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Brian and I put on scrubs and taken to Anna’s room. Anna is breathing heavily, knees up, trying not to push. Beads of sweat pour off her face as the contractions hit one after another.

We stand on either sides of her each holding her hand as the doctor comes in. After a brief examination, Dr. Kennedy announces it is time.

We’ve taken the Lamaze classes and have learned how to breathe so we help Anna with her breathing as she pushes. I see a patch of black hair appear as the head comes out, then as Anna pushes again the shoulders and finally we hear the sound; a cry piercing the room.

Anna lies back exhausted as Dr. Kennedy holds up the baby. It is a boy and we already know what to name him, Stephen Brian Stone. I make the announcement and Brian starts to tear up. This was our surprise for him.

The baby is examined and wrapped in a blue blanket. He is handed to me. He is beautiful and asleep. I kiss his little cheek and then pass them to his mother. Anna bursts into tears. “He’s so tiny and so precious.” She kisses his little face and I kiss her forehead.

Looking up at Brian she passes the baby to him, “You’re a father now, Bry.”

He has tears in his eyes and holds the baby in his strong arms. He looks at me and I go to his side. I kiss him. It is all so emotional for us. “Mistress.” Anna says to me. “It’s Christmas day.”

I look at my watch. It is 12.20. Our boy was born on Christmas day at 12:02 am.

Calling home, I arrange with the help of everyone a special treat for the other ten babies born this day. I give them all stock in Gerber, a year’s supply of diapers and a gift certificate to Toys R Us. The gifts are to be given anonymously.

For the hospital staff I arrange lunch to be brought in and make a hefty donation. Anna and the baby are staying overnight. Daisy brings us dinner and she and Andrew decorate the room with balloons. Flowers arrive from Dominic and Marlene, Dunge and Sheila, Max and Adrian, John and Amber. Peter and Adam send a gift basket with baby things in a beautiful wicker basket.

We had a shower a few months earlier and everything we need is already in the finished nursery. Andrew comes over to me and says, “Everything is ready and I’ve made the adjustments.”

“Not a word. She’ll be very surprised.” I say and Brian nods.

The baby is in a bassinet next to Anna and everyone comes in and views our little boy who is asleep. Anna has decided to nurse. I have enjoyed drinking milk from her breasts these past months and so has Brian. She feels as if she has three babies.

Stephen stirs and she takes him. I take pictures of her holding the baby to her breast and just for a moment, I have a little jealousy. I will never know this feeling. I went through this whole pregnancy and never felt anything, but now seeing her holding a child that is mine by biology, but not born of my body, I do feel a little bit envious.

Brian seems to know how I am feeling because he puts his arm around me and pulls me close to him. “He is your son.” He whispers.

“And yours.” I whisper back.

“You know what I mean.” He whispers. “You will be a great mother.”

“But I will never know what she is feeling right now.” I say sadly.

Brian takes me aside, “I don’t know why, but something tells me that you will know this.”

“No, I told you I can’t get pregnant and if I do, I can’t carry to term.” I shake my head and turn to go back to Anna and the baby when Brian takes me in his arms and says, “Today is Christmas. Make this your Christmas wish.”

I laugh thinking he is joking, but he is quite serious. Brian glares at me, “I’ll make the wish and I bet that you will get pregnant with my child.” He kisses me.

I am shaken by this, but pull myself together to go to Anna. Abigail, Rachel, Skip and Rebecca come to see our new little prince.

Everyone leaves at 10 except Brian and me. We stay an hour more and then let Anna and the baby rest. As I kiss Anna’s lips, she whispers to me, “I love you more than I can say. You mean so much to me. We are complete now.”

“Yes, my darling. We are.” I kiss her lips gently, but Anna pulls me in for an intense kiss, that runs through my body.

I bend down and kiss my son. Bran kisses Anna’s forehead and the baby and we walk home hand in hand.

Brian tells me he will pick up Anna. He wants me to rest. I get into bed and fall fast asleep.

I feel a mouth on my pussy as I awaken. Abigail is between my legs. I grab her blond hair tightly in my hand. “What the fuck!” I am very annoyed.

Abigail smiles slightly at me as she lifts her head up. “Please Mistress don’t be angry.”

She lifts up one hand and I see a note. Flabbergasted I take the note from her as she tries to go back to my sex. I hold her at bay. The note is from Anna.

“My dear wife:

I know you will wait until I am able to get between your thighs again, but I do not want you to wait. Brian will take care of some of your needs, but I think there are other needs that I am better at.

Besides, you need to start teaching Abigail how to be a good submissive. She has had training from Sir Richard, but she needs some ‘practical’ training.

So talk to her as you do to me and see how good she is. With the new baby I will be busy, use her. I don’t want your needs neglected!

BTW, Brian agreed! “

I love you,

Your wife,


In a way, I had to laugh, but I was a bit pissed off. I released Abigail’s hair and she went back to munching on my cunt. She was no Anna, but damn, the girl was good. Lifting her head, she said to me, “Mistress, Anna said you would talk to me, please talk. I love the sound of your voice. Please teach me.”

Okay if that is the way, she wants it. I grab her head and thrust it in my pussy. I can feel her smug smile. “Let me tell you how I like my pussy eaten and later today I’m taking you into the playroom and paddle your ass for not asking me.”

I could feel Abigail shiver. So little girl is looking forward to her punishment, by the time I am through she will not be sitting down for a week.

I talk to Abigail about the new baby. I also talk to her about what my expectations are for her and about finding her a Master. She lifts her head and says, “I wouldn’t mind a Mistress if she was like you.”

“Did I tell you, you could talk?” I say annoyed because I am very close. She shakes her head and goes back to eating me.

Abigail licks and sucks. She does this thing with her teeth and her tongue that I have to ask her to teach Anna and I am over the edge. I practically stuff the poor girl into my sex as I come, but she keeps at it and I explode in her mouth.

Anna has told her to keep lapping me even after I am done to bring me down from my intense orgasm. She does and manages to bring me back up. I cum again and then, I pull her up to me. I kiss her soft lips. Feeling between her legs, I know that Abigail is soaking.

I start fucking in and out first with one finger, then two, then three. “Oh Mistress, ah, I, so good.” She moans.

I pull down the top of the nightgown she is wearing and latch on to her nipple flicking it with my tongue. She is moaning and groaning and I keep fucking her.

Abigail is licking her lips and I know she is close. Any other day I would leave her frustrated, but I am in a good mood, I have a son so I finish her. She screams my name as she cums.

Holding up my fingers, she licks them clean and nuzzles my neck. She whispers, “Anna is one lucky bitch!”

I laugh and swat her behind. “I will take you in the playroom tonight.”

She shivers. I cock my head and look into her eyes, “Why does that make you tremble?”

Abigail blushes, “The thought of you spanking me makes me so hot Mistress. I love having my ass red. It makes me cum hard.”

Raising an eyebrow, I smile. This should be interesting. I hold Abigail for a little while, then I get up, take a shower and dress.

I go into the nursery. All the work has been done and I can’t wait to see Anna’s face.

Anna, Brian and the baby come home after lunch. Anna looks beautiful, but tired and as I bring her upstairs, Brian is grinning. We open the door to the nursery and Anna gasps. The room had been all green and yellow, but just like magic, it had been transformed into a little boy’s room.

The wallpaper has been changed; the bed has been changed from white to a distressed slate, as has the dresser. The rug has his initial of SBS. All the accessories have been changed and there are the photos of the three of us around the room.

Anna starts to cry, “How, how did you do this? So fast. What.” She is speechless.

Brian laughs, “We had it waiting in the wings, just in case. We kept a few things you really liked, but the furniture has been given to a new mother at the hospital.”

Anna hugs us both, the baby in Brian’s arms. “I love you both so much. The room is beautiful.”

Daisy enters and takes the baby from Brian. She puts him in the crib and undresses the sleeping infant. It is the day after Christmas outside it has started to snow.

The baby stirs, but falls back asleep. Brian picks Anna up and takes her into the bedroom. He and I undress her and put her to bed as Andrew brings in a tray with food.

Anna eats and we talk to her about feedings and schedules, breast pumps and sleep. Before she is even finished, she is falling asleep. Daisy comes out of the nursery, takes the tray as Brian and I tuck our new mother into bed and kiss her.

In the nursery Brian and I go to look at Stephen. “He is a beautiful boy isn’t he?” I say.

Brian puts his arm around me, “Yes because he’s part of you.”

He kisses the back of my neck. “Mistress, I want you tonight in my bed.”

I kiss him. “Not tonight pet, we need to help Anna with the baby. Maybe tomorrow.”

He nibbles my ear, “I really want you.” He begs. Turning around I kiss him deeply and feel his very hard dick pressing into my belly.

“Maybe later, but right now. I have some work to do. “I try to disentangle myself but Brian pulls me close. “Did you have fun this morning with Abigail?”

I look up at him. I know what’s wrong with him, he’s jealous and feeling neglected. “Brian, let me go.” It is an order. He sighs, but releases me.

“Abigail was Anna’s idea with your approval. You need to be patient. We have the baby now and our lives will revolve around his schedule for a while. Tomorrow Anna will express milk for his 2 am feeding which you will do and his four am feeding. So maybe tomorrow night we can spend some time together. Tonight, we are here for Anna and our son.” I say then go to him and kiss his lips.

Brian pulls me close and lifts me off my feet. “I just need you. I think about Rachel and Skip…”

He’s really thinking about his Mistress that died. I kiss him. “We will make time tomorrow and after the 4 am feeding I will sleep with you. The nanny will be coming from England next week and she will be of great help, but I plan to spend as much time with the baby as possible. I’m hoping you will too.”

He sets me down, “Of course as he gets older, but babies kind of creep me out. All they do is eat, cry and poop.”

“You need to bond with him since you are his father. So no more of this. I have work to do and you have dinner to prepare.” I kiss his cheek and relent, “I love you. You just need to relax about all this. “

I leave Brian in the nursery. Stephen wakes and Brian picks him up. He kisses him and sits down in the rocking chair in the room. Cradling him, he starts talking to the little baby, “You’re going to learn how to cook as soon as you can walk. You and I are the only men around here besides Andrew and us men have to stick together.” He kisses the baby and takes him into Anna who is just stirring herself.

Anna sits up and pats the bed as Brian sits down. “Bry lay next to me.” She says and she opens her nightgown. The baby latches onto her nipple and begins to eat. She pulls Brian’s head to her other breast. “Suckle me Bry.” She says and strokes his head. He does. I walk into the room and see the three of them. Anna looks even more beautiful with her two men on each breast. She winks at me and mouths, “he needs you.”

I nod and mouth back, “I know.” As I leave the room closing the door behind me.

I spend the night with Brian. Daisy spends the night and helps Anna with the baby. He needs this and as he thrusts into me, I know I needed this too.

New Year’s Eve is spent quietly with just the four of us. Brian gets sparkling grape juice since Anna cannot drink while she is nursing. She falls asleep before the New Year comes in. Brian and I kiss her sleeping form as the clock strikes midnight, then we kiss each other. We are a family.

The Golden Globe awards are three weeks away and I arrange for us to attend. I am excited about going. We are all adjusting to having a little one and everyone takes turns. Our nanny arrives from England, her name if Bridget. She is 31 years old and has once worked for King William. We chose her because Sir Richard recommended her. She knows our life style, because her mother was a dominant and her father a submissive. She doesn’t participate, but she understands it.

She puts everyone on a schedule and soon our lives are organized. Anna has been working out with Bradley trying to get into the designer gown she picked out before the nomination. She might have been trying to act as if she wasn’t going to be nominated, but secretly Anna wanted this.

Bradley has recovered completely from his gunshot. He and his girlfriend have gotten married and used the money to buy a house. He looks good and I am grateful to him.

We fly out to California with two Nannies and two infants in tow. We are ensconced in five suites at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. We order a bottle of champagne just to toast our day. Marlene looks spectacular in a black lace gown with a slit up the side, while Rachel looks like the picture of style and grace in a one-shoulder mermaid gown.

Anna comes out of the bedroom after checking on the baby in a white sequined gown. Her hair is swept to one side and she has a diamond broach keeping her hair back. As usual, she looks stunning.

I am wearing a red gown by Dior couture. I look very old Hollywood as if I belong in a Veronica Lake movie, my hair styled like hers. Before we leave, I kiss Stephen and Lucia.

Dominic, Skip and Brian offer us ladies their arms and we get into the limousine to go the award show. Dominic and I have our fingers crossed for best picture.

The night is fun with food and drink. Laughter is the order of the day as the comedian Harry Black hosts.

At the end of the evening, we win three of our four. Adrian Close looks very handsome and kisses Max as he steps up to accept his best actor Golden Globe.

Anna looks shocked as her name is called and she kisses me fully on the lips, then kisses Brian as she goes to accept her award. “I am very surprised and very happy. I would not be here if it were not for my wife and my husband. I am the happiest woman in the world.” She beams.

I lose out as best director, but I still get to go up and accept the best picture award for our film. However, Dominic acknowledges Daniel’s hard work and how he wished he were here with us. We invited him, but he refused.

We win several more awards over the next few weeks, but we are all waiting for the Academy Award nominations. In the early morning hours of January 27, I turn on the television. Anna is feeding the baby and Brian is in the kitchen.

Adrian is nominated for best actor, Anna smiles broadly, as her name is called for best supporting actress, our screenwriters get the nod for their screenplay. Dominic calls and I am holding my cell phone and anxiously waiting as we receive the nomination for costume design, cinematography, lighting and best song.

Finally, I get the nomination for best director and our film is one of the ten for best picture. I yell into the phone and hug Anna. I have taped the show and when Brian enters the room, I replay it for him. We have nine nominations; only one movie has more than we do.

The house phone starts ringing. Congratulations are said and hugs from Andrew and Daisy. Before the day is over we have designers offering us clothes, my stylist has phoned, my agent, attorney and everyone else I can think of. My publicist handles the interviews and designers start offering us clothes. Harry Winston’s calls and want us to wear their diamonds.

I’ve been through all of this before, but for Anna, it is all new and the press has been relentless. My publicist handles it all and we celebrate that night with a magnificent dinner prepared by Brian and Daisy featuring lobster.

Baby Stephan is turning a lovely café au lait color with a lot of milk. He is about three shades lighter than I am and I am light. He looks a great deal like Sir but his eyes are mine.

I spend many nights feeding and bonding with him. He touches my face and I melt. Anna expresses milk for his two and 4 o’clock feeding. I take the two and Brian takes the four and sometimes the six because he is up. We let Anna sleep as much as possible. This little one has three parents and we all take turns along with Bridget our Nanny who has really fits in.

I have taken Abigail into the playroom twice since Stephen’s birth. The first time as a punishment and she enjoyed it immensely, the second time with Brian that she enjoyed even more.

Abigail and Rebecca who is still with us are invited to the awards ceremony along with Andrew, Daisy, Dunge and Sheila. Anna has invited Sir Richard and Diana while Dominic has invited John and Amber. Therefore, we will all attend in March when the Academy Awards are announced.

We spend the weeks before going to California getting ready. Anna has chosen her gown and wants it to be a surprise. I have chosen Marchesa to design my gown. Vera Wang and Carolina Herrera have offered Rachel, because of Skip, a gown. She has to make a decision.

Marlene has also chosen her gown and I have seen it. It’s red, very sexy and fits Marlene like a glove; custom made by Bagdley Mischka.

Throughout this crazy process, Brian has been calm. He’s been helping with the baby, cooking and taking care of his family. One night after dinner, as I watch him I realize that we should give him more attention.

Since we have been married, I have not had a date with Brian. Anna and I decide that Friday I will take him out for a date and on Saturday, she will.

On Thursday, I inform Brian that he is to prepare dinner for everyone except him and me. We are going out. He grins at me. “A date?”

“Yes, and then into the playroom for a night of fun.” I say and he grins even more broadly. He lowers his eyes, “Thank you Mistress.”

When Friday arrives, I get a delivery of two dozen red and white roses delivered in an beautiful vase with the note:

All my love, my wife, my mistress


Going into the kitchen, I wrap my arms around his waist. “They are beautiful Brian. I love them and you.”

He turns around and kisses me deeply. How he has grown as a man. Little Stephen is at the table in his little seat. He isn’t yet ready for the high chair that was sent from England by Sir’s brother, Norman and his wife Bess. They will be coming to visit in the spring so they can meet their nephew.

I want Stephen to know them. Brian picks up the baby and takes him over to the pots and pans. “Smell. You will spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I am going to teach you how to cook. “

The baby smiles at him and I laugh. Taking Stephen from him I say, “Not yet, he is still at his mother’s breast.”

I put him back in his seat and Stephen cries. Anna takes him and undoes her top. She puts him to her breasts. I watch as his fingers touch her breasts and he settles down. She sees me watching him and smiles.

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