’ve had this paper for a week,” she admitted, “I found it by accident. Another waitress who knew what was going on at home suggested I….I run an ad. She said I could make thousands in a few months.”

“Oh my god!” I shook my head, “You weren’t really thinking of whoring yourself were you?”

“I…I was.” She put her head down. “Some of those ads, the girls were charging a thousand a night and hooking up with sugar daddy types. But when I read the other ads, the guys looking for women I got scared. I mean, I want to have a career and who knows if I would ever run into a guy I…well you know.”

“But you…you’d fuck me?” I asked shocked.

“I went to toss the paper away,” she continued, “but I was on break and figured I’d look at the other ads and get a laugh and I saw this. I thought it was sick, but…” she shrugged, “I kept the paper and when mom said Uncle Roger was her last chance, I…I responded and they replied with a phone number.”

“I can’t believe you would do that!” I told her, “Sis, this is disgusting! Its…”

“She said they’ll pay us twenty thousand dollars.”

“I….how much?”

“You heard me and in cash.” She said. “Andy that’s enough to catch up on the mortgage, pay the taxes, bank a couple of payments and even pay on mom’s credit cards.”

“But we…we’d have to have sex!” I pointed out, “And in front of someone!”

“I know it’s out there, but there’s no other way.”

“Then we move.” I pointed at the paper, “I’m sorry sis, that’s gross and you’re nuts for even thinking about it.”

“Andy, Mom’s a wreck, this house means everything to her, you said that yourself. You also said you would do anything to help.

“I did, but I meant anything within reason.”

“Andy, please!” she began to pout.

“Oh, knock it off.” I told her. “Besides, even if we did where would you tell mom we got that kind of money.”

“I told her I was going to take my tips this weekend and go to the casino. We’ll say we went and hit big.”

“Alicia….” I put my hands out, “This is crazy not to mention disgusting.”

“You think I’m disgusting?”

“Sex with you would be.”

“Thanks.” She rolled her eyes. “You didn’t seem to mind staring at my ass a few minutes ago.” She gave me a nasty smile, “How’d you like to see all of me? How would you like to see my pretty little pout around your…”

“Stop that!” I snapped. “Christ sis, you said you wouldn’t fuck guys for money, but you’d fuck me? That’s even worse.”

“Not…not really.” She said.

“How the hell do you figure that?”

“Look Andy, I’m a good looking girl and I know I have a damn fine body.”

“Modest aren’t we?” I gave a nervous laugh.

“You said it yourself my tips tell the tale I don’t get them for my pretty smile.” Leaning over she lowered her voice. “Remember when I came home with five hundred dollars that paid the overdue gas bill a few months ago?”

“Yeah, you said you won it playing keno.” I said, “Don’t tell me you…”

“There were four high rollers in the back of the lounge in a private room. One of them said they would give me five hundred dollars if I would serve them their food and drinks topless. So Every time I went in the room, I took my blouse off and let them stare at my tits.”

“Jesus sis!”

“We needed the money Andy and it was just my tits. One of the guys, and I know he was married because he was wearing a ring, offered me another five hundred to go to a hotel with him. Said he was looking for a new weekend thing as he called it and would pay me that every week.”

“That’s nasty.” I shuddered.

“He told me he would tell some of his friends and I could get a few gigs as he called them, told me another waitress he knew was making a few thousand a month being a good little girl.” She grunted disgustedly, “I could have made the money to save the house doing things like that, but I…I couldn’t. I could never just fuck someone like that especially for money.”

“But you could fuck me? Not for nothing sis, fucking an older guy for money would be considered less sick than doing your brother.”

“In a way yes, but in a way no.” she turned on the bed so she was facing me and reaching out took my hands in hers. “See Andy being with those guys would be just sex. I’ve never slept with a guy I didn’t have some feeling for. I may not have been in love with every guy I had sex with, but all of them were boyfriends at the time and I did care about them and they liked me too”


“So you love me Andy.”

“As your brother.” I tried to pull my hands away, but she held them tightly.

“But love is love and I wouldn’t feel so cheap. Plus no one would know. I wouldn’t have to worry about it being with some guy who could turn out to be a client when I’m working in advertising someday.”

“Someone would know, the perverts watching us.”

“They couldn’t tell.” She smiled.

“How the hell do you know that?”

“She told me on the phone they have prominent jobs and if this ever got out they would lose them, plus technically incest is illegal.”

“With good reason!” I declared.

“Molesting a kid would be illegal incest, two adult siblings engaging in a good time wouldn’t be.”

“A good time?” I raised my eyebrows.

“Sure,” that sly smile returned. “Come on Andy you’ve never thought about me?”

“Hell no!” I yanked my hands from hers.

“No?” the smile widened, “So you didn’t have a bulge in your shorts from looking at my ass?”

“Alicia, please…”

“You don’t have to beg!” she laughed, “Andy we could just think of this as sex. You’re a good looking guy and you can just think of me as a hot girl and we can have some fun!”

“Or I could just know you’re my sister and tell you, you’re nuts.” I sighed, “Sis, I’m glad you would never do it the other way with those guys, but no way in hell we’re doing this. We’ll just have to move and help mom as much as we can.”

“Then if you won’t do this, I will go fuck those guys.” She said, folding her arms across her chest.

“Oh, come on!”

“The bank told mom if she could get half in two weeks they would give her another month for the rest. I can spread my legs that many times by then.” She again pushed her lips into a pout, “You wouldn’t make me do that would you little brother? You wouldn’t let your sister be a whore would you?”

“That’s not fair sis!” I pointed at her, “You can’t put that on me and you wouldn’t do it anyway?”

“Andy I will do anything for mom, but unlike you I mean anything. If I have to get on my knees and suck a bunch of cocks I will.” She put her hand on my arm, “Or I could just sick yours.”

“I’m done with this.” I stated and started to get up.

In truth I was done with this, but not only because of how nuts it was, but because I’d just been struck by the visual of Alicia on her knees in front of me. Her full lips parted and her big blue eyes looking up at me. At this point she had me thinking shit best left un-thought of.

“Wait!” she snapped tugging hard on my arm. “Just give me a minute okay?”

“I’ve heard enough.” I rubbed at my eyes which were starting to water from being so damn tired.

“Just give me another minute and I’ll shut up okay?”

“Fine, let’s hear it.”

Sliding closer, Alicia put her arms around my neck and leaning forward placed her lips next to my ear.

“I want you to think about it Andy. I want you to think about your sister’s long legs wrapped around your waist while you fuck me. I want you to think about my hot ass up in the air while you grab my hips, pull my hair and fuck the shit out of me.”

She was speaking in a low sultry tone and I could feel my cock rising in my shorts as she continued.

“Even better, imagine my lips,” she startled me by giving my ear a quick kiss, “These soft lips wrapped around your nice big dick. Think about what it would be like to be inside my mouth, to watch your bitchy big sister give you a nice slow blow job.”

“Stop.” I said softly

“Oh, that’s not what you’d be saying,” she purred, “You’d be saying “Oh sis, oh yes, oh please make me cum! And I’d let you Andy, I’ll let you cum right in my mouth!”

“Alicia we…” I released a pathetic sounding whimper as her tongue flicked across my neck just below my ear.

“Imagine that; imagine cumming in your sister’s mouth. Then when you’re done I’ll spread my legs and you can lick my pussy, you can finger me and suck on me and make me beg. I’ll beg for you little brother, I’ll beg you to make me cum and when I do, when I cum in your face, you know what will happen?”

“I…” Closing my eyes, I whispered, “Tell me.”

“Ohhh.” She cooed, “That’s better. After I cum nice and hard in your face, you little brother, are going to stand up and ram that big cock into your big sister’s tight little pussy. My nice, smooth, bald pussy.” She sighed in my ear and the feeling of her hot breath sent a shiver down my spine and caused my now throbbing cock to twitch.

“I know you could hear me when I’ve snuck guys up here before.” She continued in that phone sex voice I’d never heard her use before. “You’ve heard me squeal and yelp and moan haven’t you little brother?”

Swallowing hard I answered, “Yes.”

“Hmm, you like hearing your big sister get it good? Just think of being the one to give it to her?” she giggled in my ear and again my cock jerked, “You know, Andy girls talk even more than guys. You remember that slutty cheerleader you were fucking? Brenda? I heard her when you had her up here when mom wasn’t home. Well I saw her at a party and she told me not only do you have a nice big cock, but you’re really god with that tongue.”

“I…I try.” I said lamely.

“Well I want you to try with me. I know it sounds weird, but think of how hot it would be, how, dirty.” She had moaned that last word and I could feel the sweat trickling down my back, “How many brothers have secretly wondered what it would be like to fuck their sister? A lot I’ll bet. But you can do it Andy, you can have a thrill very few boys have ever gotten, you can know what it’s like to be inside me, to feel my pussy around you and hear me moan for you.”

“You always look at my tits; you’ll be able to lick them and suck them and watch them bounce while you fuck me. Maybe you can whip your nice cock out and cum on them.” She giggled again, “Or maybe you’d want to cum somewhere else?”

“Your face.” I said without thinking.

“Oh, you bad boy!” She moaned, “You want to cum on my pretty face? Spray that nice hot load all over my cheeks and watch it drip down my face?”

“Oh, fuck that’s not fair.” I told her. “Alicia, I…don’t think I…oh!”

I moaned like an idiot as Alicia’s hand dropped between my legs and squeezed my cock through my shorts.

“Wow!” she laughed, “Brenda was not lying! You can lie to me, but your cock can’t Andy.”

She gave my cock another squeeze before releasing it. Grabbing my chin she turned my head until I was facing the mirror over my bureau in which I could see us sitting on the bed. Letting my chin go she grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled up on it.

‘Take this off.”

I hesitated and with smirk she whispered, “Take off yours I’ll take off mine.”

I immediately raised my arms and laughing she pulled my shirt off and tossed it aside.

“Look at you!” she cooed again running her long purple fingernails down my chest causing me to shiver again. Her left hand squeezed my arm hard, “You’ve filled out a lot little brother.” She breathed, “You’re all man now aren’t you?”

“I…I guess. I…”

I gasped when she grabbed my aching cock again and whispered, “All man, my man!”

Letting my cock go she grabbed her shirt and with no hesitation pulled it off.

“Oh my God.” I said softly at the sight of my sister’s tits.

They were even better than I imagined, high firm and perfectly round with pale pink nipples that looked as hard as my cock felt. Cupping them she ran her thumbs across her nipples.

“You like them?”

“I…oh yeah.” I nodded like an idiot.

“Good you can do whatever you want to them.” She moaned as she started moving her fingers in circles around her swollen flesh. “Now look in that mirror.”

I did as she asked and as she stared at me through the mirror said, “Look at us Andy, those perverts want hot, we’re damn hot aren’t we?”

“You are.” I said trying to keep from leaning over and licking her nipples.

“You are two, we both are. I have these pretty tits and you have that nice big dick and we’re going to look so good for them! And we’re going to put on one hell of a show aren’t we? Going to show them how bad we want each other.”


“Don’t tell me you can’t. If I have to I’ll just get on my knees and suck you hard,” smiling at me in our reflection she added, “How many guys can say their big sister’s a fluffer?”

I laughed nervously. “None I guess.”

“But you have one. You have a nasty big sister that is going to fuck you like a porn star!” taking my wrist she guided my hand and placed it over her right tit.

I gave it a gentle squeeze and moaned at how good it felt. Sick or not Christ she looked good and all the things she said we could do.

“So what do you say little brother?” she purred as she placed her hand over mine pushing my hand harder against her tit. “We going to have a good time and help mom at the same time?”

“I…” I breathed a sigh at the feeling of her swollen nipple pushing against my palm.

Grabbing my other hand, Alicia brought it down between her legs and pressed it against the crotch of her panties. The soaking wet crotch of her panties.

“Okay!” I told her, “I’ll do it!”

“I knew you would!” she laughed.

I started to rub her crotch, but Alicia slid to the side and stood up. She moved so quickly I almost fell off the bed and when I looked up I saw she was putting her shirt back on.

“What are you doing?” I asked, “I thought we were…”

“And we will. I told the woman we would meet them tomorrow to talk about when and where.”


“Yes she wants to see us first so hope you have no plans tomorrow morning.”

“Yeah but…what about now?”

“What about it?” she gave me a nasty smile, “Save it for the pervs lover boy they’re paying as much as they are because I told her we never have.”

She turned and began walking towards the bathroom door. I sat there with my cock throbbing painfully and called out, “What am I supposed to do now?”

Turning back to face me, she shrugged, “What you do all the time, jerk off, just think about me while you do.”

“Come on sis!” I whined, “Please?”

“What happened to Alicia you’re sick?” she laughed, but with a wink pulled her shirt off again exposing those amazing tits.

I smiled in anticipation then frowned when she threw the shirt at me, “Here you can use this, it’s as close as you get for now.” She turned and this time walked into the bathroom. As I watched her incredible ass sway back and forth she called out “Sweet dreams little brother!”

“Bitch.” I muttered wondering how many guys had ever been cock teased by their sister.

Picking her shirt up from where it landed on the bed next to me I went to throw it on the floor, but paused. Bringing it to my face, I inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of Alicia’s perfume. With a sigh I lay back on the bed and unleashing my cock from my shorts wrapped the shirt around it and began jerking off to the thought of everything Alicia had promised me.


“This is the place.” Alicia said as she turned her red Camry into the parking lot of a seedy looking motel on Hartford Ave.

“This dump?” I frowned, “Thought these people had money?”

“They do and that’s why they don’t want us knowing where they live.” She said rolling her eyes, “For a smart kid you sure are slow sometimes.”

“Sorry, I didn’t study the fucking my sister for money for dummies handbook.”

Alicia stared at me then burst out laughing, “That’s a good one!”

Despite my nervousness, her laugh caused me to smile and relax a little. Alicia parked at the far end of the lot and as she got out I caught a glimpse of the cheek of her ass beneath the ridiculously short black skirt she was wearing. The shirt was accompanied by a red tank top so tight it looked like her tits were going to burst through it. In addition to showing off the size of her chest the shirt also made it pleasantly apparent she was not wearing a bra.

Alicia’s long legs ended in a pair of red stiletto heels with straps that wrapped around her ankles and up to her knees. Her blond hair was down in spite of the heat and her lips had been done up bright red. As I got out of the car I watched her walk past me before tagging along and enjoying the sight of her ass. She was putting a lot of swing into her hips and I had no doubt anyone watching her had her pegged as a hooker to see a john.

I suppose that’s what we both were and felt my stomach flutter with nerves. Alicia had me damn worked up last night, but after I blew a load into her shirt wishing it was her mouth and fell asleep I woke up less than an hour later with my mind racing. Without my sister sitting next to me talking dirty and flashing her tits, it dawned on me how sick what she wanted to do was. There was no way I could go through with it and had even gotten up and going through the bathroom entered her room to tell her.

Alicia’s room was warmer than mine and she was sleeping on top of the sheet. She was topless and laying on her stomach. As she slept soundly I stood staring down the length of her amazing body and when my cock started getting hard again closed her door and took a quick cold shower. I tried to catch her this morning, but she had gone jogging and by the time she had come back Mom had seen me hanging around and had made me breakfast.

I sat there forcing myself to eat while Alicia came in and ran upstairs to shower. I noticed she waited for mom to leave before she came downstairs dressed like a stripper. I tried to talk to her, but she said we were late and had to go. In the car anytime I would say anything she would turn the radio up and with a sigh I gave up. Alicia had stopped in front of a door and when I walked up next to her she reached out and mussed my hair.


“You look better with it mussed.” She looked closer at me and smiled, “Glad you didn’t shave either you look better a little scruffy. You don’t look so young.”

“Please, they probably wish we were fourteen.”

“And they can pretend we are if they want.” Grabbing my arms she gave them a squeeze. “You do look good Andy. I think they’re going to like us!”

“Oh, joy.”

“Just remember what I said last night.” She winked, “Mom gets what she wants and you get your big sister’s pussy.”

Stepping back she took a deep breath and went to knock. She paused and I saw her frown.

“You nervous?” I asked.

“A little yeah.” Wiping a strand of her hair from her face she looked at me and I saw her shoulders slump. “I am nervous Andy. I was talking you up last night and for mom I figure I can do this, but I am nervous.”

“Good.” I said feeling better, “You were being a little to gung ho with this, now I feel a little better.”

“Great.” She said, but gave me a smile.

Taking my hand in hers she quickly knocked on the door. It opened so quickly we both jumped backwards. Whoever had opened the door was standing behind it and all we could see was a large bed across the room from us.

Alicia started to step forward, but pulling her back, I called, “Hello?”

“Come on in” A female voice said from behind the door, “Don’t worry honey, no one’s going to hurt you.”

I looked at Alicia and with a shrug I stepped into the room with Alicia still holding my hand quickly following. We had no sooner passed the door when it swung shut behind us. I heard Alicia release a startled yelp and spun to see a tall thin shape in front of us. They were dressed all in black and wearing a black feathered mask that covered their face from the hair down to just over their mouth.

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed pulling Alicia behind me.

“I’m sorry!” The figure, who I now knew was a man, put his hands up in a disarming gesture. “I didn’t mean to scare you!”

“Well what did you expect?” A female voice said from behind us startling me. “You all but jumped out at them!”

I spun around to see another figure wearing a similar mask, but this one was bright red. That color matched her lips and I could see long reddish brown hair spilling out behind the mask. Looking closely I noticed the mask had mesh over the eyes making it so I could not see the color. The woman was on the taller side and dressed in a plain white t-shirt and jeans. Both of which were tight enough to tell me she had a pretty good figure.

“Don’t be scared.” She spoke softly, “I know this seems pretty strange and maybe I should have warned you about the masks, but, well, this is the first time we’ve done this.”

“Its okay.” Alicia said. “We…we’re kind of…

“Nervous.” The man spoke as he walked around us and put his arm around the woman’s shoulders. “And I do apologize, I wasn’t thinking clearly.”

His voice was smooth and cultured and something about both of their bearings told me these people had money. At least enough to throw away twenty grand on a kinky venture like this anyway.

“Well now that you’re here…” his gaze turned to Alicia and I watched him take his time looking her up and down. He nodded and said softly, “You my dear are one beautiful young lady, don’t you think so honey?”

“She certainly is,” she agreed and I noticed she was staring at me. “And a very good looking young man as well.” Turning to look at what I assumed was her husband she asked, “I think they’ll do quite nicely don’t you?”

“I agree.” He smiled, “A more attractive pair of siblings than I could have hoped for. Who’s older?”

“I am.” Alicia said and I could tell she was still nervous. “I’m twenty one and my brother is nineteen.”

“Nice ages!” the woman exclaimed, “And with your looks I would assume you have some experience?”

“Uh, well, we’ve never…you know.” I answered.

“I don’t mean with each other. I mean you have both had sex and know what you’re doing.”

“Yes.” Alicia told her, “We’re not virgins.”

“Good, boring show that would be.” The guy said, then gesturing to a couch against the wall said, “Please have a seat. There’s a fridge next to the couch if you would like a coke or some water.”

“No thanks.” I said as still holding hands Alicia and I went and sat on the couch.

The couple sat down on the edge of the bed across from us and the woman said, “Before we go any further can I see proof?”

“Proof?” I asked.

“Of course.” Alicia dug into her purse and pulling out an envelope reached out and handed it to the woman

She took out two pieces of paper that I recognized as our birth certificates and after a moment passed them to the man.

“Alicia and Andrew.” She smiled at us. “It’s nice to meet you, you can call me Mary and this is my husband….”

“Steve will work.” He handed Alicia back the papers, “Looks legit to me and it’s not like I can’t see the resemblance. I think we’re going to be very happy with the two of you.” He smiled at my sister. “I cannot wait to see you strip for us.”

“Um…” She laughed nervously, “Well like how do we do this?”

“You’re not joining in are you?” I blurted out.

They both laughed and Mary said,

“Okay first nothing will happen today. Today is for us to meet spend a little time together so you won’t be so nervous when you perform so to speak and to explain what we want.”

I relaxed at hearing we wouldn’t be doing anything today as I was still unsure I could do this.

“First,” Mary began, “I apologize for the masks. My husband I, although no one the two of you would be familiar with, are quite prominent in certain circles and can’t take a chance of being recognized.”

“Why, you said we wouldn’t know you.” I pointed out.

“Knock it off Andy.” Alicia elbowed me in the ribs.

“Andy?” Mary clapped her hands, “That’s cute, is your big sister the only one that calls you that?”

“Yeah,” I rolled my eyes.

“Don’t be upset by it.” Steve said, “You’re still young, but trust me Andrew you will come to appreciate your sister more and more as you get older. The love of a sister is different from both a mother and a lover and in many ways even stronger.”

“Okay.” I shrugged unsure what to say.

Mary gave him a big smile, and then continued speaking.

“You may not know us if you saw us now, but it is very possible you may see us at some point in the newspaper or perhaps even television. We have to be careful.”

“Running an ad like this in a sleazy rag is careful?” I asked.

“I like you!” Steve laughed, “No, it may not be, but understand Mary and I have been eager to do this for years and finally decided to chance it. The room was rented for us by an acquaintance, we drove here in another friend’s car and the masks cover our faces, this is the best we can do. Also there is the double edged sword of the video we will have of you.”

“Hey!” Alicia exclaimed “The ad said nothing about being filmed! I’m going to have a good career someday and so is he, we…”

“Exactly.” Mary nodded. “And that video would end that. But only if you were to somehow find out who we were and tried to expose us.”

“But we…”

“Will get a copy and although we will not be in it our voices will be and any good PI could match our voices. The video is really for us but serves as a bit of a checkmate, understand?”

“This is fucked up.” I muttered.

“It is.” Steve agreed.

“Can I ask why?” Alicia put her hand up as if she were in school.

“The video?” Mary frowned, “Steve just…”

“No, this whole thing.” Alicia gestured at the two of us, “Why do you want to see us have sex?”

“Do you like boys Alicia?” Steve asked.




“You like boys the same way boys like girls or some like the same sex. It’s something we desire.”

“Like a fetish?” I asked.

“Exactly!” He snapped his fingers. “Good way to put it. Some people like feet, some like to be bound and whipped, Mary and I are into incest. It is really the last true taboo in society and we have longed to watch it.”

“There’s videos.” I told him.

“Fakes.” He waved his hand disgustedly. “Not to mention in the US totally illegal. There are some sites that have the real thing out of Germany, but even then you don’t know and we…well it could come to pass at some point our computers could be hacked and if that material was on there.”

“Another reason for the video.” Mary added, “We can just pop the DVD in and watch when we want and that’s it.”

“So…uh, how will we do this?” Alicia spoke up.

“Basically we’re going to sit where you are tomorrow and we’re going to watch the two of you fuck.”

“Fuck.” I repeated.

“Mary isn’t one for romance.” Steve grinned. “But it’s the right word. We want a full show; oral different positions. Just think of your usual porn video.” His grin turned into a smile, “Personally the blow job is what I really look forward to and,” he pointed at Alicia, “Do you swallow?”

“Um…I…it sort of depends.” She looked away from him, “If that’s what you want I can.”

“Good attitude!” he clapped his hands.

“So we come here tomorrow, fuck and you give us twenty grand?” I asked.

“Yup in cold hard cash.” Steve said and reaching into his pocket pulled out a thick money clip containing hundred dollar bills.”

“So you won’t be involved?” I repeated my question while staring at the money.

“Not physically,” Mary said, “We’re going to sit and watch. However, we may be making some requests and being encouraging shall we say.”

“We’ll be the directors.” Steve added.

“What if it’s something we don’t want to do?”

“We won’t ask for anal.” Mary spoke up, “We’re not into that or anything painful, just good clean dirty fun.”

“But it’s our fantasy and our dime so we do want a degree of…” he paused, stroking his chin as he tried to find the right words.

“Nastiness.” Mary finished. “Like I said, no romance, down and dirty fucking and sucking.”

“And we do this when?” Alicia asked.

“Tomorrow same time same place.” Steve said, then smiled, “You guys are going to do this for us right?”

“I don’t know.” I shook my head then grunted at another elbow from Alicia.

“Really?” Mary frowned, “But you’re both so perfect!”

“We…we will.” Alicia put her hand on my shoulder, “Andy’s just nervous.”

“It’s a lot of money.” Mary told me, “Think of school and…”

“We’re doing it to save our house for our mom.”

“Alicia!” I snapped, this time thumping my elbow into her side.

“Well that’s a great reason!” Steve declared, “Families the most important thing in the world, right Mary?”

“That’s right, baby.” Mary laughed, “But really that’s a good deed you would be doing Andrew.”

“And you’d be getting to fuck quite the hot little thing.” Steve smiled.

“Uh thanks” Alicia told him with a nervous giggle, “We’ll be here tomorrow. Do you want us to wear anything special?”

“A dress.” Mary answered, “A cute little sundress, red if you have it.”


“And black lingerie.” Steve told her, “Reaching into the clip he pulled out a hundred dollar bill and handed it to her, “Here buy something fun for us and do whatever with the rest.”

“Thank you.” Alicia smiled, tucking the money into my pocket.

“I…I still don’t know about this.” I said, “I…”

I trailed off, when taking the wad of money from the clip, Steve held it up and using his thumb ran it through the stack. “Twenty large Andrew, twenty thousand dollars to help your mom while having what I can guarantee you will be the best sex of your life. Trust me, once you two get going, you will forget about us and only be thinking about how hot your big sister is.”

“Andy, please.” Alicia whispered. “Mom needs this, do it for her.”

I looked over at Alicia who was giving me the pout complete with her lower lip trembling and her blue eyes big and wide. My eyes shifted back to the roll of money in Steve’s hand and taking a deep breath said, “Fine, I’ll just think of it that way.”

“There you go Andrew,” Steve smirked, “Nothing says I love you mom, like doing your sister.”


I entered the bathroom quietly and peeking through the partially open door on Alicia’s side, saw she wasn’t home from her shift yet. Closing her door and locking it so she would know not to come in, I turned the shower on and waited for the water to heat up. It was arm in the house, but I’d spent two hours working out in the basement and needed some hot water on my sore shoulders and back.

I’d worked earlier, but my mind was racing and wired for sound I went into the basement to hit the weights. Ever since we had entered that motel room I had been filled with a sense of the surreal. Even after we got back from the meeting I was pretty sure I was not going to end up doing this. I didn’t care if I had to get up before my sister and take off for the day, I would duck this. Then Mary and Steve would be pissed and move on to another pair, maybe ones that really wanted to do it.

But then I had gone looking for mom and found her sitting on her bed packing clothes into a box and sobbing like a young girl. She didn’t notice me and as I stood there with no idea what to say I imagined that wad of cash Steve was flashing. With an air of resignation I had decided I would try to go through with it. The entire time I was pumping the weights I was caught between envisioning Alicia and how hot she really was, but also wondering if when it came down to it I would even be able to get it up.

Then again, I thought as I stripped off my shorts and got into the shower, I’m sure my sister could be pretty convincing. I sighed and relaxed, enjoying the steamy air and the hot water striking my back between my shoulder blades. I moved back and forth letting the water sooth each of my shoulders then grabbing the soap began washing up. When I began running my soapy hand across my balls, I closed my eyes and thought of Alicia playing with them.

My cock began to grow and taking it in my hand, I began to stroke it while picturing the next day. Alicia would let her dress fall and I would watch her strip for me. She would come over and we would kiss while our hands wandered. I started breathing hard as my cock swelled and I pictured her starting to drop to her knees for me. I would look down at her-and hat would be the key-just look at her, not think about Mary or Steve, just pretend…

“Nice cock little brother, too nice to have to jerk off.”

My eyes flew open and I stared at Alicia who had slid the glass door open a foot and was peering in.

“What the hell are you doing in here?” I demanded placing my hands over my cock.

“Aww, don’t hide it!” she pouted, “It looked so good!”

“Sis please.” I told her, “Get out.”

“Actually Andy, you look damn good! All your muscles wet and dripping. Hmmm,” she purred, “That has me wet and dripping.”


“Know what? Mom’s always complaining about the hot water, so how about we save her some and I’ll jump in with you.”

“Alicia, you….oh, damn.”

Alicia had pulled the door open and stepping into the shower as naked as I was. Sliding the door closed she turned and as she had done last night raised her arms over her head.

“What do you think?”

“Fuck me.” I whispered, letting my hands fall away from my cock.

“No, you’re going to fuck me tomorrow, but I figured I’d give you a little sneak preview. Here, let me have that.”

I stood frozen, my eyes locked onto Alicia’s now wet tits as she removed the soap from my hand. Rubbing it between her hands to make a lather she began rubbing the soap across her tits and stomach. My eyes dropped below her stomach and I released a long breath at the sight of her pussy between her well shaped thighs. As she had said it was completely smooth and also very pink. I licked my lips as I took in the sight of hers and felt my cock jumping between my legs.

“Like how this looks?” she asked, holding up her soapy tits.

“Oh, yes.”

“Then help me out.” Putting her hands on my shoulders she whispered, “Go on Andy, play with them.”

I hesitated for a moment, but the sight of the white soap dripping from her nipples was more than I could handle. Reaching out I began running my hands across her firm slick tits and she sighed as my fingers slid across her nipples.

“Hmm, that feels nice.”

Damn straight they did, I thought as cupping them, I started rubbing her hard nipples with my thumb.

“That’s it.” She breathed, “Play with your sister’s tits get used to them you’ll be seeing a lot more of them tomorrow. Now let me get used to my little brother’s beautiful cock.”

I gasped when her hand closed around my cock then followed it with a low moan as her soapy hand began sliding up and down the length of my shaft Leaning closer she asked, “Like that little brother? Like you big sis stroking your cock?”

“Are…are we going to…?”

“No,” she replied still jerking me off, “They want a first time and something tells me they would know.” She moaned softly as I started rubbing her nipples harder, “But I know you’re nervous and so am I so I figured a nice little ice breaker.”

Stepping close to me, she pressed her tits against my chest and gave me a kiss. At first I didn’t kiss back, but when her soft lips began sliding back and forth across mine, I parted my lips and with a soft groan returned the kiss.

“Hmm-mm” she encouraged as her hand left my cock and began rubbing my balls.

My hands had no room to move between us and sliding them out from between us, I wrapped them around her shoulders and hugged her closer to me. Alicia sighed against my lips before plunging her tongue into my mouth. I meet it with my own and I became aware of our hips grinding together as our tongues danced across each other. Alicia removed her lips from mine and with a smile said, “How about you introduce yourself to my pretty little pussy?”

Spinning around she pressed her wet ass against my cock and leaning back against my chest said, “Put your arms around me.”

I did as she asked while moaning as her ass began grinding against my cock. I slid my arms around her slender waist and taking my left hand she brought it up to her tit. I began playing with her nipple then felt a surge of excitement as her other hand pulled mine down between her legs.

“Go ahead, play with her.” She said softly as she leaned her head on my shoulder.

I could feel my fingers trembling as the explored my sister’s pussy. I rubbed tow fingers between her soft wet lips and Alicia moaned and opened her legs wider. I worked my fingers down and began to try to ease them inside, but she said, “Not inside, you don’t feel her until tomorrow, side your fingers up and rub my clit.”

“Wow,” I said like an idiot, “You like to talk dirty?”

“I do for you little brother.” She said, then released a low sexy moan when my fingers found her swollen button. “Oh, right there.”

I started rubbing in slow circles and Alicia started working her hips up and down. That movement caused my cock to start sliding between the cheeks of her ass and I started moaning and thrusting my hips into her. Alicia turned her head and after giving my neck a gentle kiss let her head lay against me and started breathing heavy in my ear.

“Oh, just like that Andy, that feels sooo good!”

I started moving my fingers faster and Alicia responded my increasing the speed of her hips. As I continued to play with my sister’s pussy in the hot shower another feeling of the surreal came over me making me wonder if I hadn’t passed out from exhaustion and this was just some sick dream. Well if it was I didn’t want to wake up. My sister’s soft soapy ass was teasing the hell out of my cock and I wondered if I would be able to cum like this. The thought of cumming in this position, a nice shot of cum shooting up her back and across that tattoo sent a shiver through.

That shiver was followed by another as Alicia’s moans became higher in pitch and she groaned, “Faster, Andy, and harder, make me cum little brother!”

I pressed harder on her clit and was rewarded with Alicia whimpering in my ear. Her hips started jerking harder into me and grabbing my wrist she squeezed it hard.

“A little more,” she moaned, “Squeeze my nipple! I…Oh yes!”

Alicia cried out loudly in my ear as I pinched her nipple and her hips went crazy against me. Alicia began making little yelping sounds in my ear, the same ones I’d heard coming from her room when she’d snuck boys over. They had turned me on back then, but it was a hell of a lot hotter in my ear and knowing I was causing them.

“Yes, yes yes!” Alicia cried as her hips drove me wild by sliding her ass around my yearning cock.

“Oh damn,” she moaned and let her weight go against me. Kissing my neck again she sighed, “You made your big sister cum damn hard, Andy.”

“That was…hot.” I told her, my fingers now teasing up and down her even wetter pussy.

“Oh yeah it was.” Pulling away from me, she smiled, “Turn around and let your big sister take care of her little brother.

Not needing to be told twice, I turned around so quickly I almost fell on the soapy floor and Alicia laughed as I caught the towel rack to keep me on my feet. I laughed too, but it turned to a groan when my sister pressed her hard nipples against my back and reaching around me began stroking my cock.

“Oh shit that feels good!” I told her as she stroked the length of my cock.

“Let’s make it better, “she said in my ear.

Her other hand slid beneath my balls and started rubbing them while she jerked me off. I leaned forward, bracing my hands against the shower wall as my knees began to shake. Alicia’s grinding on me and the fact I was playing with her pussy had me worked up and her wet soapy hands around my cock and balls already had me close to cumming. As her hand worked my hard flesh, she began whispering in that same sexy voice she had used last night.

“That feel good, little brother? You like your big sister jacking your nice hard cock?”

“Yes.” I groaned as I tried to keep my hips still and prolong the hand job I was receiving my sister.

“Hmm feels like you are. Just think Andy, tomorrow? It won’t be my hand around your cock; it’s going to be my lips,” she giggled, “Both sets.”

“Oh yeah.” I moaned as my hips started moving despite my best efforts.

“Hmm mm, first it will be my mouth, my nice soft wet mouth sucking you in and out licking you, my tongue sliding across your balls.”

I moaned loudly as she squeezed my balls for emphasis and my legs were shaking so hard I thought my knees were going to give out.

“And you heard Steve today; he wants me to take your nice big load in my mouth, wants me to take every drop of my little brother’s cum!”

“Oh, faster,” I begged, “Please!”

Alicia began stroking me faster and I could feel my balls tighten in her hand as they prepared to give up their load.

“Then it will be my nice hot, wet, tight little pussy. You’ll shove that big dick inside of me and I am going to scream your name while you fuck the shit…..Oh yeah!”

“Oh fuck!” I gasped as my cock exploded in my sister’s hand.

I had avoided looking down, knowing it would have made me cum quicker, but lowered my head as I felt I was going to cum, I watched as a huge spurt of cum shot from the swollen tip of my cock and splattered against the tiles. Alicia kept pumping and my cock erupted again and again spraying the wall with my cum. I stared at Alicia’s red tipped nails and slender fingers as she continued to pump her brother’s cock.

“Oh, I can feel you cumming!” She cooed, “I can’t wait to feel that down my throat!”

I released a low whimper as Alicia’s hand coaxed the last few drops from my spent cock.

“Hmm, I like that noise.” She laughed, “You going to make it tomorrow when I milk your cock for every drop?”

“That felt so good.” I said simply as I leaned against the wall.

Alicia let me go and reaching up shut off the water. Kissing my back she opened the shower door and stepping out dried off. I watched, taking in every inch of her flawless body and with a tired sigh stepped out as well. Alicia handed me a towel and picking up a pair of panties and a tank top from the side of the sink slipped them on while I dried off. When I slipped my shorts on I looked at her and said, “I can’t believe we did that.”

“I think we’ll be saying that about a lot of things tomorrow.” She said.

“Yeah,” I sighed, “Nervous?”

“Yes.” She nodded, “That’s why I did this, just us and I think it will make tomorrow easier.”

I stood there looking at her as she started towel drying her long hair. I wasn’t sure what to say. After all how does one respond after you diddled your sister and she jerked you off in the shower?

“Well um, good night I guess.” I said.

“Hey Andy?”

“What sis?”

“Can I sleep with you tonight?” she asked. “I mean just sleep, we keep our clothes on and nothing funny.”

“Uh, sure, I guess.” I told her.

“Good, I…this feels weird enough I don’t want to feel cheap on top of it. I always hated fooling around with guys then shooing them out or I had to leave.”

“Well can’t have you feeling cheap!” I laughed.

She followed me into my room and as I got into bed while she walked over and locked my door.

“Good thinking. ” I said through a yawn as lying on my back I could already feel sleep pulling at me.

Alicia climbed into the bed and slid over close to me. Putting her arm around my waist and her resting her head on my shoulder she said, “You feel nice.”

“So do you.” I replied putting my arm around her soft shoulder. I could smell her shampoo and her hair felt good on my skin. “It feels good being close to you like this.”

“Good.” She said in my ear, “Because little brother, “You and I are going to be getting a lot closer tomorrow.”


The butterflies I’d had in my stomach all morning turned into a solid not as Alicia pulled into the motel parking lot. I had slept surprisingly well considering what was going to happen today. I had only woken up once and had been worried my mind would spin and I would stay awake. But the feeling of Alicia’s soft body pressed against me and the sound and feel of her breathing in my ear kept me relaxed and I quickly fell back to sleep.

I woke up a few minutes before the alarm and as I lay there again enjoying the strange feeling of my sister in my arms it occurred to me that I had never felt this good with someone. My last two girlfriends had their own dorm rooms and I had been able to spend the nights with them, but neither felt as…right in my arms as Alicia did. I’d frowned at that last thought; there should be nothing right about having your sister in your bed after she jerked you off and before you were going to fuck her.

When the alarm had gone off Alicia gave me a kiss on the cheek and hopping out of the bed said she was showering first. While I heard the water running I thought about joining her, but had the impression she would toss me out. Last night had been to help with today. In a sense it was a little disturbing that Alicia seemed a lot more capable of this than me. Then again I had recently found out she had strutted around topless for a bunch of jerks just to help mom keep the heat on.

Speaking of Mom she didn’t have to go into work until later due to a late conference call at the office. She saw us getting ready to leave and after commenting on Alicia’s new red sundress asked us to sit and have some breakfast with her. As we chatted, pretending all was well, Mom asked where we were going and Alicia planted the seed telling her she and I were taking our tip money to the casino. Mom had shrugged and wished us luck and I’d felt as if we had stepped across the line and this was really going to happen.

“You getting out?”

I shook my head and saw that as I was fogging out, not only had she parked, but Alicia was standing outside the car peering in at me.

“Um, sure.” I nodded and exited the car as she hit the lock button.

Alicia looked in the side mirror and giving her long blonde hair a couple of primps with her fingers said, “Okay, Andy, let’s go make some money.”

Without awaiting my response she turned and walked towards the same room as yesterday. I ran my fingers through my own hair which as she had done yesterday, Alicia had mussed up. I also had not shaved again and had a decent five o clock shadow going. Alicia old me I looked hotter like that which had me wondering if she used to look at me the way I looked at her.

Being a guy I had nothing fancy to wear, but Alicia told me to wear my tightest jeans and to not wear any underwear. I felt weird, but I knew the effect she was going for and started wondering how much porn Alicia watched. She had also found an old black t-shirt of mine that was now a little small and had me put it on. It was tight, but I had to admit I liked the way it made my arms and chest look.

Of course I looked nowhere near as eye catching as my sister who was sporting the brand new red sundress that barely went past the cheeks of her ass and was low cut enough that her tits looked like they could fall out. She had matching nail polish and lipstick and her hair had been teased out, giving her a somewhat wild appearance. Like yesterday she had on another pair of red fuck me shoes, red heeled sandals that strapped around her ankles.

I caught up with her just as she knocked and as I looked her up and down the thought “I’m going to be fucking that!” kept running through my mind. To my delight I felt my cock stirring in my jeans. My biggest fear had been I wouldn’t be able to, but Alicia’s little sample last night had done its trick.

The door opened and this time Steve was in front of it so we could see him. Like yesterday he was dressed in black jeans and shirt, but this time his mask was red.

“You came!” he said excitedly, “I stayed awake half the night thinking you wouldn’t!”

“We said we would.” Alicia answered.

“Come on in!” he gestured into the room.

As we passed him he started me by clapping me on the shoulder, “Thank you for this Andrew! I am so excited!”

“Great.” I told him.

“My, my look at the two of you.” Mary purred as she came over to us her upper face covered by the black mask Steve had worn yesterday.

Like her husband she reached out to me, but she took my bicep and gave it a squeeze.

“Oh, very nice.” She turned to Alicia she reached out to her face.

Alicia flinched a little as using the back of her hand Mary gently caressed her cheek.

“So soft.” She murmured, “So young.” She gave her a big smile, “So perfect. As Steve said, we are so excited you came.”

“You guys want a drink? I have some wine.” Steve said holding up a bottle.

“Okay!” Alicia and I said in unison.

Mary laughed and as Steve poured the red wine into two glasses I noticed she was wearing a fairly short skirt. My eyes lingered on her legs as she picked up a half full glass and walking over to the couch sat down. As I watched her hips sway I wondered how old they were. Neither seemed to be a kid and Steve hadn’t shaved and I’d spotted a little grey in his stubbly. Forties, maybe? When she sat down she crossed her legs and I noticed she was barefoot.

“You checking out my wife?” Steve asked as he pressed the glass into my hand.

“I…” I felt myself blushing, but he laughed and hit my arm again.

“Hey, no worries, I’m flattered. Mary is beautiful, it’s a shame you can’t see her face, beautiful eyes.”

“You’re too kind.” She said, and then to me, “The day I care about a young stud half my age checking me out is a sad day indeed.” Holding up her glass she said, “To fun and breaking the rules!”

“I’ll second that one!” Steve said and after clicking his glass to mine reached across and tapped Alicia’s.

I meant to just take a sip, but after another glance at Steve and knowing what was coming I chugged the entire glass. A look to the left saw Alicia doing the same thing and even as she handed Steve the glass back I could see her cheeks beginning to flush.

“More?” he asked.

“Sure.” We both said at the same time again.

This time I noticed he only filled the glass half way and once again we both downed it like one long shot. This time Steve didn’t offer anymore and slipping the glasses from our hands, he put them on the table and bringing the bottle over to the couch refilled Mary’s before sitting down.

“So would you guys like to sit and chat a little or just start playing?” Mary asked.

“Chat.” I said.

“Play.” Alicia said softly.

“I’m with her!” Steve said.

“Me too.” Mary laughed, “I think you’re outvoted there, sexy.”

“Cone on Andy,” Alicia said, taking my hand, “Let’s be siblings with benefits.”

“I like that!” Mary nodded, “That’s clever!”

“Alicia?” Steve asked.

“Yes sir?” Alicia answered nervously.

“No sir, Steve is fine, we’re friends here. But Andy is okay here and there, but I want to hear you say he’s your brother. Sounds much hotter.”

“Okay.” She nodded.

“Where’s the camera?” I began looking around.

“There are four of them around the room to get every angle around the bed.” Steve said. “They feed to the lap top on the desk. Before you leave you will get a copy of all four DVD’s. Eventually Mary and I will get ours edited to one really good shoot.”

“Or we’ll just keep watching from all angles!” She told him

“There is audio and you will hear our voices. On that note.” Clearing his throat he declared, “So you know what we’re paying you to do, right?”

“You’re paying to watch a brother and sister commit incest.” I spoke up loudly.

“Very good!” he smiled, “You get that on the disc so as we discussed, no one sells out anyone or there is hell to pay.”

“Let’s just get to the fun.” Alicia said, squeezing my hand, “I don’t want to think about that stuff.”

“Money.” I snapped my fingers.

“Of course.” Steve slapped his head.

Standing up he walked over to us and with a flourish for the camera took the money from his pocket and fanned it in front of us. Reaching behind me he placed it on the nightstand next to the bed.

“All yours. Providing you go through with it.”

As he went back to the couch, Alicia pulled me by my hand guiding me over to stand in front of the bed.

“Honey, before you start, can you take your shoes off for me?” Steve asked, “They’re sexy, but I rather see bare feet.”

Holding her feet up, Mary wiggled her pink toes, “He has a foot fetish.”

“Then wouldn’t it be better if my little brother took my shoes off?”

“Hell yes!” Steve said.

“It’s your show.” Alicia said and sitting on the bed said, “Little brother, be a dear and take your sister’s shoes off for our friends.”

“Honey, I love you!” Steve said raising his glass to her.

I sank to my knees and as Alicia held her foot up, undid the snap and after undoing the strap eased the shoe off. She placed her warm foot on my arm and held up the other. I removed that one as well, but this time she said, “Rub my foot.”

Holding her heel in my hand I used the other to knead the soft skin on the bottom of her foot and as I did she started to slide the other up and down my arm. Removing her feet, she said, “Take your shirt off.”

I paused and she gave me the pout, “Please little brother? Please let your sister see that sexy body of yours!”

“She is good.” Mary said from the couch.

I quickly stripped my shirt off and as I tossed it to the side received a whistle from Mary followed by, “You’re a lucky girl Alicia!”

As soon as my shirt had come off, Alicia placed her feet on my chest and started rubbing them up and down. I glanced over and saw Steve had put his glass down and as he was staring at us his hand was rubbing his crotch. My attention was brought back to Alicia when she shoved her foot in my face, “Suck my toes,” She whispered.

I stared at her and she cocked her head and pursed her lips as if to say “do it!” That was a look I remembered well from when we were kids. Once again taking her foot by the heel I opened my mouth and tentatively flicked my tongue across her toes. Alicia sighed as if it felt amazing and I heard Steve release a long deep breath. I started flicking my tongue back and forth across her red painted toes and when Alicia pushed them against my lips sucked her first two toes into my mouth.

“Hmm,” she moaned, “That feels so good! You like my toes little brother?”

Surprisingly I found I was enjoying sucking on them. I could taste her strawberry skin cream and I noticed her tits beginning to heave as her breathing picked up. Alicia dropped her other foot into my lap and I gasped around her toes when she started rubbing my cock through my jeans. Leaning back on the bed, Alicia pulled her skirt up, exposing a black and pink lace thong. My eyes locked onto that thin strip of material and as my tongue continued to swirl around her toes, she reached down and slid it to the side.

Even though I’d seen it last night the sight of her smooth pink pussy sent my already hardening cock swelling to full size. Removing her foot from my mouth I began licking her smooth sole while watching her long slender fingers run through her pussy.

“That’s a beautiful pussy.” Mary murmured behind me.

“Hmm, you’re making me damn wet.” Alicia cooed, “Want to see how wet?”

I nodded, but remained still, unsure of what to do.

“Reach up and play with her pussy.” Steve encouraged me, “Feel how wet she is.”

“Play with me, little brother,” Alicia not only pouted, but had whimpered the words in a little girl voice that had my cock aching to spring free.

Alicia let her other foot drop into my lap and spreading her legs further open, yanked the thong all the way over. Placing my trembling hands on her legs, I slowly slid them up the length of her legs. When I reached the soft skin of her inner thighs I could feel she was shaking as well. Keeping my left hand on her thigh, I ran my fingers lightly through her wet lips before finding her clit.

“That’s the spot.” She moaned, “Put your fingers inside me!”

Still rubbing her clit I brought my other hand between her legs and eased two fingers inside her. Alicia sighed in pleasure as my fingers entered her and I moaned softly at how hot, wet and damn tight her pussy was. When my fingers were buried inside her I started moving them slowly in and out. Alicia moaned hr approval and started moving her hips in time with them.

“Oh, yeah that’s it little brother, finger fuck your big sister!”

“Damn this is so hot.” I heard Mary say.

I sensed movement, and turning my head saw that not only had she uncrossed her legs, but placed one over Steve’s leg. I saw she wasn’t wearing any panties and apparently was a natural red head. Her fingers quickly covered part of my view as she started playing with herself. I turned back to Alicia who had started moving her hips faster and moaned, “Rub that clit Andy! Please make your big sister cum nice and hard!”

“Lick it.” I heard Steve call out.

“No,” Alicia breathed, “I want to cum nice and quick this time, he can go down on me after I suck his cock.”

“Damn girl,” he whistled, “You’re lucky I’m married.”

I pressed harder on her clit and began moving my fingers in a circular motion. I was surprised she wanted to move this quickly. Then I recalled last night and realized she was trying to get us into it early on. I can’t say that I minded and began thrusting my fingers as hard as I dared while stroking her clit. I saw Alicia move and looking up saw she had pulled not only the straps of her dress down, but had pulled the cups of her bra under her tits.

She grabbed her nipples and began playing with them as her hips pumped harder into my fingers.

“Oh please,” she moaned, “A little more just a little more. Be a good little brother and make your sister cum!”

I heard Steve moan and taking a quick look over widened my eyes. He had removed his cock from his jeans and Mary had reached over and was slowly stroking it. Steve was returning the favor with his hand now between her legs; fingers buried inside and thumb on her clit. I hadn’t expected this and whether it was the visual itself or the effect of chugging the wine, but I could feel my cock getting stiffer by the second.

“Oh yes!” Alicia cried out and clamping her legs closed around my arm started bucking her hips wildly.

She threw her head back and released a long squeal that caused a trickle of pre cum to begin leaking down my leg. The squeal was followed by those hot little yelps she had made for me last night. This time my fingers were inside her and I could feel her pussy convulsing around them. I was starting to sweat and was so hard my balls were starting to ache. Alicia made a whimpering sound and I felt her pussy unclench around my fingers.

Letting her legs drop down she released a contented sigh, then giving me a smile said, “Stand up.”

I did as she asked and getting off the bed, Alicia took me by the arms and turned me to face Steve and Mary. They were watching intently the parts of their faces we could see were flushed red from wine and excitement and as he continued to rub her pussy, she was slowly stroking his long thick cock. Alicia stood in front of me with her back to me and raised her arms over her head.

Taking her cue, I reached down and grabbing the bottom of her dress pulled it up and off of her. Alicia kept her arms up and stepping back slightly I unhooked her bra and tossed it on the floor. She leaned back against me and resting her head on my shoulder whispered, “Play with my tits.”

Sliding my arms around her, I cupped her firm tits and started stoking her nipples with my thumb.

“Yeah, that’s it,” she purred, “Show off your sister’s tits.”

“Have we said perfect?” Mary breathed her words coming out as much moaning as speaking.

Alicia began to work her hips back against me, grinding her thing covered ass against my throbbing dick.

“Oh, you’re hard for your big sister aren’t you?”

Alicia raised her arms and reaching back wrapped them around my head. She tugged on me and catching her drift, I bent my head and began kissing the soft skin of her exposed neck. Alicia made a happy sound in her throat and started swaying back and forth against me. In front of us our benefactors were slowly masturbating each other and their lips were parted as they breathed heavily. The fact they were so turned on was adding to the painful condition of my cock and I started pushing my hips into Alicia’s ass.

I started squeezing her nipples harder and after a long sexy moan, she dropped her arms from around me and spinning around to face me, paced her hand son my chest and gave me a long deep kiss. I put my arms around her and hugging her close to me groaned at the feeling of my sister’s tits pressing into my chest. As her tongue drove into my mouth she again began swaying, teasing her nipples across my skin.

“Look at that ass.” Steve spoke up sounding as if he were having as hard of a time speaking as Mary did.

Alicia broke the kiss and again turning me around, positioned me in front of the bed. Giving me a nasty smile, she said, “Let’s see if that cock is as big as it feels!”

Alicia made a show of shimmying slowly down to her knees and my heart began to pound as she began kissing and licking my stomach. While her tongue teased along the edge of my waist, her hands found my zipper. I felt the snap of my jeans release and as if in a dream watched my sister unzip me. Grabbing the sides of my jeans she yanked them down to my knees. My aching cock sprang free a spray of pre cum splattering on Alicia’s shoulder.

“Oh, look at that young hard cock!” Mary moaned.

“Hmm, is this all for your big sister?” Alicia asked as she grabbed my cock and squeezed it.

“Oh, yeah.” I moaned.

She squeezed it again, causing more pre cum to ooze from it and leaning forward, Alicia flicked her tongue across the dripping tip. I gasped and watched my cock twitching in her hand as she pulled her tongue back with a trail of my pre cum hanging from it. She made a show of slurping it up, and then licked her lips.

“You want me to suck your cock little brother?”

“Yes please. I all but whimpered

“Damn that sounds good.” Steve complimented me.

“Yeah, you want your big sis to take care of your nice big dick? Make you cum for her?”

“Please don’t tease.” I was sounding pathetic, but the sounds of agreement behind me told me they were enjoying seeing a brother beg his sister.

“Please sis?” I pleaded for them, “Please suck my cock! I made you cum!”

“True.” Alicia said while stroking my cock.

Her blue eyes were locked onto it and had a glazed look in them that at first I thought was wine, but realized with a thrill it was lust. Alicia stood up and surprised me by shoving me. I fell back into a sitting position on the bed and hooking her fingers into the sides of her things made a show of working it down her hips. Alicia bent over and shook her ass at Steve and Mary as she shimmied the thing down to the floor.

“Oh look at that ass.” He said

“And that sweet little pussy.” Mary moaned and grabbing his wrist pushed his hand hard against her pussy.

Alicia dropped to her knees and after pulling my jeans off slid up between my legs. Grabbing my cock she looked me in the eye and with a wink opened her mouth and took my cock deep into it

“Oh fuck!” I moaned at the feeling of my sister’s warm wet mouth, “Oh yes!”

“Hmm,” she moaned around my cock and as I watched my eyes wide, she worked my cock all the way down to the base of my shaft.

Still looking me in the eye, she slid her tongue out and I groaned as it slid across my balls.

“Look at that.” Mary moaned.

Alicia held my cock buried in her throat and it was everything I could do not to move my hips. She shook her head back and forth causing me to moan again the slowly worked her mouth back up my cock. She released it with a loud slurping sound then ducking her head started sucking my balls. I sat back groaning while my sister tongue bathed my balls and slowly stroked me. The sight of her face down there was driving me wild and tying to slow myself down I looked over at Steve and Mary.

“Damn.” I said.

Alicia stopped licking and turned to see that Mary had sat up and leaning over had her head in her lap and was now sucking Steve’s cock. Her head on was on his stomach and she was facing us as her mouth slowly descended on his cock. He had slid his hand down her back and had her skirt pulled up exposing the curve of her ass to us. His hand was buried between her legs and his arm was moving as he thrust his fingers in and out of her.

“Thought we were putting on the show.” Alicia laughed.

“Oh, you are.” Steve moaned.

“Speaking of.” Alicia said and moving quickly once gain engulfed my cock in her mouth.

This time she began bobbing her head in a steady rhythm and reaching down I grabbed her long blonde hair. Placing my hand on the back of her head I began guiding her up and down my cock and as our eyes met she moaned around my cock. It sent a thrill through me that this was not just for show. My sexy sister was really into blowing me!

That thought caused my hips to twitch and trying to help me last, Alicia pulled my cock from her lips and began running her tongue up and down my shaft while rubbing my balls. I moaned and my hips began moving anyway. Alicia placed her face against my cock and let it slide up and down her face as I thrust into her. I noticed her looking over at the couch and followed her gaze. Mary was still sucking Steve, long slow sucks that caused him to moan at the end of each one. I noticed his hips moving as well and Mary was grinding hard against his hand.

I gasped when Alicia took me back into her mouth and began sucking me deeper and faster than before. I groaned and my fingers tightened in her hair and unable to help it my hips started moving faster. Alicia stopped sucking and looking me in the eye winked and moaned “hmm-hmm”

I started thrusting my hips, fucking my sister’s willing mouth and moaning even louder. I heard Steve groaning as well and wondered if they were racing us. Placing her hand against my stomach to stop me from moving, Alicia ran her tongue in a couple of slow circles around the tip of my cock then sliding her mouth over it started bobbing her head even faster than last time. She began following her lips with her hand jerking me off as she blew me and I knew I was going to cum and damn soon.

Alicia was moaning continuously around my cock and my hips were moving in time with her mouth. She began kneading my balls with her other hand and my legs were shaking violently as I fought to last as long as possible.

“Oh shit” Steve cried out and I turned to see him pushing Mary’s head down on his cock as his hips bucked wildly.

Mary made a gurgling sound and as she drove her mouth down on his cock I saw a line of cum drool out of her mouth and down his shaft. At that moment Alicia gave my balls a squeeze.

“Oh fuck sis!” I called out as my cock went off in my sister’s mouth.

Alicia moaned and her blue eyes rolled back as she continued to suck. My hips jerked as my cock erupted sending a series of long streams of cum down her throat. She made a wet gurgling noise similar to Mary and as good as Alicia looked sucking, I looked over to see Mary cleaning the spilled cum from Steve’s cock with her tongue. I quickly went back to Alicia who was now sucking hard on my cock trying to completely drain it if every drop. I made another of those pathetic sounds as she squeezed the base and I felt a couple of more drops ooze from my dick and into her mouth.

“Oh fuck.” I moaned.

Sliding her mouth from my cock, Alicia stuck her tongue out and waggled it at me. It was covered in cum and turning her head she showed it to Steve and Mary. With a nasty smile, Mary stuck her own white dripping tongue to us before slurping it back in her mouth.

“Jesus.” Steve said softly, “Talk about audience participation.”

“I couldn’t resist.” Mary said, sitting up.

Looking at us she wiped at her mouth then said, “Well Andrew I think your sister deserves a treat for that don’t you?”

“Yes ma’am!” I exclaimed and for the first time moved with no hesitation

Standing up so quickly my still hard cock slapped Alicia in the face; I grabbed her by the shoulders and yanked her to her feet. She released a startled yelp as spinning her around me literally threw her on the bed.

“Oh yeah!” Steve clapped, “Little brother has the fever now!”

Alicia began to laugh, but it changed to a loud moan as kneeling between her legs I all but dove into her pussy. I spread her lips wide and immediately plunged my tongue into her hot little box.

“Yes!” she cried out, “Suck your sister’s pussy!”

I swirled my tongue around inside of her, reveling in the taste of my sister’s juices. As my tongue probed her sweet hole I took a deep breath and moaned at the scent of her pussy. Her flesh was wet and hot against my face and I started moving my head, working my rigid tongue back and forth.

“Yeah, tongue fuck me!” Alicia moaned, “Show me how bad you want it!”

“Hearing that makes me want it!” Steve declared.

I sensed movement and heard Mary release a long loud moan. Turning my head slightly I saw that Mary was now laying against the end of the couch with one leg across the top and one foot on the floor. Steve was kneeling on the floor licking her pussy as she spread it open. His head was leaning against her thigh and even as his tongue lid up and down her red haired pussy his eyes were on us.

My still hard cock jumped between my legs and returning my attention to my big sister’s delicious snatch, slowly trailed my tongue through the wet folds of her pink flesh.

“Hmm, you look so good down there. Look at you licking your sister’s pussy like a good little brother!”

“Sounds so fucking good!” Mary exclaimed.

“Looks even better.” Steve added,

“Less talking more licking.” Mary told him causing me to laugh into Alicia’s pussy.

She giggled as well and I couldn’t believe how good this was going. I returned my attention to Alicia’s pussy and after teasing her by running my tongue up and down through her lips fastened mine around her clit. She moaned and raising her feet put them on my shoulders.

“Put one down honey so we can see.” Mary told her.

Alicia lowered her foot and I gasped as it quickly found my cock and started sliding back and forth beneath it.

“Still hard for me? I can’t wait to cum so you can fuck me!”

On that note I decided to go about making that happen and as Alicia started wiggling her toes playfully against my cock I plunged two fingers into her pussy and began sucking on her clit.

“Harder!” Alicia begged.

I began thrusting my fingers harder than I had the first time and reaching up with my free hand captured one of her nipples and started rolling it between my fingers. Alicia moaned her approval and pressing my tongue firmly against her clit, swirled it in fast circles, tracing the edge s of her hard button.

“Damn you’re good.” She purred.

Her toes curled hard into my shoulder and I could feel her thighs trembling against my shoulders. At the sound of moaning I looked to the side to see Steve also finger fucking Mary and the way her hips were moving told me she would be cumming and quickly. Again feeling as if I were in a race, I started sucking hard on my sister’s clit while driving my fingers in so deep I could feel my knuckles striking the soft skin around her pussy.

Alicia didn’t seem to mind as her hips started rising to meet my fingers and reaching down she grabbed my hair and started grinding her pussy into my face.

“Oh, oh, oh….oh please!” Alicia groaned, “Oh little brother make me cum! Make my pussy even wetter for your big cock! Make me….oh fuck!!”

Figuring I really had nothing to lose, I lowered my hand from her nipple and with no warning slipped a finger into her extremely tight ass. I had done this with Brenda who loved it and apparently Alicia was fine with it as with a long loud howl her thighs clamped around my head and she began yelping and squirming into my still moving tongue.

“Yes yes yes!” she cried as my fingers continued to plunge in and out of both her holes.

From next to us I heard a high pitched squeal that announced we hadn’t beaten Mary by much. Her squeal seemed to inspire Alicia whose hips started bucking even harder as her fingers dug into my scalp and shoved my face deeper against her quivering flesh. As her pussy convulsed around my fingers I imagined it being my cock and I swirled my tongue faster and moved my fingers harder in anticipation of fucking her.

Alicia’s back arched and she cried out loudly. I felt a warm sensation around my fingers then flinched as her pussy contracted and a squirt of sticky fluid shot around my fingers and into my face.

“Oh wow.” Alicia sighed as she let her legs fall from around my head. “That was the hardest I ever… fuck yeah!”

She squealed as jumping to my feet I spread her legs and drove my cock deep into her. I all but squealed myself at the feeling of being inside my sister’s sopping wet pussy. Grabbing her ankles I lifted her legs and spreading them as wide as my arms would allow began fucking the shit out of her. I hoped our audience hadn’t wanted slow and teasing because right now I was fucking the shit out of my sister and planned on continuing.

“Look at him go!” Steve yelled, “That’s it Andrew fuck your sister! Fuck her good and hard!”

Well at least I didn’t have to worry about disappointing them I thought as I continued to hammer away at Alicia. I looked down and smiled at how fucking good she looked. In spite of the air conditioning Alicia was sweating and some of her hair was plastered to her face. Her glistening tits were bouncing wildly as my cock plunged relentlessly into her.

I lowered my gaze and moaned at the sight of my long thick cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

“Fuck her harder!” Mary called out.

Releasing her ankles I braced my hands on the bed and putting my arms behind her legs, leaned forward.

“Oh fuck that’s deep!” Alicia cried out as I bent her legs back so far her feet were over her head.

Her ass left the bed as she was bent backwards and my cock began driving into her at an even better angle. Alicia’s eyes rolled back and she was yelping with every thrust. She was so wet I could hear my cock entering her and my thighs were dripping with her juices.

“Fuck me!” She cried out, “Fuck me hard little brother! Show your sister what a man you are!”

“Take her on her knees!” Steve called out, “Fuck her doggy!” Mary added, “But take her!”

Sliding my cock out, I grabbed Alicia by her slender hips and with a wrench of my shoulders flipped her over. She immediately pushed herself up on her hands and knees and grabbing her hips I paused to admire how damn good her ass looked as well as her glistening pussy winking out at me,

“Fuck me!” she looked over her shoulder at me, her blue eyes wild with desire. “Come on little brother your sister needs to get fucked!”

Well mom always used to tell me to listen to my sister if she couldn’t be around so rearing back I plunged my cock into her in one long thrust. Alicia cried out as I immediately started hammering away at her. Her back was slicked with sweat and the sight of her amazing ass and my cock driving between her cheeks was better than I could have imagined. As sick as it was this was by far the hottest fuck I’d ever had.

“How’s that feel?” Steve asked, “How’s it feel to be fucking your sexy sister?”

“Fucking great!” I exclaimed in between gasps for breath.

“You like your brother’s cock?” Mary asked.

“Fuck yeah!” she moaned, “Best cock I’ve ever had!”

“This is the best sex the two of you will ever have.” Steve declared as if reading my mind.

I slowed my fucking as it occurred to me they sounded closer. I stopped altogether when I saw Mary and Steve approach the bed from the other side. Alicia looked up as Leaning over the bed, so that her face was only inches from Alicia she asked, “May we?”

“May you…?” I trailed off as stepping up behind her; Steve pulled his once again hard cock from his pants.

He lifted Mary’s skirt, flipping it over her ass and grabbing her hips he smiled at me, “May we join you?”

“Yes.” Alicia said quickly “I want to watch!”

Where that had come from I had no idea, but Steve did not need to be told twice. Placing his cock between her legs he shoved forward and Mary moaned in pleasure. The look on what part of her face I could see caused me to remember my cock was still buried in Alicia’s pussy and as Steve started fucking Mary fat and hard I joined him. Alicia began yelping as I put all the power of my hips into my thrusts and Steve looked like he was doing everything he could to match me.

Sliding her hands forward on the bed, Mary took Alicia’s in hers and the two of them held hands as Steve and I pounded away on them. That sight caused me to gasp and I could feel my legs trembling as I began to get close.

“You are so beautiful!” Mary gasped as her husband fucked the shit out of her, “Both of you! So hot, so perfect!”

“Oh yeah,” Steve moaned sounding as if he were getting as close as I was. “Better than we ever dreamed! Look at the two of you fucking, I…oh fuck Mary!”

Steve gave Mary a couple of more pumps that were nothing short of vicious and whipped his cock out. Mary rolled over and sitting up turned her head so we could watch Steve spray his cum directly into her wide open mouth. She caught some but a lot splattered on her chin and dripped down onto her shirt. The sight sent me over the edge and squeezing Alicia’s hips so hard she cried out I slammed her several more times before whipping my own cock out.

Like Mary, Alicia rolled over, but staying on her back held her tits up for me. I had initially thought I would get my wish of using her tattoo as target practice, but the sight of my sister presenting her tits to me was even better. Leaning over I pumped my cock and called out her name as my cock erupted sending several long thick spurts across both her tits. I kept pumping my cock moving it back and forth, making a show of painting my sister’s gorgeous tits. When I could coax no more from my spent cock, I moaned softly and all but fell onto the bed next to Alicia.

We remained silent and the room was filled with all four of us breathing hard. I watched Alicia’s cum covered tits heave and then looking at her sweat slicked face couldn’t stop thinking about how hot she was. She saw me looking and gave me a tired smile. Despite the dirtiness of the situation I felt an overwhelming wave of affection for my sister and leaning over kissed her softy on the lips, “You’re beautiful sis.” I told her.

“So are you Andy,” taking my hand she squeezed it, “So are you.”

“Now that is almost as good as the sex.” Mary murmured.

“Almost.” Steve laughed. Getting up he grabbed a pile of towels that was on the floor next to the bed and after handing me one started wiping the cum from Mary’s face.

Following his lead, I gently wiped off Alicia’s tits. Mary got up from the bed and going over to the small fridge came back with four bottles of water. We all drank deeply and after finishing mine I stood up and now feeling a bit self conscious pulled my jeans on and handed Alicia her dress. Alicia stood up, groaning with the effort and after slipping her dress on leaned over and bean putting her sandals on.

“What about your lingerie?” Steve asked.

“Keep them.” She said, “You paid for it after all.”

“Money well spent,” Steve laughed. “We’ll enjoy them, can’t say we’ll wash them though.”

“So were you guys happy?” Alicia asked.

“Can’t you tell?” Mary smiled, “Better than we had ever hoped, “Money is all yours and good luck with the house.”

“The bank will be happy and our mom will be thrilled.” I said.

“Thank you so much.” Steve said and leaning over clasped my hand while giving Alicia a quick peck on the cheek.

“A dream come true.” Mary whispered, coming over and giving each of us an affectionate kiss on our cheeks.

“Can I ask why?” Alicia gestured at us. “Why did you want this so bad to pay so much money?”

“That’s their business sis.” I told her, “Let’s leave them alone.”

“Okay.” Alicia gave me a smile and reaching out took my hand.

I smiled back at her enjoying the way she had reached for me.

“Hold on.” Steve said.

He stood there staring at us, then looking at Mary asked, “See what I see?”

“I do.” She nodded.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” She said, “But sit down on the bed and we’ll tell you why. I think what you hear may make you think about things differently.”

With a shrug I led Alicia back over to the bed and the masked couple returned to the couch.

“Because the two of you were so amazing and because as I said, something may come of us telling you we’re going to tell you why we have such a strong fetish for incest. Well brother sister anyway.” Steve said, he looked at Mary who after staring at him for moment turned to us and began to speak.

“Part of why we need to remain anonymous is not just the obvious. I mean, yes we are prominent and wealthy, but there is another reason this cannot get out.” Taking Steve’s hand she said quietly, “Steve and I are brother and sister.”

“What?” Alicia asked her eyes wide, “I thought you were husband and wife?”

“We are. But also siblings.”

“But siblings can’t get married.” I pointed out.

“If people know they can’t.” she sighed. “Despite our money which we inherited we had a pretty tough life early on. Our father sexually molested both of us.”

“Oh no.” Alicia said, “That’s terrible.”

“It was and because of his money he got away with it longer than he should have and our mother pretended she did not know. But a servant caught him and couldn’t be bought. Even still with his money it was hushed up and he simply fled the state instead of answering for it. Now go forward a few years and Steve and I and by the way those are our former names.”


“Yes former. But we will get to that. When we were teens we were both very attractive, but as you can imagine very nervous when it came to sex. We were both frustrated and lonely. One night we were left alone and after sneaking a little wine one thing led to another and we decided since we loved each other and would not hurt each other ever, we became lovers.”

Putting his arm around her, Steve took over.

“We thought it would be a for now thing, but we kept getting closer and realized our love transcended that of siblings. We snuck around for awhile then when our father past away and we inherited his money we decided to reinvent ourselves.”

“We both changed not only our last names, but our first as well; we moved across the country and lived together like any other couple. A friend of mine was a doctor with a family practice in trouble. I told him if he would fudge our blood test for a marriage certificate we would pay his debt and we became husband and wife fifteen years ago.”

Dani and I washed each other, slowly, lovingly removing each other’s sweat from our bodies. We took our time, our hands exploring every part of one another, truly enjoying the newfound freedom of being naked together. It was amazing, to discover something so very fundamental about someone I had been so close to, and so at odds with, my whole life.

I watched lather collect on her skin and disappear again and again as I ran my hands over her body, drinking in the sight of the soft, wet flesh beneath my fingers, kneading and squeezing everything I felt. Dani moaned at my touch, and I gasped at hers.

“What are we doing?” she whispered. Her fingers trailed down my chest, toying with tiny bubbles, dropping low and circling my cock. “Why am I playing with your cock?”

“I don’t know,” I said. I was surprised at the truth of it. I really had no idea. “When I woke up this morning, I knew that you would always be my annoying older sister. Now… now I have no idea.”

“Should we stop?” she asked. Dani looked into my eyes like she was trying to push the question into my brain. Her hand gently squeezed my cock. “Should we pretend like it never happened? Go back to what we were before? Everything was so normal this morning, and now I’m standing in a shower, naked, rubbing my brother’s cock.” Dani’s eyes dropped to the hand stroking me. “That’s so fucked up,” she breathed.

I stepped closer, the head of my cock nearly brushing her stomach and reached low, my fingers slipping between her lips, brushing her clit. She shivered as her eyes closed and her head dropped back. I felt the heat from her, my fingers finding slickness that came from neither soap nor water.

“It doesn’t seem to bother you all that much,” I said. I groaned as she squeezed my cock tighter. “And I think you can tell how much it bothers me.”

“Does this make us sick?” She asked. Dani’s free hand wrapped around the back of my neck and squeezed, pulling my face closer to hers, bumping my forehead against hers, her breath hot on my face. She pressed my cock lower, rubbed it against the back of my hand. I moved my hand and stepped forward. She rubbed it against her clit and moaned into my mouth. “Is this wrong?”

“Probably,” I said. “But it doesn’t feel wrong.” I slipped my hands around her, gripping the back of her thighs and lifting, wrapping her legs around me and letting her guide me into her again. “Does it?”

“No,” she moaned. “No, it really, really doesn’t.”

We fucked again, slower this time, kissing softly and moving together gently. Her body was perfect against me, her legs pulling me closer, her arms around my neck as my cock filled her completely. I pushed into her again and again, enjoying the sensation of her orgasm building, feeling her breath become ragged in her chest, hearing her whisper my name against my lips. I felt her body shudder and my own orgasm grow, my hands gripping her ass and the back of her thighs, smiling against her neck and kissing the soft skin below her ear.

Dani threw her head back and dug her fingers into my hair as her pussy clenched around me, pulsing along the length of my cock, milking me, pulling my cum from me and into her as I lost control and exploded deep inside my sister for the second time in an hour. Dani shook in my arms as we came together, her eyes open wide and staring into mine, lust and ecstasy warring for control on her face.

I sank slowly to my knees until Dani was in my lap, kissing her gently. We rested in each other’s arms, my cock still inside her and our breath deep and fast. She smiled and kissed me again before pushing gently on my chest.

“We had better hurry the fuck up,” she said. We both moaned as she slid off my lap, my cock sliding out and pulling our mixed cum with it. I slipped my finger inside her, wriggling it around, feeling my cum and hers swirl around with the motion and she giggled. “If you don’t stop that, we’re never gonna get back to camp.”

I smiled and slowly withdrew my finger, teasing lightly as I pulled it out. Dani grinned and grabbed my hand, bringing my finger to her lips and gently sucking our cum from it. My smile widened as she swallowed what she took, and I gently kissed her neck.

“Seriously, bro, we have to get the fuck out of here,” Dani said as my finger popped from her mouth.

We rewashed more hurriedly, necessity stealing the ability to enjoy the sights and sensations. We were both scrubbed and clean inside of ten minutes, and dressed in another five.

I pulled on another pair of gym shorts and a soft white t-shirt. Dani donned a pair of my old boxers (again, stolen) and a green tank top that clung to her still-damp skin. We stepped out of our stall and walked hand-in-hand to the door, enjoying the last few moments of true intimacy we would get for at least a while.

Just as Dani reached for the handle, I tugged her hand, pulled her against me and pushed her against the door, lifting her up to me. Her legs wrapped around my waist and we kissed, slowly, deeply, our tongues caressing. There was no urgency, no hesitation, no holding back. We kissed like we were alone, like we had the time.

We didn’t have the time, of course, but it was a beautiful illusion for that moment. It ended sooner than either of us would have liked, devolving from a lover’s kiss to lovers’ pecks and finally to just holding each other.

“I needed to do that before we walked out,” I said.

“I know,” Dani said. She smiled, beautifully and happily, with a hint of sadness. “Me too.”

We found our parents much as we usually did when they sent us off for “private time”: a little sweaty, a lot smiley, and changed into their pajamas, meaning much the same kind of clothes that Dani and I were wearing.

The last couple hours of daylight passed fairly quickly. Mom read a book that I had never heard of, Dad and I talked about what Dani referred to as, “the most boring bullshit ever.” In this instance, that meant cars. Dad rebuilds old cars as a hobby, and I have watched and helped since I can remember. Actually learning all the stuff has never happened for me, as it’s never been about becoming a mechanic, but spending time with my dad.

Dani listened to music while flipping through one of the dozen or so magazines she brought on the trip. It was hard not stare.

My older sister is, like I said, small. But she’s very, very well put together. For the first time in my life, I was really noticing just how well. I kept looking at her skin, smooth and tanned and freshly washed. She sat unassumingly on one of the camp chairs, her legs stretched out and crossed in front of her. Her head was back as far as it could go while still allowing her to read without lifting the magazine, and her chest was pushed ever so slightly out.

I didn’t figure out that she was actually showing off for me a little until I caught her watching me stare. She winked, licked her lips and slowly ran her foot up her shin behind Dad’s back. When Dad turned his head to pick up his beer, I flipped her off. She just grinned and winked again.

About an hour after dark, Mom stretched and yawned. Dani was already dozing in her chair, the magazine draped across her stomach. Dad made the announcement that it was time for everyone to turn in and be ready for an early start.

I stood and walked to the tent, unzipping the flap and turning to see where Dani was as she rocketed past me and dove into the tent. I snapped my head back around to see her snatch my pillow from atop my sleeping bag.

“Oh hell no! Use your own pillow!” I protested.

“But yours is so soft,” Dani cooed. As she spoke she reached to her waist, grabbed the hem of her tank top and peeled it off over her head in one smooth motion.

“Pipe down,” Dad called. “I can hear you bickering over here.”

“Sorry, Dad,” we said in unison. I stepped into the tent and zipped up the flap, careful to block anyone’s view into the space as I did so. When I turned around, I was greeted by the sight of my now fully nude sister laying with her back arched, my pillow stuffed under her and her legs spread wide, knees bent, staring into my eyes with the wicked grin I was growing to be incredibly fond of.

“I don’t know what you think you’re doing,” I said, letting my voice trail off just in case Dad was still listening. I dropped to my knees and ran my hand up the inside of one smooth, warm thigh. I gently kissed the soft round flesh, then kissed again higher. I gently bit the spot where her leg ended, just outside her pussy, then licked the same spot slowly. I could feel the heat from her against my cheek.

“Hoping,” she whispered as her fingers tangled themselves in my hair. “Hoping you would do that.”

Dani’s breath caught in her chest as I gently trailed my tongue across her lips, barely touching, just enough that she knew I was there. I repeated the motion, just barely increasing the pressure, flicking lightly at her clit with my tongue before starting again at the bottom. No teasing this time, just pressing in, sliding my tongue between her lips and tasting her juicy pussy before sealing my lips around her clit and dragging my tongue lightly across it.

Her fingers tightened in my hair as I licked her, my arms wrapping up and around, my hands caressing her breasts and sides as I lay between her legs. Dani’s feet rested on my shoulders, her hips moving slightly, gently grinding herself against my tongue. I took my time, building her slowly, loving the taste of her, feeling every movement of my tongue in the gasps of her breath and the twitch of her hips.

I broke away from her clit, sliding my tongue again through her lips, curling it in, reaching as far into her as I could with my tongue and moving my upper lip against her clit. I licked gently between her outer and inner lips on both sides, glided my tongue again through her wetness and slipped lower, teasingly flicking my tongue against her tight little ass, diving deep into her pussy again before reclaiming her clit and swirling my tongue around it. I sucked gently, just enough to keep my lips sealed around her as my tongue lightly dragged across her clit both up and down, never letting up, never losing contact as I slipped my finger into her pussy and curled it up, dragging my fingertip against her g spot.

Dani’s hand left my head and clamped over her mouth as she came, her whole body quaking against my mouth as I curled my arms around her waist and held her hips in place, refusing to let her go, refusing to lose my hold on her. Her pussy clenched and pulsed around my finger as my tongue continued on her clit and she nearly screamed when I slipped a second finger in, pushing against her spasming muscles and into her wetness before pulling it away, turning my hand and sliding it deep into her ass.

Dani’s breath came in short, hard blasts through her nose as she continued to cum, her pussy and ass both trying to crush the invading digits. Finally, slowly, I decreased. I slowed the motion of the finger in her ass, gently slipping it out, then slowed and withdrew my finger from her pussy. My tongue continued for a few moments, barely touching as she slowly came down, the ever-so-gentle touch of it still enough to cause her to twitch every time it made contact. I gave her clit one last, light brush with my tongue then pulled away, kissing her pelvis, her hip, her stomach, working my way upward as she continued to twitch. Her thighs nearly vibrated against mine as I reached her face.

“How the fu-? Wh-? You,” she struggled the words out. “Holding out on me,” she mumbled.

I grinned and kissed her softly.

“Maybe tomorrow night you can find out what it’s like when I’m not trying to keep you quiet,” I whispered.

Dani groaned and wrapped her arms around me, pulling me down beside her and throwing her leg over my waist. She nestled into the crook of my shoulder, her face buried against my neck.

“I fucking better,” she mumbled.

I smiled, kissed her forehead, and wrapped my arm around her shoulders, totally content with the first day of my vacation.

We were both asleep in seconds.

“No way does Carrie want me to eat her pussy,” Monica laughed. “She’s not gay.”

“You kept calling her gay.”

“I know, but I was fucking with her. She’s not, trust me. I know.”

“How?” I asked.

“Because she’s a cheerleader and real cheerleaders aren’t lesbians.”

“Maybe, but then again, she’s not a cheerleader anymore,” I pointed out. “I think she liked it when you ate her pussy.”

“You made me do it and I hated every minute of it.”

“That’s something you’re going to need to get over,” I said and I outlined my plan to her. During my explanation, Monica’s reactions ranged from shocked to skeptical and ended by laughing at me.

“That’s never going to work,” she said and she began poking holes in my plan. “Let’s pretend you get the videos off her phone and laptop, what about the copies she made? What about the copy in the air?”

“You mean, ‘the cloud?’” I corrected.

“Yeah, same thing,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“I can do it,” I insisted.

“Fine, let’s say you can, you still have two more problems. I won’t do it and neither will Carrie.”

“We’ll see,” I said, still a believer in my plan. “Unless you have a better idea.”

“No,” Monica said, pouting. “But if you do it, you won’t need to blackmail me anymore.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, I’ll fuck and suck you anytime you want if you can get us out of this.”

“So you’re saying you like it,” I laughed and I laughed even harder when she flipped me off. A part of me believed she liked it. Part of me believed Monica enjoyed being used. There was still a story behind why she had made those videos that I hadn’t ferretted out, yet. “I need to take a shower and you need to get dressed.” I went upstairs, took a shower and resisted the urge to satisfy my aching need.

“I feel like a slut,” Monica complained as we walked into the mall after parking. She should. She was wearing a white sundress and nothing else. With the light in front of her, she looked radiant, beautiful and innocent. But when she was backlit, I could see through the thin fabric of her dress and it was easy to tell she was naked beneath it.

“If it makes you feel better, if I get hard, everyone will know if I’m circumcised or not.” I was wearing a tight fitting pair of shorts without underwear that left as little to the world’s imagination as Monica’s dress.

“Don’t worry. I think most people will be busy looking at your cute ass,” Monica teased, pinching my ass. Her tiny flirt didn’t help my condition.

We strolled towards the clothing store where Carrie worked. I saw how guys were looking at Monica and I couldn’t blame them, she looked hot as hell. Once in the store where Carrie worked, we divided up to look for her. I found her first. “Hey you!” she said, her eyes roaming over my body and noticing the bulge in my shorts. She glanced over her shoulder, slipped closer to me and grabbed the front of my shorts. “Aren’t you the tease?”

“Not as much as Monica,” I said, nodding in her direction. Three male employees had descended on her, eagerly trying to help her.

“Oh wow,” Carrie said, giggling. “You can see right through that dress.”

“Yeah, I know,” I grinned. We watched Monica flirting with the guys attracted to her. She giggled, laughed and spun in small circle to face one guy and then another. As soon as she turned, the guy behind her would check out her ass. It was funny to watch. “The best part is knowing she’s our slut.”

“Yeah she is,” Carrie said. She looked around and risked another grab at the front of my shorts. “Did you fuck her yet?”

“Not since you left. I was saving myself for when you’re there.”

“You know, at parties, she used to sneak off and suck dick.”

“You’re kidding me,” I said, finding that bit of news more exciting than everything else.

Carrie shook her head. “Nope. The first time I fucked Brad was because I was covering for her. She slipped into a bedroom to suck off some guy and he was looking for her, so I threw myself at him.”

“Ho’s before bro’s?” I suggested. Carrie giggled, shrugged and nodded.

“We should make her suck them off,” she said. It hadn’t been part of my plan. My plan was teasing Carrie, making sure she would come back after work.

“Yeah, but where?”

“One of the dressing rooms?”

“Will she get caught?”

“By who?” Carrie asked, laughing. She had a point. If Monica was sucking off employees, who was going to “catch” her? Monica kept glancing in our direction. I waved her over. She excused herself from the trio of guys and came over. Carrie pretended to show me a shirt, holding it up as if I was thinking about buying it. The trio of guys stayed behind, clustered together to compare their notes. “Looking good,” Carrie told Monica.

“I feel naked,” Monica whispered.

“So Carrie was telling me how you would sneak off at parties and suck dick.”

“Bitch,” Monica muttered at her.

“Careful,” Carrie cautioned.

“Careful nothing,” I said. “I think it’s a good idea. Why don’t you pick a guy and visit a dressing room with him?”

Monica’s eyes went wide as she looked at me. She shook her head, looked to Carrie for help and didn’t find any. “As if you have a choice, slut,” Carrie said.

“I hate you,” Monica snapped, but she turned around and approached one of the guys who had slipped away. On the way, she randomly snagged a pair of jeans from a rack as she approached him. We watched as she talked to him. He smiled, nodded towards the dressing rooms and led the way. His co-workers followed him with jealous stares. When they reached the dressing room area, Monica looked over his shoulder, leaned close and whispered in his ear. The employee looked over his shoulder, too. He grinned at his buddies and followed her into the dressing room. Carrie clamped her hand over her mouth while I bit back a howl of laughter. The remaining two guys exchanged stunned stares.

Carrie and I stared at the other two guys with huge grins on our faces. We watched them huddled together, talking and ignoring the rest of the store. A few minutes passed before the first guy came out of the dressing room wearing a huge grin. He made a beeline for his co-workers. While we couldn’t hear what he was saying, it didn’t matter. He told them what happened, suggested one of them head in next and the bolder of the two remaining took the chance. When he came out wearing a smile, the last guy took his place.

“Told you. You’re sister’s a cumslut,” Carrie beamed. As I stood pressed against a rack of hanging clothes, she rubbed the front of my shorts. I was hard as hell. “Are you going to take a turn?”

“Nah, I’ll wait,” I said, though it was tempting. The last guy took the least amount of time before he came back to the sales floor wearing the same big goofy grin as his two buddies. A minute later, Monica came out, too. She walked straight towards us, ignoring the stares from the three men she had sucked off.

“Can we please go now?” she asked. There was a wild, hungry look in her face and it took me a moment to recognize it. She was excited. “Are you coming over after work?” she asked Carrie.

“Maybe, but I can’t spend the night.”

“Please don’t tell them who we are, okay?” Monica asked.

“You’re secret’s safe with me,” Carrie promised. Monica grabbed my hand and pulled me from the store.

“Hold on,” I said, stepping up and pulling her towards a row of benches where I sat down.

“What’s your problem?”

“I’m hard as hell,” I said. “And I’m not walking through the mall like this. Sit down and give me a minute.”

“I can’t sit.”

“Why not?”

“I’m too wet. I’ll leave a wet spot on my skirt.”

We stared at each other for a long before we began laughing. What a pair we made! She wandered away and did some window shopping. I watched as men walked by, turning their heads to stare at the pretty blonde in the see-thru dress. A few women noticed, too. Sitting wasn’t helping me. I was too excited. I gave up, caught up with her and hoped she would be enough distraction that no one would notice my condition.

We lived less than ten minutes away from the mall; too close to waste time doing anything in the parking lot. As I drove us home, I asked a question that had been on my mind, “What’s with the assplay and sucking dick?”

Monica sighed and gave me a pained look before she answered. “It’s from back in the day. I can’t get pregnant if no one fucks me.”

“But you’re not a virgin.”

“I know, but I like sucking dick and, you know, the other thing.”

“Taking it up the ass?”

She nodded, her cheeks turning a bit pink. I’m not sure why, but seeing her uncomfortable with talking about it made me happy.

“Wait, I thought you said I was your first?”

“You were,” she said, rubbing my hard-on. “Just because I never gave my ass to another man doesn’t mean I never played there.”

“I’m going to fuck you as soon as we get home,” I said.

“You better,” she said as I pulled down our street.

“No, that’s not how this is played. You need to beg me to fuck you, not command me to do it.”

“C’mon, don’t be a jerk about it, okay? We’re both horny, can’t we just do it without playing games?” She squeezed my hard dick.

“No. Beg me, bitch.”

“No,” she said, crossing her arms even though I had pulled into the driveway and she needed to undo her seatbelt and open her door.

I got out of the car and went into the house. I stripped off my shorts as I walked, leaving them on the floor somewhere between the front door, the living room, the pass-thru to the kitchen and the family room. I tossed my t-shirt on the ground, too. Naked, I sat in dad’s big easy chair and waited. A long extra minute passed before I heard the front door open and slam shut. Monica followed my clothes, turned the corner and stood in the entryway of the family room. “You’re not naked,” I said.

“Fuck you,” she said, but she undid her dress and left it on the floor at her feet.

“I would, if you’d ask for it.”

“Fuck you,” she repeated.

I stood, watching as her eyes dropped to admire my aching hard-on. Slowly, I approached her as if she was a puppy dog unsure if she was waiting for a smack on the nose or a pat on the head. My need was clearly visible. Yes, I had fucked Monica that morning, but that had been hours ago. Since that time, I had fucked her up the ass without an orgasm, played with Carrie and suffered through knowing Monica was sucking off three strangers in the dressing room of a store at the mall. I needed more and she was going to give it to me one way or another. “Beg me,” I suggested one final time.

“Fuck you,” she replied, her eyes aimed at my hard cock.

“No,” I said, pulling her gingerly by the hand towards the furniture of the family room. It was the same room where the entire family used to gather to watch “America’s Funniest Home Videos” on Sunday night and a single episode of “The Simpsons” before it was bedtime for my sister and I. The furniture had changed, but the room felt the same. We had grown up in this room; her playing with dolls and me with my Hot Wheels cars zoom across the coffee table that still held the objects Monica had demonstrated she liked to shove up her ass. I pulled lightly, urging her to follow without forcing her. She allowed me to lead her into the center of the room. That’s when I pushed her backwards against a couch. It caught her knees and she fell with an inglorious plop and a surprised look on her face. Grabbing a handful of her hair, I pulled her pretty face towards my hard cock. “Fine. You like sucking cock so much? Suck mine.” I shoved my dick inside her mouth.

Monica didn’t resist. She opened her mouth to the intrusion of my hard cock, taking it as easily as I guess she had accepted the pricks of those three men she didn’t know. She sucked me as I moved back and forth, face-fucking her. I was gentle or slow. I gave her mouth the urgency I had planned on giving her pussy. I shoved my prick in and out of her mouth, gagging her at times and not caring. I kept hold of her hair, guiding her face back and forth. She kept her teeth covered and accepted my face-fucking. I didn’t last long. I didn’t intend to last long. I’m not sure I could have made the choice to last long. I came in her mouth. I came and forced her to suck, swallow and eat every drop and droplet of my orgasm. I came and kept my hard prick inside her mouth until I knew every drop had been spent.

“You’re a stupid bitch,” I said as I pulled away. “I would have fucked you. I would have gotten you off. Instead, you wasted it. I hope you’re happy.”

“I am,” she said, though she looked frustrated.

“Good,” I said and I stormed away. Fuck her. I don’t know what her deal was, but I had things to do. I had a computer program to write. Naked, I sat at my super computer, downloading code and tweaking it until I had designed the perfect little virus for Miss Carrie. Fuck her and her computer. It was time she learned what it was like to run with the big boys.

It was close to nine and I knew Carrie would be back soon. I went back downstairs and found Monica sitting in front of the TV. She was still naked. “You play with yourself?”

“No,” she said. “I thought about it, but I didn’t want you to catch me doing it.”

“You horny?”

“What the fuck do you think?” she asked. She pulled on her nipples as if I couldn’t see how hard they were.

“Ready to eat some pussy?”


“Good,” I laughed.

“It’s not going to work.”

“You got a better plan?”


“Then try something new. Try trusting your big brother.”

“Right,” she said, with enough icy sarcasm to chill the room.

“Come over here,” I commanded, sitting on the couch across from her. She moved in front of me, giving me a skeptical look. I rubbed her pussy. She was wet and I saw her eyes flutter from the welcomed attention. I rubbed her clit for a bit, teasing without pleasing. She rocked against my hand. When I stopped, she gave me a disappointed look. “Tell me why you made those videos and I’ll work out something different tonight.”

“How do you mean different?”

“You won’t have to eat pussy.”

“Who says I’m going to do that?”

“You did it the other day.”

“She rode my face and that was all. I kept my tongue inside my mouth.”

“But you liked it, didn’t you?”


“So?” I asked, rubbing her clit again. “Tell me. I’ll find out one way or another.”

“I did them for a friend. A professor. In exchange for an A in his class.”

“You’re lying.”

“No, I’m not,” she insisted. “Biology. He was really cute. I thought I could blow him or something, but that wasn’t good enough for him. He didn’t want a blow job.”

“Was he gay or something?” I couldn’t imagine a straight man able to resist the offer of a blow job from sister.

“Married. Said he wouldn’t break his wedding vows.”

“So you offered to send him a video?”

“No, he asked for it. He said it was the only way.”

“And you did it. But why so many?”

She giggled, a sound I seldom heard from her. “I had him twice. It was one video a week for both semesters.” I did the math in my head and it worked out.

“Did you have fun doing them?”

“Yeah, I guess. I mean, why not? They were just for him, no one else, I swear.”

“Why did you keep them?”

“I don’t know, because they were mine? It’s not as if I looked back at them and played with myself. I’m not that narcissistic. Besides, they were sort of fun to make.”

“Are you sorry I found them?”

“Yes,” she said, except her voice was too soft as she said the word, as if she was saying it because she was supposed to say it.

“Why did you tell Carrie about us?”

“Because she fucks her dad? I don’t know.”

“Or because you knew she was into me,” I suggested.

“Maybe,” Monica admitted. “She’s always been into you, even before you went to college.”

“I’m going to turn her gay tonight.”

“I know that’s what you think you’re going to do. It won’t work.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because she’s still a cheerleader. We don’t do that shit.”

“You will.”

“Says you.”

“You will,” I said again and zeroed in on her clit. She shuddered from the intense pleasure of my fingers and I laughed. No matter what happened, I owned her pussy. Could I manage to do the same thing with Carrie?

There was a soft knock at the door and I knew it was Carrie. I got up from the couch. I had gotten hard again while petting my sister’s pussy. I didn’t mind. With a high, hard, proud erection jutting out from my loins, I opened the front door without looking to see who it was. No surprise, it was Carrie. Her eyes went right to my prick. “Now that’s what I call a greeting!”

“He’s been waiting for you,” I lied, nodding at my prick.

“Really?” she asked, buying ever word of my flattery. “How’s your sister doing?”

“Frustrated. She hasn’t had an orgasm since you left this afternoon.”

“You sure?”

“I’m really sure,” I promised.

“What about you?”

“Not since you made me fuck her up the ass,” I lied. There was no way for her to know otherwise, unless Monica threw me under the bus. I didn’t think she would.

“What do you want to do tonight?” Carrie asked, still eyeing my hard prick.

“Honestly? You.” It wasn’t a lie. I was attracted to Carrie. She was hot.

“I meant with your sister,” she said, giving my chest a playful slap.

“Oh, well, you know,” I said, as if she should. She didn’t. She gave me a confused look. “I want to turn her gay.”

“You’re shitting me.”

“No, I’m serious,” I insisted. “I know you don’t go that way.”

Carrie gave me a non-committal shrug.

“But I keep thinking, we could make it look as if Monica does, couldn’t we?”

“That would destroy her. You know that’s a big deal between cheerleaders, right?”

“Yeah I do,” I said. “That’s why I want to do it. If we can make her look gay, we have her forever, right?”

“What’s your plan?”

“I don’t know,” I lied. “I’m going to play it by ear, but we have to remember to film everything, okay?”

“I’ve got my phone.”

“You still have yesterday’s video on it?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Just worried you’re going to run out of space. You know how much space video files take.”

“Oh, I cleared all those off when I downloaded it to my hard drive,” she said. Like I said before, Carrie is not stupid, but she was playing into my plan.

“Cool! Then you can video everything we do?” I asked. She nodded. “Wait, there’s a problem with that.” She raised her eyebrows. “Monica sort of freaked out about the video you made about her and me. She might freak out about you taking more video.”

“So what?”

“I know, it’s stupid, but maybe we should use my phone?”

“You don’t want me to have any more video of you fucking your sister, do you?”

I smiled. Damn she was quick on the uptake. She was right, of course, but I wasn’t going to let her know that. “Hell, I don’t give a shit about that. You’re cool.” It was all a lie. “Still, let’s use my phone; it uploads automatically to the internet. When you get home, you can log into my account and download all the video we take.”

“For real?”

Taking a risk, I leaned down, wrapped my arms around her and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. “For real,” I said. She gazed up at me with a stunned, surprised look. “I want to make love to you,” I blurted out.

“Oh wow.” She appeared startled and looked at me intently. I moved her hand to my hard prick and she rubbed my still smooth cock and balls.

“You’re hot as fuck and I can’t stop thinking about you.” I watched my flattery working its magic. She could feel my prick throbbing and I could see Carrie melting. I kept piling it on. “I used to think about you sometimes when I would jerk off.”

“No way,” she said with a giggle.

I nodded, looking earnest. “Please don’t tell Monica though, okay? I’ll never hear the end of it.”

“I want to see you fuck her again, is that sick?”

My answer felt sick as hell, but what difference did it make? “I like when you watch us, is that wrong?”

It was hard to tell if the sun was up when Chet rolled out of bed and stumbled towards the bathroom. He was guided only by two decades worth of muscle memory and the slightest hint of light from the skylight. The time didn’t matter to him in the least, it was Memorial Day weekend and not only did he have no place to be today, he had the entire four day weekend with no place to go and nobody at home either.

Chet reached into his shower giving it a moment to warm up before stepping out of his boxers and into the shower. Even though he hadn’t played football since the turn of the millennium and his short professional career had ended a few years before that, he still had much of the physique he’d spent his high school and college years honing. Broad muscular shoulders turned light pink as the hot water washed over his flesh. His didn’t still have the perfect tone of a twenty year old but he had a job that didn’t let him spend hours every night in the gym anymore either. He still didn’t have a hard time selling tickets to the gun show. The only part of his body that he wasn’t particularly proud of anymore was his gut which was soft from his desk job.

Twenty minute later Chet grudgingly emerged from the shower and pulled on loose pair of satin Pajama pants and a t-shirt and wandered down into the living room. His wife, Penny, hated when he didn’t put on ‘real’ clothes but she was out of town for the week at a writers’ conference in Dallas so he was free to do as he pleased without listening to her complain. Chet honestly wasn’t sure anymore if he genuinely liked walking around in various states of half dress because it was liberating or simply because it reminded him of when he could. Either way it felt pretty good to strut down the stairs with nothing separating his skin from the smooth fabric.

Sitting down in front of his computer Chet immediately pulled up his Literotica account and settled into the plush computer chair he’d nicknamed the Throne. Even as large as the room was the Throne seemed to dominate everything else in the room.

Just as he settled into place he heard two pairs of feet coming down the stairs he stifled an annoyed sigh. It was easy to remember that your wife wasn’t home when you rolled opened your eyes and half he bed was empty and still perfectly kempt. It was much harder to remember that your twenty one year old was on vacation and had decided she’d rather crash at the house than with her friends like she normally would for a minor holiday. Stephanie wasn’t alone either, she’d brought along her best friend Tiffany. For the life of him Chet couldn’t figure out how such a pretty little girl managed to clomp around like a line backer but he could recognize her without even turning around. Chet was a little embarrassed that he hadn’t noticed her sooner.

“Hiya Daddy!” Stephanie called walking past him without pausing for a moment. Thank God for small miracles thought Chet while he quickly shifted the screen to conceal everything but the words of the erotic story he was reading. Tiffany clomped past echoing his daughter’s greeting with the same speed but quite a bit more volume.

Chet shook his head as the two young ladies started tearing the kitchen apart. In the two years since the last time she’d been allowed in the kitchen he’d completely forgotten why they didn’t let her cook. You’d think that an entire gang of angry hyenas had been loosed on the kitchen judging from the cacophony echoing out of the kitchen. Chet couldn’t quite stop himself from laughing as he imagined his baby girl as one of the gorillas from Disney’s Tarzan. She’d loved that movie so much she’d watched it every day for almost a year. She must have turned it on at the exact same time every day because Chet swore he always got home from work just in time to hear that damn “Trashin’ the Camp” song. To this day he still occasionally woke up and found himself humming the tune.

He must have spaced out as the song was playing in his head because he didn’t even notice his daughter walking over to him until she slid the plate of French Toast onto the desk between him and the monitor. “We cooked you some Daddy.” She chimed before giving him a quick peck on the side of the head.

The two girls walked past the computer again just slow enough that Chet had to resist the urge to close the window before remembering that he doesn’t have to hide anything from his daughter and her friends. Still his heart skipped a beat the same way it had years ago when his mother had nearly caught him with his father’s magazines.

Normally Chet would have said something to the girls about sitting at the table instead of on the couch but Penny wasn’t around to notice and besides, everybody was being naughty. There was some kind of thrill to knowing that his daughter was just five feet away while he was reading pornography. It was an old favorite about a girl desperate to pass her science class and how she eventually ended up being the play thing of the entire faculty.

It was nice slow burn of a story with the heroine, or harlot as Chet preferred, getting sucked deeper and deeper into the world of depravity at every turn. The beginning of the story was just her giving a lap dance but by the end she was a famous porn star. He was just getting to his favorite part of the story, the part when the Jenny was stuck in gym after a power outage and spent the chapter being passed around between the basketball players and even a few of the cheerleaders.

He always got a hardon when he got to this part of the story and knowing Stephanie was just a few feet turned what was normally just a regular arousal into an almost painful erection. It was a constant struggle to keep from slipping his hand into his pants. Instead he was doing his best to remain subtle as he pumped his heel. “Hey Daddy, me and Tiff are heading out to the mall and I need fifty bucks!”

“Yeah, well I want a blow job.” The words had barely left his mouth as he realized what he’d said. Chet simply froze in place hoping somehow that he hadn’t actually said it, he’d just been thinking extremely loud. If he waited another few seconds she’d think he hadn’t heard her and she’d ask again. That would confirm that He’d get up, careful conceal the bulge in his pants, get his wallet and give her the money. She’d leave and that would be the end of that.

“It’s just a blowjob. Why don’t you go over there suck him off and then we can get going.” Tiffany whispered nudging her friend from behind. “I don’t see what the big deal is, you suck him off we go get our shopping money. It’s quick and easy!”

“He’s my dad!” Stephanie hissed over her shoulder paying no attention to her father who was still paralyzed. Chet might have been hearing the words but he was still convinced that it was all taking place in his head. He was certain his daughter wouldn’t have had such a joking tone to her voice when discussing giving him, or any man for that matter, a blow job. Just a few more seconds and reality would kick in. All he had to do was keep staring at words on the computer screen and eventually reality would have to take over.

Reality was apparently taking its sweet time and Chet wasn’t certain if it was torturing him or simply enjoying the irony when Tiffany spoke again. “I know exactly who he is. He’s Chet “The Boulder” Tyler. He took the Raptors to state, twice in a row. Went to college and played for the Dolphins for two seasons. He wants a blow job, you want fifty bucks. If you weren’t his daughter it would be wrong for you accept money from him!” Tiffany exclaimed slapping her friend on the shoulder. “Besides you know you want to.”

Stephanie wasn’t denying the claim nearly fast enough for Chet. If he’d been imagining this right now Tiffany would have pulled her shirt over her head and told innocent little Stephanie to go upstairs while a woman took care of business. “It is just a B. J.” Stephanie repeated. “It’s not like it would be the first one I’ve given.”

“It wouldn’t even be the first one you’ve given to an older man!” Tiffany teased pushing her friend forward.

“Shut up.” Stephanie didn’t resist when Tiffany took her by the hand and lead, not dragged her to her father. Stephanie didn’t stop Tiffany put her hands on the back of the Throne. She rested there trying to regain her thoughts and waiting for her father to tell her to stop. Any minute he was going to put an end to this inappropriate joke and tell her it wasn’t funny. He wouldn’t give her the money either as punishment. Instead he remained silent staring at the computer screen.

“Hurry up. I want to get on the road before the traffic gets to crazy.” Tiffany whined.

“Shut up!” Stephanie hissed this time digging her fingers into the fake leather of the Throne. A shiver that wasn’t entirely unpleasant traveled the length of her spine as she spun the massive chair around to face her.

Chet hadn’t dared look at his daughter until then so it was a bit of a shock when he saw her. He’d seen the way she dressed in High School and he was expecting more of the same, short skirts, tight shirts. Stephanie had enjoyed listening to him protest as she skipped out the door looking like something out of a music video. . .or a porn video. To his shock she was wearing a loose black skirt that ended halfway down her calves. The light material didn’t do much to conceal her shapely hips though and if he stared hard enough he could see the outline of her underwear through it. Like her mother Stephanie had been blessed with a generous busom but instead of the tube tops she’d favored just a year before she was wearing a black and purple vest that did an adequate job of hiding her assets. That combined with her square rimmed glasses and hair done up in a bun and she looked of all things like a librarian. A slight laugh escaped Chet before he could stop himself.

Stephanie’s eyes widened but she remained still staring at him. “What’s so funny Daddy?” She managed to blurt out. For the first time in her life she knew what people meant when they spoke of butterflies in the stomach. It felt like an entire swarm of them were fluttering around in her belly trying to escape. He hadn’t noticed the dark lipstick stick she was wearing until he saw her plump lips pursing into a pout.

“Nothing.” He replied his eyes completely focused on the way her mouth moved. Her lower lip was quivering ever so slightly as she stared at him. “You just. . .” He tried to drag his eyes away from Stephanie but failed.

“Just what?” She growled.

“Look like a librarian.” He finally replied suddenly feeling quite small.

Tiffany stepped up behind Stephanie pulling a few pins out of her hair and suddenly it came cascading down over her shoulders. “Go get em’ champ.” She encouraged with a light slap on the rump.

It was Stephanie’s turn to have faith that someone would step in and stop her as she sank to her knees and slipped her fingers into the waistband of her father’s pants. She knew he would stop her. Stephanie bit down on her lower lip moving as slowly as she could he’d have time to say something, do something, anything to stop her. In the end he made only one motion. Lift his hips slightly so she could bring them down to his knees.

Stephanie swallowed hard when his erect cock sprang free of its confines. There was nothing particularly fantastic about it. She’d seen a few larger and plenty that were smaller. The thing that made this one special was that it was her fathers. Time seemed to stand still while she inched her way closer to her father’s penis knowing he was going to push her away with a laugh and they’d never speak of this again.

Chet knew that any second Stephanie would stop though part of him wanted to see just how far she’d take it. It was absolutely agonizing watching her moving so slowly towards him. The feel of her hair tickling across his thighs made him want to grab her head and force his manhood into her face but he didn’t. He couldn’t. She was going to stop this was just some absurd game that the kids were playing these days. It wasn’t any less absurd than that planking thing he’d heard about. She was getting closer and closer and Chet had to grip the armrest to keep from doing the same to her head. He was trying to convince himself he wanted to pull her away but the truth was as easy to see as the thick veins in his arms twitching every time his grip clenched down.

There was one thing Chet was still certain of. She was going to stop.

He was going to stop her. That was one thing Stephanie was absolutely certain about.

Stephanie was close enough to Chet’s cock to smell it when she paused for final breath giving him one last chance.

Chet could feel the warmth of his daughter’s breath on his cock. He inhaled slowly holding the air in his chest for as long as he could manage before slowly exhaling hoping she’d finally stop bluffing.

Both of them stopped for that long moment but it was Stephanie who started to move fist. She parted her painted lips and wrapped them around the tip of her father’s cock. The faint taste of soap still lingered on his flesh mixing with the slightly salty taste of flesh and despite herself a moan leaked out of her lips.

“You little slut.” Tiffany exclaimed moving closer for a better view.

Stephanie ignored her friend and focused completely on the cock in her mouth, the hard piece of meat slithering over her tongue and pressing against her throat. As soon as she had him as deep as she could manage she backed up wrapping her hands around his cock twisting them around the shaft while she sucked and slurped.

It had been years since a woman had been so enthusiastic about him. It wasn’t that Penny was frigid or unwilling, it was simply that decades of matrimony had dulled her flame. Stephanie was something else all together noisily slurping while bobbing her head up and down. Chet managed to keep still for a few moments but it was less than a minute before his fingers had combed through her hair holding her in place while he thrust his hips against her face.

“My God, that is so fucking hot.” Tiffany whispered. Her skirt was hiked up with her red panties pulled to one side so she could rub her fingers over her clit. “Look at you Steph, sucking your dad’s cock like a common little tramp.” Tiffany squatted down beside her friend squeezing her face in closer.

It wasn’t the first time that a man had been overwhelmed and simply taken her before. It wasn’t the first time that she’d had a witness to her cock sucking skills. It wasn’t even the first time that Tiffany had stood by cheering her on but it was her father. The sheer taboo of having her paternal flesh between her lips was driving her wild. Between her legs she could feel her panties go from damp to soaking. Stephanie’s mouth was watering dripping saliva down Chet’s cock.

There was a tiny part of Chet that wished he could stop but the rest of him was determined to see his daughter’s nose crushed against his pelvis. He felt her gag a little each time he pushed but he didn’t stop. Every single time he forced her just a little bit farther down on his cock until finally his baby girl had her nose nestled in his pubic hair.

Tiffany was wide eyed at the sight two slender digits pushed into her pussy as she watched. Her breaths were coming in quick gasps matching her thrusting fingers and rapid heartbeat. “Make him cum Steph.” She whispered into her friend’s ear before gently biting it and tugging.

It was too much for Chet who held his own daughter in place with his cock pulsing in her throat. He let his head fall back as his came pumping thick hot cum directly into his daughter throat. Stephanie moaned in response digging her fingers into his buttocks pulling him closer until the spasms of his cock finally stopped and even then she held still for an extra moment before finally pulling away from his cock. She squeezed the last drops of cum on to her outstretched tongue and turned to Tiffany. The two girls stared at each other for a second and then kissed sharing those last few drops before turning together toward Chet. “I believe you owe her fifty bucks.” Tiffany purred rising back up and running her slick fingers over Chet’s lips before bringing them to her own and licking them clean.

After the latest tryst with my brother I decided to do something nice for my sister-in-law, after all she was allowing me to fuck her husband. I planned to clean her house using the environmental-friendly cleaning products. Since they contained no chemicals I thought Tina’s hypersensitive senses might find them a bit more tolerable. After making sure sure she would be home then drove down to Orange County.

I finished cleaning her house just before lunch. Tina was very grateful and invited me to join her and her kids for lunch. After lunch she lay the children down for a nap allowing us to visit uninterrupted.

Tina filled my glass with lemonade, “Thanks so much, Jen. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you cleaned my house. I’ve vacuumed and dusted but every time I use a floor cleaner I throw-up, so I’ve let my floors go.”

Sitting across from her at the kitchen table I sipped my drink before I replied, “It’s the chemicals. Your senses are so hypersensitive right now that you’re picking up scents you usually don’t notice.”

She nodded in agreement, “Are you sure I can’t pay you for cleaning? I know the bathroom should have been declared a haz-mat area.”

We both laughed then I added, “No, I’m happy to do it.”

“That’s why you’re my favorite sister-in-law,” she smiled broadly and rubbed her pregnant belly.

“I’m your only sister-in-law.”

We shared another chuckle then Tina added, “Seriously Jen, you saved my marriage. I think big-boobed Kimber would have stolen Nick by now if you hadn’t started having sex with him. He came home last night after he had been with you and just cuddled with me. He has become so loving and attentive.”

I smiled impishly, “Maybe, I should thank you for suggesting I start sleeping with my brother. I think my own marriage has actually gotten stronger. Stan and I share a much more intense intimacy as well.”

Tina’s big doe eyes reflected a faraway gaze. She sighed, “I miss it, you know?”

“Miss what?”


I patted her hand, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s not just the physical aspect of sex that I miss. I understand that my body just can’t tolerate sex right now. My uterus would literally prolapse if I had an orgasm. But, what I miss most is the emotional intimacy.”

She sipped her lemonade, “Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate you taking care of Nick’s physical needs but, I miss the emotional intimacy Nick and I shared from sex.”

A wicked smile crossed my face as an even more wicked idea crossed my mind. “Maybe, you should join Nick and me the next time we’re together.”

Tina’s eyebrows shot up in surprise, “I don’t know about that Jen. Nick said that Stan liked to watch but I don’t know if I can.”

“I didn’t say watch, I said join.”

She cocked her head sideways in thoughtful contemplation. “I don’t follow you.”

I outlined my thoughts how my brother and Tina might achieve emotional intimacy. I suggested that since my body type wasn’t much different from Tina’s before she became pregnant that maybe if I put on a dark wig I could actually resemble her.

“So what you’re proposing is that you become me?” asked Tina.

“Not exactly,” I shook my head, “I think I can become a reasonable facsimile.”

“I can see how that might turn on Nick,” she bit her lower lip. “But, I don’t understand how that might fulfill my emotional needs.”

Shrugging my shoulders I added, “I just read in a women’s magazine how people commonly rank faces similar to their own as more attractive than others.It concluded that we want to recognize the best aspects of ourselves in similar faces. I’m thinking that recognition may act as a powerful aphrodisiac not only for Nick but for you.”

Tina’s big brown eyes brightened with understanding. “So, you think if I watch Nick fuck you while you look like me, I will feel emotionally bonded to the encounter. Sort of like an out of body experience?”

“Something like that.” I nodded.

She couldn’t contain her excitement, “When?”

“If you can find a baby sitter, how about this evening?”

Tina arched her eyebrows surprised, “What about Stan? You were with Nick just last night, won’t he object?”

I reached for my cell phone, “You take care of a sitter and I’ll take care of Stan.”

While Tina made arrangements with her mother to watch her children, I called my husband. At first, he was hesitant to give his permission for another encounter with Nick after last night’s erotic session.

“Didn’t you enjoy last night?” I asked him a bit annoyed with his attitude.

He sighed, “You know I did, but I didn’t get to watch you dance for Nick.”

“I’ve danced for you plenty of times Stan, last night was for Nick. Tonight is for Tina. If you thought it was hot after I got home last night, wait until tonight.”

Reluctantly, Stan gave his permission with the understanding that there would be no more sex with my brother until the cruise this weekend. After I hung up I headed to the Westfield Fashion Park to purchase a few items for the evening.

Tina’s mother had collected the children by the time I got back from the mall. I parked on the street a couple of houses away from my brother’s house so he wouldn’t spot my vehicle. Nick would be home in a couple of hours so we had to hurry.

I hustled Tina into the shower and jumped in with her. I caressed her soft lips with a sultry kiss before plunging my tongue into her receptive mouth. I whispered, “Until now its been about Nick. Tonight it is about you.”

She smiled pleased, “I haven’t been with a woman since college.”

“Me either,” I replied with a husky voice.

Her body glowed with the warmth that comes from expectancy. Her breasts were huge, the size of cantaloupes. They seemed prepared to provide life-giving nourishment. Her belly-button was punched-out from the girth of her burden.

“You’re absolutely glowing, Tina.” I took a luffa and traced the off-color hue of a stretch mark down her belly. “Are you using a cream to combat these?”

Tina basked in the attention she was getting, “Your brother rubs Vitamin E on my belly in the mornings before he leaves for work and cocoa butter at night when he gets home. He talks to the twins as he rubs my belly. Its so cute.”

“I just bet,” I giggled.

“Your turn,” said Tina as she took the luffa from my hand and washed my breasts.

My nipples hardened beneath her touch and her eyes sparked with mischief. I moaned with delight as she sucked lightly on my nipples. “Aww, that feels so good, Tina.”

She looked deep into my eyes then whispered, “You have beautiful breasts. I bet Nick really likes them.”

I nodded then kissed her wantonly enjoying the softness of her lips. I thrust my tongue into her mouth and explored its recesses. I pondered how the act of kissing a woman was different than kissing a man.

Now I know why Nick shaved my pussy, you shaved yours,” observed Tina before she poked a soapy finger into my cunt. She chuckled, “I made him shave his pubs, too.”

“Bald balls?” I giggled then grunted, “Ugh,” as she worked another digit into my pussy.

She nodded while shockwaves of pleasure shook my core. She pressed her palm against my clit while her fingers careened in and out of my cunt. She pulled on one of my nipples with wicked endeavor. Her eyes were magnetic as she murmured with a soft voice, “You’re so responsive, Jen. No wonder Nick loves fucking you. No wonder Stan likes to watch you get fucked.”

I simply moaned then huffed, “I’m going…going…to…to cum.”

“Then cum, Sweetie,” whispered Tina in my ear with a light kiss before she bit my ear lop.

Pain shot from ear to my brain and contrasted with the pleasure from my pussy. My over-stimulated senses surrendered to the overwhelming bliss. I rolled my eyes as my body shook with climax. Unexpectedly ejaculate erupted from my cunt and splattered on the shower floor. I howled in the steamy enclosure, “Waaaa, whoo!”

I recovered and said with a hoarse voice, “That was a fabulous cum.”

Tina seemed enthralled and kissed me tenderly. She turned off the water and opened the frosted glass door. She handed me a bath towel and grabbed one for herself. She said as she dried herself, “I’ve never seen a women ejaculate before, does that happen often?”

I shook my head negatively as I patted myself dry, “No, it’s a recent development for me, since I’ve started fucking your husband in fact.”

Tina smiled, “How’s it feel?”


“I’ve never ejaculated.” She reflected with a curled lip, “Just keep in mind I want to be emotionally satisfied tonight not physically frustrated.”

“I think you will be.” I kissed her then stroked her cheek to reassure her. I took Tina by the hand and led her into her bedroom. I reached into my shopping bag and pulled out matching pink flyaway Baby-doll negligees with matching G-strings.

Tina took the larger one and held it up against herself. She frowned, “I don’t know, Jen.”

“It will be fine,” I said with self-confidence.

With my help Tina slipped on the slinky outfit. Her huge breasts fit snuggly into the lace cups of the nightie’s halter. The pink mesh flirty flyaway front accented her enormous tummy swollen with new life. She exuded a glowing sexuality indicative of a mother goddess.

“You are beautiful, Tina,” I choked with emotion as I brushed her black wavy hair.

A satisfied glint shone in her eyes and a smile tipped the corners of her mouth. “Now what?”

“I need to match your olive skin tone, so I bought an airbrush tanning kit.” I loaded a canister of bronzer into the butt of the airbrush. It resembled a blow dryer. I handed it to Tina and opened the towel I had wrapped around my body.

Tina took the airbrush from me then studied my nude frame. She examined my 36-28-38 curves in search of any blemish. She sighed, “You’re beautiful, Jen. I can see why Nick loves fucking you so much.”

She kissed me softly then pointed the air-gun just inches from my body. She waved the airbrush from left to right and covered me with a fine mist of solution.

Once the bronzer dried I held my arm next to Tina’s. I was pleased that my skin color matched her olive shade. I affirmed, “Perfect.”

I slithered into the pink panties that came with the nightie the G-string back popped into the crevice of my ass. Then I slipped the Baby-doll over my head. I placed each of my grapefruit sized breasts into the lace cups of the negligee’s top. With a mischievous grin I smiled at Tina and reached into the shopping bag, “Now for the pièce de résistance.”

“What do you think?” I asked as I tugged the dark wig into place on top of my head.

Tina’s laugh bubbled with joy. She pointed at the mirror on top of the nearby dresser. She exclaimed, “We could almost pass for twins.”

I looked at my reflection in the mirror. A spark of wonder and unexpected warmth surged through my body. I indeed could pass for Tina’s sister, if she had one. I croaked, “Wow!”

We went back into the bathroom and applied make-up to each other. It enhanced our resemblance to each other. We giggled and gossiped like school girls at a slumber party.

As a coup de grace Tina spritzed me with her favorite perfume. She sighed, “Nick is going to be shocked.”

“Let’s shock Stan, too,” I held my cell phone at arm’s length as Tina huddled next to me, “I’ll text him a picture.”

After the flash Tina grabbed the phone from my hand and took another picture of me. I primped my hair with my hand and cocked my hip to create a seductive pose.

“You’re such a cock tease,” observed Tina as she handed the phone back to me.

I responded, “Hey, girl I’m not just a cock teaser. I’m a cock pleaser.”

Tina held her belly as she laughed, “That’s what your brother claims.”

The phone made a high-pitched whirr sound as I manipulated the buttons to text the photos to Stan. With that task completed I smiled at Tina then asked “Where do you want to do this? I don’t feel comfortable doing it in your marital bed.”

After a thoughtful pause she snapped her fingers, “I know, Nick has a fold-up poker table he puts up in the den when he hosts his poker buddies.”

I grimaced, “Do you think it will hold up? When Nick fucked me on our picnic table he had it rocking like an eight-point-nine on the Richter Scale.”

“Nick can be quite vigorous when he’s excited,” Tina giggled. “I think it will hold up. It’s a padded octagon table and pretty heavy. I’ve seen grown men lean all over it for hours on end.”

“Then it should work. Let’s set it up, Nick will be home soon.”

We quickly pulled the table from its hiding place. Tina handed me a table cloth and I tossed it over the poker table. She found an easy listening radio station on the stereo while I positioned my small digital video camera to capture all the action for Stan. Satisfied, I lit the numerous candles we had placed all over the den to set a more romantic mood.

Suddenly the front door burst open and Nick shouted, “Tina I’m home…”

“In the den, Darling!”

“What the…” Nick dropped his briefcase. The latch popped and its contents spilled onto the floor.

We grinned with amusement at Nick’s opened mouth confusion. Tina and I stood in front of the large poker table not only dressed in matching lingerie but identical in every detail right down to the color of our pink lipstick.

I added to my brother’s bewilderment by pulling Tina into a passionate kiss. I heard him gasp as I explored his wife’s mouth with my tongue. My moan of delight resonated as Tina returned my kiss with an aggressive twist of her tongue. As our tongues wrestled she softly knead my breast eliciting another blissful moan from me.

“What’s going on?” choked Nick, his trousers tented with excitement. “Why are you dressed the same?”

We approached Nick’s wary six-foot frame slinging our hips in sexy unison. Tina kissed my brother lustily. As she broke their kiss I took my turn and kissed Nick.

While I caressed my brother’s lips with mine Tina informed Nick of our intentions. “We’re going to make love, Darling.”

Nick’s voice betrayed his anxiety, “That’s against your doctor’s orders.”

Tina giggled and shook her head, “The doctor said I wasn’t allowed to have sex. He didn’t say we couldn’t make love.”


Giggling I dropped to my knees and unzipped my brother’s trousers. His hard bald cock sprung from its confines like a prowling lion. Just the sight of his massive manhood made my snatch slobber with anticipation. I kissed his cock’s bulbous head then ran my tongue along its underside. I giggled again as my brother stammered and tried to push me away from his cock.

Tina said with a sultry attitude amused with Nick’s quandry, “We’re going to make love while you and Jen have sex.”


“Just follow our lead.” She kissed him forcefully. While she kissed Nick she pushed the back of my head forcing more of his hard cock into my mouth.

I heard Nick moan his pleasure as I took more of his cock into my warm wet mouth. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked hard on his shaft. I slowly stroked what wouldn’t fit into my mouth.

Tina kept pushing on the back of my head not stopping until I gagged on Nick’s colossal cock. She looked down at me with glazed lustful eyes. “Suck his cock, Jen. He likes it when you suck his cock. Don’t you, Baby?”

Nick murmured, “Yes,yes.”

While Tina kissed him with renewed sexual hunger I gently squeezed and rolled my brother’s testicles in my free hand while I continued to suck and stroke his shaft. I heard him vocalize his delight with moans, groans and whispers.

He and Tina kissed like newly discovered lovers. My brother’s cock swelled and twitched. He was ready to climax. He grunted with wide-eyed urgency, “Going…to…cum.”

Tina pulled Nick’s cock from my mouth just as the first spurt of cum shot from it. Her hand rapidly flogged his cock as Nick covered my breasts and neck with his jizz. She cheered him on, “That’s it, Baby, cum all over your sister’s big tits.”

I raised my chin not only to make a better target of my lace-covered breasts for him but to watch Nick’s face as it twisted in rapture. I felt naughty as his hot spunk splattered against my skin. I watched as Tina bit her lower lip in sultry concentration while she handled Nick’s spurting cock like a fireman handled a fire hose at five-alarm fire. I gently squeezed Nick’s balls as Tina milked the last remnants of cum from his cock.

“Feel better, Baby-brother?” I asked with a husky voice still kneeling before him.

He mumbled, “Uh-huh, thanks Sis.” Then he kissed his wife passionately before whispering, “I love you, Tina.”

Tina returned his kiss then pushed him back, “Get undressed, Lover.”

She turned to me with a big grin and an outstretched hand. She helped me to my feet. Her white teeth shone against her dusky skin, “Let’s get you ready to get fucked.”

I tried to wipe cum from my chest with a towel but ended up just smearing it into the lace material of my negligee. Thwarted I quit and climbed upon the table. I squealed a playful protest and rubbed my bare buttock after Tina smacked my ass with a light swat.

“Don’t be such a wimp,” she teased. “Roll over on to your back.”

I complied with Tina’s command. I blushed like a virgin bride when she parted my knees to show my brother my pantied pussy. It took my breath completely away as she slowly slid her finger up and down my soaked slit.

With a raspy voice full of excitement she teased me, “Is that where you want your brother to put his big hard cock?”

I looked at Nick with glazed eyes as he stood next to the table watching Tina torment me. My eyes were drawn to his reinvigorated cock as it throbbed with his excitement. I nodded to Tina unable to answer her queston as my throat tightened with unmitigated elation. My belly burned with passion and my pussy longed for gratification.

Tina kissed Nick then choked with emotion as she pointed at my camel-toe, “Is that where you want to put your big cock, Baby?”

Like me, Nick was too excited to speak so he just nodded. It was probably because he had more blood pumping into his cock than into his brain.

Tina slowly slid my G-string down my thighs past my knees and off my feet. She handed them to my brother before she spread my legs wide. She blew her hot breath across my exposed wet nethers.

“She’s so excited,” teased Tina before she again puffed air across my overheated cunt.

I gripped the edge of the table and moaned my euphoria. “Ohhhhhhh!”

Nick took a deep sniff of my G-string. His nostrils flared with sexual hunger. His cocked bobbed with lust in response to my aroma. He squeezed one of my breasts then bent down and kissed me. His tongue penetrated my mouth like I wanted his big cock to penetrate my pussy. He broke our kiss and whispered, “I love you, Jen.”

Slapping the table with my open hand I begged, “Fuck me, Nick. Please fuck me, please.”

“Not yet,” interjected Tina. Her tongue slithered into my soaked slit. She pushed two fingers into my cunt. Her moan echoed mine. She teased my clit from its sheath with feather-like flicks of her tongue tip.

I squirmed on the table and my head fell off the edge. I groaned dizzy with lust and longing. “Aw, geez.”

Nick immediately maneuvered around the table. He tabbed my lips with his hard cock. Instinctively I opened my mouth to receive him. He didn’t stop sliding his ball bat size dick into my mouth until I started gagging.

Tina coached, “Relax, Jen don’t fight it, loosen your throat. Breath through your nose, relax.”

My eyes watered and I mumbled a weak protest that was lost around my brother’s throbbing cock. “Mmmmm.”

Tina whispered, “Listen Jen, deep-throating leads to an entirely different kind of oral stimulation in comparison to regular fellatio, because your tongue is immobilized you can’t suck. So Nick’s penis is intensely stimulated by the tightness of your throat. Don’t you want to pleasure your brother?”

I blinked my understanding. I relaxed and Nick pushed his cock deeper into my mouth, past my epiglottis and into my throat. I felt like my jaw was unhinged as I swallowed my brother’s entire length. The epiglottis is normally pointed upward when breathing to allow air into the lungs then pointed down during swallowing to prevent food from going into the lungs. I was trying to do both at the same time which created a nice vibration around Nick’s cock.

“That’s a girl,” beamed Tina.

“Aww,” responded Nick with a husky moan laced with a deep base resonance. He stood on his tip-toes and enjoyed the oscillation, “That feels so good.”

Tina went back to tormenting my cunt with her talented tongue. She inserted it’s stiffen tip and moved it in erratic movements. She alternated between slow licks and fast flickers. Her oral expertise was driving me to the brink of orgasm and the edge of excess ecstasy. At last, she sensed I had reached my titillation tolerance level and she covered my entire vulva with her mouth. She sucked it then hummed to produce a delightful vibration.

My cry was muffled by my brother’s cock still buried in my throat. My head spun and I feared my brain might explode from pleasure overload. I was just about to climax when Tina abruptly stopped her oral ministrations.

“She’s ready, Nick.”

“Good, I’m so ready to fuck her.”He brusquely pulled his cock from my gapping mouth.

Once his cock cleared my lips, I hoarsely seethed at Tina, “You…bitch…I was…ready to cum.”

She smiled with wicked glee, “I know. I’m not ready for you to cum yet.”

Tina traded places with Nick. She raised me up almost into a sitting position until my head rested on her huge boobs like a pillow. She kissed me forcing her tongue into my mouth. It twirled with mine and I could taste my own nectar on it. She tasted my brother’s pre-cum on mine and said with satisfaction, “Yum, Nick’s cum.”

My legs trembled as Nick moved between my spread thighs. I watched with tortured anticipation as he slid the bulbous head of his hard cock up and down my slobbering slit. I gasped and held my breath as the blunt head penetrated my pussy followed by the length of his massive shaft. I moaned as he finally came to rest balls deep inside me.

His cock was so snug in my pussy that I swear I could feel the blood pulsating in the big blue vein that ran the length of his shaft. He paused to allow me to adjust to his girth and I contracted my pussy around his cock in a wet velvety embrace of love and pleasure. He gasped “Gaaw! Her pussy is tight.”

“I know how much you like a tight pussy,” Tina said her voice husky with excitement. She kissed Nick pulling his face to hers. She suddenly broke their kiss and looked wildly into her husband’s face. Finally she whispered in a hushed wanton tone, “Fuck her Nick. Fuck her.”

He blinked then looked down into my eyes. His eyes were filled with animal-like lust. His lip curled into a sneer then he began to riotously propel his cock in and out of my pussy. He grabbed my hips to hold my body in place to better throttle my pitiable pussy with machine-like thrusts.

“Ahhhh,” I moaned after each powerful thrust of my brother’s prick. Each lunge ended with contact to my exposed clit. An electrical charge surged through my body from my cunt to the pleasure centers of my brain followed each connection. I clutched Nick’s arms wrapping my fingers around his biceps and held on for dear life as he increased the tempo of his thrusts.

Nick groaned as he pummeled my pussy with his hard pecker. He was lost in his lust and used me for his own pleasure. He stammered, “Fuck…pussy…fuck.”

As Tina supported me in the semi-sitting position she pinched each of my nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. It felt like they were in vice and I groaned, tormented by the rising pain.

She gave me an intense kiss. Incredibly she manipulated her tongue in my mouth to mirror Nick’s cock thrusts in my cunt. She broke the kiss and twisted my nipples until I screamed in gleeful agony. She grinned wickedly then rooted my brother on like some fanatical cheerleader. “Fuck her Nick, fuck her hard.”

My mind whirled between the contrary feelings of pain and pleasure and I cred out. “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Nick’s face contorted as his torso turned a crimson color. He was approaching orgasm and I could feel his mammoth manhood thicken within me. He groaned, “Gonna, aw yeah, gonna… cum!”

“Pull-out, Nick,” commanded Tina. She pushed the pink material of my nightie off my belly opening the fly away of the Baby-doll. She looked into Nick’s eyes, “I want to see how much cum you have for me.”

He silently nodded and pulled his cock out of me.

I voiced my objection with a pitiful whine, “Noooo!” I grabbed at his hard cock and tried to replace in it my pussy. I wantonly begged, “Please no…cum…cum inside me!”

Nick’s eyes rolled over white as cum exploded from his cock and impacted on my taut tummy. His legs buckled and he fought to remain upright. He gurgled his release, “Gaaaa!”

Soon I was covered with his goo from my pussy to my tits. Since I was unsuccessful in getting his cock back inside me I stroked his shaft and squeezed the remaining cum from his balls.

Nick leaned his head on Tina’s shoulder and huffed air, “I love you.”

She smiled and lovingly stroked the back of his head, “I love you too, Nick. Did you have a nice cum?”

He nodded and kissed her passionately.

They seemed oblivious to me and I growled my discontent from between them. “I want to cum, too. I want to cum.”

Tina and Nick laughed. Then Tina toyed with me, “I just bet you do.”

She looked at my brother and asked, “Did her pussy please you?”

With an audacious grin he nodded, “She has a great pussy. Its so wet and tight that I practically cum as soon as I enter her. Her cunt squeezes my cock so hard I think, damn, she’s gonna snap my dick in two.”

Tina kissed me in reward for pleasuring her husband. She said, “I guess I’ll have to learn that trick too.” She tenderly pushed my head from her bosom and gently laid it on the table.

I lay flat on my back with my legs spread wide. My own wet excitement seeped from my gaping gash. My torso was covered with my brother’s white goo. Tears of frustration slipped from the corner of my eyes and ran down towards my ears. I weakly slapped the table and whimpered, “I want to cum.”

“I know, Sweetie, and you will,” said Tina. Her wet tongue touched my flesh and sent a surge of pleasure racing through my body. She began between my breasts and trailed her tongue down my torso cleaning up Nick’s cum as she went. Tina’s talented tongue bathed my pleasure-battered body. In no time my tummy muscles trembled with each flick of her tongue.

“Geez,” I hissed as she worked her way down to my vulva and into the folds of my cunt.

She squeezed both my breasts, my marble like nipples strained and stood at rigid attention. A feather-like flicker of her tongue tip made contact with my hypersensitive clitoris. I arched my back and howled as my entire pelvic region contracted and seemed to fold-in on itself. My howl faded into a deep guttural bark as my orgasm ripped from my core. Everything faded to black.

Moments later I revived with a low moan. Something cool and wet danced across my forehead. I batted my eyelids and the world finally came into focus.

Tina mopped my brow with a wet washcloth. Her worried face crinkled into a joyful grin, “Jen? Are you amongst the living?”

I nodded, “Yeah,” then groaned with hoarse voice, “That was intense.”

“I’ll say,” she giggled relieved that I hadn’t died on her table from pleasure overload. After the room quit spinning, Nick and Tina helped me off the table and onto my feet.

Nick fell into a nearby overstuffed chair and pulled Tina into his lap. They engaged in a postcoital cuddle as I gathered my things. They murmured their love for each other and just enjoyed the intimate afterglow.

I felt like an intruder so I retrievied my digital video recorder and quietly crept out of the den and into the bathroom. I took off my cum spattered Baby-doll negligee and let it hit the floor.

After a quick shower I slipped on a slutty dress with a neck line that plunged below my navel. It was made of a pink shiny, stretch lycra-spandex material. I turned around and looked at my reflection in the mirror over my shoulder. The short-length of the mini-dress barely covered my buttocks and clung to the curves of my ass. I smiled at myself then grasped the counter and slid on a pair of pink strappy five-inch heels with a rhinestone bow across the toe straps. I checked my look in the mirror one more time. I liked how the high heels pushed my boobs and butt out. Once again I straightened the dark haired wig on my head. I reapplied my make-up then to add to my slutty appearance I clipped huge pink hoop earrings into my ear lops.

“You’re one hot looking slut,” I said to my reflection. My mind raced with erotic possibilities. The pink color of my slutwear highlighted the olive glow of my sprayed-on tan. I was barely recognizable as Jennifer with the dark wig and too much make-up. I went back into the den to say goodbye.

My brother’s wolf-whistle pierced above the clippety-clop of my stripper shoes.

I struck a sexy pose and popped my hip seductively, “Do you like?”

Tina’s teeth flashed white in a knowing smile, “Oh, I think Stan will love the slut of the month look.”

I giggled, “Yeah, I’m going to fuck him silly.” I leaned down and kissed my brother and his wife on the lips.

Tina rested her head on Nick’s shoulder, “Thanks Jen, for letting me take part, I hope you enjoyed it.”

I grinned and rubbed my lower tummy, “I’ll be sore in the morning but how could I not enjoy such an intense fucking.”

Nick looked at me with a glint of wonder in his eyes. “Thanks, Sis. Once again you made one of my fantasies come true. I love you so much. I’ll never be able to repay what you’ve done for Tina and me.”

“I love you too, Baby-brother. I love you both.” I rubbed my belly again and with a flash of humor I chuckled, “helping you both out has definitely been my pleasure.”

Even thought the traffic on the I-5 was light the drive to Pasadena seemed to take forever. So, I reminisced not only about the hot sexual encounter I had just experienced but the evolving exploits with both my brother and husband. They were occurring with increased regularity and kinkiness. I wondered if I was growing insatiable. Since I wore no panties I simply slithered a finger up and down the saturated folds of my cunt to keep my sexual embers glowing.

I pulled into our garage and waited until the automatic door completely closed before I got out of the vehicle. The slam of the driver’s door echoed in the enclosed space. I placed the video camera on the top of the minivan then pulled the hem of my skin-tight dress down below my buttocks. I reached under the halter top of the dress and squeezed each of my breasts then tweaked each nipple. They became rigid and strained against the clingy material of the dress. I grabbed the camera, took a deep breath, popped a piece of cum into my mouth and opened the door to the house.

The clip-clop of my stripper shoes on the floor announced my arrival. My husband call from our home office. I stopped at the door and leaned against the jamb. I cleared my throat to catch his attention.

Stan’s interest was on the screen of his laptop computer as his fingers deftly danced across the keyboard. “Kids are down for the count.” The tap sound of keystrokes punctuated his conversional tone, “I have another hour’s work to do. Why don’t you go take a hot bath?”

“I’m not ready for a bath yet,” I said. The gum smacked in my mouth.

Stan looked over the screen of his laptop. His eyebrows rose as he caught sight of my slutty appearance. “What the…who are you suppose to be? Tina?”

“No, I’m Tina’s sexier sister, Gina.”

He chuckled, “Well, that explains the text pictures I received earlier this evening.”

I nodded then seductively walked across the floor slinging my hips left and right in an exaggerated fashion. I shook my head as Stan moved to close his laptop. “You don’t want to do that.”


I shook the camera at him for emphasis, “I heard you like to watch and sense I’m a porn star I like to be watched. Here’s the rough-cut of my latest ‘sexploit,’ if you’re interested.”

Stan smiled broadly. “I’m defiantly interested,”

He took the camera from me. He searched the side of it and found the catch that released the USB attachment. It shot from the camera with a snapping noise. Stan pursed his lips in concentration as he slid the attachment into the laptop’s USB port. The hues of the computer screen changed as the digital recording began to play.

I dropped to my knees next to Stan’s desk and swiveled his chair towards me. I noticed his trousers were already tented with his arousal. I undid his khakis and his hard cock sprung out like a jester pops out of a jack-in-the-box. I smiled up at my husband as he looked down into my eyes. I spit my gum into my hand and pressed it against the underside of his desk. It would remind Stan of our evening of naughty role-playing each time he brushed against it in the future.

He smiled with wide-eyed wonder then closed his eyes and moaned with pleasure as I took his cock into my mouth and sucked heartily on his glans. Stan hissed, “That’s it, suck my cock, Gina.”

I went to town on Stan’s dick, alternating between sucking on it and jerking it. My hand steadied his cock as my tongue traced a wet path down the length of its shaft before I flickered the tip of my tongue into the piss slit.

Stan’s knuckles whitened as he gripped the arms of his chair. He groaned and twisted his body in the chair, “Aw, aw, yeah, that’s good but do that, do that to me too.”

Unsure of what Stan was talking about I arose from his cock and looked at the computer screen. I smiled as I recognized myself deep throating my brother’s horse cock and heard my sister-in-law’s words of erotic encouragement. I smiled wickedly at Stan then gave him a peck on the lips. “Oh, you like that scene? I won a Chubby for Best Oral Performance for that scene.”

“A Chubby?”

Giggling I answered, “Yeah, the porn version of an Oscar.”

“I see,” chuckled Stan playing along with me.

Lifting his cock I worked it into my mouth. Stan’s cock wasn’t as large as my brother’s so I’ve always been able to deep-throat it. I swallowed my husband’s entire length with an air tight seal which created a pleasant vibration around Stan’s cock. It pleased me when I heard Stan’s sudden intake of breath as I swallowed his cock. Once Stan caught his breath he began to moan. I felt his cock begin to tremble I knew he was ready to cum.

Moments later Stan’s cock jolted in my throat and his cum began to coat my tonsils. He howled his release, “Cum…cumming…cum.”

I had swallowed most of Stan’s load but a drop split from the corner of my mouth. I spit out Stan’s still hard cock and wiped the dollop of cum from my face with my forefinger. I sucked the cum from my finger while keeping eye-contact with Stan. I murmured sexily, “Finger-lickin’ good, Lover.”

The movie had finished so Stan pushed the stop button. He looked down at me as I sat on the floor with my legs curled underneath me. He grinned at me, “Gina that was the best blowjob I have ever received. I can see why you won an award for it. You have skills, Girlfriend.”

I smiled back at him, “Thanks, a girl likes to be appreciated.”

Stan slowly began stroking his still hard cock and with a tremor in his voice said, “Gina, I always wanted to buttfuck a bona-vide porn star.”

“Well I love to get buttfucked,” I said as I watched Stan fondle himself. “I have the most intense orgasms when I get buttfucked. I actually ejaculate from anal intercourse.” I giggled girlishly then demanded, “If you want my ass you’ll have to eat it first.”

Stan’s eyes simmered with lust. He held out his hand to help me off the floor. His voice was husky with hankering, “Wouldn’t have it any other way. I love to perform anilingus.”

I stood up and had barely gotten my shaky legs underneath me when Stan bent me over the desktop. I gasped, “Oh, oh, oh.”

The pink lycra-spandex material of my mini-dress clung to my buttocks. It lightly caressed my flesh as Stan pulled it up over my hips. The strappy stripper shoes pushed my ass out allowing my husband better access to it.

I looked over my shoulder and watched Stan admiring my posterior. I murmured, “Like what you see, Big Guy?”

Stan stood behind me and nodded, “Gina, you have a beautiful ass.” He slid his foot between my feet then he pushed mine further apart. He bent his head, “I see that your co-star’s big cock really stretched your labia. They’re hanging like bomb-bay doors. There’s nothing sexier than a freshly fucked woman.”

He dropped to his knees behind me and kissed each of my buttocks before he spread my cheeks open. He planted a kiss on my distended labia then split them with his tongue. He explored my cunt for a few moments. It drooled in response to his skilled oral manipulation.

I moaned my pleasure as Stan continued to work his magic on my nethers. I growled, “Aw, your so good Stan. That feels so good.”

His tongue escaped my cunt and was replaced by two of his fingers as he kissed my taint. The wet soppy sound of his digits sawing in out of my cunt reached my ears. An electric shock stung my body as Stan pushed the flat of his tongue against my anus. He teased me mercilessly by sliding his tongue up and down the inside of my butt crack.

It took my breath away and all I could do was moan my pleasure. I reached behind me and grasped Stan’s head and tried to force more of it into my ass.

Stan giggled at my attempt to shove his entire head up my butt. He rewarded my effort with a light flicker of his tongue against my anus before forcefully plunging it in and out of my butthole. He wiggled his tongue in clockwise and counter-clockwise motions furthering my pleasure. Meanwhile, his fingers continued to plunge in and out of the depths of my cunt while his thumb beat a staccato on my clit. My husband abruptly stopped his oral stimulation of my ass and withdrew his fingers from my pussy.

“Nooooo!” I protested and stomped my foot. “I was about to cum, you fucker.”

With a laugh Stan pushed me back down on the desk as I started to rise. He slapped my bare ass with his open palm. The sound of the smack echoed off the walls of the room. He commanded, “Be still, Gina.”

I froze when I felt the head of his stiff cock tap my butthole. My husband’s cock wasn’t as big as my brother’s but it was as hard as granite. Even though his cock and my butt were well lubricated it took my breath away as he inched his steel-like shaft into me. I growled, “Gah! You’re… so hard.”

Stan paused and allowed me to catch my breath once he was fully invested in my ass. He reached over and tapped a couple of keys on his computer. The webcam came on and the video feed appeared on the computer screen. Stan pulled my boobs from the halter top of my dress and exposed them to the camera. He smirked, “That’s better. Look at yourself, Gina.”

I lifted my head and looked at the screen through bleary eyes. Once they focused I saw myself. My face was contorted in an erotic expression of pain and pleasure. Since I was bent over the desk it was closest thing to the webcam. Down my cheek trickled a tear darkened with mascara. Next in the frame were my breasts which hung from my chest like ripe grapefruit and swayed with each thrust of Stan’s cock. My nipples looked hard enough to etch my name on the computer screen and Stan wickedly pinched them until I yelped a protest. I glanced between my legs and could make out the outline of Stan’s very full balls.