I reached James’ apartment around six. It was still light out. He had told me that he wouldn’t be home until sometime around nine. Clearly I had arrived a little too early; it wasn’t a problem, however, rather more time for me to get warmed up.

He had given me his key before hand. I opened his door and stepped inside. Even though it wasn’t his regular place, it was still a decent apartment – not too small, but just enough to be cozy. There were a couple of windows opening up to the view outside, but the curtains were drawn. A warm hazy light filled the room. The warmth extended itself to my extremities, and I felt instantly comfortable. I closed and locked the door behind me.

I dropped the overnight bag that I had brought with myself, and took a deep breath.

I walked into the single bedroom. There was a small double bed in the middle with plain white sheets on it – James’ bed. This was the place where I would be squirming and cuddling all night. There were a couple of plain white pillows too – which would be at some point placed under me after being pushed down on my back. I felt a tingle down there at the thought of what was to come; the time for preparation had arrived.

I undid my belt buckle and let my jeans fall to the floor. Underwear would only have got in the way and therefore had been avoided.

I lifted my shirt over my head, and it joined my jeans on the floor. For the very first time I experienced the thrill of being naked in a strange place. The cool evening air swept over my nude body and gave me a little chill. I slipped out of my flip flops, to complete the element of nakedness. I put my hand on my neck, and traced it slowly over my chest and onto my belly. I slowly lowered it to my crotch and cupped my sac. I massaged it slowly, and felt my juice straining my balls.I had been saving up – I hadn’t had a release in more than three weeks, for this encounter was not by any chance. I had been planning with James for this for a long time. Of course, he was only reiterating what I had suggested in the first place. James was just my kind of guy – dominant, strongly built, completely masculine – all in all, a fairly big, hairy guy.

I felt my way across the side of the bed as I made for the small attached bathroom. The sheets on the bed, though they looked very ordinary, were very soft; I imagined myself on my back, with James pounding in and out of me, but let me not get ahead of myself. Next to the bed was a night stand. I opened the drawer – there were in it a tube of KY, a pair of handcuffs, a little plastic anklet and a dildo. I felt another tingle down there; I had specifically expressed my desire to wear an anklet – I had wanted to be a woman for him. There was no condom in there. There was no need for one, though. This was James, somebody I had known for a very long time; this was no ordinary stranger. I had wanted to feel him completely, one me, in me, without there being a condom between us. Moreover, James had expressed an interest in depositing his seed inside me; I couldn’t say no to what he wanted. We had done it like this plenty of times, and I had loved it every time he had deposited his cum in me.

I closed the drawer and stepped into the small bathroom. I felt another chill as I stepped from the carpet of the room on to the cold floor. There was a small tub; I could see myself getting fucked in there. On the counter there was a new razor and a hair removal cream. Now I had shaved the day before, but I wanted to be as smooth for him, and I dared not deny what he wanted of me.

So, for the next hour, I painstakingly set out to remove every inch of hair from everywhere I could reach, and even where I couldn’t. Now I am an average built guy, just a little pot bellied, and even though I was just 23, I had quite the hair growth on me, which I didn’t like one bit. So I worked and worked, and at the end, I was quite content with the results. I had done my pubes exceedingly well, fully knowing that James would be busy down there for the next few hours. I wouldn’t want him to get a rash rubbing against a two day stubble. I wanted him to feel just soft, smooth skin when he rubbed his cum all over my body.

He had wanted me exceptionally clean.

I took the handheld shower head, and screwed off the nozzle. I put my leg on the side of the tub, and placed the bare shower head against my sphincter, and pushed it in a little. I then slowly turned the tap; I trembled as the cool water entered me. It was a weird feeling as I felt the water fill my bowels. I let it run a little, then closed the tap, removed the shower head, sat down on the toilet, and released the water. Now, this wasn’t really the same as giving myself a douche, but it was easier and less time consuming. I repeated the procedure until the water ran clean, and then another couple of times, just for making sure. For a grand finale, I filled myself up, then got down on all fours on the cold bathroom floor, relaxed myself, and let it all out. I relished as the water ran down my thigh; I was such a dirty, nasty slut.

As the water left my body, I noticed a need to pee, which had been preempted by other things. Some instincts that are governed by discretion often overwhelm our senses, man being but the creature of bodily pleasure. As the last of the water left my ass, I arched my back, and gave way to instinctive bodily release. The clear stream flowed between my legs, and then as the pressure became weak, down my thigh. As the fountain spent itself, I shook my butt, almost automatically.

I stepped into the still colder, slippery tub, and turned the shower on. I felt naughty as the water ran down my smooth body, and even naughtier as I soaped myself up. I washed myself thoroughly before I stepped out of the shower, and dried myself with a towel kept there for the purpose. James really had thought of everything.

I put the towel back in its place, and walked back into the bedroom. It was warmer than the bathroom; a good thing, because I had no intention of putting any clothes on in any case.

I walked around to the night stand, opened the drawer, and took out the plastic anklet. I sat down on the bed, and put it on my right ankle. I couldn’t help admiring the feel of the soft sheets on my butt; James had wonderful taste in these things. Those sheets would be rubbing up against various parts of my body for the next few hours. I couldn’t help but imagine, as I ran my hand over them – those sheets caressing me from below as James makes me squirm from above; heaven couldn’t be much different from the moment which I had pictured in my head.

I laid myself back on the bed, with my legs still hanging off its side, and savoured the delicious sheets under me. I pulled my legs in close against my chest, and put my arms over my head. I pointed my toes, and imagined James’ cock sliding in and out of me. I rolled myself over, so that I was on my side, all curled up, and laid there like that a little while, my mind drifting off from thought to thought.

I thought I heard a key turn, and then a door opened and closed. My heart raced. I sat up; the moment was here.

James entered the room, and paused, and looked me up and down. Of course he had seen me naked plenty of times before, but he still looked at me as if this was the first time he was seeing me naked in person. A blast of wind had entered with him, and as it struck my body, I felt afresh the excitement of standing there, in my nakedness, before a man devouring me with his eyes.

He threw me a can of Pepsi which he had brought in with him; he held a can of beer in the other. He had remembered that I don’t drink.

I placed the can on my neck, startling a little, as it was chilled – the droplets of water accumulated on it wetting my skin – and slowly slid it down my chest to my crotch, all the while looking at him. James stopped drinking his beer, and stared at me. I put the can against my balls, feeling their coldness shrinking them more and more.

James moved towards me, and pushed me down on the bed on my back. He slowly tilted the can in his hand and poured the beer on my body.‭ ‬I shuddered as the ice cold beer touched my skin and slid down my chest. James knelt down, put his tongue to my belly, and traced the stream of beer up my chest. I gripped the headboard above my head with both hands and groaned as he poured the chilled beer on my nipple and lapped it up. He was so engrossed in what he was doing that he almost seemed to be oblivious to the pleasure he was giving me. My body was just a plaything to him – a soft, smooth, sensuous object that was submissive and yet responsive under his big masculine hands. He moved back a little to survey his work. My nipples were erect, and the hair follicles on my chest – with no hair – were standing on end. I was extremely turned on – having saved myself for today by being without release for quite a long time – and would have had a raging hard on, had the cold beer not caused shrinkage. James looked at me – spread eagle before him, an expression of pure ecstasy on my face – a sight that further fueled his passion.

I closed my eyes and tilted my head back on the pillow as he traced his fingers down my chest. I sighed as he lightly glazed his fingertips over my pubic area, avoiding my cock. I melted further into the bed as he moved his hand up my thigh and grabbed my shrunk balls. I almost shot my load there and then as he began to massage them, gently at first, and then winced as he slowly increased the pressure. I whimpered, suddenly, as he tightly closed his fist around my sack, and my body involuntary tried to move away from him, my toes pointing as I fought the urge to close my legs. Where I come from, tops are rare, and I knew that if I didn’t make him happy, there were plenty of others who would. The only thing for me to was to let him have his way. I knew he would calm down once he got started, and the only thing I really wanted was for his big, thick cock to make me cum over and over again, today and for plenty of days to come too.

So I just laid back as he squeezed my balls even more tightly, and my body tensed up and squirmed beyond my control. Suddenly he let go, and I jerked as he struck them hard with his fist a few times. I grunted and twitched every time his hand hit my sack, his blows getting stronger each time. But I made no attempt to protect the most intimate and delicate part of my body; I just laid there, gripping the headboard tighter and tighter with each blow, my eyes closed, my legs spread, vulnerable, open for him to tame and destroy. What good were a bottom’s balls anyway? His balls, for example, had the important duty to produce sperm for him to breed his boi with. My balls, if anything, were but a plaything for him to play with, and in any way that happened to tickle his fancy. And I, on my part, was determined to let him have his way with my body in whatever manner he would see fit. I wanted him to return to my body again and again. I wanted him to need me to get off.


The last blow he dealt was a bit too strong, and I let out a little gasp in spite of myself, and my legs closed midway of their own accord. Thankfully he had assured himself that I was most definitely his bitch, and the game stopped there. He got up off the bed, and went into the bathroom. A little later I heard the shower running. He was extremely scrupulous about cleanliness, and showered many times a day. It was precisely why I had to clean myself in and out every time before he would put his cock inside me.

I closed my legs, and drew them up to my chest. I let go of the headboard that I had clung to for dear life, put my arms around my legs, and fell sideways, so that I was curled up in the center of the bed.

I heard him turn the shower off, quickly sat up. In spite of the rough handling my balls had been subjected to, I felt a tingle down there. Several weeks’ worth of cum would be spent. And, the best part of it was, it was well worth the wait. I like my dildo, but it is nothing like the real thing. James’ cock was thick and long. Of course, it wasn’t as big as what you’ve probably seen in porno movies or read about in erotic stories; it was all real. It was six, maybe seven inches long, which was more than enough for me, but the best thing was that it was thick – real thick. When I would put my hand around it, my thumb and finger would barely meet at the end. His cock was so thick that when he would cum in me, no cum would leak out until he had pulled out. And that is saying something, because his first load was usually quite thick and copious. During anal, he would fill me up completely; it was a delicious and intoxicating feeling.

He entered the room absolutely naked, with his towel on his shoulders. I glanced down his hairy chest to his thick cock, his heavy balls, and strong thighs. He flung the towel on a chair, and moved towards the bed. I stood up as he came up to me, and kissed his chest – he had long before made it known that he disliked kissing on the lips – placing tiny kisses on his body as I moved downwards towards his manhood. By the time I reached his cock I was on my knees. His cock was semi-hard; watching a smooth boi teasing his body had had this effect, and I began work on bringing the monster to life.

I ran my tongue down the base of his cock, and then took the whole thing into my mouth. I reached up and cupped his balls, but he flicked my hand away – I remembered now that he didn’t like that. I concentrated on the task at hand, then, and licked and sucked his cock as if my life depended on it. I tried to do things just the way he liked; for instance, he liked me to run my tongue up and down the base of his shaft, and I did exactly that.

He was getting turned on – I could tell. I could taste precum. I could feel him getting hard. Hell, I was getting hard. His smell was intoxicating. His taste was intoxicating.

I let go of his cock, and bound my hands behind my back as he put his hands on my head, and started fucking my mouth. He had gotten quite hard now, and he started inching away into the back of my throat. I tried to relax and suppress m gag reflex as he pulled out, and then slowly tried to put his cock all the way down my throat. He wasn’t completely successful, but he kept at it. Soon his pubic hair was tickling my nose. He was completely hard now, and his tip was buried deep into my throat. Saliva was dripping from my chin, but he didn’t seem to mind.

He let go of me and pulled out. I wiped my mouth and stood up. He walked up to the dresser, and took out a condom from the drawer. I hadn’t looked in there when I was scavenging the room. I thought I saw gag ball in there before James closed the drawer.

I looked questioningly at him.

“It’s for you,” he replied to my gaze, and handed me the condom.

I was almost hard already, but I started stroking myself to attention, and put on the condom he had given me as he went to the bed and laid down on his back.

I followed him, climbed up on the bed between his legs, and began to suck his erect cock. He was fully hard now, all his veins pressed up against his skin. I climbed up his body a little further, till I was just above his cock, and then reached down and grabbed his cock, and lowered myself on him. I had lubed myself up plenty beforehand, thankfully. My eyes widened as his head touched my tiny hole, and I gasped as his head disappeared inside me, as it had done many times before. Slowly, I lowered my body on his, until his manhood was buried deep inside me.

I straightened my back and raised my arms above my head. I closed my eyes and just relished the sensation of his big, thick cock inside me. I was rock hard now, my sheathed cock erect against his chest. I ground my hips against his cock. I turned and licked my inner arm. I was on fire.

I felt James reach out and grab my cock. I looked down as he began to stroke me. I stiffened as I reached the point of no return, and then shuddered as I filled the condom with my boi-juice. My ass simultaneously squeezed James’ cock, something which James had told me many times really turned him on. James kept stroking me as I came, and with my last spurts, he ran his large hand up and down my chest. I love it when he does that.

My heart was pounding now. It took me a few moments to catch my breath, and then things became a little clearer. I realized now what he wanted me to do.

I slowly took off the condom from my limp dick. I had cum quite a lot; waiting some three weeks will do that to you. But it was worth it – it had truly been a great orgasm.

I raised the condom to my lips and drank every single drop of my cum from it. Watching this set his motor racing. His hands roamed up and down my smooth belly as I put my tongue inside the condom to clean out any remaining drops, and then put it aside, looked at James, and licked my lips.

I saw a lust in his eyes as I had never seen before.

He grabbed my hips, and started to fuck me, slowly at first, but then soon with a steady rhythm. I fell forwards towards him on the bed, and supported myself on my arms. My face was close to his, but I remembered that he didn’t like to kiss, so I restrained myself. I was coming down an orgasmic high, and his cock moving in and out of me felt delicious. My ass was amply lubricated, and his precum had made his shaft more slick. His breathing was getting quicker, and I could feel his breath on my face, and I was sure he could feel mine on his. Maybe he didn’t enjoy it as much as I did.

He stopped.

He pushed me off of him, and I reluctantly lifted my ass up in the air. His cock popped out of me. He pushed me sideways so that I was now on my back. He got up and walked up right in front of me, and pulled me closer to the edge of the bed. I wiggled closer to him so that my ass was hanging over the side of the bed, and pulled my legs closer to my chest.

He reached out and began to stroke me. I was already semi-hard. I pointed my toes and gyrated my hips, almost automatically. He let go and headed back to the dresser. I put my hands above my head and held my breath in anticipation for what was to come.

Of course I love to cum. But the desire, the phase where you know that somebody is going to make you cum, being naked in the presence of another man, hard and exposed, docile, submissive, cumming at the whim and fancy of another man – for me this feels almost as good as what it precedes.

James returned with another condom, and roughly put it on me. For some reason this new game of his turned me on even more. I mean, yeah, of course I had tasted my cum many times before, even in front of him. But this was entirely different. This was some new kink that he’d picked up somewhere. And I just loved it.

I moaned as he put his cock back into me, and prepared myself for a good fucking, but he had other plans. He reached out and grabbed me again, and began to pump my medium sized cock for all he was worth. I began to lower and raise my hips in rhythm to his pumping. I clutched the sheets above my head and closed my eyes. I was panting now, and I felt a drop of sweat run down my chest.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

James stopped.

Here I was, panting and about to cum, with James buried deep inside my ass and still holding my dick, and there was a knock on the door.

James pulled out of me and went to answer the door, while I scooped up on the bed and tried to catch my breath. James picked up his towel on the way, which I mused would never have hidden his enormous hard-on. I heard the door open and two people mumble something.

Meanwhile I had my own hard-on to worry about. I rolled over and got on my hands and knees. I reached down and began to stroke myself. James had already warmed me up quite a bit, and I just kept myself on the edge; I wanted him to finish me off.

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