I couldn’t help notice when my boss walked past. My eyes were instantly drawn to her long smooth legs under her slim-fitted pencil skirt, then up to her round, juicy ass, then further up to her large, perky breasts concealed behind her tight, low-cut blouse and finally to her gorgeous face. Ms Jessica Reyland was older than me; she was in her late thirties while I was only just twenty-five. I had always wanted a sexual experience with an older woman, the thought had always turned me on; I often had to cover up my erection while fantasising about her at work.

She smiled seductively at me as she beckoned me into her office with a finger motion. I gladly got up and followed her into her office. She signalled for me to take a seat and she sat down on the edge of her desk.

‘Well Aaron, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. I’m sure you know the companies been going through some financial troubles, well it means I’ve had to cut down your bonus.’ Jessica said while twiddling her hair between her fingers. I knew something strange was going on.

‘So what’s the good news?’ I huffed.

She gave me a cheeky grin, ‘Well I’ve decided to try and make it up to you.’ She paused for a long moment, just staring at me ‘To make it up to you I’m giving you my body.’

Confusion and arousal flooded through me, ‘What?’ is all I could manage to say.

‘I’m all yours you can do whatever you want to me.’

‘I’m sorry I don’t understand.’ I lied.

‘I know you know what I mean. I’m yours; my tits, my pussy, my ass, do whatever you want with them.’ She grinned.

I stood up and walked closer to her, ‘Are you sure?’ I said as I stroked her breasts through her blouse.

‘Very sure.’ She said, tilting her head back surrendering herself to me. This gave me the opportunity to nibble her neck; I did so as I unbuttoned her blouse and slid my arms around her to free those breasts I was longing to see. I let the lacy bra fall to the floor and took a good look at her tits. God, she was hot.

She followed my lead and let my shirt fall to the ground.

I took one of her hard nipples right into my mouth and sucked, nibbled and kissed it for a while before moving on to the next one. It made me so hard. I loved giving her tits the attention but I was dying to see that pussy. I unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, revealing a see through, black lace thong, it was see through enough for me to know her pussy was hairless apart from a sexy little landing strip- just the way I like it. I continued to pleasure her breasts as I rubbed her clit through the lace fabric.

I slid down that sexy little thong and teased her soaking pussy entrance with my finger then I began sliding it in and out slowly, I knew wanted me to make her cum but I wanted her to beg for it. I kissed down her stomach and stopped just before I got to her sensitive clit, then I kissed from her knee to her thigh, then I did the same on the other leg. I was so close to her pussy that I could smell those hot juices and I didn’t know if I could hold back any longer, fortunately this was when I found she couldn’t wait either.

‘Oh fuck, eat my pussy. I want you to make your boss cum all over your face!’ she said- that was all the encouragement I needed! I dove my tongue into her hot pussy. She tasted better than anything or anyone I had ever tasted.

‘Oh yeah, that’s good. Fuck me with your tongue; eat me like I’m your last meal.’ She was so dirty! I loved it. I did exactly what she said and fucked her with my tongue. Every so often I would dart my tongue over her pretty little clit, making her moan so loud for anyone to hear. I kept my tongue on her clit for a while as I fucked her with two fingers; they slid in and out so easily because she was so wet- her juices were literally dripping down her leg. I had never been so horny in my life; I needed to fuck her, and it needed to be soon.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck! You’re going to make me cum so hard.’ She screamed just as her juices squirted all over my face and tongue.

After she had calmed down a little from her orgasm she got onto her knees and pulled down my trousers and boxers.

‘Mm what a big cock you have.’ She teased as she played with it in her hands. She licked the tip lightly, and then licked down the length until she found my balls and sucked and licked them for a while.

‘Fuck.’ I whispered. She giggled naughtily as she took my entire length into her hot, mature mouth. She bobbed her head up and down quickly, making me groan so much. Every so often she’d stop sucking and tease the tip for a minute, or she’d stroke my dick a few times before diving back onto it. It was only a few minutes before I felt my balls tightening, ready for release.

‘So where do you want me to cum, boss?’ I asked her. She stopped sucking and grinned; she stood up and sat back onto the edge of her desk, spreading her legs. I quickly thrust my cock into her and pumped it in and out quickly until I felt my hot cum fill up her tight little pussy. ‘I’m cumming again!’ she squealed as her pussy tightened around my throbbing dick.

We stood in silence for a few minutes as we caught our breath. She made the next move and pushed me onto her desk chair, she turned around so she was facing away from me. She spread her ass cheeks and slammed my cock into her ass. God, I hadn’t had a good anal fucking for ages!

‘That’s so fucking good.’ I grunted.

‘Yeah, baby, I bet you love fucking your boss’ ass!’

‘God yes.’ I replied. I knew it wouldn’t be very long before I’d need to release again.

She pumped up and down for a few more minutes before having yet another orgasm, but this time just as I was about to cum she pulled herself off my dick so my cum shot up all over her ass and back. She turned around so she was straddling me.

‘I hope you enjoyed your bonus.’ She grinned.

Note: This is part 6 of a series and it will make a lot more sense if you read them in order.

Chapter Six – Christmas Party Part Four

The dream returned, I was lying on my back on the beach, the chief, well, he looked like the chief, he was wearing the biggest head thingie and all the others stood by waiting as he knelt down to touch me. My hands weren’t tied anymore and I was naked. I felt the warm sand on my back as I laid there. I looked up into his eyes and I saw compassion. He looked like a wild native but his eyes told a different story. He reached down and pushed my hair out of my eyes. He touched my cheek softly and then ran his fingers down my neck and then his soft fingers ran lightly over my breasts, touching my nipples. I felt myself take a deep breath as his fingers lit up special feelings in my young body.

“Good morning, sweetheart.” A deep voice in my ears.

I opened my eyes and Mr. Bertrand was staring directly into my eyes as his fingers played with my nipples.

“Did you sleep well?” he said softly.

I nodded and then realized I did indeed sleep well. I felt like I had slept a week and I felt wonderful.

“Good, you had quite the night. Did you enjoy it?” He asked.

I wondered what he was asking, I did have an interesting night but I was supposed to be asleep when I was with him. I looked at him and tried to look confused.

“I don’t remember a lot.” I said.

He laughed. I was really confused now, I didn’t have to try.

“Baby girl, you don’t need to act surprised. I realize you were aware the whole time.” He said.

I was scared all of a sudden. Tony was going to be so mad.

“Relax, baby. It is ok. You were wonderful. In fact, I am honored that you kept as much composure as you did last night. Your little ass was pretty tight, that had to hurt a little.” He said.

I didn’t understand what was happening. I was so confused. I tried to figure it out but I gave up and just looked at him.

“Did it hurt sweetie?” he asked again.

I nodded.

“I thought so. And you kept playing dead just for me, through all of that?” He asked.

I nodded again. He leaned over and kissed me on the forehead.

“You are so precious. So beautiful.” He said.

“Are you going to tell Tony?” I asked meekly, wondering what my punishment would be for losing the account for him.

“Tell him you were the most beautiful girl I have ever been with? Or tell him that you were not really asleep?” He said.

“Yeah, that part.” I said.

“Baby girl, I was going to sign with Tony regardless. I did enough research to know his company was going to be the best choice for me. You had nothing to do with it. Now, when he brought me in here and offered you up there was no way I wasn’t going to accept but it had nothing to do with the contract. There, now we both have a secret. You going to tell Tony?” He said and smiled.

I moved my head side to side.

“Good girl. That will be our little secret. Tony is a good guy and he has a good company but if he thinks he has to give me sweet things like you to get my business then I am not going to tell him any different.” He said.

I smiled at him. He looked at me and his hand moved to my belly and rubbed it. His touch felt so good.

“You are so precious. Let’s go get you cleaned up.” He said and swung his legs off the bed, stood up, and held his hand out to me.

I moved my head over and looked at him. He was naked and his body looked even bigger. His muscles rippled in his arms and legs. His chest was massive. But my eyes moved down and locked onto his cock. It was hanging there and it looked huge. It was not hard but it was still big. I reached over and touched it. He laughed.

“You like that cock, baby girl?” he said.

I nodded and wrapped my small hand around it. My fingers did not touch. It was starting to get hard.

“You keep that up and you are going to make even more of a mess in Tony’s bed.” He said.

I smiled at him and moved my hand off his cock and into his outstretched hand. He pulled me up slowly and I stood next to the bed. He started to walk and I suddenly lost feeling in my legs. I stumbled and he caught me. His arms felt so strong. He lifted me easily and carried me to the bathroom. I laid my head on his warm chest.

He sat me down on the toilet. The seat felt good, it was padded and warm. I didn’t realize it but my bladder started to empty immediately. I blushed and looked at him.

“Baby girl, you are even cute when you are peeing.” He said and touched my cheek, his cock hanging inches from my face.

It took all my control not to take the black cock in my mouth. I shook my head to clear it. Was the drink still impacting me or was I just turning into a cock whore? He turned and pulled the curtain of the shower. He turned on the water. I was still peeing, it felt like my bladder was a huge balloon all of a sudden. He stepped into the shower and looked at me. The water was hitting his chest and running down his muscles. He looked like a God. I had been fucked by a God. I felt a little shiver either from my bladder finally being empty or the thought of that huge cock hanging there being stuffed in my little butt.

He held out his hand and I stood up. I stayed still for a moment to make sure I wouldn’t fall down and then stepped into the shower. He closed the curtain and put his arms around me. My head only reached the middle of his chest. I leaned against him and felt his power as the warm water beat down on us both. I could feel the cock against my stomach. He let go of me and turned me so my back was against the water. He reached for a sponge and then soaped it up and washed my young body slowly and carefully.

His strokes were long and slow and very gentle. He ran the sponge over my legs and slowly up them. He then spread my legs a little and ran the sponge across my pussy and ass. He washed my stomach and boobs and then ran his soapy fingers all over my face, touching every piece of skin. I felt my body tingle with his touch, he was so gentle and was treating my body like a fragile trophy. He finished and then kneeled. He picked up my right foot and washed it slowly, he ran his fingers through my toes and washed each one. I felt a tingle run from my toes to my crotch and I shuddered. He laughed softly and then washed the other foot.

He stood up and grabbed the shower massage. He moved it over me and rinsed my body completely. He knelt again and then spread my thighs a little. He ran the water against my inner thighs and then moved it up until it hit my pussy. I gasped and grabbed the railings to keep from falling. My hips lurched forward as the warm water pelted my pussy, thighs, and clit. I was breathing fast and then the water was gone. I looked down just in time to see his smile before his face buried into my crotch. His tongue hit my clit immediately and I squealed. I let go of the railings and grabbed his head. I leaned back against the wall and held onto him as he made love to my pussy with his tongue.

My orgasm was special, I was already excited to be naked with such a lovely specimen of a man. I was amazed that I had taken that cock in my ass the night before much less my little pussy. So, I was already a mess before I stepped into the shower and then his soft manipulation of my body brought me slowly to the edge. His magic tongue was now the last straw. I had never felt that much pleasure all at once. It was like a huge wave and it swept over me. I screamed and held his head. I felt my body convulse and he grabbed my ass to hold me up. I shook for at least 20 seconds as I experienced the best feeling I had ever had in my young life. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and my head leaned back against the shower wall.

I felt him stand and then the water switched. It was now hitting my chest and stomach but I kept my eyes closed and my head against the wall, trying to prolong the ecstasy. My little body was still shivering with pleasure when I felt him lift my right leg. I opened my eyes to see his cock was rock hard and heading for my open pussy. I grabbed it and held it in my hands. I pulled it forward and lined it up to my young pussy. The head touched my inner lips and I shuddered again. My body was on fire and I wanted more. I wanted this huge cock to be inside me. I pulled it into me and felt it slide into my small opening. I moved my hands to his hips and pulled him closer. He did not move, his cock only a couple of inches into me. I tried to pull him into me but there was no way I was going to move this man if he didn’t want to move. I felt his hand behind my left knee and my leg was pulled up. He was now holding me against the wall with my legs. I slid up the wall as he stood up. He must have been kneeling or squatting and I realized he had to be to get his cock on the same level as my pussy. I was now about four feet off the ground against the wall.

I put my hands on his massive biceps and felt his muscles rippling as he held me up. I looked into his face and he was smiling. It was a smile but it had a hint of danger in it. I was scared for a minute but then his face softened. I opened my mouth slightly and looked straight into his eyes.

“Fuck me, fuck me now!” I said in a forceful whisper.

His smile got real big and I felt him adjust his hands. I felt a slight pressure in my crotch and then he rammed his cock completely into me. I screamed as my insides opened up to accept him.

I felt the air rush out of my lungs as his stomach pounded against my chest. I was pinned against the wall by a giant black cock. I tried to say something but it came out as a gurgle as I tried to catch my breath. He pulled back and I felt my young pussy straining to keep him inside. He was almost out and then he rammed it home again and I grunted as he drove his cock up into my womb. I closed my eyes. I had had sex before but it became obvious that I had never been fucked before. I was getting truly fucked by this man, my little body was like a rag before him.

He pulled out and then slammed home again, my body sliding up the wall every time he powered into me. I leaned my head back.

“Oh God, please never stop.” I whispered in a soft voice.

He started a rhythm then and I was bouncing against the wall as his massive tool pummeled my teenage pussy. I hoped that this wasn’t the ultimate sex moment in my life but I couldn’t imagine how anything could be better than this.

I felt a little sadness at that thought but then decided to just lean back and enjoy it.

Mr. Bertrand fucked me hard for at least 5 minutes. Five minutes does not sound very long but when a humongous cock is pistoning in and out of your body it is an eternity. I felt him speeding up and then he pushed hard against me. I knew what was coming.

“Oh God yes, cum inside me. Fill me up. Yes, yes.” I heard my voice and he pushed harder.

I felt his cock spasm and then a deep warmth inside me. I knew my young womb was getting splattered with cum. He pushed into me two more times and then relaxed and leaned into me. His body felt so strong and warm as it pinned me against the wall. I could feel his heartbeat. His breath was in my ear and his breathing was slowing down. I felt his head move and he was now looking at me.

“Baby girl, you are fucking unbelievable. I have fucked hundreds of women and that has to be the hottest fuck I have ever had. Son of a bitch, I may have to adopt you.” He said.

I snickered at the thought of him as my daddy. I wondered for a minute and then realized he must be at least my Daddy’s age so that thought then took on a whole new meaning. He move forward and kissed me on the lips. His lips were soft and then he kissed me again and held his lips on mine. I opened my lips slightly and my tongue slipped out and ran lightly over his soft lips. His mouth opened and our tongues went to war. He kissed me for about a minute as his cock softened in my pussy. He was still pushing against me with this crotch so he stayed inside me. He broke the kiss slowly and kissed my lips as he pulled away.

I felt my body lowering and he placed me back on the floor of the shower. I wrapped my arms around his waist and held him. I felt his hands on my head and he ran his fingers through my wet hair. I felt another shiver hit me and he chuckled. His hands left my body but I held onto him. I felt his fingers on my head and then realized he was soaping up my hair with shampoo. His fingers massaged my scalp and I moaned into his stomach. It felt so good.

He finished and grabbed the magic water again. He rinsed my hair completely and then rinsed my body, concentrating on my crotch for a couple of minutes, washing off the cum that was leaking out. I was holding onto the railing again wondering if I could cum again so soon. He pulled the water off of me before he took me that far and then I felt the water stop.

He stepped out of the tub and grabbed a towel. I stood there dripping, watching this majestic man run a small white towel over his wonderful body. He actually looked even bigger naked as I could see all of his parts and they were all perfect. His arms were massive and the muscles rippled as he moved. His chest and stomach were smooth and tight. His waist was small for his frame but his thighs were massive. I could see the muscles ripple in them also as he moved. I heard him chuckle and I realized I was standing in the shower just staring at him with my mouth open. What a loser.

He wrapped a white terrycloth robe around himself and held out his hand to me. I took it and stepped out of the tub onto the soft rug. He grabbed another towel and dried off my body an inch at a time. I closed my eyes as he ran his hands all over my body. I was in heaven as this Adonis touched me all over. I felt his hands leave me and I opened my eyes. He was holding out a red silk robe. I slid my arms in and he tied it around me. It felt very soft but it wasn’t very big. The bottom was only a few inches past my pussy and most of my thighs were visible.

“You are a vision, baby girl.” He said as he stepped back and looked at me.

I blushed and pulled the robe closed, embarrassed to be next to this perfect specimen of a man. I was just a little girl in the presence of this grown man and I felt very small.

“And you are precious because you don’t realize how beautiful and perfect you are.” He said softly.

I looked at him and then he turned me to face the mirror. I felt him pick up my hair and then I saw him start to brush it slowly. It was very wet and very straight as he ran the brush through. I looked a little like a drowned rat. He was smiling as he gently brushed my hair. I just relaxed and enjoyed the attention. I didn’t think I was worthy of this man’s attention but hey, if he was giving it I wasn’t going to ask any questions.

He finished my hair and then took my hand. He led me out of the bathroom and then out of the bedroom. We walked down the stairs and down some hallways. I was just following him blindly, willing to let him take me anywhere he wanted.

We entered a huge white kitchen that I hadn’t seen last night. Tony was sitting at the table reading the paper with a cup of coffee next to him.

“Good morning, sleepyheads.” He said without looking up.

“Good morning.” Mr. Bertrand said and sat around the corner of the table from Tony.

I stood at the corner of the table between them. Tony raised his head to look at me. He ran a hand across my ass and then down a little. He then ran it under my robe and rubbed my tight butt. I tried to relax.

“Did you guys sleep well?” Tony said to Bertrand as he rubbed my ass and thighs.

“Like a baby, Tony, that bed is wonderful and I had a nice warm teddy bear to hold onto.” He answered and glanced at me.

“I am glad, do you want some coffee?” He asked Bertrand.

“I would love some.” He answered.

Tony looked up at me as he ran his finger between my ass cheeks softly.

“Baby girl, can you run and get Mr. Bertrand some coffee and refill my cup?” He asked, holding his cup out.

I took his cup and scampered into the kitchen. My bare feet hit the cool tile and it felt nice. I found another coffee cup and filled them both. I walked back and stood between my men. They thanked me and took their cups.

“Baby, you can go get yourself a cup.” Tony said.

I did want a cup bad, my head was a little woozy. I got one and then returned to the table, standing next to them and sipping my coffee.

Tony was folding up his paper. He leaned back and took a drink of coffee. He was wearing a white terrycloth robe and it opened as he leaned back. I saw his cock resting on his thigh and my eyes locked onto it. It was not completely hard but not soft either. It was big but it looked so different than Nate’s. It looked really thick and I knew it could get a lot longer. It looked to be about 5 or 6 inches as it laid there and I looked at the veins running up and down the length.

“So Nate, you ready to talk business?” Tony said and my eyes snapped back up.

“Sure, Tony, but I am really hungry. What have you got to eat?” Nate responded.

“No problem. Baby girl, there are some eggs, bacon, and biscuits in the refrigerator on the top shelf. Can you go and whip up a breakfast for us? I know you can cook, your Momma brags about you a lot.” He said and smiled at me.

I pictured my Mom with a blindfold on and running her tongue up and down my pussy. I shivered a little at the memory. I turned and walked back into the kitchen. I did know how to cook and I loved to cook breakfast. Tony’s kitchen was spectacular. The counters were huge and the appliances were amazing. I had a complete breakfast prepared in about 25 minutes. I found some orange juice and made a pitcher. I made a plate for each man and carried them out to the table. They were scooping up papers and I sat the plates down in front of each.

“Wow, look at our little girl. She can make a mean breakfast.” Tony said and I beamed.

He grabbed me around the waist and hugged me to him.

“Very nice, sweetie. You do know your way around the kitchen. You are going to make a wonderful little wife to someone, a wildcat in the bedroom and a master in the kitchen. Baby, you may be the perfect girl.” He said and slapped my butt.

“Now go make yourself a plate and come eat with us.” Tony said.

I realized I was really hungry and scampered into the kitchen. I came back with my plate and the pitcher of orange juice. We laughed and ate until everything was gone. I leaned back in my chair with my coffee. I felt great, my belly was full, my pussy was satisfied, and my head was clearing up.

“It was nice doing business with you Nate. The car should be here around 11:00 to pick us up. That should give you plenty of time to catch your 1:00 flight. So what should we do with our two hours?” Tony said.

I glanced over at the clock and saw it was only 9:05. I looked back at Tony and Nate and they were smiling at me. My pussy tingled as I realized I was dessert.

“Baby girl, come over here.” Tony said.

I stood up and walked over to stand between them. Tony put his arm around my waist again and hugged me. He took his other hand and loosened my robe. It fell open and displayed my young body to Nate. He smiled and reached out to touch my boobs. My nipples were soft and he ran his fingers over them lightly. My body shivered under his touch and then I felt Tony run his hand down my leg and then up to my ass. He rubbed my cheeks gently as Nate squeezed my boobs. Tony’s hand slid between my legs from the back and I spread them a little.

“So Nate, did you get to sample this little butt?” Tony said.

“Fuck yes, that was one of the finest asses I have ever had.” Nate responded.

“You have no idea the restraint it took to not rip this little ass open but I wanted to save it for you.” Tony said.

“Well, I appreciate it. It was special but I am sure it is still pretty special.” He said.

“Yeah, I may have to sample it this morning. Baby, would you mind if I fucked your ass this morning?” Tony said and ran his finger up to my ass.

I nodded my head no and he smiled.

“Nate, did she show you her special little talent?” Tony said.

“What talent would that be?” Nate responded.

“Well, our little girl here is a champion cocksucker.” Tony said and slapped my ass.

“Really, I would love to see that.” Nate said.

“Baby, can you please suck Mr. Nate’s cock?” Tony asked like he was asking for an extra napkin.

I nodded and moved in front of Nate. He slid his chair away from the table and spread his legs. His robe fell off his thighs and I saw the majestic cock throbbing on his thigh. It was growing and it was now at least 8 inches long. It looked like it had more room for growth as I knelt between his legs. My hair fell over his thighs as I leaned over. I ran my hand over his cock gently and then down to his balls. I took both of my hands and cupped his huge balls. His cock jumped on his thigh. I kept one hand on his balls and moved the other to his cock. My hand looked so small and white compared to the huge piece of meat I was holding.

His cock was standing up now and I ran my little hand up and down slowly. I saw a small drop ease out of the head and I moved my mouth over it and sipped it off. I took the head in my warm mouth and sucked softly. I heard him moan and I knew I was doing well. I pulled off and looked at the cock in my hand. It was the biggest I had ever seen and I wondered how I was going to do this. I knew what Tony wanted but I wasn’t sure I could swallow this thing. I kissed the head lightly and moved my hand back down the shaft.

I opened my mouth and lowered my head over him. I slid down until he touched the back of my throat. Fuck, there was still at least 8 inches outside my mouth as I ran my hand up and down. This fucking monster was going to reach my stomach. I pulled back slowly, running my tongue under the cock as it moved out. I ran my tongue down the shaft slowly, kissing and sucking gently until I reached his balls. I pulled them up and then kissed them gently. They were covered in thick dark hair. I ignored that and sucked one of his balls in my mouth. I held it there and then let it slide out slowly. I sucked the other one and then moved my mouth back up the long shaft.

I reached the top and his cock was now rock hard. I felt his hand on my head and I looked up at him. He was leaning back and his eyes were closed. He opened them and looked down at me. I opened my mouth and sucked the head in, never losing eye contact. He smiled. I pulled back and took a deep breath.

“Get ready Nate, you are gonna love this.” Tony said.

I opened my mouth and slid down over his cock until it hit my throat. I got up as far as I could while on my knees and pushed down on him. I felt the cock enter my throat and I fought through my gag reflex. I pushed a little more and it slid more into my throat.

“No fucking way!” I heard Nate say.

I felt a surge of pride and challenge and then pushed hard down. His cock slid completely into my throat and my lips were pressed against his crotch. I felt the thick pubic hair on my nose.

“Son of a bitch! I have never seen that!” I heard Nate’s voice, filtered a little by the large cock embedded in my face.

I pulled back slowly and the cock slid out of my throat inch by inch. I let it slide out of my mouth and I took a deep breath.

“Baby girl, that is incredible. I have had $1000 hookers who couldn’t do what you just did. God Damn Tony, where did you find this girl?” Nate said.

I heard Tony laugh.

“Right in my own backyard, Nate. I have watched her grow up. I knew she was going to be a stunner even when she was little and it seems she inherited a little from her Mommy. I knew she was going to be special but she is even surprising me now.” Tony said.

I looked over at Tony and then back at Nate. I was still holding Nate’s huge cock, my saliva now coating the entire length. I looked at it carefully and was a little taken aback myself that I had just swallowed the entire thing. I was a freak and it seems that Tony had been grooming me my whole life to be just that.

“Baby, do that again.” I heard Tony and looked to see him holding a video camera now.

Great, I am going to be a star, I thought as I moved my mouth over Nate’s cock. I opened and then slid his entire length into my body in one stroke. I held him in my throat, his pubic hair tickling my nose, until I felt my breath leave me. I pulled off slowly and filled my lungs.

“Damn, that is unbelievable. Girl, you do that again and I am going to blast a load right into your little tummy.” I heard Nate say.

“Promise?” I said in my best little girl voice and sucked the head gently.

“Mother Fucker, Tony, how much for her? I want this girl on my cock forever.” Nate said.

“Nate, she is priceless unfortunately, but she is available for rent. I am sure we can work something out.” Tony said and laughed.

“Baby, do that one more time.” Nate said.

I smiled and slid my mouth over him again. I took a slow deep breath and then shoved my head down, driving his cock into my throat. I felt his hands on the back of my head, pulling me farther into him. His cock slid a little farther into my throat as I relaxed and let him control me. He pulled me harder and my face was now smashed against his crotch. I tried to relax but I was losing my breath. I felt him flinch and I felt a hot blast of liquid deep in my throat. I was starting to get a little dizzy and I felt another hot blast. I started to panic as my lungs screamed for mercy. I pushed hard against his thighs and I felt his hands release the pressure.

I pulled up off the cock with the last bit of energy I had. I felt him shoot a third load on the way out and it hit the back of my mouth. The cock slipped out of my mouth and the air rushed into my lungs. I coughed and sputtered as I tried to get my breath, the cum in my mouth flying out between my lips. I tried to hold it in but I couldn’t. It slid out between my lips and ran down my chin. I felt it drip off onto my thighs but I couldn’t do anything about it as I fought to regain my breath. I felt hands under my arms and I was lifted into the air.

“Oh baby, I am so sorry. It felt so good and I couldn’t stop. Are you ok?” I heard Nate’s voice in my ear as he pulled my limp body into his arms.

I felt my lungs start to stabilize and my head clear up a little. He was still holding me.

“Baby girl, are you ok?” Nate’s voice again and he pulled me away to look at me.

I was able to focus on his face and he smiled. I nodded and his smile got bigger. He hugged me close and it felt so good to totally surrounded by this huge man.

“Tony, I am so sorry about that but I have never felt that before.” Nate said.

“Dude, I know what you mean. I almost killed her too when she swallowed me for the first time. It is hard to pull back.” Tony said and chuckled.

Nate pulled me up to sit on his lap. I was starting to recover and realized my chin and neck were covered in cum. I touched my chin and it was slimy. Nate grabbed a napkin and started to clean me up. I relaxed as he wiped up all of his seed off of my body. I even had drops on my thighs and chest. I still tasted him in my mouth and I swallowed again.

“There you go baby girl, good as new.” Nate said and I smiled and leaned over on his chest.

“Tony, you have a special one here. You make sure you take good care of her.” Nate said, running his hand over my head.

“Nate, I am figuring that one out.” Tony said and stood up.

Tony cleared the table of breakfast dishes and carried them into the kitchen. He returned and cleaned off the entire table. He walked over to me and held out his hand. I put my small hand in his and he lifted me up. I stood up between Nate’s legs, I looked down to see his cock resting on his thigh. It was glistening with my saliva. Tony led me over a few steps and then lifted me up and sat me on the table. He walked up to me and took my head in his hands. He kissed me softly on the lips. I wondered if he could taste Nate on me.

“Baby girl, you have been making us happy for the last week so now it is your turn.” He said and opened my robe.

He held my robe open and looked at my naked body.

“Beautiful.” Tony said.

He leaned forward and kissed my cheek, then my neck, then my shoulder. He nibbled on my ear and I shuddered. He chuckled and bit my ear a little harder. I moaned. He kissed down my neck again and then he slid my robe off my shoulders. He pulled it off my arms and it fell softly to the table, leaving me naked on Tony’s kitchen table. I had come a long way in a week. He kissed my chest above my boobs and I felt my skin start to vibrate. I loved being touched, much less kissed and this man was playing right into my weakness. I felt his hands on my arms and he ran his fingers down my arms.

His lips meet my left nipple and another moan escaped my lips. I closed my eyes and he sucked lightly on my nipple. It was now rock hard and he bit it softly. I put my hands down on the table behind me to keep from falling over as he played my young body. He moved over and kissed and nibbled on my left nipple and I felt my pussy spasm. I wanted his tongue between my legs so badly I could almost feel it already there. He kissed softly over each breast and then onto my tummy. I felt my body throb and I took a deep breath. His warm hands were now on my sides and he was rubbing up and down as his tongue worked down my pulsating stomach.

He slipped his tongue in my bellybutton and I moaned again. His hands moved down to my waist and then onto my thighs. My pussy was throbbing, this man was going to make me cum without even touching me between my legs. He kissed my stomach under my bellybutton, moving slowly towards the prize between my young legs. His hands gently spread my thighs and my legs opened wide for him. I was breathing a little faster, my orgasm was churning deep in my body, just waiting to erupt. I could feel it coming but I tried to hold back. I wanted to stay right here on the edge, my entire body felt like it was vibrating with pleasure and I wanted it to last forever.

His hands moved to my inner thighs and stroked them softly. He was teasing me. He knew I was close. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He looked cloudy as I tried to focus through my orgasmic daze. I blinked and he came into focus. He had an evil smile as he ran his finger across my sensitive thighs, coming ever so close to my pussy but never touching it.

“Tell me what you want little girl.” He said slowly.

I gasped and tried to speak. My mouth tried to form words but all that could come out was moans. He chuckled and put his hands on my shoulders. He pushed me gently and lowered me onto my back. I laid back and spread my arms. He ran his hands over my breasts, brushing my nipples, and then over my stomach. He moved down to my thighs and then to my knees as they hung off the table. He ran his hands down my calves and then to my feet. He massaged each foot and ran his fingers between my toes. I groaned in pleasure. I was his slave, at this moment I knew I would do anything he asked of me. His lips kissed each toe and I took a deep breath. I could see my chest rising and falling with each breath.

I felt movement and saw Nate’s face hovering over mine. He lowered his head and kissed my lips. I opened my mouth immediately and tried to draw him into me. His tongue slid between my lips and touched mine. I wrapped my arms around his head so he couldn’t escape. His tongue danced in my mouth and I kept trying to pull him deeper. I felt Tony’s fingers start to run up my legs and I moaned into Nate’s mouth. I kissed Nate even harder when I felt fingers on my inner thighs. I opened my legs wide, trying to draw Tony closer. I was just about spread completely open, gotta love that cheerleader flexibility. I felt his breath between my legs and I pushed my hips up off the table.

I held onto Nate, more for an anchor than anything else. I felt like my body was going to fly off the table at any minute. Tony was running his fingers across my spread thighs and breathing onto my throbbing pussy. I felt a hand on my tummy and then on my breast and I realized that Nate was now squeezing my right breast. My body was on overload under the control of these two men. He covered my breast with his huge hand and then squeezed. I moaned again and kissed him harder. I was so close.

Nate pulled his mouth away from mine and I opened my eyes. He was smiling at me and then he pinched my nipple. I gasped and thrust my head back. I was holding his shoulders and I squeezed him hard. His muscles were tight and firm. All of a sudden I felt Tony’s warm tongue touch my open pussy. I lurched up and tried to suck him into me. He had his hands on my thighs and held me down. I was moaning and moving my head back and forth as my orgasm crawled up my body. Tony ran his tongue around my open lips and then deep into me. I could feel his nose on my open lips as he ran his tongue deep. I was out of control now and could only hope they held onto me.

Nate pinched my nipple at the same time as Tony flicked his tongue across my clit. My orgasm hit me and I screamed. I drove my fingers into Nate’s muscles and my hips flew up off the table. Tony drove his face into me and sucked on my clit. I screamed again and lurched up as pleasure wracked my young body. I was thrashing my head and convulsing as Tony sucked my clit and Nate pinched my nipple and rolled it between his fingers. My body convulsed again and I screamed again. I was breathing fast and trying to regain control of my body. My shudders were slowing down. I tried to slow my breathing down but my body would shudder every few seconds.

Nate was now just holding my boob and Tony was rubbing my thighs. I came down off my orgasmic high and my body started to feel like a rag. Nate pulled back and I let go of his shoulders.

Tony stood up between my legs and I tried to look at him. My hair was in my face but I blinked and was able to focus on him. He looked me in the eyes and then sank his cock into my young pussy.

He went in easily and was now buried deep in me. It felt so good, so full, I stretched my arms out over my head as he started to fuck me. I could hear the sounds of him moving in and out of my soaked pussy. I was taking his huge cock like it was nothing. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths as Tony drilled my teenage pussy. He lasted about 5 minutes and blew another load into my womb. I wondered how much cum I had taken in me over the last week. I was trying to figure it out when I felt him pull out. My pussy was empty for about 10 seconds and then I felt another cock slide in. I spread my legs as wide as I could as Nate pushed his monster cock into my little body.

I felt him grab my knees and lift them up. He was pumping slowly and I moaned deep. He pulled my knees up farther and I felt my body open up more for him. He was even deeper in me. I was taking the biggest black cock I had ever seen into my small pussy and it didn’t hurt at all.

It felt so good, I wanted more. He was moving faster and I felt the rest of my body moving with his thrusts. My boobs were bouncing and my feet were flying around a little. I felt him push my legs up even farther and he drove even deeper.

I saw my knees close to my head. I saw my feet flying in the air as this huge black man dominated my little body. His cock was driving deep into me with every stroke. I heard our skin slapping together. I was getting fucked good. Not many teenagers could say they were truly fucked. I was now one of those people. He kept up his frantic pace for another 5 minutes or so and then pushed deep and filled me up again with his seed. He pumped three loads in me and pulled out. He lowered my legs and they fell over the table, dangling. I was a wreck. I tried to just breathe slow and try to recover. I closed my eyes and tried to relax.

“Well, that was fun. You ok, baby girl?” I heard Tony’s voice and saw his face.

“Yes.” I whispered softly.

He laughed and kissed me softly on the lips.

“You rest for a little while.” He said and patted my forehead.

I closed my eyes and heard the clink of dishes and the sounds of conversation. I think I dozed a little as I realized how tired I was. Cumming like a truck and getting fucked twice can take it out of you I guess. I felt a touch on my stomach and my eyes fluttered open. Tony was standing next to me and he was moving the hair out of my eyes with his other hand rubbing my tummy.

“Wake up sweetheart. We have to get you cleaned up and get Nate to the airport.” He said.

I tried to get up but I couldn’t. He laughed at me. He slid his hands under me and lifted me up. I laid my head against his chest as he carried me up the stairs. He carried me into a bathroom and sat me down on the toilet. I sat there for a minute as he turned on the shower. I had already had a shower this morning but that was before I took a cum shot to the face and two loads up my pussy. Another shower wouldn’t hurt. He slipped off his robe and took my hands. I stood up and stepped into the shower.

He stepped in and immediately grabbed the shower massage and rinsed me down. My hair had almost dried from before now it had to start over. I could almost feel it curling up as it got wet. He held the massage on my pussy and spread my legs a little. It felt really good but my sore body couldn’t even think of cumming again. He then soaped me up good and rinsed me again. I was clean as a whistle. He handed me the soapy sponge and moved my hands down to his cock. I got the idea and soaped up his cock and balls. I ran my little hands all over his balls and up and down his cock. I could feel it hardening slightly as I massaged it. I had it all soaped up good and was reaching for the hose when he turned me around.

“Grab the rails baby. I need that little ass.” He whispered and I grabbed the metal rails on the wall.

He put his hands on my waist and pulled me back a little. I bent over slightly and spread my legs for balance. I felt his hands run over my butt and down my crack. He spread open my cheeks and ran his finger up and down my crack. I shivered. I felt his finger push against my ass and then slide in slightly. I groaned. He pushed his finger deeper and then pulled it out. I felt him drop soap over my ass and then his finger slipped into me again, this time a little easier. I tried to relax, hoping it would make it easier. I remembered when Nate shoved his cock up my ass last night, it did hurt a little and he had lubricated me pretty well.

My mind was preparing for Tony to fuck me in the ass when I felt his cock touch me. He lined me up and pushed into me. I gasped and held onto the rails. He pulled out a little and pushed again. I screamed a little as my little ass tried to open for this huge cock. It felt like I was split wide open but I knew he was only about halfway in. He pulled out again and drove a few more inches into my young butt. I tried to take deep breaths and he slid even more in. I prayed he was almost done. It felt like someone had shoved a cue stick up my butt. I took a deep breath and then felt Tony’s crotch touch my ass. He was all the way in.

I closed my eyes, took deep breaths, and Tony fucked my ass for about 10 minutes. He was slamming into me and I felt my ass jiggle with each stroke. He finally jammed deep inside and pumped his load into my bowels. He pulled out slow and I felt his cum dribble out and run down my leg. I stayed in position and Tony cleaned me up again. He pulled me up and hugged me as the warm water flowed over us.

He turned off the water and stepped out. I stood in the tub, dripping, my hair all over my face. He grabbed my hand and I stepped out. He dried me off and actually tied the towel around my hair. He led me out into his bedroom and sat me on his bed. My body was really sore, it felt like all of the fuckings of the last 24 hours were hitting me all at once. He dressed in a nice shirt and pants and then walked over to me. He stood in front of me and pulled the towel off my head. He dried my hair a little more and then ran a brush through it. He brushed my hair until it was untangled and hanging down around my face. I could see the ends curling up as it dried.

This story contains a MMF 3 some including some Male Bi-Sexual acts.

Jamie had been working for a few weeks with a local insurance agent while he was on a break from college. He spent most the days just answering phones and doing some filing for him. Jamie’s days were boring with all the exception of when his bosses wife came in to visit. The insurance agent was a long time family friend and was in need of help since his daughter who used to work for him had just left for college so he was more then happy to help out.

“I really appreciate you letting me come into work for you Mr. Jones.” said Jamie as he set the phone down after answering some woman’s question.

“Jamie my name is Ray, you know that. And of course you are very welcome it is actually me who should thank you. I wasn’t sure what I would do when Terra left for school.” Ray spoke with a loud boisterous tone as he moved his office chair back and fourth.

“Well I really do appreciate it Ray. You giving me this job got my parents off my back about taking a break from school.”

“College is tough Jamie, I understand take your time and make sure it is all working our for you. But I know your break had a lot to do with a girl so don’t let women fuck your head up to bad.”

Jamie just nodded yes as he knew most people did not understand his reasons for the break from school.

The ding of the door opening interrupted the conversation as a beautiful blonde walked through the door the clicking of her heels on the tile was loud and hard to ignore. She leaned on the counter allowing her ample breasts to be exposed as much as possible. She took a few moments to remove her sunglasses and place them on the counter. “Hey sweetie are you taking me to lunch today or what?”

Ray jumped from his chair almost as if the woman had issued an order to him rather then a request. “Well of course.” Ray grabbed his jacket and headed to the front counter in a rush.

“Hey Jamie, how are you today?” Asked the woman as she took a moment to eye the young man from head to toe, while running a her long well manicured fingers down his muscular arms.

“Oh not to bad Mrs. Jones… I mean Beth.” Jamie quickly corrected himself as he knew it bothered Beth greatly to be called Mrs. Jones.

“Good boy.” She said with an evil grin as her eyes locked on what she suspected was a very large cock hidden away underneath the young mans khaki pants. “I like good boys… but bad boys are fun as well.” she said with a little laugh.

Jamie could feel her eyes locked in and it was making his cock quite hard. Beth was in her 40′s but looked way younger and was in better shape then most any girl he had ever dated. He tried to not lock eyes with her. She had a way of looking at him that drove him absolutely wild and he was pretty sure she knew she had a power over him. He soon felt a moment of relief as Ray put his arm around her and led her out of the office. Jamie glanced back just long enough to get a look at her amazing heart shaped butt.

Ray and Beth left the office and walked across the hot asphalt parking lot to her car and headed to lunch.

“Well have you invited him over?”

“Not yet Beth, please just relax I will. I just want to handle this right. He is Mike’s kid and me and him been friends for years.”

Beth’s bottom lip stuck out slightly as she looked over at her husband with the saddest eyes she could make. “But honey you know this is something we both want.”

“I will when I get back to the office I promise. He can’t say no to you he is beyond enamored with you and you know it”

Beth immediately perked up in her seat as she parked the car at a local restaurant, she always loved it when she was reminded of the effects she had on many younger men. “Thank-you!”

The couple ate in near silence for most of their meal as Ray wondered how to invite Jamie over without it sounding weird or give the boy the impression something suspicious was going on, he knew it needed to be natural if everything was going to go according to the plans of his wife. Beth meanwhile daydreamed about all the wonderfully kinky things that could possibly go on if the night went perfectly.

“You think we should get him drunk?” asked Beth as she took a nibble from her salad.

“Well maybe but we can’t just pour alcohol down his throat it needs to be natural.”

“Natural? Hmm maybe I can give him some of that special herb my sister grows.”

“That worked the last time we tried this.” Laughed Ray as he took a bite from his sandwich.

They soon finished lunch and returned to Ray’s office to find Jamie still at work filing away some papers. “Oh hey y’all how was lunch?” questioned Jamie with a large smile on his face while easily holding what had to be a 50 pound box of files.

Beth admired how easily the young man held the box showing no effort that it was straining his muscles. She could see that the back of his long brown hair was slightly damp with sweat. She could feel herself getting slightly wet as she continued to imagine what she could do with him.

“It was good.” Ray said as he could see his wife’s big green eyes locked on the boy as if he was a piece of meat. “Hey Jamie, me and Beth were talking at lunch and well we know we aren’t paying you much so why not come over to the house tonight and hangout with us have a good home cooked meal. I know your mom and dad aren’t home this week and all so what do you say?”

“Ah, sure why not. I would like that.” said Jamie as he reluctantly accepted the offer put fourth by his boss.

“Well then sweetie I will see you tonight. We will grill some steaks and maybe watch a movie or something.” Said Beth with a large smile on her face as she finally broke her gaze and headed to the door.

The day slowly dwindled down as business continued as usual at the office. Ray drifted off into thoughts of how the night would go. He and his wife had a few MMF threesomes in the past but it had been awhile since the last time and they all failed to fully fulfill the fantasy they had, and Beth had never been as pushy about having one as she was being this time, there was something about Jamie. She was very attracted to him and she believed that he may be the one who would fulfill everything they wanted and push the envelope for them.

“Well it’s 4:30 so it is quitting time, try to be at the house at 6:30 sharp Beth is a real stickler for being on time.”

“Oh yeah of course Mr. jon…I mean Ray.”

Jamie and Ray walked out of the office and into the hot July heat and almost immediately both broke into a sweat. “Should I bring anything?”

“Oh no sir I won’t have that at all you will be our guest just be on time.”

Jamie went home long enough to shower and shave. He trimmed his goatee neatly and took the time to trim up his pubic hair. He laughed to himself as he did it. “Ain’t no one seen you in a month.” He said as he turned loose of his thick shaft.

Ray and Beth cleaned and straightened the house as they both were filled with nervousness and excitement as the doorbell rang.

Beth smiled bigger then Ray had ever seen her smile before as she ran to the door and jerked it open. “Oh hey Jamie look at you showing up early.” Beth leaned against the oak door frame her tiny black dress barely covering anything as she motioned for Jamie to come in.

Ray quickly met the young man at the door with a beer in his hand. “Here you go boy make yourself at home.”

“Well thanks.” Jamie said as he took the beer and took a few large gulps from the bottle. He was not sure what was going on but something seemed off about Ray and Beth. He had overheard a few stories his parents shared about parties with Ray and Beth, but was unsure as to what made their parties so special.

Jamie followed Beth and Ray through the house to the back deck where a grill was smoking away. Jamie could smell what he believed to be steaks. He took a seat on a wicker chair with a large orange cushion and set back looking at the pool. The backyard was immaculate the yard perfectly cut and not a weed to be found. The pool was perfectly clear the tiles looked as if they had been painstakingly scrubbed to look virtually new. Jamie admired the yard he could tell this was a show piece for the couple where they obviously entertained often.

He finished off his beer and set it to the side on a small table and was surprised that no sooner did his hand turn loose of the bottle Beth was there to give him another.

“Oh okay thanks.” Jamie said as his head was already a little dizzy from drinking the first one so fast.

“Well Jamie I love that your here and your willing to hang with a couple of old folks like us on a Friday. But you don’t you have a girlfriend or anything?”

“Oh no me and Samantha broke up about two months ago. She is actually why I am taking time away from school.” Jamie said as his eyes locked in on Beth’s nipples which looked as if they could pop through the paper thin material her dress was made from.

Beth and Ray took turns tending the grill as they other made small talk with Jamie. Beth made a point to lean on the table it kept her just slightly higher up then Jamie. She would inch her legs open slightly just give the young man a peek that she was not wearing anything under the tiny dress. Beth also kept making it a priority to keep touching him as she spoke with him. She would rub his arms and comment on their size and put her hands on his chest.

Her flirting was becoming more aggressive as more alcohol was consumed. The more she flirted the more Jamie would look to Ray who just nodded or acted as if everything was okay.

The group finished off a twelve pack before dinner was even done. Beth finally pulled the steaks from the grill and set the table. Jamie breathed a sigh of relief that dinner was finally done and that he could put a little space between himself and Beth.

Beth had the table set in such a way that the two men and her all set on the same side of the table. She took a seat in the middle between them both. As the three ate their meal Beth would take a moment in between bites of food to wipe her hands on the napkin she placed on her lap. She would allow he hands to drift over to rub the bulges in both mens pants.

The three ate quickly as they continued making small talk. Jamie did his best but lost track of the conversation many times due to the teasing his cock as getting from Beth. As soon as everyone was done with their meal, Beth reached into a small box on the table and removed a lighter and a joint.

“You don’t mind do you?”

“Oh not at all I have done it a few times myself.” Said Jamie as he leaned back in his chair, his stomach full and his body slightly relaxed from the alcohol but still a bit on edge because of Beth’s teasing.

Beth took a few hits from her joint as she passed it to Ray. He followed suit and passed it Jamie.

“No drug test on Monday right boss?”

The couple laughed loudly as Jamie took a few hits from the joint as well. The three of them did not take long to finish off the joint. Jamie sat in the chair and felt the most relaxed he had felt all night with Beth and Ray. He liked them both a lot but something was not right he was still not sure where the night was going but now between the alcohol and the pot he wasn’t really worried about it anymore.

“Come on Jamie lets go into the living room.”

Jamie got up and followed them to the living room. His head was clouded but he was still coherent as he took a seat in the living room. The living room was comfortable, a nice leather couch with attractive matching end tables and the large coffee table sitting on an oriental rug was obviously the center piece of the room decorated with flowers and covered with a few books along with the various remotes that controlled the electronics in the room.

Ray walked over to the DVD player and inserted a disc before clicking the power button on the television. The large seventy inch television came on as an FBI warning played on the screen.

“You like adult movies?” asked Beth as she took a seat next to Jamie cuddling up next to him as Ray took a seat on the other side of the couch sandwiching the boy in the middle of them.

“Yeah I seen more then a few.” said Jaime as he looked at the screen seeing that the movie had no story just sex. He watched as two guys were fondling a blonde woman’s tits and pussy. The porn star wasted no time in pulling out the cocks of both the males. It was just a matter of time before she was on her knees sucking both cocks.

Ray leaned over to whisper into Jamie’s ear. “Beth loves this movie. She wants to do everything from this movie.”

Jamie focused on the movie and then looked to Beth who was had allowed her skirt to ride up further her pussy nearly exposed. “I bet you would look amazing doing that.” Said Jamie looking into Beth’s eyes as he spoke.

“Well let’s find out.” Beth wasted no time taking Jamie’s comment as an invitation to take what she been wanting for some time now.

Jamie gulped hard as he felt his pants being tugged off. Beth was like a kid ripping wrapping paper on Christmas morning stripping Jamie and letting his cock out. She gasped as she was very happy that she was right. The young man’s cock was long and thick much bigger then Ray’s. “I guess you can be a bad boy also, no underwear how naughty.” said Beth as she licked her ruby red lips.

Beth got on the floor on her knees and took Jamie into her mouth swallowing as much of the young man’s cock as she could. She worked her mouth up and down taking it deeper and deeper, she gagged and slobbered all over the shaft but she was determined she would take the whole the thing.

Ray sat next to Jamie watching his wife swallow the cock it made his own cock throb as he stood up off the couch and removed his own pants. “Stand up.”

Jamie stood up just as Ray said both men standing next to one another with their hard cocks out. Beth took her time going from one and then back to the other. She would slowly slide her lips up and down Jamie’s shaft two or three times before turning her attention to Ray. She slid her lips up and down his shaft one or two times before going back.

“I think she likes yours more.”

Jamie unsure as to how to take the comment, looked down at Ray’s and said “Well yours is nice too.”

Beth smiled at Ray as she took a few moments from sucking the cocks. She worked both the shafts up and down squeezing them tightly. She pulled the guys closer together and carefully stretched her mouth around both the cocks.

Jamie and Ray both started thrusting forward into her mouth. Beth felt as if her jaws were going to break as she tried to suck both their dicks together.

Jamie grunted hard he had never had his cock so close to another man’s. Beth’s mouth felt amazing and then having his cock rubbing against Ray’s made it feel even better. Ray held his wife’s head by her hair as he thrusted in and out of her mouth. Both men grunted hard as they fought back the urge to explode in her mouth.

“Come on boy fuck this sluts mouth!”

Jamie placed his hand next to Ray’s on the backside of Beth’s head as both men took turns thrusting hard in and out of her mouth while they held her head by the hair.

Ray and Jamie both stared down at Beth and then back to the movie playing on the television the two male porn stars now had the woman on her back. One was fucking her pussy as the other was having her suck his cock.

Ray just nodded at Jamie as he pushed his wife flat on her back. Jamie took the cue and spread Beth’s legs wide and slid his cock inside her waxed bald pussy. He wasted no time in filling her up with his cock going balls deep filling her with every inch. Beth moaned hard as she was filled deeper then Ray was capable of filling her. Ray took up a position similar to the guy in the movie he sat on his knees and turned his wife’s head to his cock.

She wasted no time and swallowed his cock taking it all down her throat easily. She moaned hard with pleasure on her husbands cock. Ray could feel the waves of pleasure rushing through him as she moaned on his cock.

“You ever fucked a piece of cougar cunt like that boy?”

“Oh fuck its so good!” Jamie grunted as he thrust into Beth with great force.

“It tastes good to.” Said Ray as he leaned down putting himself into a 69 with his wife. He placed his tongue on her clit and started sucking on it working his tongue up and down it. His tongue would graze the young man’s shaft then move back up.

Beth lost in the total pleasure could not even manage to suck Ray’s cock anymore she managed to give it a few licks but the pleasure was to much for her to concentrate.

Jamie at first felt a little uncomfortable as the man’s tongue ran along his shaft. But he could not deny it he loved the loved the feeling and made no effort to stop what was happening.

“Ray please fuck my pussy.” moaned Beth as her nails dug into the carpet. Her orgasms were coming fast and hard.

Jamie slowly pulled his cock from her pussy. She was was soaking wet the carpet underneath her was even wet. Ray and Jamie moved around to trade places. Ray spread her legs apart further to accommodate his slightly larger frame. “Open that cunt for me.”

Beth reached down and spread her pussy open wide as Ray lowered his mouth to her sopping wet pussy. He sucked on the clit then shoved his tongue inside her deeply he could taste Jamie’s pre-cum on her pussy.

Jamie stood to the side watching the movie and then the couple his attention jumping back and fourth between the two as he looked back at Ray and Beth he saw her squirming a bit Ray was obviously very good at eating pussy. As he moved his head away and lined his cock up with bald wet pussy and put his hard cock into her in one motion. He started fucking away hard and fast.

Jamie looked on shocked at how hard Ray was slamming his cock in and out of her pussy. He then heard something that grabbed his attention. The movie was still playing as he heard the woman on the movie say “Suck his cock.”

Ray at that same moment almost as if on cue reached up to Jamie and pulled him closer. He grabbed his cock and stuck it in his own mouth while he fucked Beth harder with each stroke. Jamie was a bit surprised and a bit unnerved at first.

“I’m not gay please stop.” Jamie breathlessly pleaded. His cock was throbbing even harder as he looked down to see the man sucking him. “Please.”

Ray did not stop as he thrusted his hips forward into his wife and worked his mouth down around the young man’s cock. Beth in between moaning from the fucking said to her husband “Damn honey you look so good with that big cock in your mouth.”

Ray and Beth both ignored Jamie’s plea to stop as he slowly went from trying to stop it to now thrusting forward into Ray’s mouth. Ray was now more interested in the cock in his mouth as his wife slowly inched away setting on her knees now behind Jamie.

“Suck it you cocksucker!” She said with glee as she reached around to pump Jamie’s shaft. Her long fingers barely about to reach around the thick cock.

Jamie was so close he looked down at Ray sucking him and he had to admit to himself he loved it. Ray was giving him one of the best blow jobs he ever had. “Yeah suck my dick.” moaned Jamie.

“He wants your cum baby. Give that cocksucker your cum!.” Beth said as she turned loose of Jamie’s cock and spread his ass cheeks wide. She lowered her tongue to his asshole licking it teasing it.

That was all it took as Jamie shot a load into Ray’s mouth with amazing force. He had never came so hard in his life. Ray started to swallow it all but it was to much, Jamie was spurting huge globs of white hot cum. Ray tried but some ran out the sides of his mouth and Beth wasted no time sitting up and licking his chin clean. Jamie had never came like that before and he was quite shocked to realize he liked it.

Working with my boyfriend is not as bad as what people think. Most of my friends claim that they would get sick of seeing their other every day as Chris and I do. We both work in an office building with Chris being the assistant manager and myself the secretary.

“Hey Lily!” It was one of the other secretaries, Judy, who always had something to say.

“Judith! Hi. Whatever gossip you have can you hold for like 10 or 20 more minutes? I have way too much work to get done.”

“No gossip. I just need you to run this to Mr. Barnam’s office for me real quick. I was supposed to be at a meeting 15 minutes ago and I don’t want to get into any more trouble.”

With a sigh of frustration I replied, “Sure sure. Take care”

Judy handed me the papers and rushed off toward the conference rooms on the floor below. One of the perks of my secretary position is that I am on the managerial floor meaning it is just myself, Chris, and our boss despite all the extra cubicles for people to use.

I started walking briskly down the hall and I could hear Chris and Mr. Barnam talking about something serious. Chris’s office is adjoined to Mr. Barnam’s and is also the only way to get into Mr. Barnam’s work station. By how loud the voices were, I could tell they were inside Mr. Barnam’s office

I walked into Chris’s office and noticed the door to the next room open slightly. I was just about to knock when I heard what they were saying. “Each screw up is going to cost you, Chris. This is my money you are losing and I can’t tolerate it anymore.”

I couldn’t see Chris’s face completely as he sat across the desk from Mr. Barnam but I could vaguely make out his reflection in the window. He had a concerned look on his face and started to fidget in his seat.

“Im sorry sir. Next quarter’s numbers will look 10 times better. Just please no more making me pay for it”

No making him pay for it? Was he stealing Chris’s money? Mr. Barnam got up from his desk and started to close the shades. The sun being blocked out made it easier to see Chris’s face and he was looking scared.

“You’ll pay for it until you quit with the screw ups. Now you know the drill, sign the papers here” he said as he slid a stack of papers across the desk. Chris slowly got up from the chair and bent over the desk to sign the papers. Thinking now would be a good time to bring the documents Judy needed delivered to Mr. Barnam; I started to bring my hand up to the door when Mr. Barnam got up from his seat and walked around toward Chris. What I saw made me stop my hand in mid air

Mr. Barnam was rock hard. His pants pushing out as much as possible as his dick pushed against them. Did he like making Chris feel bad?

He slid the chair aside with his foot and got behind Chris. Grabbing his waist, he started grinding against him and got real close to his ear. I could barely hear what he whispered but I know he said, “Each time you screw up, you get me all stressed and worked up. I relieve that stress by screwing you back.” He slowly pushed Chris down further toward the desk. His reflection showed that he was terrified of what was about to come.

For some reason I couldn’t bring myself to intervene. My stomach suddenly felt warm and my breathing slightly increased. Mr. Barnam stood at 6 foot 2 and was still muscular from his age of 34. He inherited his job from his dad which is why he is so young for being regional manager at his age. There have been time I imagined him taking me on my desk but today it seemed like Chris was going to live my dream.

Mr. Barnam started grinding up and down against Chris who was trying his best to get through the papers. He continually rubbed Chris’s back and grabbed his ass. Mr. Barnam’s face showing pure bliss as he humiliated Chris. My hand slowly started moving down my chest and under my skirts waistline. I never knew seeing man being taken by another man would be so erotic.

He finally gave Chris’s ass a hard smack and muttered, “It’s time to pay me back for your failure, Chris.” He reached around and undid Chris’s belt and slid them down to the floor as well as Chris’s underwear. My boyfriend’s ass was so smooth and firm from running track and swimming. Constantly needing to shave it made it a good tool to grab on when he fucked me. Mr. Barnam looked as if he agreed as well.

Mr. Barnam skipped removing his pants and simply undid his zipper and pulled out his cock. It stood at 8 or 9 inches and incredibly thick making Chris’s look small at 6 inches and average thickness. He continued to toy with Chris by sliding his throbbing cock up and down between his ass cheeks. I glanced a look at Chris’s reflection and saw that his face showed fear.

As well as a slight bit of pleasure each time Mr. Barnam’s head brushed his ass hole

I rubbed my clit faster thinking to myself that I want to see my boss’s dick disappear into my boyfriend’s ass. I had no idea what got over me thinking that. My panties began to get wetter and wetter with anticipation as his head traveled up and down Chris’s ass.

“I thought I have been a little too hard on you Chris. Reach in the top drawer and grab the tube. It will make your time a little easier.” Chris did as he was told and brought out a tube of lube and handed it back to Mr. Barnam. “Nun uh uh. I want you to apply it.” Chris obliged by opening the bottle and squirting some lube onto his hand. Mr. Barnam kept Chris in place making him reach behind him and stroking the awaiting cock. My boss’s face was filled with joy as my boyfriend’s greased up hand slid up and down my boss’s dick.

My boss finally told him to stop and stood back behind Chris once again. I stopped rubbing my clit in anticipation of what was to come next. Finally after making Chris wait, my boss started to push his head into Chris’s ass. I couldn’t help it. I slid 2 fingers into my soaking pussy. I took another quick glance at Chris’s reflection and saw that he was biting his lower lip in pleasure. Did he actually enjoy being taken? A low moan escaped his mouth as Mr. Barnam finally slid all the way in and was pressed against Chris’s ass. Grinding back and forth, my boss grabbed Chris’s ass and made him slowly moan like a woman. I started becoming hotter and hotter watching Mr. Barnam’s dick slid out of Chris’s ass then force back in.

His dick sliding in and out faster and faster made me finger myself to the speed Chris was being fucked. His moans becoming louder and louder as he grabbed ahold of the sides of the desk which was now moving back and forth from the force Chris was being fucked. I could tell Mr. Barnam was getting close. To humiliate him even more, he leaned back down to Chris’s ear and asked, “What would your dear secretary girlfriend think if she saw me taking your sweet ass for me to use?”

I lost it. I let out a muffled moan that could still be heard as cum ran down my hand and got soaked up by my panties. I would have been discovered if Chris had not let out a louder moan as he shot a load all over the desk. The satisfied look in my boss’s face showed that Chris was his toy to fuck when he wanted. He finally let out a grunt of dominance as he shot his load deep into Chris’s stretched hole. The cum seeped out as Mr. Barnam slowly pulled out and it ran down Chris’s balls. With one final smack on the ass, he told Chris to get back to work and next time Chris screwed up, he would make Chris suck him off 3 times each day for a week.

My humiliated boyfriend started to pull his pants up and I figured it was my time to leave. I rushed to the women’s restroom and took off my soaked panties. I plunged 3 fingers into my juicy pussy as I imagined what would happen when I come home with a surprise from Chris in the nest few days……

Three months on the job and Tatianna was finally feeling like she was getting the respect in the office that she and, frankly, her title deserved. As the architectural firm’s newest Vice President of Operations she really only answered to one person above her, Ian, the firm’s President and leading architect. She had always had these problems. She knew that among the male employees she was seen as a sex object and among the female employees there was envious resentment. Standing 5′-9″ in her bare feet, with long legs that ended in an exceptionally shapely and fuller than average derriere, a slim waist and 34-C natural breasts, her body was amazing. Her wavy sandy blonde hair and brown eyes were tantalizing and her full lips a distraction to almost everyone. And, yes, she dressed to highlight her assets, why shouldn’t she? Five-inch strappy heels, mid-thigh length skirts and tops that allowed a little view of her cleavage were what she wanted to wear.

As she sat at her desk in the corner office immediately adjacent to Ian’s, she looked at her long legs stretched out in front of her and felt proud of how sexy she looked. Then her phone buzzed. She glanced at the screen to see that it was Ian paging her from his office. She sat up straighter and picked up the phone.

“This is Tatianna,” she answered.

“If you’re not too busy right now I was wondering if you could step into my office for a moment?” Ian asked.

“No problem, I’ll come right in,” she answered.

“Thanks,” he replied.

She hung up the phone, walked out of her office to Ian’s and knocked lightly on his closed door.

“Come,” he acknowledged.

She opened the door and walked into his office. He had the blinds nearly closed as it was early afternoon and the sun was powerful coming in this side of the building. She noticed he had the drapes covering the windows to the rest of the office pulled closed. Most of the light in the room was coming from the banker’s lamp on Ian’s desk.

Ian was standing up at his trophy cabinet, his hands behind his back. Tatianna caught herself staring at him, as usual. She had admired his looks since the day she came for her first interview. At 6′-4″ tall and a strong physique not bursting with muscles like a gym addict, but just toned and fit, he was exactly the type of man that turned Tatianna on. She remembered seeing him that day jogging in the park, shorts showing his tuned legs and tank top not hiding his fit chest and arms. Standing there now she admired how his grey slacks hung perfectly from his tight ass. He turned and smiled as she closed the door behind her.

“How’s your day?” he asked her crossing the room to meet her halfway.

“Pretty good actually,” she answered. “It’s been a long week but I’ve got everything done from this week’s schedule and everything for next week set up and ready for Monday.”

“Excellent,” he lauded her. “You are amazing. I knew I was making the right decision when I hired you.” They both laughed comfortably.

He loved it when she laughed. He loved watching her beautiful mouth and seeing her bosom shake slightly when she laughed. He had hired her because she truly was the best of the best for the job. But he also knew that if someone else had been her equal professionally, he would had chosen her because she was the most beautiful woman he knew. And for three long months he had been trying to figure out a way to let her know exactly how attracted to her he was. He had made up his mind last night that today he would tell her and that was why he had called her into his office.

“In fact, I want to talk to you about how amazing you are, to me,” Ian said, stopping to keep about six feet distance between them.

“Okay,” Tatianna said. She wasn’t sure where this was headed. A raise? She wouldn’t mind a raise. But what she wished he was going to tell her was that he wanted to bend her over his desk and fuck her brains out. She couldn’t believe she just thought that! But it was true. Unfortunately, she doubted that was what Ian had in mind.

“This is not easy for me, because I do not want to lose you as an employee,” he began.

Oh no, she thought. I’ve done something wrong! He is demoting me or something else horrible! She said nothing, just bit her lower lip.

Ian saw that and it turned him on. He felt his manhood rising in his boxers.

“The truth is,” he started, looking away from her, “I am attracted to you. Very attracted to you. And I would like to know if you feel anything toward me or if my feelings are going to be a problem.” He had turned his back to her as he talked, feeling embarrassed to be talking about this.

Tatianna stood still during the first part of what he was saying. Then when he said he was attracted to her she started involuntarily walking toward him. By the time he finished talking she was standing directly behind him. She reached around Ian and put one hand on his chest, pulled her body against his back and then slipped her other hand down to the front of his trousers, touching his stiffening cock as it pressed out against his pants.

“I have wanted you since the first day we met,” she confessed.

Ian’s body responded before his mouth could. His penis hardening. Tatianna felt it. She needed to touch it. She unzipped his trousers and reached in, pushing through the fly in his pants and then his boxers until she felt his shaft.

“I hope this way of answering you isn’t going to be a problem,” she asked as she put her hand around his cock.

“Not at all, ” Ian replied. He turned around slowly and she kept her grip on his penis as he did. When he was facing her he looked down into her brown eyes. “As long as it doesn’t bother you that I’m going to fuck you right here in my office.”

Taitanna moaned to respond. Then she knelt down in front of him and tugged until his stiff cock popped out of his fly right in her face. It was perfect to her. Around seven inches, the shaft very hard but the head soft as she slid it between her lips and didn’t stop until it touched the back of her throat. She clamped her mouth down around it and slipped her tongue underneath. She began slowly bobbing her head forward and back, stroking his dick with her mouth and tongue. His dick felt warm in her mouth and she started imagining him cumming in her mouth so she could taste him.

Ian was entranced. Looking down he saw the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, knelt before him, making his cock disappear into her perfect red lips. He felt her tongue as it played along the bottom of his shaft and then as she bobbed her head and slid his dick almost out of her mouth she would circle his dick head with her tongue.

“That feels so good,” he told her.

She slid his cock out of her mouth and said, “Grab my hair and pump your cock into my throat, Ian. Fuck my face, please.” She placed his head between her lips. Ian grabbed a handful of her hair and thrust his cock into her mouth. She sucked it as it jammed in her mouth and touched her throat. He pulled it back and then pumped it in again, starting a rhythm. She gagged a little as he fucked her throat with his throbbing cock head. She loved it.

Ian knew he wanted more so he pulled out of Tatianna’s mouth and pulled her to her feet. He starting unbuttoning her shirt and she his. She pulled his shirt back just as he got her down to her thin lacy bra. He roughly lifted her bra up exposing her hard nipples. He pulled her to him, she felt her nipples against his chest hair as he grasped the back of her head, bent down to her and kissed her passionately. Tatianna reached down between them and stroked his dick, moist from her saliva. Ian reached behind her and unclasped her bra. She pushed out of his grasp and removed her shirt and bra, tossing them onto the floor. She stood there in her short skirt and high heels, breasts bare and nipples so hard she thought they would burst.

She watched as Ian removed his shirt. Then his belt. Then kicked off his shoes and took off his socks. Then he unbuttoned his slacks and they fell to the floor. Tatianna rushed over and yanked his boxers down, his hard cock springing back up as she got them down. “Fuck me, Ian!” she said forcefully.

Ian picked her up against his chest, turned and carried her over to his desk. He put her feet back on the ground then reached around behind her, encircling her with his arms. She felt his hands reach up under her skirt and then his large hands each grasped one of Tatianna’s full ass cheeks, squeezing them and pulling her body to his.

She groaned as he began kissing her passionately again, his tongue finding hers as their lips massaged the others’.

Ian felt her beautiful ass and then moved his hands until he found the spot on her thong panties where the thong met the waistband and he grabbed the waistband with one hand and the thong with the other. In a sudden and violent motion he ripped them apart causing Tatianna to gasp. Ian pulled away from her and took her panties with him, throwing them aside.

“Yes,” she said to him with a catch in her breath, answering his unvoiced question that the look in his eyes was communicating. He wanted her BADLY and she could see it.

“Be warned,” he said, “I may not be able to control myself.”

“Don’t,” she said.

With that Ian spun Tatianna around, pushed her back gently but urgently causing her to bend at the waist over the front of his desk. She felt him grab her ass and she arched her back, jacking her ass up to give him the access he needed and she wanted. The next thing she felt was his hard cock penetrating her wet cunt lips and him not stopping driving it in her until she felt his balls slap against her hard clit.

“Oh, Ian!” she screamed. “Pound it in me, please!”

Ian didn’t need to be asked twice. He began a quick rhythm of pulling almost all the way out and then ramming it back in with force. Tatianna was responding by rocking back onto him as he fucked her deeply. Ian drove her like that for dozens and dozens of thrusts. He felt her cunt spasming in response. He knew what he wanted now.

Slipping out of her he grabbed her hair and pulled her to a standing position again, turned her around, reached under her ass with both hands and lifted her off the floor, bringing her down to sit on the edge of his desk. Then without hesitation he stepped forward drove his hard rod into Tatianna’s waiting, wet pussy. She gasped again and then rested back onto her elbows.

“I want to watch you going in and out of my body,” she told him with a nasty little grin. “I want to see your cock, no, MY cock disappear inside of me.”

Ian grinned and gave her what she said she wanted, disappearing his, no, her cock into Tatianna’s tight, wet pussy. He bent forward, over her and grabbed one of her big, hard nipples between his teeth, biting down hard and then pulling back up, tugging her nipple away from her breast. She groaned and then squealed.

“Oh my god, Ian, that hurts!” she blurted and then before he could stop she added, “Please don’t stop, oh my god, please don’t stop!”

Ian pumped his hips and began fucking her faster with his hard cock, burying himself inside of her with each stroke, slamming his pelvis against her stiff clit and making her body react each time.

“Unff…” she grunted. “Drive me! Drill me! FUCK ME!”

Ian kept himself up with one hand but moved his right hand over to rest his palm on her mound just above her pussy. Then he slid his thumb down and over her hard clit, sloppy with her honey. He pressed down on her clit and began rubbing it quickly and earnestly with the side of his thumb, pressing down on her mound as he did so. All the while continuing to fuck his stiff rod in and out of her wet but tight pussy and tugging away at her hard nipple clenched between his teeth.

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!,” Tatianna screamed, not caring if or who might hear her outside the office. “My stud! My baby! Oh, please just rape me!”

Ian felt his balls tightening just as Tatianna experienced her first orgasm. He felt the muscles in her pussy tighten around his shaft. Her body convulsed. She moaned deeply and tilted her head back as the waves of orgasm swept across her. Her nipples throbbing, her cunt tightening, her mind reeling. She grunted and moaned and he never stopped drilling her while she came.

Just as she was coming down from that first orgasm she felt Ian throbbing and knew he was close. But he pulled out of her and didn’t cum. Instead he backed away from the desk to stand a couple of feet away. Tatianna look at him through her spread legs, her heels up on the edge of the desk. She saw the work he had done to her cunt, saw how wet and shiny it was, how deep red her lips were as they had become engorged with blood during the fucking. He was standing there, grinning and admiring his work, slowly stroking his own beautiful cock, it too shiny with her cunt honey. She reached down and slowly rubbed her clit and they smiled at each other watching each other masturbate for a moment.

Ian stopped smiling and took a serious look on his face. Tatianna saw that his cock was fully hard. He looked in her eyes and asked, “Mouth, cunt or tight little asshole?”

Tatianna looked back questioningly as she rubbed herself a little faster realizing what he was asking.

“Where do you want me to cum?” he clarified. “Do you want me to release my load in your hungry mouth as I pump your face?”

“Mmmm…” she replied, rubbing her clit.

“Or do you want me to bend you over the arm of that couch, drip my saliva down between your perfect round ass cheeks and fuck your tiny virgin asshole with my rock hard cock until I spew inside of you?” Ian asked.

“Oh my god, Ian,” Tatianna gasped. “I’ve never had a cock in my little anus!”

“Or would you like for me to push YOUR hard cock up inside your sexy cunt that you’re sitting there touching and unload my hot cum up inside of MY perfect fuckhole!”

Tatianna almost came when he said that and she had made up her mind which she wanted.

Tatianna stopped rubbing herself, looked into his hungry eyes and said, “Bring me MY cock and you choose, baby.”

Ian walked over, held his hand out to Tatianna. She smiled and took it. He pulled her to her feet and led her to his couch. Standing at one end of the couch, Ian pulled both of her wrists together behind her and with his large hand, he held them there behind her. With his other he cupped the back of her head and brought her mouth to his, slowly and deliberately kissing her. Tatianna moaned into his mouth. Breaking away, Ian raised an eyebrow at her and grinned.

“Today we begin your training for a new skill,” he said.

“Mmmm, yes sir,” she cooed. “Teach me.”

Ian slowly spun her around and gently bent her over the arm of the couch. Tatianna’s pulse quickened as she begin thinking about what she might expect next. She had never had anal sex, though she had toyed with it herself while masturbating and the thought of penetration appealed to her. She was still a little trepidatious about whether or not she could comfortably take Ian’s swollen and hard dick in her virgin arse. It excited her and made her a little nervous.

Ian sensed her angst. “Relax,” he said reassuringly. “We cannot expect you to take on the full responsibility on your first day, now can we?”

She smiled and answered by arching her back to present her pussy and ass to him. Showing him her trust. Ian released her wrists and she steadied herself on the couch in front of her. She felt something warm and wet drip onto her anus. She twitched and then to show Ian she was good to go, she begin slowly gyrating her hips in small movements, inviting him. She felt more warm moisture splash on her anus opening.

Ian allowed a bit more saliva to drip down. Then he slowly began rubbing the outside of her anus with his thumb. Tatianna moaned. Ian stepped closer and placed the head of his fully erect cock just inside the swollen moist lips of Tatianna’s pussy.

Tatianna felt Ian rubbing her arsehole and she couldn’t believe how good it felt and how hot it made her. Then she felt the warmth of his dickhead touch between her pussy lips. It was all she could do not to buck backward and force him deep into her. But she wanted to let him have her. So she waited.

She felt Ian begin slightly dipping the end of his thumb into her arsehole while he rubbed it. She tried to start relaxing it when she sensed his finger tip. He slowly began pressing it in deeper. And deeper. She begin feeling so aroused that she thought she may cum. Her moaning became more pronounced. Her breathing racing. She felt more of Ian’s saliva strike her opening and then she felt his thumb drive deep into her. At the same time she felt his cock push deep into her pussy. She gasped with pleasure.

Ian pushed his thumb all of the way into Tatianna’s sexy ass and buried his hard throbbing cock inside of her wet pussy at the same time. He nearly came from the feeling and the sight. He started slowly pumping his thumb and cock at the same time, in the same rhythm.

“Oh my god!” Tatianna moaned in a breathy voice. “I am going to cum!” And with that she began an orgasm that strained every muscle in her fit body and caused her to hold her breath.

Ian continued fucking her pussy and her bottom as she came. He fought off his own orgasm until he felt her exhale and he knew she had cum. He stopped drive her arsehole, just leaving his thumb buried in her. He held the side of her ass with his other hand and started a fast, deep cadence, fucking Tatianna’s pussy.

Tatianna was still feeling the aftershocks of her orgasm when she felt Ian begin driving her in earnest. She felt another orgasm of her own building and knew she did not want Ian to stop until he came. And she knew exactly where she wanted to feel his hot explosion.

“Ian, don’t you dare stop!” she nearly screamed. “Cum inside of me, Ian. Cum in your pussy!”

Ian heard those words and feeling Tatianna’s pussy clenching his dick as she came again, he let go, cumming and pumping her as he did.

Tatianna felt his release. Felt the heat. Heard him groaning in pleasure and all of it heightened her orgasm. They came together and she thought neither were going to stop.

Finally, spent, Ian pulled out, reached down and wrapped his arm around Tatianna, pulled her to her feet and then tucked an arm under her bottom, lifted her and walked over to the side of the couch. He laid her down gently on the couch and knelt down beside her. He looked into her eyes and slowly caressed her face.

“That is the greatest job perk I’ve ever been given,” Tatianna said, grinning.

“Wait until you see your bonus package,” Ian said, winking.

I shut down the computer and Jill and I silently went about picking up our clothes scattered on the floor. She went to the bathroom and I plopped down on the couch in the suite after putting my boxers back on. I sat in a daze until my wife walked out of the bathroom. She just had a t-shirt on and her panties — god was there anything that she didn’t look amazing in I wondered.

She came over to the couch and I patted on my knees and she sat down on them.

“So what are you thinking?” she asked.

“I’m not sure really,” I replied. “My mind is kind of swimming right now.”

“Yeah mine too,” said Jill. “Do you think he knows?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “Part of me says no way and then again part of me thinks how could he not? I really don’t know. All I know is we know it was him that was watching. And that he thinks of you as his dream woman.”

“How does that make you feel, knowing that?” Jill asked.

“Well he didn’t get this far in life by being a dumb guy,” I said as I smiled. “What’s not to love about you? I can’t blame him that is for sure.”

“What are we going to do? Do we act like nothing happened?” Jill asked.

“That is probably best for right now. Let’s just act normal around him and see if he brings it up. That is probably the best thing to do.”

Jill agreed and said that her fantasy night had been wonderful but that it was still missing one thing. I didn’t need another hint and took her to bed and we had sex again. I couldn’t get the image of her and Ty masturbating to each other out of my head and even though I had just shot my load less than 30 minutes earlier I had a hard time holding on. Jill was as wet as ever and I felt like her mind was on what she saw earlier too as we really pawed at each other and it was more animalistic sex than our normal variety.

After kissing each other for a while she rolled over and nodded off pretty quick as the evening’s events went back through my mind. I couldn’t sleep and after about an hour I got up and went back to the computer. I logged onto the website and saw we literally had hundreds of messages. They were all from the time we had been doing our cam show and most were just a few words or one liners about how hot Jill was. My erection returned as I continued reading and deleting the messages as I went.

As I got to the last message I recognized the small picture form the profile as the picture from Ty’s profile. His message had come in well after the show ended and I read it with my heart pounding. The message read — Thank you for a wonderful experience. You are simply gorgeous and I can only imagine how great you must be in person. I know the opportunity to experience you in person does not exist since you are married but please know how gorgeous you are and let your husband know just how lucky he is. XOXO.

I wasn’t sure what was throbbing more, my cock or my heart. I read the note again, trying to see if there was anything that would give away whether Ty knew it was my Jill he was talking to. It was hard to tell. My heart told me he did not know but my gut said he did. Either way he certainly wasn’t pursuing anything with his message. I should have deleted it so Jill could never see it, but I didn’t.

Instead, I flipped through his pictures, one by one again and started stroking my cock to them. It exploded for the third time that night the moment I saw the picture of my wife on his profile and his words about her being his dream woman.

We woke up that morning and had a quickee and then played some more in the shower. We didn’t want to check out until we had to. We didn’t talk about the night before but I wondered if it was still in her mind as much as it was in mine.

That night back at home my wife said we should do something nice for Ty for going above and beyond his betting requirement. My heart skipped as I wondered what she meant and my cock started to grow. She noticed my freeze and smiled and came over to me and kissed me and felt for my dick and giggled.

“No, not that honey,” she said. “I was thinking cookies. I’ll be back in a few.”

With that she got up, grabbed her purse and was out the door. She returned about 20 minutes later with bags from the store. She had dinner for us and spent the next few hours baking cookies for Ty. She put them in some Tupperware and wrote a note to put on top. It said — “We had a great time, thanks to you… Go Heels!”

There was some double meaning in those words I knew, but felt the note was in good-natured fun. I took the cookies to work the next day and put them on Ty’s desk. He wasn’t in that day but did come in on Tuesday morning. I tried to talk to him but he was moving a mile and minute. He did thank me for the cookies and said to thank Jill for him and that he’d catch up with me later.

When I got home Jill asked how it went and if he gave any indication that he knew. I told her not really and that I felt kind of brushed off by him but maybe he was just busy from being out of the office. We were both dying to know if he knew but unless we flat out asked him we were probably never going to find out. We really hoped things would be like normal as we both really liked Ty and enjoyed hanging out with him.

Ty did act a bit strange the rest of the week and we finally grabbed some lunch on Friday and nothing was mentioned and things seemed pretty normal. I asked if everything was ok and he said it was, just a lot of work stuff was going on. I told him he should meet us on Saturday to watch some games but he said he couldn’t. He was heading out of town to visit family.

In the meantime Jill and I were fucking like rabbits every night. And it was pure sex, no talking, not love and it was hard and fast. I knew what was in my mind the whole time but never had the nerve to ask Jill what was in hers. I decided not to ask.

The next week Ty declined a mid-week offer to join us for an after work beer and the next day I told him that Jill was beginning to think he was avoiding us. He laughed and said that wasn’t true. So I told him to meet us Saturday night for drinks and dinner since Carolina and Duke were going to be on TV at the same time and we could watch both games. He agreed to meet us.

I told Jill that night that Ty was going to meet us on Saturday. She wondered how it would go. After all she had not seen him since she had her fingers buried in her pussy and was watching him stroke his towering cock. I asked her if she was going to be okay and she said yes she would be fine.

We met Ty that Saturday night at our usual place. I had wondered if Jill was going to get specially dressed up for him but she did not. She really did act as if she was not nervous at all. Maybe it was just me. I thought hings settled in pretty quickly between all of us like nothing unusual had happened since the last time we had all been together. It was definitely in the back of my mind and I knew it was in Jill’s too. The only question that still remained was whether Ty knew and was it on his mind as well.

When Ty got up to use the restroom I looked over at Jill and without saying anything to her she answered me.

“He knows,” she said.

“How do you know?” I asked.

“I just do. He won’t look me in the eye. He’s a bit nervous. He’s trying to be himself but it is not natural,” she replied.

“Are you going to say something?” I asked her.

“Yes, we need to get it out in the open sooner than later,” she replied.

Ty returned and we all chit-chatted again watching the games. When it came to halftime we all focused on each other instead of the TV’s. Finally, my wife stopped the conversation and looked right at Ty.

“Ty,” she started. “I need to ask you something that is a bit awkward but I think you know what I am going to ask.”

Ty sunk his head down. I now knew for sure that he did know.

“When did you know?” Jill asked.

Ty continued to look down as he took a few deep breaths. Finally he looked up at her and then at me.

“I’ve known for awhile,” he said. “The moment I saw the first picture you posted on the website I knew it was you. I recognized the birthmark on your butt immediately because I had my own pictures of it. And I checked every day to see if more pictures were up and loved every time they were. And then that night when you guys got on the cam and I just…”

Ty stopped and no one said a word.

“I’m so sorry Jill,” he finally said. Then he looked at me. “I’m so sorry. As your friend I should never have done that.”

No one said a word for almost a minute before Jill spoke up.

“Ty, it’s okay. You’re still our friend. We think the world of you and we don’t want this to change anything,” she said. “And you should definitely not feel bad about it. We were in an open forum, and it happened.”

Ty looked at her and said, “When did you know?”

Jill looked over at me, looked a bit ashamed and then looked back at Ty.

“The moment I heard your voice,” she said.

That caught me off guard as I looked at her and she saw me and had a sad look on her face. I knew she had an idea after we were done and knew for sure once we saw her picture on his profile but now she was saying she knew before it ever got out of hand.

She looked over at me and said, “Sorry.”

“Why didn’t you stop it then?” said Ty.

“Why didn’t you?” Jill responded.

“I just couldn’t,” he replied. “I never wanted you to know. I never sent you guys a message. But when I saw you on cam that night I just couldn’t stop myself from telling you what I thought. I had sent at least ten comments before you answered and clicked on me. I never thought you’d click on me so I was telling you all the things that I knew I could never say to your face.”

We were both floored.

Ty continued, “And once you replied I didn’t know what to do. I tried to act cool and confident but I was shaking inside. I couldn’t resist my one chance with you, even if it was happening in this way. I am so sorry and as much as it was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen I really wish now it had never happened.”

He paused before finishing, “I can go if you guys want me to.”

“No, don’t do that,” I replied before my own dramatic pause. “But I do have one question for you. The message you sent to us later that night. Was that for Jill and did you want her to know?”

Now it was Jill’s turn to look at me puzzled. “What message?” she asked.

“Ty sent a note to us later that night. I never deleted it so it is still there. I just didn’t tell you about it.”

I looked at Ty for a response.

“I just wanted her to know what I felt about her but didn’t want to her to know it was me. I wanted to say what I wanted to say and then go on knowing I had told her how beautiful and amazing I thought she was, well, I mean is.”

Jill was turning pretty flushed and I thought my heartbeat was probably loud enough for the whole bar to hear.

Ty looked flustered too but finally spoke again looking at Jill. “So you never answered. If you knew it was me, why did you continue? You could have clicked away once you realized and it would never have happened.”

Jill thought about her answer for a moment.

“Because I didn’t want to stop either, ” Jill confirmed. “I was in the middle of fulfilling a fantasy for my husband and was very caught up in it and when I realized it was you it added a spark that I had never felt. It was so taboo and at that point. And I didn’t think you knew it was me so I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal. Ever since the night you saw me in my panties I’ve had all these things running through my head. I couldn’t look away from you. After my orgasm I realized it was a mistake.”

If I had even shifted in my seat and my cock had rubbed my boxers a smidge it would have been all she wrote so I sat as still as a statue.

Ty was again the one to break the ice. “Look, I love you two. I mean it. Both of you. Jill you are beautiful and funny and I love being around you and,” he stopped, a bit choked up as he looked at me.

“And you’re as good a friend as I have. For whatever reason I don’t have many and maybe it is because of things like this, but I think the world of you. And I love your marriage, and I love the two of you together and watching you together. And I am so jealous of what you two have. I would never forgive myself if I was the cause of something that hurt what you two have. I’m not even sure what else to say now.”

It looked as if a tear was welling up in his eye as he finished talking. I wish I knew at that moment what was going on in Jill’s mind but I wanted to make sure Ty knew everything would be okay so I reached out my hand to him.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said. “We’re cool.”

He smiled as he reached out and shook my hand. Jill also seemed to have a tear in her eye but she got up and walked to the other side of the table to Ty. She leaned down and put her hands on each side of his face.

“I’m totally flattered by everything you said to me,” she said. “And I think you are an incredible guy.”

She leaned in further and gave him a kiss on the lips that took him, and me, by surprise. After the kiss she smiled at him and walked over to me and put her arms out. I scooted my chair out and she got in my lap and hugged me and kissed me even longer.

“And you are even more incredible,” she whispered in my ear.

Then I could tell she could feel my hard on and she smirked at me before whispering back into my ear.

“Try to hold off and I’ll make it worth your while later.”

Jill remained on my lap and flagged down the waitress and she came over and Jill ordered three shots as we started to pay attention to the basketball again. Both games were well into the second half by now, our attention having been elsewhere. The shots arrived and Jill gave one to each of us before offering a toast.

“I am such a lucky woman to have a husband like you,” she started as she kissed my cheek. “And a great friend like you,” as she stood up and kissed Ty’s cheek before returning to my lap. “So let’s drink to a great friendship, a crazy night of nakedness and to getting things back to normal.”

Jill raised her shot and we all did the same and slammed them down.

Ty started to laugh and Jill asked him what was so funny.

“Well, since all this is out in the open, I feel like I can tell you why Ashley and I broke up now,” he said. “We were having sex one night and we were really going after it and I was fucking her as hard as I could and was about to cum and as I started to cum I said ‘Oh yes Jill’ to her. I’ve never seen a woman get so mad in my life. She tossed me aside and said she knew it and stormed out.”

Jill had been wiggling her ass a bit on me the whole time Ty was telling his story and she started to laugh when he finished and the thought of Ty thinking about fucking my wife as he was with his girlfriend was too much for my throbbing cock and my wife’s wiggling and I started cumming. After a few spurts I could tell that Jill knew. She cracked a small smile out of the corner of her mouth before leaning back to whisper to me.

“Don’t worry baby. I thought the story was hot too.”

by Shinzon and Barenecessity

Dan sat quietly at his desk, clutching a full cup of café noir in his hands. Normally by this time, he would have enjoyed at least two cups of the revitalizing liquid but this morning it remained untouched. As he stared deeply into the blackness of the rich Brazilian coffee, his facial expressions fluctuated between ecstatic to melancholy. Sighing heavily, he raised his head ever so slowly and glanced across the desk at his wife’s picture. Pausing momentarily, his full attention then focused upon the Bible before him. Narrowing his eyes, Dan read aloud the words of Matthew 5:27-28 once again.

Jesus said, “You have heard that it was said, ‘Do not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

He thoughtfully stroked his well-kept salt and pepper beard, looking long and hard at the image being reflected upon the black surface. Vivid images of last night thrilled and disturbed him equally. One minute he smiled; the next he grimaced as conflicting emotions washed over him. Catching a glimmer of light reflecting from his gold wedding band, he slammed his large hand angrily onto the desk.

“Who are you?” he asked the man staring back at him.


‘What was he thinking and feeling this morning?’ wondered Rachel as she eased into her chair and logged onto the computer. Uncertainties combined with insecurities caused her mind to race unchecked, conjuring up scenario after scenario. An uncomfortable tightness formed in her throat and chest as waves of anxiety washed over her.

‘You bloody fool girl, what have you done?’ she berated herself. ‘You’ve really landed yourself in shit now!’

Rachel tried to steady herself and go about business as usual, but the prevailing nervousness and frustration prevented her from concentrating. She shuffled paperwork back and forth, going through the motions but she was not really paying attention.

Startled by the sound of a new instant message, Rachel jumped. In dismay, she watched the flashing Communicator in the corner of her screen; it was an instant message from her boss, Dan. Her hand shook as she double clicked on the icon.

[dreynolds]: We need to talk … about last night. Meet me at the Garden Terrace at lunch.

Butterflies churned in her stomach as she read the succinct words over and over. She needed something to put her mind at rest but his words were void of feelings. Negative emotions clouded her judgment and fueled her anxiety. She searched the message repeatedly but couldn’t find anything positive in them. Feelings of rejection threatened to overwhelm her as she stared at the cold instruction. Fighting back the tears which welled inside, Rachel lowered her face, locked her computer screen, grabbed her handbag and walked swiftly to the ladies room. Once safely locked behind the confines of a stall, she leaned her head backwards, closed her eyes and allowed her emotions to run unchecked. Tears streamed down her face as she cried silently.

‘Jesus girl, what were you thinking? He’s married!’ she thought, dabbing her eyes regularly to avoid staining her dark blue suit.

‘Flirting and having a little fun was one thing but letting the boss fuck you …….! You can’t even blame drink for your behaviour. You just let him!’

‘Christ, he must think I’m a complete slut. No wonder he ignored me this morning.’

‘Well girl, you can’t bloody sit in here all day. What is that old adage? Oh yes, attack is the best form of defense!’

Rachel’s pride and defiance kicked into gear and she quickly formulated a strategy to extricate herself from the embarrassing situation. Inspired by her newfound strength, she actually believed a certain amount of dignity could still be maintained. Rachel got up, dried her eyes and exited the stall. After washing her hands, she made a quick check of herself in the mirror, smoothed her pencil skirt and tugged her jacket in place before exiting the ladies room. She walked directly to her desk where she picked up the phone and promptly dialed an internal extension.

When Dan returned from his 10:30 a.m. appointment, he picked up the stack of messages from his desk and quickly scanned Rachel’s precise writing, prioritizing the messages in his mind. Noticing the voicemail indicator flashing, he picked up the receiver. Most were routine calls but the last message caught him by complete surprise.

“Morning Dan, it’s Laura. Could you give me a call when you have a min. Rachel has been to see me this morning and we need to chat. Ext 56238. I’m free most of the morning”.

Dan leaned back in his chair, stunned and perplexed by Laura’s call.

‘Why had Rachel been to see Human Relations?’ he wondered. ‘Was she sick? Was she leaving? Had she filed some sort of complaint about him? Oh god, did it have something to do with their intimacy last night?’

As Rachel returned to her workstation with a tray of drinks, she could see Dan was on the phone as the indicator light glowed in her peripheral vision. She knew from experience that HR would have contacted him by now and it was quite possible she was the reason he was on the phone. Having distributed the drinks, she squared her shoulders with steely resolve, focused on her screen and systematically dealt with the various requests for her time. Externally, she appeared to be under control but deep inside Rachel was dying. She knew that in another hour, it would all be over.

Dan replaced the receiver, leaned back into his chair and exhaled deeply. He stared at the phone with a perplexed look.

‘What kind of fucking game is that girl playing?’ he questioned, feeling his heart beat fiercely within his barrel chest. Dan felt as though Rachel had undermined his authority and was not pleased in the least.

‘That little lady needs a lesson on who’s the boss around here,’ he concluded and formulated a strategy for their upcoming meeting. He wanted to ensure his secretary clearly understood the lay of the land in these circumstances.

Later that morning, Dan pressed the button for the 10th floor and waited patiently for the elevator doors to close. He always enjoyed going to the Garden Terrace as it offered a place of refuge from the hustle and bustle of the business world below. When Rachel arrived, he stood, slid out the accompanying chair and steadied it for her as she joined him on the terrace. Her refusal to make eye contact only confirmed what he already knew.

“Rachel, we need to talk,” he said with a low, deep voice. The firmness in his tone reflected his conviction.

He gently tilted her chin up until he could see her tanned face. She didn’t utter a word nor need to as her soft brown eyes spoke for her.

“Last night was not a fluke, nor just some random fuck! I don’t regret it in the least. Yes, there is a sense of guilt. Yes, I am wrestling with my conscience but rest assured what we experienced was real, very real and if possible I want to continue a relationship with you.”

Rachel’s doe-like eyes widened as she listened very carefully to each and every word.

“Rachel, this wasn’t a one night stand and I want you to understand that. It has touched me deeply just as it has rocked you. Believe me Rachel; it is very, very real. In a couple of weeks, we’ll be having a Company Away Day and hopefully it will give us some quality time … to get our heads around this.”

With that, he paused briefly, and passed her a lunchbox meal. As he stood up to leave, he leaned down to ensure their conversation was not overheard.

“Oh by the way, Laura from HR called me this morning, informing me of your request for a transfer. I denied the request, telling Laura that a sufficient case for transfer hadn’t been made and stressed the needs of the business outweighed the desires of the individual.”

Whilst bending forward to emphasize his next words, he paused momentarily to look deep into her eyes.

“Rachel, I would be devastated should you leave. More than anything, I want you by my side, personally and professionally. Nevertheless, if you find you can no longer work for me, I want you to tell me to my fucking face. Otherwise, I expect you to get back to your desk after lunch and perform your duties in accordance with the high standards you have consistently set for the office.”

After a brief pause, he continued, “Apologies love, but I have to run. I have an audit meeting in five and can’t be late.”

“I love you … allow me to show it!” he said smilingly.

As he turned to walk away, he squeezed her hand tenderly and headed off towards the elevator. After a few steps, he stopped abruptly, turned and added, “Oh by the way, check your bottom desk drawer when you get back to the office.”


The morning of the Company Away Day finally arrived and Rachel’s eyes shot open in excited anticipation the moment the alarm sounded. She smiled coyly as her hand travelled over the dark blue satin sheets, rubbing the empty space beside her.

‘Tonight … maybe tonight I won’t sleep alone,’ she sighed.

Eager to start the day, she hurriedly threw back the curtains, allowing the sunlight to stream inside. Two weeks ago, Dan had turned her life upside down, awakening something deep inside. Although they had barely spoken about that evening, he had made it very clear he wanted her. Not a day had gone by without her thinking about their lovemaking. Those exuberant thoughts of him and him fucking her again made her vivacious and ravenous, and the morning’s warm sunshine energized her all the more.

Padding barefoot to the shower, Rachel tested the temperature of the streaming water with an upturned palm and then stepped inside. While the hot pulsating jets did wonders for her tense muscles, they could do little to calm her mind. She wished she could just stop thinking of him but she couldn’t. Her hands roaming over her body didn’t help matters much as she replayed that night yet again in her mind. Dan was authoritative and masterful by nature and her body had responded to his lovemaking naturally and without shame. Lovemaking hell, he had fucked her. Damn, he had fucked her good and proper. In the heat of the moment, she had relinquished control and allowed herself to be swept away by his lust. God, it had felt so good and she ached for a replay; her body craved it.

‘Now look at you and the state you’re in!’ screamed the little voice inside her. ‘He’s married! What the hell are you playing at, you stupid girl.’

As the berating words echoed inside, the tingling sensation within her loins spoke with stark opposition. She needed him to fuck her again, and her vaginal muscles twitched in affirmation. Rachel slapped the wet tile with her hand, pursed her lips, determinedly grabbed the shower gel and began lathering her body. She hoped the familiarity of action would help her focus but her mind betrayed her yet again. Visions of Dan’s soapy palms caressing her full breasts raced through her mind. Her imagination quickly took control, and her cunt responded, pulsing and throbbing with need. She desperately wanted Dan there … now.

As the hot water continued to stream down, she succumbed to her body’s desire. Rachel sighed as the flat of her hand rubbed across her trimmed mound; she imagined his hands reaching around her waist, exploring her pussy. As her fingers parted her labia and slowly inched their way upwards, she bit her lower lip and leaned back against the shower wall, pressing firmly against the tiles to steady herself.

“Fuckkkk,” she moaned softly as her fingertips brushed lightly over her clitoris.

Sandwiching her clit between her fingers, she began a gentle up and down rhythm. Instinctually, her hips slowly swayed to and fro in response to the sensual massage. She groaned as a single finger slipped inside.

Envisioning his hardness rubbing against her buttocks, she spread her legs and inserted a second finger. Her own wetness combined with the warm water eased the passage of her probing fingers. Within minutes, her steady rhythm caused her breathing to deepen. As the harmonious actions of her hands brought her closer and closer to the edge, she shuddered and moaned profusely.

Rachel’s hastened the vigorous, counter-clockwise motions upon her clit, and gasped for air as tremors of pleasure ripped through her body. The release came hard and fast, forcing her legs to tremble. She groaned in ecstasy from the pleasure of her own hands.

While her orgasm was tame in comparison to the one Dan had spawned that night, it had served its purpose and she was now able to focus. She quickly showered then grabbed a towel from the rail. After rubbing a small towel through her dripping dark hair, she wrapped a bath towel around her body and returned to the bedroom to get ready.

Toweling herself dry, Rachel sat in front of the satinwood dressing table and reached for the long rectangular box. She held it in her trembling hand and smiled as she recalled seeing it in her desk drawer at work for the first time. Once again, she slowly opened the lid and gazed at the delicate tanzanite and silver necklace nestled within. Lifting it gently from its grey velvet casing, she took the two ends of the necklace and slid them around her neck, fumbling uncertainly with the clasp. Once secured, she gazed at her reflection in the mirror thoughtfully.

The necklace had been a source of contention between them. Rachel’s innate sense of pride had been unwilling to accept the gift, and Dan’s profound sense of ownership demanded her acceptance.

‘Let’s see how he likes it on me,’ she thought as she gazed at her reflection again.

After dabbing a scant amount of perfume to each pulse point, Rachel selected her attire for the morning, dressed quickly and headed downstairs.


Dan understood and valued the importance of events like Company Away Days. Throughout his career, he had used these events to build high performance teams. He understood group dynamics and was more than willing expend the time and energy required to make this event successful, productive and fun.

‘Good choice Rachel,’ he thought as he turned onto the road leading to the resort. The panoramic view of the surrounding countryside and the beauty of the magnificent mansion in the distance were breathtaking.

The morning session was chock-full of corporate activities. Dan had a difficult time concentrating on the proceedings because when he wasn’t daydreaming about Rachel, he was stealing glances at her. His eyes were constantly drawn to the shimmering sequins which highlighted the tiers of her white, gypsy-styled skirt. Whenever she leaned forward, her matching décolleté, sleeveless top offered an engaging view of her tanned arms and shapely tanned breasts. With satisfaction, Dan noticed the necklace shining against her glowing skin and smiled to himself discreetly. She had accepted his gift and by association his authority, but he knew it would take far more than a mere trinket to master that woman. Fortunately, he was able to slip her his business card during one of the breaks. Rachel being inquisitive by nature needed to know what was on the card so she took the opportunity to go to the ladies room before the session resumed.

It read: ‘Meet me at my car after lunch.’

Once the morning activities and lunch were out of the way, Rachel slipped off to her room to change. She was anxious to meet Dan and her heart thumped with excitement and anticipation. As he watched her make her way across the parking lot, his adrenaline soared as he thought about being alone with her again. He smiled as a strong breeze caught hold of her maxi-length georgette dress, flipping it up around her waist. He chuckled to himself as he watched her struggle to hold it down. Whilst the bold yellow floral print was quite stunning, those scalloped yellow panties underneath got his mind reeling.

Dan opened the car door for Rachel, held her hand as she got inside and then closed the door after she was safely secured. Getting in at the driver’s side, he quickly buckled his seat belt and jammed the key into the ignition. Turning to her, he grabbed her arm and held it in a gentle grip.

“Rachel? Rachel, look at me!” he demanded.

Rachel took a deep breath and slowly turned to face her boss.

“Rachel, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather spend this afternoon with—none I want more by my side … in life. I know I’m married. I realize it’s wrong to care about you but my feelings are real. They cannot be denied nor silenced so unless you ask me to stop I fully intend to pursue you”.

Rachel’s hands trembled as she cupped his bearded face and looked deeply into his eyes. There was a sincerity that could not be denied and her eyes welled with tears. Dan nuzzled her palm, kissed the well of her hand and gazed into her beautiful brown eyes. Grinning, he shifted position in his seat and fired the ignition. Within 10 minutes, they pulled into the parking lot of the Cholmondely Castle Garden.

As the passenger door closed, he pressed Rachel against the side of the car and kissed her. Her lips were so inviting, soft to the touch, warm and moist. He enfolded her in his arms as their kiss deepened; their tongues entwined, dancing with each other. His determined hands roamed over her curves, causing their breathing to deepen. Rachel melted against him, sighing deeply into his mouth as his fingers deliberately brushed against her breasts. Feeling his groin tighten, he groaned deeply; his cock strained fiercely against his jeans.

“Okay, you heathen Yankee, it’s time to take in the gardens and give you a history lesson,” announced Rachel, pushing him back playfully.

Reluctantly, Dan stepped away, smiled and took her by the hand, leading her in the direction of the Castle. In a leisurely manner, they visited each of the majestic gardens, admiring the unique beauty each had to offer. Afterwards, they returned to the car for a brief respite. Rachel’s face flushed with excitement when Dan opened the trunk to retrieve a cool box and blanket. She nodded approvingly as they set out back across the sweeping lawns.

Dan spread the blanket out and began unpacking the cool box.

“Close your eyes,” commanded Dan.

Rachel grinned as she felt a velvety substance brush lightly against her cheek. She inhaled deeply as Dan trailed the velvety pedals slowly across her face. Her eyes opened as the gentle, romantic scent registered in her mind.

“Somebody peeked,” he teased, placing the single long stem rose across her lap.

Dan poured them each a glass of Amarone and the couple spent the next twenty minutes teasing each other’s sense of taste and smell.

“To our awakening and to us!” he toasted.

“To us,” responded Rachel. Her eyes glistening as she looked at him.

Pushing the bottle and glasses aside, they reclined upon the blanket and stretched out to enjoy the sunshine. In short order Rachel began to fidget as they talked.

“Mind if I sunbathe for a little while?” she asked suddenly and unexpectedly.

Dan nodded approvingly and checked to ensure their picnic spot was indeed truly private. Rachel slipped the maxi dress over her head without ceremony and settled back onto the blanket, resting her head against her handbag. As he gazed upon her near naked form, a flood of memories assailed him. His body ached for her; his sensitive erection strained fiercely against his jeans.

Rachel sighed as his feather light kisses traced a path along the elastic edge of her pink panties. A long languorous lick followed, leaving a moist trail of saliva in its wake. His warm breath blew gently across her moistened skin, inciting a low moan. As his caressing lips made their way slowly upward, she purred approvingly. She shivered with delight as his swirling tongue traced the edge of her navel, and when it delved deep inside she moaned deeply, grasping the blanket with both hands.

I shifted from one leg to the other impatiently, weighing my chances of escape. What would happen if I worked my way over to a window and forced my way out? No good, because not only were we stuck between stations but we were underground as well. The thought of emerging into the tiny dark space of the tunnel only to be hemmed in by a cold metal train was even worse than the claustrophobia I was starting to suffer where I was.

Thinking like this was the only way I could distract myself from the tension that grew inside of me with every passing minute. Since I was still in my probation period in a very strict corporate environment, I knew everything I did was being quietly watched and carefully noted. I was doing everything I could to stay in their favor because I desperately needed to keep the job. Being late was not an option.

Up until very recently I’ve been scraping by, faking my way through every irregular temp job that I could get and waiting tables as often as I could at night. Up until a few months ago, my hope for a stable future was fading rapidly.

My best friend and I were collapsed on his sofa after a night of pub crawling. In other words, a Saturday night just like any other. He was a waiter too but Saturday nights always went to the staff that had been around the longest, and neither one of us was even close to qualifying for that.

We always ended the night on his sofa, talking for a little while before passing out. But for some reason Rick wouldn’t settle down. He kept pacing around his apartment, talking half to me and half to himself. He was hyper enough that he was disrupting my mellow, sleepy state and I didn’t like it.

“What the hell is with you?” I grumbled at him.

“I hate this town. We need to get out of here. Do you know we do the same thing every damn day of every week, over and over and over? Aren’t you sick of it?”

I managed a half-hearted shrug. “Yeah. So? Why would it be different anywhere else?”

“Why wouldn’t it? I can’t stand being here anymore, neither of us can find any kind of steady work, so what’s the point in staying? At least we could do something new and have a better chance than we do now. Nothing ever changes here. It’ll be the same place when we’re 80 years old as it is now.”

I figured he was just drunk and raving and he’d get over it when he sobered up. So I half-listened to him and tried to watch TV at the same time. Eventually he sat down with me and we both fell asleep.

But the next night Rick hadn’t changed his mind. To my surprise, he had started making real plans.

“I’m gone. End of the month. Are you coming with me?” He sounded so determined I started to believe we could pull it off. I’d dreamt about getting out of this town for years but leaving had always seemed like something I could imagine but never actually do.

Since Rick had been talking this way I had started thinking. It didn’t take me long to see I had no good reason to stay, especially without him around.

So we did it. Moved to the city. We got a tiny apartment together and we both got work as waiters. Just to keep the money coming in for awhile, we told each other. I spent my days looking for programming work and my nights in the restaurant. We started to meet new people and we were having a lot of fun. Things were going great, except on the job front. It was just like it had been for me since I finished high school. I was making just enough for what I needed but never getting ahead. I tried to stay hopeful but as the weeks passed it got harder and harder.

Then one morning I got a call from a company I was hoping to work for. They wanted to see me as soon as possible and so I went in that afternoon. I wasn’t very hopeful since I had only applied there the day before, and usually when that happens they just want to check you out for no good reason. I made a bet with myself about how long it would take for the interviewer to tell me I’d be kept on file.

To my absolute shock, I got hired on the spot. Turns out they had just fired someone, and the boss told me he didn’t want to fuck around with Human Resources and wait while they took their time finding a suitable replacement.

“Don’t disappoint me,” he said, scrutinizing me as though I was keeping a secret from him and he wanted to know what it was.

My department was very busy and I always felt like the manager was keeping an eye on me a lot more so than anyone else. At first I didn’t think much of it because I was the newest hire. But normally that kind of thing wears off after your first day and they forget you even exist. I was well into my second month and still feeling like I was under the microscope when the boss called me into his office on a Friday afternoon.

“So, Roberts, catch me up. How’s it going with you? Everything okay?”

“Absolutely, sir, everything’s great. I’m happy that you gave me the opportunity to—”

He cut me off with a wave of his hand. “What I want to know is, can you see yourself sticking around for the long haul? Or are you looking at your position here as a stopover on your way somewhere else?”

I told the truth. “I definitely see myself here long-term. I really—”

He cut me off again impatiently. “Great. And it’s not me you need to impress. I’m moving you over to Michael Carson’s department. And I expect that if all goes well there, you will work out as a permanent fixture around here.”

His phone rang and he answered it, gesturing for me to leave.

As I reached the door he stopped his conversation. “Go report to him now. He’s expecting you.”

I stifled a sigh as I entered the elevator to head up to the 19th floor. I had hoped to be able to duck out early, but now I’d be here late as usual. Oh well. I couldn’t pass up any opportunity for what I hoped would be a step up, even though I wasn’t exactly sure where I’d been transferred.

The floor was deserted. Guess I wasn’t the only one who wanted to get an early start on the weekend. I walked through the rows of cubicles before I found the small office door practically hidden at the back of the floor.

The door was closed and I hoped my new manager had left too, but my knock was answered by a deep voice.

After I opened the door I stopped in my tracks, caught off-guard by the sight of a tall man bending down to retrieve something from a box on the floor. I got an unexpected eyeful of a terrific ass. Firm and perfectly rounded, it pressed nicely against the dark fabric of his pants and I stared at it until he straightened, turning towards me.

I blinked when I looked up into his face. Not many people were taller than me, so he had to be at least 6’2″. His black hair was just a little bit longer than it should be for a corporate environment. A few strands fell in front of his bright blue eyes and I fought the urge to reach out and brush them away.

“Alex? I’m Michael. How are you?” I shook his warm hand and tried not to stare at him.

“Have a seat. I’m sure you’re anxious to get out of here, but there are a couple of things you need to know right away.”

He called up a few files on his monitor and showed me the current project, summarizing it briefly. Then he sat back and regarded me.

“We have virtually no time to test this system before we go live, so we’ll be doing nearly everything onsite. The team will be heading down to Dallas on Tuesday. As of now, the team includes you.”

I blinked as he continued. “We’ll be there for six days. My assistant will give you the details on Monday. I know you’re being thrown into the deep end pretty quickly. I hope you can handle it.”

“Of course.”

“That’s all I need to tell you for now. Have a good weekend.”

I left the office slightly dazed and thought about what had happened all the way home. Suddenly I had a far more challenging position in my job, a drop-dead gorgeous new supervisor, and an upcoming trip down south.

The only problem I could see was being able to keep my hands to myself, especially on this trip. Back in his office it was all I could do to keep from dropping to my knees in front of him and begging him to come all over my face.

For the first time ever I was at work early on a Monday morning. The thought of seeing Michael the Sex God again had made me very enthusiastic. I couldn’t help calling him that in my head now, a holdover from the way I had thought about him all weekend every time I jacked off.

I headed directly to his office but his assistant stopped me before I got to the door. I introduced myself and then told him I needed to speak to the boss.

“Ah, right, Alex Roberts. Michael’s not in today. He flew down to Dallas last night. I have all the info you need for your trip tomorrow.”

Trying to hide my disappointment, I listened as he gave me the flight info. I worked intensely for the rest of the day to get myself up to speed on the convention project. I didn’t want Michael to think I wasn’t up for the challenge.

I got home late and went to bed just as soon as I had a quick meal. Before I fell asleep, I imagined being on my knees in front of Michael, taking his cock deep into my mouth. I stroked my own erection rapidly at this thought and it didn’t take long until I came hard.

Tuesday finally rolled around. My flight was delayed and I was late as I checked into the hotel that was hosting the convention we were running.

As soon as I dropped my bag off in my room, I hurried back out to find the main boardroom. We were scheduled to have a team briefing at five and it was already a few minutes past. Michael was at the front addressing the assembled group when I slipped in the back as quietly as I could. He noticed me anyway and nodded in my direction as he continued speaking. Turns out there were some issues that needed fixing immediately, so we had to hit the ground running.

Several hours later I collapsed into bed. We had worked until nearly 11:30 and I was exhausted, but I couldn’t get Michael out of my mind. My attraction to him was starting to interfere with my focus on work, and I needed to get it out of my system somehow. I decided this would be the last time I’d jack off thinking about him, and so I had better come up with a really good final fantasy.

My cock was already responding as a very hot scene popped into my mind. I pictured everything so clearly it was as if it was actually happening.

I imagine him knocking on the door to my room. I answer without hesitating, and realize right when I open it that I’m nearly naked except for the very tight black briefs I have on. Michael runs his eyes all over my body before saying, “I need to talk to you.”

I let him in and hastily grab the hotel robe to cover myself up, turning back to find him smiling at my embarrassment. If he only knew. If I don’t cover up quickly he’ll be seeing a lot more of me than he expects, since my cock is already trying to tear through my underwear in an effort to get closer to him.

I sit down on the edge of the bed, expecting him to take the nearby chair. Instead he comes over and sits on the bed right next to me, a lot closer than is appropriate for a boss and his employee. His clothed leg brushes against my bare one and I shift around, my cock growing even larger from the light touch.

I waited expectantly, hoping my robe is keeping my obvious excitement concealed. He looks directly into my eyes.

“Alex, I’ve wanted to fuck you from the moment you walked into my office. And I know you want me. There’s no reason to wait any longer.”

Before I can reply he moves close and his lips meet mine. His kiss is slow and firm. Possessive. He moves his hand to my lap and touches my steel-hard erection. I can’t help moaning as he fondles me through the cotton of my briefs, a sensation which I can never get enough of. I shiver and my cock throbs.

He keeps kissing me and I wrap my arms around him, pulling his strong body firmly into mine. I feel pretty slutty with him being still fully clothed and me nearly naked, and I love it.

He breaks our kiss and stands up right in front of me, quickly removing his shirt. I gape at his well-developed chest with growing lust but I have to lower my eyes when his hands move down to his pants. Very, very slowly he slides the zipper down. I can see the outline of his cock right in front of my face and I reach for it, feeling its impressive length.

I slide his underwear off without breaking my gaze. His cock is monstrous, at least nine inches long and very thick. I fit as much of it into my very willing mouth as I can and suck on him intensely. He can’t get enough and he pushes deeper and deeper into me. I wonder what it would feel like if he was filling my ass up instead.

I stop sucking and pull back. He groans as I tongue his length up and down, exploring every inch of him. He moves his hips, wanting to be back inside, and after a moment I open wide to take him in again. I nearly gag as his cock fills my mouth up and even though I want his cock in my ass, this is too good to stop.

His breathing gets heavier and I can tell he’s trying to hold back. But he’s so turned on by what I’m doing to him that he can’t stop himself and with a loud moan he comes hard in my mouth. I swallow it all.

When he’s done we lie down on the bed together. He pushes my robe aside, not bothering to take it off, and rubs my cock through my pre-come soaked underwear. I’m in ecstasy. It’s not long before he pulls them off me and I feel his warm hand wrapping around my throbbing erection. It feels so good I can’t help but thrust my hips, needing more contact with him.

The sexy sight of the gorgeous, wonderful man stroking me expertly is making me writhe around in ecstacy. When he leans in close to me and says my name it’s so hot I can’t stand it. He speeds up his pace and I come so hard my hips lift off the bed. It feels like I won’t ever stop, my hot juice splashing wildly all over his hand.

As the scenario played out in my mind I stroked my aching erection faster and faster. At the same moment that I came in my fantasy, my cock pulsed and I shot all over my own stomach.

My real orgasm was nearly as good as the one I had imagined. I fell asleep still imagining Michael lying beside me.

I’m sure that most of you have used the Internet to check out someone, or perhaps to see if you could find some interesting, or even erotic, secret about someone that you know or that you work with. This is a story about how one of those searches produced an interesting result.

I work at a small company that’s run by an early 40′s tall thin blonde woman named Janet. She’s about 10 years younger than I am and very dedicated to her job. She’s all business, but at the same time friendly and outgoing to all those in the work place. Our company is a bit different in that it has a lifestyle statement that every employee has to sign the prohibits office romances, adultery or other types of behavior that could give a bad reputation to the company.

At a recent business function I was seated near my bosses husband, a man that teaches at a local college and thinks that his intellect is vastly superior to everyone. He also thinks that his is the most talented, but still undiscovered writer of short stories and poetry. I overheard him discussing some recent things that he’d written and logged into my memory the web site where he said they were posted.

A few days later I went to the web site and read some of his newest musings and was quickly reminded that his greatness was only in his own mind. However, it contained a link to another web page of his writings so to follow the trail I clicked on the link to see what I could find. On these pages he had written several pieces using a pen name, and they still weren’t very good but it gave me an idea to do a search using his pen name.

I was surprised when several web pages came up where he had contributed one or more articles. I saw that one of them was a mature site so I naturally checked that one out first. There were several of his writings that I had not seen before, and these were by far the best work of his that I’d ever read. The topic of one musing was about the sensations one feels as they are getting a blow job. Which made me think of my boss in a completely different way. Another was about taking chance of getting caught by having sex outdoors and in public places. Again this brought new images of my boss to mind. I quickly ready through all of his adult writings and at the very end of the last poem was a link to another web site to find out more about the author of the writings and his “inspiration.” I quickly clicked on the web address.

I was disappointed that it was mostly a biographical page with a list of his writings, his education credits and more boring details. At the end of the page was and invitation to another link to a photo web site to meet the author. I followed the link and was pleased to see that there were several albums filled with photos.

After looking through most of the albums which were filled with pictures of him studying, teaching, napping and so on I was about ready to give up until I opened the next to last page. The first photo that popped up was a nice shot of my boss Janet wearing a dressing gown. As the photos on the rest of the page appeared I was happy to see that this whole page of photos contained the type of pictures that I had hoped to find.

I quickly looked over each photo and downloaded most of them. While they were indeed very nice and sexy they were PG rated and didn’t show very much skin. Then I clicked to the next and last page and I thought my long search finally hit pay dirt. The first photo that came up was a picture of Janet sitting in a chair with both breasts bared. There were several more shots from that same sitting where she was topless, but still wearing bikini panties. I again downloaded these as fast as I could.

As the last photo loaded it also had a link to another photo album on the same web site. I clicked on the link and it notified me that it was and “adult only” account. That didn’t really mean anything as all I had to do was click a box to say I was an adult and it let me in. There were just two pages, but as the first one opened I thought I had struck it rich.

Janet was nude in all these photos and it was pretty obvious that she had been modeling for the photos and that they were not just random photos. She was carefully posed in all of the photos so that every part of her body was exposed for the camera….and now me too. She was holding up her tits, pinching her nipples, spreading her legs, and even holding her pussy open for the photographs that her husband took, and now posted on the internet.

I was really impressed with these photos. I always new that my boss was quite a sexy lady, and she’d given enough down blouse glimpses of to verify that over the years, but this was proof that she could not only be a professional working woman, but could also look like a slut wife for her husband and the camera.

Then I clicked to open the last page. The first photo that opened showed Janet sucking her husband’s cock. I guess his musing about blow jobs was very accurate. Although she was totally nude in the photo it was apparent that the photographer was also one of the subjects in the picture as the quality and the set up wasn’t as good as the previous photos.

But what really amazed me was the next photo. Once again it showed Janet sucking cock, but in this photo she was also holding another one in her hand! The next photos showed her taking turns first sucking one cock and then the other and the last photo in the album was one of her kneeling on a bed sucking a stranger’s cock while her husband fucked her from behind. It was the classic “take two cocks at once” pose.

I loaded all the photos unto a CD so I could look at them later and shut down my computer. A couple of days later I went back to see if there was anything new, or if I had missed anything and all the pages of photos were gone.

I didn’t say anything for many months, and wondered about what I would do with my information anyhow. I couldn’t use the photos to get my boss to have sex with me as that would cause both of us to lose our jobs, I didn’t think that blackmail for money was a viable option either. I finally just decided that I would tell her and see how she responded.

Before one of our weekly meetings I loaded up the photos as a power point presentation on my lap top so that a new series of more revealing photos would scroll across the screen every time I punched a key. After we had taken care of some of the usual work place business I asked her to look at something that I’d been working on.

We slide our chairs together so we could both look at the screen and as the photos of her dressed in lingerie started to stream across the laptop she just said “oh crap” with each new photo. When they were done she asked where I’d found them, and now what. I told her just wait and pulled up the next series of photos.

In these photos Janet was totally nude. It was strange to be sitting next to your boss as you looked at nude photos of her on your computer. She was still saying “oh crap” with each picture and then started to say things like “I’ll kill him” and “that bastard.”

After those photos were finished she said: “ok, now you’ve seen me naked, now what?” I told her that every time we met in the hallway, at a company meeting, or anywhere I simply wanted her to always remember that I’ve seen, and possess, nude photos of her. If I look at her I want her to realize that I know what’s underneath her business clothes. She frowned and finally said she didn’t have any problem with that, and added that nothing I had shown her would have violated the “morality clause” of her job. It was just her stupid husband that had done something unethical.

I agreed with her, and then hit the key to run the last series of photos. She gasped when the picture of her holding two cocks at once came up, and sat silently as the rest scrolled past. When they were finally down and the photo of her doing two guys stayed on the screen she just asked me to close the laptop and then asked what did I want?

She explained that the three way sex was a gift for her husband’s fortieth birthday a few years ago and that they had not done anything like that before or since. She of course placed all the blame on him, she was pressured into it, and had no choice, blah, blah, blah. She asked if I was going to get her fired by giving the photos to the company board.

I assured her that I would not trade them with anyone, and that I would not hold them over her head for a promotion, better wages, time off or to try and get her in trouble in any way. I explained that I enjoyed working for her and that she was the best boss I’d ever had, and that now I knew she was also the sexiest boss I’d ever had. I told her that I would keep the photos, look at them now and then, and always remember how lovely she looks.

I also made her promise two things. That sometime in the next few months she would give me my own private photography session, and that if her husband ever asked for another three some I would be the guy that gets invited. She smiled and said both might be fun.

Lady Ashwood turned to Smith as he watched his Lilly kneeling before the Lady’s spread thighs, “Get out of here… the girl stays with me… and tell nobody of this,” she dismissively said with a cruel intonation.

“Lilly for your transgressions, you will stay with me a bit more….. Now, lick my cunt… lick it good, lick it slow….”

The words resonated in Lilly’s ears and shook her core as she watched the Lady flex her wet and sodden sex, pushing out the viscous pearl droplets of Smith’s seed. The humiliation was bad enough, but now she was compelled to have at a woman’s most private parts in an act of self preservation. Unfortunately, she had no choice and the Lady knew it. Begrudgingly, Lilly attended to the Lady’s demands and engaged in the slow painful act of paying her penance.

“Yes Lilly, you may yet become good at this yet… but you need much more training, much more…” the Lady quipped as Lilly completed her task and sat up.

“Think you are finished? Don’t be so quick to assume… nobody has given me release. It is all up to you. Finish the task,” the Lady demanded, “… I think you know what I like…” she said grabbing Lilly by the back of her head and pushing her head down.

“That’s it, use those quivering young soft lips and tongue, lick me good… both holes,” the Lady cooed as she pulled her knees back offering access.

For her part, Lilly knew what was expected and inserted a long finger in the Lady’s arse as she ate of the wicked woman’s sex until her mistress’s thighs began to quiver, voice quaked and her juices flowed. The Lady suddenly reached behind the girl’s head and pushed her against the wet convulsing sex and rutted on Lilly’s youthful face, suffocating the young woman as she crested into a long awaited climax. When it was all over Lilly knelt, her head bowed down in dejection and humility and submission.

The Lady leaned back on the couch and peered down at Lilly. “For a first time, that was not bad…. Now, we need to come to an understanding. First, I own you, whether you like it or not, you are mine, and will do as instructed without question until you are forgiven for your transgressions. Second, you will tell nobody of our arrangement. Third, a new uniform, one I believe you will prefer, will be delivered to your room tomorrow morning at 6:30 sharp. You will hereafter wear it. Fourth, at 11:00 tomorrow morning you will be at the castle steps to meet the car. We have business to attend. Do not keep me waiting…. Oh, and one more thing, no matter how bad things might be, you will always have a perky smile on your ever eager to please face, understand??”

“Yes, Mame,” Lilly replied.

“Now, get out of here and don’t let me hear from you until tomorrow.”

“Yes, Mame,” Lilly replied as she rose, relieved her evening was finally finished.

Lilly launched down the hallway to the nearest restroom, quick to wash her hands and face of the Lady’s odor before anyone could find her. She looked in the mirror above the sink and felt a sudden and inexplicable feelings of conflict- new found contempt gnashed against long time admiration. Lilly had absolutely no interest in women. She had adored the Lady before her wicked treatment- a silent student to an unknowing mentor. Now she felt conflicted. She wanted it all to be a bad dream. However, as she pondered the events, she began to realize that it was the stern control the Lady had exercised over her was also triggering an unanticipated arousal. And perhaps, just perhaps, because it was the Lady, subliminally she was willing to write off the night as a one time exception, maybe even harbor a strand of forgiveness and embrace the strand of lust.

Confused, Lilly slipped down the hall and thankfully found her roommate fast asleep. Able to avoid any questions, slipped into her bed and pondered what the Lady had in store for her as after her transgression and punishment. She thought her future treatment would be lower than that of a commoner as she drifted off for the night.

The morning came quick with an early knock on the door and the new uniform delivered as promised. Lilly sprang from her bed to retrieve it wondering how she would explain her attire to the other working girls. And, she had some explaining to do for the uniform was anything but a uniform, it was a real garment, a proper lady’s Parisian business suit- a pencil skirt and jacket, silk blouse, proper heels and silk hose, and a make up kit. Then she found the note attached to the jacket:

“Dress like a lady and carry yourself like one too. It is in my best interest and yours, and your one chance at redemption. You must trust me. Lady Ashwood.”

Lilly shook her head and quietly donned the expensive garments, putting up her hair, applying make up she had never worn before, careful to look her best, just as directed, like a proper lady, and after a morning of inquisitive looks from the other girls, whispers and murmurings behind her back, she appeared at the steps as directed in a timely manner a confident and eager smile on her face. In the circular driveway sat the silver gray antique Rolls with Smith donned in driver’s attire, attentively waiting for his passengers. On seeing Lilly he opened the back door without acknowledgment in a chauffeur like manner. Lilly unexpectedly found the Lady waiting for her within, nestled on the plush red leather seat, a pleasant smile on her face. Smith took to the front seat and awaited directions.

“Smith, take us to the Millwood estate, but take Derby Crossing, I prefer that road. It is more scenic,” the Lady said as she rolled up the carriage window, separating driver from passengers for privacy.

“You look good in that outfit. I trust you will serve the office well.”

Lilly looked at her quizzically.

“I am promoting you…. and Smith. He is now my chauffeur in addition to his existing duties. You my dear are now my personal secretary. That means you no longer are a servant. Your duties include managing my daily affairs, my social schedule and tending to anything else I need twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Naturally, the position comes with a substantial raise. I trust you will exercise the responsibilities of the office with great discretion and trust. There are things you may learn which are confidential and cannot be shared with the staff and others. You will need to disassociate yourself from the general staff because you may be called upon to make staffing decisions and perhaps fire them as may be needed. To properly discharge that duty, they cannot be your friends. To that end, starting tonight, you will have your own living quarters and will dine apart from them. I trust you will not abuse your office and authority and will exercise any powers given with discretion and equanimity understanding your loyalty is to me first and only. This is a phenomenal opportunity I am giving you. And we both know you cannot afford to lose it. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mame,” Lilly respectfully replied.

“Any questions?”

“But one, Mame.”

“Go on,” the Lady assured.

“I thought you had a secretary.”

“I did. You remember Mary Elizabeth? We had a falling out. She started with such promise then fell from my grace. You see, she fancied Lord Ashwood and we found ourselves in a bit of a love triangle.” Lilly gasped.

“Yes, it is true. You did not even have a clue, did you? Well, Lord Ashwood demanded it happen. I demanded that if we were going to do it, she would never let Lord Ashwood take her. But, she fancied Lord Ashwood, in a rather unacceptable way. She tried to carry his child. I would have none of that, lineage being sacrosanct. I sent the little minx off to work for the older widow Millwood. She now serves the widow. Tends to her every need. I am told she does it very well…. albeit sometimes begrudgingly,” she said her voice trialing off, a deviant smirk on her face.

Lilly looked out the window astounded by the story and the Lady’s openness. Even more so she was shocked by her friend’s deviance, a friend who she thought would never engage in such things. And there she sat, the car careening towards the Millwood estate, having just been given Mary Elizabeth’s old job and a possible meeting with Mary Elizabeth. Mary Elizabeth would certainly know from her dress alone. Why come to think of it, it was similar to one Mary Elizabeth once wore. Then her stomach knotted as she wondered how could she look at Mary Elizabeth and what she could say. Could there be another untold side to the story? She wondered.

They drove for a good twenty minutes. “Smith, pull over here for a moment,” the Lady said breaking Lilly’s train of thought. The car pulled to the side of the two lane road into a wide strip of grass buffering the road from the woods, a farm field on the other side of the road, nothing else around and very little traffic.

“This looks like a nice place to stop. Do you agree?” the Lady asked Lilly.

“Stop for what?” Lilly asked.

“Oh, you will see. Smith, there is a blanket in the trunk of the car. Please get it and place it aside the car in the grass on the off road side.”

Lilly wondered if they were stopping to picnic. Smith did as told and opened the door for the Lady, who got out and came around the car to Lilly’s side. Smith opened the door, “Get out Lilly. Smith, please stand on the street side of the car and watch for cars. If they stop tell them all is well and to move on,” the Lady said.

Lilly’s mind began to run wild with fear as she stepped out and faced the Lady. the warm autumn air blew across her body as she waited.

“It is time to pay your penance, again, and I have a sudden need. Get on your knees,” the Lady demanded. Lilly acceded to her request- a sudden knot tightening in her stomach- and Lily knelt on the blanket as the Lady leaned back against the car and lifted her skirt, revealing her naked Mons.

“Well, don’t just stare at it…” the Lady admonished, “… you know what I want. Now get on it.”

Lilly protested, “But Mame…”

The Lady sternly replied, “, do it, and with a smile….”

Lilly raised herself to the Lady’s sex and began the slow and delicate process of teasing her open with her mouth, gently kissing her hips and thighs, working her way around the sex and then licking at the hairy furrow. The Lady responded, placing her hand on the back of Lilly’s head and gently pressing into her face as her juices began to flow.

A car stopped. Lilly froze in terror, her heart pounded with fear they would get out and find her compromised.

“Keep at it Lilly,” the Lady softly directed.

Then she heard Smith, reliable Smith say, “All is well here, Sir. Thanks for stopping…. Yes, yes. My Lady is just taking in the scenery and enjoying the good weather. Have a good day Sir…. Thanks again, Sir.” For Lilly, the moment seemed to last forever as she administered to the Lady.

The Lady’s hips began to gently gyrate and Lilly latched on, softly suckling the tender lips, teasing and coaxing the slick bud, seeking to please her wicked mistress.

“Yes,” the Lady cooed between gasps as she grabbed Lilly by the back of the head and ground into her face, her fragrant juices smearing her youthful skin as the Lady bucked and wretched her hips fighting the impending release until she arched her back, groaned and ultimately shuddered aloud before slumping back against the car door in exhaustion.

Lilly knelt and looked down waiting for instructions. The Lady climbed back into the car, “Get in,” she said, “Now that we have that out of the way, let us get on with our business. Smith drive. Here Lilly, clean yourself up,” she said handing the girl a hanker chief.

“Mame, this will not properly cleanse me,” she said, “and we are going to Lady Milwood’s… the smell, it will linger…”

“Yes it will,” the Lady replied, “and you do not like it? Hmmm…. I wonder why?…. I am told Mary Elizabeth will be there to greet us…. Won’t it be nice to see her again?” the Lady asked a pleasant but wicked smile on her face, “Not another word for now,” the Lady quipped as she hiked up her dress, “pay some more penance until we get there. I like the tip of your tongue…” Lilly did as instructed, gently lapping the Lady’s sex, teasing and coaxing out her the juices as she softly moaned at Lilly’s teasing touch.

As the car pulled up the long driveway to the front door, it swung open and Mary Elizabeth stood in the archway to greet them. Smith opened the car door and the Lady emerged. As she approached, Mary Elizabeth bowed her head and curtsied. The Lady smugly walked by without acknowledging her. As the Lady disappeared from earshot, Lilly came next. Mary Elizabeth instantly noticed her attire. She held out her arms happy to see her and without warning gave Lilly a warm close hug. She pressed into her friend and whispered in her ear, “I must be brief, she might notice us talking. She has her claws into you, doesn’t she? The secretary’s dress and I know the smell of that pussy. Licked it many a times. Bet she claims I was snookering Lord Ashwood. I was, and then she insisted on joining us- jealous controlling bitch! Ruined our fun. You need to find a way to gain leverage before she finds displeasure with you, sends you to a place like this to service some old maid. Do whatever it takes….”

Mary Elizabeth drew back and put a fake smile on her face, “So good to see you. Come, tea is being served in the garden.”

(To be continued…)

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