“Down, boy!”

He lowered himself to his knees, kneeling in front of his Mistress and looked down upon her long, black boots. She was towering above him, the heels adding to her height. She was dressed in tight and shiny latex which showed off her every curve, of which she had plenty. Her ample bosom matched her hips, the corset clinging tightly to her waist. A black latex miniskirt matched the corset, with nothing underneath it. Her long, loose red hair framed her face beautifully. Unconsciously, he licked his lips, in hopes of what was to come. He felt vulnerable as he sat naked by her feet, enjoying the uncomfortable feeling.

Wanda ran her fingers through his hair, almost tenderly, before she took hold of it and pulled his head up, facing her. She looked directly into his eyes, darkened with desire, and closed the black leather collar around his neck. A tag on the collar had the word “Pet” engraved.

She loved the look of the collar; a shiver of pleasure ran through her every time she saw it.

He sighed happily as he felt the tight leather, loving the feeling of being owned. The feeling of lack of control was long replaced by a feeling of being completely in her control. He trusted her and felt the outside world disappearing as he went into subspace. He was completely relaxed.

She smiled wickedly at her most prized possession, as her fingers lightly caressed his cheek. The fact that she was an evil Sadist did not mean she was tough on him all the time. She did care for him in her own twisted way. And every time he allowed her to hurt him, she knew he felt the same.

Fitting all stereotypes perfectly well, they had both had a troubled childhood, issues with their parents and never truly been accepted into society. After having found BDSM, they no longer minded being outsiders and were content with what they had.

“I’ve missed you, my pet,” she whispered. “I’ve had this urge to abuse you for the longest time; I’ve spent the last few days fantasizing about turning that sexy ass red with my whips.” Wandas voice had been low and sweet, almost childish, as she said it, with an innocent smile on her lips. He did not reply, but she could see how his eyes darkened even further when she mentioned her whips. He had been longing for her even more than she had him.

“Lick my boots, I want them to shine,” she continued sweetly before adding “I want to be able to see my own reflection or you’ll get a flogging you’ll never forget!” Her voice had suddenly become harsh.

A slight grin showed on his face and she knew all about the conflict within him; He had no intention of disobeying her, but he would love to get flogged.

“Don’t even think about it – this flogging would be far worse than even a painslut like you would enjoy,” she said tenderly, “now get started!”

It didn’t take long before his tongue was upon her boots. This was what Wanda considered one of her more odd fetishes, since she did not fully understand why she liked it, she just knew that having him clean her boots with his tongue got her incredibly turned on.

While he was busy working on her boots, she told him about all the dirty things she wanted to do to him – knowing perfectly well that she would not have time for as much as she wanted.

Once a thin layer of his saliva covered both of her boots and his tongue had twisted its way around the long stiletto heels, she grabbed his hair and pulled his face towards her soaked pussy. All she said was, “lick!” Her voice leaving no room for discussion – not that he wanted to argue with her. Not only did he want to taste her badly, but he also knew it would have painful consequences if he refused. His reply was almost as short, a simple, “Yes, Mistress,” was followed by him kissing her vulva.

His tongue dived into her pussy, separating the folds. He reached her nectar and enjoyed the first taste of pussy he had had in a long time. Heavy breath left her lips as she pulled his face further into her wetness, eager to get his tongue deeper.

He sucked on her clit, making her moan. His tongue moved along her slit and after moving up and down a few times, it sought entrance into her tight hole.

She enjoyed the sensations he was causing, but knew she had to stop him. The pleasure made it hard for her to keep standing on the high heels.

She laughed slightly and told him not to eat it all now, but save some for later. He looked up at her, his puppy eyes showing that he still desired to savour even more.

“Now it’s my turn to play,” she stated coldly as she reached for her flogger. She directed him, made him bend over a table. “You better keep still!”

The sound of the flogger hitting the flesh could be heard through the apartment. Every time the whip touched his skin, it became a darker shade of red. The beautiful red lines soon turned into entire red areas. She ran her long, black nails across his burning skin. During this, her breath had gone from heavy to very soft moans. She really did enjoy playing with her pet.

She loved how he whimpered from her treatment, and reached between his legs to reward him for standing perfectly still throughout the beating. Soon his arousal had been re-created, even harder than before. Her nails caressed the head of his cock slowly, scratching it ever so lightly. The mixture of pleasure and pain was obvious on his face.

After having excited him, she decided it was time to change the pace and pick it up a notch. She pulled him from the table and pushed him onto the bed, where she would have greater access to his cock. Wanda lightly slapped him across his balls. He did not seem to enjoy it, so she decided to repeat it with an even harder hit. Multiple slaps later, he had tears rolling down his cheeks. She smiled wickedly to herself, loving the sight of her slave in pain. She dug her nails into his inner thigh while licking her lips.

Her red lips closed around the head of his cock, as she began to suck his cock back to life. It was soon standing proudly yet again, ready for her to do with whatever she desired. She licked along the underside of the cock, from the base to the very top. A moan escaped his lips when she once again wrapped her lips tightly around his cock.

While she teased the head with her tongue and lips, her hand was moving up and down the length. It did not take long before he was on the edge, and with her expert knowledge and experience, she managed to keep him right on edge, changing pace and making small breaks whenever needed to ensure he would not cum.

“If you dare cum, I’ll never fuck you again, pet!”

She knew that ultimately, she was the one who controlled whether he would cum or not, she could force him over the edge as well as keep him on it for hours. However, the threat turned them both on. On earlier encounters she had pushed him over the edge without permission, just so she would get to punish him – not that she needed an excuse to punish him, it was just more fun that way.

After having kept him close to cumming for a while, she tired of the game and wanted attention directed at her wet pussy yet again.

As he lay on his back, she gathered her rope. She quickly tied him up, spread eagle to the bedposts. He lay helplessly and enjoyed his lack of control.

Wanda placed her soaked pussy over his face, lowering herself onto his eager mouth. He soon started to let his tongue work on her tender folds, driving her mad with lust. Sitting on his mouth, she closed her thumb and index finger around his nose, cutting off his oxygen. His tongue kept moving against her clit as she silently counted the seconds. Reaching ten, she moved her body off his face and let go of his nose, allowing him to catch his breath before lowering herself down upon him yet again.

It was a hard thing for her to do. While she knew she had to keep her head clear to ensure she would not risk hurting him for real, at the same time moving off his delicious tongue was not easy either. It was one of the things that affected her the most mentally, but due to all the breaks just because he needed to breathe, made it impossible for Wanda to cum in this manner. However, the pleasure she received from being in complete control over her pet was beyond the pleasure of any orgasm she had ever had.

She moved off his face and kissed him hard, tasting herself on his lips. She decided to gag him, pushing a red ball into his mouth and closed the straps around his head. Wanda kissed his stuffed mouth, loving his helpless expression. Then she kissed, licked and bit her way down his chest and when she reached his aching cock, she once again wrapped her lips around it. She wanted to use his cock for her pleasure and it did not take long before he was ready.

Straddling him, she slowly permitted him entrance into her tight pussy. She moaned as she felt his cock filling her. She moved up and down on him, as her nails dug into his chest. Her pet whimpered from the pain, the gag made it sound oh so delicious and made her want to hurt him even more.

Wanda kept moving up and down her pets cock, quickening the pace. Her red hair moved wildly as she rode him. He started to breath heavily and tensed up. She moaned louder, getting close to her own climax.

“Cum with me, pet,” she moaned seconds before getting over the edge. Her pussy spasmed around his cock. She supported herself with her hands on his chest as he filled her with his cum. She started to shake, collapsing on top of him, unable to move as her body shivered, pleasure shooting through her entire body.

Wanda kissed him tenderly and rolled off him.

She wrapped her arms around his tied body and cuddled up closely, as they both drifted into a dreamless sleep, still relaxed and sweaty from the fucking.

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