I wandered in to work on Tuesday morning pondering what surprises the day might hold in store for me. I was still disappointed at the thought that I would probably no longer see Kitty after last night, my first and favourite client and greatest success when it came to getting her to produce milk. After only four sessions she was producing a steady stream that I knew would only increase with more stimulation, but her husband walking in on us just as I’d finished measuring her for a new bra to accommodate the dramatically bigger boobs she’d developed, certainly seemed to be the end of a beautiful friendship. Well not so much friendship but definitely a relationship. Kitty got extremely horny every time I visited and one thing had always led to another. But that was gone and I would have to take solace in looking after my three other clients and seeing to their needs.

“Hi Sue, any messages?” I asked our receptionist as I entered the offices of Milkers R Us.

“Hi Mark,” she replied brightly, “a couple for you.” Sue, a pretty, rather busty 25 year old was a good advert for our business as the front line to meet customers. She busied herself sifting through the notes to find my messages, “Here you go, have a nice day!” she smiled.

“Thanks Sue. You too.”

I read the messages – great a cancelation from Mrs Monotony … oops, Nowotny. She was the boring vinegar tits who made me stand up while I performed my services. God knows why she wants to milk as she doesn’t seem to enjoy getting her tits sucked. The other brightened my whole day! Kitty was coming in at 10 o’clock to have the bra fitting I’d recommended. Out with Monotony and in with Mammaries! I was excited just at the thought of seeing her again – at least I’d find out what her husband’s reaction had been. I had an hour to fill before she arrived so I went into the fitting room and started to browse the collection to decide what I thought she would like – some for daily wear and some for a bit of sexy fun and perhaps a couple of maternity ones just in case she needs the easy access to express her spare milk. Her husband, Jim, wouldn’t be there during the day and I still wasn’t sure if Kitty realised how much milk she was likely to produce.

It wasn’t long before a call came through to say that she was in the reception. I went to meet her and the butterflies were back in my stomach just like the first day I met her. Silly I know after all we had done together in the last week and a half but there it was! I suppose I was really nervous about what had come in the aftermath of my lucky escape yesterday after her husband had walked in on us – fortunately ‘relatively innocent’ just having finished a session. I entered reception and there she sat in a rather figure hugging dress that only further accentuated the huge bust line she now had. Seated side on to me, I could clearly see she was in desperate need of support and, it also appeared, emptying, as her tits strained within their confines. She turned and looked at me and again that pained expression I saw in her face yesterday was back. She got up as I approached and she walked and bounced towards me.

“Hi Mark. Is there somewhere we can talk please?”

“Sure, of course. Come this way,” and I turned and led her through to the office area where no doubt she would have had her initial meeting with one of the sales people to arrange her contract with us. I found an empty consultation room and we went in. Once seated I asked, “What’s the problem?”

“I think you know the answer Mark. I’m too full again and … well .. you see, Jim tried but he …uhm … he just couldn’t get it the way you do. He got a little and he thought it was fantastic so the surprise worked great but he just didn’t take enough.”

She winced in pain as she explained, that little embarrassed lilt in her voice.

“When was that Kitty?”

“Yesterday, after you left … and again last night … ha ha, and again this morning,” the nervous giggle betrayed her pain in favour of how much fun she was having with her surprise for Jim.

“Did you try to express the excess yourself?”

“Yes but it doesn’t seem to flow; just a couple of sprays and then a dribble, so not much came out and then it was just too tender to try any more.”

“I see. You will find that by the end of the week you will have completely letdown and it will flow harder. Lots of mums find they start feeding slowly but it builds up and I can promise you, you will have plenty of milk to give.”

“Can you help me today Mark please?” the soulful puppy eyes did their job but weren’t really necessary; I’d jump at any chance to suck these lovely melons of their nectar.

“Of course I can. Come down the hall with me to the Lactation Room and I will show you the pumps I was telling you about and I will arrange a demonstration for you straight away. How’s that?”

“Oh that would be fabulous,” she said as she rose and came around the desk to the door. I opened it and led the way. Just as I entered the hallway I heard Penny, one of the technicians ask, “Oh Mark, if you are going into The Dairy could you count the number of spare bottles for me please?”

Sternly I glared at her as I continued walking and Kitty appeared behind me, “Sure Penny, I’m just going to the Lactation Room now,” I emphasised, “I will let you know.”

Penny looked embarrassed as she looked at Kitty and then back to me, “Thanks,” she muttered and then mouthed ‘sorry!’ when Kitty wasn’t looking, and then she was gone.

“Hmmm ‘The Dairy’ … is that what you call it here?” Kitty asked with laughter in her voice.

It was my turn to be embarrassed, “Well … yes, it is the casual term we use but normally we try to avoid any clients hearing it. Not very professional of her was it?”

“I suppose not but at least it is honest. No use trying to hide what you do is there? I suppose if this is The Dairy, that makes me … umm … one of the cows???” She laughed out loud. “I think you know me well enough to know I don’t have too sensitive a set of sensibilities Mark! But I do need your help right now!”

“Sure. Come this way,” and we proceeded down the hall a few yards until we got to the door marked ‘Lactation’ and I opened the door and we walked in. No-one was there so we had the room to ourselves for a while at least. “Here, take a seat,” I said as I led Kitty to one of the armchairs at the side of the room and then I wheeled a milk pumping trolley over beside her. She was scanning the room, seeing its hospital style décor – all white and sterile – and she was clearly full of questions.

“Why four chairs?”

“We often have a few ladies at a time who come in for a session on the pump as they donate their excess milk.”

“What do you do with the excess, throw it out?”

“Goodness no. We donate it to the local maternity hospital. There are quite a few mothers who can’t produce enough milk for their babies, particularly when there are twins, triplets, etc. but also, sadly some mums just don’t produce milk at all and the baby needs milk. We freeze it and deliver it to the hospital – that’s why there were all those health questions on the initial interview.”

“Wow, I didn’t think of this as a community service,” she giggled again, “but it makes good sense really. Okay, so what do I do now?”

“If you open your dress I will get this ready.”

Kitty started to undo the string of buttons on the front of her dress and her bust proceeded to explode from the garment. I set up the pump and put clean bottles into the flow capture and plugged it in to the power. Looking back at Kitty, her breasts were bulging over her bra cups as she leaned forward to shrug off her dress so she could undo the bra. Soon she was topless and her enormous mammaries were leaking before my eyes. I spotted the pads in her bra and thought it was nice to see she had appreciated the little gift. I offered her a small sheet to cover herself up in case someone came in.

Rather boldly she stated, “No, don’t worry about that, I want to see what happens.”

Switching on the pumping machine, it hummed into life as I took the two funnel-like cups and made sure the hoses weren’t tangled before I gently massaged her left nipple to increase the moisture and then I spread that milk around her nipple so that, when I placed a sucking cap over the engorged point, a good connection would result.

“Ohh My God!!” Kitty exclaimed as the suction swallowed her nipple into the neck of the funnel and latched onto her firm, full breast covering her browned and dimpled flesh. It was firmly latched on and already the thin milky fluid was flowing down the tube in the rhythm to the soft popping sound of the pump. Her other nipple was spontaneously spraying in reaction to the ‘feeding’ until I had the chance to repeat the procedure with her right nipple and again she reacted.

“OOHH Sweet Jesus!!! That feels wonderful,” she gasped.

Quickly the machine was taking her milk as she sat back in a dream. “Mark this feels amazing having both sucked at the same time. OHHHH!!” she quivered.

“You might notice that the two connections are actually sucking alternately so that each breast is sucked separately. It isn’t really good to have them both sucked at the same time, at least not early on.”

“You speak for yourself sweetie!” Then, gasping, “I think I will need some of those nursing pads for my panties!” and then she laughed a wicked laugh.

“Can you adjust the suction Mark?” She looked down to see through the translucent plastic that her engorged and stretched nipple was being sucked into the spout of the funnel and, with every flip of the little diaphragm, another stream of milk was pulled from her hot body into the funnel, down the tube and into the catching bottle.

“Yes Kitty but, being your first time, I think it is best that we keep it on a lower setting to begin with. We don’t want to do damage to your nipple or flow by straining anything. A bit later you will be able to adjust to pressure, okay?”

She nodded dreamily. “What’s through there?” she asked conversationally, more I think to distract her from the rising feelings she was experiencing – and I knew where they usually led.

She had indicated the adjacent room. “Just another milking room only with a massage table instead of chairs.”


“Well some ladies prefer to sit upright as you are now while others prefer to lie down as they are milked.”

“How does that work?” she asked quizzically.

“I will show you later when we finish. We can arrange pretty much anything that you want. We have a couple of our ladies who come in and use the massage table next door as they have special needs.”

“Really? I’m intrigued,” she glowed back at me. The tell-tale signs of her horniness clearly showed but there was little chance of doing anything about it here at work. The bottles were getting up to about a quarter full and the flow from Kitty’s breasts was slowing. Soon it was down to a bare dribble and time to disconnect. As I busied myself removing the cups and placing them in the steriliser and labelling the bottle before placing it in the freezer, Kitty started, “I’ve got to tell you something Mark.”

I stopped as I was disconnecting the pump, knowing a tech would come in to sterilise and clean it and turned to her, noticing she had made no attempt to put her dress or bra back on, “What is it Kitty?”

She looked at me with that same glazed look and dreamy eyes that told me at least some parts of her weren’t really here on Earth. “I think you can guess … at least some of it Mark. That machine’s sucking isn’t as nice as yours but it still has the same effect on me. My tits are so tingly, I’m soaking my panties! But there is something else … you!”

I was standing rooted to the spot as these words pierced my brain. What was she saying?

“On that first day you came to my place, I had promised myself that I would be faithful to Jim and that I would stick by the contract. But you were so lovely and patient and polite that, when I saw the lump in yours pants, I almost came then and there. I could tell you had a lovely thick cock and it looked like a nice size too and I couldn’t wait to see it – that’s why I sucked you that first day. I just loved your big fat cock!”

I was amused but aroused and clearly she had the advantage of me as she looked down to see him stirring in my pants. Her description I thought was rather generous. I’d been in enough football, basketball and school change rooms to know that my thickish six inches is pretty average and guys I’d seen like one mate nicknamed ‘Drainpipe’ clearly had more to brag about. Either she was not that experienced or she was spinning me a line. Either way I was hard and worried someone would walk in any second.

“After sucking you I knew you had a lot more than Jim has to offer. Don’t get me wrong, he is a dedicated lover but he’s just not as … um … fulfilling shall we say?”

Her talk was having her desired effect but this was my workplace! Could I risk it? Should I?

“Let me show you the other room Kitty,” I interrupted as I started toward the other door, my decision made. She seemed put off but I think she would like what I was going to show her.

“Oh, okay …” and she followed. I opened the door and she entered and stopped just inside. I closed the door behind us and quietly flicked the lock. She stood there looking at the table in the middle of the small room, she then quickly turned and moved into my arms and reached up and kissed me deeply. She mashed her bosom into my chest while her thighs did a rumba on my projecting dick. She broke away and said, “Show me how it works.”

We moved next to the cushioned table. I showed her how it was basically a normal massage table except for a few features including one that had a section we could remove so that her breasts would hang down below the table and the pump was mounted beneath on a shelf.

“Let me see!” she cooed.

I lifted out the large figure-eight shaped insert and there was the pair-of-mammaries sized hole near one end of the table. “Oh my! I have to try it!” she said. She pushed past me to walk to the end of the table and shrugged her dress off. It fell in a pool at her feet and she then simply leaned over the end of the table and allowed her sagging empty tits to slip through the hole until she was lying with her torso flat.

“Oh my God … Mark, this is why you call it The Dairy! You can milk my udders like a cow in the dairy! That is so hot. Please … you have to fuck me! Right now!!”

I was mesmerised as I saw her hanging tits sway gently below the table and my cock was pulsing in my pants. I stepped behind her and undid my pants zip. What was I doing? All of the technicians had a key; any one could walk in at any time? Stuff them! Let them enjoy the show! From behind Kitty I could smell her juices as her own special aroma filled my senses and the room. Unleashing my throbbing member I looked at her hips and saw her wet panties, soaked at the crotch. Suddenly it dawned on me – where did she want it? I’d fucked her arse but never her obviously wanting pussy. She again read my mind and answered my thought.

“Forget the contract; fuck my pussy now … please!” she begged.

Her need was in her voice and my need was in my hand and very soon it steered to her waiting moisture as I slipped aside her flimsy material to see her open wet lips pouting at me. My ‘big dick’ as she said was sliding its gently curved shaft into her wanting hole and she clamped down on it to increase the feel. Its rigid girth stretched her tight walls against her minimal resistance as she let out a guttural moan, “Oh my God that is so thick! I can feel your veins sliding against my insides. Please pump me!”

I was already building a steady stroking rhythm as I pushed deeply into her and withdrew so that her outer lips were clawing at my foreskin to chew it back into her. Just for once in our encounters I was not in any urgent need to rush or finish except for the chance of getting caught. I had already dismissed that thought as I stroked into her hot wet walls on my first stroke. Kitty reached back and spread her cheeks gasping, “Harder! Deeper! Oh God Jim’s dick never feels that big inside me!”

As she said that I felt her whole body shimmy on my impaled meat as she had her first orgasm and her juices sluiced from her womb to flow down our legs as they slapped together on each forceful drive I threw into her. I was grateful the table was bolted to the floor given the way we made it rock back and forth. The scintillating sensations as she clamped on me again in her spasm of joy was exquisite as I drove into her continually making her tits sway beneath the table and she shuddered immediately to a second cum.

“My God I am so full! Flood me Mark please! Cum in me and fill me more. I want to feel you throb harder as you cum in me … Oh! …. Ohhh! … AAhhhhhhh!!!” and I joined her crescendo with a gut wrenching spasm that had me bent over her backside and having to hold the table as my own spasms pulsed and my cum spewed inside her waiting cunt. She clamped down again on me and we could feel each other’s pulse through our interlocked connection. My knees were wobbly as I held on to the table and I stayed hard inside her for some while as we just lay in that vertical joining until I started to wilt. As I started to slip from her, she also started to move but I decided in for a penny in for a pound as they say.

I dropped to my knees behind her, holding her thighs, and moved in closely to her still gaping hole and I could plainly see our mixed juices starting to flow out of her. I’d had Jim’s cream pie last week, why not my own hot, fresh pie! I leaned in and engulfed her whole outer lips with my mouth and my tongue took immediate action to probe the open folds of her lips to lap up any escaping warm fluids. It was intense as she gasped and then grunted and spread her legs wide to give me deeper probing room. I sucked her inner walls to my tongue and probed her thickened clit while I swirled the juice and cream mix in my mouth. I kept as much as I could safely stored in my cheek so that I could then stand and deliver it to her. She stood and I saw the fire in her eyes that told me she was mine for the taking. I leaned down and closed over her mouth to share the evidence of our encounter and she probed her tongue deeply into my mouth to gather every last drop. Finally we parted from the passion of our embrace.

“There you go Ma’am, some fresh cream from the Dairy!” She broke into fits of giggles. “Kitty, we really need to get out of here. I am sure there are clients due to come in soon.”

Redressing herself she paused and laughed, “I hope they have as good a time as I did!”

Soon we were clothed and heading back out into the main hallway and I directed her toward the store we use for purchasing where I had earlier set aside the bras she would need. She kept grabbing at my butt as I led the way. No amount of discouragement would sway her from her playfulness until I stopped and reminded her I would be sacked if they thought the contract had been broken. She behaved, at least until we were alone again in the store.

I showed her into the changing room where I had left a few samples and suggested she could try these first. I turned to leave and she laughed, “You’re not going to leave me to try these on and adjust them myself are you? I might have to complain to the manager about the service you’re giving me … but not about the servicing you just gave me!” Her dirty laugh announced that she was in a fun mood.

“Here show me how good a tit fitter your are!” and she handed me one of the bras.

Okay, I thought, I will play your game. I slung the enormous cups over my shoulder as I faced her and proceeded to undo the buttons of her dress. I concentrated on what I was doing but Kitty stood still with a delighted smirk as my hands moved over her crests to reveal the not so hidden treasure. Undoing it to the waist, I ran my hands up across her hills to her shoulders and removed the dress so again it hung at her waist. “There Ma’am. Now your bra…” and she turned around to show me the expanse of soft skin of her back while I caressed her until I reached the back clasps. The bra was under serious strain and digging into her flesh with the additional weight it was supporting and her straps had creased her shoulders. Undoing the clasps allowed the whole lot drop forward and I reached around under her arms to caress the two sizeable mounds that were now released as I took off her bra. She sighed deeply at the contact but also the relief.

“Now Ma’am, to put the new bra on correctly I’d like you to …”

“You are not going to teach me how to wear a bra? I’ve had these big girls since I was sixteen. I think I …”

It was my turn to interrupt, and in a mock serious tone I added, “Thank you Ma’am, but you should know that as a trained fitter I learned that over 80% of women don’t wear the right sized bra or have it adjusted badly. Simply put even with growing breasts you shouldn’t be getting these big red marks around your ribs and I now see that this is a size 30″ you are wearing when I measured you as a 32″ yesterday.”

She was stunned into silence. “So if you would just lean forward for me as I slip this on…” She complied, “See how the cups fill first before you do the back up? Now we do the clasps to the outside clips so as it stretches you move inward. And lastly now that you can stand upright, the straps are adjusted so you can firmly but comfortably fit two fingers under the strap. These are all nice wide straps that won’t dig in. So how does that feel?”

“Oh my! You are right,” she whispered in an embarrassed tone, “that’s so comfortable. Thank you.”

In a short while she had tried on five or six of those I’d suggested and sent me for a couple of other colours and styles. The highlight was a spectacular black lace number that scooped her full bosom into its see-through confines and allowed her nipples to really stand out against the dainty thin material. Whatever Jim does for a crust, he was clearly cleaning up because she didn’t hesitate about buying half a dozen of the nicest, best-fitting and most expensive bras for what we had decided finally were her size F tits. She playfully stood there looking in the mirror as she undid the clips on the maternity bra she was wearing to allow the material to slip down and expose her firm, now well supported, boobs. “What do you think, a good look? What do you think Jim will say?”

Staring at her beautiful breasts peeking out of the two holes yet fully supported by the elasticated material so they stood firm and straight in front of her, I was half desperate to dive in again. “I think he’d be crazy not to say you are the most beautiful woman in the world and you have the best tits.”

She laughed at my directness and then went a little quiet as she started to cover up again. “I’m going to need to come in here to use the pumps, aren’t I? I mean Jim won’t be able to get all my milk every day.”

“That’s true,” I pointed out, “but you could hire or even buy a pump for home if you wanted. We could arrange that.” I’d already made a sizable commission from the half dozen bras she’d decided to buy but that was not really my main interest. “Or we could book you in.”

“Yes, I think I would like to come in to your Dairy … and help out that hospital,” she said but the guile in her smile said she had ulterior motives. “But there is something that I think you could still help me with – if you are prepared to do it. I will fully understand if you say no. It will be okay.”

“Look Kitty, after all we have been through in the last little while, I think you know you can ask me anything. If I can help you I will.”

I smiled down at her as she seemed to hesitate a little and then she whispered, “Jim just doesn’t suck right. I tried showing him how you do it but he just doesn’t get it. Would you mind coming around to show him?”

I was stunned! The shock must have clearly shown in my face, probably the open jaw was a give away. “It’s okay Mark, I understand. I shouldn’t have asked,” she said pitifully, a little tear in her eye.

Oh my God! She was doing it to me now! She was a minx and could get what she wanted. Look up the dictionary for ‘womanly wiles’ and it would have her picture! Unfortunately I could also picture the image of Jim in the doorway of their bedroom with bone-crunching fists ready to knock me into next week!

“Kitty,” I started, and she immediately looked up hopefully! “Are you sure that Jim would be okay with this … I mean, yesterday he was ready to kill me.”

“Oh no Mark, he’s really a pussy cat. He wouldn’t have hurt you!”

My mind had a picture of a lion ripping me limb from limb rather than a cute kitten rubbing against my leg. “Well … are you sure he won’t mind?”

Eagerly she spilled the beans, “Yes, I’m certain. He and I had a long chat while he tried the first time after you left the other day. I told him all about finding Milkers R Us and you coming around and being so professional and that … erm …”

The long pause had me worried!!!

“… well that I had got so horny … annnnd, you had … um … helped me out.”

“You’ve got to be kidding Kitty! He will kill me on sight and I wouldn’t blame him!”

“No you don’t understand. He knows what I get like when I’m horny and he lets me have a little bit of freedom but I promised him we hadn’t fucked.”

“You mean like we did half an hour ago?”

Coyly she tilted her head to one side, “Well, yes … but that was after I’d promised him so I was telling the truth at the time.”

“So what does he think we did?”

“I told him you had licked me out and that I had sucked your cock.”

“No mention of the anal play we’d had.”

“No but that won’t matter because I’ve tried to get him interested for ages and he just isn’t into that.”

This had to be the most bizarre conversation I had ever had in my life. I was about to consider walking directly into the Lion’s den and saying, ‘Lunch is served!’ But there was still something so enticing about this woman that I was actually contemplating it. What’s the worst that could happen? I suppose I could get the beating that I escaped the other day – easy to argue got one and got away with one – one all draw! Besides it meant seeing Kitty again. Um … that was the real selling point.

“Okay Kitty,” I responded hesitantly, “if you are really sure this is okay?”

“Absolutely! I told him this morning I would try to get some help.”

Oh great – he will have had all day to build up to the moment.

“Can you come around tonight say about 7:30?”

“Sure … okay .. if you are really sure about this?” I displayed my nervousness.

“It will be fine, I promise!”

“Okay, 7:30 it is then.” I gathered her purchases and the tags of the one she was wearing and allowed her to dress while I went through to the store to ring up the items. She was soon there and passed me Jim’s credit card and I handed it back with the MRU shopping bag. She leaned forward to give me a peck on the cheek but my alarmed look was enough to stop her.

“Oops, sorry – see you later,” she whispered and she left.

“She really has the hots for you Mark!” came Sue’s voice from behind me. I’d sensed she was hanging around before but hadn’t seen her.

“What makes you think that?” I remarked innocently.

“Oh call it women’s intuition if you like … or good hearing as I was checking the bottles in The Dairy for Penny and you were in the back room.”

“I don’t know what you mean!” I responded but could feel myself turning red.

“Don’t worry Mark. It’s a stupid part of the contract. I couldn’t imagine getting a guy to suck my tits and not getting very hot and bothered. And watching her, she’s a cat on a hot tin roof! If you haven’t done something yet, I bet it won’t be long!” She tossed her red hair back, laughing wickedly as she left to return to reception.

She had no idea how true her words were and I was sure that tonight I was going to find out what was in store for me in the slightly longer term. I also pondered momentarily about the nice plump C cups that Sue has as she talked about getting her tits sucked. Hmmm, I wonder?

It was still quite early and I had my other appointments to got to. Funnily enough the other two ladies I was assisting seemed to be coming along nicely too and were more responsive than they had ever been before. Perhaps it was my manner or the fact that I was a little pre-occupied; I guess I hadn’t really given them the same attention I’d given Kitty and ‘a tit is a tit is a tit’ is the company’s unofficial motto. Nothing would change Vinegar Tits Monotony but the other two were nice ladies who were starting to leak a little; they too would soon be graduating like Kitty. As days of work go, most of the males on the planet would swap places in a heartbeat.

It seemed quite soon that I was back at the office and packing to go home. It was a naughty smile on Sue’s face as she said, “Had a good day?” looking down at my milk stained shirt.

I chuckled, “Yep. Getting results all over the place and ran out of clean shirts after the last appointment.”

“Occupational hazard! Better get home and do your laundry. Milk stains you know!” She was being sassy and pushing her boobs out at me. Another time I thought; I already have an evening appointment to take care of but perhaps Susie, I might help you with that ‘hot and bothered’ problem you mentioned.

“See you tomorrow Sue!” and I was out the door and heading for home. Got to shower and change. Must eat something although the breast milk diet was very filling but it wasn’t the same as a good steak. I was soon home and in the door and my mind’s eye kept flashing back to Kitty’s wonderful backside over the end of the table as I pumped into her hot wetness. I had to keep reminding myself, I was going there to help Jim learn how to suckle properly. I was in effect doing myself out of a job! What an idiot!!

As I left my flat and headed for the car I felt those nervous butterflies back again. Crazy – what could possibly go wrong? HAAA!!!! As I approached the house I could see lights in what I now knew was the bedroom. I got out and slowly walked down the path – was this Death Row? I approached the door, nerves spiking and noticing every slight noise or movement around me.

I had a pretty good idea what I was going to find but I suppose the expectation of actually tasting Kitty’s milk while her husband watched was an even bigger conscious and subconscious factor than I cared to admit. I couldn’t afford to show that I had fallen for her as a client. I know she is devoted to her hubby and this is all for him. I just have to be happy to have facilitated that, get him doing what she wants and move on once my role for Milkers R Us is fulfilled. It was easy to say that in my head as I approached the front door but I kept envisioning those beautiful, now pendulous breasts with their red engorged nipples and that taut body, that gorgeous perfect bald pussy and, by no means least, her incredibly sensitive backdoor that we had explored. How can a man be expected to ‘cum and go’ so to speak without some emotional attachment? Even if it isn’t reciprocated? Still I have a job to do and I don’t want to spoil it.

The door opened and she purred, “Evening Mark, come in.”

I was rooted to the spot looking at her naked body standing in the doorway, those breasts clearly displaying their fullness with the signs of her veins showing through the translucent skin, that deserved to be in a Reubenesque portrait, telling me they were full again since this morning’s session at the office. Her nipples already puffed up and her areolae hard and dimpled in the cool air. In my mind I was yelling, ‘My God you are gorgeous!’

“I’m glad you like what you see Mark but the neighbours might notice … and it is a bit chilly,” she chuckled.

I awoke to her words, “Sorry Kitty but you surprised me a bit there,” I commented as I stepped inside and she pushed the door closed behind me. Suddenly her arms were wrapped around my waist and her firm full boobs were pushing into my back and immediately I felt the warm flow of milk through my shirt against both sides of my ribs. Standing erect in the hallway, frozen to the spot, I said, “It seems things have been going well since this morning?”

“Oh you have no idea Mark!” she responded excitedly, releasing me from the embrace and steering me forwards. We were heading into the bedroom. “I’ve been pouring everywhere! And,” with another little giggle, “at both ends!”

We headed to the right, her hands pushing me while massaging the two wet patches on my shirt. She turned me through a doorway – it was the master bedroom. Stylishly furnished, with a large mirrored dressing table and a big old wooden bed dominating the quite familiar room except as we entered, there sat Jim on the edge of the bed where I had left him the day before.

Only this time… he was naked.

He looked up at me and there was doubt in his eyes and some malevolence but no real anger that I could perceive. This was strange. He just sat there as I stood in front of him. Clearly taller than me and physically fitter yet it seemed that there was no will to fight. What was going on?

“Now Jim! You’re not still sulking are you? Mark didn’t know you hadn’t cum yet!”

WHAT??? Looking down I now saw that his crossed legs partly hid what looked to be the remnants of his erection. These two had been at it as I came up the path. No wonder he was pissed! “Look I can come back …”

“Don’t be silly Mark.” She sounded like a chastising mother, “You are here now and you have given up your time to help Jim. He should be being more grateful. Jim!! You apologise to Mark this instant!”

Knock me over with a feather if he didn’t do just that!

“Sorry Mark,” he said as he stood up and offered a hand, “thanks for coming.”

What alternative universe had I just slipped into? I politely shook his rather wet huge paw and immediately wondered how it got wet like that – I think I knew.

“Now that’s better Jim – good.” He seemed cowed and beaten. “Now Mark, it’s obvious we started without you but I’d feel much better if you joined us by being naked. Is that okay with you?”

Again the maternal matter-of-fact manner – how could you argue? She was a prize manipulator. I couldn’t refuse, yet I knew that what she really wanted was to show my cock off to Jim. Thank God old Drainpipe wasn’t here!!

“Uhm … sure,” I replied.

It was a request but not really a request. Kitty pecked me softly on the cheek, “Good let me help you,” and proceeded to undo the buttons of my shirt. I stood as her mannequin while she disrobed me. Jim stood there beside us as she removed my shirt and gave it to him, “Here Jim, put that on the chair neatly please?”

Like a good little boy he meekly completed his task. By the time he returned from across the room, my shoes were off and my pants were loose. When she was kneeling to pull my pants and boxers down, my semi-hardened penis sprang from its confines. Kitty gently stroked it against her cheek, across the warm soft flesh, caressing the engorged head and I felt a wet smear of my instant arousal paint her.

Fairly quickly I was naked and Jim had ferried my clothes to a tidy folded pile on the chair and Kitty had risen from the floor to be standing closely between the two men in the room. The trio of us standing naked resulted in more stirrings of inner desires overcoming my outer terror and nerves.

“Thanks again for helping Mark. We really appreciate you going out of your way like this.” It sounded like I was dropping off and extra delivery of a newspaper, not standing naked about to show this guy how to suck tits – something quite frankly I thought was a natural skill built in at childhood and then practised for fun afterwards!

Where do you want us?” Standing close I could smell her essence and her manner was clearly wanting action.

“I think we’d best use the bed so if you, Kitty, can sit up in the middle, I can show Jim how to approach you, if you don’t mind?”

“Of course Mark.” She turned and hopped up on the bed flashing me her puffy wet nether regions as she crawled away, telling me they had been busy for a while before I got there. She was soon ensconced in the middle of the bed with her back against the bed head, the queen of all she surveyed, Queen Kitty! I certainly felt that was her intention as she manipulated the two men currently in her presence to follow her majesty’s expectations. I wasn’t in the mood for any treason so if the queen wanted it, tonight I’d do my best to give it to her!

“Your comfort is the only thing that matters here; are you comfy?”

“Yes Mark, you may begin,” came the royal decree as she sat back, her arms spread across the head board to keep them out of our way.

“Jim would you mind sitting on Kitty’s other side please?”

He didn’t speak but simply turned and moved and I noticed how his rather small appendage waved in the air as he moved. As I’d said, I’d been in locker rooms and rule one is ‘Don’t stare and compare’. As he walked, even in my own mind I thought it must be hard … and then corrected, it must be difficult to write a love letter if you’ve only got barely four inches worth of pencil.

He sat beside her and I followed suit on the near side of the bed – closest to the door although the feelings of any real threat had almost entirely disappeared.

I suddenly found myself sounding like one of my high school Phys Ed teachers, “Okay Jim, tonight I am going to demonstrate the best method of … ” sounded like a basketball free-throw lesson!

In my mind it was, ‘First get the grip right, a gentle hand on the side and lift it up to your face…’ – concentrate Mark!

“Okay Jim, start by just gently feeling the breast flesh, feel how firm it is – that will tell you how full Kitty’s breast is. See the skin, how it is tight and you can see those lovely blue veins straining and you can clearly see her pulse there on her upper breast. That tells you how much she is enjoying your attention. Now follow my steps as I show you. Cup the lower half of her boob and bring it up a little. Feel the milk-filled weight it has. I can tell you that Kitty is very full and wants you to enjoy drinking the milk she has created for you.”

For the first time there was a reaction as Jim smiled briefly at this thought. “See how just lifting her breast has made a little milk leak out – she wants this for you. Now use your other hand to slowly feel around her nipple and watch as it grows and the areola becomes dimpled like gooseflesh.”

I could feel my own arousal developing and I could smell Kitty’s. I couldn’t see Jim’s but the faraway look in his eyes suggested he was on the same un-Earthly plane with us.

“Now use a little milk to smear her breast so that all around the nipple and areola is wet, this makes it easier to latch on.” I’d nonchalantly done each step as I said it. “Now, when you are ready, bring your mouth down and cover the whole nipple and areola so that you can get your lips nice and wide around her teat and then, when you have contact with your whole mouth, no gaps!, you can suck her into your mouth. Watch and then you try.”

I leaned in and gently raised the prepared teat to my hungry mouth and immediately latched on and drew the nipple into my mouth which was instantly rewarded with a spray of warm motherly nectar. I couldn’t help matching wanton moans with Kitty. I was in rapture but tried to remember the supposed purpose of the visit and looked across to see Jim staring at me as his wife’s nipple disappeared into my inner being. I pulled away. The deeply reddened button had expanded already to a cone shape to fit my mouth.

I coaxed him with, “You try Jim.”

He stared at the swollen tit I’d so briefly sucked, before he hesitantly followed the steps I’d advised and finally reached in to Kitty’s other nipple but pursed his lips like he was kissing his aunt, barely covering the nipple.

“Jim,” I interrupted him as Kitty’s eyes rolled back in frustration, “you know the old saying ‘more than a mouthful is a waste’?” He nodded.

“I’m here to tell you that it just ain’t so pal! More than a mouthful is a challenge! You want to suck that tit so hard it reaches back into your throat. Like Kitty said, think about the baby your sister feeds…” I’d said enough as the twinkle in his eyes showed me a penny had just dropped. He launched himself back into Kitty and half her huge boob disappeared into his mouth and he drank deeply.

“My God Jim it was your sister’s tits you were watching!” came the accusation from Kitty’s mouth as she realised the connection between my comment and his steep learning curve. The accusation was soon replaced by her own deep seated groan of pleasure as he searched her soul for more milk. She glanced over at me and smiled and nodded toward her other teat that gently sprayed milk over us. Soon she was being syphoned even more efficiently than the pumps at work this morning. As the tension in her wondrous globes was released her hand started to patrol my body and soon found my nipple and played. My stiffening organ stretched up for attention but was beaten into second place by my hard nipple and firm brown puckered surrounds. The last of her milk was dripping away as I released her and found Jim beside me, his head in her lap as she played with his nipples too.

“My you boys do like titty play don’t you. But a girl needs more than that to fulfil her needs. Now Jim I think it’s fair that you had a turn before and it should be guests first so I want you to watch for a little while, alright?”

Jim went pale but sat up on the bed and simply didn’t move. “Mark, Jim was sticking my pussy with his dick when you arrived. Would you mind finishing the job please? Just lie down and I will climb on you okay?”

I couldn’t believe what was happening but silently, mindlessly I rolled over onto my back. “Oh my Jim, look at his big thick cock. Isn’t it so much longer and thicker than yours?”

Jim was turning various colours of the rainbow but wasn’t moving except to stare down at my loins. It was good for the ego and that had an impact on my manhood emotionally and physically as I tightened muscles to make him jump. Kitty’s ‘ooh!’ of joy told me the action had been noticed. I had pumped into her long and hard this morning but she was driving the bus this time and I was along for a glorious ride!

“I was thinking that you have been here, what four times and on each occasion we have ended up … well .. um .. doing ‘something’ and you have been the perfect gentleman despite being as horny as some teenager watching a porn movie. I’d like tonight to be different. Do you trust me?” was your rather puzzling comment.

Thinking, ‘Seems an odd question seeing as I am about to be fucked by you while your husband sits and watches us,’ but, okay. “Yes, of course I do.”

“Good, but you let me know if there is something you don’t want to do, okay?”

Again I was puzzled but nodded agreement.

As I nodded she started to climb up and crawl across the big bed. Kitty crawled around toward my feet with her ample boobs swaying beneath her, cat-like, as she surveyed her prey until she turned and paused beside me. Then she knelt up and, with, “I thought this might be more comfortable for both of us,” she threw her long slender leg across my stomach and straddled me. It was almost too much for me as her breasts presented perfectly to my eye level while her hot nether regions had my hard cock nudging at her back door. Briefly I thought I knew what she had in mind – I was wrong! She rocked backward so my shaft could graze up between her cheeks in her crack and then she nestled down and pushed back, bending him against his will so that I could feel the scorching heat and wetness of Kitty’s pussy along the top of my shaft. She grazed back and forth until my length and thickness was engulfed in her slit, her open lips spread across my shaft so that she could ride the ribbed muscle and stroke her clit against my man meat; there was no chance of entry at this angle with this downward pressure making my cock ache against its desire to point upwards or, in fact, to spring up hard against my stomach in its fully aroused state. Kitty took obvious pleasure in controlling this action and was savouring the feel of my wide cock getting the juices from her molten centre spread all over it. She slipped forward along the top of my cock forcing its length back between her cheeks and then back again. Her slightest movement had her hot pussy lips wrapped around the top half of my length, stroking along my cock. No entry was offered as I was pushed down by the slight body with minimal weight but right now I didn’t care.

She leaned forward dragging her full firm boobs across my chest, swaying in circles and managing to maintain contact the whole time, leaving a faint trail of her milk on my body. My now hard cock nestled against her hot and obviously wet loins as she smiled into my eyes. “Now isn’t that better?” I just nodded my agreement.

“I have to tell you Mark, this thing has had me horny as Hell. I’ve had milk going everywhere all day – dribble, dribble, dribble! Thank God you got Jim to suck me so well even if he was thinking about sucking on his sister’s tits when he did it.”

Jim cringed at the accusation but didn’t deny it or, in fact, move or say a word. “But if tonight goes as planned, I may forgive him.”

I was in a trance as she nestled onto me, gyrating her full hips that I could feel were on fire again. Staring at Kitty from below, I could see the fine features of her neck and shoulders that I just wanted to caress and massage as I focused on her bosom swaying across me, her nipples tickling against mine. I was an automaton just following her commands mutely.

“Is your big fat stiff cock stretching against my hot wet cunt lips? How does that feel Mark? “

“Amazing!” was the only word that came to mind and she giggled. All of this was for Jim’s benefit more than mine.

Again the slight gyration of her hips, “Shall we?”

She hefted her mountainous left breast up to my mouth and offered me the empty nipple. I went into my reverie as I took it and was surprised immediately as the succulent flavour of her milk invaded my senses, “Hmmm!” as I realised that for all his effort, Jim still hadn’t emptied her.

“Oh God that feels good Mark! Almost as good as it tastes!” She had been trying it then – not surprising knowing how aroused the whole idea made her.

I sucked gently at first and a slow flow started to fill my mouth and I drank it down. I nestled in to suckle fully and to draw this nectar from her body and into mine. Kitty’s nipple expanded and extended into my mouth and soon I had a suctioning rhythm working at her tit. The molten wetness in my mouth was easily matched by the wetness in my groin as her juices flowed over my cock and down around my tight balls. She was meeting the rhythm with her cunt lips stroking the length of my cock riding along its length as it nestled against her bum cheeks. My hands had initially been resting by my sides until I used one to assist in getting her tit into the right position to suck it in deeply and then allowed it to maintain a contact lightly caressing and massaging her breast as I sucked. But I soon realised that my other hand had moved to her hip and it was steering her movement slightly, subconsciously so that the pressure on my hardened dick was rotated over the length and breadth of my shaft. I was wanking with her body and didn’t even know it.

Kitty’s milk flowed in little streams from the various pores of her nipple, each of those little ducts opening to release her heavenly fluid. My tongue was engulfed in the sweet taste of the thin liquid. I was in a different world. Her consistent cooing mixed with moans of pleasure had me mesmerised. I awoke to the fact that I had emptied her breast. I became cognisant of the warm wetness on my chest that had been dribbling over me during the first part of this encounter – she really was producing quickly. I eased back and the fat red teat slipped from my mouth as she groaned in disappointment at the breaking of contact but she was already steering the other to me and I quickly understood that I was so wet because she hadn’t stopped massaging that firm breast all the while I was sucking her. The knowledge made my cock twitch and a brief, “Ooh” escaped her lips.

I leaned in and immediately had a full and growing nipple in my mouth. My hand on its side told me that she had expressed what little was in her tit but I was soon sucking anyway. I was soon back in my reverie and my hand was full of the warm flesh at the side of her empty boob. Although the flesh had softened, it was her arousal that kept a firm and womanly peak available to be enjoyed, its faint veins straining in the exercise of replenishing the wonderful milk supply.

My hand had now found a parking spot on her hip but was absent-mindedly starting to explore its surroundings. The soft smooth skin of her buttock and over the hip bone to the gently moving torso that massaged my manhood, and across the sensual texture of her back barely feeling the ribs as they swelled with her breathing. It was a deep, contented breathing, not the frenetic panting of our lust this morning. Reminding myself of being buried deep inside her pussy and the amazing orgasm she achieved from that contact only served to arouse me even more, if that were possible, as I again became aware of her moist shaven cunt lips straddling the girth of my cock.

She reached behind my neck to pull my head into her to increase the pressure. Suckling firmly her nipple had elongated to meet my passionate suction and the increased gyration of her hips told me her arousal was also peaking. She was moving faster and becoming louder. I had become almost oblivious to her moans of joy as I realised I was almost drowning them out with my own mewling groans of ecstasy into her breast.

She was resisting my suction, pulling back on her breast but I wasn’t prepared to let it go just yet, leaning forward to prevent losing the hot flesh in my mouth. Suddenly the world changed and I realised that she wasn’t pulling back but up and she plummeted into my groin only now my cock had risen in her movement caressing along her crack and across the rough skin and into the soaking folds of Kitty’s core and then she dropped herself onto the length of my shaft impaling herself on my hardness and sending lightning bolts through my brain. The heat was intense but the silken tight smoothness of those inner walls caressing my cock was pure heaven.

She commenced a much faster rhythm of lifting and dropping into my lap, “Move down the bed,” I heard Kitty rasp, the intensity in her voice making obedience essential. I slumped down from near the headboard and pillows as she steered me without losing our contact on her nipple and she pushed down further with her cunt grasping my meat between her thighs, hungrily eating it into her depths. Now slightly angled across and flat on the bed, this position allowed Kitty to draw up and down the full length of my shaft and also meant her other breast was hanging free beside my face as she held herself up above me. Drawing up and down, she had clearly found a better contact for her clit as she ground her pubic bone into me with the added benefit of the strong contact with the G spot in the hidden upper part of her vulva which gave her maximum pleasure.

I raised my hands to her breasts and, gathering them together I sucked both nipples into my mouth. “Oh My God!!! Harder! Bite them!!”

She allowed me to savage her tits but her thighs became still. She pulled up on me as I drew in her tits. She shifted her weight and drew her legs up on either side of me allowing her thighs to open more and spread her cunt open wide. Instantly the warmth of her fluids drained over my shaft and down through my crack. Suddenly I felt an invasion as her finger joined my cock in her wet and stretched vagina. It slipped in with the ample lubrication and caressed along the underside of my shaft. I halted and she froze as the digit impaled and withdrew. On its third of fourth invasion it occurred to me that Kitty was holding her body weight up allowing me to tear at her teats with an arm stretched either side of my shoulders. On the next inward thrust I felt the warmth of a hairy rough skin caress my balls.

Dawning of realisation! That ‘finger’ was Jim’s cock that he had slipped into Kitty with me. We were both fucking his wife and, as hard as he must be, it felt like something no bigger than an index finger. No wonder she wanted my cock. His balls were firmly slapping against mine and the heat of her cunt was building as she started to rise and fall in time to his thrusts as I remained the stationary centre of this threesome. The extra pitiful cock still increased the tension in Kitty’s cunt and the crowding made the rippling velvet inner folds caress my mushroom head deep inside her. My orgasm was building and Kitty was yelping as I bit into her tits, knowing I would be leaving some bruises as souvenirs of the evening. And then she clamped hard on me as the warmth infused us. Jim had come inside her, and on me, and I could feel his warm sample flooding the already filled space as his pulse pounded against my cock. Kitty clearly had been waiting for this as she yelped, “Cum with me Mark … AHHHHHHH!!!!!”

Her spasms wracked her body and, as Jim slipped away, he left my cock gripped in her velvet glove that played up and down my shaft like a pianist and then her flooding warmth was joined by a hot wet tongue probing our juncture as I exploded knowing that it was Jim’s turn to suck my cum from her soaked folds. He lapped away as Kitty rose up and down a number of times more to ensure that she had managed to mix the two doses of cum with her own juices. I was empty but the warm tongue cleaning my scrotum and gently sucking on my balls kept my shaft at attention as Kitty lazily rode it a little longer.

Gradually I subsided and slipped from her insides as she stretched her legs down along my body to lie atop me. Her gentle gyrations kept me warm and sensuously alive. Jim had disappeared it seemed. I didn’t really care anymore now that the lay of the land was a lot clearer to me. Kitty had whomever she wanted and he just did as he was told. I can’t imagine the telling off he got after I left the other night!

“That was wonderful Mark!” she cooed as she slipped to lie beside me. “I’ve never been so full … and so filled!” she laughed.

“I must say it was a bit of a surprise, but not an unpleasant one,” I gasped, trying to catch my breath.

“Oh good! I am glad you feel that way. There are a few things I’d like to try if you are willing … and you are such a good teacher!!”

“What sort of things have you got in mind?” I queried.

“Well … in a little while, when you are – erm – up to it, I’d like you to show Jim how you fuck my backdoor so hard,” she explained in so matter-of-fact a manner I hardly noticed her hand gently caressing my thigh and heading towards my soon to be interested cock. Her gently gripping fingers slowly slipped along my oily length, our combined fluids still remnant from our recent fuck. It took a while before I was revitalised into a tumescent tool ready to finish a long delayed job.

Kitty sat up, “Come here Jim. I’ve been trying to get your to spike me with your pitiful little cock in my arsehole but you’ve always known it couldn’t do the job properly. Well Mark has kindly offered to show you how his big fat cock that you just stroked off against fits so tightly inside my other hole. Now find a good spot to watch; stand by the bed. Mark teach him how to do it to me … please.”

I got the pretence of manners to place me ahead of Jim in the pecking order but I was obviously just a tool in his humiliation. Strangely, as I’d never experienced it before, it worked for me feeling that I was sexually superior to a guy who physically could probably break me like a twig if he wanted to except he’d rather be told what to do.

My six inches were hard and straining. I knelt up on the bed, “Kitty, on your knees please and spread wide.” She followed my instruction and was soon arranged in much the same way she was on the first time we did this on the lounge. I felt like I could play the teacher role that Kitty wanted and a quick glance saw she was watching Jim’s face intently.

“Well Jim,” I began firmly, kneeling behind Kitty with my cock swaying gently as its curved length strained to plug her anus, “last time we did this, I just fucked her hard and fast.”

He winced at the words ‘last time’ realising that his wife had lied to him. I felt my power and courage grow with the straining veins on my cock. “But before that, I used a lube so get it out of the bedside drawer and spread a little on my knob and her ring.”

Again it was like a slap to the face, knowing I knew where the lube was kept told him more about his wife’s deception and infidelity, but he complied and opened the tube and squeezed a liberal amount along the top of my shaft and another glob above Kitty’s ring so it dribbled into her crack. I was loving this! “Stroke it around my cock unless you want me to hurt her as I split her in half with this fat shaft!”

I could see her cunt drooling – she was quaking with this scene happening before her. Jim stepped over and tentatively reached forward and, mesmerised as he touched the much bigger example of manhood, slipped his hand around my much broader shaft and wanked it a couple of times slowly to massage the lube across my length. I could see his pitiful pencil was poking at the air, waving desperately for some attention. “That will do. Now watch.”

Using my two hands I spread her cheeks wide to expand the view of her sphincter muscle and using my thumbs I massaged the lube in ever-shrinking circles until I was focused on the lens of her bum. Her tiny muscles clenching at every sensation as I blew gently across the cool lube to make her quake and then, knowing she liked the pleasure/pain I thrust my thumb deep through her backdoor and roughly shoved it to its full depth inside her. “OH MY GOD!!” she yelled as she instantly pushed back.

“See how she pushed back Jim. You can’t be rough enough in this hole – she loves it.” I proceeded to pump into her with that digit and Kitty just oohed and aahed and pushed back, getting louder and louder as Jim watched on.

“Now Jim I am going to stick my fat shaft into her until my balls that you licked clean slap into her wet cunt lips.”

I withdrew my thumb and briefly her muscle showed a little tunnel into her centre. I aimed my cock at her backdoor and plunged in. Again the slippery lube made access easy and yet the burning tightness made her scream into the pillows but once buried in her butt, she started to thrust back and forth to create the friction she desperately wanted.

“See Jim. I could just kneel here and let her wank her back door on my cock until she comes. (Another slap to his ego) And she does come Jim. Screamed the house down last week (Slap again!) Kitty is anally orgasmic if she can feel the cock pumping into her (Slap one more time!).”

I built up a rapid rhythm until I could feel my balls slapping against her open cunt lips and feeling the warmth as they were soaked in her oozing juices. “Oh my God – your balls!!! I love feeling them slap my cunt! Harder please Mark! HARDER!”

I was happy to keep shafting her hard and fast to hear her pleasure as I was enjoying his humiliation but how to make it worse?

“Want to see her cum Jim?”

He meekly nodded – the barest movement of his head. Kitty was pushing hard back into me as I hammered her tight ring. A sharp slap to her arse cheek stopped her movement and it glowed red under the imprint of my hand on her pale bum flesh. “Turn around Kitty but don’t release me. On your back!”

I felt her internal muscles squeeze, clamping my cock deeply inside her as she slowly rotated her hips and slipped one leg across under us and then swinging the other in a wide arc as I leaned down into her. She was now on her back and her legs were raised and spread to open her bum cheeks wider so that I could burrow my shaft deeply into her. I slowly rocked back and forth allowing most of my shaft to escape her insides until the rim of my cock head barely felt the open air just so I could slam it back in and could feel that delightful grip as the helmet’s ridge was grabbed by the elastic band of her ring on re-entry, each time I thrust firmly back into her. Each time as I bottomed out she groaned loudly as I watched her open womanhood seeking stimulation while her jiggling tits roamed across her chest. I started to pump faster avoiding any contact with her clit even though it was stretching out of her vulva begging for attention. I knew she didn’t need it as the burning tightness of her anus was enough to drive her over the top.

Her name was Torrie and I fought her before. I easily beat her in a catfight and ended up fucking her in the ass and making her orgasm in front of everybody in the club she danced in. I figured she’d never want to see me again. Imagine my surprise when I got a knock on my door and opened it to find her standing in the hall of my apartment clad only in a black leather overcoat and heels.

I arched an eyebrow and smirked. “Don’t tell me… I was so good that you came back for another ass fucking. Is that it?”

“It’s your ass getting fucked today, bitch. I owe you one and I’m here to pay the debt. But that is one debt I’m going to love paying off.”

I just laughed and opened the door, waving her in. Thinking how much fun I was going to be able to have with her now that she was in my apartment.

“You wearing any –

I stopped mid-sentence when she let her over coat fall to the floor to reveal a body that had to be sculpted by the Gods themselves. I had seen it when I fought her before, but I really didn’t get a chance to appreciate how beautiful she was. “Nude, anything goes, no holds barred catfight I assume?”

She just nodded, glaring at me. The fire for revenge danced in her eyes and I realized she might not be as easy to beat as she had before. “Okay, fine. Stakes?”

Torrie smiled. “Loser gets fucked and humiliated at the end of the fight and is owned by the winner for one week. If you’re not too afraid that is.”

I just laughed, though something was nagging at me about this. Something just felt wrong but I figured it was my imagination. “Okay, Torrie. I could use a slut to clean up after me.”

She chuckled evilly. “Oh no, whore. You’re gonna be my bitch for a week. And I’m going to fuck you so good that I’ll break you and make you beg me to keep you on as my slave.”

“Did I mishear you last time when I fucked you so hard that you screamed: ‘Oh, fuck, fuckkkkkkkkkkk! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!’ I probably gave you the best orgasm of your life and do I get a thank you? Noooo… I get a bitch who wants revenge. Well, if that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get, bitch.”

I took my black daisy dukes off first. My blue tank top came off next, revealing my large, firm breasts whose nipples were as hard as bullets. I kicked my leather boots off and then slid my black satin thong down my legs to reveal my shaved mound. I noticed hers was bare except for a small strip of hair that we girls called a landing strip. Then the fight started.

I stood in a relaxed stance and just followed her movements as she crouched down and circled around me with her arms out as if ready to grab or pounce on me at any minute. “Better be careful girl, I kicked your ass once. Well, I should say kicked and fucked your ass once.”

I laughed but stopped when she drove her head into my stomach and grabbed my legs. She didn’t do a whole lot of damage. My abdominals are strong and tight but it surprised me a bit. I looked down at her and just slapped her hard on the ass, figuring it would humble her a bit.

What it did was make her mad and she wrapped both arms around my left leg and pulled it off the ground so that I was now hopping on my right foot to stay standing. I tried to yank my leg free but she had a solid grip. She started to twist my leg, forcing me to turn away from her. She knew that if I didn’t my knee would be wrenched. So of course I turned and once my back was to her she pushed forward, hooked her leg in front of my right leg and pushed me forward. I tripped and as I fell she bent my left leg up as far as she could to my back. Once I was on the floor, she was able to force my shoulders to the ground by bending it back even further.

I started fighting her, trying to stretch my leg back out straight but before I could finish doing that she dropped a hard knee with all of her weight behind it into the small of my back. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” My back knotted up and the pain was almost unbearable. But instead of giving in, I focused the pain into rage and reminded myself I couldn’t lose to such a weak bitch and serve her for a week as a slave. I mustered all the strength I could and pushed the front half of my body up by my arms. I then threw all my weight into my hips and bucked Torrie off my back, her being much lighter than me thank God.

Torrie was not expecting me to be strong enough to buck her off so she went flying off me and onto her ass. I stood up, my leg a bit numb but useable. I was so pissed that this little slut got the jump on me that I grabbed her by the hair and slammed my fist as hard as I could into her stomach. She doubled over, gasping for air as she curled forward trying to protect her stomach from further attack.

I pushed her into the corner of the ring gently, not wanting to hurt her. I knew she was no threat to me physically. She tried before and she could never beat me. I was too strong and fast. But I didn’t want it to be a total blowout so I decided to give her some time to recover.

I watched her doubled over with her hands on her knees, breathing deeply as she tried to regain her breath. Her long sweat-drenched sandy blonde hair clung to her face as beads of perspiration dripped from her brow like dew drops off a leaf. Her breasts were firm and full – easily a “D” and maybe more. Her nipples were hard like mine as well. All in all this dancer slash cat fighter had a body that would put Aphrodite’s to shame.

I knew then and there that cat fighting was not the way to go. She would be a better challenge in a sex fight. I knew I wasn’t probably nowhere as near as experienced as her in sex fights but I had to try; she was just too damn hot not to. Although the chance of defeat was much higher in a sex fight than a cat fight and I ran the chance of becoming her slave for a week, I had to chance it. Just like men, sometimes another part of a woman’s anatomy does the thinking for them.

“You’ll never win by fighting me physically. I figured you’d have learned that by now.”

She got up slowly, tears filling her eyes as she still gasped in pain from the blow to her stomach. Amazingly, she had enough energy to rush me, her arms swinging wildly as she screamed with frustration. I just looked at her, shaking my head and stepping to the side; I easily avoided her punches and let her run into the other turnbuckle, not able to stop her. I knew that had to hurt; she went breasts-first into it. She screamed so loud I even cringed.

Torrie managed to turn herself around and slumped in the corner, letting the ropes hold her up.

“You can’t take a hint, can you? Beautiful but not too bright, huh?” I asked.

She looked at me for a moment like a deer in headlights and then caught on. “Sexfight? The loser is the one who cums first?”

I clapped in mock admiration. “Yay, you get to go to the head of the class.”

She eyed my body over like a lioness eyeing up her prey; I immediately got that nagging feeling in the back of my head again. This time I couldn’t get rid of it.

She chuckled softly. “Hmmm… I’m willing if you are, baby.”

I grinned, trying to act cool and confident when I really knew I was over my head in deep water with a very large and hungry shark eyeing me up for dinner.

As she walked up to me all I could do was watch. Her walk along with everything else about her was so seductive, so… perfect. Torrie slid her hand across my hip and down my thigh to my bare and very vulnerable pussy. I immediately shuddered in ecstasy and knew I was in deep trouble. I wanted to give up to her right then and there but I was too competitive. I won’t lose unless I am beat.

“Damn,” I moaned, “maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.” I pushed my breasts against hers, feeling her nipples drilling into mine as I tried to push her up against the wall. I tried to concentrate enough to get my hand to her pussy like she did mine but it was difficult, she was good… Too good.

She just laughed as she felt me shudder and grabbed my leg and pushed me down while she pulled my legs out from under me. She fell on top of me as I fell backwards. Torrie scooted down my body and before I knew it her face was buried in my pussy and her tongue slid along my lips, forcing a loud groan of pleasure out of me.

Her fingers reached up and twisted my nipples as her tongue found my clit and slid across it.

“Noooo… I can’t let this happen…” I tried to sit up but she put me onto my back again easily with the mere placing of her hand on my stomach. It didn’t take much, her tongue was sapping my strength and will to fight and I really didn’t want to resist it.

Torrie slipped her fingers between my lips and rubbed a finger from her free hand gently over my clit. She rolled my clit under her finger tip expertly with painless but firm pressure.

“Ahhhh… Noooo…” I tried to struggle and get away from her but it was not only futile but also not truthfully desired. My legs spread wider for her involuntarily and she sensed my vulnerability and knew she had me; I knew it too.

Her fingers slipped inside my pussy and she curled them up and flicked her fingertips across my G-spot which nearly made me cum right there but by a miracle I fought the urge to orgasm although just barely. Her tongue started in on my clit and coupled with her fingers hitting my G-spot, I knew I was hers. My body went limp and I lay their submissively as she took control and made me hers.

“Please noooo… Please don’t make me cum… I can’t be a slave noooo…” I could only beg her not to enslave me and I couldn’t even do that very convincingly.

Her fingers stroked the inside of my pussy as her tongue fluttered across my clit. The fingers of her free hand started to stroke my firm, muscular ass. Torrie slipped her forefinger deep into my pussy, getting it wet, and then pressed it firmly against my puckered asshole. Her finger slipped past my rosebud easily and she began to tease my pussy and ass. My legs tightened around her neck as I moaned like a little girl who had lost her puppy.

She began to finger fuck my pussy and ass in earnest at the same time as she continued to abuse my clit with her tongue. All of this helped lead up to a massive orgasm and my eminent defeat but it was the five words she growled with such authority that pushed me over the edge. They were simple words but powerful just the same.

“Cum now, my little slut!”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! FUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKK!” I screamed as my body jerked violently and my pussy exploded in ecstasy, my juices squirting over her fingers and down the inside of my thighs as I writhed in pleasure like a pig in its pen.

“Nooooo… FUUUUUCKK!” My legs were wrapped tight around her neck. “YOU BITCH!” I screamed as I sobbed , realizing I lost and was now her slave for a week.

Torrie smiled as she seen that I realized my situation and my new position. She looked down on me and giggled at the broken body of a slut she had conquered. I was another notch on her sex fight belt. “Look at you, slut. Lying there after the best orgasm you probably ever had. But guess what? The game isn’t over yet, whore. It’s time to make you my bitch and I know just how to do it. Go bring your strap on harness and two of your biggest dildos to me.”

I obeyed immediately, groaning inwardly as I realized I was probably going to get a dose of some of the medicine I had given her before. Realizing my situation was hopeless, I grabbed he harness and dildos and took them back to her, still on my hands and knees.

“Mistress, what are you going to do to me?”

“You will see, my pet. Now, put the harness around your new Mistress’s waist.”

“Yes, Mistress,” succumbing to my new role as slave a little too easily for my liking. I buckled it around her waist and she grabbed the two dildos. I knew I was going to be doubled penetrated because my harness had two rings to hold two dildos so that one could fuck both holes if a woman so desired.

The smaller dildo of the two was eight inches long and two inches thick, the bigger one – the one I affectionately named the Bitch Tamer – was ten inches long and three inches thick. I knew I was in for some pain this night. Mistress Torrie took the eight inch dildo and slid it into the ring that was meant for the ass and put the Bitch Tamer in the ring for the pussy. I sighed in relief somewhat; that Bitch Tamer would have literally ripped me a new asshole.

She inserted the dildos and got them situated and glared down at me. “Suck them slut. And get them nice and wet. I wouldn’t to hurt you!”

My eyes widened but I looked up at my Mistress gratefully. At least she wasn’t totally sadistic. I took the Bitch Tamer into my mouth first, sucking it deep and running my tongue on the underside of it as I bobbed my head up and down on it. I then moved on to the smaller dildo making sure I had plenty of saliva on this one knowing it was going to invade my ass.

When Mistress Torrie felt that I had sufficiently lubed the dildos with my mouth, she grinned wickedly at me. “Bend over the back of the couch, slut. Head down and your ass high in the air. Your holes will be at the perfect height to fuck and I’ll be able to fuck them hard.”

I walked over to the couch and bent over it, tears running down my cheeks as I knew I was about to become Mistress Torrie’s slave. Yet for all the shame and fear I felt, I also felt arousal. So beautiful was this Goddess that I could only submit to her whims. So I bent over the couch, my head pressed into the top of the cushions and my ass as high in the air as I could get it.

“Now spread those tender cheeks, slut. Let me see what I’m fucking,” commanded Mistress Torrie.

“Yes, Mistress Torrie,” I meekly answered as I spread my cheeks wide, exposing my rosebud and already-wet slit to her.

“Wider, slut!” she demanded, punctuating her command with a hard swat on my bare ass.

“Aaahh! Yes, Mistress Torrie.” I pulled my cheeks wider as I felt the sting turning the right cheek she hit numb and probably red as well.

“Good girl, slut.”

She lined the dildos up with my holes and began to push them in. The Bitch Tamer slid in rather easily which didn’t surprise me nor her probably. My cunt was wetter than a lake and I was so hot for this woman I couldn’t see straight. But the smaller dildo didn’t go into my ass as smooth. But with a few short jabs and some grunts of pain from me, it popped past my ring and slid deep into my ass. She paused with both dildos in me, not moving. I didn’t even realize she stopped because the pain was kicking in and distracting me.

“Ahhhh, fuck! They’re too big, Mistress. I’m so stretched and my ass is burning. Take them out please,” I begged. Yet I prayed she wouldn’t as I found myself getting curiously wetter.

I had nothing to worry about; she didn’t take them out. She grabbed me hard by the hips, digging her nails into my flesh as if to hold me still and thrust hard into my holes. It felt as if the dildos were going to come out of my mouth they went in so deep. Mistress Torrie than paused and smiled. She raised her hand high in the air and brought it hard down upon my left ass cheek this time.

I cried out and she laughed.

“Okay slut. Beg for me to fuck you and make you my bitch… Beg to be tamed by your own strap on and beg for me to rape your tender ass!”

Her words hit a chord in me, almost making me orgasm then and there but I held it back knowing I’d be punished dearly for cumming without her permission. I tried not to but I found myself doing what she said. “Yes, Mistress Torrie, please rape your bitch. Tame me and make me your slut. I’m nothing but your whore who needs to be punished and fucked like the slut I am.”

As I begged, she began to thrust forward again and the pain and pleasure returned and I found myself gasping in ecstasy. She buried the dildos inside my holes and thrust back and forth rapidly, fucking both my pussy and ass as hard and fast as she could.

“Nooooo… You’re raping me… Breaking me… Please… Can’t take it…”

I tried not to give in to the pleasure but I failed. “Don’t break me, Mistress Torrie… Please… Noooo…” I screamed as I found myself thrusting my body against the cocks in my holes painfully.

Mistress Torrie fucked me even harder, grinding the rubber dildos deep inside me. She pulled back, than thrust forward again as hard as she could. She leaned forward as she grabbed my nipples tightly, pinching them and using them to pull me harder onto her strap on.

I just pressed my face harder into the cushions of the couch as my will finally broke. I was now under her control and my pussy started flowing copiously while she fucked me senseless. All I could do after that was beg for one thing. Beg for the one thing that would in one way enslave me and in another way liberate me… “Mistress, may I cum please? Please let your slut cum.”

She fucked me harder, pushing me closer and closer to my breaking point. “No, slut. Do not cum.”

I fought hard to fight the orgasm back and succeeded for the moment.

“Are you mine, slut?” she asked as she ravaged my ass and pussy mercilessly. “Are you my slut? My toy to be used and abused as I desire?”

I tried to sink my face deeper into the cushions while I sobbed in humiliation and shame but I had no choice but to answer. “Yes, Mistress Torrie. I’m your toy to be used and abused as you see fit. I am yours for a week, Mistress. You own me for seven days.”

She stopped; the dildos were still deep inside me but she didn’t move at all. “Only for a week? Only for seven days? Are you sure? Seems like you would want to be owned for longer than that…”

Mistress Torrie than ran one of her hands across my back as she talked, the fingers of her other hand gently stroking my breasts. Are you sure you only want to serve me for a week? I thought you wanted to cum this way?” She smiled as she let the implications set in.

The bitch was going to make me become her slave for an even longer duration in order for me to get her to make me cum. I thought at first about refusing but I couldn’t. I had to cum. She had me against the ropes and she knew exactly what I needed as her hands played my body like a fiddle, causing my body to tense in a building orgasm but never quite letting me over the edge. She waited for my submission and I gave it to her.

“Two weeks. Two weeks if you make me cum, Mistress Torrie.”

She seemed to consider this and finally assented. “Two weeks as my sole property, slut.” She spread my ass cheeks wider and thrust hard into me. The Bitch Tamer filled my pussy and stretched me wide open as the smaller dildo expanded the size of my asshole.

“Cum now, bitch. Cum right now, slut!”

I was riding the crest and about to drop over the edge when she smacked my ass hard and screamed “CUM NOW!”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” My body convulsed violently as my juices coated the Bitch Tamer and ran down the insides of my thighs as I bucked wildly, grabbing my tits and kneading them. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! MISTRESSSSSSSSSSSS!”

Mistress Torrie continued to spank my ass and forced me to keep cumming until I was drained utterly and was nothing more than a quivering mass of flesh that trembled in pain, fear and pleasure on her dildos.

I was broken and nothing but her submissive slut now. “Ahhhh… No more, Mistress Torrie, please… No more… I can’t take it… You own me…”

After that, she removed the strap on and made me wash the dildos and left as she had to go see some friends. She commanded me to put this match into a story format and so I have. Unfortunately, the same night I lost to her, I won a Liberty match in which I fought for my freedom and won. It was straight cat fighting this time. I learned my lesson with sex fighting… At least for now.

Although I won my freedom, a part of me is disappointed that I did. I have to admit, I wondered what being Mistress Torrie’s slave would be like. But unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll ever know now. Not too long after I won the Liberty match, Mistress Torrie’s former Mistress, Victoriadomme beat her bad and collared her and now owns her until she tires of her.

Note: This makes reference to the story Chance Encounter.

The most amazing, erotic thing happened today at work. I am a flight attendant. It was the last flight of the day. The flight was pretty empty, but there was one couple that were late additions, they had been bumped from another flight. They were a cute couple, probably in their mid thirties. He was wearing some 501s and a V neck t-shirt, and she had a t-shirt and skirt on.They sat near the rear of the plane. People either do that because they want to be near the bathroom, or they want privacy. The whole back half of the plane was empty. As the plane taxied out, they were chatting and laughing about something. I went to my station for takeoff, then got up to get drink orders. I had 3 passengers in my section. The couple in the back, and businessman sitting in the exit row, about as far away as he could be and still be in my section. When I got up to get drink orders the couple was covered up by a big jacket and making out. They stopped when I walked by and just grinned. Only the businessman wanted a drink. After I dropped his drink off headed back to my seat in the aft section of the plane. The couple still covered up by the jacket, and just grinning at each other. I stopped to ask if they wanted anything, and asked what their trip was for. Just as I asked the question I realized she was giving him a handjob under the jacket. I managed to stammer out the end of my question, and he enthusiastically replied sex.. Then they both started grinning.

I was a bit intrigued. I told them if they wanted me to stay and chat she would have to button his jeans back up. They grinned and said okay. I was a little relieved, that was one mess I did not want to clean up.

“So, your trip? “I asked.

This time she replied and explained they we were meeting one of his old college friends for threesome

“Golf?” I asked.

Once again, he replied by saying sex.

Now I was really intrigued. They were certainly good looking enough to be porn starts, but that did not have enough tattoos and piercings for that. I told them the drinks were on me if they would tell me the rest of the story. He wanted vodka, she wanted Jack and Coke. I quickly returned with the drinks.

“I have to admit, I have thought about that, but I will probably never do it. Was this the first time you tried something like this?” I asked, trying not to blush.

He replied, grinning ” Third time in a month.”

She replied ” Third time ever. It’s weird, we did it once, and then it just kept happening over and over.”

The thought of being her, with this guy.. and if he friend as anywhere near as hot. That would be something to dream about.

They launched into their tale. Turns out the guy was pretty hot as well. He was a little shorter than Frank, and had darker, longer hair.They started off with some kind of stripping game that resulting in all of them being naked pretty quickly. Then the guys tied her up and she watched while they made out. Apparently she talked them into it. She was attractive enough that I imagine she could have talked them into anything. The more I listened to her, the more I could see it happening. Then she had sex with each of the guys while to other one watched. I always thought being watched would be creepy. The way they described it sounded pretty hot. And she had an orgasm with both of them. The expression on my face was a combination of disbelief and jealousy.

They asked me if I had any mile high club stories. I didn’t. Most of the time planes were too full, and the bathrooms were way too small. I had idea.

“How would you like to be my first mile high club story. There’s nobody in the Galley, and nobody is sitting close enough to hear you. We have about 15 minutes before we start preparing to land. I can give you five or ten minutes,” I said.

They wanted to go for it. I walked them back to the galley, and turned on the Lavatory occupied light. There was not much space, but compared the the bathroom ( or the cockpit ) it was spacious. As I stepped out I said I might peak in to check on them, just to make sure nothing had gone wrong. They were already making out as I pulled the curtain. I checked on the other passenger and tried to look busy, but I was dying to to my first check. I decided it had been long enough. I pulled the curtain back just a bit and looked in. She was standing on my seat, shirt pulled up, with her hands on her breasts. He was in front of her, shirtless, with his head between her legs. His hands were braced against the back wall. They did not even notice me. I made the rounds again, then went back to check again. She was leaning against the side door of the plane looking out the window bent over as he fucked her from behind. His pants were around his ankles, his hands were on her hips and he was banging her like there was no tomorrow. I sat down, tired of walking around. I looked at my watch. We were about to start the landing drill. I had to get them back in their seats. This time I poked my head through the curtain to tell them they were out of time. This time he sitting in my seat ( but on his jacket, how considerate ), pants still around his ankles. She was in his lap, facing him, riding his cock. I could tell by the look on her face she was having an orgasm. I felt bad, but if they were not in their seats another crew member would come back here.

“Please return your sex partner to a full upright and locked positions, and stow your junk for landing..” I said in my most official flight crew voice.

She moved like some kind of sex ninja. She climbed out of his lap, and kneeled before him, taking his dick in her mouth, stroking it with her hand. Seconds later he grunted and I guess came in her mouth. In almost the same motion pulled his pants up and started fastening them. It appeared he wasn’t wearing underwear. By the time he had his t-shirt back on she was had her clothes on. All she had was the skirt and shirt, no bra, no panties.

She turned to leave I noticed a little of his come was on her lip. I started to point to my on lip, trying to think of a polite way to tell her about it. Then, I don’t know what came over me. I pressed my lips to her, licking it off, then sliding my tongue into her mouth. Franks huge grin got even bigger.

“Something to remember me by,” I told them. I hope they remember me , I will never forget them.

The returned to their seats, buckled in, and nobody was the wiser.

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