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Delivering Caterina to the sophomore housemother, Ned logged on and documented the results of Caterina’s assessment. The housemother asked to speak to Ned in her office.

Mrs. Soares opened the discussion. “We want to promote Brooke from junior to Senior. You spent two days in transit with Brooke before her attendance at the fund raiser. The pledge contributor has returned Brooke to the freshman facility. Did you get enough information to document a positive formal assessment? If so, can you deliver Brooke to the senior facility? While you are there, the senior facility has a dilemma we think you can resolve.”

Ned replied “I can pass Brooke with what I saw but I want to debrief her during the drive about her activities at the pledge contributor’s fund raiser. I will include that interview in her evaluation assessment files. What is the dilemma at the senior facility?”

Mrs. Soares explained “We have a very competitive Academy senior ready to graduate. Her cumulated evaluations assessments are excellent in every category but one. In that one, she was graded as good. She wants a perfect score. She requested refresher training in that one category and a retest. She has completed the refresher and is ready for the retest. In fairness we want a second opinion. She is Euro-Chinese from Hong Kong and an electrical engineering honor graduate. She will flourish in the electronics industry back home and should become a very generous alumni fund contributor. We are anxious to get her career started. You can perform the test at the senior facility after they brief you on the particulars.”

Ned drove back to the freshman facility to collect Brooke. She was ready when he arrived. He drove all night while Brooke told him about the breast cancer awareness fund raiser and her activities.

Brooke had worn dusky evening makeup and was pantyless beneath the black skirt. A towncar collected her. Upon arrival at the event, she was met by her host, the pledge contributor. The public portion of the fund raiser lasted three hours. She was introduced around and shook many hands. Her hands were not her only things that shook. The gentle movements of her generous breasts under the dress top panels help remind the attendees why they were there. The donations exceeded the goal. This was a good sign for the Academy finances as well. Closing speeches thanked the public donors as the evening wound down.

Guests departed until only a dozen or so remained, all males. As the room got quiet, the guests stood looking at Brooke. Her host pledge contributor approached Brooke and gently took her elbow in hand. He guided Brooke to another smaller room where the private fund raiser commenced with an auction. Brooke stood on a low stage at the front of the room facing the audience. Her arms hung down and her fingers intertwined at her hip level. A man approached the stage, addressed the audience with a speech.

“We are here for the second phase of our fund raiser. It will be an auction. The first item for bid will be the task of removing our lovely participant’s dress top. The high bid will establish fair pricing for further acts.”

The auctioneer indicated a billboard which listed various caresses that were priced as percentages of the winning initial bid. The list included nipple kisses, hugs with the bidder’s shirt on, with shirt off, cupping one or both breasts from front or behind and so on. A short older gentleman placed the highest bid and was called forward by the auctioneer. He walked around Brooke as he examined the dress and eventually found the Velcro tabs at neck and waist. Standing on a stool behind her, he opened the neck strap, dropped the front panels and exposed Brooke’s boobs. A murmur of approval passed through the audience. The gentleman’s hands slid around and cupped Brooke’s tits as his thumbs rubbed her nipples. Brooke eyes squinted and she purred, turning her head back to peck a kiss on the gentleman’s cheek.

Brooke’s pledge contributor host discretely retrieved the discarded dress panels so he could reassemble the dress before taking Brooke outside after the event. The next three bids claimed sessions hugging Brooke to their fronts without shirts. Next came cupping from behind and seemed to be the most popular. The bidders were gentle with her. Brooke’s breasts were squished often against bare chests, the breast cupping and squeezing was never rough and kissed nipples were not bitten. Brooke actually became aroused with the attention. When everyone had bid their desired amounts and collected the wining ‘prizes’, the auction ended. This phase of the fund raiser had also exceeded its goal.

The Academy would be pleased that Brooke’s prodigious assets and talents had garnered prodigious results. Brooke’s host had pledged to the Academy a contribution equal to the funds collected at the private phase of the fund raiser. He was anxious to realize his investment.

Brooke’s dress was hastily reassembled and after fond goodbyes to all, Brooke was hustled by her host to his waiting towncar which drove them at a nearby luxury hotel. In the luxury suite, Brooke stood stoic as her host assumed the sweet burden of again removing Brooke’s top in front of the mirror. He accompanied that duty with caresses, squeezes and little finger rolls of her nubs.

Brooke reciprocated by expertly undressing her host. She used her knowledge of sensual points to heat his ardor throughout the protracted process. Finally fully nude, he pulled her to the bed and bounced her onto her back on the mattress. He grabbed her hair, lifted her head and placed an extra pillow beneath it. Her face was pushed forward towards the chest. She helped place her host’s straining erect cock in the warm, spongy trough between her boobs. She pressed the orbs inward with her upper arms and used her hands to touch and caress his thighs and hips.

Brooke watched her host ram himself through the fleshy crevasse. She kissed his tip when he pushed it high up the slippery tunnel and paused there in invitation. Brooke efforts were remunerated by the volume of his howl and volume of the glistening pearl necklace he deposited on her neck and chin. Some of it hit her plump ‘cum stung’ lips and she licked it off with her tongue.

After a short refreshing recess, her host sat on the edge of the bed and Brooke kneeled between his legs. Remembering Ned’s coaching she employed fewer oral techniques and long deep strokes while painting the space below the crown with her upturned tongue. Long before he approached climax, she stopped and mounted her host backwards. She used a shorter stroke with vaginal clamping and hip rolls. They watched each other in the full length mirror. She employed shoulder shimmies to jostle her boobs until her host howled again as he ejaculated.

After another short recess, they fucked with Brooke on her back. After that, her host slept on his back as she watched his face, lying against his side. When he stirred, she circled her index finger pad around his nipples, his sternum, downward until she was rubbing his semi-hardening erection. He turned his face to her and they kissed. He head bobbed to her, directing her to ‘mount-up’.

Brooke’s host pledge contributor seemed insatiable but she recognized he was beginning to fatigue. She decided advanced measures were required. When she was astride his pelvis facing him, she rose and he inserted himself easily into her cunt. Her host was plenty long and filled her vagina to its full length. She backed off a little and held him inside so that the tip of his cock barely touched her cervix. She employed smooth gentle hip rolls to scrape her flexible cervix flesh across his top slit. She watched his eyes widen at that and his mouth open to a whooshing in-breath. Having found her target, she repeated the light rubbing for a long time.

Brooke stared into her host’s eyes and reached for his hands. She held them against her rolling breasts and encouraged him to pinch and play with the nipples. He held tight to the nipple nubs but her breasts were in constant rippling motion beneath his grasp. As her host’s breath shortened and deepened, Brooke got ready for the crescendo by going to long strokes. As he roared in orgasmic ecstasy, she clamped hard and felt the pulses fill her cunt with his essence. She collapsed forward trapping his hands gripping her nipples between their chests. Her tongue lashed his inner ear and her teeth nipped his earlobe. They lay like that for some time before her host’s cock receded and slipped out of her flooded cavern. She rolled sideways and resumed her vigilance while he slept.

Brooke woke her host with a slow long lasting blowjob. They were both exhausted but still managed a joint shower while Brooke executing a slow gentle handjob. He reciprocated with a finger fuck of her vagina as he stroked her G-spot to her soul fulfilling orgasm.

Brooke re-donned her break-away dress. On the ride to the TWA facility, they gently cuddled in the rear seat of the towncar, finally too exhausted to cum again. The host’s hands were roaming constantly under the dress over her breasts, ass and legs. She leaned her head on his shoulder and drowsily buzzed his neck. The host was encased in her scent and awed by her charms. Just prior to arriving at the facility, Brooke thanked her host for a wonderful experience by one final blowjob.

Brooke was dropped off at the Academy facility by noon as promised. She climbed over her host’s prone body and exited the limousine. He was too exhausted to move out of her way. Exhausted herself after three nights of nearly non-stop sex, she fell asleep in bed still wearing her dress. Her slumbers lasted through the rest of the day and that night. When she awoke, the other students gathered to admire her dress and pestered her for details. Brooke waited for return transport to the Junior facility. Instead she learned that, pending Ned’s approval, she had been promoted to Senior and would travel there instead.

Ned was enthralled with the tale. He appreciated the fact she had accepted and employed his advice. Brooke’s willingness to accept coaching gave Brooke better prospects for a bright future.

They drove all night, except for one stop. At the remote edge of a rest stop, they climbed in the backseat. Brooke manipulated Ned’s erection with hands and mouth as he toyed with her exposed breasts and fingered her pussy. Brooke relieved Ned’s pent-up pressure, caused by him listening to her stirring monologue of the soiree’s activities. They arrived the next morning at the Senior facility.

Brooke was met by Mrs. Smith, the housemother, and assigned her room. All senior students got private rooms. Senior students spent all their time working on a senior project, namely their self. While completing their college degree, they combined everything they had learned in beauty and poise to dress, act and talk like the Total Woman they were destined to become. Ned followed the housemother to her office. Along the way, he was greeted by students who wore the fashionable clothes and displayed the confident behaviors and attitudes seen in high power offices worldwide. After logging on, he filed his assessment evaluation report for Brooke. She had more than earned her scores of good and excellent.

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