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Virtual Realities: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

Episode 5: A Different Kind of Battle

Disclaimer: this story is a work of fiction based on the characters in the video game: Pokemon: Diamond/Pearl. I make no claims of ownership towards these characters, only the twisted things they do in this story belong to me. If you find this story on any site except Literotica, it has been stolen from me, I would appreciate you letting me know! Enjoy the story, and remember: Feedback is crack for writers!

Please note, I have extensive knowledge on the subject and have double checked with online research. All characters involved in sexual activities in these stories are above the age of 18 in both the game and the show. No “aging up” or other literary tricks were used to make characters legal age.

Although it was clear that Team Galactic was on the decline, I was glad to get out of Veilstone with my skin intact. Turns out, I made a wrong turn at Albuquerque. Or, rather, Solacea Town. Should have gone back south when I went north and then east. Fortunately, all paths eventually loop back around in the wonderful world of Sinnoh so I’d reach my goal of Pastoria eventually.

On the up side, I had yet to clear out the eastern gyms. Aside from Pastoria, my ultimate destination for the moment, there were also Veilston and Sunyshore to add to my collection. Veilstone had a particularly tough little girl at the helm. Thankfully, she used fighting type pokemon so between Poe and Lita I made short work of her, pulled in some decent cash and got my fifth badge.

The downside, Team Galactic’s headquarters was also there. While I’d had some particular fun with a couple of the commanders of that organization, I quickly realized that I was not on the friends list of the ones I hadn’t faced. Maybe they were jealous. Maybe they just didn’t like the fact that I’d stopped them from getting the Moss Stone. Whatever the reason, I spent my time in the city dodging the grunts from the moment they realized I was around.

See, somehow, I was in the game but I didn’t appear to be the protagonist. I’d heard rumors of a kid trainer wandering around defeating Team Galactic. I think it’s because of him that I even made it out of the city alive. I was merely a nuisance. He was public enemy number one.

It didn’t even bother me that I hadn’t had time to visit the Game Corner. I’m notoriously unlucky with games of chance. I constantly roll ones. In card games I always manage to draw a hand fully of support cards, even if I only have just that many in my entire deck! Even in scrabble I tend to get stuck with all vowels.

Now, I was headed south and raring to take on my next challenge. Too bad I had no idea what I was in for.

“Mister, can I ask you a question.”

I pulled up short on my bike. Gravel flew from the force of my stop but I’d made certain it would miss her by a wide margin. I’d noticed the young woman by the side of the path, of course, but never expected her to stop me.

“Sure?” I responded, a bit confused. I really wasn’t certain what to make of her. We were far enough out of the city that it would be most of a day’s trek back on foot. Which she was. And it didn’t make any sense at all to travel in those clothes.

An evening gown is not exactly what I would call an adventuring outfit. The deep purple dress clung to her curvacious form. A slit up the front displayed an athletic and shapely leg perfectly. It also, I noted, ran high enough to suggest there wasn’t a stitch of underwear beneath it. Similarly, the neckline plunged so low that it would have been impossible to hide a bra. How breasts roughly the size of cantaloupes managed to remain upright without the support baffled the laws of physics.

“Are you a pokemon coordinator, breeder or trainer?”

“Trainer.” I replied simply. There wasn’t a need to ask how she knew I was involved with pokemon, despite biking along at a decent speed. The red and white improbability machines stood out quite well on my black belt over a black pants and shirt. Even the black trench coat wouldn’t hide them all that well.

The smile that crept across her face didn’t make me feel all that comfortable. Usually, when women looked at me like a side of beef, in this world, it didn’t make me nervous. There was something about her smile, however, that suggested she was a cat who had just found a particularly incapacitated mouse. I was a toy, prey, and lunch all in one.

“I think I’d like to challenge you to adult rules, then.” She said with a definite purr in her voice.

I wasn’t against the concept in the slightest. Things hadn’t slowed down as my time in Sinnoh progressed. If anything, my steadily improving physique had ensured more challengers. Her look was a bit aggressive for my tastes, and her breasts certainly unnerving, but the way she batted her brown eyes helped to offset all that.

“Excuse me, but are you even old enough for adult rules?” It didn’t happen often, but I had been challenged by women a little too young to be fair game. This young woman barely looked old enough but the outfit and attitude couldn’t be taken for granted. In my own world, I’d known plenty more than enough jail-bate who looked far older when they dressed properly. Fortunately, Sinnoh didn’t seem to have discovered fake IDs.

The glare she offered suggested that she was only barely of legal age, if that. Still, I must have made it perfectly clear that I was serious about my question because her hand slipped into the impossible bosom of the dress and came out with a trainer’s card. I didn’t recognize the name of the town it listed but that wasn’t really important. Sally Mayfield was, indeed, eighteen years old. As expected, her birthday had only been a week-and-a-half before. I handed the card back and marveled that the dress didn’t slip even an inch as she slid the card back against her breast.

“So, are you going to accept my challenge, or not?”

I wasn’t sure, to be honest. She wasn’t bad looking, even if she wasn’t really my type. The real kicker, however, was that I’d noticed her ID listed her as a pokemon coordinator. Some of them were also considered trainers, but there were some who considered battling so gauche as to be beneath them. Her gown certainly suggested she was one of those.

“You want a battle?” I asked.

“Of sorts.” She replied. The knowing grin strengthened as she continued. “Actually, I want to challenge you to an adult rules pokemon contest.”

I couldn’t help but raise one eyebrow. I knew what pokemon contests were. After all, they were introduced in Ruby and Sapphire, which I’d completed. What I didn’t understand was how someone could possibly go about one out in the middle of nowhere. “Don’t those require a judge, and maybe an audience?”

Pokemon coordinator Sally scoffed at me like only a teenage girl can. The answer should have been obvious to anyone with a brain, of course. She followed that up with a further scan down my body that implied that it was a good thing I had looks, because clearly no one would have any use for my intelligence.

“Look. We’ve both got pokegear. We each make a call to someone we trust, and they act as judges.”

I nodded, purely to show I understood, as I thought about it. I had a long-disused degree in theater so I knew a thing or two about showmanship. I’d even noticed which of my pokemon’s attacks seemed the most visually impressive. The question was, could I still stand up to someone who had likely trained all her life towards this goal?

I finally shrugged. It didn’t really matter, one way or the other. My reputation as a trainer wouldn’t be harmed in the slightest if it was revealed that I had little skill as a coordinator. Further, adult rules meant I wouldn’t lose any money on it and since I wasn’t abhorrent to the idea of a little fun with her, there really was no reason not to accept.

“Sure. I’m in.” I finally agreed. I don’t know how she managed it but her smug look grew even greater. She was certainly not someone I’d have ever shown an interest in developing a relationship with but my time in Sinnoh had long since cured me of my inabilities with one-night stands.

“Good. Then make your call. And try to get someone with a little taste?”

I fought not to roll my eyes. Taste was subjective. More than likely, if whoever I called didn’t immediately gush over her performances, their taste would come into immediate question. It was fairly clear that she would likely contact someone who would do nothing but sing her praises.

Great. It hasn’t even begun and I’m already at a disadvantage!

Even still, it left me the question of who to call. My pride demanded that I not just call some sycophant who will similarly sing my praises. I needed to call someone who might have a legitimate shot of calling this down the middle. And, yes, someone with a touch of class. The decision was pretty simple.

In moments, what would probably be considered the first ring for these devices, a familiar blond face popped up on the display of my pokegear. “Lynx! A pleasure! To what do I owe the honor? Looking for a rematch?”

I couldn’t help the goofy smile that spread across my lips. I managed to school it quickly. All I needed was to remind myself that I should have called earlier and more frequently. Fortunately, Sally was busy with her own call and had likely missed it.

“Hey, Cynthia. Sorry it’s been a little while. I’ll try to remember to call a bit more often.” The smile that answered was worth everything to me. “Unfortunately, no. Not ready for a rematch yet. I still need to pick up another three badges before I can go after the Elite Four.”

“Pshaw!” She immediately waved the comment away. “I think I could fit you in for a limited battle, even without the full compliment of badges.”

She didn’t suggest that we could get together without the need to battle. We were both too competitive for that. We could, of course, hang out for a while, and probably engage in some other fun, but in the end it would come down to a battle if for no other reason than to test our own progress as much as that of each other.

“I really do feel bad that I haven’t called.” I continued. “And, unfortunately, I have a kind of a favor to ask. If you have a few minutes, could you watch an impromptu pokemon contest and help to judge it?”

One of Cynthia’s perfect eyebrows rose in surprise but she paused to think about my request. “Sure.” She finally replied. “I have enough time to help out. Actually, it’ll be kind of fun. I haven’t judged in a while, but there was a rash of them when I first became champion. Everyone seemed to think that, as a woman involved with pokemon, I should be an ideal judge. Eventually, I’d gone to enough of them that they weren’t wrong anymore.”

I didn’t have to ask her to judge it down the middle. Just as my own pride demanded I play fair, so, too, would hers. It was possible that she would couch her observations in a manner that wasn’t too blunt for me but she would still tell it like it was.

“Hey, mister.” Sally called from her spot by the tree. “You got your judge ready?”

“Yeah. And, by the way, my name’s Lynx.”

Sally paused for a moment and gave me another once over. Apparently she liked the name. “Cool. Synch up the gears so that we can meet each other’s judges and we’ll be set.”

In a moment, I saw Sally’s judge, side-by-side on the screen next to Cynthia. I was rather surprised to notice she was quite a bit younger than Sally. Even more of a shock, she and Cynthia immediately seemed to recognize each other.

“Dawn. Good to see you again. Are you the other judge?”

“Sure. Sally and I were in a contest a little while ago and we exchanged numbers. If you’re the other judge, I’m sure this is going to be a good contest.”

My opponent, however, was staring alternately at her screen and at me. I might not recognize Dawn, but she clearly knew who Cynthia was. Worse, it was clear that she had the monopoly on jealousy.

“Sh…shall we begin?”

I shrugged and walked over to where Sally stood. “Sure. How many pokemon will this be?”

Sally thought about it for a moment and pulled out two pokeballs. “Doubles. Adds to the challenge.”

I don’t know much about contests, but this certainly seemed like an advanced concept to me. The young woman was definitely in a high class. I thought about it for a moment and pulled two of my own. “Jive, Lita, come on out!”

My gible and ralts were about the same size, which I hoped would make coordinating their moves a little easier. Visually, they made an interesting contrast. Jive is a dark, squat, shark-faced, bullet of a pokemon. Lita, on the other hand, is willowy white and feminine. I wasn’t sure how I would combine their moves, but it should at least look interesting.

I didn’t even need to pull out my pokedex when Sally called out her pair. I’d never seen either of them, either in my adventures or in the games I’d played, but both were recognizable as evolutions of pokemon I was familiar with; leafeon and mismagius.

“Do you mind, Dawn, if I declare the rules?” Cynthia asked from our pokegears.

“No. Go right ahead.”

“All right. This contest will be held with two pokemon each. They will perform three combinations of moves that will be judged by Dawn and I. You may, of course, use the same combination multiple times, however your score will be penalized for lack of originality. The best two out of three will be victorious.

“Are there any questions?” We both indicated there weren’t so Cynthia continued. “Then, as the challenger, Sally will go first.”

“Team Mayfield, lucky leaf!” Great. Not only had they worked together long enough to have formulated an identity complete with a team name, but even her combinations had names.

Mismagius immediately broke into some form of chant that I didn’t recognize. It was beautiful, I had to admit. Then, as the song began to build, leafeon began to shoot brightly colored glowing leaves in time to the music. I recognized magical leaf instantly. After all, it was an attack my ralts knew as well. The slow rate at which her leafeon shot them out, however, was impressive.

Too soon, it was my turn. My team and I didn’t have the coordination for the kind of beauty Sally had produced. I figured the best shot I could have was to use raw strength to my advantage. After all, power has a beauty all its own.

“Lita, thunderbolt. Jive, flamethrower!” It was quite possibly the first combined attack even shown on the anime. When Pikachu and Charizard combined their strongest beam attacks, they blended together to form a vortex of electricity around a cone of fire. My two didn’t quite get the synchronization at first, but it didn’t take long to understand the concept and the attacks finally merged.

“Very nice, the both of you.” Cynthia praised. “Good teamwork Sally. Lynx, it took a few moments for your pokemon to work in tandem but you did accomplish it.”

“I think you have to give him some extra credit.” Dawn admitted. “Neither of those moves are type advantage for those pokemon. In fact, neither are natural attacks. He had to have taught them those independently.”

“Agreed.” Cynthia said. She clearly had enjoyed the little peek into some of the moves my pokemon knew that had yet to be revealed to her. “Still, I think Sally won this round.”

“I agree.” Dawn conceded. “Next round? Sally, are you ready?”

Rather than answer directly, Sally gave the command for the next combination. “Team Mayfield, Shock Ball!”

This time, it was leafeon who initiated the combo. A green ball of energy formed in front of the sleek pokemon’s mouth. After a second to build up it’s size, it was launched directly ahead. Meanwhile, little yellow sparks began to jump across mismagius’ body. After a moment, the ghost unleashed the stored charge in a wave of electricity that caught up its companion’s attack and drove it forward and then into the sky to burst into a multicolored fireworks display.

It was a tough act to follow. I thought, for a second, and gave my next commands. “Jive, grab Lita’s hands. Now, dragon rush!”

Although I hadn’t specified a target, neither of the two were as simple as their first-stage evolutions gave the impression they should be. They might look like toddlers but they had battled along side me for a while now. Once they were paw-to-paw (or were hers considered flippers?) Jive took off straight forward. Once they reached the center of the path I gave him direction. “Jive, straight up!”

The shark-like pokemon tilted his head back. The energy that poured from the oblong nodes on either side of his head acted like jets and shot the entwined pokemon straight into the air. A slight spin occurred quite accidentally but, with the speed they were moving, it gave the two the appearance of a black and white helix.

I watched them ascend for a few seconds, long enough to allow the effect to sink in. Finally, I changed commands. “Jive, enough! Lita, giga impact!”

Lita’s psychic powers sheathed the two with a blue glow. Although we occasionally trained one pokemon against the other, she realized that this wasn’t a situation where I wanted either of them hurt. From nearly a hundred feet in the air, the power of her thoughts brought the two crashing back down to the ground with enough force to sink a crater right next to the road.

“Not a bad combo.” Dawn conceded. Cynthia nodded as well but I already knew I’d lost. They were impressed, but not enough. “This is your first pokemon contest, isn’t it?”

I nodded. This time, it was Cynthia who responded. “You did remarkably well, for your first time. Unfortunately, the third round won’t be necessary as I believe we both must concede the match to Sally.”

It took all of my theatrical ability not to blush when Cynthia purred out her compliment. The innuendo passed right over Dawn’s head but it was clear Sally caught it. A raised eyebrow proved she now wondered what might have passed between the Sinnoh champion and I, but she didn’t ask.

“Thank you both for helping to judge our impromptu contest.” Sally said formally.

“No prob. I hope to challenge you once again soon. Especially now that I’ve seen how much better your teamwork has become.” Dawn replied. She gave me a brief salutation and then signed off.

“Don’t forget to call. We still need a rematch.” Was all that Cynthia said before she vanished. The enigmatic comment brought another raised eyebrow from my now-former opponent but equally no follow up. Instead, we both quickly thanked our pokemon and recalled them.

I turned to Sally. This was something new for me. I had never lost an adult rules challenge. In truth, I hadn’t lost a single battle in Sinnoh. I wasn’t all that worried about what she might ask, however. After all, we hadn’t stipulated anything unusual up front so it would have to be pretty vanilla. The only question was whether or not I’d end up getting off.

Before I could ponder too much, she immediately jumped to her demands. “I want you to pleasure me. You know, use your mouth. Maybe your fingers.”

Suddenly, I was once more reminded of why I had initially asked to see her ID. During the contest she had seemed supremely confident. Now, however, it became clear exactly how little experience she had in some matters.

It wasn’t the first time I’d thought how much of a shame it was that a woman hadn’t been worshiped properly. Too many guys thought it nothing major to have a girl blow them. The thought that they might have to return the favor, however, was beyond consideration. Unfortunately, that mentality seemed to have extended over to the fairer sex and what should be a wondrous gift, either way, has become cheapened or vilified depending on which gender demands it.

I slowly began to walk towards her. I could see her shaking, slightly, with nerves. I suspected she’d had sex before but she might never have even had an orgasm that wasn’t self-induced. There was no doubt in my mind that no guy she’d been with had bothered to spend the time on foreplay that would prepare her for one.

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