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Hello ladies, I know you’re out there and I say a big hello. My name is Mitchell Murphy I am 35 years old, 6 ft 2 and athletic. I work out every day and have a six-pack. Some people tell me that I look like Peter Facinelli but more like Twilight Carlisle. My hair is dirty blond my eyes are light brown. I am hot, if I say so myself and the ladies have all told me I am very sexy.

I am a Senior Vice-President at a top Forbes Fortune 500 company. I do my job well. I am rich and spend my money on the apartment I own and on the women, I take out. I drive a Mercedes Benz SLSC. I live in a three-bedroom penthouse apartment in Battery Park City in New York.

The women I date, love being with me. I always take my women to the best clubs. I get all kinds of tickets to entertainment events, sporting events and the theater. My women love being with me because they know they will get a great dinner, a fun evening and I will fuck them until they scream. I’m good and I know I am good and so do they.

You may think I’m a big cocky and I am because I know what I have to offer.

I’m a love it and leave ‘em kind of guy. I’ve never been in love and I plan to stay a bachelor for a very long time. I am the George Clooney of my group of friends. One of the girls I’m seeing now is named Chloe. She is 5’10″ with the longest legs and long dark hair. I love when her hair is in a ponytail, because when I’m fucking her I can wind it around my hand and pull her head back.

She has a very tight pussy because I was the one who took her virginity. Chloe has these doe eyes which when she got on her knees and begged me to be the one, just made me hard. Who was I to refuse?

After a very nice dinner, I took her to my home. I stripped her of her clothes and started sucking her size 36C breasts. I sucked and licked her nipples. Chloe squirmed beneath me and I hit her thigh with my hand. SLAP! “Be Still” I ordered and she stilled. I bent down, trailing my tongue down her body, licking and sucking her skin; leaving my marks. Chloe is trying very hard to stay still as I start fingering her clit.

“Oh, Mitch, that feels so, so. Ah” She is close, but I’m not going to let her cum, not yet. I’m going to tease her until she begs me to thrust my dick into her pussy and then I’m going to fuck her hard the way I like it.

I bend down and tug at the hairs on her pussy. “The next time I fuck you, I want all of this shit off. I want you to have it waxed for me tomorrow. I don’t like a hairy pussy.” I say and then I hit her on the pussy. She yelps and I thrust my tongue into her. Pushing her legs back. I order her to hold them and I begin to eat her. I am a master with my mouth. I suck and lick her pussy lips and she’s squirming. Penelope is moving and I slap her pussy again. “Stay still dammit!” I order. She tries her best, but I know she can’t help but move. Reaching under my mattress I take the restraints I have their and tether her by her knees, so she is spread wide. I feast on her pussy. Her legs wide open and open to me. I bring her to a screaming climax that until now she has only had with three other girls and her own finger.

It’s now my turn. I want her to suck my dick, but that will wait until later. Right now, I want in that pussy. I grab a foil packet and tear it open. She watches as I put on the condom. ‘Watch because from now on you will do it for me.”

I climb up on her body sucking her nipples. Rubbing my cock on her sex she begs, “Please Mitch, please fuck me. Please oh god, please.”

“I’m going to fuck you my way and you’ll scream.” I say and she begs some more, “Mitch, do whatever you want baby. I want you to be my first.”

I rear back and slam all the way into her. I know she wants to close her legs but she cannot. It’s a good thing I have the entire floor because Chloe screams from the pain and I press my lips onto hers. I still, allowing Chloe to get adjusted and then start moving in and out. I’m slow at first, but soon she gets into it. I loosen the restraints so she can wrap her long legs around my back.

I start fucking her faster and faster, moving my hips the way I know the girls like. She is cumming nonstop, pulling at my hair, begging me to go faster and I hold on. I want her sore. She’ll be coming back tomorrow and the next day until I get rid of her. I pull out almost all the way out then slam into her and I cum.

I hold her and cuddle with her for a few minutes, then I get up pulling gently out of her, take off the condom, throw it away and go wash up. I return with a bowl of warm water and a washcloth. I know her pussy is sore and I wash her. I am considerate like that — at least the first time.

When I finish Chloe leans on my chest and kisses my nipple. I grab her ponytail and say to her, “It’s time for you to suck my cock.” She gazes up at me with those doe eyes and she kisses down my body. I have a big dick. I’m not going to lie. It’s ten inches, its cut, and it’s beautiful. Even guys want to suck my dick, straight guys, but I don’t go that way. I love pussy too much, but I love watching a guy salivate when I go into the men’s room. They all look, even the black guys. My dick is a work of art. Every day I thank God and my parents for this dick. My dad’s dick isn’t as big as mine so I must have gotten this from my mother’s side. Good old mom, still a looker who comes to see me twice a year. We hang out, I behave and introduce her to the current girl who she will say isn’t good enough for me and then I’ll dump her and report to mom that as always she knows best.

Lately however, mom has been gripping about grand children. I told her before I was 40 I would think about it. Who says I have to marry the damn girl I knock up. I’ll pay child support and visit the kid, but I want my freedom.

I just went off topic, back to Chloe sucking my cock. I love making a woman gag with my dick because I haven’t found one who could take it all. I

Chloe does her best, but she’s inexperienced. She won’t be for long because ladies, I plan to turn her into one of my sex slaves. I plan to keep her on a string. I plan to whip her. I plan to paddle her. I plan to do all kinds of nasty things to her and she will enjoy it all, then my plan is to leave her. She will call and email and beg me to return her calls and I won’t. When I’m done, I’m done. The next man that gets her will not be able to please her because she will be thinking about me. She will blame him time and again for not being good enough. Too bad fellas, eventually she’ll choose someone and be unhappy for the rest of her life because she could not have me.

I know you think I have a big ego. When you got it, flaunt it. If you don’t like me that’s fine, but I love you and if I make love to you, you’ll fall in love with me. They all do. I’m not a bad guy, I send all my ladies off with a kiss, a gift and try to make them feel better by saying, “it’s not you, it’s me. I’m just not ready for anything serious.” They all fall for it and it’s the truth. I love pussy and control and for me that’s a high.

I have 30 women that I can call day or night and they will all come running. I am never without a woman. These women are all over the country and two in London and Paris. I am master of my universe. I love women, don’t get me wrong, but they all should know their place and their place is to be on their knees worshiping my dick.

One of my 30 a woman named Samantha invites me to a party given by her boss. She is an attractive brunette with a short haircut and a beautiful pussy. She keeps it the way I like it with just a short strip. Samantha and I have an understanding. She does what I want when I want it. I can call her day or night and even if she has someone in her bed, she’ll either leave them or kick them out if I want to come over.

Samantha learned how to suck my cock. She was eager. She wasn’t a virgin, but had a tight pussy. The hard part for her was when I took her ass. She begged me not to and I sent her home. I stopped speaking to her. For two weeks, she called and pleaded to see me, finally she agreed that I could fuck her ass.

I did and now she begs me every time to fuck her in the ass. She cums the moment my dick is inside her anal passage. I have tied her up, whipped her and spanked her and Samantha comes back for more. I like her because she isn’t whiny. She knows the score and just wants me to do whatever I want.

It’s black tie so I’m dressed in a tuxedo. I look good, I say to myself as I look in the mirror. I look damn good. As the limousine arrives to pick me up, I know that tonight after this shindig, I’m going to bring Samantha here, restrain her in my bed, paddle her ass and then shove my cock deep into all her holes.

Samantha looks drop-dead gorgeous in a slinky silver gown. On the drive to where the party is, Samantha spends her time on her knees sucking my cock. She finishes up just as we get there and I order her to fix herself, which she does. She’s a very smart sexy lady and I like her.

I am astonished when we pull up to a mansion in Greenwich, CT. It is a 12,000 square foot stone manor. The limo pulls up, the door is opened and we walk up the steps to the front door where it is opened by a butler in full dress uniform. A very handsome man about sixty who greets Samantha with a hug and a kiss on the cheek follows him. She introduces me to him. His name is Morgan Winthrop III. He is one of the richest men in the world and the name partner of the law firm where Samantha works. Samantha has moved up a notch in my belt. We are led inside where there are about 100 people. I am introduced to lawyers, a few judges, a senator or two and a few celebrities.

We are there for about 15 minutes when everyone turns as a woman wearing the most beautiful royal blue sequined evening dress comes down the stairs. She is strikingly beautiful. Her skin is the color of honey. She has brown eyes that look like topaz and light brown curly hair. This woman walks down the stairs like a Queen and I know at once that she is the mistress of this house.

My dick, which has been calm, springs to attention. It has caught up with my head. I want this woman. She comes down the stairs and greets her guests. I watch every move she makes. I watch how she moves, how her graceful her hands move. She is like a gazelle.

Samantha maneuvers me over to meet her. She is laughing and her laughter makes my dick jump repeatedly. In my mind, I am saying. Calm down boy, but my dick knows that it wants inside his woman’s pussy badly. She turns to me and looks at me with those eyes; it is like a punch in the gut.

I am speechless and barely mumble my name. Samantha introduces us. Her name is Claudette. She is even more stunning up close. I want to kneel at her feet. I want to kiss her toes. I want to run my hand through her brown curly hair. I am in shock at my emotions. I don’t do this. Dinner is called and I am jealous when Morgan takes her arm and leads her into the dining room.

I am even more jealous that I am not sitting next to her. I ignore the two women sitting beside me and they chat with other people. My eyes are on the Nubian Beauty sitting at the head of the table. I can’t stop staring at her. I have never dated a black woman. Until now I have never wanted to, but I know that if I don’t have her, I will forever want her and that’s not me. I know once I have her, the mystique will wear off and I will just treat her the way I treat all the other ones.

I day dream and see myself peeling off that dress and seeing what lies underneath. I want to lick that black pussy and taste the wonderful juices she will secrete. I want to fuck her and have her scream my name.

Dinner over, we have dessert and there is entertainment and conversation. I manage to talk to a few of the power people in the room. Samantha is spirited away by one of her colleagues and I am speaking to a blonde young thing who whispers to me that she wants to suck my cock. I ignore her and she pouts and walks away. I am standing alone, drinking a brandy when I hear, “So you’re Samantha’s date. Have you had a good time? It’s Mitchell isn’t it?” The voice is soft and sultry.

I turn and she is standing there, the goddess that I want. “Uhm, Yes Mrs. Winthrop.” I say nervously. “Not Mrs. Winthrop. I am Claudette Casey and this is my home. Mr. Winthrop is a, friend of mine. He was my date for this evening. Are you and Samantha a couple?” She asks as she smiles at me. Her teeth are gleaming and white. Her dress cut just low enough to give me hope. I want her. I want her as I have never wanted anyone.

“No, Samantha is a friend. We spend time together.” I say and Claudette leans over and whispers, “Do you fuck her?”

I am taken aback and find that my ears are turning pink, “Sometimes.” I say. “Did she suck your cock on the way here?” She whispers again and I see the devilish twinkle in her eyes. Again, my ears turn pink and I can feel myself blushing. What the fuck is this chick doing to me?

Just when I am about to answer, Morgan Winthrop comes and kisses her cheek, “my dear, there are guests who wish to say goodnight to you.” She returns his peck and is gone. I am left standing there jealous. Claudette turns back and winks at me leaving me stunned and confused.

It is time for us to go and I don’t want to. I want to be between those honey colored thighs. Samantha and I say goodnight to Morgan and Claudette. She kisses Samantha on the cheek, “I’m so happy you came dear and I look forward to seeing you with your young man again.”

I only say, “I had a really good time and hope to see you again.” I am hoping to see her again. I am praying to see her again. I know that I will do anything to see her again.

What I do not know is that I’ve just been introduced to the woman who will change my life forever.

At work the next day, I can barely concentrate. All during the ride home, I pepper Samantha with questions and learn nothing except that she is a client. Samantha tells me she signed a non-disclosure agreement and cannot discuss Claudette with me. I am furious and sulk all the way home.

When I take Samantha home she invites me in, but I just send her up to her apartment and go home. Quickly I undress and shower. All I can think about is her face, the way she walked, the way she talked. I have a hard time sleeping, all I can picture is black thighs wrapped around my head and my tongue licking a beautiful honey colored pussy.

Morgan Winthrop, billionaire was restrained. His body wrapped in thick rope. He had been whipped and his hard dick was in a cock cage. He was blindfolded and he was happy. The person holding the whip was Claudette. She was decked out in a long black gown with black boots. “So my little slave boy, did you get what you needed from tonight’s events?”

Morgan nodded. He knew not to speak until she gave him permission. “Then you know how to thank me, don’t you my bitch?” she said hitting him hard with the whip. THWACK! THWACK! He moaned. Claudette hit him again and he whimpered.

Morgan stuck out his tongue and waited. Claudette grabbed his gray hair, pulling it hard. She hiked up her dress and lowered her pussy onto his mouth where he licked her for hours. She had cum and cum again and still was not satisfied. Getting up she untied him and freed his cock. She whipped him some more and struck his cock and balls. He groaned and screamed. Claudette squeezed his balls harder as she sat on his hard dick and she fucked him; throwing back her head squeezing him tighter and tighter with her muscles she ordered him not to cum. Morgan obeyed. He was her slave. He worshipped at her pussy. She meant more to him than his children, his five ex wives and all his money. She meant more to him than his company. She was everything. He was nothing without her.

Claudette thought about this night. She thought about the handsome young man who had been Samantha’s date. She thought about how he should be tied and whipped. She wanted to wipe that cocky attitude off his handsome face. She was close to coming and she ordered Morgan to cum. He did screaming, “My Mistress thank you.”

Claudette envisioned Mitchell in Morgan’s place and at that moment, she found her release.

I went to work and managed to work on the two billion dollar merger I was assigned to. My mind would flash to beautiful topaz colored eyes and long honey-colored legs. I was like a bitch in heat, yet I managed to make it through my meetings.

The entire week went like that. I worked late every night and didn’t get home until nearly eleven. I showered and went straight to bed, but in my dreams were beautiful brown eyes or long tan legs. I awoke in the night and stayed awake seeing her face.

On Friday, I left work early. I had phoned another one of the women I liked to keep on sexual retainer. Her name is Maria. She is Italian and has beautiful long dark hair, dark brown eyes and a 40 DD bust. Maria is the only woman I know who sashays into a room. Those hips of hers swing back and forth. I don’t do any preliminaries. I have been overheated all damn week, so as soon as she comes off the elevator I take her hand and drag her into my apartment. I push her onto the wall and start kissing her. My tongue invades her mouth and she responds. Maria rips open my shirt and tongues my nipples. I grab her hair and hold her to my chest. Tugging back her head roughly my tongue plows into her mouth. “Mouth on my dick now Maria.” I say and she trails kisses and licks down until she gets to my pants.

Maria sinks to the floor, my hand still holding her hair. Hurriedly she unzips my pants and takes my hard cock into her mouth. Maria likes to lick the head. She loves my pre cum and she twirls her mouth around the head and then licks down my length. She is slow and deliberate, but tonight I’m in a hurry. All I keep thinking about are those black lips wrapped around my dick.

Tugging on Maria’s ponytail, I yank her head up and thrust my dick in her mouth. I use her hair as leverage pulling it up and down. I am pistoning in her mouth and she’s looking up at me. She gags. “Bitch take it all.” I say and push her further on my dick. She chokes and I know she can’t take it all. I ease up just a little and start fucking her mouth faster and faster. I am so close to cumming and then I see those eyes, those beautiful light brown eyes and my dick just stops. I look down at Maria who is still sucking me.

She’s doing a good job, but it is not her lips I want to feel. Gimme a break! I think. I only saw this fucking bitch for a short time. What the hell? I renew my efforts to blow my wad and really ruthlessly fuck Maria’s mouth. Tears are streaming down her face. I have never been so brutal with her, but my dick won’t let me cum this way.

Grabbing Maria’s hair, I pull her off my dick. “Get undressed and into bed. I’m going to fuck you.”

Maria does as I ask and I am stroking myself envisioning Claudette’s hands and mouth on my cock. I am hard again and place my dick at the opening of Maria’s pussy. I can’t look at her, I can only think about Claudette and envision it is her pussy that I am fucking. I slam into Maria causing her to gasp at the pain, “Please Mitchell, please it hurts. Slow down baby, please.” Maria begs.

“Shut the fuck up. You know it will feel real good soon.” I slap her ass and my dick deflates a little. “Keep your mouth closed.” I order Maria and I start moving in and out of her seeing Claudette’s face in my mind. I am fucking Maria harder and harder, “yes baby, that pussy feels so nice. I knew it would be like this. “It doesn’t take much longer and in my mind I can hear Claudette saying, “Cum for me baby, cum.” And I squirt, then I pour into Maria. I have never cum like this and it is all because of her.

I am exhausted and hold on to her hips. “Baby,” Maria says, “You have never fucked me like that. It was so brutal, so rough. I liked it.”

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