breast growth

“Oh, this is perfect,” Julie exclaimed as they entered a large clearing. The sun was streaming through the foliage, lighting up a shimmering patch of a strange, vine-like plant. A flat stone at the edge of a burbling spring would make a perfect place for a picnic.

“Looks good,” said Chris, as he joined her, and the newlywed couple slung their packs to the ground and began to set out their picnic lunch. A gentle breeze blew a subtle flowery scent to them.

“Mmm, it smells wonderful,” Julie said as she inhaled deeply. As she did so, she looked over towards the plant. She leaned against Chris’s arm, feeling his strength, thinking how wonderful it was to be here with her new husband.

The smell seemed to grow stronger, more heavenly, and Julie felt a growing heat in her abdomen. Her senses seemed to come alive, and suddenly she found herself thinking dirty thoughts about what she and Chris could do together in this private glen. She reached up to Chris’s face, cupped his scruffy cheek, and pulled him towards her.

Before long, they were locked in a tight embrace, Julie’s firm 34C breasts mashed into his chest, his strong arms wrapped tightly around her back, and his large hands gripping the side of her breasts on either side. She reached down to his belt, desperate now to undress and feel the heat of their bodies press together, when she felt a sharp sting in her calf muscle.

“Ouch!” She yelled, momentarily stunned. She looked down, and saw the vine of the plant quickly retract into the underbrush.

“What is it,” Chris asked, confused.

“Something stung me,” Julie said. “I think it was that vine.” Before she knew what was happening, she felt herself being caught by Chris’s strong arms, and the world went black.

“Jules, honey, are you alright?” Who? Was it Chris? She felt very strange, as she awoke from her brief slumber. Her head was spinning, her body tingled, and her calf muscle throbbed as if she was recovering from a leg cramp. Looking down, she saw that Chris had taken off his cotton teeshirt and tied it around her calf in a make-shift tourniquet. A light red rash spread up her leg, disappearing into her short nylon hiking shorts. Slowly, she unbuttoned her thin shirt, and noticed the rash continued nearly up to her neck, and spread across her breasts.

“What happened? How long was I out?” Julie asked.

“Less than a minute,” Chris said. “You feeling alright? That rash looks pretty nasty”

“I don’t know, I guess so.” She said. She could feel her pressure on her breasts now, as if her bra were shrinking, or … could it be her breasts were growing? She glanced down, which caused Chris’s gaze to be redirected as well. His eyes grew wide as he saw her breasts were now spilling out over the tops and sides of her lacy red bra.

He reached out tentatively, unsure what to do. Her large eyes met his gaze, and when she did nothing to stop him, Chris reached around the back of her bra, preparing to undo the clasp, when he jumped as he thought he felt something brush against his leg. Looking down, he saw nothing out of the ordinary. “Probably just my imagination,” he thought. He returned his attention to Julie’s engorged breasts. With a flick of his fingers, he undid the clasp of her bra. It immediately sprung loose, and her breasts, now easily D-cups, spilled out into view.

“What the…” Julie stammered, “Chris, what’s happening to me?” In a well-practiced motion, Julie pulled the bra off through sleeve and cast it aside. He hesitantly placed her hands, fingers splayed wide, on her now enormous breasts. Her diminutive hands were woefully inadequate for covering her massive chest. “They’re so heavy,” she thought, “full, firm… what’s going on?”

Under the palms of hands, she her areolas began to tingle, and then itch. She pressed down harder, which helped with the tingling but caused her breasts to spill out around her hands in a pose that Chris found extremely arousing.

“Wow hun, you look incredible,” Chris said, smiling.

“Chris! This isn’t funny!” Julie said. “Something is very wrong.”

On the breeze, both Chris and Julie caught another whiff of the vine-like flowers nearby. As Julie continued to inspect her new breasts, Chris’s penis stiffened with excitement. He’d always thought Julie’s C-cup breasts were perfect, but he had to admit he liked this new Julie. As the scent from the flowers filled his nostrils, he found her breasts seemed to be calling to him. His subconscious mind began to fantasize: he imagined grasping her wrists roughly, forcing her to the ground, her breasts jiggling with the sudden motion. He imagined sucking hard on her newly expanded mounds as Julie moaned and begged for more.

“Chris, what are we going to do?” Julie’s voice snapped Chris out of his daydream. His cock, however, remained fully erect under his Khaki cargo shorts; Julie hadn’t noticed it.

“Um, I don’t know. I guess we’d better try to get a sample of that vine that stung you,” he said. “The doctor’s might need it.”

“Yeah, ok,” Julie said, though her mind was growing foggy. “I mean, whatever you think,” she added. Her head began swimming, and she was glad Chris was there to take care of her.

Chris, however, had started daydreaming again. The scent from the flowers seemed to be a powerful aphrodisiac, and he found it hard to think of anything but her bare chest, thin waist, leading into flowing hips and smooth shapely legs. Julie had once again covered her breasts with her small hands, though they provided minimal protection against Chris’s intent gaze. Her nipples were elongated now, a good three-quarters of an inch long, and they poked out between her delicate fingers. It was clear that the fullness of her breast was not the only thing that had increased in size as a result of the vine’s sting.

Overwhelmed by a sense of urgency, Chris grasped Julie’s wrists with both hands, lifted them above her head, and then transferred them both to his strong left hand. His right hand quickly went to her left breast, massaging the fleshy handful briefly before wrapping his arm around her waist while he gently, but firmly, laid her on the ground.

“Chris, what are you…” Julie began, but her protestations were interrupted when Chris, still holding her wrists above Julie’s head, pressed his mouth onto her left breast. With his mouth open wide, surrounding her quarter-sized areola, he began to suck vigorously. Julie gasped, fireworks exploding in her mind. Whimpering, Julie’s body writhed with pleasure, and she lifted her chest so as to mash her breast into his suckling mouth. As he sucked, he began to taste a sweet, fruity flavor in his mouth, like the subtle taste of peach nectar. It was the most heavenly thing he’d ever tasted. Swallowing, he pulled away briefly, then switched to the Julie’s left breast and continued to ingest the sweet nectar. The scent of the vine-like flowers continued to fill Chris’s nostrils, complementing the taste of the Julie’s succulent breasts that overpowered his mind.

Julie was similarly affected by the vine’s venom and the heavenly scent. Managing to twist her wrists free of Chris’s grasp, she began clawing at his shorts, trying to free his cock from its confinement. “Oh, I want you in me,” she whispered. Not needing any more encouragement, Chris stopped suckling and quickly removed his clothes, and then stripped Julie of hers. As he slid her panties down her smooth legs, some small part of him that was still capable of rational thought noticed that the light rash that still covered her leg and flat tummy met each other at her smoothly shaved mound, where it formed a delicate flower-shaped birthmark that resembled the vine-like flowers nearby – it was so detailed that it could easily have been mistaken as a carefully crafted tattoo. But Chris’s mind only vaguely registered this perception, his whole purpose now fully intent on satisfying his lust for Julie’s incredible body.

Chris pressed the head of his cock against Julie’s vaginal lips. Her back arched with the pressure, and as her head tipped back her graceful neck caught the attention of Chris’s roaming lips. Julie’s body ached to receive Chris’s throbbing member, and she reached down to guide his cock into her swollen wet pussy. It slipped in easily, and as it did Julie let out a quiet whimper. As he began pumping his cock in and out, Julie started to rock her hips in time, amplifying the rhythm and causing her enormous breasts to roll back and forth on her chest. Chris’s mouth returned to suckling her left nipple, while his hand massaged her right breast. Fireworks again erupted in Julie’s mind – her breasts were exquisitely sensitive – and she became lost in the intense sensations.

Julie’s breasts were still secreting the heavenly nectar, and Chris greedily swallowed it as he pumped in and out of her tightening pussy. He felt his chest beginning to tingle, and his nipples became more sensitive. He also felt a strange tingling in his genitals, all of which only served to further enhance his pleasure. The two of them were both so absorbed in their sexual coupling that neither noticed the vines of the flowering plant slowly reaching towards them like the tentacles of a giant octopus. Lost in their love-making, they took no notice even as the vines began to coil around their legs and waists.

Julie’s vagina grew spongy and hot as a powerful orgasm grew inside her, and the heat and pressure quickly brought Chris to the edge of orgasm as well. As Chris thrust deeply into his young wife’s pussy, he pushed Julie over the edge. With a loud gasp, she grasped his buttocks and moaned as her vagina began to spasm with orgasm, causing Chris to released wave after wave of cum deep into her pussy. Chris collapsed, resting his head on Julie’s swollen breast, while Julie’s spasming pussy continued to milk his cock.

“That… was… incredible,” Chris said, his words catching in his throat whenever Julie’s convulsing pussy squeezed his still hard cock.

“Yeah, incredible,” Julie said, mirroring his words and still feeling a bit foggy. Neither of them had guessed that the plant’s venom might be affecting Julie’s mind as well as her body.

Chris turned his head and kissed her breast gently, then tried to pull his shrinking cock out of her pussy. He was surprised to find he couldn’t do so. Something seemed to be holding them together, and now that his senses were returning to him, he felt the writhing vines constricting his legs and waist. He tried to lift himself up, but to no avail.

“What’s the matter?” Julie asked in a naïve voice. The intense sexual activity had accelerated the venom’s effect on Julie’s mind.

“I can’t get up. I’m all tangled up in these vines,” he said.

“Oh,” Julie said, uncomprehendingly. Chris struggled to free his legs from the vines, but they were strong and unyielding. Glancing down over his bare buttocks, he saw they were at least an inch thick, and covered in a soft velvety exterior. They stretched tight to all sides, apparently anchored some distance away at the base of several large flowering plants – the same plants that had previously stung Julie’s leg.

Chris tried to gather his thoughts. Where the plants holding them there on purpose? That was absurd, and yet… there they were, tightly holding the newlywed couple to the forest floor, still wrapped in their intimate embrace. Chris’s attention was soon diverted back to his tingling chest and genitals. He felt his cock shrinking inside Julie’s warmth, but even as it grew more diminutive his chest seemed to press more fully into Julie’s engorged tits. A quick glance down confirmed it — his chest was growing! And with the vines holding their bodies close together the pressure on them was increasing. Now, instead of a Chris’s muscular chest pressed against his wife’s lush bosom, he saw two pairs of very feminine breasts mashed together. Wait, he had breasts!? How could that be? But the pressure on her chest had the effect of releasing more of the sweet nectar from Julie’s tightly puckered nipples, and the lubrication it provided caused Chris’s growing tits to slip frictionlessly against Julie’s. Face to face, their bodies lashed together in bondage, the couple moaned with sexual pleasure.

The sight of his new breasts, coupled with the new sensations they provided, overwhelmed Chris’s mind. Further down, Chris barely felt his flaccid member slip out of Julie. His insides were churning uncomfortably and a wet chill develop around his groin. Without his knowledge, the sweet nectar from Julie’s breasts was rapidly transforming his DNA, changing his body and mind into a form that would be suitable for the vine-like plant’s reproductive needs; in short, it was turning him into a fully functional human female. Other than a few tweaks to make him a more suitable host, Chris would soon look a young college-age woman with a body that would make any man look twice. Because Julie was born female, her transformation into a breeding vessel required only relatively minor changes; they had occurred rapidly after the initial sting from the vine. Now, her enlarged, nectar-secreting breasts and the tattoo on her love mound were the only outward sign of the changes that had occurred to her: internally, her womb had been transformed into an ideal incubator for the plant’s seedlings. Her once-sharp mind had become submissive to ensure she would obey the instinctive new commands that had been written into her DNA.

All of this would also occur to Chris, but first more dramatic changes would have to take place. His testicles had already pulled up into his abdomen, and his penis had shrunk down to form a female clitoris. As his testicles retracted, they had settled into the position a woman’s ovaries would normally occupy. Now, Chris felt a subtle sucking sensation as a dimple between his legs pulled inward, becoming a deep indentation, which slowly took on the characteristics of a female vagina – the inner walls became warm, smooth, but pliable, and outer folds of skin formed vaginal lips. As his pelvic bones realigned, his hips broadened and a gentle love mound formed just above his new vagina. Inside, his new love canal merged with his new female uterus (with the appropriate adaptations for incubating the plant’s seedlings). While all this was happening, his muscular frame had diminished; hard muscle was replaced with feminine curves and smooth, soft skin. As his transformation neared completion, Chris’s mind recoiled against, but quickly accepted, the sudden flood of female hormones that his testicles-become-ovaries were now pumping into his bloodstream. The shock jolted him out of his lustful pleasure, and his world faded to black.

Chris awoke sometime later, and immediately noticed that he was alone, lying on his back on the forest floor. Sitting up abruptly, he felt for the first time his new breasts pulling heavily on his narrow shoulders. For a reason he couldn’t seem to grasp, he felt at peace despite all that had happened to him. It felt perfectly natural to be sitting nude in the middle of the forest – as a woman, no less! Looking around, he saw Julie sitting on the ground some 10 feet away. He smiled at her, and she smiled back innocently. She was sitting with her knees raised to her chest, her arms pulling them tight against her swollen breast. Looking shy and submissive, she tipped her head sideways in a carefree way. Her long neck arcing gracefully, and she slide her hands down her smooth shins to her ankles and back up. Mesmerized, Chris’s gaze followed her hands down, and then rested there briefly. Something strange – his mind couldn’t place it – he stared dumbly at her groin.

What his submissive mind could not grasp was that the green vine that was embedded in Julie’s cunt did not belong there. It was about two inches thick, and was currently immobile. Soon after Chris had blacked out from his transformation, the vine had slowly worked its way up Julie’s leg and, finding her vaginal opening, pressed into her. This was the plant’s reproductive arm, and it was seeking the place deep within Julie’s abdomen that had been specially prepared for carrying the plant’s young.

Moments later, the vine’s probing tip had reached its destination; the vine’s length slowly grew in thickness, stretching Julie’s outer lips as it grew, as it prepared itself (and Julie) to accommodate the passage of its seed. Julie, whose mind had been conditioned by her transformation, accepted this intimate invasion without question. The vine had grown tight, lifting off the ground and tugging gently against her inner walls. It was guiding Julie to the place where Chris saw her when he awoke. Now, she sat quietly as her body stretched. She instinctively knew that she would not wait long, and that the passage of the seed into her uterus would give her great pleasure, both sexual and otherwise.

None of this was apparent to Chris, as his reprogrammed mind was ill-equipped to analyze the situation. At the edge of his consciousness, he knew that this woman had been his wife, and that he still loved her. He leaned forward, intent on reaching her. He crawled towards her, his dangling breasts swinging from his small frame. He paused briefly, reaching up to cup his breasts in a futile attempt to steady them against their pendulous motion. He had been almost completely transformed into womanhood, but tiny remnants of his male self still remained in his subconscious. This male part of him, so unfamiliar with the pull and shift of breasts, would have to learn to accept the different physics of being a woman.

Upon reaching Julie, Chris reached down to gently examine the vine where it entered her vagina. The vine reacted to his touch, swelling slightly, and Julie’s calm demeanor was broken. The wait was over! The vine began pulsing, pumping waves of lubricating fluid down its length into Julie’s body. Her abdomen began to distend with the pressure. Within a few seconds, Julie’s flat tummy took on the shape of a woman who was 4 months pregnant. And still her abdomen swelled! Julie no longer sat quietly; her body tightened, she leaned back and put her arms behind her to support her weight. Her back arched, and her knees were raised in front of her, with the vine still firmly embedded in her pussy.

The pulsing vine was stimulating Julie’s labia and vagina, and the sensations were driving her wild. Chris was momentarily shocked by the sudden energy, but his genetic conditioning quickly took hold and he instinctively knew what he had to do. He slid his body around behind Julie, straddling her from behind, and supported her weight. He reached his left arm around Julie’s waist and below her distended abdomen, and he slipped his right arm under her armpit and below her enormous breasts. Squeezing her tight, the slender fingers of his left hand began to massage around the perimeter of Julie’s stretched vaginal opening. He payed special attention to the swollen bud that was her clitoris. Julie’s body began to spasm with the added stimulation, and her stretched vaginal lips relaxed to accommodate even more of the vine’s girth.

Glancing down over her shoulder, Chris could see the vine’s pulsing had slowed. A single large bulge, and then a second, each maybe four inches in diameter, began working their way down toward Julie’s body. The vine had finished pumping the fluids that were the final stage of Julie’s preparation: the time had come for it to impregnate her. As the first bulge neared Julie’s entrance, Chris held her tighter, instinctively anticipating the intense erotic pleasure she was about to enjoy as the pulse passed into her body cavity. A trickle of the plant’s fluid leaked out past Julie’s lips, lubricating her for the final act. The bulge was now pressing against her lips, and Chris’s fingers could feel them stretched tight, yet still they yielded, expanding more to accommodate the seed.

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