Inspired in part by EdMiller’s “A Cure for Hypertension”

I knew it was going to be a special day the moment I saw the outfit Mistress had laid out for me. It turned out that it wasn’t just the day, but the entire weekend that I would never forget. As I pulled the latex halter piece over my head, I reflected back on the past six months, and just how I wound up at this moment.

Before I knew her as Mistress, she was Mary; a redheaded firecracker with bright green eyes and skin as pale as the moon. I had offered her help in a grocery store parking lot when I saw her struggling to load large cases of water into her car. Her small, thin frame just wasn’t cutting it. I took a chance and asked if she’d like to get together sometime, and soon we had started dating. She was a real wild one in the bedroom, and liked to take charge. I had never had a woman tell me exactly what to do, but I took to the role rather quickly and enjoyed it.

Early in the relationship Mary expressed concerns to me about her physical appearance, feeling too small and weak to live her life as she truly wanted. She had already begun to talk to some sort of medical specialist who began her on an experimental new drug. I didn’t get very far when I voiced my worry over something unproven. She had made up her mind and was certainly running the relationship. She didn’t mind looking 5 years younger than she was, but she wished to be taller and shapelier.

I must admit I was shocked when I realized just how well the drug was working on Mary. Within three months she had grown a few inches to 5’7″. Her legs were looking long and slender, yet toned, and her chest had filled out from a small B-cup to a very nice and full C. Along with the new looks came greater confidence and control over me. I thought she looked just fine before, but admittedly she had become a vast improvement on herself in just 3 months. This was where it started to get really interesting.

Mary was making good money when I was laid off from my job due to a poor economy. She insisted that I take at least a month or two off before digging in to find a new position. In the meantime, she just wanted me to be her stay-at-home loverboy who she could spoil and fuck whenever she pleased. When I agreed, she told me there was one condition: I had to start a drug regimen of my own, from the same company she had been getting pills from. After seeing the effects of her transformation, I was inclined to follow along. I assumed the outcome would be a more muscled me, possibly with a larger dick. Oh, how I was wrong.

I never actually went and talked to any doctors before starting on the pills. Mary said she’d just pick them up when she got her own, and we could save some time and hassle. I was just supposed to take one a day, and drink plenty of water. I was alarmed when my body hair started falling out, but Mary assured me that was a minimal side effect and nothing to be afraid of. “After all,” she said, “I happen to like you all smooth like that.”

The changes seemed very subtle to me at first, but probably because I was constantly looking for them. When I first had a clue that my changes were going in the opposite direction I had expected, I should have been more concerned. Denial can be a powerful thing. Really, though, after I had thought it through, there was a strong part of me that wanted to see where this was going. Mary constantly praised my looks, and was more than generous in the bedroom, so I felt quite good, despite the unease I sometimes felt while she was away. I wasn’t hanging around with any of my old friends, and now I had no co-workers to spend time with, so Mary was truly my only company. I became completely dependent on her in every way.

I like to think that if I had wanted to put a stop to all of this, I could have at any point. The truth is that I wanted it, because I wanted her to be happy. The sultry sound of her voice was music to my ears. She knew how to touch me in ways that made my heart flutter. Whatever Mary wanted, I would try to please. Mary wanted this, so I wanted it.

My nipples first became tender and a bit swollen just a few weeks in, but hadn’t changed much until the final month. Within just a few days time, my chest grew from nothing to a B-cup with nice, perky nipples. Mary was prepared, and I woke up one morning to a bra and panty set laid out for me. I probably spent longer than I should have adjusting and readjusting the cups over my newfound breasts. When I slid the panties up my hairless legs, I didn’t know what to do with my dick, so I pointed it straight up at my belly button. That was when I truly realized I was going down a road that there was no coming back from. My dick had shrunk at least an inch, because it was fully erect and barely made it to the top of the panties.

My libido had been increasing lately, and I was constantly horny. I would jack myself off until I felt dehydrated and exhausted. My orgasms weren’t as strong lately, but I could get off at least five or six times a day, or until I was shooting blanks. One day, I came at least six times, but never saw a drop of semen. Upon closer inspection (now having to use a mirror to see around my C-cup tits), my scrotum had disappeared altogether, and my dick was only a couple inches when hard. I was getting more pleasure lately out of playing with my tits and tweaking my nipples than I was from touching my dick.

Mary told me that I was to begin calling her Mistress, and she explained how I was to be her sub. She would provide for me, and I should be ready at all times to answer her call. Each morning I would find an outfit laid out for me, and sometimes a new toy. Mistress had begun introducing me to toys of all types, and I had taken a strong liking to anal play. With my dick disappearing, my attention became split between my gorgeous tits and my asshole.

Now, just 6 months after meeting a small redhead in a parking lot, I was completely unrecognizable as the same person. I now stood at 5’4″, with hair just below my shoulders, sporting a healthy set of C-cup breasts and a tight little ass. Mistress showed me how I was to do my make-up, and I spent the first couple hours of each day getting dressed and made up to her standards. I was quite good at walking in tall heels, and my hips were developing a nice sway. My lips were pouty, facial structure softened, voice raised, and all because of a little pill each day.

I finished lacing up the front of the halter piece I had put on, and slid on the knee-high latex boots that matched. They reached almost exactly to the bottom of the latex pant legs, giving me a black seamless look from chest to toe, interrupted with white ribbons at the chest and on the sides of the boots. The pants were crotchless, which made me very excited. However, there was a note that told me I was not allowed to masturbate at all today. I pouted when I read it. The open air on my crotch and ass was quite titillating. My dick had become nothing more than a nub peeking out on an otherwise smooth patch of skin. In all honesty it looked like part of a mannequin to me at times in the mirror. I was a bit disappointed I hadn’t seen any further development of an actual pussy at this point. In the meantime, my ass had gotten plenty of attention from the ever-growing arsenal of toys that we now had.

My sex drive was going crazy by the time Mistress arrived home. I had tried everything I could think of to distract myself all day, but I was so used to getting off multiple times a day that this felt like torture. When Mistress walked through the door, my eyes lit up and my heart raced.

“Honey, I have a very special surprise for you. Have you been a good girl?” She said, with a questioning glance.

“Yes, Mistress!”, I shot back, unable to hide any eagerness.

“Come and stand here” she commanded, and reached into her bag. She produced a couple straps, one of which was somewhat Y-shaped. I wasn’t entirely sure what they were going to be for. Next she produced a black nine-inch dildo and some sort of rubber wedge shaped like a small block of cheese.

The first strap was placed like a belt around my waist and twisted so that there were connections front and back. The Y-shaped piece was attached at the front and hung loose while Mistress place the other two objects. She first applied some lube to the dildo and slid it with relative ease into my asshole. I nearly came from the sensation. Of the dildos I had used in my ass, they always stopped at about six inches in, and this was no exception. Mistress left the final few inches out and commanded that I don’t let it fall out.

Meanwhile, she placed the rubber wedge just below my dick’s head and pulled the strap tight against it to hold it there. I heard a snap as she secured the two pieces, followed by another when she attached the base of the dildo to the strap. I had a sudden jolt of pain when she yanked the strap tight and attached it to the back of the belt. The rubber wedge was grinding hard into my crotch and had nowhere to go.

Next, Mistress reached in her bag and pulled out a bottle of pills that looked just like my daily ones, but with a different color cap. She poured 3 pills into the palm of her hand. Pausing in thought for a second, she then dumped 2 more pills into the pile. Handing me the pills and a bottle of water, she said, “Bottoms up!”

Waiting for the effects of the pills to take hold, effects that I was unsure of, Mistress paraded me around the room to watch me struggle against the hard rubber wedge. Her hands wandered over the smooth latex of my outfit and traced lines across my body. Suddenly I had to stop walking as I was overcome by a wash of energy, starting in my stomach. A devilish grin flashed across Mistress’ face.

My hips began to expand ever so slightly and my ass felt like it was ballooning out. I could feel the edges of the strap slide further into the crack of my ass. The hard, uncomfortable pressure at my groin morphed into a strange feeling that I’m still unsure of how to describe. Grabbing at my crotch, I could actually feel the wedge squeezing into me as the skin around it gave way. I realized that I was finally going to have a pussy of my own!

My excitement at the thought had me running toward an orgasm, but my mind was short circuited when Mistress grabbed the strap at my rear and gave it a solid tug, wrenching it tighter. A jolt of pain mixed with my pleasure as the dildo in my ass sunk another inch further, and the wedge was again uncomfortable against my front. The pain subsided, and the wedge continued it’s ascent.

I was breathing quite heavily by the time the wedge had lodged itself in my crotch, still secured by the strap. I had no idea if the dildo in my ass had even moved any more. My head was spinning with feelings of pain and pleasure from all angles. I grabbed the nearest table to steady myself as my vision blurred momentarily.

“Oh God, baby, that’s so hot. I should have filmed this. I wish you could see yourself right now.” Mistress was obviously enjoying this, but I couldn’t focus long enough to make any eye contact.

Without warning, she unhitched the strap at my back and whipped the two objects clear of me in one swift motion. If I hadn’t had my daily enema, it would have been a disastrous moment. I was suddenly very empty feeling, and still uneasy on my feet. I steadied myself on the table with both hands while Mistress worked quickly to free the objects hanging beneath me.

“Spread those legs, dear, and bend at the hips” She said, grabbing something new from her bag.

This time she connected what looked to me like a buttplug to the front snap, and I couldn’t quite see what was connected to the rear. It was definitely heavier than the previous dildo. It must have been at least as long, too, because she pushed it in first, lubing it like the last. It had the head shaped like a penis, but was otherwise smooth. I guessed it was a bit wider than the 9-incher.

Cinching up the strap, she lubed and aimed the front plug at my new indentation of a pussy. All the while I could feel my insides shifting, apparently making adjustments for my new parts. My hands and feet were beginning to tingle, and I was scared for a moment that I might pass out or fall over. I was shocked back to reality again when Mistress yanked on the strap. I felt something pop at my crotch as the plug drove home, and the dildo in my ass stretched me hard and fast. My eyes nearly bugged out of my skull and I saw stars.

Mistress stayed behind me and placed her palm at the base of the plug. Slowly tracing her hand around my crotch, I again was torn between the pleasure and pain roaring through my body. After a couple minutes, her fingers stopped tracing, and she placed pressure on the plug, further opening my new hole as I gasped. She groaned in response and bucked her hips toward my ass, driving the dildo further still. This created some slack on the strap, where she cinched it tight once more.

She must have sensed that I was on the verge of collapsing, because she draped my arm around her shoulder and began leading me to the bedroom. With each weak-kneed, short step, I was racked with sensations. I fell face first onto the fluffy down comforter, and was content to lie there unmoving. Mistress grabbed my shoulder and turned my body first on its side. I had no energy to help with the movement. I was surprised again when she kept turning me, so that I would be face up on the bed. Once my ass turned over, I was at the mercy of the dildo still protruding a few inches from my ass. Instead of a hard shove this time, I was subjected to a slow and steady pressure while my own body weight slid my lubed ass down around the monster. My insides shifted again to make room.

I found out later that was a twelve inch beast about 3 inches wide. I didn’t think I was capable of taking anything so large, but Mistress would go on to explain later how my body was more malleable to change during this drug’s period, so she was taking advantage and training my body for taking large cocks and dildos.

Still shifting me around on the bed, Mistress rotated me so that my head hung upside down over the edge of the bed. Already light-headed, I closed my eyes to keep the world from spinning. Something was placed at my mouth as I was still trying to catch my breath. Mistress had attached the 9-inch dildo to a strap-on harness and was going to shove it down my throat.

She grabbed one of my breasts in each hand and used them for leverage as she slid the thick cock into my face. I had to concentrate as hard as I could to breathe through my nose and not lose consciousness. She really knew exactly where my limits were, because she would pull out just in time for me to get a full gasp of air. I hadn’t really tried to deepthroat anything before, and I actually felt a sense of pride at being able to take it without gagging. Again, this was attributed to the effects of the drugs, helping mold my body into the perfect sex doll.

My eyes were filled with tears as my throat was assaulted faster, harder, and deeper. Mistress groaned loudly and dug her hands into the latex over my tits. I could feel a warmth beginning to grow within them now.

Finally pulling the dildo away from my face, she unsnapped it and dropped it on the bed next to me. Sliding my head onto the bed again, she unstrapped the crotch piece from the front this time. The monster dildo remained embedded in my ass, but she pulled the plug from my newly formed pussy.

Mistress suddenly seemed a bit emotional. “It’s so beautiful, baby. I love you so much for doing this for me.”

My pussy felt very cold and exposed against the open air, but it didn’t take long for Mistress to dive her tongue into the folds. Moaning and ravenously eating me out, she slid a hand up and grabbed the 9-inch dildo once more. Keeping her lips locked around my clit that was once a penis, she eased the dildo into my pussy. I felt so tight and full between the two cocks that I thought I might split in two.

Ever so slowly, she began working the dildo in and out, adding some pressure over time to push it further and further in. The warmth in my body was taking over the pain sensations at this point, and my hands instinctively went to my chest. A pressure built very quickly within my tits and I could feel them starting to expand in my hands. Fumbling at the ribbon laced up the front of the top, I couldn’t get it loosened before my tits ran out of room.

A pained moan escaped my throat as titflesh billowed over the top of the latex and forced itself through the holes of the ribbon. Mistress thrust the dildo deep into my pussy and reached up to help me. Once free from the top, my boobs grew to the size of volleyballs, capped with inch long erect nipples.

Grabbing a nipple in each hand, I had the single greatest orgasm of my entire life. Here I was, impaled on two large dildos, gigantic tits, and I suddenly had a flash of thought that I was a guy just 3 months ago. In that moment time stood still, and I was slammed with another wave of the most intense feelings imaginable, knowing that this is what I truly wanted. The world faded away, and I was alone with my body in a sea of pleasure.

When I awoke, I was under the comforter and Mistress was bringing me food on a tray.

“You’ve been out for a while, sweetie. That was one hell of an orgasm you had.” Setting down the tray, she brushed my hair from my face and gave my forehead a light kiss. “In fact, it was so good, I was thinking about taking some of those pills tomorrow so I can be as amazingly sexy as you are now!” She traced a hand down my new figure with a look of lust and envy in her eyes.

“What do you say? Then we can try ourselves out for a while with whatever we can dream up.” A flicker of devilishness glowed in her eyes as she began thinking of the possibilities.

I replied, “Why wait till tomorrow? What’s wrong with right now?”

Waking up knowing very well that I had the whole week off work and knowing that the weather was meant to be warm and sunny all week soon had my juices flowing as the thoughts of finding a hot girl on the beach had me laying back onto my bed and starting to nurse my throbbing member, imagining a hot tanned brunette lapping at my cock bringing me to the edge.

As I laid back stroking my shaft and feeling the rush of a Monday morning orgasm racing towards my now throbbing bell end was an amazing start to a week off of work, feeling my thick 8 inches throbbing hard as the first shots of hot cum began to run down from my piss slit all over my bell end and down my shaft meeting my fingers as I continued to wank and drain my balls.

Suddenly my mobile phone started ringing and thinking I’m not answering that as it was more than likely my boss asking me if I could cover somewhere or the other, it was always the same especially when the sun finally decided to shine over my home in Bournemouth.

Leaving my mobile to ring I decided to let my body slowly relax from the excitement of my orgasm and as soon as I felt I could get up and about I grabbed a towel off of my sideboard and wrapped it round my waist, but as I opened my bedroom door my mobile again began to ring.

This time I decided it was tough luck and with that I walked out of my room and headed straight toward the bathroom for a hot shower, the whole time I stood in the shower with the warm water cascading down my body and especially around my fat bell end making sure I was spotless as I was determined to get a hot girl lapping at my cock by the end of the day.

As soon as I was ready I headed back into my room and started to dry myself off making sure my privates were in pristine condition and trimming back any unwanted pubic hair as I was always as smooth as possible, standing in front of my closet I picked out a pair of shorts that sat just right showing off my package along with a bright coloured T shirt.

As I applied my deodorant and aftershave my mobile again started to ring and thinking the boss wouldn’t try that hard to get hold of me I decided to check who it was, picking the mobile up and checking the screen it was a good friend I hadn’t seen in ages.

Turns out that Tim also had the day off, he was a self employed photographer and wondered if I fancied heading down to the beaches with him, Tim was always eager to go on the pull for hot young women but he was also a nightmare at times as he was so hyper active all the time.

As I hadn’t seen Tim in ages I agreed to meet him at a café in the town centre where I knew lots of the girls who would be heading towards the beach would either be having their breakfasts or passing by to get the best spots on the beach.

As I got all my stuff together for a day on the beach including the high factor sun tan lotion as I burn easily, jumping into my car and instantly dropping the windows to let some air blow through I found one of my favourite chilled out house albums and put it into the stereo. As soon as I pulled away I suddenly thought where am I going to park in town.

That was always a problem as either I would have to pay out a fortune on a car park or risk a ticket on one of the backstreets. Quickly calling up Tim I suggested we go to the other side of the bay round to where it was slightly quieter but still had plenty of girls around and a pub nearby that was owned by friends of mine so I could park there all day if I wanted.

Tim seemed keen so with that I pumped up the music in the car and headed towards the café not only for breakfast and to pick up Tim but also to see if there was any decent looking girls in there I could convince to come across the bay with us, especially as where I had planned to go was right next to the nudist beach which was always busy with pretty girls making sure their tans were perfect all over.

Reaching the café I was in luck as there was a space left right outside, the street parking was on a meter but I had no intention of paying as I could see the car from where I was having breakfast anyway, ordering a coffee latte and scrambled egg on toast with salmon as I decided to treat myself.

Soon breakfast was over and done with and as the local girls were all checked out I decided to go warm up the car as Tim waited for a cute little blond girl he had met the night before in one of the towns nightclubs, soon both of them were clambering into my car with Tim’s latest girl making herself comfortable in the back seat.

Turning to her and asking if she minded fast drivers she smiled and said I love going fast and with that Tim piped up with a chuckle yeah hard and fast huh Chloe, the one thing I didn’t think he was expecting was the slap he got round the side of the head sending him into one of his manic moments which I wasn’t going to put up with so with a simple shut up Tim I cranked the engine over and pumped up the music and got back onto the road.

Soon we were pulling up at my mates pub and the car park was already getting busy as was the pub itself, wandering inside with Tim and Chloe following I went to find my mates and have a swift pint before I headed down to the beaches if nothing more than to thank my friends for letting me park up all day and promising I would be in for dinner once the sun began to fall hopefully with a fit girl on my arm.

Wandering down to the beaches I had already spotted a few nice looking girls but none that really got my juices flowing, finding a spot near to where the beach was separated in between the family beaches and the nudist beach Chloe suddenly asked are we not going onto the nudist beach.

To be honest I only picked the family side because she was with us, normally me and friends always went off to the nudist beach when the town centre was going to be so busy.

Walking across the sand hills and onto the nudist beach it seemed still very quiet and as I saw the lack of women around my heart almost sank but as we walked on to find a suitable spot I thought its still early and it should pick up yet.

Besides we did have Chloe with us and if Tim went off at some point I was pretty sure I could get what I wanted from her, she didn’t seem the type that would turn down a nice big cock in her pussy if she could get one or even two if I didn’t get lucky as Tim and me had shared a slutty girl a while back and filled her up at both ends.

As we settled in our spot on the beach I first let Chloe strip down so I could see her body in full, she was quite cute at around 5 feet 3 or 4 tall with a slim waist and flat stomach but with gorgeous full breasts and her long blond hair pulled back into a ponytail falling between her shoulders.

I had to admit to myself if I got chance I would fuck her, but as she turned and I saw her shaved smooth pussy with a piercing through her clit I felt my cock twitching at the thought of filling her pussy and hopefully arse up with my thick 8 inches.

Slightly stalling to strip as I was harbouring a semi hard cock Chloe looked over and said come on then Mike lets see what you got, standing and removing my T shirt to show off my slightly flabby stomach that I was trying to suck in Chloe was urging me on as she said now get your cock out with a playful giggle.

As I lowered my shorts and my thick cock dangled semi hard between my thighs I saw Chloe’s eyes light up, I could only imagine what she was thinking as Tim had obviously fucked her the night before and he was very well endowed as well.

As we laid there letting the sun do its work I kept applying more lotion and eventually found myself grabbing 10 minutes sleep as the sun drained away any energy I had left, waking and feeling hungry I decided I would walk up to the visitor centre where there was a snack bar. Asking the others what they wanted I chucked my trainers back on and plodded off with my shorts in my hand carrying them as I decided to take the long route to see if there was any hot looking women around.

As I wandered down the beach there were a couple of groups of girls but none that really caught my interest although I like to think a few had a good look at me especially with my large cock swinging between my thighs in time with my stride.

Reaching the end of the nudist beach I suddenly saw the girl, the one I was after or at least the type of girl I go for a gorgeous slim but classically hot brunette with long slender legs and long hair cascading down her back in a long ponytail. She too was putting back on her bikini and increasing my pace I managed to get close and pull on my shorts.

Wandering past I simply commented how hot it was and asked if she was going to the snack bar, to my relief she replied yeah a little too hot today so off for an ice cream. Now as I had broken the ice as such I introduced myself and asked her name, she replied my names Abi or Abigail as only my parents would call me and with that we walked along together chatting about random nonsense really but I managed to find out she was single and alone as all her girlfriends were working.

As we got to the snack bar I bought Abi’s ice cream and my friends and with that we turned back, wandering back across the dunes we soon got to the entrance to the nudist beach and asking Abi to hold the ice creams and drinks I dropped my shorts before taking her ice cream from her as Abi took off her top, but there she stopped at my disappointment.

Teasingly Abi stroked her long nails across my chest leaving a line in my sun tan lotion and giggling, so teasingly I said you only taking your top half off then and feeling guilty that I had asked Abi told me I don’t do full nude in public unlike someone close by it seems.

Apologising for asking Abi told me its no problem and you seem nice so I don’t mind, besides you have a nice cock from the look of it. With Abi blatantly flirting with me and her beautiful body with her small but pert breasts on show she leant into me and kissed my cheek, now I was really fighting my raging sex drive and I was well aware my cock was starting to stiffen.

I knew she was the one I wanted to possibly take home but get to fuck by the sun went down so I asked her to come and join me and my friends, wasting no time she agreed and as I wrapped my arm round her waist she snuggled into my side like we had known each other for years.

Reaching Tim and Chloe unfortunately Tim was wide awake and obviously a bit hyper as he jumped up and came running over to grab the drinks and ice creams off of me, as he bolted back to Chloe I explained to Abi that Tim was quite hyper most of the time and she just looked at me and said don’t worry about him.

As we sat and the girls chatted Tim came and sat the other side of me and said quietly Abi is quite stunning mate, you done well again. Thanking him as mates do I said yeah she is hot but Chloe is quite sexy to mate, and that was it Tim couldn’t help himself as he told me how he had met her then how and where in his flat he had fucked her in her pussy and arse as I expected.

Then as Tim always did he went to Abi’s side and started to tell her how sexy she was and how Mikey as he always called me had a big cock, telling her I bet he wants to fuck you. Watching Chloe’s movements she knew the score and got up and dragged Tim off for a walk down the beach.

As soon as he was gone Abi moved up to my side and as we both sat enjoying the sun we both felt that strange feeling you always get when you know someone is just right for you, with Abi cuddling up to my side I looked across at her and soon we found our lips meeting as we kissed gently at first.

As Abi laid back I thought it was my chance to try my luck with her and as I leant across her slowly running a hand up across her stomach then up to her breast slowly running a finger up till it met her nipple, grabbing my hand I thought I had messed up again but as Abi pulled me into her our lips met again this time much more passionately.

Before we knew it Tim and Chloe were back and looking up it was clear Chloe had been very busy with Tim up past the dunes where it was always quiet, Tim being Mr tactful as usual said out loud mate Chloe don’t half blow cock well which just left me and Abi laughing so hard it hurt.

I knew there was a reason I didn’t see Tim much and now I was starting to remember why as he once again opened his mouth and said so Abi you going to suck Mikey off then?

Thinking she would tell him where to go or just ignore him she took my fat cock in her hand and looked at me as she slowly started to massage my shaft and balls, although I didn’t want her to stop I had to make her so standing up I pulled Abi to her feet and took her off from our little group.

Wandering up into the dunes and finding a quiet spot I pulled her tight body against mine and kissed her, showing her experience Abi sank to her knees and took my bell end in between her lips slowly lapping at my bell end and wrapping her pierced tongue round my bell end making me instantly rock hard.

Breaking away from my cock Abi looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes that had me fixed on her as soon as I noticed her eye colour, as I said to her you have gorgeous eyes babe she replied and you have a very yummy cock and I want your spunk Mike so give it to me please babe.

Slowing pushing her head back toward my cock Abi pulled out her hair band and let her wild long dark hair loose as her wet mouth took my thick cock inch by inch lapping at my bell end each time she pulled back, I knew there was no way I could last long as she really knew how to suck cock.

As she once again near swallowed all of my 8 inches I noticed she was playing in her bikini bottoms so as she pulled away I said lay back for me Abi and I will pleasure you, as she laid back with her bikini bottoms still in place I got down so I could lick out her pussy.

As I slid her bikini aside I suddenly got a view of a small cock, only a couple of inches and as I went to touch her Abi rolled over and got to her knees pushing her butt in my direction, I had plenty of experience of T girls so with no argument I pulled apart her butt cheeks and pushed my experienced tongue into her puckered anus lapping at her boy pussy making her moan with pleasure so as she got moist for me I slid a finger inside her butt as I continued to lick and suck at her bum hole.

Soon Abi almost bucked and looking down I saw she had cum hard and as she reached round and pulled her bikini back into place she turned to me and asked did you realize im a transsexual Mike?

I told her no Abi I cant say I did realize, but im not surprised as I have lots of experience. Before I could finish my sentence she said you do indeed have experience I have never had a guy make me cum that hard before, once again I stood and this time helped Abi to her feet and as I held her we kissed gently and turned to go back to my friends.

To my surprise as we approached my friends Abi grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards the water and whispered to me I need your cock in me Mike do you have any condoms?.

Breaking away from her and running back up the beach I fished around in my bag and found my condoms and tore one from its foil packet, running back to meet Abi in the water we were soon in deep enough and with that I pulled Abi towards me and as she got up close to me she pulled herself up and wrapped her long legs round my waist.

Kissing her passionately I was soon again rock hard and as soon as Abi felt my prick standing proud she wrapped my member in the condom and eased aside her bikini, playing with her cute little fuck hole she was nicely relaxed for me and with no effort Abi lowered herself onto my cock taking most of my shaft deep into her ass pussy and riding me as best she could.

Feeling her breasts rubbing against my chest and her tiny girly prick now stiff against my stomach was making me horny as hell and soon I was bouncing her on my cock like a porno star that’s had no cock in weeks.

Lowering her back to her feet Abi turned her back on me and as I wrapped my arms round her waist she eased back and once again took all of my thick 8 inches deep into her butt, as we stood with Abi fondling her breasts as I kissed at the nape of her neck I slowly slid in and out of her tight little anus emptying her before pushing back in and filling her butt with my thick cock but soon I felt my body raging again as my orgasm flooded through my groin and out my cock filling the condom with ease.

As I slid from Abi’s butt she expertly squeezed the condom as she removed it so not to loose any of the warm cum inside the used condom, then as she pulled it up out of the water in front of everyone who must have seen what we were doing and drank my spunk from the used condom before turning and kissing me hard letting me taste my own spunky load in her mouth.

Walking back out of the water hand in hand and back to my friends Tim just smirked and as Abi sat between me and Chloe the girls started their usual chit chat and all I remember was waking up an hour or so later as the weather began to cool with Abi cuddled up at my side.

Soon we packed our stuff up and as I promised my friend all four of us went to the pub and had a few drinks with our dinner before making our way back home.

Once we got back to Bournemouth I didn’t know if Abi would want to stay with me but on route she asked to pop home to get some bits and with that we all headed back to my place to spend the evening together and have more fun but that’s for another day.

To Be Continued:

I remember my first day at college, I had just moved to Northern Ireland with my parents, needless to say I was scared shitless. “You’ll do great Lucy.” My parents encouraged.

I nervously entered the class room and looked around. The tables were all set up in a big ‘U’ shape around the teachers desk and the whiteboard.

I took a seat on the left side of the room and quietly started unpacking my notepad and pens, and the course text book from my bag. I looked up when I heard the chair next to me pull out. “Hi I’m Roisin,” the girl stated.

“I’m Lucy,” I said smiling. The tutor entered the room then and introduced herself to us all and gave out a sheet that had 5 questions on it.

“Now then what I want you to do is team up with the person next to you and ask them the 5 questions on the sheet,” she explained, “You have 10 minutes to find out all about the other person and then you will be called to the front in pairs to introduce your partner to the class.”

Roisin turned to me and said “shall we be partners?” with an expectant look on her face.

“Yes,” I replied.

I glanced down at the sheet of paper in front of me and studied the questions.

1-Tell us a little about yourself. 2-Have you ever met a famous person. 3-Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. 4-What do you want to do in the future. 5-Tell us about your hobbies.

After discussing the answers to each question, I got to know Roisin quite well and found out she had a wicked sense of humour. I could tell we were going to become great friends.

She was a pretty girl, slender but not too skinny, she had chin length white blonde hair that hung in waves and she had the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen.

I don’t consider myself to be pretty, cute maybe, I have dark brown hair that is shoulder length, and straight, and green eyes which I love. We sat and chatted for 10 minutes learning all we could about each other and taking notes on our sheets.

When our time was up the teacher stood from behind her desk and said, “Okay, who is brave enough to go first?” She moved her eyes around the room studying us each in turn.

I looked at Roisin and she nodded so I raised my hand and said, “We will go first.”

As it was technically my idea to go first I decided I should introduce Roisin to the class before she introduced me. So I cleared my throat and began.

“Hi everyone. I would like to introduce you to Roisin. Roisin is 18 years old, and has lived in Toome since she was two years old. She was born in the Ulster Hospital on 15th June 1987. Roisin has a sister and a brother who are three and five years older than her respectively,” I began.

“When she was younger, she and the rest of her primary school met Julian from UTV which she was very excited about, but now she is embarrassed that she met him.” Roisin started giggling as I said this which in turn made me laugh as well.

“An interesting fact about Roisin is that she can play the flute, the clarinet, the bass guitar and the piano. She loves Irish dancing and has been learning it since she was 5. When she was younger and she was asked what she wanted to do in the future she always said ‘be part of River-dance,” I laughed.

“But now she wants to be a nurse, which is why she is doing childcare, so she can do her nursing degree when she is finished. As for hobbies Roisin loves dancing, obviously, shopping, R+B music and movies.” I finished and looked at Roisin who was smiling encouragingly at me.

“Okay Roisin, it’s your turn to introduce us to your partner.” The teacher prompted.

“Hi there, this is Lucy-Mae. Lucy lived in a town called Leyland until she was 18. Leyland is where a lot of the trucks were made just in case you’re interested. She was born in Chorley Hospital on 24th July 1986, so she is 19. Lucy moved from Leyland to Bellaghy when she left school, she moved with her Mom and Dad as her three sisters are all married.” She started.

“Two of her sisters live here in Magherafelt and one still lives in Leyland. When flying from Leyland to here after a holiday visiting her sister, at the start of the summer, Lucy sat next to one of the boys from the TV show Hollyoaks on the aeroplane. She managed to pluck up the courage to talk to him, and they chatted the whole flight, keeping her cool she didn’t let him see how gorgeous she thought he was.” she started giggling as she explained.

“They exited the plane and went through to baggage, and as Lucy only had hand luggage she said goodbye, exchanging phone numbers with him, and went out in to the arrivals section, she quickly got her phone out and rang her sister back in Leyland as she entered the shop in the terminal “You will not believe who I was sitting next to!!!” she excitedly said to her sister just as he came around the corner to buy a bottle of water grinning from ear to ear as she blushed beet red and ran out the exit.” She was hysterical as she tried to finish the story.

I was bright red again, not my finest hour, I can’t convey how gutted I was when I realised he had heard me after playing it cool the whole flight. Needless to say we never met up again, I was way too embarrassed to face him.

When Roisin had calmed down she continued, “Something interesting about Lucy is that she does a lot of fund-raising for different charities including comic relief and children in need, but on world book day last year she raised money for Macmillan Cancer Care, by dressing as the mad hatter from Alice in wonderland for the whole day, doing all her daily tasks including going to work in the evening!” She paused and looked me in the eyes.

“She is definitely a game girl this one. In the future Lucy would like to own an after school club for primary school aged children, so she plans to do her advanced diploma in childcare and education after finishing these two years of early childhood studies and then do a business management course.” She continued.

“As for hobbies Lucy loves reading, all types of music, I mean ALL types, metal, garage, hip hop everything. As well as that Lucy is a big movie buff.” As she finished she turned expectantly to me and I smiled and told her how well she had done.

“Fantastic girls, I can see you spent the time wisely, getting to know each other properly.” The teacher said. The morning went on and the class went to the front in two’s and introduced each other.

When lunch time came I didn’t want to assume she would want to get lunch together so I got my purse and stood up as she said “So, Lucy, Where are we headed?”

I laughed and breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Where ever you fancy, I’m easy!”

She raised her eye brows and replied, “Hmmm, is that so, I can’t wait to find out!” she giggled loudly and I joined in. Her laugh was so infectious.

We became best friends very quickly and when I passed my driving test I would drive her home even though I basically had to pass my village to get to her house. I never minded as we were such close friends. We went on a couple of double dates together but they were always awful so we didn’t bother again we just went out together, movies and food our regular Wednesday night plan.

One night we went to the cinema to see a new film and I was going to park outside the door but Roisin said, “Park in the car park around the corner, just in case somebody would hit your car if you park it on the road.”

“OK, whatever you say, your so obsessed that someone is going to hit my car,” I replied and drove to the car park.

We watched the film which was a comedy and both loved it. When it had finished we made our way to the front door and can you believe it… it was pouring with rain outside. “Fuck me!” I yelled.

“Only if you ask nicely!” She said as she ran out into the rain, laughing. I ran out after her pulling my keys out of my pocket as I went. I reached the car and opened the door.

We both got into the car and I yelled, “Jesus Christ! I am soaking wet!” My white t-shirt was now see through and you could clearly see my white bra standing out from my skin.

“Hmmm, soaking wet huh?!? sounds good!” She said as she winked at me. I found it hilarious how she could flip everything around to a sexual meaning.


Things continued this way for the whole two years we were at college together. I never thought anything of what she said to me when she was teasing me, as far as I knew she was straight as an arrow like me, she had her fair share of boyfriends but as the end of college loomed she found herself single again. I had my own share of heart ache and was also single at this point in my life. By this time she was 20 and I was 21.

“Hey Lucy do you want to be my date for the leavers formal?” She asked me one day. “You know, make a no guy’s pact and just go to the thing together?”

“Yeah, that sounds fun! We’ll raise the roof!” I laughed. “As long as I can wear red… it is my favourite colour!”

We went shopping the following afternoon in Belfast to get our dresses. We tried a few shops and in the end we managed to find a dress to wear. On the Saturday of the formal I drove to her house where I would be leaving my car so we could both drink, and knocked on the door with everything I needed to get ready. The door opened and Roisin stood in a towel obviously just having got out of the shower. She let me in and we went to her bedroom to get ready. I did my hair and make up while she went to put her dress on then I did her hair and went and got dressed while she did her make up.

I came out of the bathroom all ready to go and walked into her bedroom. She looked absolutely stunning, her bronze dress was knee length and had gold beading detail around the top. It came up around the neck like a choker and bared her shoulders. Her hair was down around her shoulder blades, it had grown down her back over the two years we have been friends, but she recently got it cut and tidied up.

She turned around and gasped,looking me up and down she said “Lucy, you look gorgeous!”

“Fuck off! No I don’t!” I replied.

“No, seriously Lucy you look Fucking awesome!!” she asserted gazing up and down my body over and over again.

I blushed and said “Whatever! You look a lot nicer than I do! You look beautiful!” as I shrugged off her compliment. I can never take compliments well.

“You tease me, Miss Bradford! I like it!” she giggled winking at me with those gorgeous blue eyes.

I was wearing a scarlet red strapless dress that reached the floor and was a corset style bodice which made my 38DD breasts look amazing! (I really do love my breasts!) Just because we had a no guy’s pact doesn’t mean I couldn’t try and impress. My hair was hanging down to my shoulders and my make up was minimal, with a shock of red lipstick.

When we got to the venue I went to the bar to get us a drink and Roisin went to freshen up. I decided we needed a kick start to the night so I bought us a shot of absinthe and a vodka sunrise. She met me at the bar and I gave her the shot. “Bottom’s up girl!” I yelled.

“Mmmm maybe later!” she laughed. We counted to three and downed our shots. I coughed. I looked up and Roisin’s eyes were watering as she giggled. “Fuck yeah! That’s what I’m talking about! Right in the words of p!nk ‘let’s get this party started’!” She said as she took her vodka sunrise and proceeded to take me to the empty dance floor.

We danced most of the night only stopping to refill our vodka sunrise every once in a while. I went and requested a song after we had emptied our 5th vodka sunrise. When Pitbull’s ‘hotel room service’ came on the two of us went crazy! We danced back to back and face to face, up close, poppin’ and lockin’ as best we could and then I used her like a pole and gyrated all the way down her body.

Roisin got a glint in her eye as I did this and as I came back up she stepped back as she carried on dancing. I thought maybe I had gone too far and got a little self conscious as I danced but then as Pitbull sang the line ’2 plus 2 I’m gon’ undress you,’ she grabbed my dress at the top in between my breasts and pulled me close then he sang ’3 plus 3 you gon’ undress me,’ she grabbed my hands and put them on her tight ass. The next line said ’4 plus 4 we gon’ freak some more’ she had grabbed my ass by this point pulling us nice and close and started grinding her crotch against mine. I was completely taken aback at first but then she leaned in close to my ear and whispered, “I have been so attracted to you ever since that first day in class.”

When I heard them words and felt her breath tickling my ear I got goosebumps and my whole body started trembling as my breathing grew heavy. She saw my reaction and led me to a really dark corner in the place. I was a little nervous and apprehensive wondering what was going to happen but I was also very curious and excited. She manoeuvred me so I was against the wall and ran her fingers through my hair pulling me closer. When our lips touched I thought I would explode.

She kissed me so gently at first and ran her tongue along my bottom lip so I opened my mouth a little and our tongues touched. It felt amazing, her skin was so soft and she smelled so good with the mix of perfume and her arousal that I started to get very wet. We kissed more passionately for a little while not caring that if anyone came close enough they could see what was happening. I gently stroked my hand up from her hip to her cheek and ran my fingers through her long blonde hair, grabbing a handful tightly, and wound my other hand around her back pulling her closer to me so our bodies made contact and our breasts were touching through our dresses.

She lowered her hand from my hair and ran it along the top of my dress and down under my breast cupping it in her small hand and squeezed it gently. She broke the kiss first and just as breathless as me said, “Come on let’s get out of here.”

I couldn’t hide the excitement in my voice as I said “mmmm, yes, let’s!” we walked out side and she motioned to one of the taxis from the taxi bays she gave him the address and turned back to me and started kissing again the whole way to her apartment which the taxi driver seemed to enjoy, listening to him mmmm and ahhhh the whole drive back.

We arrived at her apartment and paid the driver who said, “any time you girls need a lift just ask for Shane!”

We made our way inside and straight to the bedroom … there was only one way this evening was going and we both wanted it so much.

Once we entered the bedroom she unzipped my dress as we kissed again. My dress slowly slid to the floor and Roisin groaned when she realised I had nothing on underneath it. I didn’t want to ruin the look of the dress with ghastly underwear lines.

“Sweet Jesus, Lucy, I could cum just by looking at you!” Roisin said as she leaned forward and licked around my breast with her soft warm tongue, before licking my nipple and sucking it in to her mouth gently biting on it.

While she was playing with my nipples, twisting and sucking them, I started to unzip her dress, pushing it slowly down her body running my hands down her body as I did so.

She looked so sexy, she was wearing a red lace halter-neck bra and red lace panties, her breasts were perfect 34c size that were beautiful, she was a little shorter than me, without our heels on, at 5’5″ to my 5’6″ and had such a pert butt that I couldn’t stop myself grabbing it and pulling her closer to me.

I ran my hands up her body and back to the clasp of her bra and took it off her slowly. Our tongues were still wrestling as I took her bra off but as soon as her breasts were free I had to taste them. So I lowered my mouth to her nipples and sucked them into my mouth. Her nipples were rock hard as were mine, and when I reached down and took her panties off I realised the crotch was soaking, this turned me on even more causing my own cunt to become dripping wet.

The smell of our arousal was super strong and sexy as fuck. We moved backwards until we hit the bed and tumbled down side by side. Once comfortable we started kissing passionately again, lying facing each other on our sides. I stroked my hand down her body and to her very juicy pussy. She gasped in to my mouth as I stroked her slit.

My nerves had officially vanished by this point and I let my instincts take over as I started rubbing her extremely hard clit. “mmmm Fuck Lucy ooohhh that feels so good!” she moaned.

The smell of the room was intoxicating and I knew what I needed to do next so I moved myself lower down her body kissing and licking her soft skin as I went, and got closer to her pussy. When I finally got down to her pussy and spread her lips I was amazed how perfect she looked! So juicy! She had a small triangle of short blonde hair above her slit and small well defined inner lips.

“mmmm, Please Lucy!” She breathlessly whispered as she lifted her hips slightly bringing her pussy closer to my mouth. I inhaled deeply and leaned in closer, closing the gap between us, and licked from her opening to her clit. She bucked a little as I touched her clit, so I began moving my tongue in little circles around her clit then flicked my tongue over it. It was so hot and I was so horny I had to remind myself to take it slow and not to rush her pleasure. As I have been told by others, it is not about the destination, but the journey you take!

After a few minutes of teasing her clit and tasting her sweet juices I moved my tongue lower towards her hole and pushed my tongue inside her, marvelling at how tight her tunnel was. I started tongue fucking her and she started to writhe around on the bed moaning over and over.

After a few more minutes I removed my tongue from her hole, much to her disappointment, but I quickly replaced it with two fingers. As I finger fucked her I resumed licking and sucking on her hard little clit. I was now so intoxicated by the smell of her sex, I could have stayed licking her forever.

Her moaning and her writhing grew more erratic telling me she was getting close, so I focused on bringing her to an explosive climax. I sucked hard on her clit as I pumped my fingers in and out of her, pleasuring her g-spot as I did so.

“Fuck, Holy fuck, ooohhh, Jesus Christ, mmmm” Roisin yelled as she thrashed on the bed and I hungrily lapped up her juices. I moved back up her body listening to her heavy breathing and watching her breasts raise up and down. I laid down next to her as her breathing started to return to normal. I felt her hand on my stomach stroking me as she moved her mouth to mine and started kissing me again.

“Mmmm I can taste myself on your tongue!” she moaned “It is so sexy! I could literally come again.” She pulled me closer and kissed me again, wrestling her tongue with mine.

She moved her hand along my body as we kissed, twisting my nipples then stroking my stomach as she moved her hand still lower and down to my thighs. She gently stroked higher but kept teasing me by moving her hand so close to my mound but not quite touching it before moving her hand lower down my thigh again, repeating the motion over and over.

By the time her hand made contact with my slit I was dripping wet and practically desperate for her touch. She parted my lips with her fingers and gently stroked from my tight hole to just below my clit, careful not to make contact just yet. I tried lifting my hips to meet her hand but she was too quick and lowered her hand before contact was made.

She moved her mouth from mine and kissed my breasts and sucked on my nipples gently biting them as her slender fingers finally made contact with my now fully engorged clit. “Mmmmmm, Oh fuck, Roisin!” I tried but failed to hold in the moan that escaped my lips.

She began her expert manipulation of my clit … rubbing circles around it and rolling it between her thumb and finger, nipping at it, sending me delirious with pleasure. Her fingers felt so soft against my sensitive clit.

South East England

August 25th 1996

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

Mrs Parsons, or Sarah as she now insisted on being called, held up a folded piece of paper and waved it at James. They had met for drinks several times since the infamous sexual escapade at the end of term, always during one of James’ visits home from University, and he couldn’t remember her ever being as excited as she was tonight. Every time they had met it had been a fantastic night: full of laughs, saucy conversation and an ungodly amount of flirting, but much to James’ frustration no evening had ever ended in any kind of physical interaction. She always dressed fairly modestly for their ‘dates’, but James knew what kind of body was unjustly hidden underneath her layers of clothing and desperately wanted to familiarise himself with it again – but Sarah would never entertain his suggestions of after-drinks intimacy. She had spelled out exactly why during their very first date after the shower incident.

“It will never be as good,” she lamented. “We both know that. It was wish fulfilment. I got to seduce a naive and inexperienced student and you got to fuck the teacher you had fantasised about for 5-odd years. We’re never going to top that. And I want to remember it for what it was. And I do remember it James; an awful lot.”

So did James. He had enjoyed a couple of sexual encounters during his first year at university, but nothing as amazing as that first time, and with no one as stunning as Sarah – certainly no one as well-endowed. He was still a shy young man, not the cocksure kind of bloke that could easily flirt with his fellow students and get glamorous stunners into his bed. He had managed to charm a couple of bookish girls into several bouts of sexual exploration, and he had enjoyed them very much, but the image of Sarah’s cum-soaked breasts sitting below the filthy look on her face was a hard one to shift, and every sexual tryst paled in comparison. James had shared these frustrations with Sarah at their meetings, and she had even admitted that her sex life had felt a little tame since their erotic coupling, but she was adamant that casual sex would tarnish the memory of their realised fantasies. James just had to settle for the incredibly intimate chats they had instead. But it was at their most recent get-together that Sarah had hit upon an idea that she thought could recapture the magic of James’ incentive list.

“I was thinking about what you did – you know with your list,” she said enigmatically.

“What about it?”

“It was nothing to do with the grades, was it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well I feel a bit stupid for not thinking of it like this before, but you didn’t use the incentive to see my tits to get a good grade, did you? You used the excuse of needing a good grade to talk me into showing you my tits. You basically thought up a very clever plan that offered the slim possibility of making a fantasy come true.”

“Well I thought if I had just asked for a titty fuck after school one day, you might have refused,” James intoned with mock seriousness. Sarah guffawed in response.

“But that’s the thing, of course I would have. Refused, I mean. In that scenario I would have thought you were a total creep, I probably would have felt I had to tell someone, I would have been panicking about my career… I mean I wouldn’t have just been able to let that stand.”

“Fuck. Well I’m glad I didn’t do that then.” James felt a little sobered by the assertion. Sarah seemed to notice his unease and held out a warm hand for his own to clasp.

“But in your absolute genius,” she continued, “You created a scenario that kind of made sense. That felt safe. That was actually kind of sweet and adorable. The whole thing could be denied or refuted or ignored… well right up until the point I tit fucked you in the shower room, anyway.”

“What are you getting at?” James wondered out loud.

“You made your fantasy come true. With a lot of thought and a bit of ingenuity, you came up with a plan that actually made it come true. And I’m thinking maybe we could engineer a few more.”

James pondered what she was saying for a short moment.

“Well the fact that it was your fantasy too probably helped,” he offered.

“Sure, I met you halfway. But you came up with that plan all on your own. If there’s two of us – two horny geniuses; one boy, one girl – we could come up with some of our own, couldn’t we?”

“Why do we need to come up with clever plans to do stuff with each other?”

“We don’t, you idiot.” She slapped him upside the head with a beer mat. “Like I said, it would be easy to go back to mine and fuck each other, but that’s not the fun part…”

“I think it would be pretty fun.”

“It would be pretty fun, but it wouldn’t be amazing. You know what made our session in the shower so amazing?”

“The anticipation.”

“Exactly! The anticipation! I was thinking about ‘results day’ from the moment you gave me that list. I fantasised about holding up my end of the bargain a hundred times over. And the feeling of your plan coming to fruition, of us reaping the rewards of all your twisted little machinations…”

“Alright, steady on. So what specifically are you suggesting?”

“Let’s write another list. Of fantasies. Of things we’ve always wanted to do that maybe we can’t do with a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Things like… you know, getting a tit fuck from your teacher. You write one, I’ll write one; we’ll compare notes, try to work out ways of… you know… making them come true.”

As they continued to chat James slowly started to acknowledge the potential rewards of having a filthy partner-in-crime that he could collaborate with to fuel their respective fantasies. They went their separate ways with James’ head full of new sexual possibilities

Over the course of the next seven days, James became almost obsessive in concocting the contents of his list. His fantasies before his encounter with Sarah had been almost entirely dominated by situations involving his beloved teacher, but in the following year he had imagined and masturbated to a much greater variety of mental scenarios. He found that his solo activities were far more satisfying and enjoyable when he imagined situations that were grounded and within the realms of possibility. Picturing him seducing Phoebe Cates into an indecent act on a tropical beach was stimulating, sure, but not all that plausible. Catching a busty flat mate undressing in their shared accommodation was much more feasible – and therefore more of a turn on. Sarah’s proposed evolution of the incentive list was perfect for him, because it demanded feasible scenarios that could be engineered with a little guile and planning. James’ dirty mind went into overdrive as he imagined all the sordid things he could accomplish with the help of a willing and like-minded female accomplice. The ideas came thick and fast. And so did he, on an almost nightly basis.


“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

Sarah could hardly contain her excitement when they met a week later. James was embarrassed to see that he had several pages of A4 paper covered in ink compared with the one neatly-typed page in Sarah’s hand, but was nonetheless eager to swap notes.

Sipping on her large glass of wine, which James had managed to secure at the bar before an erection had taken hold, Sarah carefully studied the list, occasionally smirking, occasionally letting out sounds of approval. Sarah’s list made for equally stimulating reading. A dozen different scenarios were simultaneously bouncing around in James’ head and three times as many possible ways to help bring them to fruition for his filthy companion. James wasn’t stupid; he knew that the more instrumental he was in making these fantasies a reality for Sarah, the harder she would work to do the same for him. He figured it was his turn to do her a favour considering the treat that had started all this, but Sarah refuted the logic.

“You came up with the first plan. My turn to come up with one for you,” she insisted. James wasn’t about to persuade her otherwise.

“Anything catch your eye?” he asked.

“Explain this one to me a bit more”.

Sarah lifted the second page towards James and held a perfectly painted nail against James’ fifth entry on the list titled ‘fake masseuse’.

“I went on holiday last year with my parents,” began James. “Just after the exam results actually. A very nice resort in Spain. And they had this hotel spa where I booked a massage. And it was really full on and intimate – I was completely naked under the towel and this woman was rubbing almost every inch of me with oil.”

“Mmmmm, was she hot?”

“No, she was about 50 and had a moustache.”


“But the point is, after I had finished I saw another woman in a towel go into another room for a massage and she really was hot. And a male masseuse followed her in! I remember thinking, ‘wow, if only I could get in with the spa staff and get them to let me pretend to be a masseuse’. I’d have waited until a foxy client came in and spent 60 minutes with my hands all over her. And she’s on vacation – she’s not going to know that I’m not staff!”


“Of course I’m not trained. I’d probably be found out after 10 minutes of rubbing the wrong muscles.”

“Not to mention the disproportionately large amount of time you’d spend on the tits.”

“Well yeah, there’s that too,” James acknowledged with a chuckle. “I guess I’d have to pace myself.”

Sarah pondered and was silent for a minute or so as James nursed his beer. Finally she looked up and fixed him with one of her trademark dirty smiles.

“A plan is forming,” she declared cryptically.

The conversation then moved on to other entries in the list and eventually onto the intriguing fantasies typed by Sarah. They chatted and drank and flirted well past closing time, the landlord seemingly rewarding them for their custom by leaving them be and letting them order from the bar long after the pub had closed – what the British lovingly call a ‘lock-in’. The seeds they planted in each other’s minds that evening would bear sensual fruit for many years to come.


A little under two weeks later, James received a call at his parents’ house where he was staying for the summer while they cruised around the Mediterranean. He desperately hoped it was Sarah – he hadn’t heard a peep from her since the lock-in and was desperate to share his thoughts about her list. But the youthful, slightly posh voice on the other end of the line was wasn’t hers.

“Oh, hi there. Is that James?” said the young woman in an upbeat, genial tone that immediately sat well him.

“Er, yes it is. Who’s that?”

“My name’s Emma. I was given your number by Sarah Parsons. I’d like to book you in for a massage if I can?”

James froze. Usually so good thinking on his feet, he had a minor panic attack at being so woefully underprepared for this opportunity.

“Oh I’m sorry, I’ve got the wrong number haven’t I?” she offered.

Faced with the fear of letting this chance slip through his fingers, James’ brain finally kicked into gear.

“No no. You’ve got the right number. Sorry, the receiver was playing up. Did you say Sarah Parsons?”

“Yes, she was eulogising about her sessions with you so I thought I’d book one too.”

“I’d be happy to. Emma, I don’t have my diary with me right now, would you mind if I called you back later today to arrange a time?”

“No of course not. Sorry, it is a bit early isn’t it? Have you got a pen?”

James jotted down her number and promised to call back as soon as he could. She gushed with thanks and put the phone down. James replaced the receiver and stood in shock for a while before being startled back into lucidity by the phone ringing yet again.

“Hi James, it’s Sarah. Thought I’d better give you some warning that you might be getting a phone call from a lovely young lady in the next few days.”

“You’re a bit late. I’ve just got off the phone with her now.”

“Oh Shit, have we blown it?”

“No, I blagged it. Told her I’d call her back when I found my diary. Who is she? What did you tell her?”

“God she’s keen. I only gave her your number this morning. Call her back and tell her 7.00 Wednesday evening at the nurse’s office at our school. I’ll fill you in on the rest later. Meet me at Gino’s for lunch.”

James returned Emma’s call and confirmed the appointment, careful to avoid engaging her in conversation in case he contradicted whatever Sarah had told her. In the brief exchange she sounded bubbly and sweet and James started imagining what she might look like.


At a local Italian cafe later that day, Sarah went through the details and revealed the extent of her planning.

“You know this running club I do with some of the sixth formers at Percy Forks?” she began.

Sir Percival Faulkner’s school for girls was located just a short way down the road from James’ old school. Another private establishment for well-to-do brain boxes, the two academic establishments were separate entities but they often collaborated in subjects such as music, drama and in some sports.

“Oh God, how old is she?” James queried.

“Don’t worry, she’s 18. Just finished her exams. Bit worried about university I think… interacting with all those young men after 7 years at a girls school.”

Sarah gave James a trademark fruity look. He was intrigued.

“Go on,” he said.

“Well, we all meet to go running about twice a week, and I’ve got to know some of them quite well. We even go out for drinks after the evening run sometimes. The ones who are old enough anyway. And I’ve been mentioning this wonderful guy who gives me a full body massage every once in a while. That he’s young and sweet and training to be a physiotherapist and is offering cut price massage sessions to help him practice and train. That he’s not yet qualified or experienced enough to do deep tissue techniques, but that it’s such a relaxing and sensual hour that it really doesn’t matter.”

“That is absolutely genius,” James marvelled.

“And you got a whole-hearted recommendation from me. I mentioned you to all the girls I thought you might be interested in getting your hands on, but this girl Emma was the only one I gave your number to.”

“Why her?”

“Well, first off she’s got a body I really think you’ll appreciate rubbing oil into. I’ve checked her out in the changing room showers, and I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of what you’re into. But mainly it’s because of the way she reacted when I subtly suggested the more ‘sensual’ aspects of the massage. I think she’ll be, shall we say, a little more receptive to your touch?”

James was developing a crushing erection just hearing about this.

“We need to set up the first aid room to be more like a spa. I can do that. Candles and a tape player and stuff. We’ll wheel the recovery bed into the centre of the room. It’s like a massage table anyway, the mattress is so hard. It’s height adjustable too.”

“Outstanding. You’ve really thought of everything.”

“One more thing. I told her that you would ask her if she would rather you avoided massaging her buttocks and breasts. Figured it would make you sound more professional and also give you an opportunity to read the situation; see if it would be appropriate for your wandering hands to do their thing. But I wholeheartedly recommended that she let you. Said it was the best part.”

“Paint a bit of a picture for me. What’s she like?”

“I don’t want to say too much in case I build her up. Let’s just say tall, lovely long brown hair and tits bigger than mine.”

That final bit of info elicited an audible moan from James’ throat. Sarah giggled, pleased that her machinations were yielding the desired results.


On the evening of the massage, Sarah met James at his old school. Despite it being the summer holidays, the main building and a select few sports facilities were kept open and maintained by a skeleton crew of administrators and cleaners. The main building, which housed the nurse’s office, was essentially deserted and would be locked up at 10.00 – plenty of time for James to indulge his fantasy with his unwitting, if not unwilling, customer.

Sarah showed him to the first aid room and was knocked out by the effort she had put in to decorate it appropriately: dozens of tea lights gave the room a soft, dimly-lit glow; relaxing classical music played at a low volume via a cassette player; and a burning incense stick filled the space with a flowery perfume. The adjustable bed, usually something terrifying-looking with a plasticky mattress topping a multitude of folding legs and wheels, was now an invitingly cosy table of white cotton and linen in the centre of the room.

“Right,” said Sarah, clapping her hands together. “You brought the oil?”

“About 10 different varieties,” responded James, holding up a heavy plastic bag as proof.

“You’ve done your homework about towel positions and stuff? What to ask and how to start?”

“I think so.”

“Great. Well have fun.” She indicated his black track suit bottoms and tight-fitting black T-shirt with a waft of her hand. “You certainly look the part. I’ve got some work to be getting on with. I’ll pop by after your ‘appointment’ and take you to the pub. You can tell me all about it.”


It was 7:05, twenty minutes after Sarah had left him, and James was worried he was going to be stood up. He was considering leaving to find his old teacher in the building when a bundle of hair and energy come exploding through the door of the nurse’s office.

“I am sooo sorry,” the young lady gasped, before catching her breath and addressing James with a much more assured if slightly too loud voice. “I don’t know why I thought the medical room would be in exactly the same place as in our school, but I went there anyway. Got lost. I’m Emma, pleased to meet you.”

James shook an outstretched hand and quickly examined the young woman it was attached to. Certainly tall, she stood a good few inches over him even in just her trainers. Her face was open and beaming and James couldn’t decide what was smiling more; her full lipped mouth or her large brown eyes. She was fixing him with such an intense yet happy gaze that he couldn’t avert his eyes from her face to examine her other attributes. She had golden brown skin and not much make up except for a huge amount of eye shadow, which only served to make her eyes look bigger. She was incredibly pretty, like a fashion model but with a rounder, friendlier face.

“Hi, I’m James. Don’t worry this place is like a maze. I’m amazed you found it at all.”

“Well Mrs Parsons did tell me but I’ve got a rubbish sense of direction. Where shall I put these?”

Emma held up the two bags in her hands and hyperactively looked around giving James a brief opportunity to look at her body. Sarah hadn’t been lying about her breasts; even buried under several layers of thin material and a hefty bra (judging by the thick blue shoulder strap on show), their ample nature couldn’t be disguised. She was not as slim as, say, Sarah Parsons, but she certainly was not overweight in any way. James imagined that her frequent running had given her a decently toned physique. He was about to find out first hand.

“Just pop them on that corner chair over there.”

As she turned away from him to deposit her belongings, he could see how long her straight brown hair was, the ends almost obscuring her behind. Her ass was not small but was incredibly round and pert. Some women, James noticed, simply had a place where their thighs met their back in a rather nondescript fashion. This was not the case with Emma – she had an ass! And a fucking good one. She turned around and swept her long straight-cut fringe away from her dark fluttering eyelashes.

“Right,” she puffed, before slapping her hands against the sides of her thighs and fixing James with an expectant stare. “Where do you want me?”

James gave her a warm smile and checked out her clothed body for the final time. He could feel his cock stiffening in his pants.

“We’re all ready to go in that room there. You can go in now and I’ll give you a few minutes to undress – you can just hang your clothes over the back of the chair. Lie face down on the table with a towel covering you, and I’ll join you in a moment.”

“Do I keep my knickers on, or should I be completely naked?”

James was slightly taken aback by the utter lack of coyness displayed.

“It’s entirely up to you. Some clients prefer to keep both their bra and knickers on, others like to be completely nude. So whatever you feel comfortable with.”

“OK great,” she said, and headed into the first aid room, gently closing the door behind her.

James was glad she entered as swiftly as she did, aware that his growing erection would soon be visible through his jogging bottoms. As he waited outside he wondered if he should have been more prescriptive, insisting she was totally naked. No, it was best that he gave her every opportunity to signal any discomfort. If he went back in and she was wearing her underwear underneath the towel, he would know that this would be a more subtle titillation for him and that he should avoid any direct sexual contact. That would be fine, he thought. It would be enough to stare at that semi nude body and rub his hands near and around her assets. He might even be able to persuade her to remove more clothing. His erection reached full capacity thinking about it. To disguise his arousal he reached into his joggers and pulled his erection up and slightly out of his briefs, using the waist band to hold it flat against his pelvis. He then secured his joggers further up his torso to cover the top of his erect cock sticking up out of his underwear. He took a deep breath, and approached the door of the first aid room, rapping on it gently three times.

“I’m ready,” came the distinctly calmer-sounding voice on the other side.

James entered to reverential silence as the music had reached the end of the tape. All that could be heard was the crackling flames of the candles and tea lights. He closed the entrance behind him and locked the old fashioned door with the brass key sticking out the keyhole, before placing it on its hook on the wall nearby. On the table in the middle of the room Emma was lying face down as instructed. A towel covered the area extending between her lower back and her knees, and James was ecstatic to note that her back was completely bare. She had tied up her long trusses in a messy bun revealing her broad shoulders and tanned athletic body. And underneath her honed torso he could see the sides of her massive breasts squashed between the surface of the table and her ribcage.

James attended to the cassette player and found himself standing right next to the chair where Emma had draped her clothes. Two items particularly caught his eye: the generously cupped blue bra and the non-matching pair of white cotton knickers. She was completely naked under the towel! James felt some precum ooze out of the tip of his cock; the pressure of the elasticated waistband was doing little to abate its sensitivity.

“It’s so peaceful in here,” Emma offered, her voice now hushed and calm.

“That’s the idea. We want you to be as relaxed as possible and just enjoy the next hour.”

James saw that Emma’s head was turned in the opposite direction and quickly succumbed to the temptation to pick up her bra and examine the label. She was a 36DD. James knew that it was inevitable that at some point in the next half hour he was going to ask Emma to turn over and catch a glimpse of the biggest tits he had ever seen in the flesh. More precum escaped.

As the music restarted Emma sighed with approval and lifted her dangling arms do that she could rest her chin on her hands. James quickly replaced the bra and approached the table, picking up a bottle of massage oil and another large cotton towel on his way. He stood over his ‘customer’ and took a deep breath, examining her smooth freckled back. Raising her head to rest her chin on her hands had caused her body to lift ever so slightly off of the table, and the sides of her breasts could now be seen more clearly. The flesh peeking out from the edges of her torso was more ample than he could have imagined, and it required a mental check to stop him reaching out and touching there straight away. Instead, he tried to act out his role as professionally as possible so as not to arouse suspicion (if nothing else).

He gently pulled the towel Emma had already covered herself with down slightly, so that it covered the majority of her legs and stopped just above the roundness of her buttocks. He then placed the second towel he had gathered over her back, covering from the neckline to the small of her back.

“Did Sarah explain that I don’t do deep tissue massage or sports massage at the moment?” he offered.

“Yes, she said you were still training. That you just did relaxation massages. Sounds perfect. I just want to unwind and enjoy being pampered.”

Perfect answer. James felt he might be able to push this innocent massage further when the time came. But not yet.

“I’ll start on your back. Let me know if I’m using too much pressure or not enough. The more we communicate the more enjoyable it will be for you.”

James folded the top towel away from him, revealing the left side of Emma’s back and the generous excess of breast flesh underneath. Keeping her hands at the top of the table, she turned her head to the side away from his gaze, allowing him to ogle the modestly presented yet still – underneath all that white cotton – butt naked young woman lying below him. He poured some oil into his warm hands and began firmly stroking her back with his lubricated palms. He explored every inch of her exposed form with strong strokes, the slippery oil allowing him to really engage with and manipulate her body.

“Mmmmm, that’s lovely,” croaked Emma.

James decided to be more bold. He began rubbing oil in purposeful circles into the skin on her sides, just below where her left breast was squashed and partially on display. He then started taking long passes down the entire side of her body with his fingers, ensuring that his finger tips brushed against her side boob with every alternate stroke. As a means of testing the waters, it was a success. All Emma did was sigh pleasurably. After several minutes he replaced the towel and folded it the other way so that he could administer to the other side of her back, and the edge of her right breast. They were small, subtle touches, but the way the flesh yielded under his slippery fingers was joyous. 15 minutes had passed and he was now getting unbearably horny with an overwhelming desire to see and feel more of her body. James knew that a professional masseuse would probably now cover the back and spend a good portion of time on the backs of the legs, but he was impatient. He wanted to be stimulated further and was keen to find out how far he could push things with Emma. He moved to the other side of the table, where the towel was double folded over her back, and lifted it up high enough so that it appeared he was trying to block his view, but low enough that he could actually see the right side of her body.

“OK, if you’d just like to lie on your back for me”, he tried to calmly ask, although the dryness in his throat may have betrayed him.

“Sure,” came the hushed response.

Emma propped her body up with her elbows and began to twist around. However, for the entire manoeuvre she fixed James with an intense yet friendly stare. He couldn’t catch a glimpse of anything without her seeing exactly where he was looking. In his peripheral vision he got the impression that a magnificent pair of tits were just an ogle away, but he couldn’t break eye contact. James was trying to read the look in her eyes. It seemed playful; almost as if she was thinking ‘I know exactly what you’re up to’. Well if she did, she didn’t seem too upset about it. Her back now resting fully in the table, James replaced the towel so that it sat just below her neck. He positioned himself at the top of the table, looking down at her face. She was just as pretty upside down. Now was the moment of truth.

“Some female clients prefer that I avoid touching their breasts. It’s entirely up to you. If you don’t feel comfortable about it I can avoid massaging that area altogether.”

Emma looked into his eyes with an ambiguous expression for what seemed like an eternity, before smiling.

“No, I don’t mind. If it’s a full body massage I might as well get my money’s worth. “

“Great,” came James’ unfortunate reply, as he let a fraction of the erotic anticipation that was welling inside of him escape into his words. He mentally admonished himself for such an unprofessional response, but Emma simply smiled knowingly and closed her eyes.

James took a silent deep breath, and ignoring all the modesty techniques that he knew a proper masseuse would incorporate in this scenario, peeled the top towel down to reveal Emma’s naked chest.

It was a sight of utter sensual beauty. For starters, the usually unflattering effects of gravity were seemingly absent. While her breasts were undeniably large, her 18 year old body had bestowed upon them an almost supernatural firmness that caused them to maintain a semblance of shape and pertness even though she was lying flat on her back – there weren’t even distinct lines of cleavage. Then there was their shape – perfect circular domes of smooth golden brown flesh, centred with two generous dark pink areolas. And to top it all off, two large, puffy nipples; bullet hard and pointing to the ceiling.

James wanted to grab them immediately, but managed to restrain himself and instead worked on Emma’s shoulders. With frequent glances downwards to make sure her eyes were still closed, he took in the sight of those majestic tits. As he manipulated the skin around her décolletage, he could see them move in response, and this only fuelled his already insane levels of arousal. The precum was softly pumping out of his cock on an almost constant basis, and he could feel the area around his pelvis getting cool with the resultant stickiness.

Another look down and his heart skipped a beat as he saw Emma staring directly at him.

“Can I ask you a bit of a personal question?” she sweetly enquired.

“Er, sure,” came the weak voiced response.

“Do you ever get turned on massaging a woman?”

James wasn’t sure how to play this. The instinctive response would be ‘Yeah, I’m aroused right now’ but James couldn’t predict how that would go down. He decided to remain coy.

“No, I’m just focussing on the techniques and the muscle groups and the job I’m doing. It’s like a medical appointment. You couldn’t do it if you thought of it in that way.”

“I suppose,” she pondered, her eyes again closing. “So looking at me topless doesn’t turn you on?”

“You have to maintain a professional boundary. But talking about it doesn’t exactly help.”

“Sorry,” she said apologetically.

James’ reach began to extend further down her chest, his fingers beginning to explore the very tops of her breasts. Emma giggled to herself.

“What’s funny?” asked James, terrified he was the butt of some embarrassing joke.

“Nothing. It’s just I’ve been fighting boys away from my tits since I was 14. I’ve never let a guy touch them even once and now I’m paying one to do it. I just think that’s funny.”

James took her relaxed tone and candid language as a sign that he could be more adventurous. He took another bottle of oil and trickled some of its contents over Emma’s breasts, aiming the sweet smelling lubricant so it landed on and around her nipples. The coolness made her take a sharp intake of air. James distracted her by furthering the conversation.

“Surely you’ve had a boyfriend or two that were allowed?”

“Never really had time for all that. Always working. Always studying. And daddy was always a bit strict when it came to going out. Never really got to socialise with boys much. Not nice ones, anyway. “

“Well I’m sure University will change that.”

And with that casual remark came the culmination of Sarah’s planning and James’ fantasy. He leaned over as far as he was comfortably able and put both his hands directly on top of her amazing tits. She sighed as he firmly circled his palms over the entire surface of her 36DDs, spreading the oil all over. He had been too generous with the lubricant and the cups of his hands were making slurping noises as the oil was distributed, the excess dripping down her sides and onto the cotton underneath her.

The breasts were incredibly firm and despite being bigger, didn’t even yield as much as Sarah’s. He started wondering if they were perhaps implants, as he had heard that fake tits maintained their shape more than natural breasts, but considering Emma’s description of her upbringing, discounted this theory immediately.

James explored every curve and square inch of the tits he was groping. The tips of his fingers investigated underneath the sides and he even lifted them slightly from her chest to apply some oil where her midriff gave way to her magnificent bosom. All the while the palms of his hands were being stimulated by her ever-hard nipples. Even the eventual warmness of his oily hands wasn’t causing them to relax, and he delighted in feeling the turgid tips slide across his sensitive palms. The mixture of textures – the soft yet heavy flesh; the rough hard nipples and the silky lubricant – was making it hard for James to resist going further. He took the thumbs and forefingers of both hands and lightly pinched each nipple, tweaking them to an even more erect state whilst coating them in oil. Emma gasped.

“Is that really a massage technique?” she whispered. James evaded a direct answer.

“Do you want me to stop?” he countered.

“God no,” came the enthusiastic response. James was ecstatic. He literally had her in the palm of his hand.

Emboldened by her attitude James moved around to the side of the table to examine her tits from a different angle. He then reached out with his right hand and forcefully squeezed her oil soaked right breast. Emma moaned approvingly. The facade of a professional massage was fading fast, especially when James started flicking her nipple with his thumb before running delicate circles around the areola.

Emma then raised a hand, ostensibly to adjust her hair, but with such an exaggerated motion that she was clearly trying to achieve something else. And indeed, on the way up, her hand brushed against James hidden erection, knocking it free from the grip of his waist band. She fired a cheeky grin at him that reminded him of Sarah.

“You ARE turned on,” she challenged, but in an adorably sweet way. James looked down at the protrusion of fabric over his groin and sighed.

“With certain clients it’s sometimes hard…”

“It certainly is!” she interrupted with a giggle. James offered one more ‘get out’ for her.

“Should I stop?” he feebly offered.

“I think you probably should,” came the disappointing reply together with a hearty laugh. She then continued with a softer, hushed tone. “But I don’t want you to.”

She gave him a nervous look finished with a shy half smile. James still had her lubed-up tit in his grasp. He gave it another squeeze, causing her to grin and close her eyes.

“Why don’t you work on my legs for a while?” she suggested. “It’ll give you a chance to calm down.”

James dutifully complied, but not with the intention of calming down. The professional nature of the session now a distant memory, James left her glistening tits exposed as he moved down to the foot of the table and peeled the lower towel upwards, revealing first her ankles, then her calves, her knees and most of her thighs. He stopped short of revealing her crotch, but had a feeling she would be happy for him to expose it in due course.

With a fresh squirt of oil he began covering her right leg with a layer of lubricant, sensuously caressing underneath her knees and along the inside if her thighs as he did so.

Emma’s breathing rate was increasing, noticeable both through her breathy sounds and the rise and fall of her chest that James was keeping constant tabs on. He concentrated his attention on her thigh, spreading his fingers firmly around the muscle and up into the area near her crotch where the towel was barely covering. Indeed, the more he pushed his fingers northwards, the further the towel was displaced. Emma was keeping her legs very close together, and James started to worry he was pushing this girl too far in a direction she might not want to go. If she hadn’t even let a guy touch her breasts, she was clearly a virgin. Maybe this exploration towards her pussy was a step too far. Then James noticed something that might have explained her reticence – the inside of her thigh was lubricated at the very top, but it wasn’t with James’ oil.

“You’re turned on too,” James whispered.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t notice,” said Emma, who, much to James’ delight, began to part her legs to show the extent of her horniness.

The cotton towel she was lying on was absolutely soaked with her juices. James took the implied invitation to push his hands further up the inside of her leg towards the source of her wetness. He could now see where her round buttocks met the table, and the engorged lips of her labia. They glistened with sticky appreciation. James removed the last vestiges of her modesty by pulling at the towels and letting them slide off of her body. Emma didn’t flinch. She had a subtle round belly that complemented the curves of her hips and, of course, her breasts. Just below was a generous but well trimmed patch of dark brown pubic hair. James gently parted her labia with two of his fingers. This did elicit a reaction; a squeak of excitement and perhaps trepidation. James paused in case there was an objection, but none was forthcoming. And so he slowly and deliberately sunk a finger into her tight, wet pussy. A loud cry of pleasure escaped from Emma’s mouth – it was the kind of cry that almost sounded like a wince of pain and the contortion of her face did little to convince otherwise. But the broad smile that followed let James know she was far from hurting. He plunged his finger in further, as far as his hand would allow. His digit displaced more silky liquid from her cunt and it erupted with a satisfying squelch onto his hand.

“Oooooh fuck, yes… “Emma moaned, writhing her pelvis and pushing down onto the digital intrusion.

James withdrew and then slowly entered her again, this time with two fingers. Emma gripped the towel she was lying on as if it were a lifeline and her body stiffened. She threw her head back and opened her mouth to give a silent scream. James kept his fingers inside her moist cunt and started massaging her engorged clit with his thumb. Emma was whimpering now, and as she involuntarily jerked her body, her tits finally moved in a way that befit their massive size, flailing around on top of her chest like two jellies on a shaking tray. The sight of her animated breasts meant James could no longer abstain from pleasuring his own body, and put his free hand down his pants, greeting his precum-soaked erection with an enthusiastic grip.

“Play with your tits,” he gently ordered. Emma looked down at him and then at her own oily breasts with a look that suggested she had forgotten they were even there. She released her grip on the table and moved her hands to her chest, taking advantage of the lubrication still present to apply a series of tight-looking squeezes to her oily tits. With each enthusiastic grip, the slippery flesh of her breasts spilled out of her fingers, ready to be retrieved by the next stroke of her hand. The sensation must have enhanced her pleasure because she was now producing high pitched grunts in time with James’ manipulations. Not since his encounter with Mrs Parsons in the shower had he managed to get a woman so close to orgasm so quickly. He decided to go for it.

Felicia always seemed to be a sweet girl and was always very innocent. She was extremely beautiful and had a perfect body. DD breasts and a large bubble butt that gave any man a raging one just to see her walk. She had an hourglass shape with brunette hair and blue eyes to get lost in. She would always show her body off wearing tight clothes to and from the gym she works at. She was supper model height for a lady and was absolutely jaw dropping all the way around. What people didn’t realize was her wildly horny side.

Yes, Felicia was always horny and she never knew why. She never bothered to question it. Her boyfriend had just broke up with her after two years of pleasuring her and she didn’t know what to do without him. She would have to find a alternate release. She would masturbate but it never seemed to do the trick. She would soon learn her problems would be over soon.

To get to her gym she had to cross a college campus. This campus was the Shawnee campus. She always got turned on by seeing some of the sexy men who went there and even the ones who would work out in her gym.

It was any other normal day except Felicia wasn’t here to work out today. She planned to just fill out some papers and take some checks to deposit. Today she wore short jean shorts that showed off the very bottom of her ass and a pink thong and sports bra. She walked across campus as she got looks from just another every guy there. She loved the attention and even gave a couple of winks on her way to the gym. She unlocked the door and went inside to her office. It was closed on Sundays so no one would be there. She went into her office and sat down.

“God I really don’t want to do this” she said to herself as she booted up her computer. She hated doing this and keeps meaning to remind herself to hire someone to do it for her. Again she would likely forget. She went away filing papers and entering new members into the computer. Finally she would take the checks to the bank and return to finish up.

“What could I do to make this interesting” she thought and had a light bulb go off. She pulled her jeans down and moved her thong to the side. She opened and door and pulled out a butt plug. She lubed it up and slowly in and out got it to go farther and farther in. She moaned the whole time and finally it went in the full way.

“Ahhhh, that never gets to be an old feeling” she would wear it to the bank and back while walking the whole way. She pulled her shorts back up and walked out. She hoped someone might notice as the thought of their reaction turned her on. Well, more on than before. She walked the full half mile there not trying to hold her walk steady making it pretty obvious. She’d never done this before and kind of liked it. She then returned to the gym and found the front door wide open.

“Shit how did I forget to lock?” She asked herself. Then she realized her shenanigans made her lose focus. She walked in slowly after shutting the door behind her. It didn’t seem anyone was there and she walked to her office where she took her plug out and put it back. She finished up and left her office.

“Hello Licia,” someone said in the dark. She was startled and couldn’t see a thing. She knew only one person called her that and his name was Mark. She struggled to find the switch and turned it on to find ten guys all in the newly lit room. She fell backwards in astonishment.

“What the fuck are you guys doing? You know the gym is closed on Sundays,” she yelled in frustration and approached Mark.

“Sorry, we just thought we’d surprise you, ya know, be spontaneous,” he said as she got right in front if him.

“Well don’t do it again, you almost killed me,” she said, “What do you want anyways?”

“Ahhhh that’s the surprise,” and quickly two guy grabbed her arms and tied them above her head to a rope on the ceiling.

“Fuck Mark! What are you doing?” She yelled.

“Well we know how horny you get and thought we’d show you a good time besides we all graduate in a few months so we thought we would give you a parting gift.

“What are you going to do to me!?” She asked already knowing the answer.

“Shhhhh enough questions,” said another guy named Alex who pulled down her jean shorts. They were thought to get off with the extra size she has. They all pulled their shorts off leaving some naked and others with just their underarmor.

“Please don’t!” She yelled. Some thing was telling her not to do this as they removed her thong and exposing her most private areas. Her tan line appeared all around as Alex slapped her butt a few times.

“Mark will you do the honors?” He asked. Mark didn’t hesitate to step up to the plate as he was in black sleeveless underarmor. He rubbed her pussy as she became hot.

“Damn, you’re moist already!” He shouted as the others laughed. Mark was definitely the biggest she’d ever seen. He grabbed the back of her legs and pulled them around her as her arms kept her upper body in check. Mark played a little bit and rubbed his 10″ cock around her pussy lips. He plunged in as she let out a loud moan.

“Oh my god! You’re- you’re huge!” She cried out as Mark pumped in and out.. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Her body was all in but her mind told her not to like it. His cock was so big and fat it spread her pussy wider with each pump. He then reached around and shoved three of his fingers inside of her asshole. He stopped and made her lick them clean before continuing. Alex came up behind her started to play with her asshole. He then removed her sports bra revealing her large breasts to everyone. He slapped them a few times and spit on her asshole. He put the tip of his cock onto her asshole and slowed plunged his way in.

“Hey guys, she prepared her asshole for us! What a good slut!” He said and slapped on of her titties. Mark leaned over and started to suck on them.

“Oh my god! Guys! Please! Stop!” She yelled at her double penetrators. She’d never done this before. Her body was slowly melting not it. Her juices pushed past Mark’s fat cock and drip onto the floor.

Alex and Mark found a rhythm and went in and out at the same time. She could barely hang on. She couldn’t as her tits were slapping together with each upward movement.

“Oh my god!” She cried out. Mark pulled out as her juices soaked the floor. Alex kept going which only made the orgasm more powerful and last longer, “Ah! Don’t stop! It feels so good! Fuck my ass! Fuck it harder!” Alex was pumping so hard his balls were slapping into her wet pussy. Alex almost came and didn’t want to shoot his load right away so he pulled out quickly. He let her down as she could barely stand up. They cut her lose a spend she fell to the floor in her post orgasmic rush.

“I want all of you to have a turn with me,” she said in between breaths. She got smirk on her face as she realized she was about to be gang-banged by all of these men. She licked her lips in lust as they all approached her.

Once upon a time, there was a princess who was known as an exceptional beauty. She had hair as dark the sea at night. Eyes as green as clover. Skin white as snow. And her figure as shapely and rounded as an hourglass. All the eligible men in the kingdom vied for her. That is, until one day a jealous witch came to the princess and cursed her with a dour affliction. Horrified, the princess confined herself in the tallest tower of the palace requesting that only one maid bring her food and necessities whenever she requested.

The maid’s seemed to change constantly, none could seem to keep the princess happy. Then, one day, a young girl was hired from the village. She fit the requirements the princess asked for and was whisked away to the palace. This girl’s name was Angeline and she was considered quite lovely by the people in the village. She had sleek blonde hair and bright blue eyes. But her figure was small and dainty, so most men just passed her by.

On her first day on the job she was asked to clean the princess’ chambers. The princess stayed out of sight, hidden behind the curtains of her canopy bed. Angeline began to clean, wondering if she’d ever see the lovely princess. But the princess continued to make no sign of her presence and Angeline forgot that she was even there. She began to sing while she cleaned.

“You have such a lovely voice.” The princess spoke suddenly.

Angeline screamed, dropping the vase she was holding. It shattered on the ground. Angeline quickly moved to clean it up. “I’m so sorry! You startled me. I forgot-ow!” She cut her finger on the glass.

The curtains of the bed opened and the princess came out. “No, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” She came over to Angeline and inspected the cut. “Here, I have some bandages.”

Angeline was stunned, the princess was supposedly cursed. Yet here she was, as beautiful as she had ever been, if not more so. “Thank you, princess.”

The princess smiled at Angeline. “My pleasure.” She sat down Angeline on the edge of her bed and moved to retrieve a box. From the light of the window, Angeline could make out the silhouette of the princess’ body through the sheer nightgown she wore. She had such supple breasts, Angeline couldn’t help but he jealous. Her waist was slender. Hips elegant and sexy. Then, Angeline noticed a strange shadow between the princess’ thighs. A protrusion, and it seemed to be getting larger.

The princess sat down beside Angeline, tending to the cut. Angeline’s eyes were still focused between the princess’ legs. She saw something beneath the chemise. Without thinking, Angeline reached out, touching. The princess screamed, pushing Angeline back on the bed as she scrambled away to the very foot of the bed.

Angeline’s bodice came undone and opened, revealing her small chest. Looking up at the princess she saw now that the skirt of her nightgown had risen up at her crotch. She had seen something like that before with a man in the local pub. It was an erection.

“Don’t look!” The princess screamed, trying to hide it. “Please don’t look!” She was sobbing, crying bitterly into her hands.

Angeline sat up and shook her head. “I’m sorry.” She gasped, trying to cover her breasts.

The princess fell face forward onto the bed, sobbing. “I hate this body! I hate it!”

Angeline knelt down beside the princess. “Please don’t cry. It isn’t too bad.” She petted the princess’s hair and slowly brought her back up, sitting with her legs tucked under her, her apparent erection pointing towards Angeline.

The princess sniffled. She reached out, her fingers gently touching the ribbon of Angeline’s bodice. “Your bodice.”

Angeline looked down at her small breasts and then saw the princess’ cock throb with a pulse. “I’m sorry.” Angeline whispered, moving to cover herself back up. She looked at the princess’ face and saw a look of awe upon it. Her eyes widened and her breath was becoming shallow. Angeline was shocked, was she turning the princess on?

“I’m not very proud of my body either.” She murmured shyly, now completely aware of herself. “I have no shape to me and my breasts,” she cupped them in her hands. “They are too small.”

The princess’s breath hitched and she bit down on her bottom lip. “No.” She whispered. “No, they are…they are sweet.” She licked her lips. “I’m sorry.” She stood, covering herself with her hand. “I need to take care of this quickly.”

Angeline felt her heart surge then and she stood, catching the princess’ wrist. “I am your maid.” The words were coming out involuntarily now. “Let me take care of you.” She coiled her hand around, lacing her finger’s with the princess’.

The princess’ face turned deep pink. “You would?” She sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her skirts up, revealing the long, pink shaft of her curse. “You would see to this?” She took hold of the erection in her hand, gently rubbing it to ease the ache, while Angeline’s eyes fluttered over it.

This was just one of a few dicks Angeline had seen. But it was certainly the most attractive, like the princess. It was long, rosy pink, and glistening. It was also the largest cock Angeline could think of. Below it, instead of balls was a regular pussy, but it was dripping wet and swollen with lust.

“I will see that you are happy, my princess.” Angeline said, sitting between the princess’ legs. She first wrapped her hand around the cock, feeling the pulse vibrating through it. She began stroking slowly and the princess let out a small mew. Angeline then inserted a finger into the princess’ dripping cunt. Inside it was hot, soft, and wet, and the muscles squeezed around her finger, sucking it in.

“You’re touching both…” The princess gasped, covering her mouth with her hands.

Angeline licked down from the gleaming head, lapping at the hard flesh of the shaft and then swirled her tongue inside her pussy.

“No! It feels so good!” The princess cried.

Angeline took the penis into her mouth and began sucking, meanwhile, thrusting the blade of her fingers in and out of the princess’ pussy.

The princess cried out over and over again. “Oh! Oh yes! I’m going to cum! You’re making me cum!” A gush of hot liquid entered Angeline’s mouth and spattered against her face. The princess’ juices were sweet and tart, a little bitter too. Angeline licked her lips clean, touching the cream on her cheeks. She rubbed her free hand between her legs, her cunt hot and dripping juices as well.

“It won’t go down.” The princess whined, seeing her cock still upright and ready. She gripped onto it with both hands. “Why won’t it go down?!” She cried in anguish, rubbing it vigorously in the hopes of calming it down.

Angeline stood up and showed her pussy to the princess, spreading it open so the princess could see her nectar flowing and how hard her clit had become.

Angeline’s breath shuddered. “Perhaps if it kisses my sex, it will go away.”

The princess touched Angeline’s soft pink lips then licked their juices from her fingers. She kissed Angeline’s clit, gently lapping her tongue over it.

Angeline moaned. “Princess, I can’t wait any longer.” She lowered the princess back and then eased herself on top of her. She pulled open the princess’ gown and grasped at her full breasts, kneading at them like a kitten.

“This is my first time,” the princess gasped. She strained her neck, reaching for Angeline’s lips. They kissed. The princess suckled on Angeline’s bottom lip, while the sweet girl massaged and caressed her breasts.

“Mine too.” Angeline whispered, kissing the princess’ neck. She then sat up, placing herself just behind the princess’ erection and sitting on her thighs. She angled her hips so her dewy slit rubbed up and down the princess’ cock.

“Hot…” the princess’ breath hitched. “It’s so hot!” She bit down on her finger.

Angeline bit her bottom lip, taking hold of the princess’ penis and guiding it towards her wanton opening. “I’m going to put it in now.” Her breath shuddered with excitement.

The princess nodded watching as she disappeared in the girl’s warm cunt. Her eyelashes fluttered, her eyes rolling back into her head.

“Inside a woman’s vagina…” She reached up, grabbing for Angeline. “It’s so soft and hot. You’re squeezing me so tight!”

“I can feel you hitting all the way inside me.” Angeline whispered. She began pumping up and down on the princess’ shaft. “You’re so big! You’re overflowing inside my pussy!”

The princess was visibly trying to restrain herself. “You’re pussy feels so good! I’m going to melt!”

“Cock…” Angeline’s voice hitched. “The princess is deep inside me…with…with her cock!” She reached down, squeezing the princess’ breasts, feeling the pebble-like nipples press against her palms.

The princess licked her lips, taking Angeline’s hand and sucking on her fingers. She moaned, “It feels better than anything I’ve ever done!”

Angeline smiled. “You’re so hot…and hard!” She swallowed, trying to keep her heart in her throat. “The princess’ rod is better than anything I’ve ever used to ease the ache.”

The princess smiled, small tears pearling at the corners of her eyes. “You mean it?” She gasped.

“I only want this cock inside me!” Angeline gasped, grinding her hips wildly. “I’m going to cum because of this cock!”

The princess had tears of joy rolling down her cheeks. “Yes! Yes! I can feel it…I can feel you squeezing all around me! Pussy…your sweet pussy is melting my cock!”

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m cumming! You’re making me cum!” Warm liquid gushed from the princess and into Angeline.

Angeline shivered, feeling the princess’ nectar explode inside her, filling her warm and burning her belly. She quivered, shaking, and twitching as he orgasm seized her, paralyzing her with delight. She thought for sure this would be it, that now that the princess had taken her cunt she would calm down. But as she began to shrug and slump her shoulders in exhaustion the princess threw her down.

“You feel so good!” The princess gasped, prying open Angeline’s creamy, white thighs. “I can’t stop fucking you! Oh Angeline!” She plunged her penis back inside and began to drive inside her with wild abandon. “Pussy! I love pussy!”

“Fuck me till your satisfied princess! Don’t stop!” Angeline was heaving, having already cum she was in no position to fight back. Besides, she had never felt so good before. She didn’t want it to stop anytime soon. The princess’ cock, ravaging her tight pussy, Angeline prayed it would never end. Be damned with the curse if this was the full extent of it. Let it kill her if it would save the princess.

“Stretch me open with your big, meaty rod!” Angeline panted, her small breasts swaying with the force of the princess’ pumping.

The princess smiled and lay on top of her, kissing her, forcing her tongue down into Angeline’s small mouth and sucking her tongue. Her hips thrust in and out, feeling as Angeline shuddered with new orgasm. Her pussy tightening, inner muscles clenching and sucking her dick back inside.

“This is the first time I’ve ever wanted this curse.” The princess moved her mouth, nibbling on Angeline’s ear, down her neck and then suckling on her soft nipples, flecking her tongue on the tender mounds.

“You have such cute nipples.” The princess’ drool dribbling along Angeline’s sensitized flesh. “They’re inverted.” She sunk her mouth upon them again.

“Suck my tits…” Angeline rasped. “It feels so good when you do that while you fuck me.”

The princess shuddered. “Mmm! I’m gonna cum, Angeline.” She whimpered, arching her back as she pounded faster and faster into the girl.

“Cum!” Angeline gasped. “Cum inside me! I want to feel your cream in my cunt!”

The princess exclaimed silently, mouth hanging open as she twitched, releasing her searing hot load in Angeline’s womb. She pulled out, falling onto her back and gasping hard.

Angeline slowly raised, picking herself up onto her knees. The princess turned to look at her, seeing Angeline gently touch herself below then smile down at her.

“Watch your cum slide down my thighs.” Angeline whispered.

The princess sat up, grasping Angeline’s small rump and bringing her towards her mouth. She licked up Angeline’s soft, plump thigh, cleaning up the mess. She then sunk her tongue inside Angeline, tasting both her and the girl’s flavors, mingling and mixing in an erotic cocktail.

“You’re still hard.” Angeline mewed, rubbing the princess’ shoulders. “Princess…” She cooed sympathetically.

The princess looked up at Angeline with her beautiful green eyes. “Please, Angeline, call me Freya.”

Angeline’s heart throbbed looking down at the beautiful princess. “Freya.” She whispered. She knelt down, meeting Freya’s hungry mouth.

“Thank you, sweet Angeline.” Freya whispered. “You’ve saved me.”

Angeline moaned, feeling Freya’s hands kneading her small, tender breasts. “I am here to serve the princess for as long as she wants me.” She kissed her back, feeling Freya’s cock rub against her thigh.

“It hurts.” Freya mewed pathetically.

Angeline licked the channel of Freya’s ear. “Then command me. Tell me how to stop the pain.” She whispered.

She then eased down, kissing Freya’s nipples, her belly, and then the hood of her girl-cock. Freya seethed, feeling Angeline’s soft lips caress her rod, easing her pain some. The girl’s little dart darted in and out, flecking up and down the cock like a snake. She kissed and kicked tenderly, lovingly.

Angeline’s fingers easily slipped into Freya’s cunt, her sweet juices spilling out like honey. Freya’s hands dug into Angeline’s long hair, massaging her scalp and then she gripped onto her shoulders.

“Wait.” Freya gasped.

Angeline lifted her head, watching as the princess reached for a box on her bedside table. Opening it, Angeline saw that inside was an ivory phallus. She had heard of such contraptions, but had never seen one until now.

Freya pulled it out and placed it in Angeline’s hand. “Use it to help me.” She mewed, kissing Angeline before she pushed her back down between her legs.

Angeline licked the ivory and then stroked it over Freya’s pussy, making her moan in delight. She coated the ivory in Freya’s nectar then rubbed it up against her cock. Freya was massaging her breasts, hard. She pulled at her nipples, pinching then with her nails.

Angeline then took the ivory back down, prodding at the princess’ tight entrance. She began to ease it inside, gently stretching the princess open. Angeline found the sight to be quite enchanting, watching the princess’ box spread to allow the ivory deep inside her. Angeline wondered if the princess had ever had a lover take her, thrusting his hard rod inside her sweet, pink channel. Did she squeeze at him, sucking him in deeper? Did the princess beg for him to pump so hard it hurt her?

Angeline licked her lips, pushing the very last of phallus the could fit inside. A long moan escaped Freya’s lips and her head lay against her back. “Yes…oh that’s wonderful!”

Angeline began to gently rub the ivory, making it bob inside. “Have you ever had a real cock inside you?” She asked.

Freya swallowed. “N-no. I’m afraid my curse came before I could ever savor a man’s touch.”

Angeline’s fingers gently traced the stretched outline of Freya’s pussy. “What do you imagine when you pleasure yourself? Tell me.”

Freya shuddered, feeling Angeline’s fingers caressing all of her below, her pussy, her cock, even her anus. “I…I have many fantasies.”

“Tell me.” Angeline coaxed, one hand stroking her cock while the other rocked the ivory inside.

Freya swallowed. “S-sometimes, I picture several, young, beautiful boys. Like the boys my mother keeps, still young and beautiful and dainty like girls. I picture then all around me, licking me and caressing me.”

Angeline sinks her mouth down on Freya’s rod, cuasing her breath to hitch and her story pause momentarily.

“Ah! Yes! Mmm…tha-then I’ll have one of the young men sit under me, sliding deep into my…my pussy.” She squeezes tight around the ivory then. “I will then raise up some so that…that another one can come at me from behind.” She catches her breath.

“And I will have that…that boy take my ass.”

Angeline lifts her head some, rubbing her cheeks along Freya’s shaft. “Go on.” She whispers.

“Ah! Ha…oooh.” The princess coos, feeling something stir hot, and taut in her belly. “Then, one of the boys will stick his cock in my mouth, and I will…I will have every hole filled. Every need sated.”

“Tell me more.” Angeline coos, a deft finger slipping into Freya’s tightest hole.

Freya cried out, seizing up. “Oh! Oh stars! You’re fucking my ass!” She grips hard onto Angeline’s shoulders, her fingernails digging into her soft, white flesh. “Yes! Fuck my ass! Tears my ass open with your fingers!”

Angeline smiled, pulling the dripping ivory from Freya’s twat. Freya moaned horribly, but allowed Angeline to move her, forcing her onto her belly and making her raise her ass into the air. Angeline gently licked the rim of Freya’s tight bud, she used her own juices to slick the hole. Then, Angeline took the ivory and began pushing it into Freya’s rosebud.

“No!” Freya gasped. “It’s too good!”

“You really enjoy having a cock in your ass?” Angeline whispered. “How would you like to try putting your cock in my ass?”

Tears were in Freya’s eyes again. “You’d let me?”

Angeline got on all fours, presenting her small rump to Freya. She reached back, pulling back a cheek with her gripping fingers. “I want you to. The way you talk it about it makes it sound too good not to.”

Freya eased up and sat on her knees behind Angeline. He cock slapped between Angeline’s thighs as she readied herself. She felt the ivory deep in her own ass and hesitated a moment as she let that feeling course through her whole body.

She then took her cock into her palm and guided it towards Angeline’s bud. She began stroking her cock, letting her pre-cum coat Angeline’s hole. Once she was sure it was ready she began to shove, stretching open Angeline’s virgin ass.

Angeline gasped, the sensation painful and warm. “You’re going in!”

“Watching you stretch open…it’s so amazing! It’s turning me on so much!” Freya gasped, using her hands to pull Angeline’s ass taut. “Having the ivory in my ass…and fucking yours…it’s the best!”

Angeline groaned. “I’ve never felt like this before! Hot…I’m so hot all over.”

Freya finally pushed in to her base and she giggled excitedly. “I’m full in your ass! It’s so tight you might rip my dick off.” She pressed her hands firmly against Angeline’s rump. “I’m going to move now.”

Angeline nodded, bracing herself.

Freya pulled out, just enough so she could move. She pushed back in and pulled back out slowly. Angeline groaned, reaching up and fingering her pussy.

“I can feel your fingers inside.” Freya whispered, moving faster. “Amazing!” Angeline shivered. “It feels so good! Fuck my tight ass! I want you to cum into my belly!”

Freya licked her lips, watching her dick slip in and out of Angeline’s anus. She had never thought that, in a million years, she’d ever experience such a coupling. Angeline’s sweet moans reached her, filling her with pride and love.

Freya bent over, whispering into Angeline’s ear. “You can never leave me.”

Angeline swallowed.

“If you dare try to leave, I’ll kill you.”

Angeline caught her breath. “I could never even think…” She moaned, feeling her a quickening in her belly. “I could never leave, not after this.”

Freya smiled, kissing Angeline’s shoulder. “You have saved me.”

“Freya…cumming…” Angeline whimpered.

“Me too!” Freya gasped, thrusting harder and harder.

She released inside Angeline, her hot juice filling Angeline’s belly. They both screamed in silence, collapsing together on the bed.

Freya reached down and sighed. “It’s down now.”

“I can’t believe it happened myself!” I said to Jack in self-amazement.

“If it really is true, aren’t you worried that you’re out here on the road and your wife’s back home with perhaps even more opportunity to do it again?”

Jack was another computer techie like me, out on the road getting shit done for people who didn’t have time or inclination to read the manuals.

“Sure, it crosses my mind, but it was very spontaneous and she said it only happened because I was there; she could never initiate something like that on her own.”

“I don’t know Greg. If it’s true, I say she’s back home fucking their brains out while you’re away.” Jack insisted. Then he turned to and called out, “Jeremy, you gotta hear this! But after you do, you’re going to have to pick up someone at this bar to settle your wicky stick!” Jack laughed and invited Jeremy over.

I’d met both Jack and Jeremy on the road a few years back. We became casual friends after crossing paths at hotels and conferences several times each year. Well actually, at the hotel bar in our off hours. We worked for different companies and on different hardware, but serviced many common companies and attended industry trade shows.

I’m not sure why I told Jack this recent story about Lisa, but I had felt bad for Jack, who was worried that his wife was fucking the lawn guy while he was away, and I’d had a few pints, so I figured I would commiserate with him. It strange how people like to put themselves in the same light as others. It’s a common social behavior that makes people want to feel they’re all in the same circumstance. I had always frowned upon it, yet here I was doing the same thing.

It was probably a stupid thing to do because I didn’t know where this story would go; I could just see someone at some company pointing and whispering about me, ‘Did you hear about Greg and his wife?’ But I thought the better of it because Jack wouldn’t appreciate that turnabout was fair play. Still, you never know where stories (or email and pictures) will end up going!

Jeremy, on the other hand, was normally a quiet guy around strangers. Around people he knew he was mainly rude. He generally referred to his ex-wife as, the bitch, and was more likely confused with the Unabomber. If he told anyone this story, they would think he fabricated it just to portray someone’s wife as a wanton slut.

Now that I’ve characterized my wife that way, let me continue it as I recounted it to Jack and Jeremy over interruptions of: No shit! No fucking way? And other remarks of incredulity. The following is my tale to tell, as you will see.


“So there we were. It was a Saturday, about five weeks ago. My wife and I were caught up on our chores, a very rare occasion. At the same time, our children were over a friend’s house at play and were to be away for five hours, another rare event. Then, like the perfect wave, everything lined up just the right way and the events started to snowball.”

“You called me over for this Jack?” Jeremy grumbled, “Sounds like an episode of Family Ties.” He always was an impatient chap when he could be doing something more interesting. Most times, there was nothing more interesting than another beer at the hotel pub.

“Patience my boy!” Jack piped up, “This is worth the buildup – go ahead Gregory.

“Anyway, we weren’t alone in the house because we had some contractors finishing our basement. They were a little behind their timeline …”

“Just like your stupid ass company, Greg.” Jeremy interrupted again (you can’t prevent it so you just need to get used to it and move on).

“Right, so they were behind and had to work a Saturday to catch up. Now usually, the Mrs. is off doing chores, shopping, dealing with the kids or whatever it is that keeps us from having time together. This time, she wasn’t. Most times, when she finally finds a few hours to enjoy she does two things. One is she eats and watches a movie, the other is that she finally gets around to thinking about us having sex.”

“And this time?” Jack piped in to lead on our friend Jeremy.

“Well, this time she starts getting that look in her eye. She asks a few times when the contractors are leaving, but I tell her that they’re planning being around until the kids get back home five hours later. I don’t think much of it and realize I’ve lost my shot at some sex for at least a few weeks. Trying to salvage the dream, I say, “Well honey, the contractors are pretty much secluded in the basement. What say we sneak off to the bedroom awhile to take advantage of our privacy?”

“It’s not privacy when there are two men in the basement.” Lisa dissuaded me.

“I meant because our children will be away from home for a few hours.”

“I thought privacy meant just me and you?” She questioned.

“I know. I was only egging you on because I wish we could take advantage of the time.” I winked.

“I know, I was actually thinking it would be a good time too!” Lisa giggled.

“You too? Damn.” I sighed.

“Well look, we can still do something fun together in the meantime. We can’t leave the house, so let’s get some games out to keep us occupied.” She volunteered.

Now I’m not much for idle games, but I figure I have to do something to keep my mind off the obvious.

“The obvious? Are you that pussy whipped or what?” Jeremy shook his head in macho disgust.

“Take a gander at this.” Jack showed Jeremy a picture I had taken of Lisa a few years back. She was playfully trying on a very tiny Corona Bikini-girl bikini and her obvious charms were apparent. Somehow she allowed me to snap the picture. I’d never showed it to anyone before, but started to keep it in my wallet.

“Hello? That’s your wife?” Jeremy said a little too excitedly making some other patrons crane their necks to see the picture Jack was holding. “You must have a big one to get a woman like that. I can’t see any other reason!” Jeremy laughed sarcastically.

“Yeah, I guess I do!” I figured that should shut him up some.

“She looks to be a thirty-four D-cup. I’d say twenty-six waist, thirty-five hips?” Jack guessed.

“Uh yeah, you nailed it! Pretty good Jack. Now give me back my picture.”

Jack pulled his hand away. “No, no, I want to look at it as you tell the story again.”

That was mistake number two in telling the story. Between the picture and the story, these guys were surely thinking about sex with my wife. Undeterred, and another pint later, I went on:

“So anyway, I have no idea what games she wants to play, so I let her pick. But after she starts taking out Monopoly and some others that are covered with dust, I think the better of it and say, “Let’s just play cards or something simple.”

“Okay, that sounds fine.” Lisa goes into the closet and gets a deck of cards.

We start to play an amalgamation of poker, rummy, blackjack, and some other simple games that we can remember and are having a good time of it. At this point Lisa mentions that it’s pretty warm in the living room. So, I tug on her woolen socks and tell her that she would be about ten degrees cooler without the socks.

“Go ahead then, pull them off.” Lisa smiles and wiggles her feet at me.

“No, let’s do this the right way.” I say. “If I win, I get to take them off.”

“Ah, you want that kind of wager, huh?” Lisa laughs. “Good thing it’s only socks with those two gentlemen working in the basement!”

Not believing she would actually play the game with them down there I say, “Ah, they’ll be down there for hours, you could take your top off and they wouldn’t even know.”

“Okay then fella!” Lisa pushed her sock covered foot towards my face and looked at me with a devilish grin, “Go for the sock!” I started getting a woody just imagining her taking off some of her clothes with the contractors downstairs, but never took her seriously.

After I won the first game, I said, “You lose, I get the sock.” So Lisa sticks her foot out and I pull it off very slowly. I am actually surprised at this point that she’s even pretending to play the game. “Alright then, that’s a good start, let’s see what else goes.”

“What else? You mean the other sock.” She says with certainty.

“Actually I was thinking of making it more interesting. Like whoever wins gets to request their opponent remove an article of clothing.”

“We’ll see.” She counters.

I’m pretty surprised by that but don’t let on my excitement because she’s been known to tease then suddenly back off when it gets to put up time. I won another game and remove the second sock. Another and she removed her ring. Another and she removed her necklace.

“You’re running out of things to remove. Next time it’s something a little more substantial!” I smile and nod approvingly.

“I didn’t know you were such a card shark?” Lisa returns a discerning stare.

“I never played for anything worthwhile until now.” I reply.

Lisa won the next two games and I choose to remove my socks. Then I won again and said, “Time for truth or dare!” To my shock, Lisa pulled her top off, showing off her beautiful cleavage framed by a lacy white bra; a strap over each shoulder is responsible for holding her up her breasts. “Wow!” was all that came out of my mouth, but other parts of my body reacted even more.

As we played the next hand, some hammering noises come from the basement and I look down at Lisa’s lacey bra and then up at her face. We both snapped back to the realization that there really are two men working in our basement and my wife is sitting in the living room in her bra.

“Wow that was pretty bold Lisa. Thanks for the treat.” I said expecting her to put her top back on.

“Rules are rules, Greg. I lost and this is the result.”

“And you’re planning on staying that way?” I said with a voice that crossed between unconvinced, yet challenging.

“You’re the one who wanted the game to be more interesting!” Lisa equally challenged me.

Now she had me. I loved the game and the fact that she went through with it, but was I crazy enough to let her go on with the possibility of some guy coming up the basement steps and catching her in her state of undress?

Now the safety net was gone, I had won the next hand. Lisa reached behind her back, unsnapped the clips and slowly let the straps of her bra fall from her shoulders. Her tits were now fully exposed. They looked beautiful to me and I reached across to touch.

“Not until the game is over!” She slapped my hand and sat there teasingly.

It was surreal that she was sitting there topless, as the hammering continued in the basement. What would happen if one of contractors somehow made it up to the living room at this point? Could she, or would she, get her blouse back on in time? My only solace was that the stairway to the basement was at the end of the hallway that led into the living room, so they would have to come through the door and then cross twelve feet of hallway before emerging into our living room.

Suddenly I was about to find out because I could hear footsteps coming up the basement steps. Lisa just said, “Hit me” and I handed her two more cards. She won.

“Well, what’s coming off?” I sat there stunned because she didn’t move for cover though we both could hear the basement door creaking open.

She looked at my nervous expression, “Okay, new rule. The winner can choose to put clothing back on OR ask their opponent to remove something.” A stroke of genius on her part to bail me out, but I was thinking the contractor was going to be appearing out of the hallway at any moment; my wife still topless.

Lisa quickly slipped her top back on knowing there was no time to replace her bra. Moments later, we heard the clanking of a toolbox and realized with relief that the contractor was still at the end of the hall. My face was red, but Lisa’s chest and neck were red too knowing she really pushed the envelope with her teasing.

While we were composing ourselves, relieved by her choice, one of the men suddenly walked through our living room on his way to retrieve something from his truck. “Good timing there.” I said I took a deep breath.

“Yeah, this time!” She opened her mouth in mocked surprise and raised her eyebrows teasingly, watching my reaction of disbelief.

The contractor came back through door, but this time noticed Lisa as she faced his direction. She filled her blouse brilliantly and if he took even five seconds to focus, it was obvious she was bare underneath her top. I could not help staring. Dobry, the contractor, couldn’t help notice either.

He stopped to chat for a moment or two, as was his habit, when I saw his eyes scan the scene with a little more attention. I’m not sure if he picked up on what was going on, but there were cards on the table and Lisa and I were in t-shirts and shorts. Lisa’s protruding nipples made her breasts look delicious. I knew the situation was the cause.

The other hint was the white garment at the side of the coffee table. Dobry focused on it, then at Lisa’s chest. His eyebrows rose up and he mumbled something about getting back to work downstairs. No sooner that he was gone, Gerik, his partner, came up the stairs to ask for some water.

“Sorry to bother you, but we left our water out in the truck and now it’s warm. Can we bother you for some cold water?”

Now I wasn’t sure what to do at this point and neither was Lisa. Gerik was looking from the bra to Lisa’s nipple raised blouse now too. Did Dobry send him up to take a look? I wasn’t sure if I should get their water, leaving Lisa alone in the room with Gerik and his obvious gaze, or if Lisa should get up and which might make her charms even more noticeable. At this point though, I was really excited by the entire situation and reacted much differently to this situation than either Lisa or I was accustomed. “Lisa, do you mind?”

She stared at me, tilted her head down a bit and rolled her eyes up at me as if to say, “Are you sure about that?”

I winked my okay.

She leaned forward as she rose from her seat and her breasts noticeably hung down into her blouse. She looked at us staring, straightened up and, incredibly, stretched her shoulders back causing her blouse to stretch tightly across her breasts. Although the move was very casual and normal, without her bra on it came across as “Let me show you my tits.”

Gerik did little to hide his gaze, even with me in the room. As Lisa walked to the kitchen I realized that her shorts were pulled up higher across her bottom and her wiggle seemed more pronounced. Gerik happily followed her into the kitchen. I’m not sure if it took longer than I anticipated because of my anticipation or because Lisa was away longer than it would normally take for her to get some water.

She came back into the room holding three glasses and leaned down to let me take one from her hands. Again her breasts hung down, her nipples now pointing toward the floor. The bottom of her shirt flared away from her tummy. I think if someone were standing behind her, they might get a glimpse of her breasts peeking from under her shirt. She turned just the top of her body toward Gerik reaching to hand him the other glass. That made her shirt stretch across her breasts again. I heard her nervous giggle, which happened whenever she was flirting.

“There you go. That should cool you both off.” She said with an obvious double entendre. After a pause, Gerik and I quickly downed half of our water before Lisa said. “How’s it coming along down there?”

She was looking right at the erection pushing at my shorts and I took that a double entendre as well. Gerik understood she meant the work in the basement.

“Okay, I guess. You want to see?” Gerik interrupted. He was quite excited either for his work or his audience. I think the latter.

“We have to take your friend his water anyway, so let’s see what you’ve done.” Lisa quickly volunteered.

I had never seen her act this way before, but I liked the sudden change; it was exciting. We went down the stairs and somewhere along the way Lisa held the cold glass of water to her chest (coincidence?) pretending to keep it from spilling. A three inch circle on her shirt, nothing too overt, was wet and clearly showing some bare skin behind it. The patch was at the top of her cleavage. It absolutely hinted at a wet T-shirt and I’m sure all of our imaginations hoped she spilled the glass over more of it.

As she pulled the glass away and reached out to Dobry, she looked down at the wet area.”Oh, now look what I did!” She said chiding herself. And we were happy to oblige. Lisa brushed at it, and then pulled the shirt away from her skin a bit causing her breasts to move so that it was even more obvious she wore no bra. With all eyes on her chest and actions, she went on as if it wasn’t there.

“Thank you … for the water.” I’m sure Dobry said it that way intentionally. Then he and Gerik began to show how they had laid out the new ceiling. Lisa, looking up, didn’t notice the two of them staring right at her chest. They moved around the room and showed her the frame for the wall that would separate the basement from the furnace area. As Lisa knelt, leaned, and turned first this way, then that way, her breasts moved sexily. Between the spills and the way her breasts moved behind her shirt she had our complete attention.

After we went up the stairs, I turned back to close the door and heard Gerik tell Dobry that he had to wait a minute before going back to work so that his pecker wouldn’t get caught in the equipment. “Damn, did you see those teeets?” Gerik asked Dobry in his heavy accent.

Following Lisa back into the living room I blurted out, “Well, that was interesting! I think I have a permanent hard on. I’m sure they have the same problem. Since when did you have the courage to do that?”

“Do what?” She teased. Then she giggled and left it at that.

“Well, then I think you should take me up on that initial invitation to the bedroom.” I decided that she was too hot and what the hell if those guys were downstairs, things were pretty exciting because of it.

“We have to finish our game first.” Lisa laughed devilishly. I knew Lisa was particularly horny. I’m not sure what got into her, but I was very excited I wasn’t thinking clearly.

“All right then! Let’s get to it!”

After a quick hand, this time Rummy, Lisa lost her shorts. Another and there went her panties. Now she was bottomless. I took a peek under the table and her pussy glistened. I reached my foot under the table and brushed my big toe against her pussy. She was so wet it covered the tip of my toe. Lisa leaned her head back as if to let me get her off with my toe, but took a deep breath, tapped away my foot, and dealt the cards again.

Lisa won the next hand and decided to leave me clothed and put her shorts on, sans panties. “Nobody said what order the clothes had to come off.” She cooed.

“I think it’s sexier that way.”

“You’re just afraid we’ll get caught.” She countered.

“And you’re not?” I said in surprise.

“Nope.” Lisa face was flush and her eyes had a wild look in them.

“I’m starting to believe that.” I said nodding slowly.

Lisa raised her knees up higher so that her entire bottom was facing me. I moved my toes around the loose edges of the shorts and pushed the material toward middle revealing the hairs of her crotch.

As I was sliding my toes back under her shorts, we could hear the basement door open again. Gerik and Dobry’s steps were a little faster this time so there was no time for Lisa to adjust her shorts. They walked into the living room a few moments later and told us they were taking a break and would be back in an hour. They both paused, probably trying to get another peek at Lisa, saw us holding the cards, then decided to tell us what card games they played in their homeland. We didn’t ask, but it was obvious they were hoping to see more of her.

*This particular installment of the series In Love with Daddy has little to do with Taylor and his father. Instead, it focuses on Lauren, and her relationships with her mother, and her sister, Christine.*

*At the time of sexual activity, all characters are 18 years of age or older*

I had woken up early that day—at 6:30am instead of 7:00—and needed Mom to sign a permission slip for my class’s field trip that day. I was 12 or 13, don’t quite remember. I do remember going up to my parent’s door and knocking on it, softly. Daddy was gone on a business trip, so I knew to only expect Mom. But no one came to open the door. She must be in there, I thought, because no one was downstairs yet—my sister Christine and my brother Taylor were still asleep in their rooms.

Carefully, I tried the knob on the door, and found it unlocked. I pushed myself in and found Dad and Mom’s queen-sized bed empty, covers thrown aside. Their bathroom door was partly closed, and a mix of yellow light and puffs of steam were streaming from beneath it and from the part that was open. I heard the shower water, and could tell she was moving around a little under it since the sound the water made changed every few seconds.

I don’t know what propelled me then, but I made my way to the door and slowly pushed it in so that I would have enough room to stick my head in. I did so and, through puffs of steam and a blanket of heat, I saw my mother’s peach-colored outline through the see-through glass door to the shower. She was slim, had a nice round butt and long legs, and—what really got me excited that morning—a beautiful, perky set of full and heavy breasts. I watched, fascinated, as she turned in a little circle, going from a profile view to backside and around to the front again. I didn’t know it then, of course, but I was aroused—maybe the first time in my life. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

Now I was just about to back away and pull the door back to where it was a moment ago, when suddenly the shower door swung wide open and I found Mom facing me full on, looking at me with those doe eyes of hers. She was dripping—and the shower was still on. Her nipples were straight and hard, her big areolas surrounding them looked like two great eyes. Below, her trimmed brown pussy hair glistened at her crotch.

“Lauren!” she had said then, bringing her arms up to fold them across her chest—her breasts. “What are you doing?”

I fumbled my way through an explanation of the needed permission slip.

“Oh, okay,” Mom had said. “Just wait a minute and I’ll be right out.” Her eyes had lingered upon mine, a puzzled expression upon her face. Then she had just closed the door and was in the middle of another one of those circles of hers as I shut the door behind me.

Somehow that little event changed me, I realize now. Incest, of all stripes, had always held a very special place for me since then. I had never acted out on my desires, but they remained strong anyway. Especially those feelings for Mom. I never looked at her the same since then. In fact, it might have been even somewhat of a crush. I found myself stammering around her, anxious to say the right things. I had fantasies about everyone in the family—in all sorts of combinations—but my deepest, and most affectionate, secret feelings were always for Mom. When she died almost 10 years ago, when I was 22, my sister 20, and Taylor 19, I was absolutely devastated. I had spent weeks grieving over her. It was then that the incest fantasies had started to fade, and I had started to date around for the first time—with a few flings but no big successes, leaving me single though I am now 32 years old. The fantasies had, I thought, become a thing of the past—until now.

When I caught Daddy masturbating to pictures of his own son, I was secretly thrilled but years of conditioning had made me feel an obligation to pretend to be disgusted. It was only later, at home touching myself over the idea, that I really remembered my old dead fantasies.

I masturbated to the video I’d shot of Daddy and Taylor six or seven times, in the few days that passed afterwards. My favorite part was when Taylor begins to cry, telling his father how much he has appreciated him his whole life. I was disappointed when he and I had lunch and he informed me of his brief affair with this nurse, Jason, from his work at the ER. I had told him to be honest about his feelings, to just tell Daddy about it no matter what happened. I went home second-guessing myself. What if Daddy can’t take the news?

After masturbating to the video again that night, I was about to call Taylor to find out how everything had went when my phone vibrated and, looking on the caller I.D., I saw that Christine was calling.

“Hello?” I answered. “What’s up?”

“Hey sis,” Christine said. “How have you been?”

“Fine, thanks,” I said. I was sitting there naked in front of the T.V., where I had just paused the Daddy/Taylor video on an image of Daddy sucking one of Taylor’s nipples. “How’s Andrew? The kids?”

“They’re fine . . .” Christine said. I could hear a tinge of worry in her voice, though. She was married to Andrew, and had had two little boys with him. “Well, no. We are not fine . . . I caught Andrew cheating.” She said the last part very quietly.

“Oh no,” I said, honestly concerned. I got up from the couch and made my way to the kitchen, where I pulled a bottle of orange juice from the fridge.

“Yeah . . . Andrew has been sleeping with this woman from his firm. Her name is Sarah. She’s a real bitch.”

“I am so, so sorry,” I said, pouring the orange juice into a clean glass. “What are you guys going to do? I mean, with the kids too and—”

“I am done with him,” she replied quickly. “I have already kicked him out of the house. I am a wreck right now though, sis . . . I was freaking out this afternoon so one of my neighbors here said they’d take the kids for a couple days for me.”

I had known my sister’s relationship had been on the rocks for a while, but this was altogether surprising, and sad. I felt complete sadness for her then . . . it sounded like she needed me somehow. “Do you want me to come over tonight?” I asked. “We can talk about everything.”

“Umm . . .” she started, sounding legitimately unsure. “I wouldn’t want to cause too much trouble for you. And don’t you have work or something in the morning?”

“No, I don’t work the rest of this week. I can come over. I’ll bring my things—I can even spend a couple of days with you, if you want.”

“Okay . . . if you don’t mind. It is a pretty far drive though, and it’s already almost—”

“Sis!” I said, laughing lightly. “It takes me 40 minutes to get over there. That is not far! I’ll be right over!”

“Thanks . . . You are the best.”

She hung up. I finished my orange juice and went upstairs to take a quick shower and get dressed and packed. I decided on jeans and a spaghetti string top since it wasn’t too cold out. As I got ready, I noticed that my heart was beating a little faster, my palms were a little sweatier, and I felt dizzy. I looked at myself in the mirror—average sized breasts with a little cleavage, thin but with a few extra pounds here and there, brown eyes, dirty blonde hair—and found that yes, I was completely flushed. I was even a bit horny again—must have been. But it was not the intense Daddy/Taylor video this time; it had come on from thoughts of my sister! It is true that she had played a part—a minor one—in a few of my incestuous fantasies, it was never really at her that any of my most erotic feelings had found a home. I was, I thought, a lot more interested in Daddy, Taylor, and of course Mom. But she was always very attractive, even now at 30 years old. It’s just that she had kind of done her own thing while I’d always done mine. We had never been too close.

I drove the 40 minutes to her suburban home and, grabbing my things up in my arms, I rang her doorbell. A moment later and there she was, wearing a dark skirt and a green blouse. She was a brunette, gracefully slender, full breasts (bigger than mine), had a nice butt. Growing up, people had sometimes said she was the prettier sister. That used to really hurt me but I had gotten over it.

“Come on in,” she said, with a gesture. “I set up the guest bedroom for you. Gosh, sis, it’s been so long since we’ve spent a lot of time together! This should be fun!”

I followed her upstairs to the room, where I put my bag into the closet. “Well, tell me about Andrew,” I said when we were back downstairs, in the living room.

“Do you want something to drink? I have a few things I can mix up,” Christine said. “Or some wine? I have a good red.”

Before I could reply she was up, retrieving the wine. I wasn’t going to decline her offer anyway, though. She came back with the glasses and put the bottle on the table in front of us. We sipped as we spoke. She told me all about the steamy affair between her husband and this redhead Sarah, who was ten years younger than Andrew. Christine told me how she had been suspecting something for a while and had decided to hire a private investigator to check things out. He had come with the news yesterday morning, and the proof.

“I cried, sis,” Christine said after she was through with the story. “I cried again today. I just . . . Well, and now we have to do this to the kids—the divorce and all that, I mean. I am not excited.” We had finished the wine and had started on a new bottle. I was buzzed and I could tell she was too.

“You are such a beautiful woman, too,” I said. “Why would he even think about cheating on you? I can’t believe him.”

“Thanks,” Christine said. “I appreciate that . . . Oh, I heard from Becca today, about her and Taylor.”

“Oh? You mean, about the divorce and all that?” I asked. The sex scene on the tape flashed into my mind just then—Daddy bent over Taylor, his tongue slipping in and out of his son’s anus—and my heart started thumping again in my chest.

“I already knew about that part of it,” Christine continued. “I didn’t know why she wanted to leave him though. Taylor never talks to me. But Becca told me that it was because she had found out about him and another man. He had been cheating on her with a guy! Also, I heard he started wearing womens clothing. Did you hear about this? Have you seen Taylor recently?”

“Yeah, saw him earlier today, in fact . . . and yes, he is gay and a crossdresser.”

“I am so surprised,” Christine said. She put her wine glass down and stretched herself across the couch, looking up at the ceiling. I looked at her moist lips, those protruding big mother’s breasts—and found myself suddenly yearning for her as I had never quite done before. And she did kind of look like Mom, in a way . . . I could see it now.

“I have talked with Taylor about it,” I said. “I understand him . . . and he does actually look pretty good dressed as a woman, Christine. It is tasteful. I always thought he had nice skin tone, and yours and mother’s hair. And about him being gay, he told me that he thinks he was always gay and that—”

“Didn’t he move in with Dad?” Christine asked, interrupting me. She had this distanced, glazed-over look just then.

“Yes,” I said. It was nothing secret.

“Sis,” Christine said. Then, slowly, “I know that Dad and Taylor are having sex. Becca told me about it. She said that you . . . knew also.”

I think I went pale then. I put down my wine glass and hugged myself, trying to figure out what to say next. I didn’t get the chance since Christine just continued.

“I know you’re okay with it,” she said. “I also know that . . . Well, how you felt about Mom when we were teenagers. I found your files, on the computer in our room. The ones that contained those stories of yours, the ones about Dad and Taylor, and especially Mom. You wrote poems about her.”

I swallowed, and reached for my wine glass again. “Christine,” I began, searching for words. “I might have to tell you—”

“I read the stories about me too, Lauren. You didn’t seem to like me much though—I was kind of just there in your big orgy fantasies or whatever they were.” Christine flicked her hair back and smiled at me, her tongue sticking out very slightly. “What, don’t you find me attractive, sis?”

“Well, growing up you and I were just never close,” I said, honest, and sipped my wine. “You see, the fantasies are about more than just sex. It’s hard to explain. I think that Taylor and Daddy see the same thing now, though. It’s all about being very, very close to someone you love in an altogether more profound and affectionate way than a simple family relationship is alone. Does this make sense?”

Christine reached out and touched me on my thigh, that smile still on her lips. “Well,” she said, sitting up and scooting over next to me. “I need that kind of intimacy, sis . . . right now, in my time of need.” She rubbed my thigh and put her arm around my back.

“You are drunk, Christine,” I said, my heart going wild in my chest. I was already getting wet down there. “You might . . . Well, are you sure you want this?”

“I want you,” she replied. With that she leaned towards me and kissed me lightly on the lips. “You’re my big sister, and I need you right now.” Her hand slid up my jeans from my thigh to my pussy, which she began rubbing gently. She kissed me again.

“Oh, Christine,” I exclaimed softly. “That feels so good, but . . . I mean, our relationship will never be the same again. We will always remember this when we’re around each other.”

She seemed to not even be listening anymore. Her lips had come down upon my exposed neck now, as she continued to rub me between my legs. I put my arm around her, on her butt, and pulled her closer to me. With my other hand I touched one of her breasts through her shirt. It was soft, giving way beneath the light pressure of my fingers. I ran my thumb around her hard nipple there, feeling it there behind her bra. In another moment, I found myself unbuttoning her blouse, starting at the top.

“You have great breasts,” I said to her, looking down. “You have Mom’s—Mommy’s—breasts.”

Christine chuckled. “Yeah, you would know! I wouldn’t! I wasn’t the weird sister with a crush on her own mother!” I could tell she was joking . . . even being flirtatious. I kissed her again on the lips as she continued to vigorously touch my moist pussy. I felt her tongue slide in and then out of my mouth, flipping up against my top teeth every so often.

Meanwhile, I continued to fumble, awkwardly, at her blouse. I finally managed to have all buttons undone. Christine could tell and so she drew back a little from me and helped me slip the shirt from her. She leaned back, her bra in view. I put my hands on her bare shoulders, kissed her, and turned her around a little just so I could reach her bra strap. I did, and carefully unclipped it. Turning back to face me, she smiled and let the bra drop. Her breasts really were just like Mom’s—dark hard nipples, big areolas.

“Do you want to suck them?” Christine asked. She shook a little so as to make her breasts bounce in a cute way.

“Of course,” I said, smiling. Christine had let go of my pussy.

“I meant that you could drink from me,” she said. “In those stories with Mom you’d always drink her milk, like a baby.”

“Umm . . .” I bit my lip, looking into her eyes now. “But . . . you’re not Mom, Christine.”

“I know,” she said. “But I am a mother. And I have the mother’s instincts. I want to feed you . . . daughter.” She winked at me, and smiled. “Go ahead, Lauren.”

“Can I put my head in your lap?” I asked, finally deciding to do it.

Christine nodded. “First . . . let’s get all naked,” I said.

After stripping off all of our clothes—my own breasts so small compared to hers—I arranged myself so that I was lying on the couch with my head in her lap. I looked up and her breasts swelled above my face. “I’m ready, Mommy,” I said, my voice breaking.

“Okay sweetie pie,” Christine said. She bent slightly so that her right nipple was next to my lips. I took it into my mouth and sucked, and sucked, and sucked. And, what’s more—I drank. I loved the taste of the warm milk upon my tongue, and the slurping noises I had to make while drinking from her. “There, there, cutie,” Christine said now, her left hand on my side near by butt. She slid it down and again pressed it against my pussy, rubbing. I felt alive with pleasure.

Soon I felt an orgasm coming on—as her fingers explored the inside of my slick pussy, and played with my clit—and as I continued to drink her mother’s milk. I wanted to moan but couldn’t because I was too busy with the milk and those wonderful breasts in front of my face.

“Do you have to burp?” Christine asked.

I laughed so hard then that I had to let go of her nipple, and felt milk dribble from my lips. “God, Christine,” I said. “You’re going to make me laugh so hard milk will come from my nose. But anyway, Mommy. I’m full.”

I instantly turned my body around so that I was facing her lap, with her shaved pink vagina exposed to me. She repositioned herself so that her legs were spread out past the width of my shoulders. She had, of course, stopped touching my pussy in order to do this. It was okay; I would be a good big sister to her now.

I ate her out until she shook with orgasm. As I did, she ran her fingers through my hair, calling out my name. Afterwards we lay there on the couch in each others arms, kissing every so often.

“That was so good,” Christine said. “Do you have experience with lesbian sex, sis? Maybe another secret of yours?”

“No, first time with a girl,” I said. “I’ve thought about it a lot, and have seen a lot of porn over the years.”

“I am impressed,” Christine replied, chuckling. She became somber and just looked into my eyes. “This is nice . . . Now I feel like there is nothing between us, at all. I think I understand what you meant when you said it’s more than just sex—incest, I mean. It’s a breaking down of these, well, barriers I guess, right?”

I couldn’t help but smile. “Yeah, Christine. You are seeing me for who and what I really am, and I you. That’s what Daddy and Taylor have too, even if they aren’t quite aware of how to describe it, in this way . . . I still feel like a sister to you. We’ve just added on to it now.”

I stared at her breasts again, and was about to shower them with kisses when I heard my phone vibrating from my jeans pocket—where it was on the floor somewhere. Christine let go of me and I fell to the floor to answer it. It was Taylor.

“Lauren,” he said.

“Hey,” I responded. As I spoke I looked at my beautiful sister on the couch, her arms folded beneath her breasts. “Bro, I have something to tell you . . . I am over here at Christine’s right now. Well, you know how—Taylor? Are you okay?” I heard sniffles, and a cough.

“Lauren, I told Dad . . . about me and Jason . . . he is really, really hurt . . . I don’t know what to say to him right now,” Taylor went on. “I don’t know. He started crying. He’s upstairs right now.”


It was three days after my sexual escapade at the Mall changing room with the two exquisite eastern beauties who satisfied my every fantasy that I had a chance to satiate my desires once more. My wife had gone to a different city after her shopping to visit a historical monument. Being an American she had the hots for anything ethnic and historical, I had made a pretext of being ill and stayed back. I was staying at my own flat that I had bought some years back. The building was fairly new and I was one of the few occupants of the third floor. In the past few days I had noticed a young couple up on the third floor that had just moved in. He was South Indian software professional, yes the clichés are usually true, and was employed by the nearby tech firm. His wife was who interested me more. She was probably close to 25, dusky Bengali beauty. Really it seemed like she had been sold off to this dark ugly guy of a husband. Like I have mentioned before I am no Tom Cruise but I am tall and fair and this lady was a bombshell covered in the demureness of her conservative upbringing. In our limited interactions she had become close to my 5 year old son. She had volunteered to baby sit him to my wife. I had personally never spoken to her but had ogled at her numerous times. She was always dressed in a traditional Saree which is a 12 foot long piece of cloth that usually reveals more than it hides. Her dusky smooth skin, the dark bare back and the slight peek of her enticing deep belly button that tantalized me were cock stirring to say the least. She had large breasts I could although most of them remained hidden behind folds of the saree. Yet at times I had seen the cloth fall and reveal the marvelous tops of the large tits that she carried on her. Furthermore she had full sensual lips and the large pool like eyes of a Bengali girl. Her soft cultured voice was more arousing than the numerous multicolored bangles that adorned her hands. She would also wear a large vermillion bindi or spot on her forehead that made her look sumptuous. I was planning on cooking and eating that goose any day.

However this was pretty close to home. I usually never spat close to my comfort zone. Chances of the shit falling back on you were high. I had tried to dissuade myself from this conquest but my dick stood in full attention whenever she came to our house to play with Aarnav my son or to ask for a little yogurt or sugar. I had never seen her glance at me. I had bumped into her not actually but in a matter of speaking a few days ago in the elevator. I had made sure I mentioned to her that my wife was leaving for a few days to a different city. She had immediately asked if my wife was taking my son with her. I had said me and Aarnav will be staying back since I was not feeling the travel was worth it. She had gleefully asked permission to come see Aarnav while my wife was away. My cock had shivered in pure erotic pleasure when I also heard her say that since her husband would be again on tour abroad, the third in the three months they had been married she added ruefully for a bit, she would have plenty of time. Hard as it was for me I said I would see if that would work with my schedule that I had planned for him. I would let her know for sure though.

Today was a good day. Wife was 500 miles away. Her husband was 7000 miles away. I hate to use my son bait ever but this was a special circumstance. My Johnson needed some pussy soon.

“Mrs Krishnan, This is Sid here” I tried to sound desperate on the phone, it wasn’t hard “I was wondering if you could look after Aarnav for me today for a couple of hours since I have to leave for a meeting urgently with some bank officials.”

“No problem Mr. Mehta,” she sounded as if her boredom had been shattered to smithereens,” I will be there to take care of Oornob right away” she pronounced my son’s name in the Bengali way and it was even more arousing. Heck what was I saying I was so horny I would be aroused by a Animal Planet video of praying mantises humping.

“Okay Mrs. Krishnan…..”

“Call me Shormila”

“Uh okay Shormila thanks a lot and you can call me Sid please I insist”

“Alright Sid I will be there soon”


There she stood in the doorway in a different avatar. The saree was still there but it was much lighter and softer. Her curves stood out even more in this dress. The part covering her breasts was smaller and mentally I salivated undressing her in seconds. Her bare stomach showed off that coveted belly button and sloped gently into luscious hips and a generous behind. She had just had a bath and her top was wet at places sticking to her naked skin. Her hair was wet and long and that made her look freash enough to be plucked. She smiled.

“Hey Shormila thanks. I am about to leave. Aarnav is in the room playing. I will be back in a bit.”

Now why would I leave?

Here is why. I wanted to get comfortable in my place. Lounge back. Take it easy. Maybe feel sleepy. Look around. She would find my stash of Penthouse letters in my room drawer I hoped. I had placed a stack of condoms on my bathroom sink. I was hoping she would make herself comfortable. That usually lets women guards down. Then they can be a little more pliable.

Yet this was close to home. I had to be careful with this or it could blow in my face.

2 hours passed agonizingly which I spent in the local Café Coffee Day ogling at the many young office going girls in tight and short dresses carrying themselves in and out like bags of sex. My sexual senses were at a height when I reached back from all that bird watching. It took a lot of reserve not to rape this female right there and then and call it a day. But then that was not my thing. A seduction was always more arousing to me than sex. The hunt was more fun than the kill.

I did not ring the bell. I opened the lock slowly and slithered in the house. I tip toes to Aarnav’s room and saw that he was sleeping. I closed his door shut and then looked for Shormila. I checked the kitchen and it was empty. I walked towards the living room and she was not there too. I wondered was she in my room?

I peeked into my room and the lights were off. She was on the bed on her side. She was reading something intently. The Penthouse!!! She found them. Well I had not concealed them really well. I was able to see all her curves now. Her naked back in that low cut blouse was so sexy its criminal. Her curvy lower back culminating in that juicy ass. Her saree had ridden up her legs and I could see her milky white calves and ankles with two golden anklets that only enhanced the beauteous view. Her pallu or the part of the saree that covers the bosom had fallen away. I could see her reflection in the cupboard mirror across the room. She was wearing a low cut blouse over the saree and I caught a glimpse of her cleavage that was so robust that I wanted to grab them and squeeze them like summer ripe mangoes and chew their tip and suck the juice out. My dry lips licked at this mental picture. She looked so sexy there in that saree half naked and reading a penthouse on my bed where sex had not happened in a while now.

I pushed the door open suddenly. She almost jumped out of her clothes she turned to face me so quick. Her left had tried to hide the magazine behind her unsuccessfully. The centerfold page was open showing a man and a woman naked in doggy style position apparently engaged in torrid love making. The white blonde’s breasts hung resplendently being mauled by the black dude behind her who was the photo would imply fucking her in her arsehole. In her haste she forgot to lift her pallu and cover her chest.

So this was the scene. This hot young Bengali neighbor lady of mine was on my bed in a blouse and her cleavage exposed for me to salivate on with the centerfold of a Penthouse magazine open next to her showing an inter-racial couple fucking doggy style. My cock was ready and now it was able. We had an erection. She looked surprised then angry and then ashamed.

“Oh Hi Shormila sorry to barge in on you like this. I did not think you would be in my bedroom. Sorry I thought you had left or were in the bathroom. I heard the water running there.”

“I though I would give Aarnav a bath if you were late. He played in the mid downstairs” She looked down and replied in a sheepish voice. Her hand was still trying to hide the magazine and her sins.

“Well its not that I have a beautiful woman on my bed everyday besides my wife” I laughed “So it was a pleasant surprise don’t worry.” I had to make her feel comfortable.

“Hey you found Sweetie’s magazine.” I said aloud. “Don’t worry Shormila she reads this stuff all the time and so do her friends.” I lied to make it sound normal in ladies of big cities. She had to know it was okay to read and maybe do all this.

“Uh I was looking for ……uh some cotton.” She stammered an explanation.

I walked towards her slowly. She had still not covered her chest with the pallu and I took my time to stare down at her cleavage before she noticed my gaze. I slowly bent down my face close to hers. The tension was palpable. I picked up the magazine and made sure I took my time to look at the image in front of her turning the photo towards her. She was also looking at the picture too.

I quickly closed the magazine. I also looked at her saree on the bed. She got my drift and covered herself up. The silence was getting awkward.

“I always tell Sweetie, her name is Candice but I call her Sweetie, not to keep these lying around Aarnav might see them.” I explained trying to calm her down. She seemed like ready to sink into the floor. I needed that shame factor but I needed her to be comfortable while I seduced her. The shame factor would remove inhibitions but her comfort level would increase her participation which I wanted.

“Its okay I enjoyed reading it. I must go now though. He was a good boy.” She rose to leave.

“No no please stay. I hear you make very good tea” I said making up stuff. If there is anything an Indian woman will not refuse is the fact that she cooks well.

“Lies, they are usually lying” She smiled at me. It was not seductive but to me at this point everything looked sexy in her.

“Well let me be the judge of it. You took care of my baby, lay in my bed and now will make me tea” I laughed “you could pass off as my wife”

She looked at me quizzically and then smiled realizing my joke.

“Furthermore we did not even have sex that is just like my wife too” I added for effect. I wanted to see her reaction. It was a bold move and she could have bolted or worse still told my wife.

There was a five second pause and she continued to look at me.

“The condoms on the bathroom tell a different story Mr Sid” She smiled, this time it was that playful naughty smile.

“God did you snoop the whole house?” I smiled at her back, “I may need to check you out for stolen goods” I playfully raised my hands as if to check her body manually.

“What makes you think I will allow you to do that. What will I get out of it” She smiled even more cryptically. I liked though where this was going, “Besides I think you already saw much of my body already Mr Peeper”

Oh god! She was a tease. This would be fun.

“Well I like to see everything before I commit Shormila. I am a businessman after all.” I upped the gambit a little.

“Hmmmm well what would you like to see?” She asked almost placing me at a disadvantage.

“Your …..” I stopped and looked down at her chest. She held her breath almost expecting me to say what she felt I would say.

“Your ability to dance” I blurted. Dance? Hmmm well my erotic mind works in mysterious ways. It had some titillation factor.

“Dance?” She was surprised. Did I sense some disappointment?

“Well Bengali women are supposed to dance well. I want to see you dance. You perform for me and I will let you off scot free with anything you want” I smiled. She looked at me and smiled. She was not expecting this. She seemed to like where this was going also.

I closed the door. I kept the magazine in my hand and sat on the bed. I went to my music system and searched for a radio station that plays some dance music.

“You really want to see me dance?” She was almost incredulous.

“Well if you say no then we can call it a day.” I looked at her questioningly.

“No…..I mean well …… okay we have nothing better to do I guess until Aarnav wakes us” She said.

I put on the music. I went and lay down on the bed. I looked at her. She stood there like a lamb to the slaughter and looked back at me. I so wanted to fuck her then but it would have to wait.

She started moving her luscious female form for me. In tandem with the music her upper body swayed like ripe watermelons in front of my eye. She had closed her eyes now. She was enjoying my attention. I was raping her body mentally. She knew that. She came close to the edge of the bed near me. She was now gyrating to the music. I picked up the magazine and started flipping through the photos of the sexy amrican naked women. All the time I did that I was looking at her. She saw me looking at the pornography while looking at her dance for me. She saw the lust in my eyes. She knew I was undressing her to the level of the women in the magazine. She did not stop. I stopped at a photo of a woman sitting naked with her legs spread apart and fingering her pussy. I put it down on the bed. She was now staring at it.

“Do you do that Shormila?” I asked.

She did not answer. She looked at me and smiled dancing more provocatively.

“Do you pleasure yourself when he is out of town?” I asked her again. These were rhetorical anyways. They were meant to arouse me.

“Do you?” She asked after a while. “When she is away”

“Can it do it now while you are dancing? I want to so badly.” I whispered.

She was blushing now.

“You find me sexy? Like the women in the magazine” She again stared at the woman masturbating on the bed.

“Remove your saree Shormila. I want to see you dance in the bare minimum” I pleaded with her

She shook her head still dancing.

“Please Shormila at least remove the top part of your saree!” I pleaded again

She shifted subtly and let the pallu of her saree drop to the floor. Her majestic breasts trapped in that fabric heaved in front of my eyes. She did better. She bent forward while dancing and jiggled her cleavage at me.

“Do you like what you see Sid?” She cooed in my face.

“You mean your tits Shormila? Well I don’t see them very clearly.” I leaned forward to get closer to the prized possessions.

She moved closer to me. I encircled her waist and dragged her closer to me. She was surprised at my alacrity and pushed me away. I got up and walked after her cornering her against the bare wall. She tried to squirm out of my overpowering presence. She was trying to make a game out of it. She was playing hard to get. Two could play the game. I suddenly caught hold of the front of her top and pulled down hard and broke all the hooks that held the flimsy cloth and her sexy breasts in place. She appeared to be shaken and mouthed “No” and covered up her breasts. I pressed her hard against the wall. She was trembling with passion as my hand traced their way up her naked stomach, that deep belly button and her midriff. My other hand was not silent. It pulled out her remaining saree and threw it to the floor. I suddenly turned her around so that she was facing the wall. I grabbed her shoulders and threw her across the bed. She was kneeling on the floor and her body was on the bed with her beautifully rounded butt for my viewership. She was whimpering now. I did not care. Her brassiere was the final frontier between my hands and her breasts. I knelt behind her. She tried to climb up the bed and away. I held her down by pushing her shoulders down on the bed. I positioned myself snug to her butt. My erect dong was directly on her butt. I lifted her petticoat and formed a slit near where her arse hole would be. I was now slowly fucking her without actually doing it. I was pumping her from behind and she just collapsed on the bed breathing hard feeling my cock push on her ass. My hands went marauding on her naked back racing to break the chains that held her milk bags.

“Wait Sid please go slow” She whispered between the furtive breathing.

“No Shormila your ass has me on fire baby. What a lovely behind you have babes. Oh my god how does your husband not fuck your brains out always. How can he leave this un-tapped. Shormila I will show you how this body needs to be treated. I will grace your temple with my holy seed. This buttock hole of yours will receive my meat and pamper it.”

“No Sid please not my ass. Play with me a little more. Wet my womanhood a little more please Sid play with my breasts. Eat them, knead them hold them hostage to your sexual fantasies.” She pleaded her voiced muffled by the fact that her face was buried in the pillow.

I snapped open her white brassiere and threw it clear across the room. I swiftly flipped her over almost too roughly. She winced as her naked body was laid bare again. I whooped almost too loudly when I saw her fleshy large boobs with the large dark areolae and the nipples. She had closed her eyes. I pulled up her skirt to her hips to make her more naked. She felt my eyes probe her every body part. I entered the space between her thighs and placed my erection covered by my pant right over her panty covered pussy. She could feel my cock strain against all that cloth that held it back. It almost had acquired a life of its own. It wanted to tear the restraints apart and enter its holy abode and spit its milky juice into Shormila.

“Shormila can you feel me?”

She nodded her eyes closed still.

“Shormila I can feel you warm and wet down here. What are you hiding from me my babe.” I egged her on.

“Something you don’t deserve. I am someone else’s wife Sid. You don’t have any right to it but it wants you anyway” She again whimpered helplessly.

“What do you want Shormila? Tell me what do you want?” I continued unabashedly. Her play acting was driving me crazy. My hands now hovered over her breasts teasing her with absolute atrocities that would be soon committed with her assets.

“Sid you can do what you want. I want you Sid. I want you, your musky smell, your touch, I want you to use me like a toy you have wanted for a long time.” She had opened her eyes now and was looking at me directly. “Go ahead Sid, don’t make me wait anymore. Shormila wants to be fucked take me now Sid take this Bengali wife of your neighbor now. Take her like you have taken a woman before. Make me a slut today like that lady in the magazine. Teach me things I have never know. Inundate me with your saliva. Engorge me with your wonderful cock that I feel pressing against my pussy. Do it Sid” She was now almost screaming.

“Shormila tell me more. Tell me what you want to do to me?” I was now humping her pantied vagina hard. My cock was wet with my precum. I could see her white panty moisten with some of her juices too. She was almost ready. I wanted to love her breasts first. She had the most wonderful tits I had ever seen. They were perfect, round perky and large. The tips were now erect. I cupped each one in each hand and started to slowly caress them. I could not keep my cock in anymore. It was frankly painful now. Shormila sensed it.

“Sid get that little guy out. He will tear out on his own. Show me your tool. Show me my impaler. Show me your dirty rascal of a cock. I want to see it now” She lifted her self up on her elbows to get a view of my cock. I did not leave a breast and continued to stimulate her nipple. My other hand unzipped my shorts and my dick just plopped out. She smiled. She kept smiling and looked at it directly. No shame. She did not find it abhorring. She almost looked at it like she looked at my son, with utmost affection.

Ned sat naked in the limousine headed for the senior facility. Across from him sat Indira wearing perfect makeup and, for now, all of her clothes. Between them was a low table with flash cards. In the interests of time, Ned had designed a combined intelligence and poise test method.

Indira was a Mechanical Engineering major with a high GPA. Ned uncovered the first card which presented a question about entropy, a property of heat transfer. Indira indicated her answer and Ned turned over the card. They reviewed the flash card’s answer and agreed Indira had gotten her answer wrong. She removed her right stiletto heel and placed it on the left side floor, the scoring area for wrong answers. Then Indira leaned forward and identified a sensual point on Ned’s earlobe with a kiss. She leaned back to her seat and Ned uncovered the next card. Indira answered correctly. She removed her left heel and placed it on the right side floor, the scoring area for correct answers. Indira leaned in and kissed the tip of Ned’s nose.

Another card was uncovered with a question on dynamic material analysis. Wrong. Indira unhooked her skirt, lifted her butt and slid the skirt over her nyloned legs. It joined the wrong answer pile. Indira leaned over and kissed Ned’s eyelids.

Indira and Ned worked through the pile of cards as Indira worked through her diminishing outfit. When the full test was over, they would count the clothing articles in each pile and determine Indira’s intelligence score. A passing grade was 75%. The order and method she used to strip her outfit would demonstrate her understanding of the subtle colleague diversion tactics taught by the guest lecturer and counted towards her poise score. Her ability to identify Ned’s sensual points also counted toward poise. There would be a final poise step when Indira ran out of clothes.

For the remaining flashcards, Indira removed her sweater, and then shrugged off her blouse causing her bra covered cleavage to jiggle. The next flashcard was followed by the left stocking peel which flashed a deep cleft cameltoe in her thong. The right stocking repeated that exposure before the garter belt also joined the floor piles. After correctly answering a flashcard question, Indira unhooked her bra but shimmyed it off her breasts without using her hands, exposing makeup enhanced nipples.

Following each flashcard answer, Indira had likewise cataloged Ned’s sensuous areas by kiss: lips, each nipple, navel and inside each thigh. The final clothing article, her thong panties, had side ties. Indira loosed the bowties and dragged the scrap of material forward under her ass and over her clit. That completed the intelligence question & answer period.

Indira smiled as she rose from her seat and kneeled in front of Ned for the last poise evaluation step. Indira’s hands lovingly fondled Ned’s semi-stiff member and she planted her last identifying kiss smoothly on the knob with a pointed tongue quarrying briefly into the tip slot. She kissed the cock more fully, licked its length and finger-fluttered his balls. Inventory complete, Indira rose to Ned’s lap and let him check her lubrication. She looked down as he wiped a finger along her slit and found the soft lips naturally oily and ready for exploration. He moved his hands to her upper thighs and held her firm ass cheeks. She followed his guidance as he maneuvered her ass until she was properly aligned.

Ned helped her with the insertion of his cock by holding it upright as his other hand led her slash to his tip for imminent entry. She dropped her tube over his rod, moving slowly down and getting him fully encased. Indira parked her nipples on his and hugged his neck. Ned’s nose filled with her scent. He heard her groan and strain and his cock felt milked by her vaginal compressions. Then Indira slowly rose and lowered her butt, using side to side movements and sliding her nipples around his chest. Ned simply went along with her lead. She was greasing his entire length with the different textures and temperatures resident along her cunt walls. Ned percolated steadily. Indira neither hurried nor slowed the pace. Indulging the leisurely pace, Ned was beginning to feel the pressure build in his core.

Suddenly, the limousine bounced and swayed as it turned into the senior facility driveway. They had been riding higher on the seat to brace for their snuggling. The coupled test subject and evaluator were knocked back on the rear seat with Ned’s cock still embedded deeply in Indira’s box. Ned, prone on top, took over the pace. He stepped up rhythm and the pair finally walked off the cliff of orgasmic bliss. As they panted down to normal breaths, the limousine stopped at the senior facility’s front door. The limousine rear doors automatically swung open with a mechanical hiss.

Untangling themselves and getting properly re-seated, Ned and Indira counted the clothing piles on the car floor and determined Indira had passed the intelligence evaluation. She had also demonstrated her ability to think intelligently while disarming susceptible targets with her poise. Ned now wanted to see if she could find innovative ways of keeping her sexual quarry corralled after trapping him.

Ned picked up the car phone and called Mrs. Smith direct line inside the senior facility. “Indira has shown good progress since I transported her last year. We still have a few more evaluation assessment steps to do and will be working all night. Can you have our supper brought to the coaching tune-up suite? Good and thanks.” Indira overheard the conversation and felt happiness. She was probably going to pass but must not falter in her efforts now. Indira re-donned her heels and gathered her remaining garments in her arms. She stepped out naked and walked confidently up the steps and through the front door. She strode down the hallways of this facility, her home for the next year.

Ned followed behind, admiring Indira’s undulating derriere. Ned directed her left turn and right until they reached his personal coaching tune-up suite for her final evaluation steps. Indira was certain to receive a very good evaluation assessment if the rest of the night was as good as the ride coming here. He stepped ahead of her and unlocked the door. She followed him inside and surveyed the room. It was a marvel of functional furniture and open space with a luxurious attached bath.

Ned closed and locked the door. Indira turned to face him and awaited instructions. He commanded her to hang her clothes in the closet but retain her heels. The evening meal soon arrived and they ate the lite supper on the attached balcony. Indira remained nude but for heels and Ned wore just a loose pair of gym shorts. Ned ate his delicious meal as he savored the panorama of keen flesh in front of him. While they sipped their wine and coffee, Ned was planning out the resumption of the evaluation assessment.

Ned led Indira back inside and they stood facing each other at the edge of the bed. Silently, with a palm down motion, he directed her to her knees. She understood. She kneeled upright, nimbly loosed the waistband of Ned’s shorts and lowered his sole apparel to his ankles, bending forward and down as needed to perform her task. He saw her full breasts dangle in sidewinder view beneath her torso. Ned lifted each foot in turn and watched the boobs jiggle as Indira removed his garment and set it aside. Ned sat on the edge of the bed. Indira kneeled up and eyed Ned’s groin. He clicked his fingers and she looked up. Ned nodded that she could proceed.

Indira leaned in as she extended her tongue. The tip curled under his knob as she captured the head in her lips and drew him in. This was how she would get her after-dinner creamy dessert. Her palms rested against his thighs, ready to brace herself for the long, deep strokes to come. Ned looked at the wall mirror as he rested his hands on her finely coiffured head. He felt his cock swell in her mouth and received her best ministrations. It felt really, really good! Indira was certain to receive a delightful dessert and a decent evaluation assessment score if the rest of the evening proceeded as well as it had so far.

Indira sucked, licked, deep throated, lapped, kissed and fondled Ned to his complete satisfaction. She held him deep and swallowed her treat with gusto, adding the throat throbs to her buffet of stimulations. Ned collapsed back and Indira stayed locked on, dedicated to prolonging Ned’s bliss, embracing him contentedly in her mouth as he slowly deflated. When he was flaccid, she rose and positioned Ned in bed. She crawled in beside him and remained attentive to his face and breathing until he fell asleep.

Indira woke when the mattress dipped. Ned was sitting up and gazing at her. Indira waited for signs of his requirements. He laid her on her back and straddled her chest. She understood and wrapped her chest meat around his newly stiffened groin meat. The strokes were long and heavenly for both participants. He fingered her nipples as she satisfied his needs. Her efforts garnered a pearl necklace and a volley that glazed her ‘cum stung’ lips. Ned grinned as she slurped the sperm into her mouth. Indira was delighted and pleased that Ned was seeing her full capabilities. She coveted a good evaluation assessment score.

In the morning, they played in the bath and caressed away the accumulated sweat and spunk. Newly refreshed, Ned dismissed Indira so he could file her grade report. He would give her ‘excellents’ in all categories. He was looking forward to upcoming Freewill Weekends where he hoped to get acquainted with more of her skills. Ned expected Indira would become a brilliant pupil at the Total Woman Academy senior facility.

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