Just as I had asked, she wore black stockings held up by a garter belt, the scalloped black straps curving deliciously, tightly, across the full moons of her ass. Her lipstick was blood red, transforming her mouth into a lewd gash that smiled up at me as she gently circled the girth of my cock with her gloved hand. Black satin opera gloves rose up her over her elbows to the middle of her toned upper arms. Her boots were black patent, 4 inches to the heel. They grasped at her smoothly muscled calves, stopping just below the knee.

Her hair was jet black and oiled to a silky, shiny finish, pulled into a high pony tail. Her swollen pussy was shaved except for a small circular patch just above.

Her skin was flawless, dusky olive to begin with and tanned as well. Her tits were firmer than they were large, but seemed more prominent because of the inward slope of her ribcage and the smallness of her back and waist. Her lower abdomen flared ever so slightly, faintly swelling before it curved down to the tantalizing heat at apex of her legs. Her thighs were substantial and strong, invitingly spread by her provocative stance. They strained against the clasping black tops of her stockings. Her wet pussy had leaked pre-cum onto her thighs, little shiny rivulets of heat and desire against her dusky skin.

“Lick” I said, and she began. With one hand cupping my balls she ran her tongue from the base of my cock up to the tip, and swirled the head, then struck out at the slit with her tongue in short, sharp stabs, followed by her tongue stroking the slit slowly and artfully. She closed her lips fully around the head and pressed them hard against the top of my shaft, then pulled her head back and looked up at me, grinning. Her blood red lipstick formed a perfect circle around my cock.

“I branded you” she said. “If you don’t like it, I can suck it off.”

“With your cunt,” I replied. “You’ll clench your cunt and wipe away your brand.” With that I pulled her up and kissed her, my tongue probing deep and hers feverishly answering my own. I moved my hand to her pussy and teased her cunt lips. Her breath rushed out in an exhale of delight as she grabbed my aching, pounding cock, pulling at it, stroking it, rubbing the tip with her thumb.

In turn, I found the button above her hole, already engorged and releasing lightning bolts of pleasure and pain throughout her thighs, deep into her ass, her stomach and her hardened, burning nipples. I placed both my hands on the firm, full orbs of her ass and as I roughly stretched them apart with a tight grip and a low growl of passion, she thrust her hips forward and up, grinding herself on my cock and balls. Without so much as a hint or a warning, I jammed the middle finger of my right hand deep into her asshole, and she sucked in her breath audibly, then slowly exhaled, uttering a low, urgent “ooooooooooooohh” as I finger-fucked her tight rear door. “I want your cock in my ass tonight,” she whispered, squirming against my finger and again tonguing my ear.

“Before, or after?”

“Before” she replied. “I want you to cum in my cunt. I want you to fill my ass with cock but I want you to drench my pussy! I want it to drip out of me on my legs and my ass.” Her eyes were sparkling with her delight in her taunting, as well as the pleasure of her sheer abandon. She kneeled again, disengaging my finger, and took all of my hammering, blood-besotted cock into her mouth, her full lips pressing down on me, her teeth mischievously, maddeningly scraping at my sensitive skin, her tongue swirling as she moved her head in and out, in and out.

She stopped and stood and led me by the cock into the bedroom and onto the bed. I lay down on my back, motioning for her to straddle me on all fours, positioning her copious ass and drenched pussy before my face; her mouth hovering over my cock. She wiggled her ass in the air playfully. “Turn on the light and adore me,” she teased. I reached for the lamp switch and its warm glow illuminated the sight she knew I loved to adore. “Play with me, baby. Look at me. Lick me.”

Her legs were parted wide enough to split her pussy open to my view. The fullness of her ass curved up, then down and in, sloping into her narrow back. “My god,” I murmured, “you can make me cum with just the sight of you!”

She laughed. “I know” she teased, and cupped my balls with her fingers, jostling them. I rubbed my palms against her ass, following the curves, kneading the supple flesh and with my fingers, tracing the tan lines of the snug bikini she had worn all summer. I kissed the back of her inner thighs just above the tops of her stockings and she purred with delight. I licked the spots where her thighs met her ass cheeks, then flicked my tongue across her asshole as she gasped and pulled my cock from her mouth. She began stroking it furiously, as if to pull it from me. “Oh god, this stick is going to FUCK Meeee!!! Ooooooooooohhhhhh!!” I forced my tongue into her asshole and began to fuck her with it, and moved my right hand to finger her pulsing cunt. As I tongued her ass her grip on my balls increased and decreased in a rhythm that matched the movement of her lips along my shaft. My balls were tingling and threatening to explode as I moved my mouth to her beckoning pussy, engulfing it with my face, my tongue spearing the opening of her cunt as deeply as I could make it go. I made my own muffled, nonsensical sounds, “MMMMmmmmmmmmm goddamit! What a pussy!” and she responded “Oh baby oh baby, your tongue is delicious, baby,” and cooed and swayed as I probed her pussy. And I was overcome by the power of passion and the stimulation of all my senses.

I shouted “FUCK YOU! I MUST FUCK YOU… NOW!!” and, grabbing her roughly by her hips, I flipped her onto her back. I grabbed at her knees and roughly spread her legs open until they could go no further. “I need to be IN you! I need to feel that cunt crush me!!” I stood up on my knees and surveyed the glistening purple mound before me. Her sex was open and exposed to me, waiting to be taken by force or by invitation. Her eyes answered, begging me to slam into her cunt with all my being and, without grace or warning, I fulfilled that shared and desperate need. I jammed my cock into her snugly welcoming cunt, spearing her at her center.

She arched her back and lifted her hips to greet my member with equal ferocity, gritting her teeth and screaming out. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her lips; a hard, smashing kiss, gloriously sloppy, as much licking as kissing. We fucked each other mindlessly, fiercely, each of us seemingly trying to kill the other with unbearable bliss. She writhed and cursed and threw her pussy up onto my cock; I pounded at her cunt and pawed at the full fleshiness of her tits and ass. I put my face to one of her nipples, nipping and biting at flesh and nipple as she writhed beneath me. Breathlessly I warned her: “Don’t touch my balls…don’t you dare … you know I’ll come…” She giggled at me. “Fuck you, you rotten little pussy,” I hissed. “You know I’ll come, god damn you… don’t come near me with those hands ….”

She laughed as we slowed together, breathing hard from the physical intensity of the moment. “And I want your ass,” I hissed into her ear.

“Please….give me a cum in my pussy now. I’m so close …. can you do it without cumming yourself?” She unlocked her arms from my neck and flashed her hands in front of my face, laughing: “Look …No hands!”

We moved together artfully. I slid my hands under her shoulders and lifted her as I fell backward, our positions reversing themselves. She straddled me, split by my cock. “Oh baby” she whispered as she began rocking gently, her hand moving to her clitoris. “I am SO full of your cock, baby …” She closed her eyes and the rocking quickened slightly. “So full …… so big…. Your cock is filling me up … it’s touching everything inside my cunt … oh my god, my god, oh babyohbabybabybaby….” I grabbed her ass with both hands and pushed myself as far up into her as I could. She opened her eyes and looked down at my cock probing her. “Oh!” she whispered, as if she were startled. “It’s beautiful,” I said. “Your cunt is beautiful. My cock fucking you is beautiful.”

“Oh god baby it is!!” Oh look. Oh look. Oh look.” And she bore down on my dick and on her clit, whimpering “oh look…oh look…oh look,” rhythmically, faster and faster. She was there.

Her body began to shake and she straightened up, still furiously rocking and rubbing, throwing her head back, her breasts bouncing as she moved. Her back arched so quickly and furiously that her cunt came up off my shaft just a bit, the lips clutching at it. She paused and then lunged forward and down on it again, a deep primal cry of unfathomable ecstasy roaring from her lips. I can’t describe it. I was filled with lust and love for her body and her orgasm.

The muscles in her thighs contracted against my body. She squeezed them together against my hips, pressing her hands to her stomach as waves of rapture coursed through her; she was gasping, not breathing, and after the first crashing wave of ecstasy had rolled over her, a series of smaller shudders jolted through her body with blissful release. It was all I could do to keep from cumming into her pillowy tunnel.

When she was ready, she slid me out of her, her own cum cascading over her labia and pooling on the crevices beside it. She lay back and I bent between her legs to lick it. With more than a drop on my tongue, I sought her open mouth and shared it with her. She lifted her legs, still in her stilletoed boots, wrapped them around me once again but now, she dug the heels into my ass. “How hard?” she asked. “More,” I answered and she responded with gently increasing pressure. I felt the sharp little squares press deeper and deeper into my flesh, and I could see her delight in the nasty little pleasure this gave her. Her smile was wicked. “I have an idea,” she said. The heels were starting to hurt a bit.

“Will I like it?”

“We’ll see.”

“Can I trust you?”

“To not kill you? Yes. Roll on your stomach, my stud, my lover!” When I did, she lifted my chin up to watch her as she sat in front of me, Indian-style. Her legs now crossed, her open thighs and pussy were once again displayed for me. She lifted her left leg up and pulled off the boot, casting it to the side of the bed. She did the same with the right boot, but held on to it as she rose to her knees and made her way to my side and somewhat behind me. Then she slapped my ass sharply and waved the boot in front of me. “What the fuck is this about?”

“You will know in a minute my love, my baby, my cock-pounding lover.” She straddled my outstretched legs and leaned over me to kiss the impressions the boot heels had left on my ass. She licked at them, and then bit them gently, lapping at my ass cheeks between her teeth. “Um, good,” she breathed. “Are you enjoying yourself?” I asked.

“Mum, yeah” she breathed and I felt her tongue at the top of the crack of my ass, moving down toward my hole. She teased at it, circling it, covering it with her tongue, but not entering it. Instead, I felt a hard, square object gently enter my asshole and stop just past the entrance. It was the heel of the boot. “More? She asked.

“Oh yes.” My cock was hardening yet again, and the feeling was painful yet deliciously evil. She slid her hand under my body and cupped my balls. She gently squeezed them as she pushed the boot heel in much deeper. I squirmed at the sharpness of its edges, yet my balls tingled and I felt a gob of cum spurt out of my slit.

“More?” — she teased. Keeping her fingers wrapped around my balls, she used her thumb to rub the base of my cock. “C’mon, baby … more?”

I could hardly breathe. “I think my dick is going to explode” I panted.

“Oh, baby” she said, teasing yet again. “You’re a better man that that, right baby? You can take a little more!” She pushed on the boot and it slid in just a bit more. It took all of my strength to keep from cumming. She moved her hand and wrapped it around my cock, sliding it up its length and back down again. “After all, THIS is going in MY ass and I’m going to LOVE it! …. love it, love it, love it” she chanted, as she pulled the boot from my ass and sprawled on her back next to me. Her hands went to her pussy and she began to message herself, the fingers of one hand on her cunt lips and the others busy with her clitoris. She had drawn her knees up and lazily opened and closed them as she played with herself.

I sat up and, facing her on my knees, slid my hands forward under her ass and lifted her a bit, exposing her puckered asshole. She knew what we wanted and kept her ass canted upward perfectly so I could slide the index finger of my right hand into her hole, and she grunted a satisfied “ummphhh” as I pushed it all the way in. I moved my finger around and about, probing and widening the dark tunnel of her ass. Her hips were grinding against her own fingers as well as mine, and she began to chant a rthymic mantra, “unhhh … unhhh …unhhh”. When the tightness of her outer ring relaxed, I gently wriggled a second finger into her hole and stretched it gently. Now two fingers were in and her gyrations intensified, her vocal mantra sped up, and she tensed. Quietly but completely, the muscles in her legs contracted as she uttered a harsh, pushing noise. The orgasm was tight but intense, her sphincter closing around my fingers, her legs trembling as I kissed them lightly, first her calves, then her stocking-clad thighs.

Finished, she brought her hands up to the side of my face. “Now you” she said, “no lube, please, no lube. I’m ready.”

“Just a little, on the head. In fact, you put it on,” I said.

She reached into the bedside drawer for a bottle of lube and let just two or three drops fall on the tip of my cock. She gently rubbed it over the helmet shape, put the bottle back, and turned onto all fours.

I put the head of my cock at her opening and pushed it very, very slowly in. After about an inch, she relaxed completely, and in an urgent whisper instructed me, “Split me open baby, open me wide.” I pushed more steadily, feeling the natural hesitancy of that canal to open to such an intruder, fighting it gently but firmly, pushing and pushing until I was completely in her, my balls against the outer lips of her pussy. “Oh god oh god!!” she yelled, and I again thought I would come instantly if I moved my cock one millimeter more against the constricting hug of her anal canal. But I did. More than one millimeter.

I began to fuck her asshole as if it were her cunt, sliding in and out as if there were no friction at all. She moaned and moved against me, and I slapped her ass and shouted “How’s THAT baby! How’s THAT!” And her response was wordless, a series of moans and grunts that marked each full thrust of my cock into her ass, each slap of my balls against her swollen, drenched labia. I reached around to clutch at her tits and her hands covered mine; I squeezed the globes of her ass and she turned her head to meet my eyes. I played my thumbs against the tensed muscles at the very top of her inner thighs and I saw her fingers probe her cunt. I was nearly in frenzy and could take no more.

I slid out and she rolled onto her back, splaying her legs outward farther than I thought possible, in perfect sexual harmony with me, her eyes as feverish and her body as frenzied as my own. “Baby come and get me! Godammit FUCK ME WITH THAT THING!!” she cried out. I grabbed at her ankles to keep them open for me and I watched as my cock disappeared into her welcoming mound, the soft walls of her cunt constricting tightly around me, her kegels clenching furiously against my ramming cock. I pulled out for only a moment and dove into to kiss and tongue her pussy as deeply as I could, then stood on my knees again and, the two of us watching ourselves, I jammed my cock home once again.

I could tell she was about to explode and as if to signal me, I felt her hand beneath me, searching for my balls. She found them and just as her soft scream burst into the air and her body began its ecstatic convulsions, she found them and clasped them firmly, and I came.

The two of us were locked together, arms tightly encircling each other, a cock deep in a cunt, cum exploding out of us, yet we were on separate planets.

Each of us was locked in our own ecstasy so deeply any other awareness was impossible. Burning jets of cum streaked through my cock into her sopping pussy and my release was complete, agonizing in its impossible pleasure.

She collapsed at the end, trying to catch her breath, running her hands through her hair, exhausted.

And I?

I woke up.

The setting sun lazily flashed and flickered off the final water jump. Caroline dug her boot heels in to goad her horse, Odyne, to complete the final jump. Before the ripples caused by the mud falling from the horses hoofs had reached the bank, she had crossed the line to what can only be described as polite, almost sympathetic applause.

‘Bugger’ she thought, disheartened in knowing that for the third year running she had failed to finish inside the top six. She slowly cantered back to the paddock to tend to her horse and prepare to pack. She needed to be back at the stables by 6, then home to get ready to catch the flight at 9. Time was getting short.

‘Caroline’. She heard a male voice call and spun around. She quickly remembered that she had brought someone along for moral support. She wasn’t an insecure person, but she still felt a pang of disappointment at not finishing higher just to impress this person. Especially as this particular person was her boyfriend and she had dragged to this event.

‘Hi Joe’ she purred, and gave him a quick peck on the check

‘You were… were magnificent’ he stammered, ‘and good gravy, you look good enough to eat!’. She smiled to herself, pleased with the reaction she had generated. She could see in his eyes that he was completely captivated by her outfit. She wondered what it was that generated such uncontrolled lust in males, was it the tight jacket, the jodhpurs, the boots?

‘Steady on boy” she chided, “we are dignified company and we’ll have none of that smut here!. But, seriously, thanks for coming with me today, it means a lot to me. It’s just a shame I didn’t finish higher.” she pouted, fishing for more compliments. She was pleased he had come today. What impressed her the most was Joe had gone to the trouble of buying what he considered to be ‘Country Clothes’. However, they looked so new and didn’t quite hang on his body correctly that he looked disjointed and as far from a dignified country gent as possible. ‘Bless’ she thought.

‘Oh, no bother at all, I never realise you possessed such a talent. The way you controlled that horse, bent it’s will, made it do what you wanted….” he almost drooled.

“OK, that’s enough” she warned. “If you can keep your libido under control for a moment, perhaps can you be a sweetie and help me off with my muddy boots” She emphasised the last word and moved slightly closer towards him as she said it. Her eyes mischievous.

“Um… yeah sure”. He looked nervous. Rightly so.

Caroline sat on the tailgate of Joe’s Range Rover and lifted her left leg so Joe could help her. Joe dropped onto one knee, grabbed the boot heel and started tugging.

‘These things are on tight” he commented. “And they are quite muddy”

“Umm…hmm” Caroline replied. Most people stay on both feet when helping others so naturally she was surprised that Joe had voluntarily knelt in the mud before her, especially in his new breeches. She was going to tell him, but something about the sight of this man, kneeling in the mud, with all these people around, helping her remove her muddy boots, stopped her. She actually liked the feeling it gave, the feeling, no the sense of power. With a final yank, the boot popped free taking half of her sock off as well.

‘Oops’ Joe apologised, “let me get that for you”. He put the boot down gently and pulled her sock back up her calf. Caroline just watched this, surprised, but strangely aware of how much she was enjoying the show.

“Now, my other boot” she ordered. Her left foot rested on the tailgate. She leaned back on her elbows and raised her right boot. Again, he grabbed the boot by the heel with both hands and began to pull.

“Make sure you leave the sock on this time” she chided. This surprised her as she this was not like her to be terse, and she wouldn’t be surprised if he stood up and told her to take her own sodding boots off.

“Um… I’ll try” was all he could manage. She just smiled and tossed her hair back off her face. She was really beginning to enjoy this and she wanted an full, unobstructed view.

Mary, the girl who came third in Caroline’s event walked passed. She looked at Caroline and then at Joe in the mud tugging away at her boot. Mary made eye contact with Caroline, raised her eyebrows in mock surprise, gave a wry smile and rolled her eyes over towards Joe. Caroline understood what this meant. She was saying “You have him well trained”. The acceptance of your peers. Caroline looked down at a struggling Joe who finally wrestled the reluctant boot from her foot, managing to leave the sock in place.

“Good boy!” she said in mock praise. He didn’t see the sarcasm and smiled back at her, happy in a job well done.

They hitched up the trailer and drove Odyne back to the stables, then started the tortuous journey back towards Caroline’s flat. She lived in an old mansion block past St Johns Wood and the Edgware Road is always a nightmare on a Sunday night. Caroline was beginning to get agitated feeling that time was running out and she would miss her flight. Work rarely took her away from London, but she had somehow been invited to a conference in Nice. She wasn’t about to turn down a 3 day holiday in the South of France. She thought it was a shame that Joe couldn’t take the time off as well. That would have been perfect, she thought. Lying on the beach having him rub suntan lotion into my……

“Almost there”. Joes comment brought her out of her daydream. They had rounded Lords and she could see her apartment building.

“OK, the traffic is almost at a standstill.” she said. “I will jump out here, I’m already packed I just need to grab my things. I will be back before you move too far and then you can drive me to the airport”. Before Joe could argue, Caroline had jumped out. The traffic was quite heavy, but she knew the roads this time of night. It was almost like clockwork that when she burst through the front door, with bags flying and pigeons scattering in her wake, that Joes car was abeam the door. She threw her bags in the back seat, sat down in the passenger seat and with a smug, self satisfied smile pulled her sunglasses down from the top of her head.

“Heathrow, and make it snappy”. Joe obeyed, what else could he do?

Caroline looked at her watch. Impatiently she thought “Five to six, he should be here”. They had arranged for her to come his flat straight after work. From there, the plan was to grab some food, have a drink, and then, well she certainly knew what she wanted later. She had dressed as best she could for work, but with definitely keeping one eye on this evenings fun!. Underneath her fingertip length wool coat, she had a silk neck scarf, tight white blouse, a flowing pleated tartan skirt that reached just above her knees. Finally, she had worn her knee high black leather boots. These had a pointed toe and not too much of a heel. Sex siren meets girl next door. She was proud of these boots, they cost her a weeks pay. “Of course I could justify them” she said to Jenny at work, “They are gorgeous!”. Jenny was forced to agreed and the subject of money was dropped.

“Hi” Joe said, opening the door and sweeping her into his arms in the same movement. A long, passionate kiss followed, that quite honestly would have made any nun reconsider her vows. “Miss me?” he asked with a cheeky smile. He was still dressed in a shirt and tie so had only just arrived home himself.

“Not as much as you apparently missed me” Caroline retorted, trying to recompose herself after that welcome, but unexpected greeting. She breezed past him into the flat. As Caroline went to hang her coat up, she noticed her riding boots placed neatly under the coat rack. “Of course” she thought, “I left them in his car in the rush to get away on Sunday”. She picked them up to inspect them. They were quite clean, and not a trace of mud left.

“I see you cleaned my boots for me” she said. “Thank you, you didn’t need to. That was very kind of you”. She gave him a peck on his cheek and drifted into the living room. She placed her handbag and boots down on the floor. “So sweet of him to do that” she thought.

“So I hope you used the correct polish on them” she asked, “they are quite expensive” she added slowly. Caroline notice that he started to shift uncomfortably from one foot to the other, his confidence seemed shaken. Oh god, he is a terrible at lying and this might be interesting she thought

“Um, I think so” he managed to mutter.

“You think so!” she repeated, “well, go and get it so I can check. Wouldn’t want to have to take them to get repaired would I”. She could see he was hiding something and she was determined to weevil it out of him.

“Well, you see the thing is….” he started obviously trying to compose his words carefully.

“Yes” she barked, not giving him any time to compose his answer.

“I didn’t have any boot polish so I used something else. I wanted to surprise you” He pleaded. She smiled a sweet smile, enjoying seeing him squirm.

“What did you use then? I hope it wasn’t tap water as that will swell and distort the leather.”

“Umm, err. No” he replied.

“Well, what on earth did you use. And don’t lie to me!”. Her tone had developed into a strict school matron. She didn’t know why she was being so mean to her boyfriend, but it arousing her. “Tell me. Now!”

“mmmm. mmmmmmmy tongue” he murmured. The last word barely audible, but it was enough for her to hear. His eyes were downcast. She felt a rush of power over him. He had admitted to cleaning her boots with his tongue. And this should disgust her, but it didn’t. It excited her.

“Show me!” she ordered. He sheepishly went over to her riding boots.

“Not those” she snapped. “They are already clean”. She took half a step back leaving her left boot extended in front of her. “I want you to lick the boots I am wearing.”. She could feel the heat in her crotch building. She didn’t know why, but she wanted to dominate, to humiliate this man in her presence.

“What… but..”. Finally Joe had found his voice.

“You heard. And you’d better do a better job than with my other boots”. She was surprising herself. Caroline thought that she knew herself well, but this was a side of her, a dark side that she had never realised she had and now she was ready to experience in all it’s glory. Poor Joe, she thought, he is in for a rough night

Joe crossed the room, almost shuffling like a zombie, and stopped in front of Caroline. He looked at the boot she had offered him. It had been raining recently and there was a tide mark of salt from the recent rain. It also looked like she took the short cut through the park on the way to his flat as there was little specks of dirt dotted on the topside. He dropped to his knees.

He is actually going to do it, thought Caroline. He looked up at her with pleading eyes, hoping she would laugh and tell him it was all a joke. She could tell that he had fantasized about this many times before, but now it was happening he wasn’t sure it’s what he wanted to do. She, on the other hand felt her eyes had opened and she wanted to explore. Completely

“Lick them. NOW!” and to add emphasis she pushed down on the top of his head. Slowly his head move further and further down. Finally stopping at her boot. She flexed her toes causing the boots to creek quietly. In the brief pause that followed she wondered whether he had come to his senses, and would get up, tell her were to go and that this wasn’t his thing. It wasn’t as if he was tied up or being forced to do this. She didn’t have to wait long for his decision. It was the right one, the only one, she thought.

Through the expensive Italian leather she felt something stroking the top of her foot. She was secretly glad she was wearing nylon pop socks otherwise she might have missed the action of his tongue through the leather. As she looked down, all she could see was his head moving slightly with his hands gripping the heel. All of his heads’ movements coincided with the sensations of her foot. She was becoming quite moist and was surprised how erotic she was founding it. This grown man cleaning the dirt from her boots as she stood above him like a Greek goddess. I should have done this a long time ago.

“Good boy” she cooed. She shut her eyes and let the sensations wash over her. He had moved to the outside of her boot. The leather where the ridges formed by her toes was even thinner and she could feel his tongue moving backwards and forwards over this area. “Harder” she commanded. Caroline felt Joe push down with his tongue. I am being a complete bitch and it feels fantastic she thought.

“You are mine now” she told no-one in particular. He knew it and so did she, “my bitch, my mongrel, my toy, and you will please me tonight”. She was suddenly aware that her hand was rubbing the front of her skirt. Oh this feels so good… and so bad she smirked.

“Stop” she ordered. In mid lick he stopped instantly. Complete obedience. She moved her boot to rest it on the top of his head.

“Not a bad job” she remarked. In fact her boots where spotless and glistening slightly from his ministrations.

“Lie flat on the floor” she ordered he complied, “There will be a shift in our relationship tonight. I want you to know that. You will do as I order. Without question and to the best of your ability. And you will be wise not to refuse me whatever pleasure I will have with my new bootlicking dog tonight.”

She took her boot of his head and place her right boot under his down turned head. “If you agree to these terms, thank me in a way you feel appropriate”

Almost instantly she felt him working the leather again. Probing, shining, kneading at her boot with his tongue. Her hand was still idly stroking her mound and the fire there was beginning to build. She began to feel that his tongue, although quietly giving her a gentle foot massage and cleaning her boots at the same time, could be utilised better. Why waste a perfectly good resource. She had never thought like this before and it was making her crazy.

“Cease” Caroline snapped, “and get up on your knees”. As he slowly rose from his prone position, she slowly walked to stand behind him. “Now, tonight is about me, and not you. I will now take certain precautions to make sure you are unable to change this. Now, loosen your tie but do not take it off. Good, now undo all the front shirt buttons.”

Once Joe had completed her request, she took his tie out of the collar and let it rest against his bare neck, but still tied. Then she pulled back on the collar, forcing the shirt back down his arms. As the cuffs where still buttoned up, the shirt snagged on his wrists. “Excellent” Caroline thought. With his arms behind his back and the cuffs too tight to fit over his wrists, she wrapped the shirt like a tourniquet around his wrists. Tighter and tighter she wound the shirt until his wrists were tightly bound together. She had him just where she wanted him. This is going to be such fun, she thought, well for me anyway.

She stood and walked around to face him. He looked up at her trying to see what she had planned. He didn’t have to wait long. She removed her neck scarf rolled it into a tight blindfold and tied it in a double bow behind his head. He couldn’t see, just how she wanted him.

“You have no choice now. You cannot escape until I free you. You need me. You are my property, you are my slave” she snootily looked down her nose at him.

By using the word slave for the first time, Caroline suddenly realised that she could indulge any fantasy she had and there was very little he could do about it. Up until this point, she was reacting to the situation, but now she had a very definite idea what she wanted next. She looked down upon him and gently stroked his face.

“There is the little matter of exacting your punishment you see. My riding boots were violated and assaulted by you without my permission. Although your intentions where honourable, I see this as a breach of trust that cannot go unheeded. However, I am a fair person and I see that as it was your tongue that committed the crime, so it is that only your tongue should be punished. Eye for an eye and all that”.

“You never know” she giggled, “you might even enjoy it…..”.

With that she swung into action……..

Caroline was standing in front of Joe, looking down on him, kneeling, blindfold and tied up before her. His shirt tied behind his back and his tie hanging limply down his chest. In complete contrast to what was going on in his trousers.

This was the first time that Caroline noticed his arousal. Plenty of time for that later she smirked to herself.

“So my little slut likes being my slave I see” she mocked. “No matter, this is about me tonight not you”.

With that Caroline took a step backwards, she hooked her panties with both thumbs and whilst always looking at Joe pulled her pant down, past her boots and flicked them onto the floor. She stepped forwards so she was only about 6 inches from Joes face.

God, she thought, I could use that tongue on my pussy right now. That would feel just…so…great. She thought about this for a while, quite a while, but in the end turned on her heels, and faced the fireplace. She leaned forwards and grabbed Joes tie from between her legs, careful not to touch any part of him as she did so. With the end of the tie firmly gripped in her left hand so slowly started to pull, drawing him into her. She gasped as the tie slid smoothly over her moist pussy. She kept slowly pulling the tie, knowing that Joes head would be following. First she felt the tip of his nose touch her just below her coccyx. Perfect she though.

With her other hand, she flicked her skirt out of the way. She was really glad she was wearing the pleated tartan skirt as with one quick movement, this revealed her beautiful arse. Not that Joe could see that of course.

Now her skirt was out of the way and she had Joe where she wanted him. Her now free hand grabbed him hair and pulled his head up, releasing the tension on his tie, so his mouth was resting just below her coccyx.

“Now, you will use that naughty tongue of yours to lick my arse.” she ordered. ” You start at the top and work your way down, paying particular attention to my ring. If you miss a bit, you will have to start again. Maybe this will teach you not to lick my boots without my permission”. She felt a complete bitch coming out with words like this, and she loved it.

Slowly, almost reluctantly, Joes tongue came out to play. Slowly at first with small kitten licks. This wasn’t what Caroline wanted

“Harder” she barked giving two sharp tugs on his tie to coincide with the syllables. “Use you tongue like you did on my boots earlier”. This had the desired effect and instantly Joe sprung into life. His deep massaging actions were caressing Caroline intimately. She responded with short purrs of approval. He started moving down, and found by moving his head from side to side he could work his tongue into the gap and perform his duties. As Joe moved down Caroline responded almost as one. She leaned forwards to exposed the next part she wanted him to pay this special attention to. She was beginning to rock backwards and forwards in rhythm with Joes tongue. To complement this, she unconsciously started to tense and release her hold on the tie, causing Joes head to bob backwards and forwards. They had reached her natural frequency, in tune with each other. Caroline was totally lost in the sensation.

It came like an electric shock to her when his tongue finally found her ring. She let out a gasp of pure pleasure. She didn’t want this to end. She dropped the tie grabbed his hair with her now free hand, making sure it didn’t move. She was moaning uncontrollably. “Yes, you slut” “that’s it, fuck my arse with your tongue.” “You like that don’t you.” Of god, don’t you dare stop”. His tongue darted in and out of her hole, circling round and round. He placed his lips around her and sucked and licked at the same time. Soon she was dripping from the amount of saliva he was applying there. Yet she still wanted and needed more, much much more…

It wasn’t until our second summer living here that I noticed her. I had been so infatuated with Angela, the beautiful blonde, single mother next door, that I hadn’t even noticed Tawny. But when Angela moved out, the only eye candy left for me to watch through my patio window was the hot little petite frame of Tawny herself.

I say hot little petite frame because that describes her perfectly. About 5’2″, she had dirty blonde hair that went down to her shoulder blades. Her body was perfectly proportioned to highlight her curves. Ample, gorgeous breasts, which she enjoyed accentuating by not wearing a bra. A smooth, round ass that she liked to show off by always wearing low-cut tight jeans. The way she walked in her high heels or boots screamed sexy, and it was clear from her confidence and seductive dress that she was sexually empowered.

I started noticing when people in sports cars would come and pick her up, and then return a few hours later. Or, when older men would stop by for about an hour at a time, leaving her apartment while still buttoning and tucking in their shirts and fastening their wrist watches in place. I saw how she dressed, and how she always seemed to come home from her excursions with gifts. And then, by chance, I found her website.

If you’re stressed and overworked, let me be your companion for two hours or maybe dinner and afterwards. I’m adventurous and uninhibited in my sexuality. I offer an unhurried service including a sensual and relaxing massage. I derive pleasure from pleasing you! Enter my world and experience heaven for yourself… an unforgettable experience, I assure you.

That’s just a bit of what she wrote about herself. Needless to say, just the way she wrote about her “services” and the modest, non-nude photos she had posted of herself in form fitting lingerie were enough to drive my fantasies and jerk sessions over the edge. It wasn’t long before I would watch for her to come home from her visits, or watch in the mornings as she went for her walks to the store. I felt dirty and voyeuristic, but I couldn’t help the hunger and throbbing that grew in my pants every time I caught a glimpse of her.

With all this longing and pants adjusting, it was actually by complete accident that the real meat of this story begins. I had just gotten out of the shower after coming home from the gym, and was stumbling outside with wet hair and in pajamas to get the mail when I bumped into her.

“Oh! Excuse me. I’m sorry.”

She smiled at me, her beautiful brown eyes seductive and coy. “Hey.”

She was modestly dressed. Just a tight fitting white t-shirt that showed off her beautiful breasts, and some stone washed blue jeans that hugged her hips and ass in all the right ways. She was on her way back from her own mailbox, and she giggled a little bit as she looked me over. Arching an eyebrow, she said, “Just getting up?”

“No,” I laughed. “Actually, I just got done with a shower. I’ve been up for a while.”

She giggled again. “I wasn’t talking about that. I was talking about…” She motioned towards my crotch with her eyes.

I looked down in confusion, and quickly saw the bulge of my pants sticking out at her, poorly disguised by the plaid pattern of my pajama pants. “Oh,” I swallowed.

“It’s cool. Nice to know you’re interested.” She smiled at me again, and I felt my dick bulge and throb even more.

“Ha ha. More than interested. But it looks like you keep yourself pretty busy.”

“Yeah? How’s that?” She didn’t seem defensive, but merely amused and curious.

I felt my wet hair dripping into my eyes, and I brushed it out of the way. “I don’t know. You just always seem to have men over, or be headed off somewhere on a date.”

“Oh, that.” She nodded, chewing her lip. “Well, that’s just business. I’m not seeing anyone.”

“Well, with the kind of business you’re in, I would guess that you wouldn’t need to see anyone. I bet guys line up to pay you for just an hour of your time.”

“You’re right. Some do. But I’m very selective about my clientele.” Here again she looked me up and down, her eyes lingering on the now obvious bulge in my pants. “You interested?”

“What? Sure! I mean, though, I can’t afford it. I mean, what do you get, like $1000 an hour?”

Her eyes widened, as did her smile. “Well, if that’s what you’re willing to pay.”

“What? I mean, no. I mean. What? How much do you charge?”

“Don’t worry about it. We should set up some time. Since you’re my neighbor,” she looked over at my apartment patio window, “I’ll give you a special. How about we schedule some time tomorrow around 11:00 a.m.? $200 sound okay?”

“What? Sure. Yeah.”

She smiled, stepping closer to me, enough so that I could smell the perfume she wore, and feel the very edge of her breasts touch against my chest. “See you then, neighbor.” With that she smiled, lightly brushing her hand along my crotch as she turned, and headed back inside.

* * *

The next morning, as I was finishing getting dressed in what I thought was an appropriately nice outfit, complete with a pocket full of condoms and an envelope filled with about $500 cash, I heard a knock on the glass patio door to our apartment. I quickly checked my hair and shirt, then headed out into the living room. There, standing at the glass, was Tawny. She wore a demure outfit — short, black pumps, black slacks, and a shiny green blouse. Her hair was pulled back, and she looked stunning yet still somehow sexual. Predatory. Coy.

I opened the glass door quietly. “Hey,” she said. “Sorry, but I didn’t know if you were still coming. So, I was going to check to see if you were. Looks like you are.” She smiled.

“Yeah. I was just finishing getting ready. Should we head over now?”

“Sure. Why not.” Here she smiled again.

I signaled for her to wait just a moment, and shut the patio door and locked it before heading out of the apartment and locking its door as well. In just a moment I was outside where she stood waiting, and the two of us walked quietly into her apartment building next door.

I had always wondered what Tawny’s apartment would be like. Being in the same complex, I knew the design would be similar, but mused as to how she would decorate it for her in call services. I wasn’t surprised then to find the apartment exquisitely painted, with beautiful wooden artifacts and glass tables throughout. She had a flat screen TV with a plush wrap around couch, and candles burning everywhere. Her apartment smelled like hot lilacs, and her drapes were a gorgeous, sensuous red.

Without hesitation, she took off her shoes, dropping her height another inch or two, and took my arm, leading me into her master bedroom. The bed itself was king sized, covered in soft, smooth linens and blankets. Candles were burning here too, and a slight, subtle tribal music was playing from somewhere, maybe the closet.

“Why don’t you have a seat on the bed,” she encouraged.

I did as she suggested, looking around the room and then looking back to her. Without preamble, I sat mesmerized as she bent forward, cupping my chin in her hand, and kissed me gently on the lips. My body felt electric, and the tendrils of pleasure shot through my shoulders and back and stomach and loins in a cold flash. I trembled, and she pulled away smiling.

“Now, what would you have me wear? Do you have any tastes? Any fetishes?”

“A lot,” I laughed weakly. “Probably best to keep it simple for now. Something sexy. Or not. Whatever you feel like wearing.”

Tawny smiled at me again, and her eyes sparkled softly in the candlelight. She then disappeared to the next room, and I took the opportunity to free the envelope of money from my pocket, placing it gently on a dresser top nearby.

In just a couple of minutes, Tawny was back, standing in the doorway of the room. She had removed her pants and blouse, and now stood in some knee high leather boots, a black lace thong, and a revealing black lace corset. “Do you like?”

“Yes!” I moaned. “You look gorgeous. I mean, you always look gorgeous. But wow.”

She smiled again, and slowly walked her way over to me, casting a brief glance to the dresser before slowly lifting a knee onto the bed, slowly pressing it into my rock hard crotch. She parted her lips as she did, lowering her mouth onto mine, moaning loudly as we kissed.

Her tongue felt amazing. Smooth, soft, and talented. I felt it swirl around my own, and then deep into my throat as she pressed her chest closer between us. I gasped, my body aching for her. I ran my hands eagerly along her legs, thighs, butt, and back. And I moaned as she gasped.

“You’ve been watching me for a while.” She wasn’t angry or reproachful. Just stating how things were. “How much do you want me?” Her voice was breathy, and her eyes looked down into my face with intent.

“So badly. You’re right. I’ve watched you. I do watch you. I can’t believe how amazingly gorgeous you are.” I let my own eyes and hands wander over her body. “Your face, your hair, your breasts, your legs, your…” I paused to look up at her, “pussy.” I said the word heavily, sliding my hand up against her hot mound. She moaned softly, and I saw her bite her lips and her eyes flutter at the touch.

Tawny started to move her crotch against my hand, rubbing the lace of her thong against my palm. I could feel the lace getting wetter as she did, and moaned softly as I heard her breathing intensify. Her hands gripped my shoulder and neck, and she was massaging me deeply as I found her clit, rubbing and swirling over its nub.

She started to squeak and squeal. Her moans were breathy and loud, and I could feel her legs trembling, especially the knee she still had pressed hard into my raging cock. As her squeals got faster, I knew she was close, and leaned forward to bite her right nipple through her corset, still rubbing her pussy with fervor and force.

She came. Hard. Her body shook, and her squeals became a long, loud moan. She tossed her head back, bucking against my hand as the orgasm rocked her. She pressed her breasts farther into my face, and I sucked hungrily at the material covering her mounds. Finally, as her corset became soaked from my tongue and lips, she pulled her breasts away. She looked down at me, still catching her breath, as her long blonde hair fell over her face and over mine.

“Lay back,” she whispered.

I did as she said, waiting with anticipation as I felt her climb onto the bed, slowly sliding her hands up my thighs, crotch, and sides. Her hands quickly pulled up my shirt, running beneath it along my sensitive skin. I could feel her nails dragging gently as she squeezed my sides and slowly worked her tongue over my own nipples and chest.

Tawny took her time. As her tongue and lips explored my chest and shoulders and neck, her legs pinned me beneath her, her crotch rubbing against my groin. I moaned, feeling my pants soak with precum, and feeling the heat between her own legs as she inevitably undid my pants, pulling them and my boxers down deftly, enough to free my rigid cock.

Tawny moaned in pleasure as it sprang free, tucking her hair out of the way as she extended that soft tongue, using it to guide my dick into her hot, wet mouth.

I felt her sucking in my entire body. I felt the smooth, soft fabric of the comforter on the bed. I felt her blonde hair tickling my thigh and stomach as she eagerly bobbed up and down my cock. I felt her tongue sliding along the underside of my shaft, and felt my arms and legs tremble as she sucked harder and faster. My body was aching, and I arched into her mouth as she sucked me. I was bucking and moaning. Moaning loudly. Louder than I had ever heard myself moan.

Tawny responded by deep throating the shaft of my cock. She gulped at it but did not gag. Like the pro that she was. She looked up at me as she did, and I gasped. “Oh God!”

She smiled, and pulled her mouth off my dick, taking it in her hand. “Stand up. We have to get this first one out of you so that you’ll last nice and long when I slip you inside.”

I moaned at this, following her hand as it continued to jerk my cock as she knelt on the floor, and I stood at the foot of the bed. She stopped for only a moment, deftly pulling off her corset top, exposing her gorgeous breasts.

I almost exploded at the sight of them. For so many months, I had watched those breasts, straining at the confines of their shirts and bouncing softly as she went up and down the stairs or came back from a run. They lay like gorgeous skin pillows on her chest, and she pressed my dick and her hand up between them, looking up at me as she continued to jerk my cock.

“Cum on my breasts and face. I want to feel how hot you are.”

I gasped, pulling at my own hair as I felt her hand sliding along my wet dick. It didn’t take long. “I’m cumming!” I breathed through gritted teeth, and tossed my head back as my dick spurted all over her hand and breasts and face. It felt like my dick wouldn’t stop cumming, and she seemed surprised a little as my loads hit her skin. But she soon had milked my cock, and it fell, still rigid, against the cum covered skin of her chest.

“That’s a good boy,” she smiled, slowly licking the cum off her fingers, and using her fingers to rub the remaining cum into her breasts. She then licked my cock clean, before slowly licking her way up my body as she stood. She looked at me with girlish eyes, her innocence belied by the streams of sticky white cum covering her face. “Would you mind cleaning up my face, dear?”

I shook my head quickly, and without hesitation licked and kissed and wiped my cum from her face. She stroked my tender cock as I did, and I moaned at the smell of cum on her breath.

“Now I think we should both get naked,” she said. And in silence, the two of us removed our clothes, tossing them to the floor. Mine were in one neat pile, hers were strewn on the floor next to the boots that she unzipped and took off.

Without speaking, Tawny pushed me back onto the bed, and wriggled her body against mine as she reached into the night stand, pulling out a bottle of massage oil. She covered my naked skin and hers in the oil, and proceeded to use her body in ways that I had never experienced in my life. Her body was slick yet firm, and I felt the perfection of her smooth, soft skin as she rubbed the oil into us. I moaned as she moaned, touching herself and having me lick her pussy. I felt my dick stir and rage again as I saw the glisten of her oil covered breasts in the light, and I moaned loudly as she ground her pussy lips against my face. She kept moving, stroking my cock, rubbing my thighs, licking my skin until I finally made her cum. And then, when her pussy had stopped quivering, she turned her body around and deftly took hold of my rigid cock. From somewhere she produced a condom, and skillfully slipped it on.

Then, with practiced skill and precision, she guided me up inside of her.

Even through the material of the condom, I could feel the ecstasy and heat of her pussy lips. She squeezed me firmly inside of her, clenching my dick fiercely as she placed her hands on my chest, moving up and down my cock.

My dick grew inside of her as more blood rushed up the shaft. I moaned and gasped as I cupped her breasts, massaging them fiercely as she rode me on her bed.

Soon her pace quickened, and we were both moaning and gasping, grunting and pressing farther into each other. She slammed her body with force along my cock, and I gripped her thighs heavily for strength and support as she rocked the bed. Her hair was flying and her tits were bouncing, and I could feel the sweat on our bodies mixing with the oil.

She came before I could. She screamed and shuddered, and dug her nails into my chest as she came. I felt her orgasm roll through her body, her legs squeezing me just as her pussy lips threatened to eat my cock. I felt the tensing and quivering of her orgasm, and tossed my head back into the pillow to savor every spasm.

“I want you to fuck me from behind. I want you to fuck me hard and fast. Got it?”

I moaned my assent, quickly adjusting as she slid off my cock and got on her hands and knees. As I positioned myself behind her, I noticed for the first time the reflection of ourselves in a mirror on the wall. I was going to get to watch myself as I fucked her, and she was going to watch herself get fucked by me.

I slammed my dick inside of her, and she moaned and gasped as I quickly picked up the pace. I leaned forward, wrapping my arm around her tight little stomach, fucking and bucking inside of her as hard as I could. I felt her body rock, and moaned as I massaged her tits. She grunted and whimpered as her hair fell in her face, and her hands dug into the bed for support.

Finally, I sat back on my knees and grabbed her shoulders and hair. I pulled her into me as hard as I could, pushing my dick forward with all the force I could muster. I wanted to get as deep inside as I could as I fucked her talented professional pussy raw.

I don’t know how long it took. But I know that she screamed that she was cumming first. I continued to fuck her, even as her pussy tightened and spasmed along my dick. In a moment, the force of fucking through her orgasm brought me to the edge. I felt the pressure build, and the surge rise angrily. I screamed and gasped loudly, moaning to God and moaning praise to her pussy, her breasts, and her body as I came.

Tawny screamed too, and I jammed myself hard into her, holding her shoulders forcefully as I felt my dick shoot and spasm deep inside.

Finally, as my dick fell limp inside her, and sweat rolled along both of our bodies, we heard ourselves panting and gasping. My mouth was dry, and I could see nail marks along her back from our fucking. I could feel her still milking me softly with her pussy, but my dick was weak and sore from the work it had just done.

I pulled myself slowly backwards, and fell back onto the bed when I finally came free. The condom was filled, and Tawny gently moved to take it off and throw it away in a small trash can hidden beneath the bed.

The two of us laid there, Tawny in my arms, as our bodies slowly came back to reality. My heart slowly faded from my ears, and my ragged breathing was replaced by the slow, soft breathing of her. She laid against my chest, running her hand along my skin for some time. Finally, at some unspoken point, Tawny raised her head and looked me in the eye. Running her hand gently along my face, she said, “Here. We should get cleaned up before you have to go.”

We took a slow, but gentle and sensuous shower. I tried to burn the image of her perfect petite body into my memory forever, and I felt sad when I was finally dressed and she stood in her robe and a towel around her hair. As we walked to the door, she held my hand and guided it along her pussy and body beneath her robe. At the door we stopped, and she pulled me down to her, my hands roaming over her body as we slowly kissed, exploring each other’s mouths.

Finally it was time to go. I pulled away, and adjusted my clothes one last time. She smiled at me gently, and said, “See you soon, I hope, neighbor.”

I smiled back. “You will.”

With that, I headed back to my apartment and collapsed. Even now, weeks later, after Tawny and I have met a few more times, I can’t get the image of that session out of my head.

It was, without a doubt, amazing. And this story is a review of her beauty and wonder as much as it is a telling of an erotic tale.

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