**** This is a work of fiction and is no way based on true events or real people. My apologies for the slow startup, but I wanted to build some back story.****

I had never lived a stable life. My dad had died in an accident at his job working in a mill when I was three years old and my mom received a small settlement that we lived off of when I was growing up. It was a small settlement though, meaning we did not live a very nice life. I don’t necessarily hate my mother for the choices she made, but she had had issues even before my dad died.

If anything, I’m thankful she at least didn’t start into drugs until I was about twelve. When my dad died, she went on antidepressants and other various behavioral medications. Things eventually went downhill and she habitually started using prescription medications which led to harder drugs.

By the time I was sixteen, my home life had completely deteriorated (even though it was pretty poor to begin with). I was doing poorly in school, a D-student and on the fringes of highschool society. No friends, broken home with a mother who spent the last of my dad’s settlement on her habits while neglecting me entirely.

I thought that maybe I could find a boy that would save me from everything. Like a Disney princess fairytale, with a charming guy swooping in on a magical beast to fix my life, but the closest I ever came was a boy I knew from school who eventually was scared off by the problems I was surrounded with.

All I wanted was stability.


Three weeks before my eighteenth birthday, my mom told me she was kicking me out as soon as I was legally an adult so that I “couldn’t burden her anymore.” At this point in my life, I didn’t even want to be under the same roof as her. The money had run out and the people she was associating with were not the best of individuals, who supplied her drugs for “favors.”

I wasn’t smart enough for college, I didn’t have any decent skills, and no real hope for a successful future. What was I going to do? How would I be able to take care of myself when I was out on the street?

The internet proved to be my greatest ally in my struggle. One of the girls at my school had been talking to someone else about how you could make lots of money being a surrogate mom for people that can’t have kids on their own and I figured I might look into it as a last resort.

After several days of browsing the web I found some sites that helped match up potential surrogates with couples trying to have children. Sadly, I didn’t meet all of the requirements to even be considered. The biggest flaw? Too much instability in my life. I didn’t have the references needed to say that I was responsible enough to do what these sites said was required of me.

Instead of giving up, I pressed on looking for anything I could find to get me out of my situation. And eventually I found something… but it wasn’t on a traditional site by any means and I’m sure it was used for very shady activities.

“Female Surrogate Wanted, Details Inside” was all it said. I opened it to try and get more details, but all it said was that they were looking for a 18-23 year old female and that an interview could be set up by contacting the one that posted the ad, so I emailed the person and said I was interested.

“Tell me about yourself… Katie,” the man across the table told me. I was sitting in a coffee shop about an hour’s walk away from my house, closer towards the nicer part of the city. Marcus, the man who I had responded to, was a very large black man in his late twenties and I felt a bit nervous sitting with him. It was almost overbearing.

“I don’t know… I just finished highschool at St. Robert’s last month but I wasn’t a very good student.” I was trying not to sound as embarrassed as I felt inside, but I felt like being honest would be much more important than being uncomfortable.

“Well, that’s a good thing that you finished at least! St. Roberts has quite a high failure rate from what I’ve heard.” He sounded sincere. It wasn’t that I have any sort of prejudices towards people but I was surprised by how intelligent and well spoken he was.

“Yeah, but I still didn’t do well. I don’t think of myself as dumb, but I just wasn’t good at school I guess.” I looked down at the coffee between my hands, avoiding Marcus’s eyes.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m not expecting you to be a rocket scientist!” He chuckled very deeply, obviously trying to make me feel more comfortable. I smiled slightly and looked back up.

Admittedly, he was quite attractive. Sharp features, a great smile, nice jawline… very fit looking from what I could tell, even though he was wearing a blazer that concealed his body somewhat.

“What about your home life?” He said next. I instantly looked back down.

“Well, I… uhm…” I stammered.

“No need to be ashamed… I’m not judging you.” His voice still sounded sincere.

“My mom is kicking me out…” I admitted. “In like two weeks… on my birthday.” I could feel myself getting a little emotional. Not because my mom was so horrible, but just because I felt like I was completely out of options and terrified of what was going to happen to me.

“That’s horrible! Why in the world would she do that to such a nice girl, let alone her own daughter?”

“Well… she isn’t someone I want to be around,” I replied, quietly. I stayed silent for what felt like an eternity, but Marcus only waited for me to continue. “She… does drugs.”

“I imagine that’s really rough. What about your dad?”

“He died when I was really little… it was just my mom and me. It was difficult.” I said, feeling ashamed of my past.

“I can’t even think about what that must have been like. Don’t feel ashamed, though. Everyone has had their problems somewhere in their lives right? Some probably worse than others, but no reason to think that it makes you a worse person or anything.”

I just nodded my head but didn’t say anything to Marcus.

“What are your plans then?” He asked.

“I… I don’t really have any plan. I mean… I am here, right?” I tried to choke back tears as I felt myself on the verge of breaking down.

“Hey, it’s alright! Don’t cry… If anything it just makes me want to help out more.”

“Why? You know, all the stupid surrogate sites rejected me so what makes you different?” I blurted out.

“I’ve been looking for the right girl. And you seem like you could use a hand, for sure.” I looked up and saw him eying me over. His eyes made me feel very subconscious all of a sudden. “But I’m not QUITE looking for a surrogate.”

“What do you mean?” I asked a bit confused. His wording and slight change in demeanor made me feel uneasy.

“I am, just… not the normal sort of… situation.” Marcus sat up a little bit, leaning down a bit on the table and moving closer to me. “For starters, I’m looking for someone that would feel comfortable living in my home during the duration.”

I sighed a little in relief. “That’s not THAT abnormal. I read that some couples like to do that so they feel more close to the baby.”

“That’s the other thing…” He started to say. “I don’t have a spouse.”

“Just a girlfriend?” I asked.

“No… but it’s a friend of mine who wants the child.”

“Her and her partner?” I was feeling uneasy again.

“No, I would be the father.” He said without any hesitation.

“Oh. I guess that’s… okay?” I wasn’t entirely sure if it WAS okay.

“Does that mean you’re still interested? I can go over some more details with you.”

“I am… I don’t know what else I can do if this doesn’t work out.” I looked at him almost sadly.

“Alright, but firstly, do you have recent medical records? I only ask because I need to make sure there are no landmines I should know about like a history of genetic diseases, STDs, or anything like that.” I agreed that it was better to be safe before moving forward with anything. I was pretty sure that there wasn’t anything I should be concerned about.

“Don’t worry, I’ll pay for everything, as long as you’re comfortable with it,” Marcus continued.

“And assuming everything goes well, we will continue afterwards. Is that agreeable?”

I told him that was reasonable and Marcus called his doctor’s office and scheduled an appointment for me right there in the coffee shop. He even went ahead and said he’d call a taxi to take me to the appointment.


“I’m glad to see that your physical went well, Katie!” Marcus said, almost excitedly. I met up with him again at the same coffee shop a week after our first meeting.

“Me too,” I said, smiling and glad that he wanted to meet with me again. “Did I qualify?”

“Oh yes, you’re more than qualified, sweety. Should we go over the details now? It might be a bit easier if we go somewhere more… private?” Marcus suggested, as things were getting a little bit more personal.

“Yeah, I’d feel a bit more comfortable.” I told him as I smiled while drinking my coffee. I was very thankful that Marcus was willing to continue the ‘interview’ with me. We both finished our drinks and we walked to his car and he took me back to his home after asking if I would be okay with it.

“Well, I would offer a drink but obviously I can’t do that.” Marcus chuckled as he motioned me to sit on his couch as he went to the kitchen. “Do you want something else? Water, soda?”

“No, I’m fine!” I told him from the living room as I sat down on the leather couch. He walked back in with a glass of water and a small stack of paper and sat in the chair next to the couch.

Marcus must have seen me looking at the papers in his hand. “This is just a contract going over everything. Nothing to worry about, Katie.” He thumbed through the sheets, going over some legal sounding stuff that I sort of phased out. After a few minutes, he handed me the papers for me to look over.

“So you’re okay with living here? You’ll move in next week on your birthday. There will be some other particular details we’ll discuss after you move in but as long as you trust me, things will work great.” I smiled at him as I pretended to look through the contract.

“Where do I sign?!” I asked. All I was really focused on at that point was the fact that I was going to have a place to live. Obviously, I knew that there was a LOT more to think about, like carrying a child to term, but that was at the back of my mind.

“And you’re okay with the three year term?” He said, almost surprised.

“Three years?” I asked, not understanding what he meant.

“Yeah… we just went over that, Katie.” He raised his eyebrow.

“Oh right.” I pretended to remember what he had said. I flipped to the last page where it had a line for a signature and date. Marcus just grinned when I grabbed the pen on the coffee table and signed the contract.

“Great!” He exclaimed, snatching the contract as soon as I signed it. “Well, my sweety, I will come and pick up you and your stuff next week.”


I hastily carried my box out to Marcus’s car on my birthday. Thankfully, my mom was passed out from the night before and I frankly didn’t feel like telling her that I was leaving. I had made amends about being on my own now awhile ago, knowing I was no longer welcome anywhere.

“You look quite nice, Katie,” Marcus complimented me as he put my box in the trunk. I blushed when he said that. No one ever really complimented me like that. Admittedly, I wanted to try and look my best when Marcus came to get me. A white tank-top with a button up blouse and jean skirt and leggings. They were honestly the nicest clothes that I had.

Ever since I was young, I was a bit self-conscious about my appearance. Needless to say, I was never around people that were considerate enough to make me feel attractive. I didn’t think I was unattractive by any means, just not beautiful. Like every girl my age, I was concerned that things weren’t good enough about me physically.

At 5’4″ and 140 pounds, I was a bigger girl. Not heavy or anything, but enough to wear it made me self-conscious about my weight. I had pretty wide hips and a very sizable bust (my bras were all D cup, but the fight a little too tightly and my mom never gave me money for new clothes). My weight was the thing that bothered me most though, and I was okay with the rest of myself physically for the most part.

I had even been told I have a cute face by some boys. Rosy cheeks that offset my pale skin with a few freckles on them, light brown eyes with a tinge of yellow, dark brunette hair halfway down my back. A slightly rounded face (because of my weight I think) and a small scar on nose were the only things that I had to complain about but not everyone thought those things were a bad on me. Imperfections are nice or something like that. When I was younger my mom even used to call me peanut because the scar on my nose made the tip of my nose vaguely look like a peanut.

“Are you ready, sweety?” Marcus said, standing in front of the driver’s side with the door open. I nodded and climbed in the front seat.

Marcus opened the trunk and grabbed my box of the few things that I brought with me and shut it with his elbow. I followed him up the steps and offered to unlock the door. He smiled and I reached in his pocket and pulled his keys out to unlock the door. We walked inside and he set my things down in the living room.

“So what all did you bring with you, Katie?” He asked after setting the box down.

“I don’t know… not much really. A few pictures and mementos, but mostly clothes.” I said, suddenly realizing that I had almost nothing to bring with me from my life up to this point. I thought I should feel sad, but I didn’t.

“How come?” His question snapped me back to reality.

“… To wear?” I said.

“But the contract said that I will provide your clothes. Did you read it, Katie?” He looked at me a bit sternly.

“I… well… most of it?” I was lying through my teeth at this point.

“If you read it then you know that you shouldn’t be wearing the clothes that you brought.” I was confused about what he meant.

“But Marcus…” I stammered a bit. I wasn’t sure what he wanted me to say.

“Be a good girl and take them off then. And it’s ‘Sir,’ Katie,” he said in a commanding tone.

“My clothes? I don’t understand, Marcus… ” I protested.

“Sir.” He corrected me and motioned for me to strip. “You signed the contract. I can take you home, but I don’t know how long you’ll get to stay there.” He knew that I had nowhere else to go.

Marcus sat down on the couch and waited for me. His arm gestured for me to stand in front of the coffee table. I was so afraid that he would kick me out if I didn’t do what he asked. This was my last chance. I had put all my eggs in this basket two weeks ago and I had no idea what else to do. So, I lowered my head slightly and walked in front of him and started unbuttoning my blouse.

“See? I told you things would go just fine if you trust me and do what you’re told.” He smirked up at me as I took off my blouse. I continued to undress, sliding my skirt off after taking off my socks, until I was standing in just my bra and panties. “Ah ah… everything, sweety. Do what I tell you.”

“But… Marcus… I…”

“Sir!” He corrected me again, raising his voice and almost sounding angry.

“Sir…” I said, meekly. I had never been naked in front of anyone before… at least not since puberty. Even the two times I had had sex, it was in the dark and the boy never actually saw me naked.

“How else can I inspect my breeding heifer? You have to the count of three. One… Two…” I stumbled out of my panties and bra, covering myself with my hands.

“That’s a rude thing to say!” I exclaimed, half in shock of what he had said and the fact that I was now completely naked.

“I don’t mean it in a derogatory way… but you’re living with me to get pregnant, remember?”

“Yeah… but… that’s still mean, Mar-… Sir.” I felt very exposed and nervous.

“Come on, move your hands so I can see everything. Do it now.”

At first, I only moved my arm that was covering my breasts. I sighed, quivering a bit as I looked down at Marcus. If there was anything that I was proud of when it came to my physical looks, it was my bust. They were firm, with only a small amount of sag but that was due to gravity and the fact that they were quite large. My nipples sat high on each of my breasts, with dark brown areolas about two and a half inches in width with teets about the size of large peas that perked up when I felt them exposed after pulling my hand away.

A few seconds after that, I pulled my hand away from between my legs, my hand shaking the entire time. Nothing I did or thought helped with the embarrassment I felt standing in front of this man completely naked and unable to protest.

“Hmm… unshaven. Is this how you prefer to keep yourself, Katie?” Marcus asked, staring between my legs.

“I… Uh…” My hand shook as I fought the urge to cover myself again. “I don’t know, sir.”

“It will need to change. You’ll have it waxed for now, understand?” The large man continued to look me over, sizing me up. “Turn around and show me the rest.” His fingers made a twirling motion.

I reluctantly turned around, showing Marcus my backside. Thoughts were racing through my head as I stood there, trying to look over my shoulder to see his reaction. What was I doing?

“Mmm you shouldn’t feel embarrassed, Katie. You’re quite a lovely woman. Very shapely… bend forward a bit?” I heard Marcus stand up off the couch as it creaked. “I said bend over.”

I felt his large hand suddenly pressing on my back between my shoulders, forcing me forward, my ass sticking out.

“Very shapely…” His voice trailed off and I felt his hand moving lower and he grabbed my hip and then squeezed my ass. “Come here, sweety.” Marcus grabbed my hand and started to lead me away from the living room. I tried to resist but it was useless and I just followed obediently as he led me through his house. He pushed a door open and led me into what I assumed was the master bedroom.

Suddenly, I felt his arms under me, lifting me up as he laid me down onto his bed. I scuttled backwards a bit until I felt the pillows behind me and I propped myself up against the headboard and looked at Marcus in front of the bed.

Whether it was the situation I was in or just because I was being more observant, I was finally getting the full effect of how big Marcus actually was when he started undressing. At 6’5″ and 270 pounds, he towered over the bed. Up to this point, I had never really gotten a decent look at his build, but he was very muscular.

To say I got wide-eyed when he took off his pants was probably an understatement. Even flaccid, his penis was probably seven inches long, hanging down between his legs. When he noticed I was staring, he grabbed it and started stroking it while watching me lying naked in front of him. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just watched as the blood slowly started to pump through his dick until it looked like it was completely full.

He pulled his hand away, letting me view his erect cock throbbing. The weight of it pulled it down, so that his now nine inch cock pointed down at me on the bed, like a swaying snake looking for a meal. Then I saw it coming closer to me as I felt him climbing on the bed towards me.

“Marcus… I…” I’m sure he could see the fear in my eyes. I felt him grab my ankle with one hand as he yanked and pulled me down the bed towards him.

“That’s the last time you’re going to say my name. Do you understand me, Katie?” He said in a very quiet voice. It felt much more assertive than when he had raised his voice earlier.

“Sir… I’m very scared.” I said, trying not to tremble as he leaned over me.

“It will be okay, sweety. I will try my hardest not to hurt you. But you need to get used to your new master’s cock, understand?” I felt his arm reach underneath me, around the small of my back, as he lifted me up a bit towards him. His lips pressed against mine as I put my hands against his shoulders to try to push him away. My protests did nothing to stop him and he continued to kiss me, and I gave up as his lips moved down my neck.

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