The following is entirely fictional and is not meant to bear any resemblance to other persons or events real or imagined, living or dead. Any resemblance is entirely coincidental.

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The following involves sex acts between an adult man and woman, the consensuality of which is dubious at best. It also includes BDSM themes as well as brainwashing, mind control, and the implication of the death of characters not directly related to the story.


ABLEcorp technology division has been working on advanced brain-computer interfacing for several years. They’ve made great advancements in the field, but nothing as yet that can be easily mass-produced, and what they’ve discovered has been largely kept secret.

“I need test subjects, I think I might be onto something but I can’t test accurately without a human subject.” Edward Berry, about 36, he is one of the men most responsible for the discoveries made by ABLEcorp in regard to brain-computer interface technologies. Currently heading a project geared toward reading memories and thoughts. “Would you be kind enough to volunteer, Shanna?”

Over the past few months, several of Dr. Berry’s assistants have spontaneously resigned. Shanna Reeves, a few months short of 19 is one of the few still left. “Is it.. safe this time?” She asked, remembering the last time she played guinea pig for Dr. Berry and the headache she was left with for a week afterward.

“Yes absolutely, I’ve completely worked out the feedback problem we had last time. If you feel anything this time around it should be pleasant, instead.” Dr. Berry reassured her.

“I guess..” She responded, still somewhat skeptical.

She follows him back to the Interface Testing Chamber door, where Dr. Berry uses his keycard, then palm print, then put the passcode into the keypad. For security reasons the Interface Testing Chamber must remain locked at all times. Once inside, the door locks behind them and will only unlock again with the same requirements, or will automatically unlock in case of emergency.

“Please, sit down.” he motions to the chair in the center of the room “I’ll be with you in a moment.”

Shanna moves over to the chair. She sits down and straps herself in as protocol requires for testing, leaving the last strap for Dr. Berry to fasten since she is unable.

After a short while, Dr. Berry finishes adjusting the machine. He walks over to where Shanna is sitting, looking somewhat more excited than she expected, and fastens the remaing strap. “Perhaps he’s discovered something more amazing than simply being able to read one’s memories? Considering the lack of headway we’ve had so far, that seems unlikely.” She thinks.

“Alright, it’s about time to begin.” He places a helmet device onto Shanna’s head. “If you would please strap this into a comfortable position. You know what needs to go where by now.”

“Yes sir.” She straps everything on tightly, ensuring her long hair stays out of her face. “Ready… I think.”

As he begins the interface (by dramatically throwing a large switch, no less) she cringes, expecting another instant brain-melting migraine. Instead, she’s surprised by a rather pleasant, massaging sort of feeling coming from inside her head.

Dr. Berry wheels a monitor out in front of her. On the monitor it appears to be a normal computer desktop format, albeit an OS she doesn’t recognize. “See? Told you I fixed it.”

“So what is this, then?” she asks.

His smile grows a bit wider, “This is your mind. This displays all your thoughts and memories. There are even files in here that describe who you are as a person. Your goals, ambitions, habits, things that make you happy, things that make you sad, things that make you angry… it’s all being displayed here.

“From this display I can find and play back any memory of yours, whether you would be able to access it yourself or not. If I’ve programmed this correctly, anything you can’t remember because you’ve blocked it out for one reason or other should be viewable as well, although it may take some more time to read.”

“This is…A-” “-Amazing?” “W-” “-Well, yes.” “…Ca-” “Can I finish wha- I mean, sorry. Yes, you may. I was just reading your current thoughts as they were appearing in your mind.” he repeatedly interrupts.

Then, Dr. Berry brings up a series of files. The first one was an image of a young boy, the second was a video clip from her point of view of a kiss, and the third a video clip of what appears to be a shaved male pubic area moving closer, then further away rapidly, then a few others with no preview icon. “Now, I’m going to ask you what these memories are and have you give me some description.” He said, then maximizes the first file. “Who is this, to you?”

“That would be my first boyfriend, Niel Holzworth.” She answers.

“Alright.” He said, and scribbled something down on a piece of paper. He brings up the second file. “Describe for me what is happening here in this memory.”

“I think that’s my first kiss, with Niel again. I remember it felt different than I expected.” She replies.

“Very good. Now for the third” He said, switching to the next video clip.

“Er.. well…” her face turned bright red “This is.. the first time I ever had any sort of sex with anyone. I.. fellated Niel in the back of his car. I haven’t done much else though, I’m still a virgin…”

“Wonderful.” He takes some more notes. “These next files are the descriptive sort that I mentioned earlier. The first one says that you hope to one day lead your own research group and make a great discovery, is this true?” “Yes sir.” “This next describes how if you become successful you intend to become a public figure and role model to hopefully inspire more women to study and become scientists and researchers like yourself, is this correct?” “Yes sir, it’s been a dream of mine.” “And this last one says that you intend to get married before you let someone take your virginity, yes?” “Er..yes, sir.”

After her final answer, he presses some keys and the files disappear from the screen.

“Now tell me, who was your first boyfriend?” He asked “I… can’t remember. I think something’s wrong, doctor I just told you this a few minutes ago.” She responds.

“Do you remember your first kiss?” “…No…” “Your first sexual activity?” “No, I can’t remember these things, but I remember telling you about them, what’s going on doctor?”

“What would you do if you became successful?” he continued “I don’t know, probably buy a nicer house?” “Would you let someone take your virginity before you married them?” “Sure, I don’t see why not, don’t most people do that anyway?”

“Doctor, you still haven’t told me what you’re doing there, why can’t I remember?” She asks, becoming increasingly concerned though still not as concerned as she should be.

Dr. Berry turns away from the monitor to face Shanna. “Did you ever wonder why my other assistants kept leaving so suddenly? I’ll tell you.” He paused “They didn’t leave, per se. I used them to test the machine. So far it hasn’t worked, you were lucky to only get a headache last time. I’ve been testing it on all my female assistants, the first girl who I tested on after you died because the machine malfunctioned and cooked her brain. The second again died because it caused her brain to stop controlling her heart and breathing. The third girl is almost totally braindead, and the fourth now lives entirely in a world of hallucinations. Those two are in ABLEcorp mental facilities. You’re the first person it’s fully worked on. I guess you got lucky twice.”

“Y… you’re kidding right? You’re just joking with me?” “I’m afraid not.” “Then… why did you tell me this? Aren’t you afraid I’ll tell someone, or… no, no you can’t do that!” She struggles against the straps holding her into the chair. “Indeed I can. ABLEcorp has given me full control of this project, they’ll allow me to do whatever I want with you as long as it’s in the name of keeping this all a secret. All I have to do is say that you accidentally found out about the others and they’ll cover everything else for me.” “But what about my family? They’ll find out eventually, won’t they?” “They might try, but I’ve made backups of all your memories. In a few months I’ll rewrite a few and let you ruin your relationship with them yourself, or have you send them a message saying that you’re going to live in Africa or something that will keep them from looking.”

She begins crying “Oh, god, please don’t do this! I won’t tell anyone, I’ll forget any of this ever happened!” “I know you won’t.” He responds, that smile still spread across his face. “You’re right, you will forget. However, you’re missing the point here. I’m not just doing this to shut you up, otherwise why would I have told you in the first place? I’m going to reprogram you into the perfect little slave girl.”

She continues to cry, but can’t respond with anything more than “Please don’t.” or some variation.

He presses a few keys on the computer. “And now, I’ll run the program I wrote for just this occasion. What it’s going to do is get rid of all your useless memories, as well as your descriptors, and replace them with the ones I’ve programmed in. When that’s done in about half an hour, I’ll fine tune some things and then we can go home.” He presses another button, then walks into a side room.

Shanna felt a steady pain spreading through her head. She fought the machine, running through as many of her memories as possible as quickly as possible. She can feel everything slipping away. Her family, her friends, anyone she’d ever loved, any stranger she’d ever met or seen, gone. Any time she’d ever laughed or cried or felt happy or angry, gone. Her favorite foods, colors, music, books, her hopes and dreams, anything she hated, anything she enjoyed, gone. Her age, her height, weight, hair color, eye color, even her name. Anything telling her who she was. Gone.

Then the pain stopped, and it was replaced with another feeling, an erotic feeling. She became wet, she felt an overwhelming urge to rub herself, but the bindings prevented it. Then, she started to “remember” things. Her master’s name, all the things she enjoys doing, doing for him, and having done to her. She remembers that she is Dr. Berry’s fucktoy. She remembers that her one true purpose in life is to serve him, and anyone he wishes her to serve. She even remembers that her name is Slut Number 5, Slut or 5 for short. She remembers everything Dr. Berry expects her to remember.

Dr. Berry returns a short while after. “Well then, can you remember everything now?” he asks Slut Number 5 “I can remember everything, Master, can we go home now?” she responds.

“Not quite yet, Slut. I still need to change some things in that tiny mind of yours.” “Thank you, Master.” she waits patiently while Dr. Berry rewrites some files.

“There, that should be good. I’ve made it so that you are physically unable to orgasm unless I order you to do so and you won’t be able to ask, but you will be aroused far more often than before and will stay on the edge of orgasm for hours. I’ve also made it so that if I say a certain phrase you will go into a trancelike state where you’ll do absolutely anything I order you to do regardless of the consequences. With a few other phrases I can make you feel pain or pleasure, cause you to be unable to speak, hear, taste, see and feel… have you fall asleep or wake up instantly, even make you lose control of your bowels and bladder if I want to humiliate you.”

“Thank you Master. Are we going home now?” she askes. “Don’t be so impatient,” he removes her arm bindings and takes the hedgear off of her “I still need to test some things out.” He moves to stand next to her and unzips his pants. She knew what to do next. She fishes out his cock and strokes it until it’s hard. Then she wraps her lips around it and bobs her head up and down on his member, pausing every so often to lick the underside of the head. With one hand she grips the base of his dick tightly, and with the other she massages his testicles. As he’s about to cum he grabs handfuls of her hair and fucks her face, hard and fast. He spurts while he’s still thrusting, spraying cum in her face and down her throat. “I’m so glad it worked on a blonde.” he says.

“Thank you Master” she said again, scraping the cum off of her face and into her mouth to swallow as Dr. Berry undoes the straps on her legs. “Now strip, Slut.” He orders. She complies, stripping nude in front of him. He locked a collar with the words “Slut Number 5″ engraved on the front around her neck. He has her bend over, and he stuffs a medium sized buttplug into her. They leave and he drives home with her in the trunk.

He parks the car in the garage and closes the garage door before opening the trunk. He leads her down to his basement, where he’s been keeping various restraints and toys, as well as a cage with a padded floor. “Alright, Slut. Since you’re mine, I get to break your freshness seal. Your first time shouldn’t be with a real man though, so I’m going to break you in with something else.” He walks her over to a padded sawhorse and chains her to it laying facedown, arms at each side and legs spread revealing her open fuckhole and plugged ass. “Don’t go anywhere.” He laughs before walking upstairs.

He returns a short time later with a dingy wood-handled plunger. “This is about what you deserve for a first time, I think.” “Thank you, Master” she replies as he walks around behind her. He doesn’t need to lubricate the handle since her pussy is still so wet, given she hasn’t been allowed to cum yet. He sharply thrusts it in, breaking her hymen and roughly prodding her cervix, producing a short squeal of pain followed by an effort on her part to muffle it. He then twists and angles the plunger handle inside of her, causing her to squirm.

He removes the handle, a small trickle of blood following it, and holds it in front of Slut’s face for her to lick. He then harshly rams his dick into her pussy, fucking her hard and fast. If he wanted he could last quite a long time, but there’s no need. Slut Number 5 is his now and he doesn’t need to worry about her pleasure, so he doesn’t. He fucks her roughly as she continues to contain her voice. Then, almost as quickly as he started, he pulls out and sprays on her ass.

By this point it’s getting to be pretty late. He wipes his cock on her face and steps away. He returns dragging a large box with him, and lays it on the floor in the middle of the room before returning to where Slut is bound. He yanks the plug out of her ass quickly, causing her to yelp. He then unchains her from the sawhorse and leads her over to the box.

He opens the box to reveal a sort of padded cavity, then he straps her arms together behind her. “Get in, on your back.” he instructs her, and she lays on her back in the center of the cavity. First, he straps her abdomen in place across her stomach tightly. Next, he moves her legs folded into position with her knees up beside her breasts and straps them there just as tightly. He holds her head in place, looking straight upward relative to her torso, and straps it in place as well.

After she’s been secured in the box, he opens 3 latches from openings in the box corresponding to where her mouth, pussy, and asshole are strapped. He then inserts 3 rounded steel dildos through the openings, penetrating her, and latches them in place. The bindings and position are extremely uncomfortable, but her brainwashing doesn’t allow her to complain. He closes the lid of the box and latches it closed as well.

When he’s finished, he props the box up on it’s end and moves it with a dolly over to a corner of the room. “Good night, Slut.” he says loudly enough for her to hear him through the box, turns off the light and heads upstairs to bed. Slut remains uncomfortably bound and impaled with steel for the next 8 hours, somehow still able to fall asleep, dreaming of being with her master. The thought of who she used to be and everything she’s lost never even crosses her mind.

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