breast milk

“Amen.” Maya said completing her prayers before she stood back up and climbed into her neatly made bed.

She tucked herself under the warm blankets and plumped the pillow under her head. Reaching to the bedside table she turned off the table lamp. The room was plunged into darkness with the only light source being the over sized glowing numbers on her digital alarm clock. It was ten thirty at night. She always went to bed on time. Her alarm was set for six in the morning. She got up early to work out before showering and dressing for work.

Maya signed to herself in the darkness as she rolled over several times. She had had dinner with her younger sister, her brother in-law and their two kids tonight. She had had a lovely time, but it left her feeling a tad jealous. Jealousy was disgusting and a deadly sin, but Maya couldn’t deny that was exactly how she felt. Her sister, at just twenty five years old, had everything Maya wanted. A loving husband, two beautiful children, and a cozy home to enjoy them in.

Maya at thirty had the cozy house, but none of the rest. In fact, having been raised by extremely religious and strict parents she was even still a virgin. Maya felt her face flush with embarrassment even though no one could possibly know that particular truth. She never told anyone! Of course her family assumed she was, since she had never married, but the rest of the world she let believe she was normal.

Normal was not something she felt. Maya had urges she didn’t understand. Every so often there would be an itch between her legs that needed soothing. She didn’t allow herself the sin of masturbation. The very thought repulsed her. Only weak people did such depraved things. She was strong and would remain chaste until her wedding night.

Tonight was one of those nights though. She felt hot, flustered and filled with needs she couldn’t even put words to. She tossed and turned until the clock read midnight, and then thankfully suck into a fitful sleep filled with dreams that made her feel ashamed.

She wasn’t sure if it was the dream or a sound that woke her in the middle of the night, but suddenly her eyes flew open. Maya sat up in the dark and clutched her blanket to her chest. Her nipples were hard and she could feel a wetness in her panties. Her dreams still clung to the recesses of her mind making her feel hot and shameful. The room seemed still and calm. She listened for anything else that might have woke her. She felt as if something had. There was no dog barking. No noisy cars outside. No sounds at all.

Maya forced herself to take deep measured breathes. Licking her lips she glanced at the bedside clock and noted it was two thirty in the morning. If she was going to get up on time, she needed to get some sleep now. She was about to lay back down when she heard a sound that sent chills up her spine.

It was soft but it was there. Breathing. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Bile rose in Maya’s throat as her heart slammed hard against her rib cage. Whoever it was they were in her pitch dark room with her. She squinted into the shadowy corners of her bedroom. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. He didn’t care if she heard him. She didn’t even know how she knew it was a “him” but she knew all the same.

Clutching the blanket tighter she drew her legs up to her body and pressed herself into the headboard. She cursed herself for not keeping a knife or something in her bedside table. She very slowly and silently reached for the phone on her bedside table.

“Don’t bother.” Came a deep voice just above a whisper.

Maya cried out in fear but snatched her hand back to her body. “P-p-please just leave! I won’t tell anyone!”

It was stupid. Maya had watched enough TV to know that never worked, and furthermore if he did leave she would tell everyone!

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. “The phone won’t work, and I am not leaving until I get what I want.”

Cold hard dread slid through Maya’s body. She knew instinctively what he wanted, but she had to try. “Take anything you want. I will tell you where I keep my valuables. Please just take whatever and leave.”

Two heavy footsteps and she could see the shadows move. He was big that much was evident. Her mind went into overdrive. Could she make it to the door before he stopped her? She doubted it. In fact he was between her and the door anyway. It was still had to discern exactly where he was, or even exactly how large he was.

“I know what I want already, Maya.”

Her head snapped up. “How do you know my name?”

He laughed a soft, deep laugh. Maya felt indignation slide up her spine. “Don’t you laugh at me! How do you know my name?”

“I want you, Maya. I am going to have you.”

He wasn’t laughing now, and Maya’s indignation turned to sickening fear again. “Please don’t do this!” She pleaded into the darkness.

“This is going to be an experience like nothing you could ever imagine. It won’t hurt. It will forever change your life.”

“Don’t rape me.” The word “rape” came out on a squeak. Her entire body trembled.

He moved again. He was closer to the end of the bed. She could make out that he was well over seven feet tall and had linebacker shoulders. He was a monster of a man. Maya knew she couldn’t fight this man. He was going to be able to defile her and she could literally do nothing to stop him. She was far too petite and ill equipped. She also knew he was wrong, this was going to hurt.

She didn’t see him move but felt her bedclothes being tugged steadily away from her. She held on tight, but it did nothing to stop him. Soon, she sat in her dressing gown and panties pressed against the headboard.

“Why me?” She asked.

“I need to have you.” He answered simply. His breathing sounded heavier with excitement.

“You’re sick!” Maya shrieked. He didn’t try to silence her. There was little chance of anyone hearing her. Her neighbor’s home just wasn’t that close. “Don’t do this to me!”

There was a movement and it was so sudden but her ankles were snagged and tugged hard toward the end of the bed. Maya’s eyes rounded like saucers, as her jaw dropped open to scream but she couldn’t force more than a pathetic squeal. It was not hands that grabbed her ankles, but something slithery and smooth. Her mind scrambled for the right word. Like an squid! Like an octopus!


The slid effortlessly around her slender ankles and wrapped firmly. They held her legs straight out in front of her. Maya tried harder to see in the darkness. She was squinting when the light on her bedside table lit to its most dim setting.

IT was a man. Well, it was mostly a man. She was speechless in both fear and awe. She had been right, he was enormous, but what she hadn’t expected was he was stunning in the most unearthly way. His hard was jet black and thick. A little too long to be conventional, but not so much so that he would be unconventional. His skin was smooth and pale. It was his eyes that were most amazing. They were an icy blue that was somehow made you feel cold and hot all at the same time. Maya noted he was shirtless, and his chest and stomach was beautifully defined with strong muscles.

The tentacles were black and coming from his back. They looked smooth and soft. Maya knew she should be horrified, but somehow she found herself feeling oddly calm and completely intrigued. She studied him and he seemed to remain still so she could. The lighting wasn’t good, but she could see him. He was watching her as well, but she could see he had already known what she looked like even before he had turned on the light (without even moving closer).

Maya counted the tentacles that swayed and moved around him. Including the two wrapped around her ankles she noted that there was eight of them. The ones touching her were warm, dry, soft, and most certainly powerful. Maya shuddered a little as she brought her eyes back to his.

“Maya…” he said deeply. His voice rumbled with need.

“Don’t do this.” She whispered, halfheartedly.

“I have fought this since the day I first met you. I can’t fight it anymore. I am just not strong enough.”

There should have been tears and screaming. She should be attempting to escape, and instead she found herself just sitting there like a waiting duck. Her mind felt clear, but maybe too clear. She felt a sense of calm that shouldn’t be there. It dawned on her that somehow this man, this creature, was controlling her emotions.

“Are you controlling my mind?” She asked.

He shook his head side to side. “Not exactly. I can’t control your mind, but I can use my mind to put you at ease. I am calming you so you are not scared of me, or what is going to happen. Logically you will understand you should feel scared, but you won’t actually feel scared.”

Maya blinked. If this was a nightmare, it was a dozy.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Maya. I won’t hurt you. I am going to give you great pleasure.”

His tentacles moved and Maya watched as two came closer to her. They wrapped around her wrists and drew her arms up above her head. On tentacle wrapped snugly around both wrists and held them firmly over her head, and the other moved to wrap around her waist. Maya felt her body being pulled back down the bed so she lay on her back, with her wrists and ankles secured.

Maya cried out in surprise, but it still didn’t register as fear. Her body was being moved effortlessly as if she weighed nothing at all. He never moved and just remained at the foot of the bed. All at once his tentacles were everywhere and tugging at her nightgown. The flimsy gown didn’t make for much resistance and soon she wore only her panties.

The beast gasped at the sight of her breasts, sounding more man than beast. Much to Maya’s horror her nipples tightened into hard peaks when his tentacles wrapped around her breasts and flicked over her sensitive nipples. Her eyes could barely comprehend as she watched the tips of the tentacles change shape and then suction cup themselves onto her nipples. She felt a steady sucking sensation. It actually felt quite amazing and Maya couldn’t bring herself to protest.

“You’re every bit as beautiful as I knew you would be.” He whispered reverently.

Maya protested when she felt her panties being tugged down her legs. His tentacles moved her with absolutely no effort and the panties were pulled away from her body. She was completely naked now and sprawled on her own bed. His strong tentacles held her, and the ones on her nipples still sucked without mercy. Maya’s breasts somehow felt as if they were getting larger and heavier, but she knew that was impossible. He grunted as he used the tentacles around her ankles to spread her legs nice and wife. His eyes burned with desire as he looked at her most intimate place.

She blushed from her head to her toes. No one, other than her doctor, had seen her so exposed her parents still bathed and dressed her. She felt vulnerable and shy. “I am a virgin. Please don’t do this.” She made one last plea, but realized immediately that confessing to being a virgin was likely a huge mistake.

His head snapped up as his eyes met hers. He was gauging if she was telling the truth. “You’re far too beautiful to have never shared this with anyone.” He said quizzically.

“Proper ladies don’t do such things before marriage.” Maya explained. She attempted to raise her chin in indignation, but that was hard to do in her current position.

“I am going to do things to you that no virgin would even imagine trying, but I promise you that none of it will hurt and you will feel amazing during and after.”

The tentacles on her lips kept up their sucking and it was making it hard for Maya to think. When she opened her mouth to speak all that came out was a long whimper full of desires she didn’t even understand, and could scarcely comprehend.

The beast maneuvered her into more of a sitting position, and this time Maya was certain it wasn’t her imagination. Her breasts really did feel heavier. She looked from her breasts to the beast in confusion. He nodded at her and lowered his gaze to her chest. She followed his gaze and watched as the tentacles pulled off her nipples. The nipples were a deep shade of pink almost even purple. They were distended from the prolonged sucking. A shocked sound bubbled from Maya’s chest as she noticed what looked like milk leaking steadily from her nipples.

“What?! What is this?” She cried out. She still didn’t feel fear, but she did feel confusion. Her eyes shot to the beast’s face. He was looking at her almost lovingly.

“Don’t worry. It’s breast milk and it is natural. The female body is built to create milk.” He explained with ease, as if it was normal that her breasts would suddenly be so full of milk they were leaking non-stop.

“I have never been pregnant, nothing about this is normal! Make it stop!” Maya demanded.

The beast man had the good sense to look at least somewhat contrite, but still shook his head no. “It will have to stop naturally over time.”

He manipulated her body again so now she was laying on her back again, her hands above her head and her legs spread good and wide. Maya noticed a coolness between her legs and realized she was a bit moist there. Shame washed over her and she closed her eyes. This had to all just be a bad dream and at anytime she would surely wake up. The two tentacles that had been suckling on her nipples were now massaging and squeezing her breasts making streams of milk squirt from her. The sensation was not unpleasant.

This almost distracted her from the tentacle that was now sliding up her leg and caressing her skin the entire way. It was moving toward her most private spot, and there was literally nothing she could do to stop it. She tried to look at the beast’s face but he had her so that her bottom half was elevated higher than her top half. She supposed this was to give him a better view and access to her virginal opening. When the tip of the tentacle finally reached her there it caressed her gently and intimately. There was not denying that it felt deliciously good.

Maya moaned and writhed in the beast’s grip. He grunted hungrily in response. “You are so responsive. You need this Maya.”

“No… ” she barely managed to grit the one word out between long moans and whimpers.

The tip of the tentacle searched her between her legs and found a most magical bundle of nerves. It began to do the most amazing thing. If Maya had to describe the sensation she would liken it to a tongue licking her there. She was disgusted and enthralled. Repulsed and yet drawn. She wanted to all stop, but she knew secretly she craved much more. Her heart was racing in her chest and she could hear the blood pounding in her ears. Maya’s body was betraying her.

It licked and licked her at that perfect spot. She wanted to understand. “What…what are you doing to me?” She asked.

The beast almost chucked. She could hear it in his voice. “That’s your clit. I am enjoying it.”

“My clit?” She said the word like it was forbidden. “It feels like you are licking me there.”

“That is sort of what I am doing. I take it from your breathlessness that you enjoy this?”

Maya refused to answer, but she didn’t need to. Her virginal hole was leaking wetness. Her nipples were engorged, hard and squirting milk constantly. The tentacle at her clit picked up its pace and it’s ministrations became a fever pitch. Soon enough, Maya was gasping and moaning tumbling headlong toward what she could only assume was an orgasm. She had never had one before, and knew little of what they entailed, but surely this had to be what the beast was doing to her.

Just on the brink Maya could scarcely breathe. She couldn’t form proper thoughts. She wanted to hurtle herself head first into all the sensations he was building inside her, but that wouldn’t be. He stopped.

“Nooooooooooooooo!” Maya cried out at the injustice. She had felt so close to something incredible.

“Shhhh sweet one.” He said gently. Once again the beast used his strong tentacles to move her body into a new position. Once he was done moving her, she was upright above her bed. Floating suspended in his strong grip. She was fully supported and felt completely safe and comfortable. Her legs were held spread and she could feel she was dripping with wetness there.

Two tentacles returned to her nipples and began feeding from her milk. Maya closed her eyes enjoying the feeling of the milk being drawn from her swollen breasts. It felt so incredible that she didn’t even remotely think to fight or protest when one of his tentacles began to probe at the opening to her vagina. It wiggled at the opening as if waiting for an invitation. One wouldn’t come, but nor would an demand for it to stop. Maya was giving herself over to the beast’s needs, but also, secretly her own needs.

“This won’t hurt. A human man would hurt you, but I won’t hurt you.”

Maya wanted to ask how that was to be, but it was too late. The tentacle at her opening was pushing inside her. The tip made its way past her tight entrance but the tentacle kept pushing. He was right in that it didn’t hurt at all. In fact it felt amazing beyond anything Maya could have ever expected. She felt so full, but the fullness felt right. It was as if an ache she never knew she had was finally being completely and irrevocably soothed.

He pulled her closer so he could really see her and see his tentacle disappear up inside of her. Maya noted he smelled like a man, fresh soap and musk. She cried out so loudly when another tentacle returned to her clit and once again began its maddening licking sensation. He moved her any which way he wished so he could see all the things he was doing to her.

He tipped her bum up toward him as he pressed a tentacle to that opening. Maya’s eyes flew open and she looked at the beast who was now her lover. She knew he had said it wouldn’t hurt, and somehow she believed him, but still this seemed wildly naughty. She was about to try to ask for mercy, but then realized he wasn’t going to heed her pleas.

She could feel the tentacle at her back entrance spread some slippery wetness over her there. Soon after it pressed against the puckered opening until it spread and he now had access to her anal canal. It possession there was immediate and he filled her there deeply. It didn’t hurt in the least even though the tentacle was wide and was holding her very much open there. Stretching her anus and filling her beyond what she ever believed possible.

The real pounding began. The beast was grunting as his tentacles thrust in and out of her vagina and anus. They were taking turns so that one whole was always filled. Then both tentacles would plunge so deeply leaving her feeling filled to the brim.

The tentacles at her nipples sucked and massaged. Milk leaked down her body. Maya felt wanton. Her bones felt soft and she just let him use her body. She opened her mouth to scream in pleasure, but found a tentacle with a head much like a penis sliding between her lips. Without thought she began to suck. It tasted good and she liked the feel of it in her mouth. She felt built to take all of this. As if her body had been created to take this beast’s tentacles. It was ridiculous and incredible.

An orgasm came crashing down on Maya so fast and so hard she was left almost unconscious. She moaned, wiggled, writhed and screamed her way through it. Her pussy flooded and squirted around the tentacle. Her nipples squirted jets of milk all over the place. It was the most intense experience Maya had ever had, and one she would sell her soul to have again.

The tentacles slowed but didn’t stop their maddening toying. She struggled to catch her breath. As she finally came back to her senses the merciless sex picked back up. Maya found herself being taken hard again by the tentacle in her vagina, the one in her ass, and the one that returned to her mouth. Her nipples were being sucked hard. This was an onslaught and there was going to be no compassion . The beast had needs too, and he was racing toward satiating them.

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