Dedicated to the one that continues to haunt me.


I get out of my car and walk up to you, smirking the whole way for I have this day planned and I am going to enjoy it. Holding out my arms, you step in and give me a hug as I place a soft kiss on your cheek and give you a squeeze. You tighten your arms around me, hugging me back not sure what I have planned but this is a nice start. Letting you go, I take out a blindfold and step back. I stare into your eyes as I slip it over your head, covering those beautiful brown eyes of yours. My arms go around you again and I kiss your neck, my breath tickling it as I hold you.

“You ready for today, Lindsey?” I whisper in your ear.

“Yes, sir,” you say with no hesitation.

“That’s my good girl,” I respond,” Hold out your hands.”

You hold out your hands so trustingly and you feel and hear the metal clicks of handcuffs binding your wrists together. I know you are surprised it very rare that I pull out the restraints in the open like this and their is another surprise in store. I pull your hair back as and something jingles in your ear as you feel the touch of leather slide around your neck; quivering a little and you feel yourself getting wet knowing that people could be watching this right now. I tighten it around your neck, almost choking you as I put it on and that gives you even more excitement. Our lips touch as I run my fingers through your hair, I kiss your cheek then your neck.

“You look so good baby doll, all collared and restrained. I can’t wait to get you alone.” I tell you.

“Of course, sir, anything you want,” you respond.

“You are being so good today, I am going to have to reward you.”

I tug on the collar as you feel the leash get attached to it and I give it a little pull, using it to guide you to the car. You are nervous as you walk, knowing that it is only my guidance keeping you from falling. I lead you slowly and you feel the leash go slack and you stop. I open the car door and I take your hand, helping you into the car. It takes you a little effort to find the seat and I keep helping to make sure you are all in the car. The car door shuts and you are left alone for a moment or two and you hear your heart beating and feel yourself breath in and out. The noise from the street is just background to you as you wait for me to get into the car. The sound of the other car door opening startles you a bit as I climb into the car. I pick up the leash again and wrap it around my hand before starting the car. I pull away from curb and we take the long drive up into the mountains. For the most part the drive is quiet as we wind our way through the pass though I do tease you with my fingers running along your skin. I play with your hair and rub my thumb across your lips which you take a playful nibble at it. You hear me chuckle as I move my thumb away.

“Naughty naughty,” I say, playfully as I grab your hair and pull on it lightly.

You make a light, low moan in your throat because of the pain but it feels so good. The long drive has given you plenty of time to imagine what I have planned. Is he going to tie me to a tree and take me or will it be bent over the hood of his car and he fucks me on the side of the road. He could also take me in the back of the car, hanging from the “oh shit” handles. You squirm a little in the seat as these thoughts roll around in your head; you hear him chuckle, a wicked deep sound. My hand touches your leg, brushing the skirt up; getting access to your soft skin. The leather of the leash slides along your skin still wrapped in my hand causing you to shiver. He told you not to wear panties and you wanted to obey but the skirt was so short, you couldn’t obey for the fear got the best of you. So, when his hand reached your panties you hear his sigh and his fingers dig into your inner thigh. After a moment, I stop squeezing your thigh and my finger gently touch your panties.

“What did I tell you today?” I ask.

“Um…,” You hesitate to respond.

“What did I tell you?” I ask more firmly.

“Not to wear panties, sir.”

“And what are these?” I ask, pulling on them with a finger.

“My little black and white boy shorts.”

“And those are?”

“Panties, sir, but I … was scared to go out without them,” You stammer out.

“I’m very disappointed in you, I gave you a simple command and you failed me. You do understand I am going to have to punish you for this,” I tell you, in a firm tone.

“Yes sir,” You say softly.

My hand tangles in your hair and I pull sharply on it, forcing your head back.

“What as that little one? I didn’t hear you.”

“Yes Sir,” you say distinctly.

I let go of your hair, hearing you gasp as the pain recedes. You sit quietly as the drive continues and the isolation of blindfold works its way into your mind. You go back to the thoughts of where you are going and what he is going to do to you, with the added punishment for disobeying him. Your mind adds the leather of his belt slapping again and again into your ass. You squirm in the seat at the thoughts flowing through your head. You like the way he controls you and the way he punishes you for misbehaving.

I watch you, glancing at you as we drive. I can tell you are lost in thought because you are being quiet and your fingers are playing with the hem of your skirt. You are adorable, the way your dark hair frames your face; it always makes my fingers itch to brush it away from your neck and kiss it. I drive a little faster; I am just as excited to get start my plan. We drive in silence for another fifteen minutes up into the mountains. I pull up in front of the house and I turn off the car. I climb out of the car and make my around. Holding open the door for you, I help you out; taking the leash into my hand again.

“Come along, baby doll, we are here,” I command you.

I tug on the leash, leading you down the path to the front door. This is the place for my plans, I open up the door. Escorting you into the house, I guide you to the table. It is a solid oak table, six feet in length and four feet wide, built a long time ago. It is sturdy and has had many meals eaten on it but this is a different kind of serving that will be done tonight. I push you against the table, trapping you against it as I kiss you. My desire is apparent to you as I press our bodies together.

You feel my hands push you onto the cool wood of the table. Your skirt rides up as you slide across the top of the table. It takes you a minute to realize what he is doing as he pushes you down on the table top. His hands keep a hold of the cuffs on your wrists and you feel them get taken off. His lips on yours as he kisses you hard and passionately. He pushes your body down onto the table, holding your arms above your head. His teeth sink into your neck as he keeps you trapped to the table. You feel the strap go over one wrist, it gets cinched down tight against your skin. The other strap goes around just as tight as he finishes strapping your arms to the table.

Once I am done with your arms, I slide my hands down your body roughly feeling every inch of you. I get to your skirt and lift it up. I shake my head sadly at the sight of your boy shorts, as much as I love them I am still angry at you for wearing them. I pull them off of you, none to gently and hold them in my hand. Once that is done, I reach and hold down your ankle, I pull the loop over your foot and push it tight. My fingers stroke your other ankle then sliding them up and down your calf I tease you. We both know I am going to finish tying you to this table but I love the feel of your skin and feeling the anticipation going through your body. Sliding my hand up you leg, I go along your thigh getting my hand closer and closer to your pussy. The tips of my fingers brush it for a moment then move back down your leg and that causes me to smile at your squirming. I dig my fingers into your flesh on the way back down to your ankle. Holding onto it tight I slip the strap over it and pull it tight.

You feel me leave you but only for a moment. Hands grab your face and you mouth is forced open and your own panties are forced into your mouth. You try to talk but it is muffled by the cloth in your mouth. You can taste yourself on them from the teasing, the hair pulling, the blindfold, all of that got you wet on the ride up and now you taste that in your mouth. The straps get tightened, pulling your arms over the edge of table. His footsteps sound on the hardwood floor as he walks to the end of the table. The bindings pull hard on your legs as they get spread wide, opening your pussy up. Your skirt rides all the way up and you swear you can feel his gaze on your pussy as he tightens those straps.

I notice that she was wet before but now she is dripping. I see the first strand hit the table top and makes me long to lick it up but that is not part of the plan. I reach into the bag of goodies for tonight, I pull out a paddle for later and the remote vibrator for right now. I tease your pussy with the end, getting it coated in your pussy juices as I rub it against your clit. I slide it inside you, pushing it deep inside your pussy and I leave it there. I kiss your neck softly as I turn it on for the moment. I hear you gasp as it vibrates inside you and I smile as I turn it up another notch. I pull up a chair and watch as I play with the power.

Moaning and gasping into the gag, you just want to yell but you can’t. He is killing you as he messes with power of the vibrator. You feel the tension building inside you as he turns it back down; the combination of being tied up, the hard wood, the blindfold, tasting yourself on your panties and his control over the toy in your pussy. You fight against the rising tide of your orgasm because you know he will punish you more. The wetness drips out of your pussy down along your ass and onto the table. His breath is on your ear as he licks your ear.

“No cumming little one,” I command.

That almost makes you cum but you manage to throttle it down and keep your orgasm in check. It hurts but you manage it and you squirm on the table top. You feel the cool metal of nipple clamps pinch your nipples as he puts them on then you feel the chain of the third clamp go down across your stomach. He clips it to your clit, making you yelp into the gag and writhe against your restraints. Pure torture, his teasing and tempting you to disobey him and cum but keep it under control for him, you do really want to be good for him.

I smile down at you, watching you squirm on the table. This is going better than I had planned, you look so beautiful sprawled and stretched onto the table. I lean down and kiss your stomach, enjoying the feeling of your soft skin on my lips. I push the tip of my tongue out and I lick your skin; I growl because you taste so good to me. I sit back down watching you writhe on the table. I push the vibrator remote up a notch to hear you squeal. I let this go on for about 10 minutes before turning it off and standing back up, I move to the table. I take off the blindfold and pull the panties from your mouth. You whimper a little as you look into my eyes and I see the pleas to cum that you haven’t been able to voice reflected in them. I kiss you softly.

“Now baby doll, I am going to have to punish you for being such a naughty girl and wearing panties. So stay put and I will release the straps,” I tell you.

I take the straps off your arms, then your ankles. I watch you as you straighten your clothes, pulling your skirt and shirt back down. It is so cute when you are shy about your body, even though you know I get so hard for you. I wish you understood how much I treasure all of you, that smile, those eyes, your heart and your mind but you have a hard time seeing yourself clearly, so I will keep working on it. I pull you upright as kiss you softly. My hands reach down and slide your shirt up and off. You look away from me ass I grab your skirt, I strip it off of you. Gently, I grab you and roll you over onto your stomach. I, again, strap you down to the table pulling all the straps tight so you can’t get away. Patting your ass, I pick up the paddle and I show it to you.

“Time for your spankings, ten is the count for disobeying me,” I inform you.

“Yes, sir,” You respond.

The paddle cracks down on your ass, sending ripples through your flesh.


The paddle rubs across your little ass and then it leaves and slams down on your ass again.


It hits your ass again, causing you to gasp.



“Four,” you yelp out, quivering a little. You feel your pussy dripping as he rubs the paddle along your pussy.

He waits and holds it, making you shiver in anticipation of the next crack of it on your ass. You wait for what seems like an eternity but when it comes it is just a gentle pat but still makes you jump a little.


The paddle slaps into your ass.



“Seven,” you say as you moan a little.

It cracks against your ass causing you to shudder.


He slams it into your ass, sending shiver all through your body.


He rubs the paddle along your traumatized flesh, making you groan and squirm. Then the paddle is gone and you wait for the final spank, the tenth and it doesn’t come. You wait and you feel his other hand stroking your arm but the blow doesn’t come. You raise your ass off the table, tempting him, showing him you are ready for it and that you want it but still it doesn’t come. Breathing heavily and waiting, trying to not tense up but failing as you wiggle in anticipation of the blow.

I watch you squirm while you wait, seeing that beautiful ass of yours moving and tensing as you think I am going to spank you. The tenderness of my other hand stroking your skin is confusing your brain and you love to be spanked. I give nothing away as I bring it down hard on your ass, it startles you as the sound echoes through the house. I watch you spasm and I see you squirt all over of the table top as you orgasm.

“TTTTeeennnnnn,” you moan out as you pull against the restraints, cumming so hard.

It is so hot to watch you cum from the spanking but I sigh and shake my head. You weren’t supposed to cum without my permission. I set the paddle down next to your head and push my fingers inside your wet pussy. It makes you moan a little as I play with you and I pull them out and taste you. You taste good and I love the way you feel on my fingers.

“You came, little one,” I say to you.

“I know sir, I’m soooo sorry,” you say in chagrinned tone of voice.

“I know baby doll and I hate to punish you but you need to learn,” I tell you.

Kissing you softly right between your shoulder blades, I take the vibrator and push it back into your pussy. Turning it on to high and I sit down in front of you, I stare into your eyes, a very stern look on my face.

“You aren’t going to cum, baby doll, no matter what I do from now on,” I command you as I brush some of your dark hair from your face. You just nod and bite your lower lip as the vibrator works your already sensitive pussy.

You stare at me, trying to keep from moaning like a slut as he raises and lowers the speed of the vibrator. He stands up and moves around you, you turn your head and watch him reach into his bag and pulls out your little anal toy. He spreads some lube on it and shows it to you. A wicked smile on his face as he slowly pushes it inside your ass. You still aren’t used to it as it stretches your anus and causes you to gasp as it goes in. You can feel it in your ass and the vibrations from your pussy bounces off of it causing you to shudder. He is the only one to have taken your ass and it still feels so dirty to you and wrong but so good as well. You moan into your hair as you try to keep your orgasm in check. He smiles at you as you control yourself.

I enjoy watching you squirm and I love to hear you moan as I turn the vibrator down. I watch you fight against the restraints, unconsciously trying to touch your pussy or take it the toys out to give you relief. You look at me with pleading eyes as stroke your hair and lightly tug on it. As I force your head back, I kiss you softly on the lips feeling you moan into my mouth as my tongue licks your lower lip. My hand tightens on your hair pulling on it harder.

“Please sir, Please stop, I don’t want to cum. I want to be a good girl for you. Please sir.” You moan and beg.

“Are you going to listen to me? About panties and about cumming?” I ask you.

“Yes sir, I won’t disobey again, please sir.”

“I don’t believe you, little one.”

I turn up the vibrator again and grab a hold of the anal toy. I slowly start to fuck your ass with it. You let out a growl as you work at keeping your body under your control. I love seeing the frustration in your eyes as you look over your shoulder at me. I see your gaze shift as you try to see the toy go in and out of your ass. You shudder and bow your head back down.

“Please sir, I will be good… I will always be good for you,” You beg, “I will never cum without your permission again but please let me cum for you now. I want to cum for you please sir please please….”

“You will cum after I cum baby doll.”

Standing in front of you, he pulls out his cock and teases you with it. He glides it along your lips letting you taste his precum. You stretch yourself trying to get more of him into your mouth. You love the way his cock tastes and feels in your mouth. He lets a little more of the head slide in between your lips. A little bit of his precum hits your tongue and you moan on his cock as you try harder and harder to get more it into your mouth. You want to make him cum, to feel him spew it into your mouth but he pulls it away from you.

“Does my little girl want this?” I ask you, moving it towards you and then away.

“Yes sir, please give me your cock. I want it in my mouth, sir.”

I grab your hair and pull on it. Pushing my cock forward into you waiting mouth I start fucking your face. You gag a little as I push it in and out of your mouth and you look up at me as you take my cock. I feel every inch of your mouth on my cock as it slides in and out. I let go of your hair and you take over being a great little cocksucker. I watch your head bob up and down on my cock. I stroke your hair as you suck my cock.

He feels so good in your mouth and you love the way he tastes. You only wish you could make him cum. His iron control always makes you frustrated. You just want his cum to fill your mouth but he never lets it go. You keep sucking and sliding your tongue along his cock. You struggle to cup his balls but the restraints prevent you. It is all too soon for you when he pulls his cock away from your mouth. You whine a little and pout staring up at him. His hand strokes your hair and your cheek but he keeps his cock away from your mouth.

I walk around the table my fingers trailing down your back. Your skin feels so good and I love watching you shiver they glide down along your spine. I climb up onto the table behind you, I pull out the anal toy and I feel you shudder as it comes out. Taking a little lube, I rub it onto the head of my cock as I prepare to enter your ass for the first time. I turn down the vibrator as I rub my cock along your ass and you quiver, knowing I am going to take you. Pushing my cock slowly into your ass, taking my time, letting you get used to this invasion; you are so tight around it. I slowly rock my cock in and out of you, slowly and deliberately fucking your ass.

You moan into the table as he fucks your ass. You have always wanted someone to take you in every way and now he is doing it. You feel the vibrator get turned up as he fucks you. His cock filling your ass and you feel it vibrating as well. You moan louder and squirm against the restraints. He bites the back of your neck and that almost sends you over, you love him behind you pinning you and slowly fucking you. Makes you feel like his little bitch, his little fuck toy and it makes you quiver in total lust for him, you rock your hips, driving him deeper and deeper inside you. He pulls on your hair making you head come back.

Tonight is our date night, but this is unlike any date you have ever had. You see, today has been full of truly using you as my sub.

I am taking advantage of this, but with the perfect balance of pleasing myself, and pleasing you.

The day started off with me sending you to the grocery store to get the items necessary for me to make the special breakfast for you. However, there is more than meets the eye for your trip. I am making you grab what I need while having a dildo and butt plug in you to keep you constantly aware of the sensations in your filled holes with every step that you take. And only you are aware of the penetration you are receiving with all the other people shopping around you.

When you return home, I will be making you a special breakfast, so that you won’t get hungry during the next part of your day.

We will be heading off to get relaxed. You will be getting a pedicure, manicure, massage, and facial.

After that you are coming right back to me. First I will have you put on your yoga pants, then I will make you stretch in front of me, topless and with nothing but the tight material hugging the ass that I will be playing with later in the day. As I watch your curves enhance with every bend, I use this opportunity to stand behind you and feel you grind against the rise in my pants. My cock gets even harder as I watch the pants squeezed tightly in front between the lips of your pussy.

Even though I am feeling the need to be relieved, it is your job to get yourself off in front of me.

The catch is, you have to wait on my word of allowance for you to actually make yourself orgasm. I keep letting you get close to the edge of spilling, but won’t let you burst just yet. After about 3 rounds of this and with seeing the look of frustration and ecstasy on your face, I let you cum after your final desperate plea to be allowed to orgasm.

I immediately order you over to me to suck on my throbbing cock. You kiss frantically around my penis and balls just like I love, and run your delicious tongue up, down, and around my shaft. I watch as you look up at me with your beautiful eyes and shake as you wrap your soft pink lips around my cock. Your head begins bobbing as I grab your hair and force you to take me deeper, releasing after you have taken me as deep as you could and letting you kiss me all over some more.

This continues as the head of my shaft throbs, waiting to burst my juices onto your face. (I love seeing my cum on your pretty face. Something about it is so beautifully erotic to me. The white of my cum mixed with your beautiful white skin and seeing it run down your face with the contrast of the mascara on your eyes drives me wild. The willingness of you to accept my sexual release onto yourself and to taste it, swallow it, and receive it is so erotic. The thought of it almost gets me off without touch when I am fantasizing about you, and the dirty talk you give about wanting my cum pushes me over the edge to orgasm). I soon come back to reality and see my cum dripping down your cheek, lips and chin and catches on your breasts and stomach,

while you look up at me with a look of love and sexual desire.

Now that we are both temporarily spent, we go to our bed to cuddle and enjoy being in each others arms. We continue kissing in each others embrace, because tied with our sexual desires for one another is true love; we fall asleep.

When we wake up, we both shower and get ready for our dinner out. I tell you to wear the new black dress that I got for you, and no underwear; I want to have plenty of opportunities to use my hands throughout the night, and to be able to take as many peaks at your luscious pink pussy, and your soft thighs and incredible ass.

The dinner is great. We enjoy some wine, and a delicious meal and time together. Even though I’m paying attention, my mind is on what comes later at the hotel room that I got us.

We make our way back to the room and make ourselves comfortable. You suggest that we go to the pool, but I have much different plans. I sit you in a chair and tie your hands behind you, put a gag in your mouth and spread your legs. I pull the top of your dress down and hike the bottom part up. I kiss up your calves while running my hands down your thighs. The kisses turn to licks as I move my head to your inner thigh, licking upward to your pink like licking a drip of ice cream that ran down the cone. My tongue reaches your pussy lips, and I give them one kiss before sliding my tongue in between them, reaching your clit. I keep licking as your arousal grows, but this is only the beginning.

I stand up, and press your breasts together as I slide my cock between them, in and out over and over,closer and closer to your mouth with every penetration of your wonderful tits. Soon after, I stand up and grab your hair once again, forcing you to suck my dick, but with no plan to cum from that this time around.

You look confused as I untie you earlier than you expected, but that expression changes as I bend you over the bed and spank you. I spank you until your butt turns a pinkish-red; leaving my mark on you as a sign of how bad you have been today.

After taking the time to relax your ass for penetration, I lube up some fingers and get you ready for what I want. What I want is the ass that has driven me wild for years. I have had my hand on it, grinded on it, and fantasized about it, but never until this moment have I been in it. The thought of penetrating every hole that I can is also very erotic to me.

I hand you your dildo and watch as you carefully position it into your dripping wet pussy. You scoot back on the bed, slowly accepting the head of my shaft into your opening. You grind around to get used to the sensation and decide that you want more. I feel your soft warmth firmly grasping more and more of my shaft that is currently at full attention. Your movements are slow and safe, but as you pick up speed I can tell how much you are liking the sensations. I watch as your perfectly-sized ass claps against my waist, and your hand slides your dildo in and out of your pussy. I feel like I am going to burst, seeing you double-penetrated like this.

You move faster and faster at penetrating both holes, and I soon feel a shake shoot through your body as I feel an eruption fire through my cock into your ass. We fall to the bed together, absolutely pleased and happily-worn out.

I can’t wait for your next day of service and pleasure.

I care about my sub.

I love my wife.

Stanley Montrieth III rushed into my office, “Oh my God, I did it. I actually did it. I shagged all these beauties in a pool on my own desert island!”

His curly, ginger hair was more unruly than usual and his face was flushed with excitement and exhilaration.

I knew, he’d been working on something exciting and it looked like he was ready to tell me at long last.

We’d been friends forever. Stanley was … well Stanley, an eccentric, mad scientist type. He had more money than was wise, and, was able to indulge some of his outlandish but brilliant ideas.

I couldn’t help but grin at his enthusiasm, even though, I had no idea what he was spouting on about.

“Ok. Explain.” I put my pen down, grinning back at him. Sex always grabbed my attention!

Stanley began his excited chatter and told me about his special wrist watch, “…and it has amazing dials, and, it transports you in time to other worlds, other dimensions, and, to places where your own erotic fantasies can come to life, to indulge and be indulged.”

He showed me this watch and fiddled with a few dials and slapped it on my wrist and suddenly, he was gone, his voice a distant echo!

I seemed to be floating and rushing somewhere fast. I heard whisperings of what sounded like, “Tick Tock; Tick Tock; Tick Tock” whooshing in my ears.

I could breathe and feel but things were rushing passed my eyes too quickly to make any sense and there were amazing colours of blue and white and red and yellow and pink and green and, then there was blackness …

I felt as if I had been in a deep sleep for a while. I opened my eyes and found I was kneeling on a wooden floor against a large, luxurious four poster bed.

My wrists were bound tight in front of me, anchored to a post by the headrest. I tested the bindings but was unable to undo them. The rope was fairly long and I sat on the bed taking in my surroundings, trying to make sense of it all.

It seemed to be a luxurious cabin, oak paneled with small leaded arch windows, an oak desk with a lamp, a log book of some kind, open, with an ink pot and quill. There was a wooden carved chair by the desk & another matching one that has a long black felt coat thrown on to it. It had shiny gold buttons and striped gold and black epaulettes on the shoulders.

I looked down at myself, my dress had changed too. I was now in a black short lacy negligee of sheer, light material with spaghetti straps on the shoulder, the front dipped down in a slight v, covering the matching little panties I was wearing. It certainly didn’t seem to leave much to the imagination!

I stood and tested the rope and was able to stretch its length a little. I moved out from the bed and peaked out of one of the nearby arch windows. The view was beautiful and hinted of a different world, a different time.

The sky was orange and yellow as the sun was setting, with the biggest moon reflecting over still calm waters and a smaller baby moon in front of it.

In the distance I saw lands and islands but they were just too far away to make out what they were.

It appeared the ship, if indeed a ship I was on, was anchored and stationary, possibly in a harbour or basin of some sort.

“Where is this place?” I wondered and looked at my bound wrists, “and what had I gotten myself into?”

A thought suddenly sprung to mind, “Had I quantum leaped here through time and space somehow?”

I moved back and lay on the bed trying to make sense of it all and eventually my eyes started to droop.

I must have fallen asleep again, for next, I was suddenly aware of being lifted and my arms being stretched out before me.

I opened my eyes to find I was knelt in the middle of the bed. The rope that bound both my wrists together had stretched my arms up at a 45 degree angle in front of a large mirror. Behind me was the most stunning and handsome man I had ever seen.

He was dark haired and tanned with an air of authority. His chest was naked and toned, with trained, hard muscles and a sprinkling of hair. He was wearing black tight trousers with a silver buckle and boots. “A handsome pirate, maybe,” were my first thoughts.

He gripped my hair and pulled my head back, meeting my eyes in the mirror. I saw fire and lust and a rawness that caught my breath before he tied a gag to my mouth, preventing me from voicing my burning questions.

My heart was racing and I watched him like a hawk trying to gauge what he had in mind and the mood he was in.

He spoke into my ear, his voice deep and soft. He nuzzled me, teased my senses, playing on the unknown quantity of my situation. His gentle breath was purposefully sensuous. It worked. My body responded and he knew it.

My breasts became swollen and my nipples pebbled into points. A warm flush invaded my sex causing my panties to dampen as my juices seeped into the material. My breath quickened and my heart raced.

“You seem to be an unexpected guest on my ship. Luckily my crew saw your potential for their Captain and bought you here for me. I have work to do first but, I can admire you from my desk”

He stared at me in the mirror locking on to my eyes and then he moved his hands to my breasts, cupping and kneading them.

“I can see you like that,” he whispered, and moved one hand between my kneeling legs spreading my thighs apart. He brushed at my panties before sliding a finger inside, testing my excitement and finger fucked gently. I groaned as my body ignited and gushed with appreciation.

He removed his finger, took it to his nostrils, breathed in deeply of my scent before licking and tasting his finger, smiling.

He looked at me bound there and looked pleased at how I displayed on the bed.

Then, he looked again, taking a moment to ponder and moved his hands to my neckline at the front and tugged down hard, ripping my negligee so it hung in tatters by my shoulder and waist. My breasts spilled out to his gaze.

“Better,” he murmured as he moved to his desk to work.

I pulled on the wrist rope but I was bound fast.

I thought of the Captain’s words, “…his crew found me…”

It must have been in my blackness after all those colours, and they must have bought me here and bound my wrists.

I looked at the Captain, through the mirror, working at his desk, busily writing in his log book. He had a stubborn curl in the middle of his forehead that seemed to refuse to be trained back. He was very handsome, with his rugged, chiselled features and green knowledgeable eyes.

Every now and then, he looked at me, lifting his finger with my scent on, to his nose, breathed in deeply, and tasted a little with his tongue. The flicking, licking action mesmerised me, teased my mind to erotic thoughts.

He finished what he was doing and leaned back in his chair eyeing me slowly, drinking in my slim, toned frame, my rounded breasts, free and loose to his gaze, my slim waist and womanly hips. My secrets barely covered by my sheer, see through attire, torn to my waist.

I blushed a little at his intense inspection and for the obvious excitement that built in the pit of my stomach. I wanted this man, I found him attractive and he knew it.

He smiled and moved to the bed, kneeling behind me. He forced my knees and feet further apart so his groin was against my bottom. My senses were on high alert. His hands began to explore my body. He kneaded my waist, my stomach, and he kissed my neck to my ear.

“Watch me,” he demanded, “Watch me enjoy you in the mirror”

His breath and tongue teased me, igniting my needs as a woman. He stroked my arms suggestively in front of me. He trailed his fingers from my bound, uplifted wrists, down to my shoulders, then down my sides to my outer thighs.

He slowly inched upwards, teasing and assessing my reaction. My body was on fire, a warm glow of sexual attraction flushed my skin. His actions caused the negligee to tease and graze sexily against my skin.

He cupped my breasts and a groan escaped my lips behind the gag. He pulled me into him tight, my back against his chest. His chest hairs brushed my soft skin and he kneaded and fondled more, slightly harder, slightly more urgent.

He enjoyed the reaction he was causing. Then his body bent forward a little and he placed his hands at my knees on the bed and began to drag them up my inner thighs, until he fanned either side my pussy, causing my negligee to rise with him. The material teased my sensitive skin again and revealed more of my body to his gaze.

His outer thumbs reached the crease of my thighs and he rested there a moment before massaging a little. The movements caused my panties to move tantalizingly over my inflamed womanhood. I ached and throbbed now for his attention.

I groaned in need and want. My eyes begged him for more in the mirror. He continued to kiss, nibble and lick my neck, my shoulders and my ears. He was driving me wild and feeding that need, a strong powerful need that intensified with each and every kiss and with each, and every fondle.

My panties were wet, soaked with feminine desire.

He produced some scissors and cut one side of the thin lacy string of the panties on my hip, causing it to fall and hang on the opposite leg. My red trimmed tuft revealed, my intimate lips were wet and oozed my interest in him. I was swollen, aching and throbbing with want.

He cut the remaining string and used the panties to wipe the juices from my pussy. I moaned and gyrated my hips at his touch. He indulged me for a moment and let me grind into his hand and my panties. My juices flowed freely, generously covering all of his hand and wetting my panties.

Using the same coated hand, he untied my gag, only to rub his thumb along my lips. I could smell and taste my arousal on him. He caressed and fondled the outside of my mouth with his thumb. He watched intently. He used his glazed thumb to slowly spread the juices , like lipstick, across my lips. He slid it inside my mouth, then out again and back in and on my tongue. It was the most sensual thing and I found myself holding my breath.

Then he kissed me deeply, exploring my mouth and tasting me there, and I remembered to breathe again in little pants.

As he pulled away from the kiss, he slowly pushed my panties into my mouth so half were inside, resting on my tongue, the other half hanging on my lower lip and chin.

He moved away to put the scissors on his desk, and then inspected his work, walking around the bed.

He saw a sexually aroused female tied kneeling to his bed; arms out stretched in her binding; her breasts and hardened nipples hanging free; slightly reddened by his kneading and squeezing; her negligee hanging torn from her trim waist; nude from the waist down; her naked pussy, wet and hot from his expert teasing and her sodden panties hanging from her mouth. He smiled, pleased with the image before him.

He moved to the bed and took some pillows. He positioned them, just in front of my knees. Then he tunneled between them, his head, face up. His hair teased my inner thighs as he passed through, slowly, purposefully building my sexual tension. His journey ended next to my pussy.

His head rested on the pillows to ensure his comfort. He lay on his back looking up at me intimately and his breath teased my heated core.

He grabbed and kneaded my butt cheeks and then pulled my ass and my pussy towards his lips and tongue. He nuzzled and breathed in deeply, taking in my womanly scent of arousal.

He stilled and blew a little, to heighten my anticipation of what he was about to do. His breath rippled across my sex, ruffling and parting my short pubic curls.

I groaned and flooded with raw desire, lusting after him, as surely was, his very intention.

Then he licked me, and fed off me. He sucked in my labia, exploring my furrows with his tongue, kissing me in the most intimate of ways.

I gave myself to him, groaning, losing my control, and greedily wanting him.

I watched him in the mirror as he lapped me, turning me on even more, hardly recognizing the wanton creature that reflected back. The erotic sight of him between my legs was a powerful aphrodisiac.

He explored every crevice and every crease. He tasted, licked, sucked and softly nibbled at my sex. I circled my hips and ground into his face. He growled in satisfaction as my body openly responded to him.

I pushed harder as I felt his tongue on me, tasting my pleasure. His hands moved to open my lips to look inside me and he licked at the pink inner flesh. Then, he pressed his face into my vagina and began to tongue fuck. The feel of his hot tongue inside drove me to distraction and I began to whimper and grind my teeth on the panties in my mouth.

His thumb teased and circled my clitoris and I felt my orgasm building. His lips moved to my swollen bud and he flicked and circled it with his tongue.

He inserted two fingers into my pussy and fucked me slowly at first, then faster.

His other hand, fingers coated in my juices, teased my bottom and he probed, then penetrated into that special place.

He finger fucked my pussy, my bottom and sucked and licked my clitoris as I continued to watch him in the mirror, mesmerised. The sight of him there, between my legs was breath taking and exciting. The sensations on my body drove me crazy, building that primitive lust.

It was all too much to resist. My breath quickened, my body tensed and my release was sudden and powerful.

I shuddered throughout my body, groaned loudly, muffled by my panties still in my mouth.

I shook and trembled as wave after wave of ultimate pleasure enveloped me. My juices flooded and he drank the essence from my heated and sensitive core. He demanded, wanted, every last drop of my excitement.

My body jerked and spasmed over him, lost in the moment of ultimate pleasure. It drained me of strength, filled me with the wonder and glow of it all. And then eventually it subsided and I was left trembling and breathing deeply.

He kissed me there one last time, still feeling my tremors, and he moved from underneath me.

He lowered my arms, still bound and out stretched, on to the bed. My face lay sideways on the soft sheet, my bottom was in the air, presented to him.

He walked round behind me and massaged my bottom cheeks. He spread them to view my secrets. I felt him drizzle a little oil as he played with my inner valley and pussy. He pushed his fingers into both channels, filling me, feeling my walls, preparing me for his needs.

He moved to my head, and unbuckled his belt as I watched. He pushed his trousers down, releasing his impressive erection. It was big, hard and as beautiful as him.

He lifted my head by the hair. I rose up, eager to taste him and he pulled the panties out of my mouth slowly.

He placed my panties in to his own mouth and prodded them in place with his finger. He tasted me on them and my scent wafted up to his nostrils.

Then, he pushed his cock in my mouth and began fucking my head slowly.

We both groaned in pleasure as my tongue licked and tasted his hardness and the seeping precum on his crown.

He stilled my head and then ground and rolled round my mouth, exploring me with his shaft.

My tongue traced the ridges of his crown and I caved in my cheeks as I sucked on him. He fucked a little more, his fingers still gripping my hair, before pulling my head away, and lowering me back to the bed as before.

He moved behind me and I felt, his ardour as he pushed into my pussy in one thrust. He gripped my hips and guided the rhythm to his liking. This was his turn now, for his pleasure and not mine. He drove hard, fast and furious.

My tight walls spread along his shaft as he pushed to my cervix, making me gasp and moan in ecstasy at his possession.

He pushed in. He pulled out, and faster he fucked, growling and animalistic in his actions.

My panties still hung from his mouth, and then, just as suddenly, he stopped, breathing hard as he fought for control.

He reveled in the feel of my pussy on him, tightly fitting him, like a glove.

He withdrew, and then began again, this time claiming my bottom.

He pushed in and stretched me till his full length was buried in my body. He enjoyed the moment and then, let the raw need take him.

He fucked hard and fast again, his fingers gripped my hips, biting in to my flesh as his rhythm became more frantic.

He reached over me, gripped my hair with one hand, pulling me up to gain a deeper depth. The other gripped my shoulder and pulled me back. He fucked harder. Primal lust filled his mind and body.

My body rejoiced and was wanton at his claiming of me. Then as he started to reach his peak, he bent over me and palmed my breasts, groping and squeezing me.

My panties fell from his mouth and rested on my shoulder.

His teeth found my neck and clamped down, biting and marking me in his animal rawness.

My panties shifted and fell from my shoulder to the bed. In my excited state, the pain of the bite was dulled at my neck. I felt him stiffen in his release.

His seed rushed my anal channel. The breath from his nostrils was exhilarating and empowering on my neck. He growled and shuddered and trembled as his powerful orgasm rocked his body.

He eventually released my neck still growling, his marking and claiming complete.

We stilled in the moment and enjoyed the wild raw moments that had passed between us. We enjoyed the satisfied afterglow that surrounded and clouded us.

Our harsh breathing and racing hearts started to slow down and return to normal. Our bodies hummed and calmed after such fulfillment.

He withdrew from me and moved to his desk, picking something up before returning to me.

He untied my wrists and placed the dialed watch on me.

He turned some dials and whispered in my ear, “Come back to me soon”

And then I was in the tunnel of colours and the whooshing “Tick Tock; Tick Tock; Tick Tock”… sound.

In next to no time, or so it seemed, Stanley was stood in front of me grinning. My clothes were back to normal and I was sat at my desk as before..

“Well,” He asked, “Did you meet him? He came to find me you know, at the pool, he told me to get you for him.”

I look at him confused, “What?” I leaned forward, placing my arms on the desk top.

My eyes were suddenly diverted by the red bind marks on my wrists and then as my gaze returned to Stanley, they passed over a mirrored photo frame on my desk, and I saw the bite mark on my neck.

“The Captain, He’s been looking for you!”…


It has been an exceptionally long time since I submitted anything here and I do apologize. My life has been rather sexless lately as I have been caught up in the life of being a grandmother. That word, grandmother, still makes me uneasy. Surely I am not that old. I must take a deep breath and sigh my disgust.

Anywho, not a lot has gone on that has been exciting and to be honest, I have been in a funk lately. That is another reason I haven’t written anything. My sex life hasn’t exactly been scorching lately and that is definitely more me than anything else.

I did have one encounter about a couple of weeks ago in October that made my eyes roll in the back of my head and was definitely worth writing about. It happened on another one of those chance meetings that I am apparently so famous for.

I’ll set the scene. Had a hot date, the first “real” since late August. I was in Wilmington, NC to visit a few people and enjoy the opening barrage of fall. Let’s admit the truth, I needed some “me” time. I was bunking with one of my friends and his roommate during the first part of my week there. My friend Hank is an artist and there was a little party where he has his art displayed. I agreed to go because he is very good (with art) and I am a sucker for big puppy dog eyes. I also didn’t want to spend the night at his place since his roommate had a date. I love the sound of sex, just not when other people are doing it. I didn’t think anything of going to the gala at the time, which I guess was mistake number one.

He asked me to stay close to him throughout the evening because he might get nervous and he didn’t know many of the people who would be there. I did what he asked, figuring that the artsy-fartsy crowd wasn’t really his thing. He was typically more of an outdoor guy. A few times he tried to take my hand in his, which I really didn’t go for but allowed it because of his “nerves”.

The night dragged on and was quite boring. I didn’t say much to anyone, a few smiles and a few nods. I knew I was there as an arm piece and I accepted my role. As the night progressed, he got a little more handsy with me and I had to put him down, politely but not adamant. I didn’t want to ruin his night, after all.

When his hand cupped my ass and he pulled me in during a conversation with some older couple, I knew we were going to have a very uncomfortable talk later. This was just one of several escalating things that he did to make me feel very uncomfortable as the evening dragged.

The night ended and we walked down the street to his car. We had both had a few drinks, but not enough to say it affected anyone’s judgment. He opened the door for me and as he opened it, he used his other arm to pull me to him and kiss me.

My immediate response was “What the fuck?”, but I had to admit I liked the kiss. It didn’t take long for my sense to return and I pushed him away.

What followed was a hodge-podge of the usual crap women endure. Truth is I wasn’t attracted to him, I told him so and he blamed me for sending the wrong signals. I laughed it off, apparently hurting his feelings in the process and before I knew it, I was being left alone in the parking lot to find my own way home.

While mad at first, it wasn’t too bad of a situation. Being in downtown, there were some bars to hit up before I called a taxi to take me where? Was I going to stay in Hank’s house? Should I get a hotel room? Who knew, I jokingly said to myself, I might be lucky and get laid for the first time in a few months. Which, as my avid followers know, is far too long for me.

Strolling in and sitting at the bar, I get a few looks. It was to be expected. College town, college-esque bar, and I am in a short cocktail dress. Just a little out of place. It didn’t stop me from getting a few catcalls and smiles on the way in. I can’t say I minded the attention.

What I didn’t expect was to see someone who looked vaguely familiar to me. Our eyes caught a few times. He was playing pool with some of his buddies. All of them were very well built, not necessarily body builder types but toned, average bodies. The one who caught my attention moved with confidence and had a cocky smirk that I knew I had seen before.

He smiled at me after the third or fourth time our eyes met. Handing the pool stick to one of his friends, he came over to say hi, offering to of course buy me a drink.

I told him yes, but he had to get one himself too, which he did. He told me I looked very familiar and if we had met before. I reciprocated the thought and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure where I knew him from.

I asked him his name and he said “Jason”. Fairly common and ordinary name, right? So began the game of twenty questions.

Turns out he went to UT in Martin. He was a stripper. Thought maybe that was where I knew him from. It wasn’t until he told me that he used to be a professional wrestler that the light bulb came on.

He was the “Big Bad Voodoo Daddy” that I had written about a few years ago. We laughed about it; partly because our night together was over ten years ago and, well, lets be honest I have written about it. So lets just say he made a considerable impression on me.

We talked a long while, had more than a few drinks, and I actually enjoyed talking to him. Stranger yet, I felt an enormous amount of tension between us yet he wasn’t acting on it. Hell, neither was I. That was the strangest thing of all.

We continued to talk as the alcohol got out of our system. His “boys” left and he stayed to talk. It was getting late and I knew I needed to figure out my situation. I was gonna call for a cab, when Jason told me to save the fare and he’d give me a lift.

I jokingly had to ask if he meant a ride or something else. He answered “both”, with a cocky grin and a wink.

Walking to his car, he opened the door for me and I sat down, waiting for him to sit next to me. Stick shift, I noticed. Then my mind went in a totally different, yet completely “Angelic” way and I wondered how good his stick had gotten over the years.

He got in and turned the car on, his head turned to me and I got caught looking at his package. I smiled, not embarrassed at the gaff, and told him that I was gonna have to look at some point. To this he responded, he was surprised it took me this long. He had me checked out the moment I entered the bar.

Let’s just say that my nipples tightened and my clit pinged at the moment he rose his eyebrows and dragged his tongue to lick his lips. I’ll be damned if he didn’t give LL Cool J a run for his money with that act.

I remember there being a conversation about what hotel I should stay at for the night. He said to save the money and just bunk with him for the night and figure out the rest tomorrow. I jokingly had to ask if he was serious. He was. It was perfect timing because he had to stop at a light near an outdoor mall or shopping center, couldn’t really tell.

He looked at me, as deadpanned as anyone could and asked me if it would be such a bad thing if he took advantage of me.

I couldn’t help but go all kinds of naughty at that moment and asked him who would be taking advantage of who?

He laughed heartily as the light changed and he sped off.

A few minutes later, we were at his apartment and I had no idea what was waiting for me next. I wasn’t going to lie, the flirting had picked up and I definitely wanted to fuck him, but wasn’t sure it was going to happen.

His gaze fell upon me as he turned on the lamp next to his sofa and opened the blinds. What I saw beyond them was incredible. I had no idea the ocean at night could be so beautiful. I inhaled sharply as my mind began to do its thing. My body was beginning to follow suit.

I was aware that Jason was behind me and I would have been content to let him nuzzle against me. It was no surprise when he did so and I felt the heat of his body press against my back. We stood like this for a long moment of silence before he said, “fuck it”, causing my anxiety to rocket and my pulse to quicken as I hoped that what was gonna happen was going to actually happen.

Jason turned me to face him and his hand rose to cradle my chin, lifting my face until I met his gaze. My pulse throbbed madly at my throat when I saw the heat in his eyes as they fixed on my mouth. He seduced me so effortlessly. The strength of my desire for him burned away the few remaining insubstantial shadows which could have been considered rational thoughts.

The hand that wasn’t already holding my chin came up to join its twin, holding me steady for the onslaught of his kiss. Jason didn’t seem particularly concerned with mutuality at that moment. He probed deeply, sweeping his tongue everywhere, establishing dominance over my body with a stunning attack on my senses.

I moaned as his taste registered in my brain. My hands clutched desperately at his back as he continued to fuck my mouth with his tongue. He tasted like premium scotch with a hint of mint. My fingertips explored the sensation of smooth skin stretched tautly across dense muscle. Heat resonated off his body. Pressing closer, I wanted to share that hear and felt the need to be thawed and burned by his touch.

I couldn’t help it. My hands moved over him greedily. He groaned, deep and savage, before tearing his mouth from mine. For a tense moment, he simply stared at me before lifting me into his arms. I held on tightly to his shoulders as a kaleidoscope of images spun before my eyes as he quickly moved towards the bedroom and that only added to my chaotic emotional state.

Tearing off the wrap I wore around my shoulders, he lowered me to the bed. The zipper of my black cocktail dress came down next.

“Arms up.” He muttered in a growl.

I complied. He tossed aside the black dress a second later.

My hips moved restlessly on the bed, instinctively trying to relieve the pressure growing at the apex of my body when his gaze dropped over me. I wore a black bra and panty set with some thigh-high stockings as well as my pearls. The thought of what he could do with my pearls added to my hysterical state. His expression didn’t alter much, but his eyes blazed a trail so hot that as they toured my body, I could feel my flesh set on fire.

“Take off your panties and move back on the bed.”

I did exactly what he demanded as if this was some sort of hot, exciting dream, a fantasy that I had not the slightest inclination to resist the carnal allure of. Covering my body with his own by the time my head hit the pillows, he palmed my thighs and spread them to accommodate his body in the process. Immediately he took possession of my mouth again. Our tongues tangled and mated wildly as he began to run his hands down my sides, one pausing at a silk-covered breast, the other sliding down my waist and cradling my hip.

Tilting my pelvis up, he pressed himself to her and forced me to feel the strength of his desire. I could only moan into his mouth. The man was so damn vibrant next to me and made me feel alive. It was a dizzying sensation for someone who had been without sex for a few months, which I suppose to a “normal” person is a few years. He furthered this jolt of sexual electricity by molding my breast in his palm gently, then roughly but always with a possessive need. I strained up, desperate for more of the sensation of his touch. My hands ran over his back and shoulders, sliding and rubbing in an attempt to consume him with my touch.

My nipple pressed into the center of his palm like a hard little dart and his eyes widened with hunger and intensity. His eyes both caressed me and devoured me whole. Then he whispered against my collarbone that he couldn’t wait to taste the sweet nectar of my pussy.

I saw him wince in agonized pleasure as he rolled me off onto his left hip and ripped the button fly of his jeans. He shoved them down his thighs with precise, rapid movements allowing his cock to spring free. Stiff, tight, and straining towards me, I wanted to do nothing more than to lick it and suck on it to taste the salty glory of his cum.

I whimpered as his cock brushed the bare, satiny skin of my thigh. I couldn’t help but reach for him. Unfortunately, he stopped me by grabbing both of my wrists and transferred both of them to one hand. Pushing my wrists down over my head, he then reached between my thighs.

He watched my face as he burrowed his fingers through damp, silky hair and dipped into the warm center of my pussy before he spread the abundant moisture between my labia and slid against my clit. I couldn’t help but arch my back off the bed. I squirmed frantically at the restraint of his binding hand.

He only gripped my wrists and held me tighter. His fingers played a hard, ruthless rhythm, plucking and strumming my nerve-packed flesh until the tension in my body broke and I cried out sharply in stunned ecstasy. Two of his fingers plunged into my tight sheath and he watched with cruel interest as my body clamped and convulsed around the intrusion.

I was beyond ready for him. He told me that he was as hungry for me as he knew I was for him. I told him to put the money where his mouth is and prove it.

Stretching, he reached for a condom in the drawer of his bedside table, with gritted teeth he tore the foil package off and rolled it on his cock in near record timing. Without a word he spread my thighs and arrowed himself into me. My body resisted him at first but the crazed sensation his presence created in my hot, narrow portal made me swoon as it welcomed the thick head of his cock.

He held the base of his cock with one hand, working into my clamping channel with subtle up-and-down motions while his hips, God those hips, provided a steady, hard pressure as I moaned. Deliriousness tickled my belly because I was still in the aftershock of climax. I strained and undulated against him just before he thrusted hard against me. He paused when he heard me cry out and his cock was burrowed less than half its length into me.

His head dropped next o mine, pressing kisses along my neck, pausing to run the elegant strand of pearls I still wore between his lips, licking at the smooth globes lightly before he nipped at my tender skin. My lips parted when he found them and I could feel his cock throb inside of me as his tongue sank into the warm cavern of my mouth. I prayed that my pussy gripped him mercilessly so that I could torture him the way he was doing me.

He pushed back a smooth thigh which opened my body to him and he took possession of it as soon as admission was granted. His thumb found my clit, circling, plucking, and coaxing. I groaned into his mouth and pushed up for more, forcing his cock farther into my body in the process.

I cried out in sharp desire as he began to pulse his hips. His cock, too large to be in my body, invaded me and forced me to make room for him. The thumb on my clit drove me further into a frenzy of lust. Friction began to build in me, a familiar feeling and I responded by pushing and rotating my hips around his cock, up and down, in and out, whatever I had to do in order to feed the mounting flame that was growing and expanding in my sex and belly. I saw the way his lip curled and the way his eyes gleamed as a result of my actions. I mewled in pleasure and increased the pressure against him, to provide further evidence of my desperate need.

I writhed and whimpered beneath him, begging him in the most primal fashion to take complete possession of me. He accepted my wordless invitation and drove his cock into me, pressing his balls tightly to my my hilt and grunted with animalistic pleasure. When I responded with a cry and arched my back, he secured my wrists tighter and held me to the bed.

He began to thrust into me with tight, concentrated strokes. I felt breathless, tight, and restricted all because of the mounting pleasure he was giving me. His cock massaged me deeply and both filled a need and began a new fire at the same time. He had pried my body open to him but I was damned if I was not going to try and pull him back to me every time he withdrew from me. I needed that thick, hard knob of muscle stabbing, rubbing, and punishing my pussy. I needed release and I wanted more of what he was offering to me.

When he leaned down and encircled my silk covered nipple in the heat of his mouth, I almost cried out his name. The suction he applied was damn near perfect and made the blazing inferno in the pit of my sex grow higher. When he bit at the tender morsel and thrust into me hard, the result was a loud smack of flesh against flesh and orgasm erupted from me.

He grunted as I squeezed and convulsed around his cock. I saw his eyes squint and the intense look on his face as he looked into my eyes made me want to fucking cum again.

Before I could, he reached up and roughly pushed down both of the thin straps of black silk that covered my breasts. He bent and sampled one hard, pointed crest and lashed it with his tongue. Sucking hard, he nipped and bit with his front teeth. He leaned up slightly and seemed to focus on my auburn locks scattered across the pillow. I stared at him with desire-glazed eye and my breath, coming in choppy, shallow pants was all the proof he needed that he was performing marvelously at the moment. The walls of my vagina continued to convulse around his cock and every time he moved out of me, I used every muscle I had to tighten against him and make the friction unbearable and demand that he sink back into me and bring me more pleasure.

Pushing back one thigh and then the other into my chest, he began to pound into me. I shrieked in shock, both because of the pain and desire he was giving. I couldn’t help but cry out his name in disbelief. He rocked into me again and again, every driving down stroke pushing my body farther and farther up on the bed until my forearms were trapped between her skull and the wrought iron headboard.

He paused for a moment, when the realization I had been saying his name finally reached his ears, he was still fully sheathed in me and reached out between our sweat dampened bodies. His fingers spread the lips of my outer sex wide before he ground his pelvis against the nerve-packed tissues between my labia. I could only shimmer around him in post-orgasmic bliss. My whole body began to tremble and stake he he surged up against me, scraping the narrow path of hair that trailed from his taut belly-button to the thatch around his cock against my sensitive, exposed cleft and clit, applying a steady and relentless pleasure.

I groaned in misery and fought against the instinct to close my eyes, I told him that I wanted him to make me cum again. He smiled and looked at the evidence of my need… fingernails clenching to his flesh and digging him to me and forcing him to stay near and thrusting. Using his forearm to push my knees down hard onto my shoulder, I was very keen to the increased pressure from the altered angle of his cock stabbing so intimately into my body. He grabbed a round buttock and smacked it and I cried out in pleasant surprise. It had been so long since anyone had smacked my ass.

He rasply told me what he was going to do to my ass and my entire body began to shudder and shake as I came in violent release. He gave a tense bark of laughter, both full of confidence and arousal. He pounded into my quivering pussy with quick and ruthless thrusts. Our flesh struck rapidly now, holding back nothing while I madly strived to find relief while he was inside, penetrating my farthest regions. I was wholly immobilized against the headboard and he smacked our flesh together once more and brought the walls of my vagina to the point of quivering and soul shattering ecstasy.

Throwing his head back, he roared between clenched jaws as he continued to pump within me, hard and fast, as he finally erupted in orgasm and came. I could feel the heat of him beneath the latex and almost felt the heated liquid of his semen filling me to burst but it was an empty thought.

I closed my eyes in response to the sensation of his throbbing release as he continued to fuck me. Tears leaked from my eyes down to my cheeks and the truth of the matter was that the sensation of him coming so powerfully in my body was one of the most profoundly poignant experiences of my life. I felt raw and shaky yet utterly and completely alive. I was not nearly done.

He collapsed over me, his ribcage expanding and contracting wildly for air. His cock was still hard as a pike. My muscular channel still clamped him tightly inside me. All I wanted was for him to take me again and repeat the hot, pounding, and thoroughly exhilarating ride. His lungs couldn’t seem to catch a sufficient amount of air, momentarily stilling him. The whimper I could barely muster turned his attentions his distress.

His head came up and our eyes met. Something in his eyes made both regret and further desire flicker through my awareness. He had pounded me so hard and he had proven himself to be a very capable fuck. My appetite for sex, not nearly quelled by him yet, had me seeking more of him. By now he had to know that the woman who lay beneath him, watching him with my hazel eyes, would not be easily sated. He grimaced slightly when he glanced at my wrists, still pinned next to the headboard. He’d kept me in that ruthless hold the entire time he plowed into me. I loved it.

His head lowered slowly as if he were going to kiss me. That was a big mistake. He had given me a window in which to take more of what I wanted. His gaze turned towards my breasts, their swollen peaks and the blue of my veins, all provoked by the potency of his fucking.

I felt the stirring of his penis and the tightening of his body. Thank God it mirrored my own tension. I readied myself for more of him.

To my dismay and disappointment, I gasped when he rolled off me. The abrupt withdrawal of his cock from my body felt harsh and completely unnatural. I studied his stark profile as he leaned away.

I figured he was done and I wasn’t exactly sure I was going to share his bed. I didn’t want to assume that much. He didn’t say anything to me as I scooted to the end of the bed, but I felt his gaze on my back. I quickly readjusted my bra and found my panties. I didn’t stand and turn to face him until I had pulled my dress back over my head.

I felt a tickle in my throat when my eyes lowered across his muscled, lean torso as he lay there in repose. His jeans, shoved down around his thighs, while I could see that while his cock was not as iron-hard as it was when he was hammering into my body not three minutes earlier but it was still ample. It lay along his taut belly still stretching the latex of the condom tightly an glistening with my moisture.

My mouth went completely dry. My juices were coating one of the most shapely and beautiful cocks I had ever seen. In my youth, such a sight would have made me panic. Now it made me want to take him and fuck him until his heart stopped beating. Desire swamped me and I had given thought to telling him that but I thought back to the look on his face moments ago. Opening my mouth to speak, I instead turned and left the room. I prayed that he would call me back to him, grab me from behind or something instead of taking such a glorious fuck and being a bitch about it.

I had made it within three feet of his front door when he called my name from behind. I stopped in my tracks and waited to turn around. I wanted him to pick me up and thrust me against the wall and fuck me senseless. I wondered if he had it in him to do me again? Then I thought about that night many years ago. Oh yeah, he had it in him and I was about to find that out.

My breath caught when I felt his hands encircle my waist. He leaned down, brushing aside my hair with his lips and nose before he pressed a hot kiss against my neck. Spreading his hands wide across my belly and hips his lips brushed and rubbed against my silky skin. He inhaled me slowly.

I tilted my neck to grant him more access to my skin. My throat vibrated with pleasure as he kissed and nibbled with a potent mixture of patience and hunger. His hands moved over my belly, waist, and hips in a sensual caress. He turned me in his arms. My head fell back as I looked up at him. I licked my lips and told him to step up and fuck me better than he did earlier. What can I say, I fight with fire. Haven’t been burned yet. Well, not too much.

His eyes burned like flames in his otherwise stony countenance. He looked hard and formidable again, not like he was after our eyes had locked after he came. My lips parted and breathlessly mouthed the words, “show me”.

Jason tilted my chin so that I face him again, he smiled quite arrogantly as he use his lips and teeth to gently nip at my mouth. His hands spread across my ribcage in a light, elusive embrace. I sought the soothing, anxious animal I had the chance to bed a moment before and I prayed that he had returned.

I craned up for his mouth, hungry for the remembered rich taste that I knew I’d find in his depths. Our mouths slid and fastened into a twisted fit. My body was primed for the needy pleasures that this man could give me.

Sighing at the sensation of his hands on my breasts, his fingers rubbing and pinching at my sensitized nipples. Heat swept through my genitals, leaving a dull ache of longing in its wake. A sound of protest rose in my throat when his mouth left mine which caused my eyes to blink open when I felt him back me against the wall of his hallway. I stared down, the image of his cock piercing my skin was brought to the forefront of my mind.

When Jason raised my dress to my waist and told me to hold it, I did so without a second thought. My gripping hands shook as he slowly lowered my panties. He put his hands on my legs and spread them wide until the strip of silk stretched tautly mid thigh. I could only whimper when he leaned forward within an inch of my pussy and inhaled.

His cock stiffened and I felt the warmth of his mouth nuzzled the soft and damp apex of my body. His tongue parted my folds in a firm, questing caress and I encouraged him by producing an unevened moan and allowing my body weight to sag slightly against the wall. His hands caught beneath my buttocks but most of his attention was on the exquisite taste of the abundant, sweet cream he found between the flushed folds of my pussy. He circled and played with my nerve-packed flesh for a while, which I showed my pleasure through soft whimpers as I felt the sensation of his tongue along my silken treasure.

Jason must have sensed my growing arousal because he instantly stabbed at the erect kernel of flesh that nestled between my lips with a stiffened tongue before he soothed me with a gliding caress. For a long minute he alternated between stabbed then sooth and plucked and glided. My eyelids opened heavily when he finally coaxed orgasm from my body.

His hand left the taut curve of my ass cheek and my lower lip trembled as he inserted two thick fingers into my wet vagina. His other hand parted my sweet, nectar-coated labia and he whispered such vile and sexually vicious things as my hand lowered and replaced his own, spreading myself wide for him. He used his free hand to support me again below my ass.

For several seconds, he looked at my pussy before he tilted his head and covered me. I keened as he took my clit captive in his mouth and sucked me tautly while whipping it with his stiffened tongue. Slippery warm juices flooded his fucking fingers and he told me how badly he needed to taste of my sweet, gushing fountain but not before he heard me scream again.

Twisting his wrist, his fingers corkscrewed into my pussy. Sucking my clit between this teeth and biting lightly until I cried out and sagged into his hand seemed to be what he was building up to.

His mouth would nurse me through the brunt of my climax before he grabbed my hips and upper back and lowered me to the soft carpet. Tugging my panties over my feet and pushed my thighs wide, it wasn’t until my black pumps hit one another that he stopped. He dived between my legs, his stiffened tongue immediately plunging into my pussy, driving deep and hard.

I could only cry out in ecstasy as another orgasm kicked off and my throat and jaw vibrated with the potent blasts of pleasure coursing through me. He drowned himself in me, filling his mouth with me. My narrow channel was drenched with sweet cream and he ran his finger below his piercing tongue and spread the juices along my perineum. My honey already slicked the crevice of my butt cheeks and the tiny, puckered entrance of my ass.

The change in my whimpers was evident when he pushed the tip of his fingers into that tight opening. For a few seconds, his lust convinced him to ignore the rising tension in my slick body as he gently probed me. I gripped him a smooth, hot clamp. Thank God he could only ignore reality for so long.

I wanted his cock buried in my ass, pleading for his further and harsh possession of me, so that I could feel his power writhing in and out of me once more. He stopped.

He looked up at me and pulled away. Cold turkey.

What the fuck, I thought.

I took the situation into my own hands. Literally.

My clit burned now. I needed to be sated. If he wasn’t going to fuck me, I was at least going to suck this magnificent cock.

I attacked him and pushed him backwards. My body hummed as I stared at the heavy erection which bobbed just before my nose. The head o his cock was fat, fleshy, and smooth. Very clearly defined by a quarter-inch ridge from the stalk. The realization of what he possessed caused a wild hunger to spread from my lower belly in every direction until it left nothing untouched. I pushed my tongue onto the sensitive slit of the steely-hard knob of his penis and made him grunt sharply.

I leaned forward and gave myself over to the sensation of him. My tongue circled the fleshy head curiously, tracing the hard ridge beneath the full circumference one. Then I stiffened my tongue and polished the smooth knob until it was shiny, coating my tongue in the flavor of him– salty and musky. My eyes fluttered and closed rapturously as I encircled the girth of his cock with my hands and began to slowly pump the steeling, hard, straight flesh of the stalk. My tongue circled, pressed, and fluttered across the head. He felt indescribably good like distilled power, trapped and sheathed in the confinement of taut skin.

I knew damn well I was teasing him. I sensed the tension in his body, heard his muted grunts. My eyes opened and I glanced up at him for confirmation and yes, his handsome mouth was pulled tight into a feral snarl and it made my clit pinch with excitement.

My tongue was a limber tease, both quick and elusive in one moment, hard, stiff, and pressing the next. When I slapped the straining head rapidly while I licked the stalk with a lose fist, it made his cock bob like a thirsty dog’s tongue. He cursed violently and palmed my head.

My tongue pressed up on him as I arrowed his cock into my warm depths. I did so until he was securely lodged against the hard ridge of my upper lip. I applied an eye-crossing suction and he forced his finger to sink down into my soft hair, pressing against my skill as he began to thrust between my lips, subtly at first with little electrical pulsations. My strong suck drew him deeper and he gave himself to me more.

He rocked against me more strong, insisting I take him deeper. When I did, he slid the tip of his cock into my throat. His eyes shot open in ecstasy. He groaned when I slid him out sinuously until the head of his cock was trapped by tight lips but before he could protest, I took him deep again. I repeated the process again and again until he became frantic with mounting need.

His eyes popped open moments later when he felt me move his cock so that I was taking him more shallowly in my mouth. He realized how forcefully he’d been thrusting his cock into me when he saw the tears that wet my cheeks.

It didn’t matter. I was so hungry and horny for him. I bobbed my head over him so rapidly and hummed satisfaction in my throat that his cock vibrated clear to the root, making his spine tingle with excitement. I gave the meaty head a healthy slap with my tongue on each out stroke. His hands tore away at my dress as I continued to pleasure him.

My hand caressed his inner thigh and then I cupped a testicle, massaging him gently. He had reached his limit. He immobilized my head with his hands and began to pump between my straining lips, deeper and deeper with each stroke.

Tendrils of joy rippled my lower body making my clit burn. My nipples tightened painfully. I was completely turned on and a victim, once more, to the lust I had allowed to consume me. I attacked him to ultimately get what I wanted, now I could taste that I was about to receive my reward.

He began to buck wildly into my mouth, the head of his cock massaging my throat. I gripped his ass with one hand, enthralled by the density of the large, tensing muscle as he fucked my mouth furiously. I knew that he wouldn’t let go of my head until he shot off into my mouth. I wouldn’t want him to.

I love it when sex was like this; wild and unrestrained… completely raw. I felt his penis swell in my mouth. He clutched my head and kept me in place as his body shuddered violently. He muttered something incoherently and began to fill my mouth and throat with his creamy, musky cum. I continued to suck and lick him long after the last burst of semen spilled onto my tongue. His taste had excited me to a fever pitch.

He opened his eyes. His cock was still stiff in my mouth. I looked at him and he smiled. For a moment, I could see that he was seriously considering letting me suck him off all over again. AS quickly as I saw the thought, it was gone. He drew the partial erection of out of my moist mouth and grimacing in agonizing pleasure when he heard the moist popping noise his cock made when the thick rim cleared my tight lips. He put his hands on my shoulders and raised me to my feet.

“Get undressed,” he muttered gruffly but before I did anything else I leaned in and moaned softly into his mouth and gave him a slow hot, open-mouthed kiss. His fingers came to pluck and pinch my right nipple. His other hand lightly skimmed the bare skin at my waist, causing me to shiver.

He released my erect nipple, determined to make love to me once we were completely naked. Brushing a tendril of silky hair from my cheek, I didn’t have the slightest interest in playing the bedroom sophisticate but I was determined to either seduce him constantly with my desire-ridden eyes and my scorching hot looks.

I looked at him with stone cold desire, reaching for his jeans and unsnapped them and forced the zipper down and slithered down his body to pull them down his legs. When I stood up, I reached for the zipper of my cocktail dress and unzipped, allowing it to shimmy down my body. Stepping out of the pool of clothing at my feet, I decided to give him a nice show.

Knowing I had his attention, I inserted two fingers under my panties and worked them between my labia, rubbing myself sensually and quite unashamedly. His breath stuck in his lungs when I deliberately pulled aside the satin and exposed my pink, glistening folds to him. My hips rolled against the pressure of my rubbing fingers subtlety. He stared, hopefully recalling the sensation of my plump, juicy lips against his own fingers and tongue. After a moment he peeled his eyes away and met my gaze. His nostrils flared when he saw me smile.

“Get your ass over here,” he muttered darkly.

There was a wave of anxiety that leapt into my body and piqued my arousal. He waited tensely as I slid down and approached him. As I neared him, he reached up and drew me down to him. He grabbed my wrists and shoved both of my fingers into his mouth. He sucked and ran his tongue between them, greedy for my sweet cream. I yelped in delight a few moments later when he hauled me over his lap.

He spanked me. I struggled in his lap, but he held me down tightly with his left arm at my back. I twisted, not desperate but not altogether ready to give up my aggressive advantage. Shifting my hips, I gave him a moving target. I also was able to brush the head of his cock a few times and teased it as much as he was teasing me with the smacks to my ass.

I squirmed beneath him abut he took his time to begin palming and squeezing my bottom. Removing the arms from my back, the edge of his cock brushed against my ass and then my labia, reminding me of his potency. My clit throbbed unbearably as he pulled me up as I straddled his lap. He had already torn the foil off a condom and was in the process of sliding it down his considerable length. My pussy sizzled at the erotic sight and forced myself to frown when he met my eyes. His lips turned into a naughty, sexy grin and I didn’t utter a word of protest. My body moved in synchronization with his as his left arm encircled my waists and he held up his cock. I gasped when he lowered me slowly, skewering me with his steely hard flesh.

His grin faded the moment my clasping vagina enfolded the first several inches of his cock. He pumped up with his hips while he held me steady for his thrust. A grunt of savage satisfaction vibrated his throat when he slipped into my tight, slippery sheath another few inches. I trembled in his hands. His eyes leapt to my face. My vaginal muscles tightened and drew him inward and I knew that he wouldn’t be able to find the resolve to back out of me.

The sent the thumb of the hand that cradled me between the flush, swollen folds of my labia. I quivered and flexed around his cock as he began to stimulate my clit. My eyes fluttered as he plucked and pressed my little button. His teeth clenched tight in restraint when I began to make tiny, circular undulations with my hips and stroked his cock.

Putting my hands on his shoulders, I bucked forward with my hips and got direct pressure when I needed to come.

He cried as he watched me do a subtle little dance on the end of his cock. When he held my heat flood around him and heard my sexy whimpers, my walls massaged him, and he growled like a caged animal.

He grabbed my hips and thrust up until his aching balls pressed snugly to my wet, delicate tissues. I cried out sharply. my body began to shudder more violently in orgasm. I pressed my face to his neck and whimpered mindlessly as pleasure crashed through me.

His eyes remained shut. The combination of holding me while I shuddered in climax and being buried in the epicenter of it all had to be indescribably arousing. He hung on desperately for control as I trembled and milked the fuck out of his cock like a silken fist. When my spasm finally waned, he took a few moments to gather himself and I had to give him credit for not blowing his load before now.

My eyes widened hen I felt his big hands along my hips, sinking my fingers into my buttock. I moaned uncontrollably when he began to slowly rock me up and down and around on his cock. I was dazed with lust and desire , fuck, from the moment he first pierced my body with his cock I was lost to desire. He was filling me to the point of unbearable tightness. As the hard, smooth knob of his penis slowly massaged some supersensitive place deep inside of me I had to face lust and its frantic and undeniable effect on me.

I cried out yes in gloriously victory and my hips began to join in the pleasurable rhythm of our mating. I watched as his eyes fixed on the hard berries of my nipples as I moved on top of him like a sleek, sinuous cat. I held onto his shoulders and started to wildly buck up and down on his cock. He spanked my bottom lightly, further driving me into a frenzied state.

“Hold still a minute.” He ordered, his eye flashing up to my sweat-glazed face. He willed his hips to stay still even though he was still sheathed in a wet, warm pussy that was both about a good two sizes too small for his cock.

Chapter 2 – The five senses

Monday morning. 11:40am. I raced home trying to be careful not to go too fast since a ticket would just slow me down. Since Friday when Krissy left me spent by the pool I’d been looking forward to Monday, not really able to think about anything else either at home or at work.

What made it worse was that for some reason I’d decided to have a masochistic weekend and didn’t masturbate. This morning I’d been seriously on edge and almost told my boss to, “Fuck off!”. I kind of wish I had. I bit my lip instead. The small taste of blood added to my excitement. Weird. As far as I knew, there were no vampires in my family tree. I like to think I’m funny.

I tried to focus on anything and everything to calm myself down and not walk around the office with a flagpole sticking out.

As I turned on to my street, a sudden apprehension hit me. What if Krissy didn’t want to? What if she decided she regretted the whole thing? What if she told someone what happened? Like her dad. What if? What if?

“Oh grow a pair,” I told myself and pulled into to my driveway. I crossed a line on Friday and there was no crossing back. Not that I wanted to.

No sneaking around today. The garage door was already open. I fumbled my key and dropped it. I grabbed it up and with trembling hands put it into the lock only to discover that the door was already unlocked. A tad odd. I opened it partway and stepped inside. My eyes first went to the baby monitor on the floor to my left. It was on with no red bars showing. Good. In a second, I realized that if the monitor was here, then Krissy must be near by.

I opened the door further and looked to my right. I stopped dead in my tracks. “Holy Shit!” I thought with a capital ‘H’ and a capital ‘S’.

There was Krissy, sitting on one of our rattan chairs. Buck naked. Legs spread open. Each leg tied to a chair leg with a flimsy white silk scarf knotted into a neat bow. Each arm was on an arm rest with a partially tied scarf around them – just the first part of the knot. I inhaled sharply. As if this wasn’t enough, what really blew my mind as well as almost blowing something else was the fact that Krissy was blindfolded.

I was about to tell her, “You look marvellous!” but stopped. I stood there thinking for a second. I don’t know if this is what she’d had in mind, but I realized that since she couldn’t see me, if I said nothing, she couldn’t be sure it was me. With the garage door open and the door unlocked, I could be anybody – the mail man, the boy next door, his father, his mother. The possibilities excited me too and I realized the open doors couldn’t have been for me to get in 5 seconds quicker. I decided I was going to hold my tongue – well at least as far as talking was concerned.

I closed the door behind me, walked towards her and stopped a foot away and looked down. Step one. I gently but firmly tied the scarves around her wrists into bows. She smiled and I saw her bite her bottom lip. It was a bit pouty.

I wanted to take a mental picture of her. I studied her. Her blonde hair was partway down her back. Her skin was a nice light brown with no tan lines in sight anywhere. Naughty girl. I’d been in such a daze on Friday I hadn’t noticed that.

Her breasts were perky and just the right size. They would pass the pencil test no problem. A pencil put under them would fall immediately.

Her areolas were about the size of a quarter and a nice darker pinkish brown. There were little bumps around the edges with a hard nipple in the middle. Going past her flat tummy, my eyes went to her pussy. My turn to lick my lips. Both sets of her lips were slightly parted and both looked moist. I tore my eyes away and continued down her slender legs and finally on down to her toes.

I was afraid I’d forget the details and without putting any real thought into it, I whipped out my smartphone, focused for a moment and took a picture with its 5 megapixel camera. Since these cameras make an audible click when you take a picture, she heard it and I’m sure she knew immediately what it was.

She blushed ever so slightly, which was cute, and looked like she was about to say something but didn’t. Spurred on by that fact, I started snapping a few more pics. She tried to pose. In fact, I could swear this little nymphet was trying to open her legs more to give me a great shot. This girl was unbelievable. I went for a close-up picture of her pussy. I don’t know if she was worried about these pictures ending up in the public but I would never do that. For now though, I was going to leave her with her uncertainty.

I had sated my sense of sight and it was time to move on.

First I quickly undressed and threw my clothes over a laundry basket.

I began by inhaling the smell of her hair where it met her forehead. She smelled like fresh daisies. I moved slowly down her face to her cheek and stopped to breathe in. I could feel her breath on my cheek.

She leaned forward suddenly and bit my ear lobe. I pulled away and we were both smiling.

I resumed to discover all the scents of this woman. Under her arms which had a faint smell of perspiration. Down past her breast I decided to jump to her feet and move upwards.

When I reached between her legs I inhaled deeply. I love the smell of pussy. Each one a little different but always that intoxicating “Je ne sais quoi”. I blew ever so gently onto her and she tried to move her pelvis up to make contact, but I wasn’t ready for that so I quickly pulled away.

Two senses down, three to go.

I went to the garage, grabbed a pair of ear muffs I use while cutting the lawn on my John Deere, went back in, adjusted them to her smaller head and put them on her. Her eyebrows raised in surprise. Next I went to the kitchen, opened a drawer and took out a round, long, thin wooden spoon. From another drawer I got a rubber band and finally from the washroom I grabbed a tissue. I wrapped the tissue around the handle and secured it in place with the rubber band. I went back into the laundry room, stood next to her and waited.

She fidgeted a bit.

I waited.

She opened her mouth, presumably to call out and changed her mind.

I waited.

She trembled a little. Was she cold? Worried?

I waited.

I looked down between her legs and noticed a dark spot on the white cushion. Somebody was excited. Just when I figured the sensory deprivation was about to get to her, I brushed the tissue against her cheek. She jumped so much the chair moved sideways a couple inches. I brushed her other cheek and then down her forehead, nose, lips, chin and throat. She started breathing heavily.

Next I went down her arms and then went behind her. The small of her back was all that was available to me there. I gently swished it back and forth. A bead of sweat appeared on her temple.

Back in front, I traced the backs of her calves but intentionally no higher than her knees. I jumped back up to her tits and started doing ‘X’s across the nipples. She gasped and then started this very soft low pitched moan. It looked like she was going to break her silence satisfying my fourth sense.

One more spot. I started first with the inner thighs to within a couple of inches of pink heaven. Up and down. Up and down. She was shivering again.

I paused for what I considered dramatic effect and then I passed it across her pussy, so lightly that if it wasn’t for her reaction, I wouldn’t have been sure there had been any contact. It was as if an electric shock had been applied to her box.

Now she started to whimper more loudly and as I continued, she finally broke down and said in a squeaky voice, “Please.”

I continued and words started to pour out, “Please, oh god, please. I need you to touch me. This is killing me.” She was speaking loudly but she couldn’t tell because she still had the ear muffs on.

I noticed that the wet patch on the cushion covered most of the white triangle formed by her beautiful inner legs.

“Yes, that was good, but now I need more!” she said. She continued with her requests/orders but it hadn’t quite reached the fever pitch that I was aiming for so I stopped completely and backed away.

She stopped talking immediately. Without sight and sound she moved her head around and used her nose to sniff to see if she could tell where I was.

I look of determination came over her face and she forced herself to just sit still. I was impressed by this young girls self control. But it didn’t last. It couldn’t. She said, “Ok. You’ve seen me. You’ve smelled me. You’ve heard me. You’ve touched me, barely. That leaves just taste. Please. Pleeeaaasee!” She raised her hips off the chair.

“Come on you bastard!” she said. “I want it now! Come on!”

Still I made no move toward her.

She started to whimper some more and this time I think she was actually starting to cry, with anger, desire, a whole myriad of emotions.

“I hate you!”, she said but it was quickly followed by, “No, no, no I didn’t mean it! I love you! I’ll do anything! Anywhere! Anytime! Give me what I need!” She was starting to become hysterical.

I smiled. “Now we’re talking!” I thought. She was begging.

I moved forward and licked the sweat that had gone from her temple down to her chin. I licked the tears that were running down her cheeks. Nice and salty.

I took her bottom lip into my mouth and sucked it and then bit it.

Her breath was starting to speed up. Then I attacked her right breast and sucked hard. My dick which was hard as rock brushed her thigh and I thought we were both going to come. Thankfully neither of us did. She moaned a load “Oooh!” while I just barely managed to maintain my silence. I stayed on her breasts for a few minutes and then got up.

I had one more trick up my sleeve.

I went to the freezer and got out a single block of ice.

She started to yell, “Don’t you dare! Don’t you bloody well dare stop!”

I ran some water over the cube and quickly hurried back. I was worried that she might start screaming and wake up the kids.

I held the ice just above her pussy so that the cold drops fell onto her clitoris and then made their way down her pussy. After a minute of this I put the cube directly onto her clitoris. I was hoping to numb it a bit.

It was finally time and I guess Krissy instinctively knew it.

When I took the ice off, she lifted her hips off the cushion once more.

My tongue started at the space between her anus and her cunt and slowly traced upward.

“Yes!” she said in a voice that sounded like it was coming from a succubus.

I licked up the full length of her pussy and then sucked her clitoris. She took a sharp intake of breath and held it.

“Oh sweet Jesus this tastes like heaven!” I thought. “If I could milk her and bottle this into a drink, I could retire in no time!”

Fortunately, the ice had done its trick and she didn’t come immediately.

I repeated the full-length licking a few times and finally settled on the hard candy at the top. I sucked. I rotated my tongue around it. I picked up the pace. She started pumping her hips into my face and I pressed my chin into her pubic bone.

A crescendoing “Ah” escaped from her mouth and she came in a frenzy like a wild animal!

She sat back down panting.

My turn, though without any ice, I didn’t expect this to last long.

“I hope you’re going to fuck me!” she said.

Oh, how I wanted to, but I had already decided not this time.

I stood up and put my cock in her right hand. She grabbed it and gave a few pumps. Then she reached for my balls. She started to squeeze and said, “I should pay you back for what you did to me!”

She squeezed some more but just on the borderline of it crossing over from sexual play she let go.

“Except that I loved what you did to me!”

I moved into position and put my penis onto her lips. She opened them and took my desperate cock inside. She deep throated me a couple times and then started sucking up to half way. I started pumping. I couldn’t take it. Her tongue rotating around me was driving me crazy.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” I thought.

Just as I was about to come I pulled out and came over her face and then onto her chest.

I don’t think I’d ever had an orgasm like that before.

I slowly dressed. I decided to take one last gorgeous picture of her covered in my come.

I gave her a kiss on the lips and took the ear muffs off because I wanted her to hear my next move.

I went out the door and locked it. After a few seconds I closed the garage door.

I had stopped on the first step and leaned back on the door with my ear to listen.

After a few seconds I heard Krissy say, “Hello? Hello! Hey! You forgot to let me go!”

Silence and then, “Oh shit! Oh shit! This is not good!”

I held my ground.

“Oh fuck! If I’m found like this…Oh fuck!”

I opened back the door and went inside.

“Bastard!” she said but she was smiling.

I undid the scarf around one wrist. One more kiss and I was off before she could remove her blindfold.

I wondered what next time would bring and this time I knew there would be a next time.

“Tonight you will be tested girl, make no mistake about it.”. Those were the words he had spoken to her just a short while ago yet already she felt she was at her limit and still he show no end to his intensity and resourceful, relentless physical, mental and sexual assault on her mind body and soul. She wasnt enduring it, but rather relishing it for she knew if she did all he asked of her then he would finally believe her dedication ad devotion to him. Deeper within her also was her desire to please him and she knew that submitting to his will was something they both needed.

It began that morning with those simple words.

She made sure she was dressed appropriately (wearing nothing but his favorite thong) and .had dinner ready for him and waited for his instruction to eat after serving him. She began eating and he instructed her to eat quickly as he expected her to be done before him. She shoveled in the last bite and looked at him expectantly. He instructed her to take his cock out and begin sucking it. She gladly complied and was in fact grateful. One of the things she loved about the man was his generous nature in that he allowed he to do this quite frequently.

When he returned to the kitchen he was holding a set of ankle and wrist cuffs attached to long nylon straps, a blindfold and a set of foam ear plugs.

“You can finish cleaning later, I have other plans for you little one. Come here.” He spoke softly to her, knowing he didn’t need to be harsh. She approached him slowly, eye downcast, stopped before reaching him and kneeled at his feet, still looking down, spread he knees and rested her palms on her thighs.

“Do you trust me girl?” He asked as he gently and almost lovingly caressed the top of her head

“Of course master” she replied confidently. Inside though she was frightened. He has never in all their years actually asked her that. It was an unspoken truth between them and although he had often pushed her beyond her comfort zone she has never ‘safe worded’. She knew she wouldn’t tonight either; mostly because she wanted more than anything in life to please him. The satisfaction of pleasing him through her pain or his pleasure gave her so much peace and comfort it at times overwhelmed her.

With speaking again, he grasped her hands and helped her to her feet. As he led her to the large dining room table he took a moment to fully take her body in again. Though she stood only 5’3″, her ass was firm and her 36D tits were firms and hung perfectly on her 130 pound frame. Her narrow shoulders and trim waist only accented them even more. “You really are stunning my dear” he mummered to her as he picked her up easily and laid heron her back on the table.

As he secured her arms and legs to the four legs of the table she stared at him. She smiled as she watched the muscles ripple softly under the smooth skin of his six foot 225 pound frame. Not an ounce of fat on him she thought as she leaned her head back and recalled all the times she had experienced every inch of him, feeling his weight on her, clinging on to his back as he took her over and over to incredible heights; moving his thick and long manhood into her. The last thing she saw as she opened her eyes from her memory was his shouldering blue eyes. Then only darkness as he slipped a blindfold over her eyes.

“So you say you trust me. You say that you are mine to do with as I wish”. You say that you are all mine. Tonight I will test that and see if you mean it”. Tonight you will let your mouth, pussy and ass be used as I wish.”

Inside she smiled. She knew his proclivities. She knew what his cock and mouth felt like all through her body inside and out and if she were honest when asked would admit that being used by him brought her more pleasure than anything ever could.

Then she heard him pick up his phone, dial seven numbers and as she felt ear plugs going into her ears she faintly heard him say, ” she is ready. Come in and see what she has to offer”.

Panic begin to set in. How could he? Why would be take advantage of her gift of herself to him? He couldn’t let another man have her! She belongs to him! Then she realized that this was the test. That if she truly was his then she was also his to given and shared if he wanted. But this was too much, she didn’t want this. But she was afraid she only had two chi ices: do as he asked and surrender herself all to him and trust him or risk losing him forever.

“I’m yours master” she whispered.

She could hear muffled voices through the foam plugs but could not discern voices, location or number of people in the rooms.

Then it began.

Fingers on her nipples. A gloved hand stroking them softly and pulling them erect. Thick gloved hands between her legs, pulling on her pussy lips. She moaned in spite of herself as she felt the arousal building between her legs. She felt the strange hands turning her head to the side and felt the tip of a condom covered cock on her lips. She opened her mouth tentatively and accepted it. It felt so different than his but she knew ( hoped) that he was still in the room and would be proud of her. Maybe if she performed well for this stranger he would reward her somehow.

The gloved hands continued to maul and pull her tits and clit as the assault on her mouth continued. This man had stamina rivaling her master as she was sucking hard and pulling him deep into her mouth and he only got harder, not closer to cumming. She took consolation from the fact that at least she wouldn’t have to taste his cum. It could never compare to the sweet nectar of his cock she was so accustomed to. At least he would let her keep that even if this man would take her in every other way.

She felt her mouth suddenly empty then warm breath between her thighs. A smooth face began to move closer to her pussy. An erotic mix of emotions filled her. No man but him had touched her there in so long. She missed his rough bearded face on her sensitive skin, like a thousand tiny picks of erotic pleasure. This face was smooth by contrast and was taking time slowly licking her from her exposed ass to the top of her clit over and over. It was the contrast that was setting her on fire and causing her juices to flow steadily. Her feelings of shame by being touched by another were being quickly washed away by her need to please him encouraging her impending orgasm. Her breathing was fast becoming rapid and shallow as she felt him slide a vibrator into her. Plunging it in and angling it up she felt it turn on and waves of pleasure washed over her as it this mystery man continued to gently tongue her exposed clit.

Just as she started to cum, he took it all away suddenly. She cried out of desperation then gasped as she felt a large sheathed cock being forced into her wet and waiting hole. No one had entered her in so long that she had forgotten how strange any other cock could have felt. Guilt swam over her as he began to steadily pound into her with a rhythm that was as foreign to her as everything else had been tonight.

Even through the thick protection she could feel him swelling with his impending release. She felt her self cresting again despite her attempts to not enjoy herself, and knew she would cum just as he did.

She moaned out loud and began to cry out as she felt herself soaking his latex covered tool. His gloved hands grabbed her thighs deeply as his orgasm took over and he began throbbing. She was still tightening as the blindfold was smoothed gently off her eyes onto her forehead. She blinked rapidly, her eyes adjusting to the light as her body continued to shake with the ends of her orgasm she looked up at the stranger who was continuing to pump into her tied, wet and used pussy. Her eyes met the blue loving eyes of her master. His face shaven, smiled down at her. She sighed as she came back down and looked at him with confusion till she noticed the black leather gloves on his hands.

“It was you master?” She gasped with surprise.

“Yes little one. There was never anyone else here. But you have proven your dedication to me. You have shown your commitment to pleasing me and putting my needs above your own. I’m so proud of you” he said as he leaned down and gently kissed her lips as he slid his length from her and began to untie her.

She collapsed into his waiting arms…

Chapter 2: Edwin takes Mary Home

Edwin couldn’t stop smiling. He loved good pussy and he had some good pussy in the backseat.

“I wonder if your ass is as good as your pussy.” Edwin wondered aloud.

He looked in his rearview and saw Mary’s bare ass sticking up in the air. Before they had left the parking lot Edwin had hogtied Mary’s hands and feet together. Preferring to have a view of her ass, Edwin put Mary face down…ass up. His tinted windows were dark enough that no one could see in, but he had a perfect “rearview”. He giggled gleefully to himself over the pun.

Mary knew that she was familiar with this man, but her brain was so foggy and she couldn’t stay focused long enough to put ideas together. The drug he gave her was preventing her from thinking. The only thing she could figure out was that her face was pressed into the leather of the backseat, and her ass was up in the air. This didn’t bode well even with her current frame of mind.

Mary heard the garage door open and close. The engine stopped and the man opened the door and pulled her out. The garage was bright so she kept her eyes closed, once they were inside it was dark and the man didn’t turn on any lights. He walked quickly through the house into a bedroom and threw Mary on the bed and left. Mary still hogtied laid in the fetal position trying to look around and absorb her surroundings. The room was dark like the rest of the house. She could make out two doors, the bed she was on and what looked to be a dresser. She still couldn’t really focus. She felt like she was on ecstasy. Suddenly, the man came back into the room and picked her up. She realized he was completely naked. He carried her to a dimly lit room. As they entered the room, she saw it was a bathroom lit with candles. He lowered her into the tub and then from the counter he picked up a knife. Mary screamed…or tried to. She realized at that moment that there was duct tape over her mouth. Mary was so lost; her brain was trying to process information with little success. She then heard a rip. She had already forgotten the knife! The man used the knife to cut her clothes off. With her clothes gone, the man turned on the shower. The cold spray jolted Mary but she couldn’t move away from it because she was still hogtied. Once the water warmed up the man got in the shower with her and quickly washed her.

“I am going to take off the duct tape, but I am going to replace it with something else. You can scream if you want, but no one will hear you, but I will punish you regardless for being bad.” the man stated.

He pulled her up into a sitting position, removed the tape, washed all the makeup off her face, and washed her hair. Mary felt defeated and numb, she didn’t make a sound. The man stood up and washed himself off. Then he turned off the water, grabbed Mary and took her back to the bedroom and put her back on the bed. He walked to the other door and turned on its interior light. Mary assumed it was some type of closet, but her back was to it and she was too tired to turn around. The man walked around the bed to face her and in his hand was a ball gag…but not a ball gag. Mary panicked again and started screaming again. The man grabbed one of her big soft nipples squeezed then twisted it HARD. The pain was so intense she stopped screaming and almost passed out.

“I don’t want to hurt you but I will if I have too. I am going to put this in your mouth and you are not going to fight me. I don’t want to break your pretty teeth.”

Edwin felt bad for hurting Mary, but it was for her best interest. If she resisted him while he put the gag in she might break a tooth on the metal ring. Edwin had planned to punish her a little just to show her what might happen if she didn’t obey, but now he was going to have to really punish her. He looked at her and she looked defeated. That got his cock hard.

“Open your mouth.”

He put the metal ring in her mouth and strapped the end pieces together. He then pulled a rope from under the bed and tied it to one of her legs. The other end was already tied to the bed frame. Edwin undid parts of the hogtie, but kept her hands and legs bound together. He took her hands and tied them to the top of the bed frame. He then untied her feet, so that one leg was free. He walked back to the closet and grabbed a vibrating anal plug. He turned it on a low setting and rubbed it against her clit. Her body stiffened.

“You should just let go and enjoy it. The wetter, the better. It will be easier if you are juicy.” Edwin warned.

Even though she was trying to resist, she was already getting wet. He started pushing the tip of the plug in and out of her increasingly wet pussy. About every third stroke he worked on pushing it deeper inside her. Mary was moaning but realized the vibrator wasn’t a normal vibrator. It was so much larger and she could feel it stretching her. Her free leg was trying to move her body away from the plug, but the way he tied her, left her incapable of moving up or down. Slowly he worked the plug into her pussy, until he reached the widest point. He quickly pulled it all the way out making a sucking slurp and revealed her gaping pussy. He pushed the plug back in and this time didn’t stop until it was all the way in her pussy. Mary moaned and whimpered as she felt it invade her. Edwin didn’t know if it was because of pain or pleasure. At that particular moment Edwin didn’t care. Her wide gaping wet pussy had made him rock hard and he wanted release.

With the plug all the way in her pussy, Edwin increased the vibration a couple of notches. Mary was writhing on the bed and starting to sweat.

“Mary, I would apologize but you brought this on yourself…..and it isn’t going to get better any time soon.”

Edwin crawled up towards Mary’s head letting his cock rub against her body along the way. When he saw her face he could see she was crying. He wanted to wipe the tears but she had to be taught a lesson. He turned around and straddled her face. He pushed his hard cock in the ring of her mouth. He kissed the inside of her thigh as he slowly started thrusting his cock in her mouth. There was nothing Mary could do but take it. The gag stretched her mouth open and she couldn’t close it. Edwin made his thrusts deeper. He heard her gagging and it made him want to nut. He felt his sac smacking her in the face. He wrapped his arms around her thighs so he could thrust even deeper into her mouth. He was fucking her mouth as hard as he would be fucking her pussy and ass later. He felt the cum boiling up. He wanted to keep fucking her mouth. The gagging noises she was making and the feeling of dominance was almost too much to give up, but he couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Mary I’m cumming, you better swallow or choke!” Edwin yelled.

Mary thought she was going to die as she felt him explode in her mouth. His cum was thick and forceful. She was struggling to swallow it all, but since she couldn’t close her mouth, it was making it hard to swallow. She realized that she was going to have to relax, but she really couldn’t with the vibrator still inside her. She was actually on the verge of an orgasm, but the force of the vibrations was too much to actually get over the edge. She felt so humiliated. She could feel the cum filling her mouth and spilling out. She felt it running down her face and neck. The man pulled his cock out of her mouth and she started choking. He turned her on her side. Cum was dribbling out of her mouth, but she could breath normally again. The man reached behind her head and removed the gag. Her jaw was sore and her throat was bruised from the mouth fucking she just received. Her pussy was still being assaulted by the huge vibrator making the muscles all over her body tense. She thought she was going to literally snap her muscles were so taut. The man turned down the vibrator and rocked it back and forth for a minute before pulling it completely out of her pussy with a wet smack. She felt her warm juices running out of her pussy down through the crack of her ass. She was sure she was saturating the bed. She felt exhausted and abused. Her whole body was sore.

“Mary, you had to be punished so you would know I am not joking. There is one more punishment that you have to endure, then we can work on making this more pleasurable for you.” the man said.

“Please no more! I promise I will be a good girl. I will be your submissive whore!” Mary pleaded.

The man flipped Mary on back pushed his already hard dick into her pussy. Since she was already wet and stretched open, it didn’t hurt. It actually felt good and the way he was rolling his hips into her pussy made her automatically open her legs wider. He grabbed her free leg and pushed her knee into her chest opening her up even more.

“Oh God, fuck me deeper!” Mary yelled.

She didn’t feel like this was punishment at all. She felt more of her juices running down her crack. Her pussy was building up to an orgasm.

Suddenly, she felt him pull out and she opened her eyes. He had the vibrator, or now she realized it was an anal plug in his hand. Before she could put two and two together, he shoved the plug back into her pussy. Then he flipped her onto her stomach. Pressing his hand into the small of her back he turned the plug, this time to the highest setting. Mary started bucking and squirming. The man grabbed her ass with both hands spreading her cheeks. He put most of his weight into his arms. She felt him rub his dick up and down the crack. She knew his intention now and tried to buck again. She couldn’t get leverage so she was just really only moving her ass up and down a few inches. She felt his head pushing at her sphincter. Without thinking she bucked again and actually pushed his head into her ass pass her ring. She screamed.

Edwin was in love. His dick and her anus were slick from her pussy juices, so when she bucked, his head popped right in. Keeping the momentum he pushed through until his nuts rested in the crack of her ass. Mary kept screaming. Edwin pulled out until only the head was in and then pushed all the way back in. He started fucking her with long steady strokes. Since he came so hard in Mary’s mouth he knew it would be a while before he came again, even though her ass was so hot and tight. Mary kept screaming and was completely tense. Her ass was like a vice, gripping on his cock. As erotic and good as it felt for him, he knew it was probably torture for her.

“Mary you need to relax, or it is going to hurt the whole time…and I am not stopping until I’m satisfied. Relax your muscles, maybe focus on breathing.” Edwin said.

“Just please stop for a minute.” Mary pleaded.

“I can’t stop, it feels too good. The most I can do is slow down.” Edwin moaned as he continued to push deep into her ass.

He still had her ass spread, so he slowed down a little more and watched as his cock slid slowly in her ass and then pulled it slowly out. He was fascinated at watching her ass squeezing around his cock.

“You aren’t relaxing. You need to relax, so when I start pounding your ass it won’t be so hard on you.”

Edwin kept moving in and out slowly. Her round ass spread open with his cock in it was picture perfect.

“I can’t relax or focus with the vibrating plug in my pussy!” Mary whimpered.

“Too bad.” Edwin sighed.

Then Edwin slammed his dick in her ass. He braced himself on either side of her and started to fuck her like a madman. He fucked her fast and furiously with long strokes. Sometimes his dick would pop out but he would just slam it back in. Mary wailed and whimpered. She struggled and squirmed. Edwin was dripping sweat all over Mary’s back and ass. He felt he was definitely getting a workout. He loved every second. The endorphins he was feeling from pumping his cock into Mary’s tight wet ass was addicting. There wasn’t an orifice of Mary’s he didn’t feel at home in. Mary was made specifically for him. Her ass was juicing up giving him more lubricant to fuck her harder. He was going to fuck her forever. He felt her trying to back up on his dick. He heard her moans and they were definitely pleasure.

“I have to cum, please!” Mary begged.

“You can come if you want to, but I am not stopping anytime soon.” He said as he continued to roughly fuck her ass.

Mary felt her orgasm building and building. She knew without a doubt that when she came it would be the most intense orgasm of her life. Her pussy felt like it was vibrating on its own from all the sensations and his dick in her ass felt so good she really didn’t want him to stop. She felt like a rocket that was speeding through the atmosphere hurtling itself at the earth. Her orgasm reached its peak and then fell over into the abyss. Her whole body clenched. She felt like her orgasm was both in her ass and pussy and spreading out to the rest of her body. Her brain felt like stars exploding.

Edwin could feel her explosive orgasm run through her entire body while he was pushing his dick in and out of her wonderful ass. “Oh shit!!!” Edwin yelled. Edwin was ready to fuck her for another hour, but Mary’s orgasm was so intense and was squeezing his dick so hard it literally forced him to cum. A few more pumps and he collapsed on top of Mary.

Oh yeah she was a keeper.

Alex looked down at Julia, and grinned. She was so beautiful when she slept. She was so exhausted from last night that when he untied her from her bonds, she didn’t stir from her slumber. Not that he could blame her. Having your ass taken for the first time, forcibly at that, was a tiring experience. She had performed beautifully. He couldn’t wait to have another go, but for now he would let her sleep. He nestled down beside her and gathered her in his arms. She snuggled closer to him, and he smirked. Even when she is asleep she can’t resist me, he thought.


His arms felt good around me. They made me feel safe and warm. It was almost as if the experiences I had suffered through at the hands of Alex were being slowly erased away as he covered my shoulder in soft, light kisses. I sighed contently and turned to face him, the man I loved. When he dipped low and nibbled on my neck I cried out.

“Oh Logan!”

I heard a sharp intake of breath, and my eyes fluttered open. As they focused, I found myself staring up into the shocked brilliant green eyes of Alex. My eyes darted around the room trying to fight through the confusion I was feeling. A feeling of dread slowly seeped into my stomach as I realized that I had never left my prison, and the arms that held me were not those of my love, but those of my captor. It was only a dream. I was still at Alex’s mercy. My eyes met his again, and I swallowed at his expression.

Alex grabbed my face and jerked it close to his. I could almost feel his anger radiating off of him.

Gritting his teeth he hissed, “What did you say, love?”

I nervously licked my lips. Did hearing Logan’s name really upset him that much? Or did I say something else? Oh god. I don’t think I have been this scared of him since he first took me three days ago. I didn’t know what to say, so I tried to jerk my face out of his hand. Alex snarled and tightened his grip. Tears pooled at the corners of my eyes, as I struggled.

“Stop, you’re hurting me. Please. LET GO!” I shouted in his face, and I drew my knee up fast, slamming it into his gut. He sucked in air and rolled off of me. I quickly scrambled across the bed trying to put as much distance between us as I could. I felt his hand grasp my wrist tightly and he jerked me back on to the bed. He dragged me back to the middle, and settled on top of me.

The look on his face was terrifying. His eyes darkened, and his hands balled into fists. There were no signs of his usual arrogant smirk, and the mischief that usually danced in his eyes was replaced with a blazing fury. It felt as though his whole body was shaking. I gulped. This wasn’t good. I wished I could figure out why he was so angry. He sucked in some more air and spoke again.

“I asked you a question love. What did you say?”

I narrowed my eyes in response. My earlier fear was being replaced with anger. I was tired of being pushed around by this freak. I was tired of being used by him, I was sick of bending to his will. I stared defiantly up into his eyes, remaining silent.

Alex then narrowed his eyes, and quick as lightening smacked me across the face. I cried out more in shock that he struck me, than from pain. Bringing his face down close to mine he whispered menacingly, “I will make you want me as you want him, love. I will eradicate any thoughts of him from your mind, and if I you refuse, perhaps I will just eradicate him from your life.”

With that he smashed his lips on to mine, and got up. Without turning he strode through the door and slammed it shut.


Alex strode down the hallway and into his private office. He didn’t pause to switch on the lights, opting to settle into his desk chair engulfed in the darkness. He sucked in air and breathed out slowly. Perhaps he did over react. But when it came to Julia, he felt this overwhelming sense of possession and jealousy. Sometimes it was hard to swallow those feelings. He sighed.

Switching on the small desk lamp near the edge of his mahogany desk he opened the secret compartment in the second drawer and pulled out his photos of Julia. He shuffled through them until he got to the one he was looking for. His eyes narrowed when he looked at the fair young man holding Julia’s hand.

So this is Logan, He thought.

Alex could see why she was so infatuated with him; sure he was handsome and had kind eyes. But he could never give her what she really needed. Only he could do that, of this Alex was sure. Resisting the childish urge to cut Logan out of the picture he was holding, Alex put the pictures back into his compartment, and leaned back into his chair.

Something needed to be done about Julia. It would appear he has been far too lenient with his lessons so far. She wasn’t quite responding to his treatment of her as he had expected or hoped. Perhaps it was time to try a different approach. Once she started to show more respect towards him, then he could go back to just having fun with her. He tapped his fingers on his desk trying to figure out just how he was going to punish her this time. Perhaps it was time he introduced her to some of his favorite toys.


I sat in the middle of the bed with my knees drawn up to my chest. I was so sick of that bastard. He rapes me, figs me, and then forces me to beg him to take my ass. And he has the gall to get upset when I utter another man’s name? How could he possibly think that I would like or even accept him? Tears started rolling down my cheeks, I didn’t bother wiping them away. I was losing hope, and resolve. I started to think I would never get out of here.

My thoughts turned to Alex. Earlier I caught myself thinking he was attractive. This made me angry. What the hell was I thinking? How could I find this rapist bastard cute, after all that he has done to me. I gingerly touched the cheek he had struck. It still throbbed a bit, but nothing compared to some of the other pain I had felt thus far. His action worried me though. It didn’t quite “feel” like him. All the other things he had done with me…to me.. he had been smirking, almost playful. But this… this was cold. Angry. It added a whole other dimension to his twisted character. And I felt far more afraid of him than before.

My stomach growled, and I found myself wishing that Alex had left me another bowl of fruit. If I was going to get out of this mess, I was going to have to keep up my strength and morale. Even though I was now more afraid, I would not submit to his will and I would not allow myself to get down. I sighed. Sure it was easy to say I wouldn’t lose morale, but actually following through was a hell of a lot harder.

I jumped at the sound of the door to my prison slamming. I watched Alex stalk in, and I could feel tendrils of dread coil in my stomach again. He still looked angry, and his usual arrogant swagger was replaced with something much more dangerous. I wasn’t sure how to react, so I stayed where I was, watching him. This “new” Alex was harder to read. I’d have to be more careful.

Alex locked eyes with me, and it sent shivers down my spine. He turned his attention to the small basket he was carrying. He placed it down next to the wall and turned back to me. He started to walk towards me. His expression lacking its usual dancing mischief. As he approached I started backing up. Fear was replacing the dread, and I wanted to put as much distance between us as I could. I felt myself almost missing the “old” Alex.

Before I could react, Alex lunged forward, stopping my backwards movement with his weight. Settling on top of me, he narrowed his eyes. There were still no traces of his usual smirk. I gulped and tried not to look scared. Without saying a word he pulled out the silk cords he used many times before to tie me. I started to struggle again, and he stared down at me, eyes blazing with a cold fury. The look in his eyes made me stop my struggles. After studying my face for a moment he went back to tying me down, and I renewed my struggles. I did not want to be tied up when he was like this. I had quickly grown accustomed to his treatment when he was his “usual” self. I could be relatively certain that though he was rough, he wouldn’t be cruel, and the pain eventually turned to pleasure — even if I didn’t want it to. Even though I hated it. But now I had no idea what to expect.

Despite the fact that I was putting up a pretty good fight, Alex had little trouble tying my wrists together tightly. He flipped me on to my stomach his weight once again keeping me from escaping, though it was not for lack of trying. He secured my arms to the bedpost, and then went to work on my legs. I felt his hands on my ankles, attempting to pull my legs apart. I tried as hard as I could to keep them together but in the end Alex was able to spread my legs wide. Though I couldn’t see what he was doing I knew that my legs had been secured to the other bedposts.

The silk cords had more slack than usual, and I briefly wondered why. He usually pulled the cords tightly so I had little room to struggle. My question was answered when he jerked my knees in a kneeling position. With my knees bent, the cord was tight again. To avoid falling flat on my face I bent my elbows. I felt Alex secure something that felt like leather around both of my legs, near my bent knees. Right after this he secured something similar around my both of my arms slightly above my elbows. I started to feel him pull my elbows back towards my knees.

When the silk cord securing my arms to one of the bedposts was taut, Alex stopping pulling my elbows back. I felt his presence move away; I shifted my weight, trying to understand what he did to me. I felt sick to my stomach when I realized I was stuck on my knees and elbows. My legs were spread painfully wide, and I wasn’t able to straighten my legs to lessen the strain. He had attached leather straps connecting my knees to my elbows. I gulped. This was bad.

For several moments I couldn’t hear Alex, and was afraid of what was in store for me. Relief mixed with fear washed over me when I saw him move into my line of vision.

Alex leaned forward and grabbed my chin jerking my face up to look him straight in the eye.

“I fear I’ve been too easy on you, pet.”

As he spoke my mind raced.

Uh-Oh. He always calls me love. What’s up with the new nickname?

I focused back on Alex. He still wore an expression of malice and anger, rather than his usual smug grin.

“I’ve tried to play nice, but now playtime is over pet.”

I personally didn’t think any of the things he did to me were particularly nice, but if that was his idea of nice I didn’t want to know what he thought was harsh. I promised myself that I wouldn’t act differently to this new treatment. I didn’t want him to think that abusing me would get me to give him what he wanted. The only problem was I was in an extremely vulnerable position, and I hadn’t had a hell of a lot of luck resisting him thus far.

Alex seemed to understand that I wasn’t completely focused on him, and tightened his grip on my chin. This snapped me out of my thoughts, and I tried hard not to yelp. A small whimper escaped my lips. A small cruel smile spread across his face. I decided right then and there that though his smug smirk was annoying as hell it was far better than the smile he wore now. I was starting to miss the “old” Alex.

Alex continued, “You are now to address me as Master. You are no longer allowed to call me by name, Perhaps that will teach you respect.”

This was too much for me. I momentarily forgot my thoughts about being cautious, anger coursing through me. I narrowed my eyes.

“Go to hell Alex, nobody is my master, much less an arrogant asshole like you.”

Immediately I wished I hadn’t said anything. Alex dropped his grip on my chin and back-handed me. My cheek stung, and burned. Tears pooled in my eyes. This was the second time Alex had ever hit me. I quickly realized that when I had murmured Logan’s name something in him snapped. Now I had to think, was there a way to get “old” Alex to return? As much as I hated him, this new change in personality was far more frightening, and unpredictable. Which meant it was probably going to be more painful for me.

Alex gripped my chin again and yanked it towards his face. He smiled that cruel smile again.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t give in easily, pet. This means I am going to have more fun breaking you.”

He released my chin and walked out of my vision line. I dropped my head, my neck was sore from being held at an odd angle for so long. I didn’t like the thought of “breaking me”. This made me hold on to my decision not to alter my behavior more tightly. I was not a wild horse. I could not be broken.

I heard Alex shuffle through something. Probably that damn basket he brought in with him. I heard me walk towards the back of me. I began to get nervous. My ass was high on the air, and still sore from what he had done to me yesterday.

I felt his hands on my ass, massaging it. I grit my teeth. He spoke again.

“What must you address me as pet?”

I remained silent. His hand left me, and I heard a slight whoosh in the air before I felt a sharp pain across my ass. Before I could stop myself I let out a shriek. Alex chuckled darkly.

“This is one of my favorite tools pet. I’m sure you’ll agree that I am good with my hands, but sometimes I enjoy the sensation of holding a riding crop while I deliver punishment.”

I swallowed hard. This was going to hurt. A lot.

I heard another whoosh, and he struck me again. I tried to keep myself from vocalizing the pain, but the fact that I couldn’t see when he was going to hit me kept me from being able to brace myself.

Alex brought the crop down on my ass several more times, each time increasing the force used. I was gritting my teeth trying not to give him the satisfaction of hearing me cry out but every time he connected with my flesh a low wail escaped my lips. For a few moments Alex stopped and I had relief. I tensed when I felt Alex lay the crop on my lower back. He saw my reaction and sighed from pleasure. I felt sick.

“I love how your ass looks when it is striped with red, pet. Very arousing” He sneered as he rubbed my ass, “Here is how this game is going to go. We can stop anytime; all you have to do is call me master.” His hand started traveling between my legs, seeking my outer lips. “Until you give me what I want, I am going to make you scream.” He started stroking my pussy slowly.

“You are going to beg, you are going to cry, and you are going to ache.” He stopped stroking me and sharply pinched my clit for emphasis. I yelped in surprise. Alex gave a short bark of cruel laughter and continued, “How long you suffer will be up to you. We can even stop right now, but that all depends on you. You know what I want to hear, pet. Now tell me, what are you to call me?”

My mind raced. I didn’t want to be hurt anymore, but I certainly didn’t want to give Alex any sort of satisfaction either. What was I more afraid of? The physical pain? Or the chance of losing my sense of self? Apparently I took too long to answer because Alex withdrew his hand from between my legs and picked up the crop again.

“WAIT! PLEASE STOP” I yelled. I didn’t want to give in to him, but I was done with being beaten. I was hoping for more time to figure out what to do.

“Not what I wanted to hear, pet.” Alex sighed and once again brought the crop down hard on my tender ass.

A scream was torn from my lips. I thought that I might be less sensitive after surviving the first round of blows, but his lashes only seemed to be hurting me more.


I continued to cry out, fighting with myself not to beg, not to submit. Alex brought the crop down hard three more times before placing it on my lower back again. Pain blossomed across my ass. I was shaking, my vision was blurred by tears. I tried to keep my sobs in but every so often one would escape. I felt Alex’s hands on my ass again massaging my beaten cheeks.

“You are so very stubborn, pet. I believe it is one of my favorite characteristics of yours. Now will you submit? Or are do we have to begin the game again?” Alex’s finger traveled in between my cheeks towards my hole, tapping the outside of it.

As much as I didn’t want to play this “game” anymore, I couldn’t bring myself to call him master.

“Please stop Alex. God it hurts so much. Please don’t hurt me anymore.” I begged, dropping my head in shame.

Alex stopped tapping my asshole, and his hands left me once again. I felt him remove the crop and seconds later I felt him slide the crop against my pussy. My eyes grew wide.

“Let’s give that poor ass a rest pet.”

“Oh god no. Please Alex, don’t. STOP PLEASE STOP” I screamed just as he smashed the crop against my pussy. Pain burst through my body.

“NOT. GOOD. ENOUGH. PET.” Alex bellowed as he brought the crop up against my pussy with each word. Each blow brought new waves of excruciating pain to my pussy. I pleaded and begged Alex to stop, but my words fell on deaf ears. He continued to bring the crop up between my legs, striking my pussy. Slowly he moved his blows to my clit.


I arched my back, and howled from this new sensation. My pleading almost indistinguishable through my sobs. I knew there was only one thing that would make him stop, but there was no way in hell I would ever call Alex master. Finally Alex stopped his assault on my pussy. I couldn’t stop my sobs. My head hung, I was near defeat. Again.

I heard Alex sigh, and I gulped. I heard him move away from me and rustle through the basket. Through the pain I also felt my fear return. What more could he possibly do to me?

Alex walked into my vision line holding something I couldn’t quite make out. I could, however, see his dark smile. His expression scared me, and again some small part of me was beginning to miss Alex’s old mischievous grin. Immediately after that I felt fury whip through me for being weak enough to long for that. I didn’t have long to dwell on my weakness because Alex gripped my chin and wrenched my face close to his.

“You’re pretty tough, pet. We’re going to take this game to the next level. Let’s see how long you last.” With those words He smashed his lips against mine. Without thinking I bit him. He jerked back and I could see that I had drawn blood. Immediately I wished I hadn’t antagonized him. I saw Alex’s expression darken further and he snarled.

“Bad move pet. I’m going to make sure you regret that.”

Alex stepped out of my vision and I felt his hands on my abused ass. Roughly he shoved a finger into my ass. I yelped and clenched down trying to deny him passage. Alex laughed cold and harsh, and continued to roughly open my ass. He succeeded in getting two fingers in and quickly pumped them in and out. I pleaded with him to stop, but his only response was to pump faster.

To my relief he soon removed them, though my relief was short lived when I felt Alex squirt cool lube on my ass. He quickly spread it deep into my hole, and I felt him press a plug against my entrance. I gasped and tried to prevent him from inserting the plug into my ass. Alex didn’t seem to notice as he forced it in.

My ass burned and stretched causing me to cry out, and new tears pool in the corners of my eyes. Finally it popped in, and my abused ass felt full. Suddenly I felt a tingle. The tingle began to burn. I gasped and groaned at the sensation. I remembered the ginger he had used on me, and paled.


Alex chuckled nastily, “I used a special lube, pet. The more you clench the more it will burn. But don’t worry, it’s not as intense as the ginger. Though it does last longer. You ready to submit?”

Ignoring him, I tried to relax my ass, but it was too full. The burning continued to increase and I started to wail. I felt Alex grab my ass, and squeeze, forcing me to clench around the plug. I cried out louder, and begged him to stop. He said nothing, and continued.

Home for the summer, well part of it anyway, and boy was it hot out. I’d forgot how humid it got at home compared to at school. Just over 80˚ and it was sweltering, too hot to do work without dripping in sweat. But the lawn at home grew so fast, unless it was mowed once a week it got entirely out of hand and the mower would jam on all the grass.

I always mowed barefoot; it felt so much more comfortable than wearing shoes or sandals so my feet always got rather green after several hours of mowing. Today I was listening to the Invisible Man. It gave me something to do rather than just pace. The invisible man is a prick; he took stray cats and experimented on them until he made one invisible, then rather than pay rent he turned himself invisible. Arrogant as they come he assumed he was now invincible and went out in the world naked only to discover it was cold and people didn’t avoid invisible people. So he had to clothe himself pretending to be a burn victim while he tried to become visible once again. He soon ran out of money and eventually turned to crime, again believing he was invincible tried to instill a ‘reign of terror’ and ended up getting killed.

I stopped when the book finished and happened to be in the northwest corner of the yard next to our trampoline. Despite the weather over the years it was still in good condition, no doubt protected some by the pine trees that surrounded it. I swept the needles off and lay down, it really was hot out and I was in no hurry to finish the lawn. So many times did I lie on this trampoline and stare at the clouds pass overhead. The trees shaded the trampoline so other than a small window from eleven to noon the sun didn’t shine on the trampoline directly so it was cool in the shade. I could still do all the tricks I taught myself on it, flips forward and back, aerials, donuts, kip ups, and all the best spots to get the most spring.

My sister was a gymnast for a while and while I never really got a chance to be one, we practiced together and I could do everything she could except touch my toes. I was just considering bouncing around for a while despite the heat when I heard someone walking up.

“So you’re back for the summer too?”

It was Lydia my neighbor. I never really got to know her very well. She only lived on the other side of a small forest between our house and the road but I rarely saw her. We didn’t go to the same school and the trees were more than enough to completely block the view from our house to theirs. She must have heard the mower and come to see who was mowing or something. I wasn’t complaining. Lydia was a year younger than me, between my sister and me and the last time I saw her was probably between eleventh and twelfth grade and she was very wiry then. Since then she had stayed very lean but her chest had filled out some and her hair was smoother than before.

“Yeah, got back last week actually. Where did you end up going?”

“The U of M, I didn’t want to be far from home.”

“How do you like it?”

“Fine, I guess. I’m glad its over though, now I can work on my tan without having to study.”

I couldn’t help but think how I would like to see her lay out tanning. Her shirt was so tight and I could make most of the features on her body and that there was no bra line.

“Well you can tan right here if you want, I just finished mowing that part of the lawn, the grass is very soft.”

“Alright, why not.”

She pulled out her iPod and lay down in the grass. I stood up from the trampoline and walked back to the mower. It was odd seeing Lydia like this, she very rarely came over, let alone of her own volition. In fact the last time it was for a neighborhood party. We both played on the trampoline at that party. She was amazingly tough; we got rather brutal in our “fights” on the trampoline, winner was the last one standing. I remembered actually kicking her full in the chest and even winded she still refused to let me win. Blood was about the only thing that stopped us, and not just a bloody nose. It was a little hard to imagine that the babe tanning on the lawn was the same tough girl from that party. After an hour or so I finished mowing the lawn and walked back over to Lydia.

She asked as I walked up, “you remember when we fought on this as kids? What did we call them?”

“I think they were Cheeto Championships or something stupid like that.”

“They were really fun, no one plays that hard with me.”

“Yeah, you were really tough back then.”

“What do you mean back then?”

“You still think you could play?”

“Play, I’d win just like I did then.”

“Oh, really. That sounds like a challenge to me.”

We both got on the trampoline and bounced around a little warming up. I definitely sank deeper than I did when I was younger, the trampoline might too have gotten weaker.

“Same rules as before?” I asked.

“No leaving and first to be down for more than 3 bounces loses.”


Lydia did not waist any time and got a good bounce going and started to time her bounces to draw strength from mine and make mine weaker. Straight attacks were used but this was a game of timing, pull their feet as they bounce to high so they can’t land, absorb their bounce so they crumple on landing, even change direction and force them off balance. Lydia now had a new advantage, as I was sure she was aware. Her unbound tits bounced with each jump and I was all too fascinated with their progress.

“Your timing is off, you distracted by something,” she said as she bounced close to me.

“Only lulling you into a false sense of security.”

“Really?” she landed in a squat and absorbed her jump just as I fell into her trap. She absorbed the force of my fall as I landed and she took all my power and launched into the air causing me to stumble and almost fall, “see I thought that was something you avoid.”

Damn she bested me; even with my weight advantage she stole my jump. I would have to get her back for that. She was jumping too high and her jumps were easy to time as she had so little control on her fall. I moved so I was right in front of her and grabbed her legs pulling them up as we went in the air, forcing her to land on her back. Then landing about the same time I squatted to absorb my landing and she bounced back up into my forearm as I planned. Her body wrapped around my arm and she dropped back to the trampoline.

“Ahhhhuhh, my stomach. I’m done, pick me up.”

Great now I’ve done it, I basically beat up a hot chick into leaving. I reached out to grab her hand but before I knew what was happening she was pulling me down into her foot. I had barley enough time to twist and keep from being kicked in the groin before she flipped me over and hopped up.

“The pathetic sissy girl, works ever time.”

Okay now I was pissed, she only got to play cry wolf one time. Next time she will have wished otherwise.

Prancing around she taunted, “You know I think we should raise the stakes. When I win, you have to mow my lawn too.”

“And what about when I do?”

“That’s easy, you don’t.”

As we circled each other I knew what I wanted to win. This tough little girl was going to be my prize. She was wearing dark blue shorts; higher than her knees but not overly short they nonetheless hugged her ass and I wanted a piece. As we passed close I smacked her ass. She didn’t comment but I saw her close her eyes and her head leaned back as I hit and she inhaled. I timed the jump and stole her jump smacking and lifting her ass as I launched into the air.

“You naughty boy, you keep spanking me and I haven’t even done anything wrong.”

“Its cause you like it.”

This time I pushed her chest making sure each hand came into contact with her tits. She fell from the force of the push but got right back up. It must have hurt but she showed no signs of pain as usual. Rather she jumped at me and tried to push me over. I countered by catching her, falling backward, and bouncing back up and spinning her so her back was to me. Grabbing both her tits I said in her ear, “you can’t help but throw yourself at me, can you?” and threw her away. She rolled and got back up, her face slightly red.

We circled again and this time she came from above feet first. Managing to dodge I reached up and grabbed her shirt so I pulled it with me and as she fell and I bounced up. She was not prepared for this at all so I pulled her shirt right up over her head and off her arms. Tossing it on to the lawn I turned to her and said, “whoops, I guess that fell off the trampoline. If you want you can surrender and get it.”

“I’m not going to let you win like that cheater. You took it off you go get it.”

“Well I like it off, and if you won’t get it I guess the game continues.”

I sprung at her and again pushed her down feeling her soft tits against my palms as I forced her down. She got up and took a deep breath, as I must have knocked the wind out of her. She bounced around, her tits bouncing with her. I could feel my cock getting hard as I watched her. I smacked her ass again, she moaned aloud this time but I soon found out it was too effective a distraction and doing a backflip over me she kicked my back and forced me down.

“Can’t focus with a sexy little college chick bouncing around can you? I guess you will just be stuck mowing my lawn wishing you had this.”

Nothing hurt other than my pride I jumped back up. Yes I was going to have her all right; this little bitch was going to be mine. But first she had to learn her place.

I circled so she had her back to me bouncing around her so she could not face me. Jumping forward I grabbed her again pressing my body to her still bouncing I held her body. My hand was on her tit and my other hand pulled on her crotch pulling her into my cock.

“Actually I am going to have you. But you’re going to beg for it first.”

“I won’t beg.”

“Won’t you?”

I slid my hand inside her shorts and grabbed her panties. We had slowed our bounce and jumping suddenly I lifted her panties up pulling them into her pussy.

“If you won’t beg you will jump.”

Stopping myself I lifted her panties pulling now with both hand lifting her almost off the ground and forcing her to jump. When she fell back down they pulled on her and made her cry out.

“Jump again, this pussy is mine and I want to all warmed up.”

Again she was forced to jump to relive the pressure only to have it spike as she came back down. Again she cried out body recoiling from the shock.

“Is that all you got, I got better wedgies in grade school.”

I severely doubted this but I did my best to lift her off the ground and by jumping, managed to so. This made her winch and moan.

“Time to take off those little shorts off unless you want to keep jumping?”

She unbuttoned her shorts and they slid down and she kicked them off the trampoline near her shirt.

“That’s right, my little slut. For being such a good little slut you get to jump again.”

I pulled up and she jumped and as she came back down I jumped to maximize the force on her. I could actually feel the panties tear some as she landed and Lydia cried out again tears now in her eyes.

“Does it hurt, here let me rub it, it will feel better soon.”

I slid my hand over her pussy and massaged her outer lips. She moaned again winching and her head fell back on my shoulder. Massaging her lips for only a few seconds I pulled her panties out of the way and pushed my fingers inside her. Lydia started to move her ass sliding it along my cock and pushing my fingers deeper in her wet pussy. Pulling hard on her tit one last I moved my hand to her throat. Squeezing I restricted her air and pulled her close to me, with my fingers I moved faster and rougher bouncing slightly from the force.

Despite the muffling from her throat being restricted she made out, “You’re going to make me cum … don’t stop.”

“I didn’t hear you ask permission,” and I tightened my grip on her neck, again increasing my tempo on her pussy.

“Mmmh,” she managed through my chock hold, “let me hhhh cum.”

I slowed my fingers and she moaned trying to rub her pussy on my fingers, “what’s the magic word?”

“Please. Please don’t stop I’m so close.”

“That’s getting better.”

“Please, sir. Please let me cum.”

“Good girl.” With this I threw her back down. “Now undo my pants and suck my cock.”

She looked back at me and stood up. “You prick I was going to cum and you stopped.”

I slapped her face and she fell back to the ground. “You will cum when I tell you too cum. Right now I said suck my cock.”

Face red either from my slap or embarrassment she crawled over and started to undo my pants. My cock was rock hard and popped right out when she pulled my boxers down. Without further hesitation she put her whole mouth over my head and sucked on it. Her tongue rolled around and she even grabbed her tit as she sucked the head.

“Now that’s better, ahhh yes suck that cock.”

I ran my fingers through her hair feeling the smoothness against my hand. Reaching the back of her head I started to apply pressure and forced her lower on my cock. I kept pushing and her head sank lower and lower on my cock. She wasn’t even resisting now and I felt my cock on her throat. I was now pulling her hair to keep myself sane, she started to gag but still did not push back. I sank my cock all the way in balls pressing against her chin and held her there. Her hand was on her pussy and her other pulling on her tit. I quickly pulled out of her off my cock, strings of saliva hanging from the tip and she gasped for air, chest heaving.

I circled around her running my hand through her glorious hair. Yanking back on it I pulled her head so it was vertical. I slapped her face with my cock.

“You suck cock good, but I want to see you play with yourself more. Cum for me while I fuck your face.”

Forcing my cock back down her throat I set my balls on the bridge of her nose pushed her down into the trampoline making her bounce back on to my cock. Already she was gagging but her hand was squeezing her nipple so hard her gingers were white and her hand was inside her pussy. Still she didn’t push back, her body was gyrating and she was moaning around my cock. I pulled out and rubbed my cock all over her face. Pushing it back in I slapped her face again.

“I told you to cum for me. I’m not going to take this out until I see you cum.”

This seemed to excite her more than anything so far so I drove into her even harder. Her tits were bouncing all over the place and her hand was soaked from her pussy juices. Suddenly she was screaming around my cock and the trampoline was wet a she sprayed it. Yanking my cock out I slapped her again.

“Look what you did now. You got the trampoline all wet.” I forced her down, “lick this shit up.”

Walking around her she seductively licked up her juices. She wasn’t just tough; she really liked it rough. Walking around her I took off my sweaty shirt and rolled it up, ready to snap it like a towel.

“Please Sir, I’m licking, I’m licking, don’t you like my ass in the air like this.”

“You are enjoying this too much I think, clearly this is not a punishment enough so I though you could use some encouragement to wipe that ridiculous smile off your face.”

I smacked her testing to see how hard she could take it and she merely squeaked out a moan of pleasure. Swinging back I smacked again much harder, and leaving a painful looking red slash. She moaned again.

“Thank you sir, may I have another.”

I snapped her again on the other cheek and she pushed her ass up at me.

“Thank you sir, may I have another.”

This time I snapped her tit and caused it to swing back and forth under her. This actually caused her to inhale but she continued in the same tone.

“Thank you sir, may I have another.”

Exploiting her visible unease I snapped the same exact spot on her tit harder this time. Her response was a bit more biting this time.

“THAnk you sir, may I have another.”

Moving to her other side I snapped her again on the other tits aiming for the nipple. Before she could respond I rushed in close and pulled on her nipple.

“I don’t appreciate this attitude, you are enjoying this still. How am I to punish such a naughty girl?”

I stood and lifted her panties pulling on her so hard her knees came of the ground. I dragged her across the trampoline and throwing her down I straddled her almost naked body. Sitting my full weight on her she looked up and me and giggled.

“Are you going to ravage me now big boy?”

I slapped her face again and she just smiled.

“I said you were going to beg for it and I meant it. But I’m only human and I admit that these tits you have been taunting me with need attention.”

I took her hands and tied them behind her head with my shirt to the pole.

Grabbing my shorts and making sure to rub my cock all over her face in the process I reached into the pocket. Inside I pulled out a small fishing packet, full of line, lures, weights, and hooks. This actually caused a flicker of fear in her eyes. Seeing this I pulled the largest hook out on a small amount of string and swung it in front of her.

“What’s that I see, is our tough little girl afraid of a little piece of metal. You’re wearing earrings after all. What could there to be afraid of? Your nipples would look good with a ring, or a lure even; you could really tease the boys then. No, well maybe your clit, I hear girls have orgasms getting it pierced.”

She was clearly uncomfortable now wiggling around under my weight.

“Going somewhere? I seem to remember you trying to get me to, what’s the word, ah yes, ravage you only moments ago.”

Bending down I suddenly took her nipple and bit it and grasped a full of her other breast in my hand. She moaned and inhaled now I wasn’t sitting on her chest. I sucked it as hard as I could into her mouth. Her tits were very soft and I could pull them very far from her chest. The more rough I was with her the more Lydia seemed to squirm and moan. I was unrelenting; I sucked, pinched, bit, squeezed, slapped and fondled her tits until she gave in.

“Oh my god, my pussy is dripping. Play with it please I am so close.”

I paid no attention to her and continued to play with her nipples, until I reached over and grabbed some fishing line. Wrapping one nipple I pulled and Lydia squealed in pain as I cinched it tight.

“I see I am finally getting through, not so tough are we.”

Pulling on her nipple with the line I pulled her tit over and Lydia tried to roll with my pull. I stopped her and held her down with my hand. Grabbing the other nipple I tied another knot trapping it. Forming a loop I made it so the two were connected by one piece of line. I yanked on the line and it gave the desired effect.

“Oh my god! Fuck me fuck me fuck me! My nipples can’t take anymore. I want you inside me.”

I slapped her again.

“Use your manners I will fuck you when and how I damn well please.”

Saying so I yanked her panties off, which were soaking as she claimed and stuffed them in her mouth. Her pussy was beautiful, it was slightly red so enflamed as it was and visibly wet. She was shaved bare and her lips looked so inviting.

“You will not cum until I say you can or I send you home without this cock or your clothes understood?”

She nodded and I bent down and licked the inside of her leg right next to her pussy. Lydia let out an unintelligible cry and bucked. I licked the other side for a similar but more subdued response. Gripping both ass cheeks I pulled the full of her pussy onto my face kissing her lips and inhaling her sweetness. I then licked around the outside of her lips pressing my tongue in ever so slightly. I circle clockwise then counter-clockwise and ended on her clit. I spread her lips with my fingers and paid special attention to her clit and flicked it back and forth with my tongue. Lydia’s torso was unbelievably erotic at this point her whole body undulating and moving in response to the pleasure I was giving her. When I bit down on her clit she spit out the panties and begged.

Having laid out her outfit for the evening on her freshly made bed, crisp white linen as a contrast to her dark underwear with so many different textures, she went to relax in her bath.

The heat embraced her body at once from her first tentative toe through her legs and as she sat down the bubbles burst with excitement to touch her, caress her and tickle at her so sensitive pussy.

The glass of wine at the side of the bath further relaxed her and she had to catch herself as she started to drift asleep. How she nearly did she didn’t know, she was so excited to be finally meeting him. Her heart started to race, all the sexts and pictures passed between them she had longed to feel his cock in her mouth, her pussy, her ass… Her hand with a mind of its own searched out its target and flicked at her throbbing clit, the warmth of the water adding to the sexual heat. Fingers slid up and down her lips, her other hand was drawn to her heaving soapy breasts and squeezed one and playfully tweaked the nipple making her gasp with pleasure.

The bath could have been the place to stay all night but he beckoned and he would be waiting if she didn’t hurry after her longer than usual soak.

Dried off, body lotion applied she allowed the cream to sink into her glowing skin so it didn’t disrupt her clothing as she dressed.

As she slipped her knickers on sexy slowly, sliding up her legs, she thought that in an hour or so they’d be coming down again. She allowed her hand to brush over her mound but couldn’t resist a further pressing down and flicking of her clit and tickling the silky gusset which made her lips swell and pout. He’d be doing that soon.

Her bra came next, so delicate and stylish. Lace and silk ribbons that truly showed the delicious curves of her full breast. She admired herself in the mirror, satisfied that she would be able to make him beg to have her…

He had wanted her to wear stockings and she had just the pair for him, fine deniers with delicate embroidery down the length of them at the side. Pulling them on made her think about his hands stroking her thigh and how he would admire her legs all the more for the sexy adornments. She began to long for his touch but turned her attention to finishing getting dressed, the taxi would arrive soon to take her to meet him. He insisted that he would pay for it on arrival and wanted her to be relaxed and not have to worry about driving and drinking or public transport.

She had poured herself another glass of wine and had a few sips as the taxi pulled up and honked it’s horn. She threw the rest of it down her throat, did a last check in the mirror and walked out to begin her journey.

The lights dashed past the taxi as the journey slid by in a blur of one thought to another, anticipation building on expectations, though she tried not to have any expectations, she hoped she would find the evening as pleasurable as she had imagined it to be.

Outside the hotel he waited for her arrival and as she pulled up he saw her, recognised her instantly and paying the taxi driver through the window, opened the door helped her out of the taxi and pulled her close in embrace and kissed her gently on the lips. She relaxed feeling the tenderness and warmth and instinctively understood he was no threat and she could trust in him. She could not hold back and he didn’t want her to. She kissed him deeply and passionately, placed one thought between his to signal him to push a thigh out for her to push her already wet pussy against him. The moment only ended because the taxi driver wanted his door shut so he could leave them to it.

They scampered up the steps and into the hotel foyer holding hands and he led her through to the bar. It was fairly empty and although they both wanted to just strip and fuck right then and there, they both knew that prolonging that moment would bring its rewards…

They sat at the bar drinking, hearts beating hard, breaths deep, loins poised. Looking into each others eyes and with knowing smiles, they talked about what they liked and their mutual appreciation of each others looks. She noticed that he was going to find it hard to walk in public as his hard- on strained to be released. He noticed each time she licked her lips subconsciously telling him she wanted him… She flirted with subtle skill and drew him in to her trap. Excusing herself she told him she would be back in a moment and walked to the ladies rest room to leave him simmering in his passionate heat.

She knew it would be a short while before they went to the room to enjoy intimate moments but she wanted more. Finding an empty cubicle she lifted her skirt and immediately wanted him there to be doing it for her, she gently, slowly slipped her knickers down and off, folded them and put them in her purse. Straightening up her skirt once more, she felt that familiar feeling of being a naughty little girl but empowerment at the same time. The cool air-conditioned room embraced her glistening pussy lips and she knew its how she was meant to be- she felt exhilarated again and walked purposefully back to the man who waited for her eagerly, like a little puppy.

She sat back down and knocked back the small amount of wine left in her glass. He ordered another couple of drinks but she insisted on paying, handing him her purse as the bar tender went to get another bottle of wine from the cellar. She encouraged him to open the purse to take the money. Reluctantly he did but sat there a little confused from what he found and with a wry smile she waited for it to dawn on him what he was looking at. He tentatively pulled the material out to look for the money underneath, initially thinking it was a handkerchief but quickly realised the material was meant for far more sexy things. His heart skipped a couple of beats and as the bar man came back with the wine, he tucked the knickers into his pocket. He closed the purse and paid for the wine turning to her and telling her that the knickers were payment enough. She grabbed the bottle and the glasses knowing he would have to follow, knowing that he wanted to follow, no was impelled to follow her because there was no longer any choice on his part he was under her lustful spell, she could ask him to do anything and he would do it to please her- she loved playing the dominant female in these situations.

Sitting at a more secluded table, in a darkened corner she manoeuvred herself to be placed just right so that he could see all she would eventually want to show him.

He was so aroused that he had to put his hands in his trouser pockets to move his cock into a less obvious position but now he was sat next to her she could see it would become even more of a challenge for him to hide it- and that pleased her for two reasons, the first was that she had that effect on him, the other because the size was good and would pleasure her as much as she had hoped.

She poured the wine, took at sip then moved slightly towards him with seductive eyes and instinctively he knew he was to kiss her. He moved closer, put a hand to her waist and their mouths met. Initially their lips, plump, hugged each other in a moist embrace but their bodies yearned for that passionate kiss and they charged together mouths open tongues battling for the upper hand then he sucked onto her tongue and slowly drew down its length. She made them part and looking directly into his eyes, took his hand and placed it on her stockinged thigh. She lifted her skirt just a touch but enough of a suggestion. Looking round to check on watchful eyes, he gently crept up her thigh as though there was nothing wrong, that it was perfectly normal to allow his fingers to search out its ultimate goal in a public place. She submitted herself to him and he could see the change in her, from controlling to submissive in a single moment.

His fingers moved higher up her stocking and slipped under her skirt as she sat back and watched him. He found the end of her stocking and beginning of her flesh and the smooth warm flesh renewed his onslaught to conquer her. As he climbed higher, so did her skirt, so too the chance of getting caught. Her legs parted just a fraction signalling her submission to his touch and for him to climb to her chamber. His hand withdrew back down her leg to her knee and he smiled knowingly as she almost glared at him from keeping her feeling his touch at her pussy. She grabbed his hand and moved it back up to her skirt and shifted to allow easier access. Again his hand travelled precariously up her shapely leg, again he touched her flesh, again the skirt began to climb. She felt his hand slide back down her leg bug this time she was ready, she held his wrist and pulled him closer, both of them smiling knowingly at each other. He allowed her control and his fingers reached out as he twisted his arm to gain the movement he required to touch her deeply. His hand cupped her pussy, no fingers entered, but his touch made her tense and her breath was caught- held tight as though she would explode over his electric touch, it felt almost as though his hand throbbed but she knew it was her pussy against his warm hand. He pulled his hand away once more as another hotel patron walked by and she regained composure but deep inside wanted the other hotel visitor to see them and what they were doing.

They took a break and drank wine but they couldn’t stop themselves- he told her to kiss him and it was a while before they came up for air.

Her hand strayed to his cock and through the material she searched for the tip, and almost like a gear stick shifted it around under her pressure.

He moaned and bucked with delight but pulled away as things were getting too intense. He told her that if she carried on he would have to fuck her then and there on the table, to which she replied with a look of go on then!

Taking the remains of the wine he took her hand and led her to the lift. Frustratingly another couple joined them in the lift but he couldn’t resist sneaking a feel of her ass, then trying to lift her skirt from behind. She was sure the other couple noticed but they were probably just as frustrated as she was so did and said nothing. Suddenly he reached forward passed the other couple and pressed the 3rd floor button even though they were on the 6th.

The lift stopped almost immediately and he got off, pulling her with him. They moved swiftly to the stairs and he took her through and up the first flight to the fourth floor and half way up the next flight when he turned around kissed her and gently took the wine from her. Placing the wine on the stairs he turned back to her and holding her kissed her deeply and passionately.

Just as she had outside the hotel, she rode his thigh rubbing her clit and swollen lips wet and glistening with her sweet juices. His hands went down to her skirt and lifted it above her waist exposing her to anyone who might decide to exercise rather than take the lift, or maybe a couple with the same idea.

His hand travelled round to hold her sopping pussy as she pressed herself against the wall ready to be taken then and there. Her legs trembled with lust her chest heaved with desire and her head was dizzy with sheer delight.

His palm pressed firmly at her pussy, her clit throbbed under the pressure whilst a finger easily parted her quim and entered, aided by so much juice it was virtually running down her. The finger was joined by another as they squirmed around inside trying to hit every sensitive spot possible. He pulled them out and sucked them loving the taste. He dipped them back into her pussy then made her taste herself. She tasted delicious and he wanted more. He turned her round legs spread and knelt behind her. His first lick went from clit to anus in a slow deliberate line. He told her he was going to enjoy fucking her so much and she told him to do it there and then. They heard what sounded like a door opening above so they scrabbled their things together, gained what composure they could muster and made their way to the next floor and lift giggling as they went and passing a younger couple giving them a knowing look as they passed.

Once inside the lift they put the wine on the floor and kissed passionately and furiously. She went for his flies to release his cock and he went to raise her skirt once more. The lift began to slow and they had to rapidly sort themselves out.

He led her to the room, opened the door and let her in. Once inside and the wine was safely down, he grabbed her and pulled her close. He was full of passion but tender once more, there was no need to rush things here even if they both needed to cum. His balls were aching now with the constant turn on and she had become so wet it was trickling down her leg to her stockings. She undid his trousers and let him step out of them as he took off his jacket dropping it to the floor not caring where it landed. She went back to holding him and he her but his hard-on pressed against her stomach throbbing and pulsing- she had to hold it and care for it despite the fact he was trying get her to let him lick her pussy properly. She went down to her knees and peeled his tight underwear over his cock. It was a good cock and she wanted it in her mouth. She treated it like a dripping Popsicle teasing the length with her tongue then taking it in her mouth but she couldn’t get it all in, it was just too big for her.

He moaned with such pleasure as she hummed and moaned with it in her mouth. He held her head trying to get his cock in further as the urge built and he couldn’t resist the instinct to feel like he was deep inside a pussy. She took as much as she could to pleasure him then withdrew and gasped for air. She loved pleasuring a man like this, she knew he would fuck her better and lick her better being given such a treat.

His cock tasted good and she relished it. As she sucked his cock kneeling at his feet in total submission her hands grasped his firm ass and pulled him in deeper to her face. She held his balls and gently squeezed them the put them in her mouth to suck so tenderly. He was fully shaven and he was smooth all over with a faint scent of massage balm. She made him lie on the bed and with high heels off climbed up to sit on his face. He had longed to lick her pussy and drink her very essence ever since he had chatted to her online. She straddled his face and let him work his tongue up and down her sweet quim, dipping his tongue in and lapping her up from the inside, whilst stretching her open to get in deeper.

She went down on his cock devouring its length and hoping he would explode in her mouth to show his total satisfaction of her blissful skills. She was enjoying his mouth and tongue and fingers as much as he was enjoying doing it and receiving it.

She wanted a full and proper shagging and knew that if she could make him cum now she could have him hard again to fuck her harder than ever… She reached round, sucked on a couple of her fingers and put one to his ass. He knew what she wanted to do and opened his legs for access, she slowly eased a finger up his tight ass making him moan like crazy. She didn’t think it would take a second finger coz he was so tight but tried anyway and found that it slipped in ok. Her fingers and mouth worked away making him reach his brink of orgasm until he shouted out

“Fuuurck, I’m going to cum!”

She worked harder on him as his while being tensed and shuddered in utter orgasm and his hips bucked as though trying to throw the cum out of his cock- like a long stream his thick wads exploded at first in her mouth but as she pulled away it landed in spurts with each thrust and shudder.

She suggested a shower for them both and he agreed. He took a condom from the bedside table which pleased her because that meant he wanted to fuck her real soon in the shower.

In the bathroom he wiped off the cum undressed fully, before turning his attention to her. He told her he would undress her and moved behind her. Kissing her neck he stroked her shoulders, arms and hands then took off her sexy top to reveal the exquisite bra she had picked for the evening.

He moved round to the front to admire her breasts and cop a feel, tweaking a nipple sharply through the material which made her gasp. They thrust at each other and clung on whilst snogging deeply, hands moving everywhere trying to hold each other everywhere at the same time.

He undid her bra and she slid it from her arms and finally her breasts were free and able to feel skin to skin contact- oh what merciful delight to do so. She reached down and found his cock rock hard again ready to go and she wanted it in her mouth once more. He wouldn’t allow it and continued to undress her. He put her up against the wall as though an American cop doing a frisk but he knew exactly what he was looking for and where he’d find it. He stood behind her, his cock naked between her legs occasionally brushing her inner thigh as it twitched to attention. He lifted her skirt over her ass sooo slowly it was almost painful. His cock touched her pussy lips and he directed it along her slit up to her ass where it nestled momentarily. She didn’t know what his next move would be but she trusted him.

Slowly, so slowly his hands ventured over her perfect ass and down to her pussy. She felt his cock at her entrance again and she couldn’t bare it, she just had to push back to have it in her but as soon as she moved he pulled away and told her off. He knelt behind her smelling her pussy and ass and they smelled devine. He began to peel her stockings down kissing and sucking her leg as the flesh was revealed. Then back up her leg to her pussy where he buried his face firmly at her dripping snatch licking and lapping again. He moved down the other leg removing the other stocking as slowly as the first with tender kisses and love sucks. His hands moved to her pussy as the stocking came off and he pushed a couple of fingers into her pussy whilst he kissed his way back up to her sopping hole…

She spread her legs further to allow him deeper access and put a hand between her legs to toy with her clit. He grabbed the hand, stood up and planted it back on the wall. His cock now flirting with her pussy once more she longed to impale herself on the shaft but he wouldn’t let her. Just as she gave up trying to get his cock inside her, he thrust it in and pulled it back out making her shudder, gasp and gag for more.

Instead he unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. He walked into the Shower which was big enough for four people or two fucking each other hard. She followed.

The warmth of the water mixed with the heat from his body made her so fucking wet- if she had wanted him before then now there would be nothing to stop her getting his cock inside her. He soaped up the puff and pulled out from under the water. He wanted to get her soaped up and have their bodies slide together without the water interfering with the suds. He squirted wads of liquid soap all over her and rubbed it into a gentle lather. Some slid down her breasts and she eagerly caught it relishing the chance to squeeze her breasts and play with herself to make him more aroused. It worked and they came together.

As they kissed he gently washed her and prolonged his visit to her breasts, firm under his touch and soo slippery sexy it made his cock so fucking hard to feel her. He pulled away gasping and unwillingly but he wanted to wash her all over, soap her fully. He knelt at her feet and having washed her legs he turned his attention to her pussy. Putting one of her legs over his shoulder he licked at her pussy once more and sucked her from inside out. He gorged on the juices that ran from her pussy as they flooded his mouth. Her moans and whimpers grew into such distinguished pleasure and delighted wails that he knew she was going to cum in his mouth. He stretched her further with fingers and tongue and any part if his hand or face that he could use to flick across her swollen bud was used. As she came in hus mouth and tasted so fucking good, he stood and thrust his cock deep inside her so she could feel the full penetration she had desired and pulled out in almost the same breath to leave her gagging for more.

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