bridal gown

Chapter 2: Saturday

After a night without much sleeping I woke up at nine in the morning. My dreams had tortured me and presented a number of scenarios of how Katie would punish me. Some of them appeared nice to me, but others gave me a lot of pain. Would she really present my mental attitude to the world? The world would probably be okay but what would my parents think about their son? And our neighbors? Would I have to leave the mansion and to start a new life somewhere far away?

I took a shower for at least half an hour. I tried to wash away these thoughts and to begin this remarkable day positively.

Usually, I enjoyed these festivities very much. And that is because of my habit or, let’s name it, my fetish. How I love the well dressed girls and ladies attending the party! Sometimes in the past I needed to have a break now and then to relieve myself while imaginary enjoying a certain woman in a wonderful dress.

And today? Would I be able to do this as well? After yesterday’s outing by my sister?

After dressing in my casual jeans and sweater I headed down for breakfast. I was alone in the dining room except our old parlormaid, who showed up occasionally and complained about me being late – as usual.

I couldn’t eat much, only some cookies and a slice of toast and, of course, two big mugs of strong tea.

“Katie hasn’t shown up as well”, the maid muttered when I was finished and she took away my dishes. “But she has enough to do with her preparations for the most important day of her whole life.” Then she added with a smile on her wrinkled face: “Oh, she will look amazingly! I have helped her with her bridal gown, and it fits her perfectly! She has selected such a wonderful satin and lace gown! Oh, you will be astonished when you see her! She will absolutely be the most beautiful woman of the wedding!”

Her words brought back my memory of that marvelous gown stretched out over the wires in the drying room. Yes, she was right. It was such a great dress! And I was close to wearing it by myself when Katie appeared. Or when she came in at the right time to save her wedding, seen from her point of view.

And my memories let my erection rise in my trousers. I imagined her wearing the dress. This would be the most beautiful sight I had experienced for long.

“Peter, two pennies for your thoughts”, the maid interrupted me.

Oh God, no, I would never let her take part in my thoughts! Obviously, she was unaware of my encounter with my sister yesterday evening.

I smiled and changed the topic of our talks: “What do you think, how many guests will attend Katie’s wedding?”

“Oh, I suppose that most of the invited guests will honor Katie. Your parents invited around 250 persons, and I am pretty sure that most of them will be there. I only know of one regret yet. Your father’s nephew Roderick is on a business trip in the states and will not be here.”

Okay, let Rod be where he wants to be. Enough chance for well-dressed ladies, I thought and left the dining room.

The wedding ceremony should take place at the garden of our mansion. “Garden” may be the wrong word for this area of a size larger than 10,000 square yards. A little tent had been erected that should house bride and groom and the best man – me – and the maid of honor – Katie’s best girl friend Sylvia. Our town’s old mayor had taken over the task to marry them.

The tent would not be required today. The sky was blue and no cloud was in sight. They expected temperatures in the mid seventies this afternoon – wonderful conditions for an outside wedding. In front of the tent a number of rows of chairs was placed for the guests. After the wedding ceremony, a big dinner was planned, which should take place on the lawn as well at a more remote location. A number of small tables with chairs was already being prepared by a party service company. Many trucks were parked in front of the mansion and even more people dressed in black and white with cook’s aprons were running around and moving china and cutlery.

Bride, maid of honor, best man (me) and our parents should leave the house at noon – sharply. That meant, I had around one hour for my preparations before I had to meet Katie and the others downstairs in the big lobby behind the main entrance of the mansion.

I was getting the more nervous the less time was left before the meeting. How would she react when she saw me? Would she cry out? Would she still be angry? And would she have talked to mum already?

I tried to move these thoughts away and concentrate on my preparations.

Well, I did not have very much to do. My tuxedo was already waiting, hanging on my sleeping room’s cabinet. My shirt was ready as well as the shiny dark red satin sash, which all men should wear. This was an idea of my mother, not mine. And it did not only concern me but my father and my future father in law as well.

I took it from the small box and played a bit around with it. It did not really feel like “real” satin fabric used for blouses and dresses. But the smooth sensation on my skin was not that bad.

And then I asked myself an important question: What should I wear underneath the tuxedo?

I have a huge collection of satin panties, which I really enjoy wearing. I have nearly all imaginary colors and forms. Sometimes, I also wear a satin bra during the day – but only when I wear a sweater above it – certainly not a good decision for today. I will wear a white T-shirt underneath my white shirt.

After some minutes and very exciting “manual” browsing my panties drawer, I decided to wear white satin panties. Not the tightest ones, of course. They would cover everything of me and were capable to cover a somewhat erected penis as well. Just in case I would need them, I put a replacement pair of panties on on pocket of my black trousers. I once was so excited during a festival that I got wet without ejaculation. I would be able to exchange the panties on the loo at a glance.

I was ready for the big moment half past eleven. I checked the dark red satin sash again, checked the little bulge in my trousers and admired the guy in the large mirror. I looked good and I went downstairs to meet the others – and Katie.

My breath caught when I saw my sister wearing her wonderful wedding gown. It was even more beautiful that I could imagine yesterday seeing it hanging over the wires. It was made of wonderful shiny satin and had a 10 yards long train. Hem of widely floating skirt and the train was made of lace.

The tight top had a v-shaped neckline and was embroidered with lace as well. The sleeves were quite loose over the shoulders and were draped tightly towards the hands.

Katie’s long blond hair was pinned up and decorated with pearls and jewelery. And on top she wore a nice white veil to complete the impression of the innocent bride.

If it wouldn’t have been my sister and we would have been alone, I think I would have jumped onto her to touch her and to rub my cock at that wonderful bridal gown. But now I felt my erection rising and knocking at the inside of my panties. And I hoped that nobody took care of it and would stare at a man’s manhood.

Katie noticed me and looked at me. She lifted her veil for a moment to check my appearance.

“You look unbelievably wonderful”, I said to her. And I tried to let my voice sound as normal as possible.

“I know”, she answered with a voice, which was perhaps a bit sharper than normal but she as well tried to act normal. She flipped the veil back down.

“You know Sylvia?” she asked and pointed to the side. The maid of honor was standing right at the door in front of my parents.

Sylvia was in her late twenties and had long dark brown curly hair and a parting in the hair at her left side. She had dark brown eyes and wore a dark lavender satin dress ending right above her knees and a small v-shaped neckline. The long sleeves were lose and ended with cuffs at her wrists. She wore a bow bound around her neck made of the fabric of the dress.

Underneath the dress she wore dark brown satin sheers and high heeled shoes. Additionally, she wore black gloves.

“Hello, I am Miss Sylvia. Nice to meet you”, the dark haired woman said.

Oops, I thought. I always called her Sylvia. Why now “Miss Sylvia”? And we knew each other since long and now my sister introduced us.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Sylvia”, I answered quickly. Our parents should not find out that something new was going on. “My name is Peter.” I nodded my head slightly but she did not acknowledge that.

“You look good, Peter, like a real man.” Miss Sylvia said and observed me from head to toe.

My first thought was that she would notice my erection, although the satin sash was bound around my waist. “Do you like how we are dressed as well?” she asked with a broad smile on her face but something made me careful.

“You both look absolutely stunning”, I answered honestly. Nobody could deny that.

“I see.” She answered and turned to Katie again.

Our mother asked Katie: “Are you very sure you are doing the right thing today?”

My mother wore a nice evening gown as well today. But I could hardly rip my eyes from Katie and her maid of honor. These two women excited me and I was very thankful for having a pair of replacement panties with me. I would need them.

“Yes, mum. You know that Frank and me are couple since years. Yes, it is absolutely the right thing to marry him today.”

“Then let us go to the ceremony”, my mom answered and smiled.

Daddy took over and took Katie’s arm. “My daughter, I am very proud to guide such a lovely woman to the wedding altar. And if I wouldn’t be married to your mother, I would try to kidnap you and propose marriage to you instead of this other man.”

Both smiled and our maid opened the mansion door. Our mother led the little group and was followed by the bride and her father at her side. I offered Sylvia my arm and she took it. She smiled but her smile spoke volumes. And her grip was far tougher than I expected.

We were forced to a distance of about 15 yards due to the large train of the shiny white bridal gown. No I discovered the wonderful bow behind Katie’s waist and I imagined how I could wrap it around my cock and rub it with the fine satin fabric.

Behind us, the maid closed the mansion door. Slowly we walked over a wide red carpet to the location of the wedding tent. The music started and the guests raised from their seats and looked at us.

“You are getting horny”, I hear Sylvia whisper. We were far enough from Katie and our father that they would not hear her. But I was shocked.

“Katie told me about your bad habits.”

Why did she do this? Did she want to destroy my joy on this wonderful day? I asked myself.

A quick look aside assured me that Sylvia was still smiling, and when she talked she did not really move her lips.

“And Katie told me as well that you will need to get punished for wearing her clothes over the years.”

I thought I would cry out but at the same time, her husky and low voice made me even hornier.

I quickly looked at the beautiful dark haired lady in the dark lavender satin dress and stared back at Katie in front of us. Did she move her pelvis more than normal? I questioned myself. The wide bow moved around and let her bridal gown rustle. The train rustled as well when it was pulled over the red carpet.

“You nasty boy have an erection, right? From your own sister!”

“No, not only”, I answered and tried to hold my smile. “Your words make me hot!”

“What?” she whispered sharpely.

“You make me hot as well, Miss Sylvia.”


We reached the tent and met the groom.

Frank was a burly dark skinned man, some years older than Katie. He wasn’t a bad guy, but I did not want to sit on the same table with him and discuss contract details. He was absolutely a shark and knew exactly what he wanted. Katie really lover him and adored him. He paid all her expenses and she would be the loving wife, that’s for sure.

Our father handed the beautifully dressed bride over to her “new owner” and stepped aside to the parent’s place. Frank’s parents already were sitting at the opposite site as well as Linda and Nelly. Our sisters wore nice long evening gowns as well.

My oldest sister Linda had pinned her blond hair back and wore a white-faced evening gown with a shining silver tendriled pattern and a light blue overdress made of satin. The overdress had a slit at the left side, which let the white skirt move out a bit every step Linda took. The dress ended straight above her breast and left her shoulder naked. In order to comply with that, she wore white satin gloves reaching the elbows.

At her side was Nelly. She had pinned up her dark blonde hair as well with a parting at the right side. She wore a lilac silk dress with spaghetti straps over her shoulders and an organza under-dress. She wore black satin gloves, which did not reach up to her elbows.

Although I hadn’t seen my other two sisters dressed nicely like that for long as well, I could not decide if I should stare at Katie in her long white satin bridal gown or at Sylvia in her dark lavender satin dress.

Finally, we stood at the altar in front of the mayor. My place was at the left side, to my right side Katie was standing. Next to her stood Frank – he was almost a foot higher than Katie – a really large and powerful man. On the right side stood Sylvia.

The music stopped and the mayor began the ceremony. I could hardly follow his words. My sense was pulled around between Sylvia and Katie – between the floor length white shining satin bridal gown and the dark lavender satin gown. I would have loved to touch both women respectively the dresses they wore.

More or less we dealt with all formalities, I signed my name on the wedding certificate and we were done. The guests cheered and our father called for dinner.

We were to first to congratulate Mrs and Mr Frank Debond. My sisters and Sylvia embraced her and kissed her cheeks, but we only shook hands and I nodded my head.

It took some time to walk over to the dinner tables close by. The crowd was cheering and congratulating the newlywed couple. And everybody needed some time to find the right table. Of course, every place was named and every guest was requested to take the respective seat. This would change later, but for dinner, I found my name at a table in the last row – depending on the point of view. And I was happy with it because I don’t really want to be the center of the action. A place at the border provides many more opportunities to disappear and come back later during a festival.

Tables and seats were wrapped with white cloth. Glasses, porcelain, cutlery were ready, even a candlestick and flowers were placed in the table center.

I sat down and my sisters Linda and Nelly took place across me. The place at my side was reserved for Sylvia. My sisters were chatting loudly and excited. As usual at such occasions, they did not take notice of me.

When it got quieter and most of the guests including the bridal pair had taken seat, Sylvia appeared.

“Oh, Katie took care of reserving a special place for me”, she said, flattened the skirt of her beautiful satin dress and took place at my right side.

“How did you experience the wedding until now?” she asked and looked down into my lap. “Enough well-dressed ladies present to keep him stiff?” Her finger pointed to my middle.

I blushed a bit and feared that my sisters across the table may have heard Sylvia’s comment but I regained my poise and replied: “With you on my side, Miss Sylvia, there is no need for other ladies.”

“Stop that flattery!” she answered quickly and as loud as my sisters interrupted their chat for a moment. And when Sylvia continued quieter they continued to chat as well. “You don’t have to ensnare me. Katie has you in your hand, and I will lend her my hands as well to teach you a lesson that you don’t forget.”

“Sorry, Miss Sylvia”, I answered but instead of increasing my worries, Sylvia’s words made me even hotter.

The waiters and waitresses started serving the first of the menu. While I was watching the guys and ladies dressed in black and white working, I felt a hand on my lap. Instinctively, I looked right, but Sylvia looked around as well. But her hand was touching me.

My penis could not do anything else than becoming stiff. Sylvia felt it and her hand started working more intensively. She still wore the black gloves but her fingers appeared to be very agile. They moved underneath my dark red satin sash and opened the zipper of my trousers. Seconds later the hands were inside my trousers.

My face reddened a bit more. Obviously nobody took notice if what was going on below our table in the last row.

A waitress appeared with the soup. She had long blond hair and wore a white blouse with long sleeves and a black apron tied around her waist, which was full length. Even she took no notice of Sylvia’s arm on my lap and her hand in my trousers. When she had served the dishes she turned and left our table. I had a glance at her very short black mini skirt consisting of three flounces. She moved her hips as she would have been rather a dancer than a waitress.

“And, Sylvie, does he wear woman’s panties?” my younger sister in the lilac silk gown asked without any announcement.

“Yes. He is a cross-dresser for sure”, Sylvia answered and grasped my hard cock through the thin fabric of my white satin panties.

“What did mum and dad do wrong with your education?” asked Linda. “I guess it may be useful to teach you some extra lessons about the difference between boy and girl and what they wear.”

Nelly said: “Why shouldn’t he dress in our clothes if he likes it?”

“No real man dresses in female clothes”, Sylvia replied while sipping her soup. “Have you ever seen a man fucking a woman wearing woman’s clothes? I mean, in a porn movie.”

“Hm, don’t know the market so good”, Linda said and ate her soup as well.

“Incidentally, do you like my dress?” Nelly said in her most normal voice.

“You look very good”, I replied, but my voice sounded a bit pressed. The ladies at my table were eating their soup and Sylvia’s left hand was still fondling my rock-hard cock through my panties. I was so excited that I was unable to think about eating.

“Unfortunately, it will be too tight for you to wear it”, Nelly said and smiled. All three ladies laughed. “But you may try it, of course.”

“He should try my dress first”, Linda said. “It may fit better.”

“But I have nothing to hold the neckline”, I answered and got a bit more relaxed.

“Ah, joking around about serious topics”, Sylvia said and her hand grabbed my cock harder. “Maybe you should try it right now and present yourself to Katie’s guests. They will have a lot of fun!”

Now it was on my side again to blush. “No, I did not meant that! Sorry, Linda, sorry Miss Sylvia.”

“Why not call me Miss Nelly?”, my little sister suggested, and Linda agreed.

“Yes, he shall call me Miss Linda and you Miss Nelly. We will have to teach him respect – our little girlie-boy.”

The three well-dressed women at my table continued chatting about me while they finished their course. And Sylvia played around with my cock in my trousers. Now and then I risked a glance at her arm inside the lose dark lavender satin. I would love to touch it gently, caress it, but I did not dare.

The hot waitress returned after a while to pick up our plates.

“Sir, didn’t you like the soup? Shall I bring you something else?” she asked when she saw my untouched plate.

“No, it’s okay. I do not need that much food.”

She looked at me and then she obviously spotted Sylvia’s arm in front of me. She could not have seen the location of her hand, but it was obvious that she understood exactly what was going on underneath our table. And the three women smiled at her, and Nelly said with her smoothest voice:

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