I was walking back to my flat; it was the summer of 1976 and I was 24 and it was hot and dry, so I was wearing short sleeved shirt with a tie on, of course, but no jacket. I was training to be an accountant and lived in a small flat, not far from where I worked in Kingston-upon-Thames. I came round a corner and there was this woman struggling to carry two plastic bags of groceries and her handbag. I ran up and said “let me help you.”

I grabbed the bags off her and she thanked me. “Oh how nice of you; I was really struggling there.” I looked at her face for the first time, she was really beautiful, hot and sweaty but very beautiful. My face broke into a big smile, she smiled back. I was smitten. In that second, when our eyes met I fell in love. I couldn’t speak as my senses were completely overwhelmed. I turned my head and started to walk forwards, still smiling like an idiot.

We walked for some time happy at just being together. After a hundred or so yards she spoke. “Here is my house, can you bring them in?”

“Yes, of course.” She found her keys in her handbag and let me in.

“You must excuse me, I am busting for a pee.”

She dropped her handbag on the floor and opened the door of the lavatory that was in the hall. I carried the bags into the kitchen which was straight ahead of me. It was quite a big house, a detached one with a small garden in the front and a bigger one in the back. I dropped the bags down and then returned to the hall. She had left the door open of the loo and I could see her there sitting down, with her big knickers down around her feet. Her thighs were apart and she was sitting back. I thought she looked sexy. I could see that she had a big pair of breasts under her loose fitting dress. My prick gave a twitch under my Y-fronts.

I couldn’t help myself; I walked quickly forward and in one movement I bent down to kiss her and put my left hand onto her left breast in her dress — she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her mouth opened as my lips met hers and our tongues met half way. I fondled her soft big breast and ran my hands over her nipple. I felt it become stiff against my palm. I then moved my hand down and pushed it between her thighs, as she pissed. I rubbed her slit and felt her clitoris come out from under its hood; I gently moved my finger tip around and around on it.

We had stopped kissing and she spoke. “Oh that feels sooooo good. Don’t ever stop.” I didn’t but carried on until she gasped as she came in a big orgasm, her head right, back her mouth open.

I took my hand away and stood up. I tore down my trousers and pants in one movement. My cock leapt out and stood straight out in her face. She grabbed it with her hand and pulled it into her mouth.

“Oh that’s soo good.” I said, looking at her head bobbing back and fore. Then she pulled my prick out and she licked the purple head with her pink tongue. Then she took it all into her mouth again, right up to my balls, then pulled it right out. I was nearly coming and said so. She then wanked me quickly, with a big smile.

“Come on then, do it now.”

She let go, and my cock jerked upwards and sperm shot out over her lovely face and dress.

“Wow, that’s some load. Have you been saving it up for me?”

“I don’t get out much and I haven’t had a girl friend for some time. I’ve been studying for my exams.”

We sorted ourselves out and went into the kitchen and she made us a pot of tea. While we drank it she told me her story. She had been seduced by a Film Producer when she had gone to get a part in a film. She had got the part and a baby at the same time. The film was of the `Adventures of a Window Cleaner` type where the size of your boobs was more important than your acting ability. She admitted that her bosom was so large because she had gone on the Pill at sixteen and they had balloned out, so she gave up the Pill. When she was being seduced she forgot that she wasn’t on it and became pregnant as a result. The Film Producer was married, so he made her sign a confidentially agreement and paid her a sum of money big enough to enable her to buy the house.

“I had beautiful long hair up till a month ago, but it was such a hassle to wash and brush it when I was being sick every morning so I had it cut.”

“I think you are still very beautiful and sexy.”

“Well, yes, that is why I became an actress, for my looks, but I was only cast to show my boobs and I was never given the chance to act. I’m 23 now and I shall decide what my career will be, after I have given birth. I’m six months gone now.”

We talked a lot and drank our tea. The time seemed to slip by. Eventually I stood up and said that I had to go home and study as my final exam was soon.

“Would you like to come round on Saturday for lunch? It’s so nice and hot we could eat out in my garden?”

“Yes I would love to.”

So the next Saturday, I walked round to her house. She opened the door with a big smile and let me in. She was wearing a very lovely dress which was low cut front showing a magnificent cleavage. Her bump was prominent and the dress hung straight down from it but it didn’t detract from her beautiful face, in fact I think it gave her an extra glow that comes from within a person. She was a good height, in her shoes she was the same height as myself, that is five foot nine. I was wearing a pair of buff coloured shorts that I had rolled up to keep cool, and a `Stones` T shirt.

She took me out to her patio at the back of the house and showed me the garden.

“I’ve had a gardener work on it over the last few months; the previous owner had let it get overgrown. It is pretty good now; I’ve planted a number of roses in place of the bushes that were there before. It needs watering frequently now in this drought but they’ve banned use of hoses so I have had to lug watering cans as often as I can.”

We walked around as she pointed out the beds of flowers. Then I saw a dead cherry tree, and I asked why it was still there.

“The gardener was not strength enough to deal with it, would you like to try?”

I pushed against it and it moved slightly, so then I rocked it forward and backwards until it fell over with a crash. I found a bow saw in the shed and sawed it into smaller pieces. It was hot work in the sunshine and I took my T-shirt off thus revealing my handsome hairy chest to her! By the time I finished I was all sweaty. I joined Sheila on the patio where she gave me cold lemonade.

She must have caught a whiff of me as she then asked if I would like a shower.

“I’ve only recently had it had it installed in the bathroom. I had actually had the whole room made bigger.”

Sheila walked with me upstairs to the bathroom and sat on the nursing chair that was in there and looked me as I undressed.

“My father made this chair for me. His hobby is wood work. It’s nice physical work for him, after his work as a Bank Manager.”

I showered in lukewarm water and soaped myself all over and then I was surprised to see Sheila come in with me. She had had undressed without me seeing and now ran her hands over my body.

“I can’t resist you any longer. You have lovely body and you are nice and young unlike the fat old slob who seduced me.”

She put her face close to mine and we kissed with the water running down our faces. Then she moved her hand down to my cock and grasped it tightly.

“I couldn’t resist you any longer. I must have your body; I must have your cock inside me.”

I became stiff under her ministrations. I tried to put it between her legs but the bump stopped me.

“Get down onto your hands and knees; I’ll do you from behind.” I told her.

Shelia turned off the water and turned around and got down onto the floor. I too got down onto my knees and moved up until I was in between her thighs. I pushed my prick forwards but couldn’t put it in her cunt, so she reached down between her legs,grabbed me and placed it at her cunt’s entrance. It was then easy to thrust into her wet slippery vagina. I thrust in and out holding her bum with both hands. She responded and moved back on to me. The whole of my penis went in and out. It felt wonderful, and she was squealing with delight. I was looking down and I had an idea. I moved my right hand off her bum and poked my middle finger into her arse hole. She immediately gave a loud cream and had a tremendous orgasm. I could feel her vagina tighten around my prick and I pulled in and out once more,until I was overcome with a big overall emotion and I thrust hard and unloaded all my spunk right inside her cunt.

We were both out of breath and still dripping wet from the shower. We got up slowly, in fact I had to help her up.

“That was some love making, Dickie.”

“Yes quite an experience. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

We quietly dried ourselves, smiling to each other all the time. We slowly dressed and went downstairs and had our salad lunch. We talked and lay quietly on sun beds all afternoon. At about six o’clock, I asked her if she would come out to the local Indian restaurant for a curry. She accepted, so I went home and changed etc. and I picked her up at seven thirty in my car. She also had changed into something smarter and wore a bra. In the car coming home, she asked me if I would like to spend the night and I accepted. She had a new double bed and there was just a sheet on the bed as it was a hot night. I slept in the nude but she wore a short nightie.

I woke up slowly the next morning as I became conscious of a hand on my cock; it was gently wanking me. I enjoyed it for a few minutes until I felt it stiff, then I moved my left arm behind me and moved my hand over Sheila’s bump to her pubes, then sought out her slit. I pushed my fingers in to it and felt it all wet. I slid passed her clitoris nub and slid my finger up into her vagina. I moved in and out and then slid it back up to her clitty.

“Oh turn over Dickie, I want to fuck you!”

So I turned onto my back and Sheila moved on top of me awkwardly with her stomach hitting mine. She straddled my legs and then grasped my cock as she sat upright, and rubbed it on her cunt to find her hole, then slid down it.

“That feels good…… very good….. I’ve really missed sex in the last few months.”

She leant forward on her hands, raising her arse off me to pull up a bit then pushed down again. Slowly at first she began to fuck me. It felt great; we were doing it at her pace, no rush but steady movement up and down. Then she gained speed and I began to feel that wonderful feeling of orgasm. I wanted her to join with me, so I reached around her hips and found her arse hole. I thrust my longest finger in and she immediately gave a cry.

“Ahhhhhhhh…….. I’m cumming…….”

I held her hips and thrust upwards with all my might and shot my spunk load inside her wet cunt. We both stopped moving and were gasping for breath.

Sheila spoke as she caught her breath. “Wow …… that was so good. I feel satisfied at last. That was terrific.”

We slowly unscrambled ourselves and lay back on the bed, both exhausted. We spent the morning reading the Sunday newspaper, then I went home to study. I took my exams on the next Friday and thought I did well, so I called round to Olivia’s house at about ten on Saturday. She was dressed again in a big loose dress and still looked fabulous. She invited me in and offered me a fresh coffee. I told her about my efforts and she congratulated me.

“It was worth the pause then in our relationships?” she said with laughter in her voice.

“Oh yes, definitely.” I answered laughingly.

We talked generally a bit more and then she said that she had a big job for me. I asked what it was.

“Come upstairs and I show you.”

We went up to her bedroom which she had done out beautifully with new wallpaper, new cupboards and a lovely new bed with a big headboard — all in the latest style. She pulled off her dress and knickers and laid down on the big double bed.

“I want you to rub baby oil onto my bump so I don’t get any unsightly stretch marks. You had better undress too so you don’t get oil on your clothes.”

As I undressed, I looked at her body and smiled. Her breasts were firm round and big with her areolas flat, about two inches wide and pink. Her nipples stuck out. My prick started to become erect. I kicked off my pants and trousers and walked to the bed.

“The oil is on the dressing table, pour some on my tummy and rub gently.”

I picked up the bottle and poured some out as directed. Then I moved my hand in a circular motion. The sensation was great and I kept looking at her bountiful breasts close at hand. I couldn’t resist it. I moved my hand up and fondled each boob in turn and then I played with the nipple; it became stiff under my fingers and was an inch long pointing upwards. I had never seen or felt any breast so perfect in shape and size. I put my mouth down onto it and suckled the nipple. Sheila groaned with delight, but reached out with her hand and gently pushed my head downwards.

“Now go lower down, I’ll never get stretch marks up there!”

I moved my hand down to her lower belly and rubbed some more oil on her. Then I was naughty again because I moved into her pubic hair and rubbed her slit. She opened her legs and let me masturbate her. She had her two hands behind her head and her eyes were shut as I rubbed her clitoris slowly then I gained speed until she was squirming with ecstasy. She raised her legs up as she squirmed and my face was so close to her crotch that I could count the hairs around her fanny, and also I could see her crinkled arse hole for the first time. I had a thought, I had oil on my hands with more available, I wondered what it would be like to have anal sex.

“Turn over and I rub your back.”

“That’s a good idea. Holding this baby in my tummy gives me a constant backache.”

Sheila turned over and was resting on her hands and knees. I poured some massage oil on to her back and gently rubbed it around on the muscles of her back where they were causing he pain. As I was doing so I looked down at her lovely white round bum, and stared at her soft crinkled arse hole. It had just a few light blond hairs around it. I was overcome with lust. I stopped the massage and picked up the bottle and poured some oil at the top of her arse crevice. It trickled down and when it got to her hole, I pushed my finger in.

“Oh, … I see you have designs on my arse now have you? Well some of my boyfriends used to do me that way when we ran out of contraceptives so go ahead, I might like it. Push your thingy in me.”

I rubbed my cock with my oily hand until it was stiff and then presented it at her arse hole and gently pushed it in. It went in quite smoothly to about half my seven inches of prick and then no further. Sheila seemed to have tensed up, so I put my right hand down and around until I could feel her slit and then I sought and found, the nub of her clitoris and rubbed that. She relaxed and I was able to pull back, thrust in further, pull out, and thrust in again. I was nice feeling; tight around the base and then a hot but dry, sensation around the rest of my penis. I gathered speed until I got that `old fashioned feeling` and thrust hard, forcing my foreskin right back,then I shot my load right inside her rectum with a cry of my pain and pleasure. I held it in there until I felt it go limp, then pulled it out. I saw spunk flowing out of her hole as it slowly closed inwards. I climbed off the bed and Sheila turned around and came off the bed.

“Let’s have a nice cold drink”

We dressed and went down stairs and went out into the hot sunshine and sat on the sun beds. We talked generally and then she surprised me.

“Would you like to move in with me? We’re in love and are two lonely people, let’s get together.”

I sat up and turned around and looked and her. I took hold of her hand and said “Yes, I’ll give my landlord notice and move in this week end.”

So I moved in. I was living in a furnished flat previously so there was no furniture to move, only my clothes. Neither of us had a mortgage so there was no question of legal papers. I settled in really well, and our love for each other grew.

After a few weeks had passed, I asked Sheila if she would marry me. We got married when she was seven months pregnant, in Norbiton Registry office, with her and my parents as witnesses. The baby was born at full term, a healthy seven and half pounds. We had a baby two years later and it was a boy. Sheila’s mother had come to stay for the first month, to look after the little girl and Sheila, and then to bring up the boy, her father retired. They bought a house nearby and took the children to school etc.. Sheila went on a diet and exercised to lose weight and resumed her career as an actress — though acting more and flashing her cleavage less!!

This is wear the story largely picks up, and there have been some major edits in light of the quality of our last submission (in our eyes). Any help or criticism on any elements would be appreciated, even encouraged.

-Dori and Sen


As always, all characters engaged in sexual activities are over 18.


Andrew always thought that his first threesome, if he ever had one, was going to have to be an elaborate seduction of one or more females and a lot of luck.

Of course, he wasn’t disappointed either when he walked into Kathy’s room after school to find her in a 69 with Sheri, with Sheri facing away from Andrew. Kathy motioned for him to approached, as he was mesmerized by Sheri’s tanned athletic ass grinding against his girlfriend’s face.

He moved over his girlfriend’s head, his torso inches from Sheri’s ass. He immediately shed his clothes, and his large cock was at attention, awaiting orders from the busty blonde.

Kathy ceased eating Sheri and took his cock into her open throat, taking down all nine inches in one slow stroke. As his manhood hit the back of her throat, he couldn’t help but let out a groan of ecstasy, whereas Sheri looked back and smiled, “Hey Andrew.”

Kathy then took his cock, dripping with saliva, into Sheri’s box. The other blonde could be heard groaning as his length made it’s way inside her. Andrew, though surprised at the pace this was going, knew to grab Sheri’s curvy hips and thrust himself inside her. As he started to work his length inside her, Kathy used her skillful mouth to give Andrew’s large balls a tongue bath.

It was a sight to behold: a shapely cheerleader licking the snatch of a busty blonde soccer player, whom was licking her boyfriend’s balls, as he pumped his thick nine inches into the cheerleader’s tight twat.

This went on for another few minutes, with Andrew slamming his cock harder and harder into Sheri, until the other blonde slumped over and cried out in ecstasy, her juices flowing around Andrew’s girth and her pussy clamping down on his cock.

“Shit, I’m about… to cum,” Andrew struggled to form the words as he was trying to keep from exploding. He pulled himself out of Sheri and into his girlfriend’s awaiting mouth. But once he saw Sheri pull her head off Kathy’s pussy and look at him, Kathy’s juices all over he face and hair, he launched wad after wad down Kathy’s open throat.

After he was done, he fell back onto the floor of the bedroom, looking up at the ceiling. As he panted, he could see Kathy licking her own juices off Sheri’s face, the two sharing sporadic kisses. Kathy giggled as she climbed down from the bed.

“This is only the beginning, sweetie.” She said in a seductive voice as her and Sheri proceeded to move in on Andrew’s body.


An hour later the Sheri and Kathy lay naked on Kathy’s bed, but Andrew was already dressing back into his clothes. As he grabbed his shirt Sheri shook her head, “C’mon, stay here. You have two hot chicks ready to fuck you until your big balls fall off. Aren’t guys supposed to think with their dicks?”

Andrew smiled and shook his head, “Sorry have a test tomorrow, and I haven’t studied at all.”

Truth be told, Andrew would love to stay and fuck each of them again and again, but he came at least a half dozen times so far and the last one in Sheri’s ass really spent him. His male pride kept him from admitting it, though.

“Wait… wait.” Kathy spoke distantly. She had had multiple orgasms in the last hour, the last having her pussy being fucked by Andrew while Sheri liked her clit. For the last few minutes she had been quiet, but she nevertheless wearily got up and wrapped her arms around Andrew’s neck, then went into a long and passionate kiss. After Andrew grabbed Kathy’s shapely ass, she asked, “One more time?”

But Andrew’s growing dick was already hurting, “Sorry babe, but…”

Not a moment too soon a car could be heard coming into the driveway. Andrew stole a quick glance out the second story window to see Paulina, Kathy’s mom, assist her twelve year old daughter Dawn into getting the groceries out of the car.

“Shit, your mom’s home.” Andrew said, tossing Kathy her undergarments and clothes that were on the floor. He stole a quick glance at her bra measurements: 36D. He thought it was odd he didn’t know them by heart by now.

Kathy seemed to awake and quickly dressed herself, whilst Sheri was desperately getting her clothes on as well. Andrew stole out of the bedroom door, saying his goodbyes, and leaving the two females to dress themselves. In the end, Sheri forgot her bra and only had a shirt, and Andrew absent mindedly left a pack of condoms in Kathy’s nightable.

Andrew was at the front doorway when Dawn opened the door. She looked a lot like her older sister, but she was much more bubbly and cheery, with her hair falling straight down instead of curling slightly like Kathy’s.

“Hey Andy!” Dawn said in her squeaky little girl’s voice. The youngest of the family took a liking to Andrew almost instantly, saying that he was a “big bear” because of his height and the fact that he seemed to hug her older sister a lot.

“Hi Dawn, how are you?” Andrew asked.

“Fine.” She said, then went on to the kitchen to unload the groceries in her small arms.

“Oops!” Paulina gasped as one of the three bags she was carrying dropped out of her hands. Andrew caught it before it hit the ground, and brought it up to give to Paulina, whom was bending over slightly and giving him a splendid view of her low-cut top and large breasts.

Paulina was not fully blonde, unlike her daughters, but had a dirty-blonde bob that was a few inches above the her slender shoulders, which led down to her voluptuous body standing at just under 5’6″. She wasn’t the perfect soccer mom, but was definitely a MILF at thirty eight.

“Thank you Andrew.” She replied as he set the bag on the stool.

“Your welcome Mrs. Rog- I mean…” Andrew tripped over his words.

He had learned recently that Paulina and her husband, whom had thought good of Andrew, were divorced but not out of unhappiness. Her husband, Donald, was a Navy petty officer and had traveled throughout various bases and on various ships, frequently away from his family. Paulina and Donald only filed the divorce because she wanted to no longer have to have a husband always away from her. They got along famously, but when Donald got transferred to the local recruiting station, they still didn’t remarry and still live in separate homes.

Paulina chuckled at his mistake. “Andrew, I keep telling you, call me Paulina.”

“Sorry… Paulina.” Andrew said, embarrassed. “Anyway, I just finished,” Andrew was struggling to find an excuse to why he was there, “Studying with Sheri and Kathy. Gotta be home for dinner.”

Andrew rushed out the door and to his old pickup, with Paulina giggling and waving as he drove off.

Once the groceries were unloaded, Paulina dropped by Kathy’s room to find the two of them gossiping about something. She noticed Sheri lacked a bra, apparent by her stiff nipples.

“How did you guys hold up while I was gone?” Paulina asked, a bit suspiciously.

“Oh, Andrew brought over a few CDs for us to listen to. We watched TV for a bit, it was fun.” Kathy replied, giggling along with Sheri.

This is odd, Paulina thought, one said they had fun, the other that they were studying. She then pursued further.

“Andrew said you guys went for a little swim.” Paulina lied.

“Oh, yeah. We made sure our hair didn’t get wet.” Sheri lied in turn.

Stranger, Paulina thought, and I haven’t washed Kathy’s bikini from yesterday.

As she closed the door, she could hear Kathy’s hushed whispers: “Well, we got drenched in something.” More giggles followed.

Paulina walked down the hall, contemplating what she just heard. Are they having sex? With Sheri? She knew Andrew was a handsome boy, attractive even to her, but all three of them? Paulina decided to look more into it later, it could be her just being suspicious.


It was cheer practice a few days later when Ami observed Sheri gossiping with two other cheerleaders after their warm-up run. Ami didn’t butt in, but as she set up the boom box for music for their workout, she couldn’t help but listen to what they were saying.

“You guys know Andrew Parkers?” Sheri asked.

“You mean that loner bastketball player?” One of them scoffed, clearly wondering what was so special about him.

“He’s cute.” The second said stiffly to the other.

“And he’s packed, too,” Sheri grinned, then stage whispered,”At least nine inches, and filled me up for an hour.”

“Your lying,” the first giggled, but the second was clearly interested.

“Actually, he filled me AND Kathy up.” Sheri corrected, her grin widening.

“Seriously,” the first girl stopped laughing and gave her an odd look, “BOTH of you? I thought they were dating.”

“They are, but Andrew can plug any pussy, and Kathy can lick any. They’re both pretty good, too.” Sheri said, not bothering to keep quiet anymore.

“You have to be kidding me,” the second finally said something.

“If you don’t believe me, ask Kathy or Andrew.” Sheri rebutted, and the other two didn’t speak much.

But Ami’s eyebrows shot up. Well well well, Andrew wasn’t being a cheating bastard, even though he damn near looked like he was, Ami thought, maybe I’ll give him a second chance.


“Thanks babe, I needed that.” Andrew said.

Kathy didn’t reply, simply sucking the last of his cum off his stiff rod. She took several seconds, lavishing it with her tongue until his girth entered a flaccid state.

“No problem, hon,” was her reply. Kathy had learned to swallow all his sperm in the last few weeks, and was becoming very adept at it. She then pulled up her top, which had been pushed under her tits for Andrew’s enjoyment only.

As the two climbed out of his pickup from it’s secluded spot in the back of the school, Kathy turned to face Andrew, “And, sorry I won’t be able to, um, ‘study’ tonight, but I forgot that Lori is coming over.”

She looked genuinely apologetic, but Andrew smiled, “You’ve let me screw around, why not I send someone else too?”

“Wait, your not disappointed that we can’t screw?” Kathy replied. Inexperienced with male-female relationships, she thought men were high maintainence and horny, based on what her friends told her. And after having a crush on him for years, she practically treated him like royalty, which if anything Andrew hated.

“No, I hope you guys fuck each other all night.” Andrew said and moved in to kiss her cheek.


AP World History, the most bland, boring, passive class there had to be, Andrew thought. It wasn’t that he found it hard, on the contrary he found this class and Biology to be his strongest classes.

But it was so fucking boring. The only consolation was the girls. Of course Andrew’s girlfriend, whom happened to be the star soccer forward and one of the smartest people at school, had the same class… in a different period. He was forced, brace yourselves, to look at the other hot girls, including the head cheerleader. Yes, Ami Rodriguez was a half-latina wet dream waiting to happen: short figure, oversized breasts, and a supple ass that had been toned only after years of hard running.

Poor Andrew. Actually, Andrew was in the doghouse it seemed with Ami, after his boner not only caught the girl’s eye, but she at first welcomed it, before turning it away and driving off in fury, leaving a clueless Andrew behind.

But as school ended with the blissful sound of the schoolbell, Ami actually walked up the Andrew, whom was packing up his notes and ready to make a beeline home before traffic slowed him down.

“Andrew?” Came a confident, cheerful voice.

The boy turned to see Ami’s boobs practically in his face as he bent down to pick up a book he dropped.

“Uh yeah?” Andrew recovered and packed his bag, surprised to have Ami talking to him.

“I need a little tutoring in history, I was wondering if you could maybe…” Ami suddenly had started to stumble over her words. Was she nervous? A bit scared? Snap out of it! she told herself as she regains her composure, “if you could come and tutor me tonight?”

Andrew rushed to answer, “Sure.”

“Six o’clock, my place.”

“I’ll be there.” Andrew said, nearly bursting with excitement as he took a small paper from Ami, detailing her number and address.

Once Ami walked away, she couldn’t help but thinking that she might have an awkward sexual situation, then scoffed at herself. He’s teaching me history, how much more boring could you get? she thought.


An hour ago Andrew had arrived at Ami’s house, his notes and history book under his arm. The house was empty save Ami, though she didn’t know her mom was having to go back to the office for a night meeting. Ami had just come back from cheer practice, sweaty and such, where she had Andrew wait a few minutes so she could shower and change. When she came out, she had shorts and a tight t-shirt on. Again, for some apparent reason these were the only cloths in the vicinity. Fate can be a cruel (?) bitch. Ami and Andrew both thought there would be nothing remotely sexual about this evening.

They started studying, the Napoleonic Wars in fact.Their teacher alluded that an upcoming pop quiz was going to have the life of Napoleon, so they were plowing through the textbook and their notes.

“So did Napoleon gain any real prestige in Italy? It sounded like he established himself as an effective commander when he was in Southern France.” Ami queried.

“Enough to gain him a wife.” Andrew replied monotonously, trying his best not to look at Ami. He didn’t want another boner to throw him off, he reminded himself everything needed to be mended.

“Who was he married to?” Ami asked.

“Two women, actually. Funny in a way.” Andrew replied with a sly grin, turning to look only at Ami’s face, “He first married some French bitch after Italy. She was a goldigger, and was too old to keep bouncing around the beds of the Parisian aristocracy. She caught Napoleon’s eye, and she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to marry him.”

“A MILF?” Ami chuckled, “But why was she a bitch?”

“When in Egypt, among other places, Napoleon was faithful, but his wife was not.” Andrew began, feeling his prick rise as he saw Ami’s breasts rapidly rise and fall from her laughing, “He also wrote her letters of his love and things he would do to her to make her happy, most of them in bed. She read these aloud to her friends for entertainment and laughed at them. When he found out, he told her no more philandering, though he could do all the women he wanted, but she would get all else she desired.”

“Serves her right. A man did that to me, I couldn’t keep my hands off him.” Ami said.

Another inch of Andrew’s boner came to life. How the fuck did this become so sexual? Andrew thought.

“The other marriage was between him and a young princess. It was entirely political, but the night of the wedding the bride only relunctantly entered his bedchambers.” Andrew continued, “When Napoleon came out hours later, one of his entourage asked ‘how she was’, and Napoleon replied, ‘She wanted more, and more, and more.’”

They both laughed at that, but now Ami was getting wet by this, and she also recognized Andrew’s frantic attempts to hide his raging hard-on. She bit her lower lip, before resting her hand on his thigh, mere inches from his prick.

“Every had a girl tell you to ‘give me more?’” Ami asked with a pleasant smile. If she hadn’t been so horny, she would’ve recognized how stupid that sentence sounded. If all the blood wasn’t in his dick, Andrew would’ve realized it as well.

This was the biggest what-the-fuck moment of Andrew’s life so far. Is she trying to seduce him after last time? Well, if she gets mad, then it’s her problem, both his dick and brain agreed.

“Freqently.” Was the reply, followed by Ami’s squeeze of his cock. A short gasp later and she put forth another question: “Why don’t you show me what get’s those girls so excited.”

Not three seconds later Andrew’s fly was down, with eager assistance from Ami. She marveled at it’s length, about nine inches. Quite large, but not too cumbersome. Andrew’s pants followed, and Ami led her mouth onto the large purple head of his dick as she knelt in front of him. This illicited a groan of pleasure from Andrew, followed by ecstasy as his top four inches descended down her throat.

Three more inches followed, and Andrew instantly knew she was not a novice at giving head. She bobbed her head faster and faster, keeping up a good pace. She hummed to make his cock feel the vibrations, making him extra sensitive to her ministrations, and moved down the last two inches, officially deepthroating him.

Ami then pulled off, precum and saliva dripping from the cock to her lips. She looked at Andrew in the sluttiest way she could and asked: “Can you fuck my face?”

This drove Andrew wild with lust. He simply grabbed her head through her silky black hair, and slammed his cock in and out of her mouth. Cum came easy at this point, from which she swallowed most of it, but some was still left. Eventually she came up against his hand for breath, with long strands of sperm from her lips connecting to his cock. She breathed deeply, muttered something incoherent, and attacked his cock with ferocity, loving it with her mouth, throat, and tongue. She beckoned the last drops of sperm out and into her mouth, but continued to maul it with her tongue.

In the end both were weary and laid there for a few minutes. Andrew’s limp dick decided it would be safer not to rise again, which Ami would happily answer with another heinous sexual act.

“Ami, that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had.” Andrew complimented, and was met by a wry smile.

“Andrew, you have the best cock I’ve ever sucked. Managed to last pretty long too. I have more…” Ami was cut off when she heard her mom arriving home from her meeting. But she didn’t want Andrew to leave satisfied, she wanted him to leave wanting more. In any event, he could fuck or get a blowjob from Kathy or Sheri. She wanted to give him something special.

Ami stepped forward and lifted her shirt, burying his face in her large breasts whilst taking his hands to cup her ass. Not ten seconds later she let go and dropped her shirt and told him that this wasn’t the last of what she was going to give him.

And wisely he believed her.


Kathy’s eyes went wide at the events Andrew told her of the night before as he parked his pickup at the fairgrounds, which hosted the D5 Concert.

“Andrew, you just nailed the head cheerleader, and she wants to give you more? This nympho is worse than me, you are one lucky son-of-a-bitch.” Kathy gave a small smile, “Wish I was there, Ami sounds like she’s good with her tongue.”

“Guess I am pretty lucky. Of course having an amazing-ass girlfriend also is part of it.” Andrew grinned back.

“Aww, your sweet, but just my ass is amazing?” Was Kathy’s rebuttal.

“No, there’s your blonde locks, your face, which was carved by angels, your amazing figure, your golden skin, and a smile that melts the coldest of hearts.” Andrew replied.

“You mean the hair you grab for a blowjob, the face you fuck, the tits you maul, the ass you screw, and the mouth that works wonders over your big, thick cock.” She emphasized “big” and “thick”, “But it’s the thought that counts.”

The concert itself was phenomenal, local acts doing good covers and a few original songs. It had everything a concert should have, including the potheads and drunks. Though the potheads stayed in their cars or in the corners of the outdoor stadium, the drunks were all over the place. Andrew had already recieved multiple invitations by intoxicated women to meet them in their respective cars for a good fucking. But he was here with his girlfriend on a date, not looking for sex. Luckily for him, his patience paid off.

Syd sat inside the sauna, wrapped in a waist towel, sweating profusely. The hot rocks crackled in a basket in the corner. The walls were ringed with two tiers of cedar benches and a long, broad squat slatted table was positioned in the center. He had finished 30 minutes inside and the heat timer had expired to let the room begin its cool down.

The door opened and Syd’s six therapists entered the room. Each beauty had her hair wrapped in a white head towel. Another towel was tucked across the top of her breasts and hung down to mid-thigh. None of them said a word as they took seats arrayed around the room.

Nodding to the others, Mandy, the cycling specialist, climbed down to the center of the room and removed her body towel, draping it across the low table in the center. Her breasts swayed as she took a step up on the bench towards Syd and gently grasped his hand, pulling him to climb down and stand before the terrycloth covered table. She leaned in and whispered in Syd’s ear “Please choose me” before standing back with hands lightly crossed in front, assuming a shy stance of anticipation.

Syd saw a motion from the corner of his eye and Juanita, the upper body specialist, left her place on the bench and approached Syd. She stood before him and raised her arms, untucking her body towel and draping it as well over the previous layer on the table. She stood on tiptoes as she leaned in, pressing her boobs hard into Syd’s chest. She whispered “Please choose me” then backed away to stand next to Mandy facing Syd.

Wandah, the swimming coach, went next, stepping down to the center well. She stood tall, eye to eye with Syd, as she pulled at the knot on her towel. Syd maintained her eye contact but saw her arms revolve down in his lower peripheral vision. He broke the stare and looked down. Wandah’s exposed athletic chocolate globes were as perfect when viewed from above as they were from any other angle. She leaned in and whispered “Please chose me”, then slid around Syd but brushed his hips with hers. Syd kept his gaze on the undulating ass until Wandah turned to face him, hands lowered and folded, joining in the growing line of choices.

Fujiko, the gymnast, was standing on the bottom step when Syd brought his attention back to the center of the room. She crooked a finger and motioned Syd to approach her. She was not tall enough even on tiptoes to reach Syd’s ear. When Syd was standing in front of her, she reached inside his towel, grasped his cock and pulling him close, whispering “Please choose me.” Syd watched as she moved to the table, removed and spread her own towel on it and joined the others in line.

Frieda, the masseuse, fairly marched on Syd, stopped short at attention and whipped her towel off. It joined the growing thickness of terrycloth padding. She pulled Syd into a bone crushing embrace, mashed her massive tits into his chest and captured his mouth in an energetic full on kiss. Her tongue massaged his. She retreated back a small gap, and for what passed as Frieda’s whisper, she huskily said “Please choose me” into Syd’s still open mouth. She then became the fifth in line as Syd wiggled his jaw to see if it was damaged.

Sati, the yoga guru, glided off her perch and gracefully drew near. Her glistening blue-green eyes still mesmerized Syd. She stopped in front of him and with elegant arm motions, opened her towel wide as she rotated around with her back to Syd. She dropped it on the table and, with arms still wide spread, rotated back to Syd. Her serpentine arms slithered to hook hands behind Syd’s head, drawing him in to whisper “Please choose me.” She walked to the end of the line.

Six nude women stood before Syd. All held their heads high with Mona Lisa smiles and hands clasped lightly in front. Syd surveyed the line from end to end and walked to stand in front of Mandy.

Mandy had the boobs that, when jiggled, had encouraged Syd’s legs to cycle faster. He had placed cum inside her cunt but had not sampled the recesses of her mouth with his cock. That might be interesting. He moved to the right.

Juanita, the weight trainer, was displaying her awesome breasts that had slid over Syd’s hard cock while he lay exhausted on a weight bench. She had taken his cum in her mouth but he had not fucked her vaginally. Was her cunt as good as her boob and blow jobs? Thoughtful, he move to the next in line.

Wandah, the swimmer, could give her all when she wanted but had astutely made Syd do the work and get the therapeutic exercise. His core was really strengthened by their ‘workout’. She already had gotten a load of his cum in her cunt. Her breasts were modest but pleasant. He had not sampled her mouth, yet. He moved to the next in line.

Fujiko, the gymnast, was supple, flexible and energetic. He had already tried her vagina and her mouth but her breasts had been too modest for a boob job. She had energy and stamina to spare; probably a lot more than Syd would have soon.

Frieda, the masseuse, stood at attention. Her massive breasts covered wide across her chest. Her hips were surprisingly narrow for such a big woman. She was not fat but not slender either. He had been concerned by her power but here she would control it among the others. Maybe…

Sati, the yoga guru, was staring straight ahead with her blue-green eyes. Her ivory breasts, mounted on her toned chest, were stunning in their beauty. Syd remembered the calm way her vaginal muscles had caused multiple orgasms before his ultimate ejaculation. Her mouth had held his semen as well. What was left to explore?

Decisions, decisions, decisions…..But there were choices to be made so Syd steeled his resolve and continued.

Syd stepped in front of Juanita and took both her hands in his. He led her to the table, smoothed the towels and helped her lay face up with her butt on the end of the platform. He raised her knees to plant her heels on the same edge.

Syd returned to Fujiko and led her to stand on the side facing Juanita’s prone form. He lowered her to her knees in an upright stance. He loosed her hair so that it cascaded down her back. Syd selected Mandy next, placing her on the opposite side from Fujiko in knee stand position as well. He then sited Juanita’s hand to cup Mandy’s vulva. Juanita understood the directions and cupped Fujiko’s vulva with her other hand. Both women gripped Juanita’s helping hand and pushed Juanita’s middle finger up their vaginas and placed her thumbs on their clitorises. Juanita dug in and found the G spots. Each woman gave a start and a sigh as Juanita test rubbed the quartet of targets.

Syd gathered Sati from her place in line and put her in a new place kneeling above Juanita’s head. Sati placed her hands on Juanita’s temples and lightly caressed the hollows. Juanita sighed her approval of the gentle touch. Sati kneed up tall and stared straight ahead, eyes open but focused on a distant spot.

Syd gathered Wandah. He had her kneel beside Juanita’s hips and he bent Wandah over so that her ear was pillowed by Juanita’s abdomen and her mouth was sideways just above Juanita’s cunt. Her tongue extended from the side of her mouth to graze Juanita’s clitoris and she lightly licked the soft flesh. Juanita sighed again in approval of this touch.

The table was set but, before the buffet of skin could be enjoyed, there was one more detail to attend to. Syd turned to Frieda and motioned her forward. He was on his knees at the end of the table facing Juanita. Frieda kneeled and embraced Syd from behind, mashing her massive boobs into his back as she reached one hand around to his chest and the other to his groin.

Syd proclaimed quietly “Let the feast begin.”

Juanita massaged the erogenous points of her two hand captives. They in turn kissed and sucked Juanita’s nipples. Frieda gave a few slow strokes to Syd’s cock with her hand, then cradled the shaft and placed the tip to Wandah’s lips. Wandah changed tongue focus from Juanita to Syd. Frieda used her hand on Syd’s chest to finger his nipple. Syd got very hard. Frieda pushed her groin into Syd’s butt and shoved his dick into Wandah’s mouth. Wandah circled her lips and twittered her tongue as Frieda used her bearhug embrace of Syd to control the strokes of his cock in and out of Wandah’s mouth.

Fujiko and Mandy looked across at each other, then pecked a quick kiss before descending to lick and suckle Juanita’s nipples. Juanita gave a slight moan. That was Frieda’s signal. She pulled Syd all the way out of Wandah’s mouth, repositioned his cock head lower and pushed forward to seat the knob in Juanita’s cunt entrance. Juanita caught her breath and Frieda shoved Syd hard, burying his shaft.

Syd felt the warmth enclose his prick. He gave a short moan. Juanita became more vocal. Frieda looked at Sati who understood her responsibilities. Sati lowered to Juanita’s mouth and locked onto a full tongue lashing kiss that stifled Juanita’s sounds. Syd watched as the two hand maidens leaned back from Juanita’s breasts and engaged in a full out kiss of their own.

Syd had his cock in Juanita, was being nipple caressed by the stroke controlling Frieda and watching four women kiss passionately in front of him. Sometimes on withdrawal, his shaft felt Wandah’s tongue give it a quick caress. Seeing Wandah’s enthusiasm, Frieda reared back, lifted Syd’s cock and pushed it into Wandah’s mouth all the way. Frieda now pressed Syd’s cock again and again at the entrance to Wandah’s throat.

The sequence went on with Syd’s cock alternately in Juanita’s cunt and Wandah’s mouth, Fujiko and Mandy tonguing Juanita’s nipples or each other’s lips and deep throats. Sati remained hovered over Juanita’s face kissing and retreating to allow Juanita to occasionally breathe out moans while continuing the scalp and temple caresses.

Syd closed his eyes and reveled semi-dazed in the sensations he was experiencing. The actions began to raise his ardor to a point he knew would not be sustained. He was getting the tingling in his nerves announcing the imminent demise of this orgy. He opened his eyes and was startled to see Sati’s blue-green jewels staring deep into his eyes. His cock was presently engaged by Juanita’s cunt. His breath shortened and the inevitable rush of liquid sprang up his urethra. Frieda heard Syd’s cry of ecstasy and held him deep in Juanita for his first burst, then removed him and hosed Wandah’s face with the next three as she massaged his cock with her hand.

Syd was stunned by the power of the orgasm and nearly fainted. Uncomprehending, he felt suspended in space and would have fallen on top of Wandah’s head and Juanita’s stomach if Frieda had not held him aloft from collapse. What vision he retained was focused on Sati’s radiant eyes. Juanita, Fujiko and Mandy had achieved their peaks simultaneous with Syd and the two handmaidens’ heads were lying unmoving on Juanita’s breasts.

Frieda lifted Syd while the woman worked to get off the table. Frieda laid Syd in Juanita’s place and Sati now massaged his scalp and temples. The other women exited the sauna to get cleaned up. Syd regained a better but not full consciousness. Syd said “I’m sorry Wandah, Frieda and you did not achieve fulfillment with the rest of us. Is there anything we can do about that?”

Sati smiled “Don’t worry, Syd, it was the luck of the draw. You made some choices. Other weeks other patients make different choices. We all get our share of ecstasy eventually.”

When Syd felt enough strength to rise, she helped him to walk to his room. He slept through the night. Tomorrow, he must leave Total Woman Clinic; his week was up.


Syd waltzed into the lobby that he had struggled into a short week ago. Fergie, the receptionist, gave him a broad smile. Syd remarked “We missed you yesterday at the sauna.”

Fergie nodded and said “I missed you too but I am only an intern therapist and not allowed in Group Therapies. Anyway, I won’t forget you after Friday night together. It was wonderful.”

Syd nodded and turned to leave. Fergie came around the counter and put a brochure in Syd’s hand as she pecked his cheek goodbye. Syd walked through the door onto the sidewalk. At that moment, a white limousine pulled up to the curb. The driver and a nurse got out and opened the rear door. They helped an elderly gentleman into a wheelchair and pushed him towards the Total Woman Clinic. As the door opened, he heard Fergie’s chipper voice call “Oh, Mr. Smith, welcome to the Total Woman Clinic. We have been expecting you.” Then all sound from inside was muted as the door closed.

Syd almost laughed and thought ‘Well, buddy, they are either going to cure you or kill you. If it’s the latter, you are going to die a very happy man.’

Syd looked at the brochure that Fergie had placed in his hand. It was a glossy color pamphlet showing resort style activities like swimming, horseback riding, boating, field sports and plush dining rooms. There was no address. The only identifying information was the name, “Total Woman Excursions” and a telephone number. Syd pulled out his cellphone and excitedly dialed the number.

I work midnights on the weekends, and with two small kids, adult playtime is hard to come by. However, on this particular Saturday night, I had a lenient boss who allowed me to take an extra-long break. Already planning my rendezvous for the morning, I decided to get it started a little early. I only live a few minutes away from work, so I took my extra-long break and left for home. What started out as a gentle, sexy make out session quickly morphed into something much more erotic than what I had time for at the moment. Deciding kisses and fondling was not enough, I slowly unbuttoned my shirt while sitting on my husband’s lap. When he saw what I was doing, he moaned “tease”, but his hands quickly cupped my nice heavy breasts. While his thumbs massaged my nipples through my thin bra, I focused my oral attentions on the sensitive spot just below his ear. With his head tilted back, I was able to run my tongue slowly along the side of his neck, nibble his ear lobe and plant gently sucking kissed all the way to his collar bone. After a few minutes of this, I felt something nudging at the apex of my thighs…. Someone was getting very turned on.

Deciding to be a little more of a tease, I climbed off his lap and made like I was going to leave to get back to work. When his fingers dropped away from my breast, he closed his eyes and took several deep breaths to calm down. While he was distracted, I quickly flipped open his belt and unzipped his pants. By the time the zipper was all the way down, his eyes had popped open and his hand closed around mine. “We don’t have time for anything…” he mumbled while he tried to pack himself away. Not to be denied, I grinned and leaned in for more kisses while my hand stole to his crotch. I opened my mouth over his, knowing he can’t resist sliding his tongue into mine. When our tongues touched, I closed my lips and drew it deeper into my mouth, stroking it with mine own, mimicking the blow job he was about to receive. Clever minx that I am, I knew he’d forget all about his open fly.

While he was distracted by my mouth, my hand worked its way into his jeans, where i gripped his raging cock through the cotton briefs he wears. He moaned and thrust his hips, and I knew that I had him. I love how men’s underwear is made with the open panels in the front, and that night, those panels were my gateway to bliss. Already mildly damp with precum, his cock protruded from the panels after a little maneuvering. When I felt the velvety heat in the palm of my hand, I released his tongue and dropped my mouth to his crotch. Groaning in protest for only a second at the loss of my tongue touching his, he quickly jerked upright and groaned loudly the minute my tongue ran over the head of his cock. Again, he protested that we didn’t have time, and again, I grinned impishly up at him. When his eyes met mine, I opened my mouth and licked around the crown of his cock, tasting his sweet precum before I swirled my tongue down his shaft. It wasn’t enough, and before long, I was sliding his entire tool into my mouth, feeling it glide across my tongue before reaching the back of my throat. I suckled his yummy organ for several minutes, sliding it into my throat and then pulling so far back that he almost fell out of my mouth. When his hands came to rest in my hair, I knew that I had him. With one last deep thrust, and a swallow to squeeze him oh just right, I pulled myself away and began buttoning my shirt.

With a dumbfounded look, he asked me why I stopped. Again, with my sexy little grin, I just looked at the clock and said “I have to go back to work”. As I got my shirt put to rights, I leaned down to kiss him, and since his cock was still raging through his clothing, I wrapped my hand around him and gave him a couple more pumps. He groaned and tried to thrust a few more times, but I backed away before he could get any more excited. As I walked out the door, the last sight I had of him was his gorgeous rod pointing at the ceiling, still glistening from my mouth, and the dirtiest, most frustrated look on his face. Before I shut the door behind me, I told him “I get off in four more hours…” and then it clicked shut behind me.

Four hours later, I got home from my shift, still incredibly turned on. My plan for my break went perfectly. I don’t normally advocate blue balls, but in this instance, I wanted to try something different. When I got home, he was asleep. However, in a repeat of my break, he was wearing not only boxers with the front panels, but pajama pants as well. Hubby is a deep sleeper, so after I stripped and washed up, I nudged him just enough to get him to turn onto his back before I slid my hand into his bottoms. He wasn’t hard, but that was fine. When I finally pulled his flaccid cock through his pants, he was so warm. I cupped him for a couple minutes, just letting his sleeping body get used to the feel of my hands so he didn’t startle when I started using my mouth. Taking just the head into my mouth, I swirled my tongue in circles. Because he was soft, I was able to slide the whole thing into my mouth on the first try without any adverse effects. With his entire cock inside my mouth, I began stroking it with my tongue, first around the head, then down and around the shaft. As I worked my mouth, he began to firm up. When he was about at half-mast, I pulled my head back and began to thrust my mouth back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of my warm, wet cavern. By now, he was giving off tiny little moans, like he was having a good sex dream or something.

When his cock was finally completely hard, I climbed up onto the bed and straddled his legs. Bracing myself on one hand, I wrapped the other around the base of his cock. Dribbling some saliva over my hand for lubrication, I began fisting him, sliding my hand up to meet my mouth while I slid my mouth down to meet my hand. I alternated my strokes for a few moments, and his groans got louder. He began to shift on the bed, so I slid my hand inside his bottoms again and came out with his balls. While my hand worked his shaft, I dropped my head lower and began to lick and suckle at his scrotum. He finally came awake when I managed to suck both testicles into my mouth and was massaging them with my tongue. He began moaning regularly in time with thrusting into my mouth. His hands came up from the bed and gripped my hair, and his moans became louder when I released his balls to return to the head of his sensitive organ. A bead of precum was waiting for me, and I eagerly swiped it with my tongue before I closed my mouth over the top third of his rod. I wanted him to cum in my mouth, so I began to work hard for my prize. Soon, I was deep throating him again; sliding my mouth all the way to the base of his cock and swallowing before sliding it back up.

I knew he wouldn’t be able to handle much more, and when he began panting and squeezing my hair in time to my thrusts, I cupped his balls in my hand. I could feel the denseness of them, and knowing that his orgasm was close, I began thrusting my mouth faster. Up and down, sliding my tongue along the base of his shaft to the bottom, then back to the head and flicking it at his hole. When he groaned again, loudly, I knew it would be soon. I wrapped my hand tightly around his shaft and kept my mouth as close to my hand as I could. With my hand stroking him, he couldn’t take it anymore, and after only a couple thrusts into my mouth, he let out a roar. Knowing his cum would come bursting out of him; I slide my mouth the base of his cock one more time and let him explode into my throat. I could feel the cum jetting out of him, and some of the saltiness slipped down the shaft to pool behind my lips. When the stream finally exhausted itself, I slipped his cock out of my mouth and swallowed the last of my prize. His hands, fisted in my hair, relaxed, and his head came off the pillow. He looked at me out of his gorgeous blue eyes, and with a quiet little smile, he said “was that a dream”?

I grinned back at him and said “did it feel like a dream”? When he shook his head, I smiled, and with a last little squeeze, relinquished my hold on his now softening penis. I gave him a kiss on the cheek before I went to rinse my mouth and get dressed, and by the time I got back, he was asleep again. Oh well, tonight, it’s my turn!

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