Suzanne knocked at Tim’s hotel room door at 8 AM dressed in a casual but business-like skirt and blouse. He welcomed her with a brief kiss and she wheeled her small suitcase inside. Tim lifted her bag onto the folding luggage rack and indicated which dresser drawers were empty.

Suzanne unpacked quickly hanging up one suit and some blouses and skirts, filling one drawer and putting a toiletry bag in the bathroom. As Suzanne was unpacking, Tim said, “Last night was great for me. I hope you feel the same way. Since you’re here I guess you haven’t had any second thoughts about staying an extra night with me.”

“Last night was incredible. I’m looking forward to more foreplay and orgasms today.” Suzanne hesitated and then continued, “There’s one thing though. I feel I owe you a confession of sorts.”


“Everything I told you yesterday was true but I left out a little. I told you that I’d thought of you many times over the years since we last saw each other. That’s true but I omitted saying was that most of the times I was masturbating while thinking about the big dick Bill had seen. You were Tim- the guy with the big cock who was fucking me. In fact, after my divorce I bought a relatively large dildo and named it “Tim’.

“After I got my tits done I fantasized about you more. Since you’d been with the date with the big tits at that wedding I figured you like big tits. I figured now that I had great tits you’d want to fuck me for sure and so I masturbated thinking of meeting you by chance and getting fucked by your big cock. My ‘Tim’ got a lot of use.”

“Well, that’s…flattering. I never knew anybody masturbated while thinking of me. I hope I lived up to your fantasies.”

“Yes; actually your cock is bigger than I’d envisioned it. But there’s more.”


“I bumped into a guy from your company about two months ago. I asked if you still worked there and he said you did. Since I knew you were in the Sales Division I thought you’d probably be coming to this Trade Show. I knew I was scheduled to come so I started thinking my fantasy might come true. When I registered two days ago I confirmed you were on the list so I was looking to ‘bump into you’ for a day and a half before we finally met yesterday. I figured if I could bump into you and you weren’t married or anything my tits would seduce you- and I was right.

“Everything I told you yesterday about feeling comfortable and being able to fuck you with less embarrassment since I knew you was all true. I just didn’t tell you that I was trying to bump into you. I hope that doesn’t turn you off or make you think less of me. I’m not a stalker and I do have very nice tits…”

“Wow. Well, I guess I feel less like a pig for staring at your tits. You were using them to lure me. It’s really ironic that I fell for your hair and legs first. Wow. You’ve really surprised me but no I don’t think of you as a stalker. You could have drugged me and tied me up; I’d still be having a great time.”

“Great. I’m relieved. I wanted to tell you yesterday but everything was going so well I didn’t want to mess it up.”

“Everything’s fine.”

Tim inquired as to what clothes Suzanne had with her for dinner at a restaurant similar to where they’d gone the prior night. He noted the outfit should include the high heels she’d worn the previous day and a skirt; pants were not an option. She pointed out a skirt and blouse in the open closet and he nodded his approval. Tim then said, “Sit down for a minute and let me throw out some thoughts for today.” Suzanne sat on the edge of the bed and looked eager to listen. Tim then continued, “After the morning seminars we’ll have the day to ourselves. I thought we’d have a light lunch at the café next to the hotel pool. Then we’ll go shopping. I’d like to buy some sexy lingerie for you to wear for dinner. I’ve always felt lingerie was a great mood setter.”

“Okay. But you don’t need to buy me things. I can afford to buy my own lingerie.”

“No. Part of the mood flows from the man’s selecting and paying for the items. Let me put it another way. I’m proposing that I will dictate what lingerie you wear for the evening. If you’re agreeable with that you can see why I should pay. On another occasion when you’re making the purchase decisions payment might be up to you but for today I’m telling you what to wear so I’ll pay. “

Suzanne nodded and said, “Oh; you took me a little by surprise but okay on both counts. You can dictate the purchases and you can pay. I must really be a slut; my pussy just clenched a little as I agreed to wear whatever lingerie you select.”

“I won’t pick anything too crazy. Some nice lingerie will make you feel sexier. You have a beautiful feminine body. It should be adorned and displayed in silk, satin and lace. Of course I’ll enjoy seeing you in the lingerie and undressing you. For example, if we can find them you’ll be wearing a garter belt and stockings. I assume those are fashion accessories you don’t normally wear. If we can’t find a sexy garter belt you’ll wear thigh high stockings that stay up by themselves. Your legs should be displayed at their best by stockings and heels.

“The day’s schedule will be lunch followed by shopping until about 2. From 2 to 4 we’ll come back here for some sex education. I want to treat you to a spa appointment at 4 or 4:30PM. I’ll call down there to authorize the room charge; you might need to call to set up times for whatever services you want. I thought you should be pampered before our dinner date. You can get a massage, have your fingernails done, whatever you’d like. There’s a hair salon with the spa. You can use their services but I want you to wear your hair down tonight. It’s too beautiful to allow the salon to mess it all up in some ‘style’ they think is trendy.”

“Okay. That sounds wonderful.”

“I want you to relax at the spa and prepare yourself for a sexy evening in any way you wish. There’s only one service that’s required. I want you to get your bikini area waxed. I’m not telling you to get a full Brazilian where all of the hair is removed. I just want you to consciously prepare your intimate area for your lover. Ask for your Venus Mound to be trimmed and for a bikini wax; the details are up to you. Preparing for a sexual experience is part of the foreplay and will enhance our mutual pleasure.” Tim hesitated and asked, “Are you still with me?”

“Yes. I’m going to be terribly embarrassed about the waxing but you’re right. The thought of having my body prepared for sex with you is very erotic. I actually noticed the waxing section in the Spa menu yesterday. I wasn’t about to get waxed anywhere but the bikini waxing entry was intriguing and sexy. Not to break the mood, but we should be heading downstairs to our seminars.”

“Okay. To finish off my outline of today’s schedule, I’m going to make dinner reservations for 7PM at a romantic place I’ve heard of but not tried. We’ll leave for dinner about 6:45. Dinner might take us until about 8:30 and then we’ll come back here so I can ravish you again.”

Suzanne smiled and jokingly replied, “Yes professor.”

They went downstairs to the meeting room area, agreed to meet at noon in the hotel lobby and went to their separate rooms.

When they went to lunch Suzanne noted that they were seated at a table set off from the other patrons. She suspected Tim had specifically requested a table with privacy and she was aroused by the sexual overtones of that. After placing their lunch orders Tim said, “I woke up this morning pinching myself as to whether I was dreaming or not about last evening. I’ve never had a beautiful woman offer herself to me for unlimited sex before. Then this morning you told me I was your sex toy long before we met. Being with you has been quite an experience.”

Suzanne blushed and replied, “Well, you might say I’m just using your body. You’re my higher quality more lifelike sex toy. You do have a very nice cock. Actually though and in all seriousness, based on last night I’d hope we can have a relationship that’s more than just a slut and a cock. I’ll settle for just your cock- it’s what I asked for yesterday- but perhaps we could be more.”

“I hope so, too. In fact, that’s something I wanted to discuss. I’m thrilled to be your sex ed teacher. But I’m concerned that if I just run you through a bunch of sexual positions and experiences the quality of our sex will suffer and you won’t get as much out of it as you should. In other words, I’m hoping we can see each other after today. It’s too early to say whether we’ll have a long term romance but I’d certainly hope we could be together for the indefinite future. I’m being selfish but I really can’t have enough sex with you in just one day. We should blend your education into a relationship. I’ve enjoyed being with you; it hasn’t just been sex. Going forward, we don’t need to spend every minute in bed and I won’t try to teach you something new at every turn. Of course, I’ll still push your sexual boundaries but it will be out of lust rather than on a teaching schedule.”

“I agree. Everything you just said is the best way to approach my learning and I’d like to see you beyond checkout time tomorrow. However, I do have one exception. By tomorrow morning I’ll expect you to have completed my introductory courses in fellatio and cunnilingus. My ignorance about oral sex has been my biggest insecurity and I’m anxious to try both. I’d like to become adept at fellatio as soon as possible. For cunnilingus, I guess I don’t really need any training but I would like to see what the fuss is all about.”

“Well, you’re very demanding but I accept the job. Of course, you understand that this will only be an introduction. You only achieve greatness through practice- repeated practice. Since you’ve established a deadline let’s go back to the room right now for your first lessons. Shopping can wait.”

As they rode up in the elevator Tim said, “As the first part of your lesson, I don’t want to hear the word ‘fellatio’ again. You’re going to learn how to suck a cock or how to ‘give head’ or how to give a blowjob. The second key lesson is that the right attitude is crucial. Some young women give blowjobs just to keep their date from demanding sex. That’s not the right attitude. Both partners can get pleasure from a blowjob but the woman has to want to do it. If she’s repulsed by sperm and won’t swallow, that’s not the right attitude. Most men would kill me for saying this but if you don’t really want to give a blowjob you probably shouldn’t. Now, remember, no fancy labels. It’s a blowjob. I want to hear you say it. Say ‘blowjob’ and ask me to teach you.”

Suzanne was embarrassed but then smiled, cleared her throat and replied in a soft sexy voice, “Tim, would you please teach me how to suck your cock?” As she spoke her hand ran lightly over the front of his pants. She continued in her seductive voice,”I want to learn how to give you a blowjob. Actually, not just a blowjob; I want to learn how to give you the wettest, nastiest and best blowjob you’ve ever had. I loved touching your hard cock yesterday and want to make love to it with my fingers and mouth.” She ran her tongue over her lips in a suggestive manner and then said, “I’m afraid your cock is just too big for me to be able to get it all in my mouth but I’m eager to try. I want to blow you like a porn star would. Can you please teach me?”

Tim smiled broadly and told Suzanne she had great promise as a student. As they approached the room he noted that contrary to their talk of a relationship, ‘Blowjob 101′ wouldn’t be very romantic. It would be a lesson and a little practice so she’d feel comfortable incorporating her new skill into future more romantic encounters. Suzanne agreed that a basic lesson was exactly what she needed but she hoped to progress to porn star quality soon. She’d need to practice.

Once in the hotel room Tim told Suzanne to strip to her bra and panties to avoid messing up her clothes. He stripped to his boxers and lay down on the bed on his back. He gestured for Suzanne to climb onto the bed and said, “Take off my shorts and just use your hands to become more familiar with my cock. It’s already pretty hard; your dirty talk in the elevator was all it took. Seeing you in just your bra and panties has made it a little harder still. You really do have a perfect body.”

“I thought you’d like the words and imagery I used in the elevator. I’m ignorant about sex but I’m not dead or stupid. I know a little about how to turn on a guy.”

As Suzanne worked Tim’s boxers down his legs Tim told her to just relax and play with his cock. She could just use her fingers as long as she wanted and then could add her mouth whenever she felt comfortable. He told her a blowjob can be excruciatingly slow for the guy if that’s the pace the woman sets; she can drive him crazy by teasing and he’ll love it. Conversely, she can be more aggressive and make him cum relatively fast. There’s no right or wrong approach. Tim then concluded by saying “I can’t speak from the woman’s perspective but I think many women get pleasure through giving pleasure. It can be exciting to know you’re devastating your partner by making him feel so good. I guess some people would think of that as enjoying the power you have over the helpless guy who is ruled by his cock. Obviously, I can’t tell you what you should enjoy and perhaps guys are just being selfish in pretending that the woman gets pleasure.”

“Well, just touching you a little yesterday gave me pleasure. Now be quiet and let me learn to be a more complete woman.” With that Suzanne wrapped her fingers around Tim’s cock and murmured, “It’s already pretty hard. I guess I can’t enjoy its swelling in my hand like I did last night.” Tim groaned and Suzanne added, “Oh, it just grew a little.” She lowered her hand to cup Tim’s balls- being gentle and inquisitive. Her fingertips teased his sac and Tim’s body tensed just enough to register with Suzanne. She lowered her face to within a few inches of the head of Tim’s cock which she remembered was called the glans. It looked incredibly soft. For the first time she saw the multiple veins and small bumps and ridges on the shaft. The bulbous glans made her visualize how that piece of him was the biggest part and hence the part that would stretch her pussy and rub against all of her nerves when they had sex. It was going to feel very large in her petite mouth. She was fascinated by the rigidity sheathed in baby soft skin. Without even thinking about it she very lightly ran her fingers from his balls to the top of the shaft and back feeling the veins and ridges she’d just noticed. It was the first time she’d felt an intimacy with this column of hard flesh that had delighted her pussy and certainly would do so again. She caressed it lovingly. Tim’s cock throbbed and he made an unintelligible sound. Suzanne loved his reactions and whispered, “Oh, I like making you jump. I know I’m teasing you but it’s getting me excited too. I can almost feel my pussy getting wet.”

Suzanne decided it was time to experiment with her mouth on her first cock and tentatively kissed Tim’s glans. Not receiving any reaction she used her tongue to wet the sensitive tip of his cock and then moved her saliva around on his head with her tongue. Tim made a noise which she took as an invitation to do more. She continued moving the tip of her tongue on the knob of his cock. When she touched the sensitive underside at the base of the head Tim moaned louder and his cock jerked to Suzanne’s surprise. She repeated the movements and learned that she’d found his most sensitive point. She remembered reading that this area had its own name but she couldn’t think of it; that would be a Google item for later. She ran the tip of her tongue about half way down the shaft and back to the head. Her fingers then moved over the wet area and she experimented with her saliva as lubricant.

Suzanne looked up at Tim and said, “I know it’s silly to thank you for letting me play with your cock. You’re obviously enjoying it. Seriously though, thank you for telling me to relax and take my time with my fingers. I wasn’t really ready to gulp you down. Well, it’s actually too big for that anyway. I’ve read about ‘deep throat’ and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do that with your fat cock. After I learn the basics I want to try but you should have modest expectations.” Suzanne moved her fingers down his cock and Tim gasped. She smiled and toyed with his shaft some more. “I’m feeling much better about my touching. You’re definitely getting pleasure from me and I like that.” She teased his shaft with her fingers and tongue making his hips lift in excitement as she said, “I couldn’t do this yesterday.”

Suzanne repositioned herself and brought her second hand to Tim’s balls. She said, “I know I’ve just been teasing you and you’ve been very patient. I’m going to use my mouth now but I can’t really imagine bringing you off with just my amateurish mouth. Does it count as a blowjob if I use my hand or is that called a ‘hand job’?”

Tim choked back a laugh and struggled to speak in his aroused state. Looking down at her innocent face Tim said, “Use your hand and mouth in any way you want. The label isn’t important.”

“You’re ducking my question. The label’s important to me. I’m supposed to be learning about blowjobs today and if I give you a hand job I will have failed. You’d better answer my question. If not you could get very frustrated. I can tease you all afternoon.”

“There’s no easy answer. Blowjobs can involve your fingers. I guess it’s a matter of emphasis. If you mostly use your mouth I guess it’s a blowjob. If you rely mostly on your fingers and hands it’s not. But to be brutally honest, you haven’t really used your mouth much at all yet so right now it’s clearly a hand job.”

“I know that.” With their eyes locked on each other Suzanne smiled devilishly. She opened her mouth and slowly lowered it over Tim’s straining cock. She enveloped the head with her mouth and he gasped loudly. She continued to stare up at his face and he could see her smiling even though her mouth was distorted by his cock. She proceeded to use her full tongue and lips on the first few inches of his cock and he writhed under the attention.

After a minute Suzanne pulled her mouth off of Tim’s cock and she took a labored breath. ‘Mmm…I think I could get into this.” With that she ran her mouth down the side of Tim’s cock while watching his face. “You really are too big for this or I’m too small but I’ll try. His pleasure was evident from his small smile, deep breathing and overall body language. While watching, Suzanne cupped his balls, teased them a little and then brought her fingers to the base of his cock while her mouth continued to explore its shaft. She tried sucking on him gently and then much harder. That was tiring so she alternated sucking and tongue work. She tried several times to take in as much cock as possible with each try ending in a small gag and a few seconds of recovery time needed. Tim seemed to love everything she was doing which greatly increased her self confidence. For the next several minutes Suzanne continued experimenting with her mouth and fingers in dozens of different combinations of what she thought of as ‘cock worship’. It was new for her but this was a timeless practice. The female giving pleasure to the male genitalia in the most intimate way was raw, animalistic sex. She liked the concept and smiled at the thought that Tim would soon have his turn at worshiping her with similar intimacy.

As Tim’s excitement seemed to plateau rather than build toward the breaking point Suzanne became concerned with her ability to close out his climax. A new level of effort was needed to push him over the edge. She got a little rougher with her fingers on his shaft and tried to use her mouth and saliva more lewdly than before. The term ‘wet and nasty’ came to mind. She’d teased Tim in the elevator with that image. It was an image she’d picked up from the porn books and movies she’d seen and while she was a novice it sounded hot and not too hard. She accumulated some extra saliva in her mouth and attacked Tim’s cock with her lips and tongue. Within a minute of becoming bolder she was startled when-with little warning, his cock swelled and cum shot out of it in several spurts. The surprise caused her to pull her mouth back a little which resulted in most of his load landing on his stomach and not in her mouth. She felt guilty at that and mumbled what she felt was an obligatory, “Sorry, I meant to take that in my mouth.” Internally she thought she had done pretty well for her first time but she obviously needed to do better. She was proud that she given her first blowjob. Others might not like the label but she had earned the title, ‘cocksucker’; it was an accomplishment. Her hand grasped Tim’s cock firmly as it dribbled the last of his cum; most pooled on her hand.

Opportunity had to be seized. Suzanne shocked herself by boldly licking the drops of cum off of her hand. This would give her a taste of cum before having a large amount in her mouth where swallowing might be a challenge but would be expected. She decided the taste and texture was neither great nor horrible but smiled at Tim suggesting she’d liked the taste. It seemed like something a good cocksucker would do.

Tim reached down and encircled Suzanne’s hand with his- holding it in place on his cock. He reminded her of her own hyper-sensitivity following an orgasm. She said she’d keep her hand still but asked to leave it on his cock since feeling a cock soften was new and interesting. Tim complimented her on her first blowjob. He smiled and told her she just needed to practice and she’d get better and better. Tim then surprised Suzanne by saying, “You gave me a deadline for your oral sex training. Now I’ll give you one. By this time one week from today I’ll expect you will be able to blow me to conclusion with very little help from your fingers. You’ll drink down every drop. If you miss the deadline you’ll get your ass seriously spanked.”

“Oh my. I thought spanking wasn’t until the second semester of my education.”

“Well, you now know what’s required. If you practice and perform well spanking might be deferred until later in your studies. Now, lie on your back and spread your legs. You have more to learn.”

When Suzanne had moved as directed Tim asked her to lift her hips and he slid a small pillow under her ass. He moved between her thighs and gently kissed the soft skin on each of her inner thighs. He then moved his face up to her panty covered sex and kissed several areas saying, “You definitely need sexier panties. I’m tempted to throw these away and make you go shopping with me bare assed but I’m too nice a guy to push you quite that far this soon.” He reached up and rapidly pulled her sturdy cotton panties off. This allowed him full access to her most intimate areas. Tim could sense Suzanne’s excitement at his presence so close to her pussy even though he hadn’t touched her yet. This reminded him that she’d never had a man’s mouth on her. That further turned him on and he kissed her upper thighs with passion. He then moved his mouth up and snuggled into the long hair that covered Suzanne’s mound. He was pretty sure they were both thinking of her upcoming bikini trim. Suzanne was now panting with arousal which Tim took to mean that the blowjob had turned her on and gotten her horny. He used his fingers to separate her hair and open her vaginal lips. His lips then descended onto her lips and he used his tongue to trace up and down each lip. A long, loud ‘ahh’ followed by a succession of moans and then another ‘ahh, ahh’ were the only sounds in the room. Suzanne’s hips rose to press her pussy against his mouth and he moved about in exploration of her wet folds. Her hands came to his head holding it firmly against her sex. He brought his tongue up to her clit and flicked it repeatedly. Within a minute Suzanne was orgasming against Tim’s lips as his tongue fucked her.

Suzanne’s hands continued to grip Tim’s head tightly. Initially she held him close and then she pushed him away almost violently as if his lips were burning her. He took some pleasure in having made her act so abruptly but knew that he acted similarly in like situations. He backed away with his mouth but hugged Suzanne’s hips. Her lower body was just as sexy as her luscious tits; he wanted one or two more grabs before the moment ended. He loved her hips and ass and started to think how great it would be to fuck her from behind while using her hips like handles to gain extra depth. When he felt he’d exhausted his welcome Tim moved up on the bed and hugged Suzanne in a comforting way.

“Wow,’ was all she said in a panting low voice. Her body continued to spasm every 10 to 20 seconds as her excitement resolved. Finally, she added, “Now I understand what my friends have been talking about. I might cuff you to my bed to use your mouth whenever your cock is soft.”

“As I said yesterday, I’m available and you don’t need cuffs. My mouth is at your service. Just give me a few minutes with your breasts everyday and let me fuck you silly as often as my cock can get hard.”

“That sounds good.” After a pause she added,”If you still want to go shopping and I ‘m going to make the spa at 4 we should probably get out of bed.”

Tim rose and helped Suzanne up. They cleaned up a bit and got dressed. A large mall was within easy walking distance of the hotel. They were standing in front of the mall’s store directory in a few minutes. The mall had a chain lingerie store which Tim said would be their fall back choice. He identified a high end boutique shop that he felt might have more luxurious items. They went there and found the caliber of lingerie Tim had in mind.

Suzanne was shocked at the prices but deferred to Tim. He selected a silky ensemble of bra, panties, garter belt and chemise in ivory that cost more than just about anything in Suzanne’s closet. A knowledgeable sales person escorted Suzanne to a changing room to confirm the bra’s fit. While Suzanne felt the bra was too skimpy the sales lady assured her the fit was perfect. She noted with some distain that fine lingerie would feel different from the cotton ‘support’ bra Suzanne wore into the shop. Suzanne couldn’t bring herself to admit that those were the only bras she’d worn since her enhancement. She choked out a lie saying ‘yes but this one seems cut lower than most.’ In a condescending manner the clerk observed that ‘this is a demi cup- it’s intended to reveal more.’ The clerk said her breasts were beautifully displayed by the bra; it looked as if it had been custom fitted. Suzanne knew any argument would fall on deaf ears and gave up. She was sure Tim would love the demi cups that left large expanses of her big tits exposed. She re-dressed and went back out to Tim saying that the sales lady felt the bra fit well.

After unsuccessfully trying to sell Suzanne some other bras the sales clerk assisted in providing two pairs of silky stockings from a set of hidden drawers. Tim insisted on buying a sexy baby doll nightgown- whispering to Suzanne that she’d look great in it when they had sex the next morning. Finally, he bought two less expensive bikini style panties reminding Suzanne that she had some things to throw away back at the hotel.

After leaving the lingerie shop they walked through the mall toward the entrance they’d used earlier. Tim gently put his hand on Suzanne’s arm and steered her to the window of a small dress shop. “The blouse you have for dinner is fine but I think that cream colored blouse on the mannequin on the right would look great with your skirt. Charmeuse and satin fabrics are always sexy. I want you to see if they have your size and if so, I’ll buy it. You do the talking since I don’t know the size.” They went into the shop, bought the soft silky blouse and were on their way in a few minutes.

“You have very good taste,” said Suzanne. “You’re spoiling me and I don’t know if I should feel like a whore for accepting your gifts. I keep thinking of the ‘Pretty Woman’ movie. Do you remember how the hooker gets great service in the exclusive stores since her rich client is paying?”

“Yes, I remember the movie but this is different. You’re indulging me in living a fantasy. I’ve never dressed a sexy woman for my pleasure before. You’re going to look beautiful. The crazy thing is that I can’t wait to undress you.”

With their shopping done the couple returned to the hotel. As they got to their room Suzanne rushed to take a shower saying she’d almost forgotten about the waxing. She couldn’t have a woman waxing her genital area when she still smelled of sexual arousal. With a big grin Suzanne added that she’d never had that problem before. It was great to have to worry about smelling like sex.

At the spa Suzanne had a relaxing massage and got her nails done. It was then time for her intimate areas to be seen, touched and plucked by a stranger. Just hours ago she would have said she’d never be here but the notion that her lover was requiring it sent a sexual shiver through her. Before she could flee a young woman was calling her name and escorting her into a private room. The woman was pleasant and friendly. Suzanne was told to strip, put on the robe that was folded on the side table and recline on her back on the slanted chair that was covered with a sheet of paper. The aide left Suzanne alone and she mindlessly did as she’d been instructed.

The door opened and a different young woman entered. She introduced herself as Suki. Suki asked a few questions and produced a laminated card with sketches of several different degrees of Venus Mound trimming from a broad ‘V’ to a narrow strip. In other sketches there were choices of bikini and vaginal waxing. Suzanne blushed but pointed at what seemed to be middle choices between the extremes offered. Suki quickly discerned this was Suzanne’s first time in a salon for bikini work and did her best to make Suzanne more comfortable. Suki described the trimming and waxing process and declared that since the results lasted for weeks waxing was really less uncomfortable than shaving. When Suzanne noted that she’d never shaved either Suki didn’t have a response. She assured Suzanne that she was very experienced and could be trusted to do everything quickly but thoroughly. With that she pulled two leg rests up into place, spread Suzanne’s legs wide apart and stepped between them while lifting the robe. She brought her face in close to the target area and Suzanne closed her eyes. Suki’s fingers explored the hair and apparently reached for some equipment. Suzanne kept her eyes closed as she heard and felt a scissors and then an electric clipper moving around randomly over her Venus Mound and between her legs. This was followed by what felt like fingers brushing away loose hairs and then what was probably a different clipper. In a few minutes Suki announced that the trimming was done and it was now time for the wax.

Suzanne’s embarrassment was now replaced by the fear of pain but she’d been told that would only be for a few seconds. She kept her eyes closed and gritted her teeth.

The waxing went faster and with a little less pain than Suzanne had expected. It was bearable if you only had to do it every three weeks. When it was done Suzanne was excited to know that her pussy was now officially ‘prepared’ for her lover. Suki left Suzanne to get dressed which gave her the opportunity to touch her newly trimmed Venus Mound and pussy. It felt different but not totally hairless. Nonetheless, it was exciting. It really was about the psychology of getting waxed because your lover required it. She assumed he’d expect her to stay trimmed and waxed. She liked being told what to do in sexual things; it was a lot easier to acquiesce than to decide yourself that your pussy should be trimmed. While sexual obedience was almost laughable to a modern woman she was turned on by it. She wondered if Tim would eventually require her to get a Brazilian. She’d never admit it but the thought was hot. If they stayed together maybe she’d surprise him by going fully nude in three weeks when she’d be getting waxed again.

On Suzanne’s return to the hotel room she reported that despite her concerns she’d enjoyed the spa and gotten through the waxing. Tim said it was time to throw away her old panties and try on the new. He noted that in the future she could experiment with different brands and styles; the panties he’d bought were just to make do for the next two days. She’d need sexier bras as well but this would be her homework following their two days of lessons. As Suzanne removed her panties there seemed to be an unspoken agreement that she should exhibit her trimmed pussy to him for inspection. She stood a few feet in front of him with her legs spread. He nodded his approval and said, “Much better. I look forward to burying my face there later.” Suzanne then tried on her new everyday panties and posed again for his inspection. Tim smiled as he saw the thin fabric hugging her Mound and hips. He had her turn and told her the panties looked great on her ass as well.

Tim looked at the clock and determined they had slightly more time than needed to dress for dinner. He told Suzanne this would be an excellent opportunity for blowjob practice and then clarified that some oral sex didn’t extend to orgasm. Sometimes it was just a part of foreplay. At this moment it would just be practice or perhaps it could be viewed as pre-foreplay for after dinner sex. He took off his pants and sat in the desk chair directing Suzanne to kneel between his legs. He observed that for some men the submissive image of a woman kneeling was a big thing but for him the pleasure was much more focused on her mouth and his cock. Suzanne seemed to like the access the position afforded to his hanging balls and her ability to use both hands as well as her mouth. In two minutes she was acting like a pro in her varied techniques. Soon Tim interrupted her and said she was getting him too aroused. He didn’t want to cum before dinner and then perhaps have trouble getting a good solid hard-on later. He assured her that she’d done well. Suzanne was surprised at being told to stop but backed off, digested his explanation and stood up. She smiled and observed that if she’d continued her new panties would have needed laundering. She thought the shortness of her hair coupled with her arousal had already moistened them a little.

When Suzanne started to get ready for dinner Tim said he’d like to see how her sexy lingerie looked but would otherwise leave her alone. She looked puzzled and he explained that since she’d aroused him so well he really wanted to see her in the lingerie and then jump on her sexually but he’d restrain himself. Her response was to smile, remove her old every day bra and flaunt her breasts by artificially pulling her arms back as he drooled. After a few seconds she turned away and unwrapped the new lingerie telling Tim he should go down the hall for ice and take a long indirect route back to give her 5 to 10 minutes alone to dress. He glanced at his watch and left.

On his return Tim found Suzanne in the bathroom applying make-up. She was dressed in her new ensemble of lingerie including her stockings and high heels. He could just see the bottom of the garter clips at the hemline of the chemise and the stockings were lustrous in the bright light of the bath. The chemise was stretched tight around her chest- probably much tighter than the designer had intended but Tim loved it. The short garment made her legs look to be a mile long. Tim stared at her image in the mirror and said that she looked spectacular. She turned and posed for him. “You were right,” she said. “I feel incredibly sexy. I don’t know which part of this afternoon is responsible but right now I’m thinking you’re a sexual genius- correction, a sexual genius with a big cock. I’m looking forward to having it in my newly trimmed pussy.”

“I’m certainly available. Let’s go to dinner a few minutes early so we can back here sooner.” Suzanne completed her make-up and put on her blouse and skirt. Tim complimented her on her discrete sexiness and added, “I can’t wait to undress you.”

After the walk to the elevator and across the lobby Suzanne whispered, “This bra is really skimpy and low cut. My tits bounce when I walk. I’m not sure if I like the feeling or not. I’m very aware of my breasts and feel like I’m flaunting them to every guy within 20 feet. You probably love it.”

“I do. In this blouse most people wouldn’t notice the bounce; it’s subtle. I noticed after you took three or four steps and I’ve been watching your chest ever since.”

Dinner was uneventful but romantic and enjoyable for both of them. Tim told Suzanne that her breasts had looked fantastic in the few seconds he’d seen them cradled in the new bra subtly covered by the chemise. They talked about their business schedule for the upcoming week and agreed they wouldn’t see each other until the following Friday evening. Suzanne agreed to shop for bras and panties during the week and not to wear her old things thereafter.

Tim said, “I don’t want to script our sex too much but there are some basics that should be covered soon. For the next week I’m going to be sexually dominant. After that we’ll try a week when you’re more in control. We’ll see which mode you prefer. In keeping with this week’s theme I want you to window shop the Internet for clothes you think will upgrade the sexiness of your wardrobe. Do not buy anything; I need to review and approve. On Saturday I’ll review what you’ve found along with what you already have and we’ll see what new things can fit in your budget. In the meantime, for Friday night I want you to wear the sexiest dress you have over the lingerie you’re wearing now. Wear the highest heels you have. We’ll go to a nice restaurant and sleep at my place so pack some toiletries and a skirt, blouse and lower heels for Saturday morning. We’ll be going to your apartment to check out your closet.

“On Saturday we might do some more shopping but in general we’ll return to my house. It offers lots of privacy. For the rest of the weekend you’ll be naked or you’ll be dressed as I say. I’m going to introduce you to some bondage.”

“Oh my. I think I’m looking forward to next weekend already.”

After dinner they returned to their room. Tim hugged Suzanne and kissed her passionately. “You looked fantastic tonight. As I said earlier, I’ve living a fantasy. It’s a fantasy date with a busty brunette that’s dressed just as I’ve dictated. Not only that- I think I’ve got an excellent shot at ‘getting lucky’ with her.”

After another deep kiss Tim started to unbutton her blouse. He removed it and her skirt- placing both over the back of the desk chair. He stared at her with a combination of lust and awe as he moved in to remove the chemise. It was obvious that he didn’t know whether it should be pushed down or lifted over her head. Suzanne guided him to lift it saying that he would see one of the little problems of having a big chest. He understood when he had trouble getting the chemise past her tits. He had to gently force the smaller part over her breasts. Throwing the chemise to the side Tim got his first look at Suzanne’s breasts cradled in the thin bra. He said, “Ahh…beautiful. Just as I’ve been visualizing since we were at the shop. Your breasts are displayed perfectly for me.” He bent forward and kissed the exposed inner slope of each breast. He then moved a step back to take in Suzanne’s overall body. “You look beautiful. It may sound crude but you really look so ‘fuckable’.”

“Thank you. I feel fuckable as well.”

Tim leaned in and buried his face between her breasts while his hand fondled her ass. “You look and feel great,” he murmured as he pulled his face an inch away from her soft flesh. His face went back and he kissed each breast saying, “In case I haven’t mentioned it I love these.” His hands came up to caress each bulging cup of the bra and he fondled her lustfully. Tim again moved his head just enough to speak saying, “I know it’s too expensive to be practical but ideally you’d cradle your breasts in a bra this thin and sexy every day. He dropped his hands to grab her ass and added, “The panties are great too. They hug your ass like a silky second skin.”

With Suzanne still standing Tim lowered his body to a squat while moving his hands slowly down her body. His mouth kissed her chest and then followed a path down her torso. Tim knelt and hugged her ass while pressing his face against her panty clad Mound. After a minute of fondling her ass and hips Tim’s hands grasped the waistband of her panties and slowly drew them down over her ass as his face moved in to kiss the gradually exposed area of her Venus Mound. He pulled her panties all the way off and had her step out of them. He stared at her hips and legs framed by the garters and stockings. She looked incredibly sexy and he told her so.

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