bound wife

Part I

Dinner was great. Her husband took her to one of her favorite restaurants. They had ordered an expensive bottle of wine, and saved room for dessert. She wore a new dress, which she had wanted for months, and it had just gone on sale two weeks prior. It fit very well following all her curves perfectly. To top it all off he had given her a new necklace and earrings that she loved. She new she looked great, but the proof was in the way her husband had been completely unable to keep his eyes off of her the whole night. “Just the effect I was going for,” she thought with an inward smile.

They had just arrived back home, and were walking up the stairs from the garage into the main section of the house. He was following her up the stairs, and she knew he was staring at her ass the whole time. It was exciting to know she had his complete, and undivided attention. She worked to swing her hips more than necessary as she finished ascending the stairs. As she reached the top he reached out and offered to put away her coat, and at the same time placed a hand on her left ass cheek. “Did you have a good time tonight?” he asked as he squeezed her ass slightly. “I did,” she replied handing him her coat and pushing back into his hand ever so slightly. She had realized as they walked up the stairs that she was more than just a little drunk. Not surprising considering her cocktail before dinner, and the two glasses of wine during.

He removed his hand from her ass as he went to put away the coats in the hallway closet. “Damn, did she look great tonight,” he thought. When she had come out in the dress before dinner he was more than a little tempted to blow off the reservation and bend her right over one of the living room chairs. But good things come to those who wait, he had remembered, and that would have ruined his plans for the evening. Instead, he had waited patiently through dinner. Her every move sent him checking for a glance under the dress. It was tight, and fit her perfectly.

He had made sure to order the cocktails before dinner, and the bottle of wine during, hoping to loosen her up a little. That would make her a little easier to handle now. Almost a month of planning had gone into tonight, and the excitement at the moment finally being here was already making him hard. He finished putting away the coats and walked back into the living room where she was waiting for him.

“Did you have a good time tonight?” she asked him.

“I did,” he replied. “So far…”

“Oh, was there something else you had in mind?” she inquired coyly. She smiled up at him as he walked over and took her in his arms. He looked sharp tonight as well. He wore a fitted dress shirt which showed off his strong shoulders, and slacks which made his ass look amazing. She had picked out both items.

As he took her in his arms, and pulled her close to him, she could feel his cock growing hard and stretching against the fabric of the slacks. He kissed her, and she moaned slightly, excited by the idea that she was arousing him. “What else did you have in mind?” she asked.

“Well I had a couple of things in mind,” he said.

“Oh really,” she said kissing him again. “like what?”

“Like you on your knees in that sexy dress,” he replied.

“Well I suppose that could be arranged,” she said as she began to slowly drop to her knees. She ran her hands down his chest and stomach as she lowered herself to the floor. Once she was positioned in front of the bulge in his pants she pulled down the zipper on his fly, looking up and biting her lower lip as she did so. She wanted to tease him a little bit, but she was also getting wet thinking about that hard cock in her mouth. As she went to free him from the confines of his boxer briefs he began to bend over her.

He pulled her dress up to the point where it almost came over her ass, but not quite. Showing off her cheeks and just beginning to show the red thong she wore underneath. The thong matched the shade of her fingernail polish, and she hoped he appreciated her attention to detail. With him satisfied with the position of her clothing he stood back up, and she returned to pulling his hard member from his slacks. She reached inside the folds of fabric, gripped it in her hand, and pulled it free. It popped out, and bobbed in front of her face. She looked up past it to see him watching her. She smiled, then stuck out her tongue and moved up towards his cock.

The smell of him was intoxicating, almost overwhelming. He had clearly been excited for a while. She ran her tongue from the base of his shaft to the tip. Once she reached the tip, she paused for a moment with his dick resting on her tongue. She smiled up at him, making sure he was watching, then closed her eyes and took a little more than half of his 7 inches into her mouth at once.

She moaned as she took his dick in her mouth, and the sensation was incredible for him. She was such a good little cock sucker. He was glad he had decided to start the evening off this way. In a few minutes her mouth would be occupied with a ball gag that would prevent her from doing more of this. For the moment, she was unaware of what he had planned for her, and she was eagerly sucking him.

She alternated between sucking his dick into her mouth, and stroking his shaft with one hand as she ran her tongue in circles around his head. He looked behind her to admire her ass and watched as the dress, which was shifting up from her movements on his cock, finally lost its battle to cover her behind. It popped up to her waist and he now admired the sexy red thong that had been hiding underneath. It matched her fingernail polish he realized with a smile.

He leaned back thrusting his cock into her face more, and placed his hand on the back of her head. He began to fuck her face, and to his delight, she didn’t resist. She moved her hands around to his ass, and began to pull him deeper into her mouth. She was getting close to swallowing his whole cock, and his excitement caused him to thrust harder, and faster, into her mouth.

She felt her dress rise up over her ass and thought, “I hope he likes the thong.” She was doing her best to take as much of his cock in her mouth without gagging, and she felt like she was doing pretty well. He certainly seemed like he was enjoying it. Then she felt him place a hand on the back of her head, and he began to thrust into her mouth. She enjoyed the feeling of him taking control of her and pleasuring himself. She reached around and grabbed his ass, while she focused on relaxing her throat so that she didn’t choke.

He thrust a little deeper each time, and his speed was increasing too. She pulled his hips towards her, trying to will the first couple of inches down her throat, and pull his whole cock into her mouth, but he was just too much for her. She began to gag. She tried to pull back, but felt him hold firm to the back of her head. She moved her hands to the fronts of his legs to push him away, but he was still holding her head in place. He pulled three quarters of the way out, which allowed her to gasp for air, but as soon as she began to inhale he forced his whole cock into her mouth in a quick hard thrust.

Her eyes shot open as she found herself centimeters from his belt buckle. Her nose was pressed against his zipper, as he still had his slacks on. She tried to yell in shock but the cock in her throat wouldn’t allow more than a muffled noise. Then he released the grip on the back of her head. She fell back away from him, coughing, as his dick pulled from her mouth, and her windpipe returned to it’s normal size. She looked up at him and found him smiling down at her as she struggled to catch her breath.

“That’s a good little slut,” he said as he watched her catch her breath. “You did very well to take my whole cock down your throat like that.”

“That was a little more than I could handle, hun,” she replied.

“Well I guess maybe you just need more practice,” he said. “But we’ll have to work on that another time. I think we should get you the rest of the way out of that dress.” He reached down and offered his hand to help her up. She took it, and smiled up at him as she stood up. “Well if you insist,” she said as she kept a hold of his hand and began to lead him to the bedroom. “I’ll just go put this away, then,” indicating her dress. He watched her as she walked back into the walk-in closet, around the corner, and out of sight of him.

Once she was out of sight, he began to quickly remove the restraints he had hidden under the mattress earlier in the day. He attempted to do so as quietly as possible, but it wouldn’t take her long to undress, and she was about to find out the surprise anyway. With the restraints now within easier reach. He walked back to the closet to check on her progress.

She removed the dress and hung it back in its place, making sure it wasn’t caught on any other clothes as she swung it back into place. She began to turn around and walk back into the bedroom wearing only her heels, red thong, and the other surprise for her husband, a red, push up shelf bra which had been allowing her nipples to be teased by the smooth fabric of her dress all night. But she turned to find him at the doorway of the closet, smiling at her.

“Can I help you?” she inquired.

“I was just thinking I might be a little over dressed at this point,” he responded.

“I’m sure I can help with that.” She reached for his belt buckle, but instead took his cock, which was still protruding from his slacks, in her hand first and pulled him by it towards her.

“I see you had another surprise for me,” he said indicating the bra.

“Um hmmm,” she responded as she leaned up to kiss him at the same time beginning to stroke his cock. She pulled back from the kiss and began to remove his shirt, and then his slacks. He had to sit down for a moment to remove his shoes and socks before they could go any further. She ran her hands over her breasts and down her stomach while he did so. One hand continued on, to the space between her legs. It began to massage the wetness which was becoming more prevalent by the moment. The other hand returned to her left breast where she began to tease her nipple. Pinching and pulling it slightly to further arousal.

He removed his shoes, socks, and slacks. When he looked back up, he saw her playing with herself. She was rubbing her clit through her panties, and he could see they were getting very wet. “I don’t think we need these anymore,” he said reaching to remove her thong. He pulled it down and helped her to step out of it.

“Well, then we likely don’t need these either,” she replied in a mockingly argumentative tone. Tugging at the final article of clothing remaining on him, his boxer briefs. He stood back to give her more room to remove his shorts and watched with some amusement and she lowered herself to her knees again to remove them.

As she reached to remove his briefs she thought back to the events of the living room, and the feeling of his cock in her throat. Him being so forceful with her was arousing her, and she thought that maybe given a second chance she might be able to swallow his whole cock without gagging.

She lowered herself to her knees, as she removed his shorts and smiled back up at him from down below his hard cock, once again. “Do you think you still want to help me practice my deepthroating some more?” She hadn’t exactly thought the sentence through before she said it. But the reality of what she had said shocked her. Was she really going to deepthroat his cock? She had never considered even trying before. But as she said this she began to tease the area around the base of his shaft with her fingernails.

Fucking her face more, hadn’t really been part of the plan he thought. But having his wife essentially ask him to fuck her face wasn’t something he was capable of saying no to. So, instead he replied, “I’m sure we could make time for more practice.” He hadn’t needed to provide any more encouragement for as soon as he replied she was wrapping her lips around his cock again.

He watched as she worked to take his whole cock in her mouth. It was mesmerizing with her focus on pleasing him so great. She was getting most of the way down his dick, but just not quite all the way. He placed his hands on each side of her head, and began to thrust into her mouth for the second time that evening. He could feel her relaxing her throat, and allowing him deeper, and deeper.

She had one hand around the base of his cock, teasing his balls, but the other hand, he could see, she had between her legs, playing with her pussy. The site of her playing with herself while he fucked her mouth put him over the edge. He had meant to save up his huge load for the end of the evening, when he had planned to spray it all over her face and tits, but he abandoned that plan now as he continued to fuck his wife’s face. She was taking his whole cock down her throat now. Her nose pressed against his stomach on each thrust. He forced his cock all the way in her mouth again, and began to cum.

She knew he was getting close to cumming by how tight his balls were. She continued to swallows his whole cock while squeezing his balls, as if she was attempting to squeeze frosting onto a cake. Then he forced his cock as deep as he could in her mouth and held it there.

She felt his cock start to spasm, and his cum began to shoot down her throat. She closed her eyes, and held her breath, as his orgasm ripped through him. His load was massive. She couldn’t keep it all in her mouth, especially considering his cock was already dominating the real estate there. She opened her mouth and let his cum begin to flow down her chin and onto her tits, which were held at the perfect angle to catch it, by the shelf bra.

As his orgasm subsided he looked down to watch his wife let his cum slide out of her mouth and onto her tits. Most of it was now glistening on her chin and chest. The remnants still in her mouth she now swallowed, looking up at him, somewhat proud. She should be proud he thought, taking his whole cock and huge load.

Now, he returned his focus onto his plans for the rest of the evening. He may have already cum, but there was plenty more where that came from. “You’re being an exceptionally good little cum slut tonight, hun,” he told her adoringly.

“Thank you,” she replied smiling up at him as she began to rub some of his cum into her chest.

“And now that you have cock sucking down so well,” he said, “It’s probably time we started working on a new skill.”

“Oh really,” she said playfully. “And what might that be?”

“Well, we’ll start by you closing your eyes, and opening your mouth wide.” She gave him a suspicious smile, then did so obediently. He then placed the ball gag in place, and quickly secured it around the back of her head. She looked up at him shocked. The view of her confusion with the ball gag in place, and his cum still all over her, was enough to get his cock already starting to harden up again.

He was definitely going to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Part II

She was strapped down to the bed, spread eagle, on her stomach. She had resisted him at first but he had been more forceful than usual with her. Sitting on top of her, he had secured her arms and legs to the restraints at the four corners of the bed. The ball gag kept her vocal objections down to inarticulate cries and moans. She was scared. This was more extreme than anything they had ever done before, but she was also turned on by it.

He reached under her and lifted her hips so that he could slide two pillows underneath them. This caused her ass to be raised into the air, slightly. It now took a concerted effort to raise her face from the mattress at this angle. She heard him moving around behind her, but wasn’t sure what he was doing. Then she heard it. The whir of a vibrator coming from outside her field of vision. She felt the head begin to press against her clit and she moaned in pleasure as she pushed her hips back into it.

He had really been looking forward to using the new magic wand massager on his wife. She was pushing back against it as best she could, being tied down as she was. As she continued to moan, and move her hips up and down against the head of the vibrator, he raised his free hand and brought it down hard on her left ass cheek. She jerked the restraints taught, attempting to pull away, but it was futile. “Did you not like that spanking, my little slut?” he asked. Her only option for a reply was to moan.

He spanked her again, on the opposite cheek, harder. She cried out in response, but continued to rub her pussy against the vibrator stimulating her clit. He upped the speed on the device, and watched as she began to build towards an orgasm. As she moaned and gyrated on the bed he reached for her next surprise.

The spankings hurt, she could still feel a tingle where he had struck her ass, but she was thoroughly enjoying it too. She felt him adjust the speed of the vibrator, and knew that she would cum soon. She moved as much as she could against the restraints, doing her best to fuck the toy pressed to her clit. She increased her pace feeling her orgasm grow near. Then, she felt the tip of something new press against her asshole.

She screamed into the ball gag. They had never done more than a little anal teasing during sex. Certainly, never any penetration. It was glass, whatever it was, but she could feel that he had lubed it for her. He continued to press it against her asshole, slowly and firmly. She pulled at the ties that bound her to the bed, but it did no good. She was held fast.

He turned up the speed on the toy again. She had no choice but to return her focus to her rapid ascent to orgasm. The toy slowly, ever so slowly, entering her ass, became less of a concern. Once her focus returned to the building climax of her pussy, her sphincter relaxed, and her husband’s steady pressure against the glass butt plug pushed it the rest of the way into her anal cavity with a pop. With that she came.

He had no sooner finished putting the butt plug all the way into his wife’s ass then she began to cum. She thrust wildly back towards the vibrator, pulled at her restraints, and cried out in pleasure into her ball gag. Even though it had only been 10 minutes, at the most, since he had shot his load into her mouth in the closet, he was already hard again from the site of his wife cumming, while strapped down.

He removed the vibrator from her clit, and turned down the setting. Then he positioned it between the two pillows, underneath her, so that it continued to stimulate his wife without his needing to hold onto it. “Did you enjoy that, you little whore?” he asked. She mumbled something to the affirmative into the ball gag. He spanked her again, twice. “I didn’t catch that hun,” he joked. “Do you want more?” he teased.

As she moaned in response he placed his dick at the entrance to her dripping wet pussy, and drove the length of himself into her with one thrust.

She felt his cock at the entrance to her pussy. She was still coming down from her climax, and was sensitive all over, but she couldn’t wait for his cock to be inside her. He thrust the entire length of himself into her. She moaned and rocked back towards him. He began to fuck her, hard. As he pulled out of her on each stroke he pushed her down harder into the vibrator still underneath her. The extra stimulation of her clit and the plug, still in her ass, was quickly bringing her to another orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she cried out, but the ball gag kept it to an indistinguishable series of cries. She felt his hand come down again on her ass cheek, as he continued to pound her pussy with his engorged rod. “You love me fucking you hard, don’t you?” he asked her. “Oh yes!” she thought giving up attempting to speak through the ball gag. “Fuck my wet pussy hard! Use me as your good little slut. Make me your personal cock slave!” He spanked her several more times. She felt herself about to cum again.

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