I’ve been a wedding videographer for many years. I have videoed every kind of wedding from the traditional to jumping out of an airplane wearing a helmet camera to record the nuptials of a pair of skydivers. Recently, I received the most unusual request to date.

It was during the prenuptial planning meeting with the happy couple that the request was made. His name was Mack and he was an extremely handsome young man, close to thirty years old. He had buttermilk blonde hair with a deep tan. He wore a blue shirt that matched his blue eyes. His jeans were so tight you could tell he was well hung. He was very photogenic, I thought.

She was even better looking than him, her name was Skylar. She was twenty-three years old with a gorgeous body that she didn’t mind showing off. She was dressed in skin tight black yoga pants which worked a sultry magic on her body, hugging her every curve. She wore a crop top that didn’t cover her midriff. Standing at just five-feet tall and with her narrow waist, her breasts looked humongous. She was one of those little bitty gals, that was all boobs and butt that you could tell just loved to fuck.

I popped up my laptop and played them some samples of my work. I explained that I could video their wedding in one of three styles: traditional, documentary and storytelling. I downplayed the traditional style by explaining that the finished product just wasn’t worth the cost. I joked, “If you want a traditional wedding video then give a camera to your Uncle Lou because mine won’t look any better.”

They both laughed, appreciating my honesty. Skylar subtly touched my bare forearm, sending goose-bumps racing to my elbow. She asked, “What’s the difference between the documentary and storytelling styles?”

Looking into her eyes, took my breath away and I had to clear my throat before I answered, “They are pretty similar, but the story-telling style takes more pre-production work, because it uses a lot of voiceovers from your friends and family. The voiceovers are then edited into the recorded wedding day festivities. It’s the most expensive style.”

“And, the documentary style?” asked Mack.

“With documentary style, the raw footage is edited after it is shot to create continuity. The finished product is a polished documentation of the happy day as it unfolds, most of the work is done post-production. It’s the style I recommend, but it’s up to you. It’s your wedding after all,” I said flashing Skylar my best sales smile.

She touched my arm again, sending another wave of goose-bumps up it. Her brilliant white teeth sparkled in a smile as she asked, “What footage do you shoot?”

“Usually, I shoot some pre-ceremony footage, maybe an interview with the bride and groom’s parents and perhaps the best man and bride’s maid. I can include the rehearsal dinner, if you want, but remember, the more footage I shoot the more I have to edit, adding to the cost of the production. Then of course the wedding ceremony itself followed by the reception up until the groom whisks the bride away for the honeymoon.”

“Have you shot any footage of the honeymoon?”

Chuckling, I said, “No, but I did shoot footage of the bachelor party once. The bride ended up using it in divorce court against the groom two years after the wedding. I guess if you want some footage of the honeymoon, you could shoot that yourselves and I could edit it in to your video when you got back from your trip.”

“I’m not talking about the honeymoon trip. I’m talking about the wedding night, the consummation of the marriage.”

My mouth fell open. I narrowed my eyes to look into Skylar’s face. I wanted to ensure she was serious, she was. None-to-subtly, I said, “I don’t shoot porn.”

Skylar’s eyes flared as she glared at me. A flush of red filled her cheeks as she seethed, “When we have sex, it is not pornography. It’s a beautiful physical act of our love.”

“Come on babe, I told you these wedding guys wouldn’t do stuff like that, we’ll get a video camera and shoot it ourselves,” Mack cut-in, taking Skylar’s hand and gave it a squeeze. He looked directly at me and added, “I’m not comfortable with some stranger watching us do it, anyway.”

Skylar shook her head vigorously, sending her ponytail whipping through the air. “No, I don’t want to do it ourselves, because then it would look like amateur porn. I want a professionally shot and edited video of the consummation of our marriage.”

“Why?” I asked, my eyes avoiding hers.

She folded her arms across her ample bosom and asked, “Do you know of the tradition behind the bridal garter?”

I shook my head.

Her eyes fixed on me and with a steady voice she explained, “In olden times, at least two people, usually more, would adjourn from the wedding reception with the newlyweds to the bed chamber and witness the consummation of the marriage. After the fact, each of the bride’s garters were given to the newlyweds families, as proof that marriage was consummated and that their families were indeed united.”

“Wow,” I said then asked, “So you want a video to be your witness for your families?”

“No silly, that’s more than a bit perverse by the way. I simply want a record of the physical love we have for each other. I mean look at Mack, he’s a fine figure of a man, but in thirty years he’s going to be bald and have a potbelly.”

“Hey…” objected Mack.

“Look at my breasts,” Skylar cupped both her breasts with her hands and my breath caught in my throat. She continued, “Their perfect 36Cs and in thirty years after I have nursed a couple of kids, they’re going to be drooping down to my knees. I want to be able to look at that video thirty years from now and remember that when our bodies were young our love held a fiery passion. And, I hope it will still be glowing then.”

Nodding my head, I said, “That is romantic. Maybe, I could edit in the footage you and Mack shoot of your wedding night yourselves. How would that be?”

“Unacceptable. Neither of us knows anything about shooting a video. Sure we could get set a couple of cameras, but it would still look like…what did you say? Oh yeah, it would look like Uncle Lou shot it and would be a waste of money.”

Chuckling, I conceded her point, “I guess I could video your wedding night, if you really want me too. But, please understand, I’m not comfortable with being a voyeur, so I’ll factor that into the price.”

“I’m not at all comfortable, having sex in front of a stranger,” protested Mack, clenching his jaw.

Skylar’s eyes narrowed as she turned to her fiancé. “You already agreed to this…”

“I didn’t think you could find a videographer that would actually agree to do it.”

Their conversation quickly escalated into a full-blown verbal brawl. I excused myself to go to the restroom. In the hallway, I noticed a security camera keeping sentinel. Returning, I interrupted the dueling duo saying, “I have an idea. I can set up remote cameras…”

Skylar shook her head and sniveled, “It will look like cheap porn…”

“No, it won’t. They will be remote cameras, just like security cameras that I can control from another room. I can set up multiple cameras from multiple angles that will give me plenty of footage to edit together. I’m sure I could produce a finished product you will like, if not the whole job will be free.”

Mack perked up, “Free?”

“The whole package free, the ceremony, the editing, all of it free. If Skylar isn’t happy with the way the consummation is presented on the video then it will be free.”

Skylar pulled my face down to hers and kissed my cheek, her warm breath on my skin made my cock grow hard. Her smile was contagious. She sighed, “Deal.”

As I gathered up my laptop and the freshly signed service contract, I watched the pair leave, paying particular attention to Skylar. With a mischievous smile, she glanced over her shoulder and caught me ogling the undulating globes of her ass in the tight yoga pants.

Stopping and turning around, she gave me a full-frontal view of the scrumptious camel-toe the stretchy pants had created. Realizing, I had been busted I swallowed audibly. She giggled out loud, as my lust-filled eyes drank in the contours of her outlined cunt. Teasing, she said, “In a month’s time you’ll get to see it, bare.”

With my heart racing like it might burst from my chest, I watched her snag her fiancé’s arm and lead him out the door, putting a little extra swing into her step as she left. My cock hardened in a natural response to the wanton wiggle of her buttocks. I chuckled and said aloud, “And, I look forward to seeing it bare, too.”

Later, that night as I slept spooning with my wife, Skylar visited me in my dreams. From the recesses of my mind I found myself sitting in a fitting room at a bridal shop. Suddenly, the curtain of changing stall ripped open and Skylar sauntered out saying, “I’m so glad you’re here. I want your opinion concerning what lingerie I should wear for the consummation. What do you think of this nightie?”

Sucking in a quick breath, I stammered, “Very nice.”

“I was hoping for naughty,” she said with a laugh. Slowly she spun around modeling the sheer white baby doll negligée. The transparent garment revealed that her humongous pale breasts contrasted nicely with her dark sun kissed body. In the center of her areolas, her nipples stood rigid and tented the nightie’s translucent material. Her white thong and bare butt cheeks were also clearly visible beneath the flimsy material. Sighing she said, “I guess this one won’t do.”

The sheerness of the nightie allowed me to watch the rise and fall of each of her buttocks and the sideways sway of her hips, as she returned to the changing stall. She looked over her shoulder at me with a flirtatious grin, my cock got rock hard. The curtain made a zipping sound as she closed it.

I caught a glimpse of Skylar smiling at me in the mirror. With a slow disbelieving shake of my head, I realized, she had left the curtain ajar on purpose. Winking at me, she shimmied out her thong. Momentarily, she stood in front of the mirror to give me a full frontal view of her nakedness before she tried on the next bit of lingerie. I squirmed in my chair and crossed my legs over my hard-on.

Skylar slipped her legs into a white teddy and pulled it up her body, I loved the way the lace snuggly hugged her torso. There was a heart shaped hole from her naval to just under her bust which allowed me a peek at her taut tummy. She placed each of her ample breasts into the white lace cups of the teddy. Her nipples seemed to harden that much more with the material’s lacey embrace. She adjusted the G-string rear of the teddy, so the flimsy material rested snuggly in the crevice of her ass. Satisfied, she pulled up a pair of sheer white thigh-high stockings then slipped into a pair of white high-heeled shoes.

Pulling back the curtain of the changing stall, Skylar emerged and gracefully spun in front of me. She enhanced her seductive look, by sliding a strap of her teddy down to her biceps. That side of the garment fell down, to give me a tasteful glimpse of her areola and exposed her hard nipple. She posed her hand on her tummy below her naval in such a way as to call attention to her simmering snatch barely concealed by the lacey material. She asked, “What do you think of this one?”

“It looks real nice on you,” I voiced my approval. I smiled at her like a kid at the circus.

Stepping back into the changing stall, she winked at me and completely closed the curtain this time. Being sexy comes from a confident attitude as much as it does from looks and Skylar definitely had plenty of both.

The curtain ripped back and Skylar’s attire literally took my breath away. She was wearing a white under-bust corset that left her breasts bare. They looked heavy and full. Her hard nipples begged to be sucked. She wore white sheer thigh-high stockings atop white high-heeled pumps. She wore no panties and her vulva glistened with anticipation. Her pussy was perfectly framed between the corset and stockings. Her strip of pubs seemed to point the way to her pleasure pit like a neon sign at a roadside diner. With a silky slutty voice she asked, “Do you like my outfit?”

I couldn’t find my voice and just nodded with wide eyes.

Skylar moved steadily towards me, her hips swayed seductively from side to side. Her breasts bounced with each swing of her hips. She stopped in front of me and handed me a string of white pearls. With a quivering voice, she said, “I want to wear these on my wedding night, but I need you to put them on me.”

I took the string of pearls from her. I found out they were actually a pair of nipple clamps connected to each other by the string of white pearls. Nodding I asked, “Are you sure?”

She looked at the clamps, across her beautiful face a bright flush raced like a fever. Her expression was clouded with unease, but she nodded in the affirmative.

I gently squeezed each of her firm breasts before lowering my mouth to her nipples. I lightly bit and sucked each of her nipples until they were hard enough to cut glass. I knew her pussy was drenched with desire. The scent of her sex permeated the fitting room. I opened the clamps and clipped them to both of Skylar’s nipples at the same time.

She emitted a low groan of pleasure that rose steadily into a scream of agony. “Ouchhhh!”

A stab of pain erupted in my belly. Another shot of pain quickly followed the first, as I woke from sleep. My wife’s elbow made sharp contact with my gut for a third time. I sat up rubbing my mid-section and glared at my wife. I snapped, “What the fuck?”

“What’s wrong with you?” she snapped back. She had sat up too and was vigorously rubbing her breasts. Her brazen expression of pain and outrage trumped mine and I wilted beneath her harsh gaze. She continued to massage the pain from her breasts and huffed, “You were pinching my nipples like a vice. What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m so sorry, dear. You have such beautiful breasts, I guess I just can’t resist them, even in my sleep.”

“More like you were dreaming of some big breasted, bimbo bride,” she scoffed. Then she punched her pillow a couple of times before laying back down. “Keep your hands to yourself, asshole.”

I lie down and quickly fell asleep again. I was able to pick up my dream right where I had left off. Like a desert mirage, Skylar shimmered into view from the depths of my imagination. My eyes lingered on her huge breasts, taking note that her rigid nipples had been ravished by the alligator clamps. The string of pearls connecting the clamps danced through the valley of her cleavage with each hot breath she panted.

With a pouty voice, she said, “I know you want relief, but I can’t be unfaithful to Mack. But, since an ex-president declared that oral sex wasn’t really sex, I guess I can give you a blow-job and still remain faithful to Mack.”

Dropping to her knees in front of me, she unzipped my shorts and my cock sprang out like a horse bolting from a barn. Pre-cum drooled from its tip. I could actually see the big blue vein on top, dancing as blood surged through it.

“Your cock is so hard,” Skylar said and watched it sway for a moment. Her eyes shifted to mine as her hand steadied my cock. She kissed my bulbous head without taking her eyes off mine. Her eyes laughingly glimmered with naughtiness, as she licked the underside of my shaft. Her hand shifted to my balls and she gently squeezed them. She engulfed both of my bloated balls into her mouth. The suction she produced on them would have put a vacuum cleaner to shame.

I curled my toes to keep from cumming. I babbled, “Oh my.”

She spat my balls out and licked back up the length of my cock to its head. Grapping my cock again, she tantalizingly darted her tongue into my piss slit. Now, she had me standing on my tip-toes.

My cock disappeared into her mouth and she began to suckle. My mind was overloaded with gratification as she bobbed her head up and down on my cock, while rolling my balls in her hand. Signaling I was close to climax, my cock twitched.

Suddenly, Skylar jammed her finger up my ass and spunk gushed out of my cock like a fire hose. She didn’t even try to catch my cum in her mouth, she just let it wash over her face and drip down to her tits.

I bellowed like bull and struggled to stay conscious as white light tore through my brain. When I finished spewing, I looked down at Skylar gasping for air.

She rested on her bottom and looked up at me. One of her eyes was completely closed, her eye-lashes glued together by cum. Her face and tits were quite literally covered with my cum. She smiled up at me and said, “Feel better now.”

It was the most erotic thing I had ever envisioned, but my gratification was short-lived. My wife shook me awake.

“What the fuck?” she seethed. Waving her palm in front of me, I saw that it was smeared with a white gooey substance.

I shrugged and asked, “What’s that?”

My wife pointed at my boxers. Somehow during the night my cock had worked its way out of my underwear. My cock was still hard and cum dripped from its mushroomed head. My look of astonishment contrasted with wife’s look of outrage.

“You had a wet dream, what are you thirteen?” she ranted pulling her nightie off. The back of it was smeared with my spent seed. She glared at me and harangued, “You cummed all over me.”

As my wife stomped off to the shower, I lay back on my pillow and recalled my dream. I sighed with a deep satisfaction, “Skylar, I imagine you are a beautiful cocksucker.”

Over the next few weeks, I found myself thinking more and more of Skylar and Mack while, I videoed and edited other people’s weddings. As I planned the consummation shoot, I realized I needed to inspect the bridal suite to figure out the correct lighting scheme and camera placement.

I made arrangements with the hotel to check out the room. I stood before the huge king-size bed reeling in my tape measure and scribbled the measurement down on my pad. I examined the bed. It had a luxurious pillow-top mattress with plush bedding and lines. Closing my eyes, I imagined Mack’s chiseled body lying nude upon it.

His cock was hard and so large it nearly touched his navel, I surmised it would give his new bride a lot of pleasure. Seeing his wife emerge from the bathroom in her bridal lingerie, he hoarsely choked, “You look so beautiful, babe.”

Skylar was wearing an extremely erotic and elegant body-stocking. It was made from a soft white transparent fabric that exquisitely exposed her feminine form. The shear white garment revealed her beautiful breasts. Her nipples were hard and tented the translucent material. The bodysuit was crotchless, divulging that her pussy lips were enflamed with excitement and glistened with anticipation. To accentuate her outfit, she wore a sheer white wedding veil that hung below her very sexy butt.

My cock was so hard, I thought I was going to pass out. I could hear my pulse in my ears and actually feel it pounding in my cock. My mouth was dry and I was panting.

Skylar climbed onto the bed and took her groom’s colossal cock firmly in her hand. Studying it for a moment, she kissed its huge head before twirling her tongue around it, lapping up its seepage. She licked the underside of Mack’s massive manhood like a lollipop while gently squeezing his bloated balls. Her new husband moaned his joy.

My face flushed with envy. I had imagined what a great cocksucker Skylar would be and I blushed with very real jealousy. I clinched my teeth and said, “Lucky fucker.”

The vocalized pleasure of her husband seemed to motivate Skylar. She looked ready to fuck. She spat out his cock and it slapped his belly with an audible smack. Swinging her leg over Mack, she straddled him backwards in the reverse cowboy position. She announced watching my reaction, “I want you to have an unobstructed view.”

“I meant what I said,” Joanie sternly said to her new husband. She looked stunning lying on the bed in her wedding dress, the hem pulled up above her bare knees, her hands on her hips. Her dark brown eyes gleamed with excitement, teasing arousal, and a touch of dominance.

The groom was naked, on his knees between her feet. His member jutted out impatiently. He had waited months for this moment. Although Joanie had not let him penetrate her yet, she had come to appreciate the skill he developed in pleasuring her with his mouth on her pussy. She had reciprocated by giving him exquisite ejaculations by various methods.

He loved her scent and her taste. Most of all, he longed for the intimacy of intercourse, where his throbbing cock would explore and then freely spurt its payload of arousal deep inside her, again and again. Many were the nights that he spent alone in his bed, his lubricated hand stroking his member, imagining that it was inside Joanie’s tasty pussy; at the moment of ejaculation he called out her name and visualized his spurts of cum being ejected far up inside, her smooth vaginal muscles closing in and mixing the semen with her own natural lubricant.

That evening, on the bridal bed, he was about to experience it in actuality. Also, at her request, he had stoically refrained from solo relief for a week, in anticipation of a night of intercourse and sensual release in bed.

Joanie had just pitched a curve. The orgasms he gave her with his mouth were delicious, she told him. But she wanted a vaginal orgasm from intercourse before his ejaculation. If he couldn’t resist spurting his arousal into her hot pussy before her orgasm, she stipulated, he’d have to suck her pussy completely clean, after which she would welcome him inside again.

That was to be the rule every time they had intercourse. “Every time you cum inside me before I orgasm, you suck me clean. Every time!”

Her stern look faded into a sensuous, seductive, excited expression. “Commit to that, and you can enter me,” she panted.

Every male knows the feeling of intense wanting – the hot desire that permeates his midsection at times like these. It feels as though all the arousal and feeling in the body comes to a focal point in the groin area. Joanie used that fact to get him to agree. But how to get him to follow through afterward? She had the perfect answer for that.

They both knew that he would very likely pop off before she had her vaginal orgasm, especially with the first penetration in the charged atmosphere of their long-awaited wedding night.

Joanie slowly pulled her wedding dress up – higher, higher. Her naked hips were exposed. She had removed her panties well before they arrived at the bridal suite.

He looked at Joanie’s dark-haired pussy, and swore that she was creaming from her arousal. In the state of excitement he was in, sucking on her sperm-filled snatch appealed to him.

“Well?” she asked.

“What if I just can’t bring myself to do it afterward?”

“Then you’ll have to pop off into my hand and lick it up before you get in again,” she calmly stated. He knew she meant what she said.

He agreed, and quickly entered her. A low, sensuous “UHHH!” escaped her.

It felt every bit as good as he had imagined. He felt his new bride’s arms around him, and he began to pump. With each long thrust, she moaned or let out an excited “UHH!”

Once he began pumping, he could not stop. His cock had a will of its own, and he could not prevent his hips from repeatedly thrusting. He felt the first few telltale spurts originate from within and traverse his member. He knew he had crossed the line and could not do anything about it. Joanie’s pussy was too enticing.

Hot spurts of his seed ejected forcefully from his aroused cock. Joanie’s whimpers made him pump harder as each hot pulse wracked his midsection.

Joanie was excited. She held him close and he remained inside her. They both knew he had spurted profusely. If he was going to please his new bride, his mouth was going to be kissing and sucking where his cock had spewed.

He felt Joanie’s hands grasp his hips and gently push.

“Come clean me, my love. Better luck next time.” She had a sensuous gleam in her eye.

He wondered how many other women had the same rule about cleaning their pussies. He told himself that he would rather lick his own cum from his bride’s pussy than from her hand. When he got in the classic cunnilingus position he saw close up the primal sensuality of her opened pussy oozing the mixture of their abundant juices.

He had eaten her pussy many times before, and loved it. Never with cum having been spurted inside, though. As he put his mouth closer, he felt her legs tremble. The white lace of the hem of her wedding dress lay across her trim midsection.

He overcame his resistance and quickly put his mouth over as much of her pussy as he could, and licked once. He heard her gasp.

Another lick.

“OH!” she moaned.

Every time he licked, more sperm oozed from her pussy onto his tongue. Joanie’s moans became louder with each lick, and she began to twist and rock her hips.

“Gmmmmf!” he finally swallowed.

“OH! Ahh! Keep going! Get it all!” she moaned.

His arousal began to return and he passionately kissed her pussy. He wanted to be inside her again, and savor the feeling of intercourse before spurting. His enthusiasm increased with his arousal, and he applied his mouth ever more passionately to his task.

Joanie twisted and squirmed. Her choked moans would have aroused anyone listening. When her new husband swallowed again, she crested. Open mouthed moans filled the bridal suite and her hips thrashed about. “Oh, keep going!” she pleaded, and he renewed his efforts. By the time he had extracted everything his impatient cock had squirted inside her, she had crested three times.

He wanted to penetrate her again, but she had him lie back while she subjected him to a period of exquisite teasing with her hands. Then she mounted him. Her eyes were wide with passion, and her smile had a teasing and determined quality. She still wore her wedding dress, and had pulled the top down to expose her breasts.

Slowly, steadily, she pumped. She loved the way his cock filled her, and she knew he was absorbed in the feeling of finally being inside her. She didn’t state her rule about his ejaculating but knew it was on his mind. She became more aroused at the thought of his constant struggle to hold back.

“Joanie… ahhhh! Uhhh! JOANIE!”

She felt his member harden inside her, and she continued to pump. As soon as she whispered, “That feels so good,” he began to spurt. The strength of his bucking and writhing delighted her, and she leaned forward and held on until his ejaculation subsided.

It took a few minutes for their breathing to return to normal. With a sensuous gleam in her eyes she leaned forward and held his hands against the mattress as she withdrew. There was an audible slurping sound as her pussy released his member.

“Okay,” she said, and straddled his willingly open mouth.

This story and all characters are fiction. All characters are over 18.

Carol, my niece and a newly gangbanged bride, mumbled something about washing her face, and skipped out of the front room of the bridal suite, and into the bathroom, still wearing her veil. I looked around at her other three uncles. We were all sitting with our pants off, and were all grinning. My intention then was to clean my cock in the bathroom when Carol came out, and sneak back to my room.

“God, she’s a hot piece of ass!” Said Mitch, referring to our niece.

“I don’t think we took her virginity away from her,” chuckled Teddy.

“I wonder if her sweet little ass is still virgin,” said Uncle Bud.

I got up and checked on Carol’s passed out groom Shawn. He was in his exact same position in his bed in the bedroom. Then I heard a noise out in the hallway. It sounded like a couple of female voices talking loudly and laughing, and the rustling of long dresses. Then there was silence for a minute. Then the female voices chanted, “Oh, Shawn and Carol!”

Carol came out of the bathroom. She had thrown a white sheer nightie over her garters and stockings. Her veil was now off. I could see right through the nightie and could easily see the detail of her tits, even in low light. Carol looked out the peephole and said, “It’s my sisters and cousins.” Before we could stop her, the drunken bride opened the door.

Teddy, Mitch and myself scrambled to get our underwear back on. I went and stood behind the door to hide, and hoped to get Carol in before my other nieces knew that we were there. Carol was standing in the doorway, half in the hall, talking to the girls in their red bridesmaid gowns. I couldn’t hear what was being said, but the other girls sounded quite drunk.

I heard more footsteps, and peeked through the crack in the door to see two young hotel employees walking down the hall. The two men slowed when they got to Carol, and no doubt got a good look at her in her sheer top. “Hi, boys,” she said, and the boys continued down the hall.

The bridesmaids drunkenly pushed into the room with Carol’s tacit approval, and caught us with our pants down.

All four bridesmaids walked in on us. Carol’s sister Pamela was nineteen. She normally had a reserved personality, but was quite nice, a Dean’s List college student. Her blonde hair was long. Her face was cute, her body was more slender than Carol’s, and her tits were smaller.

Carol’s youngest sister Nancy was eighteen. She may have been the best looking of the bunch, her body just as nice as Carol’s but her tits were slightly smaller. She had a gorgeous face surrounded by long blonde hair, and big bright blue eyes.

Carol’s first cousin Sherry was twenty-four, and had gotten married just last year. She was about two inches taller than the rest, at about 5′ 7″, and blonde like Carol and her cousins. Like Carol, she got sort of a slutty reputation as a teen. Her tits were just slightly smaller than Carol’s.

Another of Carol’s first cousins was Tiffany, who at twenty-four was the same age as Sherry. Tiffany had been married for about two years. She was the only brunette in the group. She had long, dark, full hair, and like Pamela was a little slender, bordering on skinny, but the difference was that Tiffany had some pretty big tits for such a skinny girl. They weren’t huge, maybe slightly larger than Carol’s, but they looked big on her skinny frame.

Expecting to see Shawn, the bridesmaids gawked at Teddy and me in our briefs and shirttails, and their Uncle Bud in his shirttail covering his bare bottom. Mitch was wearing only his briefs, his chest thickly populated with black hair.

“What are you guys doing here?” asked Pamela.

“Oh, Shawn passed out, and they carried him to the room for me,” replied Carol.

“Why are you in your underwear?” quizzed Sherri.

“The air conditioner broke down, so we got comfortable,” quipped Mitch. It wasn’t going to fly, but it paused the drunken girls for a minute.

Carol closed the door, and asked, “Anyone want a drink?” And held up an open bottle of Champaign.

“Yeah!” Said the drunken teen Nancy. She took a swig and passed the bottle around.

“No, really, why are your pants off, uncle Teddy?” Asked Tiffany.

“We’re having an underwear party. You can’t stay unless you’re in your underwear,” he said.

A drunken Pamela actually bought that one. “Oh, I’ve heard of those.”

“OK,” said Teddy, “Then strip down to your underwear, or you have to put our liquor down and leave.”

Uncle Bud and Mitch echoed Teddy’s order. I still don’t think the girls were believing it, but they were drunk and in a party mood, and wanted the free booze. So Pamela started unzipping her bridesmaid dress in back. She giggled as she unzipped her dress, and let it fall from her chest, revealing her white strapless bra. The other three girls began following suit.

Uncle Bud went right for the youngest, Nancy, and started unzipping her dress from behind her. Teddy broke out more booze from the refrigerator, and Mitch unzipped Tiffany’s dress. The married Sherri looked at me, and I got up and unhooked and unzipped her dress from behind. Just to be helpful, I pulled her dress down off of her chest.

Just like that, four more young nieces partying in their underwear, standing, drinking, and conversing like nothing was amiss, surrounded me. All four wore white strapless bras pushing up their young ta-tas. Pamela had beige pantyhose over her white panties. Younger sister Nancy had skimpy white cotton panties, and beige thigh-high stockings. The married blonde Sherri had white garters holding up beige stockings, and white lacy thong panties, exposing her nice bare young butt. And the brunette Tiffany wore beige pantyhose with no panties on underneath. I initially stared longest at her, because I could easily see a patch of dark brown pubic hair over her pussy through the near-transparent hose. Sherri stood next to Mitch, looked at his hairy chest, and said, “Uncle Mitch, you’re hairy!” She placed her right palm onto his chest, and rubbed it in circles.

“Oh, can I do that to you?” asked Mitch, and immediately placed his hand on Sherri’s chest, and quickly massaged her tit over her bra.

“Uncle Mitch!” exclaimed Sherri, but she didn’t push him away.

I boldly stood in front of the slender Pamela as she looked down at my nearly erect cock pushing out my briefs. “Nice underwear, Uncle Jim,” she said, smiling at me. She quickly grabbed my elastic waistband near my hip with her thumb and index finger, and gave it a snap.

“I like your underwear, too,” I replied, and ran my index finger along the top of her bra, touching the exposed flesh above it. When there was no objection, just a little reserved smirk on her lips, I pulled out Pamela’s strapless bra, and peered inside. I stared at her small pale titties capped with hard pink nipples. Pamela just smiled at me.

Uncle Bud stood behind the eighteen-year-old Nancy, fifty years his junior, and massaged her bare shoulders. Nancy turned around, looked down and exclaimed, “Uncle Bud!” Uncle Bud’s long, dark, wet, semi-erect, uncircumcised cock was hanging down his leg, sticking out from his shirttail. The other girls all gawked at his manhood. “He was rubbing it against me,” Nancy told them.

Carol the bride broke in, “You should see it when it’s stiff!” The other girls looked at her, now knowing that Carol had seen it hard earlier. Carol stood next to Uncle Bud on the other side of Nancy, reached down, and grabbed Uncle Bud’s cock. The other girls watched speechless as it quickly became erect, and stood perpendicular from his body.

I saw Teddy approach the married brunette Tiffany from behind. Tiffany so far had been silent. Teddy startled her when he put his hands on her bare shoulders, but she looked back, smiled, and leaned her shoulders back into his chest. Teddy ran his hands down her waist, and up her bare midriff.

Uncle Bud had one arm around Carol, and one on the teen Nancy, whose wide eyes stared down at his hardon. “Hey, watch this trick,” Bud said. “One hand.” He held up his hand, put it back behind Nancy, and in one movement unhooked her strapless bra. The bra seemed to fly off her chest and jump to the floor. Nancy squealed, and after a moment of shock, covered her tits with her hands, but not before I got a good look at them. They were gravity-defying beauties, sticking straight out; slightly smaller than Carol’s, bigger than Pamela’s, but all three sisters had the same light pink nipples. I had now seen all three sister’s tits in less than an hour. We all chuckled at Uncle Bud’s trick and the teen’s embarrassed exposure. Nancy gave Uncle Bud a slightly dirty look, but she also had a little smirk. Uncle Bud put his arms around Nancy and Carol and pulled them close, and reached completely around their slender bodies under their arms, and felt their tits; Carol’s through her sheer nightie, and Nancy’s under her folded arms.

I looked over at Mitch and Sherri, the married blonde with the prior slutty reputation. Mitch now had his hand inside her bra, and massaged her tit. Sherri leaned over and French kissed her tall dark hairy uncle that was twice her age. Her hand went down to his briefs and disappeared inside the front. Mitch’s other hand was on Sherri’s bare ass exposed by her thong.

Teddy was still standing behind his brunette niece Tiffany, and had both hands over her bra. His big hands manipulated her tits through the fabric, her hard dark nipples protruding through the white material. He yanked down on the strapless bra with both hands, and the bra ended up halfway down her waist, completely freeing and exposing both of her large pale round tits. Her areolas were darker and slightly wider than her blonde cousins’, and her hard nipples were fatter. Teddy massaged both of the exposed mammaries, squeezing and lifting them.

I looked back at Pamela, who was smirking at me. I put my left arm around her bare slender waist. She leaned forward and planted a kiss on my lips. I slid my tongue along her lips, and they parted and allowed me to meet her tongue with mine. I slid both hands down over her hose-covered ass cheeks and rubbed and squeezed them through the clinging hose. Then I slid my hands up her back and found her bra clasp. I quickly unhooked it, and pulled the bra off. I glanced down at my niece’s little titties. Even more than Nancy’s they defied gravity, sticking straight out from her body. They were small and cone shaped and very white. Her erect, pink nipples stuck way out from her body, and I reached up and took one between my thumb and index finger.

Teddy was still standing behind Tiffany, and his left hand still fondled a tit. But now Tiffany was leaning back and making out with her uncle, and her uncle’s right hand had slid into the front of her pantyhose. With no panties to mar the view, I could see Teddy’s finger sliding in and out of the married woman’s hair-covered pussy inside the hose.

I slid my hand down to the front Pamela’s pantyhose. She wore panties underneath, and I slid my hand inside the hose and panties. I felt some short pubic hair, trimmed away from her thighs, and found her slit. But before I slid a finger in, Pamela stopped kissing me, and pulled down her hose and panties. After she stepped out of them, she tugged down my briefs, exposing my erect cock. I looked down at her pussy, with just a tiny, trimmed patch of blonde pubic hair surrounding it. I slid a finger in the wetness as Pamela stroked my cock.

Mitch was standing straight up as Sherri knelt in front of him. Her lips were stretched wide over his throbbing red cock, her blonde head bobbing up and down on it.

Uncle Bud and Carol had somehow discovered that the couch was a sleeper sofa, and began tearing off cushions and opening the bed. Teen Nancy stood alone in her panties and thigh-highs, her arms folded across her topless chest. She looked over at me, and I smiled at her. She walked over to Pamela and me, and I put my right arm around Nancy. I slid a hand down to her panties and squeezed her teen ass. Pamela unbuttoned my shirt and removed it as her sister slid her panties and thigh-highs off. Nancy’s pussy was nearly identical to her sister’s trimmed blonde hair. All three of us were now virtually naked. I was leaning back on the wet bar, my right arm around Nancy, my left arm around her sister Pamela. I took turns making out with my two teen nieces.

Nancy put her hand on my cock and slowly stroked it. Pamela played with my balls. Pamela rubbed her pussy mound up and down my hip, and Nancy did the same. I took turns making out with them, and squeezed their two firm, smooth teen butts jutting out. I glanced down at their teen tits sticking straight out of their bodies, Pamela’s tiny ones and Nancy’s slightly bigger ones. I reached up and groped them and tweaked their long nipples. Both sisters were panting as they humped my legs like horny dogs, their silky pubic hair rubbing on my flesh, some moistness from their wet pussies smearing on my thighs.

I glanced over at the opened sleeper sofa. Uncle Bud was lying on his back with his legs dangling off the bed, his feet on the floor. Bride Carol was straddling him with her back to him. Her feet were also planted on the floor, her knees spread wide, and she was bouncing up and down with his cock in her pussy, using her legs to push off the floor for power. Her eyes were closed, and she had an open-mouth smile on her face. She was still wearing her transparent nightie, and Uncle Bud’s right hand was under it, grabbing at her tit as it hopped up and down. His left hand was on her pussy, diddling her clit, I guessed.

Teddy and his brunette babe Tiffany were climbing onto the bed also. Uncle Bud grabbed Tiffany’s leg, and pulled her down on top of him. Tiffany ended up sitting on Uncle Bud’s face with her back to Carol. She fell forward onto the bed, her face landing between Teddy’s legs. She took Teddy’s cock in her mouth and gobbled it down, her flowing dark hair hanging down over her face. So Carol was fucking Uncle Bud’s cock while he ate Tiffany’s pussy, who was sucking her Uncle Teddy’s cock.

I leaned over and took Pamela’s hard nipple in my mouth. In fact, I got just about the whole little titty into my mouth, and sucked on it hard, my tongue flitting about the long hard nipple, and occasionally giving it a gentle bite. Then I turned and did the same to her sister Nancy’s slightly larger tits. Nancy’s tits were as hard as a rock. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt a tit so firm. It just barely moved when I manipulated it. Both girls were moaning and panting as I reached down and fingered both of their pussies.

Mitch was now lying on the floor, and Sherri was lying on top of him, in a 69 position. Her thong was now off, and I looked at her bare ass as he licked up into her pussy, and she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. Sherri’s pussy was shaved. So out of the five young nieces, two were bald, two were trimmed, and one had a fairly full bush.

Pamela fell on her knees and stuffed my cock in her mouth. I fingered Nancy furiously, and pinched her hard ass. I diddled her clit and stuck my index finger a quarter-inch into the entrance of her teen asshole. She then thrashed and squealed in a wild gyrating orgasm. She fell to her knees and panted for a moment, then began competing with her older sister for my cock. They took turns sucking and licking my shaft and balls.

Mitch was up on his feet. Sherri was bent over the back of the couch, wearing her high heels. Mitch stood behind her, and was sliding his cock into her doggie style. I saw her ass ripple and shake as he slammed into her. Teddy, who was leaning against the sofa back as Tiffany sucked his cock, reached over and felt Sherri’s dangling tit.

I lay down on the carpet on my back. Pamela immediately straddled me and slid her wet pussy down onto my cock, becoming the second of my nieces that I fucked tonight. At my urging, her little sister Nancy straddled me and lowered her pussy down onto my face. I licked up into her pussy as she wrapped her firm smooth thighs around my head. Pamela’s tits were pressed into Nancy’s back. Pamela thrust her hips up and down, and Nancy tried to keep still as I licked her salty pussy. I reached up and grabbed one of Pamela’s tits, and one of Nancy’s. Then my hands roamed all over their teen flesh. I diddled Pamela’s clit, played with their thighs, their butts, and pinched their nipples. Pamela reached around Nancy and played with one of her tits, massaging it and tugging her nipple. Nancy looked back, and the two sisters smiled at each other.

Pamela began grunting in a very unladylike fashion, practically bouncing off of me. She screamed and grunted and thrashed about. I diddled her clit to help her along, and with one final grunt, she relaxed and fell off of me.

Nancy immediately lifted herself off of my face, and lowered her torso down to my crotch. She didn’t seem to know how to lower her pussy down over my cock, but I helped her aim it there. Little by little, she took more of my cock into her pussy.

“Nancy, are you still a virgin?” Pamela asked.

“Uh huh,” her sister grunted affirmatively.

Nancy was the tightest of the three sisters. She leaned over me on her hands, and I reached up and played with her tits. After some awkward moments, we got into a rhythm, and she humped me faster, her long blonde hair hanging in my face.

In the back of my mind I had been hearing a lot of noise from over on the bed. Apparently just about everyone had had at least one orgasm. I glanced over, and the configuration was different. Now Carol was on her stomach on the bed, a cushion under her torso, her ass sticking up in the air. Uncle Bud was kneeling on the bed behind her, holding his glistening cock in his hand. He was attempting to work the member into the bride’s asshole. “Relax,” he told her.

“Wait, wait!” she yelled, and jumped off the bed. She ran from the room, and re-entered just as fast, carrying a tube of lubricating jelly. “Here, use lots of this,” she told Uncle Bud, and resumed her position on the bed with her ass in the air.

I heard her grunting as I turned back to Nancy.

As I took my niece’s virginity, I ran my hands all over her body, and even held my head up and sucked and licked her tits. She was breathing heavily and whimpering. “Huuh! Oohhh!” I was close to cumming again, so I wanted to hurry her along. I found her swollen clit with my index finger and rubbed it.

“Aahh! Hhhhhoooo!” the young teen said. She thrashed about and tightened her thighs around me. “Unnnc! Unc! Uncle Jim! UCNLE JIMMMM!”

I couldn’t hold out any longer, and shot a load of jism into her teen twat. She let out a squeal, jiggled and thrashed wildly, then collapsed on my chest, her pussy still engulfing my cock.

By the time Nancy and I sat up, everyone else was sitting around drinking, and still playing with each other, but mostly watching Uncle Bud fuck Carol’s ass on the bed. We grabbed some booze and watched, too. Carol was grunting as Uncle Bud had managed to get a couple of inches of his glistening cock in her ass.

I sat down on the carpet next to the brunette wife Tiffany. She smiled at me, and I gently reached around and squeezed her breast. Wow, such large tits on such a thin frame! She nuzzled her shoulder into mine, and we cuddled. Carol looked at us spectators. “Have any of you done this before?”

“I have,” answered the blonde wife Sherri. “I like it.”

Teddy turned to Sherri and said, “You want to do it now?”

“Sure,” Sherri replied, and hopped up to her feet. She grabbed the tube of jelly, and got on her knees on the carpet.

“I’ve never done that,” said the teen Pamela to no one in particular. She looked up at her Uncle Mitch, who was fondling her little tits. “You want to do that?”


This story is not a continuation of the – ‘The Bachelor Party ‘written by me earlier, even though it has the same characters.

Characters: Varun (ME), Mom, Susan (my younger sis), Sammy (Bridegroom in the story ‘The Bachelor party’), Johny (bridegroom’s bro), Soniya (The bride and my cousin), Pooja (her younger sis), Aunt Gretta (Soniya’s mom), Aunt Ithama, Azad, John, Peter, Jeff and 12 other guys.

Story in ‘The Bachelor Party’: A Bachelor party changed when mom tried to bring in some liveliness. The bachelors tricked her to play some games. Joining in the play, she never expected the youngsters would get a hard-on. Some of the boys jokingly grope her as she tries to leave. The grope gets harder as the boys tug at her dress. The boys grope soon turned out to a gangbang. Meanwhile aunt and my sister also get pulled in.

Now read on…

After our success of the bachelor party of Sammy, we decided to do this in every marriage party. We had taken photos of mom, aunt and my sister naked and in gangbang to ensure their cooperation in future arrangements. They had been drunk and were not sure what all they had done. The smiling face and the lustful face were a problem for them. Even if they say they had been tricked or forced, the photos showed them participating eagerly. Also fucking their own son and nephews were more shame than the photos. At first they shouted and threatened us but we were adamant. Soon they broke down when we said we had movies too.

We used to get servicing in between like a blowjob or grope them. Sometimes they stripped for us and even let us press our dicks on their asshole but never allowed proper fuck. Also we didn’t get the chance to group together. The servicing was for one or two. We were interested more in a group fuck or gangbang – day long, not a single quickie.

So we waited for another marriage. It soon came.

One of our cousins Soniya was getting married. We asked for a bachelor party but was denied saying only spinster party was allowed, that is a party by the girls and only for girls. We did not want anyone else other than us boys, but a spinster party would mean only girls and no boys. But as we were from the girl’s side we couldn’t host a bachelor party.

So we persuaded Susan to act as if she is going to host the party and needed a room, away from the usual party. She talked with Aunt Gretta, Soniya’s mother. She agreed and allotted the work area.

“After you arrange everything, come and collect the bride. She will be ready.” Aunt Gretta was speaking to Susan who was supposed to be the one hosting the party.

As custom, the hostess along with her friends will come to take the bride to an all ladies only party. All the ladies of the house, which is all the aunts, their daughters, friends and anyone who is a girl or woman will come along with the bride. Now this would spoil our plan, since we had only Susan on our side. Also all the ladies of the house together means our plan won’t work. It would be foolish to hope that all would get drunk or we could blackmail all. So we had to think another plan.

We decided to act like the girls were hosting the party. So some of the boys dressed up like the girls. With little makeup, some of them looked more girl than boy. Susan and the band of boys dressed up like girls went to the work area to arrange everything. Others sneaked in occasionally. Susan was made to stand by the door to divert others and warn us if anyone was coming. Hot drinks were passed on fast.

“This isn’t any fun compared to what we did on my marriage,” Sammy said.

“Yeah,” others agreed.

“We should do something to heat it up,” Johny said.

“C’mon, last time you guys tried to heat up a party and my mom and sister got their ass fucked,” I said.

Everyone laughed remembering how we had tricked my mom to play some games. It was on Sammy’s marriage. We had arranged a Bachelor Party. Mom had dropped in to check us and we invited her to play games with us. The game was simple. Pastry would be applied on the wall and a balloon on your chest. You will get one partner and he will have to push you from behind. The balloon should break but you should not get any pastry on your face. She joined in thinking we were just a bunch of kids and got more than she bargained for. She was given cola mixed with brandy. They had no bad intentions and did it for a joke. But pushing a woman from behind was no easy task especially for horny teenagers because slowly the boys were pushing her with their body, jamming their dick on her ass. Later on she was dared to dance with Azad. She was a good dancer and easily out danced him. Embarrassed he took off his shirt as a dance step but she was in the mood and moved the top of her saree for fun. That was the turning point. He removed his pants but she laughed and stopped but the boys were all corked. Someone tugged at her saree to tease her, and then suddenly everyone was tugging at her saree. It still was for fun but then her saree loosened exposing her underskirt and blouse. One hand pulled the string of her underskirt and it fell off. Suddenly the joyous fun mood disappeared and she was in between a bunch of horny teenager including her son. The thought of mom or aunt or relative all disappeared. She was just a sexy naked woman to our horny dicks.

“That is why bachelor party is restricted to Women,” Azad breaking my train of thoughts.

“But it was worth it.” Johny said.

“Yea, but she still looks with draggers in her eyes, especially when some of you come over and ask her for a blowjob, threatening to expose her,” I said in between the laughter.

“Hey don’t blame us. I saw you cut her dress when she was making chapatti,” Peter said in between his hilarity, “The woman made the whole set with her ass naked and her son behind her rubbing his dick watching his mother’s ass.”

There was a roar of laughter.

“Didn’t she have her panties on?”

“Did she catch him?”

Questions shot up. All were interested.

“Hell, no. she didn’t know. He has good hands,” Peter chuckled. “She had just come from her bath and unfortunately for her and fortunate for us she didn’t wear her panties.”

“When did she know?”

“When this bastard Varun, spread her ass cheeks and tried to push his horny dick in to her ass.”

The laughter burst was inevitable.

“Did he succeed?”

“O yeah he did it but we had to hold her down and threaten with exposure while he drilled it inside her asshole without any lubrication.”

“Man, no wonder she is all draggers on you.” John laughed.

“Hey, don’t blame me. How long can one see his own mother being blackmailed by you all? Even I was a participant, so I got every right to her ass.”

The laughter was interrupted by Susan’s knock. The sign of someone coming. We all ran for cover. Those dressed up like girls took their place as if arranging a party.

“Hey, just checking on you guys. How’s everything?”

It was Aunt Gretta, Soniya’s mom.

Susan jumped in to explain we were not yet over while others just stood smiling.

“See who I have brought with me. The bride herself – She was sitting all alone, so I let in your secret and told her you were arranging the spinster’s party and she couldn’t hold on.”

From our covers we looked. It was Soniya, the bride along with her sister Pooja!

“C’mon girls, go along. I will check on you later.”

“But…. But…” Susan stammered but aunt had gone leaving the bride and her sister.

Soniya and Pooja entered the house which was too quiet for a party. Soniya was wearing a blue skin tight cotton pants and red top. It was good that the top was covering her ass or else it would have showed her bumpy ass and the pant would like a second skin. Pooja was in her usual blue hoopla skirt dress. Some of the boys looked up and gave a wary smile and turned back to their discussion as if not interested in them. The girls went to some of them and introduced themselves but she got only nods and an hmmm.

Suddenly the music was on in loud noise and John, Peter and Azad surrounded them shouting yeaaaaaah. The girls jumped in fright and then recovered and started hitting them, embarrassed that they were frightened.

“John! Peter! What are you guys doing here? This is a girl’s party,” Soniya informed. “Gosh, Varun you are also in this? What are you four doing in this girl’s party?”

“Are you sure?” I asked. “Just look around.”

She looked around wondering what they meant but still couldn’t get it.

“Ok guys, show her.” John said.

What he meant was to remove the disguise and explain to her, but the boys were in mood after they heard the story and some of them were still immersed in the story. They therefore interpreted his words in a different way.

They just lifted their skirt and pulled down the panties to reveal their hard dicks thrusting out.

Soniya and Pooja were wonderstruck. Once they got back to their senses their face turned beetroot red.

“No guys! I meant to remove the disguise and show.”

But the damage had been done.

Soniya and Pooja tried a hasty exit but the door was locked. All of us shouted in unison that they would be left only after playing a game. Seeing Susan with us they were little relaxed and agreed as we all cheered.

Pastry was applied on the wall and balloon placed on her chest.

“The game is simple – only 4 rules,” Johny said,

“1) Break the balloon but don’t get pastry on your face. “

“2) You should not push the balloon but your partner, that is one of us, will push you. “

“3) If your partner fails to do it within three minutes, you get a new partner and so on till it breaks.”

“4) If you quit or get pastry on your face you will have to do punishment chore and play another game.”

They agreed and Soniya initiated for the first chance. Soniya positioned herself with the balloon on her boobs and pressing it on the walls. We imagined her nipples pressing on the balloon and dreamt of the picture of her naked nipples pressing on the balloon. She said ready.

Johny asked, “Who is going to be her partner?”

All hands went up.

“Well, let the old bridegroom take on the new bride,” he said pointing to Sammy.

Sammy jumped in and positioned himself behind her. We were all giggling seeing him positioning behind the unsuspecting girl. He had his hip ready.

“On your mark,” Jeff said, “Get set, go!”

As soon as go rang, Sammy began pushing her ass with his dick. When it was locked correctly in between her ass cheeks he placed himself on her on the pretext of pushing her, but the push was more on her bottoms than on her back. Soniya was busy trying to break the balloon yet keep her face away. Sammy was busy heaving her ass and grinding his dick on her soft cushion. After one minute of rubbing his dick on her ass he gave a final push and held as he cum. She might have felt it. We saw her stiffen. She didn’t say anything especially as he had been a bridegroom and now he had a wife, how could she say he had cum on her ass and how to explain that she was in between 12 – 15 guys in a closed room? Before her thoughts were over Johny was pushing her ass with his dick. She now understood that this was just the guy’s way to jack her. She didn’t expect her cousins to crowd her and press their dicks on her ass. Johny didn’t bother to even push her. He was right on target and rubbing his dick on her ass. He came on her fast and squeezed her ass. Everyone cheered and applauded. Azad was next on line. He positioned himself behind her ass but Soniya moved away accepting defeat.

The punishment for Soniya was a sexy dance. She said she didn’t know how and was booed. So some of the guys showed some sexy steps creating laughter. Soon it was decided that Sammy would show the steps and she had to follow it without stopping. If she did stop a worse punishment could be given. Soniya looked at Sammy and smiled. Both of them got ready. Sammy started the dance and Soniya tried to replicate it.

She moved in a dancer’s grace, rotating her hips. Then Sammy bend and she too followed. We watched as her top went up exposing some of her cute ass figure. Copying him, she sat and opened her legs wide to give a peep to her pussy. Our dicks arose. She understood and wanted to stop but the crowd was pushing her. Sammy led his hand over his chest and then to his dick. It was funny but the same when Soniya did was erotic. She led her hands through her boobs and rubbed on her pussy. We were getting horny by the minute. Boys were moving in. Sensing it, Jeff stepped in.

“Boys, don’t be hasty. There’s one more beauty.”

Pooja was brought in. Unlike her sister, she had a small ass. She positioned herself like her sister. Azad jammed her ass right away and began pushing. Everyone cheered. Soniya’s eyes were on the movement. She understood that her sister was getting jacky but she couldn’t say anything in the crowd and hoped it got over fast. To her surprise as the jacky increased so did the crowd applause. Azad had his dick out and slowly had lifted her skirt and was pressing on her panties. Pooja had not got the theme yet and was trying to protect her face from the pastry while her ass was jacked by Azad. He held her hips with her skirt sky high showing her beautiful ass in her colorful panties as he pressed his naked dick on her. Soniya was horrified. She moved into the crowd and tried to push Azad away but she was pulled back. She started shouting to stop. Still pressing his dick on her ass, he turned and asked,

“C’mon Soniya, don’t be a spoilsport!”

With two thrusts and a powerful grip, he pressed Pooja to him as he cum over her panties, startling her as the hot cum oozed on to her panties and thigh. It was then Pooja understood why her sister was screaming. She quickly released herself and ran to her sister. When she looked back she stared dumbfounded at Azad, standing with his dick out, cum still oozing.

“Stop this!” Soniya shouted, “Let her go. This is not funny. I will tell this to aunt.”

“Oh! You wanted to tell this to aunt. Why didn’t you say so” he said pulling her to the next room.

She stared, not believing what she was seeing.

“Is that….. Isn’t that…..” she stammered unable to complete the sentence.

My mom was on her fours; Aunt Ithama was under her licking and sucking mom’s pussy while mom was sucking a young boy’s dick. Another young one was busy inserting a carrot in her asshole. Ithama aunt had a banana sticking out of her pussy and a candle in her asshole. A third one was busy squeezing both women’s boobs one after the other. Soniya gaped at the scene and came to her senses when a hand squeezed her ass. Both my mom and aunt were forced to drink the brandy. The dry brandy was poured to their mouths and nose held giving them no choice but to gulp it. Thus their senses to fight back decreased and they participated more than we hoped for. Soniya once again looked, for conviction of the scene of carrot stuck in mom’s asshole.

“You all are drunk and don’t know what you are doing!”

“Yeah, why don’t you join us?”

She pushed him off and returned to the room. Susan was doing a strip show encouraged by the boys. She had removed her dress and was in her bra and panties. Two of the boys were biting her panties and pulling it down as others cheered. She tried to hold the panties to cover her bush, but the boys pulled it down. She smiled coyly as others grabbed her boobs and displayed to others as a trophy. She was turned around and made to bend. Her ass cheeks were spread open to show her pink asshole. I inserted my finger and rotated. She squeaked and the boys got more aroused. I opened my zip and let out my dick as the boys cheered. Grabbing her ass, I lifted her. She was now upside down on me. I positioned her pussy to my mouth while I fingered her ass. My dick was touching her lips. She began to suck it.

“Varun! She is your sister!” Soniya screamed.

Pulling my head from my sister’s pussy, I said, “What are you guys waiting for? You have a virgin bride for dinner.”

As soon as I said that everyone surrounded Soniya. She moved backwards.

“Guys, I am your sister. Tomorrow is my marriage. You all are drunk,” she said wading the hands approaching her boobs.

I called up a boy near me and passed on Susan to his shoulders. He was delighted and started gnawing at her pussy. Susan was busy opening his pants but being upside down, it was taking time. As Soniya was fighting them, I crept under her and pulled her pants down. She tried holding her pants but her hands were pulled back.

“Varun, you mother fucker bastard,” she shrieked.

She had not worn her panties and this led out to a big hooray between the youngsters. All loved when girls do something bold or out of the normal. They eagerly threw of their dress along with hers and all began to rub their dicks on her.

The party had turned crazy and wilder.

Susan was made on fours and Soniya had to go on her. They wanted her to lick the ass. She refused and they pushed her face in between Susan’s ass. Another round of cheer and applauses rang. The boys were hornier than ever. Her face was rubbed on Susan’s asshole as her asshole began to get licked. Soon all of us were on her, licking, sucking and even nibbling. The carrot from my mom’s ass was brought and inserted into the bride’s ass. She looked funny and horny at the same time. All naked men around her and she had a carrot up her ass.

The carrot was rotated in her ass making her squeal. Cool oil was brought in and poured to her asshole and stirred with the carrot. It was like he was cooking something in her asshole. One of the guys came in front of her, pulled back his fore skin and pushed his dick into her mouth. She held her mouth open not wanting to suck it but in the end had to close it as the push derailed. I pulled out the carrot from her ass and pulling back my foreskin, pressed to her split open asshole which was pink red. I found the softness of her as if my dick melting into butter. I felt her tighten her asshole. This gave me more pleasure. I pushed deep and it sided in smoothly. She uttered a gargled sound, in between the blowjob she was giving, as my dick hit the hilt. I felt my dick crowded by softness, giving me utter pleasures. I swooned as I pulled and pushed my dick in her young virgin ass, invaded by none other than a carrot and a finger. I got more pervert pleasure thinking that my dick was the first to fuck this young virgin ass. I squeezed her boobs and began the ride of my life. I felt my dick compress her ass. I teased her nipples as I felt it grow on my fingers. She began to resist but I held on and pumped. As I was about to cum I let my balls bang on her cute soft ass as I thrust deep in and held. I felt my cum spurt in her ass. The flow continued as if it would never stop as I lay on her back clutching her boobs.

Susan was in great mood. She bends over pointing her pussy to Stevens, who came in a sweep and began sucking it. She moved to Soniya and kissed her lips then sucked her boobs. All others rounded Susan, each giving their dicks to suck. She sucked them of one by one and then allowed them to invade her holes. She got fuelled when two dicks entered her pussy and ass together. She screamed like a child in pleasure and begged for more.

“C’mon, you crazy bastards fuck my ass, give me your cocks,” she moaned like a nymphomaniac and grabbed a dick of a nearby boy and began to wet it, then sucked it like a pro.

Pooja was pushed into the crowd. She was forcefully stripped. She tried to hold on to the last piece of clothing to cover her shame, but the boys were in no mood. They themselves were stripping and pulling their foreskin to lubricate dreaming on pleasures. Pooja was pushed to the ground and all of them fell on young meat like fox. The rush was for her virgin ass. She was forcefully laid on her stomach. As she struggled, her legs and hands were held. Jeff squeezed her spongy assets. He traced her ass line as she struggled, then led his fingers into her ass cheeks and split them. We eagerly looked at her asshole. Many of the boy’s mouth were watered thinking of her pink asshole. Jeff led his thumb finger in as if it were a pie. She started to squeal as he rotated his thumb. He got up and lay in the position of 69 and licked her ass. His dick was on her head. He parted her ass cheeks and tongued her asshole. She wriggled as his wet tongue invaded her asshole and deeper. His tongue was like a snake crawling into her asshole. She was held tight and couldn’t move. Moreover he was lying on her. He wringed her ass cheeks in pleasure and let his hand slide to her thighs, feeling the softness of a girl. His dick was feeling the silkiness of her rich hair. His dick was rolling on her hair in pleasure. He sucked her asshole like a baby sucking the nipple of its mother’s boobs. He never felt so pleasures in voyeur or gangbang.

Tala was very excited she just got the phone call informing her she got the job at the upscale retirement home. Tala grabbed her new husband of two months, and went to the uniform shop at the mall. Tala had a hard time finding scrubs that fit her right. Her small frame of 5’2″had her shopping in the junior section in most clothing stores. The uniform shop had all misses’ sizes, and hardly any junior sizes. Tala found a couple of uniforms that would fit her height, but were tight everywhere else.

Tala was first generation American. Her parents emigrated from the Philippines twenty four years ago, and Tala was born two years later. Both of Tala’s parents were short, and they passed those genes on to her. Tala had large breasts for her size. The 32Cs looked even larger on her small frame. Tala’s ass was tight, but it did stick out a little bit. The scrubs that she had found did nothing to hide her breasts or ass. To top it off the scrubs were mainly white. They did look good with her dark skin, but when Tala modeled the scrubs for her husband of a couple of months. He could see her black lacy bra, and the black panties she wore. When Tala turned around her husband could plainly see she was wearing a thong. Tala’s husband was not happy with this. He was getting a hard on watching her model the clothes, and he could just imagine what it would do for the old guys she would be taking care of. Tala assured him that she would go online and order some better scrubs later that night. The ones she was getting today were just to hold her over until they arrived. Plus, she promised to wear granny panties and a shirt under the scrubs when at work.

Tala’s first day of work came, and she arrived at work right before supper. Tala’s trainer had met her at the door, and took her a tour of her work area. Karen the trainer introduced Tala to her co-workers as they got the tables ready for supper. Tala was going to work with two younger CNAs. One was a Sara the brunette who was about Tala’s age, and the other was Terri a little older redhead. Both looked like they had knockout bodies, and they both could pass as models. The residents that could move around on their own were making thier way to the eating area. The two other girls were seating the residents when Tala saw the Terri bend over in front of a male resident. The old guy was staring down her shirt. Tala’s eyes followed, and she could see that the she was not wearing a shirt underneath. The thin bra she wore offered no support, and her ample breasts hung down.

Tala thought this strange, but thought nothing more of it. Tala helped the Karen as much as she could, and dinner finally ended. Then Sara and Terri helped the residents back to their rooms. Tala noticed that three male residents that walked out on their own waited for the CNAs to help them back to their rooms. Sara and Terri quickly got back to the dinner area, and two of the males followed them to their rooms closing the doors behind them. The last resident left was a fat ugly old man named Rich. Tala was surprised this man hadn’t died of a heart attack years ago with the amount of weight he was carrying around. Karen looked at him and smiled. She told him that he would have to make his own way back to his room tonight. She informed him that Tala needed some quick training before she could escort the residents, and they were going to be shorthanded for the next few nights.

The old guy stood up with an angry look on his face. He leaned in to the Karen’s ear, and whispered something in her ear. Karen shrunk back at the words, and Tala could see tears welling up in her eyes. The old guy turned, and stomped back to his room. Tala noticed neither of the other CNAs had come back from the rooms they entered earlier. She figured they must be getting them ready for bed, and went about her business. After cleaning up the dinning room in silence it was break time. At break the Karen described working at the retirement home. She explained that this was a very expensive place, and all the residents were wealthy and powerful people. Most of the residents treated the staff like servants, and some even treated them like slaves. Karen went on to say that it was easier to just go along with it. She told Tala that the girl she was replacing was fired because a resident complained to management. She also told Tala that this was the highest paid CNA position in the US, and it was an honor to work there. After break they went back upstairs just in time to see the Terri leaving the room. She didn’t look happy, and the way her breasts were bouncing Tala could have sworn she was no longer wearing her bra.

Later that night Tala was doing some cleaning in the common area. There were some residents present, and Tala got the feeling that they were leering at her. She felt their eyes going up and down her body. Every time she bent over all of them would be watching. Tala knew with the tightness and color of her scrubs that she was putting on a show. Tala chalked it up to boredom. Tala finally saw the Sara coming out of the old man’s room. The Sara was walking funny, and was wiping off her face. Neither of the girls talked with Tala the rest of the night, and they seemed in their own world. After all the residents were in bed Karen grabbed Tala, and took her to another building. There she met Tina. Tina was also a recent hire, and they were to watch training films the rest of the night. Tina was a knock out 19 year old blonde. Tina’s scrubs were tighter than Tala’s, and fit her body like a glove. Tina’s breasts were larger than Tala’s, and she had large nipples that never went down the entire time they were together. Tina’s ass was perfect. It wasn’t flat, but it did not stick out as much as Tala’s. As they watched the films they talked about their personal lives. Tala found out that Tina was engaged, and this job was going to help pay for the wedding and honeymoon. Tala felt a connection with this girl as she was a newlywed. As they talked more and more during the boring films Tala found out that Tina was wearing her sister’s old scrubs until her first paycheck, so she could buy some that fit right. Tina never dressed like that normally. In fact she was very religious and conservative. She even let out that she was a virgin and was saving herself for her wedding night.

Tala finished her shift went home with a funny feeling that something was going on at her new job. All of the women working there were young and beautiful. Even Karen being older still would turn any man’s head. After a few more days of training Tala was going to be on her own the next night. Tala was kind of excited about this, and completely forgot about the strange things that were happening. Tala slept in the next day, and took her time getting out of bed. Tala finally got out of bed, and headed for the shower. During her shower Tala decided to trim up her pubic area to a small strip above her lips, because her husband was taking her out for a celebration after work. She wanted to surprise him with this new look. Plus, with both of them working they hadn’t had time to make love recently, and Tala wanted to make sure tonight they did.

Tala grabbed the last pair of scrubs she had bought at the mall. Her order from the internet hadn’t come in yet. She had saved these for last, because they were the tightest ones yet. Also, they were pure white, and almost see through. Tala had planned on using these scrubs in a fantasy night with her husband. She would wear the tight thin scrubs without underwear as her husband pretended to be sick. She would take care of him making sure to stick her breasts, vagina, and ass in his face as she took care of him. She imagined that he would grab her and rip off the scrubs and make love to her. Tala went to grab some white panties and a white bra. Since working Tala had fallen behind in doing the laundry, and had little left in her drawers to wear. The only thing left that was white was a transparent thong, and the only bra left was the one that matched the thong. Tala had bought these to turn on her new husband on their honeymoon. She had put them away to be saved for their first anniversary where she would wear them with white stockings and high heels. It would drive her husband crazy seeing her in white lingerie. The white contrasted against her darker skin, and gave her husband an instant hard on. Most of the lingerie he bought for her was white, and he made sure she wore it as much as possible.

Tala tried to put something underneath the scrubs, so her underwear did not show, but the scrubs were too tight and nothing seemed to work. She gave up and put the scrubs on over just her bra and thong. When she looked in the mirror, and was amazed how her tight Filipina body looked. Her mind wandered for a little bit thinking of how her husband would love this outfit, and how it wouldn’t last long on her body if he was here. As she fantasized about her husband ravaging her body she noticed her nipples getting hard, and poking through the thin fabric. Her finger started to play with her nipples though the scrubs and bra. This sent a tingle through her body especially down in her nether regions. Tala had to stop before see got too excited. Plus, if she kept going she would never make it too work. Tala arrived at work at the same time as Tina. They had a few minutes and talked a little bit. Tina explained that she felt a little strange around some of the residents. They stared at her constantly when she was working, and the other girls she worked with had become less friendly. Tina said her training was taking a little longer, and her trainer wasn’t too happy about it. She thought she would be fired any day now. Tala reassured Tina, and they split their ways and went into work.

Tala went about getting dinner ready for the residents as they filed into the dining area. Sara and Terri seemed a little happier today, and they were talking to Tala a bit more. They made fun of her tight scrubs, but one offhand comment caught Tala’s attention. Terri jokingly said that the scrubs were appropriate for some of her later duties. Tala was about to question her when Sara deflected the comment with another joke. When dinner was finished the girls started to take some of the residents back to their rooms until there were three residents left. Sara grabbed one of the male residents name Bob, and quickly went to his room. Terri didn’t like this, but she quickly grabbed the female resident named Rose, and took her back to her room. Tala was left with the fat ugly man named Rich. Rich looked to be about 80, but in reality he was just pushing 70. Rich was very unattractive. He weighed over 300 lbs, was completely bald, and had a greasy complexion. To top it off he was never nice to anyone in the building. The people tolerated him because he was the richest person in the whole complex, and still had many powerful friends. With a word he could have a person’s life ruined, and not even think twice about it. Tala escorted him back to his room. As with what she witnessed the days before she shut the door, and asked him if he needed any help.

Rich sat in his chair and asked Tala to close his blinds. Tala tried to close them, but they seemed to be stuck of something. Rich was getting angry as Tala was failing miserably. Rich finally suggests that she should get on the dresser to see what was catching. Tala grabbed a chair and started to climb up to the dresser. Rich stopped her and told her to remove her shoes so she did not scuff the dresser. Tala bent over to untie her shoes and remove them. Tala was fully aware that Rich was staring straight at her ass. She knew with these scrubs her dark skin was showing through the fabric as it hugged her body. Tala climbed up to the dresser and stretched as far as she could to unhook the caught blind. Tala was on her tippy toes with her legs slightly parted. That’s when she saw the flash followed by several more flashes. Tala knew Rich was taking pictures of her ass through her scrubs. She was about to come down when Rich grabbed the waist band of her scrubs and pulled them down to her ankles. Tala was about to ask what he was doing when a couple more flashes went off. Rich was taking pictures of Tala’s bare ass, and the only thing protecting her was the thin white fabric going down her ass crack. Tala tried to get down, but the scrubs around her ankles prevented her for doing so. Rich finished with his pictures, and walked up to Tala. Her beautiful dark skinned ass was right in his face. Tala was crying. She wanted to scream, but knew how bad this looked. Tala felt Rich’s hands as they rubbed her young calves slowly moving up to her thighs. Tala asked him to stop between her sobs, but Rich’s hands still caressed her legs. Rich finally talked and told Tala he will stop if he could feel her ass. Tala was trapped and knows if anyone walks in she would be fired for sure. Tala finally agreed to this as Rich’s hands shot up to grabbed that fabulous ass. Tala asked about the pictures, and Rich told her that will cost her something else. Tala asked what he wanted for the pictures. Rich told her that he gets to rub her pussy through her underwear. Tala couldn’t agree to that as Rich took more pictures of his old hands caressing her bare ass. Tala now agreed to the new terms as this had gotten way out of hand. Rich told her that he needed to remove the pants so he could get a better feel. Tala was in no position to argue any more. Tala lifted one leg to allow Rich to remove the pants. Tala then lifted the other leg, and the pants disappeared off her body. Tala was still on her tippy toes with no pants on when a couple more flashes went off. Tala tries to argue, but Rich told her what harm was there if they are deleted anyway. To Tala this made sense, and let him continue with the pictures. Finally the flashing stopped, and Tala felt Rich grab her ankles and he spread her legs a little farther. Tala felt the old hands slowly moved up her legs. Rich reached her inner thighs when Tala started crying again. She had only let one man get this far, and that was her husband. Rich’s hands finally made it to her panty clad pussy, and she could feel his fingers on her outer lips. Rich kept rubbing for what felt like an eternity to Tala. Here she was not wearing any pants in front of a window as an old man played with her pussy. Tala’s body started to respond. She felt her pussy start to get wetter the more Rich rubbed.

Rich pulled his hand away, and handed the camera to Tala. Rich took a few steps back, and waited for Tala to get down from the dresser. As she put one foot on the chair Rich started taking pictures with another camera. The camera was pointed right at her pussy. With one leg on the chair and one on the dresser it had her legs spread wide. Tala’s thong was buried between her pussy lips, and she knew that these pictures were even worse than the ones of her ass. Tala started to protest, but Rich reminded her that the deal was for the camera she had in her hand. Tala asked Rich what was the price for the new camera. Rich was happy that this girl caught on quickly. This meant that he could have his fun even sooner. Rich answered Tala’s question by telling her that he wanted to see her naked, and wanted to play with her body for a little bit. Tala was repulsed by the idea. Rich started walking towards his computer to download the pictures claiming he was going to put them on the internet. Tala couldn’t have that, so she agreed to the terms. First she wanted to make sure he had no more cameras, and after a quick search she found none hidden by Rich. Tala removed her scrub top, and stood in front of this dirty old man in only her bra, thong, and socks. She reached behind her back and undid her bra letting it slip off her shoulders. Rich couldn’t take his eyes off of her breasts. He loved those dark nipples, and couldn’t wait to play with them. Next Tala pushed her thong down her legs until they were at her ankles. She stood up straight and stepped out of her thong. She was now only wearing socks in front of this disgusting man. As she bent down to take them off Rich grabbed Tala and threw her on the bed. Tala landed on her back with her legs spread.

Rich’s hands were all over her. He was feeling her tits, her ass, and her pussy. His hands never stopped moving. Rich leaned in and took a nipple in his mouth and started sucking hard. When Tala looked down and saw that old bald head she was shamed beyond belief. She could not believe she was in this situation. As Rich sucked each nipple his hand wandered down to her bare pussy lips. Tala was surprised when two of Rich’s fingers easily penetrated her pussy. She was so wet that she heard a squishing sound coming from down there. Tala turned red with shame. She couldn’t comprehend that her body was reacting to an old man having his way with her. The worse came when he started playing with her clit. Her body tensed as an orgasm racked her body. She did her best not to make any noise, but her moaning was getting louder. Now she had the ultimate shame. A fat old guy gave her the best orgasm of her life, and he now knew she was a big moaner. Rich paused a second and grabbed a remote from the bedside table. He pushed a button and went back to work on Tala. Tala’s second orgasm was coming quickly, and she started moaning louder than before. What caught Tala’s attention was an echo of her moans. Tala was confused at first, but when she looked up she saw herself on the computer monitor. It had a great shot of her lying on a bed wearing only socks with an old man take advantage of her body. Tala had no time to react as the second orgasm hit. Tala’s head flew back as her back arched up in the air. Tala came down from her second orgasm, and looked back at the computer screen. She was staring back at herself as Rich continued to play with her body. The image of this fat old guy doing what he pleased was burned in her mind, and at that point she realized that he was never going to let her go. Tala was beyond crying now. She just stared at the fat old fingers pumping in and out of her young pussy.

Tala finally asked what it would take to get the video. She knew the answer as Rich turned on his back, and she saw a large hard on in his pants. Rich’s answer surprised Tala. He stated he wanted ten minutes in each of her holes until he came. Tala reluctantly agreed to this thinking she could give him a blow job, and that would be it. Rich stood up and ordered Tala to remove his clothes. Tala first went over and turned off the computer. She didn’t want any evidence of what she was about to do. Tala then searched the entire apartment for anything else that could record upcoming events. Tala was satisfied that there was nothing else that he could blackmail her with. Tala walked over to Rich and unbuttoned his shirt. As she removed it she was repulsed at the fat hairy torso that was before her. Tala dropped to her knees and took down Rich’s pants and underwear. She took them completely off his body. Rich was now completely naked, and Tala was staring at a very large dick pointing right at her face. Tala tried avoiding looking at it, but everywhere else she looked she saw fat, hair, and wrinkles. Rich coughed to get Tala’s attention, and she proceeded to get to work. Rich told her the clock started when his dick was in her mouth. Tala never really gave a blow job before. The first time she tried was with her husband, and he came as soon as his dick hit her mouth. Now she was on her knees in front of an old man trying to get him off in ten minutes. A quick look at the clock told her it was 6:35. Tala started to suck and lick as fast as she could to get him off as soon as possible. Since Tala was inexperienced the sucking went on forever. At 6:45 Rich stopped her by pushing her to the floor.

Tala was now scared. She didn’t make him cum with the blow job, so he was going to take her in another hole. Rich made Tala get up on the bed put her legs in the air and spread them wide. He wanted a good look at both holes before he decided which one was next. Tala secretly wished he would take her pussy. She had never had anal sex, and didn’t want him to be the first. Rich was in heaven. Here he had this young Filipina girl on his bed with her legs spread wide. He had a great shot of her bald pussy lips and her puckered ass. Rich decided to torture this girl a little more. He told her that she was to decide which hole he took next. Tala begged him not to make her decide, but Rich reminded her that the longer she took the greater the chance he would get to fuck both of her remaining holes. Tala dropped her head in defeat, and told Rich to take her pussy. Rich wanted more and told her to beg for it in her pussy. Tala couldn’t bring herself to beg for it right away, but eventually she begged and begged for Rich to fuck her wet pussy. Rich couldn’t believe she had said wet pussy, but was happy to oblige. Tala felt the weight on the bed as Rich climbed between her spread legs with his dick pointed straight at her dark pussy lips. As moved up her body she could feel his old fat wrinkled body as it rubbed between her thighs. Rich lined up his dick with her pussy, and guided it in. Rich couldn’t believe how wet and tight her pussy felt around his dick. As he pumped away his fat body rested on top of her. Tala body started to react. She felt a warm feeling in her stomach, and it was spreading around her entire body. Tala felt orgasm number three coming on, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Tala’s body tensed, and her pussy started to contract around Rich’s dick. It was too much for Rich as he felt her pussy as it grabbed his dick. They came together with Rich’s cum filling her up. This was the first man that came in her pussy. Tala and her husband felt that they were not ready for kids, so he always used protection. Now she felt the warm cum in her body, and another orgasm came upon her. Both Rich and Tala were spent. Rich’s was putting all of weight on her as he caught his breathe. Tala was too tired to care anymore. She had let this fat old man have his way with her, and there was no turning back. The only thing that comforted her was that here was no evidence. She had earned it all back, and this was finally over.

Rich finally rolled off of Tala, and looked at this young dark skinned beauty. He told her she could wipe all the disks and hard drive of any film he had of them together. Tala got up and started towards the computer. Rich stopped her and told her to remove her socks. He wanted her completely naked. Tala hesitated a little. Her socks were the only remaining clothes she had on her body, and for some reason she felt safe with them on. Tala finally bent over and removed the last of her clothing. This was just to stall Tala from erasing any of the evidence. Rich grabbed the TV remote, and hit a button. The TV came alive, and Rich hit another button. The screen filled with four different camera angles of Rich’s room. Rich hit play on the remote, and the screens filled with Tala giving Rich a blow job. Tala froze in fear. She checked everywhere and saw no cameras. These spy cameras were carefully placed, and showed all the action. Tala asked what the price was as she started to cry again. She knew this would never end. Rich stated that this tape was not for sale, but she had to do whatever he wanted at anytime. If she didn’t do everything he wanted the tape would go to her family, husband, and the company that owned the retirement home. Tala turned around with her head down, and walked back towards the bed. Tala got back on the bed next to Rich putting an arm on his fat sweaty body, and draped her young soft leg over his. They both knew this was only the beginning.

That night Tala called her husband and canceled the night out. There was no ways she could face him after she let Rich take her. Tala made it home, and immediately went to take a shower. Luckily her husband decided to go out with some friends, so she had most of the night to get her thoughts together. Rich had gotten Tala’s cell phone number before she left, and when her shower was done there was a message waiting for her. The message contained a picture of Tala giving Rich a blow job with the words see you tomorrow after dinner underneath it. Tala shuddered and deleted the picture. Tala was sound asleep when her husband staggered in the house.

The next morning Tala got out of bed late, and her husband was still sleeping off the effects of the alcohol from last night. Tala took another shower, and started to get ready for work. That’s when she noticed she had another message on her cell phone next to the bed. She quickly grabbed it and looked at the message. It was another picture of her with Rich’s dick clearly in her pussy. The message read “wear sexy underwear, and send me a picture of you wearing them.” Tala hoped her husband did not see the message, and deleted that one too. Tala searched for her sexiest bra and panty set wondering to herself why she was letting this go on. Tala found a nice set of black panties and bra. She knew that it would show through her scrubs, but she was beyond caring anymore. She took them into the bathroom, and put them on. She took several pictures, and sent the best one. Tala’s husband finally woke up as Tala was dressed for work. He took one look at her and got angry. He told her that he could see too much, and she looked like a slut. The words hurt Tala, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Tala arrived at work just in time. Karen was waiting for her, and told her she had gotten a good report from Rich on how she handled her first day on her own. Tala was happy at the report, but knew he was just controlling her even more. Tala went about her work when dinner was about to start. Tala dreaded the finish of dinner, and it seemed like everyone finished their dinners too quickly. Dinner was finally over and Rich called on Tala to take him back to his room. Tala obeyed the order, and followed him to his room. Once in the room Rich ordered Tala to strip naked in ten seconds or be punished. Tala started ripping off clothes as the time ticked down. She made it to her panties when time ran out. Tala cried at the failure, and waited for the worse. Rich ordered out of her panties, and Tala complied. Rich noticed a little stubble growing around her pussy and got even angrier. Rich stripped down to his boxers, and walked over to his easy chair and sat down. He ordered Tala to lie down across his lap. Tala slowly walked over with her head down, and took her position on his lap. Rich’s hand came down fast and hard across her bare ass. Tala lost track of how many times he spanked her, but her ass was red and sore. Rich stood up pushing Tala to the floor. Tala looked around the room at areas that the hidden cameras were, and knew that the whole scene was caught on tape.

Rich reached into one of his drawers and produced a large blue vibrator. Rich ordered Tala to the bed, and threw the vibrator to her as he grabbed one of his cameras. Tala knew what he wanted, and turned the vibrator on. Rich asked her if she needed some lube, but an embarrassed Tala told him no. She was already extremely wet, and the vibrator slid right into her pussy. Tala was on her back working the vibrator in and out when Rich started taking pictures. Tala didn’t care about the camera anymore. She never deleted the ones from yesterday, so some more wouldn’t matter. Tala had several small orgasms with the vibrator, and one large one when Rich played with her nipples. Once Rich was satisfied with the results he grabbed Tala, and took her to the window. He bent her over in front of the window, so anyone walking by could see what they were doing. Little did Tala know that several people were watching from the building across the fenced in yard. Almost everyone at the retirement home had telescopes or binoculars for such a reason. Rich pounded Tala from behind until both of them came. Rich was done for the night, and sent Tala off to do her other duties. It was not because he was really finished with her, but because he had something special planned for her first night off.

Tala finished her shift and was about to leave when Rich called her into his room. He instructed Tala to send him pictures of her modeling her sexiest clothing. Tala knew something was up, but she could not figure out what. The next day Tala woke up to an empty house. Her husband was at work, and she had to complete her assignment. Tala grabbed several outfits, and put them on. She took several picture of each outfit, and sent the best ones to Rich. Rich commented back on the one he liked best. He picked out a little white dress with flowers on it. He also commented that it would look really good if she had stockings to go with it. Tala did have white stay up stockings, and put them on, and sent another picture with the outfit. Rich was happy, but nothing more was said. Tala got ready for work in the new scrubs that finally arrived. She knew Rich would probably have the ten second rule again, so she went without a bra and put on some slip off shoes. Like clockwork after dinner was done Tala followed Rich to his room. He ordered her to strip, and gave her ten seconds. Without the bra clasps’ slowing her down Tala was done in eight seconds. Tonight Rich had Tala get on top, and ride his dick for all it was worth. Tala couldn’t help but look at the old guy she was riding hard. She looked at his old ugly face, his fat hairy belly, and his large old dick slick with her juices. This was the third night in a row that Rich came in her pussy, and Tala was getting use to the routine.

When Rich was done he rolled Tala off of him. He looked her straight in the eyes and told her to come to the home tomorrow night dressed in the outfit he had picked. Tala protested that it was her night off, and needed a break. Rich’s angry look put Tala in her place, and she agreed to be there after dinner was severed. Rich was done with her for the night. He wanted to save his strength for the party tomorrow night.

Tala obeyed Rich, and got dressed in her white flowery dress with no bra, a white thong, and the white stay up stockings. Tala arrived after the time she thought that all the residents would be in their rooms. To her surprise everyone one was in the main room having a party. All of the residents were dressed up, and had drinks in their hands. Rich saw Tala and announced that the quest of honor was there. Tala was lead to the middle of the room as almost everyone was staring at her. As she looked around she saw three groups of residents off to the side. She could not see what they were doing, but they were having a good time. Rich took Tala to one of the groups, so she could see what was going on. Here was Sara tied to a table spread eagle and naked. One of the residents was fucking her fast and hard. There were two other residents were playing with her nipples. The only reason she was not making a sound was the gag in her mouth. Rich made Tala watch as a couple more male residents took their turn with the young brunette. Next Rich took her over to the next group. Tala already knew who it would be. There was Terri bent over a table with her ass in the air, and a male resident was taking her from behind. Terri was also gagged, but she seemed to be enjoying it a little more than Sara. The last group was the most vocal. Tala was taken over to them, and she could not believe her eyes. There was Karen bent over a table naked except for stockings and heels. Karen had a plug in her ass, and the residents were taking turns spanking her with various paddles and whips. Rich explained that Karen was being punished for not getting Tala to him sooner than she did.

Rich made an announcement that the quest of honor was going to entertain them for a little while. Tala got nervous that the residents were going to gang bang her like they were her fellow CNAs. Rich explained that Tala was to dance for the group, and not to disappoint them. The other CNAs were untied, and forced to join the group. Everyone sat down as Rich explained she had two songs to be down to her stockings and heels. He also explained the better she entertained them the less likely they would punish her. Tala knew what was expected. She knew that she had to pull out all the stops to make these people happy. The music started, but Tala didn’t start dancing. She was staring at the other CNAs. All three of them had their faces buried in some old ladies crotch, and from the movement they were licking and sucking their pussies. Tala couldn’t believe it, but she had her own job to do. Tala started dancing, and her dress was quickly discarded. She was now dancing topless in front of a bunch of cheering old people. The old ladies that Sara, Terri, and Karen were servicing must have had finished with them, because the girls had moved on to three new residents. Terri was with another woman, but Sara and Karen were giving blow jobs to two old men. Near the end of the first song Tala had removed her panties, and was making her way around the room giving lap dances like she saw on movie channel. Every time she was on a lap hands roamed her body pinching her nipples, grabbing her ass, or sticking some fingers in her pussy. After she made it around the room Tala sat in the middle of the room, and started playing with herself. Tala came as the last note went through the speakers. Tala got a standing ovation from the people not getting serviced by the other CNAs.

Rich was extremely happy with his little toy. He grabbed her to take her back to his room, so he could have her to himself. No one argued the point and descended on the remaining CNAs. By the end of the night the three girls would have had several old men inside of them at once, and would have serviced all the females in the room. Tala knew that as long as Rich was happy with her she would not have to go through what Karen, Terri, and Sara were going through. Rich was a little rougher with Tala that night. He took her in several positions, and lasted a lot longer that he normally did. In the end he came again in her unprotected pussy. He was so happy with her he gave her the next night off to recuperate.

After a night off Tala was refreshed, and was in a lot better mood. She showed up to work a little early, and saw Tina in the parking lot. Tala saw that Tina had a garment bag, and asked why she had it. Tina explained her wedding was this weekend, and some of the ladies wanted to see her in her wedding dress. Tina was a little confused that they wanted her to wear everything she was going to wear for the wedding down to the underwear. They wouldn’t be seeing any of that, but Tina brought them to make them happy. Tala knew what was in store for Tina, but knew if she told it would be the end of her. Tala reluctantly let Tina go into work without saying a word. Tala prayed she was wrong, but knew the truth. Tala looked back one more time about to say something when she noticed Rich at the door.

Tala quickly went into her building. After dinner everyone got up at the same time, but did not go into their rooms. Everyone started to file out of the building, and headed towards Tina’s building. Rich grabbed Tala’s armed and warned her to keep quite the rest of the night. Rich explained that his was a special party, and if she didn’t keep her mouth shut there would be grave consequences. Everyone found a seat and waited patiently for the show to start. Tina stuck her head out the door, and called Tala over. A quick look from Rich was more than enough warning. Tina was excited. She told Tala that the residents were putting on a fake wedding for her. The other CNAs in her building were even dressed in bridesmaids’ dresses. They had gone all out for this show. Tina asked Tala to be her maid of honor. Tala refused at first, but changed her mind when she was told that Rich left a dress for her. The bridesmaid’s dresses left little to the imagination. They were a light tan thin material. The dresses were skin tight, so nothing could be worn underneath them, except the tan stay up stockings they were given. Tala looked almost as beautiful as the bride in that dress.

The music started and the bridesmaids and Tala made their way down the aisle. The next song was for the bride, and Tina emerged from the back looking as beautiful as could be. Tina made it to the front, and stood modeling her pure white dress for everyone to see. A voice in the back yelled that there needed to be a groom for the full affect. Rich stood immediately, and joined Tina in the front. Tala was a little jealous that Rich joined Tina. A fake priest joined them, and the ceremony started. A few of the male residents joined them on the stage. It was strange seeing this beautiful blonde bride standing with an ugly old man. The ceremony concluded with you may kiss the bride. Rich leaned in, but Tina didn’t know what to do. Cheers rose from the crowd for her to kiss him. Tala knew if she did it would be all over. Tina finally leaned in, and that was all Rich needed. He grabbed the blushing bride and kissed her for all she was worth. This was the signal for the men standing up as groomsmen to go into action. The bridesmaids were sent off to the side, and two groomsmen grabbed Tina’s arms. Another man grabbed Tina’s ankles so she would not kick. The fourth man got behind Tina, and started working on her dress.

Tina was struggling and screaming into Rich’s mouth. The old man had the back of the dress untied, and was working it down her shoulders. The men holding her arms readjusted when the dress was down to her wrists. Soon the dress was off her arms, and hung around her waist. Tina stood there in just a white lacy bra covering her breasts. It was clear to see the bra was transparent, and everyone could see her nipples. The old man behind her yanked the dress off her waist until it was bunched at her ankles. Tina now stood in front of everyone in a lacy bra, a white garter belt, white stockings, and a white thong. Tina was still screaming and struggling when the man holding her ankles lifted her legs one at a time to completely remove the dress. Now her white high heel shoes were visible, and Tina looked stunning in her underwear. Rich broke his kiss, and Tina screamed out for help. No one moved to help. Everyone knew what would happened if they crossed Rich. Rich got tired of the screaming and told someone to gag her. A handkerchief was shoved in her mouth cutting off all the screams. Rich ordered the man behind her to remove the bra. Cheers form the residents rose as Tina’s beautiful tits came into view. Rich tweaked her nipples as cheers covered Tina’s muffled screams. Rich wanted to do the thong himself. Rich grabbed the waistband, and pulled the thong down her legs. Everyone was looking right at Tina’s completely shaved pubic area. The garter belt framed her lips perfectly. Rich nodded to the man holding her ankles, and he removed the thong from her body. As he did he separated her legs, so they were spread for easy access. Tina screamed again as Rich played with her outer lips. Rich knew she was a virgin, but wondered if he was the first one to touch her pussy. Tears were flowing down Tina’s face as Rich separated her lips and forced a finger into her pussy. Rich pulled out finger to applause as it was covered with Tina’s juices. Rich loved it. Everyone’s attention was on what he was going to do next. Rich signaled the men holding Tina, and they forced her to the ground. The guys’ switched positions and one guy held her arms above her head, and two guys held her legs spread wide open to the audience. Tina pleaded for help through the gag, but none came. Rich got between Tina’s legs, and was ready to take her flower when the audience started to yell that they could not see the action. Rich called for a table, and one was immediately brought forward. The guys lifted Tina and placed her on the table. Everyone now had a great view of the young women losing her virginity days before her wedding. Rich was not satisfied with the show. He wanted more.

Rich ordered the bridesmaids to remove their dresses, and stand by the table. Dresses were quickly shed, and they got into position behind the naked blonde. Rich then ordered Tala to prepare Tina for the main event. Tala knew what was expected, but she had never been with a woman before. Tala took her position between Tina’s legs, and started to move her head down to Tina’s pussy. The whole room hushed as the dark skinned Tala moved in closer. Tala’s dark hair spread over Tina’s pale body. Rich loved the contrast between the two girls. Tala’s mouth made contact with Tina’s pussy, and Tina started to struggle more. Tala’s tongue started to do its work, and Tina started to relax. Rich moved Tala’s hair, so everyone got a good look at these girls first lesbian experience. Tala brought Tina to the brink of orgasm when Rich pulled her back.

The audience had a great side view of Tina’s body. Rich again positioned himself between her legs. Tina was again screaming hard as she watch the old man drop his pants. She now saw a large dick pointed at her virgin hole. Rich eased his dick into her slick hole, and stopped when it made contact with her cherry. Rich had a big grin on his face as he forced the rest of his dick into her pussy. The scream that came out of Tina’s gagged mouth was intense. Rich started to pound Tina’s pussy without mercy. Every time he pulled his dick out you could see the mixture of blood and juices coating it. This continued for about ten minutes with Tina’s screams still echoing in the room. Rich stopped pumping and drove his dick all the way in. Tala knew he was about put his load into Tina’s unprotected pussy. Tina also must have realized what was about to happen as she was screaming for him not to. She pleaded and begged to no avail. Rich’s load flooded her pussy as Tina’s screams stopped, and she was left sobbing on the table. Rich pulled out and turned to the crowd, so they could see his coated dick. Rich received a standing ovation.

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