CHAPTER 1 — Wednesday, Arrivals

While this is a stand-alone story, the characters are the same as in Diamond Gals and you might want to read it first to familiarize yourself with the characters.

I can’t believe the big day is almost here, my darling daughter Chrisy is getting married in three days. Other than writing out checks, I was not involved in any of the planning. All I really knew was that Angela was her Maid of Honor and Athena was a Bridesmaid and that was only because they accompanied Chrisy and me to New York to pick out her wedding gown. I was sitting on the patio enjoying the sun and some brews when Chrisy got home from work.

“Hi dad.” She said as she came out onto the patio.

“Hi sweetie, how was your day?” I asked.

“No time to talk right now. Gotta run to the airport and pick up a couple bridesmaids. By the way, I told them they could stay here instead of at a hotel.” She rambled as she ran out the gate before I had a chance to respond.

Damn, I thought to myself, just what I need, two of her stuck-up sorority sister bitches hanging around for 4 days.

A couple hours later, my cell phone rang. “Yes Chrisy.” I answered.

“Hey dad, we’ll be home shortly, gonna stop and pick up a couple pizzas for dinner so you won’t have to cook.”

“Sounds good, I’ll put some more beer in the fridge. Luv ya.”

“Luv ya too. Bye.”

About 20 minutes later I heard a horn beep so I went in the house, opened the front door to make it easier for Chrisy and whoever to carry the pizza and their bags in and returned to the kitchen to get plates out to eat. I was bent down getting myself another beer when I was startled by someone saying, “Nice butt Coach.” I banged my head on the freezer door as I jerked up hearing the three of them laughing. Turning around while rubbing the back of my head, I got a very nice surprise, the bridesmaids weren’t two bitches from her sorority but Brandi and Mandy from the softball team I used to coach. I hadn’t seen them since the last game of our final season. I was still trying to clear the cobwebs out of my head when I felt two pair of arms wrap me in a bear hug.

“Easy girls, first you try and knock my brains out and now you’re trying to squeeze them out.” I laughed lightly as they eased up on the hugging.

Looking down, I commented, “You two haven’t changed much in five years.”

All three burst out laughing as Brandi released her arms and stepped back saying “I think I’ve changed a little.” as she pointed downward.

“I guess you have!” I replied as my eyes followed the direction of her finger which was pointing to her quite large pregnant belly. “I hope she can still squeeze into her dress or she’ll have to walk down the aisle in her underwear.” Chrisy chided.

“If that happens, everyone will run out of ceremony screaming.” Mandy chimed in.

“Not everyone, there are some men who think a woman is more beautiful, even sexier when she’s expecting. No more teasing, let’s eat.” I told them as I wrapped my arms around Mandy and Brandi and led them into the kitchen.

After we finished eating I said, “Let me show you your rooms, where are your bags?”

“Still in the car waiting for you to bring them in.” Chrisy chuckled.

“Yeah, yeah all you women want me around for is my brawn, not my brain.” I joked.

Putting her hand on the side of my head, Brandi pulled it down and gave me a light kiss on the cheek, “more than your brawn and brains.” She whispered into my ear.

What the hell did she mean by that I thought as I went out to get their luggage. Holy shit, I though they were only going to be here a few days but from the pile of luggage it seemed like they had enough for a couple months, there had to be at least 10 bags if not more. After getting everything into their bedrooms, I went back downstairs to watch some TV. As I was sitting there, my mind drifted back to that last year that the Diamond Gals were together as a team. Thinking about the time Mandy asked me if I could stay with her after practice and give her some extra hitting practice and taking her virginity on the dugout bench. The night Brandi came into my office late one night on the bus ride home complaining of stomach cramps which I cured by shooting a load of my cum down her throat before dumping another load in her hot little pussy and a third load in her then virgin ass.

I was snapped out of my stupor when I was about bounced off the couch as Brandi and Mandy plopped down on either side of me and Chrisy had seated herself on the floor between my legs with her back against the sofa. Luckily I had a pillow on my lap hiding my erection from their view.

“What would you ladies like to watch?” I asked.

“A slasher movie, something with lots of blood and guts.” Mandy replied.

“Sound good” Chrisy and Brandi said almost in unison.

“Anyone want a drink?” Chrisy asked as she got up and headed to the kitchen.

“Beer, beer, beer.” was our response. I looked quizzically at Brandi.

“Doctor said I could have one or two glasses of wine or bottles of beer but stay away from the whisky.”

“Three beers coming up.” said Chrisy as she ran to the kitchen while I surfed the on-demand menu deciding on the original Halloween since it was the only slasher movie available. The movie wasn’t more than a quarter way done when I looked to my right and noticed Mandy was fast asleep. Looking down I saw that Chrisy had also dozed off.

“Why don’t you two go to bed.” I said shaking them gently to wake them up.

“Okay.” They both mumbled as they got up.

“Nite Daddy” “Nite Coach” I heard as they headed upstairs.

“How about you Brandi, are you ready for bed also?”

“Not yet Coach but could you do me a favor and slide over so I can lie down.”

“No problem” I answered as I slid over to the arm of the sofa expecting her to lay he head on the pillow at the other end of the sofa. Instead, she lifted my hand off of the pillow I still had on my lap, plopped her head down and placed my hand on her side. Without warning, Brandi turned over onto her back and placed my hand on her big belly.

“She’s kicking Coach, can you feel her?” she asked.

Feeling nothing, I started moving my hand in circles all over her baby bump not realizing that my forearm was rubbing her nipple until I looked down seeing her eyes closed after I heard her sigh causing me to stop moving my hand. Opening her eyes she had a wry little smile on her face as she took hold of my hand and started moving it again.

“Coach, are you one of those men who think pregnant women are more beautiful and sexier like you said earlier?” Brandi asked as she moved my hand in larger and larger circles causing her maternity top to fall toward her breasts exposing the top of her belly above her shorts allowing me to feel her soft skin as my cock hardened and grew down my leg. Thankfully the pillow was quite thick or she would have surely felt my hard-on against her cheek.

I was just about to answer when she pressed her finger against my lips and looking into my lust filled eyes said, “you don’t have to answer, I can tell.”

Reaching behind my neck she pulled my head down and locked her lips on mine and forcing her tongue into my mouth. Slipping my hand under the waistband of her shorts I softly massaged her big round belly working my way slowly down toward her pussy, feeling her gasp as my finger found her hot wet hairless slit.

Breaking our liplock, Brandi asked, “Help me sit up Coach”

Slipping my hand out of her shorts, I thought we were finished as I helped her sit up. To my surprise, she reached down and grabbed the hem of her top and quickly took it off and tossed it on the floor. Just as quickly she slipped off her shorts and tossed them to join her top and laid her head back on my now pillowless lap. Leaning down, I captured one of her long hard nipples between my lips and started sucking on it like a hungry little puppy while I twirled the other nipple between my fingers and slipped my other hand between her thighs cupping her dripping wet mound.

“There’s no milk in them yet Coach, maybe in a few weeks.” She sighed.

I thought she was going to fall off the sofa as she bucked so hard when I slid my finger up her slippery slit and touched the hard little nubbin at the top.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she cried out as I rubbed her clit with my thumb while sliding my finger in her tight hot hole.

I could hear her breathing getting more ragged and rapid as I continued sucking her nipples and rubbing her clit as I sawed my finger in and out of her love tunnel.

“CO…..CO….COOOOOOOOOOOOOACH.” she shouted, her body started shaking, her head tossing back and forth as her orgasm raced through her body.

When she finally settled down, she awkwardly got herself off the sofa and down on the floor on her hands and knees, legs spread wide, her hairless puffy pussy lips staring back at me from between her thighs.

“Now Coach, hurry” she begged as she glared back at me.

I quickly got off the sofa and on my knees behind her and started rubbing the head of my throbbing cock between her distended lips.

“Quit teasing me.” She said as she pushed her hips back against me trying to impale herself on my spear.

Lining my aching head up with her entrance, I slid into her in one long agonizingly slow stroke, she was so hot and wet that it felt like I slid my cock into a pot of boiling lava.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Brandi sighed when the entire length of my shaft was buried inside her, my stomach pressed tight against her plump ass. I remained still for a moment, enjoying the feel of her contracting vaginal walls massaging every square inch of my cock. I was content to remain like I was but I guess Brandi was impatient since she started moving her hips forward until just my head was inside her and then backward until my shaft was completely encased by her love tunnel. We finally got into a nice rhythm, back and forth, to and fro, nice and easy, me not wanting this to end too quickly and also not wanting to hurt the baby. Looking down I watched as my shaft appeared, glistening with her juices then when it disappeared into her depths I caught sight of her puckered rosebud winking back at me. It brought back memories of that first time on the travel bus when I took her anal virginity.

Reaching between her legs, I gathered up some of the juices dripping out around my shaft with my fore finger and spread it over her hole causing her to flinch and look back at me with an evil grin. Gathering up some more lubrication, I placed my finger against her tight sphincter and applied some light pressure as I saw her one hand disappear between her thighs, her fingers lightly rubbing my shaft as it exited her and could only guess that her thumb was rubbing her hard nubbin. Applying a little more pressure, her rosebud finally relaxed and my finger slid all the way in her rectal cavity. I continued sawing in and out of both hole while she continued rubbing her clit. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer so I picked up the pace. It wasn’t more than a minute or so later that I heard her breathing harder and becoming more ragged, her vaginal walls contracting more rapidly on my shaft when suddenly she started shaking wildly, her contractions so hard that I thought she was going to crush my cock as her orgasm hit her like a runaway freight train which sent me over the edge sending my sperm rushing up my shaft so hard and fast that it felt like it was tearing a new hole in my dickhead.

I held her hips tightly as I pumped shot after shot of my hot liquid into the deepest recesses of her channel filling her so full that it began flowing out around my shaft along with her juices and running down her thighs. I was so lightheaded when I finally stopped shooting that I must have passed out for a few seconds since the next thing I remember is opening my eyes seeing Brandi hovering over me with a look of fear in her eyes, shaking me, asking “Coach, Coach are you okay?”

“Yes, Yes Brandi, I’m more than okay, I feel absolutely fantastic.” I told her as I pulled her down on top of me hugging her, holding her still quivering body tightly against me. “You…you scared the living daylights out of me, I thought you had a heart attack and died.” she sobbed.

“I’m fine, now let’s get you cleaned up and into bed.” I said as I picked her up off the floor and led her upstairs to her room.

I had just come out of my bathroom when I heard “Dad, Dad are you still awake? I need to talk to you for a minute”

“Yes Chrisy, come on in.” I replied as I slipped on my shorts and just in time as Chrisy entered my bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed.

“What up sweetie?” I asked as I sat down next to her.

“I just want to thank you for being so nice to Brandi and helping her out.” She said as so threw her arms around my neck giving me a big hug and a kiss on my cheek.

“Huh?” I questioned innocently?

“How you helped her with her problem after Mandy and I went upstairs. Talk to you more tomorrow.” She said as she darted out of the room.

CHAPTER 2 — Thursday, Another Arrival

As usual, I was up early the next morning after cleaning up the mess Brandi and I left last night, I went in the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee and read the news online. I had just poured my coffee and sat down when Chrisy came flying in.

“Morning Pops” she said as she grabbed a travel mug of coffee.

“Morning darling. About last night.” I started.

“No time, late for my fitting.” I heard as she flew out the front door.

About a half hour later, I was still sitting at the table daydreaming about the events of last night when I was snapped out of it when I heard Mandy. “Morning Coach.”

“Good morning Mandy. Did you sleep well?” I inquired.

“Like a baby.” She giggled slightly as she yawned stretching her arms above her head.

“There’s coffee besides the stove. Do you want me to fix you some breakfast?” I asked.

Just coffee for now, maybe later when Brandi recov…err gets up.” She snickered walking over to where I was sitting.

“Doing anything important on the ‘puter?”

“No, just catching up on the news.”

“Mind if I check my e-mails?”

“No problem.” I said as I slid my chair back to get up and let her sit down.

“Thanks” she replied and plopped herself down on my lap before I had a chance to stand up.

I just sat there stupefied as she logged onto her account and began reading her e-mails.

“This is hilarious coach. You got to read this.” She laughed heartily as she scooted backwards rubbing her tight ass against my now hardening cock.

“Hmmm.” I heard her sigh softly as I leaned forward to she was she wanted to read while she continued to massage my shaft, wiggling back and forth on my now fully erect prick.

I was just starting to read the story sent to her when she shifted slightly so that my shaft settled in the crack of her ass and began dry humping me. Reaching down, she grabbed my hands and placed one Just under her perky breast and the other on her smooth soft upper thigh. I did not move my hands, unsure of what she wanted since she just got married about six months ago.

Leaning back, she laid her head on my shoulder.

“Do you remember the last time I sat on your lap like this, right after my boyfriend called me to tell me he was breaking up with me to go with that slut Lexi because she put out. How you held me tight, calmed me down, got me hot and horny. How I gave you my most precious gift, how you made me feel special like I was the only person in your life that mattered even though I knew about the others. I haven’t forgotten.” She rambled as she nibbled on my ear while unbuttoning the baseball shirt she was wearing exposing her beautiful tight athletic body. Moving my hand, she let the jersey fall down her arms then placed my hand on her firm yet soft breast. Lifting her butt up slightly, she pulled the shirt from between us and reached into the fly of my shorts and pulled my throbbing cock through the opening.

I was speechless as she lifted up a little more and rubbed my blood engorged head up and down her burning juicy slit.

“UMMMMMM just as nice as I remember.” She sighed as she sank down on my aching cock. When ass met my thighs and I was completely buried in her tight wet love tunnel, she remained still for a moment using her vaginal muscles to contract and relax, massaging my shaft and head unlike anyone had ever done before.

Without warning, she began bouncing up and down on my prick, has ass slapping so loudly against my thighs that it sounded like gunshots being fired. I could feel that familiar tingling in my balls and knew it wouldn’t be long before I erupted and splattered her insides with my boiling sperm so I reached between her bouncing thighs and began furiously massaging her hard clit hoping that she would climax before me.

It worked as she slammed down one last time screaming loud enough to wake the dead, “HOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYY FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!”

I was right behind her as my sperm blasted up through my shaft and into her hot tight canal, I came so hard that it felt like my balls were being sucked up through my shaft with my cum.

We were still sitting there recovering when Brandi waddled in, “OOOPPPPSSS. Didn’t mean to interupt you two.”

“Didn’t interrupt anything.” Mandy giggled as she stood up dislodging my now softening dick from her hole and causing a big blob of our combined juices to escape her still distended hole and hit the floor with a loud plop as she ran out of the kitchen.

I was still in a daze as I felt something warm on my prick. Looking down, I saw Brandi with a warm wet wash cloth wrapped around my shaft. “She always was a slob, never cleaning up the mess she made.” Brandi laughed as she cleaned up the mess on the floor after stuffing my cock back in my pants.

A few minutes later Mandy returned all dressed and freshened up.

“We’ll have that breakfast now that I’ve worked up an appetite.” Mandy snickered.

“Even though I didn’t work up an appetite, I’ll have something too. Eating for two.” Brandi said grinning as she rubbed her fat belly.

After breakfast, Brandi and Mandy left for their final fitting and I went out on the patio to enjoy the fresh air and warm morning. I must have dozed off and had an erotic dream since the next thing I remember was hearing Chrisy, “Dad, dad, wake up.”

Opening my eyes, I could see four blurred images standing around me.

“And please quit playing with that weapon and put it away. We have guests.” She continued.

Looking down, I saw I had pulled my dick out of my shorts and was slowly stroking it.

“Don’t be a spoil sport, It’s not like we haven’ seen it before.” Mandy chimed in.

“Or played with it or sucked it.” Said a familiar voice. My eyes were now clear and I realized that it was Carly, the fiery red-headed catcher from the Diamond Gals.

“Or had it in our pussy or butt” Brandi responded drawing questioning stares from the other three.

“What’s wrong with that?” Brandi questioned.

“Hey Coach, long time no see.” Carly said as she leaned down and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Let’s put this guy away.” She continued as she grabbed my shaft and stuffed it back in my shorts giving it a couple squeezes before removing her hand from inside my shorts and licked her lips.

“What are your plans for the rest of the day?” I inquired.

“Just going to relax by the pool for the rest of the day.” Chrisy replied.

“Okay, I’ll let you girls be. I’ve got some shopping to do. Would you like steaks for dinner?” I said as I started to go back in the house.

“Sound great.” They said in unison.

“I’ll pick some up when I’m out. See you later.”

After dinner, we sat around the pool, enjoying a couple bottles of wine and just shooting the bull. Around 11PM, I said good night and went to bed.

I was laying on my bed, my eyes closed, stroking my hardening cock, thinking back to the first time I made love to Carly. I had just finished fucking the daylights out of her mother on a picnic table after a late night tourney game. I was lying back on the table watching the stars when Carly startled me when she sat down next to me. She started out thanking me for “taking care” of her mom since she and Carly’s dad were always fighting and were going to get a divorce once Carly started college. Well talking led to cuddling which led to making out which led to hot passionate sex on the same table. I remembered seeing her flaming red pubic hair shaved into an arrow pointing to her little slit. Even though she wasn’t a virgin, I remembered how tight her hole was when I entered her hot wet tunnel, her walls contracting, massaging and caressing my shaft as I slowly stroked my dick. I pictured the look on her face as her orgasm tore through her body as I stroked faster. I was getting closer and closer to exploding when I felt another hand on my shaft. Opening my eyes, I saw Carly sitting next to me in her birthday suit, her hand now wrapped around my shaft, gently caressing it.

“I hope you were thinking about me.” she began. “Cause I’ve been thinking about you since I got here and saw you on the patio. I thought back to the first time you made love to me, the other times I came to you when I was horny. I wanted to jump on you right then, feel you throbbing inside me again. When Brandi said about having you in her butt, I almost lost it. I remembered the look of ecstasy on my mother’s face that night while you were on your knees behind her sliding your glistening shaft in and out of her ass. I remembered asking her about it after she and my dad divorced, how she told me that not every woman enjoyed it but she did. I thought how I always wanted to try it but was afraid my boyfriends or husband would think I’m perverted.” she went on.

“Coach, I know you won’t think that way and I really would like to try it. Would you please.” Her voice trailed off as she leaned forward and took my big red head in her mouth and started sucking on it.

Sitting up, I lifted her head of my cock and held her tight against me, whispering in her ear, “I’d be honored, Carly. It’s going to hurt some initially but I’ll go slow and be as gentle as I can. If you want to stop, I’ll understand.” She didn’t say anything, just nodded against my chest.

After laying her on her back on the bed, I opened the drawer of the night stand, grabbed the tube of KY jelly and laid it on the bed beside her before kneeling on the bed between her wide spread legs. Looking down, I giggled slightly as I saw she still had that flaming red arrow of hair pointed toward her puffy wet lips. Lifting her legs and placing the back of her knees on my shoulders, I began lightly kissing her thighs, working my way towards her core. As I got closer, I could feel the heat emanating from her hole, I could smell the intoxicating aroma being released by her body. I thought I had placed my mouth on a hot frying pan when I covered her mound with my mouth. Looking up, I saw her eyes were glazed over and her mouth was wide open, she was twirling her hard nipples between her fingers as I began licking her juicy slit, lapping up her sweet nectar that was flowing out of her like a river. I thought we were both going to get thrown off the bed as she bucked violently when my tongue found her hard clit and started flicking it. I gathered up some of her juices on my forefinger and I felt her flinch when I first touched her tight little rosebud as I continued licking her slit and sucking her clit.

Gathering up more of her natural lubrication, I again placed my finger against her asshole and started pushing. I was initially met with resistance as she clenched her ass tight but with my continued sucking of her pussy and pressure on her rosebud, her sphincter finally relaxed and my finger slipped in to the knuckle. I felt her hand grab my wrist and hold it and her rectal muscle clamp down tightly, not allowing me to penetrate any more. Turning my attention back to her clit, I began sucking harder while keeping the finger in her asshole still. As I kept up my assault on her clit, I slipped my thumb into her pussy and began rubbing the thin membrane separating the two holes between my thumb and forefinger causing her to release the grip she had on my wrist and allowing my forefinger to penetrate completely into her rectum. I was rocking my thumb and finger in and out of her, sucking and licking when I heard her take in a big breath of air and her body tense up. Suddenly her body started convulsing as her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks ejecting my thumb and finger. Looking up I could see her mouth wide open but no sound was coming out just a rush of air escaping her lungs. When she had settled down, I again lifted her up and held her still slightly trembling body against me.

“Wow!!” was all she gasped.

Reaching beside her, I picked up the tube of KY Jelly, squeezed a big glob into her hand and placed it against my throbbing manhood. After she finished lathering me up and getting me nice and lubricated, I placed her on her hands and knees before me. I then squeezed a blob of the KY jelly on her asshole and slid the tip inside her and give the tube another big squeeze. Grabbing a couple pillows, I placed them under her stomach. Holding my slippery shaft in my hand, I slowly started rubbing my throbbing head up and down her crack, smearing the lubricant all over her ass. Placing my blood engorged head against her puckered little rosebud and my hands on her hips, I began pushing forward. I could feel her getting tense.

“Just relax Carly, if it’s too uncomfortable just raise your right hand and I’ll stop. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“‘K Coach.” She gasped as I pushed forward again causing my head to pop through her sphincter and remained still letting her get used to me being inside her. After a moment, I gently pushed forward once more until about half my shaft was now imbedded in her rectum. When I stopped this time, I felt her anal muscles squeezing down, trying to force me back out. I could sense there was discomfort, her head shook back and forth, her hands gripping the sheets tightly. I really thought she was going to raise her hand when without warning, she pushed back hard against me, her ass cheeks slamming against my stomach as she impaled herself completely on my aching shaft. Again her reflexive muscles clamped down trying to expel the intruder.

I could hear her gasping, taking short quick breaths like they teach you in Lamaze class. I just waited for her to relax. After a few moments, I felt her slide forward about a half inch then slide back. She continued doing this, each time sliding forward a little more until when she slid forward, only my head was still inside her. I could sense from her actions that there was no longer any discomfort, so I began rocking back as she pulled forward and the pushing forward as she pushed back. It wasn’t long before we had a nice rhythm going and I saw her look back at me with a big smile while giving me a thumbs up with her right hand.

I could feel that I was getting close to coming and didn’t want to explode before she had her orgasm. Reaching around her it found her hard little nubbin and started rubbing it furiously with my finger while I picked up the pace of sawing in and out of her tight rectal canal. It wasn’t much longer before she sucked in a large breath of air, slammed back against me and her muscles clamped down tight on my shaft as her head tossed back and forth wildly. I couldn’t hold out any longer, my balls contracted sending my sperm flying up my shaft, filling her bowels with my hot juices. I had never cum so hard or long in my life, my heart was racing as I collapsed onto the bed beside. Leaning over me, Carly gave me a big kiss.

“Like mother, like daughter.” She chuckled as she snuggled up against me and fell asleep. I passed out a few minutes later.

When I awoke the next morning, Carly was gone.

CHAPTER 3 — Friday, Rehersal Time

I was walking down the steps just as the four girls were heading out the door.

“See you at rehearsal Pops.” Chrisy said as she ran out the door. “Later darling.’ I replied not sure if she heard mas as the door was slamming shut just as I spoke.

The rest of the day was a whirlwind of activity for me as I picked up my tux, made sure everything was set for the Bachelor Party I arranged for after the rehearsal dinner, did a little last minute shopping, called the resort where Chrisy and Mark were going for their honeymoon to make sure everything I requested would be waiting upon their arrival.

When I got back home, there was a note on my computer, “See you at rehearsal, DON’T BE LATE!!!!!!!! Love Chrisy” I took a quick shower, got dressed and left for the church. The entire wedding party was standing in the lobby when I arrived a few seconds before rehearsal was to start.

“I’m glad you have to ride with me tomorrow.” Chrisy said as I gave her a hug.

“Let’s get started.” Said David, the wedding planner.

It was when all the bridesmaids were lined up that I noticed who the other three bridesmaids were, Ashley, Melissa and Michele. Chrisy had the entire Diamond Gals original team as her bridal court. After what seemed like the hundredth time walking through the ceremony and making changes here and there, we went next door to the church banquet hall for dinner. Somehow there was a mix up in time and dinner wouldn’t be ready for about 45 minutes. There were a lot of wedding receptions held here and we were told that the couple always left a few bottles of alcohol as a tip, and we were welcome to drink for free while we waited. Finally something that didn’t cost me anything I thought to myself. I was talking to Ashley, Melissa and Michele catching up on what they’d been up to the past 5 years when I excused myself to go to the bathroom.

I was standing at the urinal, just about finished pissing when I felt a pair of tits press against my back as a hand reached around and grabbed on to my cock.

“Need any help?” the person behind me cooed as she started massaging my now hardening cock.

I turned my head trying to see who was giving me a hand job but couldn’t see since she didn’t come up to my shoulders.

“HMMMM!!!! Now I know what everyone was talking about.” she moaned as my manhood grew to it full length as her soft hand continued stroking me.

My mind raced trying to figure out who this mystery lady was. It couldn’t be one of the bridesmaids since the only one that short was Brandi and I couldn’t feel a baby bump.

“I can’t wait to wrap my lips around this wonderful piece of meat, have it stuffed inside me my horny hole, feel it erupt and coat my inside with your hot sticky cum. But we don’t have time for that now.” she said sexily as she let go of my aching shaft.

It finally dawned on me who this vixen could be, it was Lena, my daughters future mother-in-law. Turning quickly, my cock slapped her in the side.

“Easy Mac, you could really hurt someone with that weapon. We can continue this later, during the Bachelor and Bachelorette parties.” She said as she hurried out the door.

What the fuck I thought to myself as I waited for my dick to soften before putting my dick back in my pants, zipping up and returning to the bar. All through dinner, Lena kept doing sexually suggestive things, smiling at me as she would suck on one of her fingers after dipping it in her glass of wine.

After dinner, the limos took the girls to their party and the guys to ours which were about 2 blocks apart. It wasn’t more than twenty minutes after the parties began that I got a text message, “Meet me outside in 10 minutes.” Making an excuse that I was too old for this, I grabbed my suit jacket and headed out the door. When I got outside, there was a driver standing at the back door to one of the girl’s limos.

“Good evening sir.” He said with a slightly British accent, “I hope you enjoy the ride.”

When I got in, the driver closed the door plunging the interior into total darkness. I could hear some rustling and could barely make out a shadow toward the front of the limo as my eyes adjusted to the darkness and the limo started moving. I could barely see a body lying on her side on the seat toward the middle of the limo. As I slid along the seat getting closer to where she lay, I almost shot my wad when I noticed that she was completely naked. I stopped for a moment to shed my own clothes before continuing my journey along the seat to join her. When my thigh met the bottom of her feet, I gently lifted them up and kept sliding closer. I stared massaging the satiny smooth calves while lightly kissing her lovely legs moving steadily toward her core.

I was about half way up her thigh with my kisses when she quickly turned on her back, throwing her top leg over my head, the crook of her knee against the back of my neck and started pulling my head downward. Teasingly, I resisted her action by pushing back against her leg. Not to be denied, she threw her other leg around my neck and started pulling harder. My god I thought to myself, she’s quite strong for a tiny middle aged lady. Suddenly, the lights came on, temporarily blinding me, causing me to relax and allowing me to be pulled down. I thought my cheek was on fire as it was pulled tightly against a very hot and wet pussy. I remained still for a moment allowing my eyes to adjust to the now lighted interior of the limo before turning my head and latching my mouth on the furnace like mound before me, giving it a big lick from the bottom to the top. When my tongue flicked across the hard little nubbin at the top, her hands grabbed the back of my head and pulled me even tighter against her.

“YESSSSSSSS COACHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” she screamed.

My eyes flew wide open as I looked up and saw two twinkling baby blue eyes staring back at me. It wasn’t Lena but Shelly, the long legged ex-centerfielder of the Diamond Gals. “Surprised???” she asked.

I just stared dumbfounded, “What the….” I started.

“Don’t ask.” Shelly interrupted as she was pushing my head back toward her bald peach, “We’ll explain later.”

“Wemmmmmpphhh.” I muttered as she squeezed my head with her thighs and held it tight against her hot slippery mound.

“Yes ‘we’” I faintly heard through the headlock of Shelly’s strong thighs as I felt a pair of lips encircle my blood engorged head and began humming the National Anthem as she inched her way down my throbbing shaft.

Holy fuck I thought that could only be Melissa, remembering the first time she did that to me at one of the tournaments. I went back to licking and sucking on Shelly’s tasty pussy while Mel continued the wonderful blowjob.

Relaxing her vise like grip on my head and pushing it away from her twat, Shelly jumped up and started pushing my onto my back. “Not enough time for that.” she said as she straddled me. Mel held my cock straight up allowing Shelly to impale herself with one swift thrust downward.

“Just like that night on the picnic bench in Towanda after you caught Shelly and me eating each other.” Mel said as she straddled my head and pushed her dripping cunt down against my lips.

“When you took my virginity.” Shelly sighed as she started bouncing up and down on my shaft.

“When you ate my pussy better than Shelly.” Mel chimed in as she rocked back and forth on my extended tongue.

“When you gave me the greatest orgasm I ever had.” Shelly moaned as she massaged every inch of my manhood with her pulsing vaginal walls before lifting herself off me and quick as a blink switched places with Mel.

“How gentle you were when you deflowered me, talking softly to me in between eating Shelly’s pussy.” Mel continued as she bucked up and down wildly.

“How you just held us tightly against you after we were finished. Making us feel special.” Shelly sighed and I rammed my tongue in and out of her hot hole.

“Tonight’s about you Coach.” Mel stated as she picked up her pace. I could feel myself getting close so I picked up my pace of assaulting Shelly’s dripping love nest with my tongue while reaching to find Mel’s clit. I was surprised when Shelly lifted herself off me and got between my legs sucking my balls into her mouth while Mel grabbed my wrist to prevent me from reaching her clit. Between Shelly’s sucking and Mel’s silky walls contracting and relaxing, caressing my shaft, I could hold out any longer. I felt my cum boiling in my balls before erupting like a super volcano blasting into Mel’s tight channel, filling her so full that the hot sticky mess of our combined juices were leaking out around my shaft and down across my balls where Shelly cleaned up the mess with her skilled tongue. Mel collapsed sideways pulling both of us onto the floor of the limo barely missing landing directly on Shelly. We lay there cuddling for a few moments without a word being spoken just gentle caresses and light kisses before the limo came to a stop.

“You’re home Coach.” They spoke in unison as they tossed my clothes at me. I hurriedly slipped on my pants and jacket foregoing the shirt and underwear. I had just finished buckling my belt when the door opened.

“Good night Coach.” They said blowing me a kiss, “we’ll talk tomorrow at the wedding about you know who.”

“Have a good evening sir. I hope you enjoyed the ride.” said the driver with a big shit eating grin on his face.

I wandered slowly into the house and to my bedroom where I took off my clothes and collapsed on the bed. I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

CHAPTER 4 — Saturday, Wedding Day and Beyond

I was awoken very early the next morning by Chrisy shaking my shoulder as I lay flat on my stomach.

“Daddy, daddy wake up.” She said loudly. Still half asleep, I rolled over onto my back.

“Geez Dad, doesn’t that thing ever get soft” Chrisy said pointing to my morning woody, “with as much as you used it the past couple days you would think it would have fallen off” she giggled as she grabbed hold of my shaft and shook it back and forth gently.

“I have to talk to you about Brandi” she said not letting go of my throbbing cock.

“Can it wait until I get some clothes on?” I asked.

“No time for that” she said as she started rambling on about the problems Brandi and her husband were having as she continued slowly stroking me with her soft hand. She told me that Brandi was getting a divorce and once the baby was born she was going back to school to finish her degree. I closed my eyes enjoying the hand job I was getting as Chrisy continued her rambling.

“Daddy, I need you to do me a favor.” I heard as I felt something warm and wet touch the head of my prick.

“Daddy, can Brandi stay here with you until she graduates and gets a job.” She continued as I opened my eyes and saw her sinking down on my shaft, taking me fully inside het hot wet channel.

Please daddy, pleeeeeeeaaasssss say yes” she moaned as she started bucking up and down. She kept pleading with me as she rode me like she was on a bucking bull.

I couldn’t hold out any longer as her silky smooth walls caressed my aching shaft and when her tight ass hit my thighs on her next downward thrust, I Screamed “YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!” as my balls erupted sending my sperm rushing up my shaft and exploding inside her love canal causing her to scream out as her orgasm racked her body.


Collapsing to my side, she leaned toward me and giving me a kiss on the cheek said, “You won’t regret it.”

Grabbing her nightgown, she raced out of the room leaving me to wonder what had just happened and what did I get myself into now.

When I came down to the kitchen about an hour later, Chrisy, Brandi, Mandy and Carly were sitting at the table eating breakfast.

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