Almost two weeks had passed with no call from our physician. Diane and I had talked several times and had decided decidedly both, “She’s not going to call us” as well as, “We need to give Susan time.” Those options changed almost daily. I remained optimistic that our evening with Susan wasn’t a one-time thing.

* * *

The kids were off to school and Diane was thinking of what she needed to get done today before the weekend. She’d already taken care of groceries so perhaps today would be “Laundry Friday” so that was out of the way.

With the water running in the kitchen sink as she rinsed dishes from breakfast, Diane almost didn’t hear the telephone ringing. Trying to quickly dry her hands before picking up the handset she thought to herself, “Who would be calling her so early–it’s not even 8 a.m.?” With semi-wet hands she grabbed the phone and didn’t bother to view the Caller ID on the handset.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Diane? It’s Susan.”

There was a pause on Diane’s end–before she realized her heart was instantly racing. It had been almost two weeks since Susan had walked out of her front door and it had crept in and out of Diane’s mind that they might not hear from Susan again.

“Oh…hello. I’m sorry–my hands were in the sink all wet so it took a minute to get the phone and, well, you don’t care about that Susan. How are you? “

Susan replied, “I’m fine. I won’t keep you long but I was wondering if, well…I’ve been taking some Friday’s off recently. Today is one of those days and I wanted to see if you’d be interested in coming over to my house for lunch. The boys are all at school and I’ve got the day to myself–until school’s out, of course. I assume Jim’s at work so it will just be the two of us.”

Suddenly Diane’s stomach knotted up. She was certainly available–but it seemed so “sudden” to her. She made a quick decision.

“I’d love to have lunch with you. What time and where?” Diane replied.

“Why don’t you plan to come over to my house–we can eat outside since it’s such a beautiful day. I don’t get to enjoy my house very often when it’s like this so let’s plan on you coming here. Very casual Diane. You don’t bring anything except yourself and a smile!”

Susan provided Diane with her address and directions before hanging up the phone. Diane leaned against the counter and realized her heart was beating a thousand beats a minute.

“I wonder if I should call Jim?” she thought. After consideration she decided that it was simply two women having lunch so no need to alert her husband. “Two women having lunch–that’s certainly true but it’s a little more complicated than that!” she thought to herself.

After finishing some clean-up, Diane began to prepare for her lunch date. She showered, along with shaving her legs and arm pits, to be as presentable as possible. Diane stood nude and looked at herself in the large bathroom mirror and thought to herself, “You’re not going on a date woman! It’s lunch with your ‘friend!’”

Despite that thought she couldn’t help but think back to 13 days prior when that ‘friend’ was standing in this very same bathroom stark naked with Diane and her husband. The same ‘friend’ who her husband had intercourse with on their bed as Diane watched and rubbed herself intimately as Diane watched her husband make love to another woman. Watched as the ‘friend’ received her husband’s semen. The same ‘friend’ who Diane had French kissed. And the same ‘friend’ who had licked Diane in the most intimate of places on her body.

Diane looked into the mirror and realized that her daydreaming had caused her nipples to become erect. As she reached up to tweak her left nipple, she thought about masturbating but then decided against it since she was so clean.

Diane walked into her bedroom and picked up a pair of moderately conservative panties–yellow hi cut nylon–and a lacy bra that, as she put it on and hooked the clasp between her breasts, allowed her erect nipples to be quite visible through the material. She elected to wear a white cotton sleeveless blouse and a pair of navy shorts along with matching sandals. Looking at her dresser mirror, she felt good about her appearance.

* * *

Diane arrived at 11:30 a.m. as requested and parked in Susan’s driveway. She only began to feel nervous as she walked up the front walk. Diane reached to ring the door bell but the door began to open at the same time and she saw Susan as it opened.

The two women exchanged hello’s at the doorstep and Susan invited Diane in, closing the door behind her. Both women looked at one another and Susan said, “I’m not sure what the proper greeting should be for us Diane? Do we shake hands? Hug?”

Diane nervously laughed and replied, “How about a hug?”

They embraced momentarily and as they broke apart from the physical event they both realized how awkward each felt at this moment.

Diane noticed Susan’s attire–makeup, hair done nicely and sporting a white cotton sleeveless dress adorned with blue flowers. She thought it was the prettiest she’d ever seen Susan–especially when every other time she’d seen her Susan had a white lab coat on over her clothing other than the night at the party. Susan was not a physician who wore makeup or spent an extraordinary amount of time on her hair prior to heading to the clinic. With three boys and a very early morning start most days, prep time was not possible.

Susan gently took Diane’s hand and they walked out through the house to Susan’s backyard. Under an umbrella at the center of the table was a pair of place settings along with salad, rolls and other appetizers. There was also a bottle of white wine in an ice bucket. Two glasses were soon poured as the women sat down and chatted about many different subjects during their lunch. But surprisingly to Diane, sex was not part of the discussion. Family, children, Susan’s work…all the things that two friends might otherwise converse about in a similar setting.

It was unusual for both women to consume wine with lunch so it wasn’t long before they felt the effects of the alcohol in their bloodstream. As a result, they both relaxed and became more comfortable with one another. As each made eye contact with the other, their minds roamed back to the events the last time they were together at Diane’s house–and Diane’s bedroom.

Sensing an opportunity, Diane decided she should take a step towards addressing their previous experience together to make sure it wasn’t a barrier to continuing their conversation.

“I have to admit Susan that I had sort of thought that Jim and I wouldn’t hear from you after you left our house. I’m not sure why but I thought that perhaps it was a pleasant, one-time thing.”

Susan paused while staring at Diane. She had a smile on her face as she looked deep into Diane’s blue eyes.

“Diane–I was certain when I left your house that I would contact you again. 100% certain. I had the boys here last weekend, and besides, I didn’t want to be too pushy. And to be honest, I wanted to make sure you and Jim had time to review our time together to make certain it wasn’t causing either of you any regrets.”

It was Diane’s turn to pause in contemplation before replying.

“After you left Susan, Jim and I went back upstairs and had as good of sex together as we’ve had in years. You obviously got both of our libidos so high it was probably dangerous for ‘old folks’ like us!”

Dropping her voice to almost a whisper despite the fact there was no one else around, Diane said, “Jim came three times that night–once with you, twice with me!”

Both women chuckled at that remark as it was delivered by Diane.

“So you don’t think there was any negative impact on you two after I left–maybe not that night but a few days later?” Susan asked.

“No. None. We have talked about you each day since but it’s always been a relatively quiet, ‘Did we hear from Susan today?’ when it was just the two of us.”

Susan inquired, “What did Jim say when you told him you were coming over here for lunch today?”

“I didn’t tell him. I decided that it would best if he didn’t know. Heck, I want to make sure he’s focused on his work!” Diane said with a laugh.

The two women chatted briefly a bit longer and then they decided it was time to take the lunch plates inside and put things away. As Susan busied herself rinsing things off, Diane carried everything else inside. As Susan stood at the sink in her summer dress, Diane couldn’t help but notice her body. The dress went to just about Susan’s knees but Diane was looking at the total of Susan’s body. Much shorter than Diane, a bit heavier and a brunette compared to Diane’s blonde hair, they didn’t have much in common physically but Diane began to get a familiar feeling surging through her body.

Almost overcome instantly with sexual urges, Diane walked up behind Susan as Susan was drying her hands with a towel and put her hands gently on Susan’s waist. Slightly startled for a moment, Susan turned to her left and found her face only inches from Diane’s as Diane was bending down to make the physical distance so short. Completing her turn to face to Diane, Susan felt both of Diane’s hands readjust themselves on her waist.

The two women looked into each other’s eyes, both knowing that their mouths were soon to be touching one another’s. They both closed their eyes and leaned to one another where their lips made contact–and slowly opened to one another. Diane softly sucked on Susan’s lips while she gingerly extended her tongue to the opening of her friend’s mouth. In a split second Susan’s tongue was in oral tussle with Diane’s as the two women twisted and licked at one another.

As Diane continued the kiss while breathing in the soft floral scent of Susan’s perfume, she moved her hands further around behind Susan and pulled her closer. As her hands dropped further down Susan’s back, she felt the outline of Susan’s panties through the cotton dress. She reached further down to grasp the doctor’s butt cheeks and gently rub them as their tongues continued their intimate oral dance.

Gasping for breath, the two women pulled their mouths apart but Diane kept her hands firmly on Susan’s rear. Neither woman said a word for a minute while they each caught their breath and looked deep into each other’s eyes. No words were necessary.

Releasing Susan from her soft grasp, Diane took Susan by the hand and led her into the family room area which was located away from the front windows of the house. She stopped in the middle of the room and gently eased Susan to the floor, with the doctor laying on her back in the middle of her own family room. Her dress was bunched up a bit above her knees as she laid on the soft carpet watching Diane descend to be next to her. Diane propped herself up with her left arm and bent in to continue kissing Susan. The two women continued their oral exchange for several minutes, pausing only occasionally when they needed to catch their breath but were soon back to exchanging oral pleasantries with one another.

Diane used her right hand to gently rub Susan’s left breast through the dress and bra. Despite the two layers of clothing, Susan’s long erect nipple was evident and Diane softly squeezed the nipple and very gently twisted it–each time extracting a groan of pleasure from Susan. Clearly larger than her own breasts, Diane enjoyed the feeling of the ever-so-soft flesh with the hard little point at the center.

Out of the corner of her right eye, Diane noticed that Susan had raised her left leg so her knee was in the air, uncovering her left thigh by the white cloth of the dress. Bending back down to continue the kissing with Susan, Diane took her hand from Susan’s breast and moved it down to caress the left inner thigh of Susan. There was a momentary jolt from Susan at the soft touch but their oral exchanges never broke.

Finally the impact of her weight having been resting on her left arm all this time forced Diane to break off the kissing and sit up. She continued to caress Susan’s thigh, dropping her hand slowly closer and closer to Susan’s pubic region.

Susan didn’t move as Diane sat up. Rather she watched Diane as she felt the blonde’s fingers continue to inch closer to her pussy. She knew how wet Diane had made her already and with each millimeter that Diane covered, Susan felt even more dampness between her legs.

Sitting on her rear, Diane turned towards Susan’s torso and reached down to the hem of her dress. With her two hands, Diane pulled the garment gently up Susan’s body so it gathered at the waist area. For a second she paused and Susan lifted her torso so Diane could pull the dress completely up near her waist. Susan was wearing white cotton panties like she’d been wearing the night at Diane’s house. Diane noticed the “Victoria’s Secret” labeling on the elastic waistband just as her husband had noticed it two weeks prior.

Susan kept her left knee in the air while her right leg was straight out. Diane moved her hand back to within a couple of inches of the left leg opening of Susan’s panties. In doing so, Diane looked at Susan’s panties and could see Susan’s dark pubic hair pressing against the thin, soft cotton material of the panty. Diane then noticed a few brown hairs peeking out each of the leg openings of the panty along with a distinct wet spot in the center of the crotch area.

Dragging her index finger along the leg opening, feeling Susan’s soft flesh along with the cotton of the panties, Diane looked back at Susan. They stared into each other’s eyes as Diane continued to stroke the delicate area of Susan’s body.

Diane gently smiled at Susan and then winked, confusing Susan for just a split second. As she did that wink Diane slipped her index finger under the leg opening of the panty and made contact with the matted pubic hair of Susan as well as the outer lips of her pussy. Susan was, once again, extremely wet.

The two women continued their gaze into the eyes of the other while Susan felt Diane’s finger gently rub against her pussy lips. She felt as if on fire between her legs, something that she’d never felt quite as strong in her life like she was feeling in her current state of sexual arousal. An arousal caused by another woman!

Diane’s finger tip just slightly entered the area between Susan’s vaginal lips. The angle wasn’t conducive to a more comfortable approach so while Diane continued to stroke her friend gently, she knew she was going to have to change positions as long as Susan’s panties prevented a more direct approach with her hand.

Pulling her finger out from Susan’s panties, she took both hands and reached to the waist of the garment. Susan lifted her hips without hesitation and the two women worked effortlessly together to easily slide the cotton panties off Susan’s torso and down her legs until Diane pulled them completely off.

Diane looked down at Susan’s pussy, which ‘stared’ right back at the blonde. She had not had this sort of vantage point at their house previously so she was getting her first unobstructed view of the doctor’s pubic region. Surrounded by dark brown hairs, mostly matted if they were within an inch of Susan’s pussy, Diane saw the folds and colors of Susan’s most intimate part of her anatomy. Her pussy lips were a mixture of red, pink and reddish-brown skin–the white vaginal juices on her lips prominently calling out to Diane the state of arousal by Susan. She thought to herself that in that opening Susan had received Diane’s husband’s penis–while she watched and masturbated!

“Don’t move a muscle–I’ll be right back,” Diane told Susan as she stood up and walked into Susan’s kitchen. She returned with a pair of hand towels from the kitchen and Susan smiled at the preparedness of her friend. Diane crouched down and spread the towel out as Susan lifted her butt from the carpet. Susan pulled her dress up to her waist, allowing a completely unfettered view of her body from her navel to her toes.

“This is a reversal of roles isn’t it? This is the view you have had of ME!” Diane quipped. The two women both chuckled at Diane’s comment.

Moving her butt next to Susan’s right thigh, Diane once again used her fingers to gently caress Susan’s pussy. She drug her index finger slowly up Susan’s opening and then back down. After several passes, she inserted her finger in up to her first knuckle. She looked up from Susan’s pubic region and saw Susan staring at her with a look of total bliss on her face. Smiling, Susan just nodded slightly as if to say, “Please, please continue…”

Inserting her index finger even further into Susan’s vagina, Diane could feel the sheen of vaginal juice coating her finger. Diane took the opportunity to move her finger around inside of Susan, feeling the insides of a woman just as she’d had done to her many times in her life–but it had always been a male finger inside of her!

Leaning down, she used her left hand’s fingers to spread Susan’s pussy lips open, the white coating of fluid on the intimate flesh offering almost a milky look to the pink skin. She could smell the excitement being given off by Susan’s pussy. She knew that today she would take the chance to repay Susan for the oral pleasure the doctor had provided to her at Diane’s house.

As she continued to move her finger in Susan’s pussy, she spoke up.

“Susan–I have to admit that while I’ve never done it before, I’d like to try and taste you. You know, with my tongue like you did to me at our place. Would you like me to do that?”

Susan didn’t reply verbally. Rather she gave a coy smile to her blonde friend and as her face turned a shade of crimson, she nodded her head as she felt Diane’s finger reaching deep inside of her. It had been a long time since anyone had touched Susan in that inner recess other than two weekends prior so Susan had a significant amount of pent-up sexual urges flowing through her being.

Diane pulled her finger out of Susan’s pussy and brought them to her face. The sheen of vaginal coating was evident on the finger so Diane simply inserted in her mouth and sucked it clean as Susan watched the intimate gesture from her vantage point.

Wiping her hand on the kitchen towel to be certain it was dry, Diane reached to her upper chest and began to unbutton her blouse. Susan watched as Diane worked down her body and saw the white of Diane’s bra come into view. When she got to her waist, Diane moved to her knees and pulled the cotton top from inside her shorts and removed it completely. She carefully placed it on the carpet off to the side while Susan admired Diane’s pert breasts through the lace bra cups.

Diane rearranged the second kitchen towel on the carpet and looking at Susan said softly, “I always enjoy it when I do it this way with Jim. Why don’t you straddle me and I’ll lay here on this towel?”

Susan smiled with anticipation. She moved her body so she was now on her knees and pulled her dress up to her waist. Making a decision, Susan reached to her back and unbuttoned the sun dress and pulled it over her body and tossed it to the side. Clad only in a plain white bra, she looked down at Diane who was clearly admiring her body, and made her fingers find their way to Diane’s chest. Gently touching Diane’s bra-encased breasts with her hands behind her torso, Susan straddled Diane’s head and softly let her butt rest down against Diane’s chest.

Diane, looking straight up at the brown hair covered pussy of the physician, asked Susan, “Why don’t you remove the bra as well? I want to see your breasts from this vantage point as well.”

As Diane moved her face up towards Susan’s pussy, the doctor reached behind her back and deftly unhooked her bra and pulled it down her arms, tossing it on the floor by her dress and began to rub her breasts as Diane’s tongue explored Susan’s pussy for the first time.

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