Nora sighed in content as she stepped into the hot water of the spa bath. She’d been waiting a while to kick back and relax, and now she was finally getting able to do so at a spa she’d always wanted to go to. She had finally saved up enough money for a weekend trip, and today was day one. It was a Friday afternoon and Nora had just set herself up in the public bath area. There were about five or seven private springs in separate rooms, but at the moment, there was no one else in the bath, so she saw no reason to hide herself away. Slipping off her towel, she relaxed herself against the rocks of the bath. She was wearing a white bikini, and had her long ginger hair tied up into a high messy bun. She was going to enjoy this weekend.

Just as she had gotten comfortable, she vaguely heard the thud of the entrance to the bath closing. She was close to drifting off into a slight slumber, when the sound of it grasped her attention. She lazily opened her eyes and glanced over to the doors to find herself in disbelief over what she saw. It was Molly, her high school bully. Nora’s eyes widened when she saw her, and her body sheepishly began sinking further into the water. Molly was the most popular girl in high school. She got everything she wanted because of her looks. Especially from the teachers. Everyone drooled over her medium length straight strawberry blonde hair, her small C-cup breasts, her pale skin, her hazel-blue eyes, her thin waist, and her long legs. She knew how to get what she wanted, and she didn’t care what she had to do to get it. Nora watched as Molly swayed in, paying no attention to her as she shamelessly discarded her towel to reveal her nude body. She tied her hair up, and slowly, sensually stepped into the bath to sit.

Nora stayed quiet as she watched from the other side of the bath, her chin now just above the water. It had been over eight years, and Molly looked exactly the same. Nora on the other hand had done some changing. She was no longer the skinny girl with glasses and braces. She was now a standing five foot and nine inches. Her hair was longer and tamed, her teeth were straight, her lips had curved, her breasts and hips had developed, and her weight had picked up some, giving her a healthy curvy figure. But Nora knew better than to try and show herself off. Molly could make anyone feel like shit about anything. In fact, the last thing that Molly had said to Nora was that she would never amount to anything. That she would always be ugly and stupid, and that Molly would always come out on top.

Nora wanted to leave. But how? She doubted that she could get up and out of the bath without making noise. She glanced around, looking for another option other than leaving the room. She then had the idea to hide in one of the private spas until Molly left, figuring that even if she was spotted, she could lock herself in if Molly came to try and bother her. She slowly raised herself from the water, watching Molly carefully as she did. She had her eyes closed, and her head was leaning back on the rocks. Nora slowly turned around, careful not to disturb the water around her, and reached for her towel that she had set aside. But in the mists of her turning, she hit her hand on one of the rocks, and whimpered in pain. Molly stirred and lowered her head back down, opening her eyes.

“Hello? Who’s there?” she asked, glancing around the room and squinting. Because of the amount of heat in the room, there was a generous amount of steam and fog accumulating and making it hard to see. Nora grabbed her towel after what seemed like a long pause, and eased herself out of the bath. But as she did, she heard splashing. Before she knew it, Molly had walked through the water and closed the majority of the distance between them. Nora’s body tensed and jerked as she slipped on the wet surface of the stone. She fought for her balance and regained it, holding her towel close to her body for security as she looked down at the slowly grinning Molly.

“Oh my god. Nora Johnson? No-life Nora?” Molly giggled, coming closer to the edge of the bath and resting her arms on the warm rocks. Nora’s cheeks flushed and she gripped the towel tighter as she looked down at her inward pointing feet.

“You … You must have me confused with someone else.” Nora insisted, hoping that she could get Molly to back off.

“I see someone gained some weight,” Molly taunted. “At least some of the fat made it to your boobs.” She laughed, partially covering her mouth as she did. Nora squeezed her towel in silence as she stared down at her feet, listening to Molly’s laughter. It was like high school all over again.

“I bet you’ve got padding in your swimsuit. Your boobs probably aren’t even that big.” Molly continued to laugh. Nora bit her bottom lip. She was an adult now. She didn’t have to stand there and take Molly’s insults. With an uneasy breath, Nora turned on her heel and started walking to one of the private springs, determined not to let Molly ruin her bath.

“Oh, what’s wrong? Can’t take a little talk? You were always such a cry baby.” Molly jabbed.

“And you’re still a bitch.” Nora mumbled in response as she continued to walk. She was surprised to hear the water in the bath moving and turned around to see Molly getting out.

“What did you say loser?” Molly questioned. Nora stood frozen momentarily, and then found it in her to say it again.

“You’re still a bitch, Molly.”

Molly laughed and stepped forward. Nora took a step back.

“You wanna go, no-life? I know you must want to fight me. And I’ve been dying to kick your little ass since high school – or well, fat ass now.” Molly challenged, putting her hands on her bare hips. Nora couldn’t help but to glance over Molly’s thin, yet curvy body. But her eyes quickly shot back up as she shook her head.

“Oh don’t be such a chicken. It’s not like I’m going to kill you or anything. We’re in a spa, let’s blow off some steam.” Molly insisted, taking several steps forward and forcing Nora to move back towards the open door of the private spring.

“I don’t want to fight you, Molly.” Nora argued. That was a lie. Nora wanted nothing more than to have her go at Molly, but fear was preventing her from doing so. Molly smiled and laughed, quickly closing the distance between them.

“Too fucking bad.” She sang, reaching up and grabbing a fist-full of Nora’s bun. She yanked down on it hard, making Nora shout in pain and drop her towel. Molly pushed herself into Nora, slamming them against the doorway of the private spring. Nora’s hands shot up to push on Molly’s wet chest, trying to get her away. But she had a firm grip on her hair, and ended up pulling Nora with her in the push. They slipped and slid across the slippery floor, trying to regain their balance but ended up falling inside the private spring with a thud. Molly howled as her wrist cracked against the hard stone, while Nora tumbled onto her back. She pushed Molly off of her and rolled to her side, but was distraught when she felt Molly come back and climb on top of her.

“I’m gonna kick your fat ugly ass, no-life.” She threatened. Molly was starting to get angry. Here she was, just trying to enjoy a vacation that she had worked so hard far, and had saved so long for. And there was Molly standing in her way. She didn’t know how long she was staying at the spa, but with Molly’s financial benefits, she was sure to be there for at least the weekend.


Molly’s manicured nails stung across Nora’s face, making up Nora’s mind. She was going to fight. And she was going to humiliate her, to make up for all those years in high school. Nora grabbed Molly’s wrist and used it to fling Molly across the room, almost landing her in the spring. She then stood up, and walked over to the door of the spring, closing and locking it before turning back around in time to see Molly about to get out of the spring.

“What are you doing?” Molly asked, obviously upset that she had been tossed aside.

“You want to fight? Fine. I’m not going to let you ruin my vacation.” Nora answered, walking up to the edge of the spring. Molly laughed and began climbing out.

“Whatever, fat ass.”

And with that Nora grabbed a wad of Molly’s hair and threw her back into the spring before stepping in herself and removing her bikini. Molly popped out of the water exhaling and pushing back her hair.

“The fuck are you doing? Get out first, dumbass.”

“Fights are limited to one area now? Sorry, I didn’t get the memo.” Nora scoffed, moving towards Molly. Honestly, Nora didn’t know how to fight. Her plan was to keep dunking Molly underwater until she was tired enough for her to figure out her next move. Molly dashed towards Nora as quickly as she could in the water, swinging her hand towards her face in an attempt to slap her. But Nora moved to the side to avoid the contact, and took hold of Molly’s neck with both hands, thrusting downwards and plunging her underwater. Immediately after doing so bubbles rocketed to the surface as Molly’s hands rose up out of the water and scratched at Nora’s skin. Nora struggled to hold her down as long as she could, but a nick to one of her nipples made her flinch and lose her grip, allowing Molly to pop back up, gasping for air with a red face from the hot spring water. She coughed a few times, squinting her eyes in fury and moving away from Nora.

“Fucking bitch!” Molly shouted, moving towards Nora again and slapping her clear across the face. Nora stumbled backwards, nearly falling deeper into the water which came to just a few inches below her chest. Molly went for another hit but Nora just barely caught hold of her wrist. They wrestled for dominance in the push which Nora soon gained, pushing Molly’s wrist back down under the water. With swift movement, Nora grabbed hold of Molly’s shoulders and grunted as she dunked her back under the water. Again Molly’s hands sprang up to hit and scratch against Nora’s skin as bubbles rose to the surface. And again, a hit to her nipple made her grip falter, allowing Molly to pop back up. She gasped again as the water poured down her face from her hair and started yelling slurs, just before Nora took hold of her shoulders again and pushed her back down. This time before Molly’s hands shot up, Nora stepped around Molly’s shoulders and positioned her head between her legs. This time when the bubbles sprang up, they hit against Nora’s cunt, making her flinch and moan unexpectedly. Molly’s hands rose again, first coming to Nora’s thighs to try and pull her head out from between them, to pop up behind Nora. But when Nora tightened her thighs around Molly’s head, they quickly sprang up to Nora’s torso to try their tactics. Nora could now grab hold of Molly’s wrists, since she did not have to hold her down. More bubbles shot up against Nora’s cunt as Molly’s head wriggled around beneath her adding to the pleasure. And then it hit her. She was going to enjoy this weekend. And Molly was going to help her do that. Whether she wanted to or not. Molly’s hands balled into fists as she tried harder to break them out of Nora’s grip. But Nora’s strength was just enough to overpower her. But she knew that with so many bubbles that had come up, it was only a matter of time before Molly would need air. And in order to try what she was about to do, Molly would need a full set of lungs. She let go of her wrists and moved forward, allowing Molly to pop up for air. She coughed and gasped, pushing her drenched hair back and stepping forward and away from Nora.

“The fuck is wrong with you?” she wheezed, coughing as she did. “You fucking nasty little – ah!”

As she was increasing her volume in yelling, Nora reached over and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back beside her own.

“You’re not getting out of this.” Nora breathed into Molly’s ear before pulling her back under the water and re-straddling her face in the same manner. Nora gripped Molly’s wrists when they sprang up but was surprised when no bubbles rose. Molly had learned she ought to hold her breath. With her head tucked between Nora’s legs, Nora slowly waddled to the edge of the spring through the struggle of Molly’s movements. She settled the back of Molly’s head down on the sitting bench in the spring and slowly rested her calves on it on each side of her head before lowering her weight onto Molly’s face. This made Molly struggle with more urgency, as she must have realized what was going on. A few bubbles burst against Nora as her fight to free her wrists grew stronger. Wrist by wrist, Nora tucked them under her knees before gathering Molly’s floating hair by the base, and yanking her face up into her cunt. An electric chill ran up Nora’s spine as the realization of sexually dominating her high school bully set in. She had the power now. She had the upper hand. And by god she was going to use it. Nora looked down at the blurry vision of her captive beneath the steamy water of the spring. Her face was hidden beneath her, and bubbles were slowly slipping up as Molly’s feet kicked around in the water. Nora bit down on her bottom lip as she began to grind against Molly’s face. Pleasure swept over her as her clit brushed against her nose, the hot water of the spring only adding to her enjoyment. Nora’s hips bucked as she found herself grinding faster, riding Molly’s face. All her movement enabled Molly’s hands to move from under her knees and reach back up to claw at her chest. With reluctance, she pulled Molly up by her hair, only enough so that her face was hovering above the line of the bubbling water, allowing her to breathe. She coughed, gripping onto Nora’s arms for life as she gasped. Her face was beet red from a mixture of lack of oxygen and the heat of the water.

“Get … off of-”

“Hold your breath.” Nora said smugly, before pushing Molly’s face back under and sitting on it again. This time she crossed her legs behind Molly’s head as she sat down upon it, to apply more pressure to the grinding. She wrapped her hand around her hair and tugged upwards again as she got back into her riding of her face. Molly’s hands shot up and hit against Nora’s torso but she didn’t care. She kept going, moaning soft whimpers as the ecstasy of riding her enemy’s face took over. She rode harder, practically slapping herself against Molly’s face as her hands hit around desperately. But that only added to her pleasure. The fact that she didn’t have the strength to break free made Nora crave dominance. A few bubbled burst against her cunt and she groaned in pleasure as she set more of her weight on Molly’s face to trap them. She wiggled slowly around on her face, moving forward to slip Molly’s nose into her to catch more of the bubbles.

“Nng, fuck…” she breathed, gripping harder on Molly’s hair as bubbles shot up into her. Just then there was a knock on the door of the private spring, making Nora gasp.

“Hello? Just here to check on everything. Are you enjoying everything alright?” a man asked on the other side of the door. Nora stupidly nodded to the door, biting her lip as Molly’s struggles grew momentarily. She must have heard the man.

“Y-yes! Everything is just fine!” she answered, actually struggling keep Molly submerged. A gurgling scream left Molly’s mouth as her hands beat against Nora’s torso, causing the bubbles to escape through her mouth instead of her nose as Nora wished. She winced and released her hair in order to grab her wrists and hold them against the edge of the spring.

“You sure? What was that?” the man asked. Nora shook her head and pulled her calves closer to her ass, pressing Molly’s face further into her cunt and muffling the desperate screams.

“Nothing, just turning up the bubbles in the water.” Nora laughed nervously.

“Oh, alright then. Don’t stay in there too long.” the man said.

“I won’t.” she answered, before hearing the man walk away. Nora uncrossed her legs and let Molly pop up for some much needed air. She gasped and coughed and wheezed with her eyes shut, clawing at Nora’s arms. But she wasn’t about to let her stay up for too long. She was so close to finishing. Back under she pushed her, crossing her legs again, and tightly positioning Molly’s nose deep inside her cunt, with her mouth tucked against her ass. Molly could be heard whimpering under the water, which sent the first wave of bubbles into her. Nora arched her back and moaned as a chill ran over her and caused her to start thrusting her hips. She gripped onto Molly’s hair again as the riding started up at full speed – which was however fast the water allowed. The sound of the motion of the water picked up as splashes began hitting the edge due to the roughness of Nora’s movements. Molly’s hands once again came up to hold onto Nora. They were almost pleading with her. But it only turned Nora on more. She tightened her legs and pressed with more pressure onto Molly’s face. A rush of bubbles burst inside of her, making her flinch and lean over the edge of the spring. Molly’s hips bucked as her back arched in attempts to free herself, but it was to no avail. Nora bit her lip and moaned loudly as the pockets of air pressed against her insides while she continued thrusting. She felt her body tense as her climax approached. But she didn’t want it to be lost in the water. She wanted to mark Molly’s face with all of it. Using Molly’s hair, Nora pulled her face out of the water, ignoring her wheezing as she stood up and dragged her head onto the stone floor, the rest of her body from her shoulders down staying in the water. Wasting no time, she plopped right back down onto Molly’s red face, depriving her of air once again. Now with a bouncing groove, Nora pushed against her nose with need. She held Molly’s head down by her hair and had her legs spread to aid the rolling of her hips. Molly’s eyes were now bearing up at Nora warily as her hands came up to weakly tug at Nora’s fast moving hips. Nora threw her head back as her body tensed again and her bucking increased.

“Mmh! Fuck yes … Take it, bitch.” Nora panted as she closed her legs around Molly’s face, completely smothering it.

“Mmmppghh!” Molly cried as she was tucked away. Nora took hold of Molly’s wrists and wrapped her arms around her lap, leaning over them as her climax erupted onto Molly’s face. Her body weakly squirmed beneath her as Nora let go of her wrists and spread her legs enough to see Molly’s eyes. Again Molly tugged at Nora’s hips, as she was still seated on her face. Nora grinned and licked her lips as she rolled her hips in a circular motion, further spreading her cum across Molly’s drenched face. Once it all had oozed out, she scooted back onto Molly’s collarbone and watched her gasp for air.

“You know … I think I can enjoy my weekend with you after all.” Nora panted, trailing one of her one fingers across her slick slit and bringing it to her lips to lick.

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