Authors Note: All fictional characters are consenting adults.


A month ago I was sitting in my bedroom with my feet up on my desk. I noticed the smell of something burning in the air. At first, I thought the fire department was setting controlled burns in the foothills behind my house. The odor of melted insulation and plastic got my attention.

I looked out the window to see my Mom’s car on fire. I ran down the hallway into my parent’s bedroom looking for my mother. She wasn’t in the bedroom but I saw the bathroom door partially closed.

I pushed the door open and saw my mother standing in the middle of the tile floor dripping wet and completely nude. I pointed and screamed, “Mom your car is on fire!”

My mother quickly put on her white terry cloth robe and followed me outside. The flames were pouring out of her car window. I turned on the garden hose and started to spray down the side of the house. My mom’s car was a lost cause so I focused on saving our house.

I heard my mom on the phone calling 911. The fire department showed up five minutes later and took over extinguishing the fire. I had the telltale dirty smudge underneath my nose and mouth of a person who was suffering from smoke inhalation.

I felt fine but my mom insisted that I get into the ambulance and go the emergency room.

Both of our clothes were streaked from the fire. My mom’s white terry cloth robe looked horrible. I was strapped to the gurney as the ambulance transported us to the hospital.

The only thing that was on my mind was that my mom was walking around in her bathrobe.

She didn’t have anything on underneath it. My respiration and heartbeat elevated as I fantasized about her. The paramedic who was monitoring my vital signs asked me if I felt dizzy. I replied through the mask that I wasn’t dizzy. My mom was staring at me with a worried look on her face.

I was mad at myself for thinking of her in that way and embarrassed at being caught by the heart rate/respiration monitor in the ambulance. The paramedics offloaded my gurney and parked me against a wall in triage.

I could see my mom in the waiting area filling out paperwork on a clipboard. She was practically naked in front of everyone. In reality, her terry cloth robe was not transparent but in my mind it was see through. The heart rate/respiration monitor started alarming again. I whispered, “Shut up” through my oxygen mask.

The triage nurse ran over to my gurney and started asking me questions. I got caught twice in the period of twenty minutes fantasizing about my mother by my nemesis the heart rate/respiration monitor. The whole emergency room ordeal dragged on for 5 hours even though I felt fine.

It was late at night when my mom wheeled me out of the emergency room. My father was waiting for us in the parking lot with the engine running. He had to cancel a business meeting and drive home to take care of things. The front seat of his car had boxes and bags stacked on the passenger seat.

My mother and I rode in the back seats. She was on the phone with the 24 hour claims department at our car insurance company. My mom got angry after the claims representative told her how long it would take to authorize a check for the value of her car.

Part of the trip home I stared out the window as we traveled down the dark two lane highway towards our house. My mom turned on the interior light so she could write the information down that the claims representative was giving her.

Her robe caught my attention. The knot that held her dirty robe secure had loosened. I could see one of her breasts hanging inside of her robe. My mother is Greek. As I sat in the car and stared at one of her exposed breasts, she reminded of a statue recovered from the Mediterranean.

Those statues actually had arms when they were chiseled out of marble. Over time, rough handling and the elements caused the arms to fracture and break off. My mother dropped the pen she was writing with. She had to bend down in an awkward position to retrieve it.

When she sat back up, her robe had parted above her waist. I had clear view of her pubic area. She had a tuft of hair in between her legs that matched the color of hair on her head. Her labia peeked out from the tangle of hair as if it was smiling at me.

My mother finished her call and closed her cell phone. She glanced over at my direction and then looked down at what I was staring at. I was lost in my sexual fantasy to notice my mother was staring at me.

In my mind we were standing in a large open air auditorium in ancient Greece. I was forced by a sadistic ruler to pull my mother’s top down in front of a jeering crowd. They threw things at us while I slowly spun my nude mother around giving the whole city a view of her.

I said a silent prayer that they would be satisfied seeing her exposed breasts and let us go. The crowd shouted, “Pleio (greek for more)”

My hands were shaking as I pulled my mother’s clothes down to her ankles. The crowd laughed and pointed at her while I spun her around a second time to show everyone what her crotch and ass looked like.

The crowd started to chant, “Poutanas (greek for whore)”

The ruler held up his arms. The crowd immediately went silent. The ruler pointed at my mother and said, “Get down on your knees.”

My mother did as she was told. She removed my clothes and started to perform oral sex.”

My mother had her eyes closed as she sucked on my penis. The ruler was angry at her poor performance and said, “Look at your son as you pleasure him.”

My mother opened her eyes and looked up at me with her bright green eyes. She was terrified that both of us would be killed if she didn’t perform to the ruler’s satisfaction. The crowd who was silent up until this point started booing. I hadn’t been able to form an erection due to being in front of everyone.

The booing frightened my mother. She took her right hand and vigorously massaged my penis in order to allow more blood flow. My mother would alternately stop massaging and suck as hard as she could to coax an erection out of me. Her antics amused the ruler and the crowd.

I became aroused. My mother slowly spun me around to show the ruler and the crowd that she had made her son erect. My mother knew that if I didn’t ejaculate into her mouth we would both be killed. Her head bobbed up and down as she used her tongue to pleasure me. I looked at the huge crowd and then I looked down at the pleading eyes of my mother. I focused on the sensations I was feeling on my nerve endings. On one upward stroke, my mother’s tongue slid across my tip at the perfect angle.

I ejaculated a large amount of semen into my mother’s mouth. She gagged on it while it dripped down her chin onto her breasts. My mother opened her mouth so that ruler could see she had completed her task. The crowd was hysterical with laughter.

The ruler forced my mother to remain on her knees with my placid penis in her mouth. He declared us human statues in his court. Every day we took our positions on the pedestal in the town square. The ruler ordered a marble statue be made of us. It stood until the city was overtaken by the sea.

In modern day Greece, a fisherman snagged the statue with his net. He pulled the statue to the surface and notified the Ministry of Antiquities. The statue was cleaned and put on display for tourists.

The car came to a halt in our driveway bringing me back to reality. My mother had been absolutely still for the fifteen minutes I was in ancient Greece. She didn’t close her legs.

She watched my erection grow in my pants and stay there until the car stopped. I pulled my shirt over my shame as my mother closed her robe.

The front of the house looked like a war zone. The grass was charred, the bushes were sticks, and the paint on the house was partially damaged. The good news was that the damage to the house was superficial.

I went upstairs and got out of my dirty clothes. The water from the shower felt good, but I still had erection thinking about my mom. When I turned off the water, I could hear water flowing in the pipes. My mother was in the master bath showering.

I dried myself off and got dressed. It had been a long day. My mother kept the freezer well stocked with frozen entrees. I heated one up in the microwave and sat down in front of the television.

My mother came down the stairs followed by my father. She had intertwined baby’s breath in her long dark brown hair that hung down her back. She also intertwined the delicate white flowers in her triangular shaped pubic hair. My mother truly did look like a statue.

The face of the sadistic ruler in my fantasy was the face of my father. My mother was forbidden to wear clothes in our house. When my friends would come over to my house, their jaws would drop as my mother offered them snacks and beverages. If my father was short on cash, he charged $500.00 for a blowjob from my mother. She was incredibly skilled in oral sex. She never failed to get them to ejaculate into her mouth.

When my father was away on business trips, my mother would sleep with me in my bed. We would cuddle and kiss each other. In the morning she would wake me up by gently sucking on my penis.

My mother sat down on the couch next to me. The baby’s breath smelled good. I put my arm around my mother and fondled her bright pink areola. She put her face into my lap and worked her magic. It felt good releasing everything that built up since the morning.

My mother swallowed everything. I ran my fingers through her long brown hair being careful not to dislodge the flowers she had interwoven. She fell asleep in her normal position of face down in my lap. My father went upstairs. I turned off the light and drifted off to sleep with the rhythmic flow of air across my penis from my mother’s nose.

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