I came across her by chance. Her photo appeared innocently in the side column of the page as I was cruising the net for social activities to enjoy. She was beautiful. Long sandy blonde hair on a petite frame.

She belonged to other clubs too. One was a 40 plus club, but from the look on her photo, she was no way near that age. I fantasized that maybe she was a seductress who made a living seducing older men. She looked 32 and innocent. I idly wondered if it was an older picture and she would look much different in real life. Then I made up a story about her in my mind that she was femme fatale and used the clubs as a launching point.

She seemed perfect for my game. My name is Destiny and I like to acquire experiences like other people like to purchase and covet expensive items. I don’t mind admitting that I am gorgeous because it serves me so well in getting what I want. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a femme fatale myself, but without all the gory stuff, or maybe I’m just a beautiful woman who has learned like all the rest, that beauty can take you a long distance towards achieving any goal a girl dared dream. Obsessed with pleasure, or not, I knew what I craved, and just as suddenly as I saw her, I knew I wanted her.

I spotted other photos that intrigued me too. Attractive photos, cute whimsical profiles, with cute attitudes were on display along the virtual social club wall. One well built sandy blonde haired man with a muscular lean build caught my eye. I click and smiled to discover he was attending the same event. This would be fun. I loved games and this would be a very enjoyable erotic one. When I set my mind to something, I go for it.

The day of our mutual activity arrived. I knew I had to sparkle and pop to get the attention of the people that mattered.

I gave some thought as to what I should wear. I wanted to convey a sense of vulnerability and innocence to actually hide my inner dominant self. Showing the reality of my intent right at the beginning might spoil my plans. I had gone the extra mile to visit a hairdresser to add shine to my blond hair. After straightening it, I just let the long strands fall loosely on my shoulders. I framed my face with a few hair strands on the front and left a few more on my forehead.

Innocence was achieved. And then I knew what I wanted. I wanted to be wrapped in a golden glow. I put on a gold and bronze flapper dress. I painted my nails and toenails gold. I smiled at myself for a moment and then made up my upper cleavage with a gold glitter gel. I looked like a golden sun disappearing into the night. I felt a dampness between my legs. Then I went for overkill. I took out a golden necklace and let it hang on my cleavage.

I stood in front of the full length mirror and thought: who wouldn’t want me?”

I took a piece of paper and put my goal for the evening on it, then put it in the multi coloured bottle that decorated my shelf. I made it specific; challenging. I knew if I played the game well, I would win, and I loved winning. My nipples ripened and got super hard thinking of the possibilities. I put on my gold high heels that increased my 5’6 height to almost 6′. I found many men had fetish for tall blonds and I hoped my male target was one of them.

I loved an adventure, and I was ready.

My dress and the glitter on my ample cleavage sparkled in the sunlight as I walked towards the bar. Construction workers whistled as I walked by, making lude comments. The dress showed off my breasts with stark cleavage that wasn’t trashy, but was sure to attract some uninhabited lustful stares as I walked in the bar. I caught my image in the mirror and adjusted my personality to charming.

As I walked in all eyes turned to stare. My shapely legs and sexy gold heels clicked on the floor as I smiled my way to the bar. Some people’s eyes reverted reluctantly back to their glasses and conversations, other men and women continued to stare boldly, turned away and then returned their gaze to my sexy body. The women tried harder to disguise their interest but my instinct told me who I could easily manipulate. The men were always such easy prey, but the women were a challenge. The blond beauty didn’t even look up, she was so involved in the conversation she was having with her friends. I smiled. It just meant she wouldn’t be easy. Sometimes my sexual goals were too easy, but not this time. This time I would have to work for it.

Looking around I was pleased to see they were both there. She looked stunning in tight jeans and low cut t – shirt. I was surprised to see he was bigger than in his picture. His arm and leg muscles were bulging and he looked strong, self confident and cocky. I felt a warm wetness enter my pussy.

She was with a male and giving him a lot of attention. I would have to turn her to win. I felt the familiar tingle of desire and lust surge through me. She was a worthy prize.

It was a social gathering and the table numbers were clearly marked. Unlike a speed dating club, this one was about making friends. I picked up the number of my table at the reception desk and looked at it, then looked at her number. Of course they were different.

I excused myself, went the washroom and changed the numbers. Looking in the mirror I couldn’t help but smile a devious little smile.

“Hi! I’m Destiny,” I said with a brilliant smile that accented my sparkling eyes to the five people standing around the table. Everyone introduced themselves.

“This is such a tastefully decorated bar,” I said in a smooth sexy voice, looking at the blond beauty before me. She was so innocent, so beautiful; I just wanted to control her.

Adrianna looked at me shyly. She had always been shy. The guy beside her was so cute. She hoped he wouldn’t be interested in the tall blond bombshell that just walked in. She was nice enough though Adrianna thought, beautiful too and she seemed so innocent.

“Yes, the staircase with the neon lights really highlights the place,” she replied.

Adrianna looked at me and smiled. I noticed her nipples became hard. I looked at them with longing, wondering if she would notice the lingering touch of my gaze.

“Oohh and the wood decor is old world class,” I said seductively fingering the beautiful woodwork with my gold manicured fingers.

Her nipples stayed hard and the man, she had been talking to, no longer the center of attention, disappeared into the woodwork so to speak.

Adrianna was surprised at herself. She had never been attracted to women but this one, somehow was turning her on. She was well aware of her rock hard nipples and the pulsing of her pussy as she looked at the beauty before her.

I unhooked my necklace and it fell to the floor. Then I bent over to pick it up and showed her my perfectly formed ass.

“Sweetie, can you put this on for me? It just keeps coming off.”

She was touching me now, pulling my long hair up behind my head, fumbling with the clasp. I fumbled my step and pressed against her for a minute while maintaining my balance.

She caught me and I circled my ass into her sex for a brief moment before apologizing for my clumsiness.

I saw her face turn red. I looked down at her beautiful breasts and saw they were still ripe and ready to be sucked. Ooo how I longed to suck them, to feel them plump up in my mouth.

We continued our animated conversation until I had her completely mesmerized with me and under my spell.

“I’ll be right back! I recognize the man over there,” I said in my most invitingly seductive voice. I saw her face turn a nice shade of crimson again. It looked good on her.

I had her and then I left her, knowing I’d gotten into her head enough that she’d crave me as I worked on my next object of seduction. Again I erased the table number and made my introductions.

He was strong, handsome and outdoorsy. A man’s man; totally into sports and drinking. I worked my way into the ongoing conversation until I finally was able to get his attention alone. I started working the conversation.

“What’s you favorite position….pause….when rock climbing?”

Trevor looked at me slyly. He knew a seduction when he saw one. This would not be the first nymph to try and get him to fuck her. He was hit on often, usually after women found out he was a referee for the NHL.

Trevor looked at me intriguingly, sparked by my lack of knowledge of his ace in the hole. Whimsically he played along with my seduction.

“I feel the back of my dress is twisted, can you look at it for me?”

As I turned around I saw Adrianna looking at me with longing. I looked at her intently, opened my mouth and ran a finger along my bottom lip making it wet. Again I saw her nipples tighten. I suspected I would be her first woman lover.

Trevor was no slouch. He saw the attraction between the two of us and it made him hard. He put his hands on my smooth swirling cheeks to adjust my dress. I pressed into his hands, moaning.

“Come with me Trevor, I have someone for you to meet.”

Adrianna watched us approach.

She arched her back and absentmindedly ran her fingers over her nipples. The man at her table she had been talking to previously noticed and tried to get her attention but her eyes were on me, and the man I brought to introduce her to.

After a lively conversation we decided to go to our own table. The conversation was seductive, hot, engaging and wild. The shooters were plentiful; the laughter abundant.

I felt comfortable enough to put one hand on his thigh and the other on hers….

“Let’s go, Trevor said gruffly, the outline of his hard on bulging in his pants. Adrianna looked unsure.

“It will be okay sweetheart,” I whispered in her ear.

“Come with me gorgeous,” I said grabbing her hand and running out the door.

Trevor paid the tab and joined us the on the sidewalk. The sexual tension was so hot it could be cut with a knife.

The hotel sign loomed large and inviting before us. Trevor took both of our hands in a strong hold and took us to the front desk.

“A room for three,” he said boldly, confidently.

The hotel clerk smiled at his bold admission and silently handed them the key wishing she was one of the participants.

“From now on, you’re both my slaves, do you understand me?” Trevor commanded sternly. “You’ll do anything I say and everything I want.”

Being a dominant type I knew that there would be no limits. Adrianna looked hesitant, once again.

I gave her a look that said,” I will protect you sweetheart.” I couldn’t help but feel turned on by her vulnerability.

Standing in front of the room, Trevor grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth to his. He felt my resistance, sensing I wasn’t submissive. Then he did the same to Adrianna. She seemed to look at me for approval. I nodded yes and he kissed her hard and wild.

“She’s a nice tame one, but you aren’t are you?” he asked looking at me boldly and pinching my nipples through my dress.

The hotel clerk joined the security guard in watching the action in the hallway outside our room. They were not to be disappointed.

He pushed me to my knees, took out his throbbing hard cock and slid it in my mouth roughly. He whipped my cheeks with it and then made me gag. He pulled out.

“I’m going to break you bitch,” he said to me.

Adrianna looked at me questioningly.

“Its okay baby, we’ll work it out,” I said as the three of us entered the hotel room.

Trevor was definitely use to being in charge. He approached a hesitant Adrianna and started taking off her shirt while kissing her. Her ripe nipples were erect when his mouth found them. Soon she was making a slight whimpering noise.

My hands reached between his legs as he kissed her….He slapped my hand away..

“I’m in charge whore. Get on your knees, be ready for my cock and watch the rewards a good slave gets.”

When I didn’t go automatically he pushed me to my knees. I looked up at him with a dominant stare that melted when I saw her beautiful body being revealed. She was so petite and her long torso and gorgeous breasts stood proud reaching for the sky.

Trevor saw me looking at her with longing.

“If you’re a good little bitch, I’ll let you suck on her tits.”

I saw her nipples go hard and knew she craved my lips on them. Trevor turned to me and roughly shoved his hard on into my mouth again. Again he made me gag, again he whipped my face, and then he grabbed my hair hard and manipulated my mouth with his strong fist holding my hair.

“You’re hurting her,” Adrianna whined. He grabbed her hair too and brought her to her knees.

“Maybe you need to be punished too.” He shoved his cock in her face and did exactly what he had just done to me. I was afraid he would bruise her mouth with his big cock.

“I need you to ravish my mouth you sexy stud. I’m your fuckslut, your whore, use me.”

He stopped his assault on her little lips and shoved his cock in my mouth in response.

“You think you can handle me, fuck slut?” I started eagerly sucking his cock which he viewed as a sign of submission. He pulled her over by her hair so our faces were side by side.

“Suck me bitches!”

I looked at the beautiful woman beside me, craving her, knowing I would have her. We took turns licking and lapping and sucking Trevor’s powerful hard cock. She looked so sexy with his hardness in her mouth. So innocent, so pure, I could watch her all day.

I kissed her cheek and played with her hair while she sucked. This seemed to turn Trevor on even more and give him new ideas to fuel his dominant desires.

“You think she’s hot don’t you Destiny? Kiss her and suck her tits.”

He may have thought he was dominating me but really he was just feeding right into my desires. Her gorgeous tits felt like sweet little pearls on my eager mouth; her kisses so sweet and tender, so inviting. After watching for awhile he grabbed both us by the hair and led us over to the bed.

“Kiss me and take off my clothes my sexy subs.”

We did as he said enjoying the way his sexy body was revealed. His six pack attracted our fingers over and over again. His pecs and biceps too. We cooed how sexy he was and he enjoyed every appreciative remark.

Soon he would be on his back. “I pick you to ride my face,” he said pointing to Adrianna, while looking at me defiantly as if I deserved to be punished for my dominant nature.

“Suck my cock whore, while she rides my face I want to cover your face with cum while she releases her sweet juices on my lips!”

My lips surrounded him then and I started teasing Trevor with swirling licks along his thighs. Then I slid one ball then the other into my mouth. My mouth obviously enjoyed his massive hard on. I sucked him wildly and enthusiastically. Adrianna’s ass bounced and she moaned loudly fueling my desire even more. He had a gorgeous cock and I loved sucking it – when he stared to cumm I felt him pull out and cover my face with wetness. His spurts sprayed right across my cheek. Before his last drops of cum escaped his hard on, I quickly went off the bed, reached into my purse and grabbed four handcuffs. He didn’t notice the motion because of the pussy riding his face. Adrianna was cumming loudly as I snapped each handcuff on him in swift display of intent.

“What the fuck?” he said pushing Adrianna off of him.

“You cunt, what are you doing?” Trevor said fighting at the restraints.

I stood back and smiled seductively, feeling a rush of sexy power…

“Who is going to break who, sexy?” I asked.

I took the cum from my cheek and held it up to his mouth.

“Bite my finger and you’ll be punished,” I warned.

“Lick and suck the juices off my finger like you’re sucking a big cock. Give us a show.”

Adrianna stood submissively by my side. I turned to kiss her just them and felt her respond lustfully.

I turned back, slapped his face and said, “Try again.”

This time I told Adrianna to scoop up some cum and feed it to him. She did exactly as I asked. I stood back and smiled, and watched, so incredibly horny now, the feeling of power was such an aphrodisiac.

I went in my purse and grabbed a little whip, and a big dildo. Having a big purse came in handy. It stored a lot of stuff.

“You’re so big and strong my Pet, I just love your muscles,” I cooed.

“Kiss his hard muscles Adrianna; he’s so attractive isn’t he sweetheart. Make sure my sexy Pet is happy; feed him your tits too.”

I watched them as she kissed him, making him moan, then slid each of her perfect tits into her mouth for him to suck on. I could tell she was incredibly aroused. I straddled behind her feeling her sexy ass in my hands while he sucked her tits. Then I leaned over and slid my fingers over her clit; hearing a whimper.

“You’re so wet my darling, may I enjoy your taste.”

I meek yes, entered the air waves as my tongue slid up and down her sweet little clit. Then it dipped down between her cheeks getting her nice and wet. I enjoyed her for a long time making her orgasm over and over again.

“You taste amazing sweetheart.”

Sit and watch us in the chair Adrianna.

“Okay you’ve had your fun, undo me now please!”

I responded by sucking his cock hard again. When he was throbbing hard I put a cock ring on him.

“You have such a gorgeous cock my Pet. We haven’t finished playing with you yet honey; I could play with you all day.”

Confused by his arousal when in such a submissive position, Trevor couldn’t help but smile and be pleased at my approval.

He looked at me with wide eyes as I brought the big dildo and whip on the bed. Then I leaned back into my purse and grabbed a gag ball.

“I’m not going to need to use this am I Pet?” I asked holding the gag ball.

“You’ll be good won’t you?” I asked sweetly.

He nodded, “Yes”, his cock aching to fuck the hot pussy in front of him.

I went over to the stereo and put on some sexy music. I pulled Adrianna up and told her to undress me.

“This is for you Slave.”

Slowly the lovely Adrianna took off all my clothes, while her tongue explored every crevice of my sexy body. While she did this I didn’t take my eyes off of Trevor.

“Tell me slave.”

“You’re beautiful Mistress, please fuck me….”

I picked up the whip and snapped it lightly on Trevor’s penis. He looked so sexy, so vulnerable now. He seemed to settle down and accept his role.

“Louder Pet.”

“You’re so beautiful, I need you!”

“Convince me.”

“You have such a gorgeous body I need to feel my hard cock deep inside you Mistress.”

“Mmmm that’s a good Pet, but I’m going to fuck you before you fuck me.”

I motioned to Adrianna to fasten the gag ball and use the scarves in my purse to tie the dildo onto me like a strap on.

“You’re going to love this Pet, I bet you’ve never felt a hard cock slide between your cheeks, have you sexy?”

He mumbled into his gag ball.

Adrianna released his legs on my suggestion and put them over my shoulders.

“Lick his cock sweetness, while I watch you,”

“Adrianna obviously enjoys me being in charge my Pet, look at the bright smile on her face.”

Again mumbling.

I play with her beautiful tits while she licked Trevor. I released the gag ball, sliding the hard large dildo between Trevor’s lips.

“This is what it’s like to suck cock my Pet!”

“Now suck her cunt while I fuck you.”

His cock is getting sucked and he’s eating a beautiful wet pussy, a perfect 69′er, when he feels a powerful hard cock at the entrance to his tight hole.

As I start to push in, he says, “It hurts Mistress.” I grinned appreciating that he is fully adapting to his new role.

I pull out and coo, “Okay my sexy slave I will make sure you are happy and comfortable. Just take in as much as you can.”

I take a glass from the night stand and pull some lube out from my purse.

“Slowly I’ll enter you letting you pull me in past your sphincter, then pop all the way in. Yes my sexy Slave, you’re so fucking hot, so desirable,” I say as I impact his hot sexy ass with strong forceful demanding strokes.

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